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whyissupernaturaltrending3 minutes ago
Thank you for answering my Jared question!!! But it do seem hilarious that the person who stayed on CW trends less than the person who left馃
Oh, TPTB, you could've had it ALLLLLLLL
You had [our] heart inside of your hands
And you played it to the beat馃幎
and well, i think "the boys" is generally more popular than "the walker" so i guess that definitely has some impact on the trends. plus no one's immune to jackles
also, i'll have you know that this song has been stuck in my head since i received your ask yesterday so thanks for that i guess lol
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sunflowersxms3 minutes ago
i really cant wait for then new pack!! gonna have a cute lil cottage core farmm:))
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rightintothepacific3 minutes ago
yeah I did it I read all the letters because apparently I wanted to be cruel to myself
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sp-ud3 minutes ago
tommy neg trending and they wonder why he left
im sad and angry they cant be happy tommys putting his mental health before being a content creator. instead they're whiny little pissbabies who are shocked when things dont magically go their way
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daddydom3 minutes ago
No, don't tell us.
Let us figure it out.
My lips are sealed 馃き
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roccinan3 minutes ago
Do it!!! Write the weird fic!!! Honestly, it鈥檚 your writing, so however weird it will be, it鈥檚 still going to be good and I just know I鈥檓 going to enjoy it!
And truly, how weird is it really?
Is it worse than spending your entire day writing a Berlermo AU inspired by a movie (that isn鈥檛 even a 鈥榗lassic trope鈥) you鈥檝e never seen, just by a Wikipedia summary and the title song? Because that鈥檚 what I was doing yesterday (whilst I actually had a lot to do) sksksksk (will I ever finish it? Probably, when I actually have time to watch the movie sksksks)
Hi anon! Thanks for the encouragement! Ah, warms my heart to know you have so much faith in me :')
It's definitely one of those things I felt like writing because I am going through it LMAO. For a taste of how weird it is, know that at some point in the fic, Martin compares Andres to a glorified fleshlight, in complete seriousness.
Oh gosh, anon, I relate to you so hard now. Procrastinating via writing fic inspired by a movie you've never see is a big MOOD. That said, do let me know whenever you publish that- would love to know what the AU is!
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shiftythrifting3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some real good m&m holders
Tumblr media
these guys
Tumblr media
colorado, i guess
Tumblr media
and this guy that i DID take home
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daydreamkisses4 minutes ago
i鈥檓 turning 19 this year and i鈥檓 feeling guilty about still daydreaming鈥 i know this is a disorder but part of me wishes i would just grow out of it.
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winterstorm0328024 minutes ago
Random Things Part 6!
Nora: *walking ahead*
Alphinaud: Why did I agree to this?
Alisaie: *points one finger up* Because to some degree you care for me, Nora comes to either clean up my mess or stop me from being too reckless which gives you more reason to join because you care and would go crazy if Nora got hurt in any way
Nora: *turns back to them* I heard my name?
Alphinaud: *waves his arms wildly* N-No! Nothing!
Y'Shtola: *holds her staff out slamming it to the ground, wiping away some black "blood"* I've made the metal ones pay for their crimes...
Nora: *pops up from behind Y'Shtola, grinning* Y'Shtola's scary now!
Nora: Gods I can't wait for when you die
Zenos: What?
Nora: You heard me
*Playing Twister*
Alisaie: Alright, Nora right hand on red.
Nora: *on top of Alphinaud*
Alphinaud: *blushes* (So close so close so close so close so close so close!!!)
Nora: *blushes* This is on purpose isn't it?
Alisaie: Yeah I stopped spinning around sixteen turns ago, I'm surprised you just figured it out
Thancred: Alright I have a question, if Nora and I were about to fall into a volcano who would you save-
Y'Shtola: Nora
Thancred: -If you could only save one of us
Y'Shtola: Nora
Thancred: Who would you-
Y'Shtola: Nora
Thancred: Who would you save if you could only save one of us
Y'Shtola: Nora
Thancred: Who would you save if you could only save one of us?
Y'Shtola: Nora
Alphinuad: Nora, could you help carry this box please? It's a tad heavy
Nora: *effortlessly picks up the box* Nothing is heavier than the weight of my depression
Alphinaud: I am now equally impressed and concerned ~
Nora: *talking to Alisaie*
Lady: *laughing as she gazes at Alphinaud*
Alphinaud: *slightly blushing as he smiles*
Nora: *stares at the two, falling silent*
Alisaie: You're very silent now
Nora: *keeps staring* Do you honestly believe one would plan a murder out loud?
Alphinaud: You should sleep
Nora: I'm not human, therefore, I do not require sleep
Nora: What if... Nobody ever falls in love with me?
Alphinaud: *slams the door open* I beg your pardon? Shall I say how false that question is?
During a Scion meeting
Y'Shtola: There's only one thing worse than dying *rips off a piece of paper to reveal "Nora" above dying*
Nora: *tears up* Me
Scions: No!
Nora: If only someone out there loved me...
Alphinaud: *whispers to himself* If only you knew how much I love you
Y'Shtola: Nora, what is the one thing I told you not to do?
Nora: *tilts her head* Not to burn the house down
Y'Shtola: What did you do?
Nora: *grins* Made you dinner!
Nora: *ears go down* And burnt the house down
Nora: *opens the door* Sorry I am rather tardy, I was busy doing stuff
Alphinaaud: *walks in beside Nora*
Alisaie: *smug* Brother, when were you going to tell me that you changed your name to "Stuff"
Alphinaud: *turns red*
Thancred: Well you know what they say about men with big feet...
Nora: *tilts her head to the side* What do they say?
Y'Shtola: *a few feet behind Nora, glaring at Thancred in a menacing aura*
Thancred: *sweats* T-They say "Damn those are some big feet"
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bread-of-death4 minutes ago
Thinking about that one time my grandma was arguing with my dad about how my opinion didn鈥檛 matter
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diecishet4 minutes ago
The only thing that I even remotely liked about church back when I was forced to go was that there was a bowl of mints like every 5 feet
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ivanaskye5 minutes ago
Ok hot take but there鈥檚 a lot of like鈥. conflict and animosity between hard fantasy (鈥渕agic has rules鈥) and soft fantasy (鈥渇uck rules!鈥) authors and readers but uh鈥..
For some reason, I several times have seen soft fantasy types be like, 鈥渢his is the ONLY valid way to write fantasy, fantasy has been RUINED by hard fantasy ppl鈥
And I have not seen the opposite? Which doesn鈥檛 mean it doesn鈥檛 exist but like. What is going on here.
Am I just looking in the wrong places? Is that what masculine coded reddit is yelling about while feminine coded tumblr and to a lesser extent twitter is like ONLY SOFT FANTASY CAN EVER BE GOOD ??????
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whytehousereport5 minutes ago
Trans World Radio Helps Lonely Christians in the Middle East Realize that they are Not Alone with 'Hope for the Middle East' Broadcasts
Trans World Radio Helps Lonely Christians in the Middle East Realize that they are Not Alone with 鈥楬ope for the Middle East鈥櫬燘roadcasts
Listeners in the Middle East find help through TWR programs 鈥淚 love Jesus, but I am alone 鈥︹ (more鈥)
Tumblr media
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spitfcre5 minutes ago
the way nobody cares what you think and never takes anything you say seriously and you just feel like nothing you do or feel matters, even over the small things or over something stupid ..
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toastpotent5 minutes ago
If you're in a calorie deficit consistently you will lose weight. Don't weigh yourself once a day or even once a week, water retention and fluctuations, hormones etc can cause you to vary by several pounds on the scale daily. Weigh yourself once a fortnight max and you'll see results without being disheartened.
yeah i feel like i've been in a deficit? i've been trying for around 1200 a day but i might have done 1500 a few. ugh i hate having to WAIT for results i am inpatience.
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tryingtothrivebutnotrlly6 minutes ago
its currently 5:30 pm and i havent binged :)
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letmetellyouaboutmyfeels6 minutes ago
is there anything i don鈥檛 know about my buddie pornstar au 馃憖馃憖馃憖
aldjflksdfjkl I love you
(That's (Love is) the Second Oldest Profession for those of you going ????)
I went through so many. so. many. porn scenarios in trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the final scene where they film the sex and everyone goes "uh you two are in love love." I think that roleplay can be rather sexy, if you have fun with it and you really commit (I feel like a lot of people are far too aware they're doing something that could be deemed silly so they can't get out of their own heads so it then does become silly and it's like honey just commit, it's okay to have fun and play pretend, I promise).
There were quite a few that I thought could actually be sexy instead of ridiculous, but it just wasn't working, and I realized it was because Eddie would be nervous enough on his first time that there was no way he could get into the roleplay without laughing, and that it worked better if Buck threw the script out the window and acted like it was just the two of them both for purposes of the sex scene and to showcase just how gone over Eddie he is.
Basically I couldn't have my cake and eat it too. I had to either have a scene where everyone goes "holy shit they're in love" or I had a scene where they were following a porn scenario script. But trying to do both wasn't meshing, it was oil and water. Because it's hard to be really vulnerable and let someone feel the love you have for them when you're also struggling to keep a straight face because you're saying things like "I'm so sorry... my pipes are just... really backed up Mr. Sexy Plumber Sir..."
Perhaps this is a limitation as a writer (TBF I was struggling mentally with writing at the time and have been for several months so I'm not really happy with any of the stuff I've written since my Witcher Regency AU I just feel like I could've done them better than I did... I wasn't at the top of my game... ANYWAY) that I need to work on, perhaps I could've found a way to combine both... maybe that's just my failure... yeah who knows.
That doesn't mean I can't be... persuaded... to have a further *ahem* discussion about perchance what some of their more... popular videos on the 118 Studios site would be...
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