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#tho yeah sometimes those trends are...
rick-rayson · 18 hours ago
Batfamily vs Tiktok
The Batfamily and what kind of accounts they'd have!
Follower count: 900k
Doing Stephanie first because she probably uses Tiktok the most.
Trauma dumps. Like all the time. But for comedy purposes (and lack of a therapist)
This is very specific but I feel like she makes tiktoks of her saying really seggsual pick up lines and then in the next moment she brings up how incredibly unloved she is or sumn.
She's the best and worst at covering her identity.
"Call me Batgirl because I wanna swoop into your Batcave" *lip bites*
"Nobody loves me and I am always forgotten."
Half of her fans believe she's actually Batgirl.
But then she posts a video of her at midnight trying to smoke from a cinnamon stick, crying because her plushie was placed uncomfortably on her bed and she feels immense guilt over that.
Yeah nvm.
Her fans love her to bits but the amount of videos she's posted of herself crying is concerning.
She's the type to like and reply to any comments that make her laugh.
Follower count: 700k (but he honestly deserves more)
Duke uses Tiktok a LOT.
Posts mostly outdoor videos tho.
Parkour, sports, food videos.
But he's actually most known for his dance videos.
He's made so many dance trends and if it wasn't for the fact NOBODY EVER CREDITS HIM, he'd have a much larger audience.
He likes comments but never actually replies unless it's a question.
In his drafts he has like 5 videos of him dancing that've been interrupted by some criminal trying to mug him or some shit.
He actually posted one of those drafts on accident and although he quickly deleted it, it spread like wildfire.
He gets bombarded with comments asking him to give combat tips.
Who is he to say no?
Follower count: 600k
Tim is a younger Hank Green.
He's the smart science boy that everyone asks strange questions to.
He's so, so tired of his fans sometimes so he isn't very active on Tiktok.
His followers are actually feral and chaotic so when he posts he mentally prepares himself for the onslaught.
It'd come to a point where he addresses that shit.
He loves his fans but sometimes they make him wanna rip his hair out.
If you genuinely ask him a science question without the motive of chugging lava or inhaling fear toxin, Tim will love you and cherish you.
Although he doesn't really respond to people in his comments, he does duet people.
One of the reasons he doesn't have more followers is because he actively deletes some... Don't ask.
Follower count: 2M
Dick is the obnoxiously enthusiastic dude that likes to *think* that people mainly follow him for his health tips or diet plan videos.
But literally anyone that is anyone knows that's not the case at all.
He's a thirst trap, and a very popular one.
He innocently posts videos of him doing flips and tricks not realizing that people eat that shit up.
He has so many simps it's crazy.
His comment section though is actually very respectful. Because he does flips with such a big smile on his face that fans just sit back and behave.
He gets "🍰🎂" comments all the time tho and he doesn't get it at first.
Until Jason commented: "They're talking about your ass bro."
He replies to nearly every comment and LOVES duetting people.
Posts like once a week but his videos always get so much likes.
Follower count: 500k
Thinking about it- Jason doesn't really use social media much.
Steph was the one to convince him to get Tiktok and she boosted his followers by giving him a shoutout.
He posts some of the most random shit ever.
Like you'll get a video of him eating cake with Artemis and Roy in complete silence and then you'll get a video of like.. what Batfamily member you are based on your Zodiac.
But his most popular videos are when he answers questions.
"uhhh Thickthighsthot69 says, 'I'm sick and broke my ankle, how r u?' .. better than your ass that's for sure."
He never replies to comments. He doesn't even like them.
Follower count: 700k
He finds Tiktok utterly repulsive and only made one because Jon made him do it.
Much to his dismay he got verified and that boosted his account extremely fast.
"Jon, how do I save this? This layout is irritating my eyes, surely there's more options—"
He only duets animal videos or some of Dick's Tiktoks, other than that he doesn't do much.
Ma boy will block you if you irritate him in his comments, he does not care.
Unless you insult his pets.
Expect 8 paragraphs of why you are dumb and his cat Alfred is superior to you in every way.
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jaesspresso · 3 days ago
i’m backkkkkk and i finally have something i wrote, it’s a poem i wrote for one of my finals because i’m still working on a short story that isn’t complete ass…anyways if anyone sees this don’t steal it please not that anyone necessarily would it’s not that good 🏃‍♀️ (also the rhyme scheme isn’t that great because part of the assignment wasn’t to have a set rhyme scheme and lemme tell you something, i literally think in rhymes so this shit was HARD to say the least) TW btw it’s not graphic or anything but it’s slightly depressing so just in case :) - 🔮 anon
I don’t know who I am anymore
I can’t feel anything anymore
I don’t talk to my friends anymore
I can’t get out of bed anymore
I don’t feel sane anymore
I can’t feel pain anymore
I don’t want to cry anymore
I can’t be alive anymore
It’s like my world is caving in
No thoughts, no life
I’m a vegetable
Brain activity but no motion
Drowning in my own ocean
I’m overwhelmed and underappreciated
By my own friends
By my own family
No interests outside of tv
Obsessed with people I’ll never be
On my phone all the time
Instagram, twitter, snapchat
Debating whether to give them a like
Debating whether to give them the hype
I’m a stranger in my own generation
Behind on the trends and the information
It’s hard to keep up with the mess
What do I say?
What do I do?
Oh who cares, they’ll never like you
Intrusive thoughts intervene
Happy moments filled with glee
Ruined once again
Back to my room I go
My own personal depression hole
I don’t like the things I used to like
I no longer know how to put up a fight
I’m over this world
I’m over this life
Maybe if i’m dead they’ll drop a like
I tend to overthink
Dwell too much and then I sink
Taking pictures
Delete delete
Posting them cuz I can’t sleep
Refresh refresh
Refresh the page
How many comments will I get today
Archive archive
I hate myself
I should probably get some help
I’m tired but I’m wide awake
I have an addiction I can’t shake
I love to spend I love to buy
And when I can’t fit
I love to cry
Procrastinating until the end
Failing classes over again
I don’t even know proper punctuation
It kinda sucks but oh well
I think I might be stuck in hell
Everyone has 2D personalities
Boys and clothes and reality tv
Nothing wrong with that of course
But i just want something more
The type of friendship in those shows
Ride or die
Friend and foe
Enemies to lovers
I like that trope
Sadly those things don’t really exist
Starting to think true love is a myth
Sometimes I remember stuff from when I was young
Embarrassing moments that make me cringe
Things I wish I could change
I always think I’ve grown as person
Then i realize I just stayed the same
Or maybe I didn’t
Who even knows
As each day comes
Somebody goes
Not memorable
Very unforgettable
That just the way it flows
That’s all I ever do
I can’t shut up
I can’t stop thinking
So now it goes to you
-🔮 anon
i used a prompt i found on pinterest for when i did my short story-- there's some good good stuff,, also FIRSTLY, I RELATE TO THAT and i liked the way you switched between 'don't' and 'can't' at the start,, that add sm ✨flavour✨ I'M A VEGETABLE! :> if only,,
"I’m overwhelmed and underappreciated" :(( bro :(( bro who hurt u :(( lemme kick sm ass
"I’m a stranger in my own generation" ohH damn i like this too "Behind on the trends and the information" sAme there's tm going on
"I tend to overthink Dwell too much and then I sink" oh :(( kinda relatable tho
"I have an addiction I can’t shake" THIS SOUNDS LIKE A SONG LYRIC??! HUH-
wow that was very long and relatable and i enjoy it and yES. WELL DONE BABY!!!
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aku-jumbi · a month ago
YOUR ART IS INCREDIBLE YOU’RE HONESTLY SO INSANELY TALENTED I AM HONESTLY IN AWE WHENEVER I SEE ONE OF YOUR ART PIECES, THEY’RE ALWAYS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! And pls ignore those haters they’re absolute idiots who seem to think asians only have certain features apparently and can’t seem to realise that there’s something called creative liberty😐
So many capital letters haha ^^ thank you a lot for your appreciation. *bow 😀 I gonna take your comment as opportunity to write down some thoughts I had on this topic.
Of course I am not painting isolated, I love to browse art from other artists, sometimes getting inspiration or just to get more stimulated. And for sure I stumble sometimes over art which technically is maybe not as refined but somehow hits me, then I stumble over art which is technically extremely good but well... I feel nothing but I still awe the beauty and there is even art which slightly disturbs me and fetishizes something I don't really am into... but dammit it's really well painted and I can just accept that the artist did a great job and I don't need to be in the fetish.
Then, there is also art which is technically undeveloped, due to the painters inexperience for example but I appreciate the try since ik myself, painting is work.
I caught myself a couple of times being about technically extremely versatile artists more critical and then thought.. who am I to judge, went into some introspection and realised: that was pure jealousy. Oh yeah, jealousy, nothing more, that yellow eyed monster within me trying to lower down others just to feel better myself. But... I never released that monster officially of course. In fact, before I leave a critical comment, I think twice and when I comment I just comment on the technical side. If the picture isn't violating any real persons or depicting very, very, very controversial topics like religion or politics to ridicule opinions of other people I basically don't care. Let people paint what they want, I don't need uniformity.
If someone wants to paint the earth is flat, just go ahead! First, idk if the person really thinks the earth is flat... or, is it maybe just some fantasy? Is it just for fun, did the artist just try out how the earth would look flat or is it easier for him to paint the earth kind of flat. Is the painter of that pic maybe someone who had no education and just painted what he sees and tries to imagine how it might look like. Or is the artist just painting something that came into his mind without a lot of thinking and it's now me interpreting something in his flat earth picture which he didn't even think of. But the most important thing: the earth won't get flatter just with that one flat earth painting.
Even with 1000 of that flat earth paintings, it won't. Being an individuum that is able to controle my emotions and to recognise what's important and what not I wouldn't even think to rent about that flat earth artist. Let him paint the flat earth, I can mildly smirk about him or shake my head and move on to the round earth painting I like most. There are more important things than to explode about a flat earth painting.
Now... I am not painting reality, I don't believe in my paintings showing reality or anything remotely close to reality. It's impossible that any character I paint is real. And I clearly distinguish between real people I see on the street or documentaries (I don't say media in general cuz... we only see the most beautiful people in movies or social media with all the filter and photoshop and it gives a contorted view on "reality") and painted anime charas. Recently I saw (oh I got actually an education by one of my "critics" in how I should paint!) a lot of realistic anime character fanarts which clearly just were repaints from given photographies of random prototype Asian models... the technical side was extremely good, forgetting the fact that it still was a repaint and repaint is always a bit easier since u don't need to think about the facial features anymore yourself... but the charas... they looked so realistic, so much like real people that again I wasn't able to see the anime chara anymore. For me it was just the random prototype Asian model (perfect as they are, because, well... model) from the photography with slightly changed hair and... blue eyes.
But! And now that's the big difference, I look at that kind of very realistic fanart and although it doesn't even remotely remind me of that anime chara and I feel nothing for it than some portrait photography repaint, it would never, never come into my mind commenting with (insert the vomit emoji here, cuz that's what happened to my art) a disgracing and hurtful comment just because I think my vision, my very private believe of what is a good fanart stands above anything else and I have the right and privilege to lower the artist in any kind of way. Who am I to feel superior?... exactly, I don't have that right, especially on something very subjective as looks of anime charas in fanart.
I realised by a couple of conversations with people who have no issues with my art that a lot of the hate roots from wanting to feel moral-wise superior. It's like a trend to stomp over everything, doesn't even need to be very important or influential, that doesn't meet the standard of what is moralistic acceptable in one owns subjective believe. Some call it being sensitive about what art should show and I guess the haters would call themselves even very sensitive and caring for over people... but want to be frank here, it's not sensitivity, it's being bored by their own lives and having no creative potential themselves. So.. what are we gonna do today? Complaining, cancelling, hating, yeah, that's a good hobby!
Sorry to inform you that your "sensitivity" is hurting me a lot.
I don't aim to call out specifically with my art to a particular group of people or disgracing them, there is clearly no hate inside or anything, I certainly don't try to portrait reality... dammit it's Anime charas! They aren't real in the first place! Gargh... If someone has an issue with the facial looks of how I paint, I am very very fine with a comment like: "hey you know, somehow I see in my mind Miya Osamu looking more like Toshirou Mifune... but, you know, it's ok, you aren't a mind reader. :) I would like to share my fanart of Osamu with u, too then u can see what I have in mind." That's a respectful, a very constructive and even inviting and mature comment. If I sounded a bit rude in the past towards haters it wasn't because I am rude but I got a couple of very humiliating comments that my only way to answer was to give them the same medicine back they forced me to swallow.
Hfff... so long... sorry.
Idk if haters or immature people who come across my paintings are going to read this and understand what I want to say so just for repeat: I don't have anything bad in mind with my art, I don't try to colonialize Asia, I don't see my art as absolute truth and its not a perfect replication of the original anime character. It's fan-ta-sy. If u don't like the style and aesthetic, move on, paint your own interpretation, that's the best way to put my art aside if u want to put it aside.
And for the people who like my art, you are my heroes, not because u are flattering me with comments (yeah also that tho lol) but because u let me see that there are rational thinking people out there, not oversensitive and in constant alarm to sniff around like blood dogs finding another topic to rent about but just enjoying fanart at what it is: fanart. It's you who enjoy their lives and I am enjoying it, too.
Thank you! :)
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jade-marie · a month ago
i’m so on the fence about how i feel about beth.
i was just thinking about how rio had to show her his family for her to see him as an actual human being. ( i thought that the family dinner was his way of humanizing himself so beth wouldn’t turn him in) like waa
even if he didn’t have a family he’s still a person w actual feelings. and i also think that she’s impulsive so she doesn’t think about how her actions will impact people(only about how it will positively affect her). if rio gets locked up what happens to his son? when dean got locked up she knew how much it impacted her children. like cmon.
and then she holds on to her stupid ass ideas even when they fail. did she fr think that rio was stupid enough to believe that carolyn was an actual mother? even when he addresses that he knew carolyn wasn’t a mother she says “if you don’t like her..” please stop w the lying.clearly rio was tired of it in ep 7. i was getting second hand embarrassment throughout the whole diner scene too even tho some parts made me laugh
please don’t get me wrong..i don’t HATE her i just hate the things she does at times. ik that this deal will protect her family/annie & ruby’s families. i mean if she “chooses” rio then what happens to them?? i would honestly be pissed off if she fucked up annie & ruby’s life without consulting them(cause we know she loves to do that and most likely will if she chose rio)
i really love reading what you have to say. at first i loved her character sm—and i hardly saw her flaws. then when i started to see diff perspectives on her behavior, i started to reevaluate how i felt about her.
anyways i respect ur opinions even if i don’t totally agree w them. and sorry about those assholes on reddit.
i would love to know what you think!!(ps sorry this was long lol)
Don't worry about the long ask - my reply got long too!
The whole storyline about Rio's family is something that really bothered me. I was so excited for it, literally the only thing I was actually excited for this season and it was all about Beth.
First, from a narrative perspective, I hate that they couldn't even allow Rio to have one interaction with his family that didn't involve Beth. Sure, she could've been there and seen it but let him play with his son, his nieces and nephews, get scolded by his grandma for arguing with Nick at the table. Whatever. We didn't even learn the names of his family members, no introductions were made. He was sat at the same table as Marcus and not a word was exchanged between them. So, giving him a family was just such a waste imo.
Seondly, he was introducing her to his family, presumably to show her what was at stake for him, because she constantly uses her motherhood and her family as a shield to hide behind and avoid the consequences of her actions. But that didn't help. She left a wire in his grandma's house and she continued with her plan to hand him over to the secret service. Like you said, even without his family, he is still a person with actual feelings (feelings Beth doesn't care about, so can we please stop pretending? shipping is fine but like, stop rewriting what is literally on the goddamn screen). She knows about Marcus, she knows Marcus. He's friends with her daughter, he's been in her home and drawn her pictures, she's had to listen to Rhea talk about how much Marcus was struggling without his dad, and Beth was willing to take him away again. Dean being in jail is a problem because her kids miss their dad, so the alternative is to take Marcus' dad away? Fitzpatrick had at least two kids who are now fatherless too. So the impression I get is that her family is the only one that matters, which like, cool, fine, whatever. But own that shit and stop using your kids as human shields.
The whole situation with Phoebe/Carolyn is part of a much larger trend the show has with dumbing down characters for plot convenience, as opposed to actually writing a clever plot and it irks me to no end. Anyone with eyes who saw Rio's face in that diner would know he was not buying it. Anyone who saw him at the house would know he was not buying it. But suddenly all 3 girls and the secret service are dumbasses who can't see this for themselves? I had so much secondhand embarrassment from the whole thing, and yeah, I chuckled at a few moments but the comedy feels really lazy now, it's not organic like in s1 and 2.
Lol, don't worry, I get it. I, however, do hate her. At least for now. So these things just make me dislike her even more, to be honest. Like you said, her deal with he secret service now includes Ruby and Annie, so it's not just her family on the line here. All 3 girls were arrested for armed robbery after their jewellery store heist, so if she reneges on her agreement with the SS by helping Rio - they all go to jail. Once again, it's a case of Beth making unilateral decisions and expecting everyone to follow the leader. That would be fine if someone actually pulled her up on it but they just don't.
Thank you for saying that, it means a lot. I know a lot of people just see me as a Debbie Downer, and I get that it can come across that way sometimes. But I agree that it's also important to see other perspectives and not just absorb one specific POV that suits your narrative. You don't have to agree with them all the time, but like you said, you should respect other people's opinions and allow people to voice those opinions how they see fit.
As for those Reddit assholes - fuck 'em. I hope they endure unending misery from my content. It's my gift to the universe 🙃
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chrisevansgoodgirl · a month ago
Heyooo, here’s the scorpihoe anon! You have made pretty good points, but see, here’s my probelm, I hate when someone’s condescending to me or is giving me a lecture, even when I know I did sth wrong lol... that’s probably a very toxic trait, but it is what it is, lol...I mean, he would have to respect that too, like, okay, give me a lecture, but don’t expect me to feel guilty about it (if it’s not anything serious ofc, lol). However, if his lecture was in the form of bending me over his knee, I’m down (on my knees for him right after he turns my ass different shades of red)! Anyway, I have a Cancer in my close circle - a girl tho - and her sex drive is mad, so that’s why I think Steve would fuuuck the shit outta you, and I agree with you on all those points, but oh my god, the girl... she’s also so fucking annoying, like hella fucking annoying...And believe me, I’ve tried to be friends with her, still sometimes try tbh, because she could be cool, I feel it, but she’s so self-centred, and all she talks about is herself and her fucking boyfriend, she talks about things I don’t fucking understand and don’t give a fuck about, and even though I told her several times, she just kept. fucking. going! So I would really want to see what Steve would be like irl. If he had a similar personality, I would just fuck him, be fwb with him, whatever, but I think I’d be close to commiting murder if I were in a relationship with him lol. Like, all I’d want for him would be respecting my slightly mean, slightly audacious behavior.. I mean, I’m not straight up evil, and I don’t want to hurt anybody, so if I see they can’t take my attitude and are sensitive, they’re just not my people🤷‍♀️
Yep, I don’t like condescending either! That’s what makes me crazy. I don’t think it’s a toxic trait tho, you know? Like I’m kinda the same. Just tell me what your feelings on the situation are but you don’t need to lecture me tbh I’m only taking that shit from Steve bc I kinda want him to talk down to me but that’s whatever like I’d still be a brat while he was doing it even tho I want it but like...
But I really do think if Steve was being patient with you and nice and you just kept pushing. Yeah, he would take punishment to an extreme level. The vibe I kinda get from Steve isn’t fake, I dont think he’s a liar. That’s actually very important to me, I would need him never to lie to me or I would never trust him or anyone else ever again but see I’m totally allowed to withhold info and everyone is just going to have to get over it lol that’s a pretty toxic trait of mine but I feel like he’s overly concerned with being nice and doing the right thing and coming off as a very pure and good man. But like why does he care so much? I think it’s bc he’s super dark and it kinda concerns him sometimes like I bet he was fine with Peggy for a while but if they had sex, totally a head canon of mine that, it was just boring. Peggy is dominant herself and so Steve didn’t really get to be in charge and he forced himself to be fine with it bc he was in love or whatever but then he got out of the ice and realized women here don’t give a shit and are down to let him be absolutely disgusting with them. The bitch is from brooklyn! I know he has weird ass kinks!
So with Steve. Yeah he’s gonna fuck you well. But I do think he’s obsessive so I think Steve’s biggest flaw would be ignoring you for work! And when he gets home and he’s either not talking because he’s brooding on his own or he’s ranting and can’t let it go. I do think his obsessive tendencies will probably make him neglect you sometimes but I think Steve is nice enough and smart enough to respond to healthy problem is that I’m not healthy and I would probably just flip a table honestly
But I feel you. My aunt is a cancer and honestly she has some of the worst traits in the whole fucking world. I really hate self centered people too. Like don’t get me wrong, I love hearing people talk about their lives and I’m a freak who is absolutely obsessed with knowing everyone’s secrets, I fucking act like it’s currency and idk why, but yeah if it feels like shallow conversation, I could not care less. I will admit that I like the current trend in astrology where less people are calling us out for being the “meanest” sign and are instead focusing on how fake Pisces are and how manipulative cancers are! In conclusion, we are the best.
But with Steve, I think your concerns are totally valid but I must raise you this. He loves Natasha and she has her questionable ways. So I think he might be a pouty bitch sometimes and clutch his pearls bc you’re ~~~~being mean but I also just think it’s an act. As long as you’re not committing some great crime against America lol, honestly I do think he’d prob let you get away with murder if he was in love with you
And you know what else I suspect about Steve? Like he seems to me like he doesn’t like people of this time so I bet that bitch is a gossip. And he might pretend sometimes that you’re so mean, but he’s mean! Like really he won’t go around talking shit to everyone that he likes about everyone that he hates, you definitely have to be like a level 9 girlfriend to get him to start opening up like that to you but I know he’s petty too. And idk if you have this Scorpio trait but if my good friends (not just like casual acquaintances) or a bf don’t like someone, I don’t like that person either. Steve would totally fucking get off on literally hating the same people. So what my point is is that I love him and I trust him...but I also don’t trust him ☠️ but I would do anything he asked of me bc I think he’s perfect and never wrong and that’s my obsessive Scorpio habit honestly
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vishcount · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wow i didn’t know that my opinions on our angry grape mattered so much jdsfhkdg tho i feel honored that ppl care ;; so thank you a lot @s1utspeare @cross-d-a and dear anon ^^ am going to now make my best attempt at putting my thoughts about jc into words!
give me a character
(placing under a cut!) 
How I feel about this character
Oh, where do I even begin? Is there somehow a way to describe how I feel about Jiang Cheng? Maybe not. I don’t know if I can put my love for him in words because he came in like the storm he is and slammed me against the nearest wall and told me to love him. I was not pressured at all, laying a willing victim to his every whim. 
Ok just kidding. But that doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely adore him. He might have made horrible mistakes and might still continue doing those but I love that about him. He is complex and flawed and very broken but he is, deep down, good. He has a strong sense of justice, he’s mentally strong beyond my understanding, he’s loyal and loving and stubborn and gentle in his own way. He loves people so fiercely that sometimes I feel dizzy with it. And it hurts him so, this love. When people love him back or have to leave. He’s seen the worst and the best of it, what love does to people who gain it or lose it. He’s seen how love can save and destroy people, and somehow he’s gotten the bad end of that. He keeps getting hurt. He keeps attending funerals he never should’ve had to attend that young.
I know he keeps saying that his personality is to blame, and everyone around him keeps echoing that back to him, but he is still loved. He gets to be loved! And I am not always sure if those people around him love him in the way he needs to be loved but he loves those people anyway, and I just admire him so much. He’s been so strong and so wonderful and he is doing his best! He might be angry (and he has the right to be!) but deep down he’s very soft. He just hasn’t been allowed to be like that. He just... This world has been very cruel to him and I feel him for that. I feel his ache and I feel his anger. It’s anger born out of love. It’s... just the way he is. And I am so very proud of him, in the end, for making it through with all the weight he’s had to carry on his shoulders.  
All the people I ship romantically with this character
I am very, very deeply in love with Xicheng and they feel almost canon to me now that I’ve been exploring them so thoroughly. So yeah, it’s still Lan Xichen for me who finally gets Jiang Cheng’s heart. They just work so well and I love the thought of them growing on each other and realizing that they are similar in many ways. That they can help each other, support each other, share their burdens. They are lovely and I adore how they complete each other (at least inside my head).
Other than Zewu-Jun, I could ship Jiang Cheng with Nie Huaisang but I doubt that would be anything everlasting. I like the headcanon of them having some type of one-night stand just for their waking up sexual desires and then just. Never talking about that again lol 
I also like the thought of Mingxicheng (NMJ x LXC x JC). Those three would be so soft haha. And I am not opposed to the canon of Jiang Cheng with Wen Qing but I dunno how they would work out in the end hmm 
My non-romantic OTP for this character
Easter Island Bros! I adore the thought of Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji very grudgingly becoming friends through their brothers. It would come slowly and would never be easy because they are so different but so similar. I think they hate each other so much because they are so similar. They are both at a loss with their feelings, especially when it comes to expressing any stronger ones. But whereas LWJ chooses to be stone, JC is thunder. This is how they clash. But if they learn to understand each other and see these similarities? They could be amazing. Also, the comedy of them together? We get to see them in the drama and those moments are absolutely golden but imagine them being friends and continuing this trend with some very dry teasing oh my god they would be glorious
My unpopular opinion about this character
Oh wow, I don’t even know what are the popular opinions on Jiang Cheng? I just know that some people hate him and others love him haha. And I think my take on his budding friendship with LWJ is already an unpopular opinion because I feel like most people see them as lifelong enemies? But I refuse to believe that because they both love Wei Wuxian to bits and LWJ is sensible, he can’t hate Jiang Cheng endlessly, he just can’t. I know that he blames Jiang Cheng for Wei Wuxian’s death but there are reasons behind it and if Wei Wuxian is able to forgive that then I’m sure LWJ follows his example at some point. And he has a brother too! He knows how strong that bond is. He knows that Wei Wuxian can’t just cut Jiang Cheng off of his life like that. They share more than just blood and Jiang Cheng is an important part of Wei Wuxian’s life, in the present and in the past, and so they have to figure out something. 
But other than this? I don’t really know. I’ve been very open to any takes on Jiang Cheng so am not that aware of which ones of those are popular and which are not :’D As long as it isn’t hate towards him for no reason (because he has his flaws as I said, he’s not perfect at all but doesn’t deserve to be hated for that!) I accept it haha 
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon
The reconciliation between Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng! I really wanted to see that and to follow their journey after the events in the Guanyin Temple but I get why the story ends there. The things that come next are irrelevant for the big plot. But I am still sad! I want to see them solve things and not just walk away from each other. Because I believe that they will meet again! They won’t just part ways like that and never see each other again and not make amends. They will patch their relationship in some ways in the future. And of course it can’t be the same as it was but they still love each other, they are still brothers. They need each other. And I feel like, even if Jiang Cheng doesn’t like it, he also wishes Wei Wuxian to be part of Jin Ling’s life, so they are bound to meet. They are bound to share a life. They will not remain separated for an eternity, and can’t these morons just work through their issues and try to help each other heal because they deserve it sigh
thank you for your asks! this was so much fun and i got so emotional about jc again ;; i love him so much. feel free to talk about him back at me any time! 
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bisexualhobi · 2 months ago
wait I think I agree not today is really bad but now rank all their title tracks from best to worst pls
lmaoohdksjjdjf i love this question so much anon but due to the fact that i’m me this would get way WAY too long. so i’m doing the top 5 best title tracks and then top 5 worst ones okay? i’m looking at google and apparently they have 26 korean singles so yeah that’s too much.
to rank them as objectively as possible I'm gonna try to take into account gp impact (which is not the same as chart impact since the fandom inflates those numbers), production, creative value (how innovative/different from other pop songs was it?) and the concept of the music video/aesthetic in general. 
5. Black Swan (2020)
am I cheating by putting here a pre release single? maybe. but it would be a disservice to leave this one out so bear with me
⭐gp impact: this song made more noise as a pre release single than the title track. I saw it in at least 3 end of the year editorials for best kpop songs of 2020. and the thing is it could have been WAY bigger but a lot of stuff happened that sadly made it go away too soon. I don't think this one is as famous or recognizable as the others in this list which is why it's going last, but also I think this song is the most underrated gem in bts discography so it's still going here.
⭐production: this song beat out the front runners (I need u, save me, DNA) solely because of its production. there are not a lot of kpop songs out there that manage to pull off what this song does. it's powerful, it's nostalgic, it's a dark and sexy song without being too on the nose. the mixing is SUPERB I remember the first time I heard it I thought "this would blow the fuck up if it was a Travis Scott song" and I will DIE on that hill. this is an example of heavy autotune on a song done right, not like the rest of their super autotuned songs that sometimes come out unrecognizable and empty sounding.
⭐creative value: it's not truly a new concept in pop to make a song about the Death of the Artist. it’s also not something a rookie group can do, this song needed to be released at exactly the time in bts’ career that it was. there’s just no emotional impact if you just sing about how the music makes your hear beat and you’ve been in the industry for,,, 3 years. this is the type of Swan Song you release at the peak of your career, so that really contributes to the message. mixing a trap beat with a ballet motif is GALAXY BRAIN SHIT.
⭐️concept: the ballet influence is just beautifully executed, this song is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship on all fronts. i think they could literally build an entire ALBUM off this concept, so the fact that they jampacked it onto one single song is both amazing and a little sad for me. i wanna hear more of this. i want a literal Black Swan (the darren aranofsky movie) horror concept where the protagonist falls prey to his own madness because he strives for perfection. but yeah, the song itself and the orchestral version just make this a complete golden concept in my book.
4. IDOL (2018).
⭐️gp impact: i think a lot of people that didn’t know anything about kpop vaguely knew about this song when it was released. i know i wasn’t into kpop at all but in my pop culture circle there was a small bleep from this song bc of the concept and the dance. i think it’s a great “embassador of kpop” track, like if you wanna explain to someone with no previous knowledge what kpop is about you can show them a performance of this song.
⭐️production: the production is a little all over the place for me. the instrumentals are amazing and really creative tho, but like in terms of mixing vocals and the structure of it, it might be a little too grating. it’s not the best produced song in ly: answer by any means but it still makes it work
⭐️creative value: the whole hanbok thing is a 10/10. bts weren’t the first ones to do it, but they did it in such a tightly executed way that honestly that “classic korean roots meets the edgy western feel” concept belongs to them now. groups are still recreating it. it’s a really innovative concept in general.
⭐️concept: the music video is,,,, something. you might love it or hate it, but it’s memorable. i think the purposeful way in which they made it as loud and brilliant as possible can be taken either as a camp adjacent or just as the group going nuts with the budget, which props to them. the choreography is also a BIG plus. the south african influence is really well executed and they made sure to do it as cultural appreciation and not appropriation. definitely the most memorable thing from this song is the choreo
3. Run (2015).
⭐️gp impact: this was their second song to have a music show win. it was the lead single from hyyh pt2 and honestly it might be the best song off hyyh as a whole. it cemented bts as not just another kpop group, because it made non fans turn their heads too! from what i gather this really propelled them forward and made the fanbase grow a lot.
⭐️production: hyyh pt2 is super well produced. i feel like this song in particular makes a fine job of mixing the vocals but it’s not outstanding. the best part is the instrumentals. but overall it’s a really good song with amazing lyrics and a great melody.
⭐️creative value: this built off of what they did with pt1 so they were already in a comfortable place, when they found this sound they really explored it well and deep and it works! i’m glad they went this emo pop route because it was a good contrast to what was dominating the charts in kpop in 2015.
⭐️concept: the aesthetic is PERFECT. there’s not a single other thing that i could add or that i wanted gone. it’s the perfect mix of coming of age teen film and heartfelt, dreamy pop. the music video is by no surprises the favorite mv of a lot of the fandom. the cinematography is beautiful and the song and the video perfectly capture that fleeting moment in life when you’re in the brink of adulthood.
2. Mic Drop (2017).
⭐️gp impact: this song was the first bts song to chart on the billboard hot100. back when the fandom had no idea how to chart, mass buy etc. that’s enough said. (personally i think mic drop is the quintessential bts song and their best release so the fact that i’m not putting it first should count as something).
⭐️production: for the purposes of this ranking i’m using the original mic drop and not the steve aoki remix even tho it was the steve remix that was released as the single. the song has the BEST mastering i’ve heard in kpop. the transitions are flawless, the beat is pure fire, the entire first minute is literally the hardest hype rap i’ve heard in kpop. everything about it WORKS.
⭐️creative value: it’s kinda funny how this song got released the same year as kendrick lamar’s humble, because imho it’s the best hiphop song of that year after humble. 2017 was truly the year of the diss tracks. bonus points for including it right after the billboard acceptance speech skit in ly: answer. SUPER refreshing among the ed sheeran type of pop that dominated that year.
⭐️concept: it’s a great concept but not innovative by any means. still, it works and bts managed to exploit it to the max. the choreo, the mv, the styling, everything was amazing!
1. Blood, Sweat & Tears (2016).
⭐️gp impact: it's probably the first song to put bts on the map beyond the kpop sphere. it really set the tone for their 2017. it's one of their most famous and recognizable songs to date.
⭐️production: this song is STUNNINGLY arranged. the mix, the ambience, the progression,,, it's all brought together to make a very well crafted song. it has a distinctive electronic/pop sound to it that still manages to set itself apart from the trend that was going at the time. black swan is probably the closet single they have to this in terms of production.
⭐️creative value: the song itself is very in compliance with the 2015/2016 trend of hype songs with edm influence, (ie. closer, shape of you, cheap thrills, let me love you, something just like this, etc.) but it still packs that punch that makes it sound fresh even for 2021.
⭐️concept: it wasn't the first song to sound like this in kpop ofc but it was the first truly sexy concept for bts. the aesthetic is innovative and very well thought out, the mv is amazing and the choreography too. i read somewhere that j-hope had a lot of input for this choreo so that's amazing. also blond taehyung is literally the best thing to come out of big hit.
ok so here we go with the worst ones! this is in ascending order as i prepare myself to pick the worst of them all, but please remember this isn’t meant to be mean spirited, i am simply applying the same criteria to their most underwhelming songs but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own merit! it’s just that out of 26 singles, SOME of them have got to come out at the bottom right?
5. Life Goes On (2020)
⭐gp impact: this song is not memorable with the general public, its #1 on the bb was the product of mass buying and even though it's a feel good song made to comfort fans in the times of pandemic it's still bland and boring. I think it had no music show appearances either, and as far as bts ballads go this is just bottom tier. it’s not that it’s terrible, it’s just very underwhelming 
⭐production: the autotune in this song is very poorly executed, it doesn't add to the song the way black swan does for example. it's just off putting and the melody is really forgettable. it's funny bc the chorus is directly pulled from the 2018 reggaeton super hit "La Canción" by J Balvin and Bad bunny lmaooo 💀 so I can't get that out of my head either. the structure is just fine and has nothing of substance 
⭐creative value: the song is attempts to be a heartfelt acoustic song but it really has nothing that sets it apart from other songs product of the pandemic like Justin and ariana's stuck with u. for a song in a self produced album it's the song with the least input from the group. the lyrics are good, but they're not as sincere or groundbreaking as for example Spring day. 
⭐concept: as a ballad ofc I'm not expecting it to have a grand choreography, and the mv being filmed in their personal dorms to reflect the lockdown is actually a nice touch but besides that there is nothing exciting, innovative or even sincerely comforting about the song and the concept. the greatest thing abt it is the fact that jk directed the video, which is actually pretty good.
4. We are bulletproof pt 2 (2013)
⭐gp impact: this song made no noise back in the day and to this day its just beloved by the fandom due to a sense of nostalgia and "remembering bts' roots". don't get me wrong it's amazing that bts still perform it in the year of our lord 2020 because you can't forget where you came from, but it's not a good or memorable song by any means. 
⭐production: I went back to listen to it for this and oh god. I can't remember the mixing being THIS bad. jimin, jin and taehyung sound exceptionally bad, they don't sound like themselves especially jin. it's just a really poorly mastered song, but then again the rest of their debut album isn't far better. 
⭐creative value: this is straight up ripping off early 2000s black culture from the US. not only the music, the styling for this era in general is unfortunately really bad and culturally appropriating and overall it's a mess. 
⭐concept: there is nothing of substance to be said about this song. it's just really a miss. the mv is terrible, the only thing that can be salvaged from this is the choreography, but besides that the whole thing feels sloppy, rushed and is also kinda cringey.
3. N.O. (2013)
⭐gp impact: no noise. this song was just a really weird pick for their first comeback when attack on bangtan or coffee was right there. not to be mean but no wonder they didn't have a music win this year. 
⭐production: it's an objectively bad song. it's just really underwhelming, the whole mixing feels amateur. it's not a good hiphop song and it's not a good vocal arrangement and the chorus is also a rip off of a late 90s American song I can't find right now 
⭐creative value: this song isn't innovative in any way, it's just..... there. very meh in general, I have nothing more to say about it 
⭐concept: the storyline kinda wants to go somewhere with the music video but it doesn't manage to make a connection. the styling is plain, simple and not flattering at all. it tries to make a protest of the Korean school system but it doesn't say anything beyond "school bad" which we already knew
2. Not Today (2017)
⭐gp impact: its a very middle of the list song for a lot of the fandom. I literally know of no one that claims this as their favorite mv/era/song. when you ask people about their least favorite bts songs they won't mention this one either, you know why? because it's that irrelevant. it had no music show wins either. it's precisely because of this why I put it so high up on the list. there's nothing worse than an unmemorable song, if it was widely hated then at least that would be a response. 
⭐production: it's a really mediocre song in terms of structure and melody. it tried to be hype but it falls short. the chorus feels half finished and the message of the song is just “the revolution has begun”? which okay? but it adds nothing to the You never walk alone album either.
⭐creative value: there is nothing exciting about this song, and the chorus is too grating. the rhythm is repetitive and nothing new either in kpop or pop in general. 
⭐concept: sadly there's not a lot to be said for the song. it says nothing of value and what it says falls flat. there's no innovation. you can actually see a lot of idol in this song, and also ON. those two songs are what this one tried to be but failed.
1. War of Hormone (2014)
⭐gp impact: thankfully none. this song got the treatment it deserved, if they had won a music show for this one it would feel tainted lol. now it's just a meme in the fandom but overall it made zero noise and contributed nothing to bts' evolution 
⭐production: the production is very lazy, which is odd because dark & wild has some pretty tight tracks. but this one is just meh, nothing outstanding and the melody is just annoying 
⭐creative value: this is a song that was probably born out of the desperation to have a gp friendly hit. it tries really hard to replicate an outdated idea of what boy bands should be, and it does it badly. simply put this song is very mediocre and misogynistic and the fact that it's a running gag in the fandom that "feminism isn't important when war of hormone comes on" isn't funny and it's actually cringe. please stop 
⭐concept: the styling is so ugly :( the mv is very low budget which isn't surprising but they managed to make more with less in past releases. it's just embarrassing and I wish this song didn't exist, there's a reason why they never play it anymore lol. overall a dark mistake in bts' career
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hvvrtfulloflove · 2 months ago
@ananas-pineapple-thing asked me about my Peter and Jason portrayals ranking under one of my posts a few days ago (can’t find it back :( ) and after much deliberation here it is!!
Tbh this is hard I think I will rank them individually and then rank them according to their character dynamic as a couple... also I probably watched all the less professional productions available on youtube so thats a LOT but imma only care about the 2000, 2004, 2013 revival, cast recording, productions because I know them the most. Honourable mentions to the argentinian, korean and french productions tho
1) Payson Lewis: I know I said I didn’t like that he lacked og Peters’ aggressivity BUT it’s true that Payson poured his soul out into his character, you can feel Peter’s emotions through his acting and singing (which are awesome btw). I am only half joking when I say I’m a Peter hater because I sometimes struggle with this character and some of his actions buuuut Payson makes me root for him 100% and all the way. I also liked the way he sings some of his lines it’s very original thank you mr lewis
2) Michael Arden: the ambiguity and human complexity behind his portrayal omg... EXACTLY what i’m talking about when I’m saying I love Peter knowing what’s best for him and heavily fighting for it even if it means antagonizing his boyfriend. I also love that in the 2004 production he actually looks like a realistic teenager yknow
3) Matt Doyle: I love his singing it’s very good, but I can’t forgive him for initating the soft peter trend :( also the fact we never saw him acting obviously doesn’t play in his favour sadly...
4) John Torres: I respect him very much for originating the role OBVIOUSLY but I feel like all his qualities can be found in Arden’s portrayal too so :((
1) John Hill: super hard to decipher who would be #1 Jason because Jason is my fav and a lot of good actors played him... ANYWAY John Hill, his acting in One Kiss, Touch my soul, Promise and Bare really shows how hard he is trying to please everyone but completely failing, his Cross is chief kiss, you can SEE Jason is constantly on the verge of a total breakdown every time he appears lmao.. I also like “feel the beat of my racing heart” and that he is just standing above Peter during Role of a Lifetime I think he looks silly there, I love comic relief
2) John Griffin: he COULD have been #1 but sadly we never saw his acting too and I’d have felt like I was robbing John Hill by putting Griffin above... anyway the thing I love the most about him is his singing. I really hear that special 1999/2000 vibe, when he says “Who are you to tell me how to live like gay?” / “The clock is striking midnight can’t you  hear?” and “Some ever afters just can’t be”
3) James Snyder: Really good singer, you can hear the emotions in his voice BUT since it’s not a boot recording I guess it lacks the intensity of John Griffin, hence the 3rd place
4) Jonah Platt: I know why he made those acting choices, I know it’s because in the 1st act, you are seeing Jason through Peter and Ivy’s eyes, so Jason obviously appears more bland/disconnected from reality than he truly is (because he is basically a blank slate where people project their expectations), and during act 2 you can see all the anger and despair in him, I really like what he did during the last half of act 2 (Promise -> Queen Mab, omg his death scene...). I think it works very well if you’re watching the show for the 1st time but tbh after the 2nd watching his jason becomes a bit boring and that’s why I prefer the other portrayals over his :( also he really looked like an adult... no disrespect to the actor tho!
1) 2004: clearly the one that works the best for me. a lot of small details are added in this version (Peter borrowing Jason’s shirt for the rave? sweet!). I love their version of Bare, the intensity/tension between them during Pilgrim’s hands and Promise, how Arden acts so sure of himself during Absolution when talking about their love.... yeah.. murder me maybe..
2) 2013: okay this prod is a bit weird because I feel like Payson carries the dynamic during Act 1 and then Platt carries it during Act 2 lmao... but their songs together are really sweet, especially Two Households/Bare/Queen Mab, they are very tactile they don’t hesitate to hug/kiss each other which is something I feel a lot of prods try to downplay because they are scared of showing two gay men being physically into each other maybe? anyway, yeah...
3) Cast rec: very good singing voices, they blend together very well, I also like how Doyle and Snyder talk about their respective characters in the documentary
4) 2000: like idk, I feel taken separately, they are very good actors and characters, but I never consider them together, as an item? their duets are very sweet but I always think of them in relations to what it means for Peter and for Jason separately, instead of thinking about what it means for their couple
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avenger-hawk · 2 months ago
Hey hawk, did you observe a pattern among people who participate in Woke-ism culture, they seem to have similar "traits" and "personality"? Dislike the "straight" orientation (usually identify themselves as gay/lesbian/bi and brags they are LGBT every second), they seem to think gender identity is a personality trait etc therefore "I'm holier than thou because I list myself as she/he/they/it". I bet they are gonna scream at me for being whatever "phobic" just because of this post lol
*clears throat* yeah they gonna scream at you but they can’t scream at me because it’s been a year that I am in an lgbt relationship soooo xD
Ofc I noticed this kind of behavior, these woke ppl really like be ‘different’ and tbh the thing I find more irritating is when they define themselves ‘autistic’ or ‘asperger’ or ‘adhd’ whathever other mental illness/condition, because these are serious things that should be diagnosed by a specialist and not an online tests, and usually ppl who have a real problem are not so incredibly vocal about it. Sure they don’t brag with it....”but I don’t have money to take a test and my parents don’t let me!” they say? yeah. could be. but it also could be that you just wanna look special and since you’re socially anxious or shy or just a b*tch, you like to play rude and then justify yourself with those labels, and if someone dares tell you you’re a piece of shit you can call them ableist lol
Same for race or country. Not taking anything away from populations/countries/cultures/religions that have been oppressed, but sometimes I cringe cause some ppl try so hard to fit in this. Like, at some point 99% of populations were invaded by others and oppressed, and I’m sorry for welsh ppl, to just name one (no offense it’s the first that came to my mind cause I read a post recently lol) but if this continues we’re gonna have to seek justice for the victims of the vikings’ raids lolol
Anyway, back to what you were saying. I partly get that lgbt ppl are vocal about what they are bc maybe they can’t tell their families or friends, and they use social media as outlets. but like you said, your personality is not defined by who you f*ck and/or love (It’s not even defined by the fiction you like, actually, but they think so). So while I understand ppl describe themselves in their profile and specify their gender identity and sexuality, for me it’s cringey when they take it too far. Like when they start with all the labels ever, or they make combinations...demisexual panromantic/asexual demiromantic/trans nonbinary aroace spectrum...sounds like a competition of who’s less ordinary. Bonus points if they also add race and illness. Bonus points if they pretend they’re experts and activist and they shit on ppl who ship something or speak of top/bottom bc they’re fetishizing gay mlm/wlw and how dare they, dirty cishets (cause Anon, straight is a too banal word lol).
(also...not to offend ‘aroace’ ppl out there but...when someone is like 12...couldn’t it be that they’re just...too young for caring about sex/love? asking for a friend lolol)
I mean, tumblr has a lot of lgbt ppl and it’s cool, and I know it’s hard to live as an lgbt person cause you can’t do what het ppl do normally, like kissing in public or holding hands or writing cute posts on fb bc someone might bitch or be even worse, so this creates a bitterness and aggressiveness on social media I guess, especially here where minorities are the majority lol. And I too, on my personal blog, occasionally ranted about things like internalized homophobia and queerbaiting, but only very rarely lol and no one paid attention to me, guess I am not lgbt enough hahahah
But, it’s stupid to use sexuality labels as a shield to shit on ppl and then call them --phobic when they react. It actually happened to me a couple of years ago, I wrote something about bottom Sasuke and this self defined aromantic+asexual+autistic+gay american dude attacked me for fetishizing gays. Back then I was in a relationship with a guy so for him I was only a boring straight person I guess, a gross fujoshi who dared like mlm haha. fuck him. If I were the same type of person as him I would have pulled the oppressed card, I could have attacked him reminding him that his country treated italian immigrants like animals, and that they had this veeeery big problem of being unsure about our ‘race’ so in their papers they often wrote ? cause they couldn’t understand if we were poc or not...but it would have been kinda off topic and I cartainly don’t waste time talking about me to ppl I don’t even trust to be what they say.
Also because I was raised by parents who were very politically involved, so I remember them doing activism, like, getting out of the house, going to protests, doing volunteering, even taking me along when I was little. So even tho now everything happens online first, and even tho posts can spread awareness and change ppl’s minds, I still don’t trust when I see those blogs full of angry woke activism, because they seem fake and even those ppl seem fake. It’s easy to scream for justice from a keyboard, in a comfortable house. It’s less easy to protest in the cold, risking to have problems with the police, the government, the pandemic, whatever else.
It’s irritating that wokies want to take the right to like smth in the right way or whatever, telling everyone else who don’t fit in the minority group that they can’t like the thing. Idk, I just wish ppl were like in Eastern Asian fandoms, not making everything about themselves, being open minded enough for whatever ‘different’ thing whether they are into it or not, and if they’re not ignoring it only.
And I do get wanting to fit the minority, as a teenager I was veery punk/gothic, depending on the moment, and I never fit in the majority opinions or habits anyway. And I was kind of fluid with my identity and sexuality, but silly me, I kept it for myself, even tho I discussed with those who insulted lgbt ppl and I wrote stuff where everyone is bisexual by default, thinking that it was how people were born before society conditioned them...I could have bragged but I had no idea about ‘fluid’ or ‘pan’, silly me.
I am so irritated at everything, like the words they use, even the english language that is not mine, is getting on my nerves because it’s the vehicle for their crap, but these periodically trending words are disgusting like these ppl to me.
I migth have gone out of topic again lol.
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watermelonseb · 3 months ago
hi! this is gonna be so random and sudden i'm sorry but i have a question -- how do you cope with people writing off and criticizing seb? i started to really stan him over winter break (mostly because of blogs like yours!) and i made the mistake of reading three articles that said aston martin made a mistake in choosing seb (one from max, one from eddie jordan, and one from reddit) and i'm just... just y'all fucking wait to eat your words sebastian "twink-turned-fuckboy-turned-father" is gonna be back to kick all of y'alls asses 😤😤😤 but honestly tho like how do you cope with that. it's fine if you don't answer this (ik this may be sudden and draining) but i hope you're having a good day!! 💓
Hello 💕
Okay, so this ask is super old and I remember seeing it and having so many thoughts and then no time to answer and then forgetting and then remembering but being embarrassed cause it took me so long and ... I just reblogged sth about toxic traits and yeah, that’s one of mine: never answering messages 🙈
So I am sorry but if you still care: here are my thoughts!
(Under a read more cause a bitch has things to say)
I should admit beforehand that I am still fairly new to online fandom of F1, I didn’t really consider getting involved in it when I watched as a child and I didn’t care enough to look for fandom when I restarted keeping up with it in like 2018 ... until Ferrari fired Seb and ya‘ll kept trending that is 🙈😂
But back to dealing with the criticism, I think it comes down to a few things:
1, You have to figure out what you want from F1 and especially this fandom! Me, I met some really cool people and I found out I love making memes so that’s what I am doing and - this is my white girl privilege I guess - I will sometimes ignore toxic stuff so it won’t kill my mood (it‘s easier with Seb than it is with Alex cause some of ya‘ll are ✨racist✨)
2, consider who is criticizing Seb, which for me is such a big thing cause if you look at the people the criticize him (Max aside) it‘s never the people who know him and never the people who actually raced against him! Those people are usually full of praise of him, like Lewis or Charles or Horner or fuck, even Mark! Hell, even Fernando has by now admitted that Seb didn’t deserve the shit he said about him back then!
3, what are they actually saying? I mean, generally speaking it‘s always: Seb is washed up. Seb is too sensitive of a driver. Seb just got lucky being in RBR at the time. Sbinalla! And just, you know what? You don’t get 4 titles, you don’t become the third most successful driver of all time and you don’t take the fight so close to Lewis and Mercedes for so long by sheer luck!
4, Seb says he doesn’t care and while I think it’s bullshit that he doesn’t care at all - I think Seb has been in this sport too long and has gotten too much shit even when he was running the show to actually give the critics too much space so why should I? I am here to support Seb not to fight assholes!
5, one thing that plays into this but for me deserves it’s own point: you mentioned the thing about proving the critics wrong and while I want Seb to come out on top with Aston Martin ... I also think he has fuck all to prove to anyone, buddy IS the third most successful driver (so far), he IS a four times WDC, he IS an amazing athlete ... and most importantly he seems to be a wonderful human being and a loving father and honestly that‘s more important to me and also means (imo) he has shit all to prove to anyone, especially guys like Max or Martin Brundle or men on reddit who haven’t had a quarter of the success he‘s had!
6, and this is where I commit sacrilege so please no one cancel me as a Seb fan but: one thing that really helped me deal with people criticizing Seb is the fact that I accepted (for myself) imho Seb really isn’t the best driver ever ... he isn’t as talented as Lewis or Michael or Ayrton or whatever ... he does have more flaws as a driver ... he can be a bully on track ... he makes dumb mistakes ... but you know what? Idc! That‘s the thing for me: Idc if he‘s the best or if he’s winning or if he beats so and so and proves so and so wrong cause I like HIM both as a driver and a person and I want him to be happy and I wanna support him and while I am obviously always hoping he comes our on top if he doesn’t? Eh, that‘s okay for me! What I love about Seb is that he’s been so successful despite all his flaws because for me Seb wasn’t this successful cause he’s oh so talented (like Max supposedly is) but cause he put in the work! For me Seb proves that sometimes loving something and then working for it ... even when you might not be as good at it initially ... is worth it! That wanting something bad enough can get you somewhere even when everything wants you to fail
And that‘s my thought and if you do read it dear anon, I hope you are well and this helped or maybe you have completely different thoughts by now or don’t even care about Seb anymore but yeah, this is how I deal!
Anyways, stay frosty and remember: red means stop but green means go!
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argumentl · 3 months ago
The Freedom of Expression Ep 28 - Risk assessment of restarting events, German experiment.
K: Hi, Lets start this week's episode of The Freedom of Expression. Joe san, Tasai san, welcome....Oh, I forgot to say 'This is Dir en grey's Kaoru'.
J, T: Hahaha.
J: Well, say it now, haha.
K: No, well, Im always saying this, but the preparations to get this show started each time are so slow!
J, T: Hahaha.
K: I got here about 90mins ago!
J: Yeh, honestly for me, sorry about this, but I mistook the time and the day, I only noticed when I saw Tasai's LINE message.
T: I was thinking, 'this is not good'.
J: 'Joe san! We're all already here!' And I thought, 'Eh!?', and I rushed here in a panic. But  they still weren't ready to start recording.
K: Seriously, they havn't ever got it all set up quickly and smoothly.
T: Thats right.
K: We're waiting for so long.
J: Yep, there's been a lot of waiting to get to this point. But we do have time to have a meeting about the theme.
K: Yeh, we do that. But why does it never work out properly? They only have to do the same thing every time. We're talking about this every third episode.
J: Yeh, and we record three at once, so its like every time, haha.
K: Hahaha
J: Yep, we start each recording session with this conversation every time. Its become famous already.
K: We are kinda grumbling a bit.
J: The viewers have no connection to this.
K: Well, anyway, for today...Joe san, could you please?
J: Yes, 1500 at a concert - risk assessment of event restarts in German experiment. With the reopening of music and sports events in mind, which have faced huge restrictions amidsts the spreading of Covid-19, German researchers conducted an experiment on the 22nd, analyzing the risk of infection at a real live concert. On this day, a team of researchers from Martin Luther University in Halle, Germany put on a concert by the singer Tim Bendzko in an indoor venue in Leipzig. 1500 people took part in the experiment. Masks and small size tracking devices were distributed to the audience, and their hands were applied with fluorescent gel before entering. This was to record areas of high contact within the venue, and identify where people are touching the most. Professor Gekle from the same university's medical department said, 'I want to be able to offer some means of making a reasonable decision as the whether or not events can be permitted. We need the means to predict how many people will be infected after events are reopened.' Three scenarios were tested: a pre-pandemic environment, a mid-pandemic/strengthened infection prevention environment, and a limited audience environment. The team will analyze the gathered data, and evaluate the success of  the prevention methods using a mathematical model. They will announce their results within this year. Soo, this has finally gotten started.
T: It was picked up on a 26" Sharp *1
J: Yes, in the end 1500 people took part in the experiment.
K: Didn't they say they wanted 4000 people?
J: Yeh, maybe they couldn't gather that many.
K: Yeh
J: Sounds like it.
T: I think so. It looks like the data is split into three parts. The first group is like at the start of the pandemic with everyone...
J: Everyone crammed in. Doing a live show in a packed space.
T: Yeh. The second group was testing the prevention measures, like using alcohol, with a certain amount of social distancing. And the third group was keeping a strict distance of 1.5 meters between each person, and making it perfectly spaced out. Then they could gather these three sets of data.
J: Yeh, I see. It looks like we could get some good guidelines out of this.
K: But if they say the results will be out within the year, thats still quite a way off, isnt' it?
J: Yeh, we may have to wait a bit, but as for big events in Japan, the government made an announcement on the 21st of this month (*Sep or Oct 2020*). They will continue with their 5000 upper limit of people allowed in indoor or outdoor facilities. As to why they will continue this, a govt. person had this to say in an article for Mainichi Shinbun. 'Experts are saying we have already passed the peak, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't extend the limit on spectator numbers. The rest of the world would never forgive us'. Germany is using this kind of scientific logic, but Japan is saying 'we won't change the 5000 people limit, because the world wouldn't forgive us'!
T: Yeh..
Kami: Can I say something? ..Um, I listened to the report, and I got distracted by the names of that singer and that professor, Tim Bendzko and Professor Gekle, so I didn't really listen to the rest.
T: Well, yeh, those names are pretty interesting  to Japanese people.
Kami: So I wasn't listening much...but you said, 'The rest of the world wouldn't forgive us'..if they were to lift the limit on 5000 people?
J: Yes, yes. Not me, someone connected with the government said that.
Kami: Thats pretty amazing, isn't it? They won't lift the limit because the world would never forgive them?
J: Well, experts are saying we are past the peak, so..ordinarily, this would be a good time to lift the limit.
Kami: Even though experts say we are past the peak, the world would never forgive us, so we won't lift the limit...Japan is really keeping up with the trends, isn't it?
K: Its cute, right?
J: Yeah
Kami: Its great, isn't it?
J: Its like, we know the science, but we don't wanna get bullied!
Kami: Even I didn't think of this. Thank you very much for this.
J: Well, its a new discovery...
Kami: Yes, I started to really love Japan.
T: Its a politician's job to explain this type of thing properly tho.
Kami: I really love Japan now.
J: But this really isn't any kind of scientific logic.
K: But the rest of the world aren't doing live shows as much as Japan is...they can't can they?
J: Ahhh....yeah.
K: In that sense ???*2
J: Japan is always in this kinda grey zone. There's a lot of talk about this request for self-restraint, like what does it mean? Like, Can I? Can't I?
K: Nothing has been forbidden though, has it?
J: Yeh
K: Also, what was it? A kind of bike event that took place in North Carolina..
J: Yes, thousands of people attended. Events like that are happening in America. At the moment, there are no penalties for doing anything.
K: People are just not doing stuff by exercising self-restraint
J: Thats it.
K: So that means Japan hasn't even ???*3
J: Yeah.
K: No, well it depends how you say it! Didn't they have anything clearer to say?
J: It wasn't very scientific.
K: We've only spoken about Japan, but in Taiwan they are holding concerts with over 10, 000 people.
T: Thats amazing, isn't it?
K: Because they have a really low rate of infection right?
J: Yeah, they do.
T: This was on August 8th, right?
Kami: The world has forgiven them right?
J: Well, yeah.
T: Doesn't this photo have quite an impact?
K: Its great, isn't it? Its a packed live show.
J: It is. They are wearing masks, but there is no distance between them.
T: Its just like normal.
K: That means they've returned to daily life then? In Taiwan?
J: Well, I guess so.
K: I spoke about this before, but I wonder if they will do experiments on other areas of life, not just live shows. This German study is only looking at live shows, right? Other things...
T: For example, public transport?
K: Mmm
T: Public spaces, they could do the experiment with public transport and stuff.
Kami: If Japan conducted this kind of experiment, the world wouldn't forgive us, right?
J: Well, you might not even be able to gather participants.
K: Well, conversely it would be seen as raising the infection risk, if Japan did it.
T: Are you slightly envious when you look at this, Kaoru? The Taiwan live show? 10,000 people gathering like this..
K: Well, i mean, at our lives people aren't all sat down like this, so I'm not sure. It doesn't feel like authentically back to normal. Its great that so many people can be allowed in there though.
Kami: Haven't Dir en grey ever played in Taiwan?
K: We have. It was good. How many times did we go? Twice?
Kami: Was the food nice?
K: Emm, yeh, haha.
J: Hahaha. The topic has turned more relaxing towards the end, haha.
T: Kami sometimes says cute stuff.
J: Yeah.
Kami: What did you eat?
K: What did I eat? Hmm
J: He's quite interested in this, isn't he?
K: I don't really remember.
Kami: Did you go out during the night?
K: Eh? Err, I think I did, yeh.
Kami: Did it taste nice?
K: Did it taste nice?? Well, I don't think I ate at night.
T: Did you try that Stinky Tofu?
K: I have never tried it!
J: Ahh, it really stinks doesn't it? That..
K: The smell is too offputting.
J: That knocked me flat...But you could do live shows if you went to Taiwan though?
K: They wouldn't let us in.
J: Ahhh, right. At the moment..
K: Yeh, we wouldn't be allowed in.
J: Now we have this problem.
K: They're not allowing people in, so...huh? *a music box sounding tune starts playing*  Whats that?
J: Is someone's phone ringing? Haha, is this revenge from Kami? Are we ok?
Kami: You're ok.
K: They're not allowing people in, thats why they can do big shows. Probably.
J: Yeh
K: Well, who knows when Japan, or even the rest of the world will be able to do live shows like this, but im interested to see what kind of results this experiment will produce.
T: We can do an episode about it.
K: Yep. Well, the conversation was a bit all over the place today...
J,T: Hahaha
K: But please tune in again next time. Please subscribe.
*1 I don't know what he means by this.
*2, 3 Couldn't catch
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summerwithaniinit · 3 months ago
Hello! The mess on AO3 is about content INVOLVING minors and not minors that may or may not interact with the content
As in fics that talk about children nsfw and worst than that REAL LIFE children in nsfw environment and i mean smut and nasty nsfw
With children
Involving children both fiction and real???
I’m writing to you cause you acted confused on your own post AND cause you seem like a very decent person judging by your blog alone like.. you can see from yourself in the notes of your ao3 post the kind of audience that is supporting it.. literal pædos chanting the “anti” bullshit
Of course i don’t actually know where you stand on this so if you align yourself with maps then don’t mind me have a nice your own bugs bunny meme at you. But if not, yeah. It’s bad and we gotta stand against it. (sorry this came out very long)
i couldn't care less for fictional minors but p*rn of real minors is just 😬🤢🤢🤮
i generally ignore the existence of rpf and that kind of stuff in general so i don't get traumatised for life and it's served me pretty well imo. i'm kinda conflicted about this cause if it gets banned the authors will probably leave it untagged in different fandoms and i really don't wanna be the one having to read a normal looking fic and report it for irl cp and also i don't want it to exist cause imagine looking up your name and finding it on some creepy underage rpf fic (-_-;)・・・
i'm not the best person to think about the best way to deal with this and with everything going on irl rn i usually don't have the time nor energy to have nuanced opinions on this other than reblogging stuff from the people i follow. i've recently tried to tag those opinions into tags like "fiction", "fandom", and "for later" but i've probably left a lot of stuff untagged on tumblr. my views on this are somewhere on the middle; i will ignore it very hard IF it's tagged well enough that i won't catch a whiff of it (and ao3's good at doing that). out of sight out of mind, and that's probably why the irl cp thing got me so confused.
but overtagging is a whole nother can of worms because it just makes tagging harder for tag wranglers on ao3 (who are volunteers) and that's what my post was about anyways. they're trying hard to make sure everything's tagged properly and this influx of trolls will only affect them. the rest of us can just put a hide tags skin or something. it isn't "proving a point" or anything against ao3, it's just making people angry and sad.
this overtagging trend wasn't a "protest" against irl cp tho, it started off as a "protest" against ao3 not taking down "Sexy times with Wangxian". i'll call it stww for convenience's sake. stww was kinda infamous in the mdzs/cql fandom for being really overtagged. around a week or so ago it started adding other fandoms and more tags to it. the author of stww tagged svsss in the fic around 4 days ago and kept adding more fandoms till it reached 8+ fandoms and 1900+ additional tags. ao3 couldn't take it down because it technically hadn't violated it's tos but people got so angry about it that they started overtagging fics to make stuff harder for ao3 and it's volunteers. sometime within those 4 days the author of stww disabled comments on their fic and said something that violated ao3's tos and ao3 took it down. i'm assuming this overtagging thing got adopted as a "gotcha >:D" practice against ao3 in that time too
sorry for rambling over every single sentence of yours, it's just that i haven't gotten to express my opinion like this
Edit: someone says irl cp is against the TOS
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snkpolls · 4 months ago
SnK Episode 65 Poll Results (for Manga Readers)
Tumblr media
The poll closed with 318 responses. Thank you to everyone who participated!
Please note that these are the results for the Manga Readers’ poll. If you wish to see the results for the Anime Only Watchers’ poll, click here.
RATE THE EPISODE 309 Responses
Tumblr media
Overall the episode was a hit with viewers, with the majority ranking it a 4 or higher. Over half of all respondents rating it a solid 5. The hype is real!
I thought this was a great episode. A lot of hype moments and the CGI worked for me, for the most part. Looking forward to the next episode!
All around exceeded my expectations if mappa keeps this up this will go down as the best anime in history
Chef's KISS!!! 10/10 episode, i was extremely hyped the entire time. 
It was amazing and I hope MAPPA keeps up with the same quality for future episodes
Amazing episode really hype
I thought the voice acting was amazing! :)
Great episode, not perfect but neither was WIT. No adaptation is perfect. This was fantastic.
It was pretty good just maybe good have been done better but I’m just happy it was done at all.
I’ve lowered my expectations to rock bottom at this point
An enjoyable time.
I think it was great! I was very excited and left me wanting more tbh
It was a very good episode!! I'm so happy to see the survey corps again!
Tumblr media
Mikasa’s reintroduction to the series takes the largest piece of the pie, with 31.6% enjoying the scene the most. In second comes the coordinated attack from the Survey Corps against Porco, with 14.8% feeling that scene really brings the hype. At 10.3%, Levi’s first appearance in the season takes 3rd place, and with 9.7% is the overall fight between Eren and the War Hammer Titan.
Ackermans ran this episode as they should. They're on a whole different level. 
Why isn't the Sasha-Gabi moment in the list of favourite moments? That's my actually favourite moment. Gabi seeing Sasha through the fire and smoke, Sasha's reflection in her eyes...chilling.
Tumblr media
In general, the fandom appears to be understanding of MAPPA’s usage of CGI, with 38.2% being completely unbothered by it, 20.1% feeling that while it’s not ideal, it could be much worse, and 18.8% not particularly caring for it but not faulting MAPPA for it either. A handful of people just wish that there would be more appreciation that it’s getting animated at all, while others continue to be a bit salty about the usage of CGI this season.
Did people forgot the god-awful Colossal titan's CGI from WIT? Well, I didn't so I wasn't surprised by the same level of CGI in Eren's scene (thankfully just one of them). I rarely have issue with CGI in SnK except for truly awful looking ones so like couple of times in the season, usually. 
I honestly wouldn't even know there's CGI if everyone wasn't complaining about it. I honest to god can't see where they use it.
It's mostly fine
I thought the war hammer titan looked AMAZING, the only CGI that looked odd was the scouts in the background, but that’s really it...?
A few sore spots (e.g. Erens titan looked kinda off this ep), but it's not season-ruining yet. 
CGI Titans >>>>>>>> CGI Survey Corps
It works fine for titans that already look somewhat mechanical (Armor, Jaw), but it looks incredibly awkward for the others, to the point of taking me out of the story. 
Sometimes great sometimes shit
Maybe I've been spoiled by studio orange and the previous seasons, but I know for a fact that they can do better. This is not a new anime, this is the final season of one of the greatest anime of all time, so yeah I expected much better CGI, it was poor and unecessary.
i think it’s gr8/unnoticeable,,,,,like we all put up with the colossal titan in s1-3 lmao
Some Titans like Eren and Beast look a little weird but I just really like how they made effort to make it blend with the art style. Maybe if they had found a way to cut the animation down to 12fps it might not look so bad? Anyways I think it’s good for what it is, MAPPA is doing their best!
I barely noticed it. The animation looks BOMB. Top 5 episodes of the whole series for me and BEST action episode of AOT easily.
I'm always going to prefer 2D but I understand why they're using it. Still sad about what could've been if they were given enough time to work on the season. Definitely going to lower my expectations.
My dumbass wouldn't even notice, I just want to see the pretty people
I think the CGI for the Titans is completely fine. It's the CGI for the Scouts that was a bit off putting for me. Still, not enough to ruin the episode. And if we continue to get animation of this standard I will be fine with it. 
At this point after episode 7 onward eventually AOT CGI is going to be worst than EX-arm's CGI 
I love it because it makes the titans scarier and more eerie? I also miss the 2D ones because they feel more natural. Overall, I think it's fine!
I think the CGi is well executed (for the most part), I just don't like that they had to use it so much.
It's a great job. They manage to execute it very well and go to a normal animation when it's needed. It doesn't bother me tbh
Tumblr media
Eren’s dive in the anime was a bit different than in the manga, but it seemed to get a few laughs out of the fandom, so we asked you all to rank it. 58.3% felt it was the most beautiful dive to have ever dived, while only 5.5% think Eren really needs to work on his form. He did his best.
Tumblr media
Mikasa stole the show this episode, with 53.5% enjoying her entrance the most. Levi wasn’t too far behind though, with 29% of respondents hyped over his return. 11.6% were very happy to see Sasha again, while smaller chunks were glad to see Jean and Connie.
They massacred my Jean-boy’s entrance 🥲
Tumblr media
We got a more colorful and evened out pie for this question. Overall the largest chunk, at 24.3%, are enjoying MAPPA’s take on Eren’s iconic “hobo chic” look. 21.1% think Sasha looks the best out of all of them, while Mikasa trails just behind her at 20.1%. 16.1% are grateful for Connie’s design, leaving 9.5% favoring Jean, and smaller handfuls appreciating MAPPA’s take on Levi and Floch.
Chubby Floch
Here I am watching the trailer all over again because that's probably the only way to see Jean animated handsome and with his actual manga face. MAPPA what happened?
Levi has a thicc ass
I’m a big fan of all the time skip character designs, it was hard to pick just one favourite :) 
Jean looked stupid... Floch too but that's not important.
OG characters designs feels a bit off to me. I understand why they use CG for some parts and I have mixed emotions about it. I hope they won't rely on it too much on the upcoming episodes.
Tumblr media
One of the most anticipated scenes of the Marley arc was the return of the Survey Corps and the way Mikasa paves the path for their reintroduction. The fandom appears to be very happy with MAPPA’s execution of the scene, with 60.9% of respondents rating it with a 5, with 27% rating it a 4. 
Mikasa! Mikasa! Gosh love her!
im so glad mikasa is back owfejgrnrkdfs
Tumblr media
The series isn’t known for having too much filler, but typically what filler does exist seems to be appreciated by the fandom, and this was no exception. 56.8% of respondents were happy for a little more fleshing out of Willy’s character (also learning that those kids were his!) and being able to sympathize more with him. 19.7% appreciated the more sympathetic addition until they remembered he was willing to throw Liberio under the bus for his plan. 13.5% are appreciative of any and all additional Willy content. A small amount didn’t like the filler and would rather have had MAPPA put their effort into other things. 
I liked it. Got to see more of his fine ass. lmao
Don't add extra 2d animation if You can't even handle what's in the manga
It would've been better to show before he was dead. Fleshing him out after the audience already know he's dead doesn't hit as much imo
Wasn't one of the scene itself, but then again I'm always interested in scenes I haven't seen yet.
I am so grateful, willy for is one of my favourites and omg we got to see his family and how is he a lovely papa 😭💕 I can't ask for more bless you MAPPA🤘
fuck them kids
Why should we feel bad for him? He tried to unite the world against Paradis. He got what he deserved.
this was a benefit. as manga readers, we had time to know willy. anime onlies will only ever have these 2-3 episodes and it was very humanizing
How is that possible that Tybur little kids in few seconds were louder nad more chaotic than THE WHOLE CITY DURING THE ATTACK??
It's very regrettable he left so many children fatherless because of what he chose to do. Really saddening..
I’d have rather seen more of the manga animated 
I knew why they added it, but I (personally) think willy is crud. Not mad it's there tho!
He did his duty as a Tybur to the very end. Honestly I wish he could have lived longer, he’s a really compelling and interesting character.
I feel like some viewers have carelessly misunderstood Willy because of that scene in the carriage. They're like 'wow, he really hates and shames his own people huh?' but at the beginning of the episode we all saw his abundance of children. Would it not have been extremely contradictory if he had truly wanted the extinction of all Eldians and then at the same time did the complete opposite by mass-reproducing a small army of Eldian children? Maybe that's why that scene was added to the start of the episode, to keep people away from mischaracterising him. Unfortunately, this may have simply been missed or overlooked by some. 
they should had polish the damn episode instead of fillers.
Loved it! Mappa is killing it with the episode additions 
Reading the manga, I truly didn't even consider the possibility that these were Willy's children because he is so obviously a ~*bachelor*~. Like, it didn't even cross my mind that those children weren't his little nieces and nephews because he is suuuuch a Theater Gay. Nothing can change my mind.
Wait a minute, are these the kids in that ending slide from season 3?
Tumblr media
A minor dialogue change didn’t seem to have much of an effect on nearly half of respondents, with 47.5% saying they’re indifferent to the change. 43.3% like the change much better, feeling that it works a lot better with future story developments and makes more sense. A handful didn’t care for the change and felt it tampered with Magath’s overall characterization. 
I think the change was logical and more consistent with the story, but I'm naturally skeptical of any AOT manga-to-anime change.
I forgot this.
It ovewrites the flaw of Magath's original plan. Even if I think its unfitting of him, it makes sense.
I'm not sure what I feel about it. Kinda like how they added Falco having a dream back in episode 1. For now, let's just see.
I suppose the new change is a little contradictory because Magath dislikes Marley’s reliance on Titan power and rather just wishes th ey had prowess in other ways. 
Realistically eating him makes more sense for them to eat Eren so they gain control of the Founder but I think Magath accepting the age of Titans is now done for is more in character.
It obviously makes more sense logistically, but I think it's important for Magath to stand opposed to Marley national policy on this front, like, symbolically.
Tumblr media
Though they are minor characters, the anime seems to have made some of the fandom a bit more fond of them. Still, 38.5% wouldn’t change anything about their fates, stating that they were necessary for Gabi to develop further as a character. 28% would rather neither of them died and are curious about how they would have developed if they lived to see another day. 23.7% say if they had to pick only one of them, it would be Udo due to his relevant commentary. A handful leaned toward Zofia, wishing they could have learned more about her. 
Udo. But at the same time Isayama can barely handle all the characters that are still alive so Udo probably wouldn't get a lot of screen time anyway.
Zofia. I didn't care about her while reading the manga, but in the anime she was more unique. I liked her stoic voice a lot. Zofia and Gabi should have switch the places. 
None cus i don't like Gabi
Both or neither. One would be just a third wheel to Gabi and Falco. I would love to see more of Udo and Zofia but I think their deaths were important
Udo and zofia's deaths hurt so bad. I didn't particularly care for either of them when reading the manga but i grown attracted to them in the anime. Udo's in particular breaks me. He was such a energic kid and he... got trampled to death. I'm just...
Neither. Both were serving an enemy nation and deserved what they got.
They weren't important to me so I don't really care
Tumblr media
47.1% of respondents didn’t want to pick sides, stating that the attack was tragic in both mediums of the story-telling. 25.8% felt that it was much more devastating in animated form alongside the sound, music and voice acting. 18.3% felt a bigger impact while reading the manga. 
Both versions are devastating, but Manga hit harder bc I just was so confused and couldn't stop trying to figure out wtf Eren was doing and why. Watching it knowing what I know made it somehow more devastating and yet also more palatable (bc I have a better understanding.)
It was more devastating in the manga. Especially Udo's death scene 
I think I have to wait until the battle is over. So far it's alright.
Loved it
It gave me more emotions in the manga. 
They got what they deserved
It was far more devastating in trailer 🙄
Tumblr media
One of the few characters left with no name after the large guidebook released a few years ago, Lady Tybur was all we could call her (aside from fan-given names). Now she has an official name! 26.7% found it neat that we finally got this official detail. 25.4% feel that now they can finally sleep at night. 17.6% are forever grateful for the name drop and hated waiting so long for it. 15.3% don’t care at all and 11.7% feel this confirms that Isayama is a fan of Tomb Raider.
Not what I was expecting and wasn't expecting her to get a name. At least people can stop calling her Emma or those other dumbass meme names.
Cool. Next up: names for the Blouse kids, right? Right right?
I'm not kidding when I say I literally jumped up and screeched "SHE HAS A NAME!!!"
she didn't need it. she was the mysterious lady t. 
Lara was more lucky than Traute, who got more panels in the manga but her name was mentioned only in the guidebook. 
Still died
Tumblr media
Of all the shots in the preview, 45.1% of respondents were most looking forward to Levi’s staged attack on Zeke. 17% favored seeing Mikasa assist Eren, 15% were most looking forward to seeing Falco emerge from the basement to see the carnage outside. 10.1% were stoked to see Pieck enter the battlefield. The episode has aired as of the publishing of these poll results - we hope these scenes lived up to the hype (even though we guessed one wrong lol).
I enjoyed the episode very much. I felt that the CGI was handled fairly well given the time restraints. However, there were a few instances where it was a bit jarring like Eren eating Willy, Eren pulling the WHT's cord, Mikasa landing on Eren, and Jean climbing up on the roof. Also some of the CGI models looked a bit weird for the scouts. I'm hoping some of these issues can be improved on in the Blue-ray version. Overall, these issues were noticeable but didn't take too much away from my enjoyment of the episode.
As much as I don't like the CGI, episode was great.
Just that it was fantastic and I can't wait for the next one!
The music is top notch. I love it. Especially the new version of XL TT near the end
After re-visiting the trailer we got for this season, it's just....saddening. Everyone was wondering how Mappa was gonna animate AoT and after seeing that trailer, all that effort by the animators, I thought "it's in good hands!". Now that we're getting the episodes and it's underwhelming. I don't blame the Mappa animators at all and cgi is unavoidable at some moments. But whoever are the higher ups who said "animate this in the shortest amount of time" ARE the assholes. It's so upsetting for this anime and the workers of it to be brought down like this :'(
Continuing to enjoy the pictures on the page come to life in the anime.
It was pretty amazing, I was waiting for so long to see this part animated! Aaand I'm so happy I got to see again the scouts! (expecially Connie, my personal fav)
Erwin should had lived instead of Armin, so Erwin can nuke Marley dropping from a blimp
I really liked it! I don't understand all the critics about the animation. It looks really neat and smooth
the SC backlit in that final scene was sickkkkk
It was different from the manga, but all the differences just improved the storytelling and fleshed out the people in Marley. Well done, MAPPA!
I’m just grateful Mappa actually gives a shit about adapting the story properly. That alone makes this season a 9/10 for me cause that’s rare to see in the anime industry these days.
Gabi's voice acting was amazing this episode ! Also, it feels good to hear the ODM gear sound effect again. The CGI didn't keep me from enjoying the fight, we got awesome camera movements and good choreography, I'm very hopeful for next episode ! Also best boy Onyankopon might appear soon ?
I seriously do not know why people are complaining. It was amazing! Can't wait for the next episodes, it's going to be action-packed and intense!
I don't know if I liked the episode or not. I usually prefer manga so even episodes I like I prefer their manga versions but there is something in off with the episode and usually, Titans fight are more excited but this one Nah it was not at all. War hammer was great in animation it served a better understanding of its powers but the fight, in general, was like boring?? idk maybe because I am a manga reader so the titan power/character's introduction was not as thrilling as they were when I've read the chapters. anyways, there is still more of the attack on liberio in the next episode so I'll give my final thought when we conclude the arc
I really enjoyed and the CGI doesn't bother me.
I think the reason Attack Titan looks a bit off is it looks a bit thinner! Warhammer looks amazing because it's a true copy of the manga. If Attack Titan was a bit buff, I think nobody would have that much of a problem. Overall the chapter is amazing!
as much as i adored everything else i must admit... what is wrong with the character design? what happened to everyone's jaws?? i think jean, mikasa and pieck were the worst drawn. in the manga, they look flawless. 
I just hope we would get actual discussions in the sub instead of circle jerking or bitching about the cgi/ost etc.
The soundtrack was epic as hell
Mappa is doing a good job, with the little time they had. But sadly, they had the capacity to do way better and I will always regret this situation. And the Jojo memes on Mikasa are on point: in that specific panel, she looks ugly and unlike her cute face in the manga. For the rest of the episode, she's well portrayed
I think this episode is a taste of what is to come. It’s one thing to read still, silent pictures of complete devastation, and it’s another thing to hear the explosions, the screaming and crying. Seeing the blood painted red instead of black and white. When Eren rumbles the world, more people will realize how evil it is, how completely irredeemable. Less people will be #teameren once they get to see it in the anime. I can’t wait to see what MAPPA has in store.
So many nice details in the battle that weren’t there in the manga, the war hammer animation was particularly great
I feel bad complaining, but this was the first episode of the season that has disappointed me at all. Every other episode I feel has elevated the manga. I don't want (and never expected) to be that person, but the CGI, especially on the humans (WHY??) was so awkward it was distracting. We also lost a little bit of expressiveness from Eren, which is kind of a big deal when there's so little from him to begin with. 
Soundtrack was lit!!!!
It is what it is. But after I finished the episode I went back to watch the trailer and got sad that the season just isn't going to look like that. It's not bad by any means and I understand that these are people, not robots working on this with an extremely tight schedule. This entitled fanbase is super embarrassing with it's behavior and harassment of the people working on it. I kind of hope the final arc doesn't get animated now because these people don't deserve it. 
Awesome! I was a bit distracted how the pacing was, cutting a bit weirdly from one episode to another, but I really enjoyed it!
That closeup of Eren's Titan after he nom'd Willy is NUTS. 
It was emotionless and almost boring. The sound director keeps fucking up big time. I didnt feel anything close to the hype I felt watching the Armored/Colossal reveal animated. There were no exciting goosebumps, or tears. Nothing. Also the CGI was terrible. There were good things, but I expected much more for suck a climatic episode
It was a good episode after all, graphic was ok but i think that if they continued with the same titan 2d animation of first episodes and maybe changed a bit some sound it would have been waaay better. Still a good episode imho
The episode was very average. I'm not trying to complain, I know that the anime is mostly for anime-onlines, while we have a manga, but I expected better. I imagined the titan fight to be smooth, but in reality both - WHT and AT - moved like two, fat elephants. In the manga I felt that WHT was fast like a wind. In the anime Lara was slow, she looked like she had a hard time to even hold her hammer. The moment between Eren and Mikasa was disappointing. In the anime when Mikasa was upset about Eren's actions, he was completely unfeeling, while in the manga we see him being full of emotions and almost crying. I know he will turn into a cold bastard but MAPPA shouldn't dehumanize Eren so much now. I was surprised by Connie's glow up. MAPPA has done better job with him. In the manga he still looks like a kid, while MAPPA made him more mature-looking and masculine. That's good for underrated Connie. I'm grateful for the scene between Willy and his children. This way he feels more sympathetic and isn't ""just a guy who declared a war and was eaten by Eren"". 
I really like how the warriors and Marleyans seem to be getting a somewhat equal amount of screen time as the scouts have gotten after they've come into the picture. I hope this helps to make clear for the anime-onlies that understanding the experiences, emotions and the development of the other side is just as important as understanding those of the scouts/Paradis.
Tumblr media
Thank you again to everyone who participated!
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kylie-writes-stuff · 5 months ago
pairing: corpse husband x reader (female)
words: 1,714
requested?: no (send some in tho pls :) )
plot/summary: felix invites his friend, y/n, to play among us when they need an extra player. her and corpse get along well
authors note: so this isnt that good and i know a lot of corpse fics use a similar plot. i just wanted to try to write for corpse. hopefully things i write for him in the future are better. let me know what you think tho! also i really wanted reader to be best friends with karl bc i love him sm. uh every swiggly line is like a small time skip. this was written late at night btw and i didnt take much time to go over it
You sat up from laying down when you heard your phone ring. You looked at the caller ID.
"What's up Felix?" You ask with a small yawn.
"Aww, how sweet," You hear in the background.
You giggle and ask, "Is that Sean? Hi Sean!"
"Yeah, we're playing Among Us and need an extra player. You down?" Felix explained.
"Sure, just give me a few minutes. See you soon, whore"
"Bitc-" You hang up before he can finish.
You got up and turned off your TV, going to get ready. 
You quickly tweet out that you're going live and say something on your insta story as well. You start your stream and slowly watch people flood in.
"Hey everyone! How are you guys doing?" You wave and smile, reading the chat.
"Everyone doing good, awesome! And i'm sorry to anyone having a bad day. I hope i can brighten it a bit!"
"Okay, sorry i didn't give you a further notice. I didn't even know i was gonna stream. Felix invited me to play Among Us so... here we are!"
You quickly join the discord and pull up the game, putting a cover over where the code goes.
"Hello?" You ask as you join the call. A chorus of greetings came your way.
"Karl!" You smile brightly.
Karl Jacobs was a good friend of yours. You would play on the Dream SMP sometimes. When you would, it would mostly be you being stupid with Karl and Alex, also known as Quackity. You were even a well know citizen of El Rapids.
"LET'S GOOOOO!" He yelled, making you laugh.
"Hey (Y/n), do you know everyone here?" Sean asks you.
"Um," You quickly scan through the names, "no, i don't think so."
You recognized names but you only personally knew Felix, Sean, Karl, and Ethan.
"Oh my god! Your voice is so cute!" Pokimane exclaims.
You giggle softly, "Thank you Poki!"
You're voice wasn't high pitched or anything like that, you just always spoke very softly and calmly. You were also a bit quiet.
Felix introduces you to those that you didn't know.
"There's one more person we're waiting for," He says.
While everyone waits, you and Karl run around each other's little characters and make jokes between yourselves. You mute yourself to read donations every once in a while.
You hear the discord chime, signaling that someone joined the call.
"WAIT CORPSE! DON'T SPEAK YET!" Felix yelled. "We have a new player. This is my friend (Y/n), say hi to her"
"Hello (Y/n)," Corpse said. You were taken aback by how deep his voice was but you didn't show it.
"Hi Corpse! Nice to meet you!" You said happily.
"Okay, how is she not freaking out?" Bretman said, making everyone laugh.
"Uh, (Y/n), do you mind letting me have black? It's cool if not.." Corpse asked gently.
"O-oh sure, no problem." You were usually black with the pink flamingo hat, but you ran over to the little computer and changed your color.
"Simp," Ethan mumbled, knowing you never switch from black.
"Thank you," He said, then the game started.
The word “Imposter” appeared on your screen in red, yours and Corpse's characters underneath.
As the game started, you thought no one could hear you so you spoke to your chat. "His voice was so deep, what the fuck? Holy shit that was hot, i'm gonna-"
"(Y/n)," Rae laughed, "You know we're playing proximity chat, right."
You blushed as you realized and said "Ha, anyways..." and ran to start faking tasks.
You ended up in electrical with Karl. "(Y/n)! My good friend, my buddy, you would never kill me right? Haha..." He said.
"Of course not, Karl! My good friend, my buddy. Why, I'm not even imposter," I said as i quickly dipped into the vent and back out, making him laugh.
I decided to show him because I knew Karl wouldn't say anything, and it's funny.
"Oh that's good then. Are you sure you're not imposter?"
"Mhm, pretty sure," You said, going back in. As you came out, Sykkuno walked in and froze.
"Uh, (Y/n)?"
"Fuck... Karl run! Go!" You said, Karl starting to leave. You walked closer and quickly killed Sykkuno then vented to security.
"That was close..." You told your chat.
You saw Corpse as you made your way around the map and walked into navigation.
"Hey, Corpse, how ya doing?"
"Ah you know, good. Just being crewmate and all."
You stifled a laugh, "Oh yeah I feel that, buddy."
"Yeah because there's no way that i'm imposter. No way i could be faking tasks and there's no possible way you could be the other imposter" He said quickly.
"For sure. Hypothetically speaking, though, if you were imposter, how many people would you have killed by now?"
"I would say probably around two."
"Interesting," You said right before a body was reported. It was Sykkuno's. Felix and Rae were also dead.
"WHAT!" Corpse yelled.
"Where was the body at?" Sean laughed.
"Uh I found it in electrical," Bretman said.
"I'm pretty sure Karl was in there earlier."
You calmly said, "It's not Karl, I was with him for most of the round."
"How do we know the two of you aren't imposters?" Sean asked.
"I was alone with him, he would have taken the chance to kill me."
"No, he's your best friend."
"He's also ruthless,"
"TRUE! SO TRUE!" Karl yelled.
"So skip?" Corpse asked.
Everyone agreed and the voting was skipped.
The next round, I spent with Ethan. He was pretending to be mad at me because Sean said Karl was my best friend.
"What happened to Blue Boi Buddies, huh?!" He exclaimed.
"Neither of our hair is even blue anymore!" You argued back.
You were in reactor with him when Corpse and Poki walked in. He hit the lights and you took it as a sign to double kill. He killed Poki, you killed Ethan, and the two of you made your way to electrical to help fix lights.
You and Corpse went the opposite direction of reactor after the lights were fixed, Karl going with you.
Poki's body was reported. That double kill only left you, Corpse, Sean, Karl and Bretman. You only needed two more kills.
"I still think it's Karl and (Y/n)," Sean said quickly.
"I was with (Y/n) the whole time," Corpse said, "In fact, I think it's you."
"That does make sense. Why so quick to accuse others, Sean?" You ask.
"It's not me!" He yelled.
"I actually agree with Corpse and (Y/n)," Bretman said.
"I was with you!"
We all voted for Sean, him voting for Karl. Sean was ejected.
When you load into spawn, you wait for the kill cool down and kill Bretman, saving Karl.
"Victory" appeared on your screen.
"God damn it!" Sean yelled.
"Good job, (Y/n)," Corpse said lowly.
You smiled, a slight blush on your cheeks, "You too Corpse."
"Their voices go together and they're a fuckin dream team? What have i done...," Felix sighed.
A few more games went by. Most of them you and Corpse spent together, whether you were both crewmates or if one of you was imposter.
You really enjoyed his company and you actually got along with him pretty well.
"(Y/n), before we get serious, I have one question to ask you." Corpse said as both of your characters stopped.
"What's that?" You giggled.
"Do you know Bingus?"
"Bingus? As in, our lord and savior, Bingus?"
You could hear the smile in his voice, "It's settled, you're my wife now."
This made both of you laugh and your chat go crazy.
Eventually, people had to start leaving. You said your goodbyes to everyone and left the discord call and the game.
You set stream to where it was just your face cam.
"Guys, what should we do now?"
You saw some people asking what time it was for you.
"It's 3 AM right now... I’m not tired though.” You had been streaming for a few hours; You never even noticed how late it got.
People in chat were yelling at you to go to sleep, making you chuckle.
“How about we do a quick QnA, then at 3:30 I go to bed. Deal?”
You watched as the chat filled with questions. They obviously seemed to like the idea.
“‘Who is your best friend? Karl or Ethan?’ Neither, Alex Quackity. Next question.” You answered quickly.
You laughed, “I’d like to clarify that that’s a joke, i love all my friends equally.”
You answered more questions. Some were from new viewers asking basic questions, some were about future streams and videos. 
“‘How do you feel about people shipping you and Corpse?’“ People are already shipping us?” You laughed, “I’ve said before that I’m okay with shipping, as long as the other person is too. I think it’s funny.”
You continued to read chat. “Wait, we’re trending?”
You checked Twitter and “#(your and corpse’s ship name)” was trending in the US.
You laughed as you scrolled through the tag, “Oh this is so funny.”
“Fanart already?! You guys are so talented!”
You read chat, looking for more questions. You saw people telling you that it’s 3:30.
“Okay fine, a deal’s a deal. I hope you all have, or had, a great day and I’ll see you guys later. Depending on what time it is for you, you should also get some sleep. Stay hydrated, love you!” You ended stream.
You scrolled through Twitter as you laid in bed, liking fanart and dumb memes. Also replying to a few of your friends’ tweets.
karl :) @/KarlJacobs_
@/(your username) what the honk ?
*clip of you saying Quackity was your best friend*           
You liked the tweet and replied, “karl no,,, look away,,,”
You continued scrolling, feeling your eyes get droopy. Your eyes fell closed but quickly opened when your phone vibrated. It was a DM. 
From Corpse.
You two had followed each other earlier.
Corpse: hey (y/n), just wanted to say you’re really cool and i’d love to play again with you soon 
You smiled, a light blush spreading across your cheeks, and replied.
You: i’d love to, corpse
Corpse: ok, see you soon ‘wife’
You: back at ya, ‘husband”
Corpse: :)
You: :)
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i dunno, a grey bathrobe with a mouse face on the hood seems pretty fitting for a vampire. mine is bright pink tho and when i say bright i mean it's neon pink. my family hates it, literally anyone who sees it hates it. it's my favourite thing. the best buy i've ever made
your teacher is wild. they have run out of fucks to give. oh a ten year old is asking me for a frying pan? seems reasonable, let me go get one
oh and definitely. me and a knife? nope, would not recommend, -5000/10. it's why i don't cook. i mostly just bake stuff, because that usually doesn't involve cutting things up. i stopped counting all the times i had an accident with a knife, because i couldn't keep count. it's just that every goddamn time i take a knife in my hands i either cut myself or break the knife. sometimes both. i have however somehow magically avoided needing to go to the hospital every single time, so i'm not sure whether to call myself lucky or unlucky. (i'm still leaning towards the unlucky, because this sucks)
they told you about different sexualities in health class? that's so cool! i wish they did that here. i bet it would help a lot of people! also you were definitely very oblivious about your crush! but i can't say anything because me too. even now that i know i'm panromantic i still spent months thinking that those are most definitely platonic feelings i'm feeling for this girl. butterflies in my stomach? being just so goddamn happy when i'm around her? wanting to hold her hand? those are friend feelings right? (also she sometimes sends me nudes and i constantly mess up while trying to react like a normal person to them. one time i just replied asking whether she bought new shower curtains and then spent the next couple of minutes banging my head against the wall because even my asexual ass realised that that was probably the wrong thing to say)
well, it's definitely different this year, celebrating christmas, but it's still fun, christmas eve went well and i'm pretty excited for christmas breakfast tomorrow, because it's always my favorite part! so yeah! thank you, that was very nice! ❤️
excellent, if halloween was a thing here i’d take that into account and add it to my vampire costume. halloween is not a thing here though so i guess i’ll just wear it down to the shops with some vamp teeth idk. also that sounds incredible. i love obnoxiously bright things. if it hurts people’s eyes then i’m doing something right. i am going against the masses and saying i love it.
i know right? he was from Germany, I think, and possibly quite new to the country and the nz education system (or at least, we...didn’t really learn anything that year...he just kind of let us play on the computers a must’ve been his first year teaching) so maybe he just figured that was chill in nz schools. a fair enough assumption considering the chaos of children.
oh geez. that does not sound good. at least you haven’t had to go to hospital yet though, that’s a plus. but it does sound awfully unlucky. it seems that whenever i come near a knife i find a cut on me afterwards. not like, a big cut. not even a cut that bleeds, normally. but just like the tiniest shallow cut ever. I have no idea how I manage it each time. it’s not b a d exactly it’s just alarming that i never notice it at the time. I also get a bit of double vision sometimes and I’ve noticed that when I’m trying to cut something precisely like vegetables I’ll struggle to see exactly where the knife is and well...I just go very slow and keep my fingers far away. I don’t trust my eyesight one bit. very impressive that you manage to break the KNIFE though, I’ve never done that. Bent many spoons real bad in my time tryna get ice cream but no knife deconstruction here. 
oh yeah! they did. I figured it was just a normal thing to teach in nz high schools and I was like wow. sure is great here! uhhh turns out no. Once I hit uni and took a gender and sexuality class and spoke with my classmates, it turned out that very very VERY few of them ever had that kind of thing brought up in health class. Hell, some of them were like we basically got taught abstinence (although they mostly then pointed to the religious nature of their schools, I guess that’s a trend). I was a little shocked some schools skipped sex ed that bad. Then earlier this year I did some research into the nz health curriculum for a presentation for an english class and like. it’s IN the curriculum. if you dig deep enough for this info. It’s just that what’s in the curriculum isn’t exactly compulsory. Which is a problem. Because then it only gets taught if the teacher decides to. For example, my younger sister (by roughly 3 years) attended the same high school as me but she never got any discussion of sexualities or gender identities or whatever in health class. It comes down to the teacher and I hate that so much. it SHOULD be taught to everyone, everywhere, it sure did help me. ANYWAY. i’ve already gone on this rant many times I will stop here
I’m glad it’s not just me in this boat haha. platonic...romantic...i mean who really knows the difference until it’s been 6 months and actually, now that you think about it, maybe there’s something funny going on here. o h n o. what lovely shower curtains! where’d you get them? oh n o. i feel like i’ve been sent a nude once before by a straight friend (who was a girl) who did not know I was queer and I was. how do straight people respond to this. respectfully i am looking only at your face so i don’t make you uncomfortable is actually not what i should be doing here, clearly. you...sure do have a body...good job! that’s...some good looking flesh! i- thank god this has never happened again. i would not be any better. 
I’m glad you still had fun and I hope the breakfast ended up going well! A Christmas breakfast sounds interesting. I feel that’s a whole different area of foods to make something nice out of, I’m so used to special lunches and literally nothing else, breakfast foods seem fun.
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notnctu · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
─ notnctu’s end of the year wrap up 
hello everyone! for the ones i haven’t properly introduced myself to, i’m joyce/author doie! for my friends&followers, ily bubbies! welcome to my end of the year message :) happy holidays & merry christmas to those who celebrate it! since idk how to do tiny text on the laptop, you’re just gonna have to deal with this regular sized font lmaosalskdjf
i originally planned not to do one of these posts because i still feel like i haven’t been here for very long... but these past 7 months have been such a wondrous and fulfilling journey, i feel like i should thank all my followers and the people who have made my nctblr writing experience worth while. 
i don’t plan to stay for very much longer, as you know, i’m a college student with poor multitasking skills and write at the speed of a snail, despite classes being online for the time being. i just don’t have much time when classes do resume in person, and so i’ll try my best to flood all that i can for my remainder of time here. 
this blog has grown.... an exponential amount than i had anticipated. when me and author xuxi first opened this blog, it was so difficult to start up and we may have overestimated our skills as veteran authors. ive been writing for a long time now haha (since the 6th grade!!), on both wattpad and tumblr platforms. it took awhile before we were able to pick up speed and we tried every way to grow (time algorithms, opening for requests, tags, member trends) ... and when i released through the lens, it was one of the most monumental moments of this blog. when i tell you i had barely ever written smut at that time, i swear by it. who would’ve thought that a small shower thought was going to be that fic for us?
(also i still can’t fathom how the ridin club series blew up as big as it did. like ill save it for when i finish the series, but wow 1k+ notes on all of the parts??... just wow youre all so powerful and amazing.) 
i had put writing behind me when i entered college, and ultimately, i was falling out of kpop by the end of my first year. but quarantine rolled around in April, and nct had fallen upon me like a strange happenstance that im more than grateful for.... really, i know im still a young nct fan but they’ve made me so so happy this 2020, when everything else in the world disappointed me. 
nct sparked up my love for writing again! and not only that, they’ve given me an inexplicable experience that im going to treasure for a long long long time. so thank you for following me! thank you for all the interactions! thank you for supporting me! thank you for your kind words! thank you, thank you, thank you for reading! .... there are so many of you that follow this blog and honestly, i was extremely rusty getting back into writing that i thought id never improve on my works. you’ve all made me so happy these few months. 
Tumblr media
☆ to the many that i admire!
nctblr really has some immensely talented individuals. here are some few that i look up to and who i hope never lose sight of the talent they hold :) 
@nctream / @666donghyuck ; @hyucksie ; @domjaehyun / @chocojaehyun ; @anqeluv ; @kireimarkeu ; @neovisioned ; @moonlit-jeno ; @mistymark ; @tyonfs ; @misfitneo ; @xiaomoon​ ; @ceruleanskies​
Tumblr media
☆ to the amazing blogs that fill my dash!
these are content creators who always fill my dash with the best kinds of posts!! most of them are writers, so please go check them out .... not only that, but they all seem like such friendly individuals and though, we’ve probably never talked, i love seeing your posts and thanks for making my feed so special ^^
@nctsworld ; @flirtyhyuck ; @jaetyhm ; @puppywritings ; @waithyuck ; @gohyuck ; @yutacrush ; @danishmiilk ; @doiedreams ; @xiaocvlts ; @badwithten ; @nctpinks ; @dearyongs ; @pastelsicheng ; @neonun-au ; @du0tine ; @hyuckles-chuckles ; @byunbaekby​ ; @chocolattees​
Tumblr media
☆ to my lovely cutiemoots!
i tried to keep my letters short even tho i have a lot to say haha and .... im a super sentimental person so im sorry if the amount of s a p in these confessions make u uncomfortable i rlly restricted myself pls know this loalmsnjhv
@dearlyminhyung - we havent talked in so long, jan! im so sorry im bad at keeping up with people. but it would feel so wrong for me not to include you as you became the first person to really interact with me! i hope you’re doing well and keeping safe! and school is treating you kindly! miss you lots hehe
@slightlymore - sam,, you dont understand... ive had the biggest crush on you for a long time, you were one of the first nctblrs i followed when i made this acc. oh god im so shy, but i remember when i would sometimes pop into your ask box just so i can interact with you a little bit... and though, it was recent that i actually had the chance to have a conversation with you... i can officially confess that im even more in love with you haha ! you’re hilarious and you have such a way with characterization... you make doyoung feel real, you’re brilliant! im genuinely honored i get to call you a moot... pls you make me smile at my phone type beat omg
@neocitybynight - sunny, you’re my best bro! like the feeling is prob not mutual, but youre like my best friend on here. yk this, but i was so intimidated by you in the beginning because of how articulate you are, like you used words i had to google aksjdh and cmon, you’re so cool dude i wanted to impress you so bad when we first started talking and it wasn’t until we had that one 9 hour conversation (the one where i thought u wanted to call me abt jaehyun’s sushi dilemma) did i finally speak freely with you and didnt feel afraid that i was a n n o y i n g you. we talk in a way that is very special to me; you’re so intelligent, your mind is so vast, and hello! you’re so so talented beyond your years! thank you for even talking to me as much as you do, and just being such a great friend. im thinking of you always!
@sly-merlin - wow simmi, you were the first person i approached first and i remember when you disappeared for a bit, and i went thru loopholes to find out what happened ): you’re so wise, i look up to you as a mentor, as an older figure. thank you for talking to me almost every day, despite me being absolute shit at replying LOL thank you for listening to me complain about school, for giving me advice on life, for just asking about my well being. you’re truly such a delightful person and i rlly hate how tumblr is still fucking up ur tags ):< love u a long time simmi! 
@lovelycharm05 - sweet baby charm! i always look forward to see you in my notifications, and even before we started talking, like you became someone that motivated me so much through your feedback. you are so pivotal in my writing experience here and you’re such a sweetheart! pls i want to protect you forever! i hope 2021 brings you kindness and more jaemin content <3 thank you for your sweetest words, charm ! i treasure every single one of them as much as i treasure you. 
@mjlkau - anie, my luvr, thanks for interacting with me all the time and always just leaving me little messages that make me smile! you have my heart, my little fairy!! and can i just say im in love with, not only you, but your beautiful aesthetics ?? ur also so popular, ma’am, i still cant believe you take the time out of your day to message/engage with me??? hello miss anie??? you’re incredible, you’re a star bb!! and i hope for only more amazing things for you next year. 
@prettyjaems - my baby mona, we’ve never actually messaged before but i remember seeing your url pop up everywhere on my dash and i was like “they seem like such a nice person” and i just followed you lol and you truly are so cute and so endearing! perhaps, i wish to banish all your bad days and i wish that in 2021, you’re showered with all the love you deserve! thanks for being a happiness to others <3
@sehunniepot - hi nikki!! although, we’ve only started talking recently, ive been pining for you for awhile but i didnt have the guts to message you aalksjdhf you’re also super talented and our energies match so well!! i could sense the similar vibes and you make me chuckle heheh hope we can interact more often:)
@heartyyjeno - my dearest alesha!! im so proud of you and all that you’re doing, im rooting for you!! and though, we’re newer moots,, feel free to approach me about anything !! (ya the timezones SUCK, but ur well worth it.. i hope u can forgive me for my poor response rate aksjdh) 
@sunhyuck - hi kei hehehe we’ve never had a full conversation but i look forward to our interactions all the time. you’re so sweet, kind, precious, and seeing your little posts about hyuck always make me happy haha also you’re so funny??? where do u get ur meme supply............ hope we can talk more !! 
special shoutouts to - 
@alreadyblondenow - thank you for your kind words and for supporting me. B, you made me so happy, on multiple occasions and i can’t thank you enough for those moments !!
@legendaryoikawa - hannah ur my first mutual ever and even tho, you don’t write for nct anymore,, im so proud to see you thriving in another community!! thank you for approaching me and talking to me!! i miss you sm and im never going to forget our long conversations and how youre the cutest bub ever!! 
ALL MY ANONS!! ALL THE PPL WHO REGULARLY ENGAGE WITH ME!! I LOVE YOU ALLL SOOOO MUCHHH thank u for talking to me as lack luster as i am :’) i hope you’re all doing well and gib u all long hugs! tumblr wouldnt be as fun without all of yall! so thank you so much for sending me asks all the time and just loving me when you really dont have to ahhhh <3 
Tumblr media
☆ hall of fame fics!
my all time fav fics of 2020 !! im going to tell you that ive either read these multiple times or know the plot by heart.... all around applause for these authors and their masterpieces! this is in no particular order !! YEAH 3/4 OF THEM ARE HYUCK FICS AND WHAT ABOUT IT alsksdjjfhg
- LIGHTS, CAMERA, F* YOU by @neocitybynight​ | l.hc, optional 18+
- RED by @slightlymore​ | k.dy, 18+
- PRIDE by @misfitneo​ | l.hc 
- RUIN by @xiaomoon​ | l.hc, 18+
Tumblr media
☆ my personal favs!
i was tagged by sam to do a top 5 personal fav works but i shall do it here since it seems more fitting hehehe thank u for tagging me sammie!! i lit-rally love u but we been knew <3 im also now realizing i have like no long fics lmao ,,,, and theyre like.. sad lol... 
- Just A Star |, 14k words
- Slide Thru: Ridin Club Series | l.hc, 18+, 9.3k words
- When The Snow Falls | j.jh, 8.3k words
- NCT by the Hour | ot21, headcanon 
- 127 as cliche quotes | nct127, headcanon
Tumblr media
omg that was so long........... n e ways!! i love you all a long time and thanks for an amazing few months!! cheers to 2021, i hope you can continue supporting me and being a core source of my happiness. pls anticipate my future works! and wow,, you all mean so much to me. so thank you again.
love, joyce :) 
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moongray · 6 months ago
Nekoma Boys as your Bestie
Characters: Kuroo, Kenma, Yaku, Lev, Fukunaga
Tags: fluff, fluff, and more fluff, bestie stuff ahead
A/N: this was actually from my twt but very well since it didn’t blew up let me just dump it here
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurō
do I even need to say this.. your walk home buddy since god invented you both as neighbors
makes you pay for his snack at the canteen but stuffed his bag with snacks too on your gloomy days
teases you on his seat everytime you stand in front of the class
has that grinny face all the time but still tutors you perfectly
actually remember almost all of your habits and yk those type of friend who will say things like “I know you’d hate it” or “I know you’d say no to it” and it’s totally true
(for smol y/n) you are his armrest.
when you cry in front of him if it’s not a huge matter he’ll scoff at you first and this is absolute. but if it’s a huge matter, he’ll keep quiet and give you some back rubs while you cry
conclusion: he’s the worst and the best.
Kenma Kozume
you guys literally communicate in a different frequency (in a good way)
casually handed you the game controller when you look drained
I have a feeling he’d analyze movies with you, he might not initiate it but he just slides his argument in when you comment about something from the movie
always keep you grounded with his logic way of thinking, it’s gonna be those solutions that makes you go “but..” but it’s the truest and best analysis you can’t argue
solves all your pc and gadget probs (with no words exchange, his hands would just this and that and tada your problem is solved)
you buy him snacks sometimes cause most of the time he’s too immersed in his games
you chatted him on your midnight breakdowns and he’s always there, you know he wakes up at 1 or 2am to play when there isn’t any volley match ahead
his chat isn’t that warm or like full of love but as I said he’s very logical but you know when you get logical arguments and explanations they sound more make sense than just emotional comfort which then make you feel even better and rest assured? yeah that’s whats gonna happen
if you need emotional comfort just hit lev
Morisuke Yaku
scolds. you. when. you're. slacking. off.
BUT bet he’s PROUD OF YOU when you achieve something (and when you show him your achievement)
will ask you in a calm tone "what is it?" when you hide your probs from him
I mean it’s just a radar built up inside him since you’ve been besties for long so he knows even if you’re smiling in front of him
you cheer him up when he feels disappointed with himself, Yaku always puts his best when there’s a goal he sets, you can see it when he injured his ankle and feel so upset with it, so as his bestie you’ll do the deed of cheering him up. I’m actually coercing you for this idc
though it’s not very explicit, he always look out for you, he treasures you
I actually see him as a person who doesn’t just bestfriended anyone and that he’s a pretty tough shell to know him deeper so yeah he values you and therefore he cares for you
but still he’ll mock you at some occasions, no hard feelings, just jokes
Lev Haiba
either ask you to teach him what he doesn't understand or beg for you to just give him your book bc holy shit time is running the class is about to start
always say 'sure!' everytime you ask him to go somewhere urgently
never purposely tease your height not like the damn captain
pays for your snacks when he also buys something, that type of friend who’ll smile at you and like “oh let me pay for yours as well”
he shoos off bad people who wanna harm you lmao he looks intimidating
and because of it you sometimes ask if he can walk you to certain point near your house if you ever finish school kinda late, he later picks your intention of asking him and start to just walk you home without you asking him anymore
you guys talk trending topics on twitter in the morning before the class start and on breaks and don’t ask me why I just kinda get this vibe
Shōhei Fukunaga
the jokes would be too deep rooted inside you both that you can just stare at him and you both grin at the same time, same second.
"heh?" when you tell him a story he just basically not interested
working homeworks together with you silently.
cooks you stuff silently
okay but he’d doubtlessly cooks you stuff or bring some cook for you when you skip school bc you have to rest at home
state his opinion bluntly and with a flat tone (and face expression damn this boy how could you both even befriend each other im kidding), "that's bad tho" "I don’t think so" but it helps you see things clearer most of the time
you often ask him to hangout or just to walk a bit bc he’s not loud and his presence kinda calm you and make you feel secured (he’s intimidating in his own way)
he’s a dependable type of best friend imo like you can count on him on serious stuff like school task related or even small things as ‘can you buy me this’, he never buy the wrong product.
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astralhugs · 6 months ago
Hi! Can you do a hc about the boys (plus Shaw) as kpop artist and mc being their personal biggest fan? And as much as I hate it leave Kiro out cuz you know...he is an actual singer. Thank you 😊
MLQC boys (-Kiro) as KPOP Idols! AU
Everyone who doesn’t stan him thinks he’s some cold hearted idol who wouldn’t even look at his fans.
They aren’t wrong honestly lol
He got the title ‘Ice Prince’ of soloists because of his face. Handsome but....intimidating.
He hates sasaengs.
But during fan signs, hes actually quite friendly.
He would often appear on reality TV shows.
Weekly idol? He would roasts the MCs.
Watching Namjoon cut onions was a no❤️ from him.
Anyways back to the fan signs and interactions-
He would make short talks with them, he has a stack of souvenir pudding he made on his own
the fans would usually get it after the fan sign was over.
sigh imagine getting victor li AND souvenir in one day? one can only dream,,,
i cannot see him lifting his abs or ripping his shirt while performing tho.
Everyone loves his voice. Its deep and smooth when he sings.
If he ever gets gifts, he wouldn’t throw it away.
Clothes? He has plenty but he would wear the ones fans gave when he goes to the airport.
A bit on the underrated side tho :(
Sometimes he acts in kdramas the rich ceo love interest.
That one kpop idol during fan signs that would listen to you rant and give advice.
He has this safe and calming aura around him.
Hardly has antis lol
He motivates his fans to study!!
“So Lucien, since its exam season, do you have any motivational words you could say to your lovely fans?”
“Hello! I’m Lucien, exams are coming up and I understand how stressed you all are. But I know you all will do your best because I believe in you! If you ever feel less motivated just remember, somewhere in this tiny world, theres a man in Loveland city who understands how you feel...that is all, fighting!”
He made it to the list of Kpop Idols who have high IQs
His smile during fansigns>>>>>
If yall ever give something to Lucien he would feel so happy!
“Ah...thank you so much! I will treasure it well!”
And he doesnt lie. The shirt you gave him during the last fansign? He’s wearing it in a live right now.
Also, he would know if you bought a star for him.
Would be so touched omg
His acoustic performances>>>>>
Please stan this man
Put Namjoon, Victor and Lucien in one room.
Like Victor, Gavin is known as another stoic idol who doesnt care about their fans.
lol dont judge a book by its cover yall
Famous for his perfect visuals.
And abs.
Multitalented king we love it.
Gavin would be the type to secretly allow fans to take pictures with him when the managers not looking.
Gavin released a mixtape to call out a certain idol.
Xiao. Real name : Shaw.
Yes his popularity rose quicker after that but gossips started spewing up.
Rumors has it that ‘Xiao’ from Black Swan Ent. (Rivals of LFG ent. and STF ent.) is his younger brother.
“Gavin, what do you have to say about the rumors of ‘Xiao’ being your brother?”
“I appreciate you asking that but just because we both rap and have a similar face doesn’t mean we’re brothers. Besides, even if we’re brothers, does it really matter? He is his own person and I am my own, thank you. :)”
A fan gives him a headband? He is wearing it and would not take it off for the staff to take it from him.
THAT TOY GUN THAT SPITS MONEY OUT??? Yeah he likes it (this)
Hardly gets into scandals because mans only shows up to work, gym then his apartment.
There was this one time where paparazzi saw him waiting for someone in some parking area.
Trading something with someone who is in similar height with him.
Gavin doing drugs goes trending.
BUT another fansite caught the hair color of the guy Gavin was trading with.
Silver-purple hair?????
Similar height?????
I think everyone knows their siblings
“It is true that I went out and got money from someone but that someone was my brother and it was because I had a bet with him to which I won so he had to pay up. I apologize for this inconvenience.”
Then the pictures got leaked.
Unlike his brother, he gets into a lot of scandals.
Like a lot.
“Xiao was spotted here” “Xiao was spotted there” “Are Xiao and Idol C confirmed dating???”
A tease to his fans.
When he released a response to Gavin’s mixtape he spat FIRE.
Not @ me just remembering Gavin having the fear of fire-
Anywas, his interactions with fans would be cute.
Holding hands, cool
Does your idol ruffle your hair and act as your best friend?
In contrast to Lucien, he simply states.
“Just drop out❤️ #yolo”
An icon honestly.
After the Gavin and Shaw = siblings rumors were cleared up and it turned out they were actually siblings
They started interacting in shows more.
They MC-ed together.
Based off real life events :
“Xiao you’re so handsome”
“Oh I know!”
*Que Gavin making a 🤢 face as a joke making the whole award show laugh*
“Quit stealing my thunder, you jerk.” Xiao lightly punches Gavin.
Theres a part 1,2 AND 3 compilation of Xiao and Gavin interactions.
And theyre all funny asf
As a group (this one includes Kiro)
They all share one braincell and that braincell belongs to Victor.
Kiro is the face of the group (obviously)
Gavin and Shaw bicker alot
Victor and Lucien, ah yes world war 3.
Kiro, the peace maker.
“Compilation of Kiro calming LuciVic and GavShaw”
“Kiro watching the world burn because of LuciVic and GavShaw”
“Victor being done with his members”
“Lucien being a genius part 277383”
“Gavin boyfriend material videos”
“Shaw roasting the other members on Live part 847474”
You would see those titles pop up often.
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makoandharu · 6 months ago
Omg yess finally someone who shares my opinion on yoi!!! I watched it because it'd trend on twitter everyday when it aired and everyone was so in love with it and how great it was. And yeah I didnt hate and the animation was out of the world but the story just lacks so much?? It's depicted as a great boy's love too but even that is so censored you can barely see it? I thought there would be more content on that. Theres better bl anime, you can tell those who did it were cowards
aaahhh i have a few incoherent feelings on yoi (that are reserved for my main blog haha) but mainly i think there’s two sides to things like this which are
I know content creators always have to fight censoring and keeping it “PG” enough to get funding in the first place. I know sometimes shows try to start “tame” and once they’re in there and have a platform they can make it as gay as they want bc sike we’re here we’re queer 
BUT There’s always the problem of straight people writing gay stories (i believe the creator of YoI is a straight woman?) so it’s either fetish-y or like the bare minimum that’s hailed as representation
I think it’s so so SO frustrating bc so much of mainstream queer media is... kinda shit and boring? Any new movie/show that comes out (Happiest Season, Prom (2020) etc etc) is always met with a lot of criticism from the LGBTQ+ community, and it’s often completely valid, but then you’re like if we complain they’re gonna stop giving us queer representation (same happens if it’s a female-led or POC cast). So you’re just stuck with boring nonsense. It’s a difficult rope to walk on. 
so even tho i did enjoy yoi, it was like. boring as hell. but so were shows like no 6? so it’s not alone. we just have to make do with a lot of crappy shows bc we want representation so we put up with all it’s bs
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