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#this account is becoming an incorrect quotes account
asklotrcharacters · 4 days ago
Gandalf: What's up guys? I'm back!
Frodo: What the- you can't be here. You're dead. I literally saw you die!
Gandalf: Death is a social construct
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devingfvl233 · 5 days ago
7 Things You Should Not Do With Glass installation companies
Examine This Report on Door Installation Company
Electricity loss via old, drafty home windows accounts for nearly one third of your heating as well as cooling prices start saving money through improving your outdated, drafty home windows with present day substitute windows coming from Window Country. Outdated replacement windows are actually usually singular glass with little bit of security from the hot air outside. If you see your home windows are actually scorching to the touch in the summer months, your windows are actually more than likely improperly shielded.
Protection issues simply worsen in the winter months if you notice your windows are actually cold to the contact in Additional reading cooler weather, you'll need to upgrade your windows. Modern replacement windows are actually well-insulated to keep your home pleasant even in the coldest of temperature levels. Well-insulated home windows are actually specifically essential in chillier locations like Boston ma, Kansas City or Indianapolis if you observe your home windows are cold to the contact, we highly recommend appointment along with an outside style specialist at Window Country to discuss our substitute window possibilities.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you get a gap early enough, you may be actually able to mend the gap along with no concerns. Nonetheless, if the crack proceeds to disperse, it could be time to replace the window. Unlike split home window frames, a gap in your windowpanes is a primary problem that needs to become attended to.
Some Known Incorrect Statements About Pre-made Windows Near Me
You could possibly substitute the split glass along with replacement window glass; nonetheless, sometimes, it's finest to switch out the whole entire home window (Door installation companies). If your windows are much more than fifteen years of ages or authentic to your property, home window replacement could conserve you funds down the road. Often your windows might perform effectively, however they appear outdated as well as out-of-date.
Our windows are actually custom-made to accommodate your property's needs. We deliver a variety of type and also color choices, so you may find the ideal fit for your property. When you are actually all set to begin your window substitute task, timetable a price quote with some of our outdoor style professionals. Our crew will definitely cover your job along with you and look at your alternatives so you can easily find the very best home windows, doors, and also house siding for your residence.
Tumblr media
Besides fulfilling an useful function, windows are additionally an aesthetic emphasize for a lot of residences. They are likewise amongst the best famous attributes of your house. That's why if your windows look broken, the entire home looks aged and shabby. Having said that, home windows don't must look broken as well as outdated for all of them to become in poor circumstances - Door installation companies.
Getting The Glass Installation Near Me To Work
So it is actually a bit difficult to tell when to change home windows. There's no set time period after which you need to change your windows. That is actually as a result of the wide array of window framework materials as well as sorts of glass for various houses. The ailments of the region and how well you care for your windows likewise calculate their longevity.
The most obvious sign it's time to receive new home windows is when your frames appear exhausted and broken. The majority of property owners can't stand up old-looking frames and will definitely change them As Soon As Possible. This is the very best move since dismissing it does not make it appear more recent yet just gets worse the situation. Wooden frameworks are one of the most vulnerable to weathering.
Hardwood promptly decays when exposed to wetness, and also everything worsens coming from there. If you don't replace your wooden frameworks early good enough, they may come to be a security danger. They may be actually as well weak to stand up the panes, as well as the glass might come crashing down. Ideally, they don't crash adverse you as well as the household.
Window Installation Services Company Can Be Fun For Anyone
When your frame starts to degeneration, your home windows begin to water leak. Do not be actually surprised if you arrive residence to a huge puddle under your home window if it rains. If puddles begin to create beneath your window every time it storms, you don't even need a write-up to tell you it's opportunity for window substitute.
Do they available and also close perfectly, or performs it feel like you're spying them open and also booming all of them close? If it's the latter, after that maybe it is actually time to search for new home windows. Position and closing windows must require minimum attempt. If it takes a little of power to open up or even close them, then they've outlasted their life expectancy.
If your windows are warped, gloomy, or even damaged, at that point it is actually about time to acquire some brand new ones. However, you don't need to have to switch out a home window for small loss. Some problems don't merit window replacement; an easy repair service will certainly do for simple workouts like weatherstripping. For many individuals, if the windows still function, after that there's no necessity to switch out or also fix them.
The Boardup Company Statements
If your home windows present obvious indicators of damage, after that its own best you replace them as very soon as you can. You can explore the a variety of kinds of substitute windows, then discover one that matches your fancy. The broken windows are actually possibly an eye sore in any case. There may be a number of main reasons why your energy expenses keep receiving much higher and also much higher.
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mark-headache · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐈𝐌 𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐍𝐀𝐇 (Hangul: 김한나), known professionally as Hannah, is a fictional Canadian singer, dancer, choreographer, songwriter, and model under SM Entertainment based in South Korea. She is a member of the South Korean group NCT and its sub-units NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream formed by SM entertainment. She is one of the Canadian members in the group with her positions as the Main vocal, Main dancer, Sub rapper, Center, Face of the group and lastly Visual. Hannah debuted in April 2016 as a member of the rotating unit Nct U with their hit single ‘The 7th sense’ before becoming a member of the Seoul longitude-based fixed unit NCT 127 in July 2016. In August of 2016 Hannah joined NCT Dream, the third subunit of the South Korean group NCT as the youngster unit of NCT. The group debuted on August 25 of 2016 with their hit single "Chewing Gum", with eight members Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan,Hannah, Jaemin, Chenle, and the youngest member Jisung. Hannah debuted as a solo artist on June 7th of 2017 while also performing with the other subunits. As of Now, Hannah promotes as a member of NCT U, NCT 127, and a soloist.
In August of 2019, SM Entertainment announced Hannah will join a Korean supergroup SuperM alongside her fellow NCT members Taeyong, Mark, Ten and Lucas and her seniors Baekhyun, Kai and Taemin. They debuted with their hit single Jopping in October 2019.
Tumblr media
Last update; Wednesday, May 5
Latest post; The beginning
Tumblr media
Meet Kim Hannah!! 
Let’s get to meet nct sole female member Hannah Kim
profile ⑊ style ⑊ solo-discography ⑊ quirks ⑊ era ⑊
️All about Kim Hannah!! 
Let’s get to know Kim Hannah
kim hannah’s playlist ⑊ hobby ⑊ additional facts ⑊ solo filmography ⑊solo endorsement⑊ collaborations ⑊ credits ⑊ idol statistic ranking ⑊ school ⑊ hannah’s achievements ⑊ family & pets ⑊
Tumblr media
️Relationships within nct!! 
Hannah’s relationship with the members
hannah’s relationship with nctu
hannah’s relationship with nct127
hannah’s relationship with nctdream
hannah’s relationship with wayv
hannah’s relationship with 00′ line
Relationships within smtown!! 
Hannah’s relationship with her fellow label mates
 ⑊ aespa ⑊ red vevlet ⑊ exo ⑊ heechul ⑊ taeyeon & jessica ⑊ shinee ⑊
Relationships out of smtown!! 
Hannah’s relationship and friendship with other kpop idols
⑊ people who have a crush on hannah ⑊ dating history ⑊ people who look up to hannah ⑊ idols friends ⑊ hannah Interacting with other Idols ⑊ hannah’s past crushes
Tumblr media
random memories ⑊ random moments ⑊ predebut pictures ⑊ birthday tweets ⑊  hannanh’s iconic moments ⑊ ost⑊ hannah’s close friends
Hannah vs the internet!! 
hannah’s sns accounts
instagram accounts [both private and public]
accounts hannah follows
recent hannah instagram update; [please wait loading]
youtube channel: 
recent hannah tweets; [please wait loading]
twitter update: 
nct 2020 enquete
hannah most famous fansite 
hannah in JFC & Sun and Moon 
hannah’s bubble update [please wait loading]
nctzennies Tweets
Hannah on air ⑊ vlive ⑊ instagram live ⑊ joining the other members lives ⑊
please wait loading
New!! converse ⑊ dating rumours ⑊ articles ⑊ scandals ⑊ rumours 
please wait loading
incorrect quotes //  
please wait loading
Visual!! ⑊ (Tagged #HannahVisual)
Tumblr media
Hypothetically ⑊ imagine,aus, what ifs, etc ⑊
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The beginning
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2011 - 2015 (Predebut)
The beginning
2015 - 2016
please wait loading
2017 - 2018
please wait loading
2018 - 2019 
please wait loading
2019 - 2020
please wait loading
2020 - 2021
please wait loading
Tumblr media
Any questions answered will be tagged (#Lili_talks )
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autumnangel20 · 25 days ago
For those of you reading my first fanfic, Clearer View, I’m aware of how bad the angst has been. This is meant for laughs, and is completely unrelated.
Ok, so I am blaming this crack!fic 100% on @lasthourstid whose incorrect quote was the breeding ground for this, and who said they would read it if I wrote it. I hope you’re happy.
Background for this that I’m not writing because it would be too much like plot, but makes this all the more funnier, (I think): Jem is a really famous violinist, like YoYoMa levels of fame, but Will is stubborn and likes to be independent so he keeps to his own finances mostly, because he doesn’t want Jem to be a sugar daddy. Tessa is stubborn too, but less stubborn than Will is.
“I could be a prostitute” Will stated bleakly while checking his bank account balance on his phone. “I would even be good at it. I’m handsome, funny, and good in bed. That’s all there is to it, right?” The question was directed to Jem, who was sitting across the table from him.
“You’re forgetting one thing, which you certainly don’t possess,” Jem commented dryly. “Common sense.”
Will ignored him and continued rambling. “And you and Tessa wouldn’t have to be jealous, it would be just business.”
“I think Tessa might have something to say about that Will. Why don’t you ask her.”
Will glanced at Jem. In a teasing tone he asked, “Not you though?” with a small smile on his face.
“You can tease and flirt all you want Will,” Jem remarked as he put down the newspaper he was reading. “But we both know that you aren’t going to do any such thing. And it’s always my bed you sleep in, regardless. Why would I be jealous?”
Will blushed, a sight rarely seen. “But I would be good at it.” he said in a protesting tone. “Besides, I need the money. I’m broke.” The last sentence was said wryly.
“If you hadn’t bought that first edition Tale of Two Cities you wouldn’t be.”
“But it was a gift for Tessa!”
“Be honest, it was as much a gift for you as it was for her.”
“Well, maybe.” Will drew out the maybe so it lasted for 10 seconds.
“Anyway Will, you aren’t really broke. You just won’t be able to buy coffee at that cafe you like everyday for the next month.”
“Yes, which is torture.”
Tessa came in from the bedroom, hair still damp from her shower. “What’s torture?” she asked, kissing Will on the head as she passed by him on the way to the coffee pot, and then Jem.
Jem was the one to answer while Will was pouting. “Not being able to buy coffee for the next month from the cafe.” He said this very dryly.
“Oh, that again. Will, as much as I love the copy you found me, you didn’t need to buy it.” Tessa scolded Will over her shoulder while pouring her coffee into her mug.
“But it was your birthday! I wanted to get you something special.”
“Anything from you and Jem would have been something special Will. You two would give it with love.” Tessa walked back over from the counter to sit next to Will, perching herself on the edge of the table.”
“Ask him what his solution was. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this.” Jem said with a smirk audible in his voice.
“Will?” Tessa had a curious look on her face.
“...” All of his bravado from earlier was gone in the face of Tessa.
“What was that, I couldn’t quite hear you with the mumbling.”
“...said I could become a prostitute.” Will said under his breath, decidingly not looking at Tessa as he said it.
Tessa tried to hide her grin under her mug. “I don’t think so. I would respect any choices you make of course, as would Jem, I’m sure,” she said tossing a look at Jem behind her, “but I would be entirely too jealous to share you with anyone besides us.”
“I did tell you she would have something to say about it.” Jem had picked up his newspaper again and was flipping through it.
Tessa made an observation, looking at Will. “You are pretty enough to be a trophy husband though.” she said idlily.
Will squawked while Jem burst out laughing. “Tess!” Will finally spluttered out.
“What?” she gave him an innocent look that fooled no one.
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arnieb95 · 26 days ago
My account has become fanart and incorrect quotes of Rayllum, the Love Square, and Whiterose (especially so as of late), and crack ideas from Zuppi's ficlets.
I'm strangely ok with this.
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beefmeter9 · a month ago
<h1>4 Bundles Deal Virgin Human Hair</h1>
Some suppliers declare that they offer virgin unprocessed human hair when is actually not true. So discover ways to tell actual virgin unprocessed human hair is quite necessary.
The cuticles remain intact with each strand of hair dealing with the same course. Frequently, Remy hair can be identified by the name “cuticle hair”. To put full lace frontal closure with baby hair in simple terms, virgin unprocessed human hair is the hair that's not subjected to any kind of processing or remedy. This means that the hair has not been handled with chemical compounds including perm, relaxer, silicones dyes as well as colors.
Tumblr media
Thus, the purest form of hair out there is Virgin Remy and the unprocessed hair has its cuticles intact. And, if you’re new to AliExpress, we’ll let you in on a secret. Just earlier than you click ‘purchase now’ in the transaction process, take a moment to check for coupons – and also you’ll save much more. You can find retailer coupons, AliExpress coupons or you'll be able to gather coupons every single day by taking part in games on the AliExpress app. And, as most of our sellers provide free shipping – we predict you’ll agree that you’re getting this unprocessed hair bundle at probably the greatest prices on-line. If you’re nonetheless in two minds about unprocessed hair bundle and are thinking about selecting an identical product, AliExpress is a good place to compare costs and sellers.
Customers are merely in search of higher quality hair. Therefore, the demand for raw hair extensions are skyrocketing. Quality hair extensions are an investment that will save you numerous money in the long run. And at Jafar hair we can assure you that we are going to stay true to our hair extensions high quality and prices. Virgin unprocessed human hair is chemically unprocessed hair from a single donor. Beautyforever hair mall have virgin unprocessed Brazilian hair, unprocessed Indian hair, unprocessed Peruvian Hair and virgin unprocessed Malaysian hair. It have to be 100% human hair, ends and tops of the hair dealing with the same path, all of the cuticle layers intact, and never be chemically processed in any method.
Low Cost Malaysain Hair Weave Bundles 4 Pcs Thick Straight Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions
Very maintainable, however frizziness does occur with this hair. The shine on our Raw Vietnamese wavy hair extensions is simply wonderful. Each bundle weighs in at about a hundred grams/3.5 ounces. Our Raw Vietnamese wavy hair extensions may be straightened, curled, dyed, and/or bleached. Also, the pure wave pattern is promised to return back after each wash.
We’ve at all times obtained the most recent tech, the most recent developments, and probably the most talked about labels. On AliExpress, nice high quality, worth and repair comes as commonplace – each time. Start the best purchasing experience you’ll ever have, right right here. When purchasing longer lengths, the wave patterns on our wavy textures will be looser than the shorter lengths. 3.When you dye the hair with bleach powder, please management the time inside 5 minutes. If you dye it with dye cream, you should management the time within 20 minutes.
Although we will attempt our best to match every bundle as close as we are able to in texture and shade. There’s no assure that every bundle will match 100%. 2.If you need to blow your hair dry, please blow to eighty% dry, then keep the rest 20% to naturally dry. By this manner, it's going to hold your hair away from drying and frizzy. You can put in your order quantity and click on search to seek out the monitoring information or login your account to verify the element data.
The seller has not specified a delivery methodology to Germany. Contact the vendor- opens in a brand new window or tab and request shipping to your location. You will need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser to make the most of the performance of this web site.
And after all, each bundle is collected from a single donor which guarantees the longevity of our hair by preventing any tangling and matting. This also means that the cuticles are aligned and flows in a single course. Our textures usually are not manipulated in any way to create uniform patterns.
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There are a number of brands on the market available in the market that claim to sell Virgin Remy hair and connect a heavy price tag to it. It, subsequently, turns into essential so that you can just remember to know how to tell if the hair is real. Remy refers to the hair chosen from a single donor after first considering its root finish.
Otherwise, the hair might be broken by cream if you depart it too lengthy there. If the hair is wavy or curly type, we don't recommend to comb it, if you have to, please comb it with palms or broad-tooth brush gently. Tight tooth brush will wreck the hair unique form and make it frizzy and feel like tangle! Please always comb the hair from the ends, and work your means up. 1.When you wash the hair, better to brush it firstly. Then put hair conditioner equally on the hair for 5 minutes. Hair conditioner may be very necessary every time whenever you wash hair!
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Another point that you have to search for is the colour designation of hair – #2, #1B, etc. – to make sure that you're buying Virgin unprocessed hair. This is because it is neither coloured nor handled and is out there in pure black in addition to brown color. Often, shade labels are supplied on packages, if hair has been dyed and handled to bring it to the required shade. Human hair accommodates processed hair and unprocessed hair. How to inform a human hair is processed or unprocessed?
Isee Hair 1 Bundles Deal For All Hair Textures, 9a Grade A Hundred% Human Virgin Hair Unprocessed Human Hair 1 Bundle Deal
Our processing time is 5-7 business days after fee has been acquired, so customers can anticipate supply 2-three days after. A monitoring number shall be provided to all customers by way of email as soon as their order has shipped.
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djcoffee30nco · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hello, welcome to our account, I’m Peaches or Dani (if you like using a more normal name) and I just wanted to make a post pretty much giving some insight on what Kathryn (the other account owner) and I will be posting on here :)
Things we will post:
• Anime/Fandoms we like
• Memes
• Dumb stuff
• Original Incorrect Quotes
• Art (mostly by us.)
• Collabs that we do with each other.
Things we will not post:
• NSFW stuff (this is a SFW account.)
• Political agenda (this account was specifically made for fun and not to promote any hate or promote any political ideas to anyone.)
• Fortnite (don’t ask why this is on here, it’s an unspoken rule.)
Here’s also some things about us:
• Kathryn and I have known each other since 7th grade middle school.
• We bonded over the fact that our English teacher pointed out that we both liked horror genre in 8th grade and that’s when we started to become close friends.
• We are two halves of a whole idiot.
• We both like to write crackfics, draw, and make Spotify playlists.
• Kathryn did me dirty by having a dream where I married a guy named Rick Skydive AND HE HAD A BOWL CUT. Yes he also skydived. And wore a leotard—
• We collabed on English assignments before like making a video together where we re-enacted a book scene and wrote a collab horror story about two maniacal lesbians that escaped from an asylum and hitchhiked with some guy.
• We have three more chaotic friends, but they don’t really dabble in the things we like so they don’t have the privilege of owning this lovely joint account with us ❤️
• I killed Kathryn’s pet Minecraft pig, Edgar and then ate him. RIB; Rest in bacon, little guy.
• We’re both in the same school academy, AMAT, or digital arts and design.
• I fed Kathryn’s cat ranch and got him addicted. I also proceeded to awaken her cat’s foot fetish that we didn’t know he had.
• We’re always on the same bullshit.
• I drank a monster at a sleepover with Kathryn and another friend and things got wild. Kathryn and I ended up slapping each other with fruit roll ups and had an epic battle.
Here’s our spotify profiles, we make pov playlists and also anime playlists:
That’s about it, hopefully you guys enjoy from here on :)
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@ Charlie | Charlie Gillespie
A/N: I dedicate this fic to the wonderful @jatpsmut​ who listened to my ideas and really supported me throughout the writing process! Thank you so much for all the help, I probably wouldn’t have posted this fic without your encouragement!! 💕💕
(and @ Charlie if you see this, please send her a birthday message on 17 March! 😉)
This one is a bit shorter than my other fics because I’m busy at work at the moment but I might write a second part if I find the time/inspiration (I already have a vague idea for it). Hope you enjoy this one! :)
Pairing: Charlie x fem!reader
Word count: 2,110
Warnings: probably some typos because I’m tired and can’t concentrate while I’m proofreading this rn 🙈
Summary: Y/N writes JATP fanfiction and decides to leave little notes to Charlie at the end of her fics but she doesn’t expect anything to happen. To her surprise, she suddenly starts receiving replies to her notes and it turns out that it’s Charlie.
Tumblr media
Y/N Y/L/N had never really been involved in a fandom until she had watched Julie and the Phantoms. She’d also never really written fanfiction before and she had never even considered messaging a famous person. But something about Julie and the Phantoms had been different. Somehow the show had felt special, so she had made a tumblr account and soon she’d been sucked into a world of fan theories, crazy discourses, and writing stories about the show’s characters. She enjoyed reblogging things on her blog, coming up with stories about her favourite characters and talking to the friends she made along the way but she never expected anyone from the cast and crew of the show to ever find out about her blog or her fics. She was just having fun without a care in the world. When she saw a video in which Charlie mentioned that he thought Julie and the Phantoms fans wrote really well, an idea formed in her mind but little did she know, that this idea would turn her life upside down.
It all started with a little note to Charlie that Y/N left at the end of the fic she posted a few days after watching Charlie’s Instagram story.
@ Charlie I loved jatp and it helped me through a difficult time in my life and I’m so thankful for it!
She didn’t think he’d ever see it but somehow she liked the idea of leaving notes showing her appreciation of the actor. That’s why she made the decision to leave little notes to Charlie in all of her stories from now on. Nothing crazy, just things that were on her mind at that moment and that she thought she would say to him if she ever met him.
@ Charlie You seem to be a super lovely guy and it’s so sweet how much you care about your fans!
As time went on, she got a bit more daring because by now she felt confident that he’d never find her little notes.
@ Charlie either stop being such a cutie or send me a dm already :P
The notes motivated her to write more because a new story meant she could leave another little message. It felt less stressful than leaving comments on Instagram, especially because she felt less judged, and she liked that. No one really cared about what she posted on tumblr.
@ Charlie still waiting for your message ;)
It was fun to come up with the notes, although sometimes she cringed at herself when she reread them. But Charlie would never see them anyway, so it was all good.
@ Charlie i loved the video you posted!! what are the odds that you take me on a camping trip one day?
She didn’t expect anything to come out of it, it was simply something she did to make herself smile and maybe to daydream a little about how great it would be to get Charlie’s attention. But that’s all it was. A daydream. 
Or so she thought.
When the first message arrived in her inbox, she thought someone was pulling a prank on her. It was sent as an anonymous ask, so clearly anyone could have written it.
hey y/n, thanks for the lovely words, i really appreciate all the cute notes that you left in your fics for me. your writing is really great! - charlie
She got excited about it because whoever had sent it had liked her story enough to message her. She just didn’t think it was Charlie, so she replied Glad you liked it! :) and left it at that.
However, the next day she found another message in her inbox.
y/n, it’s me again, charlie. i thought you wanted me to message you and now that i did i only get a generic “glad you liked it”?! that’s a bit rude, don’t you think? 😜
This message made Y/N’s heart skip a beat – maybe it really was Charlie? But then she brushed it off. Surely, it wasn’t him. There were thousands of fics out there – millions if you counted the ones from other fandoms – what were the odds that he would stumble across her fics out of all the stories that existed on all these different platforms? Someone was just pulling her leg.
That’s why she didn’t reply to the message at all.
Still, at the end of the next story she posted, Y/N left a message for Charlie again.
@ Charlie I don’t think it’s actually you who’s sending me all these messages in reply to my notes but if it is…ugh, I don’t even know how you could prove it’s really you without me giving everyone my real name and identity. And it probably isn’t you anyway, so then I would have made a fool of myself for nothing. But if it really is you, send me a dm maybe?
She posted her fic before she could change her mind and left her laptop in a hurry because she got a bit anxious about what might happen now, although realistically she knew that nothing bad could happen.
When she eventually logged back into her account another message was already waiting for her. This time it was a direct message, sent from a person calling themselves ghostlyguitaristfromdieppe. She raised her eyebrows and chuckled to herself before she opened the message.
if you send me your insta handle, i’ll follow you on instagram, so you’ll know it’s me ;) – charlie
Y/N stared at her screen, trying to decide what to do. Her heart was racing. Chances that this really was Charlie were incredibly low. She clicked on the name to take a look at the tumblr blog that was connected to it and began scrolling. There were a lot of jatp gifs, some incorrect quotes from the show and the cast, and some nature and hiking pictures mixed in between. She had to admit the blog looked like she’d imagine Charlie’s blog to look like if he was on JATP tumblr but why would Charlie be on JATP tumblr?!
She opened the message again and reread it. Was she really going to do this? It was worth a try, right? She had been bored out of her mind the last few months, so maybe this would make her life a bit more interesting.
She held her breath and began to type.
I can’t believe I’m actually doing this but... my username is @its_y/n_y/l/n
She exhaled and began chewing her lip. She didn’t even really know why she was so nervous. It was not like she’d revealed her identity to the entire world. It was just one person. One person who pretended to be Charlie but now she’d see who it really was and then they would laugh about it and maybe they’d even become friends. Or not. Whatever.
Her phone screen lit up and when she read the message that had popped up, she almost dropped her phone as if it had burst into flames.
Charlie 👅🍀 (charles_gillespie) has requested to follow you.
This couldn’t be real. She had to be dreaming. She tapped on the picture and sure enough, it really was his account. She stared at her phone and shook her head. Was this really happening? She accepted the request and a second later a message appeared in her inbox.
Charlie: see, told ya it was really me! 😉
Y/N: I admit that until I saw your name and the little blue tick I really didn’t believe it haha! I would’ve never imagined that you might find my fics, let alone read them and actually reply to my little notes 😂
Charlie: I’m full of surprises
Y/N: you really are haha
Y/N pulled a face. If only her best friend Liz wasn’t at work right now. Y/N wasn’t good at texting guys, usually she relied on her best friend’s help for that. But Liz was a nurse, she was busy with more important stuff than helping her best friend talk to a famous actor right now. Y/N had to do it all on her own this time.
Y/N: I still can’t believe you have a jatp tumblr 😂 how long have you had your account?
Charlie: a while… i was already around when everyone thought Owen was lurking on tumblr 😜
Y/N: how did you manage to keep your account a secret? somehow i would’ve thought you’d be the first one to accidentally reveal your identity haha
Charlie: after i saw how everyone freaked out when they thought Owen was on tumblr i did my best to remain undercover hahaha
Charlie: i discovered the fics only recently though. I really enjoy the Juke and Willex ones!
Y/N smiled at that and was about to reply something, when another message from Charlie appeared on her screen.
Charlie: Okay, this might be a long shot but I just scrolled through your pics. Are you really in LA right now?
The smile on Y/N’s face grew wider and her heart fluttered in her chest.
Y/N: Yes, I am 😊
Charlie: would you maybe want to meet somewhere?
This wasn’t happening. This wasn’t happening. Things like that only happened in romantic comedies!
Y/N: Did my fics really impress you that much?
Charlie: Well, tbh your fics just got me curious. It’s your pictures that impressed me! You’ve traveled all over the world, haven’t you?
Charlie: And it seems you enjoy hiking too
Charlie: And festivals?!
Y/N’s cheeks were burning. This still didn’t seem real.
Y/N: I’ve been to a few places, yeah… And you’re right, I looove hiking. And I really, really miss going to festivals!!
Her stomach flipped and her fingers hovered over her phone screen for a second while she was thinking. This was ridiculous, she couldn’t just go on a date with him! They should at least FaceTime first, see if they got on. Did he even mean it as a date? Probably not… She was overthinking this already, wasn’t she?
But then the lyrics to Bright popped into her head: “Life is a risk but I will take it, close my eyes and jump…”
Maybe it was her turn to take a risk now.
She took a deep breath in an attempt to calm her accelerated heartbeat. It did nothing to stop the butterflies fluttering in her stomach though.
Y/N: Okay where do you want to meet?
Charlie: There’s this amazing hiking trail that I think you’re going to love. If you’re free right now I’ll come and pick you up!
Liz would kill her if she found out that Y/N had given her address to a random guy she’d never met in person before. Even if that random guy was Charlie Gillespie.
Y/N: I’m a bit paranoid about giving my address to complete strangers, even if the complete stranger happens to be my celebrity crush…how about we meet at my favourite ice cream shop instead and then we’ll go hiking after we had ice cream?
Charlie: celebrity crush, eh? Charlie: but yeah maybe you’re right, i should have thought that through haha but i kind of forgot that we’re actually complete strangers… Charlie: ice cream sounds good though :)
Y/N: great, i’ll send you the address
Y/N typed the address and threw her phone on her bed after she hit “send”. What was she doing? She raked a hand through her hair and started pacing around the room. She’d always thought she was a relatively spontaneous person but this seemed a bit impulsive even for her. When Liz had tried to set up a blind date for her a few months ago, Y/N had refused to go because she wanted to know the person she went on a date with before they went out. Sure, she had watched lots of interviews with Charlie but she didn’t actually know him. They had talked on tumblr and Instagram for what – a few hours maybe? It was crazy to already meet him in person after such a short amount of time. But she’d said yes now.
She sent a text to Liz, telling her she was going to meet Charlie at her favourite ice cream place and was going hiking with him afterwards. At least this way somebody would know where she was if Charlie turned out to be a serial killer (she was pretty sure he wouldn’t but she thought it was better to be safe than sorry). When she grabbed her hoodie, and rushed out of the front door, she couldn’t help but grin like a fool. This was crazy but maybe it would be the beginning of a wonderful romance.
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southwesterncc · 2 months ago
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Creating the attitude of a successful stock investor does take time, responsibility and an investment in your education. Read publications compiled by and about successful stock investors. Search for chances to rehearse some of the techniques that you learn. Keep track of everything you are doing. Observe the trades that worked out effectively combined with trades that failed to work out in your favor. By performing these exact things you will build the attitude of a successful investor and your profile will thanks for it.
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babygrimer · 2 months ago
Are You An Investor Or A Trader Of The Forex Industry?
If you intend to be considered a effective stock investor, it is important that you develop the appropriate mindset. You are able to learn all of the techniques and techniques associated with buying the proper stocks. Nevertheless, buying shares is equally as emotional because it is truth centered and if there isn't the proper attitude from the beginning, the mental part of buying stocks can defeat you every time. Here really are a several recommendations to help you build the attitude of an effective stock investor.
To become a successful Aplikasi Saham among the first mindsets you need to develop could be the mindset of a specialist baseball hitter. In soccer you can affect out 7 out of 10 instances and still go to the corridor of fame. The stock industry is much like football in that regards. You may be wrong in your stock picks most of the time and however produce lots of money. The important thing is to recognize if you are wrong quickly, cut your failures and reinvest in a brand new stock.
Assume you had a account of $10,000 from the beginning of the year. Your first nine trades were losing trades over a 12 month period. You reduce your losses everytime at 10%. Your portfolio could be right down to $3487. That is a loss of more than 60 of you original portfolio. Is this a whole disaster? Today let's imagine on the eleventh business you had been correct. The stock goes up 1000% around another 12 weeks (this has occurred before on numerous occasions). At the end of this 12 month work up, your portfolio would be price $34870. Your profile has improved 300% over a two year time DESPITE the truth that you were incorrect NINE out of TEN instances!
As an effective stock investor, you also must have the mindset of a person that's afraid of making a responsibility to stay a monogamous relationship. You should never marry a stock. Effective investors will have stocks that they will sell if the stock starts to show trouble signs. As an example if the company normally creates quarterly earnings raises of 100%, 200%, and so forth and then for 2 straight groups, they report quarterly increases of 10%, 25%, that is a huge red hole to sell.
This type of dramatic drop in earnings raises possibly shows the stock is all about to have a change for the worst. Also when you notice that the stock's 200 time moving average on the graph starts down trending instead of up trending, that is yet another signal that the stock may take trouble. Unsuccessful investors retain their winners. Effective investors have no problems with dumping their winners.
Fiat income is created out of nothing and the quantity of income raises in circulation. As the money present grows, the dollars quote and contend for the products and solutions a lot more causing the spiraling of the typical prices. That persistent monetary inflation does strike poor people but the investors with large capital at their removal aren't effectually shattered.
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It's wise for the investor to place his money in the stock market wherever the business handles commodities. They should concentrate more on the real returns, which means, inflation modified earnings, rather than the usual nominal ones. The item investors know precisely industry contour of the main element commodities like silver or oil which will be traded in real terms. It secures their expense portfolio.
In a predicament where in actuality the investor generates say 100% if you find a increase in the purchase price level by 50%, the investor's perceived 50% obtain is but an illusion. The nominal figures gathered around decades are meaningless. The real gets are calculated on the natural buying energy are considered relevant.
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Developing the attitude of an effective stock investor does take time, responsibility and an investment in your education. Study books published by and about effective stock investors. Try to find possibilities to practice some of the methods that you learn. Record that which you are doing. Note the trades that exercised well combined with the trades that failed to work through in your favor. By doing these things you'll develop the attitude of a fruitful investor and your collection may thank you for it.
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this is LUVITY PARK NET. we are a network created to help luvity content creators get more exposure and meeting others within the fandom.
applications are currently: OPEN
Tumblr media
your blog must be an active account. if you decid to go on hiatus or make any recent changes to your blog, please inform an admin.
only members can use our tag #luvityparknet ; please include it within the first five tags
we reblog fics, moodboards, grfx, and incorrect quotes. we do not not reblog nsfw content, but creators who make nsfw cravity content along with sfw content are still welcome.
for cravity writers: you must have a pairing, genre, rating, word count, and a read more if the fic exceeds 500 words.
we do not tolerate ANY kind of hate. if there's an altercation between parties, please inform an admin immediately. members represent the network so please avoid participating in drama.
if we catch you breaking any of the rules or being disrespectful to anyone, you’ll be left off with a warning. three warnings total and you’ll be banned from the network.
follow the network (will be checked)
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include #luvityparknet in the first five tags of your post.
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