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#this is hilarious and concerning and so so so dumb
demonboyhalo4 days ago
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Tumblr media
BTW you can stop seeing my ABSURD amount of reblogs on your feed by filtering out #long post !!!!
so, bc i keep seeing hilarious tags/reblogs like these, here is my Official List of Bad Hot Takes on how "problematic" the DSMP is inspired by @/wooteena. I'm using this post to reblog in a future case where Twitter impossibly decides to have genuine discourse about any of these topics (lets hope i don't have to use my Prophet tag on this one gamers 馃)
i custom made you for a very specific meme weeks ago but call upon you time and time again apollo DNI banner <3 hopefully you do your job
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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indarkdirected5 days ago
lmaoooo I need a new job
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ao3bronte2 days ago
Pure of heart and dumb of ass, Kim is known by everyone in lyc茅e as Paris鈥 most wholesome himbo. He鈥檚 especially popular with the athletics kids 鈥 he plays on every sports team and goes to every game imaginable.
Football? He plays forward. Tennis? Rafa鈥檚 biggest fan. Equestrian? He鈥檚 never met a horse he hasn鈥檛 befriended within seconds. But swimming? Swimming is the only sport Kim truly takes seriously. He鈥檚 at the pool every morning working on his backstroke and butterfly; he hopes to represent France when the Olympics come to town in 2024 and his dedication to his sport has impressed all his swimming team friends, to say the least.
It鈥檚 a Thursday night and Kim is just finishing his post-workout stretches with Ondine when S茅bastien invites the whole team to his house for a party on Friday. Kim is thrilled and shows up the next day with a jug of his infamous 鈥淛ungle Juice鈥; no one actually knows what鈥檚 in the Jungle Juice that make it so potent, but it鈥檚 ominously delicious and it always gets the party started.
And, as far as Kim鈥檚 concerned, the party doesn鈥檛 start until Kim walks in.
The music throbs and Kim bops along to the beat, dancing along with everyone. He hoists his friends up on his shoulders and whoops and hollers into the wee morning hours. He never stops, not even for a moment, especially when there are dares involved. From posing on the balcony butt naked to burping the alphabet, Kim is the life of the party and the apple of everyone鈥檚 eye. He helps Alexandra in the toilets when she gets sick to her stomach and braids P茅n茅lope鈥檚 hair while watching Saint-脡tienne whallop Monpellier on the livestream because he loves doing things with his hands. He wingmans for Cl茅ment because tonight is the night he鈥檚 finally going to admit his feelings for Kevin and catches snacks in his mouth with Martin just to help his swim teammate prove that he still has impeccable aim regardless of all the peach schnapps he鈥檚 chugged.
So it鈥檚 no wonder that Kim has a line of potential suitors a mile long. Kim loves it and wants to act on it. He just doesn鈥檛 know how.
He鈥檚 crushed on Ondine for years but he likes Alexandra too? And P茅n茅lope has the cutest nose he鈥檚 ever seen and Cl茅ment? Best ass on the team, hands down. S茅bastien has lips that look amazing wrapped around a beer bottle and Kevin and Martin are two of the most hilarious dudes Kim has ever met. And he likes them. Like likes them. He wants to kiss them all! But he can only choose one....right?
Max tells him otherwise the next morning while he鈥檚 nursing his hangover. He鈥檚 flat in bed trying to finish his calculus homework before the basketball game that afternoon when Max drops that info on him like a stone, crashing through his preconceived notions of relationships. 鈥楶olysexual鈥 and 鈥榩olyamorous鈥 are legit things apparently, and they resound with Kim鈥檚 conflict. He鈥檚 just as attracted to boys and he is to girls, which should make him bisexual, but Martin identifies as genderqueer and Kim thinks he鈥檚 sexy as hell too. Max, who seems to know all this stuff that Kim doesn鈥檛, assures him that this could make him polysexual technically, although he can use any label he likes. After all, it鈥檚 his life and he can live it however he wants as long as everyone involved in his self-discovery consents and enjoys themselves.
Kim always enjoys himself and, armed with this new knowledge, decides to let everyone and their dog know that he is loud, proud and ready to love everyone in his swim team crowd.
He does his research. Kim actually reads something for a change and finds it interesting! Turns out there are lots of other people out there like him with a giant heart and a desire to love more than one person at the same time. He鈥檚 not sure if anyone on his swim team would be down with being a throuple (or a quadrouple...or a pentouple...what about a sixouple!) but he figures that if he tells everyone about his newly discovered sexuality and is open to trying anything, his friends might see it as an opportunity to take him up on the offer.
Everyone is immediately accepting of his announcement on the first Monday back at swimming practice. Martin is especially interested, considering his own coming out experience last year. They chit chat about how good it feels to be honest with the world on the blocks before racing freestyle and everything goes back to normal. An akuma strikes, they all get turned into penguins and they laugh about it at lunch. They get the school day off on Wednesday for a regional swim meet and Kim sweeps the 100m and 200m butterfly events, as well as the 100m backstroke. The girls and the boys take the 4 x 100m freestyle relay and together, the team comes back with a lot of hardware and a lot of proud smiles on their faces.
And on Friday night 鈥 at Cl茅ment鈥檚 house this time 鈥 they party!
The night goes exactly like they鈥檝e come to expect: lots of drinking, lots of singing and lots of silliness ensues. But this time, when Kim braids P茅n茅lope鈥檚 hair and exclaims that he鈥檚 finished, P茅n茅lope turns around and kisses him right on the lips.
Now, Kim might not be the brightest of lights on the Christmas tree, but he is a man of action. And if someone wants to kiss him? Someone as pretty as P茅n茅lope? You can bet your ass he鈥檚 going to kiss her like he means it.
鈥淗ey now, who said P茅n茅lope could have all the fun?鈥 Martin prods Kim鈥檚 glutes with the side of his beer can and grins up at him and P茅n茅lope when they break apart for air.
鈥淎greed!鈥 Ondine plops herself down on Martin鈥檚 lap and sets her glass of Jungle Juice aside. 鈥淲ell? Are you gonna share or what?鈥
Kim smirks and his heart races in his chest, but it鈥檚 a different and welcome sensation. It鈥檚 nothing like jumping into a pool at the sound of a starting gun; this feels like bubbles and fireworks and the promise of something new. 鈥淚f you want a piece of me, come and get it!鈥
(Never let it be said that Kim doesn鈥檛 love a good dare.)
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greycappedjester8 days ago
Do you have any headcanons of Dick and Jason being bros?
1.) I've probably mentioned this one before but I'll expand. Both of them are hardcore the decorate everything, incredible festive mood for Christmas. Dick's come from not getting to decorate much because the circus was on the move but seeing it in movies and loving it. Jason's comes from living in poverty as a kid with the responsibility of taking care of his mom on top of it so not having time or money to really decorate or do much. Both of them have now become hardcore Christmas decorators. It is a Gotham event to see exactly how many lights and decorations the Wayne manor has (what are roofs and hard to reach chimneys to vigilantes, what is an "undecoratable" area when you have friends that can fly?). You can see that manor from space. It's a fire hazard. Alfred is....indulgent. Barbara is concerned. Tim is a Grinch, who would at least like one space in the house not to have garland hanging off of it. Jason and Dick dragged him out caroling one time--in costume. It went horrible. But, they happened to catch Two Face, Calendar Man, and stop four muggings, and find a lost cat so it's now a tradition.
2.) Jason still is a huge book nerd. Dick is not (partly because of time, partly because he likes to move a lot so if he's listening to anything, it's going to be a podcast). But, one of the things Dick does love to do is listen to Jason absolutely rant about whatever book he's reading and why characters are being either dumb or smart. Jason will always find things to rant about and he reads every genre. It's kept them awake and alert in more than one stakeout and has actually come in handy a number of times when Dick had to fake small talk at Wayne events. Plus, Dick really loves listening to things his little brother cares about and Jason...might sorta admit he appreciates getting to talk about his day and have someone care.
3.) It's easy to think of Dick as the overprotective brother. Because he is. But, there is a little tiny bit of the more relaxed "second kid" scenario going on with Tim. Where as when Dick was training Jason, Barbara was the one who had to step in and remind him when he was being a lot overprotective. With training Tim, Dick more has a handle on when he can chill out and let the kid learn on his own. No, no, Tim's massively overprotective brother is Jason and Jason handles care in (panicked) yelling and dragging Tim onto the training mats until he never misses that move again. Dick finds this hilarious vicariously.
4.) So, Jason's best friend is Roy by a lot...but, Roy has learned that he can never, ever, ever complain about older brothers with Jason because Will and Roy's relationship is so different that Dick and Jason's. Jason never notices it but the fact that he never entirely got over his mentality of Dick as his hero (even if the view is much, much more human now) is always at the most obvious whenever he's complaining about Dick compared to when he's complimenting him. Roy notices it and it gives a headache even trying to pick apart the thought process there. ("....Jay, you said you're pissed off about it but then you just spent 20 minutes telling me why it was the best plan." "Cause it is but Dick sucks!" *sigh*)
5.) Jason's view of Bruce Wayne (who he never met in ATFO) is basically that while the Batman act was purposefully scary, Bruce the man was probably similar to an older version of Dick so kind, jovial, fairly easy going. Jason mentioned that to Dick once (he doesn't normally talk about Bruce to Dick because sometimes Dick is fine but sometimes Dick goes sad....which is just inherently wrong)....Dick laughed his ass off.
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lululawrence19 days ago
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lululawrence鈥檚 May 2021 Fic List
Previous Fic Lists / Fic List Podcast Masterpost
May somehow managed to escape my grasp and here we are again! I got a weekend away from the kids this month, which allowed me the chance to finally read for hours on end, and I therefore have quite a few fics to talk about! They were truly amazing, I loved every single one, and I hope you appreciate them too!
If you鈥檇 like to hear me share my excitement about these fics verbally and in more detail, you can listen to this month鈥檚 podcast here.
As always, be sure to show your love and appreciation for all of the hard work our fandom authors have put into their fics with kudos, nice comments, and (when applicable) reblogging their fic posts!
Just for Tonight (I can be yours)聽by @sadaveniren /聽SadaVeniren (42k, E, Harry/Louis, Big Bang fic, A/B/O, Royalty AU, Alpha Louis, Omega Harry, Innocent Harry, Sheltered Harry, Arranged Marriage, Friends to Lovers, Angst with a Happy Ending, but HOW DO THEY GET THERE?? lol, Mpreg, Heat/Rut, Poor as shit sex education lmao, Okay but for real the world building in this was incredible, I can still see the pictures in my mind that I conjured up for certain parts of this fic, It is incredible and the PINING AND ANGST OMG)
reckless serenade聽by @thepolourryexpress聽/聽聽thepolourryexpress聽(4k, E, Harry/Louis, Girl Direction, This one is a bit hard to explain lmao, ....Non-Established Relationship.... relationship, it makes sense in the fic lol, clueless idiots in love, there we go, friends to lovers, humor, fluff, This is beyond sweet and fucking sexy)
a little tenderness聽by @disgruntledkittenface /聽disgruntledkittenface聽(11k, NR, Harry/Niall, 1D A/B/O Fest fic, Alpha Harry, Omega Niall, Touch Deprivation, Nesting, Cuddling, Scenting, Ace Harry, Fluff, Okay listen this fic was so fucking soft I cannot express to you, It was HEALING, I cryyyyyy it was just so beautiful)
What if I'm someone you won't talk about?聽by @louloubabys1992 /聽louloubaby92聽(58k, M, Harry/Louis, Fine Line Fest fic, Song Fic, Based on Falling, Famous/Non-Famous, Childhood Sweethearts, Exes to Lovers, Kind of but not really at the same time?, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending but there鈥檚 fucking angst okay? lol, Hurt/Comfort, Sex Work, Exploitation, References to Rape, PTSD, There鈥檚 a lot of dark shit in here, please please please read the tags and keep yourself safe, But if you can handle it then fuck it was an fascinating story for sure!)
When Least Expected聽by @all-these-larrythings /聽Rearviewdreamer聽(22k, M, Harry/Louis, Quarantine Fic, Single Parent Louis, Teacher Harry, Mentions of Depression, Online Dating? Kind of?, Maybe it鈥檚 more like Long Distance dating, except they鈥檙e in the same city, anyway, Pining, Flirting, Oblivious boys, Soft, This fic was the epitome of soft, It was so incredibly healing to read it, So cathartic and beautiful and lovely, It just made me so happy and at peace reading this fic, and I really didn鈥檛 expect that from a quarantine fic tbh)
so c'mon c'mon (and dance with me baby)聽by @rockstarlouis /聽theweightofmywords聽(3k, NR, Harry/Louis, New Year鈥檚 Fic, Meet Cute, Louke are together at the beginning but it doesn鈥檛 last long, Work Party, but neither Louis or Harry work there lololol, Humor, Drinking, Dancing, This fic was just so short and sweet and fun I loved it)
Pound Cake聽by @kingsofeverything /聽kingsofeverything聽(2k, NR, Harry/Louis, Butthole Series fic, Hurt Louis, Sad Louis, Harry鈥檚 birthday, Friends to Lovers, Crack fic lmao, Misunderstandings, This fic was so funny but also somehow sweet, while still being about buttholes, Lauren is a magician what can I say lol)
Get Burned By the Fire聽by Anonymous (13k, NR, Shawn/Niall, Heartbreak Weather Fest fic, Song Fic, based on Small Talk, Bartender Niall, Mysterious Shawn, Casual Sex, I think that鈥檚 how you鈥檇 define their arrangement? lol, Pining, Harry and Louis are together and Niall鈥檚 besties and coworkers, They鈥檙e hilarious through all of this, Even though it鈥檚 casual sex or meant to be anyway, It defo is also like... a Breakup Fic, and also Exes to Lovers, Supernatural Elements, It鈥檚 all complicated and sooooo fucking gooooood)
The Shooting Star Of Promises And Fears聽by聽darkpoets聽(2k, NR, Harry/Louis, Soulmates, Wishes, This fic is incredibly hard to explain or describe, because the style and feel of it is incredibly unique, It feels almost floaty while you read it, if that makes sense)
Getting a Room聽by聽bluespring864聽(2k, G, Lewis/Niall, Friends to Lovers, Mutual Pining, Idiots in Love, Banter, Listen this fic is short but packed to the brim with feels, omgggggg SO MANY FEELS, and so so lovely the way it comes together, but also hilarious too?, it鈥檚 just very THEM, I could also hear all the lines Lewis says in this fic in his accent, I heard his voice speaking them in my head, and I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud as I sat reading, surrounded by strangers lmao, It was so awkward but worth it)
Caves End聽by @jacaranda-bloom /聽jacaranda_bloom聽(40k, E, Harry/Louis, Big Bang fic, Famous/Non-Famous, Farmer Louis, Rancher Louis is maybe better?, I鈥檒l put both cause Dee said farmer lmao, Footballer Harry, Australia fic, Horseback Riding, Angst, Miscommunication, Dee鈥檚 tags about that are hilarious please read them, Hurt/Comfort, This fic is just EVERYTHING, okay, It was so incredibly good)
and all I think about is you聽and聽safer by your side聽(parts 4 and 5 of聽where the lights are beautiful) by @polkadotlou /聽twoshipsdrifting聽(1k each, T, Harry/Louis, Alternate Universe, A/B/O, Alpha Harry, Omega Louis, Established Relationship, Mentions of Heat, Drabbles, Listen this whole series is amazing, and if you haven鈥檛 read it then these drabbles won鈥檛 have the same power they do otherwise, but they are SO DAMN GOOD OKAY)
Counterculture聽by @sadaveniren /聽SadaVeniren聽(6k, E, Harry/Louis, Omega Harry Fest, A/B/O, Omega Harry, Alpha Louis, Famous/Non-Famous, Underground Clubs, Pack Dynamics, Scenting, Public Sex, Orgies, Pregnancy and Lactation Kink, Like... this fic is FILTHY while still having super cool worldbuilding elements in it, and it鈥檚 kinky as shit cause Sada, In other words this is fantastic)
Say Something聽by @kingsofeverything /聽kingsofeverything聽(105k, E, Harry/Louis, Alternate Universe, A/B/O, Alpha Louis, Omega Harry, Older Harry, Age Difference, Heat/Rut Partners, Friends to Lovers, Kind of?, It鈥檚 Complicated lol, MPreg, Divorced Harry, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Harry has a lot of shit to work through, It all works out and it鈥檚 so fucking good)
The聽Until聽Series by @allwaswell16 /聽allwaswell16聽(62k total, Harry/Louis (parts 1 and 3), Niall/Shawn (Part 2), Big Bang fic and Heartbreak Weather Fest fic, Song Fic, Seriously the whole albums is basically the inspiration lol, Cowboy Harry, Child Actor Harry, Cowboy Shawn, Songwriter Louis, Singer Niall, Farm Fic, Enemies to Lovers, Misunderstanding, So good just all of it, Dumb boys in love lol)
That Smile and That Midnight Laugh聽by @uhoh-but-yeah-alright /聽yeah_alright聽(50k, T, Harry/Louis, but also Harry/Nick at the beginning, Big Bang fic, Girl Direction, Based on Ferris Bueller鈥檚 Day Off, It鈥檚 like an extension and starts where the movie ended, So cool in that way I loved it, Grimmy and Louis are step-siblings, Friends to Lovers, No Cheating if that鈥檚 a concern, Sexuality Crisis but it鈥檚 more of like a Gay Awakening, Coming of Age story in that way, So freaking soft like omg, I just really freaking loved this fic)
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forever-rogue21 days ago
OH I HAVE AN IDEA like an angsty fic where bucky and reader have a miscommunication and it causes a fight between them and they are both like ???? 鈥渨e鈥檝e never yelled at each other ??? what is this鈥 AND IDK I JUST WANT ANGST
So, head empty, very little thoughts, but I hope this works and you like it 馃ズ
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
You sang along to the music that was playing softly in the background as you showered and got ready for your day. You鈥檇 had a late start, easily giving into Bucky and staying in bed for just five more minutes, which had really turned out to be almost another hour. The good thing about being the boss was that you could afford to be late every once in a while. Bucky was in the kitchen, whipping up a quick breakfast before he too needed to leave and go about his day.
鈥淪ugar,鈥 he called out to you as you washed your hair. You could faintly make out his voice as you carried on, but figured you鈥檇 be able to make out what he was saying well enough, 鈥淚鈥檝e got everything made and prepared just how you like it!鈥
You thought nothing of it for a moment and continued to wash your hair; but about halfway through the motions, you stopped in surprise. What had he actually said?
鈥淏ucky? Bub, what did you say?鈥 you quickly rinsed out our hair before pulling back the shower curtain as you tried to listen in. Had he really said he was mad?
鈥淚t鈥檚 all done! I鈥檓 done,鈥 he called back as he covered your plate for you to find once you got out of the shower. He grabbed his travel mug of coffee and headed towards the door, giving Alpine a quick pet before leaving, 鈥渂ye honey. Running late and gotta go - I鈥檓 leaving!鈥
鈥淏ucky!鈥 you almost slipped and fell as you tore back the shower curtain and almost jumped out of the shower. It was still running as you haphazardly grabbed a towel and darted down the hall and into the kitchen. But he was already gone; the only thing that was left behind was the faint smell of his cologne. Swallowing the nervous lump in your throat, you trudged back down the hall to finish your shower. You were already running late and whatever this was - whatever had just happened - would need to wait until later.
Had Bucky really just broken up with you in the midst of a shower? It sure seemed like it right now.
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
A heavy sigh escaped your lips as you sat down and stared at your computer screen. You鈥檇 had the same spreadsheets and charts pulled up for the last two hours and made almost no progress. You swore that almost every single interaction you鈥檇 had with Bucky over the last week was playing on loop in your mind. You were desperately trying to figure out where you鈥檇 gone wrong, what had caused him to snap.
In an effort to alleviate your own fears, you鈥檇 texted Bucky to get a response from him and see what was going on. But you hadn鈥檛 heard back from him. You鈥檇 sent three messages before deciding not to bombard him. But still...if he was just up and leaving you after almost three years together, he owed you at least a small explanation.
You opened google and quickly pulled up an apartment search, already resigned yourself to the idea that you鈥檇 need to find a new place fast. Being around for too long would be too hard and you didn鈥檛 want to subject to more torture than necessary. And Alpine! You鈥檇 need to decide what to do with your beloved cat - Alpine loved you equally, how were you to choose who would get the fluffy little thing? And all the friends in common you shared...who would they side with?
鈥淔uck,鈥 you groaned at nothing in particular and decided to focus on your work. At least that would keep you distracted and your brain focused on something other than Bucky. You would figure out everything else tonight. It would all be fine. This was no big deal; maybe your world was falling apart...but you would handle it. You always did.
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
When you finally allowed yourself to go home that evening, you were shocked to find the lights on and Bucky in the kitchen. He was on the phone with someone, his new girlfriend or someone like that you immediately presumed, moving about the kitchen as he finished dinner. You choked up as you watched the domestic scene that was so normal to you by now. But this time, it felt so wrong.
You stormed in and for whatever reason, you decided that grabbing a pillow and throwing it at Bucky was a good idea. You picked the soft thing up in your arms and hurled at him, who suddenly realized you were home and yelped in surprise as he dodged the offending object. He raised his eyebrows in surprise as he pointed to the earbuds in ears as he turned back to the stove.
You were seeing red by now as you stormed in the kitchen and ripped his earbuds out. He was so stunned by your sudden actions, he jumped back and offered up a shocked look.
鈥淲hat the fuck are you doing here!?鈥 you shouted at him as you threw the buds on the floor, half tempted to stomp them, 鈥渉ow fucking dare you!鈥
鈥淪ugar, what on earth are you talking about?鈥 he grabbed his phone off the counter and ended the call without hesitation. Your chest heaved as you waited for some sort of explanation, 鈥渨hat鈥檚 going on? Are you alright?鈥
鈥淣o, I鈥檓 not alright! How on earth could I be alright?鈥 you threw your hands up in exasperation as you tried to unsuccessfully hold back your tears. He was so calm and nonchalant about everything it was almost more frustrating than anything else.
鈥淥kay...something is going on. Care to enlighten me?鈥 he tried to reach up and wipe your tears away but you flinched out of his touch, 鈥渟ugar?鈥
鈥淵-you! It鈥檚 you!鈥 you cried softly as he motioned for you to explain just what it was about him that was the problem.
鈥淲hat about me鈥?鈥
鈥淵ou just break up with me this morning and tell me you鈥檙e leaving me and then you just come back like nothing has happened?鈥 as soon as the words left your mouth, Bucky鈥檚 mouth dropped open. It was news to him that he鈥檇 broken up with you, 鈥渁nd you didn鈥檛 answer my texts all day! I deserve some sort of explanation!鈥
鈥淚 didn鈥檛...I didn鈥檛 break up with you, Sugar,鈥 he stated simply as you tilted to your head in confusion, trying to decide if he was pulling your leg or being honest, 鈥渨hy would I leave you? That makes no sense. I love you - I鈥檓 in love with you!鈥
鈥淭his morning,鈥 you whispered softly, 鈥測ou said you were done and you were leaving. When I was in the shower.鈥
His brows furrowed as he tried to figure out what exactly you were talking about. But then it hit him and he struggled not to burst out laughing. He gnawed on his lip as he fervently shook his head, 鈥渕y sweet girl, you...well you heard me correctly, but incorrectly at the same time.鈥
鈥淲hat? I-I swear鈥︹
鈥淲hat I said was breakfast was done and that I was leaving for work because I was running late too,鈥 he explained as you tried to replay all that you had heard. Maybe...maybe you hadn鈥檛 heard him correctly at all - and in turn jumped to the worst possible conclusion, 鈥淚 had to run...I鈥檓 sorry I didn鈥檛 come into the bathroom and say goodbye. Maybe that would have solved this whole thing.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e not..leaving me?鈥 you asked as he just shook his head and took the opportunity to wrap his arms around you, 鈥測ou still love me?鈥
鈥淚 find it both hilarious and concerning that you so easily thought I would just leave,鈥 he kissed the top of your head as you held onto him as tightly as possible, 鈥渙f course I鈥檓 not leaving. You never have to worry about that, sugar. I love you so much, silly girl. You sweet, silly girl.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 an absolute idiot,鈥 you mumbled as you buried your face in his shoulder. You couldn鈥檛 believe that you jumped from A to Z so quickly and without a moment of hesitation, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, Bub. I feel like I wouldn鈥檛 blame you if you did want to leave me now.鈥
鈥淣ever,鈥 he promised softly, 鈥渆ven if you do have moments of being ridiculous. Just like I do.鈥
鈥淚f I ever do something so dumb again,鈥 you huffed as you pulled back and looked at those ocean eyes, 鈥渏ust smack some sense into me. But didn鈥檛 answer my texts.鈥
鈥淭exts?鈥 he seemed genuinely confused as he reached for his phone and correctly scrolled through his messages. You could see that there were none from you, 鈥渨hat are you鈥 was in bad reception today. Blame Sam, that I was just on the phone with, for that one. They probably never came through. I鈥檓 sorry, honey. If they鈥檇 come in, maybe we could have avoided this whole situation, huh?"
鈥淪ome bad luck on top of it,鈥 you hid your face behind your hands and sighed heavily, 鈥淛ames. I..I鈥檓 so sorry for everything. I just downright acted like a fool today. I don鈥檛 even know where to begin to apologize. I love you, Bub. I hope you can forgive me, but if not...I would-鈥
鈥淗ey,鈥 he put his hand under chin and turned your face up to meet his own. His smile was lilting and gentle and his eyes soft, 鈥淚 love you. It鈥檚 alright done and forgotten. Are you hungry? Dinner鈥檚 just about finished.鈥
鈥淚 love you more than anything,鈥 you whispered as he pressed a gentle kiss to your lips, 鈥淚 emotions were so all over the place today. Like out of control, A to Z. I don鈥檛 know what happened.鈥
鈥淪hit happens,鈥 he dismissed it with a slight scoff as he reached for some dishes, 鈥淚鈥檓 yours, sugar. Always.鈥
鈥淢e too,鈥 you agreed as you leaned against the counter, watching him with nothing but adoration. It was then that another realization - and possibly an explanation - hit you. It felt like a punch in the gut, 鈥渟hit.鈥
鈥淲hat?鈥 Bucky asked as he started to plate dinner, 鈥渆verything okay?鈥
鈥淵eah,鈥 you smiled nervously, 鈥渏ust remembered something I forgot to do today.鈥
鈥淎s long as you鈥檙e alright鈥︹
鈥淚 am,鈥 you promised. You could worry about this later, 鈥渉ey - I love you so much, Bucky. You know that right?鈥
鈥淚 love you too. Always.鈥
鈹鈹鈹 锝 锝★緹鈽: *.鈽 .* :鈽嗭緹. 鈹鈹鈹
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aggressive-almond-cookie24 days ago
I think I have glimpsed enlightenment twice this morning.
I know better now than to try to hang onto it, hope for it, chase it, or force it, nor do I feel like it's some well-deserved result of some hard labor or discipline. It is just a thing that happens, sometimes, perhaps when you're open enough to it, perhaps when it's the only option left.
I'm not a therapist (or spiritual teacher) and I honestly don't know how much of this is the new meds, how much of this is the heat, how much is the result of everything I have learned so far and how much is dumb luck of these colliding elements.
I do know that during a recent meditation session something loosened in me and rinsed away, like some crusty scale buildup on the inside of a tea kettle, and since then, I've felt like I actually have the capacity to separate, almost completely, my view of myself from the view that I believe others have of me.
I know, of course, have known my whole life, cognitively, that we "shouldn't" compare ourselves to others and "shouldn't" worry so much about what others think about us. I think that's something most of us know, but that doesn't mean we can just Stop Doing It. It's so natural to us on a biological level-- we're social animals; a concern for our place in society is embedded in our DNA. There is very little that can actually undo or prevent us from doing that.
But I think what we can do is learn to separate ourselves from it, the emotions associated with it; instead of identifying with those emotions, we can learn to observe them and acknowledge that they are happening, watch how our bodies react to them, accept them, accept ourselves and what is here without judgement, and hold and nurture ourselves through it.
I don't know how to teach you that and I'm not entirely sure how I learned it, either, because it's just not something you can cognitively do, at least it wasn't for me. It seems to be something that happens on a less than conscious level, something akin to muscle memory but for your brain and neural pathways, maybe. I do think that extended periods of mindfulness are probably a prerequisite for it.
I feel like it's hard to teach mindfulness too, especially if you are a person traumatized into viewing everything through a lens of success or failure, of achievement or falling short, because the act of wondering if you're Doing It Right (which is a constant backing track to our thoughts) pulls you out of it. I wish I could offer any advice beyond keep practicing, as frustrating as I know that is to hear. Don't trust anyone else's idea of right. Your mind and only your mind knows what's right, but it has to find it, and if you keep practicing, I think eventually it will.
I think the meds helped, because they seem to have awakened my ability to just physically feel things, to have sensory experiences, to savor them, and a key factor in mindfulness, I think, is paying attention to your body and how it is feeling, without thinking about it, just feeling it and observing those sensations without judgement. Following your breathing is the most common form of this observation, I think, but really, you can follow any sensation at all.
I think the heat helped because it forced me to slow down even more than I usually do. It added to the heightening of sensory experiences because I was continuously either feeling the heat or feeling a relief from it. I wasn't moving a lot. I wasn't thinking a lot. I felt slow and tired and lethargic, but somehow also borderline euphoric and alive in a way I can't even describe. I felt like I had the choice to resist and hate and complain about the heat and chose to just feel it instead, and what it is to be a living breathing being that feels things like this, that this is what life is, that this is what it is to be alive and experience things.
There's also just a sense of the greater whole of the world and one-ness that I experience subjecting myself to nature, open windows and breezes, watching the tree sway and the grass ripple and the sun hide and emerge sporadically behind the clouds. I could hide from all that, in the comfort of the living room downstairs with the air conditioner, but somehow I found the discomfort to be preferable, stimulating in a way that I needed, in a way that was somehow healing me.
The thing behind all of this that is almost, no, undoubtedly alarming to my mind, struggling for control over my identity, is the near complete absence of thought or planning, and how somehow that makes everything easier. The cognitive brain fights for its voice to be heard, claims it is reason and truth and that you cannot make a single choice without consulting it first, fully analyzing the best and most optimal way to approach anything. Being able to separate from that is still terrifying, I can observe my stomach tightening as I consider it, and yet, the benefits of not letting the cognitive brain, the mind, have full charge of you, are so immense and perspective shifting that I cannot even begin to explain them, in large part because there aren't words for viewpoints outside of the mind itself.
But this morning, as the best example I can provide: after meditation, I had fully planned to spend the entire day relaxing and mindfully healing, as I did yesterday. But I looked around I had the smallest urge to clean my room. I knew it would make me feel immensely better to be in a cleaner space. Of course, with any amount of labor comes some amount of mental resistance to it, and my usual response to this is to tell myself, 'just 20 minutes.' So my mind starts working, and I start to think I need to set a timer, need to find a podcast to listen to, or some music, what am I in the mood to listen to? What would be the most stimulating to me and help me zone out and forget that I'm cleaning?
And then instead, barely consciously making the choice, I started cleaning. Without setting the timer, without putting on something to listen to, without even planning what order I was going to plan to clean things in for the greatest optimization, I just started cleaning, barely even deciding what to do. And I became completely immersed just in what I was doing, things I was moving around, surfaces I was wiping down, cleaning up things as I saw them, no huge decisions, just one small task after another, the whole time my mind quiet and only aware of what was happening in the immediate moment.
Of course the cognitive mind is important, an immense and critical part of our humanity. But it is not the best tool for solving every problem. And it most certainly is not the whole of who you are.
I don't know how long I spent cleaning, maybe an hour or so, but it all felt completely timeless, painless, enjoyable. Afterwards I went downstairs and did a few dishes and made some iced tea, sweetened, oversteeped, with vanilla soymilk. It's hot and I'm sticky and have a glorious amount of gratitude for my floor-standing air purifier that doubles as a fan, that I can awkwardly straddle so the breeze blows right up my shirt and dries everything out in the most refreshing, if somewhat hilarious way.
The room is clean and organized in new and wonderful ways and I just felt like sitting down and writing about this, even though I had no idea where it would go or what all I would cover or if I would even post it. I didn't intend for it to be this long or for it to necessarily be short. It just is, and I just am, and there is no need for anything to be more or less.
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hazel246827 days ago
Session 2
Okay, on to Session 2, where plot starts to happen and our DM's plans are ruined by a few dice rolls.
The session began with the party meeting at the Northern Gate of Agophis. Grell is already there and napping in a tree, Avery and Shihueh are taking the time to catch up and chat. It's nice.
Jrash finally shows, late, and he's in a BAD state. At this point, it becomes clear to the party that he is not, as he previously appeared, human. His eyes are all messed up and he is leaving behind a trail of literal ice where he walks.
He insists that we all head right to Malusberg. Doesn't offer much explanation (isn't in any state to do so), just insists and starts walking. Avery initially tries to argue a bit, but she eventually agrees, as Malusberg is in the direction the party was going to go anyway. She wakes Grell up with a nudge- this is the first time that anyone has ever woken Grell up like this, so he's a little surprised. It's a cute moment.
As the party starts heading down the road, things are tense. Jrash isn't talking, Avery is concerned. Shihueh is distracted. Only Grell seems to be in a good mood- he's foraging along the side of the road, being generally adorable. That is, until Grell's player asks the DM if she can roll to look for tracks.
The DM says yes. And then tells Grell's player to roll of dumb luck.
Grell's player rolls the first Nat 20 of the game. The DM sighs.
Grell spots some tracks on the side of the road. Fresh tracks. The party follows them and quickly comes upon three people- two bandits and a larger half-orc. It tursn out, thanks to that Dumb Luck... These are exactly the people we're looking for. They tell us to leave. We say no.
Everyone roll initiative.
Avery instantly uses her ability Napalm Skies to hide herself and one-shots one of the bandits with her bow. Unfortunately, this gives away her location, and we quickly learn that the half-orc is a Stand user. Out comes his Stand, and it hits Avery for 5 damage (she only had 18 HP at the time, so a lil ow).
Jrash decides to make an attack, chooses a flying kick, and MISSES. He sails past the enemy. Everyone laughs. Grell nicknames him "Kick" (Grell has nicknames for everyone). It's hilarious...
Until the enemy makes an attack on Shihueh with his mace, bloodies him, and Shihueh involuntarily rages. It's terrifying and dangerous, and now he can't control who he attacks. Grell makes an attack rush with his Stand, IMAGINE DRAGONS, and does 49 damage in one rush...
And our enemy doesn't die. Avery shoots again, misses.
Shihueh fails his Wisdom save, and then fails his next roll and attacks Jrash instead of the enemy. Avery panics and screams for him, and that gives him enough of a push to free himself of the rage by damaging himself. He's now at 9 HP.
Jrash nearly kills the enemy, and then Grell almost explodes when the enemy launches his final Stand attack (and misses, thank fuck, we almost lost a player in our first combat). Grell kills the one remaining bandit, and our enemy leaves, revealing that his Stand is named BAT COUNTRY (it's baseball based, IDK exactly what it does, but we're figuring it out).
Grell decides to loot the corpses of the two enemies we killed. He recovers a box that contains the Arrow- the artifact we were looking for (we assume). Avery finds an odd device that the DM says is called a Thaumatic Compass.
So we end our first combat with two party members at very low HP, Shihueh has already revealed to the party that he has beastial rages, Grell's Stand has eaten two bodies. And we've already encountered another Stand user.
Fun fact- we were NOT supposed to encounter him yet. That Dumb Luck roll of 20 screwed us. We were a party of level 3s fighting a level 5 half orc Stand user.
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onlyhereforellick29 days ago
The Talk鈩笍
lololol just kidding sorry Laura I love you here鈥檚 the real thing just in time 馃槝馃槝
We start with Ellie being veeeeery sus 馃憖 checking out Eastern Europe and the various countries, I mean yes there are plenty of nice, beautiful places there but this is a procedural aka obviously that area can only be shady. I also love that Nick came up silently and waited, watched what she was doing very intently, before announcing his presence. Almost like he鈥檚 been suspecting something is up with her for a little while now and seized on this perfect opportunity to do a little digging. But at the same time he doesn鈥檛 let it go on too long, and he almost gives her an out- he doesn鈥檛 accuse her of being shady AF, instead he鈥檚 like oh clearly she鈥檚 planning a trip because she鈥檚 always talked about loving Eastern Europe not the Bahamas like we鈥檇 just gotten jealous over a year ago鈥ight, Ellie? A trip? And then her response ooo girl. She starts to get uber defensive and then realizes that oh wait, he handed me an out on a silver platter so yeah let me take it real quick. AND HE DOESN鈥橳 CALL HER ON IT. That鈥檚 the real good stuff in this scene- he鈥檚 a trained federal agent with years of undercover work, he can tell when someone is outright lying *especially* when that someone is Ellie. So he takes her defensive hesitation and than blatant lie and rolls with it. Beeeecause he trusts her. He trusts her to tell him when she鈥檚 ready. He saw how hurt she got when he kept bothering her after the kidnapping, and also saw her tell him once she was ready to. So yeah, he gets it now. He may be seriously concerned for her underneath that joking exterior, but he trusts her to tell him when the time is right, and also likely feels she wouldn鈥檛 keep anything huge huge from him. *cue getting ready for heartbreak in the finale it鈥檚 fine everything is fine*
Of course we move on to the flirty stuff because we avoid serious talk here 馃檮 Ellie still sus though don鈥檛 get it wrong, shutting that laptop real quick when he rounds the corner taking no further chances. And her crossing her arms while he offends her choice of 鈥渧acation鈥 hahaha she鈥檚 so obvious, honey you got the hots for him it鈥檚 ok. Little middle school flirting like oh yeah you can do better? Prove it jerk. And Niiiiiick 馃サ I wish you could see the screenshot I鈥檓 paused on right now after he says it depends on who he鈥檚 going with before he asks her who she鈥檚 going with because DAMN that look. He can think of one (1) person and one person only who he鈥檇 go on a trip with. Her little smirk back before she decides to throw all pretense to the wayside and says fuck it I don鈥檛 care that we鈥檙e in the bullpen out in the open lemme flirt with you ~*Agent Torres*~ AND HE鈥橲 LIKE TWO CAN PLAY AGENT BISHOP PLEASE INVITE ME ON YOUR TRIP THAT I KNOW DOESN鈥橳 EXIST BUT I鈥橠 LIKE TO KNOW I鈥橠 BE INVITED IF IT DID. And please her giddy smile afterwards and then she goes from leaning back in her chair to leaning forward towards him because these two are absolutely drawn to each other bitches and I can鈥檛 get enough of them and their little playful smiles and body language. AND NEITHER CAN JIMMY.聽
Jimmy is the ellick fandom. Because yes, keep going this is 鉁╦ust delightful鉁 and I never want it to stop unless you鈥檙e kissing. Thank you. And pleeeeease them stumbling over their words when they realized they鈥檝e been caught I CANT. They both look *so* uncomfortable and it鈥檚 hilarious, and then Ellie can鈥檛 help but laugh at Nick鈥檚 dumb joke making fun of Jimmy because it鈥檚 her man and he鈥檚 so *funny*.聽
Bring us to Jimmy redeeming himself. But also yes this just confirms to me that he told Nick what he needed to hear back when he said zero chemistry. And now Jimmy鈥檚 observed silently, see where Nick has come in the last year and everything the two have been through and knows he ready to hear it for real. Well Jimmy was ready a while ago for them to move it along so yeah he鈥檚 like where鈥檚 my spoon I鈥檓 gonna STIR THIS POT. And then it is born, the slogan of the episode, the point of the WWR (please don鈥檛 have PTSD Laura), The Talk鈩笍. Nick鈥檚 face oooo man, he initially tries to deflect like no we aren鈥檛 talking about that cozy scene nuh uh and then it turns into his worst nightmare- being called out by James Palmer of all people with Ellie literally five feet away. (ALSO MCGEE IS LITERALLY A FOOT BEHIND THEM. He 1000% heard this entire conversation if Ellie heard it. Bro better not try to deny a single thing later I鈥檓 watching you sir 馃憖) Nick鈥檚 expression is screaming what the fuck shut UP Jimmy this can鈥檛 possibly be happening so let me try to joke and deflect again (small smile because it was still a little funny) and then back to what the fuck he鈥檚 undeterred shit shit shit oh thank god McGee has started talking yes we have a goddamn huge problem autopsy gremlin won鈥檛 take the damn hint.聽
And woooooow the first time I鈥檝e seen Nick at his desk in a while 馃憖馃憖 he said shit people are on to me let me put 鉁╯pace鉁 in between us for like five seconds while we still shoot each other cute smiles.聽
Oooooooh now we here for the evisceration. The Here Lies James Palmer moment of the episode. Catch me dYING in the club, not crying. Because holy shit Ellie this was not only brutal and Brian absolutely killed it during this scene with his reactions to Ellie ripping him apart. His 鈥渙h鈥h鈥ooh.鈥 Had me cackling. And Ellie you are the poster child of defensive, pulling out all the stops. Let me deny everything, let me then be a slight hypocrite because people shouldn鈥檛 be talking about me (because I鈥檓 terrified about considering broaching that topic too) but I can talk about Gibbs and Sloane previously, and then also like sort of admitting to it by asking Jimmy what people think is going on because that鈥檚 the question she would *love* to know the answer to but hasn鈥檛 gotten yet. All the while cue me laughing hysterically at jimmy, top tier scene right here lets be honest. Because then Kasie comes in and it鈥檚 just perfect 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ this was his sister, Painful. Couldn鈥檛 have said it better myself Kasie 馃槶馃拃
Lol at McGee telling Ellie not to tell Nick he was right about it being a coincidence 馃槀
HOW CLOSE DO WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER Y鈥橝LL. HOW CLOSE. THERE鈥橲 A WHOLE GODDAMN BULLPEN. Remember when I said Nick wanted space for 5 whole seconds, yeah this is why. They鈥檙e straight magnets - drawn together indubitably 馃憖
Quick detour for the continued storyline of sus!Ellie and it makes me even more and more excited for the finaleeeeee. Because honey why do you know it takes 10 pounds of pressure to rip a trachea out and yes we all know it鈥檚 Odette and I can鈥檛 wait for the aaaaaangst. Also Kasie always coming in clutch with the humor, I live for it. 鈥淣o you right I got nothing鈥 馃ぃ馃ぃ
Once again, Nick forgot about his desk, it was short-lived wasn鈥檛 it? 馃槄聽
Now to another fun scene, and I feel like there鈥檚 a little double meaning to when Nick talks to Ellie about Phineas going through a lot this year, 鈥渕ore than most of us, which is saying a lot this year鈥 - obviously covid but also maybe a callback to the kidnapping/jail cell stuff they dealt with?? Maybe?? Anyways, them being so awkward cute together because there鈥檚 a slight lull in the case so they revert back to their middle school selves, 鈥渟o鈥 鈥渟o鈥︹ I can鈥檛 with them omg. And then, and THEN of the two to bring it up, it鈥檚 Nick!!!! Yes!!! The GROWTH. This man used to be so emotionally closed off and now he, HE is bringing up The Talk鈩笍 and he almost chickens out, he almost says haha you鈥檙e right we don鈥檛 have to have The Talk鈩笍 after Ellie has a minor freakout because good god this girl is on *edge*. Her mind has probably been going a mile a minute the second she heard Jimmy call them out at the crime scene because she鈥檚 been living in blissful ignorance the past months/year whatever and now everything is smacking her in the face. But Nick, ugh I love the growth. He brushes it off and then has a moment where his face is like, no, no I鈥檓 not a wuss and he admits that yes he鈥檚 thought about it (the way he pauses when he says 鈥渘ot that it hasn鈥檛 been on my mind鈥s鈥︹ and I鈥檓 like yeah you two as a couple has been on your mind hasn鈥檛 it Nick 馃憖) and yes I want to have The Talk鈩笍 with you Ellie Bishop. And not only does he admit this he鈥檚 also the one that鈥檚 like ok yeah cool BUT WHEN. Let鈥檚 nail this down please, I need it in my planner asap. And then she gets all giggly again 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know when do *you* think?鈥 Like omg I鈥檓 literally in middle school again. They鈥檙e so fucking cute and awkward it鈥檚 precious. Especially when they have to end their conversation and suddenly act normal when talking to McGee 馃槄馃槏 then they go separate ways and the look Ellie shoots Nick ahhhhhhh it鈥檚 almost like a let鈥檚 table this but also shit we really did half open that can of worms in the middle of a work day. Nick sighs and looks briefly to the sky like shit what did I do in a good way and bad way haha.聽
Back to Kasie with the 鉁╥conic鉁 lines I love herrrr. Ellie being sus again with being resistant to change. I can鈥檛 decide if she鈥檚 not only talking about the possibility of dating Nick (once again defensive because Kasie about came for her throat hahahah) but also maybe about whatever is going to go down with Odette 馃憖馃憖
HERE WE ARE. THE MOMENT WE鈥橵E ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. Back to being cute little awkward idiots in love that need to have The Talk鈩笍. I mean come on they鈥檙e trying so hard to avoid the actual talk and just dancing around it 鈥渟o鈥 鈥渟o鈥 鈥渢alk a roo鈥 鈥渢alk a reeno鈥 excuse me what the fuck are you saying just SAY IT. And Nick is still ready and rearing to go but also wants to respect Ellie and give her space if needed so he offers to just agree The Talk鈩笍 needs to be had. And of course she counters with 鈥渘eed is a strong word鈥 because damn this girl is spiraling. She鈥檚 so terrified of the outcome of this talk she wants to deny it needs to exist but still she can鈥檛 help it at the end of the day. And Nick is still like ok BUT WHEN. I WANT TO TELL YOU I LOVE YOU AFTER YOU TELL ME YOU LOVE ME. SO LIKE WHEN ELLIE WHEN. And he once again plays off her deflection (a theme of this episode) with yeah yeah they鈥檙e super tired not at all wired just thinking about this talk that is at the tip of his tongue. At least Ellie is finally seeing the light and realizes that they should promise to have The Talk鈩笍 but as she sits there staring at the elevator in front of her she鈥檚 like oh fuck, it can鈥檛 be soon can it. Fuck fuck fuck I can鈥檛 hold this in longer, we can鈥檛 keep dancing around it. fuck. So when Nick once again tries to press her to nail down a time she鈥檚 like well fuck it let鈥檚 do this shit now. Then she can鈥檛 realized that shit I actually said it, I actually said that. I said we should have The Talk鈩笍 now. And Nick鈥檚 genuine surprise mirrors hers because she鈥檚 been the one half-denying The Talk鈩笍 all day and now she wants to do this right here right now??? But at the same time he鈥檚 got a little smile to his face because he loves the idea of her being on board and finally getting this done. Finally getting to hear how she feels.聽
So they walk into the elevator with a MUCH better vibe than the last time they walked in all serious at night (looking at you dumb Nick with Elena) but I guess the Elena Elevator Talk walked so the Ellie Elevator Talk could run 馃憖
And Nick while yes he鈥檚 ready for this shit to finally happen he鈥檚 still vulnerable, still terrified of opening himself up because he鈥檚 seen his dad (recently) and how commitment and relationships run in the family 馃檮 plus this is all very new to him outside of Sofia and this is definitely not new to Ellie (Jake, qasim). He needs to hear she鈥檚 all-in too, needs to know he hasn鈥檛 built something up in his head for something serious when she views it as just a flirtation between friends. So he nervously says ladies first and while Ellie gives him a look of protest and wtf man, I think deep down she knows this is all so difficult for him despite how much he鈥檚 pushed it over the course of the day plus SHE is ready to get this out in the open. The moment she decided to stop denying and spiraling she went full force head on let鈥檚 talk about us. She hedges for a second and Nick continues to be nervous as she鈥檚 clearly building up her own nerve. Then she says probably the exact same moment he鈥檚 thinking of- or at least one of them- the jail cell. The defining, triggering moment that set this thing at full speed. He can鈥檛 believe she鈥檚 really saying the words, about to hear what he hopes is his feeling of that jail cell reciprocated in her words and his head turns quickly to look at her, unable to believe his ears that what he鈥檚 been dying for all along is going to happen. The Talk鈩笍 is happening and damn it seems like it鈥檚 happening in the right direction.聽
Of course we have no damn clue what was said and I鈥檓 jaded and don鈥檛 think they鈥檒l ever tell us- RIP the note. BUT I鈥檓 so glad it actually happened (and the cinematographic parallels of course), a STEP towards canon!Ellick I鈥檓 fine.聽
Now to see where they take this from here in the last two episodes and I can only hope an angst filled canon!Ellick because duh.聽
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skiyoosmi29 days ago
if fate permits
猡 chapter twenty six: spotlight
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Tumblr media
It was no surprise to people who always saw Atsumu that his eyes were constantly filled with a glitter that just managed to shine regardless of whether it was day or night. Volleyball, volleyball, and volleyball - perhaps, if you take time to ask these people what they think is the reason for that glitter, that would be their only answer. To those who truly knew him though, their answer might just be a tad bit different. Sakusa YN - from the moment he met you up to the present, a certain gleam seems to appear whenever you are the center of the topic. At least, that鈥檚 what Osamu has observed.
Kiyoomi concluded it鈥檚 just him unconsciously being a hopeless romantic for you. The grey haired lad remembers him saying it was pathetic, as always. But then again, he couldn鈥檛 deny the truth behind your brother鈥檚 words.
That said, he also knows that no one would have expected the same set of bright eyes to dull its sparkle. Unfortunately for the two of them (or three if you count Kiyoomi based on how often he visits the two of them now), you managed to take it away from him. There in the couch where you once sat during movie nights laid Atsumu, staring at the endless nothing, tears occasionally welling up his eyes as he remembers you, the way you looked at him as strangers do - empty, loveless, cautious.
It was karma. No matter how many times he tries to repeat it himself, it just doesn鈥檛 ease the thorns that prick his heart every millisecond that passes and every time, he just feels so sorry because he knows you felt the same pain before. How have you managed to get through it for more than twenty years? He has no idea because he sure as hell won鈥檛 be able to last one more day with it. Still, he can鈥檛 do anything but sit, mull over his self-sabotaged fate.
As he drowns himself deeper into his misery, a series of vigorous knocks disturb the twins鈥 鈥減eace.鈥 Osamu furrows his eyebrows together, a sense of oddness and urgency coming to him because Kiyoomi doesn鈥檛 knock that way - even when it comes to announcing his presence, your brother tries to be as prim and respectful as possible, knocking only thrice before waiting for the door to be opened, another three when he thinks no one heard him from the inside. Hence why the continuous knocks annoyed the grey haired.
Still, he begrudgingly sauntered towards the door and opened it, mouth ready to scold the person in front of him but he got beaten to it, 鈥淲here鈥檚 Atsumu?鈥
In her usual get up, Yui stood, a very much obvious fake smile plastered on her face and Osamu wanted nothing but to grab her hair and drag her to the deepest parts of hell for making you suffer (no one gets to do that except for him, he鈥檚 the only one who has the 鈥榙rinking buddy and best friend鈥 privilege鈥).
Mentally, he took a deep breath before mustering the most sincere smile he can give her (it鈥檚 strained and forced, he knows it deep down), 鈥淗ello, Yui-san. I don鈥檛 think today鈥檚 the best day to-鈥
Before he could finish his sentence, Yui shoved past him and walked inside the house, acting as if she owned it. Osamu watched her trudge her way towards the living room in disbelief, fists clenching so hard it was painful already. Oh dear lord, please鈥 just for today, let me strangle this woman鈥 I鈥檓 willing to spend the rest of my life in jail if it means I get to do that for YN.
鈥淎tsumu-kun!鈥 She squeals upon seeing the blonde, ungracefully throwing her whole body to him, much to his shock (and annoyance).
鈥淵-Yui? What the fuck?鈥 He shoves her away from him and backs up, creating a space which makes Osamu cheer quietly and form a devilish smile. Obviously not expecting the unappreciated response to her actions, she huffs, 鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 have to push me that hard, jerk Atsumu! That hurt me!鈥
鈥淵ui-san鈥︹ Atsumu sighed exasperatedly, 鈥淚鈥檓 not in the mood, okay? Just鈥 just leave, please?鈥
Yui鈥檚 smile disappears from her face and soon, an angry expression replaces it, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e such an ungrateful asshole, Miya. I鈥檓 busy and here I am, making time for you and you鈥檙e telling me to leave? Me?! THE Yui you wanted so much before? How dare y-鈥
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 ask you to come here, didn鈥檛 I? Just fucking read the room, Yui. I don鈥檛 like you here, not right now, not ever. I鈥檓 sorry but whatever I thought before, I was wrong. So just fucking leave,鈥 he spat, patience running dry because all he wanted was sulk his life away in the couch.
As if finally being enlightened by the current situation, Yui begins to laugh, 鈥淥h. my. god. Did she finally tell you? Wait鈥 did she actually cut your thread? That鈥檚 why you look so miserable right now?鈥
Atsumu stands up from the couch, disbelief all over his face, 鈥淵ou knew?!鈥
The girl continues to holler her ugly laugh, 鈥淎h, so hilarious! Of fucking course, Atsumu! One look at her pathetic face and I knew. Hell, I didn鈥檛 even need a Moira to figure it out. It was so fun, acting all sweet with the clueless you鈥 and there she is, on the verge of tears every time!鈥
She wipes the fake tears away from her eyes, 鈥淏ut I guess she got tired too. I mean鈥 you鈥檙e just so dumb, Atsumu. So hopeless and so easy to play with,鈥 her fingers trace his jawline, rolling her eyes and snickering when he slapped it away from him.
鈥淣ow that I think about it again, you two shouldn鈥檛 have played Cinderella. You fit more into the criteria of Sleeping Beauty鈥 you鈥檙e like Aurora, was it? But like, without the cure of a kiss because you ruined your true love! That鈥檚 my curse for you!鈥
The blonde grits his teeth, tears uncontrollably falling down his cheeks despite his desperation to stop them. Yui sees it and lets out a fake coo, 鈥淎ww, look at you, crying. You must be feeling so guilty, huh? It鈥檚 okay, I鈥檓 here鈥 I can be the princess you鈥檝e always wanted. You just have to behave like the foolish little prince you are.鈥
Osamu curses, taking a step forward to drag the girl out of their home but a voice stops him from doing so, 鈥淚s it fun? Playing with people鈥檚 fates like toys?鈥
Yui and Atsumu whip their head towards the source of the voice and Osamu is filled with relief upon seeing your brother standing, an unamused look on his face. Clearly liking the attention she was getting, Yui replies, 鈥淥oh, what are you all? Avengers for YN? Protection squad or something? But to answer your question, yes! I鈥檓 enjoying it very much鈥 but that doesn鈥檛 concern you, does it, Sakusa-kun?鈥
Kiyoomi paused for a second, removing his shoes and leaving them by the door, walking nearer the two, not too close but just enough to show her his height and intimidate her somehow, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e right, it doesn鈥檛. If anything, I鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 all over now so my sister doesn鈥檛 have to suffer in between your acts of foolishness. But for some reason,鈥 he trails off, looking down at her and throwing a look of disgust, 鈥淚 pity you - because your fate is just as fucked up as theirs - your soulmate doesn鈥檛 remember you too and looking at you right now, something is telling me that you regret it too鈥 because you have no one left. No Iwaizumi, no Atsumu.鈥
Judging by the way she glared at him, Kiyoomi feels a sense of accomplishment for hitting right on the nail.
鈥淗ow unfortunate, Yui-san鈥 the spotlight is not on you anymore.鈥
Tumblr media
Silence filled the house right after Yui rapidly walked out of the house, a string of curses for your brother flowing out of her mouth. But Kiyoomi couldn鈥檛 care any less; instead, he turns to Atsumu who was already looking at him in awe before snapping off his thoughts and mumbling, 鈥淥mi鈥 uhm鈥 thank you.鈥
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 do it for you,鈥 is the only thing he replies, 鈥淚 won鈥檛 do anything for you...鈥
Atsumu swallows harshly, the bitter truth making it hard for him to do so, 鈥淩ight.鈥
鈥... at least not anymore after this one,鈥 he finishes, handing the blonde some neatly folded documents. Osamu smiles from where he stood, side-leaning against the doorway leading to the kitchen, as if he already had an idea what the papers were for. His twin鈥檚 eyes scan them and as if by a miracle, a familiar glitter appears in them, accompanied by a hopeful expression as he lifts his head and looks at your brother.
鈥淥mi, this鈥︹
鈥淏e ready in three months. I hope you鈥檙e not scared of riding planes.鈥
Tumblr media
note. i'm so sorry for the very very long gap between these updates T_T i swear i'll try to update more frequently now, at least school's being less of an ass these days (don't say sike pls)
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elsonambulo29 days ago
Cobra Kai/Karate Kid Survey!
I was tagged by @alienfuckeronmain; thank you for the tag, this was fun 馃槉
It's the year 2021 and you're obsessed with The Karate Kid. How are you feeling?:聽 I've had much more embarrassing obsessions over the years, one in particular that my sister still makes fun of me for, so this is nothing fhghg.
Did you grow up with TKK or are you new to the series?: Completely and totally new. So new I haven't watched any of the movies, and have only watched a few parts of the show here and there that combined, could maybe fill one and a half episodes' worth of time. So new, in fact, that for the longest time the only Karate Kid I was vaguely aware of was Jaden Smith.
We gotta do the basics. Favorite character: 聽Amanda. She's no nonsense, she's funny, she's badass, and I think she could rule the world if her heart wasn't set on capitalism (one of her two flaws, the other being that I kind of get "It's a banana, what could it cost, ten dollars?" vibes from her. I could be wrong, I probably am, but I feel like she's definitely acted like a Karen a few times. Lmao imagine Daniel and Amanda first meeting at a restaurant where he's a waiter pulling a double shift and she asks to speak to his manager and he's half extremely irritated and half thinking he wants to have the entitled confidence to speak to ppl like that. Terrible 馃挅. I'm getting off track). Anyway despite this, I think everyone should be pining for her at all times.
Favorite ship: Lawrusso babeyyy! That sexy sexy yin and yang narrative foil trauma really does it for me.
Underrated character:聽Aisha my beloved. They could have done so much with you baby and then they didn't. One day I will feel confident enough to rectify this.
Underrated ship (don鈥檛 say therapy, lol):聽 I have a special love for Robby/Miguel
Wax On, Wax Off or Sweep the Leg?:聽 Wax on, wax off because Sweep the Leg sounds like it's all fun and games until you try it and embarrass yourself by not being able to move or startle your opponent even a little bit. I am Robby trying to sweep Johnny's leg and my opponent is Johnny just fucking stepping over my leg like they're playing a particularly slow game of Helicopter on the playground :///
Which of Daniel鈥檚 dumb little outfits is your favorite?:聽 I can't have a favorite outfit because I've never seen the movies rip. I will say though I've seen a gifset of the scene where he catches the fly with his chopsticks and he's wearing like this baseball tee that I have an almost exact replica of and I want to cosplay that klasfh.
Character from the films you most want to return, who鈥檚 not Terry Silver: Jessica Andrews. I think it could be fun to have the perspective of someone who hasn't had Johnny or Daniel living in their head rent-free for three decades lmao. Like she probably remembers Daniel, but he's probably a passing thought to her, a vague thought of "hope that kid turned out ok" before she goes on with her life. Also I have a thing for Amanda fucking every woman who's ever been somewhat significant to Daniel or Johnny, so obviously that needs to happen. And just imagine: she insisted on keeping her relationship with Daniel platonic (extremely totally valid and correct), but she almost immediately starts making out with Amanda when she meets her? Iconic and Daniel would understand because he knows his wife is just that amazing.
Scene that lives in your head rent-free:聽The scene in the car where Amanda calls and Daniel goes, "Johnny Lawrence is with me." Whore stop last naming him, she knows who that bitch is!!! Stop giving weight to his name! Does Johnny have a middle name? If he does and if Daniel knew it, guaranteed he would have full named him in that scene. I despise him. :')
Will Anthony LaRusso ever be relevant?:聽God I hope so. That kid deserves more fhfhf and I want to see Daniel have to admit that he, like every parent in the universe, totally has a favorite child and it's definitely Sam. And then work to make sure it's not obvious like Jesus Christ. Ok we get it, she's your mirror, she is your Legacy, you understand her more - you can't help that she's your fave! But damn son don't let your other kid know that. Anthony LaRusso confronting his father story arc WHEN. Also as far as I'm concerned, Amanda does a far better job of not showing favoritism and therefore is Anthony's favorite parent. He should be petty and tell Daniel. Just wanted to throw that in there.
You live in The Valley and are forced into the karate gang war. Which dojo do you join?:聽 Bold of you to assume I'm not the actual master of indecision. And also a creature of spite. I start my own dojo called "Leave Me The Fuck Alone, Go The Fuck To Sleep." (In all seriousness the teachings of Miyagi-Do do speak to me more. But also karate is sports so no thanks fhgjg)
What鈥檚 your training montage song?: 聽Uhhhh probably Te Aviso, Te Anuncio by Shakira or True To Your Heart but specifically the version for the end credits of Mulan
It鈥檚 the crossover event of the century!聽聽Which TV show are you combining with Cobra Kai for an hour-long Saturday night special?: I have two options for this.
Community. I already have an idea for how an AU with a different timeline might play out, but also like. Just letting the worlds clash as they are is fucking hilarious to me and I could do two specials worth of it. The former would take place in the timeline of Community - as in, 23 year olds Daniel and Johnny (and their Karate Kid peers) attend Greendale Community College in the year 2009. Daniel because he's finally decided to try this out after years of Mr. Miyagi and Lucille hounding him to at least give it a shot instead of dwelling on his two hellish first years in Cali and going from job to job. Idk how he ends up in Colorado yet. Johnny canonically ended up in community college in Colorado after a few years in the air force, so the same thing would happen here. The latter is Daniel and Johnny for some reason attending Greendale, either somewhere between 2009 and 2014, or in 2018. Just. Just past middle age losers having to deal with Greendale, but also Greendale having to deal with them and their unresolved trauma. Also Frankie putting up with their nonsense. Also also Amanda and Frankie date. Or Ali and Frankie. Or Carmen and Frankie. Shannon and Frankie. Kumiko and Frankie. Frankie lesbian :')
Psych. Post Season 3, Miguel becomes convinced that there's a spirit haunting the dojo because strange things keep happening. He eventually convinces enough of the other kids to bring their concerns to their senseis as a united front, only to have Daniel and Johnny be like, "I'm sure there's a more logical explanation for this." (Daniel says that. Johnny just says that there's no such thing as ghosts.) The kids get desperate enough to want to contact someone outside the group, but they don't want to go to the city cops because. Yeah lmao and also they've been involved in so many karate related incidents that the cops wouldn't even hear them out. That's when Miguel finds out about a psychic detective agency in San Francisco, and he brings them in. If you haven't watched Psych, please watch a few clips and then imagine Shawn and Gus annoying the ever loving shit out of Daniel and Johnny. Imagine them being even more exasperated by Lassie. Johnny hitting on Juliet only to get shot down HARD. Shawn flirting with them both. I'm fucking crying aklsdhfa.
Hmu if you want to hear me ramble about any of these possibilities; I have way too much to say lkshdf.
I'm tagging @pottaku, @anicety, @alittlebitfound, @kdyelo, @fangirlsuperhero, @twobrokenwyngs, @variousqueerthings, @jknip2, and @angrysmolbean
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botanicallyinclinednerda month ago
Moments that highlight the dynamic between Gwaine and Arthur:
3x04: Arthur and Gwaine鈥檚 first interaction is Gwaine strolling up commenting on the pickle Arthur and Merlin have found themselves in and Arthur replying "You should get out of here while you have the chance," and Gwaine saying "you're probably right," taking a drink, and then decking a guy. What a first impression.
3x04: Gwaine charging the guy who pulled a knife on Arthur defenseless on the floor. Arthur is concerned for Gwaine. Gwaine is put on Arthur's horse for transport back to Camelot (he's like a sack of potatoes its very funny)
3x04: Arthur is grateful to Gwaine for saving his life and tells Gaius "he's to be given anything he needs"
3x04: As soon as he learns that the man who's life he saved was Prince Arthur, Gwaine鈥檚 reaction is an eye roll and "If I'd known who he was, I probably wouldn't have." And he is le doubtful that Arthur is a good man.
3x04: Arthur asks Merlin how Gwaine is
3x04: Arthur pissed about the bar tab that Gwaine amassed. The 4 dozen pickled eggs in particular piss him off.
3x04: "Arthur is a thoroughbred little braggat" Gwaine is outraged Arthur is making them clean the shoes for the entire army.
3x04: Arthur vouching for Gwaine with Uther "I can vouch that he has a noble heart" and asks he be shown clemency. Arthur insists that Gwaine is a good man.
3x04: Gwaine tells Merlin to look after Arthur who is in danger. Gwaine says about Arthur, "Maybe that one's worth dying for, eh?" :(
3x04: Gwaine saving Arthur鈥檚 life by entering the melee and slaying the imposter knights
3x04: Arthur laughing when he sees that Gwaine was the knight who saved him. "I should have known. No one fights like you do."
3x04: Arthur is disappointed over Uther being stubborn over banishing Gwaine from Camelot. Gwaine sees this and assures him he doesn't need to explain himself.
3x04: Gwaine agrees that Arthur is a noble man and is greatful he stood up for Gwaine.
3x08: Gwaine rolling his eyes at Arthur when they meet up
3x08: After Arthur pulls out the stone and a bunch of bugs spill out, Gwaine slaps Arthur on the back and tells him "Well go on then. Don't be such a princess" (the first use of princess!) And he reminds Arthur that is is his quest. Arthur makes eye contact with Gwaine and does that thing with his glove
3x08: Gwaine comments that maybe he will be able to go back to Camelot one day "When Camelot gets itself a half decent king" and Arthur is amused but it an exasperated begrudging way. "Be careful. He is my father."
3x08: As he rides away, Arthur tells Gwaine he will remember what he did and he gives a little wave
3x12: When Gwaine recognizes Arthur and Merlin in the pit he approaches and puts a hand on Arthur's shoulder. Arthur reacts with hostility until he recognizes Gwaine and asks what he's doing there. Arthur seems distantly amused and Gwaines answer "nothings changed there then" and Gwaine lightly smacks Arthur on the chest and Arthur doesnt seem upset by this.
3x12: the reveal of Gwaine as the champion is a golden moment
3x12: Arthur and Gwaine fighting. "Take it easy will you?" "Its gotta look real, hasn't it?" Gwaines face here is hilarious and it gets me every time. Arthur gets annoyed and starts righting more earnestly. And then they roll around on the ground sticking hands in each other's faces. Neither dumb ass had a plan.
3x12: as they are crawling away from the fire, there is a frame where Arthur has a hand on Gwaines lower back/ ass. Does this contribute to their dynamic? Probably not really, but I figured someone would appreciate this moment
3x12: Arthur being evasive on why they were there and Gwaine pushing to find out why
3x12: Gwaine goads Arthur about how he should tell Gwaine where the thing they are looking for is since Arthur couldn't kill him if he wanted to. Arthur raises to the challenge, pushing into him with his arm a bit as they walk "yeah? Try me" and Gwaine is amused. "I already did. Back in the arena. I had you bang to rights did I not?" (Gwaine you were on the bottom of that floor fight, just saying) and the two of them continue to bicker back and forth in the manner of two kids going "did not" "did so!" Over and over until Merlin cuts them off.
3x12: Gwaine sees Arthur struggling to open an door and pulls Arthur back by the arm "here let me" and kicks the door in.
3x13: Arthur is amused by Gwaines agreement to help him retake Camelot "I think we've no chance. But I wouldn't miss it for the world"
3x13: Arthur knights Gwaine (who lowkey looks like he has some internal conflict going on)
4x02: Arthur complaining about Gwaine鈥檚 constant chatter "You're quiet" "thats what happens after three days listening to Gwaine"
4x02: Arthur's reaction to Gwaine pissing off the bees
4x02: Gwaine arguing with Arthur about taking the cave tunnels
4x02: Arthur calling Gwaine a fool for killing the Wilddeoren as they hunt in packs
4x05: Gwaine along with the other knights going to Arthur to reiterate that they would gladly die for him.
4x06: Gwaine going with Arthur to look for Merlin and Arthur's reaction is to tell Gwen (who didn't want him to go alone) "you've condemned me to a day of mindless chatter"
4x06: Gwaine talking Arthurs ear off, talking up Merlin
4x12: Gwaine is surprised by Arthur agreeing to leave Camelot but he rolls with it.
5x01: Arthur is determined to find and rescue Gwaine and his other missing men. He will not leave them behind.
5x02: When Arthur and Merlin find Gwaine, Arthur comments "Trust you not to be doing any work" and Gwaine slaps Arthur on his armor saying its about time for a rescue.
5x02: Arthur supporting a still healing Gwaine as they run from Aithusa
5x05: Gwaine getting offended on Arthur's behalf by the disir's words and gets blasted back for his efforts.
5x06: Gwaine lightening the mood a bit when he also agrees to go to the dark tower saying he was built for that moment. Arthur smiles a bit
5x07: Gwaine promises Merlin he will stay close to Arthur and do what ever he had to to protect him
5x10: Arthur catching Gwaines helmet and instead of giving it back to Gwaine, who had his hand out and smiling politely, Arthur tosses it to Percival. Gwaine looks fed up.
5x13: Gwaine tells Morgana he would rather die than tell her where Arthur is.
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franniebananaa month ago
CQL Rewatch - Episode 9
Let me preface this by saying we鈥檙e entering a period of episodes that I鈥檓 not that fond of. There鈥檚 nothing wrong with them really, but it鈥檚 just padding and a little bit of set-up for later arcs, but I personally think the set-up is unnecessary.
Tumblr media
Anyhow, straight into it! I shouldn鈥檛 say 鈥渟traight鈥 when wangxian is on screen. I struggled to get a good shot, but the dichotomy between Nie Huaisang and wangxian here is hilarious to me. He鈥檚 such a good comedy act, flailing and being totally useless, other than being another warm body, but at the same time, he鈥檚 the only one really acting like a teenager here. Lan Wangji is always so cold and serious, while Wei Wuxian is a goof until he needs to be serious, but both of them are also extremely talented. We know Nie Huaisang isn鈥檛 an idiot, but I don鈥檛 get the impression he鈥檚 a great cultivator either.
Tumblr media
I literally watched this scene this morning and totally missed this part. Lan Wangji stops Wei Wuxian from killing or attacking the puppets further, as he鈥檚 about to use his sword to defend them all. It鈥檚 a great little moment, actually, because it shows how Wei Wuxian is willing to do anything, but he鈥檚 not willing to murder innocent people if they can be saved. We already know, with all the Lan principles, that Wangji would not kill needlessly, but we don鈥檛 necessarily know that about Wei Wuxian. But he has morals, he has his own principles, and he鈥檚 not going to cast those aside for nothing.
Now, you could say he won鈥檛 do it now in the story, but what about later? What about Wen Chao? I鈥檇 say that鈥檚 totally different. That was revenge. And one of the things I like about this story is that it doesn鈥檛 shy away from revenge (something that a lot of Western media kind of disdains鈥攚e seem to be afraid to in any way make revenge out to be something good).
Tumblr media
I can鈥檛 believe I managed to capture the exact moment that Lan Wangji used the Silencing spell on Nie Huaisang. I鈥檓 honestly really impressed with myself. Of course, it was totally by accident. I was initially going to just talk about how funny Nie Huaisang is again, because I love his flailing and physical comedy, and his expressions are fantastic. But can I talk about this glare that Yibo has right now? Haha, I love it. Again, if looks could kill. If I were Wei Wuxian here, I鈥檇 feel pretty satisfied for being the one not silenced at this moment. Honestly, it shows such a progression in their relationship: they鈥檙e really working as a team, no longer at odds with each other. It鈥檚 really apparent that they have become a team: it鈥檚 Nie Huaisang and WangXian鈥攏ot Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. There are also more moments where it feels like Wei Wuxian is really looking for Lan Wangji鈥攍ike, it feels as if he鈥檚 more interested in the relationship than Lan Wangji. I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 true at all, but that鈥檚 kind of what we鈥檙e shown. The thing is that Lan Wangji is so much more aloof and cold towards Wei Wuxian鈥攙ery tsundere, I suppose. But of course, we know Lan Wangji is very conscious of Wei Wuxian.
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 not going to pick on her specifically here, because overall, the fake instrument-playing is pretty hysterical. I do think she鈥檚 the worst at it, though, probably because she only does this in one scene or something. Wang Yibo has a double for a lot of the scenes where he鈥檚 playing the guqin, but what little we see is fine. Xiao Zhan is also okay鈥攚e know he isn鈥檛 really playing, but he does an okay job pretending to play. Like, his lip is on the flute. It kind of looks like Wen Qing doesn鈥檛 even have her lips on the flute鈥攍ike she鈥檚 trying not to wreck her makeup. Anyway, I鈥檓 not going to harp (see what I did there?) on it鈥攏one of them are musicians.
Tumblr media
Reminder to gif this part.
Any time Wei Wuxian comes to Lan Wangji鈥檚 defense is a good time, and coupled with a smile like this鈥攎y heart is melting, excuse me. I love these moments, because for just a few seconds, it feels like no one else is there鈥攊t鈥檚 just the two of them having a moment together. And Wei Wuxian is once again here proving how he鈥檚 loyal to Lan Wangji, how his friendship is worth something, and it鈥檚 not just skin-deep. I think Lan Wangji is touched here: the way his averts his gaze, as if he likes what Wei Wuxian is saying, but he still feels uncomfortable. Outside of his family, this is probably the closest relationship that Lan Wangji has ever had.
Tumblr media
Wei Wuxian has a lot of cool magic, and it鈥檚 a shame we don鈥檛 get to see more of it. I like the idea that his talismans are more clever, if that makes sense. They aren鈥檛 just explosions or hitting people with waves of force to knock them around. He鈥檚 got golden nets, and talismans that can bind/bond people to each other, ones that can cause you to be pinned to the ground. It鈥檚 just very fun, and we don鈥檛 get to see a lot of that sort of magic in this world. Actually Lan Wangji has the Silencing spell, plus the body binding spell that he uses in the book, but that is, unfortunately, not in this series. And the first time you see it in the book is when he binds Wei Wuxian鈥檚 body so that he has to sleep right on top of Lan Wangji鈥攇reat stuff.
Tumblr media
WWX: So they are making use of my wisdom? LOL
Wei Wuxian stops to make a joke, saying he is most disturbed by the hallucinations because he has so many thoughts in his head鈥攂asically too smart for his own good here鈥攁nd at the same time, poking fun at Lan Wangji, because he isn鈥檛 bothered by the hallucinations (ie. he doesn鈥檛 have many thoughts in his head). Okay, first of all, we know Wei Wuxian respects Lan Wangji a lot, so he is definitely joking, and it鈥檚 all in good fun. Lan Wangji rolls his eyes a bit, and he鈥檚 not bothered. He did, after all, tell Wei Wuxian to put the net over the other three so that he and Wei Wuxian could take care of the dire owl alone. He also respects Wei Wuxian and values him as a fellow cultivator and teammate. Second of all, again, Wei Wuxian is not an idiot! He鈥檚 smart! He鈥檚 clever! He鈥檚 not dumb! I don鈥檛 know who still needs to hear this, but I鈥檓 saying it again. I know it鈥檚 easy to put him into the typical BL 鈥渇emale鈥 role: he鈥檚 smaller, he鈥檚 a bottom, blah blah blah. I honestly don鈥檛 like that at all. Every ship doesn鈥檛 have to be two opposites. It doesn鈥檛 have to be m/f, top/bottom, big/small, dark/light, smart/dumb, strong/weak. I鈥檓 aware of how the book is written and I鈥檓 aware of BL tropes in general, but I see two equals here. I like how they picked Wang Yibo, a shorter and younger man than Xiao Zhan, to play Lan Wangji. I like that they took out the fact that he has inhumanly strong arms. I like the different dynamic that it displays from the book characters. That isn鈥檛 to say that I don鈥檛 like the book鈥擨 love the book. The book is my favorite adaptation, both in terms of storytelling and in terms of plot. But that doesn鈥檛 mean that it鈥檚 perfect for me.
Anyway, enough ranting for now.
Tumblr media
I love this shot. And I love how in sync they are in this fight鈥攊t鈥檚 like a dance. When I鈥檝e heard about fight choreography in the past, I never associated it with the word 鈥渄ance,鈥 until I saw this series. I don鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 the costumes or the setting or the actors or what, but their motions are so fluid, so dance-like鈥攊t鈥檚 actually quite beautiful.
Tumblr media
Oh, my god, look at that grin! I fucking love it!! Also, serious moment turns into a chance to tease Lan Wangji. I will accept it.
Tumblr media
My sentimental heart loves how scared Wei Wuxian is for Lan Wangji here. All that time wearing the One Ring鈥擨 mean, holding the Yin Iron, is really wearing him down. (Sorry, I couldn鈥檛 help myself). But jokes aside, I love how Wei Wuxian is right there, instructing him on how to handle what鈥檚 going on and to not lose control, while the others are just kind of clueless as to what is happening or how to help. And even after Lan Wangji snaps out of it and says they have to go to the Chang Clan, Wei Wuxian鈥檚 expression still is one of great concern, and I doubt it鈥檚 out of fear for what the waiter has just told him. I think he鈥檚 just really worried about Lan Wangji. This is the first time that Lan Wangji has even been like this, even in the face of great danger, and Wei Wuxian is shaken by it.
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ambitious-witcha month ago
Oh my GOD anyone with half a brain could have told them that doing crows and tgt parallelly was a bad idea. The only reason it sort of worked in s1 is because they made up a story for the crows that intersected with the tgt characters. SoC and CK don't overlap with tgt in any way and doing it together in the show makes absolutely no sense.
I guess the reason they did is because the crows have a bigger Fandom than tgt and they wanted the eyeballs. I get that book 2 and 3 of tgt are essentially the same thing on loop but I don't think answer is the crows doing heists on the side. Even tonally the 2 stories are very different, like if I had to picture it I'd imagine the crows duology being shot very differently with v different music etc.
And killing the one character that's interesting in s1 so soon is... dumb to say the least. They have literally been promoting that entire show using his character.
As for lb writing luda... I think she should just let this world rest. Not that I'm going to read her stuff anymore but yeah.
I knew that Crows were bad idea since the very second they appeared in the show. The bloody tonal swift is a little too obvious. Their involvement in the damn thing also affected the TGT characters for the worse. Why instead of wasting time on them didn't they fix the fucking protagonist? Alina is still a damn sack of flour! Aleksander still overwhelms her as a character because he is still the only main that moves the damn plot.
Also, it's hilarious because the ratings are not bigger. They think that because the Crows have a bigger fanbase, then what? People are also gonna watch for them? Fandoms are not that big, they are certainly not billions of people needed for a good rating. Most of the general audience goes there expecting magic, not criminals doing heists.
All the time wasted on the crows could have been filled to show more of her journey? Showing her discovering his secret by herself instead literally being thrown in the plot by Baghra just like in the books?
One way of doing this like a rational person would be greying the plot of TGT and throw those stupid McGuffin hunts out of the window. Make the West Ravka conflict greater, making the other countries a bigger threat and maybe redeem the Darkling... But that would be thinking as someone who wants to make money. Eric clearly doesn't think of that if he is listening this ridiculous woman and is willing to kill his bigger cash cow just because Bardugo wants the supposed popularity of the Crows to overwhelm the stupidity of how the Darkling is killed before more people see her trash, underwhelming ending as the ridiculous thing as it is.
Just change the damn storyline. Since fucking when American television productions are so fucking concerned to keep things faithful to the books?
And about Luda, yeah, I really want it to be just a rumour because I don't trust LB writing women close to Aleksander. I just don't.
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afterspark-podcasta month ago
G1 Episode 41: Transcript
[This can also be found on AO3!]
S: What's his face- the one that you said Rodimus would make out with-?
O: I like that!聽
[Intro music]
O: Hello, and welcome to the Afterspark Podcast, an episode by episode recap of the Generation 1 Transformers cartoon! I'm Owls!
S: And I'm Specs.
O: And today we're going to be talking about episode number 41: Making Tracks. Let's talk about giant robots today, shall we?
S: Sure, let's do it. Once upon a time in New York City, something, something, cars being pretty-
O: So we open up with two punks in the background on a rather beat up pink car.
S: In the foreground we see a blue corvette stingray with a large winged Autobot logo on its hood.
O: 鈥楥ause it's a Tracks episode y'all!聽
S: One of the punks says, 鈥淭hose wheels are rude!鈥
O: Wait, wait is that- was that actual 80鈥檚 slang? I feel like I've never actually heard that used by, you know, a person.
S: Neither have I and I don't know- neither of us existed then, which I guess dates us rather.
O: We were but a twinkle in our fathers鈥 eyes.聽
S: Apparently, Tracks is just what they've always wanted as the two punks pick his door locks and hop on in.聽
O: One gets into the driver's seat and the other spots an expensive looking red boom box in the back seat.
S: They jam to some tunes on our buddy Blaster.
O: I'm really confused, why do they not just use Track鈥檚 stereo?聽
S: Maybe they're listening to whatever cassette Blaster has got in his player.
O: Ah, yes, the soothing sounds of Eject. Please note: Eject does not actually appear in this episode.
S: Yep, he is Sir-not-appearing-in-this-film today.
O: Because Soundwave is allowed to have buddies but Blaster does not get any for a while, I swear.
S: They're on break. They're always on break.
O: They're always on break.
S: The two punks drive the new joy ride to a shady warehouse and meet an even shadier man.
O: Apparently Tracks is only worth $800.00, which is still too little- even adjusted for inflation at $2526.99.聽
S: Oh, that's so accurate.
O: Thank you, inflation calculator.聽
S: I would think that he'd be worth, you know, closer to $8000.00 in current, uh, US dollars but this is probably a chop shop and they're definitely not getting paid market value if we're here- for anything here.
O: I鈥檇 say they're getting ripped off, even.
S: Yeah.
O: So Tracks says nothing about this clear insult but transforms into robot mode, scattering all the humans.
S: One of the punks is still carrying Blaster, who transforms and picks up both the punks like two naughty little kittens.聽
O: The shady chop shop guy makes it just outside the door before running headlong into Optimus and then he pulls a gun on Optimus and shoots at him.
S: And it's a laser gun, no less. How did this man get a laser gun?
O: Though the power of 80鈥檚 cartoons and they're not allowed to use real bullets.
S: Oh maybe this should have been our first, uh, hint about who our true enemies are on this episode.聽
O: Perhaps, maybe.
S: The Autobots head on back to Sparkplug鈥檚 garage after, you know, finishing busting up that chop shop
O: Is this a new thing that Sparkplug鈥檚 acquired since getting chummy with the Autobots or has he had this this entire time?
S: He's the most interesting man in the world, I mean it could be either.
O: It really could, but to make this more confusing when they arrive back at the garage it really does look like an Autobot construction of some sort, not a man-made one.
S: It's even Autobot orange, how about that?
O: Hey, you know, do you- do you think they went shopping for just the right Earth paint color to match? Like they can- or did they have paint on the Ark? I-I have concerns, I have questions.
S: Someone probably went and got, you know, color swatches and compared them to the Ark.
O: They made Sunstreaker do it.
S: Oh, Sunstreaker, Tracks, and they went and, you know, got Carly because she had better color vision than Spike.
O: Obviously. So Tracks talks about how he likes New York and he could stay here forever.
S: His teammates poke fun at Tracks cosmopolitan preferences, even saying he'd rather hang out with humans than them.
O: Okay, so apparently Tracks is so attracted to humans even before meeting Raoul that the other Autobots regularly kink shame him about it.
S: Oh, he just cares about the culture. He's a man of culture-
O: [Laughter] Uh-huh, uh-huh.聽
S: If you will.
O: Sure.聽
S: Our current New York roster includes not only Optimus, Blaster, and Tracks, but also Powerglide, Cosmos, Seaspray, and Hoist and Huffer.
O: Yay, Cosmos!
S: It's gonna be a weird, weird day for New York.
O: Yeah, they must be used to it by now. Optimus sends these various Autobots out to patrol the area but Tracks walks off in a huff to go take a drive.
S: And apparently the state of New York City is so bad in the 80鈥檚 that immediately after getting on the road three dudes run out into the street and try to rob whomever they think is driving Tracks.
O: Those windows are either tented or these are the dumbest robbers in existence who are trying to rob an empty car.
S: They're opportunists. Dumb opportunists, because they are in fact the dumbest robbers in the world as they eventually realize that there is definitely no one in that damn car.
O: And they also have laser guns and shoot at Tracks.
S: One of the shots hits his tire and he goes careening into a convenient lamp post.
O: Obviously, Tracks is devastated by the cosmetic damage.聽
S: He has discovered that New York is not all bright lights and fancy shit.
O: It's also men with laser guns.聽
S: Tracks tries to transform but apparently getting dinged up like that was just too much damage.
O: A young man sees Tracks and is basically like, 鈥淥h well, it's damaged but still a sports car. I'm going to take it home with me.鈥
S: What he actually says is: 鈥淲ell, apparently nobody wants you so that makes you mine,鈥 like, that is not how that works Raoul!
O: Haven鈥檛 you read fanfic? Of course that's how that works!
S: Well, considering some of the random accidental baby acquisition things that I've read-
O: What!? [laughter] Baby acquisition was the thing that got said to me today! I had to hear it now so do you, dear listeners.
S: Let's put it this way sometimes fanfic is very weird.
O: Indeed.
S: Accidental acquisition- accidental baby acquisition. ...Yeah, no, that is not how any of that stuff works. Tracks is currently unable to drive and the man enlists some people to help push him into an abandoned lot of some sort.
O: Of course, this young man, as we alluded to earlier, is Raoul and he, again, comments on whoever owned Tracks before, he owns him now.
S: Tracks replies, 鈥淣obody owned me, I'm mine.鈥澛
O: Raoul did not expect his new car to talk to him tonight.
S: Well, I think if I was Raoul i would have, uh, maybe taken a step back to-
O: Rethink my life choices?
S: Yeah, but so- yeah, Tracks asks Raoul to repair him and we find out that Raoul intends to sell him, presumably because he has promised a car to two dangerous characters named the Geddis brothers by midnight.
O: Raoul says, 鈥淭he first time I try to steal a car and I get one with a big mouth.鈥
S: Track is being somewhat snooty about however Raoul got car parts at this time of night but Raoul's not in the mood to get, you know, a lecture from a car.
O: He pops open Tracks鈥檚 hood and comments on 鈥淲hat the hell is all this machinery?鈥 only, you know, without the hell because we are talking about an 80鈥檚 cartoon, before snipping an innocent looking wire.
S: Cutting said innocent, delicate, little wire completely incapacitates Tracks.
O: Because, apparently, that's the main cable to his computer and that seems like quite a design flaw. I hope that doesn't become important in any way, shape, or form later in this episode!
S: [Laughter] Hint.
O: Hmmmmmm..
S: Sea spray is patrolling the river and is cranky about humans being litter bugs.聽
O: While Powerglide and Cosmos report to Prime that they have not seen any Decepticons or Tracks.
S: Hoist complains about being stuck in traffic due to a car accident and hops out of Huffer to help.
O: Which is hilarious because Huffer is shorter than him in robot mode but Hoist apparently has no problem riding in him.
S: And when we say riding in him, we mean riding in his cab, not in his back seat or you know-
O: Whatever you want to take that as an innuendo for.
S: Well, that wasn't what I was thinking- I was just- he's not riding in like a pickup truck bed or something.
O: Oh, yeah, okay I get ya. Huffer laments that they can't all just fly like Tracks before we cut back to Tracks and Raoul.
S: Tracks is looking much better as this front end has been hammered out and, you know, fixed up and Raoul is in the process of polishing him.
O: Which I'm sure Tracks is appreciating.聽
S: Mm-hm. Two large, adult men have apparently stopped by to shake this teenage boy down.
O: These are the Geddis brothers and they want their car and even call Raoul a bad little boy.
S: Yeah, that's, um, well I mean that's incredibly creepy, by which I mean it's the creepiest thing they could have possibly said.
O: In this exact scenario, yes. Raoul鈥檚 in immediate danger! Cut to commercial.
S: Or Shockwave modeling, you know, striking a pose.聽
O: And after we're done with that, uh, we're back and, uh, these guys insinuate they're going to give Raoull his own set of cement shoes.
S: Well I guess they're part of the mafia or something?
O: I don't know what they are but yeah they're like, 鈥淯h, can't give us a car? Murder.鈥
S: Yeah, and then Tracks comes to the- well, comes to the rescue by driving up and transforming and putting the intimidation on and because, you know, and the guy's grand plan to get away from the giant metal man is to chuck Raoul at him.
O: Who is, obviously, caught gently in Tracks鈥檚 hands and is totally fine.
S: Tracks is a very careful fellow.
O: Yes, I would hope so.
S: So the two Geddis brothers hop in their car and speed off.聽
O: Cue a not so high-speed car chase as Tracks transforms and chases after them with Raoul in tow.
S: Passing by such renowned New York locations as the Casablanca Abba Cafe.
O: Don't forget about the Appliance Store and Bar or, quite possibly, the Store and Bra. We can't tell.聽
S: It's unclear. Also the Fashion Forker.
O: Because I don't know what was going on with these names but, boy, are they a joy to read. Raoul thinks that they have lost the Geddis brothers but Tracks says, 鈥淗ardly,鈥 and takes to the air.
S: And it is at this point that, uh, rap- Tracks finally introduces himself to Raoul.
O: Yeah, Raoul's basically just been calling him 鈥榗ar鈥 this entire time, I think.
S: I'd rather suspect Tracks has been pouting over that.聽
O: Probably. Uh, Raoul and Tracks do lose sight of the guys near the docks and head back to the empty lot from before.
S: Tracks has reached the conclusion that the Geddis brothers are working with the Decepticons.
O: Which, you'd think, if you were working closely with either the Autobots or the Decepticons, you'd take the time to learn their damn badge colors so you don't accidentally ruin your entire plans by mouthing off to the wrong bot, because I don't remember what the Geddis brother said to Tracks but they were, like, 鈥淲ait? What are you doing here?鈥 or something, I think, to Tracks.
S: Yeah, something like that and, I mean, it's an 80鈥檚 cartoon. Nobody's getting points for intelligence here, except maybe Perceptor.
O: Because Percy always gets intelligence points. Tracks asks Raoul to take him to where the brothers are storing the stolen cars and Tracks says he's going undercover... as a stolen car.
S: Again!
O: You know, because that's what you just spent all night doing.
S: He knows what he is. He knows he wants- he knows he has to be the damsel in distress here. They arrive down at the docks and see a parade of cars on a bridge crossing the Hudson into Jersey.
O: I regret to inform you that at this time we are legally obligated to make a New Jersey joke. A-hem! Of course the Decepticons are in [New] Jersey!聽
S: Ah, the Geddis brothers crossed the bridge and Tracks and Raoul will follow.
O: Back with Powerglide, he reports spotting Starscream to Optimus.聽
S: Starscream realizes pretty quickly that he's being followed and tries to lose Powerglide but is shot at by Cosmos who wishes him a terrible day.
O: You know, considering the last time they met, I can hardly blame Cosmos for not liking him.
S: Neither can I because, yeah.
O: That whole idol thing? It just didn't go over super well, you know.聽
S: Yeah. Starscream lands and transforms, running into a shopping mall that somehow- somehow scale to fit them. Roughly.
O: And somehow still open. Like Tracks, earlier, kind of insinuated it was rather late at night, but whatever! Cosmos and Powerglide follow him in but Starscream opens fire on both of them and the smattering of humans in this huge- again- very empty mall.
S: Yep. Powerglide and Cosmos repeatedly lose sight of Starscream, who really should still be in their line of sight.
O: Because he's like one floor up from them! That's how this is going, essentially and so I'm just like, 鈥淒o you two need your optics checked?鈥澛
S: Maybe!
O: Ratchet, it's time for an eye exam!
S: Yeah, time to check out their sensors. Starscream gets the drop on them again and knocks them off a higher level of the mall before escaping via smashing through the ceiling.
O: Because nobody can use a fucking door.
S: Yeah, no one can really use a door here. Powerglide and Cosmos report into Optimus who, based on Starstream's escape direction, concludes the Decepticons are in New Jersey and most likely the Pine Barrens.
O: Pine Barrens!? I am now massively disappointed by the lack of Jersey Devil in this episode.
S: I don't think they have the budget for the Jersey Devil.
O: I mean, if you've seen the Jersey Devil- I- Honestly, I am devastated, devastated! I did not get to see great Transformers鈥 animation for this demonic beast, because I want it so bad.
S: Maybe the Jersey Devil will appear in some other iteration of Transformers at some point.聽
O: But will he be-
S: Just imagine it.
O: But will it be bad 80鈥檚 animation, Specs?聽
S: Well, someone could do, um, Transformers versus American cryptids and potentially do it with bad 80鈥檚 animation.
O: That sounds like a delight.聽 However, speaking of the Pine Barrens, the Geddis brothers drop off all the cars and then they send all the drivers back to the city on a bus.
S: Of course, the camera pans over to the right and we see Megatron who was apparently in, uh, plain sight this entire time or showed up extremely stealthily in the last five seconds.
O: The Geddis brothers having delivered the shit ton of cars, asked Megatron where their million dollars is. Megatron being Megatron just aims his fusion cannon at them and says, 鈥淩ight here.鈥
S: They shoot at Megatron with their teeny little peashooter laser guns which is just as ineffective against him as they've been against all the other giant robots that have been shot at in this episode.
O: The two humans manage to dodge the fusion cannon blast and presumably run off into the woods.
S: Tracks and Raoul are in the trees nearby and Tracks only just now attempts to contact Optimus but is unable to due to a broken radio.
O: Soundwave and Rumble are loading cars into a giant conveyor belt as Tracks gets closer to investigate.
S: Tracks is really pulling a Daphne this episode, it feels like.
O: [Laughter] It really is.聽
S: As the cars are pulled into the building Scrapper is waiting just inside with a giant sword- I keep wanting to say laser sword but I don't remember- and he hits them with the sword. Tracks is not happy about possibly becoming robot sushi and the wire repair from earlier conveniently chooses that moment to fall to pieces.
O: Raoul used electrical tape, or at least it certainly looks like electrical tape, and speaking from experience- electrical tape does not just fall apart like that!
S: It's plot.聽
O: [Laughter] I know it's plot but they should have used, I don't know, like masking tape or something that doesn't stick very well.
S: It鈥檚 plot.聽
O: [Laughter] Oh, right, right, right, right- switching my brain to off.
S: Raoul notices that Tracks isn't moving and whisper-shouts at him to get out of there.聽
O: Tracks is immortal danger, time for a commercial break.
S: Raoul runs out and yells at the nearby Cons that they'd better not touch his car.
O: Megatron gives him a look that can only be described as 鈥淲here the fuck did this one come from? We had gotten rid of the humans.鈥
S: Unfortunately, humans are a bit of an infestation, Megatron.聽
O: Raoul-
S: They will turn up wherever.
O: They truly will, and then Raoul lies and says he had a bomb in his car.
S: Raoul goes big.聽
O: Megatron then threatens him with his fusion cannon for a bit, uh, because he wants him to remove the non-existent bomb.
S: Starscream and Soundwave are just, you know, chilling nearby.
O: Rumble was just here. Is he on coffee break?聽
S: Probably.
O: [Laughter] See, the Decepticons have legally mandated breaks is what I'm getting from this.
S: They stop at the conveyor belt and Raoul fixes Tracks, who quickly transforms and opens fire.
O: And then the two of them basically run away.聽
S: Yep, and Ravage and Rumble follow on foot.聽
O: So much for that coffee break, but now Tracks is running low on energy because he's kind of been all over the place tonight.聽
S: He feels faint.
O: And he plans to make his last stand in robot mode.
S: Hey, you do what you got to do, I suppose. But Raoul runs off, trying to draw the cassettes away.
O: And Ravage nearly gets him before being tackled out of nowhere by Sideswipe.
S: Bee and Jazz arrive as well and the three of them chase off the Cassettes.聽
O: Tracks and Raoul are brought back to the Autobot base or Sparkplugs鈥 garage anyway, and shortly after the missing cars which were modified by the Decepticons begin to enter the city.聽
S: Optimus, Ratchet, and Blaster attempt to stop as many as possible on a bridge. I mean, good idea: natural choke point.
O: Right but then all the cars transform into robots and fire on the group of Autobots.聽
S: Meanwhile Bee, Sideswipe, Inferno, and Tracks take on the cars that have already entered the city.聽
O: Thankfully the cars are terrible shots and miss the Autobots. Unfortunately, they end up hitting a nearby skyscraper and it gets on fire now.
S: Inferno goes to play King Kong and climbs up to put it out and then Ironhide, Huffer, and Windcharger engage another group of cars.
O: I love that when these Decepticon cars transform all of their robot modes are the exact same red and yellow color scheme despite their vehicle modes all being different colors.
S: Um, the- the Decepticons got all of that, uh, got all that paint on discount or something.
O: [Laughter] Obviously.
S: On the bridge, Ratchet examines one of the downed cars and realizes they're being, you know, they're remote controlled.
O: So they broadcast a jamming signal and all the nearby cars, at least, stop.
S: The Autobots then head to the Pine Barrens to destroy the Decepticon base of the week that Tracks and Raoul found before.
O: Optimus yells, 鈥淲e're putting your company into bankruptcy, Megatron!鈥 Did Cybertron have bankruptcies?
S: Either that or the Autobots have been very well educated on Earth's financial systems which I would not put past, you know, Prowl insisting that they know.
O: Right my brain just went- obviously, Spike told them about this. Then they were educated about Earth financial institutions by a 14 year old boy mostly just because it's funnier.聽
S: Oh and probably, uh, Sparkplug coming in and having to-
O: Correct him?
S: Re-educate them.聽
O: [Laughter] Anyway bankruptcies aside, another firefight ensues.
S: Raoul has the power of a crowbar and God on his side and runs into the building to destroy the control panel but is quickly snatched up by Megatron.
O: So, wait, you're telling me that not only did Raoul just march off into that building, by himself, to wreck shit but also that Megatron was prescient enough to go inside and stop him despite being outside three seconds ago?
S: Yep.
O: Alright then.
S: Megatron walks back outside with Raoul and tells the Autobots they鈥檇 better stop firing.
O: Raoul, to his credit, is attempting to get out of Megatron's hand this entire time.
S: Tracks is threatening to turn Megatron into scrap metal, himself, if he harms Raoul.
O: Again, they've known each other for, like, a couple of hours, tops. They're, like, ride or die, it's great.聽
S:Mm-hm. Unable to get out of Megatron's grasp, Raoul reaches into his coat and pulls out a can of spray paint, mashes a button on Megatron's torso, opens a panel and then sprays paint into it.聽
O:This is apparently enough to completely incapacitate Megatron, who falls onto the ground.聽
S: Soundwave and Rumble grab Megatron and fly off to the main Decepticon HQ.
O: And they're never seen again. Obviously not. But, uh, a well-placed shot from Tracks causes the entire building to go up in flames.
S: Well, that was, uh, incredibly badly built.
O: Are you insinuating that the Constructicons have shoddy workmanship?
S: Well, they may not have been the ones called in to do that this week.
O: I mean, fair. He has so many. Even the Constructicons need a break.
S: Back in New York all the Decepticon cars are parked in and around Sparkplug鈥檚 garage.
O: They plan to fix them all and return them to their actual owners but Sparkplug鈥檚 not sure if Ratchet and him can handle it, even with Wheeljack helping out.聽
S: Raoul takes this as his cue to leave but Tracks walks over and picks him up and drops him next to a nearby car, apparently volunteering his labor.聽
O: The two bicker good-naturedly as the episode ends. So they are a couple now, right? Right?
S: Mm-hmm.
O: Yes!!
S: Or at least ride or die buddies, who may eventually evolve into a couple.
O: For clarification they're not actually in a romantic relationship because this was the 80鈥檚 but there is some fanfic which we have for recommendations in a moment but join us next time for: The Autobot Run. In which the Autobots will do no running... because they will not have legs.
B: [Laughter]
S: Oh yeah. It's a race, dudes. So, Owls has, uh, our fanfic recommendations for today. If you would like to take it away?聽
O: Uh, if you're not aware from my jokes during this episode, I actually really like Tracks and Raoul as a pairing so I just actually had these all ready, uh, which doesn't happen that often. Um, so our two picks for today are: 鈥淒anger, Sudden Swerve鈥 by Chibibee or, uh, Rebecky_Mo in parentheses. It is G1 Cartoon, it is PG-13, it's slash, our pairing is Tracks and Raoul. Our characters are Tracks and Raoul, and in summary, 鈥淎ll it takes is one wrong turn to find yourself somewhere new and amazing.鈥 Uh obviously this is based on this episode having Tracks in it and it is a collection of shorts.
O: And then our second fic for today is: 鈥淔ollowing the Tracks鈥 by LittleMissSweetgrass. Continuity is actually Transformers Prime for a change. It is rated T, it is slash again, characters and pairings are Tracks and Raoul although I do want to point out that there's actually a lot of characters from a lot of different continuities that get pulled into this one which makes it a lot of fun. So a lot of the human characters from IDW show up, um, as well as some Autobots that basically got humanized as human characters within the context of they were in relationships with some of the other human characters but, uh, it's really neat- it's nice to see some of these characters that have basically not popped up in anything for years like, uh, is it Asteria or Astoria? Uh, the one that's in love with Powerglide.
S: Yeah.
O: She pops up-聽
S: I don鈥檛 actually remember her- I don't remember her name, I'm afraid.聽
O: I bet- but her, the rich chick, uh, pops up. So does Chip. It's really nice, definitely recommend, uh, it is unfortunately ongoing so has not completed yet, so I'm, like, it's- it's very good and I read every single update, uh, but in summary, 鈥淎t the start of Transformers Prime they mentioned that it's been three years since the last Decepticon attack but what if it was also the last time they lost a team member? Tracks was attacked and abandoned in New York City with no way to contact his fellow Autobots. It just so happens that he meets a young man that will help him survive amongst the humans until he can make it back to his team. But what if they can't make it back to them before they leave Earth?鈥 And again it's a Tracks/Raoul聽 recommendation.
S: I know I need to read that one.
O: It's just- it's okay I have had the worst time keeping up with fics this year because 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving. I realize this will get posted in 2021 but we are recording it at the end of 2020.
S: Yeah, it's been a bad year, folks but I think you already know that.
O: Most people do anyway. So our, uh, [art] recommendation for today is Lantana, uh, they have a Tumblr and a Pixiv and their thing is chibis basically, uh, kind of, uh, that's a bit of an oversimplification but their colors are lovely and they have some very super-super-super-duper cute chibi robots. They're soft, they're colorful, I love them, and I want to give them all hugs. So, uh, some of the ones we're recommending: one of them is, uh, it's basically at least an IDW-esque Megatron but done up as a medic. That makes a lot more sense if you've read the comics, I'm sure, um, and then there's one where, uh, they decide- where his Decepticons decide to get him a birthday present. That birthday present is basically a, you know, a captured and tied up Optimus Prime in a giant present box.
S: Tied up with a big pink ribbon.
O: Of course. And then our other one is a Soundwave with a bunch of itty-bitty kitties and him feeding them. It is super cute.
S: Like, initially, I thought that this was a weird Polly Pocket situation where Soundwave had a Polly Pocket house for cats in his chest- it does not but-
O: That would be funny. They've also got a lot more stuff they've posted since I added them to our recommendation list, that is also gorgeous including some Shattered Glass stuff which, because, I love Shattered Glass and there's not a ton of stuff of it, so, uh, yeah, check out their work. It's lovely.
S: Yeah, it's really pretty. I really like the Soundwave and cats.
O: It's- it's just- it's so cute.
S: It is very cute and that about wraps it up for us today.聽 Remember to check us out on Tumblr or Pillowfort as Afterspark-Podcast for any additional information, show notes, or links we may have mentioned.聽 You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter at AftersparkPod (all one word) and various other locations by searching for Afterspark Podcast such as AO3, iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube, just to name a few.聽 And feel free to send us questions on Tumblr, Youtube, or AO3!聽 Till next time, I'm Specs.
O: I鈥檓 Owls.
S: Toodles.
[Outro Music]
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extra-terrestiala month ago
Tumblr media
Was it worth it?.... asking for a friend
honestly, not sure. i had friends at the time who WOULD NOT shut up about it and about how i HAD TO read it, and it was extremely annoying, because i didn't understand what they were talking most of the time, since all they talked about was twilight. so reading it got me on the same level as them, because then i DID know what they were talking about, even if it was dumb. so i'll give it some points for making my daily existence at 7th grade recess slightly less annoying. i don't think i would have read it without my friends being Like That though.
as a story? an experience? not worth the time that i put into it. it has some it truly concerns me how many young girls thought of edward as "dreamy" when the dude was just a full on stalker.
(i vaguely remember one scene where he broke into bella's room in the middle of the night to watch her sleep. do you know how creepy that is in real life?? because i do! i had a roommate that did that! he would just sit awake at night and watch people sleep! he also talked a lot about how he thinks torturing people would be fun!)
anyways i don't remember much about the books now, but i've heard other people say they could be fun entertainment in the "ha ha this is so bad" kind of way. and personally i am a big fan of things that are so bad/dumb that they're hilarious (one of my favorite movies is jupiter ascending; i've seen it SEVERAL times and still have no idea what the heck it's about, none of it makes sense, i love it)
i guess in conclusion: i don't know. everyone's gotta make their own bad choices. but i wouldn't read it again, and don't really recommend it to anyone.
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onceonafullmoona month ago
Since you have a few yandere things listed, I have to ask. Do you have a favorite kind of yandere? Mine personally is the type that realizes what they're doing is wrong, but can't stop themselves.
Oooh! I鈥檒l format this is as my favorite Yan combos instead of that鈥檚 ok!
Worshiping!Yan x Insecure/Shy!Darling
This is one of my favorite ones actually. I think it鈥檚 because I鈥檓 touch starved for love and affection, and hey, if you鈥檙e gonna get kidnapped might as well get the nicest kidnaper! It鈥檚 almost kinda cute in a weird way how kind the yandere is, and the darlings just like... 鈥渙h, so you鈥檙e really nice, but also what the fuck??鈥. I don鈥檛 write this one myself because I鈥檓 a afraid of making the character OOC, and when I write it it鈥檚 usually very subtle like in my Meruem Fic. I love reading these because of the mixed feelings they bring out within the reader. Like it鈥檚 very cute, but also at the same time very concerning so you can feel for Darling鈥檚 plight.
Confident! Yandere x Snarky! Darling
This one is also a favorite of mine, because of how entertaining it is. It鈥檚 basically like watching the worlds most dysfunctional couple attempt to stay civil with each other. Basically, a really fucked up reality TV show and you鈥檙e rooting for the darling to get outta there. Plenty of tense heated moments to go around, Darling just wants to go home and make their displeasure known, but not enough so that they鈥檒l get hurt. Yandere is confident they鈥檒l come around eventually, but they can鈥檛 lie, it is a bit annoying with all the sass that Darling gives to him. I never tried to write these, the closest being my Fumus fic; I鈥檓 not really a snarky person so back talk is kinda hard for me to write.
Tired! Yandere x Chaotic! Darling
Now I鈥檒l be honest, this one is rare, but it鈥檚 an absolute riot to read and/or write. Basically Darling is an absolute mess of a human being, cracking dumb jokes, having the worst ideas possible and just having no concern for their general well being. Meanwhile, Yandere is just having a heart attack watching their Darling do the most questionable things possible. Yandere claims that they know what鈥檚 best for Darling, but Darling ain鈥檛 having it though and continues to annoy Yandere with various antics. I鈥檇 actually love to write one of these as a mix of horror and comedy, I think it鈥檇 be hilarious. I haven鈥檛 tried to write these, but I will sometime soon.
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kiraisntcoola month ago
If your bar is set at "I didn't tell you to kill yourself so I'm being super nice rn", you're not a very nice person luv.
Ps it's also fucking hilarious to rant about someone being sensitive when you were bitching about your nudes not getting attention. Fix yourself and get back on them meds bitch
bitch you came at me first ? likeeee ??? bestie cmon now 馃榾
1. i鈥檓 allowed to say whatever the fuck i want on a video that i posted and if you鈥檙e too fucking dumb to see that what i was 鈥渂itching鈥 about was complete satire then you need to see your way out of my mentions.
2. you could鈥檝e messaged me politely and said how you felt but you decided to come at me sideways so i came at you sideways
3. baby i am sweeter than sweet i鈥檓 so sweet i鈥檒l make your teeth hurt but i can turn into a nasty cunt when provoked and bitch you provoked me
4. it鈥檚 extremely insensitive to tell someone who struggles with a mental illness to 鈥済et back on those meds鈥 because maybe i couldn鈥檛 afford them this month or maybe i don鈥檛 have health coverage
5. girl i鈥檓 going to sleep i don鈥檛 have to deal with a sensitive ass bitch on tumblr who gets into business that doesn鈥檛 concern them. fuck off respectfully with peace and love
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