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#this is largely a theme in the show
the-emo-asgardian · 10 days ago
"the show is retconning all of thor 2011 and pretending loki just always wanted the throne to have power and that he hurts ppl bc he feels weak so he wants to attack them to make himself feel stronger. ignoring all the suffering he went thru and the internalized racism and the mind control. I think the Asgard scene are probably going to be so he can go back and show his younger self as bad and maybe also apologize to his mom eve tho she gaslighted and lied to him" maybe not i think loki is playing the TVA
Hmm I assume you’re quoting someone on another post. And, yes, I’d have to disagree with them too. I think him calling himself weak is actually in character. He’s living in Thor’s shadow his whole life; he has self esteem issues for sure. And like I said before, he’s feeling hopeless at this point. So, with nothing left to lose, he drops the villain facade. Because he was going with that while at the TVA. I mean, look at his interaction with Casey: his thought is “I’m a villain, I have to threaten him.” You can even see him dropping that when Casey doesn’t know what a fish is. He says it too: “A villain.” This is who he thinks he is because of what other have told him; he can’t even see how good he is anymore.
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katierosefun · a month ago
B99 tcw au: Anakin: Jake | Padme: Amy | Obi Wan: Charles | Ahsoka: Rosa | Rex: Terry | Cody or Mace: Captian Holt
i hear what you’re saying anon, and b99 has a special place in my heart too, but i feel odd thinking of a b99 au in an age of police brutality, sorry :(
#anon#answered#separation of fiction and reality and etc i know#i enjoy b99 too and sorry to rain on your parade#but i can’t put myself in b99 au mode just because like..........everything has made me.....kinda feel :((( about b99#(that said: i think b99 is wonderful in how it features 2 latina ladies and has a leading black gay man and another black man in the cast)#(and there are genuinely funny parts of the show and! i do enjoy it!)#(but idk events of 2020 kinda left me going ‘://///’ about watching any show that portrays cops as inherently well-meaning#folks. like. that’s a me thing personally.)#(i’m sure there’s other people who would love this au but i unfortunately can’t say much on it :///)#(yes i am sure there are non-racist cops out there and yes i’ve had to speak to cops as a part of some legal studies work)#(and they were friendly and understanding and also both men of color who were equally frustrated with the institution)#(but like. the police as an institution. again. that’s just. hm. i’m tired and don’t feel like discussing it rn)#(but like. just looking into the history of american police and also the way police systematically cover up the brutal murders of largely#black not a good look.)#i mean am i looking too much into this? it’s just fiction / fanfic!#(yes maybe true but i think i’m allowed to not want to engage in certain themes because real life has just made some things hard to enjoy)#tw cops#tw police brutality
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imsupposedtobewriting · a month ago
#so how we feeling about good omens season 2?#i need to talk at the void for a second#to record my thoughts but#honestly I’m not very hopeful???#legit I think the magicians scarred me#It works so well self contained and the longer it goes the more it can get messed up#and idk how to put this is a way that makes sense but.#there’s a certain softness and kindness to the narrative and style#that I largely attribute to#uncle terry mr pratchett sir#and even if the plot was created w him idk if it’s the same?#but like I said I have trust issues after q#and also just weird feelings about posthumous releases in general#morally speaking#but I don’t know the show writers that well so maybe ig#but part of the reason I loved the fandom and fic so much is#the knowledge there wouldn’t be more#Bc then the ‘scene’ never changes#like the themes and fanon never shift into a new age of fic#but now they’ll be that divide you know like#post s1 and post s2#there are a lot of reasons I’m disappointed by that#but most of them come from wanting an easy peaceful time period for people to write in#for me a sad or bad ending to a show is in a lot of ways a dead end#like bc I know authors will write fix it and I’ll love if#but also anytime I read fluff in a canon-like universe#I’ll be thinking about how it isn’t canon compliant#instead of fully enjoying the fic#ig it has to do w me reading and writing a lot of stuff that would be considered sorta canon-divergent#but my primary concern is always fanon over canon so putting fanon in a state of instability in any way makes me nervous
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spectroscopes · 5 months ago
Cobra Kai’s engagement with class really does leave a lot to be desired especially when contrasted with the thoughtful way class struggle was woven into the narrative of The Karate Kid.
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bastardmanvibes · 6 months ago
I literally thot I was going insane because the gang lately just doesn’t feel right, but reading your other ask made me feel... idk, sane I guess? Season 13 and 14 just don’t make sense to me. I feel like they made Charlie dumber and Dennis meaner and Mac more submissive etc etc. The characters used to be so much more complex but now it just seems like really surface level writing I guess. I’m really glad I’m not the only one thinking this and I really hope they fix it in season 15
yeah my biggest problem with recent seasons is this for sure for sure. the bar doesn’t even feel like the bar anymore :/ but after talking today about how the characters are rooted in homophobia and other harmful things, writing them today was never going to be a cake walk, especially the one they had to yank out of the closet before they were ready to (they were never gonna be ready but whatever lol). it’s partly their own fault for not having gays on the writing team but again whatever man that was never gonna happen. they gotta stop focusing so much on witty commentary or they’re never going to get back that spark that came from the gang. it’s not about what the gang faces, it’s about how they deal with it yall.
#iasip#ask#jackie talks#so many goddamn thoughts it’s just like what angle to i wanna hit em at for this post LOL#i’ll go with a large overview type scope this time#rn they have so much characterization and umm lore? HAHA under their belts for them#so i can see how things would get muddy if you don’t have a very clear direction u wanna head in and a vibe u wanna achieve#which they clearly lacked last season there were for sure difficulties in narrowing down a theme and direction#whcih is again expected given the problems they set up for themselves in s13#which was a result of glenn leaving and mac requiring new ummm traits and motivations#basically it all traces back to those two things glenn leaving and mac coming out before they were ready#happening at the same time too#ddl was a harbinger of bad writing! as much as i love the episode in its isolation#it fucked shit up and the whole idea was a flawed solution to the problem of glenn maybe leaving#let’s just be thankful they didn’t have to completely write dennis out there’d have been no hope#this perspective is me cutting rcg some slack because there WERE a lot of obstacles they had to write around#and now they gotta write around gay mac still AND macdennis AND possibly gay dennis AND the hellscape that is 2020#don’t get me wrong they’ve horribly failed in many regards esp in the not being racist one which should be goddamn easy#but also sunny has gotta be a difficult show to write for. it has to be topical AND funny AND edgy but not TOO edgy and gay but not TOO gay#and i think writing a show that has so much history and a dedicated fan base and complicated characters is just hard in general#u have to make sure everything is all lined up#so i kinda get why they rely on callback humor frequently. doesn’t make it not annoying but i get it it’s a safe bet#but ​can u make a callback to when mac did karate? k thanks.#also charlie is smart!!!!! FUCK YOU hahahahah like don’t forget that rcg like damn#if i start talking about dennis i’ll get worried and upset so let’s not :)
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miraclegamesplatform · 5 hours ago
From the niche category to the mass market, the future changes of SLG strategy games
According to the “China SLG Mobile Game Online Marketing Market Research Report” released by iResearch, the revenue of SLG games has maintained a growing trend since 2019, and among all SLG categories, European medieval mythology has occupied the Most proportions.
Whether it’s the Three Kingdoms SLG game “Shodo no Hama” or “Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition”, which has always had a large market share in China, or “Clash of Clans” and “Kingdom Era”, which are based on global uniform servers, they all have a great impact on users. Great attraction. At present, the overall revenue of the domestic SLG game market exceeds 15 billion yuan, and the number of users in the future is also expected to exceed 50 million. These data show us from the side the huge user group and potential of this category.
[Why SLG theme can quickly break out of the siege]
In the early years, domestic SLG games had a rough style, combat performance, and gameplay. But there is still a loyal user group, why?
Taking the theme of the Three Kingdoms as an example, “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” has always been a cultural treasure of our country since ancient times, and there are countless film and television works and game products on the theme of the Three Kingdoms. These users who have undergone the influence of the culture of the Three Kingdoms are a solid user base for strategy games. .
Today, with the improvement of the quality of SLG games and the emergence of strategy games that are more in line with the needs of contemporary young people, this segment of SLG is having a broader mass market. At this point, MIRACLE GAMES, which has released more than ten SLG products in the official Microsoft store, has a deep experience.
[Where is the user’s focus on SLG games]
Judging from several SLG games (“The Wrath of Kings”, “Bloodthirsty Empire”, etc.) represented by MIRACLE GAMES with good market response, the unique European medieval style is different from traditional strategy games. Gameplay, an immersive background that makes users more immersive, and enough game content are the core points to gain market attention. These products will undoubtedly provide good reference and development ideas for latecomers.
Tumblr media
[Where will SLG games go in the future]
Looking at popular games such as “Wrath of Kings” and “Bloodthirsty Empire” in the official Microsoft store, the manufacturers behind them seem to be doing the same thing in addition to making the content more refined: avoid other manufacturers’ Head games, open up other game channels.
The Microsoft official store is gradually becoming the best choice for game manufacturers. MIRACLE GAMES has successively released many explosive products such as “The Wrath of Kings”, “Domination and Civilization”, “Rise and Conflict” and “Storm Battleship” in the official Microsoft store, all of which have achieved good results. It also reflects the potential of the Microsoft official store channel from the side. This channel will undoubtedly bring a larger user market for SLG games and more scalability in the future.
Beijing Qiyou Lingdong Technology Co., Ltd. (North American branch: MIRACLE GAMES INC.) is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to mobile Internet and gaming social platforms. It was formed by many former Funyou employees and Microsoft’s most valuable technical experts in the world. The Miracle Games platform operated by the company is a social network platform and game publisher focusing on Microsoft’s Windows 10 system. It has obtained tens of millions of A round of strategic financing from financial institutions such as Guangdong Business Ventures and Guangzhou Junhai.
[About Microsoft]
Microsoft (Microsoft), established in 1975, is the world leader in PC (Personal Computer) software development. The company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington (near Seattle), focusing on R&D, manufacturing, licensing and providing a wide range of computer software services.
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save-tenko-and-akito · 6 hours ago
Sohma Akito; Character Analysis
Tumblr media
Sohma Akito is the antagonist of Fruits Basket. She is related to theme of story and foil of main character Tohru. Even though, we didnt get many details in her backstory, we can still find some details and analysis her mental state. Lets look at her story. Story of innocent child slowly turning into monster, her curse, how her existence becoming curse for others, her mental state, some parallels and her change for better. (Its long post) Lets look at it under the cut.
Lets start with a few character details;
Tumblr media
She was called as child by adults around her. By Shigure, Hatori, Ayame, Kureno, even Kazuma etc.
Tumblr media
She doesnt work as Family lead. Every day, she almost do nothing.
Tumblr media
She has less control on her life than other gives her credit.
Tumblr media
She is also NOT good manipulator at all. Only reason her words are effective is cause she has godly power. But besides that, its not actualy effective cause she is too impulsive, less calculated.
Tumblr media
Akito is trapped in the cycle of abuse, she copes her own abuse to the other people. She always repeat the same scene in her mind
‘Do you love that woman?’
‘What are those eyes?’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She also suffers from severe of mental illness. Such as internalized misogny, psychlogical pressure of being special, borderline personality disorder etc.
She is also capable of changing, she learns from young zodiac, then later from Tohru, just like a little child who first time learn better ways to deal with her problems.
1- Internalized Sexism;
Tumblr media
Akito is a character who highly suffers from intenalized sexism.
Internalized sexism takes the form of sexist behaviors and attitudes enacted by women toward themselves or other women and girls.[1][2] On a larger scale, internalized sexism falls under the broad topic of internalized oppression, which "consists of oppressive practices that continue to make the rounds even when members of the oppressor group are not present"
Some signs of internalized sexism;
Some women may occasionally dabble in the following behaviors, which may not be a major issue. A woman with strongly internalized sexism will routinely engage in one or more of the pathologies (dysfunctions) below while remaining largely unaware of (or unconcerned with) the tangible and psychological damage done to oneself and other women and girls.
Tumblr media
1. Regularly making disparaging remarks about one’s own body and physical appearance.
She doesnt say loud but its noted in manga, Akito doesnt like to show her body parts. (And the reason she feels more comfortable in kimono might be cause she feels like god/male in that suit).
Tumblr media
2. Regularly making disparaging remarks about other women’s and girls’ body and physical appearance (body shaming).
She calls Tohru ugly.
Tumblr media
3. Constantly engaging in negative social comparisons with other women and girls. Routinely viewing other women as competitors in social and family situations, especially for the attention and approval of men.
 ‘Do you love that woman?’ who knows how many times Akito repeated this quote.
Tumblr media
4. Routinely viewing other women as competitors/adversaries in professional situations, especially those who show great potential and promise, and/or those in highly visible leadership positions.
5. Making self-deprecating jokes/remarks based on negative gender stereotypes
 We didnt see she does this. (Maybe because Akito is rejecting her own womanhood since she was raised as boy.)
Tumblr media
6. Making deprecating jokes/remarks about other women and girls based on negative gender stereotypes
‘Thats why i hate women’
Tumblr media
7. Actively discouraging other women and girls from realizing their dreams and fulfilling their higher potential.
She tells Tohru to get ahold of herself.
Tumblr media
8. Applying a double standard favoring men and boys over women and girls
We know that Akito clearly favors men (male zodiacs) over women (female zodiacs).
Tumblr media
9 Defending, justifying, and excusing individual acts of misogyny, mistreatment, and/or abuse, either toward oneself or toward other women (learned helplessness).
'Its because you chose that woman’ She is justifying the abuse she did to Rin.
10. Defending, justifying, and supporting societal, institutional, political, and/or cultural bias and oppression against women (internalized oppression). Blaming women for causing their own victimization.
We didnt see this one too. Maybe i missed some parts but generally Akito definitely show a lot of signs of this condition.
Tumblr media
It is important to emphasize that many women with degrees of internalized sexism may not be consciously aware of their own disempowering words and actions (both toward themselves and other women). Many grew up around, are conditioned by, and have bought into the gender stereotypes and inequalities of family, society, institutions, religion, popular media, social media, and mass advertising. Some women even feel compelled to justify and defend gender inequalities. It is a classic example of gaslighting, where a perpetrator (in this case a gender-unequal society) convinces the victim that she is less than who she really is. The victim in turn gaslights oneself and other girls and women. Internalized sexism is a form of social and psychological brainwashing. 
We know that Akito is raised as male. She is also constantly encourage to compete against her mother who doesnt treat her as child but woman. And she is constantly told that her father belongs her and loved her more than he loved her mother.
Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. Women who experience internalized misogyny may express it through minimizing the value of women, mistrusting women, and believing gender bias in favor of men.[5] Women, after observing societal beliefs which demean the value and skills of women repeatedly, eventually internalize those misogynistic beliefs and apply them to themselves and other women.[1] The implications of internalized misogyny include psychological disorders such as depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, and less social support among women.[5]
And the type of internalized sexism Akito suffers is internalized misogny. She is a woman who hates women and her own womanhood. She also only attacks women, instead of men.
(Its also interesting that she holds herself against her mother, the reason might be since its her mother, she still wants her to accept her, love her. She wants to connect her in some way, even its hatred.)
Tumblr media
Internalized sexism has potential to lead to body issues, lack of self-confidence, competition, and a sense of powerlessness.[3]  It is a major setback in resolving issues of sexism as a whole.[4]  Ties to psychological distress such as anxious, depressive or somatic symptoms, have been identified as results of internalized sexism.[5] Possible effects can be depression and suicidal impulses 
- Lack of self confidence; She has zero self worth that when someone reach out to her, she is so sure that she will be thrown away.
- Competition; She constantly compete with every woman around her.
- Sense of powerlessness; She feels too powerless that she feels like she constantly needs to remind zodiac to their place.
- Depressive; Akito is also always in depressive mode, sometimes it increase too much to the point she becomes bedridden for days.
Tumblr media
Additionally, studies have found connections between as sexual objectification as a result of internalized sexism and body shame, sexual objectification, and disordered eating.[7]  Internalized sexism also plays a role in lowered academic goals[8] and diminished job performance.[9][page needed]  On a larger scale, the presence of internalized sexism in the world is believed to alienate those affected from each other and thus further promotes continued sexism as a whole.[4] 
Sexual objectification; She uses her body (sleeping with them) so that male zodiacs wont abandon her. She objectifying her body.
Eating disorders; Again explained by author, Akito starve herself so that her body (boobs etc) wont grow up. This is why her body seems to small and weak.
2- ‘The one father loved the most isnt me, its the mom’;
Tumblr media
Usually character’s gender doesnt matter in storyline but in Akito’s story it matters cause its directly related to her identify problem.  So lets talk about how main core of Akito’s gender confusion. Akito is not only suffers from internalized misogny, she is also having confusion with her relationships. She doesnt seem to understand the difference between lover and parental figure (she also has no idea how the friendship works) and lets talk about what caused to this;
Tumblr media
Ren as mother jeolous of her own baby from her husband cause she didnt want another person but she said she will abord, if they raise her as male so she basically didnt want another *female* in her relationship witth Akira. She treated her daughter as second woman in their relationship. She doesnt view her as child but as woman. She was scared of her husband will (probably sexually) attract to their daughter.
Tumblr media
I think Akito was confused at first but....eventually she understood why her mother chose to raise her as male. Children arent stupid, they can feel parent's deepest feelings cause they look up to them. She must’ve thought ‘Why her womanhood was taken away from her? Why her mother lok at her like that?’  Her mother was somehow racing with her for her father’s attention but when she realize what was the exact reason, i think she felt disgust cause the realtionship between Akira and Akito was simply pure father-daughter relationship but Ren turned that pure feelings to something twisted.
Tumblr media
I think thats the main core of Akito’s problem with her gender. Yeah, it was also because her mother/the person who hurts her is female and it was something taken away from her but the main reason Akito’s problem with her gender is her twisted love triangle relationship with her parents. And because of this, Akito felt comre confused about whats exactly bond and relationship is. Especially romantic love. Not to mention how she was never taught those kind of things cause she was grown up as isolated in Sohma Place.
Tumblr media
Because of this, Akito feels sexually insecure, this is why she can usually use her body to get what she wants cause she feels her body/womanhood isnt something part of her. She is not a woman, she is not a child, she is not even a human being cause she is ‘special existence’.
Tumblr media
Only real affection Akito felt was parental love she received from her father. She never had friends cause friendship is all about equal relationships but since Akito was raised as god, she never had friends. She has servants. She has replacable fathers (Hatori, Shigure, Kureno). Basically, Akito thinks bond itself is also something similar to parental affection. She confuses romantical feelings with parental affection. She doesnt understand friendship.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When she was grown up, she must seen that her mother use her feminity to get things she wants, this also eventually makes Akito more confused about sexual desires. She pretty much confuses sex with currency. This is why she copes with that behaviour cause she doesnt have much parental figure who will teach her how to act.
(Shigure's sleeping with her mother make it even worse -_- cause Akito has already twisted ‘love triangle’ relationship with her parents but now, her mother sleeps with her the man she is interested in. Her mother became her love rival in a sense).
Also her servant constantly encourage her rivalry against her mother, only people who care for her is older male zodiacs. All of this increase Akito’s distrust of women and her confusion with her gender even more.
We can see it more with her dynamic with zodiacs.
Tumblr media
You can see how touchy she is with even younger male zodiacs. She acts seducive to keep them by her side. She is racing with the girls, like, how her own mother raced with her.
Note; Akito doesnt try to sexually groom them or something like that. She geniuely doesnt know how to approach people, how to treat them normally. So she either use sex or being cruel.
Tumblr media
The reaction she gave to Hatori and Kana’s relationship is similar to married woman who is about to loose her husband to another woman and little child who doesnt want another mother cause she is afraid of loosing her father. Its literally mix of both of them. And its messed up cause Hatori isnt her lover or her father.
Tumblr media
And her relationship with Shigure and Kureno. Her dynamic with them is mix of lovers and father-daughter relationship. Again, Akito confuses romantic love with father-daughter relationship.
Note; Just to make it clear; Akito doesnt force them to have relationship with her. Its not cause of curse. Both Kureno and Shigure made it clear that it was their decision to sleep with her, whether its pity or love etc.
Tumblr media
You can see how she looks like little kid with her father when she is with Kureno. But again, he is mix of both father  figure and lover. He treats her as child but he also sleeps with her. And the fact that he never stand out to her and does whatever she says making it worse. He is passive enabler in their relationship.
Tumblr media
She even describes Shigure as ‘he was kind, just like father was’.
Tumblr media
This is why Shigure says ‘i dont want to be her father’ cause thats the exactly the role Akito expected from them.
Tumblr media
She wants to feel the parental affection she receieved from her father again and she uses sex so they wont abandon her. Look at the expression she has when she kissed Shigure. She doesnt look like a woman who wants to have sex. She looks like a little child who doesnt want to be abandoned by her parental figure. In a way, she is selling her body.
Tumblr media
Yeah, its messed up. Akito is mentally child- adult who still couldnt handle her father’s death, she is unable reform healthy relationships and people around her made her condition even worse.
Its like all men are her father/someone who will care about her, all women are her mother/someone who will take that love from her and all zodiacs are generally her toys. You can see her mindset is equal to child.
(This part of Akito’s backstory is so messed up, i felt uncomfortable while writing it.)
3- Abused child with godly power;
Tumblr media
I think main part that separates Akito from the abuse zodiac endured is power and grooming. Akito wasnt just an abused kid. She was also told that she was special, she deserves everyhing, she is born to be loved, she can do whatever she wants. She was given an impossible expections which is also abuse.
The "chosen child syndrome" is a phenomenon familiar to many. It can be defined as the emotional abuse suffered, in one form or another, by a child who has had a parent who was too involved in his or her life. Among the feelings recalled by adults who were "chosen children" are: being a source of emotional support for their mothers; being aware that any potential boyfriend or girlfriend was never "good enough"; having a parent who was like a best friend; being responsible for parents' happiness; sometimes being "invaded" by a parent; being the object of parents' preoccupation and suffering the lasting resentment of a sister. The repercussions for children who have experienced such relationships can be severe and distressing. The symptoms include depression, troubled relationships, eating disorders, addiction, exaggerated expectations of life and self and low self-esteem.
Tumblr media
People say ‘Akito didnt have to become abuser, just because she was abused’ but that was the whole point of the god and zodiac dynamic. They are not equal, god is above on them, they are meant to be her toys and she can do whatever she wants with them. Akito cant become some kind of ‘lovely god’ cause she wasnt raised with love. She hasnt taught how to be kind person.
There are many similar examples to this case.
Tumblr media
X from cube that changes everything. X was a child who was constantly abused by his father. He never had friends, he wasnt loved, whats right and wrong wasnt taught to him. Then he got godly power. And result is he simply played with people’s life. Because...well, he is still a child so when he had godly power, he is unable to see those people as human beings. He cant emphatize with them from his position. He can only see them as toys, just like how Akito treated zodiac.
Tumblr media
Why cant they treat their toys better? Actually its similar to how chilren play with their toys in real life. From research, its shown that one of the signs of child abuse is children harming/breaking their toys.
Tumblr media
For example, you can actually see this Akito’s relationship with zodiac, mostly Yuki. When they first met, she plays with him nicely. He was always above on him but she still tried to be nice with him until she reached her breaking point. She started lashing out, only she cant handle all those negative feelings inside of her. And she starts to hurting her ‘toys’ and become more violent while time pass.
Tumblr media
Akito is also similar to another child-adult character, Shigaraki Tomura.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In storyline, both Akito and Shigaraki was shown as innocent, bright, kind kids.
They both comforted after their abuse but when they are being abused, noone helped them. Tenko was always abused by his father and his family didnt do anything but watched. After abuse, they comforted him. Akito was abused by her mother and people around her didnt do anything. After abuse, male zodiacs comforted her.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And when they were lashing out, they are called as monsters. Even though, they were ignored when they are the ones who needed help.
They both starts hurting others, only after they have mental breakdown. They both deal with identify problems. And every time they hurt others, they get used to it and it becomes their normal.
This exactly why they are both child adults. Even in story its repeatedtly said, They are just child again and again. : ).
Tumblr media
Shigaraki has different story but he was also groomed by a man who made him confused about whats right and wrong, just like Akito who hasnt really taught those things.  (Akito is also groomed by that old lady.) They were both chosen ones. Akito was raised to be god, Shigaraki was raised to be weapon against society. They both isolated by society, raised in abusive environment and never go to school : ).
Tumblr media
They are both trapped in cycle of abuse. I am saying they are trapped cause better ways werent taught to them so when they reached their breaking point, unsurprisingly, they repeat what they were taught. They started to lash out to other people.
When they were given chance, they both change. Just Shigaraki’s change starts early in Bnha while Akito’s change happen in the end of Furuba. Notice how their change starts when their actions have consequences.
Tumblr media
At the start of series, Shigaraki treated his people as toys but he couldnt be able to do same thing with league cause people like Toga, Dabi wouldnt endure it. He cant treat them as toys cause they wont allow it but unfortunately, zodiac just cant go against Akito. Thats why Akito wouldnt change, until curse being broken.
You can also see how both Shigaraki and Akito treat Kurogiri and Kureno similarly. Both Shigaraki and Akito care about their babysitters but they still act abusive towards them.
People grown up when their actions have consequences. If they dont have consequences, they just cant grow up. Their mindset stays as child. This is why both Akito and Shigaraki are child-adults. Like they still They couldnt grown up cause they werent allowed too. They are not actually child but they are definitely not adults either, you just need to let them grown up.
Tumblr media
Though, its true that Akito persistence about not growing up but the reason is still ralted to her need for parental affection. Just like, you know your parents will treat you better or will less punish you, if you act like little cute child. And she is scared of outside of world cause she knows that if she goes outside and interact with other people, she will face the painfull fact that the thing that was told her her whole life is actually a lie. This is why she mostly stayed in her house.
So yeah, there are cases when an adult choose to abuse people just becaue they were abused too but in Akito’s sitution, she was clearly groomed to be ‘abuser’, just like how Shigaraki was groomed to be murderer. Why they go away this far? Why Akito is taking things too far? Answer is simple. She takes things too far cause she can. She cant emphatize with people cause they werent eual with her. She cant see results of her actions cause she never get consequences of her actions.
Tumblr media
You can actually see this in storyline. When she started abusing Yuki, she was just a little child. (And children dont think how much they affect other people with their actions.) But instead of teaching or helping them, adults around her encourage her behavours, its ok cause she is god. Its started with little things, and time pass, it increased.
Tumblr media
The scene when she pushed Hatori was extreme violent reaction but it was accident. She is having tantrums (just like little kid). And her first reaction after Hatori gets hurted is blaming Kana cause well, she is god. Its never her fault cause she is not even human being.
Again, noone does anything. If Akito doesnt gets consequences of her actions, she cant understand how much she hurt others, she cant empathize with them. Hatori gets injiured and nothing changed for her, actually it becomes a achance to separate them. This is why she makes fun of it when she talked with Rin.
Tumblr media
The more they dont do anything, the more Akito takes too far. Like the time when she pushed Rin from the window. This time, its not accident. She is cold, she feels nothing. She just stands there.
And then again, noone does anything. And she cut Rin’s hair and put her to cat room.  After that, people decided to do something finally. Kureno says there are things Akito shouldnt do and Akito looks surprised.  Even though, until now, everyone said she could do whatever she wants but now they telling her ‘no’ and obviously, its confusing for her. Its against everything she believed until now.
Tumblr media
Again, people can only grow when they face consequences of their actions. Until now, Akito couldnt take seriously of what she did to zodiac or people around her. It was like a child play. Only when Akito face it and accepts her humanity, thats when she started to see what she did to them.
Tumblr media
Akito is simply the answer of what would happen, if you dont let your child taking responsibility for their actions. And the fact that how much Akito changed after her realization proves my points. This explains most of her violent actions were simply result of her enviroment, not because Akito was bad, just circumtations turned her to monster. And the fact that she is capable of changing, being extremely kind, trying her best is proof that she was never actually bad person either.
In fandom, many people says they related to her pain but they never abuse others. I think most people love the idea that they would never hurt anyone this way but i disagree.
Yeah, most of us suffers as abuse victim but we need to understand what exactly hold us; you cant lash out, if you are powerless. If you know that there will be consequences of your actions, you hold yourself. Especially many of us were taught from young age that we shouldnt hurt people, good people wouldnt hurt people, you cant do that but what if we were told that it was okay to do it? What if we were constantly heard from young age that its ok to do whatever we wants, its okay to hurt others, what if there were no punishment for it?
Tumblr media
It would create extremely dangerous mindset that could easiely hurt others. This is why raising a child is very important. This is why not every abuser is monster or less good. There are clearly jerks out there or some people are simply gray but sometimes, thats not the case. And i think Akito is really good example of it.
4- Borderline personality disorder;
Tumblr media
You cant define Akito’s character only by this mental illness but she clearly suffers from Borderline personality disorder. Actually her character is really good definition of identify disorders.
Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental illness characterized by intense mood swings and difficulty in relationships. When people with BPD have experiences that trigger emotional extremes, it can be difficult for them to return to a place of emotional stability.
Tumblr media
Fear of abandonment.
We know Akito’s extreme fear of abandonment, to the point that she had mental breakdown.
Tumblr media
Unstable relationships.
She is abusive towards anyone around her, she also sees men as father figure and she has sexual relationships with two guys.
Tumblr media
Unclear or shifting self-image.
We know that Akito saw herself as special existence and has gender confusion.
Tumblr media
Impulsive, self-destructive behaviors.
An important aspect of self-destructive behavior is the inability to handle the stress stemming from an individual's lack of self-confidence – for example in a relationship, whether the other person is truly faithful ("how can they love someone like me?"); at work or school, whether the realization of assignments and deadlines is possible ("there is no way I can complete all my work on time").[9] Self-destructive people usually lack healthier coping mechanisms, like asserting personal boundaries. As a result, they tend to feel that showing they are incompetent is the only way to untangle themselves from demands .
Akito doesnt really self harming but she definitely doesnt take care of herself either and she intentionally starving herself.
Tumblr media
Extreme emotional swings.
She easiely switches modes. She suddenly turns from fearfull god to crying child or opposite. In one moment, she says ‘you are my favorite, i love you’ then after a few seconds, she says the opposite ‘you are not matter’ etc.
Tumblr media
 Chronic feelings of emptiness.
Tumblr media
Explosive anger. Identity disturbance is a term used to describe incoherence, or inconsistency, in a person's sense of identity. This could mean that a person's goals, beliefs, and actions are constantly changing.
It could also be that the person takes on personality traits of people around them, as they struggle to have and maintain their own identity.
Tumblr media
Borderline people are often unable to think straight or calm themselves in a healthy way. They may say hurtful things or act out in dangerous or inappropriate ways. This emotional volatility can cause turmoil in their relationships and stress for family members, partners, and friends.
A painfull symptom of BPD;
Tumblr media
Identity disturbance is a term used to describe incoherence, or inconsistency, in a person's sense of identity. This could mean that a person's goals, beliefs, and actions are constantly changing.
It could also be that the person takes on personality traits of people around them, as they struggle to have and maintain their own identity.
Akito has no idea who she is. She doesnt see her identify besides her god persona.
Tumblr media
People with BPD often report that they have no idea who they are or what they believe in. Sometimes they report that they simply feel non-existent. Others even say that they are almost like a "chameleon" in terms of identity; they change who they are depending on their circumstances and what they think others want from them.
This is exactly why Tohru’s ‘i found you’ line was so effective for Akito. Until now, she felt she is not there, nonexistent.
Tumblr media
Those who are struggling with identity disturbance in BPD commonly have trouble forming close relationships with other people. Someone with identity disturbance likely experiences the negative effects of low self-esteem, including a lack of self-respect and personal boundaries. This can make it especially difficult to form bonds with other people.
Even though, Akito is always together with zodiac, she failed to form healthy relationships with them. Unfortunately, its extremely hard to be together with someone who has BPD. They often hurt the ones they loved, blame them for no reason, their unstability is hard to catch.
Tumblr media
Another relationship challenge for those with identity disturbance is feeling a lack of support or meaninglessness in their relationships. Feeling an "emptiness" inside is common for those with identity disturbance.
Since it's hard for them to find meaning within themselves, they may face challenges finding meaning in relationships with their family, friends, and romantic partners.
Tumblr media
Its also explained by some psychiatrist, that they often encounter ‘borderline abuse’, someone with BPD often manipulate, take control of their partners, they might even act violent (like using knife) (ıts not official term but its used to explain the sitution) and when they encounter it, they see two victims.
You can look at the details in this video;
5- Akito is being parallel with other character’s pain;
Tumblr media
She is parallel with god. They were both lonely, afraid of the world, desperately hold on the bonds with the zodiacs.
Tumblr media
She is parallel with the rat, Yuki. Akito is the boyish girl, Yuki is girlish boy. They were both thrown away by their mother cause they were special. Being special became their curse. They both starve for any affection, they both lived their life closed to outside world. They are both exteremely isolated. Akito is like corrupted leader while Yuki is like pure servant. They both also symbolises red camelia flower cause of the bond.
Tumblr media
She is parallel with the rabbit, Momiji. They were both hated by their mother cause they were born and their faher didnt really help either.
Tumblr media
She is parallel with the horse, Rin. They are both abused little girls with black hair. They both feel exteremely insecure, violent and cold. But their abuse is opposite. Akito has godly power, Rin is too powerless. They both try to use their body to get what they desire. Rin intentionally wears open closests, showing her body, thats her way of rebelling whil Akito hate showing her body parts. The reason is big posibility Ren. She doesnt want to be like her.
Tumblr media
They both think they are unworthy, thats how they see each others too. Akito doesnt only reject Rin’s womanhood, she also rejects her own womanhood. Rin doesnt only want to break free Haru from Akito but also herself. They both see theirselves as unworthy of being loved. Rin’s showing it by taking a distance and runs away from others while Akito shows it by keeping others close herself. (She wouldnt try to trap them, if she ever think they will love her.) Their villain of story is Ren.
Tumblr media
She is parallel with the cat, Kyo cause they were both outcast, werent part of the group. One has the highest position, other one has the highest position but they both trapped in different way. Akito loose her father, Kyo loose her mother at young age. They were both pitied and not seen as inviduals. They both unintentionally act like their abusive parents but unlike their dreadfull parents, they both change for better.
Tumblr media
She is parallel with Hanajima. They both have some dark godly powers. Difference is Saki has lovely family who support her while Akito doesnt have one. They both feel guilty cause they hurt others with power. Saki always wear black cause of this and Akito devotes her life to atoning for what she did.
Tumblr media
She is parallel with Tohru’s mother Kyoko. (And Arisa since Arisa is just like young Kyoko, she is parallel with Akito too).  They both come sfrom abusive family. Both Kyoko and Akito were troublemakers who just wants someone to notice them that they are here. Tohru’s father Katsuya reach out to Kyoko, Tohru reach out to Akito. (Also, Katsuya’s some behaviours remins me of Shigure.) Thanks to this, both Kyoko and Akito starts a new life and become better version of theirselves. They both became amazing mothers for their children.
6- Foil of main character;
Tumblr media
Akito is parallel with a lot of characters but especially with Tohru. From surface, they look opposite but in deep, they are really same.
Tumblr media
At first look, it starts with selfless Tohru who wouldnt desire th impossible and selfish Akito who would always desire the impossible. Even Shigure says Tohru is thousand times better person than Akito. They seem so different in core but in reality, this claims couldnt be more wrong.
Tumblr media
Tohru actually desire for impossible too, being with her mother forever and Akito always desire for impossible cause thats what she was told. Impossible expectations were given to her, now, she is suffering from it.
Akito is self centered and does what she wants, even it means hurt others. Tohru is selfless and she does anything to make people please. Akito is destructive but her destruction hurts herself too. Tohru is self destructive but her self destruction hurts people (making them extremely worried) around her too.
Akito is like a little child for older zodiacs, Tohru is like a mother for younger zodiacs which is totally normal. Akito is a kid who want allowed to be grown up, her mental state stayed as same. Meanwhile, Tohru is mature cause she was allowed to grown up.
Older zodiacs acts like Akito’s fathers while Tohru’s friends protects her, like they are mothers more than just friends.
Tumblr media
Tohru who was raised humbly but with endless amounts of love, wisedom and affection, she fully encompasses warmth , feminity and a nurturing nature. Akito who was born into wealth and high status but lived her days neglected and avoid of meaningfull connections and attachments, she presents as masculine, cruel, harsh and mentally unstable.
From surface, Akito looks like she has everything, Tohru looks poor girl but in reality, Akito is the one who has nothing, meanwhile Tohru has everything she needs as human being.
Both Tohru and Akito have love triangle in story; Tohru has with Kyo and Yuki (Actualy Momiji), Akito has with Shigure and Kureno. Akito flirts with every male zodiac cause she thinks if she does that, she wont be abandoned. Almost every male zodiac flirts with Tohru cause this is shoujo, lol.
Tumblr media
They are both extremely fragile that people around them are afraid of they will break anytime (though for different reason). People around Akito sees her as monster, they will afraid with wrong move, she will get mad. People around Tohru sees her as angel, they are afraid with wrong move, they will break her hearth.
Notice how people around her Tohru says they are afraid of Tohru will break someday cause she doesnt deal with her problems in any healthy ways. And there is Akito who already broke years ago. The difference between them isnt one is good, other is bad. Akito isnt the evil version of Tohru. Akito is the broken version of Tohru.
Tumblr media
She represent every dark thought Tohru desperately hides. Tohru never breaks the way Akito was cause she always always has people who love and protect her, she has her safe environment while Akito is constantly abused in toxic environment.
Tohru is the healing affect for most people while Akito is the troublemaker for most people. From surface, they look too opposite people until when you really pay attention the way they were raised. People around Tohru constantly idolize(or humanize) her while people around Akito constantly dehumanize her.
They want to protect Tohru’s innonence and pureness while sees Akito as opposite cause she lost her innonence. She is twisted now. She is seen as dark, even though trauma itself is ugly. She is seen as monster cause she doesnt present her trauma as socially acceptable way.
Tumblr media
Tohru is a character who is blessed with love, even after she lost her mother, she was never alone, she had friends who always supports. Akito did expreience proper parental love or friendship cause she wasnt allowed to be normal human being. Tohru’s mother is the reason Tohru can reach out to people cause she was taught how important to be kind, never doubting others etc while Akito was never taught these things.
Both Tohru and Akito loose their fathers at very young age. Tohru stays with a mother who loves her unconditionally while Akito stays with a mother who hate her because she is exist.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After Tohru’s father death, her mother becomes suicidal  to the point she forget about Tohru. This case becomes very traumatic for Tohru. She thinks that if she becomes like her father, she wont loose her mother. She intentionally imitate her father, (this is where her way of talking comes from).
After Akito’s father death, her only adult model is her mother Ren. Akito unintentionally imitate her behaviours. She becomes manipulative, cruel and using her feminity so she wont loose zodiac.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(This part is also parallel to Kyo). Tohru sees her father as bad guy cause to her, he takes her mother from her, even though she knows he is kind dad to her. She even admits that she would do anything to not feel insecure.
Tumblr media
Akito sees her mother as bad guy cause she literally try to steal every love she has from her, especially her father.
Tumblr media
Both Tohru and Akito have unhealthy relationship with their parents. Tohru doesnt want to be close to others the way she was close with her mother. She alwyas talk about her mother, even when she is with others. And Akito is the same, her father’s place is special, she doesnt make new bonds with people. She tries to copy the same bond she had with others. She wants them to be her father.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They both couldnt handle the death of their parents, they are holding on objectives that symbolises their parents. For Tohru, its her mother’s photograph. For Akito, its father’s box. Those objects also symbolises their feelings, Tohru always take picture with her while Akito hides the box in a place that noone will find out. Like how Tohru always freely lives her emotions but Akito is hiding them. Tohru is showing her hearth but Akito is hiding it.
Tumblr media
And they both act like their dead parents are still alive…when Tohru lost the Picture, she screamed ‘Mother, where are you? I cant find you!’.  After she lost Haru, Akito cries and screams ‘Father, help me!’. This is also proof how they couldnt handle their parents death and have unhealthy way of handling their pain.
It makes sense why they are so obsess with bonds cause when you look at their pasts, Tohru doesnt have much friends, bonds. She only has her mother, she later meets with Arisa and Saki, they are with her even after her mother’s death but its so hard for Tohru cause her mother was the only one who has been with her side. She is not alone, she can move on but she doesnt want to. Meanwhile, Akito wants to make bonds with zodiac, connect with them but unlike Tohru, she really doesnt know how to reach out to them.
Tumblr media
Both Tohru and Akito desire to become a person what their parents wants them to be. Tohru’s mother wants Tohru to be happy, normal, kind person. Akito’s father wants her to be god, special existence. They both wanted to fullfill their parents’s wishes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Both Tohru and Akito put a mask on their face. Tohru put a smile on her face, she played a good girl so people will love her, she wont be abandoned, as long as she gives others. Akito put a emotionless, cold mask on her, she played a god role so as long as she plays this role, people wont abandon her, as long as she forces, making them fear, she wont be thrown away. Thats what they thought.
Tumblr media
Those masks are meant to protect them. They both did it to feel safe but it only made them more fragile. Tohru is always like about to break and Akito is already broken.
And eventually the mask they put on their face becomes part of their identify. Tohru becomes good girl who always smile, people around her wonder how she could be like this. But in reality, she always force herself to smile and silently endure it. Akito becomes fearfull god. She acts like she is strong, never show any weakness. Unlike Tohru, Akito having mentalbreakdown and she loose her sense of self. Its like she became another person, like Yuki explained in his backstory. One day, she became twisted.
Two opposite ways comes from two opposite environments, in the end, they both deal with their trauma with extremely unhealthy ways. Akito is obvious one, she already reached her breaking point, she is broken but Tohru is less obvious, she didnt reach her breaking point, she is just walking on eggshell.
They both holding onto bonds;
Tumblr media
Tohru doesnt let go of her bond with mother, she doesnt want to leave her behind. She doesnt move on cause she feels like she will betray her, if she does. Look at the Picture. Tohru is closing her eyes and her mother is looking at her, like her mother says ‘dont leave me behind’, Tohru feels like abandoning her for moving on her life.
Tumblr media
Akito doesnt let go of the zodiac bond cause thats the only thing she had, her god persona is her only purpose in life, her father’s legacy and the reason her father liked her in first place. Akito doesnt want to be left behind cause she is scared of being lonely forever. Look at the Picture. Opposite of Tohru and her mother, Akito is the one who is looking at her father while her father doesnt even look at her. Its like her father is abandoning her and she is being left behind.
Tumblr media
For Tohru, after meeting zodiac and Kyo, she realizes she wants and has to move on, thats when she had to face with her fear. For Akito, it started when curse’s breaking and younger zodiacs standing out for theirselves, thats when she had to face with her fear.
Tumblr media
Akito ran to her foil to find some solution, Tohru realized how similar they are and made an offer to move on together and become friends and Akito accepts it. Their relationship is really amazing cause they both started this friendship with the acceptance of ‘unconditional love doesnt exist’ which is main theme of story.
Despite how much they look opposite, in reality, they are same. Tohru is NOT a better person than Akito. Story just never challenge her kindness, she never even had to deal with the dark characters in series (Like Ren, Kyo’s father, Rin’s parents etc) while Akito lives with them her all life.
During the series, we and zodiac always see the best sides of Tohru and worst sides of Akito, we didnt have a chance to see dark sides of Tohru and best sides of Akito, it would be better, if we saw it more but anyway, since they are ‘one could be another’, you can still guess it.
In the end, they are both good girls. They both tried to be people exactly what they were expected. Just the people around them were different people. Tohru is good person cause she always try to reach out to other people. Akito is good person cause just like Tohru, she will do her best to be better version of herself.
7- The Curse;
Tumblr media
This scene really explains how Akito always felt. Look how everyone is so distanced from Akito.
Tumblr media
Kureno being her guardian, she is watching over her by putting a distance between them. Kureno is choosing to isolate himself from both group and Akito.
She is with Yuki but Yuki doesnt even talk to her and watching others.
Shigure is intentionally ignoring her cause he wants her to take first step. He wants her to approach him fisrt but Shigure, if she doesnt know how to approach people, how to reach out to them, how do you expect Akito to do it? He is literally expecting impossible. (This is even before Akito and Kureno slept together).
Tumblr media
Hatori too, taking distance from Akito while bonding with other zodiacs.
Tumblr media
And there is Ayame. The one who always intentionally ignore Akito (and Yuki) cause he doesnt want to bother himself by it. He is intentionally creating drama, taking everyone’s attentions, always ignoring Akito. After looking at those scenes carefully, now i understand why Akito hated Ayame the most, yes he is loud, not manly, too dramatic etc but look at how he ignores Akito. Akito’s biggest fear is abandonment, being ignored, Ayame is abandoning Akito emotionally and by taking everyone’s attention, noones look at wonder, she hates him.
Tumblr media
And younger zodiacs, they all ignore Akito and even Yuki. Probably cause they felt uncomfortable with someone who is in higher position than them. The bond between god and zodiac are never meant to be equal, this is why it creates toxic sitution for everyone.
Tumblr media
Look at How Akito is watching everyone and hugging herself by doing it. Waiting someone who will choose to sit by her side.
How many times,….how many times she waited for it?
How many times she looked at zodiac like this?
This is important case cause its before Akito became troublemaker  for zodiac.
Tumblr media
After her father’s death, she was always always watching the group from far away. People around her told her that everyone was waiting for her and love her but would they even notice if Akito just disappeared? Its like she is not even there. Her existence doesnt even matter to them.
Everything slowly build up from this. Her father’s death, her mother’s abuse, servant’s using her for traditions, zodiac’s ignoring her and Kureno’s curse being broken.
I think Akito understood that deep down she is unwanted. Her father loved her as long as she is god.
You can see that how servants couldnt care less about Akito, they immediately started to harrasing her when she stopped being god and freeing zodiac.
Tumblr media
Her mother abandoned her from birth.
Kureno only stays out of pity, zodiac stays with her out ot force. There is literally noone who wanted to be with her with their choice. Noone sees Akito, the real Akito. Every little things build up like this, until she reach her breaking point.
She was despair for any attention, she wanted to remind people that she is here too. When she silently sit in her place, noone approach her. But when she scream, hit things, being fearfull, they finally looking at her. I think thats how Akito started to be abusive. Kindness didnt work, then she used violence and this time, it worked. Everyone finally looking at her.
Eventually she became addictive to this violence. It became her weapon. At first, it was just her tantrumts. She was loosing the control but then, she saw that she can get away with it cause she is god. Thats why she started to take things too far. She became colder, feel less empathy, more calculated.
Tumblr media
Think about from zodiac’s perspective. You were given as toy to someone else, no matter what she does to you, you cant go against that person. You would feel uncomfortable with that person, desnt matter who she is, the fact that she is above on you would make you uncomfortable and you would avoid her as possible as you can.
Tumblr media
Now think from Akito’s perspective. You are just with people who were supposed to be close to you. But they keep ignoring. You are just there, always there but being ignored by the only people who were supposed to love you. Only people make you worth as god, making you worthy but they ignore you. You feel extremely lonely, you dont know how to approach them and everything’s slowly falling apart….wouldnt you do anything that make them to look at you? (Trust me, you would.).
This is exactly who bond itself is the real curse, not just for zodiac and cat but also for Akito.
Tumblr media
When we first learnt the curse, its like God is the villain, the curse is turning into animal and all but when you look at Akito, she looks more miserable than others. At least, zodiac had each others. At least, Kyo had Kazuma and school life. 
But what Akito has? Servants, a mother who doesnt want her, people who only stay with her by force or pity or duty.
Tumblr media
You would think god is the luckiest cause she has highest position while in reality, Akito is the ultimate outcast. Even more than cat. Every zodiac and Kyo have a outside life. They go to school. They meet new people. But Akito always stays in her cage, she is trapped there. If she cant play her role well, she will be thrown away. She cant even go outside cause she is too scared of real world.
Tumblr media
Imagine; being so lonely that you need a curse, becoming other people’s curse cause thats the only way people would even accept your existence.
“I believed, no I wished, almost prayed, like a curse. Like I’d die if I didn’t say it. I repeated the same words over and over but there is no use anymore they are leaving me behind.”
All Akito ever wanted was someone who will see her as invidual. Someone who will choose her by their choice, an equal relationship. It would never work with zodiac cause of unfair positions.
Look at the words Tohru used when she tried to reach out to Akito;
Tumblr media
‘Ah, i see you. I finally found you!’
‘There you are.’
Refering to how she was always there but never truly seen by anyone, even by zodiac.
Also, you can see from author’s art;
Akito is crying in this scene. She always was. From the very beginning, she was waiting, crying by herself.
This is why Akito really fits the theme of story so well. She is the spiral of sadness, the tragedy, worst side of curse. And this is why curse really starts to break when Tohru reach out to her.
Tumblr media
It started with saving zodiac, if Tohru didnt reach out to zodiac, curse wouldnt started to break. Then after that, Akito came to Tohru, Tohru reaching out to Akito, then Akito decided to break the curse. When Akito was saved, ready to let go, thats also when everyone truly become free.
Basicaly; Save the zodiac to save the God. Save the God to save the zodiac. Its the same thing.
8- Redemption and Change;
Tumblr media
Akito is a villain who gets redemption and its really not out of nowhere. Its always hinted that curse is the bond, Akito is also bonded just like others and she is extremely isolated child character who never had a chance to be her own person. She is also cursed so its wasnt surprise. Its just story her redemption and ending is rushed and her backstory could’ve given more. The reason she changes is not Tohru’s magical healing power, its Akito’s finally facing consequences of her actions, realizing there will always be new people so its ok to let go, having friend fort he first time in her life.
Akito is a character who is capable of changing and taking responsibilities for her actions and she shows this after accepting her own humanity.
Tumblr media
She shows her change with every little move she makes. She breaks the curse, destroy the cat cottage, reaching out to someone the way tohru did for her, stopping violent behaviours etc etc.
Tumblr media
In the end, she stays in Sohmas, finally having friends, marrying with Shigure who had a very twisted relationship with her. And even though, femine women with black long hair used to trigger her trauma with her mother, now she is being friends with Saki (a femine woman with long black hair).
Anyway, its obvious that she changed but lets get into her redemption more;
She clearly faces consequences of her actions.
Like; Zodiac literally abandon her to have better lifes, Akito’s biggest fear; being abandonded happens.
Tumblr media
I think some people misunderstand the forgiveness in Akito’s redemption. Most of the zodiacs doesnt say they forgive Akito, they just think its good thing that she changed. Even Yuki said later, ‘its not about forgiving you’, its about he just sick of blaming others. He just want to focus on his own actions, he wants to focus on his own responsiblities and be better person wih the people he cares about. Its less about Akito, more about himself.
Rin directly say she wont forgive her. In this scene, she is angry cause everything feels too sudden fıor her. Akito was supposed to be bad guy, just like her mother but now, she suddenly changed for some reason and everyone accepts this. It feels sudden and Rin feels sad cause from her perspective, its like Akito is getting away with it.
Tumblr media
Rin and Akito never had a chance to understand or see each others as inviduals, especially for Rin, she doesnt understand why Akito is like this (she doesnt have to understand the person who hurts her though). She is asking how Tohru and Kyo can easiely forgive her but why she cant do the same. Notice, again its less about Akito, more about Rin.
Tumblr media
Of course, Tohru and Kyo would feel different, they are not hurted by Akito the way Rin was hurted. Of course, it would be different. Of course, its harder for Yuki and Rin cause they are the ones who hurted the most by Akito’s actions. (And not everyone have to feel same way).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kyo forgive Akito (yeah i think he forgives her) cause 1- his trauma and problems have nothing to do with Akito, even Akito wasnt there, he would still be treated like this cause he is the cat 2- Kyo changed too. Kyo used to lashing out to others for his problems, later, he recognize it and be better version of himself. And he knows that some people wont change (like Kyo’s father etc). I think he is related to Akito, this is why he has no problem with her.
And Tohru, i think Tohru didnt forgive Akito. Tohru just saw that both her own and Akito’s actions hurt each others. Its not that she forgives her for what she did to zodiac. Its just she thinks its not something she can decide. Its not her decision to forgivve Akito. Its Rin’s, Yuki’s, zodiac’s. Tohru (and Kyo) sees both Akito and Rin as inviduals.
Tumblr media
Everyone feelings are valid. Rin, Tohru, Yuki, Kyo etc. If Rin doesnt want to forgive Akito or even hate her, she can, its her own life. If Yuki wants to not think about her at all, he can, its his life. But at the same time, if Tohru wants to be friends with Akito, noone else can say otherwise to her. Tohru accepts Akito, the person who used to hurted others is now changing. She is seeing herself in her and believe her change. (And of course, she is not the one who hurted by her actions, this is exactly why it had to be outisder).
Tumblr media
When Rin saw how other forgive her or be firends with her, she wonders she has to do same. ‘Now Akito became good guy but why my hearts? why i cant be like you?’ This is why she is so sad in this scene. She suffers from the idea that ‘good people always forgive’. She thinks if she doesnt forgive her or act like Tohru, then it would make bad person but Tohru says thats not true. Reminding her that she is free to do/feel whatever she wants. Akito might have tragic backstory, maybe she can even be the kindest person in the world all she want but that doesnt mean Rin or others has to be friends with her.
This is what actually the beautifull part about Akito’s redemption. Its realistic and Akito truly facing consequences of her actions for hurting people. The reason Rin doesnt forgive Akito, not because she never deserves to be forgiven or she is not actually good person, it was never about that, it was just simply the fact that Rin was hurted too much by her actions. People are free to feel the way they wanted. They dont have to forgive, they dont have to get along with every good person in the world even they are good in deep, they can even hate the good people, especially if they are hurted by their actions, just like how Shigure hates Kureno.)
Tumblr media
And this is why Akito’s redemption is real cause she never force them to forgive her just because she is changed. To the point, she actually do anything to not feel  them to be pressured. Thats why she doesnt say sorry. (Even Rin said if Akito say sorry, she would feel more pressured).
She give prioritiy to their feelings, thoughts, needs. This is why when she speaks her last speak, she only speaks what she has to say. She doesnt talk about herself, why she did that or how she felt until now. Cause that could feel them uncomfortable, they could feel like they have to forgive her. But Akito doesnt want that. Akito truly wants them to to have better lifes and she thinks what she can do for them, how she can atone, how she can protect their freedom.
Tumblr media
Only reason Akito stays as Family lead of Sohma is for zodiac. Akito never desired to be family head, she doesnt want to be there, she wanted to be outside having normal life but she stays there anyway. Why? Because she wants to atone. Changing that place so noone will ever suuffer the way they suffered. Sohma place is very toxic environment, big posibility worse place than jails but Akito stays anyway.
Tumblr media
And later, we see how much Sohma places changed thanks to Akito. Akito never join faimly meetings cause even after years (like 20 years), Akito still try to give them a personal space. She tries her best to not feel them uncomfortable. Even after years. (Believe or not, noone goes this far.)
You can see from Akito’s every actions how much she feels remorse about what she did. She is still crying over what she did,(again, even after years) its still bothers her this much. She feels so guilty to the point when someone hurt her, she says she deserves it which comes to my next point. The problem with her ending.
Tumblr media
Its great to see that Akito wants to atone and changing Sohmas for better but the thing is she takes all blame. She calls herself as ‘source of the pain’ but thats not true. Yes, she hurted people and has to take responbility for it but what about people who groomed her? What about Ren, Rin’s parents, Kyo’s father, Yuki’s mother, maids, old lady? Akito is not only taking her own sins but also others too.
Most people compare Akito with Sohma parents cause in a way, they are abusive ‘adult’ but thats definitely not fair comprasion. The reasons is;
They are parents, parents are responsible for their child. Most of them know better, they have more outside connections. Not to mention they couldnt feel less remorse and never really change.
And There is Akito who was told from young age that zodiacs are her toys and she can do whatever she wants with them, completely isolated from the world, constantly abused,  she will thrown away if she doesnt play her role well, having mental breakdown, obviously dealing with severes of mental illness, never allowed to grown up (mentally child) but later; still change, becoming amazing mother and kind person, extremely feeling remorse to the point she hurts herself. She is also literaly parallel to the main character who is one of the kindest characters in series.
But those people, those environment who ruined Akito, zodiac never face consequences for their actions, they get away with it and they also put all blame on Akito.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I dont know why furuba made it look like victims has to find solution with their abusers. Like Machi has to endure her family or Kyo or Akito etc. They can stay away each other forever. They dont have to find some solution or they have to get along just because they are family. Even Akito doesnt have to get along with zodiac, they can be separated forever. Akito can live her own life while atoning. I really hated the way Furuba dealt with this. Not to mention that its comparing Akito with Ren.
Tumblr media
Akito’s redemption isnt end with just her atoning and having happy normal life, she is also harrassed by the people who brainwahed her to think that she is god. If Akito's son Shiki is harrassed even after those years, you can only imagine how Akito was treated until now. She is inviually punished, they treat her like it all started with her, like she wasnt groomed to be this way at all.
Tumblr media
In some analysis, people say she doesnt go to jail or doesnt punished as invidually but its wrong. This place is definitely worse than jail (this is why Shigure says this) and she is constantly punished as invidually. Everyone putting the blame on Akito.
Tumblr media
She is treated so badly, even Yuki’s son Mutsuki and Kyo’s son Hajime feels so bad.
Tumblr media
Even Shiki explains it, no matter how much Akito tried, people are still treating her horribly.
‘The curse of not being allowed to change’
Unlike all those abusive people in series, Akito is the only one who actually make an effort, tries her best and feeling extreme remorse but she is punished for it. The ones who never changes gets away but the one who change for better is punished. Akito is punished by the people who turned her to monster.
Tumblr media
So in the end, even though now Akito has happy family and friends, she still doesnt have happy ending, the way zodiac and others did. She is still abused, just like her child. Akito says she is fine with it. She used to hurt others, yeah she stopped hurting others but now, she is hurting herself. 'I deserves to be in pain' mentality shows Akito wasnt really healed. I am so happy for Tohru and zodiacs cause they are in a better place, happiely living the life they wanted to live but Akito still suffering. (Her own mother stil out there, stabbing her and Akito says okay with a smile on her face.) Even though, she was cursed just like them, her justice didnt happen.
Tumblr media
Fruits basket is a story about ‘there is no eternal bond, nothing remains same’. Its about breaking the curses. But Akito is still cursed and this time, in fruits basket another, her own son challenges her eternity.
‘If you insist that its ‘eternity’,...that nothing can ever change...then i will take those ideas....and i will overturn them.’
He says he wants to change and protect the warmth part of his life. Since story ends here, we dont know what happen after this.
I really hope her son or someone changes her mind and says ‘if you want to atone, okay but stand out for herself. Dont let them hurt you. Dont say it ok to be hurted. This is not redemption’. Redemption doesnt mean suffering, especially forever. Redemption is all about taking responsibility but Akito takes it too far, she self destructs cause she feels too much remorse. If she want to take responsibility then she can her all life if she want but torturing herself like this is not redemption. Akito deserves happy life, just like zodiac.
Tumblr media
In the end, Akito is a very tragic character who never really find peace. Even though, she is actually a girl like Tohru in deep, she is constantly suffering. Her justice didnt happen. She deserves better.
I cant believe her mental state and character are this much underrated. She is also one of the rare characters who i think really deserves forgiveness. She is also very well written and related to theme of story the most. Even though, this is very long post, i still feel like this is not enough to explain her cause there is more.
Tumblr media
Akito is one of the main characters and she is the only real active antagonist in the story and she is related the main theme of story, everything relates to her so its looks like everything is her fault but in reality, put another child in her place, things will still end up same. Akito was never the main problem, she is not the curse, she is the side effect of the curse. This is why she is targetted cause even she herself accepts her own faults. Its easy to blame her. Meanwhile, real villains of story gets away.
Tumblr media
This is why when it comes to parallels, i love bnha. It was obvious that Shigaraki is abuse victim when we first saw him but fandom deny it until 200 chapters later, we get his backstory. His parallels with Deku, his tragedy is so clear that it cant be ignored. Author never challenged Tohru’s kindnesss, she didnt even give very important details of Akito’s backstory. (Author said she wants her story to stay as light, i guess, Akito’s story is too dark to openly show. For example, we could emphatize her more if we saw innocent Akito or redeemed Akito more but we didnt. At least, she could get happier ending. I really hated the fact that she takes all blame, even though, she is the most tragic character in series.
Again, she deserves better.
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foxpublic905 · 6 hours ago
Wordpress Theme Hello Elementor
Tumblr media
Thank you for your interest in Cindy accessibility ready WordPress theme. Are you searching for a theme to build an accessible, inclusive website for your hometown, city, village, community, local government or politician? In this tutorial, am going to show you how to create a free website using the free hello elementor theme and elementor page builder. I'll show you how to cre. We have finally launched the ‘Hello’ theme in the WordPress repo. We built Hello so you never have to worry about themes again. In this tutorial we'll learn.
Elementor Wordpress Theme Tutorial
Hello Elementor Wordpress Theme Demo
Best Elementor Themes
Wordpress Theme Hello Elementor Download
If you want to create a fully custom website with Elementor, then the new Hello Theme is absolutely the best option. It is lightweight, fast and simple to install. And best of all, it is designed to be used with Elementor.
Tumblr media
With the Theme Builder capabilities of Elementor, you no longer have to be constrained to a Theme or what others want you to have on your site. You can now create a fully custom site and more or less ditch the Theme (Hello Theme is almost invisible).
In this post, I will explain the benefits of this approach, how it works, and how to use it. Along with a few simple examples to get you started.
Let’s go…
Benefits Of The Elementor Hello Theme
The Elementor Hello Theme is designed to be used with Elementor Pro, but in essence it is just a stripped down, lightweight theme.
The main benefits of such a theme are:
Fast load time
No bloat or excess code
It’s a FREE theme
No modules, elements or theme specific things you don’t need
The ability to extend the theme using Hooks
Designed specifically to be used with Elementor and Elementor Pro
If you have ever relied on a theme before, or found it to be too slow, heavy or hard to work with – a theme like Hello Theme is a godsend.
This is how fast Hello Theme is out of the box (not realistic of course – as it’s empty, but a good start)
Compare it with Divi and you will see a big difference:
Elementor Restaurant Template
Ok, to make it a little more realistic, I loaded a Divi restaurant template and compared it to an very similar (and equally large) Elementor restaurant template:
Divi Restaurant Template
Tumblr media
Not perfect for Elementor, as there are lots of requests (aka files being loaded) but the load time is nearly 1/2.
Nothing beats coding a website from scratch with HTML and CSS, but Hello Theme & Elementor Pro do a pretty good job.
Note: just don’t load 2MB images for your restaurant and you will get even faster load times!
Hello Theme Requirements
There are little to no requirements when working with the Hello Theme, apart from WordPress. But, I wanted to make sure you understand what this theme is – out of the box.
Tumblr media
This theme is designed to be 100% customized using a page builder like Elementor. So, if you don’t have Elementor (or Pro) then you will have to get it.
This is what a simple page with a heading and two menu elements looks like:
So, if you truly want to be able to customize every part of the theme, then you will need Elementor Pro.
Sure, Elementor (the free version) has a lot you can customize, but there are many limitations, so you will only be able to create:
With Elementor Pro you can also create:
Blog Pages
Blog Archive Pages (Categories, Blog, etc)
Setting Up Hello Theme & Child Theme
Setting up Hello Theme is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is go in to
Appearance – Themes
Click Add New
Type “Hello Theme” in the search
Hover over the theme and click Install
Adding A Child Theme
However, in order to truly set up a Theme for customization, you “should’ install a child Theme.
You can actually get one for the Hello Theme here. It is already set up using the WordPress standards for child themes (style.css and functions.php). So you are good to go!
Click the green “Clone And Download” button
Then click the Download Zip – that is the child theme you can upload to your site :>
Just add it to your themes, and activate it.
If you are going to use a child theme at all, that is.
It may become available on the WordPress Theme Repository at some point, but this is more than enough.
Not sure if you need one….
And Do You Need A Child Theme?
If you are not familiar with Child Themes, they are basically an empty theme that is connected to your main theme. But, they allow you to customize the main theme without affecting the original.
This is great because it keeps the main theme un-edited and also means that when an update becomes available, all your customizations are not over-written by the update (which they would be if you edited the theme itself).
However, having said that, you only really need a child theme if you intend on editing the Theme itself. That means the
style.css (ie. the CSS styles and code)
any other theme file or functions code
If you are not familiar with any of that, or don’t want to learn it, then forget it. You can do it all with Elementor (usually – there are always exceptions) and don’t actually need a child theme.
It is just a cleaner way of working, especially for developers. I use them for myself and clients, but you don’t have to.
Customizing Hello Theme
As I mentioned above, there is actually not a lot you can customize with the Hello Theme – at least within the WordPress dashboard.
You can basically change the Logo, Icon and site name.
Further customizations only really include Additional CSS, so you can add custom CSS to your theme.
If you want to go deeper and customize the theme (beyond designing it with Elementor Pro) you will need to get your hands dirty in the code and use a Child Theme.
However, most of you will be using Elementor Pro, and there should not be any problems!
Elementor Wordpress Theme Tutorial
Creating A Header & Footer With Elementor Pro
If you use the Hello Theme one of the first things you are going to want to do is add a header and footer to your site.
Without it, you can only really create landing pages or blank canvas based pages with Elementor (or other builder).
The header and footer can be created once and applied to your whole site, automatically. Or, you can even create specific ones for some pages if you like.
If you want to see a video of how it’s done (easier, I know) then you can check out the video below:
But if you want the basics, here you go…
1. Click on Templates (under Elementor) on the side menu and then choose Theme Builder
2. Next, click Add New Template and choose Header from the dropdown
Also give your template a name (probably Header) and click Create Template
3. Now you get a choice of pre-made Headers (they are called Blocks) and you can use them to help speed up the creation. Or you can create one from scratch.
Don’t forget to click Insert (top right) once you have clicked on the Header block you want to use :>
4. Now you can edit your Header to your heart’s content. Change the background, add your logo. Tweak the layout of the icons or menu.
Just be careful to pick a Header block to start with that more or less resembles what you want as a result (at least in terms of layout) otherwise you will waste a lot of time trying to change it.
5. Once you choose to Publish it (when your design is ready) you are now asked to create a Condition. This is a choice of where you want the Header to be displayed.
Click on Add Condition (see the grey button below)
Now you have to choose the condition. The most common choice is the one displayed by default, Entire Site. Which then uses the header on your whole site automatically.
Now you can click the Green button at the bottom/right Save and Close.
The header you have created will now appear on all pages and when you are creating a new page using Elementor.
You can certainly do a lot more here, for example if you need a specific header in a certain page (a lighter one on the homepage for example). Or even more. You can read all about it on the Elementor site.
Now, you just have to do the same for the Footer, and the basic site layout you need is good to go!
Summing Up Hello Theme by Elementor
Hello Theme is a great creation by the Elementor team, but you have to know what it is for and how to use it.
If you plan on fully customizing your own Theme with Elementor Pro and want it to be super fast, lightweight and the best it can be. It is a great option.
If you still want your theme to be created using the Customizer and have no interest in purchasing Elementor Pro, then it is not for you.
This is the future of WordPress and Theme creation in my opinion, and now is the time to get on board!
Hello is a lightweight WordPress theme from the developers of the ever-popular drag-and-drop page-builder plugin Elementor.
It’s what many people would refer to as a ‘plain-vanilla’ or ‘starter’ design. In other words, it’s a minimal theme that was designed to be a blank canvas for website owners.
In this article, I’d like to show you what Hello can do, explore why so many Elementor users have chosen this design, and discuss its pros and cons.
Let’s dive in…
What is the Hello Elementor Theme?
In the beginning, page builders were mainly used to make posts and pages look more professional. Over the past few years, however, page builders have expanded their functionality beyond content and into website design.
Elementor’s templating system allows you to customise headers and footers, create unique templates for posts, change the layout of your search pages, and more.
Unfortunately, page builders that let you customise your website design frequently clash with WordPress themes that let you do the same. With the prevalence of ‘all-in-one’ WordPress themes that have hundreds of options, many Elementor users have switched to minimal themes, such as Hello, to avoid possible conflicts.
Hello can be downloaded free of charge from or from the plugin page of your WordPress admin area. It’s a responsive design that was created specifically to have few options, so all design changes are handled through Elementor.
The minimal design of Hello means it’s fast-loading and compatible with all popular WordPress plugins. Both Elementor and Hello also work perfectly with the new WordPress editor.
Interestingly, people are using Hello in many different ways. Some WordPress users are creating beautiful landing pages with Hello’s blank canvas, some are building online shops with Elementors WooCommerce Builder, while others are creating advanced designs from scratch using Elementor’s templating system.
The fact that a minimal WordPress design, such as Hello, is so flexible is a reminder that less is sometimes more.
The Hello Child Theme
Hello is a simple WordPress theme that just contains a functions.php file and style.css stylesheet file. If you need to make any changes to these files, I recommend activating the Hello child theme, which is available on GitHub.
WordPress child themes allow you to make custom modifications to your website design — without worrying about the changes being overwritten when the parent theme is updated.
Activating the child theme on your website will ensure the custom changes you make are never lost.
How Fast Is Hello?
When a developer adds hundreds of options to a WordPress theme, there’s a risk it will become bloated and slow to load.
Hello’s focus on stripping everything down to the bare essentials means pages load quickly.
On the performance website, GTmetrix, my test website loaded in just over a second using 13 requests. The page size was less than 500kb too.
Tumblr media
To improve my rating further, I activated the free version of WP Fastest Cache and enabled caching. This dropped my total requests to only nine and gave me a near perfect score.
The biggest delay in loading my website came from my server. If my test website weren’t hosted on a cheap VPS hosting package, it would have loaded significantly faster.
Of course, a live website with many activated plugins would increase the number of requests. However, it’s clear that Hello lives up to its claim of being a fast WordPress theme.
Hello & the Free Version of Elementor
Once you’ve activated Hello on your website, you’re quickly reminded that it’s a blank canvas.
There’s no theme options page in Hello, and there are no unique theme settings within the WordPress customiser. Likewise, there are no options to modify the header or footer, nor are there any sidebars.
This is all by design, with the idea being that all aspects of your website design are created and modified through Elementor.
If you do want to make changes to your website outside of Elementor, you may want to consider using CSS Hero. Retailing from $29, this WordPress plugin can be used to modify many elements of your website using a user-friendly interface.
In Elementor, a page can be divided into multiple sections, which is a great way of making each part of your layout unique.
Templates can be created for both pages and sections in the free version of Elementor — you can create as many templates as you wish and group them into categories.
Elementor gives you a plethora of tools to help you to construct pages and sections.
You can add videos, images, headers, text, maps, posts and more — and all of the content can be organised into columns and sections.
A selection of Elementor page templates is available free of charge, and these pre-made designs are a great starting point for creating your own pages.
While you can use Hello and the free version of Elementor to create website designs, the reality is that it’s extremely restrictive, as you have no control over important areas, such as your header, footer, single posts and archives.
You need to upgrade to Elementor Pro to unlock the full theme builder.
Realising the Potential of Hello with Elementor Pro
Upgrading to Elementor Pro will give you access to the complete Elementor Theme Builder.
In addition to creating pages and sections, you can now create templates for pop-ups, headers, footers, single posts, archives and global widgets.
More than 300 premium templates are provided in Elementor Pro, which really helps when creating your own unique website designs.
For example, if you’re creating a header for your website, you can use one of 17 header templates as a starting point.
Pre-made blocks are available for about pages, call to actions, service pages, testimonials, subscriptions and more.
Dozens of templates are also available for pop-ups.
Hello Elementor Wordpress Theme Demo
Elementor Pro also unlocks a visual form builder, a gorgeous portfolio post type and motion effects, as well as a powerful WooCommerce Builder that lets you create online shops using up to 18 shopping widgets.
Fifty additional widgets are also made available in the main Elementor builder. These really help to take website designs to the next level.
When you use the full version of the Elementor Theme Builder, you appreciate why a WordPress theme such as Hello exists.
Elementor Pro can be used to create a professional website design from scratch, and hundreds of pre-made template designs can be customised and saved to create professional-looking layouts in minutes.
Hello will let you unlock the true potential of Elementor.
Final Thoughts
Hello isn’t a WordPress theme everyone will love; it has no design options, no settings page and no sidebars. If you’re looking for an ‘all-in-one’ WordPress theme, this isn’t it.
Users who are looking to design their website using Elementor’s templating system will love the fact that Hello doesn’t get in the way. The theme is free to download, loads quickly, has a responsive design and has been optimised for search engines.
Best Elementor Themes
So, it’s no surprise that many Elementor users are switching to Hello, as it works so well with the Elementor Theme Builder.
Wordpress Theme Hello Elementor Download
Be sure to check out the official Hello information page to learn more about what the design offers.
What do you think of this theme? Have you used it, or are you thinking of using it?
Tumblr media
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majimanowhere · 8 hours ago
so i just finished yakuza 6 and wow. i have a lot of thoughts and opinions. so here they are!!
im spoiling pretty much the entire game + a little bit of tlou part 2 (pretty much just the beginning when a certain someone dies) so keep that in mind. the tlou spoilers will be indicated by ⚠️ so if you wanna skip over that, just ignore everything inside the caution emoji.
this game is probably my second favorite yakuza game/tied for my favorite yakuza game with yakuza 0. i have never played a game that has left me with as much an impact as 0 has and yakuza 6 has given me that same feeling i had when i first finished yakuza 0.
there are only two problems i had with this game. the first problem i had was with the combat. overall i think yakuza 6’s combat was pretty good, but there were some times where i got very tired of it very quickly.
it was only really when i was fighting against large groups of people + 1 or 2 heavy weight mini bosses. i would have both of the mini bosses continuously knock me down over and over before i ever got a punch in. it reminded me of the problems yakuza 3-5 had. and i had the right upgrades to help me, too (i.e. the rising tornado, automatically get up thingy, etc.) and while i could get up quickly, it just made it quicker for them to knock me right back down again. however i only had this problem when i was fighting many people/heavy weight mini bosses, everything else was fine.
my second problem was the fuCKING TROBLR. i would get notifs for this all the fucking time and with that annoying ass text tone it has it got very old very fast. and at first i was like “well i’m probably just annoyed by it because i personally don’t care about doing any of this troblr shit i’m sure if you’re actually interested in doing these side missions it would be different.” but here’s the thing- i would get these notifs all. the. fucking. time. in the middle of a very very important plot mission? troblr notif. running away from a random encounter? hold on, gotta stop to close out this troblr notif because the text tone won’t stop fucking ringing until i look at it. you’re at the end of the game and you’re running through town to get to where you need to fight this boss and your mind is focused entirely on the plot because crazy shit just went down? hold on, my phones ringing, oh wait no it’s just that stupid fucking app some bitch downloaded on my phone. as you can tell, my anger for this one (1) game mechanic is unmatched.
in terms of the ending, it wasn’t the happy ending i was rooting for, but i’m glad it wasn’t. i think it was a very good end to kiryu’s story and the focus on family and the father/child bond throughout the entire game was amazing. as kiryu’s writing his will, the game goes back and shows you all these examples of family throughout the game and pieces together the theme. i think tying it all back to family/parenting is just what was needed to finish off kiryu’s saga, because that’s been such a big focus throughout the series. from how he was an orphan, to his relationship with nishiki, yumi, kazama, daigo, and especially haruka, not to mention all his friends he made throughout the series. if it wasn’t made clear before, you can see just how important these relationships and family is to kiryu and how he would go to any length to keep the loved ones he has left safe, even if it meant never seeing them again.
i think him dying, or “dying”, was also a good idea. ⚠️ tlou2 spoilers: it’s kind of like with joel in tlou, we all loved him and how he would do anything for the family he has left, and seeing him die was heartbreaking, but honestly, he had it coming. joel did a lot of shitty things in the grand scheme of things, even if it was for the benefit of someone he loved, and even if there wasn’t a “right” solution to the problem.⚠️ kiryu is without a doubt an amazing person and an amazing protagonist. but he is/was also yakuza. a well known one at that, so that means he has obviously done some things that are wrong, and he says how he’s not proud of it multiple times. even if you’re a good person, if you do/have done bad things, they’re going to catch up to you eventually. that’s just the way life is sometimes though, and that’s what makes kiryu and his story feel real. he’s not a perfect protag who does everything right and saves everyone. he’s a flawed person with experiences and connections that have shaped him into what he is, and that’s part of the reason why he’s such a good person.
anyways thank u for listening to my ted talk
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