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highwarlockkareena · 18 hours ago
I got tagged by @wei-gege and @yibobibo thank you!💜💜💜
Rules: post the last picture/ GIF of a celebrity /character you saved and that’s your isolation buddy.
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there were 3 pics for this shoot, all of them equally devastating. i guess i have missed swimming, so siren jun would be good for that! 
tagging: @aheartfullofjolllly @lan-xichens @suibianjie​ @sugardaddyahxu @servingcunt @sluthonorific​ @slowlydiving​
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hebescus · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
edit : @pessimisticipher asked too
send me a character and i'll rate their sexiness
ugh, NO | nope | maybe | kinda | sure | cute | oooh yeah | want please | YESYESYES | hOT DAMMIT | just take me
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j0succ · 4 days ago
hnnnngh your overhaul with 'just the tip' drabble was god tier. my head becomes empty at the concept of overhaul technically hatefucking you bcz he HATES how much he likes being inside of you and how filthy everything is, but you just feel too damn good
fgbnjkgfjkn ahh anon i'm glad you enjoyed it!!! i absolutely love writing for the horrible man even if all it is is a little drabble. 'just the tip' is just a fucking,,, concept, and that anon's 'for once he's reassuring himself it's just the tip instead of reader being reassured' concept just lit a fire in my brain.
ugh he's so TORN by you because you're not clean and perfect yet. youre still human, still a product of this society - he hasn't quite moulded you into exactly what he wants just yet, though he's working on it. but you're so fucking tempting. he's never been bothered by earthly desires as much as he is when he sees you absent-mindedly chewing on your lip, or you're in your room on the base in a low-cut shirt, or your thighs are on display beneath your medical gown. his cock always says 'you need to be inside of that'. so he uses the condom and reassures himself it's not skin to skin contact, he's not in danger, this is fine--
only for him to eventually need to feel you bare and tight and hot and wet around him. how dare you feel so good and yet still be so flawed? you should feel lucky chisaki is so determined. you'll be perfect for him eventually. even if he has to put you back together a few times to get there.
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astarkey · 6 days ago
DJ posting more skateboard vids. I love to see it
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zxkusbxnny · 10 days ago
A Man of Honor | M. Atsumu
See more HERE
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genre — smut, short fic
Content — DON'T LIKE? DON'T INTERACT WITH MY BLOG. MDNI, fembodied reader, degradation, mentions of gangbanging, cockwarming, social gathering/outing (so public ig), edging
Tumblr media
A/N — I'm beginning to move into Haikyu, as I have a lot more variety there. I'm kinda worried about how well-received my content will be though... maybe KNY too? But the fandom's so quiet wtf
Tumblr media
Everyone thought Atsumu was a sex god.
Yes and no.
Your boyfriend wasn't stupid by any means, but he wasn't exactly bold and colorful when it came to intimacy — especially not in front of his (and your) friends.
But there were those days.
Those days, when your skirt wrapped your curves just right, when you were moving too much on his lap, when he caught his friends undressing you with their eyes...
and today was one of them.
"Ah — 'tsumu!" You whisper-yelled into the crook of his neck, as he moved your hips along hardness in his pants. "M'close!"
A thumb swiped gently at your lips, hushing you silent, "Not yet, pretty whore, not when you're so cock-hungry in public."
He pinched your clit through your panties, sending a sudden jolt up your body.
"You okay?" Hinata quirked an eyebrow at you.
"Yes — Ye-ah! Just thought I saw a-" you took a break, "- a mosquito."
"Ohh," he nodded thoughtfully, "lemme know if you want a jacket or something."
"Of course!"
"Yer cute little cunt clamped on me," Atsumu said when his friend was out of earshot. He pushed two digits in and out of you, slowly and painfully. "Do y'like when he comes by?"
"'Tsumu — I, what?"
"Dumb baby," he cooed, "I asked, do you like when my teammates come by?Want 'em to all have their way with ya?"
"No," you choked, "just you, c'mon," like they had a mind of their own, your hips moved in sync with his fingers: speeding up every time he pulled away.
"Ya sure?" He pressed against that soft, spongey spot inside you. "I don't know, does it really only take one cock to satisfy you? I betcha'd love Koutaro's cock fuckin' up your ass... maybe Shoyo's in your mouth. Who know's how much it'll take to satiate a slut like you."
You nodded your head in agreement: yes, you were a slut, Atsumu's slut, just anything for him to let you come! If it meant you'd reach your release now, all his teammates could have you, right here in Shoyo's backyard, just please, it felt so good, good enough for you to —
"Atsumu and company! You guys want food?" Bokuto cocked his head towards the rest of the group.
The takeout had come, which meant you couldn't.
"Sounds great," your boyfriend shot you a lazy grin. "I bet you're starving."
Atsumu was a man of honour (mostly) — once the two of you were alone, you'd get far more than what you'd bargained for.
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hardinginhightowns · 10 days ago
one of my favorite thing on tumblr is where we all kind of like very publicly announce our weird (often v horny) fixations and then just excuse and invalidate any criticism by saying some variation of 'leave me alone' or 'don't talk to me' in the tags
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daincrediblegg · 15 days ago
what makes jack o'neill so attractive tho? like i fuckin love that man but i can't pinpoint exactly what has me so whipped for him
Tumblr media
Well nonnie, I know for me it's a whole HOST of things that have wooed me body and soul so lets get down to it:
Best Personality Award I mean look, I've said it a million times and I'll say it again. The man just vibes. He's fucking funny, super chill about 99% of the time, undoubtedly the most painfully loyal friend you could ever have and loves with his whole fuckin heart- despite the military bravado too he seems to be really good with feelings - despite not getting the chance to do in the show a whole lot mainly because of plot reasons. Did I mention that he's funny too??? Because my demisexual ass always falls for the comic relief and having a great sense of humor is the most comforting thing in the fucking world. Sure he's a bit of a chaotic gremlin but that only adds to the charm. That's fuckin sexy as hell and I will fight anyone who claims otherwise.
THAT FACE!!! i MEAN!!! lOOK AT HIM!!!!! Soft and warm brown eyes that were made to look lovingly, those sweet dimples that go all the way down to his strong jaw and chin, that goddamn awfully pretty silver hair that's just??? so floofy??? (especially in season 3) AND THEN!!!!! THOSE LIPS THAT LOOK SO FUCKIN TASTY THAT I GOTTA SPRAY MYSELF WITH A BOTTLE OF WATER EVERY TIME HE HAS A KISS SCENE BECAUSE OH GOD I WISH THAT WERE ME!!!!!! That's a good face. Thems the ingredients for a nice goddamn kissable face.
JUNK!!!! Lads... he's a hottie thottie with a body. Arms??? Stronk. Good for hugs. Holds you close and makes you feel like the whole world. Ass??? FINE!!!!🔥 If I continue I will not be able to stop. But Necc??? good for kisses and hickies. especially when he's got a lil scruff. I literally can imagine the tactile sensation of that and it drives me up the wall on the DAILY.
HIS NICKNAME IS COLONEL HIMBO FOR A REASON Ok. Here's the thing. He's my kind of hero. Like- I cannot be assed to find the post or the interview but as has been said of him like a million times- he's not built for sex appeal. He's not like your Kirk type where he gets a babe on every planet, he doesn't flirt with everything that moves, and what few mildly fan-service/sexual shenanigans he gets into usually are not for the sole sake of objectification or male power fantasy appeal- they're usually a conduit for deeper narrative and character development (and not just for him but for others as well). He's practical, he never necessarily dresses in a sexy kinda way, and for all that he's about 20000x more realistic as like... a real guy. And lmao jokes on everyone who thought nobody would find that hot but like??? Defying all these tropes AND rooting him in practicality and reality is the thing that makes him hot! Congratulations. You played yourself!!!
Anyway thank y'all for coming to my ted talk. I'll be here all week (if not the rest of my goddamn life at some capacity)
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deanloveslamp · 18 days ago
There's no real storyline. It's just 4 minutes of horniness. Please keep in mind that this is the first full length video I've made so it's not perfect, but it's fun!
Some tags and credits under the cut!
Thank you to a couple notable mutuals @lila-tom @polkadotelephants @trenchcoatimpala for being my thirsty inspirations 🙏🏻 An especially big thanks to Katie @polkadotelephants for her tagging system - I couldn't make everything work in this vid but I have more ideas!
And also thank you @winchestergifs for helping me with Karla footage! 🤗
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demisexuallupin · 19 days ago
I'm on the Deadwood season 1 finale and Seth is just like
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doctorguilty · 21 days ago
related topic I haven't played dbd but I got intrigued by fan art of the ghostface in dbd and ended up reading the lore off the wiki and UMM you're telling me this dude extensively stalks his victims and takes candid photos of them and pins up the photos of his victims and the newspaper articles about his murders on the wall and sits around admiring them ..... that's kind of my ideal slasher 😳
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loving-ricciardo · 22 days ago
Daniel saw me post Damiano on my insta story so he immediately decided to make a post so I don’t forget him xoxoxo
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