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#they're literally just assholes
subtlebucky · 10 hours ago
#hello don’t mind me i’m about to rant about something that makes my eye twitch#tw fatphobia#k’s talkin!#k’s rambles#i cannot believe i was ever friends with people who would call me lazy for not wanting to work out with them while they knew Damn Well#that was a slippery slope for me#like cannot believe i was friends w people who would come to my dorm room to look through my closet when they wanted to wear something#‘cute and oversized’#and this was in College like i thought i left that bullshit in high school and genuinely thought the shit at the time was fine and okay#i am so angry that that happened and that those people get to just fuckin walk around while not knowing or maybe not caring#that they were assholes to their fat friend who was trying to be Okay for the first time in their Lives with being fat#and they’re still ducks to any of the fat students at my tiny college like#we all know each other like do we all like each other? no but when we see each other on campus it’s like solidarity#but i know that they’ve made comments about fat people specifically fat women#saying that they’re too loud and annoying and shit like that and it’s like#JUST SAY YOU AS A CIS AVERAGE WEIGHTED WOMAN DONT WANT FAT AFABS TO TAKE UP SPACE!!!!#literally just say that i promise you it’s not that hard#if you’re gonna be a dick at least be real about it#own the fact that you are an asshole ya dig#alright we’re done thanks for stopping by if you did but also please don’t perceive me thanks
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danni-dollarsign · 8 days ago
For years I never understood the concept of dark-types in pokemon. But they make a WHOLE lot more sense when u realize that they’re termed as “aku” - or “evil” - in Japanese.
I feel both dumb and embarrassed because (1), I never knew that in like all the 15+ years I’ve been playing Pokemon, and (2), because the only reason I took the time to research this was because I was doing yet ANOTHER piers bulbapedia deep-dive
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juiceisfunwater · 9 days ago
now who the fuck is building a dick in my swamp. absolute mean move, ecologically, but fun fact about this specific area is that it floods and it’s a fish breeding ground.
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peaceandcoolvibes · a month ago
#my mom told me about a relative he knows he's almost in his 60 and got no stable partner#And how when we traveled in 2006/2007 and I was like 8 years old and I saw his behavior and told him LITERALLY#'you either change or you'll get old and ugly ALONE'.... I've always been a sassy kid lmao#more than 14 years later..... I'm still right#You know... When I see man get married or have kids at 50 I instantly know they're the problem#Some don't even get a wife or kids#These assholes like to be alone nadjwksj then stay alone#my mom just told me I was right MWHDKWHDKWSJ#people think I'm joking but I say shit bc it's true and time always proves me right#These men being so old and so clumsy illiterate and selfish make me laugh#People like seeing you stroke their ego and kiss their ass so much it stays wet... Nigga I'm not your person then#I'm not sorry yall don't know how to behave (this is about a lot of people)#So many dumbasses I can't#my mom drags people better than I do... Such a queen 👑#Like first wife at 40-50? Yep you're the problem#I hope you enjoy reaping off the what u sow due to being an asshole for so long LMFAO#I unfortunately have one brother at home and he'll be part of this club too#Nobody can't stand him and nobody talks to him#I also see young people having the potential to be alone the rest of their lives bc or their behavior#it's just common sense to not be an asshole lmfao#*bc of their behavior#You can change jobs friends or countries but changing your behaviors is hard when you're a dickhead#esp when you're a water sign or just as defensive or sensitive#you'll probably be alone bc people refuse to deal w your bs
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sterlingdylan · a month ago
as much as i love picking on canon & the fact that all the deleted scenes seem to be tender gay moments or otherwise important on establishing the characters, it’s important to acknowledge that most deleted scenes aren’t cut because they decided “well, i just don’t like this,” they’re cut for time. 
tv shows aren’t fanfics. they have time constraints. every episode of bbc merlin had to fit into, approximately, 45 minute time slots. not only that, but it followed an episodic plot structure, so not only was there an over reaching plot, but each episode had its own self contained plot, too. there had to be enough plot driven scenes to carry and conclude that self contained plot, scenes that explain where we are and who these people are and why we should care, and then we add in little fluff moments that are cute, or interesting, but don’t particularly matter.
generally, those moments are the ones that don’t make the final cut. not because the show runners don’t want them in. most of these scenes survived the entire script writing process, they were green lit to film, and they were edited into coherency. they were even put in the dvd extras. this means the show runners wanted them, they thought they were good, but they had a limited amount of time and they had to choose between this one off scene of arthur handing merlin his mother’s sigil and, say, the full scene of merlin returning to the knights, or the full conversation where lancelot and merlin discuss their motivations.
so like, no, they didn’t cut all those scenes because they were gay. there are plenty of tender scenes in bbc merlin that carry everyone’s ships just fine. they were cut because they didn’t have time to fit them in, and they had to kill their darlings. i’ve done the same plenty of times for my own writing, i’m sure everyone with a multi-chapter work has done the same. it doesn’t mean that those scenes or moments are non-canon to you, it just means that it didn’t fit, it disrupted the plot or the tone, or it took too long.
obviously there are some things that probably should have be left in. percival saying in 5x13 that if he ever saw morgana, he’d kill her, and then gwaine literally referencing it later despite it not being in the episode was definitely a fumble. but gwaine and percival are c-plot side characters, and like. it really wasn’t as important as the huge a-plot of merlin and arthur confessing and reconciling.
so unless the deleted scenes are completely contradictory to the show, i’m sure it’s no problem to assume those scenes are canon, and did happen, they just didn’t make the cut. 
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teampapaya · a month ago
my unnecessary elite s1 ep 1 review (spoilers!!!):
-first of all, guzman and lu are fucking assholes. nothing much to add to that. their whole personality traits seems to just be assholes. 
-marina is the only one of the students that has a heart and WHAT THE HECK SHES THE ONE THAT DIES ????? why they always do the good characters like that :(((
-samu is also just trying to live a normal student life but drama seems to always follow him even when he doesn’t deserve it :( i really wanna see him gain confidence <3
-christian is iconic but is a bit of a big shot but also he’s just vibing and trying to live his best life so, respect.
-i think his name is polo?? but yeah that boy weird and kinky so he’s on my no no list along with guzman and lu
-carla idk what her intentions are w christian but from what i saw it seems like polo is controlling her to do those things so and if that’s the case GIRL GET OUT U DONT NEED TO DATE A WEIRDO 😖
-samu’s brother?? uh yeah seemed just like any other older brother until he was lowkey flirting?? w marina near the end dnjs idk there were so many scenes where i felt uncomfy throughout the whole episode tbf
-finally QUEEN NADIA!! : so right off the bat there was a racist joke so like woohoo great love that 🙃 the part where the teachers wanted nadia to not wear her hijab in the beginning got me heated djsjs i was like NOT. THIS. AGAIN!! and the part where lu and guzman planned on seducing nadia? 🤢🤢🤢 no thank you (i was literally cheering when she rejected guzman’s offer to stay like YES GIRL DONT FALL FOR HIS TRICKS) but yes love her so much and i really hope this show doesnt do the generic thing and make her fall in love for a white boy and makes her take off her hijab cos i will literally stop watching
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batshit-birds · 3 months ago
Ahh I'm scared to ask how jon reacts to Damian's resurrection in your reverse au? Saw your damijon fanart just now and I'm melting of cuteness <3
lksndlfk okay so basically
Jason gets rescued from the League, and of course he tells the rest of the family that holy shIT, DAMIAN IS ALIVE! It takes a while to convince them, but once they catch wind of a new vigilante in Gotham, and Bruce finally contacts Talia about it, they all believe him.
And once they know for sure, they tell Jon.
Jon takes it in a complicated fashion.
He’s a mix of disbelieving, overjoyed, and devastated bc of course they told him that Damian is kind of an amnesiac right now. Part of him wants to speed over to Bludhaven, and part of him is terrified of who/what he’ll find there.
To make things worse, he and Damian were...’taking a break’ when the latter died. So Jon kind of feels like he wouldn’t be welcome as the one to confront Damian head on. He lets the Bats spearhead the ‘get Dami back’ operation, even though it kills him to stay away when Damian is in Bludhaven. Right there.
It does improve his mood drastically, though! He starts acting more like himself, and actively taking care of himself, and takes his friends up on their hang-out invitations. 
I have a couple different ideas on how their reunion will go, but I know for a fact that it’s going to be incredibly soft and hurt/comfort-y. 
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bereft-of-frogs · 4 months ago
also while I’m being sort of grumpy about how much fandom throws around terms like ‘abusive’ (see last reblog)
I have to say something that’s been sort of bothering me lately is how extreme fandom conversations about characters can be. Especially complicated ones, that are meant to be protagonists that sometimes say or do the wrong thing. I just feel like half the fandom ends up thinking they’re perfect and can do no wrong and the other half spends their time calling them a literally abusive monster. I know nuance is a lot to ask from tumblr but...come on guys...
just like. if you* find yourself hating a character...and calling the other half of the fandom delusional, or accusing them of being too committed to a fanon interpretation, or cherrypicking canon for being fans of that character (or vice versa)
...perhaps just ask yourself if the truth isn’t somewhere in the middle and may also be cherry picking canon or cleaving too closely to a fanon interpretation that there’s no room for nuance?
*the general you, not calling anyone out lol
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