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#this is the best thing to have ever been created in our fandom meme-wise
cloudchaser2000 · 4 months ago
Jumping right onto the mutual mass tagging bandwagon and doing the
Questions to get to know you a little better!
I’ve got a backlog of drawings to do, so have a festive photo of me under the cut, instead!
(In case you wanted to picture me as someone other than my Salacia icon).
Tumblr media
You know? It's dead, and then you humiliate it even further by hanging ornaments all over it like "*riff* you."
1. What do you prefer to be called name wise? Cloudy, Cloudchaser, or Paradise works fine :)
2. When is your birthday? June 29th 🦀
3. Where do you live? The middle of the UK
4. Three things I am doing right now? Eating Caesar salad while doodling panels for the 4 character memes I received 
5. Four fandoms that have piqued my interest: Metalocalypse (the only one I’ve contributed/made content for - I love it), Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XV, and Devil May Cry (best memes)
6. How has the pandemic been treating you? The Bad: I’ve been in pre-reg purgatory & therefore unable to fully immerse myself in my creative projects.  The Good: It’s helped me take some time for myself and get back on the creative train, after a 5 year dry spell. Doing embroidery, drawing, and writing has brought that spice into my life - and Kloktober (once again, big ol’ shoutout to @lampmeeting for organising it), was that key push for me to see that yeah. I’m back, baby. I’ve loved getting back into creating & interacting with MTL fans posts, you guys are seriously amazing, I’ve met so many great people on here (heck, even the lovely starry mask in that pic was kindly gifted to me by @coldethyl75​ ! :D)
7. Song(s) I can’t stop listening to: Freedom: the Wolves Within - Epica
#Chooose...between hungry wooooolves... Between lies and truuuuths....#
It’s about the Native American tale of the two wolves, portraying the good and evil that lives within us.
I’m a big fan of combining operatic vocals with Deth metal growls.
8. Recommend a movie: I know it’s a fluffy family film made for kids but, Disney’s Tangled is one of my all-time favourite movies. Just a perfectly paced and structured story.
9. How old are you? 28
10. School, university, occupation? I graduated with a Masters of Pharmacy 3 years ago, but that degree doesn’t mean jack until I take one last qualification exam that needs to be passed at an A. So, still currently a pre-reg until then.
11. Do you prefer heat or cold? Can we get somewhere in the middle? :3 Although, the cold makes for great n’ cozy writing moments.
12. Name one fact others may not know about you? I’m Persian (with Christian ancestors), born in Cyprus, and moved to the UK when I was 2. I was fluent in both Farsi and Turkish, but forgot everything I knew about Turkish when I learnt English.
13. Are you shy? Depends what situation I’m in. When I’m hanging out with friends/ know my stuff academically, I’m pretty chill/ spunky. But when I don’t know my stuff (during ‘bad days’ at work/ talking with people (e.g. ‘higher-ups’) who I can’t mess up with), I get out of character and nervous and, yeah, shy.
14. Preferred pronouns: She/her
15. Biggest pet peeves: People/governments forcing their ideals onto others (telling you what you can/can’t wear, for example), people taking out their bad feelings on those who they see as weaker targets, and noisy neighbours (my old neighbour would host house parties every day from 9-5am. Every day for 2 Years).
16. What is your favorite “dere” type? 
Either Deredere or Kuudere.
Tumblr media
The Deredere - friendly & kind to everyone and makes sure their love interest knows it. 
Tumblr media
The Kuudere - quiet, cold and cynical. Rarely shows a caring side, even to their love interest. They don’t really care what happens to everyone else including their love interest on the outside, but care on the inside.
17. Rate your life 1-10? It’s sitting at a fair-ish 6 right now. But I’m hoping it’ll jump up a couple numbers after March’s exam. If not, I’ll bloody well make it happen. >:T
18. What is your main blog? This one est. June 2012.
19. List all your side blogs and what they’re for:
I became a co-mod around October 2014 (wow, seems like yesterday~!), and since ~Feb 2015, I’ve been maintaining it ever since - whether it’s for breaking news or the odd lil’ Facebones announcements.
Tumblr media
My Aesthetic blog - Lake in the Moonlight
I love the colour blue, along with this starry, dreamlike, nautical aesthetic.
Tumblr media
There’s also generalcroziercroaks 
Tumblr media
Funny story with this one: @generalcrozier​ and I were talking with some pals on Skype about predictions for S5, and it turned into us bantering about how our favourites are going to get annihilated by the bad guys. Which...resulted me in making this blog, which I was saving for when the episode premiers and then spamming screenshots of said character [possibly inevitably?] dying. Simpler times.
I think they made a blog called charlesofdensenisfuckingdead, so that makes it about even.
And now I’ve been gifted the privilege of being the owner of this blog: christmastreescenemetalocalypse  (many thanks to the previous mod, cheers)
It’s...literally just the Dethmas tree scene and it’s various reposts, over and over again??
And yes, tagging all who want to/ haven’t done this already!
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rantaire · 5 months ago
i’ve watched approximately 4 episodes of supernatural but when you live on tumblr for years you are always spn-adjacent. we have no choice but to absorb it by osmosis because it’s just that massive. i feel like i know a lot about the show from fandom, and many of my fandom friends were in it at some point. i also work in entertainment media so i’ve been tracking all the updates in its final year. and i have to say that even after years of disappointments from movies and tv, this one seems particularly egregious? 
here’s the thing. there’s so often a divide between the fever-dream of shipping and what we actually get in canon. and we know this. we’re not stupid, or gullible. people in fandom engage with the narrative on a level most critics could never dream.
even though many of us recognize that our beloved ships from giant properties won’t go canon because they are embedded in giant global blockbusters created by megacorporations, in recent years there seems to also be a trend of bad endings that not only work to crush these ships but make for awful storytelling and act dismissive of their own canon. and I’m tired of it.
maybe steve/bucky would never happen, but steve abandoning his traumatized best friend that he’d fought actual wars for in order to go back in time for a woman who moved on with her life without him? crap. star wars not even attempting finnpoe despite the actors’ encouragement, and giving poe a random half-assed love interest because, oh look, a girl? we can be angry about these things, and we can and should demand better and broader representation. if nothing else, at least tell a better story.
why spn’s finale feels so unsettling to me as a non-fan is that even i came to believe the tide might be turning, just a little bit. fandom is more mainstream and recognized than ever. our ships and our transformative works are discussed in big media outlets. actors and creatives acknowledge fic and retweet fanart. actors and creatives acknowledge how vital it is for people to see themselves reflected and represented in media. and it seemed to me, as a sideline observer, that supernatural appreciated its fanbase and understood how important dean and castiel’s relationship was, and how beloved castiel was as a character on his own. to have him not appear in the last episode at all is unconscionable to me, and i have never seen him in an episode! this is how much impact the character had that’s filtered down.
i watched the reactions a few weeks ago of mixed euphoria and dismay after castiel’s love confession and subsequent disappearance into “super hell.” that didn’t seem great, message-wise, but it was a step that felt significant, it meant a lot to many people, and it probably would not have happened without fandom and their tireless cheerleading and enthusiasm. it seemed like maybe they were really building to something.
and so even though i knew in my dead withered critic’s heart of hearts that we wouldn’t be getting a destiel kiss, i thought that spn might be brave enough to give their fans a final gift—a thanks for everything. have dean and cas drive off in that damned car whose name i know because i live on tumblr. end with them smiling at each other. something. i know the pandemic came into play, but other actors appeared, and even castiel’s voice could have been literally phoned in.
instead, from the anger and pain and incredulous memes i’m seeing from people across social media, it appears that what the show delivered was an ending so unfitting it was like a parody of an end. they threw the baby out with the bathwater. it’s incredibly disappointing, and it feels cowardly to me. you don’t have to make a ship canon just to appease fandom. but your fans deserve a better story for their characters after fifteen years. 
spn was uniquely positioned because it’s old as balls. most of the people still watching have seen it all and would have been up for anything good. the creatives could have done pretty much whatever they wanted. this isn’t a case of disney or international censors breathing down their neck. instead, they appear to have taken the easy way out of a lackluster finale written by folks who probably high-fived themselves for poignancy and half-assed twists and got paid more money than any of us will ever see for it. that’s boring, and it’s passé, and it didn’t have to be this way.
sometimes a property like she-ra can swoop in and save the day by delivering what fans want most. but she-ra was also made by people who came out of and understood fandom culture and just how much representation means to people. how much emotional investment and time and energy we’ve put into characters and their lives. why they matter. and it should stand as an example of what to do next.
if there’s a takeaway for all of this, it’s that we can’t and shouldn’t trust “mainstream” productions to do anything that we want in terms of representation. even if they’re uniquely positioned. even if they tease. even if they say they understand. even if they say they’ll do better next time. they’ll keep throwing pieces of bones, but they will almost always keep disappointing us. and they’re not even creating good art along the way. i know a dozen spn fic writers who could’ve written a vastly better ending to the show and i’m sure there are thousands. 
we need to create the stories we want to see. in fic and fanart and transformative works, yes, but also (and i say this to myself as well), write that book. write that script. draw your graphic novel. film a movie in your backyard tomorrow because it sounds like anything we produce right now will be more inspired and more important to each other than the scraps we get from distant studios who are only vaguely aware that we’re alive and buying their merchandise. and i want to buy your books, watch your scripts, frame your art. i want to be able to invest in the stories we want to see told.
i love what we make for each other, and we should keep doing that, more furiously than ever. and if you want to, if you dream of it, you should push to create on a broader scale. you already know that you’re a better creative than a lot of people who are generating the “hits.” i can’t wait to see what you make. and fuck supernatural’s finale.
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nomseok · 8 months ago
Blogiversary  🌠
Tumblr media
it’s officially a year since ive created this blog! during that time, ive written over 300k of words, gained an extensive amount of people who follow me, and made great friends along the way. without them and without you all, i wouldn’t be here. i wouldn’t be the person i am today, and who knows? maybe ill be here for awhile hehe! and since this is my first year of being in the tumblr bts fandom, i would just like to say that ive been welcomed with open arms, and i couldn’t ask for anything more. under the cut i have some special mentions (i would tag every single person but unfortunately my memory is terrible pls excuse me loll.
full warning, i am going to stop writing at the end of this year, december 31 to be exact HAHA. ngl, i loved every moment of writing here, i loved how writing brought me a community of friends that i cherish and will forever keep in contact with. but that being said, ill start to gif more! my blog will continue to be active, but instead of writing, graphics will be my main focus hehe. thank u all for supporting me for so long, i’ll forever be grateful for the audience that i’ve gained. 🌠
first and foremost, my lovely friend @floralsuga who introduced me and helped me join the tumblr community, as well as showing me what a true friend is. if im being honest, i wouldn’t even be here anymore without her help. not only is she one of my best friends on here, she is very much kind and caring and i couldn’t ask anything more of her. i recommended every single thing she has written, i look up to her in more ways than one. i can still remember how we went from calm hellos to speaking about spider hybrid jimin HAHA. i love speaking to her, and probably bother her at least once a day, but i cant help myself. she has listened to me rant about anything and nothing, scream about random stuff, and still has stayed by my side. it’s been a wild ride, and i can’t wait to see what will happen in the future.
wow wow, what can i say about my fav, the bestest man i know, @shadowsremedy. before i even knew who he was he came into my dms and said how much he admired me and we’ve spoken once before (and that’s a story in itself). i cannot believe how close we’ve gotten, from our friendship to working together on bangtanheadquarters, to noticing when im upset or just not myself and coming into my messages, telling me that he’s here for me. words cannot explain how much he means to me, and ill stop here before i start crying.
my FRIEND, MY FELLOW CRACK LOVER, MY LOML, @luxekook​!!! wow, what to say about this gal. in the beginning, i was a fan of hers (and frankly, still are) and was a little shy about speaking to her cause i mean, have you seen her writing? amazing, legendary! we’ve grown closer as friends and i am so so so happy she’s by my side, even tho she continuously attacks my dms when i am just Sitting here. i love her forever and will always admire her as a writer, a friend, and a Big Sister. (i said it, don’t clown me ty)
ehm, nina. @j-sope​. we’ve gotten closer over the past few months with our random talks about whatever interests us at the time. even if it’s something hilarious and memes (i remember those namseok memes, HAHA), she’s one of the kindest people ever. she’s always there if you need her, and if you need someone to cheer you up. she’s understanding and very intuitive; she gives you her opinion but also listens to yours. i think i’d always have a special place in my heart for you. I LOVE U NINA BEANIE!!!  🌠
@hobiance​. 1/3 of shrimpstar fruitgang muskrateercream. this girl right here. this girl has literally thrown herself into my life without asking, she knocked down the walls and destroyed them. and even while saying that, she’s one of the sweetest, if not the sweetest, people in this fandom. on tumblr. irl. the world, in fact. she’s the jk to my jin, she’s seriously one of the few people i think would stay around me for a while, without me asking. she’s truly empathetic, always has something kind or wise to say, and makes me feel unworthy of being in her presence. i think if lainey didn’t crash into my life with her crazy antics i’d be a completely different person today.
@hyyunjins​. 1/3 of shrimpstar fruitgang muskrateercream. how to start with this one, this rat. (jk i love u). she’s one of my favorite writers and one of the first people i followed on this platform. when she appeared in discord one day i was shook but bothered her enough that she became my friend and i won’t ever look back. i love her a lot, like, every time she pops up in my notifs i can feel my heart squeeze with how much i love her, it’s crazy. i trust her with everything and anything, and i’d call her if i have a rat problem because she cannot stop talking about rats pls help. anyway, i love u caly boo, my son.
and to the rest of my moots, to people that i’ve talked to and i haven’t mentioned personally; i love you all, you know that i do. whether we’ve exchanged one message or several or none, i cannot thank u all enough for changing my life in the slightest ways. thank u for being here for me, and again, i would like to say....
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cordoniansgonewild · 9 months ago
Get to Know the CGW Writers
Thanks to everyone that submitted questions!
The CGW Squad
@ao719 @speedyoperarascalparty @leelee10898​ @emichelle​ & @cocomaxley
Tumblr media
I can only choose one selection below for who this question is to, but it’s for both @leelee10898 and @speedyoperarascalparty. I noticed for a really long time after starting CGW you both stopped working on your own personal stories. You both post random updates now, but why did you 2 stop writing your own stuff and only write CGW? And some of the stories posted on your own pages are still your CGW characters with Drake and Leo.
@leelee10898: before we created the CGW page, we all posted (cgw content) from our personal blogs. We also reblog all cgw content from our personal blogs. As for the reason I slacked off writing my other stories, I had some bad experiences within the fandom with some rude readers, that left a bad taste in my mouth. I no longer felt comfortable writing on there. I am finally at a point where I feel the need and want to pick my blog back up. I have been working on getting my hurricane series back up and going, as well as more ROD stuff.
@speedyoperarascalparty: The easy answer is, when CGW started I was having a lot of fun. I was excited about developing the characters, writing them in a fun new way and to be honest, writing with friends is more fun than writing alone. This is a hobby, after all. The more complicated answer is that I tend to be pretty all or nothing and have a hard time balancing. I tend to write a ton or not at all. If I'm focused on one story, I struggle transitioning to another one, especially with the same LI- I get overly invested. That's also why I have not written much CGW lately, I'm focused on an original work on my new blog, but hoping I can balance that with CGW because I could never give up this crew. Thanks for the ask!
What’s Rashad’s favorite thing about Gen?
@cocomaxley: Rashad loves when she shows her vulnerable side. Not many people get to see it except for him. And her ass.
You don’t seem to write just your pairing (Liam x Anitah) as much as the others write theirs. Why? (I’m a Liam stan so I love reading him!!!)
@ao719: We just answered this in an ask, lol. I don’t normally write Liam x Anitah unless there are requests or when the group is all doing something pairing specific. The other girls are OC’s and I feel like there’s more story to tell with them and their LI’s than the story everyone already knows about Liam x MC. I feel like it may come across as boring, lol. But if there’s any requests for them for something, I’m not opposed to writing them.
What's your favourite holiday?
@leelee10898: Christmas hands down! Halloween is a close second (I know it's not technically a holiday)
@speedyoperarascalparty: Christmas without a doubt!
@a0719: It’s a toss up between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
@emichelle: Halloween or Christmas!
@cocomaxley: 4th of July and Thanksgiving.
Where did the concept of the vein come from?
@a0719: The vein was first mentioned in Bourbon Street Secrets. There were some comments made about the vein bulging and it just became a prominent fixture of Liam’s anger after that, lol. If the vein appears, he is really mad.
Ever think about a CGW AU where everyone’s a werewolf?
@leelee10898: Teen wolf fan here!! But nope. Haven't thought about that for cgw lol…hmm maybe a Halloween fic…
@speedyoperarascalparty: Can't say I have
@a0719: I have not … lol.
@emichelle: I mean...I love Teen Wolf so...😂
@cocomaxley: No.
What’s Anitah’s fav movie?
@a0719: I don’t have one in particular, there’s a bunch. I love all the Harry Potter movies. The Boondock Saints. The Godfather I & II. The Other Boleyn Girl. Original Sin. Country Strong. I can go on and on, lol.
Did you model the ladies after yourselves? ie names personalities etc?
@leelee10898: The name yes, hair color, eye color, yes. Personality yes and no. She definitely shares a lot of my personality traits, but I gave her some of her own as well.
@speedyoperarascalparty: Yes, Pam is based on me. Physically, I'm tall, have long brown hair, blue eyes, but sadly that's where my comparison to Kate I am a therapist like Pam and alot of her backstory is true for me. Personality wise, I am similar but she's a more amplified version of certain character traits.
@a0719: In name yes, lol. Her sarcasm and sense of humor, yes. We both got jokes. We were both born and raised in New York. None of her backstory other than growing up in NY is similar to my own (if ONLY I could have been whisked away to a foreign country to marry a Liam 🤩😍 My life would be a lot more interesting)
@emichelle: Erin is (obviously) also my name, and she definitely shares most of my personality traits.
@cocomaxley: Gen is definitely me. My name really is Genevieve. I am a sarcastic and very honest asshole, but for some reason people still like me.
How do you write your stories together combined or seperate?
The Squad: It really depends on the story. If we are writing the entire group, we brainstorm together. This usually takes 95 tangents. Then a story comes out. We sometimes ghost write for fics when it involves the whole group. If it is a specific pairing, whether platonic or romantic, we still bounce ideas off of each other. Not many of our fics were done without help from the others.
If the ladies had to choose different partners other than their own, who would it be (from the group)?
@leelee10898: I posted a snippet of our exact covo on tumblr yesterday lol.. which birthed a hilarious edit with drake and drario LMAO thanks sootie!! I picked Liam because I am a Liam stan for trr and also he's the closest thing to Leo LOL.
@speedyoperarascalparty: Drake
@a0719: Rashad.
@emichelle: Liam 🤴🏼
@cocomaxley: I am was am was a Liam stan before I thirsted first Rashad. So Liam.
First let me start off by saying that I absolutely love you ladies. How do you ladies come up with some of the crazy shit that the squad does?
@leelee10898: Honestly it could be from anything. A meme, a gif… a dream. We bring it to chat usually and it will go sideways fifty times lol. We feed off each other's insanity lol. At least that's my take on it.
@speedyoperarascalparty: We ❤ You! There's no one answer! I often grab things from my real life and think about how the CGW crew would handle it, and off it goes from there. But almost always, it starts in our chats, with a simple comment that goes off the wall!
@ao719: It’s utter chaos, but in the best way. One small part of a conversation will completely spiral into a full blown idea. (Love you too!)
@emichelle: Crackhead energy (also we love you too random citizen!)
@cocomaxley: awww I love you too! I hope you tell us who you are. Like Alicia said, it could be anything from gifs to pics to songs. Then mayhem brainstorming ensues and a fic/drabble is born.
Tag List: @annekebbphotography @texaskitten30 @moneyfordiamonds @indiacater @perfectprofessorherokid @zaffrenotes @enmchoices @lodberg @gibbles82 @drakesensworld @nikkis1983 @sweetest-marbear @classylady1234 @daniv2278 @rainbowsinthestorm @jared2612 @captain-kingliamsqueen @the-soot-sprite @hopefulmoonobject @cgd03 @kate-mckenzie @mfackenthal @crookedslimecreatorpasta @jemrmax2love @iplaydrake @dcbbw @moonlightgem7 @akrenich @desireepow-1986 @bbrandy2002 @romanticatheart-posts @gardeningourmet @ruka-uchiha @thecordoniandiaries @badchoicesposts @princess-geek @burnsoslow @bascmve01 @polishchoicesfan @msjr0119 @losingbraincellseveryday @loveellamae @indiana-jr @janezillow @pedudley @kingliam2019 @shakespeareanwannabe @kimmiedoo5 @eileendannie @princessleac1 @heatherfilliez @i-bloody-love-drake-walker @lynne1993 @atha68 @datynasuha @choiceskatie @aestheticartwriting @tinkie1973
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justlikeeddie · a year ago
for the ask meme - can I ask you B, R, T, X?
B:  What was the first fandom you read fic in?  Which was the first you wrote fic for?
The first piece of fanfiction I ever encountered was some terrifyingly explicit Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, which I found very much by accident when I was about 11 or 12. I think I literally didn’t know what fic was, or really understand what I was looking at. (I definitely didn’t understand why anyone would have written about two characters getting together who theoretically didn’t like each other.) But the first time I read fic on purpose was a few years later, when I’d joined LiveJournal, and someone’s Alan Davies/Stephen Fry QI RPF showed up on my friendslist. I remember sending it to a friend and describing it as “a hilarious Stephen Fry love story”, still presumably not understanding that fanfiction was, like, a thing. But I think this led me down the inevitable rabbit hole, and so the first fandom I regularly read fic in was… Stephen Fry RPF? New QI Stephen/Alan fans vs old-school Stephen/Hugh shippers. Wild. Robert Sean Leonard was in some way involved.
Writing-wise, our family computer had a big hard drive crash in about 2006, which meant that— perhaps for the best— I lost any fic I wrote from the ages of about 14 to 16, because I think I was trying to figure out how to write stuff but not actually posting it anywhere. I remember that some existed and I lost it, but I’m genuinely not sure what most of it was, or what would have been written first. I’m guessing the first experiment was probably either something QI-related or the Mighty Boosh, a fandom that I segued into at some point from the Stephen Fry RPF situation, and where I met most of the fandom friends I still now know in real life.
The first fandom in which I started regularly posting fic was Life on Mars, which remains the oldest stuff of mine I can actually find online, and/or am willing to be associated with...
R: Which writers (fanfic or otherwise) do you consider the biggest influence on you and your writing?
@the-omnishambles and I started writing with and for each other about 13 years ago— initially in Life on Mars fandom, in fact— which probably shaped the way I write today more than anything else, and I’m sure I still produce thoughts or sentences or turns of phrase that have some ancestry in her writing. @septembriseur writes probably the most technically impressive fic I’ve ever read, and I’m still trying to emulate her ability to create an astonishingly complete world around a perfectly-calibrated emotional core. Uh, what else. I think I tried to learn how to use restraint from Pat Barker, depth from Michael Chabon, an outsider’s eye from Christopher Isherwood, and surprising quantities of naval terminology from Patrick O’Brian. And Resonant’s How to Write a Sex Scene should be on some kind of curriculum.
I also once read a completely bonkers, unbelievably clever Monty Python RPF story in a former Yuletide— “READ THIS ONE FIRST”— that wasn’t so much a fic as a multimedia experience. There were three versions of the same story, and a bunch of supporting webpages with text and images and video, and you jumped between them all to create the effect of coming unstuck in time. There were Easter Eggs hidden in the source codes of the pages and secret hyperlinks in the little lines used as scene dividers. There was a whole bit where you discovered and logged into a Gmail account set up specifically for the purpose of existing within the world of the story. It blew my fucking mind, and I think about it semi-regularly to this day— which, having just looked it up again, is apparently a full decade later. I think some memory of this story, including the buffeting back and forth in time, made me want to write Your Mirror, although obviously that became significantly less complicated and clever an idea; but I think originally I’d wanted to hide clues and surprises in it in the same sort of way. Anyway, I think lots of the external links and stuff don’t work any more, but I might go back and read this again nonetheless.
T: Any fanfic tropes you can’t stand?
There’s stuff I don’t tend to read, but I’m not sure there’s anything I can’t stand the existence of. Like, I’m not particularly interested in coffee shop AUs or kidfic or mpreg, but it’s fine that they’re there and that other people are enjoying them. (This doesn’t include that one mad Merlin RPF mpreg fic that I think about constantly and is obviously the pinnacle of literature.)
I don’t tend towards an interest in AUs or wildly canon-altering tropes in general, I guess, because I think when I get into a fandom I’m usually interested in its world as well as its characters, and how the specificities of that time and place and situation affect those characters. This doesn’t mean I don’t understand why people like seeing how other situations affect the same characters, but all the same, the trappings of 60s policing is partly why I want to read about Endeavour, the politics and philosophy of the early 18th century is partly why I want to read about Black Sails, etc etc. So, like, I’m not going to read your modern-day vampire AU, but I will defend to the death your right to publish it, as I believe the big man Voltaire once said.
X: How would you categorize your fanfic reading?  Are you a voracious reader?  Do you carefully pick and choose?  Something in between?
I tend to follow recs and favourites from people whose taste I trust to agree broadly with mine, although sometimes I’ll just trundle around a pairing tag on AO3 looking for a summary that grabs me. And then, obviously, if I particularly love a story, I’ll try and follow up on the rest of that author’s work too.
I’ve been reading almost exclusively Good Omens since last summer, and optimistically opened SO many tabs in June and July that I’m literally STILL working through them. It’s hard to compare like for like in different fandoms of different sizes: I guess I read a far greater proportion of the fic that existed in the JSMN fandom, including literally an entire anonymeme, and was probably less choosy about it than in something like Good Omens, where the sheer volume of content makes that level of coverage impossible.
(Fanfiction ask meme)
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