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#thilbo bagginshield
an-odd-ducky · 12 hours ago
I’m absolutely obsessed with the idea that Thorin calls Bilbo his morning and his evening star
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temporoyales · 22 hours ago
Tiny Thorin being protective of Tiny Bilbo... 🥺❤️
Tumblr media
no coming near his hobbit >.<
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kitlaurie · a day ago
Sharing my Boromir Lives thoughts has led me to the realization that a lot of my lotr/hobbit ideas really just boil down to taking a popular Fix-It trope and making it heartbreaking in a totally different way
Because a while ago I became strangely attached to this idea of a Thorin Lives au where Bilbo returns to the Shire still thinking Thorin died and Thorin goes to him a few years later to finally confess his love
But Bilbo's already taken
Turns out taking in a much younger than he really was in canon Frodo actually just made Bilbo even more of an Eligible Bachelor by Hobbit Standards and he met a nice widower and decided hey maybe settling down isn't so bad (because it's the Shire. Settling Down is what you do.)
So now Bilbo has this nice and sweet and funny hobbit husband who's ruining everything
Bilbo's husband: Dear, I don't think your dwarf friends like me very much...
Bilbo: What? I know they can seem a little gruff, but I'm sure they'll warm up to you. Just give them some time.
Thorin: (Having a silent breakdown)
Dwalin: I'm not saying I would kill him for you... But do you want me to kill him?
(and also lots of angst over the headcanon that dwarves take the idea of soulmates very seriously and hobbits just don't)
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ghiva-shel · 3 days ago
Imagine you conversing with your close friends, and suddenly they glance behind you, before you can turn around, Thorin’s throws you over his shoulder,
“I’m very sorry to interrupt, but I need my wife for a second”.
Tumblr media
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ghiva-shel · 5 days ago
Thorin: My second name is honour.
Kili: Since when do you have a middle name?
Fili: Do I have a middle name?
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mimedking · 5 days ago
Bagginshield Modern AUs
They're all set in a modern time, that's for sure.
A Remover of Obstacles by MistakenMagic. Complete - E - 371k
"Dis often chided her older brother for being a misanthropist. She did it so often it had become a term of endearment. It was true that Thorin struggled with people; he struggled to form and maintain relationships. Dr. Grey had diagnosed him with this and Thorin hadn’t the heart to tell him this wasn’t a symptom of his PTSD, it was a symptom of his personality. He exercised a sense of apathy with almost everyone he met… But Bilbo was different. Thorin actually found himself wanting to know more about him."
Alone is a word not meant for you by authoressjean. Complete- G- 5k This is the first fic I ever read in this fandom :)
The holidays are fast approaching, and Thorin's been dreading them, now that it's just him and his nephews. Harder still given that Fili still barely speaks and hasn't really since Dis died.
So when Kili drags them into the bookstore to look for children's literature author Mr. Baggins' new book, and they find the author himself reading his latest, Thorin isn't expecting anything beyond maybe making his nephews a little happier. He certainly isn't expecting to find something for himself but he may have done just that.
By Request by HildyJ. Complete - G - 2.2k
As a musician, Thorin's life can be summed up in tempos. For instance, the concerto he's performing on Friday is Allegro - quick and bright, followed by Andantino - slightly slow, and then back to Allegro again.
On the other hand, his relationship with his cute neighbour? Larghissimo - very, very slow.
Fairy Nests by MilkTeaMiku. Complete - NR - 27k
Bilbo is a fairy. Thorin builds fairy houses.
Flowers and Flaws by Erinye. Complete - G - 58k
There are few things Thorin feels about as deeply as he does about flowers - his nephews’ education, the conservation of Derbyshire dales, Sunday’s lunch with Dís and the boys. Until one day a stranger with flowers tattooed all over his arms shows up at the shop and Thorin would rather like to indulge in the meaning of every single blossom inked on the stranger’s skin. But the stranger may not be a stranger after all and though he has flowers on his wrists, he may not wear his heart on his sleeve.
Bilbo Baggins is at a turning point. Call it mid-life crisis, call it responsibility, call it teaching Geography to kids in the bloody middle of Derbyshire. Of one thing Bilbo is certain: disgruntled-yet-rather-endearing florists are not what he needs in his life right now. Definitely.
Good Things by orphan_account. Complete - M - 12k
A car accident leaves a once proud and egotistical Thorin scarred and partially blind, and he locks himself away from the outside world, certain that he deserves a life devoid of human interaction.
It Started With A Cup Of Tea by alkjira. Complete - G - 9k
“It'll be very good for you, and most amusing for me."
Those were the words that heralded Bilbo Baggins’ transformation into a cat.
Plan B by Drenagon. Complete - G - 85k
Plan B: an alternative strategy; a contingency plan, devised for an outcome other than the expected plan.
Or, sending an unqualified temp to act as Thorin Oakenshield's PA because no one qualified can put up with him.
(He'd say they can't meet his standards. Of course he would.)
Meet Bilbo Baggins. He just became Plan B.
Share My Space by thesoundofnat. Complete - G - 4.7k
Bilbo is on a business trip and is staying at his old friend Balin’s place while he’s in town. What Balin forgot to mention was that his very attractive cousin Thorin was visiting as well with his nephews. What happens when Balin’s brother suddenly shows up and Bilbo is forced to share a room with Thorin?
The Ghost And Mr Baggins by perkynurples. Complete - G - 76k
They say that everything can be cured by saltwater - sweat, tears or the sea. Bilbo Baggins chooses the last option, taking his recently orphaned nephew and moving to the charming Oak Cottage, overlooking England’s grislier shores. The house charms him instantly, and though he knows nothing at all about the sea, or about making ends meet on his own so far from everything he’s known his whole life for that matter, he’s quite determined to stay, and see his nephew get better, odd sounds in the night be damned. He’s living in a modern world, after all, and the nonsense he’s been hearing about the house being haunted by its former owner, the mysterious Captain Durin, is just silly superstition… isn’t it?
The Grocer and The Prince by HildyJ. Complete - G - 9k
Sometimes separate worlds touch briefly, allowing travel from one place to another. But no matter the world, Bilbo and Thorin seem to always find each other.
Winter Wish by Jezunya. Complete - G - 1.4k
Frodo climbs up onto the stepstool, Bilbo’s hand on his back to steady him, and grasps the edge of the table in his little hands, carefully following the two DJs’ instructions of not too close and speak slowly and clearly and you’re doing great, kid, and then, when they nod and tell him to start, he says, right into the microphone:
“My Winter Wish is for my uncle to get a boyfriend.”
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