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#this was a sweet episode
evocatiio · 9 hours ago
It genuinely stresses me out a little when tv shows write a character that has so many borderline toxic traits but is portrayed as the "good nice guy" within the narrative like you're telling me a whole collaborative effort between cast and crew and no one is able see how fucked up that is???
#this one is for u#max richman#u little shit#no but I've been thinking about it since i watched that video essay#he's literally the root of all of zoeys insecurities#and the show goes aww he's such a good guy it just the wrong time for them#feels like I’m being gaslighted#see the problem with men writing other men as the nice guy#they project themselves into the character#like the amount of alarm bell ring in my head is kinda triggering at this point#also bc the s1 finale is fresh in my head#its absolutely INSANE to me that having max say i told mitch how i feel about his daughter like it's something sweet#it’s so narcissistic to centre your feelings in that moment it was so damn weird godkdncjdjd#and i know they're trying to say look how messy emotions are yes true but they've way past that#simon and zoey arguing in 1.10 was messy and then later cathartic#what max does is genuinely manipulative at best and abusive at worst#not to mention Austin saying zimon have a physical chemistry they need to explore like that's so fucking racist goddhdndhdjdj#and i know they have an episode about racial bias and yet this kind of micro-aggressive racist as trope is what will happen#do not cast black people in a love triangle with yts if ur going to have them objectified as being good for lust/sexual chemistry#like its a textbook racist trope#and the gag is simon is a better friend!!!!#god i cannot believe im getting this heated over hets#but sometimes man racism just makes my brain go very haywire in a bad way#its so annoying and frustrating when creators enable their racist fans#:/#zoeys extraordinary playlist#zoey x simon#annnnnnnnd [rest]#shut up sarah
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eight-hearts · 7 days ago
All you ever wanted was love
But you never looked hard enough
It's never gonna give itself up
All you ever wanted to be
Living in perfect symmetry
Nothing is as down or as up
As us
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starlatte27 · a month ago
No she wasn't? I'm pretty sure i saw her- unless that was a different Imp ? Maybe i will look again but it may have just been an error
Nah, It says “The Imp TWINS” and she is seen nowhere in sight.
Tumblr media
This isnt some kind of coisidence, she was literally cut from the project altogether ever since the pilot, same for how Stella got redesigned.
Tilla is fucking dead.
Tumblr media
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authenticcadence18 · a month ago
Whenever Isabella is sick, Phineas will devote the entire day to making sure she's okay in his own special way - he'll make her a broadway show, the best made foods, you name it. If PHINEAS is sick, Isabella will come over to his house with some of her mom's food and try her best to nurse him back to health. If they're both sick, they just do what they do in "Brain Drain" and they skype and play videogames together.
Aaaaaaaaaaah I’m SOFT🥺
(This just reminds me of “I Scream, You Scream!” when Phineas spent the entire day making an ice cream sundae for Isabella, it’s just the SWEETEST THING I LOVE THEM SM)
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gallavictorious · 2 months ago
Listen here, I don’t necessarily find it either shocking or particularly upsetting that a very young teenage mother would choose not to raise her kid when there's a (seemingly) competent and loving father in the picture, but you're telling me that Sandy actually allowed her child to be called Prince, with a dad named Royal? That's... I mean. Yeah. I don't know if I like her anymore.
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