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#they would hop off the hay bed
itspdameronthings · 24 days ago
after the fight
Summary: Benny finds a perfect thing to relax his aching body. Inspired by the the very thing most Texans use to cool off. We call it a Tx hot tub. We use a feeding troughs.
Note : 18+ content no minors please
Tumblr media
Another Saturday night fight has come and gone. This one was hard for Benny. His body ached so much that he could not move. You know how to help him. Something you bought while he was out training with Will. All you did was go to the local feed store to purchase a round metal feeding trough. This brought back childhood memories of going to your backyard of your childhood home. Enjoying the cool water on a hot day. They delivered on the day of Benny’s fight. Before you and him were supposed to leave. You filled it up with water. This would be perfect for him.
On the way home.Benny was fast asleep in the front seat as you drove the brothers home. Soft music was playing on the radio. It was almost midnight when you all finally made it home. Will gave you a goodnight hug. Telling you to take care of his brother. You tell him,” You know darn well I will take care of him. No go to bed neighbor. That remark made him chuckle. The other boys thought it would be nice to purchase land for all of them so all of them can live near each other. Like one big happy family.
You woke Benny up with a sweet kiss,” come on baby. We are home. Time to get you inside. Have a surprise for you.” He moans,” Can it wait till tomorrow Tink? I'm tired.” You tell him to humor her and do what he is told. You lead him to the backyard towards the patio. He noticed something that was not there when he left. He pulls you close,” Is this what I think it is? A Texas hot tub? Oh Tinker bell! Thought you didn't know what one was! This is perfect!” Benny is wide awake now!! He peels off his clothes to hop in the cool water! The water was cool enough for his aching body. You had another idea. To add some ice to the bath. You quickly went inside to fetch a bucket of ice. This would help him. Benny moans,” Oh! This feels so fucking good!! You come back outside to put ice in the tub. That made benny scream,” Shit that is fucking cold women!” You tell him,” The water is not cold enough. Besides, there is a way to keep my love warm.” He knows what you have in mind. Thank God the patio has a fence around it. So their loving neighbors can see what is going on. Striping off your clothes slowly so you can tease your man. Which he could not take it anymore caused him to rub his cock as you slowly got in the cold water. Benny pulls you close so you are riding him. Both kiss each other rather deeply. No hard you two try. Both of you could not keep quiet. Not till Will comes to the gate,” Hay morons! Im trying to get some sleep here! Don't want to hear you getting it on! I'm sure the others Don’t want to hear you either! Fuck go inside!” Both giggle as you kiss your Benny deeply,” think we need to get out my love. Our skins are getting wrinkled. How about we continue this lovely exchange in our bedroom. Benny get out so he could get a towel that was laying on the bench. Wrapping you up in the other one, he carried you to yours and Benny's room so you two can warm up again. Without any interruptions.
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libraries-and-coffee · a month ago
mine | part one (n.tmr)
summary: You get out of the box and see a group of boys. You didn’t talk much but when Newt saw you he wanted to comfort you. Alby and Clint decide to make you a med-jack. 
pairing: Newt (tmr) x quiet!reader
warnings: fluff, angst, language, pet-names
words: 2,456
a/n: I really don’t like it when characters don’t have last names. anyway, I decided to write a Newt fic because I am in love with him so so so much!
Tumblr media
Suddenly there was a wave of light and you heard the sound of metal creaking.
“It’s a girl!” The one with weird eyebrows said the words as if they have never seen one before. “Where the hell did she come from?”
“Maybe they’re giving each of us one before we die,” The brunette suggested. A few of them chuckled at the comment.
You had your legs tucked up against your chest which was covered by a dark yellow tank top. Beside you lay a black knapsack and you saw that you were wearing jeans. Your hair was down and it kept blowing in your face which was starting to annoy you.
“Well then who’s she for?” Another one jokes. Your eyes were still adjusting to the light but you realized that you sat in the middle of a metal box that was filled with supplies.
“Bloody hell,” Everyone looked shocked when you said that but not as much as a blonde boy. He looked familiar to you.
“MINE!” He then hops in and lends you a hand which you gladly took for some reason. It might have been that seducing accent he’s got going on.
“Hello, there love! I’m Newt,” You blushed at the nickname and how he had a shit-eating grin on his face that looked completely natural. He got out of the cage and lifted you up and onto the grass. Newt slung the backpack over his shoulder and smirked. “Welcome to the glade kiddo,” He grinned.
You looked around and saw a grove with, what you could tell from where you were, a bunch of little huts built of sticks. But the grassy meadow wasn't what caught your attention. It was the tall stone walls that surrounded the place. You look around and only saw one opening, well, exit. Feeling your claustrophobia kick in, you ran towards the gap and heard a bunch of cheers behind you. You didn’t look back though.
Newt and Minho glanced at each other while the boys kept yelling about having a runner. They both started to chase after you, not wanting you to get stuck in the maze.
Minho finally caught up with you and ran in front, holding his hands out to stop you from running.
“You’re a shucking fast runner,” He took a seat on the ground trying to catch his breath. Newt was lazily running past you and fell to the ground, lying on his back, trying to learn how to breathe again.
“Bloody goodness girl!” He yelled. You started walking towards the opening, ignoring the two idiots.
“Nononono!” Newt got up quickly, in a stumble, and put his hands on your shoulders to stop you from walking past the walls. “Bad idea kid. That is the maze, a literal maze that you could get stuck in,” You shook your head. No that’s not possible. You were stuck in this place with all boys! Speaking of boys, the others had run over to you and were... smiling? How could they be smiling? They were surrounded by a freaking maze! You fell onto the ground, tucking your legs back against your chest and resting your chin on your knees.
“She seems fun. If all girls are like this I wouldn’t have a problem,” You glared at the weird eyebrow kid and he looked surprised.
“I don’t think she likes you very much,” Newt smirked and sat down beside you. “You alright love?” You blushed again at the nickname and shook your head. Newt sighed and helped you up. He wasn’t surprised. Most greenies weren’t okay, but most of them talked more.
“Well then, my name is Minho,” The brunette stuck his hand out for you to shake. “There are three rules to the glade kiddo. Never go outside the Glade, unless you are a runner, never hurt another Glader, you have to trust each other, and everyone does their part, no slackers,” You nodded your head.
“None of us really remember ever seeing a girl before,” Your jaw dropped. THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN A FREAKING GIRL, you thought. Newt chuckled.
“Doesn’t mean we don’t know what one is,” Newt helped you get up from your huddled position. “Let’s get you settled in love,” That nickname wasn't going to get old.
Newt brought you to one of the huts and showed you where you would stay. You sat on the hammock swaying your feet back and forth.
“The boys and I decided to give you your own room in the homestead since Alby finished the changes with the Slicers,” He sat beside you in the hammock. “Just in case you wanted some privacy. We know what a girl is, by the way, it’s just none of us remember meeting one ever,” You nodded, understanding what he was talking about. You didn’t remember meeting any girls before this.
“Can you tell me your name love?” You continued looking at your lap. “I probably sound a bit obnoxious for you, don’t I?” You shook your head.
“Y/N.” Newt stared at you with a shocked expression. No one remembers their name right away.
“Well then Y/N, do you remember anything? I’m not expecting you too though. No one here remembers any--”
“You,” You said straight forward. Newt tilted his head, looking shocked but mostly confused.
"You remember me?" You shook your head again. Maybe it would come back to you at some point. Maybe you would remember who he was before the maze.
"I recognize you," You continued to look at your lap. "I don't remember you though," Newt put his arm around your shoulders and saw your cheeks go pink. You both sat like that for what felt like an hour. The silence wasn't awkward though, more calming than anything. 
“Anything else?” You shook your head. That was it, you thought. You wish there was more. You wanted to know why you recognized him. “Well, tonight we’re holding a bonfire. We hold one every time the box comes up,”
You smiled up at him. He ruffled your hair and walked out of the room, letting you get comfortable. 
The sun had gone down about an hour ago and every boy in the Glade was surrounding the bonfire. You had met Clint and Jeff, which they had asked if Alby came to you with job ideas and you shook your head. 
You were sitting beside Frypan with a glass of that mysterious drink concoction and a piece of bread. You still were not over the fact that you were the only girl, especially since it made you a little uncomfortable. 
Newt walked over to both of you and sat down, placing his arm around your shoulders. He wanted to make you more accustomed to the Glade and the boys. The blonde noticed that you were tense the entire day and instantly wanted to make you feel better. 
It was going to be morning in a few hours so you decided to hit the hay. Newt came with you into the homestead and helped you get situated. The boy gave you a pillow and a blanket which, for some reason, smelt like pastries. 
“Are you going to be alright tonight?” Newt looked worried about you. Which he was. 
“I think so,” You started climbing into the hammock when Newt pulled you into his chest. It felt right hugging the boy. You realized that the blanket and pillow must have been his because he smelled like pastries but also had an earthly smell to him too. 
“Can you stay here?” You asked quietly. He buried his face into your hair even more which made you smile.
“Of course love,”
You walked into a bedroom to see Newt getting ready for bed. You hugged him from behind and the blonde boy chuckled.
“Hey sweetie,” You smiled up at him. Newt turned back around to find a shirt in his dresser. You started drawing circles on Newt’s chest while resting your head against his back. 
“Come on,” Newt picked you up and laid you gently in bed. The boy started kissing your neck and pulling your skin lightly with his teeth. 
“Neewwwt,” You whined. He chuckled and nipped your ear. 
You suddenly woke up and felt someone’s body against your back. You looked up and saw Newt’s sleepy face above your head, resting at the top of the hammock. His legs were wrapped around yours and his hand was on your waist.
“Good morning love,” His voice was deeper and his hair was a mess. 
“Morning Newt,” You mumbled while rubbing your eyes with your shirt sleeve. He started shifting to get out of the hammock without you falling out when you turned and wrapped your arms around him. 
“Can you stay for a second?” Newt nodded as he sat up and helped you sit up. Your legs were crisscrossed and your hands were in the shirt sleeves since it was too big for you. You didn’t know how to start off so you decided to just say it straightforward. 
“I remember you,” Newt looked startled as you continued to play with your sleeves. “I had a dream last night, only I don’t think it was a dream. We were in this small house which only had one floor, I think it’s called an apartment or something like that,”
“Anyway, we shared a bed and a closet. I assume that we lived together,” Newt had taken your hands by now and held them in his. “From what I can tell...” You didn’t know how he was going to react to your assumption but you hoped he wouldn’t be awkward around you.
“I think we were dating,” 
Newt stared at you with a blank expression for what felt like years. He was trying to understand what you had just said. 
“I was your boyfriend?” You nodded. “And you were my girlfriend?” You nodded again. He smirked and you looked at him questionably. 
“I’m still your boyfriend right?” The boy smirked and you blushed, looking down at your lap. Newt lifted your chin and looked you in the eyes.
“Yes please,” You mumbled. Newt grinned and hugged you tightly. He helped you get out of the hammock and picked you up to spin you around. 
“The boys are going to be so jealous,” Newt chuckled. This was the first time in a while that Newt had felt this happy. 
You and Newt had eaten breakfast in silence, secretly taking glances of each other. None of the boys noticed, or that’s what Newt thought. Minho noticed the glances and shook his head, grinning like and idiot. 
“So kiddo. What kind of job do you want?” You sat at a table with Newt, Minho, Alby, and Thomas. You shrugged.
“I think she would make a good med-jack,” Clint said, taking a seat across from you. 
“Anything but a bloody runner,” Newt said. 
“Of course Newt. Want to keep her safe, don't you?” You almost spat out your water. Newt slapped the back of Minho’s head. Alby chuckled, seeing your cheeks bright red. 
“I think a med-jack would be a good job for you,” Alby said. 
“What exactly do I have to do?” You questioned. 
“Well an example would be that two days ago, Gally tried to punch Minho but he ducked and Gally ended up punching a tree. So really, all you have to do is fix broken and bloody people,” Thomas said, waving around his fork. 
The rest of breakfast was spent talking about incidents that had happened between the boys. Newt wasn’t paying attention. He was looking at you laughing and falling in love all over again. 
Alby had brought you to Clint and Jeff, who were teaching you the basics. throughout the day, Chuck had come in with a thorn in his hand from the gardens and Gally had come in to get his hand checked.
“Bloody great! What a waste of jam!” 
“Mixed with some of Thomas’s blood because Gally stabbed his hand with a fork,” You added while trying to stop the bleeding.
“Alby gets sick for a day and all of a sudden we're a pack of animals!”
“That’s what boys are,” You mumbled. 
“What?” Newt said with his hands on his hips.
“Nothing,” You said innocently. The boys had gotten into a jam fight and it escalated pretty quickly. Newt looked furious but was keeping his anger down. You stood up from your seat and patted Newt on the shoulder. Thomas got up and headed towards Clint and Jeff since you couldn’t stop the bleeding. 
“I’m not good at this job,” You mumbled, walking out of the kitchens. Newt straightened up and followed you.
“See! Those two are meant for each other,” Minho said, probably having a fangirl moment.
You were sitting against a tree fiddling with a flower. Newt was watching you from a distance since he didn’t want to test boundaries right now. You were mad at yourself for not being able to stop Thomas’s hand from bleeding. 
“Oh fuck it,” Newt started walking over to you through the trees. 
You heard footsteps and quickly looked up to see Newt. You held your hands out and did the grabby hands thing which made Newt smile. He sat against the tree, wrapping his arm around you. You snuggled into him and Newt started running his hands through your hair. 
“You’re still new to this,”
“I know that, it just makes me mad when I can’t help someone,” Newt chuckled and kissed your forehead. 
He started picking some flowers and you watched him put them together. He placed it on your head and started braiding little bits of your hair. 
“You know how to braid?” You were shocked.
“I’ve known how to since I came out of that box. They can’t erase what you learn, only memories,” He continued braiding and you ran your hands through the grass. 
“Maybe you had a sister?” 
“Or maybe when we started dating I learned how to braid so I could do your hair,” You blushed and he grinned. “How do you like the crown?”
“I love it,”
Minho was walking through the trees trying to find Newt since he was second in command. Minho had stopped when he saw the two of you in the grass. He walked over and your cheeks went pink when you saw him. 
“Hey, Min,”
Newt continued to braid your hair while filling Minho in. Minho looked overjoyed and you were just happy that he was okay with the two of you. 
“The best thing to ever happen,” Minho said. 
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sp00kworm · a month ago
Iron Lake
Pairing: Qene (Male God [Bird Creature]) x Gender Neutral Reader
Warnings: Wound Descriptions, Blood
Ore was rich in the valleys once. The entire hillside was covered in small mine shafts for digging up iron ore for smelting in the iron works, and that lead to several settlement villages between the city and the ocean. Your family had lived on the final reaches of the valley, towards the sea, for many generations, until the collapse. The men worked as miners, and the women worked the farms. Your own family, however, had moved on long ago. When the iron ore ran dry, and the mine shafts began to collapse, the village was left to the farmers and creatures which plagued the woods and hills. You looked at your sturdy cottage and the barns surrounding it as you sat on top of the newly built dry-stone wall you had just finished. It had collapsed with a recent bull charge and you’d spent a long time building it back up higher so he couldn’t get at your cows. A few heifers were too young and now steered clear of the wall, wandering along the other side of the field. You didn’t blame them. The bull was a neighbour’s, and rarely did he have the beast under control. Smoking a pipe called you, but it was a habit that was best left alone living so rural. You patted your nearest cow and fed her a handful of weeds before taking your bucket and heading to your chickens, which were clucking around the few ewes you had.
 The chickens ran on small legs as you shook the feed bucket, and you grinned as you leaned over to toss them some food. The ewes were slower to move and trotted over as you headed to their small food trough and hay basket. You shovelled more hay in from under the shelter and locked the gate before filling their feed and water troughs. The chickens were back following you around as you tapped their own feed buckets again and herded them back into their coop. They happily ignored you closing the caging in favour of the food you had put in their own trough. Whistling, you took all the buckets and closed the gates to the fields, heading back towards the small storage and utility shed to put everything away. The wind rushed over the long grass at the top of the hill and you paused to look up as the sky rumbled with the beginnings of rain. Sure enough, as you looked to the herd, they were heading back to the shelter. There was rain on the way. You tutted and made sure to put everything away before rushing to cover the chickens and make sure the sheep had their own shelter with their raised bedded platform.
 As you finished checking on the cows, the heavens opened, and you rushed for your small porch, sprinting under the cover as the rain came lashing down, soaking your shirt and bottoms through. The cotton clung to you as you shuddered by the door, watching the grey clouds blur with falling water over the top of the mountain in the distance. It was colder now, and you opened your door to stoke the fire and dry your clothes. You grumpily tugged your wet clothing off and hung it in front of the fire before you rekindled the embers and wrapped yourself tightly in a heavy blanket of white wool. The rain thundered on the roof, and you warmed your toes before pulling on a small pair of moccasins and peering through the glass in your windows. The animals were huddled together out of the rain as it gave the grass and small crop garden you had a good soak. It was miserable. You perched yourself on the small table and watched the weather with a hum.
“And I had so much to do today too.” You lamented quietly.
 The rain was white noise after a while, and the clouds rolled over head, still full of rain when you peered back up at the sky. You jumped as a great screech sounded overhead, inhuman, furious and in pain. It sounded again with the thunderous boom of a weapon, and you jumped from the window at the flash of gun powder in the far distance, over the mountain top. Your home shook with another screeching wail as the flashes stopped and the clouds rolled again, the wind howling through the unsealed stone cracks in your cottage. There was another boom of thunder as the cries of the creature paused for a moment. You prayed they hadn’t just shot at a dragon. Dragons were harder than steel plating and bullets or canons did very little damage to their interlinked scales. Fury would follow an injured dragon, but there was no hiss and boom of burning flames. Another ear-piercing screech followed down the mountainside, as a great black figure soared into the clouds and disappeared overhead. It’s shadow hung over the top of the hill as it zipped down through the valley before it screeched again and plunged from the sky, spinning in a mass of glorious golden brown and tawny feathers before it plummeted into the muddy cow field in a mass of feathers, dirt and blood.
 The cows mooed violently before trotting out to investigate the lump, the younger females hanging back under the wooden shelter. You watched the feathers float from the sky, shellshocked, before you rushed for your damp clothing and pulled it all back on. You threw on your hooded cloak and rushed out into the rain and wind. The cows called as you rushed to the fence and thumped at their flanks harshly, batting their tongues away from the creature’s wounds. It hissed, feathers brushing upwards as you dared to touch its giant body. It was huge, easily over twelve feet long, the long tail feathers crumpled under its cut legs. It had a great talon missing from one of it’s feet, and blood thrummed from the wound. You rushed to its head.
“Oh, my Sun…” You cursed as you looked at the burning orange eyes that peaked out from the great, fluffy crown of feathers. A beak opened as it hissed again, another, weak scream of upset. A threat, you realised as it’s feet moved and talons slashed at the floor.
“Don’t!” You pushed it’s shoulder as the orange bled to black and it turned onto its other side, flopping over in its attempts to push itself back onto its feet.
 “You’re killing yourself!” You screamed at it as it flexed its wings and black blood spewed from its mouth. You gasped at the cavern in its side, bleeding black tar and red blood over its beautiful, soft feathers. It screeched again, madness taking over as it thrashed to get itself upright and managed, shaking on its swollen, bleeding foot. The wound to its torso was heavily bleeding, and blood poured with the stress and movement, revealing the two-inch diameter iron ball wedged in between its ribs.
“Stop!” You screeched again, putting your hands on its wings before two hard arms extended out of the feathery chest. The clawed hands snatched at you, lifting you high to its bleeding black eyes as you gasped. With a small scream, the creature reared its head back and paused as you covered its eyes, small hands encompassing its blackened gaze. Its wings sagged as it’s beak opened to let tar leak from its gullet.
 “You’re going to die if you don’t let me get that bullet out of you!” You shouted up at it, clinging to its face, “Let me help you, please.”
The bird-like creature sagged, its wounded feet giving in as it paused to retch blood up once more and placed you back on the floor with a croak. The croak bubbled with tar and blood as its feathers shifted and it looked up at your little cottage. The wind shifted and blew violently, soaking the both of you with more, icy rain.
“I will not fit.” It whispered deeply, as though its voice was being carried to your ears on the wind itself.
“You can…talk…” You commented, stunned for a moment as it opened its mouth, “There’s a barn to the back. I used to keep the horse in there, but its empty now.” You reasoned as you opened the gate and coaxed the bleeding beast through the rungs. It cried out as its claws got stuck in the cattle grating, the wound from the missing toe tearing and bleeding over the wooden slats. The creature followed, feathers dripping from its body in a bloody trail as it struggled behind you, croaking and wheezing as you heaved open the doors to the horse barn and opened the door to a stall.
 The creature flopped into the stall, its burning eyes dripping with tar as it wheezed, wings ruffling as it struggled to keep the gapping wound in its chest off the stone floor. You rushed to kick over a great barrel of sawdust to mop up the blood before disappearing back into the howling wind and rain to grab what little medical supplies you had. A crow squawked by your window as you rushed into the front door, his beady eye following you before it hopped into the house and cawed again, louder. Cursing, you grabbed your old sheets and shoved them into the large cooking pot with the rest of the water from the well. The fire was roaring, and they would soon be clean enough to wrap the wounds. The poultices were a little old, but they smelt fresh and clean, of mint and lavender, and you grabbed the jars and your needles and some fine thread. It would be a botch job at best, but it was all you could do for the creature. You also made sure to grab something for the pain, grabbing a bottle of dragon fire whiskey as you grappled the cooking pot of boiling sheets and shouldered the other supplies. The crow followed you out of the house again and cawed, but you paid it no mind, even as more small birds flocked with it under your porch and in the fields.
 The creature was wheezing against the floor, barely breathing, when you returned, and you cursed as its eye opened, devoid of any honey colour, just filled with black. Its eyes rolled and closed.
“Try and stay awake. Please. I need you awake to stop the bleeding.” You scrubbed your hands and hung the sheets to dry as you looked at his chest again, eyeing the iron ball wedged under his bottom rib, mashed in with broken feathers and splinters of stone. With a shaky hand, you took hold of your small set of forceps, usually used to help cows calf, and soaked them in the boiling water before you dared to ease them under the plumage and grip the bullet. The creature screamed but didn’t lash out, and so, you committed, heaving the bullet down, and out of its chest with a rush of tar like goo and blood. It croaked against the stone and you reached for the fresh water and salt to rinse the sharp pieces of feather and stone away before you plucked the broken feathers around the wound away and eyed the wound for any other artifacts. It was clean. You jumped as one of the creature’s leather skinned arms appeared from out of the feathers of its chest and reached for the large bottle of whiskey you had brought. It hissed and pulled the cork free with its beak before pouring the strong alcohol into its gullet, grumbling, and croaking after with the burn.
 “That much will knock you out good.” You promised as you stroked its feathery chest and pulled out your needle, sterilising it in the boiling water before you threaded it, knotted the end, and got to work, suturing the wound closed where you could, as tightly as you dared. The bird creatures’ skin was dark underneath its feathers, leathery to the touch and tanned. You closed the final part of the wound and tried not to slip too much as you knotted the end with blood slick fingers. The tar was gone, no longer leaking from its eyes and mouth. Quietly, you listened to it breathe, wheezing softly against the floor. You took hold of the mint poultice and applied a layer with honey over the wound to soothe the raw, sore skin. Wings shuffled as you reached to tear apart your sheets into large strips to wrap the wound. It cried as you returned and eased its chest up enough to reach around, duck under its arms and wrap the whole thing tightly. You pinned it before letting it rest as you cleaned and wrapped its foot, wondering if the toe would need cauterizing as you left it be, snoozing in an alcohol induced sleep. You made sure to pile hay around him for the night before you closed the doors tightly and looked at your cottage.
 The crow from before cawed again from your small porch, fluttering about the floor before it landed by your window and watched you as you hauled your supplies back inside.
“What’s brought you here?” You asked, “I don’t have any seeds for you!” You shouted as it followed you into the house and settled itself over the top of your fire, seated in a small handkerchief on your mantle place.
“Fine. Make yourself at home then.” You scoffed as you looked over at your cooking pot and poured the water out of the window. You were drenched through to the bone and you shuddered as you stoked the fire again and stripped off your clothing. You hung it by the fire and sniffled as you dried off and then wrapped yourself back in your large blanket, content to snuggle into your large armchair and warm your toes by the flames. It was soothing to hear the rain slow to a patter against your roof and the soft cawing of the crow nestled in front of you. Your eyes drooped as you snuggled into the blanket and forgot about the creature laid in your barn.
 A great squawk in your ear woke you up, and you jumped awake violently before the crow stomped over your lap and jumped up and down on the arm of your chair. You looked at it in confusion before pushing the blanket away and shuddering. It was cold. Using the blanket as a shawl, you stoked the fire again, throwing some more kindling and then logs into the embers to get it going as the crow fluttered into your kitchen and snapped at the crumbs on the side. You huffed and pulled out a small bag of sunflower seeds before you put a small handful in a bowl and watched the crow go to town.
“You’re a weird little thing.” You commented before going to get dressed in the small room you had to the left side of the cottage, leaving the crow to eat and hop around, so long as it didn’t decide that your floor was a good place to poop.
 The crow was still on the countertop when you returned, watching you through one, beady black eye, as you walked towards it. It flapped in protest as you stood in front of it but didn’t squawk or fly away. It stared back at you, its head turned and tilted up to see you properly.
“Are you here for the creature?” You asked, no louder than a whisper.
In response, the crow flapped again and gave one short, loud honk.
“Hm. I don’t think I trust you just yet.” You scolded gently before you offered your hand to the crow. The corvid pecked a finger before stepping onto your hand and skipping up your arm, hopping as it went along your sleeve, its beak holding itself up when it slipped against the cotton.
“Come on then. Let’s go and see how our house guest…well, our barn guest, is doing.” You tapped the crow’s beak and headed towards the door. You both looked up at the morning sun and smiled, thankful for the sunshine. The crow flapped again and spread its wings to soak in the rays before you turned to head around the back of the cottage where the barn was.
 The rain had washed away most of the blood, leaving clumps of muddy feathers around the rocks and fence posts as the evidence that the creature had passed through. You stepped over a puddle and heaved open the barn door. A great rumbling croak sounded as you stepped inside, leaving the door open a little to let the morning air in. The creature’s feathers dragged against the piles of hay and the stone floor, as it struggled to raise its head. When it managed to get high enough, one, burning orange eye peered over the top of the stall, eyeing you as you approached the wooden gate.
“Good morning.” You uttered as it flopped back against the floor with a sad, long croak. The crow on your shoulder squawked again before fluttering down to the great beast and moving from the bottom of its tail feathers to its hooked beak. It opened one giant eye and huffed before looking at you again and opening its mouth.
“Sustenance.” Its great voice rumbled before closing its eyes again, struggling to swallow as the crow pecked gently at the loose feathers on its face, pulling them free before it tapped its beak against the other and flew up to the side of the stall.
 “Food?” You asked, “Well, I have some but certainly not enough to feed you. You’re giant, if you don’t mind me saying and I don’t know if I could feed you.” You confessed, holding the top of the gate as the creature hissed lowly and dragged its great claws along the floor.
“I will hunt.” It rasped.
“NO!” You grabbed it’s shoulder, gently pulling it back down, “You’ll open all of my hard work. You, sit there. And you,” you pointed to the crow, “you’re coming with me.”
The crow nodded and fluttered out of the barn. Before you could turn to follow, the giant bird-creature rustled its feathers and its leathery, clawed hand appeared, holding your waist to keep you in place.
 “Thank…you.” It hissed, “I am… Qene.”
It’s name was hissed, a long pronunciation of E’s which made you wonder just of what race is was. If it was a fae, it would not have told you it’s true name, lest you bind it in contracts. You introduced yourself quietly and it nodded, slowly, exhausted still.
“I am…God of the Valley. Wind, weather and bird.” Qene rasped, “He who…controls the mountains.”
“A…God?” You whispered as the creature let go of your waist, “A god in my barn and…”
Qene huffed and collapsed again in his hay bedding.
“I’ve got questions but let me feed you first. What do you eat?” You asked.
Qene raised his beak from the hay to speak, his voice like a small thunderous rumble, “Meat. I hunt…deer and elk. Anything to then give back to the…” His eyes closed slowly, the orange disappearing behind his eyelid before he fell back asleep.
“I guess a chicken might have to do…or maybe I can get a deer from Thriskar.” You pondered as you followed the crow out of the barn and went for your bag and a bow.
 Thriskar scoffed at your request, “A deer? A whole one?” The orc sniffed before he carried on skinning the buck he had strung up outside his small home, “What the fuck do you need a whole…” he smirked then, suddenly, as though he had been told the funniest joke, “Do you have company over? Wanting to impress?”
With a snort, you were quick to flip your middle finger up at the orc, “Yeah, fuck you. I need it for pickling and smoking. I want to not live off my cows again this winter.”
“Well, you’re in luck then.” Thriskar commented, rolling his eyes as he wiped the blood from his hands and pointed to the young buck hanging in his shop, “I caught that yesterday. Should be drained enough for smoking now if you want it.”
 “How much?” You asked, sceptically.
Thriskar grinned as he tapped the counter in his shop, perching himself, leaned over the counter, before he tapped his lips, “A kiss and four bronze, or seven bronze if you’re feeling less generous.”
“You’re the worst.” You commented as you handed him the seven bronze coins, “I should be able to carry it before you offer that too.”
“Here.” Thriskar laughed as he pulled the creature’s pelt out and tied the deer in a sling like fashion around your back, “You should get it back now.”
“Thank you.”
“Yeah, don’t make a habit of it okay? I won’t give you the skin for free in future!” he warned as he saw you out of the door and down the path back towards home.
 The crow squawked overhead, and you saw Thriskar look up and shake his head before the crow landed on your shoulder.
“Well done. Now he really will think I’m a witch or something.” You scolded the crow as it hopped from your right shoulder, over to your left.
“You don’t need me for that. He likes you enough to want a kiss, doesn’t he? Does that affection not prove anything?” The crow squawked.
You felt your back go cold, “How…can you…”
“Talk?” It asked, “I am…omnipresent within my children.”
“Qene?” You asked as the crow eyed you.
“Yes…” It rasped tiredly, “I wanted to ensure you would be safe.”
“I’ll be fine! There’s nothing but pesky fae and annoying goblins, and they know not to mess with me. I like salt, iron and flowers too much.” You smiled. The crow’s head turned again before it let out another squawk and shook its wings and head violently, as though it had been released from some kind of spell.
“Yeah, I can’t imagine that was lots of fun, huh?” You asked as you stroked the crow’s head and carried on along the path.
 Home was a great greeting of farm animals. The chorus was loud and upset, as they had expected their food early in the morning and now it was almost midday. You heaved the deer off your back and onto the porch. The cows crowded the gate as you went to retrieve a hay bale with a pitchfork. There was a lot to tend to before you could give your guest the food he needed. The cows were happy for their filled hay and you were quick to give the sheep and chickens their food before you dragged the deer away from your little crow friend, and towards the large barn on your back. You opened the door and peered inside. Once again, Qene lifted his head, just high enough to see over the top of the stable door, his burning orange gaze looking directly at you.
“I’m back.” You smiled, “And I got you this!”
“Meat?” Qene droned over the top of the stable, “Deer…. No innards.”
“We don’t tend to eat the insides…the intestines are for sausages though.” You told him as you opened the door and laid the deer over the stone floor.
“Sausages?” Qene rasped, his head tilted as his feather’s rustled, and he pulled himself along the floor, his beak opening.
 Spit dripped from his beak as his tongue extended, pointed and tanned like his skin. He licked at his beak before he took a great chunk out of the hind of the deer.
“Thank you.” Qene rumbled as he threw his head back and swallowed the chunk of deer, “This…will help.”
“You’re welcome.” You smiled as you reached to pluck one of his feathers from the floor, looking at the now dull brown colour. When it had been attached to his face, it was shiny, golden and beautiful.
Qene ripped more from the deer and noticed you spinning the crushed feather by its quill, “They do not live once they are detached…True power flows through them, but they cannot be removed with it forcefully.”
“What kind of power?” You asked as you sat by the stable door, “I’ve…Well, I guess you are a God.”
Qene scoffed, “It is why I took a bullet to the chest.”
“They’re after your feathers?”
“Yes. Fools that they are.” Qene snorted again over the carcass, “Even if they have no value when they are forcibly plucked.”
 You decided not to press the issue, and simply sat as Qene ate, intrigued by the way he plucked at the meat, tearing it all from the bones before smashing open the bones for the marrow inside, his tongue licking at the blood and goo before the bones were then crushed and eaten.
“We really should change your bandages.” You offered as the God finished crunching the brains inside the skull.
“There is no need.” Qene grumbled as he swallowed the last pieces of his meal, “This will be enough for me to heal fully.” His eye turned on you again, “And soon I will be out of your hair.”
“What do you mean you’re almost healed?” You scoffed, “Let me see.”
Qene chuffed and opened his bandages with a swipe of his claws, “See for yourself.”
You shuffled through the hay and looked at the exposed wound below his ribcage. Except, now it was no longer a gaping wound, it was a healing wound, scabbed over where you had stitched it, the flesh filling the line quickly, and moving by the second.
 “How is that happening?” You asked in fascination, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”
“I am the God of this valley. God of the Iron Lake valley. I am not…held by your mortal deigns.” Qene rasped, his voice growing in strength like a thunderstorm now that he had eaten, “But I would…like some more of that Dragon Fire Whiskey, if you have anymore?”
You looked at his feet and noticed his toe had not grown back, but was quickly snapped from your revere as you smiled and laughed, “More whiskey? Its only just past midday but sure. I’ll go and get the rest of the bottle for you, since you’re a God and all that.” You turned to stand and opened the stall, “Does it even have an effect on you?”
The God huffed and opened his beak in something that looked like a smile, his claws tucked under his head and his wings blanketed over his body, “Not greatly, but it is strong, so I can feel the effects for a moment.”
“So, when you chugged it for the pain…”
“It did not help for a long time.” Qene confirmed, “But I am grateful for your help. Without you, I would have gone mad and destroyed much of this place in my agony.”
“Well, you’re welcome. It’s the least I could do after what other humans did to you. Now, let me get you that whiskey.”
 Qene’s feather’s rustled in the valley winds, and he raised his head as he stepped out of the barn, his claws dragging on the floor before he spread his wings and let the wind run through his feathers. A few final dead ones fluttered away on the wind, browning as they disappeared up the hills.
“It feels like an eon since I felt the wind.” Qene rumbled as he flapped his wings and stood tall to look over the fields and up to the mountain, “I will now no longer burden you.”
“I…I’m glad you’re well, but…” You looked at the mountain again, “Won’t they be waiting for you?”
“Waiting for me?” Qene rumbled, his head tilted to peer down at you, “They may be, but my home is my own…”
“Why not stay here?” You asked as the small crow cawed and landed on your shoulder, “They won’t look for you here.”
“And why would you want this?” he asked as he dipped his head, “I am not of your kind, nor am I a welcome guest. I fell into your home.”
“But you are also a welcome one now.” You smiled at him, “I don’t mind you being here. You even helped me get those hay bales out of the barn.”
Qene’s eyes looked to the mountain with longing, “My home…”
“You can go and see…but if you want to come back then…”
 Qene lowered his beak to your head, pressing the top to the top of your skull before he looked you in the eyes and licked at your cheek, “Silly human. I…” he rumbled, “I will see my home, but I will return…for visits or for…If my home is not inhabitable.”
You reached up to his face and carefully stroked along Qene’s feathered neck, the golden feathers soft and pretty, “Come back when you want.” You smiled, “Maybe you can replace the whiskey you drank, huh?”
Qene laughed, his beak open and eyes closed, “Perhaps…Or maybe I can bring you something better?”
“Something better?” You asked.
The God nodded his head, “I will bring you a feather, if I return, and weave it into your hair.”
“To what end? What does that mean?” You stroked his neck.
“That you are chosen by me, by the valley god…” he confessed, “That you will be my priestess.”
You laughed softly, “I don’t know about being a religious figure but…”
“You will be mine?” Qene rumbled, his wings flexing.
“Maybe I will, Qene.” You promised before the God flexed his wings and pounded them three times, lifting from the field and into the air.
 The crow on your shoulder rubbed its head under your chin, “I will be here. My eyes see everything.”
“I know, Qene. Good luck.” You whispered to the crow before the shadow in the clouds disappeared back towards the mountain.
 Weeks past with warm weather and pleasant breezes. The mountain was silent, looming in the distance over the valley, and you tended to your animals and small vegetable patch. Thriskar came for some milk and eggs, looking at the sudden brightness to your animals and farm.
“It is like a God has touched this place!” He commented over a cold glass of milk one day, crunching carrot sticks between his teeth as he looked at the farm. His comment made you wonder just where Qene was. Since he had left the farm had been brighter, fuller of life, but quiet and Qene had not spoken through your crow companion for a long time. You were beginning to think something had happened, and often you went to bed after leaving a bottle of whiskey on the porch. This night, you did the same, placing the bottle out on the porch with a small candle in a holder, before heading to bed.
 The next morning you opened the door and stood over a single, golden feather. The feather glowed in the early morning light, bright and brilliant, burning with power. The whiskey was uncorked, and the candle blown out. You rushed for both items, grabbing the feather, and clutching it close before you rounded the corner and thundered into the barn. Qene’s orange eye slowly peered over the top of the stall.
“Hello, little bird.” Qene rumbled before he pushed open the gate, “It has been a while.”
“Qene!” You rushed to the bird creature and hugged him around the neck.
Qene raised his neck and hung you before he gripped you around the waist and smiled, clucking softly with a purr before he placed you back on the floor, “I have missed you. My home is gone, destroyed and trapped. I…I searched for somewhere, but I have ended up back at your doorstep.”
“So…You’re here to stay?” You asked gently.
He nodded his head, “If I am welcome. I will make a home here and…I would like to know more about you.”
 You looked up at the eagle face. His eyes were covered by golden and brown feathers, and you reached up to push them away, staring at the orange eyes of the God.
“You were always welcome.” You cooed before kissing the top of his beak.
“Thank you, little bird.” Qene cooed back as his leathery skin rubbed against your own, “The whiskey was a treat.” he chuckled.
“You’re going to have to give me some way to buy more! It’s so expensive!” You scolded.
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jensensfanfic · a month ago
Tumblr media
[my gif - from sideblog @banzai-larusso​]
pairing: daniel larusso x fem!reader
word count: 3435
warnings:  blood mention, injury mention, angst, unwanted attention (?)
a/n: can also be found on wattpad and ao3 :)
You have been noticing slight differences in how Daniel has been behaving lately. He didn't take Mr Miyagi refusing to train him for the tournament well. You didn't understand why he had suddenly changed his mind and signed up for the fight, anyway. He'd told you and Miyagi, not days ago, that he wanted their shared karate to "mean something." He didn't need or want to defend the trophy anymore, yet he'd suddenly come into the shop one night with a snapped bonsai and news that he had gone and signed the entry form.
Mr Miyagi didn't want to be involved, but Daniel still had to train. After eating breakfast each morning at the Miyagi house, you would get into your running gear and do laps around the local park with him and Jessica. Then he would leave and head off to the cliffs to continue training alone for a while before returning for dinner. But tonight, he hadn't come back to eat with you. Instead, you had ended up cooking up some fish with Miyagi. It was a primarily silent meal, as you were both expecting Daniel would show up eventually, with some excuse about falling off of his bike or stopping at the store to check on things. But that didn't happen, and it was getting late, so you bid Miyagi goodbye before heading home to your shared apartment with Jessica. You were expecting your boyfriend to call and explain why he was late. Maybe he would form some unnecessarily long apology where he would mutter on and on before you were able to get a word in and tell him it was fine. Alas, that didn't happen either.
You didn't like to go to bed without a goodnight, whether it was in person or via phone call. Things felt off with Daniel lately, like perhaps he was losing himself somehow. You knew you wouldn't be able to sleep unless you went to see if everything was okay. So you put your jacket back on, left Jessica a note on the fridge, and began to make your way back to Mr Miyagi and Daniel's house, hoping he would be there by now.
When you arrive, you hop off of your bike and leave it leaning against the fence behind the collection of Miyagi's cars. You make your way around to Daniel's room, knowing that the guys didn't care if you walked in without saying a word; you were always welcome at the house, invitation or not. Except, after walking around and into the garden on this particular evening, you felt like you might not be. "Mr Miyagi?"
He was standing outside Daniel's room, head bowed a little, before he had heard your voice and glanced up. "Hai?" He starts to walk back inside slowly.
"What's going on?"
Miyagi gestured towards the room with a nod of his head. "Daniel-san, hurt foot."
"Oh?" You raised your brows. "What happened?"
"Don't know," he sighed. "Goodnight, Y/N-san."
"Goodnight, Mr Miyagi."
He closes the back door, and you watch the house until you see the lights switch off. You feel a pang of sadness in your chest at the thought of Miyagi being upset, but you shake it off quickly and knock on Daniel's door. "Hey, it's Y/N."
"Oh, uh, yeah, yeah, come in."
You slide open the door to be met with the sight of your boyfriend, sitting up in his bed with one leg dangling over the side. His right foot is soaking in a large bowl on the floor. It's filled with bright green liquid, and as you look closer, you see it steam and bubble. "What in the hell... is that?"
Tumblr media
"Uh... I'm not entirely sure, but I wouldn't suggest that you s-" Daniel cuts himself off when you bend down a little and take a sniff of the strange substance. You pull back instantly, holding a hand over your nose and grimacing. "Smell it." Daniel finishes.
"Wow. So, it's some secret Miyagi magic, huh? Some potion he cooked up to heal your foot." You sit down on the bed next to him, pushing some pillows away to make room. "Gonna tell me what you did to it?"
"No. I mean..." Daniel makes a face like he's annoyed at you for having asked. You don't dwell on it, thinking that perhaps he's just tired and in pain. "Nothin'. Just- banged it, I guess."
"Well, that's not the truth, but I'll let you stew in your deceit until you can tell me what really happened, hm?" You had meant for the comment to come off as a joke. You thought he would laugh; usually, Daniel appreciated your sense of humour since it matched his identical, sarcastic style pretty well. But instead, he reacted rather unexpectedly.
"What, you don't believe me!?" He yells, nearly tipping over the bowl of stinky foot soup as he twists his body around, bouncing on the bed a little. "You think you know everythin'? I fell. I banged myself, and there's just a small bruise, that's it. Just a little accident. Why is it such a big deal?"
Even Daniel's outburst doesn't make sense. You know him well enough to know when he is hiding a lie, but any sod could see right now that he wasn't speaking truthfully. Your mind wanders to not-so-great places as you imagine the possibilities of what could have happened for him to get so defensive over - as he said - 'a small bruise'.
"Danny..." You touch his shoulder, but he shrugs it off. It makes you feel small and worthless to be pushed off by someone you care for so deeply. You take a breath and try to sound calm just the same. "I'm just trying to help you. And so is Mr Miyagi. He looked heartbroken when I got here, you know?"
He faces away from you, arms crossed. "I'm fine, okay! I'm just trying to focus on the tournament! I don't need distractions."
"Your sensei, no - your best friend and your girlfriend, are distractions to you now, Daniel? The two people who love and care for you most. Just because Miyagi disagrees with your want to defend a plastic trophy: doesn't mean he doesn't care. He brought you this weird foot stuff, right?" You shuffle on the bed, distancing yourself from Daniel a little. "Can you please, tell me what happened?"
"Extreme situations call for extreme measures."
"What situations? The tournament?" Daniel finally looks your way again, but you don't see the sweet, silly boy who defended you against your bullies back in school. Nor the smooth-talking, funny guy who sweet-talked you into agreeing to go on a date with him before you'd even realised what he'd asked. Instead, Daniel looks exhausted, just the way he did after his first tournament. But you had seen him just this morning when he had colour in his cheeks and a little twinkle in his eye as he kissed your cheek before leaving to go to the cliffs; why was he so tired after just a few hours. "Daniel?"
"Look, I got problems, and Mr Miyagi won't help me fix it. Extreme situations... extreme measures."
"You know better than to think like that." You stand up and glance between his injured foot and his face, which is covered by his own hands as he huffs loudly. "This isn't you talking."
"Well, I'm sorry if you don't like it, Y/N, but it is me talking, and I got problems, so you both gotta stop giving me such a hard time about it and just let me be."
"Okay, fine." You walk to the door and slide it back open again. "I hope you'll figure all this out soon, Daniel. You're not just hurting yourself; you're hurting Miyagi. After all that he's done for you, he doesn't deserve your lies, and neither do I."
You leave then, closing the door behind you gently, before turning around and finally letting the tear that was threatening to fall spill out.
You don't hear from Daniel for three days after that. He had tried to call you a few times but had probably given up when he realised it was always Jessica who answered, telling him that you didn't want to talk. A few times, you wonder if maybe you'd acted a little too dramatically. But then you think Mr Miyagi's heartbroken face after Daniel had lied to him, even after he had helped heal his foot and voiced his concerns over what was going on. Mr Miyagi cares so profoundly for Daniel, and you think that even Daniel must know that he can see straight through anybody's lies. Miyagi had seen right through you when you had denied to him that you liked Daniel in the first place.
You think about that sweet memory - the way you had sat next to Daniel after Miyagi had called to let you know about the Halloween fight. They'd talked about karate and agreed on going to Cobra Kai dojo together to see if they could fix Daniel's little problem. After he'd left, Mr Miyagi had turned to you and said, "You, uh, care about friend very much. I think Y/N-san likes Daniel-san, hai?" After denying it more than a few times, he'd given you this exasperated look that told you he knew the truth, to which you smiled and nodded before he'd patted your shoulder and wished you a good night.
Your thoughts are interrupted by the phone ringing loudly, making you jump. You groan loudly and call out to Jessica. "Phone!" You groan when you hear her yell from the bathroom, "in the shower! Just ignore it."
You sigh, picking up the phone anyway. "Hey, I don't want to talk unless you're- oh-"
"Y/N-san, hello. Miyagi calling."
"Oh, hi. How are you?"
"Miyagi fine. But Daniel-san, not so good."
"What's wrong?"
"Hurt arm, hurt foot, hurt head... we fight. Nothing I can do."
"Oh, I- uh, I don't know what to say, Mr Miyagi."
"Maybe, uh, talk with his sweetheart can help."
"I- I'm not sure about that. We disagreed too, and we haven't spoken in a few days. I'm not sure if Daniel even wants to see me."
"Ah- understand."
"I'm sorry- I-"
"Hai. No, I understand. Miyagi pray for Daniel-san. But, are you okay?"
"Yes, I'll be okay. Thank you." His gentle voice, despite everything, makes you smile, and you squeeze your eyes shut as you hear him say goodbye. "Wait!"
"Do you know where he is?"
"No, but I can help look."
"No, no. It's late. I'll go. I will call if I find him, alright?"
"Thank you, Y/N-san. Goodnight."
"I'll see you soon."
You hang up the phone and then mutter curse words to yourself before thinking of places to look. You leave a note for Jessica - on the fridge - as per usual and head out on your bike to search.
The Cobra Kai dojo was the last place you ever expected to find Daniel. You had nearly fallen off of your bike when you had ridden past and spotted him through the windows. You stopped dead in your tracks and jumped half a mile when a car honked behind you. Quickly getting off of your bike, you waved at the driver in apology and leaned it against the building. You peered inside and saw a tall, slender man with a ponytail menacingly grinning at Daniel. He was gripping Daniel's wrist, and you could tell he had a tight hold, as you could see from here that the skin around the area was white from the pressure. You move to get a better look at what's happening, and as you crouch down, you see the blood lining Daniel's knuckles.
Tumblr media
Your hand comes up to cover your mouth as you see his blood covering the face of Mike Barns' poster, too. You feel sick, remembering reading about that guy and now understanding why Daniel was so desperate to have training. You don't know what to do at this moment. If you go in, maybe you could coax Daniel out, make up some excuse and drag him away. But maybe whoever was training Daniel would get aggressive, too - he seemed to you to be that type.
You don't get much of a chance to make a decision when you are suddenly hearing Daniel's grunts, followed by the two men cheering. You look up again and see them high fiving each other and talking. After a minute, I watch Daniel head to the back, and a while later, he is changed and heading for the door. You wipe at your cheeks, only momentarily registering how much you'd cried at the sight of Daniel's cut up hands. As you hear the door open, you stand, bike forgotten, and quickly move to catch up with your boyfriend as he walks quickly down the road.
"Daniel!" You tap his shoulder, and he turns so quickly that it makes you jump away from him. He lowers his defence when he takes in your form. "Uh-"
"Sorry! Man, don't creep up on me like that. It's dark out."
"I called your name..." Your heart thumps as you walk alongside him, headed home. "You even think maybe it was someone you knew, and you didn't have to be ready to punch me?"
"Shit. I'm sorry, okay. It's just this guy... Silver, he's teaching me things I never thought I could do. You have to be ready for your enemy to attack."
"I'm your enemy?"
"No. But, you know what I mean?"
"I don't think I do." You mutter, more to yourself than to Daniel. Then you stop him, gripping his arm and turning him to face you underneath the orange hue of a street light. "So, that's the guy's name.. Silver? The one who had you punching that wooden thing."
"You saw that?"
"Yes, I did. And you need to stop. Look at this," you take Daniel's hand as carefully as possible and lift it so you can both look. Your thumb brushes over the small cuts that mark up each knuckle. "It's not good. It's not the way Miyagi taught you. Can't you see that it's changing you?"
He looks annoyed, but he doesn't move his hand from your grasp. "What if it's a good change?"
"Daniel, I-"
A dirty-looking man, dressed in torn-up jeans and an open shirt, appears beside your boyfriend. The man pushes him out of your eyesight and leans down to whisper in your ear. "Hey, sweetie, you wanna come home with me?"
"Excuse me!?" You shove him back, using all the strength you can muster. He slams against the opposing store window, shouting.
"Bitch! What's your problem? Come on; I'll take you home."
"Nah, she's with me." Daniel's arm wraps around your waist protectively, and it's the most gentle he's been in weeks. You feel a slight flutter of hope in your chest. "Let's go."
"Not so fast." The man grabs my shoulder as we start to walk and tugs so hard that I fall to the ground.
"Hey!" Daniel yells at him, and then before I even register what's happening, the guy is crouched down close to me, holding his nose as blood pours from it.
"Dude, you broke my nose!"
"What!? You hit that guy! Technique and killer instinct, you finally got it, man!" Suddenly, you are being yanked to your feet by Terry Silver as he continues to cheer Daniel on. "You protected your girl, here! Huh?"
"No, man!"
"I gotta do something. I gotta help that guy out, man." Daniel tries to get past Silver to see where the guy went. I look along the street and see him sitting on a bench, phone in hand, probably calling the cops.
"What? No, you've got to go before the cops get here. You did the right thing! You nailed that guy."
Silver begins to run, so Daniel takes your hand and goes too, as you all see the flashing red and blue lights in the distance. "Come on."
As you speed up, sprinting down the street, you notice that Terry has stopped, and you can faintly hear the creepy guy yelling, "Hey, where's my money?"
Your blood boils. The whole ordeal was all a setup. Silver had paid that guy to hit on you and make Daniel act out on his newfound aggression.
"I'm so sorry, Y/N. I can't believe I just broke that guy's damn nose. This whole thing - it isn't me. I feel like I'm losing it."
"Finally." You sit down on Daniel's bed and tug on his shirt sleeve so that he'll follow. "I tried to tell you."
"I know, and I'm sorry! What I said, I didn't mean it, and I wanted to call and apologise right away."
"Then why didn't you?" You try to look at his eyes, but he is so skittish at this moment, his leg bouncing and his hands shaking. "You waited until the next day, and by then, I just- didn't want to hear your voice, if I'm honest."
"I get that. I'm a mess. And Mr Miyagi... man, I screwed everything up with him, and with you! I'm just stuck. I don't know what to do."
"Well, firstly, I'm sitting right here. I haven't gone anywhere. I came looking for you tonight; Mr Miygai thought that if he couldn't help you, then maybe I could." You cup his jaw in your hand and force him to look at you. "I'm here. Okay? And Mr Miyagi loves you. He tells me all the time how proud he is of you; explain everything as you did to me, and I'm sure it'll be okay."
Daniel shifts so that your hand falls away. "I don't think he'll be so proud when he hears what I did to that guy."
"He should hear it from you, though, right?"
Tumblr media
"What if I can't face him? I don't know if I can."
"You can." You sigh, taking his injured hand and wiping away some of the dried blood with your sleeve. He winces, but he doesn't stop you. "Sorry."
"Nah, it's fine. I do appreciate you helping me... patching me up, y'know." He lifts your chin with his free hand, wiping away a stray tear from your cheek. "I didn't mean what I said."
"I know." You nod, and when you reach for his drawers, where you know, he has a couple of bandages and medical supplies. You take one out of its packaging and wrap it around his hand before tying a knot.
Tumblr media
"There. Anything else hurting or needs lookin' at?"
"Yeah, but it's fine... I swear."
"Okay, then." You lift his hand to your lips and plant a couple of kisses onto it. It's a grounding moment: like you are showing him through your soft touch that he's here in this moment, that you are here for him, and everything is okay for now.
He smiles, and you can't help thinking about how much you missed it, that sweet innocent smile that you fell for first. But before you can let yourself cry any more tears dwelling on that, you pull his hand around your shoulder and cuddle into his side. He's taken aback for a few seconds, but then you feel him tighten the hug and kiss the top of your head. "Thank you." He whispers, and after a few more minutes, "I want to go and call the hospital, find out that guy's name so I can pay for everything."
"That sounds like a good idea to me."
"Yeah. You coming?" He stands up, offering his hand, which you take before he leads you into the main house. You sit down on a cushion on the floor while Daniel grabs the phone. It's not long before he starts to get annoyed, yelling at the nurse on the phone about not know the guy's name.
Mr Miyagi arrives home just before the nurse hangs up, and Daniel slams the phone down. "Damn it!"
Miyagi looks down at me and then back at Daniel. "Oi. What matter?"
Daniel explains what happened on the streets only an hour ago, and you decide to wait inside as they head to the garden to talk more.
As dire as the situation may be, you can't help but smile as you see their two figures looking down at the broken-now-fixed bonsai tree. Your boyfriend was finally back. But you still had a gut feeling there was more to come.
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itspdameronthings · a month ago
A long drive
Summary: here is another entry to @autumnleaves1991-blog"s writing challenge. had so much fun with this one caused me to write another one. yes, its in the Channel 2 universe. Will is dealing with the loss of his fiance leaving him. He takes a drive to think,and realized it was not the first time he took a drive like this to think things through. Enjoy.
Note: mentions PSTD some depression. some fluff.
Will's world just crashed around him. Since his fiance left him after the pulplex incident. Telling him she could not handle his PSTD. That really wrecked him to no end. All he did was go out on his bike and ride to clear his mind. Always helped. How he loved the backroads. Miles and miles of road that leads to who knows where. He remembers one other time he got on his bike to ride his hurt away.
Texas 1997:
Things were crumbling for will. He was supposed to go to his senior prom.things changed the day before. His date dumped him! All she wanted was to go to Baylor. To tend to a frat party. Said she was attracted to older guys. After school. Hops on his motorcycle, and drives. That is all he could do. Thinking what is wrong with him? He thought it was because he is too shy. No! He is handsome to a fault. Voted most handsome and most athletic.soon as he graduates. He would report to basic training. There is where his future would change. Noticed it was getting late. Which means time to get back home.
Soon as he pulls up to the house. Sees his mom on the porch. Snapping green beans for dinner. She pats for him to sit next to her," hate to see my boy so upset. This kind of hurt goes away in time. You just can't let that tart get to you. I knew she would break your heart one day! Also it is for the best. Soon your life would start a new direction. You will fall in love so many times ,and one lucky lady will come along to take care of you." Will sniffles," thanks for the advice mama. Always know what to say." he got up and try to pry his brother away from the punching bag.
Sounds of a semi truck passing him causes Will to come out of his thoughts. Pulls over to control his breathing. Drives himself to a rest stop. Calls someone to help him talk through his grieving heart," hay Doc. Hope if it is okay if I can come by. Need a female friend to talk to right now." She tells him to come over. He smiles and drives back to town.
It was close to midnight when he arrived. Noticing a light on,means she is still awake. Knocks on the door to see his teammate with messy hair and crumbled up clothes. She leads him inside,and leads him towards the easy chair," How are you holding up Ironhead? " he sighs," In a word? Feel like crap. Thanks for asking though." Doc sighs," when Benny told me what happened. Made me want to strangle that wench! She knew your issues! You are one of the most kindhearted person I know. Well.. next to my best friend.ha ha! You taught him well." Will took his friend's advice to heart. Doc told him that there are more women out there to submit to his southern charm.
Present day:
Since coming back to Texas was nothing but good luck for him. After starting a new job at the army base. Meets a nice lady while running errands. She needed a recommendation for a good coffee,and resulted in a date a few days later,and more dates after that. Soon he would bring her to meet his brothers. Whom they like very much. That is when he knew he hit the jackpot when she decks some dick who tried to touch her. He smiles when the others ushers the dude out of the bar. Few months after that. She moved in with him. Made him feel better when he has another panic attack. He clings to her telling her not to let go of him. That is what she did. Held him till he fell asleep. Tara was even there when he came back from Columbia,and nursed his wounds. That is when he told her that he loves her very much. She told him the same thing. Which resulted in making love till dawn.
Year later:
Will and Tara were lounging around watching a movie. Till she starts to nod off. He runs his fingers in her hair.thinking about how lucky to have found this lovely lady. Everything he needs and more. Sounds of pitter patter of small feet on the floor caused him to wake from a small toddler attacking him," Unkie will save me!" Hears," Oscar Santiago Miller Garcia get your butt into bed before your mother comes home." He chuckles,and picks up his nephew," I'm not gonna get into trouble with your dads so I'll put you to bed." Benny and Santi smile as he takes him up to bed. Tara winks at him when goes upstairs. Benny sits next to her," I'll keep saying this till you get tired of hearing me say this. I'm glad you are in my brother's life. Nice to see him smile." Tara smiles as she gets to check on her man.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-fiction-witch · a month ago
Why Do I Trust you with our children?
Tumblr media
I finished up dinner setting it on the stove to cook away wiping my hands on the apron of my dress I looked out the window seeing the level of the sun, it was getting late, I wonder where they are? I sighed and headed out shutting up my little house walking through the hay-covered streets avoiding horse muck here and there and the piles from where people had thrown their chamber pots out the window it was a dirty rough little place, but I had always called it home, My little Brittian village. I saw the blacksmith at the forge so I hopped over keeping my dress in my hand as to not dirty it "Hello Petrov"
"Hello Y/n" He smiled as he worked
"You haven't seen my husband anywhere have you?" I asked
"Last I saw him he was at the grocers"
"Oh, well thank you Petrov" I nodded before hurrying off through the village in that direction But I spotted a familiar sight sat with a few of the village children just finishing a story, I smiled and let him finish before he noticed me as the children hurried off home
"Why good afternoon y/n"
"Good afternoon merlin," I giggled "You haven't seen Romulus have you?" I asked, "Or my children for that matter?"
"You're children? No. Not since school this morning though Arthur said he was going to do some studying. Last I saw your husband he was out by the creek"
"Ohh, well thank you merlin" I smiled hurrying off out the village and into the thick woods heading down to the creek hearing the leaves crack under my boots, holding my dress as to not dirty it any more than it no doubt already was, jumping over little puddles and twigs. and I saw sat by the creek the mop of long blonde and brown hair of my husband, The skinny body concealed by his half tattered grey and green clothes, I smiled widely seeing him sat there as he often did, he would often go down to the creek and the river to think, he liked it, thinking about all the things that had changed, I smiled thinking back for a moment to the scared little boy in high-end clothes that arrived in our village so long ago "Romulus" I called making him perk up and turn to see me
"Y/n!" He gleamed fixing his hair getting up and running over to me, instantly wrapping his arms around me and giving my lips a sweet kiss "Hi"
"Hi" I smiled "I've been looking everywhere for you"
"You where?"
"You're late for dinner"
"Oh, sorry y/n." He blushed
"It's alright, dinners on" I smiled "You need a haircut," I said fixing his hair "and a shave," I said playing with the excuse of facial hair he was growing
"No. I am not using that evil thing. Besides I thought you liked my tickly kisses" He smirked pulling me closer and kissing all over me
"Romulus!" I giggled pushing him off me "where are our children?"
"uuuhh.... that is a good question"
"have you not been keeping track of them?"
"I kept track... they went that way," he says pointing into the woods
"why do I trust you with our children?" I sighed walking off in that direction "Arthur! Merlina!" I called
"I'm not that bad at looking after our children, they're fast."
"Of course they are Romulus their children"
"Arthur is a slippery little bugger"
"No he just knows how to outsmart you"
"Arthur can't outsmart me"
"He tricked you into trading his apple for your whole lunch yesterday"
"He is a smart boy"
"Yep, Get's it from me" I giggled
"And Merlina is fast, damn girls like a fox she just disappears and reappears"
"Wait? I didn't have will with me, and you don't have him... ohh for god Romulus where is our baby?"
"with Merlina"
"You left Will with Merlina!"
"Ohh for god, MERLINA! Please don't sacrifice your brother!" I yelled running though the woods and as I ran I heard a little voice
"Bubble, Bubble, bones and rubble, I give this gift of a pure infant-" she giggled
"MERLINA!" I yelled running through the tree's till I found her with a little fire, some rocks, a dead bird, and her brother with pentagrams all over the flood made of twigs "Merlina, What have I told you about ritual sacrifice?" I asked her and she stood putting her hands behind her back in her little brown dress
"Not without Mummy's help"
"Good girl, and No sacrificing your brother," I told her picking will up keeping him close in my arms "Come along let's go find Arthur" I told her pushing her along breaking up her twigs in case she had done something
"I blame you for this," Romulus smirked,
"You're the witch?"
"and you regularly dump our children with merlin, are you surprised?"
"Good point" He sighed
"Arthur?" I called trying to find him as we walked though the woods back towards the village
"Mummy!" I heard his little voice and suddenly in a mess of mud, twigs, and blonde hair scurried arthur "Hi!"
"Hello darling, come on dinner time" I told him
"Mummy! Mummy I found a owl! can I keep it!" He smiled
"No Arthur let the owl go" I told him he sighed letting it go and we all walked back to the little house having dinner and getting the children tucked up in their beds,
"Awww there so sweet when there sleeping" He smiled
"They are, come on you it's your bedtime too" I said tugging him along with me I pushed him towards our bed and I stood cleaning up from dinner
"Y/n?" He asks giving me a cuddle
"Yes Romulus?"
"Let's have another" He cooes cradling my stomach
"Ummm, we will have another baby when you can manage the children we already have" I told him
"But y/n" He whines in my ear
"But nothing Romulus, No more babies till you can manage them. Or at least till will gets a bit bigger" I told him giving his lips a little kiss
"Alright, can't we at least... you know tonight?" he smirked in my ear
"Alright. Just quiet so we don't wake the children" I smiled pushing him over to our bed but he wouldn't let go of my hand so he just dragged me down with him ontop of him...
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whatdoesshedotothem · a month ago
Thurs[day] [10] May 1827
6 1/2
12 40/60
Bow[e]ls pret[ty] well - s[ai]d my pray[e]rs - up ab[ou]t 20 min[ute]s b[u]t feel[in]g ver[y] sleepy lay d[o]wn on the bed for a few
min[ute]s fell asleep and lay till McD- [MacDonald] rous[e]d me by attempt[in]g to co[me] in to ma[ke] the bed at 8 55/60 - wash[e]d
etc immed[iatel]y - at my desk at 9 40/60 - fr[om] then to 10 50/60 wr[ote] all b[u]t the first 7 lines of yest[erday] and the ab[ov]e of today.
Geo[rge] br[ou]ght me the pap[e]r and 2 let[ter]s fr[om] M- [Mariana] (Lawt[o]n) and 1 fr[om] IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] (1 Oxf[or]d Row, Bath) I oft[e]n wait
to do that I like best, so r[ea]d IN-‘s [Isabella Norcliffe] let[ter] first - 3 p[ages] 2 1/2 of them cross[e]d - wide[l]y writ[ten] - ment[io]ns the d[ea]th of
Mrs Fisher 3 m[on]ths ago of a ling[erin]g illn[e]ss. IN-‘s [Isabella Norcliffe] health good. Mrs N- [Norcliffe] h[a]s h[a]d a lit[tle] touch of the gout late[l]y.
CN- [Charlotte Norcliffe] bet[ter] for h[e]r trip to town - their unc[le] John and the [?] there - none of them ask[e]d C- [Charlotte] to din[ner].
I cannot sufficiently express my contempt at such conduct as I am perfectly certain that a few sho
rt years ago the most sneaking attention would have been shewn such is the way of the world.
Sp[en]t a pleas[an]t wint[e]r in Bath ‘the plays ha[ve] been our gr[ea]t amuse[men]t’ - .... ‘Noth[in]g w[oul]d delight me so m[u]ch as to
‘pay you a vis[i]t in Paris, if you c[oul]d, w[i]thout inconven[ien]ce to yours[elf] and your a[un]t, ta[ke] me in. I th[in]k I c[oul]d contrive to
‘co[me] to you for a sh[or]t ti[me] in Sept[embe]r. In your next, tell me if you w[oul]d really wish to see me, and if I am alive
‘and well at the ti[me], I will co[me] to you - b[u]t do n[o]t hesit[a]te to say if it will be the least inconven[ien]ce to you’. Lucy
Foulis mar[rie]d to Ch[arle]s Eyre the oth[e]r day. Beatrix h[a]s h[a]d an operat[io]n perform[e]d on h[e]r eye (to remove a film) by Mr Hay of Leeds.
N- [Norcliffe] and she go[in]g to Holland the 1st of June. Mr Schalch (late Miss Vall[an]ce) h[a]s just miscar[rie]d a 2[n]d ti[me]. CN [Charlotte Norcliffe] ‘saw h[e]r
husb[an]d in town, and says he app[ea]rs to be ver[y] pudding headed’ ..... ‘the change of minist[r]y here h[a]s caus[e]d a
‘gr[ea]t ferment. Canning h[a]s eith[e]r gain[e]d gr[ea]t fr[ie]nds or m[o]st viol[en]t enemies, b[u]t I th[in]k the latt[e]r preponderate.
‘Those who are in fav[ou]r of the Cath[oli]c quest[io]n, are delight[e]d, whilst, on the cont[rar]y, the antipapists alm[o]st execr[a]te
‘h[i]m’ - ...... to ‘sp[ea]k to La Fitte ab[ou]t our Fr[en]ch div[iden]ds; they are alw[a]ys s[e]nt ov[e]r in bills of 2 m[on]ths date,
‘so that inst[ea]d of receiv[in]g them in M[ar]ch, we do n[o]t g[e]t them till the end of May, w[hi]ch is a gr[ea]t inconven[ien]ce’.
Mrs Yorke of Bewerley br[ou]ght to b[e]d of a son. Mrs N- [Norcliffe] will ma[ke] a detour. They will n[o]t be at home till
1 June - to wr[ite] immed[iatel]y and direct to Fisher’s. Mrs Duffin h[a]s been sick - jokes ab[ou]t it - asks wh[a]t is th[ou]ght
here ab[ou]t the dismiss[a]l of the nat[iona]l guards - somehow I have often wondered Mrs N- [Norcliffe] has never written to me
but it probably means nothing more than that she has not felt inclined it cannot be that I am at all out of her g
ood books - fr[om] 10 50/60 to 11 1/2  read[in]g IN-‘s [Isabella Norcliffe] let[ter] and writ[in]g the last 21 1/2 lines and the r[ou]gh d[ra]ft of index - w[e]nt in to my a[un]t
for 1/4 h[ou]t or 10 min[ute]s - told h[e]r of IN-‘s [Isabella Norcliffe] com[in]g etc she th[in]ks h[e]r less becom[in]g dropsic[a]l - s[ai]d it w[a]s n[o]t improb[able], b[u]t
she m[i]ght n[o]t be the worse of it - one m[i]ght be dropsic[a]l for man[y] y[ea]rs - then r[ea]d M-‘s [Mariana] let[ter] 3 p[ages] and the ends close[l]y
writ[ten] w[hi]ch took me till 12 10/60 - br[eak]f[a]st at 12 1/4 till 1 - then till 1 1/2 r[ea]d the pap[e]r - then finish[e]d dress[in]g - at my desk
ag[ai]n at  2 1/4 - L- [Charles Lawton] so poor this half year he has been obliged to borrow of some of the tenants M-‘s [Pi - Mariana] last quarters
allowance due in March not yet paid. Busy read[in]g Denh[a]m’s discov[erie]s in Africa - ver[y] entertain[in]g. ‘Thurs[day] 26 Ap[ril]
‘eith[e]r the bath (show[e]r bath) or the medic[i]ne I am tak[in]g now, disag[ree] w[i]th me, and I cant tell w[hi]ch - b[u]t I ha[ve] s[u]ch perpet[ua]l  burn[in]g in
‘my cheeks and foreh[ea]d as ma[ke]s it uncomf[orta]ble to co[me] n[ea]r a fire - perh[aps] for 5 or 10 min[ute]s my face is scarl[e]t, and my
‘pulse quick[e]ns whi[le] my f[ee]t and h[a]nds are qui[te] cold’. it seems that the foll[owin]g day 27th ult[imo] Fri[day] ‘it w[a]s viol[en]t to a deg[ree]
‘that w[a]s absol[utel]y alarm[in]g. I w[a]s complete[l]y scarl[e]t and my pulse w[a]s at 104’. Mr Davenport ‘seem[e]d to th[in]k it w[a]s
‘occas[ione]d by the show[e]r bath’ - she w[a]s to leave it off and the tonic medic[ine]s, and ‘to ta[ke] neith[e]r meat n[o]r wine’ - bet[ter] b[u]t h[a]d
m[u]ch pain in h[e]r stom[a]ch Mon[day] 30th ult[imo] she consult[e]d D[octo]r North[e]rn - ‘he seem[e]d to th[in]k the pain at the stom[a]ch
‘ent[irel]y indigest[io]n, and the flush[in]g in the face to proceed fr[om] the sa[me] course’ - ord[ere]d leeches on the st[oma]ch, and ga[ve] h[e]r a prescript[io]n -
seems to ha[ve] h[a]d 6 appli[e]d to the st[oma]ch, and 2 on each side the temple on Wed[nesday] the 2[n]d inst[ant] - vid[ere] p[age] 2 then vid[ere] the 1st
end she is to dine at 2 - h[e]r eyes so swell[e]d she c[oul]d scarce see - she h[a]d no pain in the st[oma]ch Fri[day] the 4th inst[ant] -
finishes h[e]r let[ter] early Sat[urday] the 5th that hopes she is go[in]g on well - bids me n[o]t ma[ke] mys[elf] uneasy - is n[o]t ill -
perhaps if she was with me all would be right at once. Does n[o]t see why the liv[in]g of L- [?] sh[oul]d n[o]t be b[ou]ght for Ch[arle]s
Milne as well as an[y]bod[y] else. Mr CL- [Charles Lawton] wants a lit[tle] ready mon[e]y - the purch[a]se mon[e]y w[oul]d n[o]t at all benefit M- [Mariana] vid[ere] the
bot[tom] of p[age] 3 (or n[ea]r the bot[tom] of p[age] 3) and the bot[tom] of the last end.
F[ahrenheit] 53 at 9 1/2 a.m.
62 at 12 10/60 p.m.
55 at 11 55/60 ------
fine morn[in]g aft[e]r
2 or 3 show[e]rs till ab[ou]t 3 p.m.
aft[er]w[ar]ds fine - fine moonlight
night at 11 20/60.
1827 May
‘Polit[i]cs run high just now, b[u]t I th[in]k the Canning int[ere]st decid[edl]y has it - the K[in]g h[a]s ind[eed] behav[e]d nobly, he m[u]st ha[ve]
‘a gr[ea]t mind, and he will be ver[y] prop[e]r in the count[r]y by this last act - we h[a]d in yest[erday]’s pap[e]r (of Fri[day] 4th inst[ant]) Mr Peel’s
‘sp[ee]ch in the h[ou]se - it is like hims[elf] honest and high mind[e]d. I like Mr Canning’s sp[ee]ch too, tho’ one can[no]t depend up[on]
‘h[i]m so ent[irel]y as the form[e]r’ - fr[om] 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 wr[ote] the last 18 lines - then wr[ote] ab[ou]t 1/2 p[age] 2 of my let[ter] to M- [Mariana], and Mrs and
Miss Mackenzie call[e]d (Mrs B- [Barlow] ca[me] w[i]th them) w[e]nt in to them at 3 40/60 and they st[ai]d till 3 55/60 - s[ai]d I sh[oul]d be hap[py] to see them at an[y] ti[me] - ask[e]d them to din[ner] or tea or whatev[e]r m[i]ght suit them
best. They hop[e]d to see me. Humph! s[ai]d I, you are at the Boyves’. I will send you my card in an envelope -
Mrs B- [Barlow] ret[urne]d as I w[a]s writ[in]g the last line - st[ai]d talk[in]g to h[e]r - then w[e]nt out w[i]th h[e]r at 4 1/2 - walk[e]d in the gard[e]ns on the terrasse
d’eau - call[e]d for 10 min[ute]s for Jane, and g[o]t b[a]ck here at 6 1/4. Mrs and Miss B- [Barlow] din[e]d w[i]th us and st[ai]d till 11 20/60. Din[ner] at
6 25/60 - tea at 9 20/60 - aft[e]r m[u]ch pro and con[tra] bet[ween] go[in]g for 2 m[on]ths to the S[ou]th of Fr[an]ce and Geneva in Sept[embe]r and Oct[obe]r, and ask[in]g IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] to co[me] bef[ore] or
go[in]g to Geneva and Switz[erlan]d for the sa[me] length of ti[me] in June July and Aug[u]st (sett[in]g off ab[ou]t the mid[dle] of June) and lett[in]g IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] co[me]
as she proposes, in Sept[embe]r - decid[e]d for the latt[e]r - h[a]d tossed up for it, and, accord[in]g to the toss up on the sol, were to go to
the s[ou]th of Fr[an]ce (includ[in]g Nice if poss[ible] in the ti[me]) b[u]t Mrs B-‘s [Barlow] seem[in]g pref[eren]ce of Switz[erlan]d turn[e]d the scale - my a[un]t
alw[a]ys the best in autumn - b[u]t the swell[in]g of her legs, fr[om] wh[a]t she says, app[ea]rs to be becom[in]g, if n[o]t alread[y] beco[me] decid[edl]y
dropsic[a]l. Mrs B- [Barlow] does n[o]t like the feel[in]gs complain[e]d - the sense of hot wat[e]r pour[in]g d[o]wn the legs, and gr[ea]t pain -
says h[e]r unc[le] de la Condamine h[a]d just the sa[me] sort of feel[in]gs - the wat[e]r at last g[o]t to h[i]s head - he lost his faculties,
and di[e]d in 10 or 11 m[on]ths - on go[in]g to my r[oo]m mus[in]g ov[e]r all this - th[in]k of writ[in]g to D[octo]r Kenny - gl[a]d in my heart to ha[ve]
the journ[e]y ev[e]n put off till the mid[dle] of next m[on]th - ha[ve] n[o]t m[u]ch idea of go[in]g at all - wh[e]n it co[me]s to the point can[no]t -
shall n[o]t leave my a[un]t - she w[oul]d like me to ask Miss McL- [Maclean] to co[me] for the wint[e]r. I th[ou]ght this m[i]ght be too long to be turn[e]d
out of my b[e]dr[oo]m and oblig[e]d to sleep in my sitt[in]g - we h[a]d been contriv[e]d how to do wh[e]n IN- [Isabella Norcliffe] to ha[ve] a lit de
sangle mov[e]d b[a]ckw[ar]ds and forw[ar]ds int[o] the draw[in]g r[oo]m, and my brechet by day - on mus[in]g just bef[ore] gett[in]g int[o] b[e]d, th[ou]ght
all for the best. IN-‘s [Isabella Norcliffe] com[in]g for the best - w[oul]d move my b[oo]kcases - put them on each side my firepl[a]ce, and my
lit[tle] b[e]d in the recess - 2 or 3 show[e]rs dur[in]g the day till ab[ou]t 3 p.m. and then aft[er]w[ar]ds fine - fine moonlight n[i]ght
at 11 20/60.
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thesixswords · a month ago
Six Swords:
Tumblr media
The San Angelo Shake
       Six days. Six long, hot, miserable days with little food, practically no ventilation, and a rather unkind host that made it feel like twice that time had passed. But Titus knew his role, and so he stuck it out. There had better not be a seventh, he grumbled to himself as he moved from his hay bale bed to rise for breakfast, the day's only meal.
       After much deliberation amongst his fellow nuisances, it had been decided that he, the tallest, strongest, and - to face the truth of it - darkest of the bunch would be best for this position. But here, in this hot and damp hellhole of an undersized cell where he had sat for nearly a week awaiting the arrival of officer John Montgomery, he was beginning to wonder if they were right. They were a stone's throw from the new fort at Concho, an outpost thrown up in the naive hope that native attacks down into the area would be deterred.
       Despite it not having the desired effect, it did lead to the first voluntary all-black units of the struggling Confederacy, which had all but shirked its more propogandic ideals in the face of retaliation attacks for the death of General Grant. But that didn't last long, Titus thought as he finished his small portion of biscuit and sausage. With a burp and, he hoped at least, an infuriating grin of nonchalance, he swept the shallow tin pot across the rudimentary bars of his home away from home and called for the bailiff.
       "Come on now, you sleepy slackoff, I want seconds!" The young man assigned to watch over him, a thin and hairless fellow a full foot shorter than his towering charge, ambled over in a fit and snatched the small dish away from Titus. "Jerry, you'll never grow this place into a real business if you keep treating valued patrons this way," the prisoner continued to taunt the gangly man. "And where's colonel Montgomery already? I've been waiting a full week on his lazy ass, and yet here I sit. Slackers, all of you."
        As if waiting for his cue, the blue-clad and sun-bleached officer opened the creaky wooden door to the jailhouse, nearly pulling it off its misaligned hinges in the process. "Well I'll be," the hardened old man said with a voice that sounded like gravel under a bootheel. "They told me there was a boy waiting to be escorted back to my fort, but I don't believe I recognize you." He scratched his head for a bit, looked at the young bailiff, then back to Titus. Eager to move forward, Titus offered the best bluff he could come up with on the spot. "Like you'd recognize me anyways, just one of a hundred in a barrack you'd never scuff those shiny boots on."
       It seemed to work. The old man's gaze hardened and the cane he propped himself up with snaked off the ground almost too quick to spot. Titus felt its steel tip smash hard into his ribcage, and he went down involuntarily in a coughing fit. "You son-of-a-", he started, but another look at the raised cane stopped him short. He stood back up, straightened off the poorly fitted uniform that identified him as belonging to Fort Concho, and looked through the bars to the hills beyond where his small band of mounted men should have been. Come on, Pierce.
       "Mr. Montgomery." The younger man was holding out a piece of paper and a fountain pen. "If we can just get your mark here to show you have indeed picked this man up." The old officer turned his attention to the bailiff momentarily, and Titus took the time to look the old man up and down. He wasn't particularly stout by the looks of it, but this was going to be harder than he had expected nonetheless. He was well-armed, booted, and covered in more layers of clothing than anyone in this climate should be.
      "Come now, young Marlow," he was hollering without turning to face Titus. "Let's get you back to the tents and a hot meal." Desertion was fairly normal in these times, an irregular phenomenon turned into a staple of military service as the funding dwindled and the opposition and its allies grew. They expected the behavior; it had become so common there was no real punishment for the act in place anymore. The local authorities would just round you up and hand you off to be ferried back to wherever you'd been conscripted to.
       So, when the old man pulled chains from within the large bag at his side, a cold chill went down Titus's spine. This wasn't supposed to be in the cards at all, and he did not do well with chains. Taking a deep breath to steady his voice, Titus inquired, "Come on, now, what's all this? Ain't we just headed up the road a ways?" The old man smiled at him again, and this time the prisoner saw something a little too malicious in his stare. "Ahh," Titus sighed, holding his arms through the bars to be restrained, "There's the man I've been looking for."
       This time it was the colonel who stopped short, and Titus stuffed down his distaste as best he could and smiled warily. With the chains around his forearms and the two lawmens' hands on their guns, the bars swung wide and he stepped beyond the confines of his small cell for the first time in days. "Gentlemen," Titus swooned in mock hysteria as he addressed the several other shackled young soldiers awaiting transport, "Do you feel that?" His eyes centered on the colonel and left him feeling even more uneasy. "Freedom."
       Once they'd saddled up a spare gelding from the Colonel's tiny convoy, Titus was led over and hopped up of his own accord. His chains rattled around as he tried to settle in, causing the whole assortment of horses to stamp about nervously. In the midday heat of the Summer sun the streets were empty as far as the eye could see. It hadn't rained for almost two months now, and the dust kicked up by the stamping hooves hung in the air, heavy and unrelenting. Where were Pierce and Iain?
       Despite his growing concern, and despite the growing heat, Titus relinquished himself to finding what little pleasure there was to be had in his current predicament. The smell of the horse beneath him; the scent of the wood and dirt and alcohol that flooded his nostrils from the nearby bar. It genuinely was a relief to be out of that hotbox, granted it would be considerably more relieving if he weren't wrapped in iron links.
He decided those links would be his escort's undoing before this was all said and done.
       After an obligatory goodbye, the grizzled colonel Montgomery hoisted himself into his saddle, tucked his cane into its own sheath at his side, and gently kissed the mares into motion. And everyone started down the road uninterrupted. Titus looked from window to window and scanned the building tops in search of his companions. This wasn't supposed to be the course of today's events, but then even the most clever plans rarely lasted the duration of their enactment. Hopefully his rescue attempt would be underway soon.
       By the time they had passed between the last set of saloons and were turning toward the fort, the unrest had grown into a full-scale panic. Titus shot his eyes from left to right, trying to keep his mood hidden from the others around him. Perhaps the two young outlaws had found some new distraction to impede their focus on the task at hand. Maybe they were just hungover and sleeping it off, or still drunk and God-knows-where gambling off the last of their meager earnings. All were just a tad too possible for comfort, and he was already a far cry from anything resembling comfortable.
       When they had been on the trail for what must have been more than ten minutes, Titus decided he'd had enough. If his partners couldn't be relied upon to show, he would have to take matters into his own hands. He looked down at them now, creased heavily from a life of hard labor and wrapped in metal rings. Then he looked up to John Montgomery and around and back at the handful of fellows in his position. All in chains. All miserable. Not one with an ounce of fight in their eyes. So be it, he told himself, and took a few quick breaths to force a little life back into his starved and fried brain.
       In one deceptively quick stroke, he kicked free of his stirrups, crouched deftly on his saddle, and sprung straight for the colonel. In a fray of neighing and jumping and scattering equine, they both crashed to the ground. Titus could feel his shoulder hanging out of place as he painfully worked his way back up, and seeing his adversary do the same took the extra effort to kick his feet back out from under him. The old man cursed and scrambled around in the dirt, but Titus was standing now and headed straight for his throat. 
       Their eyes wide, the handful of shackled men worked in silence to settle their horses, perhaps unsure whether to join in or run for the hills. Titus didn't stop. He pounced on the now furious officer and held him down as he patted him over for keys. Finally successful, he slammed a fist down on top of the straining man's noggin and left him in a stupor long enough to turn defiantly to his newest rescuees and toss them the oversized keyring. Turning back to Montgomery, he grabbed his own chains and pulled them taught like the world's nastiest garrote. 
       Montgomery was on his feet finally, grabbing blindly for support in lieu of his cane, and so Titus made a point to find it for him. Picking it from where it had been initially flung, he dusted it off and tossed it gingerly to the stunned colonel. Then he walked over to the edge of the path where the other captives were freeing themselves and found a sizable branch to wield. Walking slowly back to his would-be captor, he gave a warm smile and hoisted the large hunk of wood over his head. "It's good to see you've regained your senses."
       The old man hacked up a bit more dust, knocked himself in the head a couple times, and twisted the handle of his cane. From within he pulled a blade as long as the cane itself and narrowed it at Titus. "I suppose that's not entirely unwarranted," the big prisoner said and started forward suddenly. He had always been too quick for his size, or so he was frequently told - it all felt rather natural to him. Nonetheless it was obvious he caught the colonel by surprise; the size of his eyes as the thick branch was broken in two between them said as much. Without even the opportunity to realign his thin blade for the oncoming attack, John Montgomery fell to the ground in a pile of bark and chips.
       Still clawing to regain his footing, the damaged man couldn't find his voice to beg for mercy. Which was just as well, Titus figured as he circled around behind him and stood him back up - he wasn't planning on showing any. He wrapped his metal restraints around the defeated officer and reared back with all his might. It took a few minutes, and it wasn't a pretty act to behold nor even hear, but every one of the freshly unchained men stood rubbing their wrists and looking on in wonder as if all the kicking and slobbering was the most beautiful sight of their young lives. It was done.
From a patch of old mesquite behind them a familiar voice cut through the final gasps of the late Mr. Montgomery. "Aw, are you beatin' up that poor old man Titus? I thought you had more self respect than that." He wanted to be mad. He wanted to curse the two jackasses for sitting by while he helped himself to the solution. But, at the sound of Pierce's rude remark, Titus couldn't help but grin. He took the cane from the ground in front of him and shot it like a spear at Iain as he stepped from the brush. "I swear, even when you're on task you're useless!" the big man countered.
       They closed distance on eachother and shook hands heartily. Pierce went to work unlocking the shackles still in place around Titus's wrists, and Iain lost himself admiring the scabbard that had just rapped his skull. His hands finally free, he held them out eagerly and added, "I can't believe you let me think I was going solo." Pierce gave a quiet chuckle and hoisted the oversized blade Titus had grown fond of into his waiting hands. "We had you covered the whole time. You know how it goes though, had to let you sweat a bit."
       "I've been sweating for seven days straight," He shot back. "It was only six," Iain cut in, walking between them and pushing the blade of his newly-acquired sword into its sheath, "and this is mine." Titus threw another haphazard fist Pierce's way for good measure, but the nimble cowboy just dipped beneath it with a grin and was already stepping past him with hat-in-hand waving. "Finish up and come get you some hot food already."
       With a final nod to usher off the few soldiers who'd lingered since the colonel's death, Titus stopped grinning and turned back to the corpse. "Let them know who did it, eh boys," he growled in his deep voice, and thrust the tip of his longsword straight through the chest of their latest target. With a sigh that released more tension that he'd realized he was carrying, he walked back over to the horse he'd been supplied and began checking over its girt, bridle, and blanket. It would be a relief to be back home. 
       Philema still didn't approve of all of what they did, he knew. But his sister knew as well the importance of their call to action, of providing a sense and symbol of unity for the masses of impoverished and war-torn in what was the bloodiest time anyone had ever known. She would be waiting for him at the inn, taking care of everything as always while he shirked his chores to roam abroad. "She's a gem, your sister," Pierce broke through his thoughts as if reading his mind. "She knows you do only what you must, old friend. You're not a wretch like me." His companion gave a knowing wink and rode up towards the crest of the nearest hill. 
       Iain was already mounted as well, and so Titus swung up into his saddle and cinched his great beast of a blade firmly behind his back. But by the time he had swung around to match Iain's gait, shots rang out. Turning to find the source of the sounds, they could see smoke rising from Pierce's rifle as he aimed and cracked another round off over the hill. Shoving it into his saddle, the veteran horseman kicked his mare hard and came racing towards them.
"Move! Move! Move!" he was shouting as he barreled through them, and so they tore off behind him hooping and hollering to the cracking brush and popping rocks of armed pursuit.
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mywonuderful · a month ago
WEi reaction to you wearing their shirt
anon’s request: Hey hai! Idk if this is categorized as smut but I think it's not too explicit so I wanna try hehe. Can I request WEi's reaction towards us only wearing their shirt? Thank you! ><
a/n: sorry this took longer than expected I was finishing up with finals when I got this request but nonetheless, I did this in bullet point form instead so I hope you don't mind it! thank you for requesting anon!
main masterlist
Tumblr media
i just want to say how smol he looks when all the members team up to make fun of him
but regardless of that let's say he's over at your place to watching a movie together
"hurry up! the movie is going to start without you!" he yelled from the living room
you were in your room, changing into something more loose and cozier for the m o o d so you just grabbed whatever came into your sight without giving much thought
you walked out into the living room where Daehyun was sitting on one end of the couch, arm resting on top of the armrest
he glances over his shoulder as he heard your footsteps approached and did a double take as you stood in front of him. he doesn't move, eyes fixed on you and then the shirt you're wearing before you looked down, cheeks turning pink as you realized that you were wearing his shirt
"is that-"
"i just grabbed the first thing i saw" you said in a hurry as he tried to hide his smile and his blushing cheeks
the commercials were finally coming to an end as the opening scene started playing. You motioned him to scoot over but he doesn't budge.
"the movie is starting..."
"nevermind the movie, that can wait. let me admire you in my shirt for a moment." he reached for the remote, pressing pause before gently pulling you to sit on his lap as the both of you exchanged soft eyes and chuckles.
"you should start wearing my shirts more often"
you were at the boy's dorms as they didn't have any schedules for the day. everyone was scattered around the living room, doing their own things as they spend their time relaxing.
Yohan suggested to open the window because of how bright the sun was shinning but you couldn't help but to feel goosebumps on your skin as the afternoon breeze brushed your skin.
you stood up from Donghan's embrace as he was sharing his advice on some new device that Seokhwa wanted to get and headed to his closet. opening the door to his walk-in closest was racks of shirts from different style, colors and fabrics. you tapped your chin, deciding what to wear before you felt a pair of arms hugging your waist.
"welcome to Donghan's closet, what can I do for you today?" he rested his chin on top of your shoulder was in hummed, eyes scanning the line of clothes
"hmm, maybe something warm" you commented before the weight on your shoulder was gone as you were turned around to face Donghan. "it's a little chilly with the windows opened" you added in your defense before he gave you the 'i told you to dress warm yet you come here wearing a t-shirt' look
"I can't even tell if you planned this or not anymore" he sighed in defeat as your cheerfully smiled.
"Well I guess I would be lying if I said I didn't like you taking my clothes anyways." he confessed as the two of you laughed before he helped you picked out a sweater
I apologize for my lack of knowledge in (combat) gaming in advance as I only know super smash bros and street fighter
"what took you so long? I'm going to start the game without you!" was the first thing you heard from Yongha as you set foot into their dorm.
he was starting at the edge of the bed, legs crossed as he choose his characters, eyes not even taking a glance at you. you pouted at his actions as you purposely dropped you bag on his coffee table, making a loud thud
still no reaction from him :/
feeling disappointed, you sat beside him as the two of you went for a couple of rounds (?) of super smash bros
"c'mon Y/N, I swear you're not even trying" the screen showed your character in defeat as his won. He fell back on his bed, letting out a irresistible smile.
"okay okay how about this. next game, loser of 2 of 3 pays for chicken." he sat back up, hoping to get you some determination on actually playing the game when his eyes widen from taken notice of what you were wearing, his face changing from his smooth honey skin to a shade of a tomato.
"is that my sh-"
"finally someone is taking a notice." you grumbled as he placed his controller down before hugging you, nuzzling his nose on your neck to hide his embarrassment. "you know I can never back down on a deal. Let's get it over it." you picked up your controller, already knowing that you can't stand a chance from Yongha
but to your surprised, after 3 rounds, you won 2 of them, making Yongha the loser of his deal
"I won! Chicken is on you!" You cheered as you jumped on his bed. He sat there, staring at the screen dumbfounded from reality.
"thats not fair." he whined as you sat back down. he pouted his lips as you squished his cheeks. "I was distracted by you wearing my shirt."
"well now I guess I know what your weakness is when it comes to playing games"
he planned a little date with you to go strolling down the city streets. you decided to wear something causal and went with a pair of jeans and his t-shirt that you tucked in.
you were waiting at the spot that the both of you agreed on meeting as you glanced at your phone for the time. you were early by a few mintues.
from a distance Yohan was making his way over when he turned in and saw a familiar figure but couldn't tell if it was you since it was the back.
you hear light footsteps approaching before you lifted your head from your phone, turning around check who it was
*cue fading starlight by annyeong bada*
he stops at his steps as you stood in front of him, eyes widen from since he didn't expect it to be you
"ah, why is it so bright all of a sudden?" he squinted his eyes, trying to cover your brightly shining appearance as your playfully punched his chest from his cringe-worth line. he looked at your outfit as you did the same to him, before looking back on your own, seeing the same thing
"isn't that my shirt?" the both of you said at the same time before he raised an eyebrow at you as you were about to explain yourself.
"your shirt? I was looking for that shirt for the longest time!" he pointed at his t-shirt you were wearing. You looked down at it with guilt before he pulled you into a hug. "I'm just joking, love."
"hey, didn't you say you always wanted to try couple pairing?" you suddenly recalled him mentioning it as he looked down at you.
"well, I guess we truly are meant to be having that we wore the same thing without even planning it."
you promised Seokhwa to help take some photos for him for his Instagram post and so here you are, getting ready to head out to the shooting shot that he suggested. Since you were only taking pictures, you didn't try out on dressing, knowing that Seokhwa finds you looking effortless in anything you wear
you made your way over to the spot as he stood with a few of his members as they all finished their schedules today.
you quietly went behind Seokhwa before jumping in attempt to scare him. he turned around to meet you with a smile before pulling you into a hug his members pretending to throw up
"it's that-"
"that looks familiar"
"Seokhwa's shirt?"
"So she can wear it but not me?"
all the members started to take notice of you wearing his shirt as your unconsciously covered your body with your arms
"hey hey hey, but in all seriousness when you take it?" he turns to face you as you let out a cheeky smile
"last week when I came over and you were too busy fanboying over Apink, mister hardcare pink panda" you crossed your arms, narrowing your eyes at him as he looked away, pretending now to hear.
"I'm sorry love." he kissed your forehead "but you know i'll always be the biggest fanboy for you? Especially when you're wearing my shirt, it's making me hard to keep my fanboying to myself." He bent to whisper into your ear as a flushed creeps past your face and ears
"a little heads up but if I let my fanboy self out today, it's on Y/N" he confessed to his members as they all broke out into fits of laugh and teasing
my bias wreaker in WEi because he's t h a t handsome and my self confidence drops because of him
after 2 weeks of their recent comeback which meant hectic schedules and performances, you finally have Junseo for yourself as he was over at your place for a sleepover. You were cuddling in his arms as he showed you pictures of places and food he wants to try and visit in Jeju.
"We have to visit the Sunrise Park if we every get a chance to visit Jeju." you hummed in response as he took notice that your eyes were getting tired. "Do you want to sleep?" you nodded in response as he kissed your nose. He got up to use the washroom as you changed out of your loungewear into your pajamas before hopping back into bed. He got out and crawled onto bed before joining you.
you faced each other as you traced his features with your finger as he playing with your hair when he noticed you wearing his shirt, making him sit up.
"is there something wrong?" you followed and sat up as you saw his face tinting into red.
"is that your pajamas?" he pointed at what you were wearing before you feel into a shade of pink, getting caught red-handed for wearing his clothes.
"a-ah... I'll wash it and-"
"come here" he cut you off as he laid on his side, facing you as he patted the spot beside him, telling you to lay beside him. you silently followed. "you can keep it. I think you look better in it than me" you let out a muffled chuckle
"I only wore it because I missed you." You admitted into his chest, feeling regret as the last words left your mouth.
"what? I couldn't hear you clearly?" He lifted your chin for you to look at him. He has a smile that you knew you wouldn't escape unless you repeated your words.
"you were busy for the past 2 weeks... So this was the closest thing I could get from having a breakdown from missing you" you shyly mumbled as he stroked your back, making your eyelids get heavier and heavier.
"well, you can forget about that shirt because I'll be the closet thing to you."
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Tumblr media
AO3 | Fic Page | NSFW 18+ | Chapter 3/32 < Previous | Next > Relationships: Erwin Smith x F!Reader, Levi Ackerman x F!Reader Warnings: light dom/sub, light choking, oral (female receiving), shower sex, mentions of past sexual abuse, friends with benefits, power dynamics Summary: Fiercely loyal to Erwin Smith, you find yourself to be one of his most trusted soldiers, ready to do what is necessary for either of you to get what you want. With no room for romantic relationships, you two easily find yourselves engaged in a sexual relationship. Why do you suddenly find your situation muddled when you're tasked with bringing three thugs from the Underground to the Survey Corps?
Following the death of your father, the nagging of your mother, and the incessant flirting of Peter, you’re emotionally drained. Add in Erwin’s near-death at the hands of Levi, a man they knew was going to attempt…
You’re pissed. You’re emotionally spent. You need to hit someone. Of course, everyone fucking avoids you because they know that look in your eyes.
Mike took over your paperwork, thank fuck because if you had to sit in that office you might light it on fire. It helps that he’s realized he’s going to have to step up if he wants to be made Squad Leader. It helps that Shadis has a soft spot for you. Dissatisfied by the lack of victims willing partners, you head to the stables.
You’ve been away from your Annabelle for too long, and you could probably get away with a quick ride around your town. Though, doing that puts you at risk of running into Peter or your mother.
Annabelle greets you with a soft whinny, encouraging you to grab a carrot from the cabinet and a brush to groom her. You’ll think about it, about riding. Erwin and Shadis like you, but it won’t do to disappear, especially with three new recruits and a hired hit. Shit. It is best if you stay nearby.
There is a soft crunch of hay behind you, someone approaching, and you’re immediately on alert. It’s not Erwin and the Scouts know better than to come from behind. Who—?
Your hand grips the blade at your thigh as you spin to face whoever’s foolish enough to try, but you immediately drop it when you see who it is. Urging your heart to calm down, you take in the petite red-head in front of you.
“Isabel, right?” you ask as the two of you assess one another. “Sorry about before. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”
“Huh? You’re—sorry?!” she sounds like she’s in disbelief, surprised by your attention at all.
She’s just a kid, something you realized when you caught her. Her eyes are bright, lively, unlike the others you’ve seen in the Underground. Energy seems to buzz off of her as she stands still before you, watching you.
“I am. Just because I have my orders doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with all of them,” you tell her. Annabelle shoves you with her muzzle, frustrated that you aren’t giving her attention anymore.
“Rude,” you tell her, as your eyes widen and a smirk full of playful disbelief appears. Isabel laughs at the encounter, the sound of a pleasant chime. “Did you come here to see the horses?”
“I… yeah! I love animals, but we don’t have a lotta big ones in the Underground. Can—can I pet her?” she asks. You consider Annabelle, impatient with you before agreeing.
If she notices that you’re on edge, she doesn’t acknowledge it. You would like to believe that Erwin’s offer will be enough for them, that you won’t have to kill them, but you know that most people are bastards coated with bastard sprinkles and bastard fillings. Still, Annabelle seems to like her and you trust her judgment.
You lean back, observing the small girl as she nuzzles Annabelle, picking up the abandoned brush and grooming all of the parts that she can reach.
It’ll behoove you to get to know them, and you’ve already figured that Isabel will be the easiest to befriend, Furlan next. And Levi? If it weren’t for Erwin’s interest in him, the larger role he has in Erwin’s plans, the unquestionable skill he possesses, you would have already killed him. He’ll be the most difficult one, and not because of the simmering hostility you regard him with.
Even still…
You give her your name, start building the relationship. The biggest thing that will stand in your way, outside of the opposing missions, is the prejudice that the Scouts will surely hold against them simply for their origins. So kindness is likely to go a long way when the rest of your comrades are likely to be assholes.
She asks you questions about the different horses, asks if she’ll get her own—shouts in unadulterated excitement when you confirm that they’ll likely begin training with animals within the week.
“So,” she warbles, “what will become of us?”
“Well,... you’re looking at two rounds of paperwork. The first, which should be starting now, is to confirm that you are in our custody, that an agreement has been made, and that, upon the success of our next major expedition, you’ll be granted full citizenship. But even still, your citizenship would have conditions attached, such as remaining a member of the Survey Corps for a set amount of time.”
She hums in response, slowing in her brushing of Annabelle.
“Otherwise, you’re a recruit. We have a saying that you aren’t a real Scout till you come back alive from your first mission, but after watching you three move, I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll be Scouts in no time. Regardless, you’re one of us, now. You’ll have a roof over your head, a bed to call your own, and three square meals,” you shrug. The beds aren’t that comfortable, nor the food anything special, but you can’t complain, especially as the lack of rainfall has left Wall Rose in a serious drought that’s impacting the harvests.
The door opens, pushed with such a force that you’re certain it was done in a panic. A wide-eyed Cis finds you, looking a little disheveled.
“Oh, good. You’re here,” he pants, and you aren’t sure whether he’s talking to you or Isabel. “You shouldn’t run off like that. We still need to finish your documentation. It’s good that you found her.”
Isabel looks a little guilty, a rosy hue decorating her cheeks at being caught.
“It’s fine, Cis. Here—why don’t I take over the paperwork?” you ask him, watching as his stress almost visibly rolls off his shoulders.
“Would you? Thanks! Victor’s demanding I make up the chores I missed while away,” he says.
Fucking Victor. Of course, Flagon, Victor, and Hans would get pissy that Erwin took Ness, Cis, Darius, and Peer. It was a pissing contest between the Section Commanders, something that royally pissed you off as those three felt they were constantly competing with Erwin. Well. They aren’t wrong, per se.
“Tell him something for me?” you call after him as he starts to leave.
“No, no, no, nothing too bad, I promise,” you say with a sickly sweet smile. As he winces, it becomes clear he does not believe you. “Tell him that he’s my next sparring partner and that I’ll see him in tomorrow’s training session.”
“Oh, no,” he complains, not looking forward to telling his superior that.
“Oh, yes. And if he gives you flack, come to me. Okay?”
“Shit,” he resigns. “Fine, fine.”
He sulks off and you turn to Isabel, who’s been watching you with clear intrigue. “C’mon. Let’s go make you official. She’ll still be here when we’re done.”
She trails behind you and you’re very aware of the fact that she’s analyzing you and the entire interaction she just witnessed. As you make your way through the building, you pass by Furlan working with Ness. He perks up at the appearance of Isabel, though she follows you with a little hop in her step. You pass by as Mike handles Levi and you feel it again. That little tingle as though you’re being watched.
Tumblr media
You can’t sleep. Not unusual. The only times you manage to get more than four hours of sleep is when you’re sick or injured, and you’re neither. No. You can’t sleep at all tonight, it seems. There’s to be a meeting tomorrow with Shadis and the other Section Commanders, which you have the privilege of attending as Erwin’s XO. You can expect to see Hans’ XO, too, though he won’t contribute anything of worth.
You hate those fucking meetings. They’re good soldiers, without a doubt, but they lack the spine to get shit done, to do more than survive. They have little more drive than MPs in that regard, but they rarely get in Erwin’s way. More like, you rarely let them.
Thoughts of the trio and of the Section Commanders keep swarming your mind. It’s either that, or you confront the enormous loss of your father. He was a good man. Dr. Yeager thought that it was the chemicals that he worked with and the lack of proper ventilation that caused the infections, but it wasn’t like you guys could afford to change much, especially with the town council prohibiting the alteration of “historic” buildings, which yours fell in. His blacksmithing shop was deemed too important to allow him to close down and so he took on an apprentice to help lessen the load.
Peter. Fucking Peter. He used to tease you, endlessly harass you when the two of you were children. He leapt at the chance to apprentice for your father, desperate for your attention after you had left for the Cadet Corps. It was only made worse with your mother’s constant encouragement.
“Why don’t you settle down with a nice boy? Someone good ‘n sweet, like Peter?” “I don’t like Peter, mom! I’m happy where I am.” “You could grow to like him, dearie. Better ‘n gettin’ yourself killed with your silly little dream. Forget about ma’s book. It’s done nothin’ but cause problems for us. You keep this up ‘nd you’ll break your ol’ mom’s heart. Do you want that? To see me miserable ‘nd old ‘n alone? It’s not like that man’s ever gonna return your affections. Settle down with Peter, please!”
He looks at you like he expects you to say yes to his god-awful proposal, like he’s offering you the world. Like he could make you happy if only he were to impregnate you, fill you with his children, stick you at home to be some pretty little housewife. You’ve stopped outright refusing him because your dad hated the arguing, making it more of a habit than anything at this point. But doing so has only allowed your mom’s words to take hold in his heart, make him try harder.
“You look so damned miserable all the time. You could say yes and I’d make you the happiest girl in the world! Just you see!” “I’m plenty happy.” “Then why don’t you smile more, eh? C’mon. Just picture it: waking up in a warm house that you can call your own with little one’s running around that look just like you? What more could you want?”
Everything. As if he could make you smile, laugh, come. As if he had an inkling of what you want. You were relieved when Erwin came with you to the funeral. Shut Peter up for a minute while your mom could only stare in awe. No. When you spend your time around men like Erwin, how could someone like Peter even compare? How could you even begin to describe what it’s like to be completely devoted to someone? To be completely understood by someone? To feel utterly safe around someone when you had been reminded that the complacent kind of safe that most people live with is only a facsimile of the real thing?
You jolt up from bed, frustrated with how you can’t stop your mind from going in directions you have no desire to go.
“Agh. Fuck this,” you mutter to yourself. It takes no time for you to dress, to give up on the notion of sleep altogether. You can make yourself some tea then start with the chores. Might as well be productive before you’re forced to sit in at that fucking meeting.
As you make your way down the hall, you hear voices on the balcony. They’re not voices you recognize, leading you to believe that it’s your three recruits. Sticking to the shadows, you push open the door just slightly, just enough that the hinges don’t creak.
“—been a long time since I’ve looked up like this.”
“Furlan. I’ve decided… I won’t kill him. For now. I’m going to trust you.”
“Yeah! ‘ll trust ya, too!”
You snicker to yourself, interested to see how this particular turn of events changes anything. These guys should be more careful, though you suppose it must be something spectacular, something they think you lot take for granted—the night sky. While it’s true for most of them, you have a special relationship with the night sky, with the moon and all her stars. When you spend a lot of the time she’s out awake, how can you resist?
Heading back downstairs, you decide to leave it for when Erwin wakes. He’ll be glad to know that there’s a change in plans for them, that they’re going to try out Furlan’s plan, whatever that is.
The Giant’s not down here, thankfully, meaning you can make your tea in peace. Though that does mean you have to climb on top of the counters to get at the teacups. He intentionally puts them in the highest cabinets on the highest shelf, all the way in the back. The good ones. The ones that are apparently unbreakable. The ones with good temperature regulation.
It takes about ten minutes to find the kettle, to get the water boiling, to find your tea. Damn animals, rifling through shit that isn’t theirs. This has happened before, where you’ve left for a mission with Erwin or the squad and you’ve come back to find your tea stash halved. No one fesses up to it, no one cares to replace it. With everything that’s going on, you doubt you’ll have enough time to get more on your own. Perhaps you can get Erwin to convince Shadis to approve a shipment?
The kettle whistles, a high-pitched scream, drawing your attention back to the tea. Pouring yourself your cup, you begin to seep it, setting the sand-glass to time it. While you wait, you wash out the kettle, setting it up to dry for later use. You feel that familiar tingle, and you believe it must be Mike. The last of the sand trickles through and you remove the tea leaves before turning around.
“Oh. I wasn’t expecting to see you here,” you tell Levi.
“What are you doing up?” he asks, though it sounds like an accusation.
“I don’t sleep. It seems as though you don’t either?” you prod, bringing your cup to your lips, inhaling the pleasant aroma before sipping.
He doesn’t answer, though his eyes flicker to your teacup before narrowing.
“Right,” you breathe before moving past him to sit at an empty table in the mess hall. You’re acutely aware of the way his eyes follow you. It reminds you of a predator assessing their opponent, their competition. You smile a little to yourself when you realize that he must have realized that if he wants to get through Erwin, he’s going to need to get through you.
Well, at least he’ll make this interesting.
Tumblr media
It’s worse than you thought. Hans stays silent throughout the meeting, but Flagon is blatantly… well, Flagon. He’s always been a little more elitist than most, something that’s a side-effect of being the least popular regiment, doing the job no one wants to do, actually seeing combat, unlike the Garrison and the MPs. Some feel it’s a privilege to call yourself a Scout, and he’s definitely one of them.
Victor agrees with Flagon, but each time he makes eye contact with you, remembering Cis’ message, he pales and shuts his mouth.
“It’s a disgrace, sir. We all had to go through the same training, yet you’re asking us to accept criminals into our ranks?!”
If only he knew the blood that was on your hands. You’re interested to see what his exact parameters for a ‘criminal’ are, considering that you’ve stolen, killed, maimed, destroyed property, assaulted a public figure… or… three, not to mention was in possession of contraband. Outside of where you came from, your upbringing, your adult life hadn’t been much different, you’d assume.
“Your complaint is only natural, Flagon,” Shadis states, frustrated with his subordinate's complaints.
“Their presence could even put our lives in danger! What should I tell my subordinates?”
Perhaps that they should get their act together? That they’re about to be shown up by three untrained people?
“Flagon—you’re right,” Erwin starts as you struggle against rolling your eyes. “These people had no official training. They did not earn their wings from us. However, they did grow their own through necessity. I believe those wings will play a part in revolutionizing this organization.”
It’s then that Flagon, Victor, and Hans realize that Erwin has plans greater than simply surviving, that he has every intention of becoming the next Commander when the time comes. It’s then that they realize the decision has already been made. It doesn’t last much longer than that.
“Assidua. Smith. Stay behind,” Shadis commands as the rest of them leave.
Flagon shoots you both an accusatory glance, opening his mouth before closing it and leaving. When the door is shut, you take the seat previously occupied by Flagon.
“Let’s go over this formation,” Shadis dictates, pulling out the diagram.
Erwin describes, again, the purpose of each position, the inherent safety and dangers, the projected casualty rates. It’s decided that you and Erwin will maintain a position nearest Shadis during the expedition. The three of you determine which squads will be positioned where, and what roles the remaining soldiers will play. With the tentative plan formed, Shadis moves to address the recruits.
“With the information we’ve gathered, it appears that Lovof has hired these three to retrieve the proof of his corruption,” Erwin states.
“Is that why you recruited them? To keep your enemies close?”
“Not at all. I believe that the techniques those three utilize are the key to a more efficient and successful Survey Corps. I believe that, with time, we can persuade them to join our cause rather than play at it.”
“You’re not at all concerned that Lovof may have also hired them to kill you?” Shadis speculates.
“It is likely, yes, however, I do not find myself concerned with such a plot.”
Both of their eyes shift to you, both knowing you wouldn’t let your Section Commander die like that. “I overheard them this morning, mentioning going along with a secondary plan and avoiding murdering Erwin at this time.” You had already informed Erwin, though neither of you were surprised.
“What?! Why didn’t you say anything earlier?” Shadis asks you, perturbed by this information.
“I ordered her not to,” Erwin tells him. Lie. Obvious lie. “I believe we can use this information to our advantage.”
Shadis eyes Erwin skeptically but encourages him to continue.
“Understanding that they had two distinct plans, one of which involves murder, it becomes obvious what their course of action will be. This ‘other’ plan of theirs, the one that they’re going with, would then need to focus on tact and secrecy. Most likely, they will attempt to fit in, by all appearances, and obtain the documents without a confrontation. This would allow for us to study them, to learn about what they need in order to convince them to stay.”
“It would also give Assidua the chance to learn their techniques,” Shadis muses. He sighs, before rubbing his face. “Very well. I am choosing to trust you, Erwin, but know that we cannot afford to lose you.”
“As it stands, however, we cannot have them in your squad for the formation,” Shadis remarks to both of your disappointment. You’re both unsurprised, but it’s still disappointing nonetheless. “I’ll be placing them in Flagon Squad, but I would like Assidua to keep an eye on them throughout training.”
That’s fair. Even if you’re a terror to work with, you’re still the best hand-to-hand and ODM expert the Survey Corps has, meaning you’ll spend more time supervising them, though you doubt they’ll need any correction.
Content with the plan laid out before you, Shadis dismisses you two so that he can prepare for the introduction ceremony this afternoon.
“He really doesn’t like you,” you tell Erwin as the two of you slip into his office.
“Who? Levi?”
“Who else? I doubt Furlan or Isabel will be a problem. They seem much more idealistic than Levi, though I still believe he wants to remain topside.”
He hums in response, examining his desk drawers. “What do you think of the idea of installing a lock on one of these drawers?”
“And letting them believe that what they’re looking for isn’t already with Zackly?”
“I’ll put in the request right away. Unless you would like me to do it?”
“It’s better that there’s a paper trail for this. I would hate for Shadis to think I’m intentionally keeping things from him.”
You give him a pointed look and he gives you a wry chuckle. “Speaking of orders, sir.”
“My tea.”
He sighs, combing his fingers through his hair. “What kind?”
“We can only order black through the military, but I can see if one of the cadets—”
“No, black would be fine,” you smile, touched that he already knows, had already checked.
“Very well. Go ahead and place an order for that, as well.”
“Thank you, sir,” you say, preparing to leave. You have a standing date with Hange and Moblit to go over their research, and if you don’t go to them, they come to you. Loudly and obnoxiously.
He calls you back just as your hand grasps the doorknob. “Sir?” you ask, turning slightly.
“Tonight, if you would.”
It’s a request, unusual with the timing, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t need it, too. You give him a plain nod before leaving his office.
You find Hange and Moblit in the quadrangle, with Moblit listening to an excited Hange rave about… something. They perk up when he points out your presence, immediately pulling you to sit down with them.
“So?! What are they like?”
“The recruits, obviously! I was upset that you and Eyebrows didn’t take me with you, but you made it up to me plenty,” they wave.
“Wait. I made it up to you—? Hange. What did you do?”
“Nothing, nothing!”
“They drank your tea,” Moblit informs you blandly, though you can see the mirth behind his eyes.
“YOU—! You tea thief! Oh, Hange! I could murder you!”
They shriek at Moblit’s apparent betrayal and at your justified rage. “No! Why would you say such a thing, Moblit?!” they wail as you shake them by their shoulders.
“You owe me more tea!”
“Just get Eyebrows to get you more!”
“No! This is your doing! You’re going into the city and buying me more tea, dammit!”
“Moblit, would you—”
“Don’t send Moblit to do your dirty work! Moblit!” you shout at him.
“Don’t go with them! For telling me, you’re welcome to my tea stash.”
He flushes as the anxiety at your intense attention dissipates, a victorious smile forming.
“I’m leaving,” you announce, loudly, almost dramatically just to egg them on. You enjoy their eccentricity, but you’re not in the mood to gossip about the recruits today. Bidding them farewell, you decide to find Victor Squad. You have a promise to keep and a demonstration to give.
Tumblr media
With the assignments given, following Flagon’s miniature outburst, everyone sets out to continue in their duties. Training will begin tomorrow. Which will, unfortunately, demand your attention for the next couple months because it’s the responsibility of Erwin Squad and Flagon Squad to make sure they live through the expedition, that they’re able to pass the graduation requirements, even if they don’t go through the same training.
You don’t anticipate them having much difficulty beyond preparing for titans instead of humans, but the other Scouts are entirely skeptical. Too much so.
Mike asks whether you’ll train with him in the afternoon, and you accept. The training grounds will be occupied at the requested time by Victor Squad, but the two of you agree to meet in the open space beside the men’s barracks.
You’re running a little late, having got caught up in a dispute with Sairam, but Mike’s watching the barracks with a look of amusement. When you glance over there, you see a flurry of movements, hear the distinct snapping of sheets.
“What’s going on?”
“The newbies. They’re cleaning the barracks.”
“Huh. Well, it’s not like you guys keep them clean,” you point out.
“They’re clean enough.”
“Really?” you ask, pulling him into position. The grass here is a little overgrown, but it’s preferable to the hardened dirt. Softer for when you inevitably take him to the ground. “Y’know, for someone with a superhuman nose, I’d expect you to have higher standards for ‘clean.’”
He laughs, wholly, putting up his arms. “It doesn’t smell too bad,” he says, lunging forward with a loose hand position, testing your reflexes. “Or maybe I’ve just gotten used to it.”
He jabs, once, twice, before you manage to grab a hold of his left arm and his jacket, twisting. He rolls into it, pulling you with him. “Hey, hey, look at that! You’re learning,” you smile. You wrestle with him a bit, distracting him with your grapple before your leg hooks around the back of his knee, pulling him forward.
His eyes widen as it looks like he’s about to crush you, but you use the momentum to roll the both of you back until you have him pinned on his back. You quickly make your way up his chest, straddling high up so he can’t buck you off of him. He realizes too quickly what you’re about to do as you throw three quick punches.
He tries to block with his arms, but you’re quicker, more agile. He makes the mistake of extending his left arm just a little too far, opening himself up to a grab. With his arm firmly in your hold, you wrangle yourself until both of your legs are extended across his chest, arm caught between them.
“You give?” you ask him, giving him the chance to get out.
“Shit,” you hear him mutter, bringing a smile to your face.
“Three taps and you can have your arm back,” you taunt lightly.
He writhes against you, trying to pull himself out of your grasp. Given his strength over you, he manages to twist, lifting his arm—and you. Understanding what he’s trying to do, you brace yourself, hold on tighter. Your body crashes to the ground and an involuntary grunt escapes you.
“I warned you,” you tell him before lifting your hips. Before you can get too high, you feel three taps against your right thigh.
Releasing him, you take the opportunity to roll to the side before jumping back up to your feet.
“How—fuck—how the hell do you do that so quickly?”
You shrug, giving him your signature smirk. “Talent, perhaps? Practice?”
He shakes his head, catching his breath. “I-I don’t… I don’t think so. I think you’re a freak of nature.”
“Maybe,” you muse, getting back into position. “But, I mean, which one of us on Erwin Squad isn’t, you Tree?”
“Hey, now. I told you to stop calling—Ah, shit!” As soon as he took up the position and signaled for you to come, you propelled yourself forward, hopping a bit so you could easily reach around his shoulder with your left arm while your right pulled his left arm closer, closing the gap. The momentum is enough to throw him to the ground again, and your grip tightens as he intentionally drops so you’ll absorb the impact. It’s enough to loosen you, just a bit, but you’re used to this, enough to recover. Quickly.
With his right arm still firmly in your hold, you know exactly what you’re going to do. He tries to maneuver on top of you, until your right knee comes flying towards his face. He goes to push it out of the way, distracted, and you use the combined force and velocity of the movement to swing your hips, landing your legs on either side of his shoulder and back. You interlock your ankles around his neck with his arm still firmly in your grasp.
“Fucking hell, woman,” he grits out.
“You’re the one who wanted to spar,” you tell him, squeezing your knees together. “You wanna know why I call you Tree?”
He taps and you release him.
Instead of getting up right away, he stays on the ground. He looks at you before asking why.
“Because it’s so damn easy to climb you.”
A look of bewilderment flashes on his face before he cracks a wide smile. “For you, perhaps.” He takes your hand when you offer it. “Shall we take up the knife today?” he asks, gesturing to the wooden blade in the grass.
“It’s up to you,” you shrug. There’s that tingling again, and as you turn, you’re not surprised to find three sets of eyes on the two of you. Mike’s eyes follow your line of sight as you raise a hand in acknowledgment. Isabel and Furlan return it while Levi’s eyes narrow.
“I have a feeling that it may be handy to go over knife fights with him around,” Mike mutters as you two watch Levi re-enter the barracks.
“Perhaps. Flagon wants to split them up in training tomorrow, with Levi going through the woods with ODM. I’ll be watching him. Two days is hand-to-hand. I’ll be able to pick up his style, then we can train with knives.”
“That sounds fair to me.”
“Once more? For prosperity?” you smirk, pulling his attention back to you.
“Ah, fuck it,” he groans, accepting the challenge, though your mind flickers back to the dark-haired man with murder in his eyes whose secrets you want to crack.
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whats-her-quirk · a month ago
hi juneee I hope you’re doing well because BOY have I got a thrift for you - literally had the most amazing dream about co-worker!jean this morning and arghh I have to share
*may or may not have spent an undisclosed amount of time thinking about this afterwards I order to achieve the perfect saucy scenario
*I just realised this is super long and one of the longest asks I’ve ever written so read when you have time lmao
Imagine, chilling on the roof of the fanciest hotel you can think but lo and behold your weekend plans are wrecked because some stupid intern fucked up the files you needed for the v important meeting next week and so you let your saint of a co worker know, who btw drops what he’s doing and practically runs to find to you stressed up to your eyeballs and offers to split the workload (because let’s face it, everyone including him but esp you would be royally and brutally fucked if your boss found out).
You also rightfully pop off over the phone at the intern (which sendsss Jean to places he shouldn’t be thinking of rn) esp when you pause just to clip your hair back and proceed to obliterate the person on the end (this man is simping SO HARD for you). Eventually, you both decide that you’ll fix the remaining files yourselves and get mad at the culprits tomorrow and so you order a couple shots and some good fucking food (did I mention this hotel is fancyy) and get started on the roof
Before you know it, the sun has set and it’s well past midnight when you both FINALLY finish. The drinks were finished, the plates practically licked clean because fucking hell you were both starving and you’re absolutely exhausted. You steal a glance at Jean who got up to stretch and damn it, you were far too tired to deal with another gets you hot-and-flustered situation tonight so you try and ignore him and starting pack your things but you still notice the way his veins decorate his forearms and slight sheen of sweat on his neck
Only Jean seems to have the same thing in mind as he sees you bend over and stuff your laptop in your bag, as he watches you slip your heels back on, as he watches your hair become undone after keeping it up all this time (not that he’s complaining - hair up meant he could that pretty neck of yours and hair down meant he could see just how perfectly it framed your face. But before he got caught staring, he decided to pack up too and finally get some shut eye because wow he was exhausted.
The two of you take the elevator back down to the floor you were staying on, said your good nights (but not before thanking this saint of a man for helping you out like that), and retreated to your respective rooms. When you were finally alone, you wanted nothing more than you pass out on the floor. Your plans for tomorrow, well technically today, were wrecked - you were bound to sleep in and so you decided to wash up and hit the hay. Except you couldn’t sleep - you were exhausted, mentally and physically, but sleep evaded you for some godforsaken reason and you just couldn’t understand why?Wasnt today eventful enough?
You finally decided to get some fresh air, maybe take in the pretty view you missed earlier and clear your head, so you grabbed your key card and your phone and moved to the door. Only when you opened it, a huge looming figure blocked the doorway, scaring the shit out of you until you realised it was Jean. Jean who was looking down at you in surprise, lips parted and an expectant stare.
Cue smut lmao
*Apologies this was so long, but I got so carried away with this dumb massive simp, I couldnt help myself😭😭
COWORKER JEAN what a wonderful fantasy. I adore an office romance and obviously if he’s crushing on you he’ll stay up all night if you need help with something.
Tumblr media
I don’t even know what to add except 1. Jean in a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow and 2. I just want him to lay me down on that hotel bed and do whatever he wants with me. My body is yours sir.
I’m picturing kissing at the door until you pull him inside by the collar and drag him over to your bed, making it perfectly clear what you’re up for if he is too and of course he is. You get him on top of you for a lazy but passionate make out while you strip each other slowly because you’re so tired.
The less clothes you have on, though, the harder, faster, more desperate he gets until he’s inside you and the headboard is slamming the wall (pray no coworkers are in the next room). He’s just so overwhelmed to finally have the chance to fuck you that he gets lost in it and the pretty sounds you make just for him.
He makes you cum first, rubbing long fingers over your clit while he thrusts inside, and as you fall apart, he pulls out and cums on your tits and stomach. You’re both basically a mess, so you hop in the shower together for a quick rinse off and some back rubs before you both crash in your bed. You both wake up late into the next morning, once everyone out is probably out and about, probably have a lazy round two, and order room service brunch to eat in bed.
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butkacchanwewerefive · a month ago
Can I ask ya somethin'? Pt. 2
Farmer!Fatgum x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: General 18+ Smut Warnings, Oral Sex
Word Count: 2.8K
Author’s Note: Here's part 2. I don't have a set date for the release of part 3, but it is in the works :)
Part 1 | Part 3
The next morning you awoke to an empty bed, though there was a note left for you along with a complete breakfast spread on a small tray. You sighed happily as you sat up, carefully lifting the tray onto your lap before picking up the note.
Honey Bun,
I had to get up early to feed the animals, but I just wanted to let you know that it was a wonderful surprise to be able to wake up to you this morning. When you finish breakfast, come find me in the barn.
You felt your heart skip a beat as you hugged the note to your chest. Last night honestly felt like a dream come true. Sleeping next to Taishiro was honestly the best sleep you had had in a long while. Your job back in the city was always so hectic, so you worked long hours and could barely sleep once you got home due to all of the stress. To be able to not only relax, but spend this time with your favorite person on the planet was a much needed vacation.
You quickly ate breakfast, which was of course delicious, before dashing into the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed. You put the dishes in the sink, making a mental note to make dinner that evening, before heading out to the barn. The heat seemed to have risen with the sun as you made the short walk to the structure. You looked out at the fields, hoping that your quirk would be enough to help Taishiro out. You had told him this many times before, but you’d do anything to keep that sweet smile on his face.
As you entered the barn, you didn’t immediately see him, so you took your time looking at all of the animals. There were a few cows and two horses. One of the horses happily trotted over to you, nuzzling its large nose into you. You laughed softly and gently patted its head.
“Wow, Pepper isn’t usually that friendly. She must know how sweet ya are.” Taishiro said, emerging from behind a stack of hay towards the back.
“Or maybe she smells you on me.” you said, feeling a heat rise to your cheeks as he approached. His puffy cheeks were slightly flushed, though you attributed it to the work he had probably just finished.
“Yeah, I did cuddle you real close last night, didn’t I?” he teased, gently nudging Pepper towards her stable. She ambled off as he placed a large hand against the small of your back, drawing you closer to him.
“Tai, quit it. Who knew you were this smooth?” you mumbled, tucking your face into his side. Even though he had been doing hard labor, he still smelled incredibly good. In fact, the light wisp of sweat made him that much hotter to you.
“Well, I knew. I was just waiting for you to fall for my charm.” he said before chuckling. The laugh rumbled through his chest and filled you with a familiar warmth that only he could provide. He smiled down at you before gently kissing your forehead. “I need to go in town for some things. Ride with me?”
“Of course!”
Taishiro parked his old pickup truck in front of the general store before hopping out to get the door for you. You laughed as he helped you down from the massive truck by hooking his hands against your sides and gently setting you on the ground. You followed him into the store and went to browse the aisles as he went to talk to the shop clerk about his order. Unbeknownst to you, the store’s stock boy had been eying you since you got out of the truck. As you picked up a jar of organic honey to read the label, he sidled up next you, his eyes drinking in your heavenly form.
“Hi, I’m Rappa, need help with anything?” said the tall man. You glanced up from the honey to give him a small smile. He smirked as he leaned against the wall next to you, unabashedly flexing his copious muscles.
“Oh no, I’m just waiting on my-uh-..” you realized in that moment that you and Taishiro hadn’t quite put a title on what the two of you were yet, so you answered with what you knew was true. “Best friend.”
“Oh, I didn’t know old Tai had such a cute best friend.” Rappa shamelessly flirted. He walked around you and started effortlessly lifting a twenty pound bag of rice, using it like it was a dumbbell. You giggled at how silly he looked trying to impress you. He in turn took this as you being interested in him. “You know, if I had such a pretty friend, I wouldn’t leave her all on her own. Why don’t we be friends and I buy you dinner to get to know you?”
“Well, I’m only in town for a bit and Tai and I already have a ton of plans, so I unfortunately don’t have any time to spare. I’m sorry.” you said, trying to let him down easy. While Rappa didn’t seem like a bad guy, he definitely didn’t measure up to Taishiro, not in height nor in politeness. Rappa set the bag of rice down as he gave you his best smouldering look.
“Are you sure you can’t find maybe thirty minutes for little old me?” He punctuated his last three words with bicep flexes. You again couldn’t stifle your laugh at how ridiculous he was being. You placed a polite hand to his forearm before leaning in close to hopefully save him from the embarrassment that was coming as you prepared your rejection.
“Listen, Rappa, you seem very nice, but I’m not interested, okay?” you said in a low voice before stepping back. While he seemed crestfallen for a moment, a sly smile spilled across his lips as he glanced at the far end of the aisle.
“Okay. See you around.” he said before disappearing into the back of the store. As you swiveled, a triumphant smile across your face, you looked up to see Tai with an unreadable expression as he looked between you and the still pivoting door.
“Uh, hey, do you have honey at home?” you said, walking over to him and holding up the jar.
“I don’t. I’ll add this to my order. I’m checking out now. Why don’t you wait for me by the truck? I’ll be right out.” he said, not even making eye contact with you as he took the small glass jar from you and headed back to the register. You felt a sudden chill creep up your spine at his nonchalant exchange and you wordlessly went outside to wait.
Taishiro helped you into the truck before loading up all of his items into the back of it. When he got in, he silently handed you a small paper bag that held the honey before starting the vehicle and pulling away. He didn’t say anything the entire ride back to his farm and only really looked at you when he helped you down from the truck.
“How about you wait at the house while I finish up the rest of the chores for the day?” he said, not even waiting for your response before walking away towards the barn, carrying a large bag of chicken feed on his shoulder. You clutched the small bag to your chest and watched him walk away. You didn’t know what had gotten into him at the store, but you hoped that a hot, home cooked meal would fix his mood, so you got to work in the kitchen.
Taishiro started trudging towards the house as the sun began to set. The entire time that he worked that day, he couldn’t get over how you so casually touched Rappa. Taishiro had always lost out to guys with “better” bodies than him, guys like Rappa, but to see you touch him and giggle with him, after you and Tai had laid next to each other as something more than friends really ate him up inside. He had really thought things would be different this time...
As he approached the house, he could hear you humming as the sweet aroma of whatever you were cooking hit his nostrils. Many people thought that he was instinctively a good cook because of his size, but no, it was you who had taught him every recipe you could think of. The smell of your hand crafted meal only made his heart sink further. When he entered the house, he went straight to the bathroom to freshen up. When he finally emerged, you were waiting for him with a wide smile on your face with the table already set and his food plated.
“Come eat with me. I know you’re not in a great mood, but I made your favorite and I made honey buns for after dinner.” you said cheerily as you sat at the table. When you looked at him with those cute eyes and that sweet smile, he couldn’t tell you no. He sat across from you and took a deep whiff of his meal before taking a huge bite. He shut his eyes for a moment as he sighed, savoring the flavor. You giggled, watching him relax. “I knew, it would cheer you up. What happened earlier by the way? Did the store clerk give you a bad price for the feed?”
“Uh, no… It was something else…” he mumbled before taking another huge bite of food.
“Is it about the crops? I’ll do my best, but if that doesn’t work, we can figure something else out. No need to be upset just yet.” you rambled as he looked at you with a sad expression.
“It’s not the crops either. Just let it go.”
“No, I won’t. Tai, you seemed so sad and you wouldn’t even look at me. I can tell when you’re upset with me, so just…spit it out already.” You set your fork down on your plate and looked at him, waiting for a response. Taishiro sighed, hesitating for a moment before finally speaking.
“Can I ask ya somethin’?”
“What do you think about Rappa? You seemed to think he was funny earlier. Did you get his number?” You gave Taishiro an incredulous look as you burst out into a fit of giggles.
“The try hard? I was only laughing because of how ridiculous he looked lifting a twenty pound bag of rice like that would impress me. You lifted that one hundred pound of feed like it was nothing earlier. Now, that’s impressive.” you said, through bouts of laughter. Taishiro looked at you for a long minute, not truly believing what he was hearing.
“So he didn’t woo you? Then why did you lean in close to him?”
“I didn’t want to embarrass him when I rejected him.”
“But you called me your best friend.”
“Because you are! I just didn’t know what our new title would be, so I went with the familiar, but I most definitely wasn’t flirting with Rappa when who I really want to be with was at the register.”
“So you wanted to be with the store clerk? Got it!” he said, finally breaking out into his familiar smile.
“Yes, the 60 year old man really did it for me.” you said, rolling your eyes playfully. After both of your fits of laughter died down, the two of you fell into a comfortable silence, enjoying the meal, before Tashiro spoke again.
“So you still like me?”
“No… I love you…” you said, looking up at him as your heart began to pound wildly and your cheeks heated. Taishiro’s soft face flashed to a vivid red as he softly smiled.
“I love you, too…”
Later that night, you were putting on lotion after your bath when Taishiro sat on the edge of the bed next to you, taking your legs into his lap and massaging them.
“You know I could’ve done this myself, right?” you said, smirking up at him, but when you saw the soft expression on his face, you leaned into his tummy, resting your head against him and already knowing that he had a lot on his mind.
“I wanted to apologize for being cold with you earlier. I just thought I had lost my chance with you again.” he said softly as his warm hands kneaded your thighs.
“You never actually lost your chance...ever. If you had made a move sooner, I would’ve dumped anyone for you…”
“Really? For me? But you could have a guy like Rappa?”
“And why would I want that when I have you? You’re sweet, you’re funny, and you’re really hot.”
“Yeah, I guess I’m pretty insulated…” he said, looking away. You gently took the side of his face to make him meet your gaze.
“No, Tai, you’re hot. Like I want that way.” you said as you bit your lip seductively, meeting his shocked gaze. He slowly lifted you onto the center of the bed before hovering over you. You slowly spread your legs, which pushed your night shirt up to reveal your panties. His eyes slowly trailed down your body and he gulped when he finally arrived at your clothed heat.
“In that way?” he asked in a low voice.
“Mhmm…” you whispered as he licked his lips. He hooked his finger into the band of your underwear and you lifted your hips, giving him the greenlight. Seeing you so needy for him made him bold. He pulled your panties off before settling in between your thighs. He pressed a gentle kiss to your pussy before parting your lower lips with his tongue. Your breath hitched as his hot tongue seemed to reach everywhere. You mewled loudly as he dragged it over your swelling clit before suckling at the bundle of nerves.
“Tai…” you breathlessly moaned as he dipped his tongue to your entrance before delving in. Your hand wandered down to run your fingers through his soft, blonde hair. He chuckled as you whimpered.
“You taste so sweet…like honey” he growled, sending pleasant vibrations throughout your cunt. You rolled your hips onto his tongue as he swirled it around your clit. You gripped onto the sheets with your other hand as he sucked more fervently, making lewd noises as he enjoyed the meal between your thighs. Taishiro loved to eat and now he could finally indulge in his favorite flavor, so he wasn’t going to miss a moment.
“I’m getting close…” you gasped out.
“Cream on my tongue, baby…” he commanded, completely devouring you. His wide tongue lapped at your folds before it laved over your swollen bud over and over. You were completely unravelling against his skilled appendage and he wasn’t even using his full potential. Little did you know that this was just the appetizer for you and with the way you were moaning and grinding on his tongue, he wasn’t sure if you’d make it to dessert. You felt the sharp tension in your abdomen snap and your pussy began to clench around nothing as your orgasm took hold.
Taishiro continued to suck and lick at your pulsating cunt as you tried to ground yourself in the mattress. You could barely focus as he drew yet another orgasm out of you in but a minute after the first. Your chest heaved as the two of you made eye contact, your eyes silently begging for a reprieve. He smirked and chuckled into your pussy before continuing his meal.
His godly tongue slipped back into your entrance as it stretched you before grazing the place that made your knees weak. His entire mouth enveloped your pussy as he pushed his tongue in deeper, wanting to taste all of you. Your eyes rolled back into your head as he sucked one final time on your clit and got the delicious cream he was after. Your entire body shuddered as you came loud and hard into his mouth. As he lapped up your essence, you whimpered loudly.
“I know I know…” he said, finally pulling his shiny lips away from you. He kissed your inner thighs before hovering over you to pull you into a passionate kiss. You allowed his tongue to slip into your mouth, so that you could taste yourself. He was right. You did taste like honey. He finally pulled away after a few minutes, so that you could catch your breath. He curled you onto his stomach as he smoothed your hair away from your clammy forehead before placing a sweet kiss.
“Thank you for the meal, Honey Bun.” he said, smirking at your blissed out expression. You slumped against him, thoroughly satiated, and the two of you drifted in a loving slumber together.
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padomaicocean · 2 months ago
Coldharbour Bound - One
Life in the Dark Brotherhood was fine, the jobs were good and Tiny-One had her family. A new job sends Tiny-One somewhere she never thought she would go, and would be the beginning to something bigger.
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A Nord stands alone in his home, while outside a blizzard rages on. His head is reeling after finding his wife lying prone on a blood covered floor in front of their fireplace. He shuts his eyes tightly as he hears a very deliberate crash behind him. He doesn't address the new body in the room, refusing to face his would-be killer.
"Not going to beg for your life?"
He shuts his eyes, straightening up and turning his head. "Why should I have any words for the likes of you?"
The intruder is covered in dark scales, a hood pulled over her head. She flips a knife in her clawed hand and inspects the blade. "Well that's fine. I don't care either way." She rises to her feet, sheathing her blade. She begins soundlessly stepping forward.
The Nord turns fully and draws a sword, making an attempt to attack the assassin; but he quickly freezes in place, eyes wide with surprise.
The Argonian lowers her hand, the frosty hue disappearing slowly. The Nord crashes to the ground, a spike of ice protruding out of his stomach. He gasps, eyes pointed up and searching. Bright yellow eyes gaze back down at him, watching as his breath quickly slows and the life fades away.
She turns back towards the window, where the storm rages on. She easily pries it open and leaps out into the cold night.
She lands in the snow soundlessly, standing up straight. She can hear voices from out in the dark storm and she stands still, waiting.
"Oi! Tiny-One!"
"Be quiet," she snaps at the approaching Nord. He gives her a goofy grin in response, and the Argonian rolls her eyes as she trudges forward.
"Did he give you trouble? The woman screamed like a pig." The Nord began to chat animatedly about the elimination of their target.
The targets had been some Nord nobles from Western Skyrim. They owned an estate a fair distance from Solitude; fairly standard target for the Dark Brotherhood, and a rather simple one. The two assassins were able to get in and out without any issue. Surprisingly, they had little in the way of guards, and the Argonian had been able to take those out simply and out of sight with a quick spell.
"No trouble," she answers. "Ugh, it's so fucking cold. How in Oblivion do you Nords live like this?"
The long haired Nord gives a booming laugh and slaps the small Argonian on the back. She wasn't expecting it, as she jerks forward and falls into the snow.
"Kor!" She sits up right away, scowling at him and shivering. He offers his hand and she begrudgingly takes it, grumbling whilst getting to her feet. She brushes off the snow, shooting him a scathing glare as she stomps forward. "Let's hurry up! I wanna get back to the inn sooner rather than later."
"And Kor thought he was impatient!" he taunts her. The Argonian leaps forward to yank on his long tresses but he manages to get out of the way.
"I'm not impatient! I just don't want to freeze to death, unlike you bloody Nords!" She chose to ignore his laughs continuing forward. "And be quiet! In case you've forgotten, we're supposed to be stealthy."
Kor shakes his head, laughing and fading into a soft chuckle. "There is no one around. We will be fine. The storm is keeping everyone away."
"Maybe we should take a hint. I wanna get back to Solitude before this shit gets any worse." Tiny-One grumbles, continuing to trudge forward through the snow, with Kor following on her heels.
Tiny-One and Kor slip into the city of Solitude unnoticed. The thick snow obscuring them from sight as they make their way through the city to reach the shady inn they were staying at.
Kor pushes open the creaky door and Tiny-One slips in ahead of him, leading him up the stairs and into the room they were staying in for the evening. The Argonian pulled off her hood and gave a shiver, quickly flicking a flame at the small fireplace in the room.
"Let's rest and head out in the morning," she began. "We've been fairly busy with contracts recently, so hopefully there’s something new by the time we’re back.”
The Nord snorts. "Kor thinks we deserve a break. Haven't had any time to settle "
Tiny-One scowls at her companion "Well-"
There was a tapping on the glass window of their room. Kor's hand quickly moved to the dagger at his hip and sparks began to come off Tiny-One's fingertips. There was a tapping again and a soft caw. Slowly, the two assassins began to relax. Tiny-One began walking over to the window, prying it open. A raven hops closer, before flying into the room and landing on the table. It began to peck at the table, keeping the two assassins attention on it..
Kor approached the raven while Tiny-One pulled the window closed. He removed a letter strapped to the bird's leg.
Tiny-One walked over, watching Kor's face as he scowled, thrusting the letter out at her. She let out a snort at his pout, taking the letter with one clawed hand. She scanned through the contents and let out a hum.
"Well. A new job already, and I don't have to put up with your racket this time." Tiny-One rolled the letter back up. The raven let out a caw and she reached a hand out to scratch the bird’s head. "Flying all the way here through this storm." She smiled softly.
Kor heaved a sigh. "Kor will get the next one." He reached into his bag to pull out some seeds for the needy raven. "When will you leave?"
Tiny-One took a seat in the chair. "The morning. The Matron wants me to finish this job as soon as possible. It sounds like things are getting messy in Kvatch..."
Kor nodded. "The Akatosh priests. Sounds like they are stirring up trouble. Have no worries, Kor can hold down the fort while you enjoy your contract."
Tiny-One rolled her eyes. "It's work, not a vacation, Kor. It sounds like you'll be getting plenty of fun at home dealing with that religion."
Kor snorted. "Unless they make us hide. Kor thinks we should meet them head on but the Matron might demand differently."
"Better cautious than dead," Tiny-One pointed out. She held out her hand and the raven hopped to her wrist. Standing up she returns to the window, pulling it open again. The raven hops off with a caw, flying off into the blizzard.
Kor leaned back into the chair. "Take the bed, Little Sister. Kor will keep watch for you."
Tiny-One narrowed her eyes. "You also have a big day, you know."
Kor waved her off. "Kor can take a day to relax before heading home. Kor needs to grab some gifts for Hildegard before heading home anyways."
"The Matron will not take kindly to that," Tiny-One pointed out, heading over to the bed. She sat down gently. "I do appreciate the thought though." She moved, laying curled on her side. As exhaustion slowly seeped into her bones, she closed her eyes, drifting off at last.
The storm had blown over by morning, the gentle light of the sunrise filtering through the window. Tiny-One sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her boots onto her feet. She stood up, grabbing a robe and pulling it over her shoulders, obscuring her face with the hood.
Across the room Kor stretched in the chair, crossing his arms. "Have a safe journey, little sister."
Tiny-One looked over at him. "Have a safe trip home, Brother." She dipped her head, opening the door and slipping out.
She exited the inn, stepping out into the sunlight; the city of Solitude was slowly coming to life. Shops began to set up, with some already dealing with business. Tiny-One remained in the shadows, slowly approaching the main gate and slipping out. She approached the stable, a tired stablehand cleaning out the manure and dirty hay before business truly began.
"Excuse me," Tiny-One began, startling the stablehand as he dropped the shovel, hastily grabbing it before spinning to look at her. She smiled at him. "I am here to pick up my mount. I left him here yesterday."
The stablehand nodded. "Uh yea, the, uh, big bay that was boarded yesterday?" He waved her in to follow him.
"That's the one." She nodded, following him. They came deeper into the stables, stopping in front of a stall. A large bay horse snorted, the horse approaching the stall door, snuffling against Tiny-One’s shoulder.
Tiny-One snorted, reaching into her satchel to pull out gold. She placed it in the stablehand's hand. "Thank you."
He nodded, slowly wandering off while Tiny-One began to tack the horse up. She guided the large gelding out of the stable and, once secured outside, she mounted the horse, and guided him out into Skyrim's wilderness. The sun continued its climb into the sky, and Tiny-One urged the horse into a steady gallop, heading further East in hope to reach Davon's Watch as quickly as possible.
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mimiswitchywrites · 2 months ago
Not A Burden: Chapter 7
TW: SH references, attempted s****de and references, child/s***al a**se references (not graphic but enough that could be triggering).
Master list or read on AO3
1.8k words
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One more chapter tomorrow and then a week or so of hiatus while I sort some life stuff out
Merlin had been dreaming about a certain sandy haired royal for the last few weeks and he couldn’t figure out if he loved it or hated it. It made serving him far harder than it needed to be as all he could think about was the way dream Arthur had pinned him to his desk as he cleared it or how dream Arthur would give him the day off so they could go to the market together and how real Arthur would never do something like that. Real Arthur could barely look at him, let alone want to go out in public with him like that. On the other hand, dream Arthur was really fucking hot, and Merlin enjoyed that. He knew he could never have real Arthur, so it made him happy to at least have a version of him at night.
Was that sad? Maybe a little.
But, regardless of his feelings towards these dreams, he did not appreciate them being interrupted. Especially not by his frantic father-figure. Especially not when Dream Arthur had just got onto his knees and was beginning to undo the ties on Merlin’s breaches…
Gaius was rather insistent that Merlin wake up and help him find Miriam who, he guessed as he hadn’t really been listening properly, had vanished. He threw on yesterday’s clothes, too tired to look presentable, and made his way into the main chamber where, unsurprisingly, the spare cot was empty. He sighed, giving into the fact that he wouldn’t be getting anymore sleep, and ran out the door to ask the guards at the bottom of the stairs if they had seen her. Well, tried to run. Instead, he ended up inches from headbutting Miriam and, Lancelot? The latter of which seemed to be leaning in for a kiss that the former looked as if she really didn’t want to partake in.
He heard Gaius sigh from inside the room and settle down to get started on the days work. After letting the poor girl hurry inside and close the door behind her, Merlin decided to have some fun (it was only fair after such a rude start to the morning which Lancelot had played his part in.)
He started with a raised eyebrow, something he was getting far better at after being on the receiving end of Gaius’ for so long. The love-struck knight stuttered, trying to form a feeble defence.
“You know, out of all the knights, I thought you were the most responsible. Kidnapping a sick, defenceless young maiden? Whatever would the king say?” He bit his tongue to keep from laughing at Lancelot’s reddening face. He cracked, snorting unceremoniously and slapping the man’s arm in the hopes of getting him to lighten up a little.
“Relax, my friend, I don’t tell Arthur of every person his knights sneak off with – I would be there for years on Gwaine alone.” Lancelot finally let out a small laugh, still hot with embarrassment.
“I apologise if we worried you, I meant to have her back before you woke but we got… distracted.” He drifted off, thinking about how beautiful the shadows her lashes had cast on her cheeks as they watched the stars were.
“Distracted?” Merlin gave him a look that said: ‘you-know-how-much-that-sounds-like-you-took-a-tumble-in-the-hay-right?’ and, for the umpteenth time that morning, Lancelot turned beet red. He cleared his throat, scratching the back of his neck and stumbling over No’s and That’s Not What I Meant’s.
Merlin could only shake his head at his friend, once again clamping his mouth shut to avoid laughing at him. He loved Lancelot like a brother, but the poor man was helpless, sometimes. He shoved the man gently, finally telling him to leave and get some sleep before training started in a few hours. The flushed knight (who, Merlin observed, matched the red of Camelot’s banner remarkably) made his way down the stairs, playing the night over and over, in his head.
It had not ended quite as he would have liked but gods be dammed, it was one of the best meals Lancelot had ever had. His free hand (the other still holding the picnic basket) ghosted over his lips, imagining how hers would have felt pressed against them.
Merlin entered the chambers, hopping into his room to prepare himself for his day with the king. Arthur would be holding a council meeting that afternoon so Merlin had to brush up on the topic (they would be discussing solidifying more roads between Camelot and its villages to help with trade, he was falling asleep just thinking about it) and he still needed to wash off the sweat from his dreams the previous night.
He made his way down to the kitchens first, parchments about the roads under his arm, and gathered the King’s breakfast, and an extra roll and sausage for himself. He overheard Cook muttering about how she needed more hands around and that one of her ‘good for nothing’ staff had stolen the excess that was meant to go to the dogs. He kept that in mind and made his way up to the Royal Chambers, nearly tripping over on one of the many staircases, only just keeping all the food on it’s platter.
Nodding to the guards on watch, he opened the door with his elbow and shuffled in backwards, knocking over the chair that was dangerously left in the doorway. Arthur moaned from his bed (a sound that Merlin knew he would end up replaying that evening once Miriam and Gaius were asleep) and pulled his pillow over his face. After dropping the breakfast on the table, Merlin made his way to the curtains, pulling them open.
“Up and at ‘em, time to brighten the Lords’ day with your cute little face” Merlin intended to say this with a sarcastic lilt but, distracted by those mouth-watering abs, failed to.
Arthur slowly pulled the pillow from his face, a look of confusion on his features as he watched his pitiful manservant watch him in some sort of daze. The pillow went flying from his hands, bashing Merlin back to reality.
Why must such a prat be so beautiful, he pondered as he gathered the Kings clothes for the day. He chose the tighter white shirt which he knew would be soaked after training later. He blushed at the thought, hiding a grin as he rummaged through the cupboard.
Arthur groaned, bringing his hands up to his face and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. If Merlin had to wake him up each morning, why couldn’t it be something nice like with a kiss or his long fingers adventuring? Was that truly so much to ask? Well, to fantasise about – Arthur knew there was no way he could actually ask for that. Merlin could say no or tell someone which would lead to a civil war or him overthrowing or, even worse, he could say yes and then Arthur would be the one that had to say no to prevent the aforementioned civil war or overthrowing. Arthur quite liked his head being attached to his body, but he knew it was unlikely to stay that was if his people discovered that he had certain inclinations towards men. Merlin was incapable when it came to keeping secrets and one as big as sleeping with the king was too much of a risk.
Arthur groaned again, finally rolling out of bed and allowing Merlin to help him into his clothes. He picked at his food, giving the leftovers to Merlin because gods knew he didn’t eat enough. The boy looked exhausted and sat on the trunk at the end of Arthurs bed as he devoured a sausage (don’t you dare go there, Arthur).
Pushing out from his chair, Arthur leant back against the table, so they were facing each other.
“What’s got you so tired? Sneaking off to the whore house in the dead of night?” Gods, he hoped that wasn’t it. He didn’t like how jealousy bubbled in his chest at the thought. Merlin’s brows shot up, practically jumping off his head, and he choked on the bread roll that he had tried devouring in a single bite. The boy turned red as he struggled to breath and Arthur, being the gallant knight that he was, hit him on the back, dislodging the food and perhaps a vertebra or two. His hand lingered longer than it should have, rubbing a few gentle circles before dropping to his side.
Finally getting air into his lungs, Merlin responded, “Took me forever to get to sleep and then I dreamt all night and didn’t get any proper rest and then, before the sun had even risen, Gaius woke me to say that Miriam had gone missing.” At that, Arthur straightened, worrying about the girl. Merlin noticed the way his eyebrows furrowed, and eyes drifted to the door and so added, “she was okay, she snuck off with Lancelot on a date or something. He said they got ‘distracted’.” Merlin wiggled his eyebrows at this, and Arthur’s head tipped back, laughing.
“I was hoping they would return at a decent hour, I’m sorry they caused you to lose sleep. Because, well you know, you’re terrible at your job when you’re tired?” A sloppy attempt at his usual façade but Arthur was busy focusing on the purple bags under Merlin’s eyes. He wanted to rub the pad of his thumb over them, cupping his face. The boy really should sleep more. He would get a great night’s rest in a bed like Arthurs (especially after their activities exhausted him). Arthur turned away from Merlin, forcing himself to get his thoughts under control.
“Wait,” said Merlin, finally catching up, “you knew about this?”
Arthur paused to think about his answer. Should he not have known? He hadn’t meant to, but he’d bumped into Miriam and they had a particularly useful conversation which he was sure Merlin would be proud of. “Yes?”
“Are you asking me that?” Merlin’s lipped curled at the ends and Arthur’s heart fluttered.
“I knew, yes. I found Miriam looking out at the courtyard in a brooding stance that would put even my father to shame. We talked and I think things are mostly resolved between us. Turned out she was only up there as she got lost trying to find Lancelot, so I lead her down to him and they went off. Looked like he had a basket, so I believe they had some sort of late-night picnic. It seemed sweet, really.” He muttered the last part, craving the opportunity to take Merlin on a picnic – late-night or otherwise.
Merlin hopped off the trunk (with the grace of a drunk, new-born, calf) and closed the distance between the pair, tentatively placing his hand on his master’s bicep. “I am glad you talked; I know you were struggling with the idea of doing so.” Arthur turned his head to look at Merlin. He loved the soft blue ocean that coloured his eyes and, had they been anywhere else, been anyone else, he would spend days looking into them. But he was the King, Merlin was his servant, and Camelot was no place for such things.
“Don’t be such a girls petticoat, Merlin.” They both ignored the break in Arthur’s voice.
“Prat.” Merlin offered in response.
Arthur watched out the window as Merlin cleared their breakfast up and tidied the mess Arthur had somehow managed to create between his dismissal and waking the clot pole up. There was a comfortable silence between the two that they had mastered over the half decade of knowing each other. At some point, Arthur turned to watch his manservant as he flittered about the room, sweeping clothes under the bed with his foot and wiping shapes into the table as he cleaned it. He truly was terrible at his job and yet Arthur didn’t think he had ever been matched with someone so well.
None of his previous servants would tolerate questions such as: “So, what were you dreaming about that kept you from resting so?” Merlin stopped in his tracks (bent over the bed, arse in the air, as he put the duvet back in its place. Arthur had to bite his knuckles to avoid doing anything he would regret.) He straightened and Arthur swore he could see a blush forming.
“Nothing really, I mean, I don’t remember. Dreams are so hard to remember and all that, right? I don’t remember. Uh,” he cleared his throat, “why?” A pause, “What did you dream about, sire?”
His previous servants most certainly wouldn’t ask something like that.
“You know what, I think I have training to lead now. We should go.” He nodded to himself, Merlin mimicking – still red – and the pair swept out of the room.
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writingsofmyimagination · 2 months ago
Instinct |7|
Tumblr media
Summary: An unwelcome(ish) blast from the Captain’s trainee days comes back to the Scouting Regiment and old habits die hard.
Levi X Reader
Warnings: Smut, A bit of fluff I guess. Mentions of death
If you want to be tagged for the series let me know.
Happy Reading
Instinct: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |
tags: @pjimochi​ @spideyboiiii​ @beautifulimperfections13​ @halparkebitch.
@nefelimalfoy This fic is dedicated to you
Eyes shut tight, trying to fend off the dust burning under your eyelids. Scratches and cuts on your face also on fire with the dust coating. Screams and shrieks clearly audible after the crashing subsided; blood choking up their final sounds. Your strong core a blessing in keeping your feet planted on the side of a building. The ODM hook on the other hand were straining to keep its hold. Levi’s strained face mirrored yours on the building next to you.
“Bastard, knew exactly what he was doing. Cutting off all chances of our escape, all these kids are going to be slaughtered”
Another interval of eyes closed and bracing for luck of not dying.
“Yeah well maybe don’t say that too loud. Moron” Eyes rolling despite the battle with the dust.
“FALLBACK TO THE WALL” Levi boomed. He didn’t need to ask twice. Hoards of gas blasting saw the remaining corps retreating to the heights on the top of the wall.
Your ears overwhelmed by the desperate roar still bringing all movement to a halt on your side of the wall. The level of desperation from the creature filtered to your core filling it with dread.
There were a few minutes of peace. The anxiety growing in the pit of your stomach, an uncontrolled virus multiplying sky rocketing your heart rate.
“Is that?” Questioning Levi like he had a clue. You’d both jumped down, cooly landing beside each other with skilled precision. Heads both angled upwards, eyes facetiously following a wooden barrel now flying through the air clearing the wall by what seemed like a mile.
“I think so, if we’re right there’s more of a shit storm about to unfold over the other side”
“Shit, fucking assholes” You spat.
“You better go and help”
“What? And leave you lot to get crushed. We can get the beast titan together somehow”
“That’s an order and not a request” Stern lines speared on his forehead, knitting his brows together
“We are eq”
“Your squads on the wall” He argued.
So was his
Not wanting to waste any more precious time you sent your blades clinking to the floor in favour of a fresh set.
The lines in his face faded, standing into you.
“We’ll be going home together baby. Our stubborn asses will make sure of that” He cooed without hesitation in your ear. The words even though likely true you still coated in doubt as they hit you ear.
A strong salute was all you welcomed before propelling off. The pair of you would both refuse with every will in your body too see this as goodbye. Levi and Erwin followed shortly behind.
You were two thirds up the wall when the world around you shook. Faltering to the shockwave of air blasting over the wall. This time your ODM failed to hold. The Sahara of your throat marginally allowing a scream. Your quick trigger finger fired off another hook; it failed against the heavily circulating air. Your falling body an easy swooping target for Levi, you easily moulded into his grip. The scar tissue on your side fading out the otherwise harsh dig of his grip.
Footing grateful on the ground beneath you. The solid foundation you could only enjoy for a brief moment before nodding and scaling the wall again.
Two dying beings on the roof in front of you. The area supercharged with emotion, apparently still climbing. Dust was settling and quiet was fading in around you. Devastation rampant around you, you were all stood on a house that had managed to survive the attack. Barely.
“Mikasa what the fuck are you doing” You shouted bursting forward with the goal of prying her of Levi as she tackled him to the floor. Hanje beat you to it restraining the heartbroken girl who was watching her childhood friend slowly become nothing…
The atmosphere pouring with frustration and devastation in a potent mix. Tempers flaring, hash words circulating in a whirlwind. Tears were unapologetic on some of their faces.
“Everyone get out here so Bertholt can be devoured”
“Jesus Christ, can you believe her” Levi cursed, flicking away blood from the side of his mouth.
“Just cool it will you, it’s a NORMAL human reaction to be devasted when your best friend is dying”
He took a second for a deep breath, his composure seemed to return when the anger left his shoulders.
“What are you going to do? There’s not a lot of time left” Worried eyes drifting to the bodies on the floor.
“I fucking know that, just go will you!” He didn’t even look at you, if he did, he would have been met with nothing but a harsh scowl.
You left without a word.
Maybe the relationship isn’t where I thought. I thought he was starting to…..
“How long do you think he’ll be out for?” You mopped the gathered perspiration from Armin’s forehead before replacing the towel with a water cooled one.
“It’s hard to say, the best we can do is let him rest” Hanje advised, tapping your shoulder. You turned to look at the doorway. Mikasa waiting impatiently at the doors. Her eyes flitting between the two beds of her friends. As soon as you stood Mikasa took that as a sign to rush in, the conflict in her jittery eyes as to who to go first.
“You’ve got ten minutes before you all go to your cells, Armin included” You ordered. They’d disobeyed orders and attacked the Captain. Hanje would not have that go unpunished. Armin was being sent just as a precaution.
You hadn’t seen Levi since you returned, not that you were going to use any real energy to go find him after how he spoke to you. You were mad, no doubt; but a stirring coil inside you wanted to be with him, you’d all lost someone today. When he lost Farlan and Isobel he withdrew even more than he naturally does. A cloud of solemn coated the dry atmosphere, the veterans of the core were quiet and defeated In the run up to dinner. The tables which days ago were mostly filled with chattering energy was now an eerie space with minimal bodies. The core now had only 9 surviving members. Hopefully the emergency draftings would arrive soon.
The sun had dropped in the sky, the daylight weak losing to the darker tones offered by the night. Rations in your bag and wanting to take advantage of the weakly pleasant sky; you took a horse to the nearby stream and perched yourself against a rock and enjoyed the gradual transition into the evening.
By the time you returned, the lanterns were lit and the only the older core were still conversing in a small group a few of them briefly acknowledging your presence with weak smiles.
“Uh!” You exclaimed stepping back in a swift dodge of an arm blocking your way just as you turned and left the canteen.
“Oh now you want to interact with me?” arms folded and backed against the wall, pure defensive.
“What?” Levi scowled; his face genuinely scrunched with confusion. His eyes widening to you elaborate.
His eyes remained demanding
“You snap at me for asking a damn question for one, losing Erwin, which whether you admit or not will affect even your stone glazed heart and you disappear for as soon as you return home”
As you laid the angry words out in speech you realised your emotions may have hopped onto an express train. In a sharp realisation, that froze you for a few seconds.
He took a breath, ready to respond.
“And well”…. You slumped.
“Well I guess I just hated that I couldn’t see if you were okay. And I guess some crazy part of me hoped you’d need me like I do you. I lost him too you know”
The vulnerability had your eyes weighed down to the floor.
Feelings hurt to accept
He let out a gentle breathy chuckle. His hand finally unblocking you and nudged your chin up, world falling away around you
You were fully prepared for him to scold you for being an idiot.
“Hey, is that seriously why you’re being a brat?” The softness of his words ensured you didn’t take anything as an insult
“I did avoid you, I avoided everyone but you know what, in the end I hated it. All I wanted was to just be beside you and I’m sorry I spoke to you like trash I was just… caught in my emotions”
You may have stopped breathing.
“Come to bed with me tonight?”
“Please” he added. Your chest and smile inflating, not the reaction you expected. The drizzle of affection you’d been given was all you needed. Replying in agreeance with a relieved relaxed smile.
“Levi” you whispered in disbelief, head scanning side by side for witnesses of the soft kiss before slapping him on the chest
“Someone might see” shoving him a few paces back.
“I thought you liked that” He teased, testing the space boundaries again. You refused.
“There’s the risk of getting caught and there’s this” Without another word you pushed past him. Muscles bracing for the bite of the wind outside.
“Are you even going to come see me later?” His voice trailed off as the door clicked.
Your hands became quick victims of the cold bite of the air, the colour drained from them by the firm grip you had on the shovel. The low crumbly brick wall of the stable did little to improve matters. The wooden roof acting as a tunnel for the air. Your horse was snorting in distaste at being moved uncovered to the elements.
“I know …., I know, I’m nearly done. Give me a chance to get you some more straw from the shed”
There were 4 other stable residences in the row. All already heads down noses buried in their feed bowls. Another reason Mikey was in a grumpy mood.
The feed shed was probably one of the most stocked up rooms at this site. Hay piled up easily three times your height, the floor blanketed with straggles of loose hay covering the brick floor. Several circular black bins populated the further right wall. An assortment of various types of feeds. You wedged the door open the slightly with a rock, bloody thing bashes and bangs otherwise. Forever making you jump. The gas lantern flame was struggling, fading slowly with each passing minute.
Dropping the feed bowl to the floor, you removed the lid of his favourite feed, green scoop in hand you bent to collect the needed amount.
In a flash, your pony tail gripped. Instincts kicking in, your arm flying round with force. Before you could even turn your body, you were restricted. Arm taken hostage pushed flush against your back. Your other arm soon joining as the pressure of your hair was relinquished.
“Since when do you get to walk away from me without answering?” The low tone and silky voice had one side of your lips hitching up and your body falling into the shape of his. His free hand loosely cupping the front of your neck, forefinger curved around your chin pushing your head to the side. His words rolled around the curve of your neck in a warm wave. The tingling wave reaching between your legs.
“Since always” you challenged.
“Yeah?” The most delicate kiss was placed on your neck, a light feather dancing on your skin. The contact may have been light but it sent hot and powerful signals down your spine.
“Mmmhmm” Turning in his grip, locking hands behind his neck, smirk not covered by biting your lip. The usually cold pools of his eyes, seemed softer even through the sultry stares.
“I’m So…” Cutting him off, pulling him towards you to capture his lips. You both became lost in heavy kisses, hours of frustration, long day pouring out in the comfort and heat you found within in each other. The floods of heat you quickly felt that line approaching, the line in your younger days you freely crossed without a thought. The line of letting him fuck you wherever you were.
A pained sulky whine pulling yourself off of him.
“So is that a yes then?” He finally asked. Your eyes rolling above a small laugh.
“Ugh fine. I’ll wait for you”
“You might be waiting a while” No reality behind those words. You just liked to push him.
“No I won’t” he replied calling your bullshit watching you tie the hay net for Mikey which was always the last thing you did. Even though you get impatiently nudged while doing so.
You didn’t knock on his door before entering, likely the only soul who’d even dare. Levi’s face was buried in a dripping towel, water drops cascading down the back of slender hands back into the wash bowl.
The bed was made, perfectly taut within an inch of the fibre’s life. The top turned down, delicate red and green of two roses crossed across one of the pillows.
“Since when do you do flowers” Rolling one of them between your fingers, placing the petals to your nose.
“Siiiinncce” he took the rose from you, petals were velvet across your cheek.
“I decided that I want to try and treat you like the princess you are”
“You decided?” Testing
“Since I REALISED, that I actually care about you more than I ever damned to admit”
You were stood still, frozen. Yet the whiplash threatened.
“I want to be there for you, I know I’m shit at having at feelings but I want to be there for you”
The only bodily function currently working were your tear ducts, small drops filling at the corner of your eyes. You needed to hear that, the emotions of the long day breaking through the walls in a few heavy silent breaths. One tear fell from each mass of emotion, cascading down your cheek, rushing to be out of sight.
“Hey, I got you, alright” There was a pause, his eyes absorbing you fully, irises blowing out with the pain he seemed to be draining from you.
“You got me” content smile full of calm rested on your lips, chasing his to a delicate clash. You broke the kiss first, gingerly pulled your shirt from your body and backing towards the bed. Levi following tiptoeing his shirt buttons undone rose still in his hand. Shifting yourself up to rest your head on the pillows, Levi straddled at your waist. He twisted the top of the rose disconnecting the petals before giving you custody of the flower.
“Each petal is a kiss, do with that what you will”
A quick glance at the new currency in your palms, testing out the kiss you placed one on your neck. A light blow coasted your skin as the petal fell to the bed replaced with his lips warm in their covering of his lips. Sharp exhales as the wet firm kiss continued sucking lightly at your skin.
Two petals dropped on both your breasts, you watched him with glistening eyes go to where the petals fell. The petals were quickly replaced with small blossoming red swirls. Your chest pressed upwards chasing his lips. Another petal dropped near your navel. Another near your navel, the kisses becoming ever longer, dragging more breaths past your lips. Another at your thigh. Levi hitched your leg up, threading his arm under your thigh sowing the next flower. The anticipation for the next petal to fall vibrated through your being, a static current standing the hairs up on your body.
The final petal tickled for a beat when it fell at the apex of your thighs. You both shared a devilish smirk his head dipped to where the petal was.
He skipped the kiss, expression evolving from devilish into a softer delicate one. Instead he crept up your body until he was aligned with you. He brought one petal from his palm and with a controlled movement placed it on your lips.
“You forgot one” With a soft blow the petal fell to the side and Levi’s lips heavier in their replacement. It consumed you. His body pressed harder into you as your body arched to meet his, unbearable to not have his skin on yours. His knee pushed up to in between your legs. The sudden contact had your mind rushed into a blurry haze.
“Ugh” Levi groaned as you managed to catch his bottom lip in between your teeth at the contact. You both paused for a minute, only your hips rolled onto him.
“Fuck, I think I love you” He breathed, dancing his fingertips down your scarred side.
You almost choked.
Did he just?
“Shut up” He commanded the second your lips starting to shape into a response and kissed you with a strength like he never wanted to not be doing this.
He’d not forgotten about your final petal. After the strong kisses trailed down your body, his eyes never leaving your still stunned but overwhelmed gaze.
Everything was intensified. Your muscles tensed that bit more, your brain certainly didn’t want to formulate any more sentences.
“Levi… please” The plea made on the verge of tears. Your body was shaking, running on empty unable to comprehend time.
Levi’s lips glistening with you
“I think I hate you” you panted through a desperate chuckle. His lips tracing the outline of your body.
“I don’t think you do” he toyed, his lips catching yours.
“If you don’t make me cum I will” you warned.
“That desperate for me huh?”
“Wanna try me”
“Most definitely” He moved to a sitting position and pulled your drained body onto him, your legs hooking round his waist
“I can’t be on top, I have no energy” you whined draping your weight onto him, resting your head in the crevice of his neck.
“If you want to cum, you can. Where’s that fighter”
“Fucked out of me” You responded yet obliging and mustering all energy from all your body.
You lifted your hips just enough to drop back down onto him.
“Mmm” You both grunted. Circling your hip on him was just the sweetest feeling. Moaning through kisses, the air was becoming thick. His hips bucked up gently into you as you rocked.
“You look so pretty when your full of me”
“Now ride me until you cum. Do NOT stop” He ordered. You were not going to refuse.
“It’s gonna be so weird without him you know” Levi sighed.
“I know. There’s not many people left you happily take orders from”
“Ow” you chuckled bearing the light pinch
“I have Hanje and I guess I’ll have to start getting used to Armin’s thinking”
“He’s got a good thought process that boy”
“Enough about the others, are you not even gonna make a thing about what I said”
“I don’t know what you mean” You swapped to your front resting your palms on your chin. Playing coy.
His head tilted to side, cue dramatic roll.
“Bullshit. You know what this is”
“Your just as shit with emotions as me” He accused.
You paused, both of you knowing he’d called it. How do you respond to such a revolution from such aa emotionally buried man
“Well thank fuck”
“I just…” He waited.
“I was just happy…happy you felt the same” The saccharine smile grew on his lips almost seemed foreign and you giddied at the thought that it may become familiar.
“Does that mean you’ll stay with me every night?” He asked
“Do you want me to?”
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seprhroniac · 2 months ago
Chapter Thirteen: Unexpected Visitor
Tumblr media
"Eunji. Who's that?"/ A-Teen / Episode 13
[Spoilers Ahead] [Warning: Swearing] [The title will be different from the OG because this will be based on EunJi's story]
~ ~
"What are you doing here, Suga?"
Eunji asked the boy who only grinned and shrugged, in the distance was her fuming brother.
"I told you; boy problems."
"I know that isn't the truth. What are you doing here?"
He only smiled, "I was worried about you."
~ ~
[SHS Bulletin Board] Don't ask me to call you if you're busy with your boyfriend!
~ ~
Those were the lines that got stuck on Eunji's head for years. In the morning there is more joy that peeks through the windows as the sun rays illuminate Eunji's curtain.
In the morning there is more love anticipating an opportunity to hop into the air in that quiet snap we sense with our spirit. Toward the beginning of the day, there is all the more profound pleasantness that reverberates inside and figures out how to communicate this vitality - that is Eunji.
Early morning fog starting to clear, dew loaded grass and spider webs, sunrises throwing orange and pink onto a slim layer of cloud, winged animals sing, first light tune, creatures mix.
The draperies add an orange shine to the morning light, every morning ideal dawn. It helps her remember the occasions she rested in a seashore hovel, viewing the sea rise under the brilliant shine. For a second her brain summons the cadenced waves, delicate on the sandy shore, and feels her pulse to the equivalent moderate pace.
She breaths in profoundly. Another day has started.
She arrives at she had out to the texture, seeing how very close the light pours through each open space between filaments, the same as how it once got through the seashore cabin dividers, enlightening like splendid fire-flies each daybreak.
The material is warm underneath her fingers, and when the sun floods the room, painting the hues once more, she feels a tad bit of those brilliant beams splash into his skin.
Ok, mornings. You either love them or you despise them. There's so much that can be cultivated before the remainder of the world is alert, yet of course, additional rest is quite tremendous as well. I wind up in a consistent fight between needing to be beneficial and needing to lay in bed throughout the day.
In other words, she hates mornings.
She needs to remind herself that she should stop reading poetic books and lines that may get stuck in her head that can cause her to sound like Juliet finding Romeo, more like William Shakespeare.
The sound of her alarm rings in her ears as she groans wanting someone to shut it up. She sits up at the side of her bed as she rubs her eyes still sleepy as her bushy hair went in different directions.
She stands up and groaned as she takes the alarm shutting it off. She opens the curtains as she was blinded by the rays of the sun. Aish, stupid sun.
She fixes her bed and went straight to the bathroom where she was facing the mirror that shows a beast, not beauty. She scrunched her face just by looking at her figure. How can an eighteen-year-old be looking like a beast? She doesn't know if it's in their genes or just her.
Then again, her brother did look like a newborn gorilla so she's not complaining. She then took a shower.
~ ~
She was then finished as she took an oversized white shirt and black shorts. She took her phone that was charging on her desk and went to the kitchen, where her brother's dreamland would be.
She wasn't complaining though, it is hers too.
As she went down the stairs the metallic rattle of pots and dish, splutter of water from the kitchen sink, the fragrance of flapjacks drifting up the steps - signalling that her brother was cooking breakfast.
She turned towards the kitchen as she sees her brother cooking with his usual pink apron (No, he isn't gay.) while dancing to the music of Beyoncé.
Wong would be proud...
She chuckled seeing her brother shaking his hips, following the beat of the song. She then sat down at the chair where she usually sits down when they eat as she quietly stares at her brother. She took out her phone and began recording him as she quietly laughs seeing her brother feeling the music.
He then turns around and lets out a screech seeing his sister recording his now newborn career as a singer. Eunji could only laugh seeing his embarrassed face, "You move so well, Jinhwa." She said as she laughs harder seeing his face now angry and embarrassed.
"Delete that now, Eunji." He hissed as he plops down the pancakes at the table as he sat down and glared at Eunji who kept laughing.
Once she stopped she looks at her brother and smile, "Okay, I'll delete it... later." Jinhwa groans but shrugged it off as they start eating their very late breakfast.
It's noon.
On the weekends, they would spend their time mostly sleeping, relaxing, napping, eating, or watching movies. Weekends are considered their lazy days.
Their neighbours knew that they wake up at noon. There was one time where their neighbours came to their house to give food and when they rang the doorbell and no one was answering and after a couple of minutes you can hear constant screams from the inside knowing the two were fighting on who gets the door.
So the neighbours knew that they weren't morning persons.
Having a big brother was Eunji's lucky charm, to be honest. She always looks up at him even though she may be an annoying sister to him. But he still loves her. Even though they're the only ones left, they still made the best for them. They did quote each other - that didn't end well.
As Eunji said, "Having an older brother helped me learn how to be a better person. When he does something good, I copy it and when he does something bad, I try not to laugh at him."
And as Jinhwa said, "When you're a little kid, you look forward to getting bigger, too bad little sisters are stuck in that role forever."
But hey, their bond never left their lives as they promised each other to stick by their side no matter what happens.
The sound of the doorbell rings as the two looks at each other confused. They weren't expecting visitors this day. There was silence for a moment - until it rang again. Jinhwa stood up and went for the door as Eunji kept eating her pancakes as she puts the syrup that she took from her brother's cabinet.
He keeps a cabinet full of treats locked so she couldn't get it. Luckily for him, Eunji knows the uses of a bobby pin.
Her daydream while eating pancakes came to a stop when she heard her brother scream from the living room. Her eyes widen hearing the girliest scream she heard from her brother as she plops down the syrup and grabs the frying pan that was on the sink, using it as a weapon.
She ran towards the living room as she prepares to throw the pan at someone who messes with her brother, "Jinhwa!" She arrives at the living room ready to fight as she turned to attack mode; she looked like Repunzel at that point, a trash version of Repunzel.
Seeing what made her brother scream she puts down the frying pan seeing the person she didn't expect to see at this hour; or even never.
Her brother looked horrified at the person in front of him. Is it horrified or mortified? Cause he looks like he's about to faint. The person in front of their door smiled lightly looking at Eunji as the person chuckled awkwardly seeing her brother still shocked.
That stupid face that Jinhwa knows needs to talk to him right now and explain why is he here. Eunji, still confused and shocked, came closer to the door and was just a meter from Jinhwa as the pan she was holding dropped at the floor alarming Jinhwa who looked frozen, still. The person in front of her brother covered his mouth preventing it to release a laugh.
~ ~
'Well, this is awkward...'
This wasn't what Eunji expected her weekend to be. She could've just watched tv or clean the house or just simply laze around. It was supposed to be her lazy day, you know a perfect reason to take a break and appreciate some valuable "personal" time, without feeling remorseful about it. Presently's your opportunity to quit tearing around doing tasks and arranging occasions. Plunk down and unwind, or hit the hay for a snooze. That was ruined by an 18-year-old who suddenly crashed here for some reason.
Jinhwa was sitting on a couch, arms crossed looking directly - or glaring directly at Yoongi who was right across him. Yoongi was just smiling awkwardly while his legs were crossed and his arms were on each of his sides. While Eunji was between them at the side, looking worried and her forehead sweating by the intense staring contest that was happening. It's like a two-way situation all over again.
Jinhwa cleared his throat getting the attention of the two, "What brings you here... Yoongi?"
Eunji sighed and facepalmed seeing her brother was in "protective" brother mode. Yoongi silently gulped seeing her brother staring at him like a hawk, "I..." Jinhwa raised his eyebrows seeing this boy nervous. If this boy dared to talk to Eunji he should have the courage to talk to him, "I... the boys fought so... I went here cause well... Eunji was the only person I knew that was in the same street... like ours."
Eunji never imagined his friends to fight seriously that made Yoongi go away. What was here fight anyway? And why would he run away from that?
"Fought...? For what?" Eunji said in the corner making the boy look at her in pity. He could only sigh and look down at his feet, "It's complicated-"
"Why come here?" Her brother barked at him.
"I had no choice."
"You could've just stayed and fixed the problem."
"I know I just-"
"You what?"
Yoongi didn't expect this for her brother. He was protective of his little sister. It was like he was a mixture of Tony Stark, Thor, Steve Rogers, and maybe a little bit of Loki. His sweat went down faster as he feels the glare that Jinhwa was giving.
Eunji in the corner couldn't think properly at the two men in front of him. She should think of a plan to finish this awkward tension between them - them three.
She did.
She cursed under her breath as she was about to prepare for this. She was prepared for the lecture she'll receive later.
She suddenly stood up and grabbed Yoongi's hand making him and Jinhwa shocked as she dragged him to the kitchen. Jinhwa was about to protest on her doings but she only glared at him making him shut his mouth as the two went to the kitchen. As they arrived Eunji dropped his hand and turned to him seeing him with a serious face, "What are you doing Yoongi?"
"What do you mean?" He asked as he crossed his arms looking at the girl who looked like a woman who works at a laundry place.
"You. Being here!" She asked feeling distressed.
In the corner, her brother watched as the two talked quietly not being able to hear it as he was fuming on the inside, "What are you doing here, Suga?" She asked him now arms crossed seeing that she was stressed as ever. She looked at the corner seeing her creepy brother cussing her as she only rolled her eyes.
Eunji asked the boy who only grinned and shrugged, in the distance was her fuming brother. If this guy didn't come here because of that there was only one answer that he would be here suddenly.
"I told you; boy problems."
"I know that isn't the truth. What are you doing here?"
He only smiled, "I was worried about you."
Eunji hearing that answer made her face soften as she looked at him in awe. Why would this prick be worried about her? I mean they had a "date" as Namjoon said it and they had fun and not a crying marathon. So why would he be worried...?
"Worried about what?"
Yoongi could only continue to smile as he thought why would he be.
Yesterday, they hang out yes, but when they arrived at the park where she saw the old couple having their moment, he knew something was wrong when he saw her saddened face. Even when she hides it from her friends.
Her secrets do suddenly slip out, whether, from a momentary lapse of attention or glass too many of wine, she's an excellent gatekeeper of her secrets. The things that she doesn't want most people to know are the very things that very few people know about her. The effort involved in keeping a secret hidden from others does not, well herself, appears to be the main problem.
She may be great in hiding them - but she doesn't know that she talks when she's asleep.
He discovered it when they were talking at night it was very late, 11 pm. They do this every so often when they don't have assignments or an exam the next day. They were talking about many things like school, friends, and family. Yoongi didn't know that it hurt her when they talk about their family. Even though Yoongi's family were currently in Busan at least he can see them sometimes. While Eunji doesn't.
They talked for a while Yoongi didn't even realize that Eunji had already slept. He kept talking until he hears soft snoring making him stop talking and just listen to her soft breaths that came out from her mouth and the soft music that came from her room as he smiled just listening in silence. But the next thing made him worry - She was crying.
Crying for help.
Yoongi furrows his eyebrows hearing her silent cries and hearing her talk as he silently called her name, but it was no use because she was asleep. He kept hearing her cries saying someone should stop and get help. Those words made him worried; Especially when it was about her mom and dad. He can still remember that event...
"Mom, please...."
"Dad, mom, where are you..."
"I don't want to leave..."
"I won't leave you guys..."
"Please stop hurting them..."
He was scared - for her.
He didn't know if he should wake her up or just leave it be. Just then he hears her door open and a worried voice comes from the other line, "Eunji. Hey..."
It was her brother.
He quickly hangs up and dropped his phone. He sighed as his hand went through his hair feeling worried. His thoughts were occupied that he couldn't sleep that night. He should go to her house and check up on her, but that was stupid.
Yet, he did it.
Here he is now. Looking at Eunji who was confused and her brother looking angrily at him. He sighed and just went for it, "Worried... about the assignment." Eunji looked at him confused. She didn't expect that answer.
Yoongi nodded eagerly, "Yeah you know, that math assignment."
Eunji didn't know a math assignment. Then again, she was too busy looking at space days ago cause that class was boring. And she was asleep so maybe that was the case she forgot about it. She sighed and facepalmed, "I didn't know. Can you show me?" He could only nod as Eunji walks away and goes up as she informs Yoongi to stay in the living room and wait for her to come back as he was still in the kitchen.
Her brother was leaning at the archway of their kitchen as they stare at each other as her brother crossed his arms and sighed and looks at Yoongi again, "I'm watching you, Min Yoongi. You better keep your hands off her or you'll get your hands cut." He said as his hand made a peace sign, gesturing their eyes together as Yoongi nodded still traumatized.
'I'm screwed.'
~ ~
The whole day the two teenagers just stayed and hang out in the living room and answered the "assignment" as they talked and went to go research about the questions.
While they were having their own fun, Jinhwa on the other hand was just in the kitchen spying at the two as they smile and laughed as he grumbled and bit into the carrot that he was holding - that he later threw up.
Yoongi was just happy that he could see the girl just having fun. He didn't want to bring the topic just now when her brother was staring at him to death. He'll just have to wait until she was ready to spill all of her problems to him.
Even if it makes her punch her life out of him.
Not to be called nosy but he was curious why she was called an ice queen when in reality she was a kind person and a fluffball when you get to know her. And why others seem to take a liking at her, when someone like that bastard Minseok broke her heart and cheated on her because he was using her for fame.
Yeah, he knew. He spilt all the tea to Yoongi - he threatened the poor guy. But he was with Rawon now, or so he thought.
Those bastards...
As they finished they just hang out and watched some movies, that being Harry Potter.
I mean what could you expect from Eunji? Fifty shades?
Eunji was having her life right now. As they laughed seeing her favourite character, Dolores Umbridge, suffer from the fireworks that were caused by the Weasley twins.
Ah, she loved that scene very much.
She and Yoongi were just having fun while eating snacks and sweets, she even gave him the pancakes Jinhwa cooked earlier - which made the brother that was guarding the kitchen look at him with ears fuming.
But the fun was at the finish when Yoongi had to go home since Jin called him like 40 times but he was too busy with the movie he didn't realize he was calling. Something tells him he'll be sleeping with the dogs.
He was now outside of their door as he puts his shoes on he looks at her and smiled. She smiled back as the silence took over the two of them.
"Are you leaving or not?" Jinhwa said at the back making her roll her eyes as Yoongi chuckled awkwardly as he rubs the back of his neck.
"Gotta go. See you at school, shorty." He waves as he walks at the gate and looks at her one last time and smiled then walked away. Eunji smiled and got a feeling of emptiness suddenly in her. She hadn't felt this for a long time and now it's getting out of hand as her cheeks were now red, "You know you're grounded right?"
She scoffed seeing her brother now in a Winnie the Pooh apron, arms crossed, "You can't ground me."
He sighed, "Yeah, I can't," He smiled looking at his sister. He can't believe she's already 18. Got that feels so wrong, "But I'll still have to kill that Suga kid." Eunji chuckled and nodded knowing he can't kill an 18-year-old.
"Now come help me cook."
~ ~
Extra Clip:
While Eunji was cooking she grabs her phone and quickly went to the group chat as she types her message.
~ ~
Hey, do we have an assignment for math?
Do Hana Not that I know of...
Ha Min Math...?
Yeo Boram Do we have an assignment?!
Kim Hana I don't think we have Eunji. Why?
~ ~
Her eyebrows furrowed as he saw their replies. If they didn't have an assignment why did Yoongi come here in the first place?
And what was he so worried about?!
~ ~
Meanwhile at Yoongi's
He arrives at his place as he sighed and opened the door to meet six figures facing him as he sighs seeing them arms crossed and serious faces.
"What?" He said as he puts his jacket on the rack beside the door.
"Where were you?" Jin asked.
"I... had plans."
"What plans with Eunji?!" Hoseok shouted making them flinch. He quickly apologized and turned serious again.
"Yeah, so what? I was helping her."
"Helping with what?"
He sighs and pinched the bridge of his nose.
'Nosy mother-'
"Well...?" Taehyung asked, his patience starting to explode.
"With her assignment."
"...oh okay."
They went back to their own business making Yoongi confused and asked himself why was he associated with idiots. (Just a joke. Don't take it seriously.)
"Jungkook, You owe me 10 bucks!" Jimin shouted from his room. As Jungkook replied by groaning loudly. Yoongi facepalmed and bit the inside of his cheek.
'Of course, they had to bet because of me.'
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bending-sickle · 2 months ago
this or that / last and current
tagged by @pepperf <3
apple juice or orange juice although i haven’t had apple juice in years so if you threw it at me (not like that) i’d be delighted, tbh | breakfast in bed or dinner in a blanket fort but only because the concept of breakfast in bed brings up the idea of someone loving me enough to do that which :> (i mean sure i could make my own then hop back into bed but that defeats the purpose) | peanut butter or butterscotch but like, i barely remember what either of these taste like so... | rain or snow however! i have not seen snow in over a decade now and i would very much like to | water park or amusement park although i haven’t been to either in over two decades and tbh would just like the chance to go with someone anywhere | guitar or violin but secretly pianos | flip flops or sneakers but really barefoot | big cats or bears | ocean or lake | bonfire or picnic fun fact you can do both! | draw or write | oak or mahogany but i mean olive’s right there | volleyball or tennis but only because volleyball gives me highschool gym war flashbacks. that said, give me badminton or give me death. | key chains or postcards i collect them! i send them! i sometimes receive them! | queso or salsa i refuse to answer this question on the grounds that this means “cheese or sauce” to me and no anglophone is taking precedence over what spanish words means to me. that said, ¡dáme crema, por diós! | skateboard or roller blades | porch or patio | love quotes or inspirational quotes | hearts or stars but really interlocking squares | backpack or duffle bag gimme that sweet sweet back support and not having to rummage into the depths for my stuff | orchard or garden but it better be part vegetable and herb garden or so help me | baby bunnies or baby ducks all babehs are good babehs | pastels or earth tones | New York City or Los Angeles but only because i’ve never been to LA and also ah, yes, american-centric questions, fabulous | secret stairs or secret tunnel neither we are not dying in stupid ways | street magician or escape artist because escape artists make me too anxious like dude! you gon’ die! | fairies or gnomes what i’ve heard of fairies makes them out to be vicious | comedy or mystery i am tired of choosing | purple or green but only, like, to wear. if it’s a thing to have around me then green. | daisies or dandelions | crayon or chalk | sunglasses tinted blue or sunglasses tinted yellow | bracelets or rings but i can rarely stand to wear either | question mark or exclamation point
...honestly, both/neither is more my jam for these sorts of things. also, sorry for the rambling.
also also, sorry for the formatting. i did this in notes, because tumblr doesn’t know how to copy/paste multiple paragraphs, and then transferring it back...broke something? idek bro i’m tired of hitting bold/italics so many times. eta: the formatting is a lie?
last song: that “don’t rear the reaper” in the style of ghost i reblogged a while ago
last movie: gremlins (1984) because childhood
currently watching: bob’s burgers, which is my light and joy, grey’s anatomy, which is my weekly “oh hai familiar faces”, and then the falcon and the soldier, which i’m barely watching (like, literally. i get so bored my eyes wander off), and strangers from hell, which i am also barely watching, which is difficult since i need subtitles but dear god, i’m bored. mainly though i’m watching youtube which is either a) historical costuming, b) chinese ladies making food in rural settings, or c) people reading memes, with d) the occasional murder story or media commentary
currently reading: honestly? nothing, officially? many. my latest efforts were focused on the house of leaves reread but... i’ve got a clash of kings reread, and that the body keeps the score one, and i have burning the sound reread barely cracked into, and then the frailty fanfic i started from the top because i’d forgotten everything by the time the author finished it... i hsed to be such an avid reader, you guys, i swear.
currently playing: if by playing we mean hobbies (and i’m putting that square peg firmly into that round hole) then learning chinese, learning korean, making stuffing for a pillow, and making miniature books (this last is...on hold). also gardening, grow, my pretties! grow! ...wait, why are you dying, why are you dying?!
currently craving: like, so much food. i am so hungry. (that said, if i see one more ramyeon scene in a kdrama i will scream because give. me. it.) also, like, a hug would be nice. a cuddle would be glorious.
tagging @seschat, @nuingiliath, @beenworkingonacocktail, and @its-sorcery. good luck cleaning the list of my ramblings. (sorry.)
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steves-on-a-plane · 2 months ago
I’ll Be Seeing You
Tumblr media
Written for: @star-spangled-bingo​ 2021!  (& All Caps Flash Bingo!)       Words: 1526  All Caps Flash Square Filled: Learning Together Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes (Stucky) Warnings: none, all content SFW.  Summary: Bucky and Steve go on their first camping trip together in ninety years. When Steve forgets to pack his own tent, the cool night air turns steamy...
Tumblr media
“You two all ready for your big camping trip?” Sam asked Bucky and Steve as they loaded up the latter’s SUV.
“Sure, you don’t want to come with us?” Steve offered again as he stuffed two extra-large sleeping bags into his trunk.
“Am I sure I don’t want to be out in the hot sun for three days with nothing but mosquitos and Lyme disease?” Sam laughed. “Yeah, I’m sure. Besides, someone’s got to protect and service while you two are out in the woods playing Rambo.” Sam wished both his friends a safe trip before jogging back inside the compound.
“Which one of us is Rambo?” Steve asked Bucky.
“Get in the car, Rogers.” Bucky shook his head. He hopped into the front passenger’s seat and waited for Steve to slip behind the steering wheel.
“This is nice.” Steve gripped the steering wheel eagerly. “When was the last time we went camping together?”
“Twenty-Nine? Maybe? That one year we were in the scouts.” Bucky tried to recall.
“So, a solid ninety years ago? This will be fun.” Steve seemed confident. He started his vehicle and began piloting it out of the Compound’s long driveway. They still had a journey ahead of themselves until they reached the nearest campground in Virginia.
“You know, Shuri taught me that you can put music on these things?” Bucky indicated his smartphone. “So I asked her to help me do it. This is one of my favorite songs.” He tapped on the first song in the playlist.
As the song began to play on the SUV speakers, Steve was first impressed that Buck had figured out how to work the Bluetooth thing in his car. He then began to listen to the song. It was I’ll Be Seeing You this particular recording was being sung by Billie Holiday and still had that microphone crackle that all old recording once had. The song went on to say how Billie would be seeing someone in all their old familiar places. Lovely summer’s days, the moon and even the park. Steve understood why Bucky would like the song so much. It was how he’d always felt about his best friend.
There wasn’t a day that went by when Steve didn’t think of Bucky. Not before or during the war and certainly not after. He often found himself “seeing” Bucky everywhere he went. Whether it was imagining the two of them dining together in a small café or strolling together down a Brooklyn street. But you don’t have to pretend anymore. He reminded himself as the song reached its conclusion.
“Now this next one is because I know how much you like the movies.” The unmistakable tune of Somewhere Over the Rainbow began to play next. Steve couldn’t help but sing along.
“There’s a land that I’ve heard of, once in a lullaby. C’mon Buck, Sing with me!” He insisted.
“I’m not going to do that.” Bucky frowned.
“It’s just us, who are you trying to impress?” Steve laughed. “Someday I’ll wish upon a star…”
“And wake up where the clouds are far behind…” Bucky crooned reluctantly.
“That’s it!” Steve nodded, encouragingly. “That’s where you’ll find me!”
Bucky always hated singing, but music and movies made Steve happy. Especially back in the pre-serum days when he was weak, nothing brought a smile to Steve Rogers like belting out his favorite tune. So Bucky was going to suffer the entire four hour car ride to the camp ground just to watch his best friend light up beside him. He’d known for almost a century that he’d do anything for Steve Rogers.
“Well, here we are.” Bucky announced as if Steve wasn’t the one following the GPS directions to their campsite. Steve parked his SUV in the designated parking spot and the two began unloading their gear. “Should we start with the tents first or get a fire going?”
“I say divide and conquer.” “Steve breathed. “Get the most out of what little daylight we have left. I’ll pitch the tents and you can get the firewood?”
“Last one to finish has to cook dinner?” Bucky suggested.
“Bring it on.” Steve agreed.
While Steve dug around in the trunk of the SUV, looking for the tents, Bucky skulked off into the woods in search of firewood. Twenty minutes later, Bucky had a decent pile of wood gathered and started building his fire. He noticed Steve had managed to only set up one tent so far.
“Rogers, where are you sleeping this weekend?” He asked nodding at the single tent.
“Yeah, about that…” Steve rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “Apparently we only packed one tent.”
“That’s my tent.” Bucky commented, continuing to work on his fire. “So really, it’s not that we only packed one tent it’s that you didn’t pack any tent.”
“It appears that way.” Steve sighed, dropping his hand to his side.
“Don’t worry Rogers, my parents taught me how to share. There’s plenty of room for both of us.” Bucky smiled and turned back to his fire which he was just about to light.
“Only seems fair I cook dinner.” Steve offered. “I’ll finish setting up camp. That give you enough time to finish the fire?”
“Fire’s finished.” Bucky said, fanning at his small spark. After a few seconds, he produced a small flame. “All that’s left to do is kick back and watch you cook.”
Bucky set up the two foldable chairs Steve had managed to excavate from the back of the SUV and took a seat. He was sure to angle his chair so that he could watch Rogers single handedly unpack their equipment. It wasn’t a particularly warm night, but carrying the equipment certainly had Steve sweating. He peeled off his sweat soaked shirt before hefting their cooler out of the vehicle.
“You know Rogers,” Bucky commented getting out of his seat to remove a beer from the cooler. “I’m not that hungry. He twisted the top off his drink and pressed the bottle to his lips.
“We haven’t eaten all day.” Steve huffed as he watched his friend down the cold beverage. “How can you not be hungry?” Bucky just shrugged in response. “We could skip dinner and go right to campfire songs…” Steve teased.
“I’d literally rather chop my good arm off.” Bucky countered.
“Fine, fine.” Steve shook his head in surrender. “What’s your opinion on s’mores?”
“You’re not going to stop until I do one of these manufactured-idealized camping moments with you, are you?”
“I’m not going to force your hand Buck…” Steve laughed.
“Where are the marshmallows?” Bucky rolled his eyes.
Three bags of marshmallows, several chocolate bars and a sunset later, Bucky and Steve sat in their folding chairs and watched their fire die down. Bucky stretched and yawned, now full of gelatin, sugar, crackers and chocolate he was ready for bed. Steve couldn’t help himself but yawn too.
“Ready to hit the hay?” He asked his best friend.
“Yeah I could call it.” Bucky agreed.
He got to his feet and made his way over to the tent. Bucky kicked off his shoed and climbed into the tent. Steve followed him. He turned on their magnetic tent light so that they could get ready for bed. As both men stripped down their boxes, Steve noticed for the first time to amount of scars covering his best friend’s body. He couldn’t help but wonder what the hell was strong enough to scar a super soldier.
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Bucky commented sarcastically. He felt uncomfortable under Steve’s gaze.
“I-I wasn’t…I Just…” Steve fumbled for an explanation. Bucky watched his friend’s cheeks flush in the dim lighting. The two were so close together in the tent they could practically feel each other’s breath.
“Oh these old things?” Bucky joked. He trailed one scar that ran across his chest and up over his shoulder. “Most of ‘em don’t hurt much anymore.”
“What about the other ones?” Steve sighed, his breath shaky.  
“You get used to it.” Bucky shrugged.
“Could I…” Steve reached out cautiously. His fingers brushed the same scar that Bucky’s had just traveled. His friend shivered slightly at the touch. “Sorry…” Steve started to pull back, but Bucky caught his wrist.
“it’s okay, I’m not made of glass.” He said in a gruff tone.
The two men locked eyes. Bucky wasn’t sure if he leaned into Steve or if Steve had moved towards him, But the two men shared a silent agreement as they pressed their lips together. It was everything Bucky had been dreaming of since before the war. Bucky moved his arms so that he was holding Steve and just as he was about to part his lips, he felt Steve’s hands push his shoulders away.
“I’m sorry!” Bucky apologized immediately.
“No, No.” Steve mumbled rubbing Bucky’s shoulders. “I’m sorry. It’s just…I’ve never done something like this before.”
“Neither have I. Do you want to stop?” Bucky asked with genuine concern.
“No.” Steve answered.
“Can we just, ah, take it slow?” Steve bit his lip.
“As slow as you want, Baby.” Bucky promised, gong back in for another kiss.
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cornerficus · 2 months ago
Touch Me, Part 1
Tumblr media
Summary: An excuse to write smut. The Mandalorian realizes his inexperience with women puts him at a disadvantage in his work. You offer to teach him.
Surprisingly more feelings than I expected there would be. But, I love angst, so. Din is a touch-starved dad-puppy who loves domesticity. No timeline, no canon, just fluff and smut (in Part 2/2)
A distraction, that’s what Cara had said, in an undertone so you couldn’t hear. And Din had denied it so fervently, the thought of not having you around simply too untenable for him to dare face the truth. 
Which was: Cara was right. You are a distraction. So much so that Din let his focus slip, once his bounty was secured in handcuffs. Let his mind drift to what fresh delights you might have in store for him when he gets home to you. 
These delights are small, unacknowledged by either of you, but Din so unused to the softness of them that they fill his waking thoughts, and sometimes his dreams as well. The way you laugh when he tries to be stern, almost as though you know-- can see-- the tender heart of him; the way you commiserate with him when Grogu decides to be contrary; the way you said ‘our ship’ the other day, so offhanded, as though it was the most natural thing in the world. 
The bounty, a scrappy one with more courage than brains, had taken advantage. So when Din finally manages to drag himself back to the Crest, more blood left behind on the sand than in his veins where it belongs, he is not conscious enough to enjoy the fresh delight of your doctoring.
6 Months Previous
The cantina had proven to be a dead end. Din, frustrated, stalked back to the Crest empty-handed, without even the answers he’d ventured into the noisy bar to gather. You’d gone with, for fun, and as soon as you’d entered the door, had disappeared, so as not to get in his way. 
But you reappeared now, jogging to catch up. Din slows his stride so you don’t have to truck so hard to keep up with him. You have a barely-concealed smirk on your face and before Din can snap at you “What’s so kriffing funny?” you say:
“So, how did that go?”
“You know exactly how it went,” he snaps. The Twi female hadn’t responded to any of his usual tactics and he’d gotten exactly zero information from her.
“She was not afraid of you,” you say, with admiration and laughter in your voice.
“I noticed,” Din grinds out through clenched teeth.
“She’d have told you anything you wanted to know,” you say, still mirthful, as you reach the Crest. “She just wanted to fuck you.”
Din whips his head around to look at you so fast you’re surprised the helmet doesn’t fly off.
“Yeah!” you confirm to his unasked question. “Could you really not tell?”
“But she couldn’t see my face.”
“Doesn’t matter,” you say, waving the thought away, then gesturing down his body. “You’re big and clearly capable. She knew what was up.”
Din is too stunned to speak for a moment, but when he does, it’s in a sputter that sets you off into laughter again.
“How was I supposed to know that?” he asks, indignant.
You mutter something like “So dense” under your breath. “She gave you one of these.” You drag your gaze down his body then back up with a suggestive smirk and sweat immediately prickles on the back of Din’s neck. “And she was leaning in to your space. Touching herself to bring your attention to where she wanted you to touch her,” you mime this as you speak, trailing your fingertip over your own collarbones, then shrug, “It was clear as day.”
You putter about the ship, bringing Grogu out for a snack. Din trails behind you, still half-bewildered. 
“So what was I supposed to do?”
You shrug. “Lean in. Put your hand on her--”
“I was leaning in,” he protests.
“You were leaning in to scare her. You gotta lean in like-- here, let me show you.” You hop up onto a cargo crate and beckon him over. There’s a smaller crate at your hip and you lean your elbow onto it, as though it is the cantina bar. 
“You put your hand flat here,” you gesture at the crate standing in for the bartop. Din complies. “Lean in. No, no, step forward first.” Again, he obeys. “Now your other hand, here.” You tap your thigh, looking up at his visor, the picture of innocence. But Din is boiling inside his beskar. 
As if from outside himself, Din watches his hand travel to your thigh, feels your warmth even through his glove. When he’s thought about putting his hands on you, it didn’t play out like this in his mind. In his imaginings, you’re in his bed, or in his lap in his pilot’s chair, or he has you pressed bodily against the wall.
“She’ll give you whatever you want,” you promise, and though it is said with a friendly lightness, Din wants to believe the searing undertone in your gaze as you look up at him through your eyelashes is not imagined. “Whether it’s information or just a roll in the hay. Let me know if you need me to make myself scarce when you bring a lucky lady home,” you say with your playful grin, tapping his beskar chest plate.
“Stop it,” he huffs.
“I’m serious! Women love a strong, mysterious man.”
His words tumble out before he can think better of it: “Even you?”
This wipes the laughter from your face. You replace your smile with a carefully cool look. 
“I’m a woman too, in case you hadn’t noticed.”
He’s noticed. 
Having a woman on board changes the dynamic. Din can ignore it at first, only by entirely blocking your presence from his mind. You aren’t offended by his making you invisible; in fact you seem to prefer it, at least for a while. It allows you space to adjust to close quarters with a stranger, allows you time to come to know him through observation.
But it doesn’t take long before your voice pushes in on his consciousness, as you chatter to the child or hum to yourself. From there, his eyes betray him by straying to you when you flounce by, carrying an armload of supplies, the bunch of your shoulders as you clean a blaster, the elegant line from your elbows to your fingertips.
Were it just he and Grogu, Din might let himself go until he can’t stand himself anymore before indulging in a cold rinse in the ‘fresher. But you enjoy a higher standard of personal hygiene and steam up the ship at least three times a week, the scent of the soap you’d purchased on a supply run wafting up to him, no matter where he is, the ship too small to escape it.
It is not a conscious decision to adopt your cleanliness procedures; he certainly doesn’t think to himself that he’d do anything to make you more inclined to come closer to him. That would be self-indulgent and unnecessary. 
His soap is utilitarian and unscented, and he spends as much time washing himself as he does standing there holding your open bottle of soap under his nose and wondering if your skin is as soft and delicious as it looks.
Mando picks up the thread of your conversation from days ago, with no prompting. You’re mending Grogu’s satchel in the co-pilot’s chair, so Mando sits in his usual place, body turned toward you.
“You really think she’d have answered my questions if I... if I’d...” 
You glance up from your sewing with half a smirk. “Yes I do.”
“So then what?”
At your quizzical look, he elaborates. “I lean in, put my...” a hand gesture in the air, “on her...,” another gesture toward the lower half of your body, “and then what?”
Your soft smile seems to suggest you find his awkward embarrassment adorable. 
“Hmm,” you ponder. “Well I can’t speak for all women-- you’re going to have to do a little information-gathering on your own in the situation, but speaking from personal experience, a lot of touching is always a good place to start.”
“Touching,” he repeats and you interpret it as a request for elaboration.
“Yeah,” you shrug and cut the thread with your teeth, then give your pilot your full attention. “Males tend to treat their own pleasure as the one and only priority, which has the effect of making their partner feel like a prop, and that is-- listen to me,” you say with heavy emphasis, “Not Good. Women like to know we’re appreciated for as special and important as we each uniquely are. So, treat her reverently.”
You move down to the hold to hang the satchel on its designated hook, knowing Mando will follow. 
“Where should I touch?” he asks.
You turn to face him.
“Well, like I said, every woman is going to be different and the same woman will be different on different days. We’re complicated,” you say with your playful grin. “But, to start, honestly anywhere. Probably best not to jump right in to the erogenous zones, but again: situational.”
“You’re just speaking from personal experience?” he says.
You shrug. “Sure. It’s not like I have a ton of female friends to gossip about sexual preferences with. I can only tell you what I know.”
“And you like to be touched,” he says, to confirm. Again you shrug, though it appears a bit more strained than before. “Here?” he asks, raising a gloved hand to your arm. At your nod, his palm lands on your bicep.
“Feels like you’re trying to arrest me,” you say laughingly. He huffs, shifts on his feet. Then he tugs off both of his gloves and, with the air of one approaching a deadly snake, reaches for you again. 
You’ve seen him remove his gloves before, after being on board the Razorcrest for a few months. He takes them off to make minute adjustments to wiring, or to stroke Grogu’s wrinkly head, but never to reach for you. It makes your breath come faster, though you do your best to hide it. You’re trying to help your new friend get more comfortable with women so he can get laid, that’s all.
“Stand closer to me,” you instruct. He obeys you instantly, and that’s a thrill in and of itself. His bare hands are skimming up and down your long-sleeved shirt, gaining confidence, until his fingertips ghost across your collarbones and up the column of your neck to push into your hair. You go slightly cross-eyed before your eyelids flutter closed and your lips part on a sigh.
You shake yourself out of your lustful haze with a nervous laugh. Gripping his wrists to still his ministrations, you take a step back out of his space.
“I think you’re gonna do just fine, Mando,” you say.
His business here is done, but he sits petulantly in the corner booth, watching from the side of his visor as you sit at the bar, angled toward a man with altogether too much facial hair. 
You laugh at something the idiot says, and you lean forward into his space. The man’s hand goes to your thigh and your smile tightens, though it stays there on your lips.
Din’s feet want to take him and all his weapons over there, put his armor between you and this stranger, but something dark and angry makes him stay. 
You live together; he’s literally always there, if you want to be touched you could ask him to touch you, but instead you put yourself in front of someone else and let someone else’s hand stroke up your thigh.
Din could go back to the ship to stew in his bitterness, but the quiet may offer too much opportunity to examine his motives, so he stays and watches. He watches you lean back, eyes no longer sparkling, as the man continues his exploration of your lower half, oblivious to your change in body language. Something you said a few days ago about males and their priorities comes back to him.
This overrides Din’s petulant anger. He strides over to you and is unable to stop himself from settling his hand on your shoulder, fingertips pushing up under your hair.
“Let’s go,” he says, and you agree readily. You walk back to the ship in silence.
“Are you ok?” he finally asks, once you are alone in the quiet of the ship. You try for a smile, though it falls short.
“Yeah, fine.”
“I thought you liked being touched,” Din says vaguely, but you know exactly what he means.
“Not by him. I don’t know him, let alone trust him. I mean, sure the attention is nice. But I didn’t trust that he would stop when I asked him to,” you explain, your voice quiet and small.
Do you trust me? he wants to ask, but knows already that you do not want him to touch you. There have been ample opportunities, the most recent and blatant just days ago when he removed his gloves and got an all-too-brief glimpse of just how soft and delicious your skin was.
And you had stopped him.
So he says nothing.
“Oh my god; what?” you demand of him finally. You’ve been minding your own business with the holopad on your lap, trying to read up on gunship plumbing to round out your skills as a Do-er of Things (your Official Title onboard the Crest), but Mando in the pilot’s seat is continually distracting.
He’s mostly quiet, but for his intermittent sighs. Then he’ll shift in his chair, turn his visor toward you briefly, then away. He obviously wants to talk about something, but doesn’t know how to bring it up. So you demand he come out with it.
Din has been stewing for days, wondering if he should, then how he could, get you to let him touch you again. As he so readily admitted to you, he has no idea how to handle a woman, let alone one he’s been in love with for months and is partially certain might never reciprocate his feelings.
“If I ever needed to get information from a woman who...” he hesitates, “A woman who was not afraid of me,” he says weightily, trusting you will understand. “How would I...?”
When it becomes clear he’s not going to finish his sentence, you do your damndest not to smile. You don’t want him to make him feel self-conscious or to think you’re mocking him. He’s just so goddamn adorable when he’s unsure. 
It’s a novelty; he’s always so assured in everything he does, straight-forward and confident. To have him seek knowledge from you makes you feel like the keeper of the stars.
“You’re gonna be just fine, Mando. You’re good at improvising.”
He huffs. “I can improvise in a fight because I’ve done it my whole life. But I have no prior experience in this.” His voice gets quieter for that last part and you blink owlishly at him.
He shakes his head minutely. You thought there must have been at least some teenage fumbling, before he took whatever oath kept that damned bucket on his head, and maybe a dalliance or two afterward. But no.
He’s a fresh new slate. A blank canvas upon which he’s asking you to inscribe your own desires.
You swallow hard.
“I want to help you,” you say haltingly. “But I can only help you up to a point. I’m not really interested in being the trial-run for someone else, y’know?”
As much as your body is throbbing for you to climb in his lap and show him exactly what to do with you (you go cross-eyed just thinking about it), you know your own heart. You’re in too far already, sex would complicate it so far as to be heartwrenching when he took himself off to seduce someone else.
He nods. “Right.” A contemplative silence, then his helmet turns toward you. “I’m sorry.”
“No,” you say, with your not-entirely-sincere smile. “No harm done.”
“I thought you were going to buy new boots,” he says, almost accusingly, when you return from your trip to town.
“I got a cobbler to mend them instead. Saved us some credits,” you say as you stash away the supplies in their rightful places. When you turn back, you lob a round, green fruit at him. He snatches it out of the air easily.
Din would eat rice and beans for every meal, economical to a fault. But since you’ve taken charge of the supply shopping, he’s noticed your penchant for bringing new and different things-- especially fruits-- into his stores.
He looks at the fruit in his gloved hand and tilts his helmet at you, questioning. You’d bought some similar fruits the last time the two of you were on this planet. You’d never buy the same thing twice, unless you loved it and even then, there are so many new and different things to sample that it’s a struggle for you.
You take a loud bite out of the bright purple fruit you’ve bought for yourself and wipe the dribbled juice from your chin with the back of your hand.
“You like those, don’t you?” you say, around a mouthful, looking uncertain for a moment. But then your playful smile is back. “They disappeared pretty quick last time and I know I wasn’t eating them.”
You laugh and knock his elbow with yours as you pass by him, leaving him staring after you, wondering at this small thing that has made pinpricks of warmth tingle, expanding outward from his chest.
Din slumps against the hold and instructs you on getting the bounty into cryo, then staggers himself to the ‘fresher, kicks the door shut and sprawls on the floor, where he promptly passes out.
You hover outside the door a moment, then pound on it with your palm. “Mando! You’re in rough shape, let me in. Mando! Answer me!” 
When you receive no response, you crack open the door. “I’m coming in, fair warning!” He’s spread-eagle on the floor, a growing pool of blood blooming under his midsection. You peel layers of armor and clothing away to find the wound and do your damndest not to cry or tremble as you wash and treat it, hoping you haven’t missed any shrapnel under his skin.
Once the main offending holes in him are stopped up, you rouse him enough to get him into his bed, then spend the next eight hours pacing. 
When you hear a groan that indicates his consciousness, you drop the blaster you were cleaning and leap into the small compartment that comprises his room. 
“Stay down,” you demand, when you find him trying to sit up. You managed to remove the rest of his armor, save the helmet, but left his gloves and bloody clothes on, unsure where the boundary lies. The bandage is still clean, hasn’t bled through, that’s a good sign. He’s moving well, even as you tell him not to. When you’re sure he’s no longer on death’s doorstep, you let him have it.
“Kriffing mother of all the saints and stars above, Mando you absolute fucking idiot!” 
He goes still and watches your tirade as you throw your hands about. 
“What the actual hell were you thinking? To go shut yourself in the ‘fresher because you’re a big strong man who can take care of himself--” this said with the utmost sarcasm and a poorly-done impression, “I can help you, I’m here to help you and you shut the door on me? Do you have any idea? Any idea at all what it would’ve done to me if--” 
You begin to lose steam and lean your hands on the edge of his bed, head bowed.
His hand comes tentatively around your wrist.
“I’m sorry.”
You look up, eyes shining with unshed tears and exhaustion. “I know you are. Just. Don’t shut doors on me. Okay?”
“Okay,” he agrees.
The lights are out, leaving the ship pitch-black but for a flood light at the top of the ladder leading up to the cockpit. Grogu is sleeping like a little green rock in a hammock strung up above your cot, so you leave him there to haunt Mando’s doorway. You listen for his breathing, just to be sure he still is.
“You awake?” you whisper.
“Am now,” comes the reply. You roll your eyes in the darkness. 
“Can I just come sit in there for a minute?”
“Of course,” he replies.
“Do you need your helmet?”
“No, it’s dark. Come in.” His voice is a crisply sonorous bass without modulation from the helmet. It feels a little scandalous, to be in a room with him without the armor as a barrier.
You feel your way through the curtained doorway and sit on the floor next to the head of his cot, arms looped about your knees. You cannot hold your peace; the words tumble out; you don’t try to stop them.
“I keep thinking about what would’ve happened if I hadn’t been here. I close my eyes and I see you lying on the floor in your own blood. Stars, Mando, if I hadn’t been here..." You scrub your hands over your face and huff a laugh for levity. “Well, you’d probably find a way to be fine, I’m sure, but. It might’ve gotten iffy.”
“I’d be dead if not for you,” he says matter-of-factly. “Thank you.”
You pass a few silent moments before he says, “If you, uh-- you can come lay up here, if you’re uncomfortable.”
“I wouldn’t want to jostle you.”
“You won’t,” he says quickly. 
You probably shouldn’t, it seems like there’s a line here you shouldn’t cross. Maybe you won’t be able to uncross it in the morning. But you are weak when it comes to him and also very, very tired, so you slip into bed beside him anyway.
You turn on your side toward him, trying to take up the least amount of space in the small cot.
The backs of your hands are centimeters away from his and you feel his warmth permeating the air around you, spreading from the blanket tossed over your legs.
He turns on his side toward you, too, with some difficulty.
“Don’t jostle!” you admonish.
“I’m fine, just giving you more space.”
“I don’t want more space. I want you to heal quickly,” you say.
“I’ll be fine. Get some sleep.”
“Stop telling me what to do. You’ve lost that privilege for at least a week. I tell you what to do now.” You try to sound stern, but your words come out as a sleepy mumble instead.
There’s a smile in his voice when he says, “Okay.”
“Now go to sleep,” you command.
The next night is the same. A timid, “Can I come sit in there with you?” and an equally unsure, “You can lay down with me if you want.” Until it’s time for lights-out the next night, when Mando says, before stiffly making his way to his cot, “Just come in now, save us both the trouble.”
You almost tease him about giving orders again, but this is one order you want to follow.
While he’s out of commission, all the work has fallen onto your shoulders. But you never once turn it back around on him, knowing, perhaps, that his self-castigation is punishment enough. You shoulder the work, ask him for instruction when you come up against a task you’re not fully versed in, with matter-of-fact efficiency. You cater to his needs, bringing him meals and water before he even has to ask, perhaps knowing that he hates being waited on, hates feeling a burden.
It is a certain kind of pleasant though, he muses, to have your attention so fully and so frequently. But still, it pains him to see you run yourself so ragged because of a mistake he made. 
And so, when you lay down next to him at night, he makes space for you, even though you said you didn’t want space (and didn’t that throw him for a loop-- though you probably didn’t mean it that way). 
“Can I do this?” he asks, draping his arm across the valley just above your hip, as the two of you lie facing each other, bookended parentheses. His hand lay on the sheets behind you, curled into a fist to keep from sliding his palm across your backside. “There’s not much space,” he says, to explain the action away.
“I noticed,” you murmur, groggy and halfway to sleep already. “Yeah, s’fine.” With a pained sigh, you wriggle to get comfortable, and Mando recalls watching you knead the base of your spine with your knuckles. 
His hesitation is brief. This is something he can do for you. 
“Where does it hurt? Here?” The hand draped over you presses into the base of your spine. You sigh in a way he's never heard before and it makes his blood sing. 
You save your annoyed sighs for Grogu mostly, though a handful have been directed at him. You sighed contentedly when the sunset casts a pink and purple sheen over the ship. 
But this sigh is long and deep with a sound almost like the suggestion of a moan toward the end, a hum at the back of your throat. His hands move of their own accord, pulling you tighter along the length of his body and you sigh again, the moan at the end slightly more pronounced.
"That feels good," you mumble against his shoulder, dreamlike, as though you are unaware of speaking and he realizes his hand is moving, caressing, from the base of your spine up to your shoulders.
"You like to be touched, right?" he asks softly.
"Mmhmm," is your response, so he takes it as encouragement, letting the scope of his caress expand to include the curve of your hip up over your ribs. But you've been pulling your weight all day and then some, taking care of him and his son; the heat of his body and the rhythmic motion of his hand lulls you to sleep. 
He feels your breathing change, awed and honored in the knowledge that of the millions of beings in all the galaxies, he is the one to whom you have allowed this privilege, and the warmth of your body lulls him to sleep too.
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