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#thinking about the two towers soup....
lovely-v · 4 days ago
4, 11 and 16 for the Tolkien ask thing :D -🌱
4. If you could have lunch with one character, who would it be and why?
I feel like the ONLY answer to this question is Sam because does he not canonically make the best food? cannot think of a character whose cooking goes off as much as his. remember when he made that soup? i do.
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ophimarxhi · 6 days ago
Questions for Shika/Sasu/Neji: 
(Neji didn’t die, and Sasuke didn’t loose an arm.)
Who gets sleepy first?
Definitely Shikamaru, without a doubt. Sleeps anywhere he can, so Sasuke and Neji make sure to lend their shoulders as pillows. Sasuke sometimes throws his cloak over Shikamaru to not let him get cold.
Who wears the other’s clothes? 
All of them. They all have similar builds, and height, so it’s easy to wear each other’s clothes. And the fact their color schemes are fairly close. 
Who loves forehead kisses? 
Neji loves receiving them, especially on his mark. Sasuke, despite being the shortest of the three of them, loves giving forehead kisses.
Who gets easily/closes off the most?
Sasuke, he still thinks he doesn’t deserve forgiveness.
Who gets shy when they hold hands?
Surprisingly, it’s Shikamaru, he would try to put his hands in his pockets, but the other two just holds them tightly. 
Who gets injured the most?
It’s very unlikely, but whenever one of them gets injured in a mission, the other two make sure to protect the injured one, making sure not to injure themselves. Very worried boyfriends here, so Shikamaru makes time to learn basic medical ninjutsu in case of emergencies.
Who gets jealous easily?
Neji, he’s used to not having his own friends, especially having boyfriends, so he makes sure that no one takes them from him. 
Who does the chores? 
They all grew up with chores, so they just have a schedule for each of them.
Who steals the covers? 
Sasuke and Shikamaru, they get cold easily, Neji runs warm. 
Who likes to styles who’s hair the most? 
Sasuke, he’s the one who styles Neji and Shikamaru’s hair. Shikamaru and Neji can style their hair, but it’s mostly ponytails, half up, or a bun. They prefer Sasuke doing it for them, because his fingers can weave them more intricately. Shikamaru and Neji sometimes style his hair, but yeah, Sasuke styles their hair the most.
Who likes being cuddled or starts most cuddles?
Neji. He would always try to get the two cuddle him, not that any of them can deny his request.
Who’s the one stopping fights? 
If you ask their friends, you would think it’s Shikamaru, but it’s actually Sasuke. Not that they fight, it’s rare actually, but it’s Sasuke. They love banter, but whenever it gets too serious, Sasuke usually stops it from getting bigger. (He doesn’t like fighting, not anymore, especially after fighting with Naruto.) 
Who makes the bed? 
Shikamaru mostly wakes up far later than the two of them, so he’s usually the one responsible for doing it.
Who cooks breakfast? 
Mostly Sasuke, or Neji. Sasuke learned how to cook different dishes growing up alone, and his mom taught him various recipes when Itachi and Fugaku aren’t in the house. Neji can cook, they all can, but it’s mostly basic meals like omelet and rice, with some miso soup.
Who visits who during work?
Neji visits Shikamaru in the Hokage Tower, and would slip in between breaks to visit Sasuke in the Academy.
Who curses more? 
“The fuck you mean? I don’t curse that much.” - Sasuke
They stick to shortened versions of their names, ‘Ji, Sas’ and Shika’. Sometimes calls each other darling, love or dear. Or their ANBU names, Hawk, Eagle and Deer...
Who gets sick the most?
Sasuke, and is very very stubborn on telling them that he does not, indeed have a fever.
Who kissed first?
Shikamaru, he took one look at the two blushing and looking away, and deemed it ‘too troublesome’ to wait for them to make a move. 
Who confessed first?
Neji, he didn’t want to wait too long, just in case the other two get lovers, before him.
Who gets shy or flushes the most? 
I like to think Shikamaru would be the one mostly red in the face...he isn’t used to compliments that aren’t about his intelligence..and he’s not used to get affection much. They all blush pretty easily, especially when it’s a praise, because they know how much it really means for each other..
Where’s their favorite place?
Ah, a tree by the top of a hill, laying on the grass, asleep on each other, while clouds pass above.
Who stays up late? 
Sasuke stays up looking at the moon, humming then Shikamaru would look for him in the middle of the night, sit down beside him and talk about what’s bothering him before pulling him back to bed, Neji already waiting for them, half-asleep.
Who wakes up early? 
Neji, he would already be in the backyard whistling while nursing a cup of tea or coffee, then the other would follow suit. 
Who’s the big spoon and little spoon?
Shikamaru likes being little spoon, Neji likes being big spoon, but mostly one of them is in the middle, with the other two cuddling on either side, with their hands intertwined in the middle...
Who’s protective over who? 
Shikamaru is very protective over his boyfriends, especially to the ones whispering and insulting them whenever they walk the streets. You do not want to mess with an annoyed Nara.
Who’s soft over who?
They both have Sasuke wrapped in their finger. Shikamaru wants to sleep? He’ll sleep with him. Neji wants to get his hair brushed? Sasuke will spend time to softly brush the strands and untangle them.
Who stares?
Sasuke. Activates Sharingan to memorize them.
Who sings? 
Sasuke mostly hums, then Shikamaru or Neji would actually sing, maybe even sing a duet. Their voices mix in beautifully, so it doesn’t really matter. 
Sasuke likes doing crochet, it’s repetitive and calming for him, so he would make blankets or jackets on his free time, using their favorite colors. He likes reading too, often sitting in their little library in their house.
Neji likes gardening, he planted them a whole herb rack and most of their vegetables are home grown. He likes baking too, making sweet batches for him and Shikamaru and less sweeter ones for Sasuke.
Shikamaru is known, for his past-time, cloud watching. It’s something so freeing and relaxing for him, just seeing white puffy clouds pass through the light blue sky. He, is a shogi player, he loves the game so much that the three of them are terrifying in matches, but he always wins.
Who initiates dates? 
Neji, very not well planned dates, but sometimes scheduled. If they have free time, Neji would barge in the office and throw Shikamaru on his shoulder, then walk away without explaining, and Sasuke would just look at him, and will put down his papers on his desk, and follow them. 
Who overworks? 
Shikamaru, is such a stubborn male that sometimes Neji or Sasuke would pull their hairs out in frustration. Sasuke, who is equally as stubborn, not that he would admit it, does not leave his desk, prompting Neji or Shikamaru to manhandle him away.
Help these two with their mountain of paperwork, please. (Though, they can do it fairly easily if they really need to.)
(Sasuke and Shikamaru with reading glasses, ugh.)
Who proposes first?
I’d like to think they planned it on the same time accidentally, like they planned a fancy date in a restaurant, and they would have two ring boxes on each of their pockets....
Who flinched, at first, (like before they were together) when someone gave physical contact? 
I think Sasuke would have flinched,’s been years since he’s in the village, so he wouldn’t be comfortable with contact, but Shikamaru and Neji slowly eased him into it, so he doesn’t flinch when Kiba throws an arm over his shoulder or if Ino links their elbows.
Which team helped the three of them be together?
Team 8 thought of it first, before talking with their own groups to help the three of them be together.
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tiodesadia · 10 days ago
Cal’s Journal #7
This marked the beginning of my first real journey away from Greatwood. I had left the city before of course, on occasion. Being of a certain amount of years had naturally led to a few excursions, and having s business in horses, even more so. But none of my previous walks or rides about would come anywhere close to this. We- they- were set to travel three or four days North-Northwest, stopping to make camp each night. All of this, Tio mentioned, would likely take a while longer due to my own inexperience and Bastien’s exhaustion and difficulty focusing. I tried not to look embarrassed at that. Tio’s mention of his friend’s difficulties caught my interest also, because he managed to mention it while he wasn’t around to hear it. I could see what he meant, though I wouldn’t comment. Between and despite each moment of his careful, pointed watch, Bastien would lose himself a little. Only enough to miss so,reething we said here and there, or to trample over a rock with Rhy, but Tio and I both noticed something off. Tio remarked later, half looking at a map, that we should expect a longer journey indeed.
“What do you mean?” Asked Bastien when we’d stopped. “I may not remember my getting there this time, but the way to Greatwood is three days, easy.”
“It is, normally.” Tio took his time putting the map away. “But it’s not just us this time, and you aren’t used to riding with Rhy.” He considered his words for a moment, then dismounted from Nakata and led her into a small clearing, all while avoiding our eyes. “Plus we have Caldas with us. There’s a lot to consider, and the trip won’t be as simple as usual. I say we make camp for tonight.”
Camp was thus made, despite it being light, and with little shelter nearby. Tio and Basiten made quick work of foraging for sticks and hanging various things from tree branches. I was tasked with securing and tending to the horses, which was done with ease, but they were still at work when I was done. The two seemed to work well together. They talked naturally, even in wake of Tio’s awkwardness earlier, as they hoisted a makeshift tent over some branches. I watched on, feeling out of place as everyone around me, horses included, simply treated the boggy forest as home.
I was grateful for when the fire was made, and I could make myself useful. Tio’s stored rations and my poorly heated soup didn’t make for a great meal, but cooking was something I could do with my hands as we all sat around the campfire.
“So uh, about my delivery,” I say, “When do you think we would be there?”
“Tomorrow I hope. There’s a hill with an abandoned tower up ahead that rises well above the trees. It’s used as a meeting spot for clan people down here, so maybe you’ll find who you’re looking for. That, or we’ll spot her from up there.”
I nod. The delivery isn't really what I’m interested in right now, but I feel obligated to ask.
“We should have reached it by tonight, but I wanted to be careful.” He gives me an apologetic look. “We could all use the extra rest anyway.”
The fire pops and I’m reminded of yesterday’s flames and battle.
There are many things I want to say, many things I want to ask.
“So you two traveled a long way to get here. Where are you from?”
“A little settlement called Greenwicke.” Tio says, “Have you heard of it?”
I shake my head.
“It’s up in the grassland, much different from here. The days seem longer. without trees to hide the sun. It’s pretty, but simple. A few hundred buildings, less sturdy than your own home. We like to be ready to move.”
“Not that does sound different. I could hardly think of anyone from Greatwood leaving. A few here and there go on journeys outside, but most come back fast.”
“And you?” Aks Tio.
“Leave? For the day, sometimes, but this is the farthest I’ve been. The most I’ve really moved was a few roots down the great Tree, out of my parents’ house to open the stable.”
 “Were you close with them, your parents?”
Hm. I don't know. I mean they raised me, and we get along well enough. My dad passed when I was a kid, and I don’t remember much of what he was like. My mother is  baker on one of the upper roots. That’s where I got cooking from, but isn't life for me like it is for her. I moved out and set up ship at the stable a few years ago, but we still talk.”
“That’s good. And I’m sorry to hear about your dad.” Tio leans back and looks at the fire. “I know how that feels. Both my parents died a few years back, killed in battle. Their names were Aderyn and Tatiana.”
I fall silent for a bit, not knowing what to say. Killed in battle? How did Tio and his people live like this? Just one battle in my life was enough to set me on edge and lose control of my senses, but he says it with a casual weight behind his words. The names, however, come out in a different way, almost reverent.
I reach to fill the following silence.
“What about you Bastien?”
He breaks from his solemn gaze into the fire.
“The same as Tatiana and Aderyn, is my guess. My parents weren’t around much, so I never really knew them. They were gone a little before, Tio’s and he sort of took me in after.”
“We live with my sister now, mostly. There’s a few more there too, everyone is pretty close.”
Just as with Tio’s words, I try in vain to understand what Bastien was saying. I know what they mean of course, but the realness of it all is strange to me. It’s the best I can do to wonder what I have gotten myself into as I lean back to look at the stars, and eventually succumb to sleep.
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tangleweave · 17 days ago
( From Here... ) @brooklynislandgirl
Eddie is more cognizant of himself this evening than any other in recent memory. He’s already made certain that his Other knows the boundaries here – this is not an “us” thing, this is a “me” thing. His Other hadn’t been happy about that. It preferred inclusivity. It liked to be known.
But how was Eddie supposed to conduct that conversation? Hey, Beth, so uh… there’s something about me you should probably know. I’m not like other guys… That train of thought alone makes him want to groan aloud and rub the back of his head, as if to try and scrub away the stupidity leaking through his follicles. Jesus, Eddie, c’mon, you’re not Michael Jackson.
A good thing, too. We’ve seen the video. That line didn’t work for Jacko either.
The symbiote isn’t much of a talker on its own. Eddie considers that a saving grace, at least, while he guides Beth up to the top of the condominium complex on Fremont Street. The building is enormous and it’s already pushing past midnight, but it seemed the only appropriate time to invite her to eat. He knew healthcare had a punishing schedule even in the best of times, and what with there being a national shortage on qualified workers…
He’d been a little surprised she’d even said yes, to be honest. She was as shy and reserved as she was gorgeous, and it had been quite plain her friendliness towards him was purely of the platonic sort. He’d done his level best to be respectful of that boundary. There were so few kind people in the world already, and his status as a wanted man made it exceedingly difficult for him to find gainful employment. Laying low with the sewer people of San Francisco might not be easy on the nostrils, but it was preferable to spending his days wasting away in either a prison or a Life Foundation lab.
After months of being with them and defending them from ruffians, he’d chanced a visit to the local shelter, seeking some decent soup. Nobody there had cared who he was. Beth had been the first to ask his name. She’d brought him a cup of coffee and given him a small smile. That moment had lifted his spirits more than she knew, and he’d always meant to repay it.
There’s still a fair amount of food left on the spread. Either Beth is a light eater or – and this one seems more likely to Eddie – she’s not actually that much a fan of being up here. But if that’s true, then she’s too polite to clue him in on the potential faux pas.
When she murmurs to him, he follows her gaze on the jewel of the commercial district, barely a block away and towering above even the building on which they sit. Then he looks back to her, measuring her smile and the words she says for a long moment.
“Well,” he drawls, “fond, yeah, that’s a good word. ‘Trouble’, though, I dunno about that. I think you only call it ‘trouble’ when the person you do it for has a certain reputation. For you, though… it’s no trouble at all. More like a worthy goal.”
The picnic basket has nothing fancy inside, no wine or cheese platter. Not even a nip of cheap whiskey, and that would have been nice just to distract a little from the edge. But no… he had resolved to make it a good evening, from start to finish, and to make sure she understood how much her kindness had elevated him. The basket does contain a bottle – he withdraws it, along with a pair of clear party cups, and he makes a point of showing her the green container.
“Martinelli’s Peach Cider,” he chuckles. “I heard plenty folks have love-hate relationships with this stuff, but it’s non-alcoholic and I guess it’s supposed to be halfway decent for New Year’s, in case you got a stone cold sober grandma who still believes in flavor and wants something that tastes like those dime store gummy candies.” He offers her the bottle, still sealed, and places the two cups upside-down between them.
He reaches to his pocket, intent on finding the Q&A sheets he’d brought, and the two markers – one red, one green. For a moment, he frowns as he realizes the pocket he knows he put them in is empty. No way. I wasn’t that dumb about it, was I? He squints. Hey. Where’d I put the paper and markers?
Oh, so now it’s a “we” thing?
C’mon, man, I don’t wanna look like an idiot in front of the lady. Just be my wingman for one second?
The hoodie you gave her, genius. You didn’t like how the markers were poking you in the leg every time you moved, remember?
Eddie’s frown deepens just the slightest bit. I didn’t put the stuff in that pocket.
No, I did. A silent scoff resounds in Eddie’s brain. Wingman.
Eddie realizes suddenly that he’s been frowning at the buildings just off to Beth’s left. His face clears as he leans to one side, trying awkwardly to cover for his momentarily lost expression, and he lets out a small, nervous laugh. “Sorry, I, uh… went somewhere for a second there.” He gestures at the hoodie’s kangaroo pouch. “Check out the pocket, I brought along something I thought we could do. You know my coffee order, I know you’re a nurse, an’ for a bit too long it’s just been that. I... kind of think I’d like that to change.” He ducks his head ever so slightly and offers her a small, hopeful smile. “That is, if it’s okay with you.”
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lorei-writes · 26 days ago
Toy Crimes
Shingen x MC Fluff
Written for: Dice be Nice Event Request: @cottonfluffballofdoom Roll: Shingen + Family AU + Apologies
A little something about the end of the world itself.
Toys and violence against them was always a very serious topic in Kai – so serious that Shingen Takeda himself would be the judge of each such case within the perimeter of his castle. No mistakes were allowed, after all, and who’d be better suited for the job than the lord of the entire domain? Truly, there were few crimes committed by the little ones as hideous as toy murder and kidnapping, screams of wooden horses and rag dolls haunting the now adult children of the past. It had to be cut short.
Toys and violence against them was always a very serious topic in Kai – so serious that Shingen Takeda himself would be the judge of each such case within the perimeter of his castle. No mistakes were allowed, after all, and who’d be better suited for the job than the lord of the entire domain? Truly, there were few crimes committed by the little ones as hideous as toy murder and kidnapping, screams of wooden horses and rag dolls haunting the now adult children of the past. It had to be cut short.
It was the earliest morning – meaning noon, for everybody had to be well rested for a trial to be held – as it is when the most important meetings take place, the audience hall having been turned into the court for a day. His back straight, Shingen sat in his place, towering above all other with sheer height (or perhaps it only seemed so, even Mai sitting by his side appearing to be unreasonably tall to the little ones as well?). Serious as ever, he nodded, thus inviting one of the sides in question to present their version of the events. “He stole my pony!” his youngest son exclaimed, frowning deeply. “I –” “I didn’t do this, it was Kiku!” his older brother chimed in, the girl – Kiku, the middle siblings and the only sister of the two – readying herself to speak as well. “I understand that you feel wronged, Katsu, but please, let him finish first. We will listen carefully to what all of you have to say,” Mai interrupted just in time, the reassuring smile on her face seemingly warding off yet another argument regarding the wooden pony. Of all toys Shingen crafted in his free time, this one seemed to have been the most treasured, Mai having painted it beautifully – much to her dismay, the trio seemingly never ceasing to fight over it, no matter how many additional ponies were made.
“I put the pony on the shelf,” the boy picked up where he left. “I went out of the room to play in the garden. We made mud soup with Kiku and wanted to invite Mrs Hooves to dinner, but when I went for her, she wasn’t there. Katsu stole it! I saw him in the corridor!” Shingen sent Mai a quick glance. They nodded in unison. “Katsu, can you tell us what you were doing then?” Shingen asked. “I was going to my room and saw the door open! It wasn’t me! It was Kiku!” The girl only shook her head, her hands curling into fists. Mai put a hand on Shingen’s shoulder – it would be a long noon, they both knew.
Quarters passed, few breaks being instituted throughout the trial to let all the sides cool down,  Mori – the youngest – nearly breaking into a cry. The sun being significantly lower on the horizon than when they began, all siblings still being willing to continue, they took another break, this time to snack on something before the talks remained, some progress having been made. Of all things certain in the world, one was truly undeniable, neither Katsu nor Mori being in the room when Mrs Hooves disappeared. Was it misplaced? Thinking of asking the maids for help, the couple spoke in hushed whispers, readying themselves for the more and more real possibility of the toy being forever lost somewhere in the gardens – or perhaps even beyond.
A pull on his sleeve. Shingen turned his gaze towards it, his eyes meeting equally grey ones, his daughter looking up at him. “Kiku? What is it?” he asked. “Papa, I know what happened to Mrs Hooves,” she whispered, toying with her fingers. Her chin began to tremble. “Katsu and Mori started arguing. I was scared they will be mad. But. But. But –” “Slowly, sweetheart, slowly,” Mai said soothingly, forcing last few bits of her energy into the words. “A deep breath, count to three, like this…” The girl mimicking her mother, another disaster was avoided, the tears being still behind her eyelids – although still not drying up. “I dropped Mrs Hooves and her head fell off. I tried to fix her. But. But. But Katsu came, and started arguing,” she blurted out on a single breath. Shingen nodded in understanding and ruffled her hair. “It’s very brave of you to admit to this. Now, what do we say?” “I’m sorry, papa, I’m sorry, mama.”
The girl sniffled, Mai extending her arms to pull Kiku into her lap, soon stroking the girl’s back. “It’s okay now, it’s okay. We only need to tell the boys now,” she hummed, Shingen already gesturing for the boys to come closer. Of course. Only few more ends of the world to avoid before the end of the day.
Tag list: @datenoriko, @nad-zeta, @tsubaki3192, @missjudge-me, @ikemencrossedmyth, @nuttytani, @thesirenwashere, @milas-imaginarium, @kisara-16, @yukas-clover, @alerialumina , @cheese-ception , @iamryxx, @cottonfluffballofdoom, @ozziegrl71, @rikumorimachisgirl , @silhouette-of-a-dream If you want to be tagged under my future works, let me know (any way works)! ^^ Also, if you have some preferences (for example: you’d rather not be tagged under some series, etc.), please, tell me.  If you don’t want to be tagged anymore - please, do not feel bad about it, just say so :)
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jeannedarkterraguard · 28 days ago
Wow apparently i forgot to actually post this and just saved it as a draft...
Anyways here are my Critical role c2e133 thoughts: (written as i was watching)
-i think Sam finally snapped this ad is crazy
-there's a critical role card game?!? I NEED THAT!!!
-immediately jumping into combat! Great
-the Monster is named randal?... oh i get it
-caduceus' been with them forever and Sam still doesn't know what bless does
-combat dunamancy is awesome
-you're telling me the cold Monster lizard of coldness that literally breathes ice is immune to cold damage? I can't believe it!
-yasha with the hdywtdt. You love to see it
-they're right this does feel like it's too easy
-yep there it is
-is essek regretting teaming up with them yet?
-👉👉 pew! pew! will now be my verbal/somatic component for any ranged spell attack i use in any future dnd session i'm part of
-no! Not the mold!
-c(ape)leb is really worried for essek huh?
-i wanna know what that Text was!
-all this boobie talk does sound wierd even with context
-nice of the aeorians to leave the Lights on
-holy shit! Is aeor where the warforged came from in exandria?
-marisha's book-hat is out! I repeat: Marisha's book-hat is out!
-it's making me really an anxious to see them waste this much time exploring instead of setting the boobies and having at least a chance to long rest
- Veth: describing the casting in great detail.
  Jester: drawing a mustache on caduceus to cast a spell.
  Caleb: "i cast Fly on 3rd level"
-beau's been crushed by yashas thighs confirmed
-the levitate spell is grabbing jesters boobs. There's a lot of boobs in this Episode and i'm okay with that.
-i know it's a joke but i would totally get a critical role themed bad dragon toy... i don't know what that says about me.
-they're really gonna need to sleep now
-the boobies are set (but i personally would have kept the fluffernutter there too. that fire would attract the mold too wouldn’t it?)
-essek likes soup. This is vital information
-spatzee (actually called Spätzle /ˈʃpɛt͡slə/  ) are delicious. Also they’re technically not really noodles because... what am i talking about nobody cares
-wouldn't it be hillarious if the beauyasha date setup was still there when essek stepped into the tower for the first time
-lisa literally just screamed "Oh my god just kiss already" at the screen. I don't think i've seen her this exited since the beauyasha date. she’s such a dork (don’t tell her i said that)
-double 1s on heroes feast :(
-a kiss and a slap on the ass. The perfect way to go to sleep
-oh shit the tomb takers are here
-fjord just sacrificed those rangers. Not what i would have done but i get why he did it.
-it's happening the boobies gone off
-lucien is pissed
-have they really killed three of the tomb takers just with the boobies already?
-this fight is so stressful
-did i hear that correctly? Lucien just burned two legendary actions to set the antimagic-cone on fjord. Leaving himself open to any magic coming from the rest of the nein. That could really backfire on him...
-okay i take it back lucien isn't that stupid. Fjord could've (would’ve) counterspelled the dimension door.
-veth really hates otis. And so do i.
-so quick summary: jester has 1 spell slot left. Caleb is also pretty tapped. I think the same goes for caduceus. But beau, yasha and veth should be fine and essek has gotten a full rest thanks to his trance meaning he's perfectly fine. On the other side we have three dead tomb takers another one at least injured and lucien is also not at full health after taking the guiding bolt, right?. I think the mighty nein could definitely do this if they manage to get through this rubble quickly.
-Oh my god i’m tired this episode took forever
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If The Stars Should Appear (Tony x F!Reader)
Summary: Following Tony’s invitation to a charity auction, the reader finds herself uncomfortably out of place on the red carpet. However, she learns that with the right company these events aren’t quite so bad after all. 
Warnings: suggestive themes
Note: This can be read pretty much as a stand alone, or a part of the Say Yes miniseries (first part: It is not about being noticed, but being remembered). It’s soft and sweet, with a little twinge of angst because I cannot resist. Please let me know what you think!
Words: 3046
Tumblr media
This was a mistake.
Outside your car, hoards of paparazzi lined the street like a pack of wild creatures. They pushed and shoved each other aside in desperation to get nearer to the red carpet and snap that elusive picture of flashed skin and awkward angles and celebrities climbed out their cars. The rabble shoved their cameras against passing windows, stealing photos on the off chance that something exciting was happening behind the darkened windows, and were all but hanging off lamp posts in search for the best images to sell tonight.
As your car crawled up the road towards Stark Tower, your palms grew clammy and the low cut dress suddenly seemed far more revealing and ridiculous than it had in your badly lit apartment. The guests on the red carpet owned their space, strut into the building with confidence and charm. You were just playing dress up. You didn’t even have a real invitation, just Tony’s scribbles on a torn piece of paper. What were you thinking?
Rolling to a stop, only two vehicles away from the foreboding carpet, you leaned forward and grabbed the driver’s seat. You met the woman’s gaze in the mirror and shamelessly pleaded, “I’ve changed my mind. Take me home. I can’t do this.”
     “You’ve seen the traffic, sweetheart. I ain’t getting out of this mess any time before midnight. If you wanna go home, you’re gonna have to walk and I sure as hell don’t recommend you do that in those shoes.”
Completely overwhelmed by the sheer noise outside the slow rolling car, you sank back into the dark seats and made yourself as small as possible. When you came to a stop, the ushers would open the door and you’d have no choice but to get out and face the paparazzi. The only thing worse than being snapped at every angle was the possibility of not being photographed at all. They would sniff you out in an instant, realise that you didn’t belong and ignore you entirely.
It didn’t sound too bad in theory but it was the ultimate embarrassment among a crowd of the rich and the famous. You could see it in the papers already: badly dressed imposter worms her way into charity auction, trips on the stairs and flashes the whole world.
God you were going to be sick.
At precisely that moment, your phone vibrated in your purse. You frantically pulled it out and answered the unknown number for the distraction alone. “Yes?”
    “Is that you in the black uber?”
You frowned. The woman’s voice was familiar but you couldn’t quite place where you recognised it from. You balanced the phone between your shoulder and ear, shaking your hands in hope of ridding a little of your rising panic. “Who is this?”
    “It’s Pepper, Mr Stark’s assistant. Are you in the uber?”
    “Yeah. I doubt many people turn up to this sort of event in a taxi.”
    “You’re right, they don’t. It’s fine, though. Just call me next time and I’ll send you a proper car. How do you feel?”
You gave a shaky laugh as the cab rolled forward once again, leaving you next in line for the red carpet. You closed your eyes, the darkness short lived as the constant flashing of cameras shattered your peaceful escape. Barely a whisper, you answered, “I’m fucking terrified.”
    “You’re doing fine,” Pepper said soothingly. There was something about her tone that was so reassuring, you couldn’t help but wonder if she’d mastered some secret form of hypnosis to ease those around her as they navigated a path through this crazy world. “Someone will open the door and all you have to do is get out the car without flashing everyone or falling over. Can you manage that?”
    “It’s not that hard, I promise. Hold your skirt, put one foot before the other and don’t hit your head. I’ll help you from there.”
Panic squeezed what little breath remained from your lungs as the cab stopped. The driver wished you luck and then suddenly all you could see was a wall of bright flashing lights. People shouted at you from every angle, yelling questions and demanding information. Bulky security guards held them back but it was like isolated rocks trying to hold back the raging sea.
A hand appeared and you instinctively took it, catching your phone as you stepped out into the madness. The evening air was pleasantly warm but the stench of the thick paparazzi crowd overwhelmed any relief it might have brought. You lost all sense of which way was up and down, any idea of where to walk or what to do.
If there was a hell, this was definitely the first level of yours.
Thankfully, the woman holding your hand – Pepper, you realised after a long moment of staring straight at her – gave a comforting squeeze and offered you a sleek folder. “Take it,” she whispered. “Stops you from fidgeting. Okay? Right. We’re going up the steps and then I’ll hand you over to an usher inside.”
    “I don’t know if I can walk.”
    “That’s okay. You’ve got another ten seconds before they realise you aren’t posing for the photos. Then you for from being a glamorous new face to a deer in headlights. Five seconds. Take a breath. Ready? Here we go.”
Following Pepper’s advice you took a long breath and then suddenly you were at the top of the stairs. You couldn’t remember a single second of passing through the crowd but Pepper’s soft smile suggested you’d done so without falling on your face or being caught out in some other awful way.
Inside the foyer, the atmosphere was still manic: ushers rushed around to guide people to their seats, waiters balanced trays of drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and personal assistants gathered to discuss diary openings and future get togethers. It was a huge improvement from the insanity outside, though, and you finally released Pepper’s arm, able to stand without support.
    “That was…”
    “It gets easier,” she promised, smoothing her neat pencil skirt and pulling a pen from the precision bun behind her head. She pulled a piece of paper from your folder and circled a number. “Now, this is where you’ll be sitting. It’s the centremost table at the front of the room and your name is on a card. I can find you an usher or, if you need a moment, the bathroom is over there and you can make your own way there. Whichever you’d prefer.”
    “I think I just need to sit down.”
Pepper nodded and waved over a young man. “Michael will take you upstairs to your seat. If you need anything at all, let me know. Try to have fun as well. These things can be tedious but only if you let them be.”
You thanked her and silently followed Michael into the lift then to your table, aware of every pair of eyes on you as you moved through the room. He pulled out your chair then disappeared with a promise to return with a glass of water, and something stronger too.
Barely two seconds later, you found yourself drawn into a conversation with a sweet older gentleman who had all sorts of fascinating stories to tell. You couldn’t quite tell whether the outlandish tales were true or not but either way Stan, as he introduced himself, ended up being quite the laugh. Best of all, he waved away the attention of almost every guest that tried to flirt and steal your attention, and the time passed easily before the event began in earnest.
You knew it ‘officially’ started when Tony Stark strode onto stage. His speech was short and to the point: “You know how this goes. Enjoy the food and write big cheques.” It earned a round of laughter from the guests, far too loud to be genuine, and then he hopped of the stage and headed… straight for you.
Stupidly, it wasn’t until he sat in the empty seat beside you that you realised what was happening. If not for Stan’s entertaining company, you would have thought twice about the blank place card and maybe put two and two together. However, blissfully distracted as he had kept you, it was quite the shock when Stark sat down beside you. Even more surprising was the easy way he leaned in and pressed a kiss on your cheek.
His gaze was mostly hidden behind the tinted glasses but you felt its heat on your skin, the tingle creeping lower as he followed the drop between your cleavage and the silky fabric’s fitted line over your hips. Painfully slowly, Tony’s gaze returned upwards, a lazy smile on his face as he leaned back into the chair. “Stunning.”
    “You would say that, seeing how you picked the dress.”
    “The diamonds were too much?” he asked, confirming your suspicions that he had indeed been the one to shower you with gifts weeks ago. Leaning forward, Tony slipped his fingers beneath your thin chain and lifted the necklace away from your chest. He studied the small detail then let it drop back into place. “It’s pretty. If I’d known you preferred simple, I’d have sent you something gold.”
    “You’re missing the point.”
    “Wilfully,” he grinned, pocketing his famous glasses. “So, no more gifts then?”
You nodded, as if it would make any difference. After tonight, he would have had his fill of you and move on to the next person that caught his interest.
The food arrived shortly after. He’d promised the best food in the world and it certainly did not disappoint. Course after course was presented, everything from soups and fancy ravioli to tartlets and delicate creations that blurred the line between art and food. By dessert, you were about ready to burst.
    “Don’t quit yet. Dessert’s the best part.” Tony shuffled his chair closer and scooped a small amount of ice cream from the dish. An arm around your back, he lifted the spoon to your mouth. “Try this.”
You wrapped your lips around the spoon and moaned as the frozen crystals melted on your tongue. It was the softest ice cream you had ever tasted, light and airy, sweet but not cloying. Savouring that blissful flavour, you found Tony watching you intently, his attention flickering between your mouth and your eyes, totally void of subtlety.
    “More?” he asked quietly. Tony loaded more onto the spoon and continued to stare as you accepted the offer. It was on the third spoonful that he leaned in and kissed you. Gentle but oh so firm, Tony was a man that knew what he wanted. His warm lips on yours were a sharp contrast to the coolness of the dessert, the most incredible feeling. Tony’s fingers glided up your arm before they dropped back down the low back, touching as much skin as possible. He was overwhelming in the most fantastic ways.
Against all reason, you laughed as you separated. You touched your lips, still tingling from that kiss, and apologised.
    “I’ll admit, that’s not the most common reaction I get. Share the joke?”
It wasn’t an order by any means but you still felt obliged to answer truthfully lest you hurt his feelings. And after a kiss like that, it was the last thing you wanted to do. Gesturing around the room, filled to the brim with actresses and billionaires, you said, “This. This is the joke. This whole night is just… ridiculous. Thank you for inviting me.”
Tony settled back in his chair, dark eyes still locked on you. You’d noted before how amazing it felt to be the object of his interest, how special he could make a person feel. That was back in an empty lab where your only competition was a computer and a few jars of experimental compounds. Here, in a thriving room of the world’s most affluent people, that feeling was heightened beyond compare. When he looked at you like that, you could absolutely believe that there was no one else in the room.
The auction started not long after. Though Tony tried and very nearly succeeded in distracting you from the lots, you followed the proceedings, mentally tallying up the total raised as the evening went along. The lots ranged from private cooking workshops with tonight’s chefs and designer technology to more bizarre things like tree cuttings from a rock star’s garden and a shining sword made from meteor minerals.
The final lots of the night were dates with members of the crowd. The B-list celebrities clamoured for time with the A-listers, raising over half a million dollars in the space of half an hour. It was entertaining, if a little sad. Zoning out, you turned to Tony and asked, “Are you selling yourself tonight?”
His lips quirked with amusement. “You make it sound so sordid. Would you bid on me if I were?”
    “I told you before, I haven’t got that sort of cash.”
    “What have you got on you?” You grabbed your clutch and pulled out a crumpled ten dollar bill, confused but willing to play his game. Tony plucked it from your hands and shoved it into his pocket. “Thanks.”
Utterly dumbfounded, you asked, “What the hell, Tony?”
    “Sold to the highest bidder. Now you ask me.”
    “Ask you what?”
    “How much I’d bid on you.”
Not quite sure you were ready for the answer, fearing both a lowest of $10 and a highest of who knew how much, you asked quietly, “How much would you bit for a date with me?”
Tony suddenly jumped to his feet, whispered something into Stan’s ear then leapt up onto stage. Somewhere on the short trip, he’d replaced his glasses, the tinted lenses hiding what you were certain would be a mischievous glint.
He threw his arms wide and proclaimed, “The lot you’ve all been waiting for. No, it’s not me. It’s even better than that. Allow me to introduce a very charming researcher from Isotech labs.” You covered your eyes as a harsh spotlight fell on you and Stan urged you to your feet. “So, how much for an evening with the beautiful Doctor?”
You watched in awe as he darted around the stage, picking people out of the crowd and urging the bidding up from a relatively conservative $20,000 all the way up to $150,000. By that point, the bidding started to slow and it was clear even the most liberal with their money weren’t willing to spend much more on a nobody.
As Tony counted down, Stan doubled the bid to $300,000 and the gavel went down immediately. Tony jumped gracefully off the stage to a round of cheers and applause then returned to his seat, a shit eating grin on his face. You glanced between the pair of men, even more boggled by what had just transpired.
    “What just happened?”
Tony’s arm fell around your shoulder, his fingers teasing the thin strap of your dress. It was incredibly distracting but not at all unwelcome. Each soft ministration eased a little of the tension you felt, reminded you of what a lovely evening you had been having up until this bizarre turn. “Stan’s my proxy. I just bought a date with you myself.”
    “Well, I figured that much out. What I don’t understand is why.”
    “Because you are worth every cent.”
    “That’s… That’s not how this works, Tony. I appreciate what you’re trying to say but waving your money around isn’t going to impress me. That’s not why I’m here.”
A light crumple formed between his eyes, a frown he was working hard to smooth over before anyone noticed it. “You wore the dress.”
    “I had nothing else to wear!” You grabbed his hand and led him out of the room onto a balcony. You were only about halfway up the building but the view across the city was still magnificent. All the twinkling lights, the slow moving traffic and distant life below. It made you feel like you were in the world of giants.
The evening was still pleasantly warm but the evening air was a chill compared to the packed gala indoors. Tony immediately shrugged of his jacket and hung it around your shoulders, hands shoved into his pockets as he waited your explanation.
Tugging the jacket around you, the deep scent of his aftershave permeating your senses, you took a long breath and steadied yourself. You weren’t mad, not really, but he had to understand if this… thing between you was going to go any further.
    “I came tonight because, despite my better judgement, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I wasn’t thinking about this dress or the diamonds. None of that. It was you and how you listened to me talk about my work and made me feel special. You took these off,” you said, stepping forward and lifting the glasses off his face. “And you showed me a part of yourself that I don’t think many people get to see. I came tonight because you made me feel seen and I want… I want you to feel the same way too. It’s a lot to ask, I know, especially as we barely know each other but it’s you I want to know, not your money.”
Tony slipped his arms around your waist and pulled you flat against his chest. He tucked his face into the crook of your neck and held you for a long moment, breathing you in, hiding his expression long enough to work through his thoughts uninterrupted and unjudged. He pressed a kiss to your neck, soft and oh so tempting, then muttered, “Shall we go back inside? Or we could go upstairs.”
    “I’m working tomorrow, Tony.”
    “Call in sick,” he said, hands entwined as he pulled you towards the lift. He backed you against the wall of the lift, his entire body covering yours, urging you to give in to what you both desired. “Say yes.”
It would be a mistake, you knew. But as his lips brushed against yours with each breath and his hands slid down your sides, drawing heavy moans as he pressed his hips against yours, you once again found yourself yielding to his plea.
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Title comes from the quote: “If the stars should appear but one night every thousand years how man would marvel and stare” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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dirtyratjpg · a month ago
This is a surprise!
cw, attack, killing, slight demspey x richtofen, and religion, theres a good bit of that in there
[i wrote this awhile ago so theres not much of shipping material in this i was just like oh yeah this sounds cool]
[ 1 ] chapter 1 ; bump in the road 
Demspey hums a song to himself, something he heard while going through the teleporter awhile back. He wasn't sure what the name was or the lyrics, it was just a catchy tune. If he had to guess, it came from the future. The sounds in it were definitely not from the 1930's.
Rictofen laughs and looks at Dempsey, "Dempsey, what does LMG stand for?" Dempsey smirks at this, turning to look at the doctor. He knew what to say, thanks to training the recruits. Maybe he could punch Richtofen for being stupid, just like he did to the recruits. 
While Dempsey gives a minute of silence while looking over at the German, who takes out the summoning key, counting over his items before summoning the rift to their next place. “You sure you want to know?” He chuckles. 
“Why of course! Why, I wouldn’t of asked if I knew already.” Richtofen hums, confused by the American’s laughter.
"If you say so. It stands for Lick My Gibblets." Dempsey struggles to hold back his smile, knowing his foreign teammate wouldn't really understand what he meant - not to mention he’d look stupid for not knowing what it really meant. What a funny thing. 
While the two were conversing, Nikolai and Takeo had stepped into the rift, Dempsey following suit before Richtofen grabs him, "I am certain you were lying. What does it really mean?" He demands.  
Dempsey grunts, pulling Richtofen off him while saying. "Let me go, dumbass!" Dempsey sighs, walking through the portal between worlds.
Richtofen failed to specify where exactly, but, at this point the American wasn't surprised though he wasn't any less annoyed. 
"I wasn't aware it was LMGD..." The German ponders before following the bunch with a chuckle.
Tank steps out of the rift, meeting the other two, but it takes him to realize he stepped out into something he didn't expect. "What the fuck?" Dempsey is surprised, not prepared for the foot of snow on the ground. Pine trees of many kinds surround the area, being in a secluded area. Everything is covered in snow, pretty much abandoned. 
"Oh my, this is quite the surprise." Richtofen speaks up, making his presence known as the blue rift crackles and closes. 
"I wasn't prepared for this myself." Nikolai speaks up now, giving a slight shrug. "German," he addresses, "with the time traveling I'm sure you'd know where we are." He doesn't believe the legitimacy of Richtofen's surprise, Dempsey can understand why. 
Takeo chooses not to speak, fixing his pants to go over his boots so no snow falls inside of them while Dempsey watches the Russian and German grow tension.
Takeo stands upright. "Let us talk with honor." He looks at the both of them and nods.
Richtofen looks at Takeo, sighing before nodding. "If we came here there is something we need, so let's go look for it. We'll have to hurry up and find a spot to 'bunker down' before the next wave arises." The German man had done air quotes before pointing a lanky arm towards the large gothic church a-ways ahead of them.
The front of the quite beautiful church is a triangular shaped building, much like a house or meeting hall that extends into a tower that looks very much similar to a clock tower with a bell, considering there's a clock on the front.
 There's other rooms on the side of it but a lot of wires and metal rods are sticking out on the top of the tower. There's designs in the stone, stained glass of religious figures. Such a shame the full beauty was lost when the glass is cracked and broken in areas, boards nailed over any thought of entrance. 
Something's off about it though.
As they trudge through the snow, Dempsey notices the metal rods. He looks to his left to see Nikolai, the man who seems unbothered by this cold.  "Hey Nik, maybe Richtofen's right about something being here. As much as I hate to give him the benefit of a doubt, the wires and rods on the clocktower gives me the idea something's here." 
Dempsey raises his hand and points at the clock tower briefly, giving Nikolai enough time to glance it over. The Russian man follows Dempsey's hand, taking a second before seeing the same. "Perhaps, American. You do have a point." 
[ 2 ] chapter 2 ; welcome to hell, american
There's a blue beam of light, signifying the existence of the mystery box inside the church. Demspey hums, quite happy about that at least. Hopefully Samantha was nice enough to spawn some hidden ammo stashes for when they ran out or get low – he was quite notorious for being trigger happy and running out of ammo quickly. 
Hey, at least he took care of his gun when he had the time to.
They continued to make their way through the snow, had it only being less than ten minutes of arrival. Dempsey noticed that Takeo and Richtofen were colder due to not having jackets or long sleeves like he and Nikolai had. Richtofen seemed extremely cold although, compared to the headstrong Japanese man who refused to admit he was cold. Tank sighed heavily, taking off his jacket and holding it out to Richtofen. 
"Dempsey? Why are you giving me your jacket? You're-" Dempsey held up his hand, making Richtofen take it. "Doc, you're shivering more than any of us. You're also the one we have to follow here, I don't want to hear you whine about wanting some soup and your nose being stuffy." The American rolls his eyes, forcing a shiver from surfacing. 
Richtofen thanked him and put on the marine's coat. It was warm from his body heat, and quite soft on the inside. Dempsey wasn't going to lie, Richtofen looked quite cute in his coat. 
"Oh focus Tank!" He shakes his head, yelling at himself in his mind. Dempsey powered through the cold the best he could, not wanting to really show how cold he did feel in just a t-shirt. His pride wouldn't let him.
Eventually they reached the entrance, wooden planks nailed over the two doors to the church. Nikolai takes his hammer from his belt and starts to pry the nails out of the boards. Dempsey helps without speaking, pulling the bloodied planks off and stack them aside. It was kind of nice how they silently agreed for once.
Unfortunately for them, it took a good bit to clear the entrance to the church which means they had to sit in the snow and cold wind longer than they wished. Things were placed behind the doors, benches and heavy boxes filled with bibles and books, being barricaded from the inside. They moved into the hallway after forcing those things aside, Takeo giving a shiver. 
"I expected it to be... warmer." His nose wrinkles as he breathes in the stale air, looking to the side to one of his friends. Dempsey had to agree, but he took a step forward, walking down the carpeted hallway to double doors that were once barricaded. Emphasis on once. 
The items that blocked the doors were knocked and spread all over, blood that seemed old and semi-recent splattered on the ground and walls. He hummed, why was there new blood? To be honest he never saw any zombies openly bleeding and spilling their guts out randomly unless they were shot or killed. 
This was the room people would come to pray and listen to someone speak about religion, sitting on the wooden benches. 
Dempsey suspects that someone or something is here, and he's not sure what. Maybe he's not as dumb as the others say he is.
At this point, Dempsey couldn't give a damn about how Christian churches worked after contemplating it. He just wanted out. 
"Scan over this area, I'm gonna take upstairs." He says to the three who had gone and caught up with him, to which the others nod. He goes to walk towards the stairs, placing his hand on the metal railing. He halts at the third step to turn back to the group. "Richtofen." He calls. 
The German seems a bit startled at first, "Yes, Dempsey?" He strides over to Demspey on the stairs. "How about you come with me, we'll do two and two. That way none of us die for good." Demspey offers, though it sounds more like a command. 
Richtofen hums, tapping a finger on his chin before saying. "Fine Dempsey! Let's go take a look around, shall we?" Demspey nods, heading up the stairs with Richtofen behind him.
"Take that room, I'll be over here." He points to a random room on the left, it looks like a storage room. Dempsey walks down the hall a bit, getting a gut feeling to draw his pistol so he does. He pushes the door open to a room with furniture, sheets placed on top of them. 
"Right out of the horror films," He laughs a bit. He walks around the room, looking for crates, chests, anything that looks like it would stash ammo. 
There's soft footsteps behind him as he's rummaging through a box. He notices them as they stop, getting up and turning around to see who he thought was Richtofen. "Did you f-" 
Dempsey couldn't finish the sentence before getting attacked by an old woman, but she wasn't a zombie. He falls to the ground, his pistol clattering against the wooden floor. "Get off of-" Something sharp sinks into his shoulder near his neck. Her fucking teeth. 
He starts to reach for his pistol while fighting against her grip, eventually grabbing ahold of the gun and shooting the lady in the head. God, he hoped she wasn't someone important.
He begins to sit up, her blood spilled all over his shirt. He grunts, throwing her body off. Richtofen comes running in, "Dempsey! What happened?" He looks at him, getting up. 
"I'm fine Doc, I killed it. She must've just got affected by the 115, that's all." He reassures him. 
"Why don't you help me look around in here? Take these sheets and use them for bedding, might be good." Dempsey causally changes topics, stepping over the corpse and taking an already dirtied sheet to clean the blood off himself. 
Now that he thinks about it, he feels a little weird. There’s tingling around where she had bit him. Dempsey knows that isn’t a good sign, especially in his book. 
sorry if its super long, im on mobile !!
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ateezmakemeweep · a month ago
lights out.
Tumblr media
word count: 7k
angst, fluff
you had three requirements when searching for your first apartment: a good location, an all pets allowed policy and access to the rooftop.
it seemed a little unusual, that you’d really find the perfect place, all the other check marks and lovely amenities secured, and just say no because you weren’t able to escape to the roof. 
but it was a place you always found solace in. 
cold nights overlooking the city or warm, spring days in the sun - and when you first moved in a few months ago, overjoyed to check out your new daily view, you saw one of your other neighbors also had an affinity for the rooftop. 
he was softly humming to himself as he looked out over the roof, his tall, broad figure covered in a yellow hoodie. just the profile of his face alone had your cheeks warming, faded light blue hair peeking out from under his hood.
a peaceful look covered his face, all the light in eyes and softness of his features making him look boyish and sweet. 
and then as if he sensed your presence, or more like your fascinated stare of admiration, he looked to you and his lips pulled into a bright smile. 
you bit down on your lip at the realization you got caught, a slight blush on your cheeks as you shot the handsome stranger a shy smile. 
“hi,” you said softly, your eyes moving from him to the view behind - all very picturesque and pretty, tall skyscrapers and a clear, blue summer sky. “i’m sorry if i interrupted you.”
“not at all,” he hummed, his arms crossed carelessly over the edge. 
an awkward silence hung in the air, unsure if you should stay grounded in your place or make a move closer to him; you chose the former, in case the handsome stranger was weirded out by your closeness - but he seemed to take it another way.
“are you scared?”
your eyebrows pulled together at the teasing smirk on his face, an interesting contrast to the slightest hint of concern in his eyes. 
“of what?” you ask in confusion, looking from the view to his cute, questioning face. “you?”
a smile crosses his face that has your heart jumping in your chest, the sun shining down on him and proving that he really is just as perfect as he seems even from afar. 
“i was thinking more the heights or the view but i guess the fact that you’re on the roof with a stranger could be scary too.”
an awkward chuckle leaves your mouth, not so much because of his comment but because you don’t know how you’ve managed to develop a crush on this man in less than 60 seconds. 
you hesitantly make your way over, your eyes shining with nerves and slight amusement. 
“actually, i’ll have you know, access to the rooftop was one of my three requirements for getting a place.”
“oh yeah?” he asks, a smile on his face as he turns his body toward you. “did you just move in?”
he’s pressed up against the concrete without a care in the world, eyes roaming your face and not once dipping toward your dress-covered body. 
“i did,” you smile, “about an hour ago.”
“no shit,” he smiles, the profanity leaving his mouth a stark contrast to the sweet smile on his face. he makes his way over to you, his large form towering over you making you swallow nervously - he’s far too handsome and big, two factors proving to be a major weakness for you.
“i’m yunho, apartment 304.”
“y/n,” you smile, the way it lights up your face making yunho’s heart jump in his chest - you’re even prettier looking this happy and excited. “apartment 305.”
Tumblr media
you should’ve known then that the handsome man on the rooftop was gonna turn out to be the kindest neighbor you’ve ever had. 
he welcomed you into the building with open arms, invited you to a dinner party with his friends mingi, wooyoung and san who also lived on the same floor as you two. 
he was always quiet and considerate of the people around him, making sure his tv and music was low by the time 9:00 came around - and even when it wasn’t, you couldn’t help but mind because it was always sweet, soothing tones of comedic chatter or soft pop music. 
he always lended you extra butter or milk when you needed, the first time he saw you in your messy ponytail and pastel pink apron the time he realized he might have a little crush on you.
that the times he got excited seeing you down in the lobby or in the elevator were more than just his heart having random palpitations. 
the knock on his door that day was soft in a distinct pattern of two, opening up his embarrassingly messy apartment to see you standing there with flour in your hair and a sheepish smile on your face. 
“hi neighbor,” you smiled sweetly, your small hand with chipped nail polish waving to him. “do you have an extra egg you can spare?” 
“depends,” he smiles, leaning his head against the doorframe cooly. “what are you making with it?”
“pumpkin bread,” you inform him cheerfully, just about the only festive, fall food you’re able to make apart from sweet potato soup. 
“ooh that sounds good,” he smiles, his large hand ushering you inside. “come on in. excuse the mess.”
it was your first time stepping inside his apartment, messy and properly lived in but a nice, clean scent in the air - like laundry, home and men’s cologne. 
he had a large sectional to fit his crazy group of friends he told you about once in the hallway, a large tv perched on the wall and a small dining room table with rickety folding chairs.  
you could tell immediately that it was an apartment that was like a home rather than a house, the same type of warmth in it that shines through the man taller than his own refrigerator. 
“i wish i could say my apartment isn’t always this messy but that’d be a lie,” he says, one egg in hand as he makes his way over to you. he looks down at you with a smile, his eyes going back to the cute little apron adoring your body. 
“that’s okay, so is mine,” you say, far too guilty of skipping your sunday cleaning day for the past three weeks.
you can’t help the way your eyes trail over his soft brown ones, everything about him and his aura only making you develop a stronger crush on him. he just seemed like such a sweet and genuine person, always looking out for you and going out of his way to send you a smile. 
no one has ever made you feel so welcomed in a new place before nor have you ever seen someone with such a sweet, soft smile and kind eyes.
“so just one egg?” he finally asks, breaking the silence and the way your eyes roam over each other intensely. 
“i.. oh- yes! yes, thank you, just one,” you stutter out, taking the cold egg from his large hand. you never noticed how nice his hands were either, veiny and large with long fingers and clean nails. 
there doesn’t seem to be anything about this man that isn’t perfect, apart from maybe his disaster of an apartment. 
“i’ll be sure to bring you a piece of bread when i’m finished,” you say sweetly, the man smiling down at you teasingly causing your heart to jump.
“and if you burn down the complex?” 
a mock gasp leaves your mouth as you hit him lightly, his soft chuckle ringing through the air as he watches you turn to leave his apartment. 
“forget it then!” you squeal jokingly, knowing right when it’s done, you’ll be rushing over to make sure it’s still nice and warm for him.
his eyes linger on the bounce of your hair and your messily tied apron as you disappear into the hall, letting out a small sigh when he feels the remaining hints of butterflies in his stomach. 
“are you ever gonna tell her?” his best friend mingi asked, the two of them going down to san’s for thanksgiving dinner a few weeks later. “you’ve known her for three months now. that’s a reasonable amount of time to have a crush, she wouldn’t be weirded out.”
“i know but we haven’t really like... talked talked, you know,” the tall boy explains, a bowl of mashed potatoes in hand. “we have... neighborly chats in the hallway or in the elevator, sometimes even on the roof if we’re both there, but we really don’t know each other that way.”
“okay and that’s what a date is for, the fuck?” his younger friend spats, a small chuckle leaving his mouth; he wishes it really were that easy for him. 
“do you just wanna give her eggs and sugar for the rest of your life?”
the tall boy lets out a sigh as he looks at his friend, the dramatic, playful flair of his body causing him to bite back a smile.
“and it’s obvious she doesn’t have a boyfriend, you would’ve seen him coming and going by now,” mingi continues, their loud footsteps stomping further and further down the hall. “you really have nothing to lose.”
but he kind of has everything to lose. 
he likes being the friendly neighbor you can get eggs from or see on the rooftop. 
he likes being the person who’s made you comfortable here, helping as you adjust to a new, intimidating setting.
he likes being a friend to you, one that genuinely cares for you and doesn’t have any ulterior motives because he may or may not have feelings for you. 
“i don’t know, maybe one day,” yunho says, knocking on san’s apartment door with his free hand. “but today is not that day. today is not the day i confess my tiny, small, minuscule crush to-”
the door opening causes his words to halt, potatoes nearly slipping from his grasp when he sees your smiling face and the light brown sweater dress clinging to your body. 
“y/n,” he smiles, shocked but pleasantly surprised to see you here. “hi. i-i didn’t know you’d be here.”
san comes out from behind you less than a second later, throwing a friendly arm around your shoulder as he smiles at him connivingly - yunho knew he was gonna regret letting his little crush on you slip when he and san went out and got shit-faced at dinner together. 
“i heard she made delicious pumpkin bread so she had to make the cut,” san said, bumping your arm teasingly when you turn to narrow your eyes at him.
“oh? you heard i made good pumpkin bread?” you question, remembering the events from a few weeks ago very differently. “or you demanded to be let into my house for a bite after you smelt it through the walls?”
“eh, tomato, tomahto,” he says quickly, ushering in mingi and yunho who are holding in their loud, contagious chuckles. “come in, we’re fucking starving waiting for your slow asses.”
you catch yunho’s soft gaze moving to you, smiling at him sweetly and heart fluttering rapidly when he smiles back.
“hi, neighbor. surprised to see you here.”
“yeah,” you chuckle out awkwardly, not wanting the man to think you’re intruding on him and his friends after your short time knowing them. “i hope it’s okay. once san smelt the bread and heard i wasn’t doing anything for the holidays, he kind of, basically, insisted that i-”
“oh, no, no, i’m... i’m happy you’re here,” he says, his words rushed out and awkward but full of sincerity. “i’m really happy to see you here.”
your heart jumps at the sentiment, a soft blush on your cheeks that you’re somehow ignorant to on his face as well. you bite down on your lip to control your smile, giving him a small nod before offering to take the potatoes from his hands. 
when you turn to bring the bowl over to the dining room table, your back to the two giant boys watching your retreating form, you miss the way yunho’s blush becomes darker. 
you miss mingi elbowing his friend obnoxiously and mimicking his cute, flustered “i- i’m really happy to see you,” resulting in yunho elbowing his friend back roughly.
he’s able (aka cuts off, both, wooyoung and san) to secure a seat next to you at dinner a few moments later.
he tries to ignore the way your elbows bump all night, the two of you awkwardly giggling and apologizing with soft smiles before finally allowing your arms to just... touch. 
remain close to one another and find comfort in the way your skin is warm and soft on each other.
he tries to ignore the way your fingers graze as you wash the dishes and he dries them later that night, what feels like electric sparks shooting through your skin every time you touch.
“that was really good,” you tell yunho softly, your eyes observing the boys throwing left over remnants of food at each other or picking through the netflix movie selection. “you guys are good cooks.”
“like your bread wasn’t demolished in three minutes,” yunho huffs, pride and assurance in his tone that causes you to smile sheepishly; there’s a few beats of silence, embarrassed by the compliment, before he begins to speak again.
“our first thanksgiving together was also the first away from our families,” he shares quietly, ignoring the way his heart jumps as he takes a plate from you. “we didn’t know what the hell we were doing and completely fucked up the turkey.”
you let out a giggle as he recalls the disaster that was thanksgiving day two years ago, airing out the smokey apartment and waiting for their thanksgiving feat of chinese food. 
“well you guys definitely redeemed yourself, it was all very good,” you compliment proudly, a pretty smile stretched across your face. “one of my best thanksgivings.”  
“did your family not celebrate?” he asks absentmindedly, watching the way your face falls for a split second before masked by a small smile. 
“not really,” is all you share, both of you quickly pulled away by wooyoung’s incessant demands to “hurry up so we can bust out the second desserts.”
you both try to ignore the slight tension in the air as you walk back to your apartments that night, arms bumping and soft giggles echoing through the walls. 
it feels as if the night shouldn’t end yet, like you guys have been talking in this hallway for hours upon hours because neither of you wanna go inside and separate yet. 
a couple of nosy onlookers can’t help but observe the scene, your back pressed against the wall as you talk animatedly about your journey for a pet.
“i wanted a cat but i also want a dog,” you tell him, the light in your eyes as you talk about the possibility of orange tabby cats and golden retrievers. “maybe i’ll get both one day.”
yunho’s smiling down at you with such a fond softness in his eyes, like he’s hanging onto each and every word you say no matter how small or casual.
“they’ll be dating by next,” san says, bumping his arm into mingi playfully. 
“nah,” the taller boy says, knowing that while his friend definitely likes you, he’s slower and shyer when it comes to romantic feelings. “give it two months. and that’s if we’re lucky.”
Tumblr media
you never considered yourself to be a lucky person, although luck seemed to be on your side when you found this apartment complex in the first place, so you can’t say you’ve been cursed with terrible luck. 
but it’s certainly how you feeling right now, in the dead of a january snowstorm and one of the only apartments in the complex with absolutely no power.
“it could be a problem with your breaker in particular,” the maintenance man said over the phone, “someone could come look at it tomorrow.”
but no power meant no heat despite the negative temperatures outside, all of your freshly cooked food rotting spoiled and no means of communicating with your cell phone currently on 1%. 
“tomorrow?” you squeak, understanding the horrific conditions outside are making their job difficult but also not wanting to freeze to death. “would it be possible if someone could come-”
your phone light shines on your face before it promptly fades to black and dies, the only source of illumination in your dark apartment now gone as well. 
you let out a sigh as you resist the urge to scream, attempting to move around your apartment without impaling your body parts.
you’re able to light the three wick candle on your table with little to no problems, collecting all the blankets and fuzzy socks you can find and placing them on your couch.
you have a long, cold night ahead of you with nothing to do but an attempt at rereading some old books and forcing yourself to sleep. 
but it’s then, right before you sit down, that you remember all of the food in your fridge. 
you used every last bit of your ingredients for this week’s meal prep, knowing that if you it goes bad, you’re not gonna have that much around the house until next week’s trip to the grocery store. 
you guess that’s on you, though, foolishly forgetting to not go to the food store before a massive winter storm.
you notice a faint stream of light coming from under your front door on your journey to the kitchen, lips pursing to the side before you open it up with a squeak. 
you peek over at yunho’s door besides yours to see light coming from underneath his - so he didn’t lose power it seems, the lucky bastard. 
it takes you just as long to convince yourself to go over and ask if you can store the food in his fridge as it does to pack it all up into two containers, not wanting to inconvenience yunho and his storage any further than you are by asking. 
you reluctantly knock on his door with the two containers in hand, forgetting you already have on about three layers due to your freezing apartment. 
a smile immediately lights up his face when he sees you standing outside his door, small and cute and bundled up like you’re ready to brave the snow storm outside. 
“hi, y/n,” he smiles, noticing the two containers of food in your hand. 
“hi, yunho i’m sorry for bothering you,” you begin apologetically, a slight grimace on your face as you prepare yourself to ask him for a favor.
“i lost power for the night and just meal prepped the rest of my food for the week yesterday so would you be able to keep this in your fridge for me?” you get out quickly, for some reason feeling panicked and grimy. 
“someone’s gonna come fix it tomorrow but when i tried to ask someone to come tonight, my phone died and now i just don’t want this to go to waste because i stupidly forgot to-”
“hey, hey, relax,” yunho says calmingly, his voice all kinds of sweet and soft as he takes the food from your hands immediately. “of course, y/n, no problem.”
you smile at him gratefully, slightly embarrassed by the desperation in your tone.
“thank you, i promise i’ll be back tomorrow to pick it up. i just don’t want everything rotting overnight.” 
the wind howling outside causes both your eyes to widen, a sinking suspicion coming over him after he hears the horribly stormy conditions outside.
“wait... does that mean you have no heat?”
“no, i found a lot of blankets and fuzzy socks though,” you chuckle out humorlessly, gesturing down to your ridiculously layered outfit and purple socks. “also found some candles so as long as my food is taken care of, i don’t think it’ll be that-”
“stay with me, are you crazy,” he says, his eyes looking at you in disbelief. “you can’t sit there in the dark and freezing cold all night!”
“it’s okay, yunho, really,” you quickly insist, about ready to take off and into your apartment because you know how overwhelmingly nice your neighbor is. “i just didn’t want my food for the week to go to-”
“y/n, please,” he begs, the soft, sympathetic look in his eyes tugging at your heart. “it’s too cold tonight. even with blankets, you’ll be freezing. and your phone died, that’s dangerous.”
a small, touched smile covers your face, heart warming at how kind and thoughtful this man is - how could you not have the biggest crush on him still? 
you thought after a few weeks that you’d be over it but he just makes it harder and harder the more you get to know him. 
“i don’t wanna intrude,” you weakly protest, the heat coming from his apartment far too tempting right now.
“you’re not, i’m inviting you,” he says, dragging you in by the sleeve of your sweater and leave no room for protest. 
he places the food back in your hold before his large hand rests on the open front door, peeking his head into the hallway to see your door still open.
you watch as he walks into the hallway before quickly reappearing a few seconds later, the sound of your apartment door closing echoing through the hallway. 
“don’t worry,” he hums, smiling at you as he walks back into his apartment and closes the door. “i blew out your candle.”
you let out a soft, amused giggle as you look at the boy, his sweet smile mirroring yours as he takes back the food and walks toward the fridge. 
Tumblr media
“got any 4s?”
“go fish.”
“got any 7s?”
“go fish.”
“got any aces?”
“go fish.”
“okay, one of us has to be lying!” you squeal from the other side of the coffee table, yunho throwing his head back in laughter at your competitive, feisty side.
he couldn’t help but smile at the way your eyes lit up when you saw the pack of cards on his table, leftover from poker night with the san, mingi and wooyoung that rid him of his last $50. 
his smile only grew wider when you told him the one family tradition you had, at least before the age of ten, was to play go fish - especially on nights when the electricity was turned off, although you left that part out. 
in all your experience of playing go fish, however, you’d never seen a game go on for this long. 
“i’m not, i swear!” 
“so you’re telling me the one four i need is in that deck?” you ask, not even realizing you outed yourself until he throws you a wide-eyed, playful look. there’s a silent stare-off, able to hear a pin drop in his apartment. 
your eyes are  roaming each other carefully before down to the deck in complete ignorance of who’s turn it is to go. 
you let out a squeal when chaos erupts afterward, the two of you frantically grabbing at the cards. you make a mess over the table as everything goes flying off, a melodic giggle leaving your mouth nearly causing him to stop his futile attempts at grabbing the next card.
it should be considered unsportsmanlike, really, for you to unknowingly use your cute giggle and wide, happy eyes against him. 
you just get even happier when you grab at the desired card, flipping it over and letting out a squeal when you’re lucky enough to flip over the last remaining four in the deck.
“i got it!” you squeal happily, yunho at a terrible loss as he sees all your matches lined up in front of you. he can’t even be sad about it though, accepting defeat as he throws down his cards. 
“that was probably the longest game of go fish ever,” he says, stretching out his long arms; you guys had played several rounds but that one had to have lasted over forty five minutes.
probably because you two kept getting distracted, babbling about stories of friends and family or the real pet fish yunho won at a fair that lived for three and a half years. 
“i know right,” you giggle, picking up the cards from the floor as you start to tidy up his house. you ignore his pleas to leave it alone and let him clean up instead, your head shaking as you continue to clean the mess you helped make.
you hand him the deck a card a few moments later, your fingers grazing as he takes them from his hand. 
“thanks,” he smiles at you, his eyes roaming your slightly flushed face. 
he’s never had you in his apartment for longer than ten minutes, never had you so close to him with your bright smile and cute giggle. it’s proving to be very trying for him already, trying to keep you entertained and himself distracted so he doesn’t do something, or say something, he regrets. 
a silence hangs in the air as you look up at from your spot on the couch, about to make a comment about something, anything, when your stomach decides to do it for you in the form of a growl.
it’s embarrassing and makes an awkward giggle leave your mouth, a handsome smirk crossing his face as his eyebrow quirks up playfully.
“just for a snack,” you mumble shyly, in disbelief you’re still hungry after your left over pizza. “i ate about four slices of pizza before.”
he lets out a low chuckle as he rises to his feet, sock-covered feet padding over to see kitchen where he holds up a big tub of chocolate chip cookie dough. 
“wanna make cookies? i was prepared for the storm tonight, unlike some of us.”
you’re so excited at the prospect of making cookies that you ignore his snide, teasing comment, letting out a happy gasp as you rush over to him. 
the two of you stand side-by-side as you prep the oven and cookies, rolling the cold dough between your hands. he makes the cookies a lot bigger than yours, an obvious difference in who made which ones on the baking sheet.
“they kind of look like us,” he remarks playfully, a loud giggle leaving your mouth as you poke his arm.
you two linger in the kitchen once the cookies are in the oven, sharing shy smiles and softly spoken words with the scent of chocolate and warmth in the air. 
you thank him again for allowing you to stay in his warm house for the night, grateful for his ample food and running refrigerator. 
“it’s kind of crazy since we’re literal neighbors,” you speak aloud, your hip leant against the cabinets. “i didn’t even know that could happen.”
“i know, right,” he chuckles, his smile and eyes getting softer as he looks down at you. “but i’m happy you decided to stay. i wouldn’t want you there alone in the dark and cold.”
and perhaps that’s the bare minimum. that someone wouldn’t want their neighbor, someone considered an acquaintance or even a friend, to be without heat or food in a snowstorm. 
but to you, it’s something you’ve never had before. 
you’d spent far too many nights cold and hungry where nobody cared if that was the case. it’s why you so often escaped to the rooftop, away from the loud voices and looming presences that made living there just a little too difficult.  
it’s why you blurt out, “why?” not meaning to sound as brash and sudden as you do but it’s just something that gets to you sometimes. how kind and thoughtful and genuinely good jeong yunho is.
his eyebrows pull together but he’s still wearing a soft smile, his body inching just a little bit closer to you.
“what do you mean why?” he questions, cocking his head to the side like a confused puppy. “why didn’t i let you freeze to death?”
he tries to keep his tone light and teasing but feels like it falls flat when you give him a sad smile. he thinks it would’ve fooled anyone else, a person who basically hadn’t fallen in love with your smile in five months, but it doesn’t fool him. 
he doesn’t know what or why something is bothering you, how your mood seemed to change after his reassurance, but he just wants to make sure, above all, that you’re okay and comfortable. 
he doesn’t realize how close his body is to yours until you’re looking up at him, your head just meeting the top of his chest in a way that makes him wanna protect you even more. 
his eyes roam every part of your face, wondering just how warm your skin is or if your hair is as soft as it looks. 
this would probably be the perfect time to confess his feelings to you. 
to tell you that he wanted you over tonight because he likes you. that he’s really, really come to like you over these past few months of getting to know you and he wants to know you more.
he wants to take you on a date and show you off to the world and maybe one day, if things go well, introduce you as his neighbor turned girlfriend.
he wants to make sure you’re never cold or alone in your apartment again, that you know you could always come to him for anything whether it be reassurance or an egg for pumpkin bread. 
but instead, he gives a slightly less intense, cheesy version. for now.
“you’re my favorite neighbor,” he begins quietly, not quite the confession he wants to make right now but the one he settles on. there’s an aroma of cookies and heat around you as you stare up at him, eyes so wide and curious, he has to swallow down a second rushed out, bumbling confession. 
“i didn’t want anything happening to you, especially when i’m right here to make sure you’re safe.”
safety is always what you craved. safety and security and warmth, even if just for a fleeting moment. 
and your fleeting moment proved to be tonight. 
the ding of the oven as you both got the cookies out silently, pulled from a moment you both felt forming but was quickly pulled away from. you ate the gooey chocolate with quiet hums of “mmms,” and “ahhs,” softly padding your way over to his couch when he suggested watching a movie. 
he sat on one end and you sat on the other, before your bodies eventually inched closer and closer to share a light blue throw blanket in the middle of the movie. 
“this is really nice,” you comment as you touched the fabric, observing the intricate stitching on the soft blanket. 
“yeah? my mom made it for me actually,” he tells you, watching closely as you play with the blanket between your fingers. he wants to reach out and just hold your hand, feel your smaller one in his and see just how much they fit. 
“when i first moved out, she was slightly distraught,” he chuckles out, remembering the dramatics that were his mom’s tears and demands to visit once a week. “i was the first one to move out and she didn’t know what to make of it. i swear she brought me over food every day for the first six months.”
your heart feels heavy as you hear him talk, not only because of the fond moments between parent and child but because of the love in his eyes as he talks about it. 
how, even though he’s complaining about it, it’s obvious there’s a love and affection there that you, yourself, could never understand or reciprocate in your own life. 
“that’s really sweet,” you comment, his gaze catching that sad smile once again.
it causes his heart to drop, a slight sinking feeling in his stomach as he tries to understand what made you that way. are you uncomfortable here with him, just a few inches away from each other under the shared blanket?
or is it something more, the topic of conversation regarding parents and living alone and all things deeper and more personal. 
“me and my parents were never really closed,” you find yourself saying. 
you don’t even mean to blurt out the words but it’s like one second it’s silent and then the next, it’s not. 
the next you’re telling him about how you couldn’t wait to get out. how fighting and loneliness and the cold was a big part of your life growing up, how you got so used to it, it’s taken you a while to adjust to a normal life.
you’re still trying to adjust to a normal life, honestly. 
“i don’t know why i just told you all of that,” you confess awkwardly, the blush on your cheeks causing his heart to soar in chest - he likes you, he really really likes you and now he won’t ever be able to let go of these feelings. 
“but... i just wanna thank you,” you tell him, embarrassed that you somehow managed to make the conversation and vibe like this. “you and san and wooyoung and mingi made the adjustment a lot easier for me. but you, especially.”
“oh? with all my eggs and sugar?”
you let out a soft giggle as some of your anxiety eases, your eyes flicking toward his to see, despite his teasing, his eyes are 100% serious and locked on you. 
“yes, definitely that,” you smile, biting down on your lip as you look back down on the blanket. 
“but amongst other things too. it was funny meeting you on the rooftop, actually, because that’s always where i felt most comfortable. i’d always escape there but i’d be alone. it was nice... it’s been nice having someone, i guess.”
it feels like you could just about die from embarrassment, oversharing with the most handsome man you’ve developed a massive crush on about your tragic tales of a broken home and pretentious love for the roof. 
but then he inches just a bit closer to you, placing his hand atop yours on his mother’s soft blanket, and just smiles at you. everything about him warm and soft and sweet, making you feel the safest and coziest you’ve ever felt in your life. 
“if you’ll keep allowing me up there, i promise i’ll come every time,” he promises softly, the pounding in your chest and butterflies in your stomach overwhelming you to the severest degree.
your cheeks are burning and you’re positive he can feel the frantic beating in your chest but you try to keep it together. smile at him with a a breathy little giggle, tell him that while you love that he’s asking, you have no control over who does and doesn’t go on the roof. 
he lets out a soft chuckle as he pinches your arm gently, the hand on your arm slowly falling down until your fingers are just grazing. 
closer and closer and closer until they’re locked around one another, both of you eternally grateful for the lights being off because of the burning on your cheeks.
Tumblr media
he wakes up around 2 a.m. to the bright tv blasting, a heavy ache in his bladder and your head on his shoulder. 
it takes him a moment to remember where he is and what’s going on around him, the events of the night quickly swarming back when he peeks down at your sleeping face.
you look so peaceful and at ease in your sleep, eyelashes brushing against your cheeks and your lips pressed into a firm line. 
he wanted to kiss you for half the night, every time you giggled or moved closer to him or asked him a question about the movie getting distracted by your lips or pink cheeks.
he felt an immense amount of happiness at the fact you allowed yourself to be vulnerable with him, that you were still here beside him and so comfortably sleeping against him. 
told him things about your life and family that make him wanna be there for you even more now.
he doesn’t wanna move, he doesn’t think even the snowstorm crashing through his apartment could get him to tear himself away from you, but the embarrassment of pissing his pants right beside you on this couch outweighs everything.
his eyes roam your pretty, peaceful face on more time, moving a stray piece of hair with his long fingers and watching as you stir. press yourself further into his hand and let out the quietest of groans, he has to stop himself from proclaiming his undying love for you on the spot. 
it only gets worse when he remembers he gave you his clothes to wear. noticing just before the movie ended, you were picking at your leggings that stuck to your skin uncomfortably. 
“do you want a change of clothes?” he had asked, noticing your discomfort and only wanting a little bit to see how much his shirts engulfed you. “i have sweatpants and a clean t-shirt sitting in my dryer right now.”
you took up his offer for two reasons: your leggings were sticking to your ass and there was nothing you wanted more than to wear this man’s clothes. feel the soft material on your skin and have his manly, teakwood scent surround your very being.
but right now, as he stares down at you and attempts to keep you as comfortable as possible, it feels as if this might’ve been too much for him. 
seeing you wrapped up in his clothes and on his couch so comfortably, moving your smaller body so you’re laid out on the cushions and resting your head on the pillow.
your eyes pop open, confused and in a daze, as you look around at the unfamiliar surroundings and sound of movement. you smile softly when you see yunho’s sleepy, pink face at face-level with you, his large body knelt down beside you on the couch.
“sorry for waking you,” he whispered into the dark, the tv and snow reflecting outside the only source of light. “i had to pee and wanted to make you comfortable.”
“it’s okay, thank you,” you mumble, stretching out your arms when you realize the sleeves are well past your hands. “forgot i changed into your clothes.”
“yeah,” he chuckles lightly, not being able to help the way his eyes roam over you. 
even sleepy in the dark and the daze that you’re in, you’re able to see the slightest bit of hunger in his eyes. the way they trail over your body slowly and surely, taking in the way his shirt engulfs your figure and looks against your skin. 
how if you stood up, he’d see the way the pants are baggy and making your smaller figure looking even more short and petite and cute.
it makes your stomach flip and swoop uncontrollably, your own eyes staring at his lips and picturing what they’d feel like on yours. 
“i hope that’s okay. they’re a little big on you.”
you let out a soft, quiet giggle, adjusting your head on the pillow so you’re staring up at him even closer. 
“it’s okay,” you assure, tongue peeking out to lick at your dry, hopefully not crusty lips. “i like it. i like them.”
it takes everything in him not to let out some sort of growl, throw all of his sweet and nice boy caution to the wind and confess to you how much he likes them too. 
how much he likes seeing you in them and how much more (or less) he wants to see you in them. 
but because the time isn’t right, because he knows for sure the time isn’t right and he wants something a lot more pure and honest with you, he doesn’t say anything. 
he wishes you a goodnight after a nearly ten-minute bickering fest back and forth, yunho offering you his bed three times before you eventually flipped over and put your back to him.
he let out a deep chuckle as he ran his hand through your hair instinctively, smoothing out the parts that stuck up in your sleep, before bidding you one final goodnight. 
it was around 10:00 when he woke to the smell of bacon, eggs and pumpkin bread. walking out of his bedroom to see you there still clad in his clothes and your hair in a messy bun. 
you jumped when you noticed his presence perched against the doorframe, a wide smile on his face when you let out the softest but harshest of curses. 
“what’s all this?” 
“i made you breakfast. and your very own loaf of pumpkin bread.”
a soft smile covers his face when instead of looking over the food that looks and smells delicious, he looks at you. standing there smiley and sweet, in clothes that morph your body and make you smell like him. 
he feels grateful for the extra bit of counter space he has when he places a hand on your waist, lifting you off your feet with ease and plopping you right down on the granite. 
your eyes are wide and your heart is racing but you’re staring right at him, happiness and excitement swelling in your chest when you catch the look in his eyes - you thought you made it up last night in a dream-like daze but you’re still seeing it right now.
a certain kind of softness mixed with desire and fondness, the way his eyes take in every part of your face before finally landing on your lips. the very same way you dreamed of him last night, with his lips against yours and a sweet smile on his face.
“thank you, neighbor,” he mumbles with a smile, voice low and deep and making your stomach swoop dangerously. “did i mention you were my favorite?”
“you might’ve,” you respond breathlessly, all too aware of the way he’s leaning in closer and closer until you’re pushed flush against the cabinets. 
his large body is covering yours but he doesn’t make any moves until you do, your bodies naturally drifting closer and closer together until, finally, you’re the one to do it.
press your lips against his so so hesitantly, scared and unfamiliar about making the first move but wanting him to know you wanted to kiss him - you needed to kiss him, or you would’ve gone crazy.
he smiles against your lips as he deepens the kiss, keeping you perched right on the counter as his hands rest on the sides of your legs. he doesn’t make any moves to touch you further or deepen the kiss, allowing it to be sweet and soft and as chaste as could be. 
you both pull back and stare at each other with soft smiles and pink cheeks, silence lingering between the both of you before you let out soft chuckles at the same time.
“do you kiss all your neighbors?” you finally ask, fighting the smirk threatening to make it’s way on your face. “or just your favorite ones?”
“just one,” he says, tapping the tip of your nose gently and feeling his heart jump when you smile widely at him. “just you.”
Tumblr media
it’s 2:00 on the snowy rooftop and bright summer sun when you hear the heavy metal door squeak open, turning around to see your handsome, smiley neighbor coming toward you with two mugs of hot chocolate in hand. 
you take it from him with a soft “thank you,” pressing up on your toes to peck a sweet, soft kiss to his cheek. 
it was only fitting that you had your first date where you two first met, shy smiles and nervous jitters turned soft pecks and loud giggles as you got to know the sweet, handsome neighbor you just knew you were gonna fall for.  
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serialephemera · a month ago
3 Unions and Re-
Here’s a WIP I’m writing for Leif Surana, Warden-Commander of Ferelden, ten years after. Spoilers, and assumed knowledge, for Dragon Age: Origins and Inquisition.
In Leif’s continuity, Warden-General Loghain joins the Inquisition for Here Lies the Abyss, and stays behind in the Fade to save Inquisitor Isten and Champion Hawke. Leif melts down at Isten for this and Isten offers her a boon. When Leif returns (around the Arbor Wilds), she bears an experimental elixir developed to arrest the deterioration of the darkspawn taint and save Wardens from the Calling. The special ingredient is energy from Isten’s Mark. Leif’s second in command Rydan tries the elixir and it doesn’t go very well…
Leif Surana, Warden-Commander of the Grey Wardens of Ferelden, paced between the two beds in the small sunny room. Her heart had not yet tired of thumping. This room was tucked into a quiet corner of Skyhold. It reminded her of stories of madwomen locked in attics, raising haunts at all hours.
Striking fear into the hearts of ordinary Inquisitionlings. Ah, yes, she liked the sound of that.
Morrigan lay on one narrow bed, often mumbling things or arching her back and clenching her fists. She did not respond to shaking or yelling or light or arcane prods. Leif had tried. Morrigan was trapped in dreams, and had been since she had partaken of some Well of Sorrows. Some stupid body of water had done what a Blight could not. Now Leif couldn’t even get Morrigan to keep a blanket on.  Morrigan curled to hug herself tightly over and over, and Leif tried to restore the blanket each time, just in case Morrigan felt cold wherever she was.
And the other bed…Rydan was developing stubble like he had avoided in his career. Her second in command lay perfectly still, his breath rising and falling with serene regularity. He had accompanied her to Skyhold to use Inquisitor Isten’s mark to activate an elixir meant to arrest the Calling of the Wardens. He had drunk it like a second Joining. Now he lay as though he had traded the Calling’s certainty of death for a restful unlife. The not knowing was the worst part.
She sat on a stool between them. She took up a book: Hearts and Hauberks. When she had asked around for something to read, the fabulous dwarf they called Varric had given her what he called a promotional copy of this new book. The warrior called Cassandra had threatened to confiscate it for standard censoring, but, intensely aware of her rank as a visiting dignitary, Leif had held her ground. Cassandra had jumped and pretended to be talking about something else when Varric passed by.
It was, so far, a strange read.
“He had seen sharks, but never had he seen such a beautiful one. The smoke coiled in the whorehouse lounge like the soup that fins may be made into. While she lived it was only angry broth.
“You think you’re too important to die.” Neif smiled with white teeth and he was surprised to learn that they were not pointy. “I do what I must for my people. And what I can to those who murder them.”
He reached for the comforting weight at his belt, which even innuendo could not make more intense.
“You won’t reach it in time,” she said icily. Shadows began to gyrate in the corner of the room.
“Well, shit,” he said. “But you haven’t thought of everything.”
 “You, too?” it was a groan in the doorway. Leif jumped. There, blocking the light, was a tall man in a bulky coat.
The Soldier
“Cullen Rutherford,” Leif said, setting the book aside. “I heard you command the Inquisition’s forces.” There. That was all the conversation she wanted with the former Templar.
“It’s something to pass the time,” he said, touching his hair and grinning. He had a scar on his lip. “And you. Warden-Commander.”
“Like a regular Commander but with more darkspawn.”
“When the Wardens in Orlais began their blood magic campaign…I hoped it wouldn’t affect Ferelden. I almost wrote to you.”
That would not have gone well. The Inquisition had screwed with Leif’s life over and over; it seemed only consistent that they hire and promote the man who had been assigned to kill her if she didn’t pass her qualification exams. What next, did they intend to locate and hire Jowan? “If I had known, perhaps I could have done something.”
“Or perhaps you would have gone mad with the rest. In the end the best thing I could do for you was leave you alone.”
Well, hadn’t that been true since the day the Templars had hauled young Leif into Kinloch Hold? “Cullen, I don’t know what to say.”
“I’m sorry. I never meant to make you uncomfortable.”
“No, just dead.”
“Leliana said you were still angry.”
She shut her eyes. She remembered their last conversation: a brief, intense argument about whether to kill the surviving mages in a Tower gone mad. Cullen had not gotten the better of that day. “The last time we spoke, you had a worse day than I did. I promise you, I know that. All right? They tell me you do a lot of good, and I’m happy for you.” Let no one say she couldn’t be civil.
“Morrigan speaks highly of you.”
“I cannot possibly have heard that right.” They had been friends, but a Morrigan friend was not the usual definition.
Cullen just grinned. It took years from his face. “She has asked about what you were like before she met you. I didn’t tell her.”
“That would only make her curious.”
“I know,” he groaned.
“I will let you know when she wakes.” She turned away.
“Of course. Um.”
She spun back. “Is it better? Commanding an army instead of guarding mages?”
“I do guard them. Against anyone who might hurt them.” He looked completely serious.
Leif’s heart twanged. To feel like he was protecting her instead of waiting for her to fail…wouldn’t that have changed both their lives? “Cullen, that is absolutely ass-backwards.”
He grinned again. “Tell that to Isten. She’s the one who made it work.”
“Isten doesn’t get to just adopt every lonely apostate who comes her way.”
“I think she thinks she can. I had better go, Leif. For what it’s worth…I hope your man wakes up soon. And I hope you end up exactly where you want to go.”
“Cullen, I’m not…angry, at you, specifically. I don’t know you well enough.”
“Talk to me before you leave. We could catch up, one commander to another.”
“Without the threat of Harrowing.”
“Equal footing. That’s a promise.”
“We live in a weird world.”
He left in a shaft of sunshine. Then, thinking fragmented confused thoughts about a circle that wasn’t lined with blades, she returned to her book.
That’s when the crossbow quarrel picked a fight with the glass tabletop. The glass lost, dramatically. Neif threw up a shimmering barrier that nearly took his valuables off. “This is not over,” she shrilled.
“Harris,” he ejaculated, and ran for the door.
The Raven
He slammed the door like an avalanche that was also falling onto a door.
On the far side, battle descended like a castle kitchen falling down the stairs. Neif’s bodice strained as she spun from the rouge Lendiana’s embrace to shoot boiling lightning directly into her tormentor’s eyeballs.
“That doesn’t even make sense,” muttered Leif, but she kept on reading the story aloud in case Morrigan or Rydan could benefit from her voice. That was the only reason. She could put this down at any time.
As though summoned by her un-name, Leliana appeared in the doorway. Leliana, who was lovely and who represented not just the Inquisition but the Inquisition’s imaginary relationship with Leif herself. Its desire to absorb her as a contributing part to the whole. Just like they had absorbed Loghain, and killed him.
“Leif. How are—”
“If you need—”
“The Inquisitor—”
Leliana crossed her arms over her chest. “You look as beautiful now as you did when we parted all those years ago.”
Leif boggled a little bit and let the book fall. “That’s not fair.”
“But you didn’t immediately shoot it down.”
Staying annoyed with whoever she was now seemed tricky. “Are you here to check on Morrigan? She hasn’t changed. She mumbles words and I recognize some of it as Elvhen…but I can’t do a complete sentence. I feel like I’m talking to a baby, only the baby is a bundle of ancient arcane powers and I’m the one who can’t get past ‘goo goo.’”
“And Rydan?”
“Do you care?”
“He did a very brave thing, testing your elixir of Warden curing. If he lives and is cured, that changes what Wardens can do forever.”
“I know. And if I did it wrong, I have to give Avernus anything he wants to try a new formula.”
“‘Anything’ is a strong term,” Leliana said cautiously. “Especially for blood mages.”
The Inquisitor’s morality. “The Joining is blood magic. That’s where we started. There is no ‘down’ direction to go in.”
“I don’t think you ever believed that. It gutted you to sacrifice a life for Connor, and you fought for Amelia without considering the bribe. I always thought you resented demons assuming you could be bought. Though you always got close enough to give them a chance to surprise you. Not exactly what a trained mage should do.” Leliana smiled, then gestured at the fallen Warden. “Tell me about him?”
“Oh. Him.” Her heart seemed to steady itself for the first time all day. “The first time I spoke in private with him I thought he was sneaking off to have sex like a normal person, but he was actually going to a Fereldan recruit to practice eliminating his Orlesian accent. Because Loghain hated Orlesians and he didn’t want his background to sink his prospects. Seriously, imagine Loghain Mac Tir being fooled by a shaved-off mustache and a mid-career accent switch. Rydan is ambitious, and too energetic by half.” She took his cool hand and chafed it. “And stupidly brave. When he started experiencing the Calling…he is too young. But he volunteered to test the elixir.”
Leliana’s smile was knowing. “You’re still a little bit in love with everyone you admire.”
“That is a horrible thing to say to someone. You still think people like me have redeeming qualities.”
“Some of them. Sometimes you find them when I cannot. I have a proposal for you.”
What the Inquisition wanted. Leif reserved judgment. “What’s that?”
“I have a stack of correspondence regarding the Orlesian Wardens and where they’ve gone since the Inquisitor exiled them. I can give you access to that stack.”
“Yes,” said Leif. Maybe Isten had given up on them, choosing to scatter them to the winds rather than risk a second campaign of corruption…but Leif was a Warden first.
“I’ll make the arrangements,” said Leliana. “You are the ranking Warden in southern Thedas.”
“Oh, this is how you get me cooperating with the Inquisition.”
Leliana’s eyebrows rose. “I do?” she said sweetly.
“Like you didn’t start planning this the minute I got difficult.” Leif swallowed. “Make sure there’s a quill.”
“And all the ink you can spill. I know how you are when you get started.”
“Right now I just really need to interact with one of my people without getting them killed.” She had no idea how to pay this back. Maybe if she treated Leliana like an Inquisition cog. “I’ll let you know the moment Morrigan comes up.”
“Then I leave her in good hands.” Leliana looked at her. Leliana was not an Inquisition cog. “Rest,” she said gently. “When they wake, they will wake you.”
Leif verified Rydan’s serene breathing on the back of her hand. She picked up the blanket Morrigan had thrown off and gently tucked it around her shoulders. Then she sat between the sickbeds. She wasn’t sleepy.
 The Child
Neif’s skirts swirled like an Orlesian ball, if an Orlesian ball was swinging a staff of blinding primal energy. Her voice boomed a harsh accompaniment. “I will teach you why the Blight is not the factor you should fear!”
“Oi, we don’t have to fight,” he yelled hoarsely.
She made a sexy little pout, lightning crackling dangerously around her generous knockers. “But don’t we want to?”
Leif didn’t realize anyone was there until the clear little voice spoke. “You struck the age in the center,” it said.
She turned and she knew the boy. He looked like his father, narrow eyes, dark straight hair. He looked like his mother, small sharp features, something of the wild thing about his arms and posture. He eyed her cautiously from the doorframe before sidling in.
“Kieran,” she said. “Do they not let you in?”
Kieran shrugged. “I sneak pretty good.”
She could sympathize. “I think they worry about people bothering her.”
Kieran frowned. “They let you in.”
“This is the most peaceful room in the castle, so they put my friend here. So I am here. And now you’re here too.” She studied him, and concluded that he was probably neither a witch nor a general. “I don’t think you’ll bother anybody.”
“You know my mother.”
“I used to.”
“She awaits the next age, as she waited for her moment in this one.” He squinched up his face and eyed Morrigan while she tossed and mumbled. “She’s sparky.”
A child with the soul of an old god. Leif really wasn’t sure what to expect. Her contribution to Kieran’s existence had ended after she’d convinced Loghain to sleep with Morrigan to conceive him. It was her sole interference in Loghain’s sex life and she still felt like a flesh peddler for it. But it had given Morrigan a beloved son. It had saved Loghain’s life, and given Leif ten years with him. She’d had no wish for any other second in command, Rydan’s ambition notwithstanding.
Morrigan tossed from one side to the other and burst a fluent but incomprehensible stream of words. Her brow knitted up and her voice ran guttural.
“Do you understand her?” said Leif.
Kieran tilted his head. Up close his eyes were more yellow than brown. “No,” he said. “Almost, but no. There is too much happening.”
“What do you see when you look at her?”
“Time hurrying. A cat. A dragon. Something really nasty with skin and fat everywhere. The castle from a mile up. Fire.” He twisted his hands behind his back. “More fire every time.”
Fear was a bad look on the child. “Did she teach you that sometimes plants need to burn back to go on living?”
“No. Is it true?”
“Yes.” She hoped.
Kieran nodded solemnly. “It’s supper time soon.”
“I take my meals here.”
“I have to go or Mother Gisele will try to get me.” Kieran scuffed the floor in shorthand for dread.
“I can tell anyone who comes here asking that you’re taking care of your mother with me,” said Leif. She would have to leave off the literature reading, but that was all right. She liked children, and she couldn’t have them. Besides, if she could stay with Rydan Kieran should get to stay with his mother.
Kieran peered at the book in her hand. “The Warden Neif doesn’t dress like you.”
Leif swallowed. “Maker’s breath, you read that?”
“I know how it ends.”
“Is it happy?”
The boy cocked his head and seemed to listen. “Yes,” he said.
She set aside the book. She squeezed Rydan’s cool hand and held still just a second, waiting for a reply. But there was only one interactive person here. “I could tell you other stories. About how your mother proved our cause to skeptics, and about the archdemon.”
“I remember,” he said.
“Help me tuck your mother in. There are details your soul never saw. Do you know how we got werewolves on our side?”
Cullen, who had grown up when she wasn’t looking. Leliana, deadly at any range. Kieran, who carried something of Leif’s best friend past that friend’s death. Morrigan, who had comforted her after that death. And Rydan, who was brave, and who had not been cured. There was still a chance, if she was patient and if she was good. If she didn’t give up on him.
Hearts and Hauberks fell aside, unneeded for a while. “Werewolves,” said Leif. She went on talking for the benefit of anyone who might be listening. A hard choice and not a cuddly one, that story. She was not a part of this holy Inquisition, no matter how close to the center she strayed.
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biggest-stupidhead · a month ago
Hi! :D I saw that request are open, soo can you do a reader x levi where reader and reiner were a couple, but she found out about him being the armor titan and now she is a mess and levi is making her forget about reiner or something like that, pretty please? 🥺
Oooo I like it :)
Summary: Reader is heartbroken with the revelation of the identities of the Armored and Colossal titans. 
Word Count: 1.8K
You sat numbly at the dining room table. It had been one day since Reiner and Bertolt revealed their secret. You and the others were still in shock, denial even for some of you. Connie sat to your left, his face in his hands, shoulders slumped. Levi and Hange had left you and the others alone to update the commander on the current situation. It felt wrong, to be without the blonde, someone who had slipped into your heart and become a constant in your life effortlessly. Someone you trusted implicitly with all your heart, he had been more than a comrade to you. More than a friend even, the two of you shared countless nights under the stars during your cadet days, talking about anything and everything. But now you wandered if it was all an act, an elaborate scheme to blend into the ranks, seem human. Because no human being could slip between roles the way that they had. But he had felt human when you kissed him, held him, talked to him. 
“Your turn to be on duty.” Sasha said, coming into the small space, shotgun slung over her shoulder. Mikasa held an armful of kindling, which she set near the stove before turning to retreat into the back room where Eren was resting. 
“Okay Sash.” Connie said, his tone deflated and dull. Sasha handed you the shotgun and Connie shrugged a cloak on, pulling the hood over his head as the two of you walked out into the night. You stood on the makeshift towers that had been constructed, looking up at the same stars that you’d gazed at with Reiner ages ago. It was all so fresh, the sting of the steam hitting your face as they transformed, the clap of thunder. The way he had begun throwing titans left and right with no regard for his former comrades, for you. All of you had nearly died in the fiasco, yet you couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at him. No you were just plain hurt. Connie perked up beside you, pushing his hood down when the sound of hooves thundering down the deserted path became clear. 
“They’re back.” Connie stated the obvious as he climbed down the tower, you followed him. Once the superiors arrived you took the reins of their horses and rushed to put them away, eager to hear your next orders. With the horses fed and watered you both ran back into the cabin. You hung the rifle by the door and Connie threw his cloak onto one of the coat hooks. The others had already gathered at the table, Historia sat at the head of the table, a humble meal was prepared and placed on the table, soup and stale bread as always. You listened as Historia told you her story, of her true identity and what that meant for all of you. Levi and Hange informed you that the government was fed up with the scouts and planned to punish Erwin Smith. Everything was falling apart, the little family that you had found was about to come crumbling down once more. As soon as Levi gave the order for all of you to go to bed, the cadets fled to the two rooms, one for the girls the other for the boys. Hange left once more, something about checking up on the pastor and keeping Erwin company. You were doing dishes with Armin who was drying them with shaky hands. 
“Go to bed, I can finish this.” You assured him, wanting to be alone and do a mindless task to help you dissociate. 
“I couldn’t-” 
“I need this Armin, just go to sleep.” You came across a bit hostile but at the moment you couldn’t care less. He frowned but set the towel aside and retreated with slumped shoulders. Levi cleared his throat from behind you as he came back into the kitchen. You didn’t even spare him a glance as he reached into the cupboard for the tea leaves, he filled the tea pot with water and began to boil the water. As he waited he sat at the kitchen table in silence. 
“Finish those and head to bed.” His cold voice made you jump a bit, due to the randomness of his order. 
“Yes sir.” You answered as you scrubbed at the ancient dishes. Your hands were sore, they had been burned during your assault on Bertolt. The bandages were wet now, the salve Hange had applied earlier in the day had long since dried up. As you finished the last dish you turned and dried your hands off, a involuntary hiss escaping your lips as you applied too much pressure to your wounds. 
“What’s wrong cadet?” Levi asked as he poured hot water over the bitter leaves. 
“It’s nothing, just burned my hands yesterday...” You answered as you pulled at the bandages. 
“Hm I see.” Levi mused as he reached into the cupboard once more, you watched him carefully, waiting for him to tell you to get lost. But instead he produced another cup, pouring tea into it and walked over towards the door. You watched, confused when he paused before the door. 
“Bring the roll of bandages and that salve Hange had earlier. They’re in that bag over there.” He said with a vague nod in the direction of the humble living room. You found the bandages and salve, you carried them out into the cool summer evening, the sound of cicadas and tree frogs felt familiar and comforting. You found him on the porch on one of the rickety old chairs. The cups were steaming as they sat on a small round table, he watched you with a dull expression as you sat in the other chair and placed the bandages and salve on the table. 
“Let me see them.” He sighed, holding his hands out, his own palms were littered with callouses and old scars. You timidly obeyed, placing the backs of your hands in his palms. He inspected the bandages for a moment before he began to unwrap them. You watched as he uncovered your wrecked palms, the flesh red and blistered from doing the dishes and other chores all day long. 
“You should have said something.” Levi scolded as he unscrewed the lid of the salve and dipped a finger into the cool substance. 
“It wouldn’t have been fair. We’re all injured.” You pointed out as he began to smear the salve onto your left palm. 
“You’re no good to me if your hands get infected and need to be amputated.” He shot back, his dark eyes focused on the task at hand, you frowned but said nothing. 
“I suppose.” You said after a moment, your eyes taking the opportunity to study his features as he worked, the soft curve of his nose, prominent cheek bones and delicate brows. He was undeniably handsome, you had known this obviously, the women of the walls always threw themselves at his feet. 
“Tomorrow you will do look out rotations instead of cleaning or getting wood. Your hands need to heal.” He stated as he wrapped your left palm back up in fresh bandages. The burning had subsided with the aid of the salve, now he turned his attention to your other hand. 
“Yes sir.” You answered obediently as you watched him unwrap the bandages once more. 
“How is your knee?” You attempted to make conversation, eyes traveling to inspect the injured knee. He paused and looked up at you, his eyes weren’t as hard as they’d been moments ago, the sudden softness caught you off guard. 
“Better.” He answered with a clipped tone as he held your hand tenderly. His thumb rubbed the space over the inside of your wrist and your brows raised in shock. 
“You were close with them?” His words and actions alike caught you off guard, you blinked dumbly at him as he waited for an answer. 
“I was....” You said, his grip on your wrist tightened then eased up almost instantly. 
“It’s a shame. They were good soldiers.” He said nonchalantly as he ran his salve covered fingers over your torn skin. 
“Yes.” was all you could manage as he began to wrap your wounds. When he finished he sat back, crossing his legs, one ankle resting on his opposite knee. He reached for his cup and took a sip of the bitter tea, eyes wandering to scan the forest. Not knowing what else to do, you grabbed your own cup with your freshly wrapped hands and took a sip of the calming liquid. 
“Where are you from cadet?” Levi asked, once more shocking you. 
“A small village in wall Maria.” you answered, the memory of your cozy home and the unfortunate end that it met coming to your mind. 
“Hm, that why you joined the scouts?” He mused, eyes still not on you. 
“Yes, mainly.” 
“Mainly?” He looked at you now, eyes curious. 
“I wanted to fight alongside my brother.” You answered, remembering how he had been killed by the female titan during the 57th. 
“Ah I remember him now.” Levi said, his tone soft and understanding. 
“Good soldier, he would be....proud of you I’m sure.” You looked at him with wide eyes, he was being so kind. Did he put something in his tea? 
“I can only hope...” You said, taking another sip of the tea, hoping now that there was alcohol in it to calm your nerves and help make sense of this weird situation. 
“We must remember our fallen, that’s what I fight for, their memory.” Levi said, the vulnerability in his voice making your heart skip a beat. He had lost people too in that expedition, their deaths were the only reason that you’d been assigned to his squad. 
“Yeah..” you said lamely as you tried to make sense of where all of this was coming from. 
“Sir?” You started, unsure of if the next words you were going to speak would be appropriate or not. 
“Hm what is it?” He asked over the rim of his cup. 
“C-Could you...tell me a story or something? I can’t stop thinking about-” 
“What do I look like? Your mother?” He snorted, setting his cup down, you blushed profusely, instantly regret flooding your chest. 
“No forget about it, it’s stupid” You said, shaking your head and standing quickly. Levi leaned forward and caught your wrist. 
“Sit.” You dropped back into your seat without a second thought. 
“I guess...I could tell you about the time-” He trailed off, a thoughtful expression replacing his dull one. You found yourself admiring the rare expression fondly. 
“The time that I had to knock Hange unconscious to bathe her, filthy animal.” Levi scoffed and leaned back into his seat when he saw that you were no longer trying to get away. 
“That sounds perfect.” You sighed and sat back as well, ready to hear about the antics that Hange and Levi went through to get your mind off of the betrayal. 
“She got into some mud after a mission, wouldn’t bathe. Said there was too much work to do-” You closed your eyes, letting the baritone voice wash over your senses and sweep any other thoughts out of your mind. That night you fell asleep to Levi’s voice for the first time and the melody of cicadas and tree frogs. 
Kinda got carried away with this one. Honestly feels a bit cheesy but I kinda like it. 
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ecofinisher · a month ago
¡Vamos a España! - Chap 13
Chapter 13
In the evening Rollan was home sitting in front of the dinner table eating soup with a distracted face, which the troll cubs and his mother around the table had been glancing at Rollan, which had been quiet during the entire dinner.
„Que pasa, Hijo? Leticia asked watching Rollan slowly slurp from the soup, „You haven‘t talked anything about your day,“
„I had a rough training the last two hours,“ Rollan commented avoiding eye contact with his mother.
„But you already knew that this wouldn‘t be easy. There‘s no need to give up,“
„I know mama. I won‘t give up. I‘m doing this all to help you out,“
„And I appreciate it. But look if for some reason you don‘t feel great there or that this isn‘t meant for you, quit,“
„I don‘t want to quit because of some idiots. If I do that it will only get worse“ Rollan commented making the mother furrow her eyebrows beginning to understand what was bothering Rollan.
„Are other participants treating you bad?“ Questioned Leticia making Rollan shrug his shoulders.
„Enrico and Ernesto are there too. They still act rude towards me, even after such a long time,“
„It‘s not worth it to listen to the two. You have to stay true to who you are. If they don‘t like you the way you are it‘s not your problem. You have more people out there, that like you for who you are,“ Mentioned Rollan‘s mother making Rollan nod.
„I know,“
„You better ignore those boys,“
„It‘s not easy to ignore them,“
„I know, but fighting isn‘t a solution either,“
„I‘m not fighting, I‘m trying to spit out facts, but it doesn‘t work out either,“
„I see,“
„I‘m finished with dinner. I‘m going up to my room,“ Rollan mentioned getting up from the table taking his dish to the sink.
„You only ate a conch, mi Hijo. Please eat another one,“ The mother offered watching the son walk toward her.
„I‘m good for now, mama,“ Rollan commented and gave her a peck on her forehead.
„I‘ll let you the soup there on the oven, so you can take it later again if you like,“ Leticia noticed earning a nod from her son, which made his way upstairs and got into the bedroom, then sat down on the bed sighing.
Rollan looked at the night table beside his bed and grabbed the small portrait with Gerda‘s face on it and smiled a little as he looked at his girlfriend‘s image for comfort.
„If you were here you would probably have talked to me about this,“ Rollan spoke to the portrait. „Probably you would have suggested me to continue the talk with my mother instead of hanging here alone in the bedroom,“
Rollan heard the door of his room to encounter Luta, which was looking for the teenager, and ran toward him, to jump at his lap.
„Hey,“ Rollan greeted the weasel, which looked at the image of Gerda and up at the boy. „You know those boys Enrico and Ernesto usually made a joke out of me for being out there trying to defend my city from pirates and other criminals. It was only a matter of practice, that I would get better with the time and be able to defend everyone from the bad guys...In my opinion, I got better, but It wasn‘t enough to defeat villains or scare them away. Then this opportunity occurred with Alfida‘s mother handing me out the troll legend book to me and I made my way to the troll kingdom where I met you, Orm, and the rest of the gang,“ Luta squeaked and pointed at the image of Gerda and glanced back at Rollan, which wondered what Luta tried to say.
„Gerda is a true legend. She‘s saved the world two times all on her own and saved me from King Harold as I tried to help her out,“ Rollan commented, then Luta got up on her hind legs and pointed at Rollan. „I helped her too, but I felt like she could have had more help than what she received,“
Luta shook her head and nudged the boy on his hand and looked up at him. „You know, I believed before that being able to turn a legend would be doing the impossible, but I saw, that doing the smaller things would make me a hero too. I was received positively by a few magicians as they knew I helped out Gerda from the tower and defended her from the king. Of course, I have to admit, Luta. At that point, it didn‘t matter to me that people received me as a hero. For me was it, that Gerda forgave me for everything I did, which I sadly don‘t remember to have done,“
The door got opened back and the troll cubs ran into the bedroom to encounter Rollan, which was talking to the weasel and the trolls jumped on the bed, beginning to pull him on the shirt.
„What do you boys want? Play?“ Rollan asked, then the chubbiest troll climbed on top of the young cub to get closer to Rollan‘s head and leap against Rollan‘s head. „Hey, my head isn‘t a chair,“
The troll chuckled and tried to get down from Rollan‘s head trying to slide down in front of his face. „I know I barely have any toys you can use to play, but I could pick out a book, which I could read to you,?“ Rollan suggested watching the cub drop on the back of the younger cub Leonid, which was lying over Rollan‘s lap. „What do you say?“
The cubs shook their head, then Rollan got down on the ground and went on his knees to look at the bookshelf pondering about something he could do with the cubs. „You know it‘s hard to come up with something entertaining,“ Rollan mentioned, then we placed his hands on the ground and looked to the bed, to see he had a box under it. Rollan shrieked as the youngest cub jumped on the back of Rollan, afterward the older cubs tried to climb on Rollan‘s back while chuckling, then the dark-brown cub, which he calls Ivan clapped on Rollan‘s neck wanting Rollan to move further.
„Really? I‘m not really in the mood to horse-walk here,“ Rollan commented, then Ivan grabbed Rollan on the hair, causing Rollan to yelp. „Hey!“ Complained the Spaniard staring at the cubs, which moved with their legs against Rollan‘s waist, then he rolled his eyes and moved further making the cubs chuckle. The oldest cub kicked with his feet on Rollan making him groan annoyed at the idea, then he sat down watching the cubs cling on him after it. „Hey I‘ve got another idea, an easy game we could play together,“ Rollan mentioned earning the interest of the cubs. Rollan held his hand flat and hit with his fist on top of it. „Chin, Chan, Pu,“ Rollan said and formed his index and middle finger into a V. „It‘s very easy. You can only do this here, you can do the fist and you can do the paper, which you have your hand flat,“ Rollan explained watching the cubs copy his hand with their own. „Scissor wins against the paper, paper beats stone and stone defeats the scissor. Very simple and the best thing is we can only play in two, so Luta will play with you and Ivan you play against Leonid,“ Suggested Rollan watching the cubs sit in front of the mentioned friend, then Rollan got next to Ivan and looked down at Ivan. „You gotta go like this….Chin, Chan, Pu!“ Rollan counted with his fist with the cubs observing him. „Come on and try it…….1,2,3!“ Rollan began watching the cubs raise their hand and Ivan scored against Leonid with his hand formed into a V as the younger cub lost with holding his hand flat. Luta also scored against the red-brown troll by holding her paw flat and the cub had formed a fist. „There you go, Luta and Ivan made their first point. Come you have more chances to win points. Let‘s make it to ten?“ Suggested Rollan, then watched them do another try, then Ivan chuckled as he scored again and Luta went on tie with the third cub.
„Oh…...“ Leonid mumbled as he lost another round, then Rollan noticed it and sat beside the troll to pat his back.
„Come there‘s no need to give up. Just give it another try,“ Rollan commented, then watched Leonid and Ivan clap with their fist on the flat hand and both held toward each other a flat hand to end up in a tie. „Come give it another try,“ Rollan encouraged the cub, which nodded and nudged on his hand with his fist and formed a fist, while Ivan formed a paper and grabbed Leonid‘s hand. Both cubs repeated the scene and Leonid showed again a fist and Ivan held his fingers shaping the V, making Leonid smile as he finally made the first point. „See? Now come on and give it another try,“ Rollan cheered watching the light-brown cub use his hand and get him and the older brother to get tie again.
Gerda and her friends had left the troll kingdom to make their way back home to get prepared for their long trip to the Iberian peninsula, where Spain was located.
Gerda stood beside Alfida on the deck while Orm gazed over the ship at the surroundings seeing the mountains they were passing above.
„This view here is amazing,“ Gerda commented. „If Norway and Sweden have such an astonishing view, Europe must be just as great,“
„I can‘t recall at the moment anything, that‘s worth seeing right now. We‘ve got the Alps which is also a mountain range,“ Explained the pirate girl. „From above we will most likely see mountains, hills, landscapes, seas. If you‘re expecting to see the Eiffel Tower I don‘t think we‘re going to pass by there,“
„So you planned to move on straight to Spain without any break?“ Orm asked confused making Alfida shake her head.
„Of course not. One of us will take the lead throughout the night,“ Alfida corrected. „If you want, I‘ll be the one taking the night. I‘ve got more experience.“
„So looks like Orm and I will take the day,“ Gerda mentioned earning a nod from the troll. „Oh and hey, shouldn‘t Kai come along with us?“
„Would be cool if he could tag along, but I‘m not sure if he has other projects to finish.
„We can always ask him,“ Gerda mentioned. „I believe he wants to come too,“
„That‘s sweet. Just like in the old times,“ Commented Alfida. „I wonder if that last time with King Harold was our last issue,“
„If something like that happens it might be long further in the future. Or if it would need to happen,“
„We have this adventure now. That‘s already something. The only thing we could expect would be the Spaniards get feared from me cause years ago I was present during one robbery in Barcelona,“
„I thought it was only your mother,“
„Yes, but I was present in the ones in Barcelona and Zaragossa,“ Commented Alfida. „Oh Barcelona would be an interesting stop for you,“
„Is it near Alicante?“ Gerda asked making Alfida shrug her shoulders.
„I know it‘s near the coast. You follow the sea along and after a few hours you‘re there,“
„When we‘re there finding the house where Rollan‘s mom lives will be easy,“ Pointed the blonde out. „He mentioned to me a few times, that they live near the port,“
„Then it won‘t be hard for us,“ Commented the raven-haired girl.
Orm yawned and sat down on the stairs beside the girls and lied his back against the wall of the ship and closed his eyes to rest making Gerda chuckle and Alfida smile.
„Have you got any plans for your future?“ Questioned Alfida looking at her best friend.
„You mean, when I‘m older,“ Gerda mentioned earning a nod from Alfida. „Well I know that soon or later we will found our own family together, me and Rollan,“
„Very nice. What about a proposal or a common vacation together. Have your or Rollan something like that in mind?“
„It might take a little while. So far he wants first to get on his feet first before he can move on to the next level,“
„And now he has his mother in a debt trap and is out there trying to help her out. I have always heard the deeper you fall into a debt trap the harder it gets for you to get out of it,“ „If we got no other choice we can also lean them our hand or I would do that. Rollan or his mother might be against it, but they need to know that we can help them out,“
„You‘re too good for this world, Gerda. How come the world not have more people like you?“ Alfida commented making Gerda shrug her shoulders abashed.
„I believe there are more good people around the world. King Arrog used to say, that when there‘s bad, the good will always rise against it,“ Mentioned the blonde girl earning a nod from the brother‘s girlfriend, looking forward at the end of the mountain range, where now a fully green landscape was in sight for the travelers.
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kanemayfield · a month ago
Dr. Mayfields Words Of Wisdom - UK food is awful... prove me wrong.
If you ever really look at traditional UK food you kind of understand why they literally started murdering people for spices. 
Before you accuse me of overreacting 👆🏾👆🏾 click that link right there... 
(I’ll wait)
Exactly.... that's some shit you serve to a person you plan on dropping bad news on like...
"Good to see you Nigel... fancy a cuppa... well here's some pie crust filled with nonsense that I call pie... why yes I did run tap-water on it disrespectfully... yeah... gave it a proper spritz lol... yes its green... haven't the foggiest why.... but im sure its tops...oh btw... your grandma is dead mate... and you’re out the will. Pretty rubbish innit"
Tumblr media
Yeah... that's porridge... that unhappy bowl of disrespect is what some unfortunate souls call breakfast. There is no appropriate time of the day for such an abomination. This is Oliver Twist food, bro. That just exemplifies how terrible that little nigga life was... he wanted MORE gruel... word... that's a horrendous upbringing. That's where the word “grueling” comes from. Someone in a dungeon trying to eat this bowl of insults. People who respect you would never even come at you like this in the morning. 
Now think about THIS... if all you know is porridge... which is obviously of the devil... and you meet this new group of peoples.. and homie got a silken pimp robe and matching slippers. Sun has the iced out hair scrunchie and permed eyebrows. Just living wild luxurious. He not even tripping off you. Your whole camp look hongry and unwashed to a man of his discipline... he gotta be judging you....  you know he is....
Tumblr media
This man is rocking some Sweet Daddy Grace lengthy shit... smelling like lavender and using his long coke nail to spear him a spicy dumpling and feed it to a colorfully dressed woman. 
HELL YEAH you gotta pop on him and cause an international incident... no doubt...he was styling on you crazy... I get it... that's just pride and principle... of course you were embarrassed... he caught you lacking... smelling like the ocean and bad decisions... and he just splish splashing the soy sauce and flinging 5 spice powder like a Trini at j’ouvert. The language barrier is all that was stopping this guy from telling you to eat a dick... you def aint breaking out the old union jack lunch box, and showing him you you brought two for just such an occasion. Not a shred of mouth dignity, b.
Tumblr media
Fuck is this..... you call it WHAT.... Bangers and Mash... yeah... that works cause I'm gonna bang this plate off the table and mash up the whole restaurant. 
But this is about seasonings... you think you gonna be able to go home to merry old England after seeing ACTUAL people food?
That shit is an unrespectful dish b.... pardon me for exposing you to this filth beloveds... but UK people eat these... this point gotta get made. This is why the British Empire was so crazy. It makes sense.. they would go home and after 30 min and be like..
“(looks at plate of sausage dong) crikey look at the time.. I gotta go.. more land to discover... I'm out... AYO Barnaby, get the boat my guy... yeah.. this nigga on some balderdash.. FOH.. ”
Imagine you had a hard day laboring... shaving rocks in the quarry or putting shoes on a horse or banging an anvil or whatever British people did before spices... you go home just looking for a little food and comfort and somebody pulls up with a double unseasoned frank for your boca... 
FUCK YEEEAAAH I'm building a boat... and I'm NEVER coming back. This place is BARE wickedness.
Tumblr media
How you got castles and roundtables and danger mouse... but still eat gruel and rambunctious franks.... with no seasonings ??? That shit doesn't make any sense. English people had a whole lot of misdirected energy  
Penny-farthing bikes and no basil. Yall wilding.
Tumblr media
Just imagine your life is terrible with dong-shaped food all the time... so you get on a big boat, sail further than you think the world goes just to meet you a man chilling in a place where it never snows, women got they yahmean’s out... & he just seasoning a goat-meat panini wild regular like...
"...maaaaan I don't even want this... don't een know why I made it fam... naah i mean I JUST had one... yeah its good.. but I can’t rock with two of em.. AYO.. you hungry bro.. yeah YOU.. super lightskinned from the boat... yall look famished... here hold this down... ".
Tumblr media
You gonna start making undignified noises the first time you have seasonings. You know how I know: look at how homey on the right is side-eyeing you. He looking at you like 
“I know this pink dirty boat man ain’t just moan sexually over a panini” 
He judgy... and they got the brocky neckwear. Big homey got the Selassie fingers and the ill breathable garments. And he smiling. Know why? SEASONINGS.... he don't give a fuck about you or your boat. 
“Where you from... oh woooord... they got big free-range titties and truck jewelry over there??... nah... sounds shitty.... what about that panini I gave you.. shit was banging, right? WAIT... banger? Fuck is a banger?.... A WHAT? Nah bro... we got kids out here.. watch your mouth. I think it’s time for you to leave.”
Yeah... they smiling because nobody trying to push a double frank in they face... pause. No Oliver Twist soup anywhere in the vicinity, bro. Just well seasoned food and flourish. Women ain’t gonna have their babylons  untethered for your viewing enjoyments if you engage in such sinful snacks.
Man’s just living his life and doing fun shit with yams, billowing robes and getting this schmoney. Big bonfire... women bussin open that strawberry poundcake for the god and he just shaking black pepper around like it grows on trees.
HELL YEAAAH you gonna try and capture him... you gonna try and capture fucking everybody. You can’t just yap the spice rack without the knowledge of how to implement that joint. Who gonna teach you how to do Selassie fingers? You’re gonna be uninstructed in the proper deployment of the lemon peppers. 
You’re gonna fumble the bag and ruin the mutton... so.... you know.... I get it. 
I can (in these context) wrap my mind around why they was stealing people wholesale.
Tumblr media
I'm not defending slavery... I'm just illustrationing the importance of spices.
And the lack of spices promotes wicked interactions amongst mankind. That's fax 🖨
You ever have dinner with a person who puts OD condiments on steak? We all have unfortunately... and I bet you had a devilish time.
And the steak....  it was well done wasn't it... I know it was. Because I can recognize Lucifer and his works.
Tumblr media
The UK is the same people who will serve you fried fish and french fries, then look you straight in the eyes like..
"you know what you missing, bruv...? A dixie cup of warm mashed up green peas.... yeah.. to eat. Whyyyyy?... because nationally our mouths are broken and we won't fix it. Oh... no?’re not interested??... Well would you rather have some pudding then, mi lord? Chocolate... oh no, guvnor. Not the delicious dessert that Bill Cosby ruined, I’m talking about this red dick with onions and blood in it. Yeah... to eat.. Spot on.. we call that pudding here, mate... it's smashing!!!" 
Tumblr media
Fuck outta here.... that looks like poop with wood varnish on it.
 No surprise they had a whole tower for torturing people...
They wild AF... that's an angry culture, yo. Who designed their food shapes because I see a theme here?
These people were living in a nightmare and now they forgot where they came from. Talking bout Brexit: “too many foreigners”. Fuck around and everybody leave and take they recipe book with them.... then you back to having nothing but patriotic dicks to eat. Careful what you wish for, champ.
Anyway... I feel like the world could be a better place if people just had spices.
So what we should do is just look for whoever don't have seasonings... all around the world. And when we find em... just keep an eye on em... put em on a watchlist... they will be the world’s next troublemakers.
I promise.
But seriously... who TF eats mashed up peas? 
That shit still bothering me.... 
I hate peas... 
I love my grandma... but one time when I was a likkle yoot, she tried to feed me mashed up peas. At first I just kept turning my head away out of respect for the old earth. But when she persisted like some sort of colonial food terrorist with machinations of me dining on the meal responsible for 300yrs of atrocities and Hugh Grant.... I spit that shit dead in her face like champagne and told her I'm royalty... 
Tumblr media
Be well, 
Kane M
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miss-tc-nova · a month ago
You Won - Sora x Reader
Tumblr media
HI! First off, thank you so much for this request. I needed some more fluff in my life. Second, of course I had to pick Sora, Sora said the line! Okay, I didn’t have to but it felt so right! Third, I hope this lives up to your expectations. I had to mull it over for a while, but once I got it going it was fun. Please enjoy.
              “Okay, you can let go now. But don’t look yet.”
              Against instructions, I tighten my grip, pressing my face harder against the young man’s back.
              “Ugh! Sora!”
              “You’re gonna be okay. I promise.” A hand taps at my fists. “But please let go; you’re gonna squeeze my guts out.”
              I release him to slide my hands over my eyes. I feel him get off the massive, bike-like machine he calls a keyblade glider.
              “You’re not gonna leave me here, are you?”
              “No. I just need a minute.”
              “You know, when you go on blind dates, you still get to see the guy you’re going out with,” I say sarcastically.
              “What’s a blind date?”
              “Not this.”
              Sora laughs. “Just relax. I’ll be done soon.”
              Grumbling, I set in to wait.
              When I woke up this morning, I knew that my boyfriend had plans for us today; what I didn’t expect was for him to take me to an entirely different world.
              Once we got into a serious relationship, Sora kind of spilled the beans on his magical powers—meaning he started talking about wild adventures like a crazy person until Riku slapped him. I might’ve just let it slip and excused it as Sora’s wild imagination had Riku not overreacted. Once I picked the brunette out of the sand, I had to pry the story out of them. All of it was nonsense to me—a fairy tale they had made up or something—but Sora proved me wrong with the keyblade. In a matter of minutes, he got me believing in magic and that, maybe, other worlds really did exist. Well today he proved they did by taking me to one.
              “You’re not peeking, are you?” Sora calls, breaking into my musings.
              “No,” I groan.
              “Are you sure?” I can hear the smile in his accusation.
              “Yes, Sora, I’m sure.”
              “Good. I’m gonna pick you up.”
              “WhaaaAAAAAAA!” My arms immediately circle his neck when I’m lifted from my seat.
              His hold tightens. “Don’t worry. I got you.”
              Trusting Sora is as easy as breathing; so while I’m nervous and mildly uncomfortable, I keep my eyes closed and rest my face against his shoulder. A warm breeze washes across my skin. I can hear the dancing of leaves high above us and the song of a bird or two. I could probably fall asleep in the comfort of the moment if not for the fact there’s a surprise waiting for me.
              Sora’s arms shift, lowering my feet. I keep a tight fist of his shirt for a sense of stability.
              “Can I look now?”
              “Ye-No! Wait!” He takes my hand off his shirt before leaving me stranded.
              “Hold on!”
              I growl but let him run around a bit more while I’ve got my eyes closed. I can hear him fighting with something, frustrated growl and all.
              “Okay! Okay,” he says.
              “Can I look now?” It’s endearing that he’s trying to make it all perfect, but he got my hopes up that this blind thing was over, so I’m getting antsy.
              “Uh…Yeah! Now you can look.”
              The light is blinding yet only a few blinks fend off the brightness. Met with a beautiful scene, I awe. Trees tower high above, spreading their leaves to dapple shade on the ground. Green grass flourishes with patches of colorful flowers spread about. The weather is perfect and serene. This is a place I’d only seen in fairy tales.
              I’m definitely not on Destiny Islands anymore.
              Sitting in a shady spot of grass is a blanket with a basket, food containers, and even a little round vase with some of the wild flowers in it. Eyes roll because I should’ve known this would be a picnic. Beside the spread stands my boyfriend with the most excited, hopeful grin I think I’ve ever seen him wear.
              It takes two strides to wrap him up in an embrace. Excitedly, I ask, “When did you plan all this?”
              “Like two weeks ago.”
              “Two weeks?” Sifting through memories, I remember. Folding my arms, I say, “You mean when you told me Riku needed your help training?”
              “Uh huh. You realize when you plan a surprise, you should probably tell the guy who’s supposed to be your alibi?”
              His smile disappears. “What do you mean?”
              “I mean that I found Riku in town and grilled him about what you were up to.” Sora’s eyes widen in horror. “That guy better be your best friend. I knew he was lying his little heart out but he made up some excuse on the spot and stuck to it.’
              Shoulders slump. “Aww, you knew?”
              I reply, “I knew something was up, but I didn’t know what…And then I kinda forgot about it.”
              “Pfft. You forgot?”
              I grin. “Yeah. So it’s still a good surprise.”
              Sora nuzzles his nose against mine. “Thank goodness.”
              Hands against my back pull me flush against him. Soft lips press into my cheek and proceed to drop little pecks as they trail to my neck. A giggle comes from the tickling sensation. Reactively, I lift my shoulder to push him away and he places one more on my nose.
              “I love you,” he says softly.
              “I love you too.” I return the cheek kiss. “So what’s for lunch today, lover boy?”
              “Oh! This place has great soup and amazing bread!”
              “Perfect. I’m starving.”
              As we eat, just enough sunlight sprinkles through the leaves to keep warm even in the shade. By the time the food is all gone, I can already see where this is going. Sora flops onto his side, resting his head in my lap. It takes minutes for his eyelids to start drooping. A tuneless hum floats through the air as I run my fingers through his hair. He drifts off in peace soon after.
              I can’t help glancing around at the sight I would never see on our home world, still enamored by the foreign beauty. And then I look back at Sora. For a guy from such a small world, he’s seen so much. I’m sure there are plenty of other beautiful sights than just this. I thought I was happy and content on Destiny Islands in its familiarity and security, but in this moment, I’m tempted to make Sora take me to another wonderous site. So I would have completely understood if he never returned to Destin Islands ever again.
              But Sora came home. Despite being able to run off on adventures that could last a life time, he went back to Destiny Islands, and I don’t understand why.
              “What’s wrong?”
              My eyes shoot down to the boy in my lap. Sleepy eyes blink his nap away.
              “Nothing. Why?”
              “You got a crease between your eyebrows.”
              I realize I’m frowning and relax. “I was just thinking.”
              “’Bout what?” he yawns.
              There’s nothing to be gained from asking my question—it’s in the past so it’s not like anything will change. Still, I want to understand the choice that changed my life.
              “Why did you go back to Destiny Islands?”
              “C’mon, Destiny Islands is pretty, but it’s just one sight out of probably millions out there. There’s so much out there to see, so why did you go back?”
              His blue eyes shift to the sky. “Well, like you said, there’s so much out there—more than I’ll ever be able to see in my whole life. It’s nice to go out and explore those new things, but sometimes, you just miss home. Besides, ever since I first saw you, I could always feel something pulling me back.”
              “I’m sorry what?” He gives me a toothy grin. “No, don’t grin at me. What are you talking about? Were you stalking me?!”
              “No! I just-…I mean-…”
              Tugging at his cheeks, I say, “Mean what? Spit it out!”
              He pushes my hands off, a blush dusting his face. “Uh, well, me, Riku, and Kairi wanted to get off the islands so bad, we started building a raft. They told me to find supplies and, while I was doing that, I saw you for the first time. You were sitting by the paopu tree and…I remember thinking you were the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.” Blood rushes into my ears. “I was gonna ask you to come with us…but I chickened out. Then stuff happened and I went to other worlds. But no matter what amazing things I saw, I couldn’t help comparing them to you—and you won every time.”
              My heart is fluttering in my chest at his confession. But Sora’s not done. He looks me in the eyes and, with complete seriousness, says, “I told myself if I ever made it back, I was gonna ask you out on a date.”
              A hand clams over my mouth while my dumbfounded brain scrambles for a response.
              Sora sits up, looking at me in concern. “You okay?”
              What comes from my stupid mouth is sarcasm. “You’re such a dork.”
              He protests, “Oh come on! Don’t you believe in love at first sight?”
              Sora scowls. As I’m coming down from the fluster, I can’t help smiling as I rest my palm against his cheek.
              “But I do believe in you. And your heart has never let you down before, has it?”
              The frown shifts to surprise and then cheeky glee. “No, it hasn’t.”
              “That’s all I need to hear.”
              Our lips meet in a tender kiss, rallying butterflies in my chest. He’s goofy and ridiculous and not always the smartest person, but Sora is the brightest person I’ve ever met. He’s my sunshine and I’ve never been happier. Knowing that he paused his adventures for me, I can’t even begin to explain how ecstatic—and bashful—that makes me. That emotion reaches my lips through a smile.
              Sora breaks away, mirroring the expression. “What?”
              “You’re amazing, Sora.”
              “Not as amazing as you.” I attempt to hide my face but he’s already caught on. “Aw, you’re blushing. What’s wrong, buttercup?”
              “Sora, stop,” I complain, not great with compliments. Blood is pooling in my cheeks; I can feel it.
              He’s laughing at me. “But you’re so cute.”
              Sora pulls my hands from my face, capturing me with those gleaming ocean eyes. “I love you.”
              I huff with a glance away. “I love you too.”
              A firm tug pulls me against his chest. “Good.”
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whisky-and-jazz · a month ago
First Year repost with commentary: Chapter 56- At the Bistro
Cue the ominous music...
I like the moodboard for this chapter. I managed to find two winter pics for the buildings. I've tried to be consistent with the buildings I use for these collages. The one at the top that looks like a castle has emerged as my pic for Lallybroch Hall. Because of the castle-like look, it evokes Leoch to me. The other is from the same college where the clock tower pic from last fall was from. I mostly use pics from colleges where my kids went to school, but occasionally I've used some from where I work.
The moodboard also uses my chosen image for Geveva, the woman's hand in black and white. I chose this image and converted it to B&W to evoke an ominous feel in comparison to the other color pics. Also, the bracelet in the photo looks vaguely serpent-like as well as expensive looking, which feels appropriate too.
Tumblr media
It was early afternoon, and the campus bistro was still humming with students and faculty having a late lunch. Claire and Geillis managed to find a table, quickly claiming it as its previous occupants got up to leave. After carefully putting down her bowl of soup, Claire took off her coat and sat down to hold the seats while Geillis went to grab them some silverware and napkins. A few minutes later, the two had settled in for a long overdue catch-up.
“Och, it’s so good to see ye! I feel like I’ve been shot out of a cannon this semester. I swear half the students are in some sort of emotional crisis at the moment.” Geillis took a sip of her soda. “These things come in waves, ye ken. By April, it will quiet down and I’ll be bored. Mark me.”
Claire chuckled. “I know you can’t betray any confidences, but what kinds of crises do you see? I’ve been curious about your work ever since I met you.”
Geillis pursed her lips, thinking. “Hmmm…well, I get a lot who are struggling with their classes. Lots of first years, ye ken. College turned out to be a wee bit harder than they were expecting. I have a few who are having gender identity issues. Some with family problems. Several unintended pregnancies…och, ye may know one of these from last semester. It’s common knowledge on campus now, so I’m no’ betraying any confidences. Remember Marsali? I think ye had her in yer seminar. She go’ pregnant and eloped with Fergus over winter break. She’s due over the summer.”
“Marsali? I had no idea.” Claire’s eyes widened at the news. “I do recall that she and Fergus were dating. They caught us once, early on. Jamie and I were up in the clock tower alone and they walked in on us.”
A grin spread across Geillis’ face. “And what exactly did they walk in on?”
“Nothing much,” Claire replied as a blush spreading over her cheeks as she smiled, recalling the memory. “We were watching the sunset.”
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Chapter 9: Trust the process
Tumblr media
Warning: Mention of blood and possessive/obsessive and yandere Peter. Dubcon/smut. 
Chapter 8 - masterlist 
(Notes: This chapter is really long, I got carried away. But the last chapter will be the epilogue - showing what happened to the reader.)
Your head felt heavy when you turned in the bed. You pulled the covers over your body more. Peter was sitting in an armchair. His legs crossed as he read the parenting book in his hand. He grabbed the highlighter beside him to highlight some phrases.
Wanda knocked on the door, Peter looked up as she walked in with a tray of soup and water. “She will need this when she wakes up.” Peter thanked Wanda quietly, she put the tray down on the nightstand.
Peter watched her leave before going back to his reading. He would check on you every once in a while before reading again.
You woke up to someone’s hand pressed against your stomach. Their thumb rubbing at your skin, you woke up startled from the feeling. You shot up in bed, the covers falling down to your lap. Peter looked over at you, his hand now resting on your legs.
He sat up and put his hand on your shoulder. You were dazed and your mouth felt really dry. You turned your head slowly, your eyes grew wider when you saw Peter looking at you. He had this dorky smile on his face, “how are you feeling? Wanda made you some soup.”
You pulled away from him slowly, his hand falling down but he grabbed your shirt. “Are you fucking insane? You just kidnapped me.”
“Listen I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that but you left me no choice.” He pulled you by your shirt until his arm could wrap around your waist. You slapped his hand away when he reached out to touch your face. “Let me go you fucking creep. Or I’ll call the police.”
Peter laughed so hard he had tears streaming down his face. “Call the cops, I can’t wait to tell Tony that little joke. No one is going to believe you at all.”
“Yes they will, you’re a nobody Peter.” He laughed again, he put his hand on your cheek. You pulled back but he pulled the ends of your hair. “Friday please pull up Y/n’s social media.”
The big screen tv behind you had your Instagram on display. “Take a look baby girl,” you turned your head to see the pictures of you and Peter cuddled up in bed. “Pull up the recent post,” the recent post came up and it was a picture of his hand on your belly.
The caption reading, “Me and Peter are going to be parents. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us 💗.” You looked at all the likes and comments. You held your hand to your mouth to stifle your scream.
Tears streamed down your face. Your mother commented on the big news, she didn’t say much but I love you. “See, everyone loves us. I might be a nobody to everyone but I’m your nobody. You think cops are going to believe you after seeing those posts? We look like we are in love.”
You stayed quiet as you looked at the picture again. Peter pressed himself closer to you, his hands resting on your hips. He pulled you his chest, you struggled with him. But his grip only got tighter and you let him pull you on to his lap.
His arms snaking around your waist, “you have no idea how long I have waited for this moment. Waited for you to be mine’s.”
Four days went past and you were being held hostage in his room. you were confined to his room with the same routine. You wake up and have Peter feed you your prenatal vitamins and breakfast. He let you walk around his big room, even let you get some fresh air. Then he would leave to go to hang out with Ned. Or go to class.
Whoever was in the tower would come to bring you lunch. You watched Netflix for the majority of the day. You felt stuck in your situation. You tried to leave the first night, Peter had fallen asleep and you were ready to leave. You grabbed your things and walked over to the door. You tried to unlock it but Friday zapped you. You fell backwards to see Peter towering over top of you.
His hands on his hips as he looked down at you.
It was monday or maybe Tuesday. You were sitting out on the balcony, Peter was drinking a cup of tea as he looked out over the balcony.
Tony was in his suit when he came towards the balcony, he pressed a button that made the mask he had on to retract back. “We’ve got a problem, suit up and meet everyone downstairs.”
Peter nodded his head before rushing into the bedroom. Your eyes followed him inside, you watched him put on his spiderman suit.
You felt sick to your stomach, it was bad enough that the other avengers were in on it. You never expected everyone’s neighborhood spiderman to be the man holding you hostage.
You had a sudden realization that you should have noticed sooner. Why would he be living in the avengers compound if he wasn’t a part of the team. Peter gave you a small wave before rushing out, he left the bedroom door open. You waited for a few minutes before standing up, you grabbed the butter knife from your plate.
You walked slowly inside until you were by the door. You looked throughout the slit in the door, you held your breath as you listened for life. It was dead quiet, you finally took a breath as you pushed the door wider. You walked out in the hallway, there was a soft hum coming from the refrigerator.
You held the butter knife close to your chest. You walked down the hallway until you were in the common area. There were leftover plates of breakfast on the counters. A glass knocked over with orange juice dripping on the floor.
You looked around the room expecting to see someone in the room but no one was there. Your heart was racing as you continued to the elevator. You sigh of relief as you pressed the down button. The elevator hums but nothing happens.
You continue to press the button again. Friday’s voice broke through the intercom which made you jump. “You don’t have authorization to use the elevator. Please return to your room.” You ignored the voice as you walked down the hallway.
You saw the exit sign light looking down at you. You felt hopeful when you made it to the steel door. You pushed on it but the door didn’t budge. You tried again and you got the same result. You threw your shoulder into the door and stumbled backwards.
You got on your knees, they pressed into the wooden floor hard enough to leave marks. You banged your fist against the door. “Please someone let me out!” You screamed.
The tears running down your face as you kept on pounding on the door. Defeated you put your head against the cool door. You cried to yourself about having to be stuck in this hell.
“I can help you,” you turned around to see a man with long red hair and a trimmed beard. He wore interesting clothes that made you blink your eyes a few times. “I’m not using my glamour that’s why I look different. It’s me Johnny.”
You pressed yourself against the door. He held his hands up as he approached you slowly. “I’m not here to hurt you, I genuinely want to help you…. I told you Peter wasn’t who he said he was. He fooled you, didn’t he?”
“He did, but how can I trust you. You were the one sending me those weird notes and gifts.”
“That wasn’t me. Can’t you see it was him all along?” You looked away as he pleaded with you. “I want to take you home and I can help you get rid of the baby. Will you allow me?” You looked up at him again, he walked closer and kneeled in front of you.
He wiped the tears away from your face. “Please, I want to make things right. You deserve better,” you nodded your head yes and he wrapped his arms around you.
Peter looked at the feed from the hallway. His blood boiling as he watched Freyr wrap his arms around you. His one hands balling up into a fist. “Thor? Where does Freyr live when he comes to earth?”
Freyr gave you a cup of tea. You held it in between your hands, you took a sip of the bitter tea and gagged a little. You put it down on the coffee table in front of you, “I’m still sorry about how twisted everything became. I wanted to tell you about Peter that night but he made me so angry….. I couldn’t stop myself.”
He turned around on the stool with his legs crossed. “It’s fine, I’m glad that you’re taking me home. I can’t wait to see my mom.” You smiled at him as you thought about giving her a hug. Or her making you fish tacos.
“The plan should be leaving in a few hours. I made you a fake passport since we couldn’t find yours.” You yawned as you rested back on the soft couch. You sank lower as you looked at him. “Thank you so much.” You closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep.
Freyr got off the stool to wrap you up in a blanket. You snuggled more into the blanket.
Peter grabbed Freyr by his head and smashed his face into the wall. Freyr turned around to punch Peter in the ribs. The two of them were soon on the floor rolling around. You woke up to the sound of arguing. You sat up slowly as you watched Peter grab Freyr’s shirt.
Peter’s fist came down hard, making contact with his eyes. Freyr bit down on Peter’s wrist which made Peter even more angry. “You think you can steal what’s mine. I’ll fucking kill you for that,” you stood up in horror.
Peter relentlessly hitting Freyr in the face over and over again. You ran over to Peter and put your hand on his shoulder. He turned to look at you with the darkest eyes you’ve ever seen. You stepped back and back until your back was pressed up against someone’s chest. Their hands gripping your arms tightly.
Peter stood up as Freyr turned into his side weakly. Peter spit on the floor beside him. “Stay away or I will kill you next time. I know how to kill a God so don’t come around my family again.” He kicked Freyr hard in the ribs.
You watched him cough blood out on the floor. Peter turned to you with anger in his eyes. “Stop trying to run away from me. I love you, who else can love you the way I can? Nobody!”
Bucky put you over his shoulder as the two of you walked out of the apartment.
Peter walked in the room with a towel wrapped around his waist. The water sliding down his chest, you could see the bruises on his stomach. The bruises started to fade a little. He had a cut near his eye from where Freyr hit him. He walked over to the bed and pulled his towel away from his waist.
“I’ve had a rough day.” He dried himself off with the towel before putting the towel on the back of the bathroom door. You looked at him as he made his way over to the bed.
He crawled over to you and uncuffed you from the bed frame. He was in between your legs, his damp hands moving up your legs. “I promise i won’t hurt you, all I want from you is just to give in.”
You sat back as he moved closer. His hands inching closer up until his thumbs were hooked inside your panties. You held your breath as he moved in closer so that his forehead rested against yours.
“I will be a good partner and a good father to our kids. I promise you will never see me like how I was today.” Your heart was pounding as you thought back to Freyr on the floor with blood all over his face. You shuddered as he pulled your panties down.
He leaned in until his lips were pressed against yours. He hummed as he pressed his lips harder onto yours. You pulled back but his hand shot up and he put it on your cheek as a warning. He pulled back so he could look in your eyes.
That dark look was back in his brown eyes. “Don’t disappoint me,” you held back the fear you had of him as you leaned into his kiss again. He ripped your panties clean off and threw them across the room.
He pushed you back down on the bed, your head hitting the pillow. His free hand pressed against your inner thigh. His hand felt rough against your soft skin.
Peter spread your legs wider as he deepened the kiss. Why were you giving into him, was it the fear or the fact your body had come used to the pleasure he brings you.
His hand squeezed your thigh as he pushed your legs wider. He moved his right hand so that his thumb was pressed against your clit, you jolted a little. He pulled back and chuckled.
“Relax,” he moved down until his face hovered over your pussy. You watched as he buried his face, you could feel his hot breath fanning over your clit. He hooked his arms around your thighs.
You could only see the top of his head. He breathed you in before he pushed his tongue out. He let his tongue slide up your slit. He flicked his tongue against your clit a few couple of times.
He leaned in closer and wrapped his lips around your bundle of nerves. You pushed back and Peter tightened his grip on your thighs. He sucked on it softly for a moment, you could feel the arousal building.
You clenched your ass. He pulled his mouth back, a string of saliva connected to his bottom lip. He leaned in again and licked your slit up and down. The warmth of his tongue made you clench your hands. He pressed his tongue against your entrance, pushing the tip of his tongue in.
He moved back and admired your pussy. “This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” He looked up at you before he went back to suck and lick your clit. You moaned out as he sucked harder.
He pressed his face closer, his nose rubbing against your clit. His soft murmurs against your pussy. He moved one hand to slowly slide two fingers inside. You closed your eyes as he hooked his fingers.
He pushed in and out of you slowly. He could hear the sound of your wet pussy. You bucked your hips as he got faster. His fingers and knuckles getting all wet. He sucked harder on your clit as your legs started to tense up.
You could feel that warm feeling in your lower stomach. You bucked your hips harder as you could feel the orgasm coming. You cried out from the pleasure, Peter continued to thrust his fingers deeper inside of you.
He finally sat back, he was rock hard. He used the fingers he fingered you with to help stroke himself. He groaned from the feeling. He sat closer, the head of his thick member against your hole. He rubbed his tip through your slippery folds to use as lube.
He pressed his tip against your entrance again. He slowly pushed inside of you which made you gasp. He was hovering over you, his hands on either side of your head. He pushed in all the way which made you arch your back.
He bottomed out and stayed still. He was just buried deep inside of you not moving. You could feel his cock throbbing inside of you. The veins and ridges of his cock against your walls. He swore under his breath as he pulled out slowly.
He slid back inside nice and slow. He was teasing you with that shit eating grin on his face. “We were meant to be.” He starts to pick up the pace, you can feel him thrusting deeper inside of you. He holds your gaze as he starts to groan loudly, “I can stay like this forever.” He grabbed the sheets into his hand as he continued his pace. Sometimes he would slow down to prolong himself from coming inside of you.... just yet.
“If you ever leave me again, i'll always come get you. I will always find you.” he said as he snapped his hips forward that made you close your eyes. He leaned down closer to capture your nipple in between his teeth. He licked over your nipples before sucking on it. You moaned from the feeling of someone sucking on your sensitive nipples.
You let Peter wash your hair in the bathtub. He grabbed a small cup to wash away the soap. He smiled down at the small bump that was starting to become prominent. He ran his fingers through your hair before he started to comb it out with your comb. You hugged your knees to your chest as you let him braid up your wet hair.
“We should go looking for baby stuff. The girls want to give you a baby shower, I think that would be good. And we can even invite your mom to come.” You looked at the tub faucet, the little drops of water dropping down. “That's perfect,” you said, you were exhausted and tired. It was easier to just give into Peter. Wasn’t it?
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Pharaoh's Palace Casino Macau
Tumblr media
Pharaoh's Palace Casino Macau Buffet
Tumblr media
The two tower Landmark Hotel opened up fourteen years ago in 1997, which is a lifetime in Macau. Its casino, Pharoah's Palace, is no spring chicken either, having began operation in 2003. The gaming industry in general doesn't treat older venues very well and in this case neither Landmark nor Pharoah's Palace have escaped its wrath. They're pretty far down the list now when one thinks of premium Macau properties.
Complete list of Casinos in Macau. Special offers and upcoming tournaments. Casino Tours Abroad. It occupies approximately 17,644 square meters of floor space in The Landmark Macau. Pharaoh’s Palace Casino comprise mass, premium mass, VIP rooms for. Macau, Macao, Cotai, Taipa, Asia Las Vegas, Macau Casinos, Cotai Casinos, Macau Gambling, Macau Casino Guide, macao casinos, Cotai Strip, Cotai Hotels, Cotai Casino Map, Macau hotel Reviews, Macau. Pharaoh S Palace Casino Macau List Casino Live In Baltimore Md.
Image gallery
Proceeding into Macau's downtown from the Ferry Terminal, Pharoah's Palace signals the beginning of the western part of the Amizade strip. The President is its closest neighbour on the right while Starworld is just across the street.
Phoaroah's Palace has an excellent range of games given its size. I think it's a good example of what more Macau gaming houses should be. It's fine to have most of the tables be Baccarat, but at least offer a nice selection of games on the other tables. In too many Macau places it's Baccarat or bust, which gets very boring after awhile.
A lot smaller than I expected, the gaming at Pharoah's Palace is limited to a single, albeit fairly large room, located on the third floor. The casino resembles the inside of a pyramid, with the main point of attraction being the large statue of a Phaoroah King and Queen facing the entrance doors. Sitting nobly the royal pair tower above the casino floor, keeping watch over their kingdom of loyal gamers, looking slightly bemused at the sight of it all. Elsewhere the walls are brown and bricked, made to look intentionally old while five or six huge beams rise from the floor to the ceiling, apparently acting as the room's main supports. Colorful murals of Egyptians and their sacred animals adorn the walls as do rows of hieroglyphics. I think I saw some that said, 'Our mathmeticians had it worked out years ago man, always bet the dealer in Baccarat! Or you'll be deader than Tut!'
The casino has a roomy relaxed feel to it, with 65 tables neatly grouped according to game and adequately spaced. Minimums are uniformly low with no tables on the main floor exceeding $500 and many at $100. There's a slot section on the right hand side composed of 54 slot machines with limits ranging from 2¢ to $1. Another slot area to the left of the Phaorah King and Queen is currently closed for renovations so I couldn't get their numbers.
The Premium Club is the Pharoah Palace's high limit quarter with five $1,000 tables and one table at $2,000. The elevated roped off area under the Pharoah King and Queen is another haven for high rollers with three $1,000 tables.
A non smoking section of six Baccarat tables can be found beside the slot section. Minimums for these tables are all $100.
In and around Pharoah's Palace are two VIP Baccarat clubs and one Orbit slot machine lounge. I don't think they're affiliated with Pharoah's Palace but I'll include their information anyway.
Mingjun — seven-table VIP lounge. Inside is done up similarly to Pharoah's Palace. Tables go from $1000-$3000.
Club Elegance — nine-table VIP lounge. Minimums of $1,000/$2,000/$5,000/$10,000. Also has a bar and a small three-table net lounge. Inside is better looking than Mingjun's.
Orbit Slot Lounge — About 160 slots with machines ranging from 5¢ to $5. Electronic Roulette, Sic Bo and Baccarat are available for $5, $10, and $30. Also has a interesting looking large screen animated horse race game called Royal Grand Prix Derby.
A nice selection of games is available at Pharoah's Palace.
Unless otherwise stated, normal Macau rules and payouts apply to all games.
3 Card Baccarat — $50 minimum bet.
Commission Free Baccarat — Players don't pay the 5% commission in exchange for only getting paid 50% on a won 6 dealer bet.
Blackjack — Plays by old Lisboa rules, which makes it the best Blackjack game in town. Cards are also dealt face down and players can touch their cards. If they're playing two hands though, they can't touch both hands, only one.
Caribbean Stud Poker — Cheap 50-1 payout on the royal flush. Side bet is only $20. When I was there the jackpot was an embarrassingly low $800000. Shouldn't it start at a million at least? Minimum bet is $50.
Roulette — $20 minimum bet.
Sic Bo — 5 different bets available.
Slots — Around 54 in total. Limits from 2¢ to $1.
Player Card — The Pharoah's Palace player card is a glorified shopping card only good for 10% discounts in Macau restaurants and shops. There's no way to accumulate points on it through gaming, nor is it related to casino promotions in any way. It's still important to have however because you can't get into the casino without it.
VIP Card — Staff told me there is a Pharoah's Palace VIP card but one has to gamble for two hours first at $5,000 per hand to be eligible for it. Getting information about what happens after you have the VIP card was like pulling teeth. I do know that card holders are eligible for free rooms at the Landmark as well as food vouchers and massage coupons. But I don't know how much they have to bet, or for how long, to score those comps.
Landmark is a large two tower hotel complex with guest rooms in both wings found between floors 7 and 22. Floors 19 to 22 in the West Wing are classified as Noble Club Floors. Guests staying there enjoy priority check in as well as use of the Noble Club Lounge, which includes complimentary food and drink perks. All told the hotel has 451 rooms and suites.
Room rates in the winter season are as follows:
Pharoeh's Palace Room PricesRoomSun - ThurFriSatStandard room$ 1113-1174$1,296$1,670Deluxe room$ 1233-1300$1,435$1,853Grand Deluxe room$ 1352-1426$1,574$2,026Superior Suite$ 2359-2678$2,957$3,309Noble Club Standard Room$ 1472-1552$1,713$2,209
As you can see, it's very affordably priced for being such a large place. Rates fall right in between budget places like the Fortuna and President ($650 Sun-Thu) and more expensive nearby mega properties like the Grand Lisboa and Starworld ($1700+ Sun-Thu).
Tumblr media
Landmark's pool is located is the fifth floor Recreation Area. Although not very large, the pool is indoor and heated, so it's open all year round. The deck area is swank and styling, with a good color scheme and smart design. The plants on the side are a nice touch too.
The Landmark Hotel, with its West and East towers, is a bit of a pain to get around in. Finding these restaurants wasn't easy, as I was constantly going from tower to tower. It didn't help either that some elevators went to some floors while others did not. At least two or three times I could say I was legitimately lost.
Landmark's four restaurants have a good mix of Western and Eastern dining. Prices are pretty standard in the two eateries on Level one, but their two compatriots on the higher floors will have you reaching for your wallet.
Varanda — Varanda does Portuguese and Macaunese fare on the western side of Level one. Snack, sandwich and soup dishes are all $50 to $80 while main course meals are over $100. Hours are from 7 am to 1 am.
Royal Orchid Chinese Restaurant — Located in the eastern part of Level one, Royal Orchid Chinese Restaurant serves Shanghai style food. Seafood is expensive but most meat and vegetable dishes settle into the $68 to $78 range. Simply decorated, its menu is huge. Hours from 11 am to 3 pm, and 6 pm to 11 pm.
King of Kings Restaurant — King of Kings is right outside the Pharoah's Palace casino on Level 3. Small small place it has a wide variety of different styled cuisine with meals done in Shanghai, Cantonese, Chaozhou, and Western style.
Kiwato Japanese Restaurant, which used to be on the first floor, know operates out of King of Kings, so that's why half the menu is Japanese. Most meals on both menus go from $88 to $128.
Petrus Restaurant — Serving Cantonese fare, Petrus breaks the bank with set meals going for $638, $688, and $888. Main dishes meanwhile are $100 to $300. Located on the 5th floor.
Landmark Bakery — Located on the ground floor, Landmark Bakery serves sandwiches and sweets at very reasonable prices. Sandwiches are $16 while slices of cake only go for $12. I tried a doughnut for $6 that tasted like it was a day old, but had a better experience with the the $7 strawberry danish, which was fresh and fine.
The Landmark doesn't have any free spa amenities. Access to the 5th floor sauna, steam room, hot tub and jacuzzi require payment, even for hotel guests. The only facilities guests may use on the house are the pool and gym.
Landmark's gym is more than acceptable with a good selection of cardio equipment and heavy duty weight machines. The room is also three or four times larger than many other gyms found in Macau hotels. Getting a full workout there won't be a problem.
The gym is found in the 5th floor Recreation Area.
I should note that the Recreation Area also includes a putting green and a children's arcade, but neither are free. The putting green, which is way too flat, is $23 for 30 minutes while arcade games start at $2 per play. A Golf Simulator machine was broken and unavailable for use at the time of my visit.
For being called the Vegas of the East, entertainment in Macau is sorely lacking, and the Landmark is no exception. There's not a single venue anywhere in the building that has a stage, and we're talking about a 451 room hotel here.
Landmark has two bars for your drinking pleasure.
Tumblr media
The Cave — Located in the basement, you can access The Cave through Landmark's lobby. Dark, cool and damp the bar is decorated just as its name suggests, like the inside of a cave. Beers start from $38 while cocktails are a little bit more expensive, going for $45 to $65. A fast food snack menu has about 15 different things with most priced between $58 and $64. Cuban cigars are also available for $178 to $328. Open from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am.
Poolside Bar — Situated on the fifth floor, Poolside Bar is a bit of a misnomer. The only alcoholic thing on the menu is a Pinocoloda, going for $52. Other drinks offered are tea, coffee, and juice. If you're hungry, fast food bar fare like wings and fries is available for around $50. Also serves desserts like cake and ice cream. Business hours are from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m..
Landmark has quite a large shopping arcade with luxury stores found on three floors in all. Patek Phillippe, Hugo Boss, Rado, Omega, Piaget, Franck Muller, and more peddle their high end watches, bags, shoes and clothes. I went into Hugo Boss and was blown away by the price of a simple sweater and jacket combo, with the price tag a whopping 20,000 patacas. Without the Hugo Boss label, I wonder if they could even get 2,000 for it?
Despite its age Landmark is clearly one of the better deals in town. Its shopping selection and restaurant choices are both excellent, while the pool and gym facilities outshine many found in more expensive hotels. (Think Starworld, Grand Emperor or L'Arc) The only point of criticism is in the lack of free spa facilities, but for $1,200 a night Sunday to Thursday, you can't really complain too much.
Pharoah's Palace is a good little casino that's perfect for low limit gamers who don't play that often. There's good variety in the games while the blackjack rules are the best in Macau. More serious players or high junket rollers should look elsewhere though, because Pharoah's Palace is doing next to nothing in terms of comps or with their dead chip program. It's too bad, because if they took care of their players a little better, then they'd probably have more of them. That goes double for staff working the membership information desk. It's like no one told them that gambling is a service industry.
Landmark Hotel and Pharoah's Palace Casino
555 Avenida da Amizade, Macau
Tel: (853) 2878 1781
Fax: (853) 2878 6611
E-mail: info 'at'
No of Rooms: 451
No of Tables: 65
No of Slots: 54
Link to the official Landmark web site.
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Pharaoh's Palace Casino Macau Buffet
Tumblr media
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A Moment of Peace
Bucky Barnes x Reader Soulmate AU
(Hello Sunflower Part 12)
Summary: You finally get a day to rest after the craziness of the past week
Warnings: None really, fluff, like one cussword a little bit of spice
Word Count: 2.6k
A/N: Small Edit 3/18 Fluffy chapter yay!  Let me know what you think and if you have any requests for future chapters! Thank yall for reading!’
Series Masterlist
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Between being kidnapped by Hydra and worrying about the trial, there hadn’t been much time in the last week for you to relax. So after the final trial and final decision of not guilty you felt like you were going to collapse. Everyone was happy to be back at the tower but you all decided that celebrating could wait. The week had worn down on everyone. Leaning on Bucky as you headed to his room, your legs felt like lead, and the moment that your head hit the pillow you were out. 
You were a little disoriented as you woke, it was dark in the room and outside, your eyes still felt heavy and there was a weight on your waist. Shifting to look to your left you found the weight to be your soulmate's arm flung over you as he slept, mouth open and small snores slipping out of his mouth. You couldn’t help but giggle at the image, in that moment it hit you that you are free. The government isn’t going to come after you and Hydra is in hiding again, at least for a little while. Allowing yourself to relax again you shuffle closer to Bucky, pausing when you feel him stir. He simply turns to his side and pulls you closer in his sleep resting his chin on top of your head as you bury your face into his chest. Breathing him in, you soak in the warmth of his chest and arm. Even with the super-soldier serum flowing through you, your body still runs a little cooler and you always enjoy the warmth that your space heater of a boyfriend gives off. You smile to yourself as you allow your body to drift back off to sleep.
The sun is the first thing you notice as your body slowly comes to consciousness. You must have slept all afternoon and night. Can’t say you're surprised, you hadn’t been this exhausted since you disobeyed and got a tattoo to cover your soul mate mark at eighteen. A soft kiss to your forehead pulls you out of your thoughts and causes your eyes to flutter open. The sight you are met with makes your heart melt, Bucky is leaning on his metal arm looking down at you with a soft smile gracing his lips. His flesh hand is tracing random patterns on the skin of your hip. You sleepily smile up at him.
“G’mornin’ love, wha’ time s’it? Your words are slurred with sleep, causing Bucky to smile a little wider
“9 am, the day is practically halfway gone.” he jokes, considering you normally end up waking up closer to 5:30 in the morning 9 is surprising.
“No shit? I can’t remember the last time I slept in this late.” you giggle at the noise that your tummy makes at that moment “‘M hungry.”
Bucky nods and goes to get dressed, at least enough for the communal kitchen as you stretch out across the bed, trying to release those last few knots in your body before getting up and putting on your baggy pj bottoms. 
You are surprised to see Tony cooking bacon and pancakes when you enter the kitchen. You walk up and give your brother a hug,
“I didn’t know you could cook.”
“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me,” he unsuccessfully tries hiding his smile as you raise your eyebrow at him, “and really, I’m only good at making a couple of things, breakfast being one of them.”
You give him a kiss on the cheek before you walk over to the coffee maker, pouring yourself a cup and making a fresh pot for the rest of the group. Sipping on the sweet nectar of life in your hands you hop onto the counter beside Tony, Bucky leaning on the island across from you. 
“So, it seems like you’re the only one having to pay a fine for your actions, bro.” you make it into a joke but watch his face closely for any sign that he feels uncomfortable.
“Yeah, I get it though, I am the one with the most money and the one with the most agency to do whatever I want. So, I can’t really blame them for being a least a little frustrated with me.” You smile at his words, you wouldn’t say that they were only a little frustrated, but you weren’t going to say that to him. You sit there with your two favorite boys as Tony finishes with breakfast, helping set the table when everything was almost ready.
“Hey Jarvis,” you call out.
“Yes miss Stark.” You roll your eyes at the formal ways he addresses you.
“Could you please let anyone that is awake that breakfast is ready?”
“Absolutely miss.”
You nod satisfied as you pull some orange juice from the fridge and syrup from the pantry. You can hear voices approaching as you place them on the table. Sam and Steve walk in first, followed quickly by Nat and Clint whispering to themselves as they approach the table. Bruce slowly walks in from the lab, clearly lost in thought.  Thor is currently off-world, per the usual. Conversation ceases as everyone stuffs their faces with the food in front of them, surprised comments at Tony making such a good breakfast are made and you could see the attention going to his head but you decided to allow it this one time. 
Finishing up the food on your plate you lean against Bucky on your right, watching the people around the table as they begin to joke with each other. A sense of calm overcomes you as you allow yourself to realize that the people around you have become more of a family to you than your so-called dad ever was. Bucky looks down at you, 
“You ok little sunflower?” you look up at him and smile,
“I have never been better, my star, I have my soulmate next to me and my family around me. And for the moment I have nothing to worry about except how I’m going to spend my day.”
His smile widens at your words, pulling you closer he nuzzles his nose against the shell of your ear, 
“I think I have an idea about how to spend the day.” His voice was deeper and raspier than normal, sending a shiver down your spine as you smack his arm.
“James Barnes!” you threw your hand over your heart in mock outrage, “you kiss your soulmate with that mouth?”
“I want to kiss her elsewhere right now.” He murmurs, you just roll your eyes at him, 
“At least let me finish breakfast first, yeesh.” Bucky laughed at your reaction, kissing your temple 
“We don’t have to right now but I wouldn’t say no to later today.” shaking your head at his antics you smiled up at him, as an idea popped in your head.
“Sounds good love. Hey, wanna go to the farmers market today? We haven’t gone in such a long time.” Bucky’s smile grew at your request, he couldn’t say no to you, especially when you looked at him with those big expectant eyes.
“Of course Sunflower, let’s have a day out.” 
After eating and getting dressed, and a couple of breathtaking kisses you both headed out for the day. Bucky insisted that you go back to the Farmers Market in Brooklyn so you piled onto the back of his motorcycle. The wind and sun on your face felt amazing as he weaved his way through the traffic, this, you think, is exactly what I was missing. 
Walking towards the market you noticed Bucky glancing at some barbers as you walked past. You decided quickly to find out exactly what he was thinking about.
“Thinking about getting a haircut, handsome?” you tried to keep your tone playful as you asked. Bucky looked at you, eyes swimming with a thousand emotions.
“I am but I don't think I’m quite ready today.”
You just nodded and looped your arm through his, leading him to the market
While looking at some of the vegetables on display you decided to make a big super for everyone that night. As shity as the man you called father was, he had taught you how to cook traditional Russian meals. Mainly so that he could feel more at home, but you didn’t want to think about that right now. Right now you wanted to make a meal for your family that you remembered from your childhood. 
You quickly told Bucky about your plan, dragging him around as you found all of the ingredients you would need for the food as well as stuff to make dessert. Luckily you were able to hold all of your groceries while on the motorcycle as Bucky drove you back to the tower after spending the majority of your day galivanting around Brooklyn. Pulling into the garage below the tower Bucky helped you take everything up to the communal kitchen so that you could get started. 
You put Bucky to work as you cooked, having him peel veggies and potatoes so that you could chop them up and put them into the pot for the Borscht, a Russian vegetable soup. Also making some Kartoshka, Russian cake pops, for dessert. It took about 3 hours for you to completely finish cooking everything but you hadn’t felt so at peace in a long time. Cooking and baking had always been your escape from everything that was happening around you while at Hydra. Of course, your sexist father hadn’t minded, he enjoyed having a good little daughter that knew her place to cook for him. His duality always surprised you, he wanted you to be a typical girl while also making you into a super-soldier. You wonder how fucked up his brain had really been before your bullet went through it.
The cool feeling of Bucky’s metal arm wrapping around your stomach pulled you back to the present. Leaning into his warmth you looked up at him with a soft smile.
“Hey, lovie could you help me set the table? I need to finish this and I’ll tell Friday to let everyone know that it is ready.” Bucky left a soft kiss on your head before nodding and heading to the cabinets to grab everything.
“Hey Jarvis, could you please let everyone know that I made dinner and it’s ready?” 
“Yes, miss” 
“Thanks J, and you know that you don’t need to call me miss?”
“Yes miss.” you rolled your eyes, who knew that AIs could be so sarcastic, leave it to Tony to create one that was.
Everyone filed in, looking confused yet excited about the food on the table and absolutely shocked at Bucky’s haircut. They quickly commented on how good he looked before looking to you to explain what they were about to eat. You explained that it was a  traditional Russian meal that you had been taught to make when you were younger. You didn’t miss the misty look in Nat’s eyes when she saw what you had made. She gave you a small smile when she noticed your eyes on her. You were proud to note that she had eaten three full bowls before leaning back stuffed.
 Everyone was overly full at the end of dinner, shuffling over to the living room to watch a movie. Lord of the Rings was put on the table and you, Bucky, and Steve all looked at each other confused, you had never heard of that movie before. Everyone else looked at you in shock,
“You haven’t seen this?” Tony asked incredulously, “I mean I know you didn’t have a normal life but even I’ve seen them and I was in a type of jail for half my life.”
“Sorry, Stark but random movies weren’t high on my priority list as I tried to escape Hydra and then worked on getting my soulmate free.” The sarcasm dripped from your voice as you raised your eyebrow at him.
Tony was right, of course, the movie was amazing, you were hooked and by the end of it you couldn’t wait till you would get to watch the rest of them. But by the looks of everyone else they were ready for bed, and you could feel your eyes getting a little heavy as the credits rolled. You slowly stood, stretching out for being curled up by Bucky for the last couple of hours. He followed you to his room, since your kidnapping incident you spent more nights there than not.
Stepping through the door you were surprised to be pushed against the wall, door slamming behind Bucky as he crowded against you. His lips were rough against yours as he trapped your arms above your head and leaned his whole body against you. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped you at the feeling of him against you. Of course, he wouldn’t have forgotten your conversation and testing kisses from earlier. He pulled back panting slightly, breath fanning over your face,
“You looked so beautiful today, and then you made such amazing food that reminded me of the good things in my past. You are amazing and I feel incredibly lucky to have your mark on me.”
At his words, you couldn’t help but pull your arms from his grip and lift his shirt to kiss along his tattoo.
“You’re the one who looked distractingly good today and I’m the lucky one Buck. I don’t deserve you and your heart,” he growled at your words, not liking how self-deprecating you sounded. He lifted you easily and threw you on the bed, deciding that he would spend all night showing you exactly how much you deserve each other.
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