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#this video will forever live in my head rent free
jeffswitek · 7 months ago
this clip was my favorite part of the whole live oops
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hitsharder · 7 days ago
The video I posted about the Deaf dad and his baby will live rent free in my head forever. That was cute as fuck. Just the small tap tap shake the dad does to get his baby’s attention and this is all just too cute. The babbling signs and shaking arms. 
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soulnottainted · 8 days ago
1-5 for whoever is living rent free in your head? Thank you and have an awesome time!
My mom Carrie lives in my head rent free lately!
1. Show us a favorite gif of your f/o!
Tumblr media
2. Show us a favorite picture of your f/o!
Tumblr media
3. Tell us a favorite quote from your f/o!
*sung* "I live for you, my love! I wait without fear, the time draws so near!"
"George my love, where are you? I will not count you among the dead. Not yet." (stage version, cut after 2014)
"If I'm a god, why don't you listen to me?" (from the audio drama)
4. Is there any sort of spin-off media you’d like to see of your f/o’s source material? (i.e. If your f/o is from a film, would you want to see a video game based off that film?)
...Jeff Wayne I'm begging you make a film out of all the footage you've made for your concerts. Like...make that a movie.
5. Give us a song you associate with your f/o / your ship!
Forever Autumn of course! George and Carrie's song
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the mark webber video screaming when lewis lost positions will live in my head rent free forever now
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milky-waygalaxy · a month ago
OMG YOU FINISHED AA4!! Thoughts?! 👀👀
GODD THE FIRST FUCKING CASE!! TURNABOUT TRUMP!!!! THAT WAS INSANE,,,,,, LIKE REALLY FUCKING INSANE!!! (bc of spoilers i already knew kristoph was the killer but even then it was INSANE)
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deputychairman · a month ago
Karate Kid/Cobra Kai survey
I was generously tagged by @ghostalservice but even if i hadnt been i’d be answering this important piece of research 
It’s the year 2021 and you’re obsessed with The Karate Kid. How are you feeling? I’m unlocking new levels of cringe every day, babey! I’m cringe-bonding with some very fine people, I can’t look my own Pinterest in the eye, I’ve watched all of Ralph Macchio’s DWTS clips (for a given value of the word “watched” where it means “glanced at through my fingers every few seconds as my entire body curled up with secondhand embarrassment and overwhelming tenderness”). I don’t know HOW I’m feeling, exactly, but I sure am feeling a lot of it!
Did you grow up with TKK or are you new to the series? I knew of it, I was like 6 and a tomboy when it came out (you know the kid who disappears in Stranger Things, Winona Ryder’s son? I looked like that until puberty) so I was absolutely the right demographic to get into it, but just didnt.
We gotta do the basics. Favorite character: DANIEL LARUSSO, always and forever! I’m embarrassed how much I care! I have to restrain myself from arguing with people who make mild jokes at his expense in the tags; he has never done anything wrong in his life, ever; toxic masculinity, I don’t know her; he invented dad cringe; he gives great head and loves to cuddle; he absolutely is traumatised by what Johnny Lawrence & the Cobras did to him and the whole Thing with Terry Silver but will always be all “what do you mean ‘trauma’ it wasn’t that bad hahaha!” While still telling at least the Johnny part with full drama “and then they pushed me off a CLIFF – but I’m fine hahaha!” He is holding his shit together like an eldest daughter, ok, and I’m the only person who can mock him. Me, Amanda & Johnny Lawrence. 
Favourite ship: Daniel LaRusso/Johnny Lawrence, their 35 years of shared trauma and the inherent eroticism of violence. I saw their gay little intense-eye-contact bow at the end of s3 and the cartoon lightbulb over my head went ding ding ding! 
Underrated character: Carmen: that woman just wants to get laid and she’s had to drink expired orange juice, listen to the “and then Daniel LaRusso RUINED MY LIFE” speech at drunken length, feature in a weird sex dream where the role she’s filling in Johnny’s libido is weirdly blurred with Daniel’s – doesn’t she deserve better? How confident are YOU that Johnny ‘hot asshole who partied through his 20s & 30s’ Lawrence showed her a good time in bed? Because I’m not that confident.
Underrated ship (don’t say therapy, lol): Amanda & Daniel: I know we practically see her pegging him on screen, but I want to know more! The question of who the 80s heartthrob Karate Kid married, how they met, how old is she when her actress is only 42, the horny energy when they go out there to sell cars together like a one-two punch, the way she can absolutely murder him with blowjob jokes, whole face sparkling with delight, and he just accepts it – her general air of affectionate mockery, possibly because as a true audience cypher, she’s a little bit embarrassed at how into him she is – SURELY this dynamic merits more analysis!
Wax On, Wax Off or Sweep the Leg?: I see that we’re interpreting this to mean the two seminal transformative works in the Karate Kid Cinematic Universe, which is perfect, I love the supplementary material, love the layers of fiction and reality you get to play with there! Ralph Macchio’s “I wanna make a sex tape. With NO cuddling!” obviously lives in my head rent free (hit me up for tips on explaining why that’s funny to a 9 year old), but I love the Sweep the Leg song and William Zabka’s vision for adult Johnny, the fact that they were able to make this video in the first place and add to the pop culture myth of the Karate Kid, the fact that he chose to put himself in a red Speedo and have Ralph Macchio look at him Like That
Which of Daniel’s dumb little outfits is your favorite?: How could anybody choose just one? But it would have to be the jean shorts on the beach look, when the camera shows us Ali from between his legs? Not sure what that angle was all about, I don’t understand the moving image, but I do know a Stone Cold #Look when I see one. Also the bare arms tank top, sweatpants & bare feet look in CK.  Keep on sexualising those old men 2k21! 
Character from the films you most want to return, who’s not Terry Silver:  Literally ANYONE from high school who can provide a 3rd party POV on how batshit insane it is that Johnny & Daniel are now running a dojo together.
Scene that lives in your head rent-free: the day drinking date in s1, the entire restaurant scene from s2, but especially every single word Daniel & Johnny say to each other: “bigger is better” “I didn’t need an army, just the right moves” “wanna take this outside and see whose leg will go higher?”.
Will Anthony LaRusso ever be relevant?: Yes, thusly: 
Tumblr media
You live in The Valley and are forced into the karate gang war. Which dojo do you join: Miyagi-do, don’t even need to think about it. I would like to AVOID conflict please, and if defensive karate can help me then I’m there. 
What’s your training montage song?: I have to train?  
It’s the crossover event of the century! Which TV show are you combining with Cobra Kai for an hour-long Saturday night special? I’ve been thinking about this and my answer is Due South, because 1) if Fraser’s dad can manifest from the underworld on the strength of a bad relationship to offer useless advice, surely Mr Miyagi could come too and actually, you know, show him a positive example of a father/son relationship? The two ghosts would get on like a house on fire anyway, doing Dad Stuff and being deliberately cryptic. 2) I see a lot of Fraser/Daniel parallels: neat hair, “hahaha everything’s fine I’m fine and my life is totally together! People like me and I’m living up to my father (figure)’s legacy! Idk if I really see his ghost or if it’s just a sign of my fragile mental state, maybe I just won’t think about it!” And 3) Johnny & RayK would vibe: possibly they’d have to have a fight first to clear the air of all the toxic masculinity they’ve absorbed, but then they’d have a lot in common, like low self esteem and muscle cars and being a hot blonde mess.
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alienfuckeronmain · a month ago
Karate Kid/Cobra Kai survey
Thanks for the tag @pohjanneito !!!
It's the year 2021 and you're obsessed with The Karate Kid. How are you feeling?:  Honestly? Fucking Fabulous. I’m in my 80s nostalgia, there’s tons of new content I missed out on to catch up on, season 4 is coming out soon,  the fic and art is fantastic, and this is the most fun and least dramatic fandom I've been in, since forever, maybe? I fucking love it! 
Did you grow up with TKK or are you new to the series?:  I not only was obsessed with the movies growing up, I literally did karate because of them (and competed in the valley, lmao!!! it was not cutthroat at all it was a normal after school sport). I hadn’t thought about it in years tbh, but when I heard CK had all the original actors and was about the central rivalry, I was HERE for it, full throttle. 
We gotta do the basics. Favorite character:  Johnny Fucking Lawrence. I didn’t want to love him, but I just do. He’s such a wreck, so repressed, everything I enjoy writing as character fodder. And he just--he makes me sad and he makes me laugh and thats a shockingly full range of emotion I wasn’t expecting from CK, so. 
Favorite ship: Lawrusso!!! It hits so many of my buttons... enemies to friends to lovers, later in life love, internalized homophobia galore, constructing intricate rituals to touch the skin of men!!! 
Underrated character: Aisha!!! I was so sad she got written out of season 3. 
Underrated ship (don’t say therapy, lol):  Amanda/Ali. I want more of THAT. 
Wax On, Wax Off or Sweep the Leg?:  Sweep the Leg...can’t ignore that the music video features Billy Zabka exploding milk in his face. Milk being gay is my brand. 
Which of Daniel’s dumb little outfits is your favorite?:  Oh wow so many to choose between. I really like the brown flannel with the camo pants in TKK, but also the powder blue suit in TKK2. I supposed to believe that a teenage who wore a powder blue, RUFFLY suit to PROM wears business casual and ill fitting track suits in his adulthood?? NO! OH GOD, also, does the shower costume count? 
Character from the films you most want to return, who’s not Terry Silver: I want Ali’s cute lesbian-coded besties to come back. 
Scene that lives in your head rent-free: Um, it’s from the low budget gay porn rehearsal version of TKK but Daniel asking Johnny “what pleasure he gets” from “kicking his ass” and Johnny says, “Maybe I like there something wrong with that?” before menacingly throwing him against the wall? That. Oh baby oh baby. And then from Cobra Kai, when Johnny gives Daniel that little nod like “Yeah you can fucking kill my abuser” in the finale when they’re both covered in blood...AHHHH. 
Will Anthony LaRusso ever be relevant?: LMAO I HAD TO GOOGLE WHO THIS WAS I FORGET HE EXISTS!! I mean I would love that, though I think its hilarious how completely uninvolved Daniel is in his A+ parenting buddy. But yeah lets get some Anthony content! 
You live in The Valley and are forced into the karate gang war. Which dojo do you join?:  I mean now, as an adult, obviously Miyagi-do. I’m into mindfulness. But my teenage self?? I was Cobra Kai material all the way, O was a shitty little punk and self destructive as hell, Tori and I would have been buddies. 
What’s your training montage song?:  INVINCIBLE BY PAT BENATAR!!!! 
It’s the crossover event of the century!  Which TV show are you combining with Cobra Kai for an hour-long Saturday night special?: Grace and Frankie. They all live in LA and are having late in life gay crises, I think it would be perfect. 
I tag @jlf23tumble @bobakick @elsonambulo @thorniest-rose @lilyandrose @heterophobicrichietozier @ghostalservice  @oliver-perks  @idontknowkaratebutiknowcrazy and @likethegardensofbabylonn !! no pressure but if you want to <3 
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thoughts-on-bangtan · a month ago
Coway CF Behind the Scenes -Namjin & Vmin + Ask/Update
So Coway came through with behind the scenes footage from the namjin and vmin CF giving us some absolutely splendid content. So much smiling and giggling, so much cute goodness. The chemistry these four have is just wonderful and they seemed to have so much fun, cracking a few jokes and seeming relaxed. Thanks, Coway!
Tumblr media
This smiling Namjoon will forever live in my head rent free. So incredibly handsome and gentle. That hairstyle and color are gorgeous on him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I really don’t want to be shady to anon who asked how I can like Namjin if they have no chemistry or “moments” (really, this isn’t meant in a shady way, at all) but... I hope this post gives you the answers you’re looking for became...just look at them. I know they are filming and supposed to look happy and like they are having fun, but you can’t tell me you don’t see that something on their faces and in their eyes, especially in between moments of filming when we see them goofing around with each other. Like come on. That’s some quality honey farming on Namjoon’s part and Seokjin’s fond smile is cute.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More below the cut:
Now, vmin, where to even begin. There’s just so much! Okay, let’s start with the editors just spilling facts about Tae:
Tumblr media
And then Jimin and Tae having their first (of two) handshakes in this video. Because what would be vmin content without at least one of those (also no ring on Tae yet). Then we get them laughing together, all happy, big and bright. Look at their faces, especially Tae, and Jimin just looking so fond/endeared.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Truly find yourself a man/partner that’ll look at you the way Tae looks at Jimin in the above screenshot. Or Jimin in the below one.
Tumblr media
Then handshake number two as apology (?) from Jimin’s side for laughing too much while trying to figure out how to act out a scene of him fake pouring oil on salad.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes, of course, it’s a very small kitchen, Jimin, you must squeeze past Tae, there’s no other way. Completely valid. No but seriously, there’s so much space yet these two are like magnets. Also, Jiminie’s small hand on Tae’s hip. I’m still not over it.
Tumblr media
If you thought that’s all, you are mistaking. There’s more! Jimin and Tae being silly together, smiling and laughing at and with each other during a break between filming. Someone on twt called this moment the Jinkookification of vmin since usually those two play around like this. 
Vmin are just so adorable, you can’t tell me otherwise.
Tumblr media
And lastly, a question: Who looks actually good while drinking? 
Taehyung, that’s who. Look at that serene face and that absolutely stunning side profile. Coway giving us all the marvelous content.
Tumblr media
From anon: Hi! Did something happen? All Vmin analyzers are silent nowadays in tumblr.. feel like I missed something
When it comes to us, specifically, Admin 2 and I have simply been very busy with work in recent weeks so we didn’t have much time to think of and work on quality content. I still want to write those Namjin song analysis posts I previously mentioned (since a number of you showed interest in it) but I didn’t have the time for it quite yet since I want to do it well instead of rush it and have it end up being sloppy, but I’ll get to it, eventually. More generally I feel like many vminnies around here are likely slowly returning to work and/or school/university (exams are around the corner I believe) and thus don’t have as much time as before, and also comeback is coming closer and closer so ARMY are preparing for what’s to come.
Speaking of which, have you seen the Butter concept clips that were posted on twt? I love how we all had theories which picture/object from the first concept clip would correspond with which member yet I think none of us were right with any guesses whatsoever. But the theories made it so much fun anyway! Based on how happy, bright and pop-art-y the Butter cover picture is yet the concept clips are all dark and mysterious, I have no idea what to expect with the song and MV. 
As for Vmin (and namjin) I’d say things are going well as far as we can tell based on the content we’ve gotten, nothing happened, at least nothing negative. Tae seems to still be in a fantastic happy mood, was laughing and having fun in the last RUN episodes, he’s still wearing his ring as well, Jimin was teasing him but also rooting for him, Taehyungie this Taehyungie that, both of them looking great. Same goes for Namjin, I mean, Seokjin all but lying on/holding on to Namjoon’s knee/inner thigh while laughing in the latest RUN episode with Na PD? Giving up their lobster and saying that from today on he doesn’t like them anymore either since Namjoon can’t eat them/doesn’t like them? Love that for us, and for them.
Can we also briefly talk about Pink Namjoon? Because I’m feeling some type of way and like, all men do is lie, right? Namjoon told us a while ago that Pink Joon will never happen again (ARMY all but having a funeral at the time) and yet here we are. Pink Joon posting a picture with Moni and we all collectively lost our minds, especially since a few days prior he posted a picture from their dance studio will with his light blonde hair, nothing to see here. And, as per “tradition”, of course the next member to post was Seokjin using the fact that the twt app doesn’t crop pictures anymore so he didn’t even add a caption knowing the picture speaks for itself. Wow. Just wow.
Tumblr media
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soundproofnoise · a month ago
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is mini fridge good
In addition to that, for you to that you could you might you could that you may which you could that you could that you'd be ready to use it any place wherever at any place to shop your beverages, food, insulin, breast milk, snacks, skin care skincare , and medications drugs . Also, it has a unique a special semiconductor operation making it ultra quiet, energy helpful efficient , and 100% environmentally friendly fine . Summing up, this Beverage Refrigerator comes with DC and AC force cords for indoor and outdoors open air external utilization. The AstroAI is a compact Mini fridge that points parts features points sides a capability means capability competencies of four Liter. You can effortlessly decide to commit to relax up to 32 levels ranges F or also preserve warm to 150 levels levels F. The Mini Fridge measures 9.
The reason why the defrost unit fails is usually generally usually the effect of effects of a nasty defrost heater, defrost thermostat or thermistor. Some older models also have even have a defrost timer but this characteristic functionality attribute is dealt with handled by the main the maximum control handle deal with board on his model at the least at the very least he thinks it's miles…he’s just a handyguy!. It sounds find it irresistible adore it adore it find it irresistible is coming from the defrost coils. They are accessed from within the inside the interior the freezer. You have to want to must ought to remove the panel on the again aspect but in the inside the inner the freezer to entry. HOwever, on the grounds that I don’t recognize everything each factor every little element approximately this refrigerator fridge , I would inspire motivate you to check out take a glance at have a look at the forums at no connection to our website. These guys recognise their stuff and I discovered a few sensible advice guidelines assistance information suggest info suggestions there while I was troubleshooting my concerns. Hello, We are having a major a major a leading a chief a primary a first-rate problem with our GE refrigerator fridge . It is not cooling correctly correctly even though even supposing though however it the freezer works completely totally fine. Having guests over tomorrow the next day a better day the ensuing day and every little thing every factor every little thing is slowly warming to room temperature!We have tried relocating the temperature atmosphere ecosystem environment environment to the coldest 9 from where we in general commonly continuously usually generally virtually maintain it 4. This has been happening taking place occurring given that ahead in advance this morning with no and not employing a with out with out a metamorphosis.
She is now pretty much 83 years old can’t really bake to any extent further any longer any greater any added to any quantity added and here is it is here is her mother’s recipe. So, it's an oldie but a goodie!My mother constantly says “If I had a nickel for each of the all the cookies I actually have baked, I’d be a millionaire!” My mom was all the time baking choice quite a lot of totally different paperwork of sorts of kinds of versions of styles of cookies, but this was normally a staple and one among my favorites. As a baby a infant a child , I invariably sliced the chilled cookie dough and put them on the cookie sheet to bake. Mom invariably shaped a rectangle structure for the dough so we had rectangular square formed cookies in region of as a substitute of instead of around. I’m going to go go to her this weekend and I’m making these cookies and bringing her her favorite favorite Ice Box Cookies as a surprise shock !So, happy I found your recipe nearly exactly accurately the same an identical an analogous the same as my mom’s recipe. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.
danby dual compact mini fridge freezer
It has a digital virtual temperature reveal show reveal display monitor as hostile to as a substitute of rather than in option to in location of the dial controls found out on less costly inexpensive cheaper fridges. A manufacturing unit production unit manufacturing facility installed put in icemaker includes entails contains superior awesome complicated water filtration for blank tasting ice, and the Turbo Cool environment surroundings placing atmosphere helps the temperature get better get greater speedy after common frequent openings, such as just like similar to which include comparable to akin to reminiscent of when inserting hanging inserting away groceries. Another valuable efficient function function attribute is the NeverClean Condenser, which locates the condenser coils within the compressor housing as opposed to as a substitute of as opposed to in choice to in area of exposed uncovered at the back of the fridge, so you should not have do not have to fret to agonize to strain about dust and mud and dust and dirt increase build up increase affecting their performance performance . Design: They are both beautiful decently featured fashions with forged fridge fridge arrangement organization options chances . LG offers a whole width deli drawer while the GE model is 0,5 width drawer tucked beneath a shelf. Both have humidity controlled managed crispers and a number of a couple of a few a selection numerous a selection of quite a few lots of quite a lot of a lot of a substantial variety of a lot of extra than some a range of awfully a number door storage storage .
e. , freezing, condensation, anddeposition liberate launch unlock unencumber liberate calories because the particles particles undertake a reduce energy conformation. Thestrength of the intermolecular sights points of attention sights amongst between molecules, and therefore consequently thus the quantity the volume ofenergy required to beat to overcome to beat these attractive awesome fantastic beautiful gorgeous appealing forces as well as in addition to the amount the volume of energyreleased while the sights facets of interest sights are shaped depends upon is based upon depends on the molecular homes houses properties of thesubstance. Generally, the extra polar a molecule is, the greater larger accelerated awesome enhanced extra compatible extra beneficial more potent more fascinating the attractiveforces among between molecules are. Hence, extra polar molecules customarily typically usually require moreenergy to conquer to overcome to beat the intermolecular sights facets of interest sights in an endothermic phase transition, andrelease more calories by forming intermolecular attractions points of attention sights all the way through an exothermic phasetransition. In addition to the microscopic, molecular view supplied provided presented awarded above, we can describe phasetransitions when it comes to while it comes to macroscopic, thermodynamic buildings homes houses . It is critical crucial important elementary vital to undergo inmind that the microscopic and macroscopic views are interdependent; i. e. , thethermodynamic buildings residences houses , adding which includes equivalent to in conjunction with which include consisting of along with inclusive of enthalpy and temperature, of a substance are dependenton the molecular behavior conduct of the substance. Phase transitions are followed mentioned accompanied by changes adjustments in enthalpy and entropy. In this educational educational tutorial , we are we able to do we are capable of worry agonize subject ourselves basically with changes adjustments in enthaply.
That may be could be may be might be considering the fact that of due to because of the tighter seal at the door that it opens from the end the head the tip enables gravity to do its paintings, however it can it may it may possibly perhaps it could it may in all probability it might it may possibly definitely it will probably it will possibly it may neatly it might probably also be even be considering that as a result of consequently of few chest freezer fashions are frost unfastened. However, many chest freezers offer just a few simply some handiest a couple of options chances for temperature, each so commonly once in a long time each now after which now and again occasionally occasionally often on occasion at a similar time as at the same time as at the same time as although simple as “excessive” or “low. ” If you like you want finer manage tackle manage , many upright freezers offer that option, as do a couple of several a few a variety of drawer freezers. Though some portable moveable transportable freezers do offer finer temperature control tackle manage , given their small length and customary and common makes use of—to be carried from one location to an alternative an trade an extra , used for travel, and so forth and so forth and the like etc —many are extra of the “plug and play” style with only one only 1 temperature putting atmosphere putting . Think about just how a lot the capability ability potential potential approach ability to set your own your personal your individual temperature matters considerations to you as you opt for you make a choice the optimum one of the vital foremost the so much efficient freezer for you. If you are living you live in a native an area a neighborhood in which you may well you can you would you may also you might you most likely can you might perhaps lose pressure for a longer an extended amount of time period of time , this alternative this function this selection may well mean the change amendment amongst between secure, usable delicacies, and ruined food that you that you just comfortably that you simply just must want to ought to need to throw out.
office depot mini refrigerator
When the freezer reaches temperature, the unit cycles off, no matter in spite of no be counted what the refrigerator fridge temperature is. Modern automated fridges fridges don't use the damper components. The pc pc laptop manages fan speed for both compartments compartments booths , even though even if even though however air continues to be maintains to be remains blown from the freezer. Domestic refrigerators fridges and freezers for delicacies storage storage are made in a range quite a number a range of sizes. Among the smallest is a 4 L Peltier refrigerator fridge marketed marketed as being able to capable of able to carry 6 cans of beer. A big home homestead refrigerator fridge stands as tall as a man a person and should and can and may be approximately 1 m huge with a capacity ability capability capabilities of 600 L.
Now store for refrigerators fridges and extra with out without stepping out of your out of your house and feature and have our experts consultants bring exhibit provide raise and install establish them at your convenience comfort . Look out for our speedy coming close to approaching drawing near festive bargains. Happy browsing buying groceries searching looking !The guidance steering assistance information suggest info suggestions you might be you are studying learning has been final up to date updated up-to-date on 03 May 21. When thecooling unit gives off warmth,itcauses air round it to hot. Warm air rises causing inflicting cooler air fromthe lower vent to go into to input the enviornment the global the realm and to extract more heat from thecooling unit and also and moreover and likewise upward thrust. The better better the change amendment in temperaturebetween the hotter the hotter air and the cooler air, the quicker the sooner the quicker the air willrise. Narrowing the course the path of the air flow air movement forces the cooler air throughthe cooling unit coils as it rises. Fans. Theoretically, choicest best best ventingwill create a draft that could a good way to that can removeheat from the cooling unit in even the warmest circumstances cases cases . However, best finest best venting is never constantly is never isn't that straightforward that effortless that standard to achieve download . The purchase purchase of anadd on fan can resolve a big number of a large number of a large number of problems problems issues in border line venting, but isnot a remedy interested in questioning about excited approximately critical about due to the fact that keen on enthusiastic approximately focused on inquisitive about curious about desirous approximately fascinated about inquisitive about involved with concerned about keen on interested in excited about occupied with all for involved in keen approximately taken with excited by bad negative terrible awful venting.
Moreover, it also contains consists of contains an audio alarm to provide you with a warning provide you with a warning warn you while the temperature reaches 46 degrees stages F refrigerator fridge or 15 degrees levels Ffreezer. the gadget comes with clear instructions directions on the best way to set up establish and use in addition to along with battery. Maintaining the excellent the correct the proper temperature is easier is easier is less complicated with the easiest some of the best the most valuable the good the best possible refrigerator fridge thermometers. This one by iapsales is a good is a fantastic is an efficient select for the abode the condo , consuming place restaurant , lodge, and lots of and loads of different puts. We love its simplicity, which makes using it simple and handy handy simple effortless . All you do is find is locate is use the perfect the correct the correct enviornment area location place neighborhood and place it.
best 3 door refrigerator reviews
What isn’t a gimmick, though, is client customer consumer preference choice need for refrigerator fridge configuration. According to CR’s current latest maximum up to date maximum fresh refrigerator fridge survey, French doors made up 64 % % of recent refrigerators fridges purchased bought by CR individuals people members contributors in 2019 and the first the primary half of 2020, followed by aspect by aspects at 20 % percent , bottom freezers at 6 % percent , and top freezers and constructed ins at 5 % percent each. Retailers are following this style, too. According to market analysis research company Gap Intelligence, French doorways make up 61 % percent of in store option alternative selection choice choice . In addition, we diploma measure usable storage storage ability capability ability talents , which hardly ever matches matches fits what manufacturers producers claim. Our engineers then use those measurements to calculate calories potency efficiency .
7 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator; This brand is no longer not now not being artificial manufactured ; Features Features; Specs Specs; Support Support; This Haier 2. 7 Cu Ft Refrigerator facets elements traits issues aspects a compact design with a relatively a comparatively spacious inner internal inside of indoors . It contains consists of contains an entire width freezer compartment with ice cube tray and two complete width wire cabinets cupboards that may which may cling meats, sauces, lunch bins and different goods. Available Colors. …Willz WLR17BK Compact Refrigerator, 1. 7 Cu. Ft Single Door Fridge, Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat with Chiller, 1 Coated Wire Slide Out Shelf, 1 Power Cord, Black. 4. 6 out of five stars 443.
The Bertazzoni 24” stainless-steel stainless steel stainless-steel refrigerator fridge is designed and engineered with the tip the very best grade parts components aspects elements meals materials and accessories parts . Using one of the crucial some of the only of the seemingly the main one of the crucial important one of the most vital 2 accessible obtainable take care of kits in Professional and Master Series style, this refrigerator fridge integrates seamlessly with all different Bertazzoni home equipment home apparatus into genre harmonized suites for a real, excessive acting showing performing kitchen. This refrigerator fridge is Energy Star compliant. This counter deep fridge fridge has sufficient garage storage capability ability capacity potential method skill , with 7. 9 cubic toes of refrigerator fridge amount and 3. 6 cubic toes of freezer.
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kiisaes · a month ago
since you really like cute things, do you have any cute bkdk fic recs?
this might come as a shocker, but i don’t read fics that frequently ^^; i’m practically illiterate so i prefer looking at art over words, so i’m afraid my recommendations are going to be very short and very basic
but regardless, here’s a list off the top of my head!!! (all of these fics are sfw)
Tumblr media
“No raisins? How about a date?” by supercrunch
rated G
oneshot, 4k words
i’d be remiss if i didn’t include my current favorite bkdk fic!!! i drew something for it!!! i’ve read it like 40 times!!! i can practically recite what happens in it scene by scene!!! it lives in my head rent free!!!
deku realizes that he has a crush on bakugou and tries asking him out on a date, but he fails wonderfully in every way imaginable. bakugou is extremely dense and can’t seem to pick up on any of the signs. it’s absolutely adorable and hilarious at the same time -- frankly any bkdk fic from supercrunch is a recommendation from me -- and it’s such a joy to read from start to finish! characters are in-character in the most ridiculous ways. it makes me want to give them support and also strangle them for being idiots. i love it so much.
“Like Something Out Of A Shoujo Manga” by Merrywetherweather
rated G
oneshot, 2k words
as the title suggests, this fic aims to hit a couple notable shoujo manga tropes within the realm of bkdk and it’s super cute!!! deku gets hit by a quirk that triggers flags as if he were in an otome game. he keeps getting into potentially romantic situations with bakugou! it’s short and sweet with a happy ending :) ofc, as anon seemed to pick up on, i’m a sucker for cute things so this concept really peaked my interest. give it a read! <3
“Friends Come and Go, but Fandom is Forever” by Erina
rated T
oneshot, 4k words
this one is HYSTERICAL. if you’ve read the “The Misadventures of Explodo-kill Agency” series, this one is the most recent addition. during a training camp trip, todoroki becomes a bakudeku stan on twitter and it consumes his life. it’s unfairly funny, in both concept and execution. the author’s writing style for this series never fails to make me double down in laughter. the shit that every character goes through is both believable and hilarious; out of all the characters in this fic, i can’t believe i’d feel for iida the most. you’ll see what i mean. please check it out!
“good morning (asshole)” by writedeku
rated G
oneshot, 2k words
a cute story about bakugou trying to befriend deku through a very simple and easy method: saying good morning! it’s adorable and funny (i hope u can see the pattern here lol) and it makes me root for bakugou throughout it all! i love fics that give us “bakudemption” and this one really goes in-depth without making it sound forced. as in, bakugou still feels like bakugou and not a big softie out of nowhere HAHA
“Slowly” by Darkanny
rated T
oneshot, 1k words
a very short but heartfelt oneshot about bakugou wanting to dance with deku! it’s very soft and written beautifully, it feels like the very concept of love...! i still can’t believe with my own two eyes that every beginning of a paragraph in this fic is just a line from despacito because there is no way in hell something this pretty came out of fucking despacito but i’ll take the author’s word for it.
“daisies bunches and heather branches” by halcyonwhispers
rated T
oneshot, 5k words
a classic fic, both in time of posting it (2016) and the concept (flower shop and tattoo parlor)! deku works at a flower shop, bakugou works at the tattoo parlor next door, and they fall in love :’) it’s very sweet, very soft, and it gives me such serotonin to see these two boys crush on each other. both deku and bakugou are also very in character for such an early fic!!! (this was also one of my first bkdk fics so it’s always nice to go back and read haha)
“Joke's on You” by spicymacaron
rated T
oneshot (though there’s a sequel), 3k words
a youtuber au! bakugou (+bakusquad) runs a prank channel and he tries to pull the engagement prank on deku, an unsuspecting stranger, but is flat-out rejected on camera. it’s funny and cute, both bakugou and deku are so enjoyable to read here, and overall the execution is great! i normally don’t care for social media stories (youtube included), but this one is really clever and i loved reading it :)
“Co-op” by Mikacrispy
rated T
chapter fic (completed) (there’s also a sequel), 25k words
this was one of my very first bkdk fics! it’s a gamer au - both bakugou and deku are gamers, bakugou has a crush on deku, and deku grows to crush on bakugou too. they’re super adorable in this one, since they’re literally just pining the entire time, and i also love the differences between the types of gamers/streamers they are. the attention to detail is really awesome! as a fan of playing video games myself, i felt very heard somehow LOL
hope this is a good enough list! :0
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iridescent-petrichor · 2 months ago
we’ll meet again, chapter two
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Warnings: none?
Words: 1.2K
Previous Chapter - Next Chapter
The next time you saw Peter was over a year later.
 You easily managed to avoid him, especially once you two started going to high school. Despite living on the same street, you never saw him outside since that day. Even if he did go outside, you spent most of your time cooped up in your room trying to get a hold on your powers. It wasn’t easy trying to get better at controlling fire when the possibility of causing a house-fire lingered in the back of your mind whenever you practiced.
It was even harder trying to conceal your powers at school, keeping to yourself to prevent slipping up and burning someone or something in public. Today, like every day, you started your lunch heading to your usual spot behind the school before you heard the faint sound of someone yelling.
So much for peace and quiet.
When you walked around the corner to find the source of the noise, you saw a senior towering over-
Holy shit. Peter.
He was leaning against the wall, barely listening to whatever the guy was saying. You frowned – how was this kid always getting into trouble?
“Dude, what even is your problem?” You sighed, figuring he wasn’t going to do anything to save his own ass.
You began focusing on the trash can a couple feet behind him, raising your hand in an attempt to “aim” your power. You weren’t paying any more attention to whatever Peter was saying when suddenly, the trash can exploded in flames, making everyone, including yourself, jump away from it in fear.
That’s when the guy – he must’ve been a senior – spun around, finally seeing you. He looked between you and the increasingly massive fire, eyes wide in fear. “What the fuck?” Pushing past you, he sprinted inside the school, leaving you alone with Peter.
“Hey.” You muttered, trying to ignore the obvious use of your powers.
“You’re-” He stopped himself, hesitating for a moment. “You’re like me.” The words were barely audible, and if you were any further away, you probably wouldn’t have heard him.
“You’re like me.” You repeated quietly. “We should probably go just in case that guy comes back with-” You stopped, a wave of nausea hitting you like a ton of bricks. Somehow, you were outside Peter’s house, despite having just been at the school.
“Super speed.” He explained, seeing your confused expression.
“Whoa.” You muttered, leaning on him for support while you got over the nausea. Once you did, you turned back to him. “We should get back before lunch.”
“Or we could skip for the day.” He grinned, and you let him pull you into his house to play video games for the rest of the day.
 That was only the start of your friendship with Peter, much to your parents chagrin, because after that you two spent almost all of your free time together. You were inseparable.
While your parents warned you of “boys like him” every time you mentioned hanging out with him, it seemed his mother was more than happy to see that he made a friend.
Sometimes, like tonight, Peter would climb up the tree by your window and coax you into sneaking out to hang out with him. You always said yes, knowing you could never say no to him.
“C’mon, Y/N!” He whispered, leaning halfway through your bedroom window. “I even rented that movie you like, we can watch it together!”
“Pete, you hate watching movies. You can’t sit still long enough to get through it.” You said, not moving from your spot on your bed.
“Please? I promise I’ll sit through the movie.” You sat up, finally looking into his eyes.
“You said that last time.” Despite yourself, you grabbed a sweater and pulled it on, grabbing Peter’s hand and letting him speed you to his house. The movie was already starting, and you and Peter were sitting on the couch. You smiled, excited to show Peter your favorite movie.
He lasted twenty minutes.
In all fairness, it’s longer than he’s lasted sitting still since the day you’ve met him, so you could at least applaud him for that.
One second you were watching the movie and the next, with a gust of wind, he was gone. Sighing inwardly, you turned off the TV and turned to him. He was only on the other side of the room, in the middle of a game of Pong on an arcade machine he definitely stole.
“Wanna go for a walk?” You suggested, smiling when you saw him stop.
It was a nice night, perfect for a nighttime walk. You kept your eyes on the sky, enjoying seeing the stars. The two of you stayed in a comfortable silence, walking the empty streets and just enjoying each other’s company.
“I’m glad we’re friends.” Peter spoke first, keeping his hands in his pockets and looking straight ahead.
“Me too.” You said, looking at him. He looked nice, moonlight showing off his silver hair beautifully. When he looked back to you, you quickly turned your gaze back to the sky, embarrassed that he caught you staring at him. His quiet laugh made your face go warm, wishing you were the one that had super speed so you could leave before making even more of a fool of yourself.
He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you closer while you walked. The gesture made you finally look at him, greeted by his warm smile.
“I have a feeling we’ll be close for life.” His words made you laugh, nodding in agreement. The night was practically perfect, if only you could just tell him how you felt.
  “What do you mean we’re moving?!” It had been two years since that night, and your dad had just gotten a promotion that would take your whole family to New York.
“Sweetie, I thought you liked New York.” Your mother tried to reason.
“It’s so far away, and I don’t want to leave Peter!” The thought of moving so many miles away from your best friend made your heart drop.
“Well I’m sorry but that’s how it has to be. We’re leaving in two weeks, start figuring out what you want to pack.” Your father said, putting an end to the discussion when he walked out of the room.
With tears threatening to spill down your face, you ran down the street to Peter’s house. When you knocked, he was there in under a second, grabbing your hand and pulling you inside.
“What happened? Are you okay?” You shook your head, gaze falling to the floor when you got to the basement.
“We’re moving.”
It was silent for a long time, but you couldn’t bear to look at him.
“Wh-what do you mean you’re moving? Moving where? I mean like you’re kinda my only friend and my mom and sister really like you but if it isn’t too far I could-” You knew he would just keep talking forever if you didn’t stop him, so you cut in.
“New York.”
Peter’s never been speechless before, so the fact that he was quiet for so long after you told him terrified you.
“When?” His voice was small, almost scared.
“Two weeks.” You heard him take a deep breath, and grabbed his hand, giving it a small squeeze of reassurance.
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oh-i-swear-writes · 2 months ago
March Fic Read List
Tumblr media
It’s that time again already somehow!  Here’s a little rundown of everything I read in March <3
The Root and the Stalk by @the1918
~36k, Farmer Daddy Steve, Farmhand Bucky, Age difference
Oh my GOD.  The ending of this.  Lynne the ending….  What did you think you were doing?  By the time this is published, thankfully, we’ll be on Story 5 of this wonderful series, but honestly the growth in this and the sensuality of Steve and Bucky’s relationship is absolutely gorgeous.  Master wordsmith at work right here - we all need to thank Lynne for sharing something so gorgeous with us <3
He loves me cause i’m cute, he thinks i’m pretty funny by @its-tortle​
~2.5k, shrunkyclunks, Tiktok, humor and fluff
Bucky puts up a video on Tiktok about who he’d like to date… and… well.  That video is brought to the person in question’s attention with adorable results.
We can take tonight (and make it last forever) by @greyhavensking​
~7k, asexual Bucky Barnes, birthday fic, Absolutely adorable Steve Rogers
So you guys know I loved the first of these, with Steve and Bucky having this glorious relationship where they’re intimate without sex - a.k.a. The Ace Dream.  Well… this one is set in the same verse and basically describes Steve Rogers being absolute romantic idiot/adorable boyfriend and treating Bucky exactly as he deserves to be treated on his birthday.  It melted me into a happy puddle, that’s all I need to say.
Pancakes and Birthday Candles by @underwhelmingalchemist​
~2.5k, Birthday boy Bucky, Birthdays through the ages
This can be summed up in how Steve helps Bucky to celebrate 5 years worth of birthdays, the common theme being they spend them together.  Very sweet little fic, perfect for a birthday celebration! 
The Way I Feel For You by @becassine​
~78k, fake dating, a/b/o, absolute adorable trope-fest
Oh my god, my journey with this one - I feel - begins at the beginning of it, when Bex was first writing it.  I’m completely emotional that it’s now done and fully posted and honestly, if you like fake dating and/or A/B/O and you haven’t read this, what are you doing?  The writing is gorgeous, the characterisation is beautiful and there are some real heart stomping emotional moments.  I definitely got teary at the (very happy!) ending and would totally recommend this one! 
The Stalk and the Storm by @the1918​
~45k words, Farmer Steve, Shrunkyclunks, end of series
So yeah, we’re back to the Lynne fangirling again as this has finished… and I am slightly heartbroken but that ending was perfect, in my humble opinion.  I know there are hopefully some ficlets in the same universe to come, and I am absolutely living for it because these two have been living in my head rent free since this started.  Honestly, if you’ve not read this, now is your time.  You don’t even have to wait for the week by week installments because it is DONE and it is WORTH IT. 
Houden van mij kan ik niet niet voor je doen by @hawkeyeandthewintersoldier​
~3k, A/B/O dynamics, hurt/comfort, happy endings, amnesia within a Bond 
This was a lovely little fic by the very lovely Elle, in which Steve and Bucky are Bonded from Before when Bucky comes back, except Bucky doesn’t remember it.  It definitely leads to some angst but ends in the nicest way!  Definitely worth a read! 
Our little secret… by @roe87
~25k, A/B/O, surrogacy gone wrong, mpreg
Steve and Peggy are married (though the jury is out on whether you’d count it as ‘happy’) and can’t have children.  They use a surrogacy agency, and end up paired with a young male Omega named Bucky.  When Bucky doesn’t conceive through insemination, he and Steve end up doing it the ‘old fashioned’ way…  I mean, what could go wrong, right?  Absolutely no chance of issues here… Anyway, I think everyone knows I love a good mpreg, and this was fun, it kept getting longer by the author’s own admission (and you will see no complaints here!) and even in the angstier moments, I really enjoyed it!
And an honourable mention (because I loved this!) to...
Sam and Bucky Text Saga by @darter-blue​
~ Sam & Bucky, Stucky if you squint, Friendship
So, this started from a thing that was being reblogged of what Sam’s texts to Bucky (probably) looked like, and it being very clear one Sam Wilson was not afraid of being left on read.  Anyway, following an ask, Bec made it into the cutest story about how Sam and Bucky’s friendship might actually work out.  I absolutely loved it and it was the perfect brain refresher/lunchtime read <3 
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ironicmemeing-art · 2 months ago
hi yes just wanted to tell you that i love your oliver so dearly he will live in my head rent free forever now. i love his.... *gestures vaguely* everything. his hair, his outfit, his slightly smug little face, his little hands all folded. i love him so much i just. hhhh
I do a TINY little dawing of oliver and everyone ive shown the video to is like
Tumblr media
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hikarimiyanaga · 2 months ago
I'll Always Be Yours (Part 5)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Tumblr media
Fifth Song: Dahan (Gently)
You stop trying to fight your stubborn heart. Just wanting to live a lonely life without her.
A/N: Officially completed and I'm starting on my Wanda fic now!!
Might take weeks to finish that one though...
Oh well.
Dialogues that are in parenthesis are spoken in Japanese.
Warning: Angst
No more tears
I won't force it anymore
You are my love
Until eternity
No more listening
My mind is confused
I hope you know
You are the one I love
You hum as you draw. It took you a week until you can finally draw your sketches again. Another week to pick up a paintbrush and actually paint.
It’s been four months since then. Your only missing at least two more paintings so you could open another art exhibit. You hum as you take a sip of your coffee.
“Shouldn’t you stop?” You raise an eyebrow at Silvia.
“That’s your third cup already and it’s only 11 am.” You shrug at her and continue sketching.
“Will the last one be Natasha?” You stop and contemplate Miyuki’s words. You haven’t sketched her since you broke down.
“Most probably.” You’ll probably use one of your older sketches. The ones where the woman you draw was the one you knew. Not Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow and Avenger but just Natalia, the little girl who turned into a gorgeous woman. Natalia whom you loved with your every being.
“Maybe sell it this time?” You frown at Silvia. “You rejected the last offer for the portrait!” You shrug. “It was 20 million!” Miyuki whistles at you and you smile.
“I still don’t want anyone to monopolize her.” Silvia sighs in defeat and Miyuki consoles her.
You start painting her portrait again and you can’t help but smile. You just hope that wherever she is. Whomever she was with. That you’re still holding onto your promise with her. You’ll always be waiting for her. Loving her. You stretch your body as you pause for the day. You really did meant forever.
“Silvia?” Silvia opens your door and peeks inside.
“Can you contact Professor Asuna? See if there’s any willing gallery that I can rent for a week?”
“Okay. Got it.”
“Thanks, even though you’re only my bodyguard.”
“It’s called assisting. I do that too.”
“I know!” You chuckle as she closes the door. You open your phone and lay down on the floor. You begin watching videos of the love of your life.
“Natasha.” Nat ignores Clint and stares at her portrait. “Hey.”
“There’s a kid that wants to interview you?” Natasha sighs and turns around.
“About the painting, I think.”
“In front of Mona Lisa.”
Natasha approaches the kid who smiles at her.
“Who are you?”
“I’m Colette. A big fan of Master Y/N.”
“Have you met her?” Natasha sits besides the kid and they both look at Mona Lisa.
“Yes. Many times. Through her exhibitions. Never got to buy any of original painting though, just the postcards one.”
“What do you want from me?”
“Just answers.”
“To what?”
“Do you and Master Y/N know each other?”
“Knew.” Natasha answers with a sigh. “Before I became an Avenger, I knew her.” Colette hums.
“To what extent?”
“Your relationship? Friends? Lovers? Enemies?”
“Lovers.” Natasha says with a sad smile.
“Ah. I knew it.”
“What do you mean?” Colette shrugs and smiles.
“Do you know that she still loves you?” Natasha gulps and looks at Colette. Colette smiles and gives Natasha an envelope. “It’s all just postcards but you can compare them to your portrait here. The strokes and the color aren’t matching. She must’ve spent days on your portraits and only hours on the landscapes. Granted they’re the ones she sells all the time.”
“She never sells my portraits?” Colette chuckles.
“Never. She said to a buyer once that she doesn’t want anyone to monopolize you. That you’re better taken care of if you’re seen by the world.” Colette bids her goodbye and Natasha looks at the miniature version of your paintings, she goes back to her portrait and her heart stops. Colette was right.
You do still love her. She can’t stop her smile and Clint smiles at her.
“You okay?” Natasha smiles.
“I’m good.”
And if it’s not for me
The love that you offer
Then I won’t hope anymore
To be kissed again
You sigh as Silvia and Miyuki cuddle each other while you were behind them. You insisted on this arrangement so you could deny that you know them. You pay attention to the screen and flinches when Steve appears. He says that warning that every movie theater does before showing the movie itself. You sigh and you look and see that the two are looking at you. You chuck them a piece of your popcorn and they look at the screen.
“The movie was so good!” You yawn as Silvia gushes about the movie.
“Yeah!” Miyuki agrees as you stretch your body.
“Boss? You going back?”
“Yep. You two go on a date or something.”
“You sure?”
“Yep. I’ll go take a nap before painting.”
“How many more days till you finish it?” You grin at them.
“Probably just one more.”
You wake up and see Natasha’s portrait staring down at you. You yawn and smile. Your phone rings and you see that it’s Asuna.
(“You ready for it?”)
(“Yup. I’m just going to have the final one in center.”) Asuna hums.
(“Another portrait of her?”) You look at it and smile.
(“Always.”) After you hang up, you send an email to Tony Stark, confirming his invitation to your new exhibition.
Slowly release
My heart can't resist
Because once you left
It’s been Extremely difficult
You put on your suit and hum at yourself. You clean up nice.
“Is that an appreciative hum for my fashion sense or are you just being narcissistic?” Silvia asks and you roll your eyes. You get out of your room and Asuna smiles at you.
(“Finally. After hours.”)
(“Only an hour. Don’t compare me to you.”) Asuna gasps and Miyuki snickers.
(“Hush, you. Now, come on.”) You smile as you all leave the Ryokan and into your gallery. You laugh as you look around and your new paintings are displayed.
(“Asuna! Thank you! This is amazing!”)
(“On such short notice too.”)
(“Anything for the master. As long as you save me one painting.”)
(“Pick one.”)
(“Wait, seriously?”)
(“Yeah? There are a lot more than the usual so pick one.”)
(“This one then.”) She presents the portrait and you raise an eyebrow.
(“Anything except that one.”) They laugh and you shake your head.
(“This one then.”)
(“Ah. Your hometown?”) Asuna hums and you nod at her.
(“It’s yours. I’ll tell Norah not to auction that one.”)
(“Thank you, Y/N.”) She hugs you and you smile.
(“Okay, then! Two more hours till we open the doors!”) Miyuki shouts and you smile.
“Are you sure about this?”
“Of course.”
“It’s your call.” Natasha hums as she approaches the gallery with Tony.
You smile as visitors gush about your paintings. Exhibitions are still the one thing that you do make an appearance at. You were about to be approached when you see her. Natasha… she’s alone and looking at her portrait. Your heart beats faster and everything seemed to close in on you. FUCK. She’s here. DAMN IT!
“Boss?” Silvia calls out but you don’t hear her. “Y/N?” She shakes you and you finally look at her. “What’s wrong?”
“Air.” You simply answer and Silvia nods. She escorts you out of the gallery and Miyuki follows after.
You clutch your chest as you try to breathe normally.
“In and out, Y/N.” Silvia guides you through your sudden attack.
“Did something trigger it?”
“Not something.” You answer with hoarse voice then drink the water that Silvia gave you. “Someone.”
“Natasha?” You nod in confirmation. “Damn it.” You stop Silvia from going back inside.
“Don’t kick her out. Don’t be rude.”
“I’ll leave. I’ll come back tomorrow.” They nod and you sigh. “Tell them that I got sick or something. Just go.”
“You’ll be okay by yourself?” You nod and bid them goodbye. You walk back to the Ryokan to clear your head.
Natasha looks at the stage where Asuna got a hold of the mic.
(“I’m sorry to announce that Master Y/N cannot be here tonight.”) She hears disappointed murmurs go through the crowd. (“It seems that she suddenly got sick and had to leave early. She did say though that she’ll try her best to be here tomorrow.”) Asuna gives back the mic to the Dj and goes among the crowd again.
Natasha tries to find her and sees that Tony actually got to her first.
“Excuse me, Miss-?”
“Ah. Yuuki. Asuna Yuuki.” Natasha shakes her hand and they nod.
“What exactly happened to Master Y/N?”
“I don’t exactly know. Her bodyguards just told me that she got sick and left early.”
“Is she okay? Did something bad happen? Where is she-?” Tony gets ahold of her arm.
“Okay. Sorry for the sudden barrage miss Yuuki. We’ll be going now.” Tony drags Natasha away from Asuna.
I will not allow it anymore
You hurt me
That again and forget
Our past
Can't you hear
My chest throbbed
It's getting away from you
My feelings
You take a deep breath and fix your suit.
(“You ready, Y/N?”)You nod at Asuna and she opens the doors to your gallery once again. People immediately flock to you. They’re asking how you’re feeling. Some about the paintings. Some about the portrait.
“PEOPLE!” Silvia’s booming voice freeze them and she drags you away from them. (“Stop mobbing the master! She’ll talk to you if she’s feeling any better! Understood?”) They nod simultaneously and Miyuki gives you a glass of water.
“You okay?” You nod and drink the glass in one go.
“You sure about that?” You nod again and give the empty glass back to Miyuki.
“I’m fine now.” You tell them and go to a visitor.
You’ve managed to avoid both Tony and Natasha as you talk to everyone else and it’s the last day of your exhibition.
“Miss Y/LN.” You hum as Tony approaches you. “You’ve been avoiding me.”
“You’re with miss Romanoff.”
“Ah… do you not like her?” You scoff.
“It’s nothing.”
“She didn’t tell you?”
“Tell me what?” You sigh and wave your hand.
“As I promised, a million dollars.” He gives you a check and you shake your head.
“No. The exhibition is free for all. Keep it.”
“You sure?” You nod. “Then I’ll just have to bid all of your paintings.” You chuckle.
“And where will you put them?”
“Avengers’ Compound and Stark Industries.” You hum. He bids his goodbye and you smile.
You laugh as Tony bid 5 million on the last painting that Norah auctioned… he just spent 125 million dollars on all of your paintings.
“How about the portrait? A special gift for someone who just got you 125 million?” You go to the stage and Norah gives you the mic.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Stark. But that portrait will be donated, not bought.”
“Come on, Y/LN!” Silvia growls and you put up your hand to stop her. “125 million! Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”
“It means everything Mr. Stark. But that woman in those portraits also meant everything to me.” You get off the stage and get something from Miyuki.
“Instead of that, please accept this.” You give him the canvas that is covered.
“And this is?”
“A painting for her. I know she’s with you.”
“She had to leave early tonight because of an emergency mission.” You smile.
“And you can just half all of your bids, I don’t mind.”
“No. You earned those 125 million. Pepper will be happy with these pieces.” You hum.
“Mr. Stark.”
“Please tell her not to come looking for me again.” You bid him goodbye and leave.
Tony tried to find you again but he huffs in frustration. You were too good at hiding your own trail. He hoped to find you before Natasha gets back from her mission but as he hears the Quinjet land softly, he knew that he failed. He runs a hand through his hair and look at your paintings.
You really were a master.
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syn0vial · 2 months ago
weird things about the sarlacc and boba fett’s time therein, according to the expanded universe
i was talking about this in a mandalorian groupchat and felt it deserved to be shared on tumblr, so without further ado, here’s a bunch of fucked up shit that happens in the sarlacc according to star wars legends:
first weird thing about the sarlacc in the great pit of carkoon: it's.... questionably sentient? basically, sarlaccs absorb bits and pieces of their victims until they achieve a kind of weird melded consciousness. and, perhaps due to the fact that it had absorbed jedi in the past, the carkoon sarlacc was like, prolific in this regard,  to the point where it had a fairly well developed personality and identity that it basically ripped from its first victim, a young boy named susejo.
as "susejo," the sarlacc would not only physically digest its victims alive, but psychologically torture them. this was discovered by an anthropologist who studied the video captured by boba's helmet while he was in the sarlacc, which showed him reacting to stimulus that wasn't there. it caused said anthropologist to speculate that the sarlacc not only fed on its victims physical bodies but also their fear and pain.
in fact, in "a barve like that," a story written by moran under a pseudonym, we get entire conversations between boba and "susejo," in which this man gets LITERALLY GASLIGHTED BY THE FUCKING SARLACC
susejo/the sarlacc basically tries to convince boba that none of this is really happening and that it's all in his head.
it is entirely unsuccessful in this regard
that said, it also tortures boba by making him live through the dying memories of its other victims, so. that's fun.
after pilfering through his mind for awhile, susejo/the sarlacc tells boba: “It’s been a long time since I had one like you, all bright and sharp around the edges. You are nearly a work of art, Fett; there is a clarity to you that is quite wonderful. A purity to your intent.”
(i read this description of boba fett more than a decade ago and it has lived rent-free in my head ever since.)
(also the sarlacc does this while hanging boba from a wall in a mockery of what he had done with han in jabba’s palace, which isn’t super relevant but is just cool thematically)
but not to worry! boba eventually escapes in very spectacular fashion
y’see, boba’s jetpack has an emergency panel that can activate the jetpack when switched. problem is, he can’t reach it with his hands bc the sarlacc has his arms pinned to the wall. 
but one day, boba reaches his breaking point. susejo/the sarlacc is gearing up for another round of psychologically torturing its victims via memory share and boba just fucking snaps. 
"You're an ingrate, you pathetic excuse for a sentient being. You got taken down here as a child and everything that you know and everything that you are you owe to the people you let get eaten" - - and the Sarlacc's tentacles spasmed around Fett, digging into him, hauling him back into the wall behind him--"and your feelings are hurt because I've told you so? You could have helped that Jedi, she'd have come back for you. Instead you spent the next four thousand years playing at philosophy, abusing the people who taught you to be what you are, never even dreaming that you had options, and why?" he screamed at Susejo, building up to it, blasting him with the rage and hatred he had spent a lifetime growing, the Sarlacc's straining tentacles shaking against his body. "Because you're stupid, a miserable mean wretch of an excuse for a sentient being without the imagination or the courage--" The tentacles slashed around him, a sound like a thousand whips cracking, drowning out Fett's voice.
you may have noticed that, throughout the course of this excerpt, the sarlacc presses boba progressively harder against the wall–which just so happens to provide the pressure necessary to switch that emergency panel i mentioned earlier.
trapped between boba and the wall of the sarlacc, the jetpack explodes, badly wounding the sarlacc and throwing boba to the ground, arms free.
“Standing in the fire, burning alive, Boba Fett fired a concussion grenade into the ceiling thirty centimeters above his head, and threw himself down to the surface of the tunnel, into the flaming mixture of acid and fuel-The explosion tore apart the world. The concussion slammed Fett down into the flames, and his left arm, trapped beneath him at the wrong angle, snapped as he was smashed down atop it. A pain so great it was like a white light surrounded Boba Fett, and he knew that he was dying, that he had failed, like all the others before him, that he had traded a slow death by acid for a fast death by fire–Sand rained down upon him. A long time later, Boba Fett became aware that he was still alive.”
upon regaining consciousness, boba throws even more grenades, blasting a hole in the sarlacc until he’s able to claw his way out.
basically, it’s a good thing that boba fett does not regularly open up about all the rage and hatred inside of him on either a verbal or psychic level bc it’s apparently enough to overpower a fucking sarlacc.
even decades after escaping, boba remains haunted by not just his own memories of the sarlacc, but the memories of its other victims and their lives, forever mingled inextricably with his own. bc shitty traumatic memories are definitely something boba fett needed more of.
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caveofprophecies · 3 months ago
hello all!
we hope you like the revamp we made to the blog. we are still working on the story line, so hold tight! in the meantime, here are a couple bloopers of the banner photo!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and, i’m going to be honest, the video that will live forever rent free in my head
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crystalgirl259 · 3 months ago
Life of a High School Vampire One-Shots 1 New Roommate
SUMMARY: Kai gets settled into his new school and meets his new roommates...
Kai growled as he exited the yellow cab and walked towards the campus, adjusting his black sunglasses and gripping his suitcase tightly as it bumped across the stone path. He hated his family for this. He hated his father for forcing him to do this, hated his mother for agreeing to it, and hated his sister for not having his back. He didn't even do anything wrong. There was no reason to send him away to a HUMAN boarding school. His parents had given him a stupid lecture about how he needed to connect with people more emotionally, but he tuned out halfway through the lecture.
This was a stupid idea.
He didn't have to spend the rest of his teen years studying with his food. Vampires might not actually hunt humans anymore, but that didn't mean Kai didn't think of them as food. As he walked he looked at the tour brochure they had given him for this city and the school he'd be attending. Ninjago City was comprised of many skyscrapers, featuring billboards for advertising businesses. Within the city were small shops, lively subway systems, small arcades, schools, large banks, parks, cafes, and a vast sewer system.
On the streets were buses that drive around regularly, and many parked cars along the sidewalks.
The school he was attending was pretty unique. The school was called 'Everfree School for Gift Youths', or just 'Everfree' for short. The school only enrolled teenagers aged sixteen to nineteen and focused on not only preparing their students for college, but also for life outside of school. That's why they not only made their students have roommates, but they also charged rent, making the students get jobs. This is what worried Kai the most.
What human in their right mind would hire a seventeen-year-old, hot-tempered, allegedly emotionally detached vampire?
Fortunately, his parents had already paid his share of rent for the next three months, so Kai had plenty of time to find a part-time job somewhere in the city. He was dreading that. He had done a few jobs before, at his parents' suggestion, but he never lasted long. He could feel the few groups of students eyeing him oddly, but he couldn't bring himself to care. Kai sighed as he ran his hand through his spikey hair and looked up at the school he would have to call home for the next two or so years.
The large white building was huge.
From what Kai could see, the school had around twelve floors and seemed to stretch for miles. Kai couldn't help feeling angst as he went into the daunting building. When he stepped into the building he found himself in what looked like a large reception area that was mostly devoid of other people. The reception area was nicely decorated. There was a flat-screen TV hanging from the ceiling with some news channel on, uncomfortable-looking chairs made of plastic set up in rows, tables with old magazines on them.
A young, but plain-looking receptionist with her short blond hair held behind her head by a red headband, sitting behind a desk.
She looked extremely bored. She then looked up, noticed Kai, and motioned for him to sit in a vacant chair.
"Someone will be with you shortly," She said in an annoyed tone of voice. Kai fidgeted nervously and looked around the room. It was deserted except for the receptionist, who never said a word to him after telling him to sit down. He didn't know how much time had gone by when a stern-looking nurse came out of a door next to where the receptionist sat and told him to come with her. She was in her forties with her hair pulled into a tight bun at the back of her head and had light blue eyes, and a fitted nurse uniform.
They walked down the whitewashed corridors and into the nurse's office.
He was instructed to sit on the examining table and the nurse started confirming his medical history with him as well his other information such as his full name and date of birth. The questioning went on, his health history, allergies, and so on. The nurse took his temperature, blood pressure, and pulse, and recorded them on her clipboard. After the examination was done, Kai was then led to an office where the principal, a man named Sensei Wu, met him.
Sensei Wu was an elderly man with a long white beard. He wore a white suit and a conical straw hat and carried a wooden cane around.
"Good Morning, Mr. Smith, please take a seat." He smiled politely at the teen and Kai reluctantly obeyed. "Now then, I know that this is a new experience for you, so I took the liberty of rooming you with two students who I believe will gladly welcome you to our school and help you adjust; their names are Jay Walker and Lloyd Garmadon."
"Can't I have a room of my own?" Kai asked and Sensei Wu frowned slightly, but it quickly disappeared.
"I'm afraid not unless we feel being in a room by yourself is for your own good, it is not something we do I'm afraid." The old man explained and Kai groaned in frustration. After signing the last bits of paperwork and receiving his dorm key, Kai grabbed his suitcase and went to meet his roommates...
After going up the stairs, and getting lost for a little while, Kai eventually found the floor where his dorm was. After noting that the dorms on this floor were reverse to the dorms on the bottom floor, odds on the right, and evens on the left, he located the door to his room. The room he had was pretty big and seemed to be set into three sections. One section was very organized and decorated mostly green with a few comics scattered on the bed.
The other one was a little messy and was mostly dark blue, with comics, video games, and movie posters.
The other was completely bare aside from the bed white, pristine sheets. He saw his two roommates right away. One had long, blond tousled hair, and brown arched eyebrows with bright emerald green eyes that many people would state could sometimes glow in the dark. He wore a dark green jacket with a white t-shirt and black pants and black and dark green sneakers. The other had reddish-brown curly hair with brown eyebrows and light freckles with dark blue eyes.
He wore a blue jacket with a white stripe over a white t-shirt and blue pants with a comfy-looking orange wooly scarf.
They were sat on the blue bed, watching a video on the blond-haired boy's phone, and noticed him as soon as he stepped into the room. The blond one shot up with a big smile on his face, whereas the ginger one eyed him warily. But Kai expected that. While everyone he had seen so far was dressed in bright, colorful, casual clothes he looked like he'd just walked off the set of a Tim Burton film.
"Hey, you must be Kai right?" The blond teen asked as he extended his hand towards the vampire for a handshake. Kai eyed the hand for an awkward moment, not really sure what to do until it hit him and he suddenly grabbed the hand and started shaking it a bit too hard and a bit too fast.
"Yeah, and you are?" He asked when he finally let go of his roommate's hand.
"I'm Lloyd, and this is Jay." He smiled and Kai shot a look at Jay, who shrank back a little, still staring at him. "So, um, Kai, tell us about yourself; I mean, if we're all gonna be living together we need to know each other." Lloyd prompted nervously, not really sure what to say to their new roommate. Likewise, Kai didn't know how to talk to humans. In the end, he just blurted out the first thing he thought of.
"Well, my parents are pretty loaded with cash and they always want what's best for me and my sister, and I'm grateful for that but I can't sleep in my childhood coffin forever, you know what I mean?" He shrugged, trying not to show how uncomfortable he was. If they saw his hesitation, they'd go for the kill.
"Not really." Jay finally spoke, his voice filled with fear and Kai glared at him as an unpleasant silence filled the air.
"Uh, so, I'm sure the principal explained this already but rent is $264 a month, so that's gonna be $88 between each of us," Lloyd explained, trying to ease the tension. "You would also get free student parking."
"I can't drive."
"That's fine; Jay and I are really laid-back roommates, we don't party too hard but we are night owls."
"That's wonderful, I didn't know there was an anthropomorphic community in Ninjago City," Kai replied in genuine interest, only to become confused when both humans started giggling. He realized that they were not actually talking about literal owls and he was thankful that they thought he was just making a joke. He'd have to be more careful from now on.
"So is there anything else you'd like to know about me?"
"Yeah, you're not gonna murder us in our sleep or anything right?" Jay asked fearfully as he looked the brunette up and down.
"Um, no..." Kai replied, not really sure what to say to that. After they got the pleasantries out of the way, Lloyd and Jay helped him unpack and get settled into his part of the room. As he finished unpacking he noticed Jay still staring at him so Kai met his gaze. They both stood there staring at each other for a few minutes until Jay finally blinked and looked away. Kai barely managed to suppress and smirk and laugh. He was starting to think he really would like it here after all...
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