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miyakuli · 5 months ago
thismelancholy replied to your post
Where can I find your cover of XianYun?
You can find it here >//////<
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pumpkinpaix · 10 months ago
thank you sm for responding! from what i read in the notes of the ask from another user, it's from the 'rites of spring' by stravinsky, specifically the 'sacrificial dance' score (after sleuthing around) (ALSO HOW FITTING!!) and it's probably a bit sliced up in the actual scene, but yeah! god it's so terrifyingly good!
!!! NICE! thank you @chigiri-no-sato for the help!! (I checked the notes too ahaha). I wondered if it might be a classical piece, but my knowledge of classical music is woefully lacking, so I didn’t want to say anything completely out of left field. 😂 (anyways, thank you also for the sleuthing. now i can go listen to it myself as well :DDDD)
for everyone who missed it, this is the post in question!
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nikiforoov · 10 months ago
Hello! I just want to say I really adore your recent Lan Wangji fan art. He is so lovely! You managed to make his eyes look so warm and loving! 🥰 Kudos!
thank you thank you thank you!! ♡♡ i’ll be drawing more lwjs tonight, hopefully they’ll be just as smitten as this baby ahaha
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awildnoechu · 10 months ago
Thank you for the spam! It reminded me that it’s time for a rewatch so I can shatter my heart to pieces all over again! :)
i just began watching it with my bf and i am DYING for them holy shit i didn’t expect them to hit me this hard
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pumpkinpaix · 10 months ago
I saw your posts about the Untamed music not included in the soundtrack so you were the first person I had to ask -- do you know if *anyone* has ripped that music from the scene that starts like the second XXC is running his hand along Fuxue and realizes Song Lan is there? It starts with some drums and is just so soft, and it's driving me a little bonkers that I can't find it
ANON I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU MADE ME RELIVE THE PAIN OF THAT SCENE TTATT unfortunately, I don’t recognize it as anything off the soundtrack or anything else. however!! some of the music CQL uses is also non-proprietary (someone pointed out previously that they use a piece from Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring!) so it’s possible that someone recognizes it.
for anyone who wants to help with sleuthing, it starts playing at 15:38 in episode 39.
@thismelancholy also suggested looking at spotify playlists to see if anyone has curated it already. don’t know if that’s something you’ve already tried, but if not, it’s worth a shot!! (a link is provided in the notes of this post here)
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