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#this is why i don't wanna go back home
fatass-verified · a month ago
My main goal this summer is to not sweat, I barely ever used to sweat before but ever since I gained weight I started sweating again, was barely cold this winter too I used to wear like seven layers to school and still be cold, this year I was getting sweaty with three layers in the middle of winter, this gotta go back to how it used to, I can already feel like myself a bit more, yesterday my dad was sweating and I was sitting cozy with a sweater on I wasn't cold but I was wearing a sweater so that's better, also I wear a sweater when I go for a walk cuz where I walk is usually windy and a lot of people walk there too (deadass ruins my walks tho I try to avoid walking besides people so I have to step off the sidewalk while passing people and when there's enough people for me to spend half my walk on the street I leave lol) and everyone was in summer clothing when I was wearing a sweater, typical me, happy to have myself back tho, there's still a long way but it's comforting knowing my body is going back to how I'm used to it being, I literally couldn't recognize myself this passed summer deadass like my body was behaving like never before and it was freaking me out
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bunnyb34r · 8 months ago
#I really think this pandemic is making me go insane I'm ngl -I've been having panic attacks more frequently bc I feel like I'm wasting my#life and that I should just go out there and work anyway which is stupid bc if I don't feel safe enough to apply for a one day craft fair#why would I feel safe enough to go to work? like the whole point of me working is to get out there and meet people (thankfully we're okay#enough money wise that I don't need to have a job Rn) but holy fuck that doesn't help#like Idk I feel so scared to go anywhere I don't have to that's indoors like a restaurant bc I can't eat and wear a mask (we almost went#last weekend and I was having an anxiety attack internally ab it and thankfully the parking lot was crowded bc we were like hey let's order#in and come back to get it) and like what I want to do job wise would involve me touching high risk surfaces#(I wanna work in recycling or a library) so that's stressful and shit and I don't think working from home would do much for me bc I need#that face to face interaction (homeschooling for a semester was a pain and I was so unproductive) so yeah...#I'm praying that by this time next year I'll be able to be at that point where illl be working in person even if it's just part-time like#hoping that it reaches levels where it's safe enough to do that without the high chance I could bring something back with me yknow#marquilla#idk I just feel like I'm going insane and I thankfully have a therapy appt today and a drs appt next week so hopefully they can help me but#gg I'm losing my fucking mind here mates I wanna be able to feel safe enough to go to the mall again and not feel guilty if I do go yknow?#I need face to face interaction but it's not worth the fucking risk
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quarantine--thoughts · a year ago
I’ve been at my boyfriend’s house for about 3 weeks now. I don’t want to leave. I’ve been clean of self-harm since being here, I know once I go home everything going to be a shit storm. I know have to go back to the real world soon. I have to go see my cat again. I am his human, he needs me. I need him. I need to finish pressing charges on Salem. I’m just so scared, Harvey was telling me not to be scared about it all, because it’s Lilly’s problem if she gets mad at me for pressing charges on her boyfriend. I just know I can’t let him get away with what he did any longer.  
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theres-no-going-home · a year ago
Desayuno a la Fueguina
No importa la hora. No importa la comida. Si se puede masticar vos lo masticas. 
¿Es desayuno? ¿Es almuerzo? ¿Es merienda? Imposible de determinar. No hay sol. Nunca hay sol. Son tipo las 2 pm así que ya se estaría haciendo de noche. Mejor cenar directamente.
Excepto cuando es verano. Entonces siempre hay sol. Todas las comidas en verano (incluida la cena y el cafecito/licor de dulce de leche con tus amigos marxistas después de una chocotorta después de una picada a las 1 am) se comen con sol. 
Una comida puede comprimir todas las comidas al mismo tiempo.
eso sí tiene que ser algo calentito porque sino se te cierran las arterias por el frío y se te cae la nariz
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oflgtfol · a year ago
its sad how my mom has like no hobbies and she’s losing her mind over all this meanwhile it’s like. i have so much to do that i’m overwhelmed by how much i want to do and cant meanwhile shes just sitting around doing absolutely nothing its like... bro
#its like even if i didnt have school. even if i had no duties. i always have stuff to occupy my time#i like to read and write and draw.. i play video games. i like to learn skills in my free time as well so like#im gonna try to do an online comp sci class even while im doing my actual schoolwork#and it'd be way easier to do it if i DIDNT have actual schoolwork but alas#and ive always wanted to learn languages online its just i dont. have. time and so they take the back burner#so its like even when im home i still have like No Time and i wish i could spend it on actual hobbies#meanwhile she has! no obligations... yet absolutely no hobbies#and when i was like 'what are you interested in ??' and she was just like#'you all have been my life for so long' and its like#You've Enslaved Yourself To The Role Of Mother That You Don't Exist As An Individual Outside Of It#and on one hand its frustrating but on the other hand its like. sad bro. like you really dont have any passions? any desire to#learn new skills? no hobbies?? like#i cant fathom living like that? i genuinely dont know why THIS is her breaking point#bc if that was me i'd have broken a long time ago#brot posts#anyway i gave her a book to read and its a little over 800 pages so hopefully she discovers a passion for reading#although i only have so many books that a middle aged woman would be interested in :/#all the books i own are like YA or sci fi or like Actual Kids books a la warrior cats and wings of fire or whatever lol#eh shes not totally opposed to YA so like.. maybe if it gets down to it#bc we cant go to the library and she doesnt wanna order anything online so like we're limited to what i own lmfao#i totally wanna make her read the inkheart series but theyre like technically kids books so i doubt she'd be into them#BUT THEYRE SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD and like 400 pages each i think?? and i own all 3 so it'd help her kill time too#AND THEYRE SO GOOOOOOOOD AUGGGUGJYHG#LIKE I MISS READING I HAVE SO MANY BOOKS BUT I /DONT HAVE TIME/
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teddybearbucky · 2 hours ago
5. Fruity
Written in the Stars masterlist
relationships: Stucky x fem!reader, platonic!Peter Parker x reader
word count: 1.4k
chapter summary: you get a new puppy, Peter comes over for lunch, don't get Steve started on bananas
warnings: none, Steve being an old man
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[gifs not mine]
Steve pulls on his running clothes, glancing at you and Bucky curled up in bed together (Bucky being the little spoon of course.) He smiles, leaning over, kissing each of your heads gently. You stir, groaning in protest. “Ugh, I have to get up too.”
He tilts his head, “why?”
“Didn’t you say that mornings are for the criminally insane?” Bucky groggily asks, pillow muffling his words.
“I stand by that statement, but I’m volunteering with Clint.”
“At the animal shelter?” Steve asks, grabbing his phone off the charger.
You hum in response, not making a move to get out of bed. Steve smiles fondly, “sounds fun, sweetheart. Do you wanna come with me, Buck?”
The brunet makes a disgruntled sound. “With Sam? Gross.”
“Come on, honey. Sam is my friend, it would make me really happy if you two tried to get along.” Steve croons, carding a hand through Bucky’s bed head.
He screws his eyes shut, knowing if he looked into Steve’s eyes he would cave - but he hadn’t heard Steve call him ‘honey’ since 1945 and the petting feels so good. He lets out a reluctant sigh. “Fine.”
The blonde grins, “great! I’ll make us smoothies!”
“What the hell is a smoothie?” Bucky grumbles. You slip a hand under his shirt, hoping the skin to skin contact will soothe him. It does. He snuggles closer to you.
Steve smiles at the sight, snapping a photo of you two on his phone. Bucky groans, “did you just take a picture?”
Steve blushes, “um, no. Mango, let's go for a walk!”
He rushes out of the room with the dalmatian not far behind, wondering how to change his lock screen. He’ll ask Sam.
“He definitely took a picture of us,” you mumble into Bucky’s neck.
“What a punk.”
“Our punk.”
Bucky sighs lovingly, “yeah.”
The two of you reluctantly pull yourselves out of bed, sharing a few lazy kisses on the way. “I’m gonna take a shower. I’ll see you boys later,” you tell him. He pouts, “when will you be home?”
You barely contain a squeal at the adorable display. You squish his face in your hand, the stubble tickling your palms, “you’re so cute!”
He grins, looking away shyly. “Doll…”
You kiss his puckered lips, humming in thought. “Probably around lunch. I’ll bring something home.”
You and Steve asked Fury for a few days off with no missions so Bucky was hoping you could spend it all together, but you told him you had these plans for weeks. He tries not to whine in protest. “Alright, sugar.”
‎⍟ ✪ ‎⍟ ✪ ‎⍟ ✪
Just like you promised, you arrive back around lunch time.
“Honey, I’m home,” you smirk, entering the suite. Your boyfriends are on the couch, Bucky’s feet strewn on the blonde’s lap as he tries out his new colored pencils. “Did you know Peter works at the pizza place? Well it was the end of his shift and I told him he could have lunch with us.” You explain, gesturing to the teenager behind you.
Bucky tenses at the sight of a stranger, preparing to move away from his boyfriend, but the blonde places a reassuring hand on his ankle. Reminding him it’s ok to be affectionate in front of others now. “Hi. So, we got a new dog?” Steve asks, cutting right to the chase.
You glance at Peter, who’s cradling the tiny pitbull against his chest. “That’s… his dog.” You supply, placing the multiple pizzas on the table. Mango makes her way over, sniffing at Peter questioningly. “Then why are there pictures online of you adopting it?” Steve challenges, looking smug.
You spin around, looking at him in shock. “Since when can you use the internet?”
He smirks, “I’ve learnt a few things.”
You stare at him in bewilderment for a moment before pouting. “Ok, fine. I might have impulsively adopted a dog.” You look at Peter, who’s frozen in terror, as if lying to Captain America is an act of terrorism. “Pete, you can put her down.”
He slowly sets the puppy on the ground, still looking between your two boyfriends nervously, like they’re going to attack him. You roll your eyes, releasing a sigh, “come on boys, time to eat.”
Steve and Bucky walk to the kitchen, each offering you a kiss on the cheek. You notice Bucky still hasn’t said a word and take his metal hand in yours, gently kissing the silver knuckles. He blushes at the sweet display of affection.
“Peter, take a seat. You haven’t met Bucky yet have you?” You ask, realising the prosthetic and making your way to the fridge. He fidgets nervously. “Um, No, I haven’t. Nice to meet you Mr. Barnes.”
He smirks in response, “just call me Bucky, kid.”
Peter’s eyes widen, looking somewhat starstruck. Steve holds back a laugh, watching as you return with drinks for everybody. “Thanks sweetheart.” He glances at the small grey puppy who’s currently having a staring contest with the cat. “So, we got a dog?”
You place a slice of pizza on your plate. “I didn’t plan it, but I heard this worker saying how someone abonded this litter and that it was gonna be hard to find them homes because of stupid stereotypes about pitbulls,” you explain, huffing in frustration. Steve watches the puppy get spooked by Kiwi and run into the couch.
You glance at Bucky, noticing him self consciously tug on short sleeve. “What do you think, Buck?” You ask, trying to bring him into the conversation. His head snaps up, looking at you questiongly. “Do you like her? I think you should be the one to name her.”
He licks his lips nervously. “Me?”
You hum, “Stevie and I named Kiwi and Mango so it’s only fair you get to name her.”
“Is it gonna be another fruit name?” Peter asks curiously, chocolate brown eyes settling on Bucky. He furrows his brow in thought, “I don’t know yet.”
Peter’s nods, eating happily. “Speaking of fruits, what kind did you guys have back in the day? Like, I can’t imagine someone eating a papaya during the great depression.”
Steve chuckles in amusement. “We definitely didn’t have all the options you have today. And fruits were only available when they were in season, not year round like they are now.”
“The first time he tried a kiwi he just bit into it, skin and all,” you tease, remembering his disgust at the fuzzy texture. Peter's eyes widened, “no way!”
He laughs, looking at the super soldiers curiously. “So you could only have fruits while they were in season? What if you were craving a banana, would you have to wait all year?”
You look at the teen in alarm, “don’t get him started on bananas.”
“They’re totally different!” Steve protests, throwing up his hands in frustration. Peter flinches in surprise at the outburst. Bucky perks up, looking at him questioningly, “you noticed that too? I thought it was just me.”
Steve looks at his partner with pure admiration in his eyes. He claps his shoulder, voice heavy with emotion when he speaks, “no, pal. It’s not just you.”
You scoff at his dramatics, looking at the confused boy beside you. “The type of bananas Steve and Bucky grew up with were called Gros Michels, they were the main variety grown until the 1950s.”
Peter quirks his head. “What happened to them?”
“Panama disease wiped them out.”
“Can you still get them today?”
“Yeah, but they’re really difficult to find. Steve orders bundles of them from Hawaii.”
Peter’s eyes widen. “Woah. So, how are they any different from regular bananas?”
You groan. Steve ignores your protest. “I’m glad you asked. First off they’re way sweeter and a lot more firm. The bananas people eat today are like mush, I feel like I’m eating soggy oatmeal in a peel.”
You roll your eyes but Bucky and Peter are completely focused on his speech. You suddenly feel crazy, are you the only one who doesn’t want to hear Steve’s monologue about the cruel joke that is the Cavendish banana? You pick up the puppy who is sniffing under the table, “baby girl, I think we're the only sane ones here.”
Bucky breaks away from the blonde’s lecture, peering into her silver eyes. “Plum.”
Steve pauses mid-sentence. “What?”
“The dog. I like the name Plum.”
Peter breaks out into a grin, petting the pitbull, “that’s a great name, Bucky! It really fits her.”
Bucky smiles shyly at the praise. “Aww little Plum Barnes-Rogers,” you coo, tickling her tummy.
Steve frowns, “why is Barnes first?”
The brunet scoffs, “because I’m older, you baby.”
Peter chokes on his drink in surpise.
next part
a/n: plum, happy pride month!!
tag list: @spookyparadisesheep @moonstuffsteve @thatcrackheadsadbitchtm @officialfictionalwreck @rowenaravenclaw2-blog @lets--be-honest @aikeia @mikariell95 @bananapipedreams @mollygetssherlockcoffee
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yimra · 6 hours ago
I get you have that other funny man anon in your asks about getting divorced and getting arrested and I too wanna believe it's real but I have a much more mellow issue that's similar. I've been out of work since LAST February and I started writing fanfiction of all things. It's reader self insert romance one based off an anime and it's gotten a pretty big following but I'm set to go back to work next Monday finally and I'm having panic attacks about not having the time to work on it anymore. My wife has no clue Ive written it, it's at nearly half a million words, but this entire time I've had zero interests in anything else but writing. My country has just now only began to reopen so we weren't really allowed to go do anything else besides stay home. I don't know why I'm coming to you for this other then your a long time mutual of mine. It's stupid as anything but I've grown really attached to the only thing I can say I'm proud of over the past year.
Well other than the fact I have no relation to anime I’d say just make it known thag work is gknna affect your ability to consistently put out your fan fiction stuff bud, readers should be okay with this if not their cunts, you’ll find time for it I’d imagine good to have ur mind not fully on it cause then you do, Get tunnel vision on it. Also maybe tell ur wife personally if I was married I’d like to know what my husband/wife is up to that has that level of focus that they’re very into
God bless bro
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ohdolans · 8 hours ago
I’m not trying to be dramatic but I need him and the nanny to FUCKKK or I’ll die
Tumblr media
warning: 18+ situations & it's loooooong (2.8k+ words)
part one / part two
Sebastian and saw the frown that took over his face. Sebastian knew why you moved away from him, his wife was coming home, but he wanted nothing more than to pull you back towards him. He watched with sadness sinking deeply into his heart as he watched you stand up and start to clean up. He heard the door open and saw his wife come from the hall that leads into the kitchen. Sebastian felt a flare of heated anger go through him when he noticed the disheveled clothes and slightly smeared lipstick.
"She's not even hiding it this time," Sebastian thought to himself.
"Y/N," She spoke a sense of shock in her voice. Lysia looked between her husband and you and could feel the tension building in the room. She also noticed the two plates beside each other along with the two empty glasses of wine. "Didn't know you'd be here."
"You didn't tell her Madeline was spending the night with Elli, so she drove out here." Sebastian, his voice was tense and his face was void of any emotion, except for the tension in his brows as they pulled together slightly.
"I just made dinner since I was already here," You spoke, finishing off cleaning up. You stood beside the kitchen island as Sebastian stayed sitting at the small table a few feet away. His wife standing before you, and you could see the suspicion in her eyes.
"Yes, well..." Lysia moved forward to set her purse down on the kitchen counter, "It's getting late, I'm sure you wanna head home by now."
Lysia scanned her body up and down, before narrowing her eyes towards your lips. She noticed how swollen they were. You felt your stomach flip in a way that made you nauseous and suddenly you were nervous. Sebastian watched as you mumbled something to her, a soft goodbye maybe, before nearly running out of the kitchen. He had to hold himself back and stay within his seat before he got up and chased after you. He wanted to tell you he was sorry, or something. He could see the conflict all over your frame.
The couple in the kitchen could hear your soft footsteps as you moved around the home getting your things, before the door opening and closed. Sebastian sighed heavily and grabbed the wine bottle before pouring the remainder of the bottle into his empty glass. Lysia let out a soft chuckle that held no humor, instead, she fully turned towards her husband with heat behind her gaze.
"The nanny, Sebastian? Could you be even more predictable and a stereotype." She scoffed
"I don't know what you're talking about. The girl made me dinner, nothing else happened."
"You really expect me to believe that, god, her lips were red and swollen." Lysia rolled her eyes and moved towards the cabinet and grabbed herself a glass and opening a new bottle.
Sebastian sat there in silence for a moment, sipping his wine, before speaking. "I don't know why you're angry, it's not like you didn't just come from somewhere. Who was it this time? John or Henry."
"I don't know what you're talking about." Lysia kept her back to Sebastian as she poured herself a drink.
"Really?" He stood up and grabbed his glass before walking towards his wife, bending down and speaking lowly into her ear, it was enough to make her back straighten. "Might have to wash the cum from your hair and skirt then, might lead someone to think something else."
Sebastian rolled his eyes at the obvious stain that was on the back of her black skirt, before turning and walked towards the stairs. He wasn't even made. To be honest he stopped loving his wife a long time ago and just hadn't made the step to move on. Neither of them has. Lysia called after Sebastian as he walked away but soon gave up as he left up to the second floor. Sebastian walked into the guest bedroom, stripping out of his clothes, and getting into bed. His wine glass soon finished off like the rest.
He laid there in bed and almost instantly his mind went to you. Wondering what you were doing. What was going through your mind? Did you regret it? Because Sebastian knew that he didn't. Instead, he laid there in bed thinking of your lips and how you tasted, his cock hardening beneath the cool soft sheets that rested against his body. Sebastian's hand moved down his body slowly before soon his hand was fisting his cock, slowly stroking it as he thought of you. He moaned your name as he came across his chest, wishing nothing more than you were actually with him.
A few days later you were shocked to get a text from Lysia asking you to come and watch Madeline. You were half expecting her to fire you after the other night. But instead, she greeted with a smile as she went through everything for Madeline.
"She's already eaten dinner, so it's just going to be a bath and bed in a little bit. I have an out-of-town thing, but Sebastian will be home late tonight after a shoot." She smiled towards you, but it almost seemed forced. But you didn't question it as she kissed her daughter goodbye and headed out the door.
You enjoyed your night with Madeline, the two of you sitting on the couch watching Disney movies and having popcorn. She truly was a wonderful kid and someone that you grew to love and care for deeply in the months that you have been watching her. Soon the little one fell asleep on the couch, so you gathered her in your arms before heading up to her room.
Like most little girls her bedroom was princess-themed. You moved towards the pink bed and tucked her into the sheet, brushing back her hair and giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead.
"Goodnight, sweetie." You smiled towards her as her eyes opened for a moment, the same blue as her father's. It made your heart clench for a moment.
"Night, y/n." Madeline yawned, "I love you."
The feeling that came over you as you heard her soft voice say that she loved you was nearly overwhelming. It almost brought tears to your eyes as you tucked her into her bed and turned on her night light.
When you walked out of her room, the last person you thought you'd see, was Sebastian. You knew you'd have to face him eventually, but to see him standing at the end of the hallway made your heart stop. He froze for a moment, looking almost just as shocked before a slow smile turned up one corner of his mouth.
"There you are, came home and didn't see you two downstairs."
"Was just tucking her in for bed." You looked behind you, making sure the door was closed, before turning back and walking towards him.
Sebastian stood before you in dark jeans and a dark tshirt that seemed to stretch across his chest in a way that let you see every muscle underneath. His hair was relaxed, the soft curls falling over his forehead slightly and a beard along his jaw. He looked beautiful standing in front of you. The soft grey hairs at his temple and in his beard just seemed to add to his beauty to you. You help but look down towards his lips as you spoke.
The two of you stood in silence for a moment, before he was the first to speak.
"I wanna apologize for the other day, I-I...I shouldn't have put you in a situation that wouldn't make it difficult or uncomfortable for you."
"I'm not uncomfortable." You spoke quickly without a second thought. "I-I...I don't regret kissing you, Mr. Stan."
"Sebastian, please." He looked towards you, his cerulean eyes staring down towards you, an intensity behind them. "You don't regret it."
You shook your head quickly, he seemed to be moving closer to you. Your heart began racing in your chest as you caught the intoxicating scent of his cologne.
"I don't either," Sebastian stood over you and caressed your cheek and you felt yourself leaning into his touch. "Can't stop thinking about it actually."
Sebastian looks down towards your lips.
"I want it again, I can't get you out of my mind, y/n"
You pulled Sebastian closer to you and soon his lips were on yours again. You moaned the moment you felt him, his arms wrapping around your waist and pressing you tightly to his chest. Sebastian deepened the kiss, your hands moving over each other as you gripped one another. After a moment the two pulled away from each other to catch your breaths, but Sebastian moved to kiss along your neck. You moaned softly as you felt him nip and bite at your skin.
Soon you were in Sebastian's arms and he moved you down the other side of the hallway towards a bedroom. He closed the door with his foot as his lips joined yours again. Your fingers moved through his hair and gripped it tightly - needing to feel him closer to you. It was like a fire was ignited inside of you and all you wanted was him.
Sebastian pulled back and looked into your eyes as he spoke, "Tell me if you want this? Because if you wanna stop, I understand."
"I want this," Your hands fisted his shirt, keeping your eyes locked with his. "I want you, Sebastian."
Sebastian grabbed the edge of your dress and pulled it over your head before tossing it somewhere in the room. He groaned deeply as his eyes scanned over your body. It took everything in him not to grab you and have his way with you. But he wanted to take this slow, Sebastian wanted this to last.
His clothes soon joined yours on the floor. Sebastian wrapped his arm around you and carried you towards the bed and lay you down across it. You looked down and watched as he kissed along your chest slowly before moving down your body. With each kiss placed on your skin, you felt yourself becoming wetter between your legs.
The moment Sebastian got to the band of your underwear, he looked up towards you waiting for any sign of hesitation. But he didn't find any. He grabbed your underwear and pulled them down before taking them off.
Sebastian laid between your legs and slowly parted your legs, a low curse passing his lips, as he saw how wet you were for him.
"Holy fuck baby." Sebastian moaned, his hands gripping your thighs, before kissing along them slowly, "so perfect."
You felt your breath leave you as you moved up to your elbows and waited to for him. Sebastian looked up towards you through his lashes as his tongue pressed against you. The noise that came out of you was low and deep, your hands fisting the sheets beneath you as his tongue worked against you. His hand held your thigh down as your hips tried to work up against his mouth, Sebastian seemed to painfully teasing you as he moved to suck on your clit.
"Oh....oh, fuck Seb-bas...ah," You moaned nearly incoherent as you felt the need to cum build with each second that he was between your legs.
"Mmm, you taste so fucking good." Sebastian moaned, his beard glistening slightly with your arousal. That sight alone was almost enough to make you cum.
He moved from between your legs, smirking towards you, and you were then able to fully see his body. Sebastian watched your eyes rack over his body slowly, eyes darkening, before stopping at the bulge in his boxers. You sat up and moved to palm him through his underwear, causing him to make, and thrust towards your hand.
Suddenly you felt a need to have him in your mouth.
You pulled the boxers down quickly, before wrapping your hand around his base. He felt heavy in your hand, and your eyes widened at his size. Sebastian was larger and all you wanted was him in your mouth. Sebastian stayed on his knees as he looked down and watched you slowly lick his cock, from base to tip and sucking gently on his head. You moaned at the heady taste of his pre-cum against your tongue.
Sebastian moaned as he watched you with his hand moving down to fist your hair and slowly fuck your mouth. You felt perfect around him and he wanted to stay like that. But he knew that he had to be inside of you. So he enjoyed your mouth for a while, loving the small moans you were making them more and more you took him down your throat. He had to fight back the urge to cum down your throat any time you gagged.
You pulled his cock from your mouth with a small pop, stroking him as you looked up towards him. Sebastian wanted to capture that moment in his memory forever. You beneath him with your lips swollen, a string of spit between his cock and your mouth, with his precum at the corner of your mouth.
"Holy fuck," Sebastian moaned before moving you towards him and kissing you deeply. He didn't even care that he could taste himself.
Sebastian moved you up the bed more before hovering over you, settling between your legs as the two of you kissed. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders trying to pull you as close as you could to you. Sebastian pulled away for a moment, looking down and watching as he slowly thrust deep inside of you. The string of curses and incoherent words that passed the two of you
His forehead pressed against yours as he slowly moved deep inside of you. You moved your hands down to grip his tighs as you felt him stretching you. It was a mix of pleasure of pain that had you moaning for him. You'd never felt anything this good. Sebastian was thinking the same thing as he slowly pulled his hips back to sink back into you. You were so tight and wet around his cock, he feared that he wasn't going to last long.
Sebastian moved his hands along your arms, soon holding them above your head before he began to fuck you harder and deeper with each thrust. Hearing Sebastian moans in your ear had you clenching around him, turning you on more and more.
"Fuck me," You moaned, moving your hips up with his. "Harder, please."
Sebastian growled before releasing your hands and moving back to his knees. You nearly screamed as he grabbed your waist and began to fuck you harder. The bed rocked beneath you, a soft bang against the wall building up, as you both moaned louder and louder. Sebastian was grateful the guest room was on the other side of the hall, to not wake Madeline, with the screams coming from you.
"Yes! Yes! Yes," you moaned, feeling the need to cum coming over you. Your back arched and you reached down and scratched along his thighs as you came around him. Sebastian lost control as he watched you.
Feeling you tighten around him and pull him deeper into you as you came, he fucked into you with his cock deep inside of you before cumming. Your body trembled beneath him as he ground his hips into yours. The feeling of his pubes rubbing against your sensitive clit was enough to make you squirt slightly.
Sebastian felt weak for a moment and caught himself as he moved to lay against you, his chest against yours as you both slowly came down. Both of your bodies were slick with sweat as you laid together, enjoying the comfortable silence as the two of you panted.
Sebastian pulled away after a moment, moving some hair from your face before kissing you deeply. Your hands lazily moved along him before pulling back. You could feel the exhaustion starting to overtake your body.
"Wanna stay just like this," You whispered.
"Then why don't we?" Sebastian kissed along your collarbone, "Stay."
"Stay here?" You asked, he nodded his head and made a soft grunting noise.
"I don't want you to go, wanna have you right here," Sebastian spoke with his voice vibrating against your skin as he continued to kiss.
Sebastian moved from between your legs causing you to whimper softly from the loss. He moved towards the bathroom connected to the guest room before coming back with a warm cloth. You watched with sleepy eyes as he washed between your legs. He got rid of the cloth before moving back beside you, wrapping his arm around your body, and holding you tightly to his chest.
You couldn't stop the thought that was swimming around in your mind. "What about Lysia?"
"Don't worry about her," Sebastian spoke, his fingers moving along your back in a way that seemed to lull you to sleep. You could feel his voice vibrating in his chest as your head rested there. "I have been stuck in a loveless marriage for too long."
I will keep going if people want more from “The Nanny”, just send it in!  ~ Ever
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ilyangelbb · 8 hours ago
taking on dates
headcanons of: izuku midoriya, katsuki bakugo, shoto todoroki, and eijirou kirishima.
warnings: nothing much, just fluff.
my friend today told me she will getting her license soon, and I told her "I get back seat window of the diver" she ask why so specific I said "so I can look at yami" I love my her, platonically, I think she curse at me idk I don't get messages that often.
izuku "deku" midoriya
[ picnics ]
izuku was those sweet guys who made the plans.
he saw on tiktok so much about couples on picnic dates, and he truly wanted to that with you. it was late at night when he was up and running on a mile.
he walks to your room and knock on the door, he knows your sleeping schedule was crazy. " 'zuku what are you doing, aren't supposed to be sleeping?" you ask, he smiled.
"picnic, you and I tomorrow." you chuckled and nodded "what time? I have to go shopping with mina at four, her and the girls actually" you said yawning.
"perfect, because I was thinking 8 pm" he said, he actually wasn't questioning. you nodded and kiss his cheek "get to bed. goodnight babe" you said.
around the time of the date, he light some candles and place the food down on the picnic cloth. "momo.. she wanted it to be cottage core like. so help make this and oh and she actually made the cloth.. I didn't look I swear. " izuku mumble a bit. you smiled and kiss his lips "I know you didn't" he smiled and grab your hand as you two laid down and enjoy the stars. the bread was shared between the two and just enjoyed the night. after the date katsuki bullied you two for being quote "sick lovebirds."
katsuki "dynamite" bakugo
[ pool ]
since it was summer, you two just wanted cool down, mostly katsuki, due to his quirk relaying on his sweat.
he invites you to his family pool, he actually didn't want to because of his mom. "you know, we just ask mr. aizawa to swim at the training pool instead of my own." you rolled your eyes as you two got closer to his home "I'm begging you, we still have time it closes at five, it's only two in the afternoon, babe~" he whined on until you knock on the door.
his head hang low and just felt his body anger "oh hello dear, I'm bakugo's mom but you can call me and my husband Mitsuki and Masaru"
you two went in, you chatted with his parents until he throw both of you in. "kat, what the–" he kiss your lips. "shut up, swim before the old hag brings her camera" he said swimming away. you followed.
it was a peaceful day, you all ate outside and talk of course it was argument between the two hot heads, you still enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere with your boyfriend "so, when are you two gonna get married?" his mom ask, you smiled but bakugo had one thing on his mind, to kill.
shoto "shoto" todoroki
[ strolls ]
it was mid winter, his favorite time of the year, you were bundle up and holdings while walking through the busking community of the night.
he brought everything for you that made you smile, and then he bought you two cold soba, well for him mainly he knows you would rather eat warm food.
you two walk around, talk and laugh it quite for all he actually like spinning time with you, he knows that you know his hero work had to be first, but he really didn't mind having you on his side. "you keep staring at me.. do I have something on my face?" you ask, his dry humor didn't really phase at this point when he said "yeah eyes, nose like.. would you like me to go on?" you smack him of course.
"let's take a stroll back home, you're getting too funny for the streets. plus I just wanna cuddle" you said.
on the way there he bought more things. hey it was his turn with the credit card, and he'll do anything for you even if it's a very pricey bear that you quote "need to for the nights when you're not there"
eijirou "red riot" kirishima
[ fort nights ]
his room had manly stuff in there so there was no way a gentleman like him would let you build a fort in there.
he grab all his blankets and made it in three trips to your room, everyone wonder what were you two doing that need extra sheets.
mineta perverted self said he was little too deep in.
"okay I got this chair and my small couch and my broom oh here" you handed him your rack that usually hand your daily outfits. soon the makeshift house was completed with a opening that said "do not enter" your idea. you two laid down and started to cuddle "hey, do you think we'll start an agency together once we graduate?" he ask playing with you fingers you smiled at him.
"duh, my parents are letting me take over their agency, so you and I could run it" you said he smiled and kiss your head. "also, I think we should get married" you said he laugh and pulled you closer "we're still in highschool save that forever" he said kissing your head.
it got quiet, and soon the background music became louder with the just you two starring into one another eyes.
— I just want some soft moments
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ihopethisendswell · 10 hours ago
My Computer Is Terrible So I'm Stating My Story Ideas Here Part 10: The Part 2 of the other Part
So so so
Part 2 of the other part which is part 9 and this is part 10 so it's a sequel part
Okay okay okay
Here we go!
Going full ramble again! You have been warned!
So right now Leon, Sonia and Raihan aren't on the best terms after their Big Fight™
So except some back handed insults now and again.
And soon they get to the point where they're just tearing at each other
But not yet
That's for later :)
But they still have to co-op to together if they want to save their kingdom
So yeah they're pretty sour at the moment
They eventually reach the sea side where the ordered(?) a ship to reach to Eternatus. Cause it's on a isolated island
And the ship captain is none other than Nessa, the most feared captain of them all.
She takes after her cousin Archie
Yes I'm making them cousins in this Au fight me
She is often called The Siren given her beauty and deadliness
So why would she be the one to help a royal like Leon
Well she was the only one willing to go and Leon had to pay a lot to get her to cooperate so-
But you'll never guess who else is one the ship
Hop and co!
The only reason they're even on I'd because Piers is friends with Nessa
They go way back
So it's like a favour or something
Now Hop didn't know that Leon was going on this specific ship
So you could imagine the reunion
Leon isn't happy btw
Bede is being smug about it like " I told you so" but Marnie shuts him up
Piers tries to defend Hop which honestly cause Leon to relent
So now not only Sonia is with them, but now three teenagers and a thief( I decided to make Piers the head of a big thieves guild....and possibly former duke?)
Which is just so many casualties
This is the part where we really drive home that Leon has this unhealthy way of thinking that he has to take care of everything as king.
This as always been a thing, since his parents died and Rose ( unintentional or not) telling him that everything is on him, and only him.
He didn't even want Raihan to come since he feared how would get hurt or worse
But Raihan is a strong fighter, the best in the kingdom so he can count on him
But Sonia? Sonia quitted becoming a knight a long time ago. She may know the basics but she can't really hold her own
At least that what he thinks
And now his precious little brother is one the same ship with him plus Roses mentor and two thieves( though they do seem chill)
He can't risk them getting hurt. He can't
But we don't have time to unpack all of that!
Cause ya wanna know who else is on the ship? Alexis and co! Boom!
But they actually snuck on because they heard this ship was going where they needed to go to save Naomi and honesty they rather not pay so-
Sneaking it is! Though it's hard cause N is very tall and green hair is quite noticable
But they manage
Until Alexis hears Hop trying to explain why he's on the ship in the first place
And he mentions word of a girl named Naomi
Who is his cousin( I should mention that in Alexis' and Elliot's dream Naomi tells them her name for reference)
Tis triggers something in Alexis and causes his powers to go haywire
Causing him to expose himself and the other two
And everyone is about to attack him cause he's an intruder
And Elliot gets defensive cause " that's my brother you fuckers!"
And N is trying to calm the situation down ( as a means to not get anyone hurt and to atone for his actions as a former prince)
Then Leon is like " wait your the guy from the market!" And before Alexis can respond his powers end up sparking a lot which causes him to double over in pain
And by this point Elliot is panicking cause her brother could possibly die
N is trying to heal him but him alone isn't enough
Then Bede says he could help!
And it's revealed that the boy is half fae!!! Since his hair covered up his ears most of the time!!!
He was told to repress his fae side by Rose in fear of getting hurt( and that having a fae would cause some chaos that he can't control and Rose must have control over thingd to make sure things are good)
So Bede and N heal him, Bede being half fae REALLY helps
So much so that it seems that whenever Alexis uses his powers they don't hurt him as much as it did before
Which is cool and all but he can't really in a child forever that would be wrong
So for now it's a temporary solution
Now everyone is a bit calm now, minus the million questions that Hop and Sonia is asking Alexis
Eventually the two parties( Alexis and Hop) spill they're story and when Alexis confirms that Naomi is very much real Hop is overjoyed and is like " See!!! I told you!! I told you she was real!!!" And everyone rightfully apologizes to Hop
Honestly the revelation that Naomi is in fact real made is already terrible mental state worse cause that means he's been discouraging his little brother for so long and he starts going through what Alexis went through in game canon as " What if I was a better brother,"
And Nessa is over here a bit annoyed that there's a bunch more people than expected but Leon reassures her that they'll pay more and Sonia suggest that they'll work on the ship as well and Nessa ain't complaining to that!( Especially because one of them is a cute red head)
So now bonding time!
Leon, Raihan and Sonia still aren't on the best terms
In fact they've been avoiding each other a lot
They're all stubborn
Though they do miss each other a lot
Hop and Sonia bombard Alexis with questions that he honestly doesn't know the answer to
Elliot is a bit of flirt, flirting with both Nessa and Sonia
She managed to get Nessa flustered at some point and will never live it down
But then she notices that the two of them have a connection and she's like " oh I see" and she's not even mad about cause that just means she has more victims to tease endlessly
Which also somehow worked into them getting together but that's for later
Marnie forces to Bede and Hop to talk out they're issues cause she's grown tired of it, and they do and reach a better understanding of each other
Hop the tells them about Naomi and about his dreams
They take it the wrong way, because of course they do, but he assures them that he only see's her as a friend.
Marnie is shown to be the most curious about who Naomi is.
Raihan and Piers start to bond
Piers was a former duke of a failing/dying nation(? Idk what to call it) and had to resort to thievery the keep things a float. Hence meeting Nessa
He doesn't hate Leon by any means but is always ready to point out his privileged lifestyle before bonding with Leon himself as older brothers
He also bonds with Alexis and Elliot for their mutual love for music
This is where the shipping starts
Alexis and Leon haven't properly interacted before this point. It's mostly small talk
But! Leon has always been fascinated by Alexis, given his tendency to keep to himself and his curse
So one night on deck Leon wakes up( woke up from a nightmare of loosing everyone. Y'know. The usual) and was about to go back to bed when he hears singing
At first he thought it was Piers,as he's known to sing and they've all heard him sing before BUT!
When he listens closely he realizes that it's not Piers
So he goes out to investigate
And it's revealed to be Alexis!!!
And his voice is so beautiful!!!
It's a contrast to his speaking voice , while still quite, his singing voice is more softer and smooth.
His singing voice is much more sadder than his usual stoic monotone voice
And Leon is completely enamored.
Not to mention that Alexis isn't wearing his cloak that covers the majority his body, so this is the first time Leon has gotten a clear view of him and
The man is , mm, I would say infatuated. A small crush begins to form
Alexis' song is a sad one
He sings about the pain he's going through and how he wishes he didn't involve those he cares about
Which really spoke to Leon. Like a lot
Because parelles babeyyyy
But when Alexis notices Leon's snooping he calls him out, pretty embarrassed
Cause the only person he ever sang in front of is Elliot, Cheren, Bianca and his parents
So having Leon there, a stranger,is embarrassing
Not to mention that he's not very proud of his appearance via the curse
He's been called a monster by someone on the ship prior and while Nessa was quick to snap at that person it still took a blow to his already low self-confidence
Leon begs to differ but he doesn't know that, and even if he did it's more of a him thing that he needs to get over .
After a quick back and forth they end up talking and just....spilling everything
Alexis talks about his time as a chosen one, his battle with Ghetsis, his scar his curse, and especially his want to do this alone to protect others
While Leon talks about his fight with Raihan and Sonia, the disconnect between the three, how he feels like an awful older brother to Hop, the pressure if being a king after his parents, the guilt he feels for dragging everyone into this mess
Both of them don't know why they're saying this. They're both pretty secretive about how they truly feel, but it's incredibly late, and the two are in a vulnerable spot so it kinda just comes out
After a while they both go to bed with a strange but welcomed friendship!
I just wanna say, if I ever do write this, it's not gonna be entirely romance focused.
The ships will be there, but like, the amount of character set-up I did prior demands a lot more attention soooooo
Especially with Sonia, Raihan and Leon's whole conflict!
I hope I didn't misrepresent their characters here!
But yeah
This got very long very fast so part 3 is in order!
TDLR: Leon and Alexis needs a hug, and I feel like this is going to be a series within a series
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nyctophilla-nightmares · 16 hours ago
Hello! I wanna say I really liked Your Childe “Vile woman” fanfic! I wanna ask if you could a Yandere! Scaramouche x F! Fatui reader (Nsfw), like a hate fic like your Childe fanfic? I don't really know how to describe it any other way lol
Love your works. Stay safe and if you read this have a good day! :D
"To be loved yet hated"
Tumblr media
Warnings- heavy smut,toxic relationship,slight bondage,long fic,yandere,rape non-con,rough sex,porn with plot
Yandere sccaramouche x f! Reader
Tumblr media
Utter and sheer desperation is the exact word one would use to describe what y/n amaya was feeling as of right now.
The poor girl had tried everything in her power but that foolish door of the dungeon would not open.
The now fragile girl had been stripped off all her powers, her weapon her vision and her title of being the head of the amaya household in inazuma all because of that wretched man.
Scaramouche the 6th of the fatui harbingers.
Oh how greatly she despised him. What a traitor of a man he was. The man who had promised to always protect her had took everything utmost everything.
Being an inazuma citizen himself who held a vision he himself helped baal in the vision summit. He himself took every innocent person's vision he himself who had killed her entire family infront of her eyes all because they refused to give up there vision.
He himself who had locked her away in inazuma's deepest dungeons and gave her scraps of food to eat for the past 2 and a half weeks.
Oh how utterly broken and betrayed she felt.
Her head felt as if it was the heaviest thing in the world her now bony and fragile body felt as if it would break apart if someone was even to lightly touch her.
The entire world felt as if it was spinning around her poor amaya wanted to bang her head on the harsh iron walls and end it all.
But No.
She must'n she should keep herself together. She will not let her family death waste, no she will make it out alive and once she does.
She will kill him.
That vermin of a man who she used to call her fiance.
That wretched man who she had dreamed to spend her life with, the man she thought will become the father of her kids.
She felt as if she had shattered into a million pieces when she had witnessed him electricute her father and mother infront of Her, she felt as if her entire world was broken apart when he had harshly took away her vision and then had one of the fatui agents knock her out.
"Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?Why"
Oh she was going utterly inane, no food no human contact, no daylight , nothing.
Letting out hushed cries as she once again drowns into a restless sleep
Tumblr media
"My love~"
"Wake up I've come to retrieve you~"
Says the darkened figure as he unlocks the dungeon to now come and stand before her small figure whom is lost in sleep.
"Oh my! Look at how fragile you look I must get you back to our home as quick as possible!"
Quicky attempting at picking her up, y/n's eyes jolt open as she scrambles as soon as she recognises the owner of the hands that were trying to hold her.
"N-no! Don't touch me you Utter monster! "
Venom laces her tone as she looks up at him with both fear and hatred.
Completely taken aback he looks down at her with disbelief.
"Is this about me kiling your family?! Lord I knew it those fools forgot to brainwash you!"
Now she was the one who was looking at him with disbelief.
No how could He? Afterall he's done he wanted to brainwash her too? No no why? Why would he? He should've killed her too by now, why is he making her suffer.
"H-how could You?"
A broken voice erupts through her throats as she looks up at him.
"Oh my love no need to worst about unconditional things, come on give me your head I'll make all your pain go away"
Scaramouche's palms lit up with electro as he brings them up to her head.
Quickly thrashing her legs towards him she once again scrambles away.
"N-no! Don't touch me you monster!-"
"Shhh- love it'll be fine just let me-"
Yelling at the top of her lungs, she quickly attempts to go far back only to be harshly pulled back by her ankles.
Something snaps in scaramouche when the word hate escapes her lips, his eyes turning completely dark and lifeless as he harshly pull her towards him, pinning her down before getting on top of her.
"Oh so I am the monster Now?"
His crazed eyes staring down at her causing her to tremble in fear as she feels the little snaps of electricity from him.
"I gave you Protection I gave you a place to stay safe I kept you safe from baal all these weeks and I am the moster? You fucking ungrateful brat baal wanted me to kill off the entire amaya household yet I kept you alive and i am the monster?!"
Grabbing harshly at her hair he makes her teary gaze stay fixed on him.
"You know what fuck this, fuck it all I will not wipe up your memory I'll make sure you live with it all"
Grabbing both her hands and pinning them up her head he shreds off her clothing with no care in the world.
Her eyes going wide as she feels her world crash down once more.
"N-no no please baladeer! Don't do this- I beg-"
Shoving 2 fingures down her throat he look down at her as if she's the most wretched thing in all of teyvat.
"It's too late to beg,slut you asked for a monster no? I'll give you one and might as well fuck up a child into you so i can turn you into my pretty little wife once we get home"
Quicky removing his bottom clothing he looks down at her nude form before lining himself up her entrance as he hooks her weakened legs around his waist.
A flash of worry and pity going through his eyes as he gazes at her bony figure before his eyes filling down with lust at the thought of her belly swallowend with his child.
Y/n on the other hand was crying uncontrollably as she screams at him to let go of her.
Scaramouche giving no regard starts to slam inside her and using her all to his liking with the main thought of getting her pregnant.
"G-gah~! So fucking tight-!"
A blissful moan escape scaramouche as he slams into her while a bone chilling scream leaves y/n as she starts crying but to no avail scaramouche keeps on going.
"Oh shut it slut~! Let me do what I want"
Tumblr media
The word amaya means-meaningsJapanese : Night rain
Family name origins & meanings Spanish : habitational name, from the name of a mountain and an ancient city in the province of Burgos, probably derived from Basqueamai ‘end’ + the article suffix -a.Japanese : usually written with characters meaning ‘heavenly valley’. It is pronounced Amaya or Amagai in eastern Japan andAmatani in western Japan.
Imma sorry if the smut part is too short but i am writing this at 1:58 am and I have an exam tmr, so I gotta go bestie I hope you enjoyed it tho👁💧👄💧👁
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