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#this is adorable! kudos to the artist
jinkohhh · 6 months ago
confession: I cannot stand the fact that wwx was brought back into a shorter-than-lwj body because it’s so fucking heteronormative that the *bottom* in the relationship (already fucking heteronormative, thanks!) is shorter and has a self-lubricating arse and a thin waist but a perfectly peachy-round butt and it literally stops me from reblogging some of the most amazing fanart because it was such a gross hetero move from the hetero writer.
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resilientkitteh · 2 hours ago
Secret Sessions-Fic Rec
Title: Secret Sessions Author: parkkate Rating: Teen and Up Exploding Snap Trope: Portraits Word Count: 2,437 Tags: Hogwarts Eighth Year, Post-War, Painting, Portraits Summary:  Prompted on tumblr: can you do a fic where Harry is looking on the maurauders map and sees Draco in a place in the castle he has never been before so when Draco leaves he goes to check it out and finds that Draco is painting portraits of Harry? Excerpt: “As Harry watched Malfoy’s little dot continue its pacing he stretched his arms over his head and yawned. The warmth of the fireplace was soothing but it also made him tired. “Guys, I think I’m going to-” Harry stopped dead. Malfoy’s dot was suddenly hurrying out of the Slytherin common room. Where was he going? And at this hour? “I think… I’m going to go for a walk,” Harry said slowly.” Rec Notes: All of the squeeing from my little shipper heart!!! Secret Sessions by parkkate is an amazing fic! I love it so much and honestly I was internally squeeing the entire time I read it! First you have Harry, once again obsessed with Draco Malfoy and creeping on him via the Marauder's Map even after the war. I guess some things never change! Which I loved because of the throwback to my favorite canon Drarry line in the books. Then you get this awesome combination of characters some of whom you would expect to be together and some you wouldn't which of course just makes Harry's curiosity even stronger. He eventually finds out what they are all doing together and gets a look at the portraits this group has been working on. Harry takes time to enjoy the artwork and guesses one of Luna's creations rather quickly. Draco was not a fan of Harry turning up however and by the time Harry finds the portrait of himself...the artist has escaped from the room! I love the way that Draco sneaks out, as he is mortified to see Harry enter his secret painting club and he is clearly just so embarrassed. Which he, in classic Draco style tries to cover with snark and sass but my little shipper heart was just screaming about how cute he was the whole time! Harry refuses to leave Draco alone, because he is adorably obsessed with the blond still and they have a precious conversation! Super adorable, a little awkward at times but I loved it so much! And kudos to Harry for finding his bravery and going for what he wanted! Also in the midst of their conversation Draco slips and tells Harry that there are plenty more portraits where that came from and I seriously squealed at that line! I love little moments like that where you say something and are like crap...I just said that out loud didn't I? Oh and I love the way that Draco paints Harry, it's a look that Harry wouldn't have painted on himself, but it's clearly how Draco sees him and it's beautiful!!!! Anyways I totally recommend this fic! It's amazing and adorable and very well written! My heart was pounding as Harry followed Draco and to be honest I didn't want the fic to be over! 
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itsany62 · a day ago
SteveTony - Canon Divergence
Here are some some Canon Divergence fics that I adore. Don't forget to leave kudos and nice comments in every fic! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Second Chance Lives, by raeldaza, 43 k >, Iron Man 2 AU.
Tony's gonna die of palladium poisoning anyway, why not join a pointless expedition to recover Captain America’s body? And after, well, why not dedicate his last few months to making sure an American hero settles into his new life? What else is he going to do, get drunk at parties?
Stick With Me, Baby, I’m the Fella You Came in With by Annie D (scaramouche), 10 k > words .
During the final battle with Ultron, Tony kisses Steve for the first time. Afterward, he makes it clear to Steve that he was just running on adrenaline and not thinking clearly. Steve seems to accept it, but the kiss nudges open a door of possibilities, and the situation escalates.
Say When by ann2who, 42 k > words, Iron Man 2 AU, Undercover AU.
Book 1 of the Say When series. An alternate version of Iron Man 2. What if Steve was unfrozen early? What if instead of Natasha, Steve got assigned to help Tony while the genius was slowly dying of palladium poisoning? What if he never revealed his identity to him until the very moment the Avengers first came together, forming a team?
Falling For You (Hook, Line, and Sinker) by FestiveFerret, 62 k > words, Long Distance Relationship.
After being thawed, Steve's adrift in the 21st century. There's nothing for him here, just the endless cycle of pre-packaged food, pointless training exercises, and long hours at the gym. But when he takes on a new project, it leads him to a new friend - one who might open up all kinds of new doors, new feelings, new experiences. Or might just break his heart.
hold your breath (now let’s go save the world) by janonny, 7 k > words, Canon Divergence - Avengers: Endgame (Movie), Fix-It.
In between a hell lot of guilt and repression, Tony goes to ridiculous lengths to avoid talking to Steve and Steve in turn tries to out-stubborn Tony. Then they come up with a way to save the world because that’s what they do.
The First Day of Spring by ShippersList, 18 k > words, Aftermath of Torture, Permanent Injury.
Tony Stark is a genius, philanthropist, playboy—and in a wheelchair. The terrorists didn’t only damage his heart, they also shattered his spine, leaving him brittle and broken.
There are many things in this new world Steve tries to understand, and Iron Man’s devotion to his bitter employer is just one of them. But when aliens attack New York, Steve is about to learn a great deal about the team’s evasive benefactor.
Won't Live in Regrets by GotTheSilver, 21 k > words, Avengers: Endgame (Movie) - Alternate 2012 Timeline.
2012 branching timeline.
Brushing the shattered glass off himself, Steve stands up, puts the sceptre back in the case and looks around. There’s no sign of his double, and Steve doesn’t understand how he’s ended up back with the sceptre when his double was so determined to get it. There’s an echo in his ear and he’s reminded he’s still linked to the rest of the team. “Stark? Anyone? What’s happening?”
“Tony had a minor incident,” comes Natasha’s voice in his ear. “He’s being looked at. Where are you?”
“Lower floor, I’ve still got the sceptre.”
“I thought that was going with SHIELD?”
“So did I.”
Yes, Just Like This by gottalovev, 35 k > words, Road Trips, IN SPACE!, Amnesia.
Tony wakes up in a hospital on another planet missing his memories of the last eleven years. It's now 2023, and he learns the Avengers saved half the universe. Unfortunately, not everything he forgot is good news.
(An Endgame Alternate Universe AND Civil-War fix-it and get together story, weaved through a space road trip with Steve, Carol and Nebula. Complete but cut in 5 chapters for ease of reading.)
Throw a Little Hot Rod Red in There by FestiveFerret, SirSapling, 55 k > words, Pre-Serum Steve Rogers.
Tony Stark was pretty sure that the absolute worst time to get asked out by an incredibly talented, good-looking artist, who likes to paint - and defend - Iron Man, is when he's dying of palladium poisoning.
Someone Reaching Back For Me by FestiveFerret, 17 k > words, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Pre-Serum Steve Rogers.
Steve is sickly, unemployed, broke, and homeless.
All he has left is a business card with a rather hard to get phone number on it.
Bright Things and Fair by sheron , 21k > words, 1970s, Canon Divergence - Avengers: Endgame (Movie).
The course of true love never did run smooth — and neither did time-travel to retrieve the Tesseract. When circumstances outside their control force Steve and Tony to spend more time together in the 1970, they do what two people with their history do under the circumstances: work together and try to get through it without unnecessary feelings getting in the way. Falling for each other is definitely a bad idea, isn't it?
Reject Your Reality (and Substitute My Own) by dapperanachronism, Robin_tCJ, 74 k > words, Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Café.
Single parent Tony Stark’s son is the most important thing in the world to him – the ONLY important thing in the universe. A hipster Brooklyn coffee-shop owner & veteran doesn’t even rank on the list – even if he is hot and funny and kind.
When he hears about the possibly-high-traffic-and-therefore-dangerous coffee shop moving in next door to Casey’s preschool, he does the only sensible thing he can think of – he confronts the owner and tries to convince him to open his shop elsewhere.
Of course, Steve Rogers is stubborn as hell, and it turns out he can make a mean cup of coffee.
It sounds like an ordinary kid-fic coffee shop AU, but look a little closer and nothing is quite what it seems.
What Could've Been by itsallAvengers, 11 k > words, Canon Divergence - Iron Man 2.
So. Tony's dying. Palladium poisoning is a shitty, painful way to go, but hey: at least it's his birthday party, right? A cool send off. Lots of alcohol and fun and girls and-
...And all Tony wants is Steve Rogers, the stupid Art Professor who used Tony for a booty call now and again and whom Tony had stupidly decided to start falling in love with. Whilst in the middle of getting slowly poisoned to death.
God, he wished his life was easier.
My Better Half, My Saving Grace by ChocolateCapCookie, 4 k > words, Fluff, Slice of Life.
The five different ways Steve Rogers loves Tony Stark
Cherry Ride by copperbadge, 12 k > words, Secret Identity, Iron Man 2.
A SHIELD agent named Roger Stevens told Tony that his nickname was "Cap". Tony didn't connect the dots until it was much, much too late.
ruin the friendship by parkrstark, 9 > words, Domestic Avengers, Getting Together.
5 times Tony flustered Steve...and the one time Steve flustered him.
Look at my eyes, Don't even know who I am. by Perlmutt, 30 k > words, Tarzan AU.
Deciding to take a break from the bustling city life, Tony found himself on a deserted island somewhere near the South American coast. Only JARVIS and DUM-E accompanied him here. This was the perfect place for him to clear his head and focus on his studies. The sun was warm, the sea beautiful and the animals peaceful. But in the jungle around him waited an adventure for him that he couldn't have dreamt of.
Because he was not alone. Blue eyes watched him.
A man as wild and untamed as the jungle around them…
Blue Days, Black Nights by janonny, 17 K > words, Canon Divergence - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie).
Over the span of two years as a fugitive, Steve gets a little too attached to the flip phone, his only link to Tony. (Or the story where Steve is an overachiever, even when it comes to his brooding.)
Instinctual by mariana_oconnor, 17 k > words, Wolf pollen.
The true effects of the super soldier serum are top secret. Only a few people know the truth - the serum turned Steve Rogers into a werewolf. Steve still hasn't found a way to tell Tony, even though they've been in a relationship for months. He can't bring himself to explain that he's a monster.
But when they are clearing out an AIM base, that decision is taken out of his hands.
Fur Will Fly by janonny, 4 k > words, Canon Divergence - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Cat Tony Stark, Dog Steve Rogers.
Thanos’ minions invades Earth. At this critical juncture, Steve and Tony get turned into a dog and cat respectively.
But that isn’t going to stop them from kicking ass.
Or from bickering with each other either.
given you a number, taken away your name by janonny, 4 k > words, Canon Divergence - Iron Man 2, Secret Identity.
As Tony behaves more erratically, S.H.I.E.L.D. sends in Steve as an undercover agent in S.I. to be Natasha’s back-up. Except Steve is really, really not cut out for this undercover business.
Before the lift’s doors closed, Stark suddenly grinned and said, “Call me Tony. Have a better rest of the day, big guy.”
Awkwardly, Steve lifted his free hand and waved as the doors slid shut between them.
What...what was he doing? Why was he waving? Steve hurriedly put his hand down and turned around sharply.
It Matters How This Ends by FestiveFerret, 4 k > words, Post-Captain America: Civil War (Movie).
“You said if I needed you, you’d be there,” Tony finally stuttered out.
“I did.” Steve’s eyes softened. “I meant it.”
You Can Guard My Life Anytime, Soldier by betheflame, 32 k > words, Lifeguard Steve.
Steve Rogers is the newest lifeguard at Tony Stark's Barnegat Beach Resort and Tony has some questions.
First, how is it legal for one human to be that hot?
Two, where does Steve disappear to on his days off - or, more specifically, who?
Finally, does that blush mean Steve likes Tony's flirting or is about to sue Tony for sexual harassment?
A story where Tony has his shit together and Steve *thinks* he does, but then he doesn't, and Tony helps put him back together again.
Gained in Translation by Annie D (scaramouche), 11 k > words, Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Post-Iron Man 3.
Steve returns to New York and meets Tony for the first time since they’d parted ways after the Chitauri incident. It’s a little awkward at first, but they gain a new rhythm, which is mainly based on their ability to surprise each other and prove those first impressions inaccurate.
Set between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron.
A Forever Thing by midnightsnacks, 6 k > words, Canon Divergence - Post-Captain America: Civil War (Movie).
Tony jumped up, ready to throw his drink right into the strangers face when a strong hand grabbed his wrist and held him in place. He looked up into unforgettably bright eyes. So, not a stranger then.
Improvisation is key by nannersmelo, 2 k > words, Canon Divergence - Post-Captain America: Civil War (Movie).
“Happy,” he turned to the silent chauffeur, who startled in response, “do you still have it?”
Steve raised a brow to him, “Have what?”
“Oh, yes!” and he proceeded to search his pockets, until he pulled out a single wedding ring while beaming a smile from ear to ear, “I’ve been carrying this since 2012!”
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now by vorkosigan, 12 k > words, Canon Divergence - Avengers (2012), Christmas Eve.
"Hold that thought," Tony said into his phone. "I apparently just got hit by a hitchhiker."
"You hit a hitchhiker?" Happy sounded horrified.
"What? Am I talking to a wall? I got hit by a hitchhiker."
Having just broken up with Pepper, Tony is driving to California on Christmas Eve. When he picks up a hitchhiker, he hardly expects him to be the former Captain America, defrosted and on the run from SHIELD.
some words build houses in your throat by only_more_love, 6 k > words, Canon Divergence - Avengers: Endgame (Movie).
The night before they travel back in time, Tony says what he needs to say.
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sessrin-eternity2 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ahhhhh!!!!! Yaaaay! OmMokomoko! Rin is here!! And she is just so beautiful and adorable!!
(。>‿‿<。 )Sesshomaru's Queen everybody!! I love this so much!! So many kudos to the one who made these plush pillows!
Tumblr media
*Pretending this is the Sato version of Adult Rin since this was what the artist came up with*
Now kiss you two!! ❀(*´▽`*)❀
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Who are your Top 5 fave Phantom Thieves of Hearts?
It could be just one or two, but sometimes you can't help it, but to love all of them. But there's always a fave or two and sadly a dislike. But let's focus on the top faves. Honestly for me... it's hard to chose. I mean I have my two faves, but do I have my top 5 faves? 🤔 Hmm... well, most do share the same spots... And please don't be mad at choices! 🙏 We all can't like the same the thing or person after all. Anyway! I will expose my top 5 and be warn, there are spoilers, so I advise you not to look at the list until you played the games or seen the walk through. If you like to spoil yourself, go ahead....
5. Sophia/Sophie. Why her? Well, she's adorable and an AI who has a Persona. She's not the first technology thing to have one, of course. But I like her plot and how she's trying to learn what a heart is. She has YoYo as her weapon which is cool and despite many let downs, she had learn from her teammates and understand what it means to be a Phantom Thief of Hearts. As the story goes, she was slowly losing her robot like voice and to find out how she was created! I like it! I'm gonna miss her...
4. Futaba Sakura/Oracle (Navi in Japan). Why? I just like her personalities and how she's a great hacker while trying to be outgoing. (You can do it, Futaba!). She's funny and I love her siblings relationship with Ren/MC and Yusuke. Her past was so sad and I just wanna hug her. I am glad she has an adopted dad like Sojiro and how she was willing to change her heart to save him. I'm really glad in Royal she has her victory pose after the all out attack. I just wish she'd had one in Strikers when things are looking bad, she actives her showtime to fully heal the HP and SP. PS, I love her UFO like Persona!!
3. Yusuke Kitagawa/Fox. I love this dork! He is beautiful, such a soul of an artist and kinda gullible in most things. He's a sweetie and never miss an opportunity to art. What happened to him in the past and in P5, I wanna protect him. I'm glad the Phantom Thieves came in to help and he becomes one. His relationship with Futaba is funny. They're like siblings to each other (Sorry to those who shipped them!). And he's sort of the first for Futaba to interact with. I do worry about his money situation, but he seems to be doing okay. I really wish Atlus added that you could date guys, I mean they made you date older women, but not a guy at close age to? O.o Anyway, Yusuke is a funny and sweet guy, kinda naive but a good guy. Kudos to the voice actors, both English and Japanese.
2. Morgana/Mona & Ryuji Sakamoto/Skull. Eh? Two?! Hey, it's hard to chose, okay? =3= Now why? Let's start with Morgana... He's a talking cat and he's adorable! (Morgana: I'm NOT a cat) Hehe... Anyway! He's like a mascot yet he's strong and wise in most situations. Despite being a cat in the real world, he still hangouts with the team to join in the fun. I love how he's smitten over Ann yet acts like a gentleman (sometimes) towards her and the fact he can become a bus (and helicopter in Royal) is awesome! I feel bad about when Morgana started to feel useless to the team and no one notice it until Haru appears as a thief. But I am glad he'd came back and to learn his past, wow! I nearly cried at the end of P5. I kinda wish he a human form like Teddie, but at least he kinda did in Royal. And I really wish his cat sprite has more reactions and stuff. The fact his Persona is Zorro... pfft X3c It's like Puss in Boots in Shrek! Now, Ryuji... He's such a good boy with a temper, but he has reasons why. Despite that, he's a good friend and never abandons his friends. Thanks to the MC, he slowly becomes who he should be and I'd a funny guy. I feel bad that his track team treated badly because of what happened and I kinda get it, but still... Anyway! He's like the loyal friend who got your back and is willing to stand up for his friends, even his life to save them. He even didn't judge the MC and becomes his first friend of Shujin Academy. Now, why both on the top fave 2? Well, they always bicker at each other yet they kinda get along sometimes. They both are close to the MC and they're funny like Yosuke and Teddie in P4. Glad their relationship had grew in Strikers and the fact that they are not afraid to blunt insults to each other. At least they're good friends.
Now, the top most fave(s), drum roll please........................
1. Ren Amamiya/Akira Kurusu/Joker & Zenkichi Hasegawa/Wolf. Again another spot is share! And before Strikers, Joker is still my top fave then Zenkichi came in, it's a tied. Let's start with Ren. Ren is handsome! He's cool and mysterious! The plot for him is perfect and how his Persona is Arsene is even more perfect. The background of his shows how hard life is, despite doing something good, he get punish in the end? That's bull crap and everyone treated him like he's a bad boy when he's not. Thankfully, he made friends and people around soon learns he's not a bad boy at all. Ren is charmer and he's still the guy who is willing to help those in need, of course that's up to the player. I do wish in Strikers that it kinda shown his distrust and trauma of the police. I would protect him and make any cops stay a safe distance from him. (Sorry Zenkichi) At least he kinda got his life back thanks to his friends and allies. Did I mention I like him? Seriously I do! 🥰 He's handsome and his smile... Sorry! Now, Zenkichi... This guy is a goof ball, the only adult of Phantom Thieves of Hearts and is a cop! Well, PubSec. He's like Dojima and Sojiro in one, sort of. At first, I did distrust due to he's a cop and all, plus you know in P4 and with Goro. I wasn't sure about him until I had watch the walk through and when first seeing him and when he'd laughed, I thought 'I might like this guy, but let's wait and see'. Now, I thought he would be a comic relief which he sort of is while still not trusting him until we learn he's a dad and how he'd lost his wife which 'Wait! He's a dad and had a wife who was killed in hit and run? Dojima 2?!' OwO I was surprised. Of course, not exactly the same, but similar plot. We get to learn about his past, his relationship with his daughter and why he was using the Phantom Thieves for such case. I start to feel bad for him and his daughter, heck even the Phantom Thieves felt bad. At some point, I did started to like him and Zenkichi was starting to bond with them and they even started to think as him part of the team. Once Zenkichi reveals why he'd hadn't caught the killer, I truly feel bad and understand why he let the killer go. Then boom! He has a Persona that fits him perfectly and such a cool Phantom Thief attire! 😳 That's when I fallen for him 'Dang it! First Joker now him!' He became like a dad of the team, always reminded them that despite what happened to the Monarch, it's still wrong what they're doing now. Despite how old he is (He's in his 40s) he can still fight and is cool! Still a goof ball good looking guy. Now, why both on the same spot? .....I love both them equally! 😍 They're both cool, good looking and those smirks... How dare Atlus did this to me?! I love their Personas. I wish we could see them having bonding moments though. *clears throat* Anyway. Because how I like them, as always I had created OCs to be with them. Hehe 😅
Now, for the rest of Phantom Thieves of Hearts. I do love them all, truly. Makoto is cool and she's the mom of the group. Ann is good friend to hangout, plus she's caring about others who had suffered. Haru is a sweetie who has scary side to her (Do not let her drive). Goro is someone that you wish he had saved sooner and yes I did hate him but I feel bad for what happened to him. Sumire, I wasn't sure about we had learn her background and wow! What a twist. I did call her a hypocrite while I can see why she thought that the people don't help themselves when reality the thieves gives courage and they done something to move on with some help, unlike what she did but I get it and I do like her persona.
Who would I want to be part of the team? Hmm... Hifumi since she was gonna be part of the team, but sadly that was cut off. She would've been better as a thief. Maybe Mishima, maybe! Sojiro... What?! It would've been cool, although he isn't young as he use to be, still. Lastly Maruki. I am surprised he doesn't count to be part of the team, but I guess it's because his Persona was kinda controlling him (I can't remember 😅) and didn't join the team. He would've been a neat addition to team, being a dad/uncle of the group. I feel bad for the guy and I get why did all that yet what about him? Doesn't he deserve to be happy to? Also... what happened to his girlfriend after the Metaverse vanishes in Royal? Anyway, he still like a sweet guy to me and I kinda wish Royal was mentioned in Strikers, but Strikers is technically a sequel/spin off to P5 since Strikers was part of P5, but it was too long and got cut. Hence of no mentioning of Royal.
Whew! Anyway! No hate on this, not everyone agrees with my choices and it's different from everyone opinions. But what about you guys? Got top faves and wish who would've been part of the team??
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fanfictionlive · 27 days ago
After five years of reading, writing, and scrapping my work, I finally gained the confidence to finish my FIRST EVER completed fic and posted it!
I guess I should start this off by saying this is probably going to be a super long post, but I cant help it because I’m super excited and super emotional right now!!!
My relationship with writing has always been a rocky one. I‘ve been reading fanfiction for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t start writing until about five years ago. Even then, I never really finished anything I started or even posted my work online, because of my lack of confidence and what I felt was a general lack of ability to make anything good.
I had some really good ideas, but when it came to execution, they were always so hard to write and I always gave up really easily, without giving myself a chance to get past even a few hundred words. I cared too much about every little detail and my perfectionism and low self esteem really got in the way of things.
For a while, I had given up on writing and even took a hiatus from reading, deciding to focus more on my art instead, as I’ve always been more of an artist than a writer. Last year was when things started to change though, and I decided to revisit some old fanfiction I adored when I was younger and rediscovered my love for fanfics.
It all started with me revisiting a tag for this rarepair I had back when I was around 13-14, and I was delighted to see that even though the fandom is sort of a dead one in terms of fanfiction (and the rarepair was REALLY rare,) there were still recent works for it by this one author. Immediately, I read all the fics they posted, and I adored every single one. I left a bunch of comments and even befriended the author! We were so excited to finally find someone else who still liked this specific pairing even after all these years and it was awesome to share the love with someone else.
Anyway, this author really inspired me to get writing again. I had forgotten how much joy fanfiction brought to me back in the day, and I felt bad for letting my frustrations and impatience with my own writing get in the way of that enjoyment. So I decided to get writing again.
It wasn’t an immediate process, however. I struggled to keep myself motivated and I still scrapped like, 90% of the stuff I worked on. I was moving between fandoms every few months, and for each fandom I had gotten into in a span of a few months, I wrote at least 3-5 unfinished fics. Some would get to at least 1-2k words, while some were stuck on the summary or first few hundred words. I would still get discouraged and frustrated easily, but I was determined to finish at least ONE fanfic.
I suppose I should mention that I wasn’t planning on publishing any of the fics that I had worked on up to this point, since they were all self-indulgent and I wrote them primarily for myself. There really was no pressure to get anything done, which made it easier for me to give up too.
Anyway, I soldiered on, writing more and more but never really finishing anything, because I kept getting new ideas and losing steam and moving on to new interests. I was still doing better than I was previously, because at least I was still creating rather than giving up on writing entirely.
Still, my friends kept joking about me being the ceo of abandoning my works (which was all lighthearted because I totally agree with them,) but one day, something in me just kinda snapped.
A few weeks ago I had gotten into a new fandom (again) and got really attached to this one pairing. I checked to see how many works it had on ao3 and it had around 3 pages at the time, so I decided I needed to be the change I wanted to see in the world and sat myself down, told myself I wasn’t going to abandon this fic this time, and basically wrote non-stop for like, 4 days because I guess I must’ve really liked that pairing.
For once, my motivation was at an all time high and I was feeling super inspired, and every time I was about to gave up I kept reminding myself that this was a labor of love and that this thing that I was writing deserved to exist.
I got to around 3.8k words, just writing with my heart and not caring about any mistakes or editing and all the technical stuff, because all those things were what really discouraged me all those years ago. I guess I just cared too much, which really sucked out all the joy of writing back then. I approached this new fic with a who cares? mindset, because in the end, I was writing for me and had to remind myself of that constantly.
After finally finishing that fic, I was extremely tired so I slept on it, did some minor editing, and for some reason got this random surge of confidence so I decided screw it and uploaded it on ao3. I didn’t check my notifications for like, a whole day because I was so nervous. When I finally gathered the confidence to check the comments, I was expecting people to rip my work to shreds.
I was so surprised to see that people enjoyed what I wrote, and after years of hiding my work away from the world, I honestly felt like crying now that I finally finished something I started and had other people find joy in the stuff I’ve created like how I find joy in the fanfiction other authors have created. I was just super emotional that day and I think I might’ve cried.
Right now, my work has around 7 comments and I cherish each and every one of them, as well as everyone who left kudos! I’ve started to have a more positive relationship with my work and my writing now. I still have a lot left to learn and to work on, and I’m definitely not the best writer out there.
I’ve got a long way to go before my writing reaches the level of those authors I look up to, but as long as I’m happy and having fun, I’m okay with it now. I’ll just learn as I go and remind myself that this is all just a hobby and it’s not the end of the world if not everything I make is a literary masterpiece. I dunno, I’m just really proud of myself for finally seeing something to completion, even if it was only a oneshot and might not seem like a big deal to others.
Anyway, sorry this was so long and all over the place! I just felt like I needed to share all this with someone. I actually owe a lot to this subreddit as I’ve been lurking around and reading posts on my browser before finally deciding to join the community today.
I think I might’ve just found my comfort subbredit, because seeing this community of authors supporting each other, struggling and helping each other out makes me feel significantly less alone and also really helps motivate me to keep writing. I also couldn’t have gotten this far without the support of my amazing friends, and they mean everything to me.
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river-bottom-nightmare · 27 days ago
Nightwing #80 Review
woot woot i’ve kept it up for three issues lets gooo. i liked this issue more than the last one. there’s a lot of fanon dick characterization peppered in, but not so much that it puts me off entirely. also, i’m getting increasingly concerned about bitewing. but i did like tim in this one, very nice
Tumblr media
look at all the blue and purple and pink. honestly at this point, i’m a broken record but come on come on come onnnnnnn. the blue and pink is very pretty though. this cover’s a bit offputting at first, and a bit spiraly, which i’m sure was the intended effect.
Tumblr media
this is a genuine concern of mine. dick’s a vigilante, and he doesn’t have the same sprawling network and resources that bruce does. (even if he is a billionaire now, he hasn’t amassed the same collection of crime-fighting equipment that bruce has.) 
i’m not sure if he’ll be able to take care of bitewing. damian’s got plenty of pets, but alfred used to take care of them, and now bruce plus the rest of the batfam is taking care of them. as far as we know, babs only drops by occasionally, and the same goes for dick’s family and friends. will dick be able to give bitewing the love and time and affection that a traumatized puppy like her needs? i really hope so.
she does look adorable in this panel tho.
Tumblr media
dick. richard. richie. baby. why are you shirtless.
you have scars upon scars. probably chemical burns. bullet wounds. weird fucking squiggly lines from knives that only psychos with blade fetishes use. no normal person has the body that you do. and you don’t think that showing up shirtless in front of the police is going to raise suspicion? you don’t think that the people accusing you of murder are going to look at someone who looks like they’re a fucking mob enforcer and go hmm that’s a bit suspicious?
put on a SHIRT jesus CHRIST it’s like you’re not even trying to hide your identity.
Tumblr media
look at this pompous little princess demanding only the highest quality head pets i’d burn down latvia for her. (no offense latvians it was the first country that popped into my head.)
Tumblr media
pretty boy pretty boy pretty boy pretty boy-
no seriously kudos to the artist here. his expression is so human i wanna cry. dick, right now, is sheepishly asking a question. he knows he’s not going to get into any real trouble, he knows that he’ll be able to talk his way out of or somehow maneuver his way off this mess. but he’ll play nice for the police, so he’s asking a friend for a favour, part self-condescendingly and part oh-well-what-can-you-do.
and his expression reflects that. rather than a stoic expressionless face most male comic characters have when asking someone for something (or all the time really), rather than the weird desperate supposedly “seductive” face that most female comic characters plus dick grayson have when asking someone for something (or all the time really), he’s making a face that i pulled like yesterday. or the day before that. it’s kind of silly, kind of casual, very much human. i like it.
Tumblr media
thank god. proper (in character) acknowledgement for officer grayson. yea, fuck cops in general, but i like that they included this line.
obviously, he’s not talking about the actual criminals, he’s talking about the police force itself. the bpd was too corrupt, and dick realized that he wasn’t helping. not only does one clean cop not make a dent in an overall dirty force, but dick was putting his allies in danger too. not only that, but it wasn’t good for dick’s mental health either. he was spreading himself too thin, and surrounding himself with some of the worst of crime 24/7 did a number on him. dick’s got a history of self-sacrificing tendencies, and i’m just glad he’s not a cop anymore.
Tumblr media
dick has a gotham rogues mug. they make gotham rogue mugs, and dick has one.
what kinda city looks at it’s frankly horrible crime history and long list of certifiably insane serial killers who are all still alive and actively committing war crimes and goes “oooooh yea imma put that on a coffee mug!” gotham, that’s who.
Tumblr media
this isn’t important i just like how all of bitewing’s barks are blue
Tumblr media
back straight, hand on his hip, cheerful smile on his face as he says he’s being accused for murder. love that for him.
Tumblr media
they couldn’t have said “yea it’s complicated” in a better way even if they put the words “yea it’s complicated” right there on the page in bold red letters. literally all the love to the artists.
Tumblr media
dick please. you’re KILLING ME what the actual fuck IS THAT???? WHY DO YOU HAVE A MUG OF THAT???
anyway nightwing collects novelty mugs confirmed.
Tumblr media
this paneling is so beautiful. 
tim’s the focus, but he’s not the first thing you see. he’s placed in a way that forces the reader to drag their eyes all the way up the page in order to reach him. it us know just how high up tim is carelessly crouching, especially close to the ledge of the building too. i cannot think of a single better way to introduce a character, and this character in particular: you instantly know this is a version of tim with plenty of experience and training, is comfortable in his body and knows his limits, but still hangs onto that civilian awe of being in a high place and overlooking a brightly lit city.
absolute classic robin. i love it. 
Tumblr media
this isn’t even that important but it made me happy. this is how you train surf.
you don’t crouch or bend over when you get to a tunnel, which is oddly enough what most people think (at least from my experience). you bend backward. that not only 100% ensures that you’ll make sure you’re low enough to make it through the tunnel (because you can see the top of the tunnel, unlike when you crouch or bend), but it also makes it easier to get up: all you have to do is push up with your arms into a bent stance, and you’ll be in a ready, moving position. from a bend or a crouch, getting up is more awkward and more slow.
on a meta level, i like that this creative team knows what they’re doing when it comes to the small, almost unimportant stuff like that, because it makes the action more real. (as real as you can get with a guy running around stealing hearts.)
on a in-universe level, it once again drives home both dick and tim’s experience and professional level skill.
Tumblr media
regardless of who you side with in the “should tim drake be robin again?” debate, you gotta admit that tim’s rebirth robin suit is r a d as fuck. if i’m not mistaken, this is the same one he was wearing in 2019 young justice for a little bit? it’s cute and hella cool i like it.
Tumblr media
remember what i said about human expressions? doesn’t happen as often to tim bc he’s a Child, but it’s still nice to note when someone humanizes him, too. (that’s why i love the duckboy panel so much lol.)
Tumblr media
me, at first: that’s not a “good call” dick that’s just common sense
me, now: sprinkled throughout the entire comic we can see dick bending to tim’s instructions if only briefly, joking with him to keep the mood light while still maintaining a serious mood and retaining control over this particular outing. this implies that dick’s doing it intentionally, purposefully leaving places in his sentences blank and offering affirmations, in order to encourage tim and train him in things bruce might not necessarily touch on, such as social chameleoning and misdirection techniques and love/affirmation from a family member. dick is not only a loving and supportive big brother, but he never stops training his younger brother in better vigilante tecnhiques because he wants tim to be better than him. in this essay i will-
Tumblr media
d o g g o
also bitewing is getting so many head pats today i’m living for it
Tumblr media
look at him, standing on a telephone wire with ease. nice flex, dick.
also look at how he’s silhouetted. the moon’s full bright, bright enough that the sky around dick is light, too. (at least. i’m like 99% sure that’s the moon.) not like most batman comics, where it’s sometimes hard to distinguish bruce from the background, which is entirely on purpose.
gotham is a dark gritty city, and so is bruce. the two of them are one. bludhaven may be a bit of a mess, but it’s being portrayed in all these different shades of blue and purple and pink, that are all light enough that dick stands out from the background. he hasn’t been swallowed up by the city, and chances are that he won’t ever be. also, the colouring helps establish bludhaven as a city too. there’s still hope for it. the light colouring means that it’s not going to sink into a pit as deep as the one bruce wove gotham into. the whole point of this nightwing arc in particular is to turn bludhaven into a better place, and it’s (most likely) letting us know early on that dick is going to accomplish that. he’ll struggle, but he’ll do it.
Tumblr media
so dick??? dick designed his escrima sticks with a situation like this in mind? he created his signature and most iconic weapon (other than his chatty mouth), with a built in feature that turns his escrima sticks into tim’s signature and most iconic weapon???? just so that if he and tim ever got into a situation where tim didn’t have his staff, dick could make sure tim had the thing that would give him an edge over anyone he was fighting??? he’s such a big brother oh my goddd.
also tim’s smirk in this is just *chef kiss.* a staff is something he can work with, a staff is something he wields like an extension of his arm, a staff is means that someone’s about to get their ass kicked because tim’s about to beat the shit outta them.
Tumblr media
this is my new phone background.
Tumblr media
they really made sure we remembered that hey, those first few months when bruce was grieving too much to be any sort of a mentor to tim and was still unwilling to properly train him to be robin out of fear that he would end up like jason, dick was the one who stepped up (once he got over himself and his own fears and hangups with bruce) and trained tim to be robin, trained him how to fight and flip and fuckin fly out there, all while changing his own style a bit to be the more experienced one in the partnership while still trusting said partner to hold their own, so dick and tim have a very unique and cohesive fighting style that makes it hell for anyone who fights them together, didn’t they?
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Eurovision 2021: My Five Favorites, Five Flops, and Five Dark Horses
Basically, I just list the five countries whose songs I’ve really liked and could be contenders to win, the five who I think will either fail to advance from their Semifinals or will majorly flop in the Final, and the five who I think could surprise us with a better-than-expected finish.
Five Favorites
Russia 🇷🇺 - This song is a bop. Rap rarely does well at Eurovision, but I love how Manizha’s authenticity shows through in this song. It’s not a gimmick or a novelty, she has a message and she wants to spread it. Seeing some of the rehearsal footage, it starts off pretty memorably and will likely hold fans’ attention.
Switzerland 🇨🇭 - Gjon’s voice is one in a million. Those falsetto notes make you pay attention to him. The staging seems a little strange at first, from what I’ve seen, but it’s as unique as he is. Kudos to him for not going the obvious route of sitting behind a piano like Duncan Laurence did. We’ll see if this staging pays off for him.
Italy 🇮🇹 - If you’ve seen any of Måneskin’s performances, even from The X Factor Italy, these rockers live to put on a show! Their stage presence, combined with frontman Damiano David’s sex appeal, could skyrocket them to the top of the Televote. They’re certainly contenders to win the whole thing.
Iceland 🇮🇸 - This quirky disco-tinged love song makes me want to find a cutie to cuddle and grow old with. Alas, I’m still single, but I’m absolutely adoring this song. Why do you think I Daði-fied myself for Eurovision Week?!
Malta 🇲🇹 - Destiny’s got one hell of a voice, and I think she could be a Jury vote darling. Whether that will translate to the Televote remains to be seen. Even if she doesn’t win Eurovision, this is going to give her so much exposure as an artist and hopefully inspire people to look to Malta for future pop superstars.
Five Flops
Poland 🇵🇱 - I want to like this song and staging…but…it just does nothing for me. Not even Rafał’s using sharply dressed male backup dancers à la Robin Bengtsson. It’s just kind of bland and…not memorable.
Georgia 🇬🇪 - I know Tornike is going for his soft side here, and the song could endear itself to viewers, but I’m just not seeing it stick out enough to be memorable to either Juries or the Televoters.
Estonia 🇪🇪 - Don’t get me wrong, Uku is one sexy guy…but his song just doesn’t hit me in the jellies like it should. He’s even using a similar staging to his own country’s entry from 2019. Unless he takes his shirt off or something, I don’t really see this one qualifying.
Australia 🇦🇺 - Even if Montaigne was able to make it to Rotterdam, I don’t think this song would qualify. It’s been a bit of a decline since Dami Im’s impressive runner-up finish in 2016 (with the exception of Kate Miller-Heidke). I hate to say it, but I think Australia will fail to qualify for the first time in its Eurovision career.
Moldova 🇲🇩 - I know Philipp Kirkorov (who was one of this song’s writers) is quite prolific, but Eurovision’s answer to “Sugar Walls” by Sheena Easton belongs in another decade entirely. It would have been a contender to win in the early 2000s. Now? Not so much.
Five Dark Horses
Germany 🇩🇪 - This is probably my favorite German entry in recent memory. Jendrik has natural charisma and stage presence, and I think viewers may especially catch on to him. Since Lena’s win, male performers have tended to fare better for Germany than female performers. I have a feeling this pattern will continue. I don’t expect Germany to win on Saturday, but I think viewers will be in for a surprise.
Portugal 🇵🇹 - I honestly had written off Portugal when I first heard their song. But then the rehearsals happened. Their staging looks really promising, and I think they could make enough of a connection that they might end up sneaking into the Final.
Spain 🇪🇸 - I’m not expecting Spain to win, either, but early reports of the staging and performance in rehearsals sound promising. If Spain can manage to finish somewhere in the middle of the leaderboard, I think that will be a major improvement from more recent Contests.
San Marino 🇸🇲 - San Marino qualifying to the Final is the Eurovision equivalent of an American League pitcher hitting a home run in an interleague game.* It just doesn’t really happen. But when it does, people notice and people watch. Senhit is bound to put on a show, and I hope she hits a home run with her performance.
Ireland 🇮🇪 - Lesley Roy majorly improved over her 2020 entry with this year’s song, and her staging (from early rehearsal footage) looks very interesting and very promising. She could very well also sneak into the Final. I don’t expect a win for Ireland, but Lesley should be very proud of herself for even making herself a contender to qualify!
So, what do you think?
* = For international readers, this is a baseball metaphor. In Major League Baseball (the highest-level professional baseball league in the United States), the organization is split into two leagues, the American League and the National League.
When baseball originally started, the pitcher (who is essentially the equivalent of a bowler in cricket 🏏) had to bat in their team’s batting order when it was their team’s turn to bat. But, pitchers usually aren’t that great at batting and rarely produce base hits or runs, let alone home runs.
In the early 1970s, the teams in the American League decided to create a position, called the “designated hitter” or DH, to take the pitcher’s place in the batting order when it was their team’s turn to bat. This resulted in better offensive play for those teams, and is still in use today (as well as in other international baseball leagues). However, the National League never decided to adopt the designated hitter.
Up until the early 1990s, the two leagues never played each other during the regular season and only faced off in the World Series (a series of games that determines the MLB league champion each year); but then-commissioner Bud Selig implemented “interleague play”, where each team plays a select number of teams in the opposite league each regular season (these games originally only took place in the second half of the season, but a few years ago this changed so that interleague games can take place all season long). Whether the DH is used in those games is determined by which league’s ballpark the game is being played in: American League ballparks use the DH for both teams, while National League ballparks have the pitchers for both teams go to bat.
While it’s already rare for a pitcher to hit a home run, it’s even rarer when an American League pitcher hits a home run since they don’t get to bat as frequently as their National League counterparts. To date, only 23 American League pitchers have done this in interleague play.
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Hi there Nemo! I wanted to ask, if you have any pointers on working up to confidence to share your AC OCs so beautifully? I really admire seeing you be so open about them. I have 3 (though one is technically a loose self insert shhh) and I want to share their stories and about relations to their loves (one is with Shay & the other Basim) but I cannot never bring myself to take that next step. I can’t draw & I’m much too doubtful to fully write out their stories by chapters. But I really admire what you do, and i guess what I’m getting at is that I appreciate seeing someone enjoy shipping OCs with canon characters again. It warms my heart. I hope I can one day join you in that confidence again. <3
- Faye
Good Morning to you, dear Faye!
Thank you so much for your ask!
Brace yourself because I am about to write you an essay (and hopefully I will manage to help you a little bit! 💗💗)
As for pointers I can give to you on how to build up the confidence to share your ocs to the world, allow me to report my experience. 
I have been writing about OCs ever since I was a tiny lassie of 10, since Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out in 1999.
Throughout the years, I jumped back and forth between sharing my own OCs (mostly in the form of artworks, because I wasn't confident enough with my writing skills) and just quietly hiding away with them in my burrow, where no one would ever know about them.
But in the long run, I started to feel sad about it and grew restless. Because I wanted so much to share what I had with others, to be able to talk and joke and just discuss about them, but not only about my own, but about others’ as well! 😁😁
I always loved talking about OCs with people, because I just adore seeing the way people create a whole new persona to see some of their dreams realized through them!
It’s something absolutely endearing, to see the passion and the life that literally sparks with people when they share about them.
it’s just something so beautiful, I could spend days listening to them talking about our fictional babies!
But I was scared and afraid that, if I were to share them, people would attack me and tear me down for not making them good enough, too bland, too Mary Sue-ish (and gods, I fucking hate that term, if I could I would fucking ban it, because it's fucking useless and nowadays it’s misused so much, istg).
To be honest with you, sometimes I still have that fear that someone will come and destroy me with their words.
But when this fear gets me, I take a moment to pause, take a deep breath and remember one thing:
I write for the fun of it. I write the story I want to read. I write because all I want is to have fun with the characters and just go down my road, while not bothering anyone in the process.
Whether people like what I do or not, it's on them, not on me. I don’t have power over their thoughts or their actions.
I can only offer what I have to offer and always try to offer my best, and even in that case what I have to give will not be of everyone’s liking, because we are all different and we all have different tastes and interests.
And that’s absolutely fine!
But there is still not much I can do about it!
I cannot change my vision, my creativity, for the sake of an audience, especially in regards to OCs and FanFictions, because it would mean catering to them and not to myself.
And that’s not what fanfictions and OCs are all about, in my most humble opinion.
They are stories to be enjoyed, first and foremost, by us writers, because they are OUR stories.
That’s my mindset most of the time.
If people like what I write, It would truly fill me with joy, and, of course, I'd truly be grateful for it, because validation is always nice to receive, and I would be a hypocrite to say that it isn’t.
It’s human and it’s valid, especially when we share something where we literally pour our soul into.
But that doesn’t have to let you sway from who is the first person that needs to find joy in their characters and story: YOU.
When I post a story on Tumblr or on AO3, I do check the kudos and comments, like anyone.
But if I see that what I write was not received as I thought it would, I don’t lose courage.
I just roll up my sleeves and go on on my own path. Of course, I will always try to improve, try to get better, because as humans and writers and artists, the journey of learning is never-ending. But I do it because I want to become a better artist/writer for myself. I want to become a better version of myself! 😁😁
I also try to stay positive as much as I can. But I also have to admit that I have a net of friends that always helps me get up whenever I fall down and feel drained or insecure, and that surely helped me in the confidence department.
If you need a friend in that regard, someone to share your Ocs with, know that my DMs and Asks are always open! 💗💗
And also, in regard to the fact that one of your OCs is a self-insert: it's absolutely valid, just like any other OCs you have created.
You see, I do believe that, when creating OCs, we do infuse them with a part of our souls (first of all because they are indeed an extension of ourself and second of all because, on a more practical level, it's much easier for us to write about what we know than what it's stranger to us).
So never EVER be ashamed about one of your OCs being a self-insert, because, in my personal opinion, All OCs are to an extent and there is truly nothing wrong with that. (I mean, to make a practical example: my Dottie and Lucia are both introverted bookworms, and I wonder where that particular trait comes from? *points at self* Plus, OF COURSE, I WANT TO IMAGINE A ROMANCE WITH JACOB AND FEDERICO, HELL YEAH! - And no one can take that away from me! LEMME BE AS HAPPY AS A PIG IN THE MUD AND ENJOY THOSE TWO HANDSOME GENTLEMEN!! 💗💗)  
So you want to express your creativity, your ideas, your love for the character, and the game through a self-insert? Valid. Absolutely valid.
Through an OC? Valid.
I’d definitely say to go for it.
You are not sure you want to write a full chapter story? Go for one shots with an already established relationship between the oc and the canon character and write small moments between them. Truly do as your heart wishes, because no one can take that away from you.💗💗
I hope I managed to ease your worries, at least a little bit.
And Know that I have your back, Faye.
Tumblr media
OCs deserve more love and appreciations.
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Tumblr media
10 May - Double Feature | LCDrarry Fic:
It is on the other side of my soul (where your name is written)
Prompt: "Call Me By Your Name", 2017, Luca Guadagnino Prompted by: @dynazty Author: Anonymous Word Count: 16,372 words Rating: Explicit Warnings: implied switching, rimming, anal sex, no age difference (HP canon-compliant age difference)
Notes: Huge thanks to my beta O, who gets things done at the speed of NASA's newest rocket ship, and carries my fic to its end like Hermione does for Ron and Harry's shitty essays. Also, kudos to the LCD mods, who reply to emails at the highest velocity ever achieved by adult human beings (that aren't actually robots). Finally, to you who come across my story: this fic is best taken with the entire CMBYN soundtrack.
Summary: Harry’s having it all, now that the unpleasantries of being treated like a loose cannon is gone: the war is well over, and Voldemort is long dead. He’s made the choice to stay in B, an unplottable magical town in Northern Italy, whose protection wards had kept him in one piece at the height of the second wizarding war, and whose seclusion provides him with the quiet, normal life that he now lives. Harry adores the grassy hills that enclose B like the warm arm of a mother; Likes playing the grand piano from dawn to dusk; Cherishes his current life, on the whole. He gets himself Mocaccino every morning and sometimes has dinner with the Weasleys at their cottage nearby. With the majority of his friends and family falling in love with B and gradually settling down as well, Harry feels like this is the last place he would ever want to leave. To say that the arrival of a certain wizard—a razor-sharp, infuriating blond—makes anything remotely different for Harry would be absurd, of course.
Read it now on AO3.
Please help promote the fest by sharing your favourite submissions, so more people can enjoy all the amazing new Drarry works of LCDrarry. Thank you!
Author and artist reveals are on 15 June.
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Tumblr media
lululawrence’s April 2021 Fic List
Previous Fic Lists / Fic List Podcast Masterpost
April has been a bit of a roller coaster, hasn’t it? But here we are, already almost May! I was able to read so many incredible fics this month. Like... truly, so many STELLAR fics. I’m finally back to reading more of last year’s Big Bang fics, plus a couple that I betaed have already posted, and then I threw in some other shorter ones for fun as well, and I cannot wait to share them with you and tell you what I loved about each one.
In fact, if you’d really like to hear me rhapsodize about these fics, you can listen to my podcast here.
As always, be sure to show your love and appreciation for all of the hard work our fandom authors have put into their fics with kudos, nice comments, and (when applicable) reblogging their fic posts!
Falling in the Wrong Direction by @fallinglikethis / FallingLikeThis (25k, E, Harry/Louis, past Liam/Harry, Big Bang fic, based on Catch and Release, grieving Harry, Liam has recently died when the fic starts, Louis was Liam’s best friend, enemies to friends to lovers, roommates Niall and Zayn, secrets, for real the grief is real in this one, soooo many emotions and all of them perfectly navigated, i loved it all so very much)
sustenance by Anonymous (12k, E, Harry/Louis, Girl Direction, Induced Lactation, Breastfeeding, Lactation Kink, Footballer Louis, Public Breastfeeding, I mean it kinda is public cause they’re surrounded by others due to the nature of the experiment, It’s a whole science thing, it’s... listen it’s all for smut’s sake and it’s fucking hot so, if lactation kink is your thing you gotta do it lol)
Let Me Kiss You by Anonymous (4k, G, Harry/Louis, Zayn/Louis, Liam/Louis, Niall/Louis, Canon Compliant, Louis kisses everyone, I think he and Harry are actually dating and he isn’t dating the rest, anyway, Recreational Drug Use aka weed lol, It’s back when the band was together but kinda seems to float across some years?, Fuck, listen, this fic was just so incredibly pure and good, I loved it so much, I loved how each kiss had a different reason, and the way it is all framed???, IT’S WONDERFUL I LOVED IT PLEASE READ IT)
Hooked With Just One Taste by @dinosaursmate / dinosaursmate (49k, E, Harry/Louis, Big Bang fic, Cam Boy Louis, Rich Harry, Former-Celebrity Harry, he’s still kinda famous but not actively if that makes sense lmao, side Ziall, I LOVE THE ZIALL OKAY OMG, Also listen, this fic is sooooo smutty and hot and great, but it also is so pure and good?, Like the way Harry and Louis interact and grow to be so into each other for more than just sexy times?, SO GOOD, anyway read itttttt, the art is PERFECT for it too!, props to @wilywolf for that hehe)
your crimes are quiet, my love by @lightwoodsmagic / lightswoodmagic (sarah_writes) (98k, E, Zayn/Liam, Harry/Louis, Big Bang fic, Miss Congeniality AU, but make it darker and more realistic, lolllll It’s still sooooo much fun though omggggg, MI5 Agents Liam and Zayn, Ziam are partners for work, pining, SO much pining, friends to lovers, oblivious boys seriously, Louis is the pageant trainer/consultant, Harry is Liam’s roommate for the pageant and a contestant, I cannot express to you how incredible this fic was and how much it sucks you in, the storyline was such an original and incredible and creepy yet really lovely take on the original story, i fucking loved it, oh there’s side Shiall too and I loved them even if they weren’t in it nearly so much as the rest!)
Favourite Boy by @quelsentiment / wordsnnotes (9k, T, Zayn/Louis, pining, lack of communication, Friends with Benefits to Lovers, Except they’re more just... the benefits?, I guess it’s more like... Regular Booty Calls to Lovers, lmaoooo, for real though this fic omggggg, it sucked me right into Zayn’s head and the whole issue of it all, and they just won’t talk!!!, SO CRAZY GOOD OMG)
But I’m the Quarterback by @evilovesyou / 4ureyesonly28 (52k, E, Harry/Louis, Big Bang fic, But I’m the Cheerleader AU, quarterback Harry, Conversion Therapy Camp, Sexuality Crisis, Gay Awakening, Crisis of Faith, Self Harm, Listen, this fic is heavy at times, but for the most part it really is so lovely and gentle, The way Harry comes to learn about himself and accept himself, all with the wonderful people around him going through the same thing, AND LARRY AND LLOYD OMGGGG I LOVE THEM SO MUCHHHHH, anyway, i love this fic please give it a chance if you can handle the tags!, and MASSIVE shout out to the artist @whatagreatproblemtohave for the amazing art!)
Felt Nothing Like Home by @becomeawendybird / QuickedWeen (62k, E, Harry/Louis, Big Bang fic, Bon Appetit Test Kitchen AU, Specifically a Brad/Claire AU for those who are familiar hehe, Pastry Chef Harry, Professional Chef Louis, YouTube AU, Pining, All the fucking pining, Friends to Lovers, Secret Relationship, This fic is so warm and lovely and soft, And funny omg so funny, but also so sweet, it was absolutely stellar, I love)
The Journal by @wait4ever / RecycledStardust and @evilovesyou / 4ureyesonly28 (14k, G, Harry/Louis, Alternate Universe, Magic, Spells, Mystery, Twin Flames, Soulmates, Reincarnation in a way, Rituals, 1990s AU, but also a Historical fic in certain scenes, and NO the 90s aren’t historical yet FIGHT ME, anyway sorry lol, This fic is so special and I keep getting choked up just thinking about it, It is absolutely lovely and the found friends/family aspect is also so so lovely, and I just, Oh gosh it is a must read please read this fic I’m begging you)
Things Unsaid by @londonfoginacup / LadyLondonderry (4k, G, Harry/Louis, Soulmate Fest fic, which of course means Soulmates!, Soulmarks, Meet Cute, Or well kinda a meet ugly whoops, lol, Lilo Friendship, Humor, Listen this fic is borderline crack in the best way and I laughed so many times reading it, It was lighthearted and wonderful)
To the late night double feature show by @londonfoginacup / LadyLondonderry (2k, NR, Harry/Louis, Halloween fic, Cryptid Harry, kinda? I think he’s considered a cryptid?, lmao ANYWAY, meet cute, Clifford, Crack, This fic was once again adorable and silly and yet soft and warm and once again, I love it, Let’s all just sit and admire the way Emmu’s brain works shall we?)
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drarryboosterclub · a month ago
sorry for my english
i feel drarry artists are so talented is quite intimidating
i would love to post my own stuff but with so much good art that already exists i feel no one would be interested on my drawings
Hello love!
Before addressing your ask, I want to say: do not apologize for your English. It is wonderful! This is a judgement free zone, and we do not want anyone to ever feel self conscious when coming to us. ❤️
Now, onto the BOOST!
I completely understand the intimidation! I am new to sharing my work and trust me, the intimidation from the sheer amount of talent in this community and fandom is a real thing for a lot of people. I often struggle with an inferiority complex because I have the tendency to compare what I do in all aspects of life to what others do. It’s something very prevalent in today’s society.
But here is the thing that we have to remember: fandom is not a competition. It is ultimately a place for like minded people to connect, share their passions and enthusiasm, and encourage and motivate one another to explore and develop their creativity.
We are here to support you! We would LOVE for you to share your artwork with us so that we can flail about how absolutely stunning it, and you, are. There is wonderful art already in the community, yes, but contributing your own will only add to that greatness.
I hope that you share your drawings, and would love if you tag us when you do so that we can reblog it and give you all of the kudos and adoration that it deserves!
Tumblr media
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strangetorpedos · a month ago
for the fic ask game! 17, 25, and 31!
17. how obsessively do you sit and stare at your fic after you’ve just posted and wait for feedback?
oh SO obsessively. i have really bad posting anxiety that usually doesn’t ease up until the first kudos/comment which is. so fun (/s)
25. do you listen to music as you write? if possible, link your writing playlist
i do listen to music, but i don’t really have a writing playlist. i either listen to an artist/album that fits the mood of the fic or (more often) whatever artist/album/etc that i’m currently listening to. this is usually how i pull fic titles as well!
31. of the characters you write, which is your favorite? has that choice been swayed at all by your followers/readers’ reactions to certain ones?
oh man this is so hard! off the top of my head, i think it would have to be ayda & esther though, i adore writing from their perspectives. i don’t think that it’s been necessarily swayed by fan reactions? but i do think i got more confident in writing both of them after seeing the responses the first time
send me fic writing asks!
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theyregoodfics · 2 months ago
on the edge of my seat. grade: 120%
A Thousand Lies by @goldenraeofsun
Rating: Explicit
Words: 72,610
Tags: Con Artist Dean Winchester, Accountant Castiel (Supernatural), Dubcon Kissing, Non-Consensual Drug Use, not cas/dean, Unrequited Crowley (Supernatural)/Dean Winchester, Alternate Universe - Criminals, Alternate Universe - Human, Dean Winchester Has Self-Worth Issues, Bisexual Dean Winchester, Pansexual Castiel (Supernatural), Past Dean Winchester/Other(s)Mutual Pining, Angst with a Happy Ending
Dean Winchester is the best con artist in the continental US. Conscripted into the life after a stupid mistake as a teenager, he works for a man only known as the Lightbringer. He specializes in the marriage con, tricking his marks into falling in love with him and bolting after the honeymoon with everything they own.
But the morning before his meticulously planned meet-cute with his newest assignment, he runs into an adorably clueless accountant named Cas in a coffee shop, and Dean’s entire view on life implodes.
if you love the fic, please give the writer some love via kudos/comments/reblogs. your support matters!
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a-s-illustrations · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Got these gorgeous picture from my dear friend @artsy-archangel for our friendship anniversary!!! I simply adored the beautify of these pieces and tons of love and kudos to these amazing artists!!
The artists are:
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phdna · 2 months ago
Okay, quick reaction, subject to change once I'm not high on adrenaline and feels:
The whole thing was like having a Spencer and a Brubaker comic open at the same time while watching a high quality human drama movie, and I'd like to thank every divine being of every religion for giving me that
Loving the parallel storytelling style that lets you get to know Sam and Bucky before they become Sam & Bucky, if that makes sense
What a great opening scene. Mackie really acted the HELL out of it. I mean, he's acted the hell out of every scene, but this one surprised me because I didn't expect it all to feel so artistic
That first action scene is CATWS levels of exciting
My baby Joaquin is every bit as adorable as he should be. I was afraid they'd make him less lovable to be rougher and cooler or whatever but nah, he's a sweetie. And Sam is great with him! Looking forward to their relationship!
Was NOT expecting Rhodey and legit screamed when I saw him. And his talk with Sam? A+
Mackie has put so many complicated feelings about Steve and the shield and everything into like, the first 5-10 minutes that I'm ready to be blown away by watching him struggle with these issues for 6h
The Winter Soldier theme had me breathless for a moment. And the way they used it later?? Brilliant
Bucky is acting WAY closer to his 616 counterpart and I feel sudden affection and wanna hug him and never let go. MCU Bucky is great, but I've loved him for 10 years, and I've loved 616 Bucky all my life. So yeah, it's A LOT. And Seb knocks it out of the park even more than usual!
Which leads me to: I don't know if it's the direction, but Seb and Mackie are unusually good even for them (which is mind-blowing because they're always great!), and people who I don't really know are all acting in a way that kept me wanting to know more about them. Kudos to everybody who contributed to that!
I'm not ready for how emotional this show is gonna be overall, I feel. They're teasing such layered, heartfelt storylines
I'd like to support the Wilson family business and also I'd die for Sarah. I can't wait to get to know her better, I think she'll be a new favorite in the MCU. Her relationship with Sam seems like it'll be super complex and I'm SO here for it
Which nicely leads to... GOD Sam Wilson has depth. He makes every other MCU character look like a cardboard cut out, and I say this as someone who deeply loves the MCU. He just... They've teased so many sides to him and they're all so grounded, it feels like he's someone I could actually know. Kudos to Mackie, Spellman and Skogland!
Also speaking of sisters... MCU Becca!!! Please write me fics fandom!!!
I know I keep praising his acting, but Mackie acted the fake Cap reveal scene scarily well. By then I already knew he was ACTING this show, but this was A C T I N G ! ! ! if you know why I mean. Took me by surprise
I'd like to punch Walker in the face. He's not even done anything yet, he might be a good man thinking he's helping, but I had a knew-jerk reaction of "No!!! Bad!! Wrong!!!!"
Overall: I expected a lot and it fucking delivered and I need all episodes here now
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totallyradioactive15 · 3 months ago
Hi darling!
I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling un-motivated towards writting 😔 And that you feel like giving up, that makes me sad too, please don’t go 🥺 I know that I’m not a writter so I don’t know what it feels like when you don’t get feedback on your work but I hope you know how amazing your work is! ☺️
You know how much I love your writting! And I do I really really do! 🤗 I absolutely adore your fluffy series and as I’ve said before that WHOLE series is my go to, my comfort fics! 🥰 I always read them if I feel down because they always cheer me up! 😊 Every idea that I’ve shared with you, you have turned into something AMAZING! And every single time I read it my heart melts! Regardless of how many times I’ve read it! ☺️ And I still can’t thank you enough for the fic you wrote for me for my birthday, that was extremely sweet 🥺
I really hope that you get your motivation back soon! I know it can be disheartening when comments and kudos are down but you are an amazing writter!
💝💝💝 xxx
Hi lovely! Thank you so much for taking the time to right such a long ask! 💗💕 you’ve also made me cry a bit! I never expected all of this love for my work 💗
It’s hard sometimes being an artist and a writer as you get Instant feedback though tags on art but with fics it seems to take longer to get it if at all!
I’ve found I’ve started getting more comments on my fluffy series than the sexy times which then leads to wondering whether people still want to read my other fics and without the feedback it’s hard to know what people want.. specially for me as I literally live for the feedback!
Thank you so much for your support! Your ideas are fantastic and I love writing them! Once again I know I always say it 😂 but I’m really glad you love them 💕 it does mean so much! And your absolutely welcome!
And I’m going to leave it there before I cry again!
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poppykru · 3 months ago
LOVELY HOW ARE YOU?! Hopefully, you're asleep or close to it. lol Butttttt, in case you're awake... 🎨for the ask game?
@sparklyfairymira​ conditioned me to fall asleep at a reasonable time with her bot commands. So naturally I blame her for falling asleep on Grisha Wine Club Night.
I’m good! I’m having tea and answering asks by you lovely people! 💜 how are you?? You’ve been killing it this week!
favorite grishaverse fanart you’ve seen?
oh god soooo many. most of these are kanej and darklina because i am shipper trash.
This piece by @aideedeedee​ I adore the colours and the textures this artist uses. They capture mood so well if that makes sense. They captured Kanej so well! I am in love with their style! (if you are reading this, sorry I’m not sure what your pronouns are)
I adore this one too by @cladelle​. I love that scene and she captured it so well. This is exactly how I imagined the scene. I love the animation too. I recently tried animating for the first time. It was the simplest animation, with only one moving part and it took me a while so to have so many moving components, with such smooth movements - KUDOS! I am so impressed!
Now darklina  - I have to start with this here  by @itsbrych​. I love the style, the composition, the colours, the emotion! It’s such a beautiful piece! It’s inspiring me to try something in a similar style.
Everything by @lilithsaur​, and especially this one. I really love the simplicity of the art. My easily overwhelmed self really appreciates that. And it is so gorgeous. The emotion in this, the temptation, the power. God, I adore it!
And many many more, I’m honestly just too lazy to find them all 😁 I should say, I have all of these (and more) saved on my phone and I look at them when I need inspo. This fandom has some very talented artists!
Grisha Wine Club
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haljordangreenjedi · 3 months ago
okay so somebody asked me to rank the green lanterns a couple days ago and i just did it based on the general Vibes i got off each one because i don't know enough about the lanterns and now i want to hear from an expert SO: RANK EACH OF THE GREEN LANTERNS (the human ones but if you want to include others go crazy) FROM NOT-SO-BEST TO BEST AND EXPLAIN WHY
OKAY SO, first off, i love you. you should know that. second off, there’s good and bad sides to all four human green lanterns and really this is just personal preference, and 3/4 of these are subject to change at some point, but this is where we stand as of right now:
4. Guy Gardner
first off, he was Hal’s case worker in Emerald Dawn II (1991), because Hal got in trouble for drunk driving and got sentenced to a maximum security prison for 90 days to be used as an example. And I just, I don’t like this plot in Hal’s life, it doesn’t make a ton of sense with his character or his profession (it would literally end a pilot’s career.) anyway, enough about Hal Jordan because I’m supposed to be talking about Guy here. Guy’s trying to help Hal out which, gets him points in my book, but he also ends up like hating Hal at the end of this arc and it’s just like, I’m sorry, that’s unoriginal, pls try harder. 
I also don’t understand this whole Vuldarian DNA plot that’s a thing with him, but his time owning a bar is cool. I just, I haven’t read a ton of his comics and i haven’t gotten attached to him yet, so that’s that. He’s in 4th, sorry Guy. Better luck next time. 
3. Kyle Rayner
Kyle gets third place for two reasons: he has some pretty great interactions with Hal, with some key points of believing in Hal when he needs it the most (and that panel with the stacked rings and Hal taking Kyle flying. That panel gives me life for reasons I can’t fully put into words.), and his girlfriend was literally murdered and stuffed into a fridge. I have to respect the trauma. 
Reasons I don’t like Kyle: you know how in middle school there was always that kid who would show off in gym class? or like your favorite teacher would pick some new kid to champion and you just kinda... hated them on instinct? Kyle’s an artist, but he has that vibe. He’s the kid in school that suddenly everyone has decided is the Best and it’s annoying. I get it, he’s meant to be like the “best green lantern,” the one to restore the corps when Hal and Parallax tore through it and then he’s a white lantern. I just... idk, he’s nice, he’s cute. I want to read more about when he was teamed up with Jason and some people have made it so that Hal has become his bother father figure which is also adorable, it’s just instinct to not make him my favorite. I’ve already done the whole phase of liking the ‘Chosen One,’ I don’t need to go back to my Harry Potter phase. idk, please universe don’t hate me for this.
2. John Stewart
okay, I have mad respect for John Stewart. It’s also instinctual. He’s the brains of the human Green Lantern operation. No, like, literally. If the four of them have one collective brain cell, John has it at least 89% of the time. He’s an architect and a former Marine, he punched Hal in the face in a bar before they were both Green Lanterns, which is hilarious because as far as I’m aware, it’s never touched on as being something either of them remembers. Kudos for not holding onto that rage, John. Hal has something to learn from you. 
There’s also an interesting change in his way of thinking from when he was a Marine to his duty as a Green Lantern, and I like that growth even if it’s not always acknowledged. There is a bit during the Color Spectrum War arc where they go over his guilt at the destruction of a world, and it felt remarkably deep for a DC comic, even if it was technically part of a Hal series. He’s just one of those guys that you can’t help but respect because he seems to have all of his shit in one basket, and it’s a good counterbalance.
1. Hal Jordan
you knew this was coming. if you didn’t, then you need to go look back at what my username is and think for a while. I love Hal Jordan almost more than life itself and it might be because of how well i can relate to this man. he is the most cocky, depressed, stubborn piece of shit in the galaxy, and I LOVE HIM. okay, like, there are so many different arcs about Hal and I know people have a tendency to not like him because like he’s the modern OG and he can be a piece of shit, and like, he was the bad guy but he came back from it and I just want to say: my dudes, that’s the POINT.
Hal has flat out stated that HE doesn’t even like himself, and you think that you as a reader are supposed to like him all the time? The man's life is rife with trauma, okay. Not everything he does is going to make perfect sense if you’re not paying attention and it’s just like. Honestly I can’t explain it all. Hal runs on spite and coffee and the list of people he lives FOR is very short, but the list of people he lives IN SPITE OF is very long. 
The dude runs with his gut constantly because that’s what keeps him alive. Even Sinestro has pointed out that HAL DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. He acts on instinct, he doesn’t plan out a shitload of battle strategies, and that’s how Hal manages to keep besting these people over and over. 
Also just, he’s sad boy. He wants to protect people, even if it means staying away from them. He’s willing to take the blame and appear to go rogue MULTIPLE TIMES for things he believes in and to find the root of the problem and it’s just like... you really think a guy that was happy-go-lucky and didn’t sit awake at night because of how prominent his failings are in his mind would be willing to do that? you’re wrong. sorry. you don’t designate yourself as public enemy number one AFTER ALREADY FIGHTING TO COME BACK FROM THAT ONCE if you don’t have a part of your brain saying you deserve it.
(also i’m not sure if my answers were coherent towards the end but yeah!! send me asks about green lanterns because I have a lot of feelings. Anyway; Hal Jordan.)
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partnersatfazbear · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I don’t have anything super new to post, so here’s the sketch for Page 26 of the comic. I’ve had a lot of sort of full-page shots in this chapter. I kinda go on instinct about how much dialogue there is VS how I picture the scene in my head.
A lot of Charlie and Elizabeth next. I hate coloring them BUT it will be adorable seeing them bond. Kinda ironic if you’ve read TFC, though.
What was taking up a huge chunk of my time was making our living room work in our apartment. My wife injured her foot / has had some bad health problems lately, and my lazy ass doesn’t move, so I did a good chunk of the work. I don’t mind, I rarely get to take care of her. I’m just glad the rearranging of the furniture is done and I have an organized proper work space. The rainbow shelving are my sales in organized form. The shelf is mostly holding printer stuff, except for the top which are all doujin/artbooks of my favorite artist and some odds and ends. Ignore all the llamas, unless you wanna drop me an ask about them =:V
Tumblr media
I don’t know if sharing my online resale store helped here, but if you saw it and made a purchase... I can’t thank you guys enough. We can afford groceries and I even made enough to save up for a lifetime grail of mine coming out in possibly the fall, IF I can actually secure one. Unlikely, given how bad bots and scalpers are since the pandemic. My wife said she would help me get Arcade1Up’s Killer Instinct cabinet from scalpers, if we had to... and I really don’t want to pay $700 for something I have emulated, could play on an official cart, or build myself for cheaper than MSRP, which is around $440 after taxes... But yeah.
If you’re not from the US, we’re finally getting the stimulus checks. This will likely be the last round, so outside fixing my cat who is almost 4 now and desperately needs spaying, I don’t plan to buy anything with it. I’m kind of hoping to start it as a fund towards a down payment on a premade manufactured home, but we didn’t qualify for a realtor loan and we won’t be able to. I don’t think we can qualify for the FHA loan either. Our last chance is going to a credit union and I may open a line of credit by cancelling Netflix so I can pay the monthly fees and build some.
I’ve also worked on my game quite a bit this past week, since I have 2 weeks to get the demo done. I’ve had a lot of ER and Dawko running in the background...
I don’t think I have anything else to say really. I noticed a lot of people are leaving kudos on Resurrection Seeker, and it makes me really happy yall are enjoying it, but I also feel guilty because I just can’t push through to update the last half, especially since I’m concerned about the direction FNAF is going.
We’ll see?
Thanks again everyone
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