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#this is fucking hilarious and I love it
indominusregina · 4 hours ago
I made the mistake of going through the Ragnarok s2 tag before I finished or even got to That Episode and now I’m just. Mad and incredibly amused.
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piduai · 2 days ago
would you say noda panders to fujos at all?
no, he's just using a lot of well-established shoujo/ecchi/general manga tropes except with a male cast instead of female for comedy, you guys are just too obtuse and consumed way too much p*rnography to be able to spot an obvious parody even if it's gonna wear a coat made of peacock feathers and start trotting. if he wanted to pander to fujos he'd make his characters have stronger emotional bonds.
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suburbanenigma · 2 days ago
good morning my father sent my mother a series of drunk texts (in the morning) and amongst everything about her being the “worst ex wife ever” and how she’s a bad mother he decided to say something along the lines of “I hope youre having fun at [hospital where my mom works] where they change girls into boys and boys into girls. do you not care that what you’re doing is wrong?? you are raising GIRLS not BOYS. and they are not boys. and they are not gay either. you are not raising a couple of gay fag faggots” then he proceed to go on to say that he would pay for a lawyer to get custody of us to try to teach us how to be real people and because we’re the only thing in the world that matters to him xoxo. like John. John. I do not say this lightly but actually go fuck yourself
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mayasaura · 3 days ago
can i ask why you have an ianthe cw? ive seen it around tlt tumblr and im just curious
Warning: this post contains greater than the reccomended dose of Ianthe Tridentarius. Talk to your doctor if you or your loved ones begin presenting signs of Ianthelioma.
It's a joke that orginated on one of the Locked Tomb discords!
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bnhastanning · 4 days ago
Erasermic Fic Idea 
Because idk what Miraculous Lady Bug is about but whatever is going on their “love square” is fucking hilarious. anyways,
Secret Hero Identity AU where neither Aizawa or Yamada know the other is a superhero. Aizawa has a crush on Yamda, but not Present Mic (yet). Yamada has a crush on Eraserhead, but not Aizawa (yet). So the only time there is reciprocated affection between the two of them is interactions between Hizashi Yamada and Eraserhead, but all other times its usually one sided. (I had to make a diagram for myself because I was confused as well, see undercut). 
The entire fic is basically going to be Eraserhead sharing his love-sick woes about his friend to Present Mic (unknowing that Present Mic is his friend), and Yamada talking about how he’s fallen in love with his co-worker to Aizawa (unknowing that his co-worker is Aizawa) and now both of those idiots don’t think they actually have a chance with the person they love, but they will cherish every second they get with their crush even though its never going to happen. This means that Hizashi Yamada will sometimes not get himself out of trouble (even though he’s a hero himself and can do so easily) just so Eraserhead can save him. This also means Eraserhead purposefully taking patrol routes he where knows he’ll run into Yamada. The only person who knows both men’s secret identities is Aizawa’s adopted 13 year old son, Hitoshi Shinsou, who doesn’t say anything because he thought they already knew and this was just a game they like playing.
Its not until trafficking ring somehow catches wind of Eraserhead’s true identity and kidnaps his son do things really start to get out of hand. Upon hearing about his friend’s kid in trouble, Yamada dawns his Present Mic outfit to help out Aizawa. On the flipside, Aizawa is surprised when the first hero to respond to the kidnapping was none other than his co-worker, Present Mic, and as much as the loudness can sometimes get to him, he really really appreciates this and decides to break all protocol and dawn his Eraserhead persona to help Mic save Shinsou. 
But now Mic is like, where tf did Aizawa go? And now Eraserhead is here and desperately trying to save Shinsou. So that leaves Mic with the conclusion that the guy Eraserhead must like is actually his friend Aizawa. So, Aizawa and Eraserhead are obviously dating. Wow. Life is weird.
Tumblr media
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megatraven · 5 days ago
“you suck”
“if you can sneak us out of here i just might”
i cant BELIEVE that joke got put in and i am so here for it but SIR!!!!!!!!!!
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imperiuswrecked · 5 days ago
Remember the time that one Hellboy actor said that Hellboy doesn’t fuck but then the Og Hellboy actor came out and said Hellboy definitely does fuck?
That’s the kinda drama that is so much more interesting in comic fandoms and why I am sipping my drink and enjoying reading fans roasting DC for saying Batman doesn’t go down.
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yanara126 · 5 days ago
I hate the fact that my brain has latched onto Garen of all champions. That Lux comic did me in. But there’s barely any fanfic content for the dude which just frustrates me beyond reason. I swear to go if I end writing fucking LoL fanfics I will scream at my friend who introduced me to this game. I did not sign up to unironically not only become invested in the excuse of backstory these champions get but also seriously enjoy watching esports.
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ineffable-writer · 7 days ago
I have this weird rivalry with my aunt’s wife, who’s sort of like a lesbian version of those advisors in fantasy novels that try and corrupt otherwise-noble kings. She’s like Wormtongue meets Melissa McCarthy specifically in that cop movie she did with Sandra Bullock, which like, I can appreciate as a character choice and will 100% be putting in a story but also do not need in my actual day-to-day real life.
Anyway, we had a falling-out a couple years ago because she took my estranged not-brother’s side in a really awful bit of family drama and now I guess I’m doing well in my career because she’s reaching out? Inviting me to go hang out in their summer home and saying she wants to spend time together.
Which would be much more welcome if A., she hadn’t ignored me for half a decade and tried to estrange me from my aunt and B., hadn’t actually told my mom word-for-word that she thinks I’m going places and plans to start kissing my boots.
I have been cracking up over this all day. I’ve officially made it. Bucket list: check.
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