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jhnnysilverhand · 55 minutes ago
dagger and dum dum usually go on chaotic dates that consist of arson and murder but sometimes I like to imagine they do the most mundane things like watching movies with the volume down to make their own dub, or doing little lego models (for cockroach), or competing in sudoku to see who can solve theirs first (they both cheat)
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starkcontrasts · 2 hours ago
on ep 6 of my hana yori dango rewatch and i love her but makino really pissing me off these last ten minutes like girl a relationship works both ways, you can't expect tsukasa to put you first while you ignore his own feelings and reap the emotional reward?? all while preying on his insecurities? maybe communicate clearly and actually let him speak before putting words in his mouth damn
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luckthebard · 6 hours ago
The campaign wrap-up was so interesting in that it basically wasn't moderated - meaning we got an often wildly tangential conversation covering things that cast had on their minds and thought to bring up in that particular conversation.
And it showed off some of the disconnect between what the cast were actively wondering about and what the collective fandom has been interested in in some interesting ways.
I also thought it was interesting to notice which players were more likely to not want to explain certain things than others. Matt was the most obvious in his reasoning for giving "vague" answers, but I noticed that there were things that Travis, Taliesin, and Liam also sort of shied away from fully explaining or defining, and seemed to want to leave up to audience interpretation.
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Tumblr media
Uu... event ends in ~15 min... I’m just so exhausted to play tho TT this is the first time I DIDNT get Kanon’s event card since I began playing bandori when it released ;v; hh... I-I’ll buy her from Exchange later I swear TT w-wait for me Kanon-chan..! 💦
Tumblr media
Chisato mood w Kanon-chan just “fuueee~” w
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milkybishop · 8 hours ago
i've taken a break after finishing me2 cause i don't want to finish the series so delaying me3. but as my break i've decided to finish far cry 4 after 7 years of on and off playing it and also play every persona game i have yet to play (persona 1, persona 2: innocent sin, can't play p2: eternal punishment cause not on EU psn so have to watch a playthough, watch p3: The Answer, p4: arena ultimax, p4: dancing, p5: dancing) (already played p3 dancing without realising it was connected to p5 dancing)
i finished far cry 4 last night and am working my way through p1 SEBEC route with reiji then will do SQQ route with elly and hidehiko, sad i can't play eternal punishment myself but too nervous to hack my vita or remove my account for an american one, i might be persona fatigued at that point anyway so might better to watch
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salemcoven · 11 hours ago
At this point, it’s easier to tell my folks I’m in a long-term relationship with an inter dimensional waffle iron than saying I’m terminally obsessed with a vampire milf and her family of unsocialized goblins.
Because you had to read this stupid post with your own eyes, I’ll reward you with a WIP of what I’m working on.
Tumblr media
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augustwater · 16 hours ago
I think it’s kinda funny that when people argue that omori’s twist is unbelievable, one of the arguments that is brought up is that a twelve year old knowing how to do all of that is pretty impossible and I’m just have you ever talked to a potentially sad twelve year old
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 16 hours ago
Nepeta: :33< I stare into the taunting void of secrets and taunt it in return. I am dancing on a pit in a god’s realm and only I can change that. Who’s to say I shall?
Nepeta: :33< Ooh! Dust!
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stinkrascal · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
im sry i literally dont know how to take screenshots in bg3 but look at how cute my character is idk her name yet but shes a charlatan rogue wood elf and shes badass af!!!! i didnt even use any mods i cant believe she looks so good without mods i just ?!?!?! this game is so pretty bye
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biaswreckingfics · 16 hours ago
Wave Seonghwa or Firework San?
You. Out. 👉👉 Go. Lol sighhhhh
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Make Me Choose
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greensaplinggrace · 17 hours ago
7 on the ask meme?
(Salty Ask List)
Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?: Most of the Marvel movies and the Marvel fandom, especially when it comes to Steve Rogers. Stucky and Stony especially. Almost anything that has to do with Game of Thrones, excepting Braime. The FFVII fandom in regards to ship wars - I still love FFVII but idk when I'll ever be back at this point lol. Supernatural, although to be honest I still think it's fun and the fandom gets too much flack for being "cringey", mostly I just don't like it now because of how the writing tanked and the rampant misogyny/homophobia in both the show and the fandom alike. Lots of the things I don't like now are either because production got so bad I couldn't stand it, or the fandoms got so bad I couldn't stay in them anymore.
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korras · 17 hours ago
📓 :^)
:))) one fic that lives in my brain rent free is an exploration of azula post canon where her relationship with zuko is frought. she’s no longer trying to fight (she did, for a long time) but she doesn’t speak to him. she sneaks out of her rooms every night, making her way to the palace to just watch and wait. she always returns, always agrees to let zuko in, but never fully, never speaking. as they get older (not much older, really, they were so young to begin with) zuko begins his own life, getting married and having a child. then, zuko stops coming. a nurse tells her that the young princess was kidnapped. unsure of her future, she leaves to go find the missing princess.
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