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#this is so fucking funny
unimooshi · 37 minutes ago
(Nice :]) it
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onionsystem · an hour ago
Tumblr media
written in 2009, by an 11 or 12 year old me. she really had no clue how right she was. the funny thing is that I know exactly which part she was talking about, too.
[photo ID:
it's a photo of a journal entry with multiple spelling mistakes. the text reads "I like to pretend (I know, I'm too old for that.) that I'm sharing myself with a vengeful spirit. somehow I don't think I'm too far from the truth. I think there's another me inside of me, (you know, like multiple personality disorder!) that is dark and powerful, that is my true self. I'm constantly trying to fight it down, like at this very moment."
end photo ID]
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ranboovods · an hour ago
can someone please make a dsmp citizen that isnt in the smp at all or just inhabits some abandoned area and only knows whats happening bc of a drone thats be so funny
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netheritedream · an hour ago
Tumblr media
sometimes a picture really does speak a thousand words
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girlflopera · an hour ago
Okay I’m done I’m done I’ll queue the rest sorry I have autism
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pastafossa · an hour ago
Can I ask what you used to learn & practice to write the way you do because a) I'd also like to improve my writing and b) because you are one of the most talented & extraordinary writer I've EVER come across on A03
Thank you so, so much, I'm honored! 😭 I can, absolutely!
So a big thing I used to learn is, I read a ton (had way more time for it a few years ago, but that's where a lot of the foundation was). And one of my English professors once told me, 'if you want to write a novel or story, go back and read your favorite books, but read them as a writer and not just as a reader'. And once I did, I understood what she meant. I'd read back over these books I loved, only now I was looking for why I loved them so much (and I still do this some when reading). If something hit me emotionally hard, why? Was it the body language? Their emphasis on description? If they set up an elaborate, 'SURPRISE!', how was it done? How did they lay clues? How did the author write this out? It helps a ton to look at the structural framework of something you love, and so one of the things you can easily use, that I used, was literally just your favorite books. My favorite series is Dresden Files, for example, and that's where I learned a lot about how one can write internal dialogue, action scenes, and laying clues. I also try to read books by popular authors (that I enjoy, don't get me wrong) so I can look at their techniques and hunt down new things to try. <3
Second, I'm going to rec one of my favorite books that helped me with learning to write emotions (which anyone who's read TRT knows I focus on fairly regularly). I literally always write with this nearby: The Emotion Thesaurus. The 1st edition I have has 75 emotions, and each has a connected list of physical body language signals, internal sensations, mental responses, cues of acute or long-term feeling of that emotion, and cues of suppression of that emotion. The second edition now has 130 emotions (haven't had a chance to look through that one yet). That book helped teach me about linking emotion to sensory descriptions - physical, mental, internal, and then with time or suppression.
Third: if anywhere near you or online has a free class on creative writing and you have the time, I'd give it a shot! I took a fair amount of English classes in college, admittedly, but even once I was done, I kept an eye out and I've managed to get into some free or cheap classes. Some are pretty terrible, a lot are just middle of the road, and then every once in a while you get an amazing one where you hear hysterical gems like, "your job as an author is to cause pain. Embrace it! You're a sadist now," and then you learn how to torment characters with unique acts of suffering. So there's always something to learn, even in the terrible classes (it's sometimes just, 'don't do this one thing').
Writers Groups! I have had some very kind and very honest writers groups over the years that have helped me learn where my weaknesses were as a writer. One of my biggest issues used to be overdescription of everything (I wish I was joking, RIP to my early readers), and I didn't even realize it was a problem until I joined a writers group and they pointed out that things were a bit unnecessarily wordy.
Grammarly is something I use for every chapter. I generally edit my chapter, paste it into Grammarly, and then it hits me with a newspaper points out politely where I can take out some unnecessary commas. Grammarly reminds me not to get cocky. Grammarly humbles us all.
Those have been my biggest resources on learning over the years: published books I loved, books like The Emotion Thesaurus, taking writing classes whenever I could, writers groups, and Grammarly. I try to consider myself a constant student, always learning! After that, it's just practice-practice-practice. Pastafossa is, I think my third pseudonym over *ohgodtoomanyyears* of writing fanfic and original stories on and off. In the beginning, my fanfiction was terrible (seriously, I found some the other day on an old hard drive and, good god 😂). I've tried my hand at one-shots, parody (I wrote a bad smut fic for Dragon Age a while back and LORD that was wild), humor, prompt challenges. Try everything! Some of it will fail miserably, but much like the terrible writing classes, at least you learn something, and then you use that for next time. ❤️
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foxy-alien · 2 hours ago
I love your Elias design so much, he just looks like a politician. Boring Bastard Bureaucrat. I want to punch him.
Thank you!!! I honestly forgot i drew him lolllll. He is such a well written character if you assume he looks like a boring bureaucrat so im glad i hit that!!!
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pindl3 · 2 hours ago
Wanting to write a funny character is like: ah yes your trait is that you are super funny. This is a good idea. It will make sense in the plot later too.
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vanillawaiver · 2 hours ago
*begins to lose interest in the thing i thought i would be interested in forever when in fact the deathgrip obsession lasted for less than a year*
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midnightgremlin · 3 hours ago
lmao funny u claim to be pan when u almost exclusively write for men.
straight girls need to stop trying to be a part of something they aren’t
wait so you’re really spending your evening copying this message to people?? but you took extra time to personalize mine ?? how sweet 🥺 i’ve never felt more validated, thank you anon ❤️
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slutabed · 3 hours ago
#**************************************#mich vents#look at the height of quarantine depression#like september-january#when things were fucking dark#community and this space on tumblr and ao3 was such a haven for me#and it was easy to kind of isolate from my IRL friends i couldn't see anyway#and i met the coolest nicest people through watching a dumb sitcom from 2009 and writing fanfic about it!!!!#this was such a little light in the darkness#and now that the real world is opening up and i can't just be a hermit anymore#and have to actually face how incompetent i am as a human and how much i suck at friendships#and how much i struggle with just dating and finding love like a human#this whole side of social media just feels like one more measure of my failure as a person#like ive been using tumblr in some capacity for over 10 years now and it used to not matter so much but now it's like#'if my writing isn't The Best then why even bother wasting everyone's time'#and just another measure of my inadequacies which is so fucking embarrassing#bc like. it's tumblr and fanfiction.#but god i guess i just hate myself so fucking much it's seeping out into everything#like even my silly little hobby to pass the time on silly little tumblr is just a measure of my self worth and self loathing#it's funny my one friend still laughs about when we were in middle school and she had to go to therapy bc she coudn't stop watching degrassi#and getting upset over jt#but like that's not how i am with this it's not that im addicted to community or tumblr or fanfic or whatever#it's just that everything in my real life is going so poorly and i hate myself so much in real life that it filters over into social media#so idk i don't want to delete this blog overall bc i love talking to the people i met through here!#but i think i need to like. Not be on rn.#idk i feel like im too crazy to be on here complaining about stupid stuff every day when people have like. real problems.#idk why im even making this post it's fucking dumb and im gonna delete it in .02 seconds anyway i just#aaaaaaa i just wish i could be normal#abed voice i don't want to be crazy but i am crazy so i made a blog that made you and everyone else see what i see-#no kidding but
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ghostcrows · 3 hours ago
Can't believe there so many songs about hate sex
That's not actually real
Is it...
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