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#they’re iconic af
Gandalf: *secretly collecting all the balrog XP to level up*
Boromir: *dies*
Frodo & Sam: *sharing in a coming of age buddy film plot*
Merry & Pippin: *kidnapped by orcs*
Legolas, Aragorn & Gimli: let’s go hunt some orcs :)
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notable-bumblr · 6 months ago
hey do you guys have any thoughts on io? it’s jupiter’s moon and i’d like to know if anyone has opinions on it. thanks :)
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arbushq · 7 months ago
i wanna draw tommy and tubbo >:(((
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sunflowerdiscussion · 9 days ago
I don’t know and I don’t care if Harry is straight, gay, bi, Pan, or whatever but I think it’s really telling that his team likes to queerbait a bit and put on a show with him allegedly wearing super feminine shit and such when he doesn’t actually do that in his time off. And the way they don’t want to risk him looking gay, everything else is okay as long as fangirls still buy his shit and spend all their money. But they’re so scared that if the GP or „worse“ the industry (esp acting industry) could see him as gay (even though he might not is at all) he won’t get that big Hollywood megastar they’re trying to make him. I get that the industry is homophobic and racist af but Harry has millions already and he has a certain level of fame. Hell the Azoffs are on his side. So what let the industry and people what think what they want and just do your thing. If you’re talented and he clearly has good connections as well he will be successful non the less. No matter what people think. And why is being seen as gay so bad? It isn’t it’s just society that makes guys think they constantly have to say that they’re not gay as if being gay would make you a bad human or anything 🤦🏻‍♀️. I can’t help but think everything is coming together this month: *her going soon back to USA, trailer soon, pride month., MP,... I think this stunt is mostly DWD promo but also to keep larries at bay who keep interpreting too much into anything but also to keep general gay rumors that come with filming MP keep down. I found it incredibly weird how he was wearing that blue banana and larries were freaking out about it. But they kinda had a point in one thing: it was a warning, but not bc Harry is reassuring them that Larry is going strong but more like, bc larries reacted that way to the bandana was part of the extra hard damage control these past days (besides the reasons *I counted above). I don’t say it’s totally larries fault but in a way it seems to be a catalyst as to in how hard Harry (and /or his team) are trying to „fight back“
I've thought about Harry queerbaiting for a while now. It's hard to tell if what he's doing is queerbaiting or if it's just him expressing himself. I'd like to believe that latter but there are some inconsistencies, like how you mentioned with the way he casually dresses.
I personally don't think Harry is straight just based off of commentary, videos of him with other men, his clothing choices etc. But the thing is he never came out. He's not unlabeled, as many people claim he is. He's just not labeled. He won't label himself as per that interview (I can't remember where it's from - I think Rolling Stone). And he doesn't have to label himself by any means but then he shouldn't be considered this queer icon. There are plenty of queer individuals out there who should be the role models and the focus.
Another issue I have is that Harry considered sexuality to be fun (in that same interview). As someone from the LGBTQ+ community, it's NOT fun. It's not easy. I know people who were disowned by their families and even more who were bullied and harassed. It's a bit ignorant to say sexuality is fun, in my opinion, and annoying to say "who cares" when asked to label. I totally respect not wanting to come out but it matters because of representation and pushing for equality/normalization. To say "who cares" isn't the right term he was looking for.
I'm not sure if he's straight or if his sexuality is something he's trying to hide for whatever reason. I'm very very curious as to what the MP promo will look like because the question is bound to come up. If he's hiding his sexuality, Holivia would make sense for the straight narrative and to keep the gay rumors at bay.
In regards to the blue bandana, it's been a Larrie thing since 2014 or 2013 I think. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe there was some sort of 1D project around that time where fans were asked to wear the color of their favorite member of the band. Harry wore the blue bandana for Louis and has continued to wear it since.
I'm not a Larrie. I'm more neutral towards every fandom. I can't say why Harry wore the bandana, whether there was a purpose or not, but what we know is a lot of larries freaked out, said new pics of Holivia would come out, and then they did. That, to me, isn't a coincidence. Doesn't matter if you're a larrie or not. It's predictable and sketchy
sorry for the rant lol
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lovelyhashiraa · 10 days ago
💝 + mitsuri~
@rxkishiya sent ‘ 💝 ‘ for favourite ships + ones i’d be interested in for mitsuri !
Tumblr media
Mitsuri & Obanai !
okay but like who doesn’t ship this? no really name one person who doesn’t because they’re just so pure, he’s so in love with her and she’s like clueless up until... ya know... that happened. but i just love them, he’s a short king with his tall gf. it’s one of my favourites but i actually don’t have a obamitsu ship which is sad. i think because it’s so common and everyone loves it so much and wants to write it a lot of people are put off which i 100% understand. it’s whatever, but i love them. a pair of literal cutiepies. 
Mitsuri & Kyojuro !
this is my second favourite canon ship for her because they’ve both got the same kind of energetic vibe and it’s so chaotic but they’re both also so gentle. they’re both also SO COLOURFUL LIKE IMAGINE!!!!!! THEM!!!! JUST WALKING AROUND TOGETHER!!!! ICONS!!!! plus their background just makes it even better tbh. 10/10.
Mitsuri & Sasuke ! ( @yuruse )
i know this is probably meant for mitsuri in general, but because i have my muses heavily involved with the naru fandom and me and jana have plotted so much i just had to include this because... they’re just so great. i’m not gonna lie, at first i thought it was going to be a lot like sasusaku but it surprisingly didn’t go down that road and mitsuri and sasuke’s relationship is very unique, i just love them okay. in this ship she’s a snake mom and she has the snakes get married she’s just so happy all the time idk how sasuke survives.
Mitsuri & Lee ! ( @maitiest )
another personal one but bro... they’re both so enthusiastic and because kaddy’s lee is canon divergent it’s so great. not to mention she’s freckin METAL’S MOM!!!! IN OUR SHIP VERSE!!!! bc boruto sucks and didn’t show us metals actual mother but it was all set up for mitsuri to actually be metals mother. okay but back on track they’re just so cute, he gives her a lot of flowers and makes her sakura mochi and she just simps for him.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri & Giyu !
okay hear me out... two dumb airheads... he’s kinda closed off and distant, she’s like a puppy just wanting attention she wants her head pat and she wants to know more about him. honestly love and water seem like a really good compatibility. not to mention they’re both so caring, even if mitsuri is more open about it i just think it has a lot of potential to be SO PASSIONATE and romantic and... i just cry into my hands. if you give me it i will just be complete.
Mitsuri & Shinobu !
lesbekins. LESBEKINS! shinobu is literally bowser and mitsuri is kirby and they hold hands and act so cute. i literally just imagine shinobu letting mitsuri do her hair or whatever to keep her occupied and happy and i just think that’s the cutest shit alive. not to mention i like the contrast, mitsuri is so bright, bubbily and happy, while shinobu is quite calm, relaxed and her features are darkish. not to mention the whole mitsuri being strong af and shinobi not being strong enough to decapitate heads.... so pure. 30/10. also just imagine mitsuri in the butterfly mansion chasing butterflies like a puppy and shinobu just watching...
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sweetjekyll · 10 days ago
check in ask game ✨
Tagged by the sweet @cxsmicmyeon 🥰 thank you for always tagging me in these little games ♥️
1. why did you choose your url?
Jekyll is one of my favorite songs from Obsession era, I also love how it takes inspiration from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde; there’s something dark and almost sensual about the whole vibe of the song despite the lyrics of the internal struggle. The duality inspired me too to have opposite characteristics in both urls for my main and side blog, hence why they’re "sweet Jekyll" and "bittersweet Hyde". (I hope that makes sense lol!)
2. any side blogs?
Yes, as I’ve aforementioned, I have a side blog where I reblog the fan fictions I rb on my main blog too! This is more for convenience and to help my readers connect with other authors on tumblr, plus you can find them all there without any other sort of post cluttering my main blog. Got a tag or group in mind? Almost everything there is tagged per group and easy to find unless I forgot to tag their works. (no need to endlessly scroll on my main blog for fic recs hehe)
The side blog is @bittersweethyde
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
When I tell you I’m a tumblr veteran from more than 10 years ago... I saw and have been through so many stan phases, from anime, movies and tv shows to books... I left for a couple of years and came back to write exo fan fictions (I guess I still need to work on that...) last year during the early stages of the pandemic. It was such a huge relief and comfort to meet other authors and escape the chaos of real life.
4. do you have a queue tag?
Queue options doesn’t exist for me, I just reblog everything I like when I see it in that moment and then disappear for some time until the next time you see me reblog something days later lmao
5. why did you start your blog in the first place?
I didn’t want to go back to Ao3 after my long writer’s block, plus early quarantine really made me feel the need to start writing again, which is good, it helped me stay sane most of the time when I was in a lot of distress. I desperately wanted to write for EXO as I had never written anything for kpop before, just about movies and tv shows.
6. why did you choose your icon/pfp?
Oh Sehun my beloved King
7. why did you choose your header?
I’m a wh*re for space, pinks and purples shoved together in one pic. especially since it’s an EXO teaser that eerily resembles my first exo fanfic
8. what’s your post with the most notes?
Not even a fic but it’s a post with two Jongin pics from SuperM Jopping era when he had that cute ponytail which made him look hot af
9. how many mutuals do you have?
I honestly have no idea, I don’t really like to think about numbers. If there are people who genuinely want to interact with me, I’m happy about that
10. how many followers do you have?
To be awfully specific since I dislike numbers, according to my tumblr app it’s 281 accounts, including empty blogs, p0rn b0ts, people who have 1 post from 5 years ago and then active blogs. I do check if a blog is active before following back and also what type of content they share.
11. how many people do you follow?
135, again according to the app. Not sure how many people are active but I interact with very few souls. There are usernames I always see in my notifications and it warms my heart because I do learn the @ after a while, unless someone changes it like it happened in the past. If you have your name/nickname on your blog I will also start associating that to your url and pronouns too if they’re included in the bio, otherwise I just think of everyone as they/them.
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
I believe I shitpost a lot but what exactly is your definition of shitposting compared to mine? Hmm
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
On and off, I like to come see what’s being posted by my moots, sometimes I just disappear but it might be because I’m busy doing all sorts of things irl
14. did you have a fight/argument with another blog once?
Thank god not! I absolutely despise even thinking about that sort of thing. If there were any sort of problem I would much rather see what the issue is and if it can be resolved by talking privately. I’m a very quiet and nice person so I would never start beef on the internet with anybody just for the heck of it.
15. how do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts?
Depends what the post is about and if it even reaches my dashboard when my moots reblog it. Tumblr is an endless scrolling black hole. One thing for sure is that I will NEVER reblog those chain posts about curses and stuff, I’m a tumblr veteran, remember? If any of those posts were real, they would’ve affected me 8 years ago 🥴 (plus I don’t want to cause unnecessary anxiety to my moots)
16. do you like tag games?
I like them!
17. do you like ask games?
I like them too!
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
All of them tbh, if I see you reblogging and posting your own stuff, I automatically think you’re tumblr famous, whatever that is supposed to mean 😂 I wonder how many content creators are on tumblr that we can actually think of someone as famous regarding their content... honestly, I really don’t care as long as you’re happy doing whatever you want here
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
I’m not sure what exactly "crush" is supposed to mean in this context but I suppose it’s being friendly with someone or that I like that someone as a person? There are a few people that come to mind that I respect, and I wish I talked to them more, but I’m also very very bad at maintaining social relationships. I don’t tend to initiate conversations, I have too much social anxiety and self doubt concerning social interactions. If I ever seem too cold or distant, or even superficial (as I’ve been told by many people), I swear I am not, I really am just terrible at being social and it gives me anxiety when I don’t know how to carry on a conversation even if I wish I did.
There are some people I talked to for a while and then we stopped, I think mostly because I was MIA for studying and my own mental health, I just hope they know I care about them as people and that it meant a lot to me that we connected, even if it was for a short period of time.
20. tags? Feel free to ignore this if you don’t want to do it!
@j-pping @byunfirstlady @smileysuh @saintloey @velvetsehun
Anyone who sees this and wants to try answering the questions, feel free to say I tagged you ☺️
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redchaospersona · 11 days ago
Check in tag
tagged by @sanshine thank u my lovely ilysm <3333 with all my hearteu
1. why did you choose your URL?
idk honestly i’m so bad at coming up with things and maybe i was listening to persona by rm idk and then my mind went red chaos persona and here we are. then i wanted to change to something more kpop-ish but i listen to so many things i just don’t know 
2. any side blogs?
i can’t barely manage one dude kjdkfsgjlkfg imagine
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
since the superwholock™ explosion so i’m old af in here but i had a blog and then deleted it and then came back with the marvel explosion and then i started listening to kpop and here we are
4. do you have a queue tag?
i don’t usually queue things but when i do i use the #q tag
5. why did you start your blog in the first place?
as previously explained, i’ve lived so many tumblr eras i made my blogs only to enjoy some original content and then i got into kpop and i enjoyed the artists doing gifs and edits and made friends and yeah
6. why did you choose your icon/pfp?
bitch who doesn’t like jackson i mean, c’mon
7. why did you choose your header?
i don’t have a header bc i never know what to put there, i just want something that goes well with my pfp but never find anything so i just give all the protagonism to jackson wang from china
8. what’s your post with the most notes?
a post i did with some analog photos of my plants 
9. how many mutuals do you have?
not sure about how many but more than i’d thought i would have honestly
10. how many followers do you have?
70 something? idk
11. how many people do you follow?
60 something, not sure either
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
sure as heck all my posts are shitposts
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
a lot tbh every time i’m bored i come in here
14. did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? who won?
i’ve never had a fight in here mostly bc it hasn’t been long since i’ve known actual people in here and they’re all so nice so why would i fight them they’re angels please
15. how do you feel about ‘you need to reblog this’ posts?
i don’t like to be told what i have to do so guess how i feel about them skdjfgajñ
16. do you like tag games?
i enjoy them tbh
17. do you like ask games?
see previous, i like all these kind of games uwu
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
bro all my mutuals are kinda tumblr famous i have no idea how i get to know such cool people 
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
NEXT  👁👄👁
20. tags?
if y’all want to do it @scoupses @self-sailing-ships @frillyfairyprincess @changbin-froggy-jimin @joosgf @softforqiankun @strikingtaemin can say no tho <333
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hyunnie · 12 days ago
check in tag baybeeeeee
tagged by the homie @avocadomin
why did you choose your url? cause my guy jinnie is sweet as hyunnie. funny how i don’t call hyunjin hyunnie
any side blogs? skzmoves baybeee there we “analyze” skz’s dancing but in reality it’s just me screaming about how cute they are when they dance lol
how long have you been on tumblr? since 2009 my god
do you have a queue tag? no tag but i have a usual queue time
why did you start your blog in the first place? everyone in my summer school would spend their free time in class on tumblr so i was like why not check it out and then bam 12 years later i’m still here lol
why did you choose your icon/pfp? cause jiniret’s cute af
why did you choose your header? cause my guy jinnie released a beautiful song with beautiful aesthetics and i haven’t changed it cause well...i miss the guy lol
what’s your post with the most notes? alkong dalkong being cute and dumb on kingdom ep 1
how many mutuals do you have? around 28? a lot of them aren’t super active anymore so :(
how many followers do you have? 2662 but i feel like...a lot of these people aren’t active on tumblr but there are always those blogs that consistently like my text posts and they’re the real homies lol
how many people do you follow? 66
how often do you use tumblr each day? no comment...i think yall can tell lol
did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? who won? lmao i aint about the dramatic life
how do you feel about ‘you need to reblog this’ posts? the ones that are like ‘rb this or else *vague threat and/or promise of miracles*? keep them in 2009 please and thanks
do you like tag games? yes cause i love interacting with friends and learning about people and no cause they make me think a lot lol
do you like ask games? yes but no time or energy lol
which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous? is it really fame if you’re famous on tumblr...?
do you have a crush on a mutual? but i do like them as friends hehe
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starryfree · 16 days ago
hey hey ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
which moon signs in your opinion are the best to date?
In no particular order,
👒 Taurus moons are so chill and they’ll make sure you enjoy yourself and have the best date ever. They’ll make sure the date is a chance for y’all to have fun, relax and get to know each other. Won’t be surprised if the date has some element of luxury. Like they mgiht take you to an expensive restaurant or pick you up in their nice car or they’ll be wearing a fancy clothing item.
🌸 Libra moons.......wheeeeeeew these people are charming as hell. Sweep you off your feet type. Make you blush. I’m hearing “Only girl in the world” by Rihanna (apply to whatever gender you are/identity as). There’s no lying here, they’re attractive af. So smooth and suave. Like my heart is beating fast while typing this soshsks.
🍑 Leo prepared to listen to them tell you wild stories that will have you shook and cackling all the time. They might go all out and fly you to Paris if they’re financially able to. They’ll hype you up all the time. Such great people to be loved by.
🏜 Sagittarius moons love being intellectually stimulated. Love talking about travelling, going to dream destinations, iconic places, talking about cultures, history, art etc. Literally anything. These people are the best to go travel and explore with. Also funny af. Like seriously be prepared for your stomach to hurt from all the laughing.
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spotchka · 17 days ago
20. what is your favourite song at the moment?
i've been listening to deja vu by olivia rodrigo TOO much. honestly the entire sour album is truly iconic
29. favourite film(s)
velvet goldmine! im getting a velvet goldmine tattoo next month 👀
33. something you want to learn
answered here
39. favourite sport(s)
I'm not really into sports but the one I guess I watch the most is rugby (I used to work at a rugby club), f1 (I actually kinda like this but I have a deep hatred for most of the drivers and the people that own it bc they're racist af) and football (purely bc my family watch it, I support Liverpool but again, hate 99% of the people involved in this sport particularly a lot of the fans ahjsgahkjshkjs)
ask me some qs
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Tagged by @rushingheadlong , thank you!!!
1. Why did you choose your url? 
I like Keats, and I wanted something that evoked a certain feeling to it that I associate with myself, for lack of better words (funny for the writer, I know). Also funny was that I never intended on making it a more permanent url, but now I think enough people know me by it on here and via my mentioning it on my AO3 that I think it shall remain because changing it would be a major pain. But that’s alright, because I still love Keats, so it all works out.
2. Any side blogs? If you have them, name them and why you have them 
I’ve got my writing blog as noted in my description that I am the Worst about updating (I don’t even know when I last updated it tbh, very Bad of me.)
And a Queen side blog that wasn’t actually mine but belonged to a dear friend who left Tumblr about a year or two ago now. They asked if I would be a co-owner and I agreed, then they left without a word suddenly one day so my name is the only one on it now.
I don’t update it anymore for a few reasons: A. it makes me miss my friend, who I still talk to but who isn’t online often and is horribly busy with real life and taking care of their mental health, and so I sort of treasure the blog as it is, with what they put on it, like a little spot in that point in history, y’know? and B. I reblog a bunch of Queen stuff on my main blog here myself in between all my other interests and random stuff, so it feels a bit odd to be doing that upkeep on two blogs when I don’t really ever use the side blog?
Honestly not even gonna name the Queen one because people keep following it and I feel horrible that they do and I don’t update it ajdfkjsa.
3. How long have you been on Tumblr?
Is it terrible that I don’t remember exactly? I know I started this main blog during high school, junior or senior year? So say since like...2011 or 2012.
4. Do you have a queue tag?
I used to, but I’m a lazy ass now so I don’t sakldfjak. But I think people can tell when it’s me versus my queue (queue: one post at like three a.m., me: seventy posts, all random af, in a row, with barely a pause in between lmao.)
5. Why did you start your blog in the first place? 
Boredom and depression, honestly. I was (and some days still am) very lonely, and really got into my blog around the time my mum broke her ankle badly and couldn’t stay at home, so was at my grandparents for several months. That meant it was little old me, alone for the first time in my life, for most of every day. It was both a cool time and a bad one honestly.
Cool in that I felt very grown up, taking care of myself like I had to, and I liked the alone time. But bad in that when the depression really hit hard, I was Very Alone. I was starting to dip away from the few friends I had in school (ultimately a good thing I must say, we were all in bad places mentally and while we certainly helped each other survive, we weren’t helping each other recover in any way shape or form. Better we’ve gone our separate ways on to better things) and that meant there was no one to talk to no matter how I felt (family doesn’t do Feelings Talk very often, if ever, and they’ve got to be in the right mood for it if you don’t want to be made fun of, so I didn’t and still don’t call them for that lmao.)
But what I did have was my silly little blog, with all of three followers, at least two of which were bots, and I could talk there, and that made all the difference. Tumblr is the epitome of This Mess Is A Place often, but I will say I am grateful that I found it at all. Having this space when I’ve had nowhere else to put my thoughts out has been important for me, and I can’t minimize that.
6. Why did you choose your icon/pfp? 
I change it quite often, but it usually comes down to cute boys lmao. For example, the current one of Marc Bolan? He’s cute, and I love his outfit in that picture. So there you go!
7. Why did you choose your header? 
I often feel quite bad if I don’t have my faves represented somewhere on my blog on my icon or header, so to make up for my current dip back into Marc Bolan and T. Rex, I put the Queen lads in as my mobile header. An adorable picture of them, and showing that they’re still near and dear to me. The header on my desktop theme is just a nice picture of a coast somewhere I don’t recall anymore, but that at one point I had wanted to visit. I like the water, despite not knowing how to swim, and it’s relaxing to see when I do a rare visit to the desktop version of my blog lol.
8. What’s your post with the most notes? 
According to this site I found that tallies that for you (thank goodness for that lol), it’s this one: My lovely darling Nisha at one of her fave spots in the condo aka her palace!
9. How many mutuals do you have? 
10. How many followers do you have? 
11. How many people do you follow? 
12. Have you ever made a shitpost? 
Have you seen my blog afkldsja. No but really, idk? Not in a way that anyone interacted with them, but I would call some of them shit for sure lmaoooo.
13. How often do you use Tumblr each day? 
More than my job would like me too lol. I mean they don’t know, but to tamp down the near-constant anxiety while at work, I usually have my phone open and scroll when things are slow enough. Just to like posts to reblog later, and to distract myself enough to not have a panic attack over Patient #4758 screaming at me over something I can’t control and that’s no one’s fault.
14. Did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? Who won? 
Not really? I’ve had some pretty nasty anons come in, but I just delete those and move on with my day. Any arguing wouldn’t be worth it at the end of the day, and I’m almost always too anxious to reply beyond a snippy ‘can you please not? I’m sure you’re a better person than this, and either way, I’m not responding anymore after this’ and that’s usually the end of anything. As for one wins with that, and would you really want to ‘win’? Seems not much a victory at all. This is just a website lmao, and I do mean that as kindly as I can, but really. There’s enough stress in life already, we don’t need to be going about trying to argue with each other over random shit and making each other feel bad. It ain’t worth it, and better to try and spread some happy if you can. If you can’t, block ‘em and move on and follow a different blog you think you’ll like better.
15. How do you feel about ‘you need to reblog this’ posts? 
Hate ‘em. Very guilt trippy, and I deeply, deeply regret having reblogged some in the past myself. Especially when I was younger, and I felt I absolutely had to. I try not to do any like that now, unless they’re providing a source of info on something important I can verify is decent and recent, but even then? A lot of times I end up scrolling past and just send on a donation towards the cause in the post and call it a day. My blog sphere isn’t exactly huge anyway, so I figure trying to give what I can towards an issue is probably more helpful in a little way than me trying to spread awareness via my teeny blog.
16. Do you like tag games? 
I do! I’m crap at answering them in a timely manner, because I don’t always get on my laptop each night and I much prefer answering them on there rather than on mobile if I can help it, but I really do enjoy them!
17. Do you like ask games? 
Yes! I don’t always find enough to reblog, and I feel guilty reblogging too many in a row because I feel like I’m bugging people then? But I find them fun, and a nice way to learn about folks with random questions.
18. Which of your mutuals do you think is Tumblr famous? 
@rushingheadlong, @tenderbri, @little-murmaider and probably a good few others I suppose? But I’ll be honest and admit I don’t fully get what constitutes Tumblr famous. I just know these three and a number of others I really like, and it seems like plenty of other folks enjoy their blogs too. So if that’s what it means, then yeah lol.
19. Do you have a crush on a mutual? 
Ah that’s a fun question. And one I can answer at least in part, because the one mutual in question that first comes to mind has left Tumblr. So yeah, yeah I did. And they even told me a month or so ago back they loved me via text. But then they took it back and seem horribly uncomfortable to have said it, and it isn’t the first time that’s happened so. Yeah. I did, but for their sake and mine I’m mostly past it. We’re good as friends, but it seems evident that we aren’t destined for anything more, and I’m good with that. As for any other mutuals still on tumblr that I have a crush on...well wouldn’t you just like to know!
But you won’t, lol.
20. Tags: 
It’s nearly eleven at night and I’m feeling every bit of it, so I’m going to say whoever sees this and wants to go for it, you have my invitation to say I tagged you for it. If these questions vibe with you and you wanna answer ‘em, toss my name on and go for it!
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junkoandthediamonds · 17 days ago
Jason/Artemis is great bc they’re both bi af and also she’s taller than him which is always A++ in m/f relationships
oh BIG agree also just the. I love that first kiss moment with them so much actually it's the saving grace of that mess of an issue
Tumblr media
(Red Hood and the Outlaws (2016) #25)
JUST THE... "It was okay. For a boy" LIKE UGH QUEEN and the art is so pretty and just... the drama of it all!!!!
and when he later remembers it and mirrors what she said in his own internal narration... iconic!
Tumblr media
(Red Hood: Outlaw (same comic as Red Hood and the Outlaws (2016) but... the name changed. its dumb) #41)
Unfortunately I think the way them actually 'getting together' later in the comic just wasn't done well, because Lobdell was like 'ah yes its a will they wont they kind of thing-- oh okay its suddenly the morning after now so they totally did' like... idk It left me feeling like I was completely missing some important conversations/moments between them that would have made it more satisfying. And then the ending was ALSO incredibly sudden with, again, no build up.
But conceptually they are definitely a good pair! Bicons, truly
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cumgutterslut · 18 days ago
Raven x Fem Reader- "Like A Virgin"
I posted this fanfic in May because of the phrase "May flowers": "if April showers bring May flowers...", there was even an iconic ship known as the Mayflower.
Flowers are considered pure and innocent, and when someone loses their virginity, they become "deflowered".
Despite that ECW was a wrestling company that featured technical wrestling by the likes of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero as well as luchador wrestling by Rey Mysterio Jr. and Juventud Guerrera, ECW is a wrestling company that mostly will always be remembered for being a hardcore wrestling company where wrestlers bled profusely and got thrown through tables, or in some extreme cases, getting stabbed.
Then again, ECW did stand for Extreme Championship Wrestling.
And one of those wrestlers that used to bleed quite a bit in ECW was Raven, who would play and become the character he'll always be remembered for: a depressed, nihilistic and even sociopathic grunge kid with a troubled childhood.
There've been times where Raven has bladed (which, in wrestling lingo, means to bleed excessively) so much in ECW, he looked like Carrie in that iconic scene where she gets drenched in pig blood when she's awarded prom queen.
You discovered ECW during the mid 1990's and developed a crush on Raven, who was arguably the sexiest man in that company back in 1995.
No, I'm not saying that as a joke, I do think Raven was hot AF during the 90's and even some of the 2000's.
Rob Van Dam didn't join ECW until the year after 1995, Stevie Richards had that tacky mullet that didn't look good on him, and most of the male roster in ECW weren't much to look at.
You remember how when you were in high school and even junior high, your friends telling you how they lost their virginity, and many of them bled when their boyfriend penetrated their cocks in their pussies.
You also just so happen to still be a virgin, despite that you did have a few relationships in junior high, high school and college, but you never quite went all the way.
Most of the guys you had crushes on in school already had girlfriends and weren't interested in you.
Plus, it's a good thing you saved your virginity until college because you wouldn't have gotten pregnant in high school or junior high.
Seeing Raven's handsome face drenched in blood, the fact that you have a crush on him, and you're still a virgin, what if you lost your virginity to him?
You did think long and hard about wanting to lose your virginity to him, a famous professional wrestler.
When you lose your virginity, you can't have it back.
You talked with your friends about it, and they said go for it.
Even they think Raven's pretty cute.
You attended an ECW show during the 90's, sometime after you had seen so many matches where Raven's face is soaked in blood and when Raven was still in that company, though you could've hooked up with him during his time in WCW.
One evening after an ECW show you attended, you were a ringrat that Raven had invited to his hotel room.
Raven luckily didn't have any blood drenched on his face and his hair was dry and thick, just the way you like him.
When you and Raven were in that hotel room together, before he and you could get to fucking, you asked him whether to do it in the bed or shower.
Raven suggested to go wherever you want, but you were worried that if he fucks you in bed and you start bleeding from him jamming his dick in your twat, you'll stain the bed with blood.
Then again, the silky comforters on top of the bed sheets are quite dark colored.
"Raven" you said to him. "Can I confess something to you?"
"Go ahead" he said.
You took a deep breath before confessing something to him about yourself, rolling your eyes to the top of your head, about to confess what you've planned on doing with him.
"I'm a virgin" you admitted after huffing a deep breath, looking at him in the eyes and saying that sternly. "That's why I asked if we should do it in bed or in the shower"
"So you won't get blood on the bed?" he filled in your sentence.
"Mmmmhmmm" you answered, nodding your head.
"Are you underage?" he asked, his face looking puzzled and confused.
"No!" you replied.
"Are you sure?" he asked.
"I'm not underage!" you protested. "I've got my ID right here!"
You opened your purse slung on your hip and looked deep inside your purse, pulling out your wallet and opening it up, looking down inside your wallet and pulling out your ID that revealed your birthday, showing off your ID right in front of him.
"That's not a fake ID, is it?" Raven asked.
"It's not" you admitted. "I promise"
"Well, you don't look underage" Raven said.
"I'm not underage" you said to him. "Many people are still virgins when they're adults"
"You've got a good point" he said, nodding his head.
You slid your ID back in your wallet and shut your wallet, putting it back in your purse.
"I've had friends in school tell me about how they lost their virginity" you admitted "And they said how their vaginas bleed when they lost their virginity, and seeing you with your face drenched in blood, plus I have a crush on you"
"You wanted to lose your virginity to me?" he asked.
You nodded your head.
"Have you ever taken any woman's virginity away?" you asked.
"Yep" he admitted, nodding his head.
What if you were a ringrat who was on your period and role played losing your virginity to him?
"Before we...get to fucking" you began "Should we do it with condoms or unprotected?"
"Well, you don't want me to die from AIDS, do you?" he asked. "Or yourself?"
"No" you said. "But many of my friends have told me condoms don't feel good"
"I agree with that" Raven admitted. "They don't feel good for me either"
"Really?" you asked.
He nodded his head.
"Do you have any STD's on you?" you asked.
"Not that I can think of, no" he admitted. "I always get checked. Do you have any?"
"I'm a virgin!" you argued.
You could be lying about how you're a virgin, you could also not be lying.
They say everything has a consequence.
If you have sex unprotected, you'll get pregnant, or worse, an STD.
Some STD's are curable, others are not and can kill you.
But condoms don't feel good.
Though, some religions and people protest and believe that sex should only be for procreation uses, to only make babies, not for pleasure.
Speaking of blood, HIV and AIDS can be contacted through blood, and if you have condomless sex with him while you lose your virginity and blood leaks out of your pussy from him thrusting his dick in your twat, will he or you get AIDS or HIV?
You should've asked a doctor about that before having sex with him.
"I promise, I am a virgin!" you swear, saying it like you meant it.
We'll see about that...
"Can 2 people who don't have STD's still catch AIDS if they have sex together unprotected?" you asked.
"Do I look like a doctor?" he asked, his fingers and hands pointing to himself.
This is something you should ask your doctor, not yourself.
You just really, really hope that you don't catch an STD or worse, AIDS, when you lose your virginity to Raven without a condom on.
"And before we get to doing it" you said. "Birth control or no birth control?"
"Well, do you want to have my baby?" he asked.
Actually, you'd love to have his baby, but he's a wrestler and you're not in a relationship with him.
"I wouldn't mind it" you admitted, grinning naughtily "But I'm not in a relationship with you"
"Then take a birth control pill" he said.
"But what if I get pregnant and have an abortion?" you asked.
"That's your decision" he suggested.
To be honest, you'd love it if you got pregnant with him, but being pregnant isn't all that fun, plus, you're not ready to have a baby with him.
You don't know him and you're not in a relationship with him, so you may as well abort his baby.
However, you made your mind up.
"Hold on" you said, "I'll be in the bathroom"
You got off of the bed and walked to the bathroom, where you grabbed one of the plastic cups and put it under the sink.
Your other hand turned the knob of the sink on until water poured out of the faucet and into that little plastic cup you were holding.
Your eyes were glued to the plastic cup you were holding, watching how much water will fill up that cup.
When you felt like there was enough water in the cup, your other hand turned the knob until the faucet stopped pouring water.
You walked out of the bathroom holding a plastic cup and walked back to the bed, placing that plastic cup filled with water on the nightstand in between the 2 beds in the room.
Your head looked inside your purse again and pulled out a little packet of birth control pills, where you carefully took out one of the pills and stuck your tongue out.
You placed that birth control pill on top of your tongue and managed to balance that pill on your tongue.
Your tongue crawled back in your mouth, still holding onto that pill, and you grabbed the cup of water sitting on the nightstand.
You placed that cup of water to your lips and started gulping that water down, washing away the pill that you had swallowed and gulped down, taking some swigs of water.
When that pill was now traveling down your throat, you placed the cup back on the nightstand.
You placed the packet of birth control pills back into your purse, where you closed your purse and wrapped your fingers around one of the straps, lifting that purse over your head and body and placing that purse next to the bed you and Raven were sitting on.
"So, are you ready?" he asked.
This is the moment.
You're about to lose your virginity.
Not just your virginity, but your virginity to someone famous.
A pretty famous professional wrestler.
While Raven was never the wrestling pop culture icon that Hulk Hogan, the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and even John Cena were, he still is somewhat of a wrestling legend and icon.
At least he's not a completely obscure wrestler.
When you lose your virginity, you can never have it back.
You thought about that after Raven asked if you're ready.
"I am" you admitted, nodding your head.
You were really nervous, butterflies flying around in your stomach and your fingers clutching onto his fingers.
"Alright then" Raven said. "I'll be gentle, I promise"
He placed one of his hands on the side of your head, where he pulled you into his face for a kiss.
Your eyes had shut while you leaned your face into his face, your lips locking and slightly puckering in between his lips.
You can't believe it.
You're making out with a pretty famous professional wrestler that eventually would be in the big 5 of wrestling companies in the 90's and 2000's.
You never thought you would ever do something like this, but you are.
Pinch me, I must be dreaming, you thought.
You've been kissed before, and you used to practice making out with your pillows as a teenager, so this isn't something completely new for you.
Raven's eyes had shut when your lips locked in between his.
His lips were soft and smooth, luckily not chapped and cracked.
Thank God you didn't wear any lipstick or even lip gloss, which might've made you look prettier, but you'll end up getting lipstick on his lips when you kiss him.
While you and Raven had your lips attached to each other, his fingers on the side of your face had played and stroked through your hair.
Shouldn't you be the one playing with his hair, not vice versa, since he has such thick, curly hair?
You'll play with his hair later.
Your mouth as well as his mouth opened and closed onto one another, pressing your lips on his.
Since Raven's fingers were behind your head stroking your hair, you raised one of your hands and placed it behind Raven's hair, your hand and fingers burying through his thick, coarse curls.
Your fingers ran through his thick dirty blond hair despite that his hair is rather rough.
Your lips fumbled up to his top lip, where now his upper lip was in between your mouth, you sucked on that lip as well as kissed it.
Raven began to gently put his weight on you, leaning his body onto yours, though he wasn't trying to crush you.
As you lay on the bed, your feet slipped out of your high heels and lifted off of the carpeted floor, your legs now laying on top of the silky comforters and Raven laid on top of you in between your legs.
Though, you prefer it if you lay on top of him, you weigh less than he does.
You can feel his erection protruding through his denim shorts and onto your lap, his cock is growing harder and harder under his shorts.
His denim shorts are feeling tighter on his thighs thanks to his erection.
Sometimes when Raven kissed you, he sunk his teeth into your bottom lip and gently pulled on it, and you didn't mind it.
His mouth sometimes had your bottom or top lip in between his lips, where he sucked on your lip.
Your lips sucked onto his kiss hard, your lips attached to his mouth and sucking in that kiss.
Blood is rushing to and swelling your clitoris, you're getting hornier and hornier while making out with him.
He slipped his tongue into your mouth, his tongue caressing and elevating up the middle of your tongue, luckily he didn't have a tongue ring in.
His tongue was moist, though your mouth and tongue was moist as well, and your tongue proceeded to stroke and caress up his tongue as well.
While you and Raven are making out with each other, one of your hands snuck under his shirt, where your hand felt his torso.
He didn't have a lot of muscle under his torso, but whatever, you're still touching him.
That hand under his shirt began to caress and stroke his torso.
Sometimes, when your hand reached where one of his nipples is, your index finger drew circles on his areola.
Men have sensitive nipples too, and Raven groaned and moaned in between kisses.
Your hand on his chest eventually would roam behind his back, traveling all over his back and feeling his flesh.
He lifted his hand on the side of your face off and snuck his hands under your shirt, behind your back, until his hands and fingers found the clasps of your bra.
His hands grabbed onto the clasps of your bra, where he carefully unattached and separated your bra, your breasts no longer feeling tight from your brassiere.
"Does that feel good?" he murmured close to you, feeling his breath on your face.
"Yeah" you confessed.
Your tits must be aching from being under your bra.
Don't worry, Raven's got the cure for that, not just unhooking your bra.
His hands swerved from your back to your torso, where he slipped his hands under your bra cups, his hands squeezing and fondling your breasts.
His hands were giving your breasts a bit of a massage, playing with them.
You used to rub your nipples sometimes and it feels so good, you want Raven to do more of this to you.
You moaned in his mouth while he squeezed and fondled your tits, thankfully you didn't have PMS and your breasts weren't hard.
"More!" you pleaded in a breathy whisper. "I want more!"
Raven's spent a bit too much time making out with you, so he lifted his head off of your face and buried his face into your neck, where he started kissing you on various parts of your neck.
He smothered his lips on several sides of your neck, your skin in between his lips and mouth.
Sometimes, his teeth would bite a tiny bit of your skin, where he'd suck on your skin, giving you a bright pink hickey that might fade away.
His teeth were like a tiny pinch of your skin, he basically was pinching your neck with your teeth, but it was a bit sharp and he didn't try to hurt you.
Your fingers grabbed a handful of his thick curls, your fingers buried through his hair, although you weren't trying to hurt him when you grabbed onto his hair.
Your eyes were shut and the back of your neck was sunken almost into the pillow you were reclining on, the back of your body attached to the mattress.
You really hope that people next door won't hear you and Raven eventually fucking on this bed.
Raven let a part of your skin on your neck go and made his teeth bite into many different parts of your neck, sucking on your neck.
He's breathing quite heavily while he's biting your neck, you're breathing heavily a bit too.
He didn't bite too hard, but he did bite quite a bit.
You released some breathy moans while Raven nibbled on your skin and sucked it, sometimes letting his breath out while he sucked your neck.
His hands, meanwhile, have switched from fondling your breasts to pinching your nipples, your nipples now in between his fingers.
His fingers tweaked and turned your sensitive nipples, and it felt so good when he did this.
"Ohhhh Raven!" you moaned breathily. "Mmmmmmm!!"
You bit onto your bottom lip, holding back your moans.
"Don't stop!" you whined as he tweaked your nipples. "This feels soooo good!".
Your pussy's getting moist while he tweaks and turns your nipples.
Raven regrets that he didn't caress his hands over your silky bra covered breasts, since that also feels really good too.
When Raven was finished biting into many parts of your neck and making hickeys, he let go of your neck and lifted himself up.
His hands quickly assembled under your bra cups and out of your shirt, only for his hands to grab the bottom of your shirt and lift it all the way above your breasts.
His hands then grasped your bra cups and lifted them up, exposing your erect nipples underneath.
Raven started at your pointy nipples, grinning and licking his top lip.
He dived his head down to your chest until one of your nipples was in his mouth, where he began to suck on that nipple, his hands still holding onto your bra cups.
As he sucked your breast, his lips pressed down on your nipple, eventually his teeth would slightly sink into your nip and gently pull and tug it, stretching it out.
The tip of his tongue also licked vertically up and down your nipple as he sucked it, sometimes he licked it horizontally.
He eventually made the tip of his tongue lick circles on your areola over and over again.
You pulled his head down into your breast with your hand, though you luckily didn't suffocate him when you held his head against your tit.
Chills have been running down your spine while he's doing this to you, you're moaning for him to keep sucking your tits and how good it feels.
He might not be tweaking your nipples, but he's doing something just as good.
He wishes he could caress your body while sucking on one of your breasts.
Raven's hands let go of your bra cups and his hands grasped on your hips, where he began to caress horizontally up and down your hips.
His hands were being gentle while he stroked your body, and one of his hands turned behind your back.
You keep moaning for Raven while he caresses you, and he's murmuring and asking you how good it feels.
He eventually got tired from sucking one of your breasts, so he moved his head over to your other tit, where he sucked that other nipple.
He sucked and licked that nipple like he sucked and licked the previous one, licking horizontally and vertically as well as licking in circles on your areola while he sucked your nipple.
His hand behind your back was cradling and lifting you up from the mattress slightly.
His other hand continued to caress your body, though his hand eventually traveled to your denim shorts and slipped under your shorts.
His fingers could feel your panties under those shorts, so he raised his hand a few inches until his fingers slipped under your panties as well.
His fingers slid down until he felt and touched your vulva, his fingers could feel over your pubic hair.
When the tips of his fingers touched your clit, he began to rub vertically up and down your clitoris, furiously rubbing it, stimulating and tickling it.
You've rubbed your clitoris a few times growing up after discovering masturbation, and Raven's driving you crazy when he rubs your clit.
His mouth is moist, wetting your nipple with his saliva, and sometimes he's gently biting your nipple, tugging and stretching your nipple out.
"Raven!" you gasped and cried out.
His fingers can feel how moist your pussy is, his fingers aren't getting out of place and balance rubbing your clit.
"Don't stop now!" you pleaded, referring to him rubbing your clitoris.
Despite that he's rubbing your clit so much, he's about to do something else to your pussy in general, and not just fucking.
Raven shifted his head away from your breast, where he placed his lips in between your chest and began to slide and brush his lips down the middle of your torso, all the way down to your shorts.
You arched your head back while Raven's lips caressed down your body, your flesh could feel tingles when his lips glided down your torso.
When he reached your shorts, he lifted his hand out of your panties and shorts and pulled his hand off of your back, where he undid your shorts, sliding the button out of the hole and sliding the zipper down.
His fingers grabbed onto the sides of your shorts as well as your panties underneath and pulled them all the way down to your ankles, you could feel the fabric of your denim shorts sliding down your legs.
Once your shorts and panties were down to your ankles, he slid and pulled them across your feet and tossed them both away to the floor.
He could lean his head in between your thighs and eat your pussy out (as well as do what you've planned on doing with him), but your legs won't really be all that spread apart if you have your shorts and panties at your ankles.
He placed his hands on your thighs and spread your thighs apart, where he saw your pure, virginal twat hiding away in there that will be defloured in a few minutes.
His eyes were glued to your vagina, the tip of his tongue licked across his top lip over how ravenous he is over your twat.
He then leaned his face into your pussy and buried his face and head in between your thighs, where his tongue was carefully caressing and stroking up your twat.
His tongue felt the texture of your pussy flaps, his moist tongue helped lubricate your cunt.
So this is what it feels like to have your pussy eaten out, you thought.
His tongue can taste how salty and moist your pussy is, tasting your pussy juices.
His tongue is preparing you for what you came here for, wetting your twat, though you're already getting wet from him having foreplay with you.
His tongue elevated to your clitoris, where the tip of his tongue licked your clit in many different ways.
Sometimes, his tongue licked horizontally across, other times it licked vertically.
He even sometimes let his entire tongue, not just his tip, lick your clitoris.
You keep moaning for him to eat your pussy out, your eyes rolling to the top of your head, your moans breathy and quiet.
As Raven's eating you out in between your legs, his hands are untying the flannel tied around his waist and tossing it away.
After he did that, he unbuttoned his denim shorts and pulled the zipper down, preparing for what comes next.
His hands then grabbed onto the sides of his shorts and pulled them down until his genitals were exposed, his rock hard erection eagerly awaiting to destroy your pussy.
He then pulled himself up from your crotch, where he gently tapped your thigh.
You opened your eyes and looked at him, where his fingers pointed down to his genitals.
Your eyes shifted to his crotch, seeing his hard erection.
Your eyes lit up seeing his cock, you could nearly smile from ear to ear seeing his dick.
He's also circumcised (fun fact: he's Jewish), and you didn't know he had a cut penis.
His hands grabbed onto his shirt and lifted it up his torso and over his head, where he tossed his shirt away.
He then wrapped his fingers around his shaft, his mouth smirking at you.
"Are you ready?" he asked.
You had butterflies in your stomach and your anxiety was increasing.
This is it.
You're about to lose your virginity.
Something you can never have back.
And you're losing your virginity to Raven, a famous professional wrestler.
You took a deep breath and a hard gulp, your hands moving from Raven to grabbing onto the silky comforter.
"Mmmmhmmm" you decided, nodding your head.
"Are you sure?" he asked.
"Yeah" you confessed.
"I'll be gentle" he promised, saying that calmly like he meant it.
He led his cock towards your pussy hole, where the tip of his penis began to penetrate and enter into your twat.
Your pussy was tight, and soon, his entire erection slid into your pussy hole, stretching your tight walls out.
The pain is so hurtful, your face is clenching and scrunching up and your eyes are tightening, your fingers grabbing onto the silky comforter on top of the bed.
You're trying your best to tolerate the pain, and Raven can see by the look on your face that you're in pain.
You're trying not to wail out while his cock is stretching your pussy walls out.
Man, you're tight, he thought, she really might be a virgin.
His fingers unraveled around his shaft as more and more of his penis entered in your twat.
When his penis was completely inside your pussy, he began to pound your twat with his cock back and forth, his cock stabbing the inside of your pussy.
Blood started spattering on his shaft inside, he's basically murdering your vagina.
Tears could nearly well into your eyes over how much pain you're in with him losing your virginity.
Since Raven as well as you didn't want to get blood on the comforter, his hands grabbed your hips and he rolled and turned you over, until you were sitting and straddling his lap and he was the one lying on the bed this time.
You began riding on Raven's dick this time, he held onto your hips while you rode him.
Despite that he's getting really into fucking your tight little pussy, his eyes can see that your face looks like it's in a lot of pain.
You're wailing and moaning while riding his dick, your wails sound like you're in pain instead of enjoying it.
But, you're trying to savor this discomfort.
His cock is getting bloody from destroying your pussy.
Your shirt and bra are falling down your torso, covering your tits, and you're getting hot under your clothes.
Your hands grabbed onto your top, lifted it over your torso and head and tossed it away, only for your fingers to wrap around your bra straps and furiously pull them down your arms and hands until you toss your bra away.
Now Raven can see your tits bouncing up and down while you ride him.
Raven was giving you such an orgasm when you were having foreplay with him over how good it felt when he sucked, licked and tweaked your nipples and stroked your body, now that orgasm is turning to pain.
Since you took your top and bra off, he could hear you taking your clothes off, so he opened your eyes to see your tits bouncing up and down while you ride him.
His mouth grinned looking at your breasts bouncing, this might make him cum pretty soon.
The bed is squeaking and creaking while you ride him, though it was creaking a bit when he thrust himself as you lay down on the bed.
Raven just wants to cum pretty soon so you won't have to be in so much pain and discomfort, though men do cum before women do.
You've worn tampons before, that have really hurt when you tried putting them up your pussy before you lost your virginity, so you shouldn't be too upset over this.
Although, you have a hard, thick cock stretching your pussy walls out and breaking your hymen, popping your cherry.
Man, what it wouldn't give to have Raven drenched in your virginal blood.
Raven also did his part in fucking you, where sometimes he lifted his lap and pelvis up from the mattress and thrust himself into your pussy.
His cock is getting drenched in your blood, and not your menstrual blood, mind you.
Eventually, Raven jizzed inside your twat, his eyes shutting tight when he had came and he groaned a gravelly, throaty groan as he came.
His seed was filling up the inside of your pussy, but you won't get pregnant, hopefully.
Despite that he came, you haven't orgasmed yet.
Though, should you?
"Hey" Raven said a few minutes after he came. "Y'still wanna fuck?"
He raised his voice so you can hear him.
"I'd rather not" you confessed.
Really, it hurts. A lot.
He then lifted and pulled you off of his lap, where his cock slid out of your twat, his cock now a gooey mixture of cum and blood.
Your pussy hole was oozing a mixture of jizz and blood, and you grabbed your purse quickly and looked inside, digging around until your eyes found a tampon.
You brought that tampon with you after he took your virginity away, since your pussy is leaking blood.
You lifted that tampon out of your purse and took it out of the plastic case, where, with your legs spread wide open, you inserted and slid that tampon into your twat hole, until it was all the way inside your pussy hole except for a little string hanging out.
Besides having a tampon up your pussy, your eyes were looking around the hotel room for your panties, until you caught them, where you rushed over to where your panties were and picked them up, where you spread your panties down on the other bed until your pantyline exposed.
You grabbed your purse again and pulled out a maxi pad, where you furiously unwrapped the plastic wrap and attached the pad to your pantyline until it stuck, unwrapping the wings of the pad and wrapping around the corner of your pantyline.
"Why are you doing that?" Raven asked.
"I'm afraid if I wear a tampon after I lost my virginity, it might fall out" you confessed. "So I brought a spare pad with me"
Raven nodded his head, smiling and grinning at you.
You weren't really on your period when he fucked you, considering his tongue was eating out your twat and he didn't taste any blood, plus, he didn't get any blood on his fingers when he rubbed your clit, so you really did lose your virginity to him.
You'd love to suck on Raven's cock, but it's drenched in blood now, which he can wash off, but whatever.
And now you're a changed woman.
You're no longer a virgin.
And you lost your virginity to a pretty famous professional wrestler.
A few days after you lost your virginity to him, you told your friends how you finally lost your virginity, and not only that, but to Raven, a famous pro wrestler.
They couldn't believe you and thought you were lying, but you showed them your ECW ticket for proof.
Eventually, you became a ringrat for Raven, and not just him, but Rob Van Dam, Brian Pillman, Stevie Ricahrds, Nova, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and anyone else in ECW you thought was sexy.
When Raven crossed over to WCW, you were a ringrat for him as well as other pro wrestlers from that company, and you even did it with a few WWF wrestlers as well.
Not only has Raven been in the big 5 of wrestling companies in the 90's and 2000's (the WWF/E, WCW, ECW, TNA and Ring of Honor), you've slept with wrestlers in the big 5 of those wrestling companies.
Dean Ambrose used to bleed profusely when he was in CZW (though he still bleeds quite a bit over in AEW).
If this fanfic was set during Dean/Jon's CZW days where the fem reader lost her virginity to him because he bled so much, I'm sure this fanfic would get a lot of likes and reblogs.
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genevievemd · 19 days ago
The Year Between (4/?)
August 5-8, 2021 - La Ville d’Amour {The City of Love}
Book: Open Heart: Third Year Pairing: Ethan Ramsey x F!MC (Genevieve McClure) Word Count: 2421 Rating: G Category: Fluff, Extended Series: WIP, AU Series,  Trope(s): weddings and proposals, and they went on vacation
Summary:  ~Series: Following their engagement, Ethan and Gen navigate the year between the ring and wedding.  ~ Chapter: The first part of Ethan and Gen’s Parisian vacation. AKA When they secretly elope. 
Warnings: None
A/N: Origninally, this was going to be their entire week in Paris, but I decided as I was writing the elopement part, that I didn’t want that to get lost in the middle of this chapter. Because it’s such a big deal. 
So, you’ll get another chapter after this with the rest of their vacation, which ends up being like a mini honeymoon lol And there’s a photo of the wedding bands the got at the end of the fic.
Oh, and I decided to flip-flop between E and G’s POVS for fun. So... Enjoy the fluff. Ethan’s vows made me emo af
Also, using this for @choicesmaychallenge2021​ Day 22: Wedding. Since the beans get married. 
August Part 1A ~ TYB Masterlist
Ch. 1 ~ Ch. 2 ~ Ch. 3
Tumblr media
Thursday, August 5th
A breeze filters into the suite from the terrace, the curtains twisting in the wind. She’s been out there for at least an hour, staring at the sparkling city as Ethan unpacked their bags and got ready to settle into bed. 
He’s exhausted, and he knows she is too. They barely slept on the fight from Boston, and she denied his suggestion of napping when they arrived in Paris. Instead, choosing to drag him to Champs de Mars to sit on the grass and stare up at the Eiffel Tower, like it was the most magical thing she’d ever seen. 
Ethan walks from the bedroom to the terrace door, smiling as Genevieve lean on the railing, like she’s trying to get closer to the city’s iconic structure. 
“It’s so beautiful.” She whispers in awe, as his arms come around his waist, pulling her back against his chest. 
“Yes, you are.” He kisses the side of her head, and though he can’t see her face, Ethan’s sure she rolled her eyes. 
“I was talking about the Eiffel Tower.” 
“I know. But I was talking about you.” 
She shakes her head with a laugh, leaning further into his embrace. “Thank you.” 
“For what?” 
“This.” Gen turns around slowly, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her eyes twinkling brighter than the Eiffel Tower behind her, gleaming with happiness and love, an expression he sees often. But is never prepared for. “The room, the trip. All of it.” 
“Well, you said you wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, and now you will. Every morning and night until we leave.” 
“Harper’s right, you spoil me.” 
“I do. Happily.” He leans down, kissing her sweetly and smiling when she sighs. Ethan pulls away after a moment, his smile growing when she huffs in disappointment. “Are you ready for bed?” 
“Tired, old man?” She pulls away, moving towards the door, a mischief smirk on her face. 
“Who said anything about sleeping,” He’s at her side in two steps, sweeping her into his arms with ease. “We’re in the city of love after all.” 
Her laughter echoes against the stone walls of the terrace, and lingers behind them as he walks them into the bedroom.
Friday, August 6th
She feels slightly out of place, sitting next to Ethan in a Parisian high-end jewelry store, looking at rings that cost as much as her rent. 
She’s never had anything this expensive, at least not until Ethan put a three-carat diamond on her finger. All of her jewelry has been cheap silver, or fake gold, and all from chain stores like Target. 
It’s overwhelming, staring at the trays of wedding bands in front of her with Ethan to her right talking with their consultant, Francois. Her mind filled with anxiety, and questions about whether she’ll pick the right one. Which is silly, because how can you pick the wrong one? It's a piece of medal, in the shape of a circle. There can’t exactly be a wrong choice. 
“G, what do you think?” Ethan turns to her, forcing her gaze up from the tray to the ring in his hand.
“It’s nice.” Genevieve smiles hesitantly, eyes flickering between the platinum and diamond band in his hand to his eyes. “Do you like it?” 
“It’s your wedding band, love. It doesn’t matter what I think.” 
“Right.” Gen nods, taking a breath as she inspects the ring. “It’s pretty and adds like another carat onto my hand. Will it match yours?” 
“The exact match to your fiancé’s choice wouldn’t sit right with your engagement ring, madame, which is why I suggest this one. It’ll sit nicely under your ring and won’t cause the two pieces to scratch each other.” Francois takes the ring from Ethan, placing it back in its slot on the tray.                               
“Right, that makes sense.” She shakes her head, biting her lip as she stares down at the choices in front of her. 
“We don’t have to make a decision today.” Ethan, sensing her hesitation, takes her hand in his. 
“We kind of do, though, we’re getting married on Sunday. Now is like the time to get the rings.”
“Do you want to see it on your finger? You do better with visuals.” He smiles at her, calmly.
“Can I do that?” 
“Of course.” Francois takes the ring back out, and hands it to Ethan, “We’ll let your fiancé do the honor, give him a bit of practice.” 
A wave of nerves overtakes her, holding her hand out as Ethan takes the ring. But it quickly disappears as he slides the band on her finger, their eyes locking. 
It feels like the moment he placed her engagement ring on her hand, perfect and right. Gen looks down at the ring in question, her heart skipping a beat at the sight. Two rings, that match as well as her and Ethan. 
“This one, yes?” Francois breaks the spell, his smile wide and knowing. 
“Yeah, this one.” She nods, taking it off her finger and handing it back to him. 
“Wonderful, I’ll go get these in your sizes and we’ll get the payment sorted.” He gets up and walks to the back room, leaving her and Ethan alone at the desk.
“Last chance to back out.” Gen turns to her fiancé, a teasing smile on her face. 
“Never happening, Rookie.” Ethan smiles, leaning over to kiss her cheek. “But if you want to make a run for it, now's your chance.” 
“Never happening, Ramsey.” 
Saturday, August 7th
He can see her out of the corner of his eye, biting her lip as she watches him give the waiter their order. It's incredibly infuriating, because she knows what that look does to him. 
And she’s been doing it every time he utters a word in French, which is often given their current location. He should’ve pretended to not know a word, and saved himself from the torture Gen is putting him through. 
Ethan does his best to ignore his fiancée’s alluring expression and gives the waiter their menus, taking a moment before he looks at her. “Stop that.” 
“Stop what?” She feigns innocence, looking unconvincingly shocked as to why he called her out. 
“You know what.” He reaches for his glass, taking a sip before answering her. “If you keep looking at me like that every time I speak a word of French, we won’t make it through this dinner.” 
“Fine. Have it your way.” Gen pouts, another expression of hers that he hates, because it’s too adorable to not want to kiss it off her face. 
He’ll never understand how she can go from being the sexiest thing he’s ever seen to the cutest in the span of five seconds.
“But I can’t help the fact that I find you ten times hotter than normal when you speak in a foreign language.” 
“All I did was tell the waiter what we wanted and then thanked him. It’s not like I professed my love to you in a French soliloquy, Rookie.” 
“You totally should though, but back at the hotel so we don’t get arrested for indecent exposure.” She has the audacity to wink at him from over her wine glass, taking a long sip that should not be as enticing as it is. 
Ethan closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, trying desperately to settle the fire she’s insisting on starting in the middle of a crowded restaurant. “Remind me again why I agreed to marry you tomorrow.” 
“Because you love me.” She shrugs, reaching across the table to take his hand.
He hums in agreement, taking her hand to his lips. 
Sunday, August 8th 
She takes one last look at herself in the floor length mirror, a flutter of butterflies in her stomach as her hands glide down the blush lace of her dress. 
Gen had contemplated white, it’s the traditional color for a bride, but her and Ethan were anything but traditional. And she knew, the moment she saw the knee-length dress in the store six days ago, that this was her dress. 
Her elopement dress, at least. She had yet to find her real wedding dress. 
With one last look, Genevieve slips on her shoes, grabs her clutch, and heads for the door, the smile on her face growing with every step.
It had taken them so long to get here, their path to each other was rocky, treacherous. One obstacle after another, walls as high as the iconic structure they’re about to get married in front of. But she knew from the start, that they’d end up here no matter what. 
That she would fall irreversibly and completely in love with Ethan, and he with her. That nothing in the universe could keep them apart. 
With a breath, Gen steps out of the elevator, heels clicking against the tiled floor as she walks to the lobby. The butterflies returning when she sees him, sitting in a chair, looking down at his phone, his foot tapping anxiously against the floor. 
“And what has someone as devastatingly handsome as you, looking so nervous?” She tries her best to keep her voice steady, but the weight of what their about to do sits on her heart. Like a thousand blankets, providing her with warmth and protection. 
Ethan looks up at her, almost dropping his phone the moment their eyes meet. He stands after a beat, hands on her waist as he takes her in. 
“You look…” He lets out a breath, eyes softening in a way she’s never seen before. 
“I’m never living that down, am I?” 
“No.” Gen slips her arms around his neck, inching closer until there’s little space between them. “Are you ready?” 
“More than.” Ethan steps back, taking her hand in his.
And he never lets go. Not in the walk to the street, or in the lift to the spot they’re meeting their officiant, or in the minutes leading up to the moment they give each other the rings.
He keeps her hand wrapped tightly in his own, his eyes never leaving her face. His expression soft, filled with eternal happiness and love. 
It brings tears to her eyes, with every second that passes, as their officiant tells the story of their love. 
“Have you written your own vows?” Laura smiles, looking up from the notebook in her hand. 
“We didn’t -” 
“I wrote something.” He interrupts, reaching into the inside pocket of his suit jacket.
“When did you do that?” 
“While I was waiting for you to come downstairs.” 
“Go ahead, Ethan.” Laura steps back as he steps forward, his grip on her hand tightening. 
“Gen, Rookie…” He clears his throat, blinking rapidly. He’s not one for outward emotion, she’s only seen him cry a handful of times before, but now as he stands before her, his eyes glisten with tears of joy.
“I was never a man who believed in love, unconditional love. I wasn’t someone who believed in soulmates or finding the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I was in the firm belief that my life’s purpose was medicine. That I’d follow in Naveen’s footsteps and dedicate my life to the greater good. But all of that changed when I met you, when I found friendship in you, when I fell in love with you. To be given the privilege of your love, your support and patience, your beauty and grace, is a gift. One that I promise to never take for granted.” 
Without thinking, Gen reaches out, wiping a tear from his cheek before doing the same for herself. 
“I told you once that I would never make you a promise I knew I couldn’t keep, but today, the promise I make to you - to love you unconditionally, to be your partner, your safe place to land, your biggest supporter - is a promise I’m determined to keep. One that I will try everyday to never break.” He clears his throat again, placing the paper back in his pocket. “You told me last night, that you wanted a soliloquy in French, and I’m not sure if this will count, but…” Ethan takes her other hand in his, pulling her just an inch closer, their eyes meeting. “Geneviève, tu es mon cœur, l'air que je respire et je t'aimerai pour toute l'éternité.” 
“I have no idea what you just said, but it was beautiful.” She laughs through tears, letting go of his hands to take his face in her hands. “I love you, so much. So much that sometimes it feels like I can’t breathe without you. I didn’t write any vows to you, but I promise to love you for the rest of my life and be everything to you, that you are for me.” 
“Sounds like vows to me, Rookie.” Ethan smiles, hands on her waist as he leans down to kiss her, only to be stopped by Laura clearing her throat. 
“Not yet. Rings first.” 
“Right.” He steps back, taking Gen’s band from Laura. 
“Repeat after me, if you please. Genevieve, I give you this ring as a token of my love. I offer you all that I have, all that I am, and all that I will be.” 
“Genevieve Rose McClure, I give you this ring as a token of my love. I offer you all that I have, all that I am, and all that I will be.” Ethan slides the ring onto her finger, voice filled with emotion as they stare into each other's eyes. 
“Genevieve, it’s your turn now.” Laura hands her the white gold band. “Repeat after me. Ethan, I give you this ring as a token of my love. I offer you all that I have, all that I am, and all that I will be.” 
“Ethan Jonah Ramsey,” She takes a breath to stop the tears from falling, her hands trembling as she slides the ring onto his finger. “I give you this ring as a token of my love. I offer you all that I have, all that I am, and all that I will be.” 
“And now, by the power vested in me, I am overjoyed to announce you as husband and wife. Ethan, you can now kiss your gorgeous bride.” 
“Thank god.” He steps forward, quickly taking Gen’s tear stained cheeks in his hands. 
It’s a kiss so unlike the millions they’ve shared before, like their hearts are now truly one. Like it’s the end of an era, but the beginning of another.
Tumblr media
A/N: Don’t yell at me, I used google translate to figure out what I wanted Ethan to say in french. I’m not fluent and it was just the easiest way okay? okay. What he said - “Geneveive, you are my heart, the air I breathe and I will love you for all eternity.” And yes, I did in fact cry writing the entire elopement. 
I’ve had like the worst month, and this series and all of you have been like my saving grace. So... thank you for being here and liking my garbage. 
You’ll never know how much it means to me. 
See you in the next update <3 (which will be ch 5 - the rest of their trip, and then the rest of august edits - aka the angst)
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And here are McRam’s Wedding Bands: 
Tumblr media
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You’re my: pariging semiotician i didn’t even know what that was til i googled it after seeing ur discord name which i think summarizes half our dynamic. fellow pariging ao3 tag explorer (someone needs to send help). purveyor of good opinions on anime and tumblr drama. beans stan. gnc af (not that gnc). mp100 hater.
How I met you: my fucking anime edits which u called embarrassing 😡 (/lh) but ya i wanted to thank you for running everyging and everypariston and now here we are
Why I follow you: good question [blocks]. naw i like ur opinions and reading your thoughts. you make me think about so many things like 🧠 mind.
Your blog is: good. calm. absolutely does not show how strange you actually are. i love when ppl find u intimidating and i’m like 😂 naw bro they’re out here reading tserrimark and denying it
Your URL is: RLY COOL LOL I LOVE THE WORD MOBIUS and it’s canon which is always epic
Your icon is: well we already discussed it. pariston birthday indulgence extended edition. hate his lips. love the man.
A random fact I know about you: i hate this i don’t remember anything about anyone. uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ur 5’1
General opinion: 😌💯🙌😍 always a fun time
A random thought I have: ur the only reason that hot n cold exists thank u for the support 😊😊
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cumgutterslut · 22 days ago
Brian Pillman, Scott Putski x Fem Reader- "It's My Birthday"
This is a fanfic you won't really ever see...a fanfic about Scott Putski!
(That rhymed)
Scott Putski is the son of Polish wrestler Ivan Putski, and Scott never had much of a wrestling career, but he was really handsome.
In 1997, Brian Pillman and Scott Putski were 2 wrestlers on the World Wrestling Federation's roster that just so happen to share a birthday.
And Brian and Scott are both hot AF, especially Scott.
When it was their birthday that year, you invited them to a motel room for a special treat for their birthday.
Once you were in the motel room with them, while they sat on one of the beds, you leaned in between them and pressed your hands on the bed.
"Happy birthday, to you..." you crooned, singing it like Marilyn Monroe when she sang for JFK, your eyes looking at Brian, smirking while you sang it. "Happy birthday, to you..."
Your eyes shifted over to Scott when you repeated the second verse.
They smiled and chuckled while you sang this song to them, and you were trying not to laugh when you sang it like Marilyn Monroe.
"Happy birthday, Mr. Pillman...and Putski!" you sang, looking at Brian, then at Scott. "Happy birthday to you two!"
Brian and Scott clapped their hands and smiled from ear to ear, and you lifted your hands from the bed and wrapped one arm around Brian while the other arm wrapped around Scott, embracing these two.
Now, it's on to what you really want to do to them...
"Since today is your birthday" you mentioned while you looked at them, your mouth grinning. "I wanna get you boys in your birthday suits"
Brian and Scott chuckled when they heard that, and they are getting rather hot under their clothes thanks to you.
Their pants are feeling tight, and summer is a few weeks from now...
You grabbed onto Brian's shirt and lifted it up his torso, pulling it over his head and tossing it away.
Scott just stared at you undressing Brian, maybe it would be better if Scott and Brian had gotten undressed by themselves.
"Hey y/n" Scott said, which made you look at him "Can I take my clothes off?"
You shrugged your shoulders, not sure what to say.
"Well, it would be hot if you two undressed in front of me" you confessed.
Brian smiled his iconic shit eating grin at you, so Brian moved his hands to his belt buckle and unfastened it, only for his fingers to unbutton and unzip his jeans.
Scott, meanwhile, grabbed onto his T-shirt and lifted it over his torso and head, throwing it away.
Scott has such a beautiful body and chiseled abs under that shirt.
Brian's hands grabbed onto the sides of his jeans as well as his boxers underneath them, where he pulled them all the way down to his ankles.
His erection was hiding out from there, and his erection is eagerly awaiting to get sucked and grow harder.
Brian isn't quite exactly in his literal birthday suit, since his jeans and boxers are pulled down to his ankles, but he pretty much is naked.
Your eyes were staring at Brian's cock, you lit up deep down inside and could grin to ear to ear seeing his genitals.
Scott was busy undressing himself, pulling his sweatpants and boxers down to his ankles.
Brian and Scott had already removed their shoes when they were in the motel room, their shoes sitting under the coat rack.
You could see Scott undressing himself with your peripheral vision, you didn't have you have your eyes staring at Scott.
Once they were both pretty much naked, now was your chance.
You squatted down onto the carpeted floor until you were sitting on your knees in between Scott and Brian, and your fingers wrapped around their cocks, one hand holding onto Brian's while the other held onto Scott's, and you pulled Brian and Scott off of the bed, gently yanking their penises into your face.
Your eyes looked up at Brian and Scott, while they stared down at you.
Brian had his huge Cheshire cat grin plastered across his face, and you were trying not to smile back at him like that.
"Since today's your birthday" you said to them "I want a taste of your icing"
The tip of your tongue slid across your top lip after you said that cheesy pun.
Brian and Scott chuckled hearing that pun, though their laughter is probably fake.
If this fanfic was set in modern times, you would say you want them to put their icing on your cakes (a.k.a. your ass cheeks), but in 1997, cakes wasn't a slang term for ass cheeks then.
Your fingers were luckily wrapped around the bottom of Brian and Scott's shafts.
Your tongue began to caress on Brian's cock, licking up his shaft to his penis head like a Popsicle, your tongue gently stroking and caressing his penis.
You're tempted and thinking of sucking his cock, as well as thinking of jacking off Scott Putski's dick.
Blood was swelling and filling Brian's cock up even more, you could feel how hard Brian's dick was becoming as well as growing.
You were trying to hold Brian's dick down while holding onto it, though you want his cock all over you (as well as what comes out of it!).
Speak of the devil, precum leaked out of the slit of Brian's penis head, and this is what you wanted.
Some of his precum was trickling down his shaft, but your tongue was there to lick and lap up his precum spilling down his penis, his precum dissolving into your tongue.
Your eyes shifted over and looked at Scott Putski.
"Scott" you said "I want your big, juicy Polish sausage"
You said that like you meant it, saying it like it's dripping seediness, trying to sound sexy, like a phone sex hotline girl.
Scott is half Polish; his father was a pretty famous Polish wrestler.
Scott as well as Brian were trying hard to stifle their laughter at your silly sex related puns.
You gently pulled and tugged onto Scott's penis to get closer to your face, and your head shifted over to Scott's dick, where your tongue proceeded to elevate up to his penishead, your tongue rolling around his penis head.
Your tongue licked down Scott's shaft, gently caressing it, your tongue feeling the texture of his penis.
His cock was filling up with blood from sexual arousal, and he can feel your breath on top of his dick.
Scott bit his bottom lip while you licked his cock over how good it feels.
Precum began to spill out of his slit, your tongue could taste his precum when your tongue swerved to the other side of his dick, and your tongue proceeded to lick up the precum that dripped down his cock like a raindrop.
"Mmmmmmm" you moaned while you tasted his precum and licked his penis.
Brian was still grinning from ear to ear looking at you licking and sucking cock.
"You're such a dirty slut" Brian murmured, but he means that as a compliment. "This is the perfect birthday gift"
Brian's probably jealous that you moaned while licking Scott's penis, but not his!
You want their precum all over you, so your hands began to pump and jack off their shafts, masturbating them.
You lifted their penises a bit until their dickheads were pointing straight at your face.
You shut and closed your eyes tightly just in case you get any of their precum in your eyes, which you don't want.
Most of their precum just spilled down their shafts, but sometimes it shot onto your face.
You pulled their penises, specifically their penis heads, closer to your face, until their penis heads were nudging your face.
Their precum trickling down their shafts made their cocks slipperier, easier for your hands to pump up and down their dicks.
Some of their precum was getting on your face, running down your cheeks.
You directed their penises onto your forehead, pressing the tips of their dickheads on your forehead, where you proceeded to masturbate their cocks until some precum landed on your face.
This isn't a good idea, you'll probably end up getting precum in your eyes, but your eyes are shut tight.
Some of their precum dripping down their shafts is landing on your face as well as your thighs and chest.
You can feel their precum oozing out of their shafts and onto your forehead, some of their precum landing on your nose.
Mission accomplished.
You pulled your fingers off of their shafts, letting go of their penises and taking a break from masturbating them, where you licked up each of your fingers one by one in front of Brian and Scott.
You walked backwards on your knees just in case they might jizz on your face and you'll get cum in your open eyes.
They noticed when you removed your fingers off of their shafts, however, they saw you open your eyes and look up at them, while your tongue elevated up your fingers, licking up the precum.
This was sexually arousing them so much, Brian still had that ear-to-ear grin plastered on his face, whereas Scott smiled at you licking your fingers like that.
As you licked your fingers, you moaned as you licked them.
Sometimes, you put the tips of your fingers one by one into your mouth and sucked them, moaning while your mouth was wrapped around one of your fingers, your eyes rolling into the back of your head orgasmically as if to say how good their precum tastes.
Brian licked his lips while he watched you lick your fingers, this was reminding him as well as Scott of something.
When your fingers were cleaned, since your palms were nudging and touching their shafts, you also licked horizontally across the palm of your hands, zigzagging and licking up any precum on your palms.
Scott bit his bottom lip, so did Brian, over sexual arousal, thank goodness they both took their clothes off.
Even though you want them to jizz all over you, you want them to wait.
They're also sexually aroused by women's breasts, and you love it when you have cum, even precum, drenching your tits, so after you cleaned off your fingers and palms, you grabbed your top and lifted it over your torso and over your head, tossing it next to you.
You wore no bra under that top, thank God, that just makes it easier.
Scott and Brian looked at your breasts, Brian's eyes grew wide and wild staring at your tits, and your fingers wrapped around their shafts again, where you proceeded to masturbate their penises, pointing and aiming their penis heads at your breasts.
Your hands cranked their shafts, sometimes rotating your fingers around their shafts while you pumped and jacked off their penises.
Precum was oozing out of their slits and down their shafts, sometimes down your knuckles, but you wanted their precum on your breasts.
Some of their precum did drip and run down your breasts and nipples.
You'd love to rub and nudge their penises on your breasts, getting their precum all over your tits.
You'd love it if they jizzed on your tits as well, maybe they can, you've been jerking them off for quite a while.
Brian used to be way hotter at the end of 1996, though.
You think Scott is hotter than Brian, so you moved Scott's penis to your face and started jacking him off.
You held Scott's cock as close to your face as you could, you shut your eyes for when he'll cum on your face.
You can't decide if he should cum on your face, in your mouth or on your tits.
Eventually, pretty soon, Scott jizzed, his white cum spilling down his shaft, some of it getting on your face.
You know what you're gonna do with that cum.
Brian, meanwhile, has been jealous that you're holding Scott's penis to your face, but not his.
Although, Brian really isn't much to look at when you compare him to Shawn Michaels.
Brian ejaculated pretty soon as well, groaning and his eyes shutting tight when he came.
Now that they've came, you have a surprise for them both, though they probably know the surprise.
You pulled Brian's dick into your mouth and started sucking it, swallowing all the cum that leaked out of his slit, your tongue licking around his shaft as well as vertically up and down it.
You could taste precum as well as his jizz on his shaft, you moaned while you had his penis in your mouth over how juicy it is, rolling your eyes to the top of your head.
You gulped his cum down, that's what you do, and he grinned and smiled while you sucked his cock.
He could nearly crotch chop a la D Generation X a few months later and shout "suck it" while you sucked his penis, yes, believe it or not, crotch chopping and the catchphrase that goes with it existed even before D Generation X happened.
When you didn't taste any more cum on his cock, you pulled his dick out of your mouth and sucked on Scott's penis this time, swallowing his cum and licking up and down his shaft, licking up any precum or cum that trickled down his shaft.
Of course, you moaned while sucking and licking his cock, he has such a juicy Polish sausage.
Since after a baby is born, it gets spanked on the bottom, your hands spanked Scott and Brian's asses since it was their birthday.
Brian and Scott smiled and laughed while you spanked their asses, though you wish they'd give you a spanking.
There are so many threesome related things you could've done today with Scott and Brian, like spooning naked in bed with them while taking turns kissing your lips, rubbing your clit and playing with your tits and nipples.
You could have sex with Brian and Scott all day to celebrate their birthdays, have them even lick icing off of your naked body, or licking icing off of their, well, birthday suits.
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kylorenvevo · 22 days ago
Meet My Succulents: Part I
🌵🌸 A blog series/Twitter x-post featuring the most iconic plants in my pandemic garden 🌵🌸
Sedum rubrotinctum “Jelly Beans”
Tumblr media
Native to Mexico, temperamental while adjusting but worth it... and winner of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit (someone needs to stop the Brits idk)
Cotyledon orbiculata variegata
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is the long-leaf and budget-friendly form of a cultivar originating from South Africa. The variegated round-leaf form is prettier but costs way more than I’d ever shell out for a plant. Anyway who needs Chanel when you have Walmart 😌
Graptoveria “Fred Ives” (Graptopetalum paraguayense x Echeveria gibbiflora)
Tumblr media
The angel child of #TheaSuccs. I strongly recommend this hybrid to beginners. It looks its best with full sun and weekly watering, but it tolerates most conditions. I’m convinced nothing can kill it.
Euphorbia lactea cristata variegata “Coral Cactus”
Tumblr media
Neither a true cactus nor just one plant. Variegated lactea can’t grow well on its own due to a lack of chlorophyll, so it’s grafted onto the stalk of another Euphorbia species. Like a grotesquely beautiful Frankenstein.
Echeveria cuspidata “Menchaca”
Tumblr media
A great beginner succulent. Despite months under a cheap af grow light in a humid, unventilated kitchen, it’s perfectly formed and properly silver blue 🥺 The white strands in the center are my cat’s hair because, unlike this plant, he hates me.
Crassula ovata “Tricolor”
Tumblr media
A variegated cultivar of the ever-popular Jade Plant, which is native to South Africa and Mozambique but can now be found everywhere. I bought this because it’s said to bring good luck and it’s also known as the money tree... so... I am waiting 🤑
Graptophytum “Supreme” cristata
Tumblr media
A hybrid of unknown Graptopetalum and Pachyphytum parentage sold locally as Crested Moonstone. Cresting is a mutation that occurs when the plant creates a wide, flat, and ridged surface as it grows instead of producing more branches or stems.
Echeveria colorata
Tumblr media
A stunning species that’s endemic to Mexico. Echeveria are flashy in general but I feel like this one is in a league of its own. I really love this plant but I’m trying not to get too attached since they’re apparently notoriously finicky in cultivation 🤭
Kalanchoe rhombopilosa “Pies From Heaven”
Tumblr media
Fun little plants endemic to Itampolo in Madagascar. I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks so they’re not fully acclimated yet, but they don’t seem to mind the humid summer heat. They’re so cute, 100/10 would protect with my life.
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dxrtyhands · 23 days ago
Ok so I have to “um ackshyewally” myself now because I just checked the Internet and apparently Alan Silvestri (Avengers composer) was actually who the studio originally hired to compose the soundtrack for Curse of the Black Pearl, but he and the producer had “creative differences” so he left. They then asked Hans Zimmer, who was occupied with the aforementioned exclusivity contract. However, I didn’t give enough credit to Zimmer—he collaborated with Badelt throughout and project and actually did end up being the one to create the original demo for “He’s a Pirate” (though this wasn’t the final version). So apologies to Mr. Zimmer (who I know follows this blog bc how could he not?? you’re amazing) for failing to properly credit him.
Also fun fact: because of all the mishaps, the score was so behind on schedule that only the very first song was complete when they actually had to come up with names for the tracks, which is why most of them seem like generic nonsense. I mean seriously, “Moonlight Serenade??” Have you listened to the last minute??? It will actually blow out your eardrums if you expect anything like what the title implies….
Anyway just thought I’d share because I really like this music and this stuff is interesting to me. Also because you said you were gonna listen to it at work and I can’t help myself, here are some track recommendations:
“Fog Bound” (potc #1) - short but impeccable at setting the potc mood. coincides with the opening shot of the first film
“Barbossa is Hungry” (potc #1) - coincides with the scene where the Black Pearl runs down the Interceptor after Will ditches Jack and rescues Elizabeth, but the title is based on the shot of Barbossa aggressively biting an apple right as the chase commences (which is obviously a metaphor for him being hungry for blood/vengeance, but i still find the scene hilarious once you learn they named the whole 4 min song after it)
“To the Pirates’ Cave!” + “Skull and Crossbones” + “Bootstrap’s Bootstraps” (potc #1) - epicest of all potc epicness. don’t know why they made these 3 different tracks, because you have to listen to them in order or else what r u even doing?? they roughly coincide with the climax of the movie, leading up to and during the pirates/british/will+elizabeth+jack battle
“He’s a Pirate” (#1) - literally consists of a single short segment but is known as the quintessential “Pirates of the Caribbean Theme.” coincides with the credits or maybe the very final shots of the film don’t remember exactly lol
“Jack Sparrow” (#2) - my personal favorite out of all the tracks in all the films!! start at 4:03 and i promise you WILL get chills!! as a whole it isn’t really played at a single spot in the movie, but it contains a bunch of cues and motifs that follow Jack Sparrow through the rest of the franchise
“The Kraken” + “Davy Jones” (#2) - The Duality of Man (in song form). these don’t come up back-to-back in the films but they’re just good music independent of the context. they pair nicely i guess? idk what i’m saying here with duality of man that’s just how i think of them subconsciously. they coincide, respectively, with the first appearance of the Kraken and with Davy Jones playing the actual full-size organ he brought to sea
“Two Hornpipes (Tortuga)” (#2) - very jaunty, festive, circus-like tune. fun & light & coincides with the bar fight started by Jack and ex-Commodore Norrington on Tortuga
“You Look Good Jack” + “Hello Beastie” (#2) - combined runtime of 15 minutes to get you in the Elizabeth Swan/Jack Sparrow FEELS. I’m glad she ended up with Will but still…love the dynamic between these two. coincides with the whole end of the movie basically, you know, the part where she deceives Jack Jack sacrifices himself to save his crew
“Hoist the Colours” (#3) - another impeccable mood-setter! i will never forget the chills 10yo me got upon hearing this in the theater during the opening scene of At World’s End
“Singapore” (#3) - this is just a cool piece of music. it’s hype af and i especially like the short motif at 1:53—it’s from “Cutler Beckett’s Theme” (not on the soundtracks) and appears exactly twice in the whole franchise. highly underrated. the song is scattered throughout the entire Singapore segment of the film
“Up is Down” (#3) - Iconic. most well-known song from this film. the real reason i have disney+ is so i can just watch this scene all by itself (53:40 in the movie) because it is just so well-done. everything about it, from the sheer absurdity of Jack’s plan to rock the boat down to those two pirates who tie themselves upside down to the mast is perfectly captured by this score; it’s truly a work of art! but even independent of the film it’s still incredible! always crank up the volume on this one! coincides with Jack rotating the map and exclaiming “Sundown, and rise….up!”
“I See Dead People In Boats” (#3) - emotional, lyrical, heart-wrenching, and beautifully written. coincides with Elizabeth’s final goodbye to her father during his passing into the land of the dead while the Black Pearl sails away from World’s End. (chronologically, this actually occurs before “Up is Down,” even though it comes later on the soundtrack album.)
“Parlay” (#3) - PIRATE KING ELIZABETH SWAN!! CHILLS!! this song backs my single favorite shot of the entire trilogy: the epic slowmo view of (King!) Elizabeth, flanked by Jack and Barbossa, walking across the beach to “parlay” with Beckett, Will, and Davy Jones (who is apparently allowed on land if he stands in a bucket of seawater—why didn’t they think of that in the last film?? like bro just make some bucket shoes). anyway yeah the vibes are unmatched
“What Shall We Die For” (#3) - in my view, this is the theme song of At World’s End—it captures the heart of the film so well and is just an utterly awe-inspiring piece. it serves as the titular soundtrack for KING Elizabeth’s incredible speech, but because its final chorus is largely drowned out by the uproar of cheering pirates at the speech’s conclusion, the first time i listened to it i had no idea how much it built up and i proceeded to freak out when i looked at the title and IMMEDIATELY knew what scene it was from. it’s an orchestral rendition of “Hoist the Colours,” from the film’s opener, but it culminates in a dramatic swell of choir and brass that is over, in my opinion, far too quickly. i desperately wish it were longer
“I Don’t Think Now is the Best Time” (#3) - encompasses the entire climactic battle—and nuptials—that occur onboard the Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman as they engage across the spiraling maelstrom. interestingly, the first segment of this track actually takes place after the main battle, once Will has taken over the Dutchman to assist in the destruction of Lord Beckett’s flagship; the second segment of the track coincides with the beginning of the battle, and contains the (brief) quiet interlude in which Will and Elizabeth get married.
“One Day” (#3) - beautifully written piece that makes me very emotional about Will + Elizabeth. coincides with that scene on the island, where the two part ways the morning after
“Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho” (#3) - basically the film’s outro, i just think it’s very cool to listen to. probably coincides with the stuff after Will and Elizabeth say goodbye, but i honestly don’t remember for sure
Ok this has been way longer than I planned so I’m not gonna go into the 4th and 5th movies because tbh I’ve only seen them each once and they were not nearly as good. 4th movie has some good music (“Palm Tree Escape” is actually quite good I wish it were in the og trilogy) but I couldn’t tell you where any of it occurs in the plot and this list is already way too long. Anyway I really really like this music and my friends don’t really get why I spend so much time listening to it so there’s only so much I can talk about it with them before they start to zone out lmao. I just grew unbelievably excited when I saw people were talking about it on tumblr without my even needing to bring it up lolol so ty for reading <3
Mr. Zimmer WHEN u see this on my blog, please know that we apologise. also if hans zimmer is reading my blog can u tell me what ur fave percabeth moment is :)
This was SUCH a read and i feel like i must emphasise that i literally. CANT read slkfjfs but this is so interesting?? I always love like how many things have to be planned out to make a film and even in film school I never worked on sound so sounds and music are always like the BIGGEST mysteries to me (aside from the face that i also don't understand music at ALL in an artistic sense lol)
That's literally so funny that they named it first dlksjffl
NO THANK U FOR THIS!!! I love love LOVE fog bound it's got such a ~pirate~ vibe I think fog bound and the medallion calls just have THE potc mood in it they always make me so emotional!!!!!!
these are all so good I'm gna link the youtube video i found that was a compilation of all the music for anyone interested and I want to rect individually to every soundtrack but I CANT bc I'll ramble on for ages so just know u made me SO happy i love u and am thinking about HER (pirate king Elizabeth) and ROTTING
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