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#this is the most cursed addition to this post
audikatia · a day ago
Hey I'm new to TRC fandom, only just finished reading CDTH and loved it. Having stumbled upon your funny posts about the fandom VS Maggie, I wanted to ask you what's happening, if the fandom creators are hostile to Maggie? Why? Hope I'm not bothering you. Have s nice day💜
Not bothering me at all, love!
There's a huge history with the fandom bullying Maggie. She used to be a fairly big presence on tumblr a few years ago, but people doxxed her and more or less forced her to put up better boundaries between herself and the fans. She archived her tumblr and seems to exist (social media wise) only on twitter and facebook. At first it was fine, she answered questions about what Disney characters the main characters would be, answered questions about cars, etc.
Then people got extremely invasive with her, asking very sexual questions about the characters (i.e., if Gansey goes down on Blue, is he at risk of dying because of the kiss curse?), asking her to defend everything her characters did (as though she had also committed the same crimes as Kavinsky, for instance), and eventually telling her she should kill herself. For obvious reasons, she left after that.
There has been some very valid criticism of her diversity before. When she wrote her Shiver series, there was criticism about race, classism, and lgbtqia+ representation. She then expanded her diversity in TRC to include more classism and lgbtqia+. She then extended it further in The Dreamer Trilogy with more POC representation and more lgbtqia+. She even started using sensitivity readers in addition to her editing (that's a new thing in the industry, I honestly don't know if they existed officially when TRC was being published, but I could be wrong). EDIT: All the Crooked Saints is an entirely POC cast, too. And her editor is David Leviathan.
There's still a lot of Maggie hate in the fandom, mostly from people who have issues with Gansey and are big into purity culture. But lately, there's just been a surge of superiority towards Maggie for reasons I can't totally fathom. I don't know if it's because there's a new book coming out and people are preemptively acting out because they are concerned that the book won't include every headcanon they've cultivated in the last year? Maybe it's because people have been having a lot of fun making their own work and are riding that high? Maybe because people just think their interpretations are the only correct interpretations and have trouble accepting other viewpoints that are contrary to their own? I honestly don't know. But there's just been a handful of posts lately about how Maggie's writing is terrible and how the fandom is so much better with their fanart and fanfiction and meta posts.
Don't get me wrong, there are some really incredible fanarts and fics. But collectively, the fandom is not as polished as Maggie. Writing is her literal job that she's been doing for longer than some of the fans have even been alive. She has way more experience than most of us have in this field and her writing, as a result, shows that. And that's fine that fandom creations are not as good! It's stuff made for free out of the love of people's hearts! It doesn't need to go through huge amounts of editing and polishing because none of us are getting paid for that! Make a goofy comic, make a silly fluffy fic! Have fun with it! It's what we're all doing to bring joy into our hearts. But yeah, it bothers me when people act like they're better than the author because, let's be real, that's just not the case.
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besteestores · 6 days ago
Rays Music shirt
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Rays Music shirt
Rays Music shirt .besteestores And God allows suffering and pain for that reason, and also because of the and I will buy this allowance for free will. All pain and suffering will be more than compensated for, many times over, after we pass on to the next stage of our eternal existence at the death of our physical bodies. To judge God harshly, based on our very limited time on earth, when weighed against our eternal nature, is shortsighted and incorrect, losing sight of the immense forest of beauty and abundance, based on the sighting of a few diseased trees within our very limited view of our short physical existence on this earth. All pain and suffering will be healed in the eternities and more than compensated for, many many times over. What some religions call “hell” is really a place that one chooses, based on choices given freely to them, as noted in my earlier comments. The meaning of “damnation” is much like a dam that holds water back. Such a one can choose to be held back from progressing and growing in wisdom, by barriers that one erects on one’s own, by choosing the lesser over the better. I don’t mean this in a smart mouthed way, but I encourage you to do some internet searching on Scientific Skepticism. It’s long and winding path, but following the science will answer this question for you. You are asking the right kind of question my friend. Why indeed would god punish us for something we were essentially made to be? It has just been discovered that our universe is so much larger than we thought, that we could compare the size of the universe we can observe, with our current technology, to an atom. So our known universe would be the size of an atom compared to the universe we have just discovered may be the case. There are already about a trillion galaxies in our known universe with an average of a trillion stars each. In addition to the galaxies, there are just as many stars that aren’t in galaxies. About half of the stars we are finding have planets, and many of those planets have moons that could support life. There are varying estimations of what percent of planets and moons could support life as we know it, but even if you assume a .00025 chance of finding a habitable planet, there are about 2 trillion times a trillion chances for a single star star to have a habitable planet.
Rays Music shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt
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Rays Music shirt .besteestores And if it’s true that our universe may actually be orders of magnitude bigger than our own universe, the and I will buy this odds of more intelligent species out there is staggering. And if you consider the universe as we know it has been around for billions of years, there has been a lot of time for things to happen. Most galaxies look pretty much identical to our own, and we have a very common star type and planetary system. If our known universe is the size of an atom compared to the size of the new model of the universe, and we are tiny little things within our known universe, think about how truly tiny we are for as seriously as we take ourselves. In this ginormously vast universe, I think there are a lot more things god would be interested in dealing with than deciding if you should go to hell or not. With the billions of people on this one planet alone, and all the countless animals and other intelligent species scattered throughout the known universe for the last 14 billion years or so, hell would be getting pretty crowded about now. Hell wasn’t created for man, it was for Satan and his cohort. Matthew 1 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Obviously, if they don’t want to obey, they will end up there not because God wants to, but because He is a God of principle. That’s why Jesus says in Mark 16:15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Allaah does not admit people to Paradise or Hell simply because He knows that they deserve that, rather He will admit them to Paradise or Hell on the basis of the deeds that they actually did in this world. If Allaah created mankind and put them in His Hell, they would soon argue that He did not test them or give them the chance to strive. Allaah wanted to refute this argument, so He created them in this world and gave them reason, and revealed His Books, and sent His Messengers; all of that is so that they will have no argument against Allaah on the Day of Resurrection. You Can See More Product:
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besteestores · 6 days ago
Sarcasm Is My First Language And Cursing Is Probably My Second T-shirt
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Sarcasm Is My First Language And Cursing Is Probably My Second T-shirt
Sarcasm Is My First Language And Cursing Is Probably My Second T-shirt .besteestores I guess I was really against all these vegan burger places because, well, it’s not really advancing the but in fact I love this dialogue of food. They’re just all making the same thing over and over again. But then I realized that I was just being snotty, and actually everybody wants to eat a really good burger. And that there was a way to advance the dialogue of food, which was by making a better burger.” Why do omnivores get to have burger places all over the country?” counters Cohen. “There are tons of regular burger places and people keep coming up with new regular burger places and people keep adding regular burgers to the market. There’s certainly room for lots more plant-based foods on the market. And we think we have a really different product.” Cohen doesn’t hold back on her opinions of the current veggie burgers on the market. “My experience of eating of veggie burgers has always been that if they’re soy based, then they hold together but they’re really chewy and they don’t have a great flavor. And if they’re like bean and mushroom based or whatever else, they’re really squishy. You end up with a pile of mush on a bun,” she says. Cohen insists her burger is better, and she might be right. In a recent tasting, Lekka’s burger was tender yet firm, juicy, and, perhaps most importantly, it had the taste of real flame-grilled goodness. This comes from actually grilling the patties, something a lot of plant-based burgers can’t stand up to. “Because we can grill it, we don’t have to rely on a lot of other flavors,” Cohen points out. So what exactly is in her plant-based, chemical-free burger? While Cohen won’t go into too much detail, she shares that there are about 14 easy-to-get ingredients, including salt, oil, flour, cannellini beans, chili peppers, and portobello mushrooms. The real secret, though, comes with the technique, something she learned during a workshop with Chinese food scholars where they tested Song dynasty recipes that dated back 900 years. There, she discovered yuguanfei, an ancient fake meat made with fried dough and red yeast rice, which provides the meat-like color. Cohen’s burger patty appears in five sandwiches, all of which are served on a housemade vegan Japanese-style milk bun. The basic Lekka Burger comes topped with ketchup, mustard, veganaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. Other variations include a “cheeseburger” (with vegan cheese) and veggie burgers topped with African chili pepper sauce or guacamole. In addition to the requisite side of fries (crinkly-cut in this case), Cohen also has salads and vegan milkshakes on the menu.
Sarcasm Is My First Language And Cursing Is Probably My Second T-shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt
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Sarcasm Is My First Language And Cursing Is Probably My Second T-shirt .besteestores This recipe is inspired by courgettes avec des arachides (French for ‘zucchini with peanuts’), a classic dish from the but in fact I love this north-central African country Chad,” says chef Bryant Terry of his oven-roasted zucchini recipe, a simple dish dressed up with the addition of collard-peanut pesto. Perfect to bring to any socially-distanced barbecues this summer, it’s just one of many innovative vegan offerings found in Terry’s new cookbook, Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes. Over the past few years, veganism has moved from a lifestyle choice firmly into the mainstream: in 2019, The Economist reported a quarter of 25 to 34-year-olds were either vegan or vegetarian. Disney World has over 400 plant-based menu options, and Burger King now serves the Impossible Whopper. Vegetable Kingdom, with its recipes heralding everything from peas to summer squashes to spinach, further cements the role of vegetables no longer as just the side dish, but as the main affair, too. Yet, Vegetable Kingdom also champions a rich variety of global cuisines: Terry, the chef-in-residence at San Francisco’s MoAD, emphasizes ingredients and cooking styles of the African diaspora, whereas his wife, Jidian Terry Koon, does so with a variety of Asian flavors, from Chinese to Vietnamese. Kingdom reflects those culinary cultures, and many more—Terry notes that fennel, a hearty Mediterranean vegetable, sparked the inspiration for this book. Make the zucchini: Preheat the oven to 450°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. In a large bowl, toss the zucchini with the olive oil and salt, then spread the zucchini over the baking sheet in one even layer. Roast until the zucchini is brown around the edges, 18 to 20 minutes. To serve, transfer the zucchini to a bowl and give it a few turns of pepper. Next, drop in a few heaping dollops of pesto so that people can scoop as much as they’d like when serving themselves, adding more pesto to the bowl as needed. Pile the peanuts in a small serving bowl and present alongside the zucchini. Make the pesto: In a food processor, combine the collards, peanuts, miso, and garlic and blend until it forms a chunky paste. While the food processor is running, slowly pour in the olive oil through the feed tube, adding more if needed to reach your desired consistency. Season with salt, pepper, and additional lemon juice to taste. Set aside. You Can See More Product:
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kirimedeku96 · 8 days ago
Hi, I’m called Trudy and I wanted to start a little game called this or that BNHA addition! Now I’m going to give you 10 questions, and you have to answer which one you choose and explain why you chose that answer. For example: Uraraka or Momo! You chose Momo, and then give a quick or descriptive reason for why you chose her! So here we go!
Hero or villain?
All Might or Endeavor? (As number one)
Class 1A or 1B?
Deku or Mirio?
Bakugou or Todoroki?
Bakusquad or Dekusquad?
TodoDeku or BakuDeku?
Dad for one theory or Bak-U-go theory?
Quirkless Deku or Deku with quirk?
Lastly villain Deku or hero Deku?
Of course I’m looking forward to your answers, but I would also love for other’s to take part in this game! Just one rule: Be respectful and kind to each other!
Hi anon also known as Trudy 😊 I love it, I love doing small games like this! I will answer them all as best I can!
Hero or Villain? 🤔 I would have to say the villains, like Dabi and Shiggy both peek my interest and I just love them! I also don’t really like many Pro heroes, like literally only Fatgum and Aizawa are the Pro heroes I like! However, I do adore the hero students!
All Might or Endeavor? (As number one) I don’t even have to think on this one, All Might all the way! He may have caused some flaws in hero society, but he genuinely wanted to help people and wasn’t actually number one because he wanted to be number one! He just wanted to make the world a better place!
Class 1A or 1B? Class 1A, I like 1B but class 1A is where it’s at and given that most of my favourite characters are in class 1A it’s wise to choose them!
Deku or Mirio? Deku for the win! he’s one of my favourite characters, and I like Mirio but he doesn’t beat Deku in my opinion!
Bakusquad or Dekusquad? I don’t know, I feel like Bakusquad would be so fun to hang out with! Given that it’s got Mina, Kirishima and Denki in it but knowing me I’m too shy! So I would probably end up with the Dekusquad! So I’m going to have to say the Dekusquad!
Bakugou or Todoroki? 😭 I love both of them! However, I will choose Todoroki because two Todoroki members make it into my top five but do not be mistaken Bakugou is close to my heart too!
TodoDeku or BakuDeku? I like both of them, but BakuDeku more the development between them is awesome! I love it, and can’t wait to see what their relationship becomes like at the end of the manga!
Dad for one theory or Bak-U-go theory? Neither, I dislike both of these theories so much! I admittedly hate the Bak-U-go theory the most, but I’m 99% sure that this theory has been debunked!
Quirkless Deku or Deku with quirk? I think Deku is cool with his quirk, but I feel like but would have been awesome too to see him become a quirkless hero. You know like to defy the odds, but I do like him how he is now with a quirk! However, I hope that at the end of the manga, he loses OFA because I’m sorry but I feel like this quirk is more a curse than a flaming gift!
Lastly Villain Deku or Hero Deku? You know what? both! Because I love Deku and I think he’s well on the road to becoming a great hero, and I love that he’s accomplishing his dreams. However, I can’t help but love the thought of a villain Deku, like what would he have been like as a villain? How would the story go if he was a villain? I guess we’ll only know what he would be like as a villain, through fan fics and our own imaginations!
Thank you for this I actually had fun filling this in, I love getting fun questions like this! So, as you’d like others to give their answer, I start the ball rolling a bit! Please BNHA if you’d like to take part in this game, re-blog my post with your answers to these questions!
I’m also going to tag tag a few of my mutuals on here - @latuuart @purplemys @sugarhoticetea22 @tcuya @fudgecakemaybe22 and of course anyone else can take part in this game!
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the-spindly-lady-faith · 12 days ago
Three Musketeers [Stucky]
Tumblr media
warnings: cursing, alcohol consumption, nightmares/night terrors, slight smut, over working, degrading, slight smut
author: i am so soft for soulmate au's man, they give a feeling of comfort. also, if you want, you can send me requests for stories & if you don't want a (Y/N) story, you can include a description of yourself or a character but it may take me a while because i just forget shit. also this is literally my first time writing a fanfic & posting it in one go.
word count: 1349
Tumblr media
"It's your own fucking fault"
"They don't love you, they never did & never will"
"You're worth nothing really"
"Just leave, they wouldn't miss you"
The voices plagued my brain, peeling at every insecurity I didn't even know I had until now. These voices seemed so familiar yet I didn't know them in the slightest bit as I felt trapped in my own mind, feeling as though nothing was worth while anymore.
The two men who were bound to me by the world as I was bound to them, I felt like they truly didn't need, love, or want me. They were all I had & at the same time, I felt like I was losing them & it hurt me to my core.
Tumblr media
I shot up in bed of the king sized mattress, gripping my blanket to my chest, sweat sticking to my hairline as I panted, staring out the big ceiling-to-floor window that lead out to a balcony, the midnight sky, cascading its soft, dark glow in the room with the pale blue of the moon dancing in the sky amongst the many stars.
I looked over my shoulder at my two beloved men who embraced each other closely in sleep, noses nearly touching as I softly smiled but felt a pang of sadness in my heart. This seemed to be the hard part of the relationship for me. There so much love between the three of us, there was no doubt of it but sometimes, it felt as if there was a lack of love from them but I had not much room to talk. They'd known each other for decades, I was just a small addition.
I quietly slipped out of soft bed, my blanket falling to the floor behind me as I put on a hoodie, grabbed my laptop & slipped myself out of the room & to the kitchen as flicked the overhead island light on.
Tumblr media
I turned over in my sleep, expecting my arm to rest gently over (Y/N)'s waist but met the cold mattress & crinkled sheets as I slowly sat up, seeing her one blanket on the ground as I threw my legs over the side of the bed, seemingly alerting Steve awake as he groaned tiredly "Is something wrong?" He mumbled out through his sleep, rubbing at his eyes.
I gently picked up the soft blanket from the floor & placing it on her pillow with a soft sigh as I got up to check the bathroom & our shared walk-in closet to find both empty as Steve put his hand on my shoulder, alerting me of his presence as I turn to meet his tired gaze "She's still in the tower okay? Let's go check" I simply nod as we both travel from the room towards the kitchen.
My head buzzed, my cheeks warm as I glanced at the empty cans & bottles of various different alcohol's as I typed away on my computer, writing whatever my mind would think of. I gently ran my hand over my face with a heavy sigh, downing the last of another beer bottle as two pair of heavy feet startled me from my focused drunk daze.
"Doll... what are you doing?" Bucky questioned with a tone of sadness in the back of his question as I just stared at the writing on my computer "Most likely drinking myself half to death out of the fact I had another night terror" The two male figures let out paired sad sighs, approaching me as Bucky began clearing all the cans & bottles into the trash can as Steve sat beside me, closing my laptop & taking my small hand in his.
"Talk to us. Why didn't you wake us? What was it about?" I sighed, thinking it all over for a moment, Bucky occasionally throwing pitiful glances at us. "I was out of it, I wasn't thinking & I was tired. These voices keep fucking plaguing me, saying I'm not worth anything & just so much more & it got me thinking..." It went dead quiet except the light breeze, the occasional car rushing down below & crickets.
"Thinking 'bout what doll..?" Bucky's voice hurt from my own hurt as I slowly layed my head on the cold marble top with a heavy sigh "How you've both know each other for decades upon decades & I'm just something new in this whole thing. How the love is one sided on my part, I give too much & don't get anything in return. It pains me because I can't shake the-" Steve came to quickly interrupt me.
"I don't know what your mind tells you but it isn't true. Your love isn't one-sided & I know it may feel like that but it isn't. Yes, we've known each other for our whole lives but that doesn't make you any different love. Sometimes, a small amount of time is all that we need to have the feel we've known you forever & even lives before this one."
A glass of water was slid infront of me with pain killers aside the glass as Bucky's fingers gently gripped my chin & made our eyes meet as his eyes were nothing but love, empathy & sadness. "Doll, you are our world & without you, we'd both probably be hurt or dead. You have brains, that have saved not just us but the Avengers & even the world. Drink up, save yourself a bit from the morning hangover"
My hands gently cradled the small glass infront of me, staring into it as the presence of the two men comforted me greatly as I slowly swallowed the pills & finished off the water, already feeling just a bit better. A few moments of comforting silence go by until I lose it & break down into tears, crumbling like a wet piece of paper in the hands of a child.
"Why me? Why do I get to suffer like this?" My body sagged into the bar stool & shook with my shaky inhales of breaths as I felt Bucky's head gently on my back as Steve's hand rubbed small circles on my lower back as I sobbed & sobbed. My hands held my head up, the balls of my hand digging gently into my eyes as I flick the tears away.
Soon, we're all back in bed, Steve's lips gently attacking mine as Bucky's lips nip, lick, & bite at my neck, squeezing soft moans from me. Steve's lips leave my quickly, peeling the hoodie from my body as he resumes the kisses which trail to my jaw & the front of my neck as I feel Bucky's hands slowly slide down my sides, resting on my ass & gently gripping at them, making me whimper & moan.
Steve's lips smirk gently against my skin as he nips the front of my neck, leaving hickies & love bites, claiming me as his own, a guttural growl came from Bucky's throat as he bites the sweet spot on the side of my neck, a loud moan slipping through my lips.
Tumblr media
The three of us lay in bed, naked, together with me between the two sleeping soldiers as the morning light streams through, dancing over our skin as I carefully sit up, Steve's arm gently slipping from my side as I wrap my blanket around my body & carefully slip out of the bed, approaching the giant glass wall, staring out at the rising sun for a moment before moving into the bathroom to clean myself up.
It was a lonely silence as the water from the shower head beats down gently on my skin until a gentle but cold metal hand wraps around my bare waist, scratchy stubble on my shoulder as I turn my head over a bit to smile at the man behind me as I turn, taking his lips gently in mine.
The two of us eventually wander into the kitchen together, everyone there in a happy unison as I felt as peace, the plaguing midnight thoughts from earlier gone as I looked around & saw family. I was happy & safe. Most of all, I was home.
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big-blog-of-cheese-day · 18 days ago
Top 5 characters? From anywhere lol
MAN! What was I thinking posting this I have such a hard time making decisions. This is going to be a combination of both personal favourites and characters I think are really well written, even if they aren’t my actual favourite
1. Zuko from Avatar The Last Airbender. Hot diggity. His arc is one of the greatest just like, ever. Full Stop. Need I say more.
2. Sam Seaborn from The West Wing. This was tight, between him and Josh, but honestly I just enjoy it when Sam is on screen more. He’s kind, he’s funny, he’s charming, and every now and again he’s a complete fool, and I relate to that.
3. Hawkeye Pierce/Margaret Houlihan from M*A*S*H. I’m lumping these two together because they are both recent additions to my favourite characters, from the same show, and kinda depend on each other to be as good as they are. They both have far more nuance and character depth than you would imagine at first glance.
4. Commodore Norrington from Pirates Of The Caribbean. Specifically, in The Curse of the Black Pearl. Legitimately probably one of the best examples of an ACTUAL lawful good character. Honestly I could go off on how much I think he’s great in a whole other post, but basically, he both sticks to his principles, does everything in his power for the people he loves, is willing to sacrifice his own personal benefits for the life of others, all while kinda technically being a pseudo-antagonist.
5. Marta Cabrera from Knives Out. She is a supernaturally good person, but not to the point of being walked over by other people. This is like, a thing you basically never see. But it’s also not her character arc to learn to stick up for herself like most stories like her’s. The narrative actively rewards her for being a good person, but she’s always shown to be someone who will look out for herself as well. I want to see more people like her, in fiction and real life.
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ch1giri · 19 days ago
Crimson apple
Eita Otoya x reader
Genre: Angst
Additional tags: Unrequited love, friends to nothing. Eita has attachment issues
Warnings: cursing
Word count: 1k
Note: I have a confession to make... I absolutely love writing angst. I know this is very different from my usual works but I couldn't hold myself back lol. Also don't worry guys I'm finishing up all of my requests I haven't forgotten ♡ thank you for being so patient ♡♡♡ I'm probably gonna edit this in the morning, I was so excited when I finally finished it I just couldn't wait to post it
Tumblr media
The act of chasing someone you can't have, was always the biggest display of love mixed with tragedy. That writers wrote to express the double edged sword of what we considered to be the most beautiful feeling. And that was Eita's story, but he didn't do it out of love, he just liked the chase. The mere thought of having someone he couldn't have, just for them to turn boring and for him to treat like an old toy he didn't want to play with once he got his hands on it. And here you were, his best friend, in his eyes you were like the perfect crimson apple hanging from the tree. And he has been chasing it for years. Every time he thought he finally got close to it, his fingers touching the skin, your curse of "friendship" would shoot him far away from the tree losing his sight of it. Having to run back to it like a madman with the path already memorized.
"Eita, you idiot are you even listening?"
"Yeah." What a dry answer, how dare he disrespect your time again. "I can't believe you! I pour my time and patience to help you study and you can't even show a little respect by listening!?" Anger. You felt anger but only because you loved him, you want to see him succeed and for once get a good grade. Eita can't sacrifice his life for soccer, that's not a stable career and you won't let him throw away his future like it's just a fragile feather that flows with the wind. "I was listening tho." Distant, like he was already drifting in his own world again. Sometimes you wonder what's always walking through his mind, it's not like there is a race in his head. Just some thoughts slowly stomping with heavy boots.
Now back on your little slip up, it was indeed love. Loving him more than a brother, more than a friend, but you would never let him know that. Eita would fade away like a ghost taking all of the memories the two of you shared. And how tragic would that be? Just a flicker of that though made you scared.
Don't sacrifice that friendship became the only thing that filled your head. Every time he would tease you, leaning slowly looking at your lips. Holding you in his arms close as a greeting, letting you indulge in the smell of his cologne.
Don't sacrifice that friendship
"Okay then, tell me what's the last thing I said?" Lifting your eyebrow, crossing your hands and slowly leaning back waiting for his answer.
"I can't believe you! I pour my time and patience to help you study and you can't even show a little respect by listening!?" The boy pitched up his voice in an attempt to mimic you. He did a horrible job really, but he did succeed at melting your sassy expression and turning your voice into a symphony of laughs. The only one who had the magic to do that was him, Eita, the one who was meant to be, but at the same time wasn't. "Whatever. Just, please pay attention from now. If you get another bad grade you won't pass English." He couldn't care less, Eita knew that he could just cheat of you, get a D and call it a day, who cares about school anyway? Apart from you, his perfect crimson apple, most of the kids just wanted to get it over with, their brains too filled with their own problems, let alone dealing with overbearing teachers and piles of schoolwork.
"Eita, let's take a short break." You brought in some chocolate chip cookies and drinks. Happily munching away you enjoyed the comfortable silence. Those were rare with him, Eita always liked some action, never the one who stayed for that long, always on the move. And certainly not the type to back away from a challenge. The only challenge he couldn't conquer, was you. Yet suddenly like rain on a sunny day, he saw his chance. You had some chocolate on your lips, you seemed cheerful enough. Chocolate always works on you, no matter how bad he messes up. Chocolate is always there to clean up his act. Besides he always knew you liked him. It was clear from the start, the way your eyes always lingered on his lips. How he can oh so easily manage to make you flustered, break your character and forget time and space. And of course how easy you were to forgive him. Both of you were seated on the floor, and you still haven't noticed the small piece of chocolate. So Eita leaned in, using your position to his advantage. Only a smidge of air between your noses, he looked into your eyes, as his lips slowly start to form a small smirk.
Now he was closer than ever to that tree
Why? Why is he suddenly so close? You could feel your head spin. The question that wanted to escape from the cage of your mouth is desperately trying to claw its way out.
The only thing on your mind was a song that could never really leave your head:
Don't sacrifice that friendship
He still didn't move, still didn't let his voice be heard. Eita enjoyed watching you panic like a deer cought in the headlights, you looked so cute under his little spell. Enjoyed being so damn close to that tree, practically touching the lone crimson apple. Inching closer to your lips if that was even possible.
Oh god how can you resist him? How were you even able to lie to yourself that you felt like just being his friend was good enough. You want him more than anything, you want to be his shoulder to cry on. To be the only one cheering him on without having someone random he was occasionally flirts with next to you. To be the only one for him, to get to see him in a black tux waiting for you, and nobody else. You could practically hear the wedding bells chime when it happened.
Eita Otoya kissed you, and after years of holding back, closing your eyes, you kissed him back. Does that mean that he loves you? That he was holding back too? Does this kiss mean that you will finally become his one and only?
With the apple in his hands at last, Eita was ready to just pluck it, like a farmer that eats the best apple he can find as a reward after a hard day of labour.
Surprisingly you were the one who broke the kiss, and after what seemed like an eternity the chains that were binding your voice broke lose freeing you to speak up.
He managed to snatch the juicy, crimson apple hearing the satisfying break from the branch. Some leafs falling in the process.
Not wanting to hesitate in this perfect moment, mixed with the fact that blood was rushing to your head so fast it made you dizzy. A confession burst from your lips. As you poured your heart out, the only thing on his mind was the apple he just tore from the tree.
"I really like you, Eita!"
What was this? He looked shocked, the apple, that crimson apple suddenly started to lose its color
"No no no. Like isn't strong enough, fuck it."
Taking a deep breath, like butterflys, you let your emotions fly out in the open
"Eita Otoya, I love you! I loved you for so long."
The apple he was chasing for for years now, is completely rotting in his hands, slowly shrinking into nothingness.
You sacrificed that friendship
"Eita, say something...please." He didn't let out a peep, standing there completely dumbfounded. The perfect crimson apple no longer in his hands, gone forever. And the tree never to produce another batch again. What now? With the tree being bare now and his apple disappearing, you were the only thing left. In the end you were the fruit of his labour
How boring.
The chase is over and he just realised how tired he was from running. The payoff was you, and he thinks it's not enough. Nothing is good enough for him, nothing will ever be good enough. Oh how bumped out did he feel.
"Y/n I have to go home." It was the first thing he said after the kiss Eita himself initiated. He forgot why in the first place. Eita packed his stuff as fast as he could, acting like you just didn't proclaim your love. "I'll see you around." With that he left you alone, to cry in silence and wither in your sorrow.
You sacrificed that friendship
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oh my god
"The painting is a fantastical vision of hell, painted in the 11th century. It depicts a number of effigies, most of them of demons, with the heads of various devils chained to their feet. The painting depicts hell as a place of torment and terror. The effigies are displayed in a vast building, which is divided into several parts by enormous doors. The effigies are covered in foul miasma, and many of them appear to be suffering from infection or some other malady. All of the heads appear swollen and twisted, and many of them appear to be unconscious or dead.
The painting portrays hell as a place of extreme punishment. In addition to the effigies, there are also large numbers of dead bodies, either skeletons or victims from cursed hunts. The bodies are covered in numerous wounds, which have been inflicted in a cruel manner. A number of them appear to be tortured to death. Their tortured screams echo in the cavernous space, which is constantly filled with smoke.
The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment. The painting portrays hell as a place of extreme punishment. The painting portrays hell as a place of extreme punishment. The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment. The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment. The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of extreme punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of"
The painting shows hell as a place of punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of punishment.
The painting shows hell as a place of punishment."
I'm making this up, but I don't think it's false, or deceptively so.
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Harry Potter and the Cursed World
Harry Potter and the Cursed World by hpnottheprinter
Harry Potter defeated Voldemort and the Wizarding World ushered in an era of post-war bliss. Now he's a skilled Auror in a Ministry that's becoming fanatically anti-pure blood and also trying to fight a mysterious rise in crimes of Dark Magic. And he's a father. And it's his second son that's starting to unearth some truths about himself that Harry really would rather keep buried. Age doesn't make certain scars fade-that takes growth- and out of all the challenges currently in his life, the one the scares him the most is that he might no longer be the hero he was at seventeen.
Set to the POV of many characters but mostly Harry/Albus.
Words: 20168, Chapters: 7/?, Language: English
Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Thorne & Rowling
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, Lily Luna Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Scorpius Malfoy, Minerva McGonagall
Relationships: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, Astoria Greengrass/Draco Malfoy
Additional Tags: Harry Potter Next Generation
Read Here:
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