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#this made me smile
winterofherdiscontent · 2 hours ago
helloooo I just wanted to say, I LOVE your lines, and your poses, and the way you color things. I mean HOW!! it's beautiful! have a nice day!! ❤
oh wow ...thank you, lovely x
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sleepyrintaro · 11 hours ago
hey ! someone asked me to pass this note to you (o˘◡˘o)
my dearest sleepy, how are you doing? have you been kind to yourself lately? this might be a little random but i want you to know that i care about you and i’m very proud of you. i love you lots, darling.
- zeke ♡
*gasp* please thank zeke for his lovely note 🥺 promise i’m doing my best at looking after myself!! 🤍
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sickputridvile · 12 hours ago
i'm sorry this doesn't fit your blog aesthetic lol but you're adorable and your smile is absolutely infectious
Why r u guys worried abt fitting my aesthetic!!! I love cute asks too 💞🥰 youre so sweet thank you hwhwh
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brinkof-goingsupernova · 12 hours ago
BAM! You've been hit with a love dart! Spread the love and send this to 10 other people to show how much they are loved!
OMG you’re the cutest. ily back 🖤
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loki-hargreeves · 12 hours ago
You have inspired me to watch TUA
Oh my god I'm so happy to hear that!! It's such a good show and I really hope you'll like it 🥺
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Tumblr media
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manhasetardis · 12 hours ago
🌸🌸🌸 💖 (had to send anonymously because sideblog woes 😭 - theyilinglazous)
Kimmie @theyilinglaozus!! you’re so sweet 😭😭 thank you so much!! right back at you 💖💖💖
which mutual am i?
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jugheadjoan · 13 hours ago
Near where I live, there is a church-- St. Joan of Arch Church. Driving past it yesterday my partner said, "Why would a bunch of Christians go to a church dedicated to a French transman?" And I laughed so hard
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trexrambling · 14 hours ago
3, 4 and 15 for your author asks!
3. Do you write fics from start or finish, or jump around?
I have to go straight through, chronologically, from chapter one to the final piece. If anything, I may have paragraphs or single lines that I know go in future chapters and I just stick those into my outline until the time to write that part comes. I will, however, daydream/mind write waaaaaaaay ahead haha ;)
4. Do you outline before you start writing? If so, how far do you stray from that outline?
So this one is actually dependent on the fic and never an ‘always yes’ or ‘always no’. I did outline for the fic I’m writing now, but I didn’t for the series I wrote before that. When I do outline, it’s just general bullet points, never detailed specifics unless I’ve magically pre-concocted a section/line {as mentioned in the previous question}. The outlines I do make I actually stick pretty darn close to and only alter if the characters progress in a direction I didn’t see coming...which does happen...the rebellious boogers.
In summary, my outlines are very vague to allow for my words to adapt as the story itself grows, but they help me keep a forward motion with my writing. Side note; if I’m writing a long mind scene/daydream that I’ve been playing in my head for days/weeks, I always outline AKA my current WIP series.
15. A Hollywood producer tells you that they want to film just one of your fics. Which fic would you want it to be?
Oh lord... this is a hard question... 
So my gut is saying my current series, ‘Finding Tomorrow’, because then Dylan O’Brien can star as himself and I can play the leading lady role LOL. And then I want to say ‘Through Your Eyes’, but that one was actually based on a movie theme that already exists. SO, my final answer has to be ‘Seeing the Horizon’ because I think the idea of filming where the main character is blind, and having it done partially from their perspective, would be so so so cool.
Thanks so much for asking these, lovely! Always makes my day to see things in my inbox :) 
Behind the Scenes of Fic Writing: 30 Questions for Authors
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elektrosonix · 14 hours ago
Sometimes I forget how tall I am but when I go to Walmart I have a “ohhhh yeah I’m tall😱” moment because like all the other women are at my shoulder/chin
HLKASDJLK that’s fun you tall people with your . normal brains but slightly longer legs that people shorter than you seem to think have a huge affect on your personality even though we’re probably just jealous .
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littlemisscupcake · 16 hours ago
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Hiya mom here's a frog
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thestateofspirit · 17 hours ago
Hey hi I hope things are good! Just stopping by to say you are awesome and cute and I hope you have an awesome day
You just made my day even better! Hope yours is as awesome as you 🌸
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sirianhewigxiii · 19 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: RWBY Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Neopolitan & Roman Torchwick Characters: Roman Torchwick, Neopolitan (RWBY) Additional Tags: Fluff Summary:
Roman & Neo fluff. They have a cat.
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wakeupflawless · 22 hours ago
Hiii! So I just reread Earned It and omg I can’t get enough! I can’t wait for part 2! Is that one of your fics you will be posting next? I’m so sad Pre-Season is finished! I need more fics from you!!
Awww you’re so kind!! This really made me smile and I needed that after last night’s episode. I have part 2 in the works but it’s on the back burner! I’m almost done with the next chapter of Lost in You!!! I appreciate you so much, anon! 
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ahsxual · 23 hours ago
Heyy ily💖
Omggg~ I love you too sweetheart!! 🥺🥺🥰🥰💓💓💓💖💖
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geekyapollokid · a day ago
I hope you have a wonderful day/night! May things always change for the better for you.
Aw!! Thank you so much!!!
Same to you! <3
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finnishedddd · a day ago
hewwo finny yr adorable and cute and I hope U have a nice evening
You too, anon ♥️
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1252291 · a day ago
i swear your interactions with your moots always make my day please you’re so funny 😭😭
STOPPPP AHAHAHAHA. thank u 😏 you too could be one of my moots. believe me when i say i'm like this all the time and everybody can probably attest to it
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rr0zu · a day ago
Img pleas teach me how to be as pretty as you!!!! Like you're so gorgeous and a whole queen! ❤👸🏻👑
lysa you’re already very pretty, I don’t need to teach you anything <3
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makeupinthedrawer · a day ago
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and there’s:
Tumblr media
so where’s darling do you still want it?
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