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#thomas kinsella
waragainstintelligence · a month ago
You came, you saw, you conquered … So.
You gorged – and it was time to go.
Good riddance. We’d forget – released –
But for the rubbish of your feast,
The slops and scraps that fell to earth
And sprang to arms in dragon birth.
Thomas Kinsella, Butcher's Dozen (1972)
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whisperthatruns · a month ago
Another September
Dreams fled away, this country bedroom, raw With the touch of the dawn, wrapped in a minor peace, Hears through an open window the garden draw Long pitch black breaths, lay bare its apple trees, Ripe pear trees, brambles, windfall-sweetened soil, Exhale rough sweetness against the starry slates. Nearer the river sleeps St. John's, all toil Locked fast inside a dream with iron gates. Domestic Autumn, like an animal Long used to handling by those countrymen, Rubs her kind hide against the bedroom wall Sensing a fragrant child come back again --Not this half-tolerated consciousness That plants its grammar in her yielding weather But that unspeaking daughter, growing less Familiar where we fell asleep together. Wakeful moth wings blunder near a chair, Toss their light shell at the glass, and go To inhabit the living starlight. Stranded hair Stirs on still linen. It is as though The black breathing that billows her sleep, her name, Drugged under judgement, waned and---bearing daggers And balances---down the lampless darkness they came, Moving like women: Justice, Truth, such figures. 
Thomas Kinsella
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mean-scarlet-deceiver · 3 months ago
Regarding my last post... 
While I will not be adapting the tale for them (I already have ideas to steal it for two fic projects, none of which have to do with these boys) the classic line 
The driver, realising that abusive language would only traumatize him even more, adopted a more consolatory tone - 'I say fireman', he screamed over the pandemonium, 'would you kindly stop blowing that f.....g whistle!'
is absolutely the embodiment of my early Charlie-and-Sid dynamic. 
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caemthe · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
     you ever think of how in the tain, after going ríastrad the night before (and killing thousands of the enemy side), cú decided that he didn’t give a good impression so he put on his good clothes and pretty much did a runway show in front of the tents of the men of ireland. but the best part of it is that, because cú chulainn was so pretty, the men of enemy side just kind of lined up to look at this limited edition super pretty cú chulainn, and the wives and daughters of said men of the enemy side stood on the men’s shoulders because (cú is canonically very short) they wanted to look at cú too. a freaking power move.
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teenpelagius · a year ago
Tumblr media
Thomas Kinsella
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thepause · 14 days ago
The Bitcoin Group #255 - 50K - Morgan Stanley - Wright Lawsuit - Bitcoin is Green
The Bitcoin Group #255 – 50K – Morgan Stanley – Wright Lawsuit – Bitcoin is Green
Powered by Restream Donate Lightning: Join our Patreon: Subscribe to the WCN Audio Podcast on Itunes: Featuring… Stephan Kinsella ( ) Dan Eve ( ) Joshua Scigala ( ) Ben Arc ( ) and Thomas Hunt ( ) THIS WEEK: Bitcoin Price Decline Deepens, Heads for Worst Week Since February Morgan Stanley Clients Hold Nearly $30M In Bitcoin Fund JPMorgan Sounds Urgent Alarm On Bitcoin Price ‘Momentum’ After $300…
Tumblr media
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oddnub · 17 days ago
If you want a fucked-up mythological conspiracy theory, there's a non-zero amount of evidence suggesting that Emer had planned around/for Forgall (her father)'s death, because the process of Cu Chulainn going to retrieve Emer from Forgall's castle lines up worryingly well with the marriage conditions Emer laid out for Cu Chulainn, with startlingly little consequence for Emer herself outside of Forgall dying.
The fact that she (roughly, varies in exact wording from translation to translation) phrases a part of her marriage conditions as, "and struck down three groups on nine men, leaving the middle one alive", and then when the time comes for Cu Chulainn to start fulfilling the condition, Emer's brothers Scibar, Ibor, and Cat just so happen to be the middle man of each of the three groups makes this suspect as hell.
Now, am I saying this is at all what Ancient Irish bards telling these stories intended? Probably not. Is it fun and kinda funny to think about? Very.
*Translation of Emer's line comes Thomas Kinsella's "The Tain"
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tovezza · 25 days ago
Wait spoilers for the hell fic sitting on my laptop but declan’s fake gangster names: dermot kinsella, cian gradey, Scott hanrahan, and thomas alter
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mrcifci · a month ago
Daily Crunch: KKR invests $500M into Box
Box gets some financial ammunition against an activist investor, Samsung launches the Galaxy SmartTag+ and we look at the history of CryptoPunks. This is your Daily Crunch for April 8, 2021.
The big story: KKR invests $500M into Box
Private equity firm KKR is making an investment into Box that should help the cloud content management company buy back shares from activist investor Starboard Value, which might otherwise have claimed a majority of board seats and forced a sale.
After the investment, Aaron Levie will remain with Box as its CEO, but independent board member Bethany Mayer will become the chair, while KKR’s John Park is joining the board as well.
“The KKR move is probably the most important strategic move Box has made since it IPO’d,” said Alan Pelz-Sharpe of Deep Analysis. “KKR doesn’t just bring a lot of money to the deal, it gives Box the ability to shake off some naysayers and invest in further acquisitions.”
The tech giants
Samsung’s AirTags rival, the Galaxy SmartTag+, arrives to help you find lost items via AR — This is a version of Samsung’s lost-item finder that supports Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband technology.
Spotify stays quiet about launch of its voice command ‘Hey Spotify’ on mobile — Access to the “Hey Spotify” voice feature is rolling out more broadly, but Spotify isn’t saying anything officially.
Verizon and Honda want to use 5G and edge computing to make driving safer — The two companies are piloting different safety scenarios at the University of Michigan’s Mcity, a test bed for connected and autonomous vehicles.
Startups, funding and venture capital
Norway’s Kolonial rebrands as Oda, bags $265M on a $900M valuation to grow its online grocery delivery business in Europe — Oda’s aim is to provide “a weekly shop” for prices that compete against those of traditional supermarkets.
Tines raises $26M Series B for its no-code security automation platform — Tines co-founders Eoin Hinchy and Thomas Kinsella were both in senior security roles at DocuSign before they left to start their own company in 2018.
Yext co-founder unveils Dynascore, which dynamically synchronizes music and video — This is the first product from Howard Lerman’s new startup Wonder Inventions.
Advice and analysis from Extra Crunch
Four strategies for getting attention from investors — MaC Venture Capital founder Marlon Nichols joined us at TechCrunch Early Stage to discuss his strategies for early-stage investing, and how those lessons can translate into a successful launch for budding entrepreneurs.
How to get into a startup accelerator —  Neal Sáles-Griffin, managing director of Techstars Chicago, explains when and how to apply to a startup accelerator.
Understanding how fundraising terms can affect early-stage startups — Fenwick & West partner Dawn Belt breaks down some of the terms that trip up first-time entrepreneurs.
(Extra Crunch is our membership program, which helps founders and startup teams get ahead. You can sign up here.)
Everything else
The Cult of CryptoPunks — Ethereum’s “oldest NFT project” may not actually be the first, but it’s the wildest.
Biden proposes gun control reforms to go after ‘ghost guns’ and close loopholes — President Joe Biden has announced a new set of initiatives by which he hopes to curb the gun violence he described as “an epidemic” and “an international embarrassment.”
Apply to Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 — All you need is a killer pitch, an MVP, nerves of steel and the drive and determination to take on all comers to claim the coveted Disrupt Cup.
The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 3pm Pacific, you can subscribe here.
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