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#this elf and this dwarf might be gay
unnamedelement · 3 days ago
Part 3: This Elf and This Dwarf *Might* Be Gay
Let’s sail into the West together—no homo! (LesbiReal, tho, they are—in the most conservative interpretation of the facts—at least enjoying a QPR or an exceptionally romantic friendship.)
they’re in love, your honor
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unnamedelement · 6 days ago
Part One: This Elf and This Dwarf *Might* Be Gay
Inspired by this TikTok series on SamFro and this desire I accidentally typed into being:
Tumblr media
For a slightly more nuanced take, here is the longer YouTube video. (CC available. Mind the credits and disclaimers in the video description.)
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gallavichthings · a month ago
Tumblr media
I’m so thrilled to present this week’s interviewee, my friend and brilliant author Dana aka ElfyDwarf aka @youknowyoutried. Not only did she write the brilliant On Ice, she also gave us several fantastic one-shots, including Knock-Knock, Closer and Catch Me, If You Can.
GT: Can you tell me the origin of your username ElfyDwarf?
D: My username came about when I joined AO3. I'd been on various other sites before, with other UN and I didn't want to bring those fandoms and ideas with me as I'd outgrown them so I needed a new name. All my life I have been referred to as an elf and a dwarf (the fantasy kind) because I'm little but savage. So I just mashed it together and hey presto! Thy name was birthed!
GT: I think I don't need to ask where your Tumblr username came from... But can you explain what drew you to this line in particular?
D: It was a fluke, if I'm honest, to have picked it as I was bouncing off of another friend's username. Hers was the line before and I automatically finish sentences/lines in my head, or I blurt them out, can't help myself! So I changed mine to youknowyoutried and it's stuck with me. But ultimately, it has a deep meaning that I just didn't realise at the time. Mickey, at that point, had done nothing but try and try and he wasn't getting anywhere. But Lip recognised it. That was a turning point, I think, in how the Gallagher's saw him.
GT: Tell us a bit about yourself.
D: Ok, so I'm 33 and I was born in Los Angeles but raised in England. Where I'm from might give light to some readers as to how I write as I've had comments in the past about my use of grammar or spelling and when I've said I'm from England they've gone "ohhh it makes sense now!". I'm qualified in Interactive Games Development but I didn't pursue it, it was way too complex, and since my college days, I've had two daughters who are fabulous. I love the colour yellow and giraffes are the ultimate animal and because I can't have one, I've settled on a grey cat called Sípha who is incredible. The best walking fluff I could have asked for. What else... I have a joint disorder which plays havoc with my fingers (and other joints) so I don't write as much anymore, but I'm still here, and hope to unleash a new multi chapter beast at some point. I'm a friendly soul with nothing but kindness in me so... Don't be afraid to come with an ask or a simple Hello! Oh, and I've been writing since age 12, though that stuff is cringe, and in fanfiction from 15 when was the big cheese
GT: What was the first fandom you read / wrote fics for?
D: The first fandom? Hmmm... I'm going to have to cast my memory stick into the abyss of my brain haha My first ever fandom was (so embarrassing) Gundam Wing. I read more than wrote and then I bounced into real person, which makes my skin crawl a bit, and went into backstreet boys. I adore them still so I cringe at the memory, but I drifted into Harry Potter, lord of the rings... I did make a solid friendship with a wonderful lady in Canada from the BSB days, who I still talk to now, 21 years later. Like you, I hope to meet her someday.
GT: Awn, that's sweet. I've made friends from several parts of the world that I still talk to over 20 years later too, I totally get this. 
When did you start watching Shameless and what made you ship Ian and Mickey?
D: So shameless was a huge hit here, way before the US version was a thing, and I loved Mickey to bits but he was much more of an idiot and he and Ian were never end game. Ian married a trans man (off screen) from what I remember. Fast forward to US Shameless entering our lives. I had never heard of it! I was youtubing fan videos of Queer as Folk US for Brian and Justin cos I felt like crushing my soul with sadness and a recommended video came up with the best gay couples in TV history, or something, as the title. Not one to miss an opportunity, I had a look because I'm a sucker for gay TV icons being happy. Lock me up, don't care, they deserve love and representation. Anyway, I think it got to number 2 and there's the scene from the nightclub, the nervous energy, the 'fuck it' and that kiss! And up came their names and the show. "THERE'S ANOTHER SHAMELESS?!" I screeched at the screen. And with those characters looking like that and seemingly in a better love line than ours had. I YouTubed them.
And look what happened! Into the rabbit hole I went and I'm quite happy down here. It's been chaotic but my goodness, I love them. I think Mickey was the reason I boarded the ship. He was such a deep character and a beaut. Noel is magnetic and I think I only watched ten minutes of his Mickey before I was signing up to sail haha
GT: Was this during season 5?
D: I think I joined in season 5, but that scene I saw was from 4. Maybe I joined near the end of 4...
GT: When did you start writing Gallavich fanfiction? What made you start?
D: It all started in December 2015 and I don't really know what made me start. I think it was the combination of reading all the wonderful works out there and having an idea form in my mind that just kept pestering to get out was what kicked it all off. I started writing On Ice first, but published one shots while I worked on the first chapter. Knock Knock was the first, and within that month, On Ice was published.
GT: I don't need to tell you how much I love On Ice.
What does your writing process look like? 
D: I'm old fashioned in how I write. First, I think on what it is and weed out what I deem useless points. I then note it down on paper and outline key stages, characters and all of that, I research madly if it's based around something 'real' like the Olympics, and then I start on it. I don't post as soon as it's done because I go back over it multiple times to make sure it's readable and flows, and once I'm happy, I'll post it. At that point I've usually got the next one started, too. I have notes and notes stuffed into my laptop bag! I also like to put the idea out to others to see if it's viable, too.
GT: What kind of fics do you write the most?
D: I think it's quite obvious what my top genre is lol - alternative universe. I can't be doing canon, it's hard enough watching it sometimes, so I stay away from writing it. I do read it though. I love AU as it's open for anything and I delve into smutty fires often, as you've read. I prefer multichapter but I've done a fair few one shots because sometimes you just have to get out those little side-pieces that get all up in your multi business.
GT: Do you prefer writing Ian or Mickey?
D: I prefer writing them both in equal measure. I love them both and they are so, so different that writing them together makes it so much more enjoyable. I do lean in Mickey's direction a bit more than Ian, though...
GT: What's the most fun thing about writing Gallavich?
D: That I have no idea what's gonna come out! Honestly, when I start writing, yes I have my plot points, I have my notes, but there's filling it in and there's really no telling what's going to appear on my screen. Especially when it comes to Mickey's dialogue because I'll get his voice in my head and his mannerisms and how he blurts stuff and lord knows what I'll type. Ian always feels more subdued but even he's like fire sometimes. Writing Gallavich is like eating from Forrest Hump's chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get. It's fantastic! I also love how acceptable Mickey's swearing is. Swearing is satisfying and funny sometimes, so I like the freedom he gives my muse.
GT: What's the most difficult thing?
D: Getting them across to readers the way I envision them. A lot of readers totally grasp what AU means, a good handful don't and that's where it becomes difficult. I get verbal abuse sometimes because my characters aren't as they should be. It's hard to keep them in character while they aren't required to be, do you know what I mean? I do my best but an AU isnt canon, they can be a little different. Adding in OCs is hard, too, because not everyone likes having outsiders in the Gallavich bubble. The hardest part is getting over my own criticism and low esteem, but then having mean comments...that's really hard. Helpful, constructive, yes please, but angry and demoralising? That's... Yeah, very difficult.
GT: What type of comments do you enjoy getting?
D: Oh, oh! I love getting anything that expresses that a reader enjoyed what I've written but the best? Those huge essay style comments that pick at each part of a chapter and dissect it with love for it and myself before ending in a high of "I LOVED IT" and thank you's. It feels like they're aware I'm a real person and are in the room talking to me and I feel on the top of the highest golden cloud after reading those. I vibrate with warm fuzziness! The best of the best are those where a reader will ask to find you on Tumblr and you become friends :D
GT: Who are your favorite characters aside from Ian and Mickey? Do you write them too?
D: Mandy, Carl, V and Kev. I try to add them in as much as I can because they are diverse and fun. I mean, Carl is an enigma, Mandy is strong and loving (Mickey's mirror), V is protective as hell and Kev is silly but as protective as V. Wedding scene, he's got the bat in his hands with a smirk. He comes across as a little dumb but he's really not. What's not to love about him? The rest all have their moments but not enough to rope me in.
GT: What's your favorite Gallavich fic that you’ve written so far and why?
D: I love Knock Knock because it's silly, but On Ice is the top. I love the winter Olympics and I really enjoyed picturing what I wrote as being part of it. I also enjoyed adding in OCs and giving Mickey and Mandy a better family life, as well as Ian, because there's enough hardship in canon for them, I like giving them a break. Plus, I just loved how well received it was. I felt accomplished when I had finished it and the love I got, and still get, overwhelms me to this day.
GT: What are some of your favorite fics and/or writers in the fandom?
D: I love @loftec, @thehonorarybeaumont... You know, I can't remember any other names but I loved Sexual Harassment in the Workplace [by @goodkwuestion], The Casanova Catering Conflict [by @damnnmilkovich​], The Boyfriend Experience [by @jellovich], TIPDIG [also by @goodkwuestion]. I've got a lot bookmarked! So many that I can't recall the titles or authors but if I went down my bookmark list, I'd squeak "ohmygod thiiiiis!" As I find them. Honestly, the talent in this fandom is incredible.
GT: It truly is.
What are your favorite tropes?
D: Ooooh, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, strangers to lovers... Pretty much what they are, really, as they went from enemies to lovers. If you give me that, in any setting (roommates, living across the hall, neighbours, work colleagues etc) I will feast on it. I do like domestic Gallavich, too!
GT: What's a fanfic pet peeve of yours?
D: Peeve? Awful grammar and spellings. It puts me off really quickly. I understand we miss a few, it's natural, especially if someone types like lightning, but when it's every sentence or paragraph? Sorry, I'm out. You should proof read it and if you're not into doing that, at least find a Beta to help you out. I understand that English isn't everyone's first language but if you are aware you struggle with it, and are about to post in a predominantly English written group, find someone to help you. It'll only aid you, and there's plenty who will help. I also cannot stand flat characters - Ian's only manic or love sick, Mickey is angry and violent or so far up his own ass that he sees nothing else but his ego. They aren't flat. No. I also can't stand over-detailed works either. When I say this, I am deeply aware that I detail like nobody's business but I try to do it so that it works. You need to know what a room looks like, but you need not know what grain of wood the bookcase is, what wattage the bulbs are and you certainly don't need to know the thread count of the rug that came from a family run business in Italy and what their house and gardens look like. Do you see what I'm saying? Lol There's detail and there's detailed to death.
GT: What’s your favorite season of Shameless? Do you have a favorite episode?
D: I've loved everything since they got put in jail together. I mean, they're together! Their wedding was fantastic but these moments we've had since where they are joking or showing their love for each other are top level. I loved season 4 and 5 purely for their hair styles and Mickey's character development. Ultimate scene - the cop car.
GT: The "guess what, dad?" scene?
D: Yes!
GT: It's truly remarkable
What's your favorite scene with the two of them?
D: The "I love you" scene in prison. Mickey swoops in and protects Ian, he apologises for being selfish and wants Ian out and it's so wholesome to watch. Ian is raw in that scene, and their love for each other is so clear and they both see it.
GT: If you could go back and change one thing in canon, what would it be?
D: The Svetlana scene. You know the one I'm talking about. Ok, a baby was cute and only really served a purpose for Ian's mania but that child was never needed. Where are they now? Gone. That scene and resulting plot line were never needed. Never.
GT: I know you haven't written in a while, but are there any stories about them you'd still like to tell?
D: I've got one noted out and it'd be a big one if I ever get to it. It's an emergency services AU, Ian's a paramedic and Mickey a firefighter and I know, cos I've researched like a boss, that fire stations in the US have both in the same building. That one I would like to get done and out there. It would be an enemies to lovers, too.
GT: I do hope you get to write it some day, but no pressure
Ok, this was it. Any last words?
D: Thank you for thinking of me for this ❤️ I've enjoyed it so much! I'll do my best to be more active but you know where I am if you need me 😁
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animeniac-writings · a month ago
D&D Academia
Tumblr media
Anime: Boku No Hero Academia
Shouto: Dungeon Master
Midoriya: Paladin Race: Human
Uraraka: Cleric Race: Dwarf
Iida: Paladin Race: Human
Shinsou: Druid Race: Dark Elf
Kaminari: Bard Race: Half-Elf
Mina: Bard Race: Tiefling
Kirishima: Sorcerer Race: Dragonborn
Bakugo: Barbarian Race: Orc
Tokoyami: Warlock Race: Aracockra
Tsuyu: Rogue Race: Tabaxi
Ojiro: Monk Race: Hafling
 Uraraka, Shouto, Midoriya and Iida start the campaign, sitting in the common room taking up a table, couple little maps and meager mini figures and some slightly random props.
Bakugo's about to make fun of their "Shitty ass nerd game" until Kirishima cuts him off, racing over to the table excitedly asking if he can join. He grumpily yanks out a chair and plops down beside him.
Bakugo thinks he's barbarian hot shit but Uraraka's character is the most violent. She might pick a healer because she's sunshine but she will fuck you up
Sweet paladin Izuku who wants to help everyone.
Dragonborn Kiri of course, he's had his character for ages but had no one to play with.  (He’s happy to help Bakugo make his character sheet and Bakugo just wants “Whatever’s strongest” and was almost an ogre but was... talked down from it.)
 Iida would want to stick to the main story but then Shouto brings up this poor villager whose home was ransacked and Deku's giving the puppy eyes and "Well we can't just ignore someone in need..." and it goes fuck all off quest
Denki's the fucking bard. so is Mina. They fought for it before they both became bards and they fit the bill
Todo's got that "father's credit card" and goes all out of props, everyone's mini figure is custom ordered.
Shouto's monotone while coming up with the wildest shit (He may go a little easier on who he likes...)
a simple goal that takes 9 sessions to complete.
For a one healing potion but you are damn well doing it for that minor healing potion because Uraraka used all her spell slots beating the shit out of a gnome.
when they finally convince Tokoyami to play he chooses warlock so "he serves under a dark and powerful master."
Shinsou gets 'forced' into playing, only a little reluctant as he is with most things, and trying not to let be known just how extensive his D&D knowledge is.
I would've said Warlock but he doesn't want the villainy sounding of it so he goes full goth druid, a high dark elf because of the stigma and misunderstanding.
Denki, ever on the ball of Barding, as soon as he starts his meeting with the rest of the group (and ecstatic that Hitoshi is finally joining) yells across the table: "I ROLL TO SEDUCE"
Iida: "You can't do that, he's not an npc. Really Kaminari, that is your answer for everyth-"
Shouto, wearing a dark hooded cape: "I'll allow it."
Kaminari, dejectedly, moments after: "Aww man, I got a four."
Shinsou, gay: "It works."
He either nat20's and Shinsou shrugs 'Guess he's with the bard now, sure was hard convincing this high level druid to join their party' or fails miserably but Kaminari's cute and Shinsou is smitten.
Shinsou, pulling out his character sheet: "Says here: 'weak to blonde bards'
Midoriya, skimming through his journal: "Kaminari wrote that on your quirk analysis page too."
"Wait no, actually it says DTF blondes."
Shinsou, mumbling quietly: "I only like one blonde."
Kaminari, with one freshly stroked ego: "YA HEAR THAT BAKUGO? I'M THE HOTTEST BLONDE."
Kirishima is now using full strength to weigh Bakugo down.
 Mina chooses tiefling so she can still be bright pink with horns, and it's perfect for being a bard because what's sexier than a tiefling?
Kaminari's half-elf because what's sluttier than a human/elf combo.
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alienfuckeronmain · a month ago
1) Lightning/Mater, 2) Bilbo, 3) rank everyone in radiator springs by level of gayness
1. Lightning/Mater
when I started shipping it if I did: Cars 2!!! They’re so cute in that one...Mater is the bomb....
my thoughts: it’s not my Cars OTP but I DO see it to some degree and would read well done, sweet, sincere fic about them. I mostly love their best friends dynamic. 
What makes me happy about them: obsessed with Lightning’s genuine love and regard for his weird hick bestie. Love the idea of them hanging out and driving around together and drinking beers and star gazing and Mater having a gazillion weird stories to tell about his past that Mcqueen isn't sure really happened. 
What makes me sad about them: how much time they spend apart when McQueen is on the road!!! I know Mater gets to go on tour sometimes but it’s probably not as often as he’d like. 
things done in fanfic that annoys me: I have never read fic! but in general most cars fic annoys be because its all insincere/satirical. 
things I look for in fanfic: I'll read any cars fic where they’re humanized the the author isn’t just making a joke 
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I love Mater/Holly I think their dynamic is genuinely cute, and obviously Lightning/Doc is my otp. 
My happily ever after for them: just being besties forever, until they’re old rickety desert rats 
who is the big spoon/little spoon: ok I actually love the idea of them drunk platonic cuddling and Mater snuffling McQueen, Mater is the big spoon because he's way taller in my head 
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: cow tipping as young hooligans, night drives as seasoned adults! 
2. Bilbo Baggins 
How I feel about this character: I don't actually kin characters but if I did it would be Bilbo. I too am the scandalous town gay homebody who loves food and books and writing 
All the people I ship romantically with this character: Thorin mostly but if Thorin must die then Bofur!!! 
My non-romantic OTP for this character: LOVE his friendship with both Bofur and Balin, also think him and Gandalf as weed smoking buddies is fantastic
My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t know if I have one!!! the hobbit fandom is big enough I feel like there aren’t too many unpopular opinions and everyone seems to agree he’s gay and fashionable, so. 
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I refuse to believe he lived alone after the events of the hobbit. He had at least one dwarf boyfriend he raised Frodo with. 
my OTP: Bagginshield 
my cross over ship: I've never thought about this in my life but I would love for him and Gaius to be town posh gays in Camelot together 
a headcanon fact: this might actually be canon?? but I think after the events of the hobbit he’s declared Elf Friend. I love to think about him going on week long wine benders with thranduil and thorin fucking LOSING HIS MIND about it 
3) rank everyone in radiator springs by level of gayness
THEY ARE ALL GAY!!! But here’s an attempt at a ranking: 
controversial but Ramone is a he/him lesbian I've decided 
Luigi and Guido 
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deltachyereviews · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
“The story of Dragon Age: Inquisition follows a player character known as the Inquisitor on a journey to settle the civil unrest in the continent of Thedas and close a mysterious tear in the sky called the "Breach", which is unleashing dangerous demons upon the world.“
TL;DR: 4/5.
action RPG
  - price: ~20 CAD for PS4 hard copy. for the sake of not repeating myself everything is written from a PS4 perspective!
depends. i completed the main story at about 72h since i like side quests, but i still didn’t finish them all. there’s several DLCs. one you’ll have to get if you want full closure/prelude to the next game is trespasser (added another 2 ish hours).
story (4/5)
- setting: the fictional continent of thedas, made up of countries “orlais” and “ferelden”. with knights and mages and elves and a lack of electricity, it’s a pretty classic medieval fantasy.
- altered by dialogue inputs/choices; “multiple endings”; also affected by save files from previous games i’ve heard
- a lot of the story is hidden within journals/notes/texts you discover as you wander the world. i find that these blocks of text are tedious to read through... you can still surmise a basic understanding of what’s going on through NPC interactions. i see the appeal of unearthing the truths, but i also hate reading, so i wish more of the story was like. mansplained to you lol. but it’s definitely well designed for its purpose of getting you to explore the world and draw your own conclusions from puzzle pieces. 
- romance !! i played the game just to romance cullen rutherford and i haven’t regretted it 🥴 the romance options you get depend on your inquisitor. some are strictly straight or gay, and some, like solas, can only be romanced by a female elf for story reasons. from what i’ve heard of other routes, all the romance routes get quite deep and emotional. they’re all very different & there’s a lot of backstory to uncover as the relationship deepens. you can also end it, and there may be some choices you make that end the relationship (for story reasons) against your own will... platonic relationships are also forged organically through the approval/disapproval system. more on characters later.
- otherwise i find the story very deep and alluring. it’s unique in my opinion and i was well invested, if not confused as a first time dragon age player. i docked a mark because of how easy it is to get lost in the story or tired of lore bombs.
mechanics (3.5/5)
Tumblr media
fights are quite fun. you get to choose from several classes. warriors act as tanks, rogues as stealth/archers, or mage as rangers/healers. you also get to control your party members so even if you don’t choose to be a warrior, as long as you have one in your party you can get up close and smashy smashy all you like ! the class you choose has effects on the dialogue options, and some have restrictions—dwarves can’t be mages because they have magic resistance. etc. your class and character determine the skills/abilities you can choose. there’s a lot of customization to discover, but if you get tired of trying to figure out which skill is best, you can auto-upgrade everybody and let the computer decide for you.
during the fight, you can toggle “tactical mode”, which pauses everything and lets you control your party’s moves. it’s saved my ass a bunch since i’m not an experienced player and needed time to set things up/regroup or heal. there are several difficulty levels for every kind of player, from easy to “nightmare”. normal was a good balance for me. 
the AI of your party has some leeway, but left on default, they fight pretty well on their own without your help. obviously they make dumb decisions because nothing’s perfect, but it hasn’t been a major issue. 
aside from the fights, you also control your character’s dialogue. it really enhances the RPG experience; you can be a kind, sympathetic inquisitor... a witty one, or a downright cold one. you face a lot of hard decisions, like who lives and who dies. these choices have long-lasting impacts on the game. kind of mind-boggling how big the story and world is since there’s so many branches to go through. some choices don’t matter as much and just lead to closer bonding experiences w/ other characters.
you get a massive backload of side quests to follow. some are kinda... tedious ... like leading a druffalo back home... some are more action-based, like slaying dragons. lots of puzzle solving and collectibles and such, so there’s quite a range of different mini-games within the entire game. but you can also ignore them entirely if they’re not your fancy.
there’s a crafting aspect, but that goes over my head since i’m too impatient to sift through numbers. but if you enjoy personalizing your gear, this would definitely impress you. with all the materials, upgrades, and recipes/formulas you can discover, you’ll have a grand old time trying to maximize stats. and, each party member has skill trees related to their class, so you’ll get to personalize each person to your play style. i’m not the best at that sort of thing, but i still appreciate how much work goes behind it.
lastly, controller. PS4 has the dualshock. when you close rifts, or when something explodes, the controller vibrates. helps to enhance the fun imo. there’s this ping/search function that requires hitting left stick. it gets louder the closer you are and the DS4 controller vibrates more or less, too. it’s all right, but sometimes shit gets highlighted on the map and i’m combing the area like... where the FUCK is it??? i’m also majorly directionally challenged so maps are always impossible for me to read. DAI’s especially was hard, seeing as it sometimes doesn’t account for which level of terrain you should be on... waypoints and such sort of help, but i’ve had to look up walkthroughs just to navigate sometimes. good news is there’s somebody to show you how to do everything in DAI, so you’ll never be stuck forever if you have to search for help.
i had to take marks off because of how buggy things can get. pressing right stick allows you to toggle through enemies and lock, but a lot of the time it’d lock onto some worthless fennec while an NPC is wailing on my ass. dialogue wheel sometimes breaks, too, and i’ve had to reload saves a bunch because quests wouldn’t trigger. (tho that might just be a hardware thing.) also things do get repetitive even as the difficulty goes up. 
sound design (3/5)
- when there actually is music, it’s good... but it never plays?? cutscene music always has this great, incredibly powerful orchestra that’s super moving and badass. then you grind for 5 hours in practical silence. i get that it’s meant to feel more ambient, but y’know... something memorable might be nice.
- voice acting is stellar. sera does kind of sound like a wannabe trying to be british (are you lichrally CHEWPID? roit it’s shite innit?!?) but i’ve got no other complaints. the voice actors have great emotional range and it never detracts from the experience. you can toggle between US/UK accents; elves and humans are defaulted british and dwarves/qunari, american. personally not a fan of the US female because she sounds very aggressive, but it fits for a dwarf/qunari class inquisitor, so it fills its purpose.
- there might not have been much BGM but the ambient tracks were all nice. gurgling water, wind storms, cawing birds, dragon roars... it made everything feel very real.
visual design (4/5)
- it’s kind of buggy in that 2014 EA way. some textures don’t load and the expressions can look super robotically CGId. also they can get a bit scary when you zoom in too close. but all in all, it’s quite nice to look at. the world designs are huge and unique to each region. and it’s still a beautiful game. 
- i enjoy DAI’s CC screen... it was very customizable and i’m super happy w my quizzie :} minus the lack of long hair options, but considering that it’s easier to animate short hair, i think i can forgive it. in the ps4 version you aren’t able to change your face after, though. i think pc allows for later edits, but just something to be mindful of since you’ll be spending a lot of time staring at them.
Tumblr media
viyana, a lovely dalish mage.
characters (5/5)
- i loved everybody. even the villains all have depth and reasoning to them. your companions have strong personalities, morals, goals, etc. i loved being able to just chat to people about things and even fill their tedious personal quests because i felt like i wanted to do right by my friend. though i didn’t like the company of some characters, like vivienne, i still respected her due to our conversations. side characters are also memorable and leave lasting impressions. no complaints. 
WHO (Audience)?
- i’ve never played a dragon age game before and though i’ve 100% missed easter eggs, i never felt like i needed to play the first games in order to enjoy myself. 
- you should at least be a fan of rich story, though. it’s not a casual game you can play to pass the time, but rather a very heavy one to fully immerse yourself into for the best experience.
- rated M 17+. there’s gory cutscenes, straight up nudity & sex, f-bombs... also a lot of talk about sensitive topics like slavery, war, etc. 
WHY should I play?
- i normally play strategy games like Fire Emblem or puzzle games like Professor Layton, so it’s not like i have much experience with action RPG—but i had a lot of fun. it was quick to learn. even though i’m 100% missing out on the full benefits of built in strategy mechanics like stat distribution or type weaknesses etc etc, i’m not losing my mind trying to beat things on normal mode. i think any level of player could enjoy the gameplay.
- the story is where it’s at. something so deep that feels like it has most of its bases covered was very impressive. although some side quests and main quests annoyed me, i never got bored of the actual story.
Final Notes:
- was pleasantly surprised to see their handling of LGBT topics, even in 2014. there’s a canonly trans character and the writing doesn’t shy away from it at all. krem isn’t a token trans guy; the dialogue even reflects it. 
“do they treat them like real men?”
“you are a real man.”
dorian is openly gay, which leads to interesting discussion about how it relates to his estranged family relationships. several characters are pansexual. and, because dragon age employs fantasy races, you can explore dialogue about inter-racialism and racism. religion, also. (the lore about the chantry and its parallels to the catholic church were interesting.) i thought the characters were diverse in a non-token way. 
- ps4 glitches often. i had to reload my saves several times because cutscenes or quests wouldn’t trigger. not sure if it’s better or worse for PC?
- there’s a multiplayer option but i’m obviously an introvert otaku so i’ve not had the chance to try it out yet lol
- bioware is canadian ! although i hated living in edmonton, i’ll pay homage lol
- cullen rutherford is a stupid himbo jock and i love him dearly. 
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transrictor · 12 months ago
gay fantasy races tier list. go
yes sir
dwarf: i made a much longer post about this but to summarize: craftsmanship, strong, rowdy, sexy. the bears of high fantasy
half orc: big and strong. misunderstood. also the bears of high fantasy
hobbit/halfling: i’m going by tolkien’s interpretation. they are living their ideal lives. i would genuinely love to be a hobbit.
tiefling: they’d be higher up the list except i like the other ones even more. love the horns
elf: i feel mostly neutral about elves. i’ve seen a lot of them. too much, one might say
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sassywitchprincess · a year ago
What your D&D race REALLY says about you:
Dragonborn: You like to be the center of attention and you have a knack for dramatic flair— Or you just really like lizards.
Dwarf: You’re short and you have a lot of pent up anger about it. You’re also the kind of person who adheres to the ten second rule when food hits the ground.
Elf: You’re maybe a little bit pretentious but mainly you like the idea of fucking off to the woods and never having to deal with idiots again. Also you are probably gay.
Gnome: You are the manic pixie dream girl and/or you are a bastard without limits. You might have picked the class as a joke but now you would never pick anything else.
Half-Elf: You’re a really friendly person but you’re too shy to initiate conversation so you just let people come to you first and then someone mentions one (1) thing you’re into and you implode.
Halfling: You really are just Motherfucker Unlimited, huh? You like to cause chaos and you will probably kill at least one NPC unprompted.
Half-Orc: Either you are a woman and you are a lesbian or you are a man and you drink your respect women juice either way you have a thing for big arms.
Goliath: Your favorite character in any movie, show, or book, is the gentle giant. You are desperate for love and affection from your friends but too shy to admit it.
Genasi: Kind of depends on the element, but generally you either are an extrovert or would be if you had just a little more self confidence.
Aasimar: You either play this character straight and you are a perfect cinnamon roll or you play the “fallen angel” and you are an absolute edgelord, no in between.
Aarakocra: You are either a furry or you just can’t stand the idea of someone having the same character as you so you picked the one you’ve never heard of before. Also flight. The fact you can fly was a big deal.
Human: You like to keep your options open and you don’t like the idea of anything being handed to you. You’re a hard worker but also you have commitment issues.
Goblin: You are a goblin.
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podcastcat · a year ago
I have decided that it is my duty to raise awareness for the wonderful and criminally unknown podcast, The Adventures of Sir Rodney the Root by Talking Fish Podcasts and Lena Winter, who you might know as EOS 10′s Interface.
If you are sleeping on this podcast, fix that right now. It’s whimsical and super funny. There are also meta jokes which are a personal favorite. It just finished the first season so you can binge it now!
The main character (who isn’t Sir Rodney by the way because he’s an actual literal root) is a trans, gay knight with social anxiety, which should be enough to sell the show honestly. I also want to point out that there isn’t any angst or much made about him being gay or trans! Which I really like. To be honest, I don’t think there’s anyone straight in the show at all. Everyone is queer and it’s great. 
There’s also a dwarf lesbian thief, a princess who is the brains of the group, a little kid who was kidnapped by fairies, and an fabulous elf mage who is delightfully petty but also really sensitive and vulnerable and could be a great person if he’d just put in a little effort. 
If you like The Adventure Zone Balance or Graduation and Alba Salix, you have to check it out. 
I love all of the characters and this show was made for podcast tumblr. Please listen and come join me screaming about Gil and Faendyr. 
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pixelpaperyarn · a year ago
Crawford, who is gay, also wanted the new rules to reflect the racial, ethnic, gender and sexual diversity of its players. No more cisgender damsels in distress, scantily clad in chain mail bikinis. Your adventuring party might contain a lesbian elf wizard, a brown-skinned dwarf fighter and a nonbinary half-orc rogue.
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