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#they’ve just collapsed in on themselves like origami
writes-in-naruto · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Konan x Reader
Warnings: none I suppose
Words: 2712
Notes: *inhales* we all need more AUs where Konan is alive
Another rainy day in Amegakure.
You hurried through the streets, not paying much attention to droplets falling from the sky. Your hair was whole wet and the black cloak soaked, but you didn’t care. The rainy days had become your daily routine since you moved to Amegakure permanently. There was no use in hiding from it since at some point it would catch you anyway.
The rain was endless even when God himself left this place. People were living in despair, losing their faith over time, dedicating themselves to the melancholy and mourning, which seemed to have no end. They saw the rain as tears, tears falling from the sky, from Heaven itself.
The sky crashed onto their heads. It was crying, so they were. There was nobody to watch them anymore, nobody with a promise of protection and safety. They were fated to live on their own now, something they were never used to. There was always someone on guard, a God’s Hand shoving away all the dangers and threats.
Who would have thought that a God has its end too?
Amekagure was going into another war. A war nobody was prepared for. You know not everything was lost. Not yet. Still, there was a God’s Second Hand remaining. She could carry his desire on, she could fulfil his deepest dreams and take on his ambitions. With the wings crafted on her own, she could dispel the hopelessness haunting her home. She could become a beam light fighting against the darkness.
There was still hope. But you know that the Angel becomes fragile without her God.
You hastened the pace as the rain became stronger. The wind was howling when a bolt of lightning struck the horizon, for a brief moment blinding your eyes. You quickly covered your ears, intending to protect them from incoming terrible noise, which echoed through the grotesque structures of Amegakure.
The thunderstorm was coming up faster than you thought. It was better to hide. A quiet groan of annoyance escaped your lips as you took the drenched cloak off, being inside Pain’s Tower now. Water was literally dripping from your clothing as you decided to simply shove it away, straight on a hanger. There was no point in drying it off, you would faster get another cloak. You had plenty of them waiting in your wardrobe anyway.
“I’m back!” you called out, your voice reverberating to the very top of the tower. Despite it surely reached every place of this how strange construction, there was no answer.
You didn’t worry just yet. It was common.
Carrying a rather small packing in your hand, you hurried up upstairs. Quietly you cursed the person who designed that ridiculously high spire. So many stairs to beat, so many calories to be lost. And Konan would still complain you’re too thin, that ladies in your age have full right to be chubby.
Of course, in your opinion, it was all stairs fault. Does Konan even realise how tiring it is to climb them every day, without a set of paper wings on your own? Despite sometimes she was really getting on your nerves, you did understand all of her concerns. In spite of everything, you two were like sisters to each other, connected with a bond which would never be broken. You’ve been through so many battles together, you lamented upon your friends' deaths together, you cried and laughed together. You made origami, sang songs, cooked the most delicious meals, went shopping and did every daily minor thing together. She loved you as dearly as you loved her and it was an incontestable fact.
All of that because you were each other’s source of strength. The will to keep on living was shared between you two, you and her being the reason to exist, to keep all of this up. No matter how messy everything gets, you have her and she has you. As long as your own heart keeps on pounding, Konan’s will too.
Your missing arm was the biggest proof of your loyalty. You lost it for the sake of saving the Angel from a man who tried to steal one of God’s eyes.
Konan would never tell you about the guilt she still carries in heart, feeling her soul twist in a painful manner every time she sees your bare shoulder. She wasn’t able to protect you back there.
But you protected her.
If not you, the Angel would be long gone. If not you, the eye would find itself in wrong hands.
The world would have become a darker place then it is now.
“Hey, Konan. Did you hear me?” a question slipped out from your lips as you pushed the door with shoulder, getting them slightly open.
A single glance around woman’s room was enough to tell you she wasn’t here. You exhaled in slow motion, getting ready to turn around and continue your search on the upper floor, but you’ve noticed that the glass door leading outside was wide open as another lightning appeared on the distance, bringing the dazzling light followed by a loud crackle.
You put the little package aside and followed Konan’s presence outside. As you guessed - she was right there. Standing in the middle of rain, her gaze far away from the village she loved, far away from all the troubles she had. Under the cover of night she was hiding from the whole world, you included. The rain kept pounding in its endless manner and Konan’s hair seemed to become darker thanks to being soaked for so long. Her paper flower was whole wet too but still held onto its owner’s curls.
You knew what it meant. Konan was daydreaming - about the family she once had and lost, about the memories they shared, about the rain which reminded her most about them.
You stood still for a while, observing woman’s incredibly stiff form as she froze in time. Judging by her completely drenched Akatsuki’s uniform, you guessed she was standing here since the storm started. It wasn’t good, you became afraid she would get ill.
In a brief moment, you were by her side. No words were spoken - Konan perfectly knew about your presence since you’ve approached the tower. She was an excellent sensor after all, always knowing everything that was happening in the Village Hidden in Rain.
At this point, she was resembling the God you both have lost.
Another thunder strike, another crackling sound and your faces went pure white thanks to the blazing light.
“Beautiful view, isn’t it?” her voice was dim and full of grief.
It ached your heart to see the Angel so vulnerable and sombre. With your only hand, you wrapped it around her own. You wanted to let her know you were still here, breathing and alive.
“Yahiko and Nagato would enjoy this sight.” she claimed, eyes half-closed “They hated the rain, but loved the thunder.”
Your fingers tightened in an impulsive manner. You wanted to prevent the Angel from flying away. You needed to keep her body and mind right here, never letting her go.
“I’m sure they’re watching now.” a whisper comes out, still fairly loud to break through the rain, but not confident enough “They’re still among us, Konan. They’ve never left.”
You wished your words would be true.
“How can you know? Their presence is long gone, bodies forever to be cold… Perhaps, if they truly were here, they would give us a sign…” your heart twitched in anguish “No. There is no cure for death. No bringing back the memories we once had and lost.”
Konan was slipping, taking part in a dangerous dance on the edge of living and dying. The balance was soon to be lost. And you lies had no chance to refresh her troubled mind.
“But we’re still here.” you muttered, your gaze trying to meet with Konan’s, but she was locked too far in the past “We’re here. Breathing. Alive. Carrying their desires. Together, as we always were.”
“Never lie to me again.” the Angel speaks in sharp, pursing her lips “Never say things which you know are not true.”
Her words attacked you, ringing in your mind as something pinched your crying soul. Konan’s words were her sword and voice was poison spilt on the blade of sentences. She knew where to hit to hurt most, even if doing it recklessly.
This time, her sword of words was aimed at you. She doubted in you and rejected your encouragement attempt, hating the fake mask of lies you were wearing and trying to put on her too. Half of her world was built on stacks of untruths and promises made out of fiction, so she hated to see you trying to become a part of the chapter she was trying to flee so desperately.
Were you truly becoming damp? Maybe it was the rain which made you fade in Angel’s eyes?
Your hands now apart, you understood no sweet lies would make the world better.
“Konan… Did you forget the sacrifices we’ve made? Did you forget the sacrifice I HAVE made?” you ask desperate, getting close to her nonetheless “I did this for you… to keep you on this world. Yahiko and Nagato wouldn’t want to see you just now. They wouldn’t want to see no one of us.”
You see as Konan purses her lips together, freehand clenches into a fist. Her eyes are still locked away, but perhaps she’s getting the thought of sharing them with yours soon.
You knew about her weak point too.
It’s difficult for her and you understand this like nobody else on this world. Konan constantly fights with her nightmares, so you are. You two are almost the same, sharing each other’s pain, understanding and sympathizing.
Konan thought that in the rain, her own tears will stay hidden. But you noticed and you knew.
“Everything that we’ve done, everything we’ve been through… Nothing of this was pointless. It led us here, back to Ame, making you the First Amekage, and me your sister. I’m staying here no matter what, do you understand? Always by your side, just like I promised.”
“How can I know you will not share their pain?”
“Because they’re gone.” you said, swallowing whatever was stuck in your mouth, with your heart so heavy that you almost collapsed “Their pain is gone too and will never return.”
The truth was rough and fierce, but it was the best way to bring the daydreaming mind back on earth, where it belongs. Being hit with words so cruel and yet so honest, it would find back its connection with reality.
You felt guilty, but at least your words repaired mistakes from earlier. Konan was pragmatic, believing in grim reality and even the most brutal facts. Only sometimes she would fly away, brooding on the past during the heaviest rains, and these were the only moments when she was exposed to her so often bottled feelings.
Finally, the Angel blessed you with her gaze. Her eyes painted with a colour of burning fire didn’t fade even in this terrible rain. The harsh truth scooped her thoughts, reminding her she still has someone to live for. She no longer can hide in the past, disconnecting from reality, as she still owns a promise made long before the dark times came. A pact made between the dearest friends, the only ones she had. She couldn’t turn back now, not after all the pain and torment you two overcame, standing side by side since she can remember.
Only now, with her self-consciousness back, she realised how hurt you were. Konan was again with you, willing to embrace you with her arms and wings. Another promise of safety.
She is here. Breathing. Alive.
“Let’s get back in…” a suggestion that didn’t have to be repeated twice. “Of course.” your hands again grasped hers as you were first to guide the Angel back to her sanctuary, to a tower which held all of her memories.
She never truly lost them.
As you take the first step in, followed by God’s Second Hand herself, you felt a pair of slim arms embracing you from behind. And for a moment everything stopped, the world froze in place and even thunderstorm seemed to die down. “I’m sorry…” Konan whispers even if you never asked her for apologizes “Sometimes… even I do not know what I am saying.”
“Or maybe don’t know what to say.” you chuckled, trying to lighten up the atmosphere at least a bit. The Angel lays her eyes on your small form again as you tilt your head to offer her a glance as well. This time she welcomes your gaze with a smile. A genuine one, the one she was willing to share with you intentionally.
And that was all that you needed to see from your older sister. Konan puts her hand on top of your head, the second one still rolled around your stomach. She holds you protectively, trapping you as you were a bird, ready to fly out of her sight anytime. You were her whole world, a little glimpse of sunshine breaking through dark clouds always hovering above her head. Soon, the gloomy veil would be gone. You just don’t know yet.
With fingers tangled in your hair, Konan exhales and proceeds to brush your wet strands, something she always loved to do. Such a little gesture gave her a great sense of peace, when she could relax and feel the powerful bond existing between you and her.
There was no better way to feel needed, to feel important.
“Konan, you’re pulling my hair.” you giggled in answer to Angel’s treatments and she takes her hand back as a response.
“I’m sorry,” she says back, caressing your head just a few more times before letting you go at last and taking her own soaked Akatsuki’s cloak off. “Is it just me or did you lose weight again?”
“Oh come on!” your eyebrows frowned as you let a huff of annoyance “Here! I’ve brought something for you when I was out.”
Konan’s eyes rolled in amusement, she knew well you were trying to dodge the topic so desperately. Sooner or later, she’ll get it out from you anyway. She always cared about your health so much, even if there was no need to. “What is it?” she asks as you place the small package you brought from busy streets of Amegakure in her hands.
“Something I believe you’ll appreciate. Don’t make me wait, open it!” your eyes lightened in excitement as Konan’s hands gently removed the bottom of the packing, opening it for the world around.
Her eyes met a shimmering green, a colour alive like no other. She noticed verdant leaves and then focused on immature buds which were yet to show their beauty to the world. The plant she was holding in her hands was still young, leaves fresh and fragile, but with time and care it’ll surely blossom and bring colour to this domain of endless rain.
“I remember you telling me about a dream of yours. You wished to treat a garden once everything is established in the village.” Konan doesn’t look up to you, she still stares down at the little life she was gifted “I believe it’s a good time now, isn’t it? We’ve joined The Shinobi Union, everything should change for better now… And I thought this would be a good start.” you smiled, no words coming from Angel’s side yet.
Silence again speaks for itself. The lightning storm is long gone and the rain calmed down, Amegakure’s streets as quiet as never before.
Konan embraces you like it was the last thing she was going to do in her life. Her moves are filled with pure affection which she wants to share with you so badly that her soul hurts. But it’s good pain. A pain she welcomes with open heart, something inside her wiggling and twitching. 
She never felt as loved as with you by her side. You remembered each of her dreams she speaks of so rarely.
A ray of sunlight breaks through the clouded sky, giving birth to a new day.
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