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#this is soft. this. this is soft. i like this. this is nice. this is very soft and nice wow. look at this
thegreenzorua · 8 days ago
Maybe,,, sick N headcanons? 👀
he gets sick A LOT
like.. too much
once every two months he's got a cold, somehow, despite never interacting with people
he's also stubborn about wearing socks
and by that i mean that he will never wear socks
he'll wrap himself in blankets and be wearing 5 hoodies but he'll also be barefoot
hot chocolate is a necessity
the kettle is constantly on for cup after cup of hot chocolate
his pokémon try to help him feel better but there's not much they can do
they like to cuddle up around him. that always makes him feel better :)
he likes to stay in a dark or dim room while he's sick
because Brightness Hurts ™️
if he needs to get something from across the house he'll take all his blankets with him
he'll basically look like a sentient mass of blankets hovering across the floor to grab chocolate bars from the cupboard
he also has no energy at all while sick, so naps are required
and the best naps are when all his pokémon invade his bed and steal his blankets hehe
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darlingpetao3 · 21 hours ago
The One with All the Flirting (Original Harrison Wells & Reader)
Rating: G
Summary: Harrison “Timeless” Wells returns to S.T.A.R. Labs and you cannot control yourself...
A/N:​ Flash Drabble S07E09. This one was hilarious to write! I had no idea what was going on with that episode, but it brought Harrison back and that’s all that matters to me at this point. Also, that “Special Guest Star” billing broke my heart a little more.
Tag List: @fandomdancer @bluesclues-1234​ @firstofficer-tilly​ @crissymadlock​
Tumblr media
He’s here! The man dubbed “Timeless Wells” by Team Flash stands before you in the Speed Lab, dressed in such angelically light tones that you’re convinced he is in fact an angel descending to bless you with his presence.
Though you would never say this.
That might be a little much.
“(Y/L/N),” Harrison replies happily, eyes alight, “it’s wonderful to see you.” He pulls you in for a hug you didn’t realize how much you needed. Especially from him.
Your cheek rests against the chest, feeling the softness of his sweater. Wow, screw your downtown apartment. This is home now.
“Um… (Y/L/N)?” Apparently, fifteen seconds is too long of a hug, so you cut the lingering embrace.
“Oh, yeah, sorry.” Admiring his whole look, you now notice the gorgeous floof of hair and delectable scruff around his face. “You sure clean up nice! Time travel is doing you all kinds of good.”
Harrison laughs, appreciative of your compliment. Somehow you seem to forget that Barry, Cisco, and Chester are also in the room milling about as you catch up. You suppose nothing can be perfect. Harrison steps in front of you slightly to get a better look at the Tachyon Enhancer, and when he does, you inhale his scent—the saltiness of the sea still very much clinging to his pores.
“Did you just… smell me?” Harrison asks with a quirk of the eyebrow.
“What? No!” you deny. “I’m just breathing. Loudly.”
“Like that makes it better,” you hear Cisco whisper to Barry, who then heavy-breathes into his phone-gesturing hand. You shoot the former an I’m-going-to-kill-you look.
“So how is the past?” you try to make conversation. “What year are you living in?”
“Yeah, it’s been just so great. I’m currently living in the year 2000. Starling City Beach—beautiful place. Had to live through the whole Y2K fiasco, though, but things could definitely be worse.”
“You’re so funny!” you exclaim even though what he said wasn’t necessarily humorous and find yourself touching his softly-clothed arm. “Harrison, have you been working out?”
“Oh, good Lord,” Cisco mumbles quietly to himself.
Harrison places his hand on yours and smiles kindly at you. “(Y/N), you know I’m happily married, right?” he checks with you.
“Yes, yes, of course!” you assure him. “Tess is a lucky, lucky woman.”
Probably along the lines of saving the poor man from you, Barry calls Harrison over to discuss some logistics of the mission they are about to go on together. As the scientist walks away, your eyes act on their own accord as they drop to admire the lower half of the man.
“He’s happily married… He’s happily married,” you mutter to yourself. “Happily. Married.”
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limerental · 22 hours ago
(For the 'Give me a character & I will break their ass down' meme)
How I feel about this character
I think y'all know exactly how I feel about her but in case you are new.... Yennefer is outright one of those characters that I know will be with me forever. She is stubborn and mean and traumatized and bossy and tender and powerful and intelligent and wonderfully human. I love her complexity and her conflicts and her complications.
All the People I ship romantically with this character
My ride or die, OTP, inevitable Yen ship has ended up being Yenralt. Her and Geralt are just so very similar and different in the same breath, and their relationship is not perfect but has so much potential and so much tender love that I just can't see any universe where they are not in some way very important to each other.
Also, of course, Yennskier. I love the ridiculous, exasperated, bickering, passionate, sexually adventurous, completely stupid, queer gender role reversal enemies to lovers of it all.
I also really like Yenskel, mostly when also with Geralt, because physically scarred character meets emotionally scarred character is just a good dynamic also Eskels tits.
Yengilla is a weak spot for me too because of the childhood friends to enemies to lovers of it all and because of the opposite reflections in the mirror of it all and the last minute role swapping, the ways that Fringilla's villain origin story starts when Yen makes a choice without regard to her, the fact that Yen's villain origin story could have started by choosing Fringilla at Sodden, etc etc
My non-romantic otp for this character
Yen & Ciri mother-daughter relationship :') I love Yen's fumbling attempts at mothering a young woman and Ciri's "at first i didn't like you but now..." and the first time Yen calls Ciri her daughter which is also close to the last time she ever sees her again and her fierce and unflinching and unreserved desperation to protect and find Ciri and her willingness to change who she is and give up her life as she has known it just for Ciri's sake... and in general, just the concept of this woman with such a complicated relationship with motherhood and agency finding herself thrust into the life of a girl who has no options left who is not her biological daughter and who she technically owes nothing to but who she commits to anyway... wow
My unpopular opinion about this character
Unfortunately liking Yennefer at all in this fandom tends to be the unpopular opinion lol so yeah, largely my unpopular Yen opinion is that she is a character worthy of attention, shipping, meta, headcanons, and general admiration and exploration.
But I've also found that in order to like her, many people sanitize off her bad qualities and flaws... and in the same vein, some people don't allow her to be soft and gentle and compassionate towards others, reducing and flattening her character.
In the Netflix show, I also am of the kinda unpopular opinion that Yennefer does not actually want a baby per se... at least, she is never the one to say anything about a baby out loud, always others putting that desire in her mouth.
One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon
In the show, I am big hoping for more soft Yenralt moments and am very much looking forward to see her interact with Ciri and overall be a badass. Basically I would love a season 2 that Yen haters just despise because there is so much good and wonderful and complex Yen content.
In the books, I wish we could have been inside of her head more and that there had been a nice Yen and Ciri and Geralt scene that didn't make me want 2 perish but alas
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hettyoon · a day ago
❥︎ character; izuku midoriya anime; bnha
❥︎ genre; general boyfriend headcannon || fem reader ||
❥︎ warnings; » none «
❥︎ notes; this is reposted from my wattpad but I added and edited a lot since it's old lmao
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Izuku's a very sweet boy, and I headcannon him as such a gentle and caring boyfriend.
He really enjoys hugging you or having cuddle sessions with you, even though he gets easily flustered (especially when you surprise him with a hug-), he still loves holding you between his arms.
Slips in compliments all the time because you always look so pretty in his eyes.
"W-wow, that dress looks really good on you!"
"Aww, thank u!"
He loves it when you stroke his soft, fluffy mess of a hair, so please do it more!
If he's feeling confident enough he'll even go out to put his head on your lap and gently place your hand on top of his head, silently pleading with his eyes for you to pat his head.
Which - after you do that - ends up with him falling asleep in your lap.
If your ever feeling down and he notices (which he will, trust me) this boy won't fail in making you happy again, either by showering you with some affectionate cheek kisses or surprising you with small and cute gifts.
And aww he gets all blushy when you call him by a cute nickname.
He still loves it though. (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)
Something he's insecure about is his freckles, so you being the caring girlfriend you are, tell him how beautiful you think they look, and make sure to kiss each and every one of them to prove it.
Sometimes, whenever you two go on a date, he would bring you a small bouquet of your favourite flowers and then would proceed to take one of them and slip it between the strands of your hair, as a cute makeshift accessory.
The precious boy then gives you his cute bunny smile and tell you how beautiful it looks on you.
Your dates mostly consist of the two of you walking around in the park, chilling out and chatting around about random things together, hand in hand, while eating some ice-cream or munching on some home-made doughnuts that one of you made.
And sometimes, for the fun of it, you both climb onto the swings and you declare a small childish competition of 'who can swing the highest'.
It ends up with both you in heaps of laughter as you try to stop yourselves from flinging right off of the swings' seat and into the pit of sand in front of you.
For izuku, the best part of the day is when it's night time whenever you two have sleepovers together. The night goes by nice and peaceful as you two sit together and cuddle while watching some random movies.
And it's his favourite part of the day because this usually goes two ways.
It's either ¹ you snuggle up on his lap and he wraps his arms around your waist, making sure you are comfortable first before littering your face with soft kisses.
or ² - as described earlier- he gently lowers his head down onto your lap, with one of your hands entwined with his, and the other combing through his soft locks.
If you seem to have any problems going to sleep at night, or if you've woken up and can't go back to sleep, he'll use any method possible to help you, whether it'd be cuddling you to his chest, whispering sweet and soft words in your ear, or moving up to make you a warm cup of your favourite beverage. Know that this boy will always be by your side no matter what.
And even if he's not physically by your side, he'll still make sure to check on you by calling you or messaging you sweet goodnight messages.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hope you enjoyed ! reblogs and likes are highly appreciated <33
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storm-leviosa-fanfics · 2 days ago
for the ask game, multiples of six!!!!
oh wow all the multiples of 6? okay then you asked for this
6. If you’re really concentrating, how many words can you write in a day?
Well I wrote ‘a treasure to hold in your hand’ in like 2 hours at midnight and posted it immediately so at least 4k. If you go back far enough, I think I wrote about 11k of ‘A Few Brave Drops’ in a day? But these are outliers and should not be counted
12. Is there a trope you haven’t written yet but really want to? 
This is tricky hmmmm. I think I’d like to do a chat fic one day, but I’m not sure I have the right sense of humour to make it work though.
18. What is a line/scene you’re really proud of? Give us the DVD commentary for that scene.
I will come back to this when I've read through literally my entire fic history ever (might take a while)
24. How did you come up with title for [x fic]? (golden slumbers fill your eyes)
It’s a lyric title! I was googling quotes about sleep? I think? I can’t remember. Anyway, it’s from a Beatles song called Golden Slumbers, and it’s the most soft, sweet song. I can imagine Bruce singing it to any of the kids if he’d had them young enough (or maybe he sings anyway who knows)
30. Tell us an idea for a longfic you want to write in the future
I am not allowed to start anymore fics, let alone longfics, I've got too many as it is. ANYWAY, if I were to do a longfic I think I have just discovered that battle for the cowl could be twisted to make a very nice little women inspired au (4 siblings, dad off fighting, then goes missing, they all have to look after each other/their home and there are sibling shenanigans and fighting but they all love each other really - all the hallmarks of a really cute batfam brotherly bonding fic). I think in this version Dick would have to be Meg just bc he's the eldest, Jason would be Jo bc books and also bc she's a bit of a rebel and so is he, and then hmmmm Tim and Damian would have to battle it out for the last two but I feel like for the sake of plot, Tim would end up as Beth although he wouldn't die, just go looking for Bruce who goes missing in action (instead of getting injured they think he's dead) and Damian would then be Amy who can be very argumentative and spiteful but has a lot of growth and is very artistic. Bruce (of course) comes back at the end and all his kids have grown together and it's a nice happy ending. Idk how I'd work around the fact that they all get married in little women but I didn't really like that bit so I'll just forget it happens. So yeah, basically a historical au, again, I guess.
Ask me stuff
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meltingpotimagines · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
this boy
would fall head over heels for you so fast
just one day around you and he’s smitten
surprisingly not that obvious about it
he’s just a little happier and energetic around you
denki knows him well enough that he noticed and bakugo but he couldn’t care less
does his best to strike up a conversation with you
he really likes learning more about you
you’re just so cool and interesting to him
suggested a weekly game night just so he had an excuse to see you more
he knew you love hanging at the dorms so there was no way you’d miss out on this
what he didn’t know was you love it bc of him
i mean sure it was so much fun hanging with denki, and you had a blast jamming out to music with jiro and mina, but nothing beat being around eijirou
he’s just so upbeat and nice and funny
and kinda really cute but anyway
sat between todoroki and bakugo (which just happened to conveniently be directly across from you)
a vote had been taken on which game to play, and jenga won by a couple of votes
mina tossed out the idea for every piece you pulled, you had to choose truth or dare
honestly there was so much potential for this to go wrong and everyone knew it but i mean risk = fun right?
you’d all made bakugo promise not to blow up the whole tower if he got frustrated or lost 
all the truths were silly and the dares dumb
until it got to you
you successfully pulled a piece and decided it wouldn’t be too risky to choose dare, considering no one had dared anything t r u l y stupid
and immediately regretted it when denki gave you a mischievous grin
“i dare you to kiss kirishima”
eijirou stiffened as a blush spread across your cheeks
it’s not manly to force someone to kiss him!!
“you don’t have to-” “no... no it’s okay. i’m no wuss.”
just when he thought he couldn’t like you more
nervously watched as you got up and went around to where he was sitting
stiffened even m o r e as you gave his cheek a quick peck
“awww c’monnnn, at least do it on the lips!” denki you brat i love you
your blushed deepened as you two made eye contact
“is... is that okay?” “only if you want to”
he is a g e n t l e m a n and would never want you to do something you didn’t want to
i guess you did want to
because you kissed him
and ohhhh boy
sparks went f l y i n g
the electricity between you two made denki’s powers look like nothing more than static shock
the cheers and wolf whistles were nothing but white noise as you and eijiro stared at each other, shocked
“wow” “w o w”
best believe this boy took you out the very next day
nothing extravagant, just a cute lil ice cream date
he likes the little dates the best
they're definitely a daily occurrence until long after you two became official
but even after that you two started having frequent movie and cuddle nap dates
yes cuddle naps are dates and no one can convince me otherwise
prefers to be big spoon but is down to be little spoon
if he’s big spoon, he’ll wrap his arms around you and pull you into him, your face buried in his chest, his face buried in your hair partially because he really likes the scent of your shampoo
if you’re big spoon, he’ll snake his arms around your waist and bury his face in your neck, occasionally nuzzling and pressing kisses
will always make sure all the gel is washed out of his hair first so there's no risk of you getting poked
which is extra great bc then you get to play with his hair!
he loves the feeling of your fingers weaving through the strands and your nails on his scalp
also really likes when you lay on top of him
just gazes as you adoringly as he scratches your back
his heart swells if you fall asleep
knowing you trust him that much makes him feel so happy
plus you just look so cute when you’re asleep
bonus points if you have that cute soft snore
loves playing video games with you whether you actually play with him or just watch and support him
if you play with him, you're always his top priority no matter the game
battle games? he w i l l protect you
social simulation games? he'll do his best to help get you everything you want
puzzle games? you two are a t e a m you will figure this out together
if you're just there as support, you're still a priority
prefers when you sit on his lap/between his legs
will periodically kiss your cheek/the top of your head
doesn't matter how involved in the game he is, he will never fail to press a kiss
if you fall asleep, he'll make sure to quiet down so he won't accidentally wake you up
it's the funniest thing to anyone who catches him tho
he'll be absolutely raging but in the most hushed voice you can imagine or letting out victorious whoops but in Tiny
once covered your ears the best he could with his arm so he could be a little louder yelling at sero
mina managed to catch that on camera and posted it, tagging the two of you
have i mentioned this boy is a simp?
bc he is a Simp™
anything you want, you got
he sees something that reminds him of you? immediately bought it to give to you
half of his hoodies were already in your closet within the first week
he thinks you look so cute in them, especially if they're too big for you
the sight of you practically swimming in his clothes make his heart burst
periodically switches the half he gave you for the half he kept
basically when the ones he gave you no longer smells like him
it's great for him too bc the ones he get back smell like you
will pick wildflowers to put in your hair/behind your ear when you two go on walks
l o v e s giving you piggyback rides
also loves picking you up to carry you bridal style
even if you two are just standing
he just likes your smile and the way your eyes sparkle when he does
kisses your forehead a lot
sometimes quick little pecks
sometimes gentle, lingering kisses
whatever matches his mood in the moment
likes play-fighting with you
like fake wrestling
definitely lets you win sometimes
partially bc he'd feel bad if he always won but also bc he thinks it's adorable when you look down at him with that grin, so proud of yourself for beating Red Riot
was the first to say "i love you"
didn't really think much about it
he looked at you one day and felt his heart swell so he just kinda said it
but somehow it felt even more special??
like the way he said it sounded so sweet and genuine
as if it was the most natural thing in the world to say
and for him it was
he couldn't imagine not saying it
he loves you so why not say it?
especially considering just how m u c h he loves you
from then on says it all the time
you're cuddling? "i love you"
playing games? "i love you"
making tea? "i love you"
he just has to say it
he will as many times as needed to make sure you understand just how much he does
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thenextchapter22 · 2 days ago
PART 2! Sleeping in the Devildom!
Description: Your first night was an easy sleep, but your second not so much...
or….adventures and cute stories with a reader/MC who carries stuffed animals around all over Devildom.
Pairing(s): NONE!
Word Count: 1,615
Link to my AO3: Click Here
Author’s Notes:  Okay so I was not expecting so many likes for this, but thank you very much to all those reading! :3 I hope you enjoy this chapter :)
Part One
Sleeping in your room while several demons slept in the same hallway was actually pretty easy the first night. You had passed out in the shockingly comfortable bed after dinner with the brothers (and wow was that a crazy time, you lived alone so you always ate alone and the banter was fun to watch, but the food was weird too) and snuggled close with your Panda stuffed animal Po, rubbing your cheek and nose in the ultra-soft plush tummy of the black and white bear that was about the size of a pillow. You even woke up with drool on her.
The first morning before school you had an eventful time meeting angels. Simeon was so pretty and kind, and Luke was hilarious with his huffing and puffing, but super energetic.
They didn’t seem to mind your stuffed animals, either, which was great. You said you stopped caring what people thought, but these were… immortal beings… so it was a little bit different than normal ‘people’.
Meeting the Angels
It was the morning of your first day at RAD and the room was full of demons, waiting for the new arrivals. You sat on the sofa between Belphie, who was falling asleep into his pillow, and Asmo, who was looking at himself in the mirror and fixing his eyeliner. Why, you weren’t sure. He looked gorgeous. You wore very little on your face, only a bit of liner and Chap Stick that was cherry flavored.
You held one of your oldest stuffed animals to your chest, trying to comfort yourself as best as you could. Meeting the Demons first was so shocking you didn’t realize how much it would have helped to have a soft or squishy friend in your arm until now.
Then, they strolled into the room. Lucifer stood to greet them, nodding his hellos, while you stared in awe. They gave off an aura that was so beautiful. Not a visible one, but it was like your soul was brighter, and your eyes were more open.
There were two of them, one was taller with dark hair, and the other shorter with blonde hair. Both wore white outfits, but had no wings which was sad. But you had only seen a few demonic forms so far—Lord Diavolo, Barbatos, his butler, and Lucifer, when you first came yesterday—so it wasn’t that surprising they would look human. It was probably easier to maneuver in hallways without huge wings or appendages like tails.
“And this is our newest human student.”
Oh, you were being introduced. You stood up and nodded your head, smiling a little shakily at them as Lucifer gestured to you. “It’s so nice to meet you!”
Simeon, the angel who seemed to know Lucifer after watching how they interacted, gave you a handshake that was elegant in the way he held your own hand like you were a princess or something. “A pleasure to meet you as well.”
The smaller one, named Luke, glanced up at you with a wide grin and said something of the same, but didn’t shake your hand. “You’re so pretty! And—oh, what is that? Is that a dog? You brought a dog to the Devildom?! Simeon, I want to bring a pet, pleeease?” He turned his eyes to the taller angel and begged.
Simeon chuckled. He pat Luke’s little head and the blonde haired angel huffed. “Celestial Pets would not survive here unfortunately. And I don’t think it’s a real dog, Luke.”
You shook your head. “Nope, it’s my stuffed animal. His name’s Fido. I know, super original, but I’ve had him since I was a kid.” You held him out for them to see. He was about 10 inches and was squeezable, and you felt he was perfect to take on your first day at RAD.
Simeon smiled kindly. “He’s lovely. Do you have others?”
Mammon spoke up from his place behind you on a separate piece of furniture. “Oh yea, loooads of ‘em. The entire bedroom is full, it’s insane.”
There was a smack, then a moan from the Greed Demon. “Shut up, Mammon, you insensitive prick,” Satan spoke up. “We’ve all got our collections.”
You were surprised Satan defended you but also happy about it. Knowing Mammon from the breakdown you had yesterday, he probably didn’t mean it to be insensitive, he just spoke before thinking.
“Well, then, I look forward to seeing more of your collection.”
Luke agreed. “Oh, me too! Do you have any with wings? Like a dove, or a peacock, or what about a flamingo!?”
And you all chatted for a bit, and you felt pretty excited for your first day. You were told you were going to meet one more person at RAD, and it had you giddy. Would they be just as kind? You hoped…
So yes, the first night was good, but after your first day at RAD—and that was a whole other story on craziness that included being overloaded with information on demon history and new math you would probably be terrible at, and also potions was a scary subject because you immediately thought of Harry Potter, and not to mention the many, many demons looking at you and probably wanting to either eat you or kill you—you just could not shut your eyes the second night.
It was past 11pm, the second day of school was tomorrow, and you had to get a good night’s sleep. It was obvious Lucifer demanded good grades from everyone. Sleep was an important part of that.
Maybe an almost midnight snack would help?
So you got up, put on a sweater over your long sleeved pajamas because it was pretty cold here at night, put your fuzzy pink slippers on, tucked Po under your arm, and went down the hallway as quiet as a mouse. You had a surprisingly good memory of places, and mazes were easy for you, and seeing as this house was a maze you found the kitchen quick.
You poured yourself a glass of milk—it looked like milk, and smelled like it, so you prayed it was milk—and sat on the barstool drinking it. Warm milk would be better, or tea, but you didn’t want to open cupboards and have anything bang or start the oven or stove, it looked way different from the ones at home.
There was a flickering of light in the corner of your eyes. You followed it to a room with books stacked high along the walls, and a couch and chairs around a fire going all by itself with brick towering above. Magic, perhaps, kept it burning.
The couch facing it directly was cozy looking so you sat on it, and sipped your milk staring into the hearth. Fire danced in your eyes and it hypnotized you. The warmth was great, and cascaded over your body like you were sunbathing. You liked the sun but heat without light was better, and this was perfect.
You found your eyes shutting and quickly placed Po beneath your head and yawned. Then you drifted into dreamland for a while, the heartbeat of the fire lulling you.
A soft touch on your body woke you up from slumber. The fire was blocked by a body, and your eyes opened and you glanced up to see Belphegor with his own black and white companion, his pillow, and noticed a blanket thrown over your body.
“The fire goes out at 4am, so you’ll get cold,” he said monotonously, then went to the next couch over and copied your position of laying on your side cuddled to your panda stuffie but him with his pillow instead, and you watched as he transformed in the blink of an eye. He was like a cow-hybrid, and had the tail just like one. He also had curled up horns, and you remember seeing those on other transformed demons. Was that a trait they all had?
His eyes glowed purple when he looked at you, mesmerizing like the fire but in a different sense. “Sleep, it’s late,” he said, curling his tail over himself like a small blanket.
And you did sleep, sort of instantly, too, the Sloth Demon following suit. It was probably one of the best nights of sleep you had in a long time.
“Aahhh~~ So cuuuteee!!”
The sound of photos being taken from a phone, and the squealing, woke you up. It felt too early, and you groaned, pressing your entire face into Po. “Uhhh, noo mom, please turn off the lights,” you begged.
A soft coo, then a poke to your cheek. “Aw, sweetie, it’s time to get up, although I hate to move you looking so darn adorable.”
You blinked away sleep and groaned, rolling your head back to see Asmodeus standing over you, dressed for the day in his uniform, and his D.D.D in hand, and still snapping pictures of you with it.
You covered your face with one hand. “No, stop,” you sleepily pleaded. “Too early, ‘m ugly.”
He shushed you and tapped your hand until it moved, and giggled when you cried as he took another picture. “You’re second to me in beauty, darling, don’t say such things! You and your cute little stuffed Panda bear, this is Devilgram worthy~”
There was a soft chuckle, and you shot your head over to see Belphie laughing at your face. “Beware, Asmo will post that almost instantly.”
“Already done!” the Lust avatar declared. “You’re famous, my dear~” he winked.
“You guys are so mean,” you pouted, shoving your face into Po. But little did they know, you were smiling the entire time.
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kokichixreaderthings · 2 days ago
kokichi x reader having a date night! <3
Tumblr media
hi! this was a request about kokichi and the reader having a date night!
i hope you enjoy it! i tried to make it as fluffy as possible!
Kokichi’s date nights were always interesting. You two would go to a carnival, the arcade, roller skating, maybe he’d even drag you to do a prank with him! 
But tonight...he wanted to be a little more gentle.  Still interesting, just...softer!.
Because he wasn’t always good at showing his feelings for you. Sure, he loved affection, always smothering you with it, but it was always surrounded by some sort of teasing. It was hard for him to be really genuine with you.
So tonight he really wanted to make sure he made it clear how much he..loved you!
Truthfully, he had been planning this for weeks, tyring to figure out the best way to please you. He eventually figured it out, made all the preparations and asked you out for this date night!
Your date started at the park, you both met up under a beautiful tree and his heart almost stopped when he saw how beautiful you looked.
Being affectionate to you was going to be easy when you looked that good.
“Wow! You look amazing tonight!” he complimented, your slight blush encouraging him to take your hand. Holding your hand was really one of his favorite activities. He loved just...knowing you were there next to him.
And so did you, if your smile was any indication.
“Adorable” he commented, booping your nose with his free hand.
And you, you were a bit flustered to say the least. Kokichi had been this affectionate before and it was a common occurrence with him but something about this night felt...different. Maybe it was the soft twinkle in his eyes, or the way his thumb moved softly over your hand as he held it...
He was just really cute tonight, cuter than usual.
“Sooooo do you like the view? Because I sure do” he flirted, very obviously eyeing you up and down as you walked.
Yup, definitely cuter tonight.
Well, you could fight fire with fire, couldn’t you? 
“I do like the view” you admitted, dramatically eyeing Kokichi up and down in the same way he did you. He really looked nice today, checkered patterns really suited him.
And usually, he wouldn’t be able to handle your reciprocation, always blushing and looking a bit caught off guard. But this time, though his face became red, he stayed close to you, the smirk still on his face.
Because in his head, this was the night for you! He wanted to make you feel special, not him! And no amount of flusteredness was going to stop him from making you feel like the best person on earth!
So he turned the conversation back around, “Awww, how cute. You’re so sweet, you know that’s what I l-“
And then he stopped.  He couldn’t say “I love you” yet.
“-like you for!” he continued, hoping you didn’t catch on. caught on, alright. Kokichi didn’t usually trip on his words. And when he did, he didn’t seem that nervous about it. And the word he was tripping over didn’t usually sound like the word “love”...
Kokichi noticed your suspicion and knew he had to change the conversation.
“Anywayyyss, are you hungry?” he asked, trying to distract you a bit, “Because we can go walk and get some food from that restaurant up there!”
He was hoping you’d say yes. Because secretly, he already ordered a personalized cupcake for you at the newest restaurant. And of course, you’d both eat regular food too. The cupcake was just an extra plus!
An...important extra plus.
Whether you answered yes or no, he’d drag you there anyway, claiming he was hungry.
He actually wasn’t, just excited for you to see what’s written on that cupcake...
And as you walked, you talked about your day, Kokichi flirting with you now and then.
His grip on your hand was still gentle, and he made sure to kiss your cheek enough for it to be considered more than usual.
The affection was welcomed, you had had a pretty tough week and being with your lover made everything better... Especially with how nice he was being.
Once you two reached the restaurant, which wasn’t too far, Kokichi lead you to a table.
No one was around, almost like Kokichi had booked out the whole restaurant. And there were candles and roses on the table only furthering that point.
By now you were really suspecting something was going on. But you didn’t know what...though you did have some ideas.
“You like the table? I only want the best for you, sweetheart!” Kokichi insisted, sliding into the booth and gesturing for you to sit right next to you.
He was really hoping you liked it, he spent a lot of money convincing the restaurant workers to do all this for him. Turns out, asking for a table alone and far away from everyone was a lot to ask…
“I do, ‘Kichi! But...where are the menus?” you asked, though you suspected from Kokichi’s smirk that there was no menu and he had already ordered for you...
And you were right! Kokichi had studied the menu beforehand and told the workers what you both would want. 
“Don’t worry about all that! I took care of everythiinnngg!” Kokichi revealed, “It was super tough too”
He leaned onto your shoulder, wrapping his arm around you.
“Now we can just cuddle until the food gets here.” he whispered.
A slight chill went through your body at the sound of his whispering voice.
“So cute!” Kokichi exclaimed, “I-”
Once again, the “love” word almost slipped out of his mouth.
“I really like you” he corrected himself.
Okay, now you were almost sure of what was going on, but you didn’t mind at all. It was really amazing to be with him like this, and whatever he had to say to you tonight, you were looking forward to it.
So you responded, “I really like you too” and cuddled up with him.
Soon, your food arrived. It was most likely already being cooked, due to Kokichi’s ahead planning.
And he was right on ordering what you would like too!
As you ate, you talked again, Kokichi seeming to want to only speak about you and not himself. It was slightly odd...but you appreciated it. It was nice to vent to someone who was cuddling you as much as he could.
And he did insist on feeding you a lot too, looking at you with eyes of adoration as he fed you the food on your plate. You saw this action coming already and really, you were looking forward to it.
And once you were done...
The waiter brought over the cupcake.
Kokichi hurriedly spoke, “Wait! Wait! Close your eyes!” He covered your eyes with his hands, as you squeezed your eyes shut in surprise.
Kokichi had to take a moment to prepare himself! Sure, he was ready for this, and he had been planning for this...but he was nervous.
Still, you were ready too, despite being a little shocked and not even entirely knowing what was going to happen yet.
And Kokichi didn’t want to make you wait any longer.
“ open!” he announced, taking his hands away from your face.
What you saw when you opened your eyes was a cupcake of your favorite flavor and words on top of the frosting that spelled out “I love you.”
You were expecting this but…
Really seeing it was entirely different.
“I love you” Kokichi repeated, loving the way the words sounded.
Hearing the words out loud made it so much better.
Kokichi almost couldn’t handle the rush of joy that was sent through his heart at seeing your beautiful smile.
He wonders why he didn’t give you date nights like these too much...
Especially when you wrapped your arms around him in a nice hug.
It’s safe to say, that with this success, you two would definitely have more date nights like this.
💜thank you for reading! i hope you liked it :) and remember kokichi loves you!!
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kindness-bliss · 3 days ago
New Beginnings Ch. 7
Timothy Thatcher x OC
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Tim looked over at her discreetly he witnessed her trying to open a jar and cleaned his hands on his already stained shirt “I got that for you”   “And I got this for you” she said as she went into her small closet in the living room and pulled out a flannel shirt  “It’s my dads, I don’t wanna see you in a bloody dried up t shirt as we make dinner”   He nodded quickly as he took off his shirt and unbuttoned on the one she gave him Maya blushed as she grilled her ground turkey and noticed how chiseled he was, his upper chest having the perfect amount of body hair and peaks, his biceps bulging out nicely but not overly muscular or anything like that    “It fits” Tim grinned as he showed her  “Not that bad on you” she admits with a small grin “Plaid is definitely your style, I like it on you” “I-I don’t deserve you being so nice to me” he said quietly “Maya, I won’t ever be able to stop saying sorry to you ever, know that. I’m probably gonna say sorry to you for as long as I know you”   “Tim, when’s your birthday ?” Maya asked suddenly as she looked at him “I know it’s 1983 but month ? What month ?”  “March….March 17th” he answered slowly “why ?”   “Oh my god you’re a Pisces, suddenly everything makes sense wow” she nodded as she laughed “Gosh you fit it to a T, you’re a water sign”    “What does that have to do with anything ? A water sign ? What the hell is that ?” Tim asked confused as he put his cutting board down   “It’s your sign Tim” she chuckled “Your sign is a Pisces which makes sense because they’re...well you are considered to have a sign that is known for its over sensitivity, self-pitying but also very selfless and very accepting”    “Oh” he said softly “well I guess yeah, kinda is me. My mother says it’s because I’m an only child and never got to experience things other children got at my age since I also stayed with my grandmother a lot. I think that made me highly sensitive”   “You call it highly sensitive, I call it highly aware” she grinned as she took the carrots and celery from him and added them to a pan to saute   Tim observed as sat on a stool by her “what are you making ? It looks kinda complicated honestly” “Bolognese” Maya says “Though I’m kind of cheating because I’m using sauce from a jar, but I promise it’ll be good”   “Oh” he nodded “I don’t cook much honestly, I only have ever made chicken or ham and it’s typically without seasoning. Same with my rice, I stick to bland foods for the most part. I broke my diet when we went to that Korean BBQ place” Tim said softly as he reached over and cut up onion for her    “Glad I got you to change things up for a bit, though you ghosted me and acted like a child afterwards and ruined me introducing you to better places” she giggled   “I’m gonna age myself here a bit but um, what’s ghosted ?” he asked with genuine interest as he looked down at her   “It means ignore, basically a millennial way of saying you ignored me” she answered back  “Ah I see, I like that...ghosted. I’m adding that to my vocabulary” he nodded as he repeated the word under his breath as he chopped   “Gosh he’s cute” Maya thought to herself as he stood only inches away from him, their arms basically touching as she sauteed. She made sure she stayed in close distance as she cooked looking around as silence began to take over   “Since you were a dick to me, you have to be really nice to me now like really nice” she said with a smile  “I will do whatever you want or need me to do” Tim smiled at her with his dimple popping out more “Kiss me” she whispered nervously as she looked into his eyes    “ right now ?” he asked nervously “o-okay...I’m not that good at it though and my beard is gonna scratch, my lips are kinda dry too and-” he stopped blubbering when he felt her soft lips gently press onto his as she carefully put his hands on her waist as he leaned in more and placed hers on his cheeks    Maya grinned up at him afterwards as she gently wiped his lips and put ice back on his face “go sit with this on while I finish here and by the way, you’re a good kisser”  He chuckled as nodded and sat on her couch “well thank you, haven’t heard that one in like 5 years at least”. Tim sat quietly as he iced his face trying to make sense of what had just happened. Just 6 hours ago he had told her horrible things and now here was having just had a make out session in her kitchen as they cooked dinner together. Tim looked around as he picked up magazines she had on her coffee table and looked through them smiling when he realized they were all her covers or features. One in particular catching his eye, a feature in a parenting magazine where she was holding a baby on her lap.    “Last year” Maya grinned “I typically don’t do those kinds but they needed a model last minute and I happened to be in the area and went in. It was fun, kids and babies were great to work with honestly and now what I expected. That little one stole my heart, made me think I wanted my own for a bit”    “You think about kids ? Not in a weird day of course, just since like me you’re an only child” she asked “I mean yeah, sometimes” he admits quietly “Granted I really thought I was gonna stop wrestling when I was like 30 and settle down and have that white picket fence life everyone else had but clearly life has passed me by. But I’ve had some other good things in life, experiences and memories not everyone has had in life. I’m not one to complain, you ?” Tim asked as he looked at her   “Sometimes I want 1, sometimes none and other times I want like 5” Maya chuckled
“5 ?” Tim laughed “That’s a basketball team right there, Jesus that’d be feeding an army daily”   “Which is why then I think maybe not having them at all would be more beneficial” she laughed “I’ve got time to think about it thankfully, like 5 more years”   “Enjoy your youth, and your job. It’s interesting, really it is Maya” Tim says genuinely “You’ve been to some amazing places, you have experiences most won’t get and you’re only 25. It’s amazing truly”  Maya grinned at him as she fixed the ice pack on his face “I appreciate that, but your face will appreciate this ice way way more”. Damn, kissing him must’ve been the best thing she felt in ages, she could tell he wanted it just as bad as she did yet kept his usual calm demeanor. She came out of her daze as she heard her her cell phone buzz, muttering quietly as Marcel’s pet name appeared  “Dinner tomorrow is still on ?” “Yeah….but let’s meet somewhere, I think I’m ready to tell Tim the truth” Maya sighed as his name quickly appeared on her screen and declined his facetime requests and calls immediately  “Answer me please, Maya just don’t do it today please. Let’s meet tomorrow and we can figure something out...please ?” “Fine, I won’t do it tonight but I’m doing it soon, I like him a lot and I’m not gonna keep secrets from him Marcel, and neither should you. I’ll text you tomorrow morning” she sent as she put her phone on silent and set their plates up She went to the bathroom as she wiped her residue makeup off her face and put her hair up in a ponytail to fresh up, applying some perfume lightly as she looked herself over and left the bathroom    “Oh” she whispered as she saw Tim sleeping on her couch, giving soft snores as his arms were crossed on his chest. Even in his sleep he wasn’t relaxed, it kinda looked like he was just closing his eyes to her and waiting to spook her any second. She contemplated waking him up for a second and went to touch his shoulder, but instead decided to graze his cheek with the back of her hand gently, covering him up with her throw she had on the couch.  Maya shrugged as she turned on the tv and sat on the opposite end as she stuffed spoonfuls of pasta into her mouth watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, shaking her head at the stupid drama on her television shifting when she heard Tim move around and groan   “What ? What happened ?” Tim asked with a groan as he stretched “did I fall asleep here ?” “You did” she nodded “only been like an hour and a half, now please get yourself a plate and don’t bother me for the next 20 minutes because Teresa Giudice is about to cause drama at this fashion show so shhh”   He raised his brow in confusion as he stood up and served himself a plate and sat next to her going back and forth between her reactions and the tv screen in front of him “Did she just call her an old hag and a bitch ?”    “Tim shh” she put a finger to his lips absentmindedly Tim nodded quickly as he leaned back into the couch and ate, speaking up when the show was over with wide eyes “That was… a lot. Is all reality tv like this ?”  “Only the best” Maya laughed “and by the way, sorry for shushing you like that” He shrugged “I deserve more than that”  “Tim, as of tonight we drop it” she turned to look at him “Please” Maya cleaned up thinking what the hell she got herself into with him, this wasn’t in her character at all. One second she was ready to see him drop dead 8 floors to the ground and the next she was making out with him in her kitchen. This was new territory she was going into and deep down it felt right, it felt right to kiss him and feel his touch and she could feel he was feeling the same way. She turned her head , gasping as she bumped into him    “Yes ?” she whispered “Maya, I like you” Tim said “I like you a lot...and I feel like if I don’t tell you now that it’s just us here in a comfortable environment I probably won’t say it again. This isn’t like me one bit” he admits “I’ll be honest yeah I’ve had girlfriends, I dated women here and there but I never felt like this…”    “Like how ?” she asked softly  “Scared, scared that when I was with you I liked who I was for once, I felt at ease and like I didn’t need to put the harsh wrestling persona up. You didn’t care or give it much thought either or pestered me like some others had in the past. And I just wanna say-” “Tim shut the fuck up and just kiss me already” she said softly    And he did. He kissed her deeply as he moved his hands down to her hips and lifted her with ease onto her kitchen countertop feeling her hands move up and down his chest. It wasn’t just a long kiss, it was several kisses with small breaks in between to ensure they could catch their breath as their hands roamed freely all over each other's bodies. Maya unbuttoned the first 3 buttons off his shirt as she lightly traced his chest with her nails as her forehead pressed against his “we should go to my room….we don’t have to you know...have sex but we can just do more of this there comfortably”   “Okay” he nodded as he took her hand and followed her into her room, looking around at the pristine condition everything was in. A vanity organized with makeup items and skin care products he couldn’t even name, her bed perfectly made and covered in pillows, a closet the size of his bedroom with clothes in every color of the rainbow. Everything so neat and luxurious, everything he didn’t have.   She leaned up against him she kissed him again, this time with more dominance as she stumbled onto her bed on top of him, feeling his hands lightly on her lower back    Tim pulled apart from her as he rubbed his slightly red lips and pet her hair gently with his hand “I haven’t had anything like that in a while” he admitted with a small grin    “Neither have I’ she chuckled, licking her lips feeling them swell “It’s like free lip filler” “Always a comedian” Tim laughed genuinely sitting up on her bed “Jesus it’s 11 already and I gotta walk back to my car to get home, I got tapings tomorrow”   “Just stay here and I’ll take you back in the morning, it’ll be early I promise” she said softly as she gave a comforting grin “Okay, I”ll take the couch though. I’m not sleeping in your bed, this was a one time thing that I typically don’t let happen”    “What a gentleman you are” Maya said as she brought him a pillow and blanket “I’ve got all the works on my tv so feel free to watch what you like, bathroom is right next to the closet”    “Thanks, I appreciate it really” She got up in the morning as she turned off her alarm and got ready for the day, taking a peek and seeing Tim up and sitting as he watched tv making different facial expressions  “What are you watching ?” she chuckled as she walked out and turned on her Nespresso machine “Danielle is a mess, I get why you watch this trashy stuff. It’s addicting” he shook his head as he turned it off  Maya laughed as she took out two mugs from her cabinet “Well now you know and let me guess, you take your black ?” “ Yeah” He nodded as he got up and sat on a stool    “I got a shoot in like an hour so I probably won’t be able to talk to you for most of today” she said softly as she packed her bag “chances are till late late tonight”   “Oh….well um I was hoping if you’re able to, I actually have a taping tomorrow and I wanted to ask you if you would like to attend ? It’s about 2 hours, it’s fun even for someone like you who’s never been around wrestling” Never been around wrestling, after a great night she remembered the big mess she had yet to talk to him about. Marcel, shit.    “I’ll try my hardest” she responded with a grin as she drove them back to his car “Thanks again for driving me here, I appreciate it have a good shoot” he nodded as he lingered for a while leaning in slowly as he pet her cheek with his hand and kissed her “Um I think your friend over there saw us” Maya laughed softly as she pointed to an opened mouthed Oney at the gym entrance    Tim chuckled and shook his head as he got out “I’m not gonna hear the end of this one, I’ll text you later, have a good work day” he smiled softly as he walked away “Is that….you have a ?, speak up already” Oney pushed as he followed him to his car “you can’t just not tell me what’s going on after kissing someone like THAT” He turned around as he got out his gym bag “excuse me ? what do you mean like that ? what’s with the emphasis on the end there ?”    Oney shook his head as he gave a scoff “Do you have any idea who that is ? What kind of work she does ?”
  “Uh yeah she’s a mode” Tim nodded as they walked inside “I’ve seen her stuff, she showed me and talked to me all about it”
“I can’t believe you’re dating a model man, you of all people. No offense of course but I mean I never pictured you even dating someone at all”
Tim raised a brow “I’m that bad of a catch huh ? Gee I feel great now that you’ve given me this amazing pep talk, feeling like I can conquer the world now” he answered sarcastically stretching
  “How old is she ?” Oney asked “because there’s no way she’s older than 30”
“25….” he said softly “she’s 25, just turned 25 actually about 2 months ago”
“WHAT ?” Oney said as he spit out his water “No fucking way, you’re dating a 25 year old ?”
  “Would you stop, we’re not dating…….we’re friends that’s all” he answered as he began his cardio
  “Oh yeah because you totally suck face with a friend before leaving right ?” Oney chuckled “You’re in deep, you did the cheek grab and the little linger after you kiss” “Well maybe I like her, friends right now but who knows maybe after she comes to the show might change” he gave a smile “I invited her and she said she’ll come” “Who are you and what have you done to my friend ?” Oney asked with a raised brow “Because you are not the Tim I know” “Let’s just say maybe I wanna enjoy life a bit more” He shrugged “and I’m starting with her, she likes me. I like her, there’s nothing that can go wrong” Nothing right ?
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kikocrystalball · 3 days ago
An Unexpected Discovery
An alternate universe in which Mulder and Scully are college professors working in buildings across from one another. They have become close, but one day, he learns something about her he never would have expected.
A couple of days ago, @msgilliana posted a tweet about an AU involving Mulder and Scully which led to a mini story being created by both of us. People asked for a REAL story, but it wasn’t my baby, I had only added a bit to an adorable idea. I suggested she and I collaborate and we two women, who were “too busy right now,” cranked out a 7,700 word story in two days. 
Hope you all enjoy! 
Tumblr media
Fox Mulder knew the start of the new academic year could be daunting for new faculty: Am I teaching this class correctly? Is my syllabus adequate? Where the hell do I park?
When he saw one person in particular however, he knew she meant business. They never technically met, but it was more of a ‘we parked next to each other and your building is right next to mine, so we might as well chat’ situation.
“Hi,” he’d said when he saw her, the first of them to speak. He had been drawn to her beauty, her red hair causing her to stand out.
“Hello,” she’d responded.
“Are you new?” he’d asked.
She pushed a stray piece of that beautiful red hair behind her ear. “Is it that obvious?”
“Oh no, I just have an eidetic memory and haven’t seen you before.” She was impressed, and her face revealed as much before he asked another question.
“What do you teach?”
“A mix. Some general physics, some intro to modern physics. You?”
“Wow, that’s quite impressive. I teach psych. Intro, abnormal, and social. Most people think it’s a ‘soft’ science, but I think it’s pretty important.”
“Psychology is interesting to be fair. Why do people do what they do, what determines our likes and dislikes, or even hyperfixations. And that’s just scratching the surface.”
“I have never met anyone from the science department who sees it that way. It’s quite refreshing, if you don’t mind me saying.”
“Well, my sister’s very into feelings, the energy of the planets, all that kind of stuff. She and I are very close. Well… this is my building.” She pointed to the one right next to the one he would be entering.
“And this is mine. How convenient. I’ll see you around Dr…”
“Scully. Dana Scully.”
“Fox Mulder.” He offered his hand and she shook it.
“Nice to meet you, Dr. Mulder.”
“Oh please, no ‘Dr.’ That’s so boringly formal. ‘Mulder’ is fine,” he had joked with a mock shiver.
“Then you can call me ‘Scully.’” She chuckled and then smiled at him. As he stared at her, he couldn’t help but notice the presence of a beauty mark above her top lip. She had covered it with makeup and he didn’t understand why she would, it was adorable and also incredibly sexy.
Oh, maybe that’s why, he thought, knowing how men could behave.
Pushing aside those thoughts, he smiled as they reached their respective buildings and separated, walking to their offices.
Over time, they’d gotten to know more about each other. He knew she was twenty six and had received her doctorate two years prior. She was Catholic with two older siblings, a brother and a sister, the latter of whom had an interest in all things extraterrestrials, and she also had one younger brother.
Before the end of her first teaching year, they’d managed to park next to each other almost every day. They would chat for the few minutes their walk to the building afforded them, until they had to separate to their own offices. They both looked forward to that time together each day.
At the year's commencement, they had sat next to each other, and she looked extraordinarily extravagant in her doctoral robe and cap. She would say the same about him.
The following school year, they had gone from their morning chats to leaving at the same time as well. It quickly turned into one accompanying the other to their office and continuing their conversations. While almost polar opposites, they felt comfortable with each other and talked about any and everything.
Of all the little things he knew about her, the one thing Mulder knew Scully prided herself on most was punctuality. He knew she arrived in the parking lot at exactly 8:05 every Tuesday and Thursday before her first class began at 8:30. The other three days, she arrived at exactly 9:25 am for her 10 am class. His classes were all later in the day, but he came in early for office hours and to get work done before his classes.
A couple of months later, however, it was 9:27 on a Wednesday morning and she was nowhere to be found. In the nearly one and a half years since she’d been teaching, Scully had never been late. Though he was curious, he decided to head into his office and start his day.
His work, however, didn’t hold his attention. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. What was she doing? Was she sick? Was there a family emergency? She had mentioned that her siblings lived all across the country. Her older brother Bill was in California where he was stationed with his wife Tara. Melissa was traveling, “finding herself” Scully had stated with a slight eye roll, and Charlie was in New York with his girlfriend Elaine. Her parents were in Annapolis, about an hour's drive from the school.
Shaking himself out of his reverie, he decided to email her, something he’d never done nor had any need to do.
Are you okay?
He forewent formalities because he felt they were on friendly enough terms, or at least he had assumed so. They hadn’t ever socialized outside of school events, but he had lost count of the high school and college friends he no longer spoke to or had only seen on campus.
He was about to get ready to teach his first class of the day when he checked his email one more time and saw a reply from her.
I’m fine.
Nothing further, not even her name, but at least he now knew she was okay. Or at least, Mulder hoped so. She would’ve said if something was wrong.
He didn’t sleep well that night, his brain unable to stop thinking and wondering if she was okay.
The next day, she still hadn’t arrived on time. He was in his office, about to send her another email, when he heard a car door slam around 8:15. The building was fairly soundproof, but the windows were not.
Curious, he got up from his desk and looked out the window. Seeing Scully’s car, he immediately smiled. She was a little late, but she was there. His brows then furrowed when she opened the door to the backseat. Bending inside, she was there for nearly a minute.
When she pulled back, he let out a gasp as she had reappeared with a small child in her arms. He could see the little girl was limp and appeared to be asleep. Observing Scully’s struggle to get her bags from the front seat while also carrying the child, he quickly left his office.
He tried to keep his pace slow, so as to not disrupt his colleagues, but his mind was racing with a million questions. Mulder made it outside, but didn’t see Scully. Assuming she must’ve gotten to her office already, he hurried up the stairs; he was out of breath when he reached the third floor.
Looking around, he heard a ding, announcing the arrival of the elevator down the hall. The doors opened and he spotted her shining red hair as she exited the elevator, and turned toward her office. Speed walking, he made it to her office at the same moment that she did.
“Oh, God. Mulder, you scared me,” she whispered when she saw him, breathing quickly as she reached for her keys.
“Sorry,” he whispered, matching her volume.
Scully took a minute to find her keys, only having one hand free for the action. She finally got her office unlocked, the little girl sleeping through it all. Propping the door open, she left the light off and set her bags down, a bright pink Dora the Explorer backpack standing out. She picked it up and held it out to him.
“Can you…” she asked him, nodding at the child in her arms.
“Oh. Um, sure. What…”
“Her blanket, please.”
He unzipped the bag and pulled out a small blue blanket with Thomas the Train across it. Versatile, I like it, thought Mulder. He couldn’t help but feel his heart grow as he watched the way she was with the little girl he assumed had to be her daughter.
“Mommy…” the toddler suddenly croaked.
“Shh, baby, it’s okay.” Scully’s voice was soothing and soft for the girl as she ran a hand across her daughter’s long loose curls. It was different from her no-nonsense, low-pitched professor voice, and it made his heart ache.
She mouthed a thank you to Mulder and took the blanket from him. The little girl whimpered as she was covered in the blanket and snuggled closer to her mother. Scully rocked her and smiled at Mulder.
“I’m sure you have some questions.”
“Just a few.”
She sighed and looked at her child. “Please, sit.”
He obeyed, watching as she carefully sat in her leather desk chair.
“How old is she?” Mulder asked.
“Almost three.”
“Wow, you’ve got your hands full. What’s her name?”
“Emily.” Scully smiled as she rubbed Emily’s back over the blanket.
Awkward silence washed over them as they both ignored the elephant in the room. Scully wasn’t married and didn’t wear a ring. She had never talked about her child before, let alone a partner that could be the child’s father.
“You’ve shared so much, why not her?”
She sighed again. “I don’t know. I guess I thought… that you would judge me. Everyone else sure does, except Missy and Charlie.”
“You know I’d never.”
“I do, but I was also worried. And I guess I wanted to keep her secret for as long as possible.” She avoided his gaze as she spoke.
“I don’t want to sound insensitive, but I do have one more burning question…”
“You want to know about her dad,” Scully guessed and he looked at her sadly and shrugged, not speaking the words, but obviously curious.
“His name’s Ethan and he had been my boyfriend since grad school. I found out I was pregnant the day I defended my dissertation. We broke up about halfway through my pregnancy. He hadn’t ever wanted children, but also didn’t want to use protection. I… well… now Em’s here. That’s the extremely simplified version.”
Mulder’s eyes were wide as he took in the information. He thought she was pretty badass to be able to raise a kid on her own. He could also hear how she may feel shame about it, because of others' comments and also how society tended to treat women who were single parents.
She sighed and he realized that he hadn’t said anything in response. Feeling like a bit of a jackass, he opened his mouth to speak, but she suddenly stood up and shook her head.
“Sorry to cut this short,” she said, glancing at her watch. “But my first class starts soon and I need to get her stuff to bring.”
He shook his head and stood as well. “I can watch her, if it would make it easier for you.”
“Oh, no. I couldn’t-“
“I insist. Besides, I don’t think she’ll like listening to her mother talk about super smart science stuff.”
“It’ll probably bore her to death,” she agreed with a chuckle.
“Then it’s settled then.”
“Are you sure?” Her expression gave away her uncertainty, her eyes searching his face.
“Really, I’d love to. I promise we’ll just stay in here while you teach.”
“You need to be in your office, Mulder. I can’t do that to you.”
“Then we can go to mine. Look, Scully, I promise we’ll be okay, okay?”
She sighed for the third time. “Okay. I should wake her though, let her know I’m leaving and let her see you. I don’t want her waking up without me and crying. Hey, Em,” she said softly, gently patting her back, waking the child.
“Hey honey, Mama has to teach her class now. You’re going to spend some time with Mulder today, okay? He’s mommy’s friend.”
The toddler lifted her head and looked at him fearfully, tears running down her cheeks.
“Hey, Emily,” Mulder greeted. “It’s nice to meet you. Do you like Dora? She’s pretty cool.” Emily didn’t answer, but embraced Scully tighter.
“I know baby, but Mommy really needs to get to class. Mulder is a very nice man and he will take care of you. He has fish in his office. Do you want to see them?” She nodded, her eyes still full of tears.
Emily was gently passed to Mulder, Scully making sure she was wrapped in her blanket. The little girl sniffed and whimpered as she watched her mom blow her a kiss and then leave the room, thanking him once again.
“Would you like to go on a trip, Emily?” he asked, hoping to ease the tension. She looked at him, her expression unsure and still slightly fearful. “Let’s go see the fish, okay?” She nodded and he beamed.
He grabbed her backpack and swung it onto his back, closing the door to Sculy’s office as they walked out. He locked the door with the keys he’d taken off her desk, knowing she would come to his before coming back to her own.
Emily was trembling slightly in his arms and he held her closer as they walked to the elevator.
“Would you like to go outside? It feels nice out today.”
Emily slowly nodded her head, her thumb on the tip of her bottom lip, as she put her head on his shoulder. He stepped out of the elevator and then the building. He walked into the little courtyard separating the science and education/psychology buildings. The little girl lifted her head just enough to look around.
“‘Nola,” Emily said quietly, as she pointed with her little finger.
“What was that, Em?” Mulder asked, at a loss of what she was trying to say.
“‘Nola,” she repeated louder.
He looked at the direction she was pointing and chuckled when he realized what she meant. “Oh, you like the magnolia tree?”
Mulder was impressed by her intelligence. Of course, her mother had gotten her doctorate at twenty-four, which was not common amongst the other faculty. Even he hadn’t received his until just before she had started teaching, and he was thirty, nearly thirty-one.
“You’re very smart, Emily,” Mulder praised, but the little girl was uninterested. She put her head back on his shoulder, falling asleep before they made it to the office.
As he arrived at the door, he realized he had left his door unlocked when he found it hanging open and one of his teaching assistants, Tyler, was grading papers.
“Oh, sorry Dr. M, but the door was unlocked and…” Tyler started, but was confused as he saw Emily in his arms.
“I’m watching her for a friend,” Mulder said simply, putting her backpack down on the desk. Tyler nodded and went back to grading papers.
Emily continued to sleep, Mulder holding her as he sat down at his desk. Even as he held her, he managed to send a slowly-typed email to a student about the midterm, enter the test grades Tyler had given him, and sent out an announcement to the class about their extra credit assignment.
Looking down at Emily, he smiled. Other than her blonde hair, she was a mirror image of Scully and he couldn’t imagine anyone but her having a sweeter child.
Tyler left soon after he was done grading, smiling and nodding silently as he walked out the door. Emily began to stir, her eyes slowly opening and taking in her surroundings.
“Hey there, Em,” he said softly, and the toddler mumbled, clutching her blanket closer.
“Do you want to see the fish now?” She nodded and he stood up, his back protesting at the position he had been in for the past forty five minutes. He shifted her to hold her better and walked across the room to show her the fish.
“Oh!” she said, watching the fancy guppies he had bought swimming around the tank. “Fishies!” She pointed at the tank and he grinned.
“Yup! Those are fancy guppies. Can you say guppy?”
“Good job,” he said, smiling again and rubbing her back. “See that one there? The blue one with the red spotted tail? That’s my favorite one. Watch how fast he swims.”
“Fish swim fast,” she agreed with a nod and he chuckled, shifting her again.
“They are fast. Good job, Em! Gimme five.” She laughed as she lifted her tiny hand and met Mulder’s large one.
“Having fun?” Scully asked and they turned to look at her, standing in the doorway with a smile.
“Mommy!” Emily said, trying to scramble out of Mulder’s arms. He laughed as he set her down and she ran to Scully, who lifted the squealing toddler in her arms.
“Hey, baby.” Scully kissed Emily’s cheek and looked at Mulder. “Were you good for Mulder?”
Emily vigorously nodded her head while Mulder laughed. “She was very good. She’s a smart kid.”
“She takes after her mother.” The two adults smiled and Emily wrapped her arms around Scully’s neck. “Thank you for looking after her. I only had the one class today, but she was sick yesterday and I had babysitter problems and-“
“I promise it was no trouble and completely my pleasure. She slept most of the time, but she liked the fish. The guppies, right Em?”
“Guppy,” she said with a nod, pointing at the tank. “Guppy fish, Mommy.”
“Yes, I know. I knew you would like them.” Scully smiled. “Hey, are you free tonight?”
“Umm. I… no, I mean yes I’m free.”
“Well, let me buy you a drink. It’s the least I can do to thank you for your help.”
His heart raced. This was the moment he’d been waiting for since he had first looked at her.
“Um, sure, I mean… yeah, I’d love to,” he stammered.
Great job, doofus, he admonished himself, inwardly rolling his eyes.
“Great. I’ll sort out a babysitter for tonight and I’ll see you at six? I’ll send you my address.”
If he didn’t know any better, he’d think Scully was inviting him out on a date. Did she see it that way? They’d never spent time together outside of university functions, but he hoped she’d see it as a date, as he would love for it to be so.
He smiled as he nodded and she smiled back. She lifted Emily a little higher, telling her about her class as Emily continued staring at the fish. The way she doted on her daughter and how her red hair shone in the light, he could feel he was already falling for her.
Yeah… he was in big trouble.
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mercheswan · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
“Tara come on! Don’t make me! It’s going to be super boring!” Theo complained following his sister down the street.
“Do you know how difficult it was to get this tickets Theo? Very difficult, He is a prodigy, like a modern Mozart!” Tara argued to her brother.
Theo took the tickets to look at the pianist name, miecz… he lifted his eyebrow. “At least Mozart had a name that was pronounceable” Theo added.
Tara hit Theo on the arm. “It’s just a piano recital, you’re not going to die”
“They are boring, classical music is boring, all the pieces sound the same” Theo huffed.
“Well I don’t care, you owe me for that time, so you’re coming. Just sit, listen and look pretty” Tara smiles her bitch smile.
“I can do pretty just fine” Theo joked with a smirk. Tara rolled her eyes with fondness before entering to the concert hall.
They had good ticked on the second floor with direct view to the piano and the orchestra. Theo was planning to sleep during the whole concert, but her sister silently squeaked in glee when I young boy came to the stage. The boy was around their age, with pale skin and untamed hair. He was wearing a shirt and suit trousers. When he turned around to wave to the crow Theo noticed that he had a nice behind. Then the boy seated on the piano.
“Wait-t! That’s him? That’s the pianist?” Theo said a little bit too loud so the couple behind them shushed him.
“Yeah” Tara whispered.
“I thought he’ll be old and bald” Theo whispered back.
“He is your age. I told you he was a prodigy! Now shut up and listen!” Tara said ending the conversation.
And Theo did. Shut up and listen. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the stage. The boy played with intensity, the music was enchanting and emotional. Theo didn’t even noticed when the audience stood up to applause and the boy receivers the ovation. In automatic Theo clapped too. Then the concert was over and Theo was left wanting more.
“So what did you think?” Tara asked while they exited the hall.
“W-what?” Theo asked. Tara looked at him. “Oh it was good, he is, he is all right” Theo added.
Tara smiled. “See! I told you! I saw you were very into it. Or maybe into him…” Tara teased with a smirk.
“Fuck off!” Theo said while Tara laughed out loud at his brother’s embarrassment.
In the following days Theo tried to find information about the young pianist. There wasn’t much about him, but he saw that he has another concert planned for the following week. So he bought a ticket. Front row.
Watching, Mieczyslaw, up close was even better, Theo could see the boy’s gestures and his expression of concentration while he played. Theo was specially mesmerised about the boy’s mouth and how he played with his tongue. But Theo reminded himself that a piano recital was not the place to get turned on. Theo bought tickets for following concerts as well, he recognised all the pieces he played by now but Mieczyslaw always palyed them in a different way.
Theo was starting to feel like a stalker, or some really big fanatic. He really wanted to meet the pianist face to face but there were no meet and greets with piano players. So it meant that Theo had to create the meet and greet, by getting into backstage after a recital. Thankfully there wasn’t much security, but Theo didn’t really know where he was going, until he bumped into someone.
“Ouch” Theo huffed. In front of him was his favourite pianist.
“Hot front row guy” Mieczyslaw said in a soft voice.
Theo blinked. Hot?. “Mieczyslaw…” It was Theo’s opportunity.
“Oh wow, you’ve actually pronounced it correctly” Mieczyslaw laughed, and it might have been Theo’s imagination but his cheeks looked a little bit red. “Call me Stiles, no one calls me by my real name” Stiles smiled. “What are you doing here?”
“Oh yeah, I tollaty sneaked, sorry, Umm, I just wanted to meet you” Theo confessed.
“I’ve seen you before, in previous shows” Stiles said and Theo smirked. Stiles moved his head to the side to try and hide his blush. “You must really like classical music” Stiles alleged
“I’m into you” Theo said. Stiles looked at with with surprise in his face. Theo noticed what he just said. “Y-your music!” Theo didn’t really want to look like an obsessed fan, although he was a little bit.
“Only my music?” Stiles said getting closer to Theo. Too close.
Theo grinned. Stiles was into him as well or he had no preservation instinct. Or maybe both. “Let me invite you to a drink” Theo said. Stiles smiled.
Theo really was into Stiles.
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mitts2002 · 5 days ago
Band AU - Gojo Satorou
Tumblr media
Gojo satorou had it all. Brains, looks, charms, could dance and play guitar and even draw. But the one thing he couldnt have was you, not that anything was stopping him. (Y/N) simply didnt want to date someone in a band who looked like they would fuck any pretty thing that walks by.
You didnt like judging someone from their appearance after all the saying goes ‘you cant judge a book by its cover’ but when the book looked and behaved like Gojo could anyone blame you. 
Of course Gojo had everything a person could wish for and that included pride. His stubbornness and pride did not allow him to back down, especially when the challenge was as entertaining and as cute as you.
“what is it now Gojo?“
“cant a friend just stop by to say hey?“
“hm yeah they can a shame were not friends though“
“and why would that be (Y/N) my beautiful appearance and dazzling personality too much for you to handle“
“wow cause everyone loves the looks of a classic fuck boy with the personality of a seven year old. how could I ever resist?”
"Very funny (Y/N) seriously you free for lunch?"
"Gojo I told you countless times before I'm busy and don't wanna go out. Wouldn't you rather meet with your members or something?"
"I thought lunch with you would be nice"
The saddened expression on Gojos face as he said made you want to break the restrictions you put on yourself. Dating a famous guitarist who also happens to be a womaniser was no good you told yourself. The last thing you wanted was the attention.
"Come on just a little date it could even be here if you don't feel like going out anywhere"
He motioned to the bakery you both sat inside of. Well he sat inside of while you stood at the counter trying to catch a glimpse of his blue eyes that was hidden behind large black sunglasses.
(Y/N) felt a migrane coming on. Whether it was from dealing with customers in the little bakery all day or the fact that your most loyal customer happened to be a complete nuisance didn't matter. You needed the headache to stop and you knew there was only one way how.
"Fine! one date and it happens here. Just let me finish my shift in peace please"
You finally gave in feeling slight shame at how fast you broke and gave into his constant pestering. The man just wouldn't shut up. After getting shut down many times over and over, after being sarcastic and sassy and extremely cold to him the guitarist wouldn't budge.
The date between you both was quiet, or as quiet as you could get with Gojo. You were on the closing shift so you had the shop to yourselves, soft music playing in the background while you both ate some pastries and chatted.
Eventually a song Gojo enjoyed had come on and the moment he started singing along you finally started to see why many loved him. Sure his personality was childish and downright annoying but he was also vibrant and lively.
For the bands lead guitarist his vocals were definitely no joke. For the first time ever you were glad he had come by today, and soon without realising it the eccentric guitarists little visits became the favourite part of your day.
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under-sedationnn · 5 days ago
zuko x non-bender!reader: captured and enamored pt. 1
Tumblr media
Anonymous said to under-sedationnn:
Can you write a zuko x non-bender reader? where she is part of the Gaang and gets captured by Zuko and is kept prisoner for some time and at first Zuko is really mean but slowly starts to fall for her but she manages to escape and they meet again at the western air temple when he joins the gaang? thank you!
Word Count: 1888
Warning: although they do not appear much in this part of the reading, within the "series" there are mentions of blood, slight violence and emotional manipulation!! if you feel as though that may trigger you in any way then scroll away, i completely understand. it is also important for me to note that the reader within this part is using feminine pronouns since that is what was requested :) thanks and enjoy!
link to part 2:
A peaceful morning, the birds chirping, a soft breeze traveling through my tea room. There was a commotion at the entrance of town, and I could see three people tied to the Kyoshi monument out of my short window. The warriors, one of which is my sister, surrounded the three, intimidating them with quick movements and their gleaming, sharp fans.
“I might as well still make my errands, as long as this doesn’t get out of hand,” I whispered to myself, grabbing my empty water pale and pulling on a light robe to brace the breeze.
I had made my usual trip to the river bank to grab fresh water when suddenly, a gust of air erupted out from underneath the young boy in orange.
“The Avatar has arrived at Kyoshi island!” I overheard. My neighbors and friends rushed quickly to the entrance of the city, some foaming at the mouth quite literally.
As the Avatar and his companions walked in, young girls began swooning over the young munk. The tall boy in the blue, different from my own blue robes, soaked up the glory while a similar-looking girl looked around the island with amazement.
Before I knew what I had done, my feet had carried me through the crowd and I found myself standing in front of the Avatar. He did not seem as though he noticed me, however, and was certainly not as intimidating or old as I expected him to be.
Just then, an excited child had jumped to the front of the crowd as well, knocking into me and causing me to drop my pale of water.
“Oops, I’m sorry miss!” the child pleaded, tears forming in his eyes. His mother grabbed his arm and led him to the back of the crowd before I could answer, and I noticed that the Avatar suddenly had taken notice of my presence.
“Hello, are you okay? Do you need some help?” He asked, obviously hoping that I would say yes. His eyes were kind, youthful, honest.
“Yes, I’m fine, really. I just spilled my water, is all.” I offered him and his counterparts warm smiles, to which the siblings hesitantly returned. “It was very nice to meet you all, but I must be going now. However, feel free to come to my tea room if you would like a rest. Please, allow me to give you a warmer welcome than the one you were offered.”
The tall boy stepped to the front, “Will there be food?” he asked.
He stuck out his hand, waiting for me to shake it in return. I took his hand in mine and gave it a firm squeeze, not quite understanding the gesture.
Knock knock knock.
I straightened out my linen shirt and unruffled my pants, both a bright shade of cerulean with woven deep navy accents around the collar, wrists, and ankles. Deep breath, open the door, smile.
“Welcome to Kyoshi Island, Avatar.” I greeted him with a bow, along with his two counterparts. “We are so blessed to have to visit our small town. Please, come sit.”
I gestured them into a small seating area filled with cushions. The air was hot from the open windows and the room smelled of incense and herbs. Sounds of scuffling from the training area could be heard through the wall, only mildly drowned out by the windchimes outside.
“Wow, thanks!” Aang exclaimed, looking around the small room with giddiness.
“Yes, thank you,” said the girl, elbowing her brother in the ribs to do the same.
“Right, thanks.” He reluctantly plopped onto one of the large cushions, and the others followed suit. “By the way, my name is Sokka and this is my sister Katara.”
“It is very nice to meet you, Katara, Sokka. My name is Y/n.” I bowed to them, receiving small nods in return. “Oh, where are my manners? What type of tea would you all like? Jasmine? Mint? Green?”
“Green would be fantastic, thank you!” said Aang.
I made my way over to the small stove located in the corner of the room, only to find that there was no water in my bason to boil. “Oh, I’m sorry, I must have forgotten to fill my bale again! One moment, I just need to walk down to the bank.”
“May I help?” asked Katara. She swirled her hands and lifted her arms up, my bale suddenly being filled by the river outside. The water came through the window like a smooth breeze, the gracefulness of her actions carrying through the liquid, itself.
“Oh wow, you’re a waterbender! We don’t see many benders around here.” I said. “I guess I should have known by the color of your robes, huh?”
They laughed, and I busied myself with the tea.
“Y/n, are you an earth bender? Also, you mentioned there would be food… ?” Sokka asked, seemingly hoping that I would say yes to the ladder. He was relieved.
“No, definitely not,” I chuckled, dropping the tea leaves into the pot and pouring the now hot water over them to steep, “but I did prepare some soup and rice, if that’s alright. It’s all I had available.” I turned around and came to sit with them, now forming a four cornered circle, laying the food out on platters and presenting a tea cup to each member.
“Well, would you happen to know anybody around here who is an earthbender?” asked Aang.
“Sorry, the closest we have to benders in terms of combat are the Kyoshi warriors and they’re not benders, either. I can have you talk to my sister about some training, though!”
Sokka’s face dropped. He could see the resemblance, suddenly. “Your sister,” he started.
“She wouldn’t happen to have short brown hair, dazzling blue eyes and a really strong grip, would she?” It was almost as if he didn’t want for me to answer. Aang and Katara were giggling silently next to him.
“I see you met Suki.”
That was our first interaction, and I quickly became both a tour guide and a helping hand during their visit. However, our friendship formed quickly, and I spent many hours sitting with Katara in the tea room chatting about all of their experiences with Aang.
“You could join us, you know,” she offered, “you would be a great addition and I would love to have another girl on the team. Being around Aang and Sokka without a break gives me hives.”
I laughed along with her, considered her offer, but ultimately declined. “I don’t know, I’m not sure if I would even be much help, to be completely honest.”
Her face fell slightly, but she kept a calm demeanor. “Well, just let me know if you have a change of heart.”
Days later, the Fire Nation attacked Kyoshi island. I had no combat skills, I hadn’t grown up training like Suki, and I wasn’t a bender. I couldn’t fight. However, I found many of the town’s residents and kept them safe in the tea room.
Neighbors and friends ran into my cramped residence, ash and cinder covering their faces. I made a mental note to create a salve for their burns.
“Quickly, children, climb into the cabinets along the floor! Mothers go with them, I need others to help me barricade the windows and doors.”
After blocking all of the openings, I peeked out of a crack in one of the barricades to keep watch. I saw a young man, probably no older than I was, with a large scar on his face and an expression of pure hatred. He was from the Fire Nation, that much was clear. He stood on the stoop of the tea room, talking with a soldier and yelling orders.
“Everybody be quiet,” I hissed to the room.
Upon turning back, I noticed that he had come up the small step and was standing directly in front of the door. From where I looked outside, I could only see his chest and neck. He pounded on the door, hard. “Open up! I am looking for the Avatar!”
The children whimpered, their voices seeping through the bamboo cabinets along the walls. We all breathed shallow breaths, the air thick with flame and smoke. He pounded on the door again.
“I know someone is in there, now open up! If you don’t, I can have the building up in flames in seconds.” He meant it, there was no sense of hesitation in his voice.
I stood up, my knees attempting to give in with every passing second. I looked at the others, “Stay silent and hidden, do not move.”
I pulled away the wood barrier on one of the windows, leaving small holes where nails had been placed within the walls. Without leaving the room, I came face to face with him.
“I am looking for the Avatar.”
“He’s not here, my apologies.” I replied, hoping that my voice did not tremor as much as it seemed to.
He scanned my face, looking for traces of dishonesty. “I know he’s in Kyoshi, do not lie to me.”
“I am not lying to you,” I leaned forward, my head coming slightly out of the fractured window frame, “he is not in here.”
He stepped toward the window, taking my chin within his fingers. He lifted my chin up to his face, and I could feel his breath as he spoke. “Well, if you do see him,” his grip on my face tightened, “you be sure to let me know, Miss…?”
“L/n. Y/n L/n.”
“L/n.” He spoke my name as though it left a bad taste in my mouth. Grimacing at me, he lifted his grip of my chin and stalked off of the property, down the street, toward the entrance.
Who are you?
His lack of empathy, his rage, this is what the Avatar is up against? I found myself debating Katara’s offer once more, the chance of traveling with the Avatar and restoring peace sounding more and more attractive every second.
Without a second thought, I grabbed a small satchel, stuffed my clothes into it, and climbed through the window of the shop. I found my sister almost immediately.
“Suki! Suki! I’m leaving.”
“You’re what? Y/n no! You can’t leave!” She grabbed my shoulders tightly, digging her nails into my skin slightly. A silent protest against letting go.
“I have to!” I gripped my bag ever tighter, and ran off toward Appa.
“Y/n, please!” she screamed, but her pleiades were silent against the roaring flames of the village.
As I ran through the small streets, the statue of Avatar Kyoshi went up in the flames, the heritage of my home destroyed within seconds. I put my arm around my face to keep the smoke out of my lungs, and frantically looked around for Appa.
“Katara, Avatar Aang, Sokka, please wait! I want to come with you!” I yelled, hoping that they could hear me over the commotion.
“Climb on!” said Aang, and we were off within a second.
When we flew over the village, Katara comforted Aang. “You did the right thing, Aang. Zuko would have destroyed the whole place had we stayed.”
“Zuko? The boy with the scar?”
“Yeah,” grimaced Sokka, “he’s the Fire Lord’s son.”
To be continued.
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Thoughts on Build a Problem:
Air So Sweet: omg I love this, it makes my brain feel happy omg, good vibrations in brain
Hate Myself: an absolute bop but we’ve been knew, I genuinely love this song though, it’s my favorite single of the few that came out
I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You): the transitions have been so crisp so far I love it, same opinion as before where it’s a vibe and the instrumental is great
Cool Girl: god it’s still such a good song, hits different right after I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You), the vibes currently are very much so looking at how society sees and interacts with you and putting some of those thoughts onto yourself as well as just trying to survive in a world that feels a bit harsh, instrumentals have all been a bop so far
Special Girl: omg the opening is so cool- slappity slap, oh god these lyrics hurt ahhhhhh, the little “ah” is so goddamn relatable oh god, this song feels like what my brain is like idk how to explain it
Rainbow: *cries*, it’s so good but fuck
?: oh god the transition from Rainbow to this was so well done and delicate omg also this intro- I love, hi this was beautiful and I adored it
Four Tequilas Down: I don’t at all relate to the lyrics but like I love the song like this might be a favorite from the album tbh
.: I love the instrumentals
Sorry: wow That was beautiful, the line about being a monster hits man
When: it’s so nice to get to hear this song in a more finished song and god it’s so good
Before the Line: *cries* this was so incredibly good but I’m sad and feeling emotions, probably my favorite off of the official first disc of the album tbh
Guiltless (Bonus): god I relate to and love this song so much
Boys Like You (Bonus): good break from emotions, dance dance time, good vibes
bored like me (demo): omg I love these vibes ahhhhhhh, like it’s sad but like the instrumental and sound is so good
let go (demo): i like the softness of it, good song
bite back (demo): good vibes 10/10, the name brings me joy as well
one last time, please (demo): the lyrics make me emotional, would fall asleep to this song but like not in a it bored me way, it just makes me feel calm
all my daughters (demo): this is so such a good song omg, the little choir-y bit is very enjoyable
anything (demo): the lyrics are a bit relatable on this one, I was on the verge of tears but god this is such a good vibe
in the bed (demo): I just find this song to be a vibe but it’s a bit like in the middle where it’s hard to not think of its subject matter just a lil bit just an absolute vibe
don’t quite belong (demo): this song is very relatable, I find it interesting that this is the end of the album (kind of) because we’re ending then on a more upbeat style song but idk I really like this song like it’s just good
In general I just really liked the album. The instrumentals are absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite parts of it. It was all just a really good experience and idk I really liked it
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lovereadinghockeyy · 6 days ago
First kiss with Ryan Suzuki? I feel like he'd be confident, but also very cautious in making sure he didn't read the signals wrong 😌
Hi anon! Thanks for the ask! I love it.
Tumblr media
Not my gif: credit to @ strxmer
the breeze felt nice against your skin, it weaved through your hair, making it fly everywhere. you were looking through the window of Ryan’s car, admiring the scenery as you passed it.
you and ryan decided to make an impromptu road trip to explore a bit of Canada, and to spend some quality time together. even though you were newly dating, you seemed to have a very strong connection with him. he glanced at you while you looked out the window, he admired the way your hair flew everywhere due to the breeze but it made you look so beautiful. he smiled when he saw you taking photos and bopping your head to the music that played. you looked at him and smiled widely, ‘this is so fun Ryan, I love be here with you.’ he grabbed your hand and kissed it ‘I love being here with you too.’
the day progressed, and while driving you made a few stops to explore and to stretch your legs. the sun started to set, and Ryan stopped the car in a small area to watch the sunset. you left the car and he grabbed your hand, lacing your fingers together. he lead you to a small grassy area and you both sat down. You watched the sunset in silence, just basking in each others presence. while you watched, Ryan only had eyes for you, ‘hey y/n...’ he said nervously, you tore your eyes away from the sunset and looked at him. the golden light made his features pop. butterflies erupted in your stomach, you had a sudden urge to close the gap between you two but you withheld, being to nervous to do it. Your voice shook a bit ‘what’s up zukes?’. ‘um, can I try something?’ You nod, a bit confused but then he leans in and close the gap. his lips felt soft against yours, tasting the mint gum he was chewing moments before, the kiss was electric, and you didn’t want it to end. you cup his cheek, and deepen it a bit. after a few seconds you both pull away for air. ‘wow...’ you blurt out. ‘that was....’ he trails off but you finish the sentence ‘amazing...’ he nods and smiles at you. you smile back, you muster up some confidence ‘want to.. I don’t know continue?’. he nods and you quickly reconnect.
it was a good road trip.
hope this was ok!
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chongyoons · 8 days ago
genshin anon! idk i always just have a million tabs open. theyre mostly youtube videos i like watching and dont want to have to find lol. got 19 open right now lol. yeah the only weapons i really have leveled up are on the main ones i use. i only use certain characters for certain things (like chongyun and xinyan), so they just switch between my decent claymores lol. ive got so many claymores but no real need to level them honestly. ah yeah i love hu tao! shes a lot of fun to use honestly.
(2/5) i love her *aesthetic* too lol. yeah my xiao.. also not the best but he does fine. FINALLY GOT 10 FRIENDSHIP THOUGH. TOOK FOREVER. now i have my xiao namecard and i am happy. hu tao is like 1/3 through 9 so she'll be there soon! ahh yeah i know that feeling. its such a struggle to just get on sometimes but once youre there, its all good. idk for me its kind of fun to play with strangers. although it takes forever for someone to accept your invite... like if your signature is 'help me with
(3/5) something' then dont decline me ): oo i hope youre friend does start playing so you can help! its fun experiencing it all again. plus its VERY fun to just destroy everything... hehe. UGH WE GOT NOELLE ON A BANNER AGAIN. got her c5 now :') also diona is back... plus the free diona... at least whenever i pull diona now i basically get a wish back :/ sweetie i love you but please not now. yeah i sometimes have a bit of luck. im nearing soft pity for zhongli now... and i have 50/50 which...
(4/5) never ends well for me :/ always lose the 50/50. how are you enjoying 1.5??? ZHONGLI'S STORY QUEST OH MY. finally got to do it yesterday (had been busy and i knew i needed to be able to sit and focus) and just wow )': that boss though... wasnt really prepared to fight it and almost didnt go well haha. the housing system is kind of fun! im.... just rushing through it at this point. ill make my place look pretty once my trust rank is up <3 lol. i also finally did a hangout lol. diona has
oh rip the 5th part said it was bad and it disappeared :/ anyway i forget where it started but yeah i did one part of diona's hangout and it was cute! nice seeing her in the story. didnt realize you get primos so... going to do all the hangouts now. need those zhongli primos </3 and yanfei! she was pretty cool in the teapot quest! i have her c1 and while i dont have anything to lvl her with, she's pretty cool! but yeah how you liking 1.5?
lmaooo somehow i feel like i’m in the minority when it comes to tabs... i guess when i’m working i have a lot of tabs open but when it’s just casual i can NOT. i have like one okayish sword for every type (basically all the prototypes since you can forge them) + the skyward sword but that’s about it lmao </3
yeah i love the whole butterfly thing going on with her, it’s a nice touch! omg same we gonna be besties with xiao LMAO i’ve replaced him with keqing now who i am LOVING she’s definitely my fave dps now. lmao i’m always that person who declines jfkldas although it’s not like i’m requesting people to come to my world so yea. 
she like. downloaded the game but idk if she’s made progress jafsdkljfsa god just chilling with my c6 noelle -_- BUT i’ve pulled yanfei a bunch (at c2) + zhongli so i think that was the game forgiving me for giving me like 5 fucking noelles on venti’s banner jakfdl. and ahhhh good luck i hope you get zhongli!!! i’m sooo excited to have him tbh i’m gonnna keep pulling on his banner in the hopes i MIGHT get him to c1. although eula seems pretty cool and she’s next so might save a little bit for her
i’m loving 1.5 a lot!!! zhongli’s story quest made me sad :( yeah i wasn’t prepared for that boss either LMAO but zhongli’s shield got me through <3 the housing system is fun but sort of stressful? in the IDK WHERE TO PUT THINGS way ajdflajfsklj but omg same at this point i’m just sort of haphazardly putting things everywhere and once they stop giving me rewards for making specific things/placing specific things i’ll probably look more into customizing. like all the landforms are currently stacked into a single mega dense hill thing ajklfdas
omg yeah you get quite a decent chunk of primogems from the hangouts <3 did you see the 1.6 leaks? :O kazuha the new boy in town afkljda
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official-weasley · 9 days ago
The Irreplaceable Charlie Weasley: Pt. 6, Ch. 10
It felt like someone stopped time. I was watching her come down the stairs and to say that I was awestruck was an understatement. Since Andre did such a great job fixing my robes I prepared myself to act as normal as possible as I could imagine he made a nice dress for her. I was not, however, prepared for what I was seeing.
Ever since I started falling for Nova and I knew it wasn't just a crush, I found her so beautiful that words can't even describe. She looked even more gorgeous today and there was something about her; she looked as if she was shining.
“Wow, you look...” I couldn't hide the expression on my face. I was stunned and at this point, I didn't even care if it shows how much I like her. If I questioned my decision to tell her tonight, I knew I have to do it now. I simply have to be with her. “Gorgeous...pretty...ravishing...” Tonks shook me out of my fantasy. “Just some suggestions for you, Dragon Boy!” She winked at me and let Barnaby take her inside. Nova chuckled and my stomach turned. “Penny, you look divine!” Andre kissed her on the lips and Nova couldn't help but grin when she saw her blush. Jae and Tulip were already making out behind us. I was so focused on Nova that I didn't even see them say hi to each other. Apparently, Jae liked to show physically how good Tulip looks to him tonight. I smiled and shook my head. I offered Nova my hand, trying hard to keep it steady as my whole body was shaking and she locked our arms. “I can say, without a doubt, that you are going to be the most beautiful girl in the room.” I smiled at her. I knew it was the first time she saw me smile like that as I was suppressing it before not to be too obvious I liked her. I could see I left her speechless and I was confident that at this point, she knew I liked her more than a friend.
I smiled at Charlie, hearing those words. I knew he thought every single one of them through. I was trying to act as normal as possible but I wasn't sure how long I would be able to keep this up. He looked so good! I can't believe how much he grew from the boy that I call my best friend into a young, attractive, and very charismatic man and if he doesn't say anything to me tonight, I will. I knew I would regret it otherwise.
We went inside and joined our friends at the table. Tulip and Jae were still making out outside and at this point, I wasn't even sure they were going to attend the Ball. Dumbledore made us all sit and he started to speak.
“Welcome, to this year's Spring Ball. Although supervised, you don't have a curfew tonight as we want you to have fun and unwind. This is the time to enjoy with your friends and perhaps admit any hidden feelings you might have.” Charlie and I exchanged looks. It took every muscle in my body not to stand up and take him out and tell him how I feel. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would jump out of my chest onto the table in front of me.
“Eat. Drink. Dance. And most importantly, have fun and forget your worries.” Dumbledore smiled softly like every time he ended a speech and sat back down. Food appeared on our plates and I started to eat even though my stomach was full of butterflies.
Soft music was playing in the background making it hard not to stare at Charlie and not forget the food on my plate. After dinner, Dumbledore rose again.
“Might I steal your attention just one more time as I am proud to present your entertainer for tonight...” The intro to Do The Hippogriff by The Weird Sisters started to play and they suddenly appeared in the middle of the stage positioned in the back of the Hall.
Tonks stood up at once and I have never seen her fangirling so much. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up so quickly that I got dizzy. She took Penny's hand and without even looking at Charlie I was dancing with them in the crowd in front of the stage.
We have never had anything like this and it was nice to be so relaxed and not worry about our every move.
“!” Penny was shouting but I could barely hear her. I just nodded and laughed. I couldn't believe how comfortable these heels were. Andre was a miracle worker.
“I'll be right back!” Tonks yelled a little too much in my ear and made me wince. She made her way through the crowd and right before the song ended she brought Tulip back who was already jumping and singing.
“Boys later, girls now!” Penny winked at Tulip, whose lipstick was barely visible and I was sure it was more on Jae's lips than hers.
“Good evening, young witches and wizards!!!” The singer of The Weird Sisters shouted in his microphone. “Are you ready for more?!” The crowd roared and somebody put a hand on my waist. I turned around and stiffened as I saw Charlie smile down on me.
“What, you thought you girls can have all the fun?” He grinned and started dancing as The Weird Sisters played another song.
At first, I thought that Barnaby would be freaked out by how into dancing Tonks was but apparently he was just as big a fan of the Sisters as she was. They were rocking the dance floor! Tulip and Jae were locked together again and jumping in the air. I decided to just let go and enjoy my time with Charlie.
I had no idea he had such a good sense of rhythm. I tried to stay focused on him because every time I looked at Penny she kept winking at me.
“Now, everybody...” After the fourth song, the singer spoke again. I was glad as I was so out of breath that I felt like I need to sit down. “We are going to take a five-minute break and then we'll be back with something...slower.” He said the last word sluggishly and I was sure that a girl in the front row fainted.
“You want to grab something to drink?” I turned to Charlie. His eyes were full of emotions and that smile of his was something entirely different from what I was used to. I just nodded and was hoping he would mistake my red cheeks for me being hot from dancing.
He gently took my hand and we made our way to the table with drinks.
“What would you like?” He asked. His voice was so soft.
“Butterbeer is fine.” I smiled and realized we were still holding hands. He took two Butterbeers and we stepped a bit aside to give space to other students.
“Charlie...” This was the first time I was looking for words while speaking to him. We always had so much to talk about but I didn't want to talk about anything else than us. “You look very handsome tonight.” I smiled, shyly. I remembered I was so overwhelmed by his words before that I completely forgot to pay him a compliment. Even though saying he was handsome was an understatement. I couldn't believe I was so blind before.
“Thank you. You'll have to thank Andre for that.” He grinned.
“Made the robes for you like for us?” I couldn't stop smiling at him.
“Oh, you don't want to know! I trusted my mum to buy me the robes and you don't want to know what I got.” He chuckled. “This was green.” He pointed at his coat. “This had more lace on it than your dress.” I laughed. “The trousers were bright red.” He laughed with me.
“Then Andre is a lifesaver.” I couldn't even imagine those colors together. I love Molly but what was she thinking!
“Thank you, Nova!” Andre and Penny appeared beside us. He tapped Charlie on the back. “You would not look at him as you do if he was wearing what his mum sent him.” Charlie turned pink in the face and I looked at Penny who was looking down at something, beaming. I followed her gaze and realized that Charlie and I were still holding hands.
I let go of his hand. Not because I wanted to but because I was afraid Penny was going to say something. I wanted to talk to Charlie in private, not with Penny planning our wedding in front of us.
“Now...” The Weird Sisters interrupted my staring contest with her. “I would like to invite all the lovely couples out there to test their dancing skills with a slow song.” The lights dimmed down and pink fog appeared on the dance floor. Magic Works started playing.
“I'm sorry to interrupt your staring contest Penny, but may I steal her away from you?” Charlie put out a hand to me and I could see Penny shaking when she nodded to him, excitedly.
He led me to the dance floor and as the Sisters sang:
'This is your final chance, to hold, the one you love, you know you've waited long enough.'
I placed my head on Charlie's chest, my hands around his waist, and closed my eyes. We were barely moving but I knew he didn't mind. He was resting his head on top of mine, his hands around my waist.
“Care for a dance, sweetheart?” I could barely hear Andre. I gently turned my head to him and saw his inviting hand.
“I love you, but would you mind if we sit down?” I said. Andre looked in the direction of my gaze and smiled. I knew he understood how much this moment meant to me and the girls. I followed him to our table. I couldn't take my eyes off Nova and Charlie. It was finally happening!
After all this time, after all they've been through. After Charlie being heartbroken and Nova having two crushes at once and all the fights and drama, they were finally ready to be together. Tonks sat down next to me and blew her nose.
“Is this how it feels be a proud parent?” She sobbed, looking at them.
“I can't believe they needed a Ball to bring them together.” Tulip sat on my other side.
“And how handsome is Charlie! Incredible job, mate!” Tonks said to Andre.
“I like what he's done with his hair.” Said Tulip who looked like she will burst into tears any second now.
I was so focused on them as a whole that I didn't even notice that Charlie let his hair loose. He rarely had it outside a ponytail this year even though it was the smallest ponytail imaginable and his hair was everywhere anyway because it was so curly. Now it just stood perfectly and made him more attractive.
“Took them long enough.” Tonks finally stopped sobbing.
“You reckon Charlie will tell her or she will tell him?” Tulip was ready to bet.
“Do they even need to talk to each other?” Jae asked confused. He was right, they were embraced, slowly moving back and forth to a love song, their eyes closed.
“I can't wait for her to tell us everything tomorrow!” I beamed.
“I just hope Charlie can stay.” Tulip said suddenly and as Tonks and I exchanged a worried look, we snapped out of their fairytale.
“He has to.” I whispered. “They are meant for each other.” I looked at Andre. We got up and joined Charlie and Nova on the dance floor.
It was hard not to focus on the lyrics, which now more than ever seemed as if the song was written for us.
‘And make, your final move, mmm, don't be scared, she wants you to. It's hard, you must be brave, don't let this moment slip the way.’
At this point, I didn't even care if she could feel how fast my heart was beating. I gently pulled away from her and she looked at me. The way she smiled made me want to kiss her there and then and I knew this was my chance.
“Nova...” I whispered.
“Hmm.” She hummed to indicate she was listening, focusing her eyes on mine.
“I have to tell you something.” I tried keeping my voice steady. “Would you mind going outside with me?”
“Of course.” She said softly.
I took her hand, locked our fingers, and took her out of the Hall.
Tulip and Jae made it back on the same spot as they began in front of the Great Hall. We went through the front door and wanted to go through the Main Courtyard when Nova stopped me.
I turned around to see what was happening and her mouth was wide open. I followed her gaze and saw Barnaby and Tonks sitting on a bench about to kiss.
“No way!” I chuckled.
“I'm a matchmaker!” Nova beamed. I knew that she told Barnaby to ask Tonks to the Ball after she turned him down.
“You were taking me somewhere?” She turned to me, giving me her full attention.
“Can you walk to the Lake in those heels?” I let out a small chuckle.
“I'll manage just fine.” She rose our hands and twirled around waking the butterflies in my stomach for the 100th time this night.
We stopped by the tree, which was our favorite place to spend time with each other. She leaned on it and bit her lip. Was she trying to kill me? I reached in my inner pocket and handed her the letter I got in the morning.
“This came today.” She looked at me hopefully and opened it at once.
“Does this mean, you're staying?” I knew she was trying to hide her excitement but couldn't and I didn't blame her. I was just as happy as she was about it.
“Yes.” I whispered. “It also means I have to tell you something else.” She finally took her eyes off the letter and locked them with mine. They were sparkling.
“Nova, I...” I suddenly forgot how to speak. I forgot the speech I prepared in my head, her eyes were just so beautiful and what I was feeling was better than someone slipping me the Amortentia potion.
“I know we're best friends and you know our friendship means the world to me but...” Her smile grew larger. She knew exactly where I was going with this and it made the words easier to come out. “I have feelings for you that want me to be more than friends with you and I simply have to tell you because I can't hold them in anymore.”
“Finally one of us gathered the courage to say something.” She whispered, her voice shaking and her eyes were beaming. I put one of my hands on her waist, making her lean more to the tree, and placed my other hand on her neck.
I pressed my lips on hers. They were so soft. I could taste the Butterbeer on her. Our lips parted and as our tongues met I got a tingling feeling in my stomach. I have been longing for this moment. Dreaming about it. Thinking about it and I couldn't believe it was finally happening. I pulled away gently. “Well, that felt...” Nova smiled, opened her eyes, and looked at me. If it could, my heart would start beating even faster, the way she was looking at me. She really liked me back! “Natural.” I smiled back and brushed her lips with my finger. “I guess we had it coming for years.” She chuckled and this time she kissed me. “Since Third Year, actually.” I said when we stopped kissing. “Third Y...Charlie, you had a crush on me for so long?” I could see her eyes turning sad as she was probably wondering why this moment didn't come sooner.
“Back then it was a crush...” I chuckled and pressed my lips on hers again. I will never get enough of them. “Now I'm really falling for you, Nova.” I brushed the lock of hair off her face and she closed her eyes. I could feel her trembling. “When did you start to fancy me?” I lifted her chin so she would look at me. It was cute how shy she was now around me. “I think I first felt it that day we made up in the Forbidden Forest.” She grinned. “But I think I liked you before that and now I regret not facing my feelings sooner.” She put her hand around my neck and started kissing me again. “Don't regret it. I know you felt something that day.” I brushed my finger over her cheek. “Then why didn't you say anything?” Her face puzzled. “I wasn't sure if you were completely over Murphy and I wanted you to sort your feelings out first before we start anything.” I explained. “I am not going to lie I needed quite some time to figure everything out.” She giggled and my heart skipped a beat. “And the girls and Bill had to help me.”
“Bill?” I didn't know how he could help from Egypt. “I didn't know who I wanted to go to the Ball with and then Bill and Penny finally made me realize that it was you all along.” She gave me a gentle kiss. “I didn't want to admit it to myself because you are my best friend and I didn't want to do anything to ruin our friendship again after what I've put you through last year.” She bowed her head. “Hey,” I brought her eyes back to mine, “I was struggling with the same thing. We didn't have that fight just because I missed you as a friend. My feelings were hurt because I had a crush on you and you fancied someone else.” I gave out a faint smile. I didn't like to remind myself of last year. We both said some things we didn't mean. “None of that is important now.” She pulled me back on her lips. “We might've needed time but we are together now.” She lowered her arms, found my hands, and locked our fingers. Her touch made my body go numb but in a good way. “And I promise you, Charles Weasley, I am sure in my feelings now and I only have them for you.” I put my hands on her waist and pressed her tightly against me and kissed her again. The kiss was tender but with so much hidden passion. We stood by that tree, embraced, for what seemed like hours but we didn't care. We were both processing the fact that we are finally together. No more confusing feelings, no more fights, no secrets. It was just us and it was perfect. “It's getting late.” I whispered even though I didn't mind if we just stay like that the whole night. “Mhm.” I could feel her face move into a smile on my chest. She now had my coat because she didn't bring her jacket and I have to say that Andre probably wouldn't approve of the style combination. “Listen, I know this isn't important at all but how are you going to tell the girls about us?” She lifted her head off my chest and looked at me. I swear if my heart will skip a beat every time she does, it won't have that much time to beat at all.
“I was thinking not to tell them yet.” She said softly. “Don't get me wrong, I don't want to hide us, it's just you should've seen them in the Room of Requirement, they were worse than my mum!” We both laughed. Her mum was teasing her with me since the end of First Year and now, 5 years later we're finally here. “What I felt when you kissed me and how it feels to be with you is so natural. Like it was always meant to be and I know they will make a big deal out of it and probably throw a party in the Great Hall.” I laughed, she was probably right. “And they will ask so many questions and I just want to enjoy my time with you.” She sneaked in a quick kiss before continuing. “We have both waited for this for so long and I don't want every moment to be teasing and clapping and someone making a kissy face at us.” She started to make the face we liked to tease Penny and Tulip with these days. “That sounds like our friends, yes.” I chuckled. “However, to be fair, we are doing the same to them and I bet Penny and Tulip went through an interrogation at the sleepover.” I chortled. “True but Penny has been dating Andre for 3 months before telling us and Tulip and Jae have been together for more than half a year before saying anything.” She did have a point there. “I wouldn't mind sneaking around some.” I smiled at her. “And since we were always somewhat affectionate in public it's not going to be so difficult to hide.” I made her giggle. “You really wouldn't mind?” She lifted her hands to my face and gently brushed her fingers over my cheeks. I trembled. “I asked you because I wanted to say the same thing. I just want you. Without any commotion or questions or anything and besides even though our families would approve of our relationship I don't want to get a letter from mum because Percy or the twins might see us and send a message home.” The thought of them finding out that way seemed unfair and I wanted us to get used to each other being a couple instead of just best friends before telling them.
“Right. I completely forgot that you have little Weasley spies all over Hogwarts.” We laughed together. “Ok, then we hide until we're ready to tell.” She pressed her lips so strongly to mine that I had to grip my stand not to stumble back. “So where are we going to meet?” She asked. “What, to snog?” The biggest smile painted my face. She nodded and couldn't help but get a bit shy. She was so cute. “Well, we can go to the Forest.” I suggested. “Even though I would love to take you on a real first date.” Her grip on my hands tightened and I knew she would love that. “We can give the Room of Requirement a try.” She said after a few seconds of thinking. “Then let's say tomorrow at 7?” I kissed her forehead. “It's a date, Weasley!” She put her hands around my neck and I pulled her waist closer to mine and our lips were one again. Perhaps the Ball can wait a little bit longer.
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woowommy · 10 days ago
Dirty moves
Tumblr media
Pairing: street dancer! wooyoung x gn reader.
Genre: smut
Word count : 1.8k
Warning: oral (m receiving), fingering (m receiving), face fucking, make out(? slap (literally once).
Notes: this was supposed to be a lil time stamp but i got carried away cause well... Jung wooyoung.
Tags: @galaxteez @multidreams-and-desires @a-soft-hornytiny
actions he drew away from you. "wow beauty, are you sure you wanna go there?" raising a brow you looked at his crotch then back at him. "it seems like you've been wanting me to go there for a while now" he laughed at your remark over his erection. "i think i really like you… it seems like you're good at talking after all and even better at kissing" you tried to hide the blush on your face by kissing his neck, sliding down his zipper very slowly, earning a moan from him when your knuckles grazed his dick. "Well wooyoung… there's something else my mouth is good at… can i show you?" eager to feel you around him, he nods his head repeatedly, leaning on the couch a bit more to give you better access as well as a better view of you for himself. You stripped him from his sweatpants and briefs at the same time, making his hard cock slap against his toned abdomen. Your eyes widened a little at the surprise of his size. He noticed and his ego grew a little. "like what you huh? go ahead, it's all yours" looking at him, you wrap your hand around the base of his dick licking it all over to the tip. He hissed at the feeling of your warm tongue on him. You licked his shaft over and over again until he couldn't take it anymore. "please, just suck me off already" happy to have him begging, you tighten the grip on his dick. "Should I remind you that you're in my house and I'm the one who gives order?" he tried to hold back a moan but you hear it anyways. "is this what you like wooyoung? you like to be bossed around? You want to be my little slave?" once again he nods his head at you, not being able to reply, afraid his voice will betray him. You wanted to tease him more, but instead decided to ruin him even more. Not letting his dick from your grip, you licked your index finger to slowly put it in his ass hole . He loudly gasped at the feeling of being stretched. Happy to see that he liked this, you started to move your finger a little deeper in circle motions. You tried to find his spot, and seconds later… there it is, a little nub like a chestnut. You pressed on it and his entire upper body left the couch in a flash, he moaned with teary eyes holding your hand. "that's too much, I just… I'm…" letting go of his dick, you pushed him back on the couch. "So pretty… don't you wanted to be my slave? be nice and take what I give you" moving once again your finger against his sweet spot, he started to whimper, he flexed his legs trying to keep them open for you. The pleasure was too much to handle but he liked it, he wanted more. "You're being such a good boy… should i suck you off now?" again he couldn't reply to you, but instead he bucked his hips towards your lips. You laughed at this whole situation, minutes ago he was so confident and bold, but now… he's shaking with tears in his eyes only with your index finger. You got closer to him, and held his dick with your free hand, slowly taking his tip in your mouth, sucking on it harshly after letting it go with a pop. He whined again and tried to close his legs, but you slapped them open. "Open. If you close them again, I'll make you leave" he lets out a sob and opens them a little more for you. Content with his behavior, you went back to suck him off. This time, you only sucked his tip slowly, coating his dick in drool as your finger fucked his ass. Once you saw your saliva all over his balls and pelvis, you decided that it was time to ruin him. Without any warning you added a second finger as well as his whole length inside of your mouth. "holy shit! ah… that's- that's so good, please don't stop" you moaned on his dick, pleased at the thought of him feeling so good by you. Bobbing your head up and down his cock, your fingers curled inside of him grazing his sensitive spot over and over. His dick was already twitching in your mouth, his hands held your head in position as he started to buck his hips into your mouth. You stayed in place as he fucked himself with your mouth, only paying attention to his ass hole now. "More… one more please" you added a third finger, increasing your pace. Your
Walking on your way home you spot a couple of people gathered in the middle of the street seeing a couple of boys dancing. A particular one caught your attention and you find yourself making your way to the crowd. Street dancer wooyoung locked eyes with you and smiled, pointing his index finger to his eyes, signaling you to pay attention. He started to dance in a very sensual way, all the time his eyes on you. Lip licking, winks, he stroked every inch on his body, occasionally lifting his shirt a little, revealing a happy trail. You started to get aroused at the view and almost moaned in your spot, but before you could, you remembered that you're in the middle of the street and actually... you needed to go home. The music stopped and the audience started to applaud the talented boy, without looking at him you turned around, retaking your way home. Not even two steps away you feel a soft hand holding on you, looking at the owner of them makes you hold a breath.
"excuse me... may i know your name?" you tried to talk, you really did but you couldn't. He realized the effect he had on you and a smirk appeared on his face. "how cute... well, then i guess I'll tell you mine. I'm wooyoung, nice to meet you" smiling at the boy you held his hand back and shook it. "Sorry, I'm not very good at talking, nice to meet you wooyoung" now it was his time to smile, he opened his mouth to say something but decided to stay silent. "oh come on... seems like you wanted to say something, go ahead" you encouraged him to talk to you, curious to know what he wanted to say. "well, you said you're not good at talking... what about kissing?" surprised at the bold question, you find yourself speechless again. Taking a better look at the boy, you thought to yourself, that you're not one to bring random boys at home but… he can be an exception."Well wooyoung, I was on my way home… wanna find out?" he smiled, looking at you from head to toe before pocking his cheek with his tongue. "Sure beauty without a name, let me find out what that tongue it's better at" he looked at his crew one last time announcing he's leaving with you.
Once both of you reached the shelter that the elevator provided, his lips found yours in a heated kiss. Your hand was tangled on his hair while his hands caressed every inch of your body. Breaking the kiss you looked at him, flushed cheeks and a big smile on your face, a soft laugh escaped your lips. "what is it? I am that bad of a kisser?" eyes wide open you sway your hands from side to side. "oh no! no, it's not that, it's just… I'm not used to doing this" he cupped one of your cheeks and looked at you softly. "Listen, as much as i want this, I'm not an idiot and i won't force you to anything, i understand that I'm a stranger" relieved that the boy with you was not an idiot, you kissed him again, not for long because the moment got ruined by the elevator door opening. Exchanging some shy smiles, he lets you walk first, after all he doesn't know where you live. Reaching your house, you opened the door welcoming him inside. "Wow, you have a really nice house beauty" slightly flattered by the nickname, you offered him a drink. "thank you… it took some time but it was worth it" sitting on your couch, both of you shared a nice conversation, talking about everything and anything. Two bottles of wine later, you found yourself straddling him, arms around his shoulder, kissing and softly biting his lips when you needed to breathe. His hands move from your shoulder blades down to your back until they find your ass. Smiling against his lips, you sway your ass against his palms, he understood what you wanted and he was more than happy to oblige. He squeezed your ass so harshly that the pain made you gasp and he took this opportunity to invade your mouth with his tongue. You liked this, both of you are trying to break the other, but you weren't going to give up just yet. You moved your hand from his neck down his chest making sure your nails scratched his hips a little bit before lifting his shirt to work on his zipper. Surprised by your
free hand started to play with his balls, squeezing and pulling them. His thrust got deeper and you felt his pelvis on your nose, his balls against your chin now. His movements got sloppy and you knew he was about to cum so you decided to swallow to clench your throat around him deepening his fingers on him, and just like that, warm spurs of cum filled your mouth. His head was thrown back as his lips left curses and grunts, slowly thrusting on you, riding his high. Once he was done, he sat on the couch again, his legs shaking and flexing still, his body covered on a thin layer of sweat. His forehead also sweaty made his hair stick to his face. He had his eyes closed, trying to catch his breath. You softly kissed his temple, praising him for being such a good boy to you. "so… I'm good at sucking off too?" he laughed at your questions and looked at you. "you're the best at sucking off" he pecked your lips and again… he wanted to say something but hesitated. "come on woo… at this point you can tell me anything" he sat up straight and looked at you. "Well I was wondering… since you show me how good you are… can I show you how good I am in the shower?" you pretend to be thinking, leaning on his ear you whispered to him. "you have 10 seconds to be fully naked once i get in the bathroom" and just like that, he ran to the bathroom discarding his remaining clothes on the way.
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Tumblr media
**Spawns with**
1 Telltale heart
5 Fluffy Fur
and he would have 100 health, 200 sanity and 250 hunger (a hungy boi)
Low health (13 under wes)
Loses sanity quicker (2x faster than usual)
In summer he is slower and overheats faster
Pig people don't like him, neither do other villager types.
Deals 25 less damage in summer
The dark lowers his sanity quicker
"Charlie" Kills him in one hit (does exactly 100 damage)
When Deerclops frozen attack hits him, it takes away his buffs.
Immune to frostbite
Faster in winter
Deals 25 more damage in winter
Can shave some fur off every 10 days for 2 fluffy fur
Instead of loosing health for telltale hearts, he looses all his sanity.
Cannot be frozen
Beargers will not attack Nightshade unless he is too close.
Doesn't loose sanity near monsters.
Motto: I like red! Red is the color of my shirt.
Nickname: The Truthful
Best Quotes:
(Inspecting cardinal) "Cardinals are red, Like my shirt! My shirt is a nice red, kinda like watermelon, watermelon tastes nice- wait what were we talking about again? "
(When examining bearger) "Hey, you kinda look like me, not much, but a bit!"
(Inspecting Fluffy fur) "I made these."
(Mod would add Fluffy Fur, a item that can craft "Fluffy Vest", which gives 5 sanity per 2 seconds. It is made with 12 Fluffy fur, 5 twigs and 5 nightmare fuel, does not heat you.)
(Inspecting fluffy fur)
Wilson: Fluffy, but thin fur.
Willow: Soft like Bernie!
Wolfgang: Soft comforting fur, easy to rip apart.
Wendy: I wonder what animal was killed for this.
Wickerbottom: It's just fur.
Woodie: Very soft fur.
Maxwell: Small clump of thin fur.
Wigfrid: Fluffy hair from a creature, was it lost in battle?
Webber: Fluffy fur, kinda feels like mine but less- scraggly.
Winnona: Fluffy fur, too thin for a coat.
Warly: Fur from a creature, I wonder what it was.
Wortox: Grey fur from a grey creature.
Wormwood: Oh such soft fur, from a probably soft creature!
Wurt: Cuddly fur, could it be new friend?
Walter: Very soft fur! Can Woby track its owner down?
(Inspecting Fluffy vest)
Wilson: Fluffy coat of grey fur.
Willow: Is it flammable?
Wolfgang: A comforting vest.
Wendy: It is quite soft, Abigail would've loved this.
Wickerbottom: A very soft jacket.
Woodie: Not warm enough for the winters back home.
Maxwell: A thin jacket.
Wigfrid: Useless armor.
Webber: A very nice little jacket!
Winnona: Useful for summer, useless in winter.
Warly: A grey little coat.
Wortox: A grey coat for the summer.
Wormwood: Its so soft! I wonder who made it.
Wurt: Kind grey fur-vest, so nice, so kind.
Walter: Soft like Woby!
Nightshade is a curious little cryptid, with light grey fur, a slight tint of orange, small little eyes and a nose so cute you would 100% boop! A friendly little curiousity with thin fur, yet how thin it is- he has plenty of it, so it insulates him well. Often described as "The Pacifist", he doesn't like fighting, only if he must. Usually running away from battles, Nightshade runs a little quicker than the rest of his friends, paths do not effect this, though. With a big heart, Nightshade loves to help people, with a unique ability to revive friends without the cost of max health, he's more of a healer than the rest!
Nightshade would have all the skins a usual character would have, Victorian, Survivor, Magmatic, etc etc, but he would have some of his own!
The Past (Different Voice)
The Medic
The Poisonous (Below is his responses to examining things, I will put this into the "Keep Reading") Abigails Flower: A pretty flower! Air Unfreshener: Smells like a trash bin. Ancient Key: It feels like it could fall apart any moment now! Appeasing Adornment: Billy! Appeasing Adornment: Mumsy! Apple Cider: Mmm, smells like apples, thats for sure! Ashes: Oh no! Who burned you? Asparagazpacho: Wow, quite the tongue twister. Asparagus: They always told me to eat my greens. Aspargus Soup: Smells almost as bad as the cafeteria. Azure Feather: What a pretty feather!
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(Satina wakes and watch’s the firefly go) (she looks at wander and blushed about last night) (olive ended up recording the whole thing and taking pictures of them) olive: “you and wander are like literally crushing each other and look at this one satina put her wing around you”) (she laughs as she shows the pictures to wander and satina)
Wander saw that and smiles. "Wow good shot. You did a wonderful job." He said then he heard her saying something about him and her having this crush for each other he rubs the back of hes neck nervously feeling very uncomfortable. "Uh actually I just like her wing it's so nice and soft." He explained. He's stomach growls. "Time for breakfast." He gets up and cooks.
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