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#thick as thieves
The books if they were titled from Sophos’ perspective:
Book 1: Who’s This Guy And Why Is He Cooler Than I Am
Book 2: I Wonder How Gen’s Doing
Book 3: oh
Book 4: Guess Who’s Baaaaaack
Book 5: Eddis Eddis Eddis Eddis Eddis Eddis
Book 6: When Did We Get Here I-
(and if the series were titled after him it would be From Bunny to Rabbit, thank you for your time)
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thick as thieves - megan whalen turner
my playlist
final thoughts:
oh i adore kamet. i remember being curious if his character would come back when reading queen of attolia, because i think theres a bread crumb talking about how he was hesitant to leave attolia? not sure though lol. but overall very excited to see him being the main character here <3
and i HAVE to say how proud i am of myself for guessing the nahuseresh twist. at first i was like yes sure hes dead, convenient timing on him leaving right when costis was around to be his only resort FOR leaving, but ill accept it, suspension of disbelief and plots need things to happen to be plots. but then it was just TOO convenient how everytime nahuseresh came up, the conversations just baaarely edged away from kamet stating outright, even when it wasnt costis? i think the thing that really made me realize it was the wanted poster that kamet ASSUMED was a poster saying he was a murderer, but of course it was blurry so he couldnt be sure? i was like oh shit. oh fuck oh shit thats the twist. and i was right!!! very exciting lol
literally i cannot get over his poor eyesight, because its such a specific trait that she describes so perfectly (the part where kamet recognizes costis at a distance from his stance- that was me alllll throughout middle school before getting my glasses), and making that plot relevant was so much fun holy shit.
and ohh my god i loved the growing friendship with costis, kamet totally intending to leave him behind, having SEVERAL perfect outs, but ending up going back for him and then nursing him back to health when costis gets sick... all i can say is🥺🥺🥺!!!
overall this one reminded me a bit of the first book in terms of having a journey and getting to know a new landscape, and having that be with a character who goes "unnamed" echoed that too i thought. lmao my ongoing mental journey of "i KNOW the attolian here has to be costis. i know that. but What If Thats The Twist Though...." it was so fun lol
and gosh i really enjoyed the end, kamet slowly getting his footing in attolia was nice to see after his whole escape arc!!
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aclosetfan · a day ago
An endearing reds moment <3
If Brick’s eyes could have rolled out of his skull they would have, but unfortunately they did not, which meant he was forced to look back at Blossom, “Holy shit, Blossom, why do you even care?”
“Because Brick, I see you as one of my closest friends, and I want to—”
“Wait—” He interrupted her, throwing the black spray can bottle to the side, graffiti forgotten, “--wait, wait! I’m one of your closest friends?” 
She paused and thought over her sentence, “Well, I mean, behind my sisters and Robin, yeah, I guess so.” 
His face pinched and he shook his head in absolute disbelief, “Me?”
“Yeah.” She shook her head, and then frowned, “So, really, I mean it when I say--”
“No, no, shut up!” He interrupted her again, “Me?! Brick?” 
“What’s the issue here?” She sighed, crossing her arms. 
He shook his head with an incredulous gasp, “Butch! Boomer! Do you believe this shit?”
“What’s going on?” Boomer asked as they floated over. 
He jabbed a finger over at Blossom, “She says I’m one of her closest friends!” 
Butch squinted at him as he processed the sentence, “You?” 
Boomer looked over at Blossom, blinking in rapid succession, “Brick Jojo? He’s one of your closest friends?” 
“Yes!” She huffed, tapping her foot on the ground impatiently, “Now listen--” 
“We’re related and I don’t even like him that much!” Butch cried.
“Yeah,” Boomer agreed shaking his head, “Like, holy shit, Blossom, get better friends! What the fuck, dude.” 
“That’s what I’m saying!” Brick cried out, throwing his hands in the air, “Have some self respect!” 
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gothicca · a day ago
🌼 older sibling (for moreau to be the older sibling)
𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩 𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐞 !
☾❂ ;
ー It's clear as day that Angie has no filter when it comes to Salvatore ~~and probably likes to bully him if she can get away with it~~ , but I hc that Donna has a soft spot™ for him. I can't ever imagine her being put-off or annoyed by him the way Alcina & Karl aggravate her at times ~~lmfao~~ so I believe this is really plausible and sweet. Donna may even be somewhat protective over her 'big brother' . Your Moreau damn near brings tears to my eyes get over here and stay😭
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elwelcs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Quick scribbles, rereading Thick as Thieves and I love these two
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The books if they were titled from Eugenides’ perspective:
Book 1: I’m So Cool
Book 2: I’m So Cool But Also Can Someone Help Me Tie My Hair Back
Book 3: If Someone Calls Me Kingly I will Hook Them But Look at This Fancy Hat (still cool though)
Book 4: Well Look Who Decided to Show Up
Book 5: Wouldn’t They Be Cute Together 😏
Book 6: Ok But That Spin Move Was Kinda Cool Though
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thickasthievesocs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Been very busy! So here's a collection of chaotic doodles and sketches of these idiots ... They're just literal feral children dear god.
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ask-them-bois · 3 days ago
What abbbbtttt Incoding and Decaying's kiss??
"Oi, Cody!" Brigan stumbled across the bar to his new quadmate, practically collapsing into the goldblood's lap.
Cody looked down at the drunken rustblood, a small smile on his still healing face.
"Hi, Brigs." He hummed.
"Come dance wit' me!" Brigan slurred, tugging on Incoding's good hand.
"No, thanks."
"Awww, come on, Co. Everybody's dancin'! It's a night for partyin', after what we just pulled off!" Brigan insisted, waving clumsily towards the rest of the brotherhood as they drank, ate, and danced in the underground cavern den's bar.
The guild of thieves had returned home after a massive heist; their coffers were full to the brim with pilfered coin from both the Fleet and the Church.
Incoding had not gone with them. His mechanical leg still required work, and his arm and eye were far from ready. He'd been left behind to guard the caverns.
"So go party. I didn't do anything." Cody insisted, running his hand through Brigan's hair.
"Bah!" Brigan pulled away and lurched to his feet. "BAH!" He shouted, making several brothers look over. "Didn't do anything?! BAH!"
"Bah!" The drunken rabble echoed.
"Cody, Co, babe, you did everything! Without you here to unlock the door for us, those drone sons of bitches would have had our hides! If you weren't here to guard everything, all we'd worked for would have been taken!"
Brigan dipped down like he'd been shoved, laying his hands on Cody's shoulders. He looked the goldblood in his good eye, a serious expression on his face.
"And you were here when we came home. You were, are, alive. That's the best damn thing you coulda done for us- for me."
Cody glanced away; he was still getting used to having his mere presence cared about. "You're drunk, Brigs."
"Drunk an' stupid!" Brigan nodded proudly, gently squeezing Cody's shoulders. "And so, so fuckin' pale for you, Co."
Incoding made a strangled noise in his throat. "... Pale for you, too." He said, embarrassed.
Brigan chuckled, swaying slightly. "Can I kiss you?" He blurted out.
Cody took a long moment before he looked up and nodded.
Brigan pulled him to his feet, and Incoding tasted whiskey as their lips collided. Brigan walked them backwards, and didn't release Incoding until he'd pulled the goldblood onto the floor they'd cleared for dancing.
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zahroreadsthings · 5 days ago
'The idea displeases you, Jasmine. You and Doom are of one mind.'
Like! Father! Like! Daughter!
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bastardbeloved · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
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I love Eugenides for so many reasons but here’s an appreciation post for when he played matchmaker to Costis why-did-I-punch-the-king-in-the-face Ormentides and Kamet I’m-too-good-for-you-filthy-Attolians-even-as-an-ex-slave Kingnamer and sent them away to be gay live together probably because he thought they were cute together which they absolutely were.
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how do you think costis’ and kamet’s first kiss went (because they were obviously together) personally, i think it went something like this.
*they kiss. for a while.*
Costis: does this mean the same thing in Setran that it does in Attolian?
Kamet: I- *kisses him again because let’s just forget he asked that*
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bastardbeloved · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Someone was here waiting for me
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