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#think again
navyinks · 15 minutes ago
closing charity commissions!
This is to let everyone know that today is the last day for charity commissions. If there’s anyone who would like to secure a slot and donate at a later date, drop me a message through my askbox and we can work it out.
Massive thank you to everyone who has donated or shared the post so far! For those still waiting on their commission - I need a bit more time to process your request, and I appreciate your patience <3
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ohallows · 23 minutes ago
man i hope no one who follows me takes this personally and it’s absolutely not directed at a single person but every time i see art or fic of, like, de-aged apollo were he’s only 1-2 years older than trucy and calls miles and phoenix papa/daddy i just stare into the camera a bit bc like. listen it’s a very cute concept you know i love me some found family but i really am just sitting there squinting at apollo like “who Are You”. and i’ve read fic like this and enjoyed it!! like it’s FINE!! but i definitely read it and go ‘ok this is an apollo from a different universe and not apollo justice alright’
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phantomdream · 46 minutes ago
As a PSA, when I pick up a villain to write, I am not here to soften them or woobify them. I’m not going to justify their actions. I love my villains for who they are, and while I can and do go into why they are the way they are, I’m not here to say that they’re not to blame. I write people who murder, torture, humiliate, etc. and I do not condone their actions, but I will not soften them into something they’re not. From their perspectives, they’re not in the wrong, so writing them will sometimes result in personal attachments, relationships, friendships, and even romance, but that does not mean I condone their actions.
On that note, I will not ever tell anyone that their muses are wrong for doing what they do against my villains. With my newest additions, Alcina and Heisenberg, I am not mad or upset at Ethan, Chris, and (to a lesser extent) Mia for attacking and killing them. It’s the same thing with any other villain, or even villain-esque characters I write (lookin’ at half my mgs roster at least lol).
There’s a lot more nuance to this that I could go into because none of this is black and white, there’s a lot more to it. But this is fine for now.
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