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#they love doing sports n being outdoors in general
mamabear-elinor · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Elinor Aisling DunBroch -- Character Sheet
a naoidhean bhig, cluinn mo ghuth / mise ri d' thaobh, / Ó mhaighdean bhàn / ar rìbhinn òg, fàs a's faic / do thìr, dìleas fhéin
little baby, hear my voice / i'm beside you, / O maiden fair / our young Lady, grow and see / your land, your own faithful land
a ghrian a's a ghealach, stiùir sinn / gu uair ar cliù 's ar glòir / naoidhean bhig, ar rìbhinn òg / mhaighdean uasal bhàn
sun and moon, guide us / to the hour of our glory and honour / little baby, our young Lady / noble maiden fair 
Archetype — The Mother         Birthday — January 6, 1974 Zodiac Sign — Rising Sagittarius, Sun in Capricorn, Gemini Moon MBTI — ENFJ Enneagram — Type 6: the Loyalist Temperament — Sanguine Hogwarts House — (honestly still figuring this out…) Moral Alignment — Lawful Neutral Primary Vice — Pride Primary Virtue — Temperance Element — Fire
[cw -- mention of miscarriages]
Mother — Cara Briar (de Chateaupers) Father — Robert Briar Mother’s Occupation — homemaker Father’s Occupation — banker Family Finances — generational wealth Birth Order — eldest Brothers — N/A Sisters — Shannon Charming (b. 1974) Children — Merida (b. 1997), Harris, Hubert, Hamish (b. 2007) Other Close Family — Fergus (ex-husband), Henry Charming (nephew), Thomas Harrington (nephew) Best Friend — some lady from the Order probably.  Other Friends — other Order women Enemies — People wishing to harm her daughter so...the Order, I guess. Awkward.  Pets — None now, but she had a horse back home :( His name was Duncan.  Home Life During Childhood — Typical of an Order family. Except, because they were both girls, things could be tense. Their father had little to do with them. He was cold and not affectionate. Their mother did her best, but she was constantly stressed that her daughters weren’t going to find good matches, that it was basically all she talked about. She grew up being told that she should’ve been a boy. At first, she was a bit rebellious and could get away with being a bit of a tomboy, but by the time she was ten and her family didn’t have a boy--she was basically cut off from those outlets. Town or City Name(s) — Glasgow, Scotland What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like — Simple. More girly than she would’ve liked it, but she didn’t have a lot of opinions when she was a kid about décor. That came later, after many lessons where the proper way to set up a room and what fabrics to use together and what colors suited each other. She actually really liked these kinds of lessons and took them to heart and changed up her bedroom when she was 16 to reflect this with deep blues and greens.  Any Sports or Clubs — Equestrian club, probably ran track/field in college because her parents couldn’t stop her, maybe played some other sports intramurally but not officially.  Favorite Toy or Game — Anything outdoors, loved camping and horse riding.  Schooling — graduated from the university of Glasgow with a degree in art history. (1996) Favorite Subject — History Popular or Loner — Loner in regular groups, popular with the other Order people.  Important Experiences or Events — When her sister was born, when she first babysat some neighbors kids and realized how much she loved bbs, when she got married, when she had Merida, when she had her first miscarriage, ...all the miscarriages after that, the birth of the triplets!, when Merida left home, when Merida returned as a wolf, when her sons went off to be squires :( Nationality — Scottish Culture — Scottish/the Order, lol Religion and beliefs — Catholic, quite religious. Her faith in the Order has been shaken, but her faith in her religion hasn’t.  
Physical Appearance:
Face Claim —  Caitríona Balfe Complexion — Pale Hair Colour — Dark brown, often mistaken for black. Grey streaks that she hides with dye.  Eye Colour — Blue Height — 5’10 Build — Slender, but muscular Tattoos — Absolutely not! (Yes, she has a rose on her shoulder blade she got when she was 18.)  Piercings — ears  Common Hairstyle — Sensible half up do, though she recently cut it short, so that’s new.  Clothing Style — As I described it to Lauryl: Kate Middleton.  Mannerisms — Very stiff, very proper. Excellent posture. Does not gesture with her hands. (Usually.)
Usual Expression — 
Tumblr media
Overall (do they get sick easily)? — Has a good constitution but she can get colds when she’s particularly stressed. Physical Ailments — None, she’s pretty fit for almost 50!  Neurological Conditions — probably some depression, a few concussions when she was young, maybe i’ll make her suffer from migraines through menopause lol Allergies — None! Grooming Habits — Fair. She takes care of herself, but definitely isn’t a woman to do like hair masks and all that kind of stuff. Doesn’t mind getting dirty or roughing it camping.  Sleeping Habits — A light sleeper, tosses and turns, has not had a good night’s sleep in 24 years. Eating Habits — Fine? She eats, lolol Exercise Habits —  She actually exercises quite often. Goes for jogs, does yoga, some cardio, horseback rides, she likes to stay active. Emotional Stability — She is pretty stable, unless she gets pissed off, and then she is very not stable. Has a temper for sure.  Body Temperature — Runs a little hot.  Sociability — Enjoys socializing, definitely extraverted.  Addictions — N/A Drug Use — Smoked before she became pregnant with Merida. Will occasionally still smoke a cigarette when highly stressed. Alcohol Use — Not too much. Probably went through a phase where it was a bit heavier, but cut back.  
Your Character’s Character: 
Bad Habits — Short temper, making assumptions about people, being pushy and pushing her ideals onto others in an attempt to control them -- but she means well.  Good Habits — Organized, takes charge, throws a great party, very warm Best Characteristic — Her empathy Worst Characteristic — Her pushiness Worst Memory — Probably when she had to save her daughter from her husband, that was fucked up. Also, when her secret Order beau turned her away for a more “high ranking” woman to marry.  Best Memory — The birth of her children <3 Proud of — Not much, tbh. Which is ironic considering she has a lot of pride. Her children, but in a very complicated way. Embarrassed by — Her ex-husband, her own foolishness, bad manners Driving Style — Bit of a speed demon, heavy footed on the breaks lol  Weakness — Her children, being guilted into doing things Fears — Something happening to her children, that she has not been a good mother. Phobias — N/A Secrets — Man, so many but they’re mostly abstract. Basically: how unhappy she’s been her whole life. Regrets — Letting people push her around for so long.  Feels Vulnerable When — People point out her flaws. Pet Peeves — Bad manners.  Conflicts — Her whole life in the Order v putting her children (and herself) first. Motivation — To protect her children Short Term Goals and Hopes — Find Merida, make sure she is okay. Long Term Goals and Hopes — Be happy. :( Sexuality — Bisexual, she knows about it, but it is frowned upon in the Order, so she hasn’t really done much about it.  Day or Night Person — Day person, up early! Introvert or Extrovert — Extroverted Optimist or Pessimist — Pessimist Greatest Want — To protect her children Greatest Need — To embrace her freedom
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sergiovuag583 · a month ago
Guidelines On Ordering The Absolute Best
Tumblr media
If you want to start or expand your play area in your community, you will need the best type of outside play devices. Play ground owners frequently wish to do this, to provide a fun place for children to play and to draw in households to take part. Many individuals think that even if a playground was built recently, that the devices is likewise old. Not! Not! Modern play areas are rather different from their wood equivalents, and are generally a lot more easy to use.
There are a lot of different play area devices makers to select from. There are play areas that are constructed out of plastic, rubber, canvas, and other unique products. Some of these materials are not exactly the best for kids to play on. However, not all playgrounds have actually been constructed with these products in mind. Generally, playgrounds are wood, granite, or brick. These materials shed water quite a bit, and prevent the equipment from ending up being mold or falling apart. But play grounds cheap enough to build with many modern-day materials.
Toys and equipment for outside play are easily offered in lots of types of shops. You can likewise search the web to find the toy or devices that is right for your kids. To assist you pick the right equipment for your kids, we have actually put together a few concepts about outdoor toys and a few pieces of outdoor devices.
. Lucy and Michael Play Tents: 2 mothers chose to come up with intricately-designed, vibrant play camping tents made from fun materials and sturdy pine supports, and turned into one of the most significant play camping tent manufacturers. They call their products "heirloom-quality toys" which do not come extremely low-cost. A single product may cost you $300 to $350, so Lucy and Michael's play tents may not be the best alternative if you're preparing to purchase one on a low spending plan.
Playhut Play Tents: SpongeBob SquarePants Swimwear Bottom Hideaway is a light-weight, portable tent covered with cartoon character graphics from the struck TELEVISION program, SpongeBob. Features include a flapping door and tunnel port for expandable play, with twist 'n fold innovation (patented by Playhut) for simple folding. Costs around $25 to $30. Playhut likewise has a SpongeBob Squarepants Play 'N Fun tent, which is not precisely a play tent but a mix of a slumber hideaway, bean bag toss game, play camping tent, present play mat, cabana with roll-up flap door, and a crawl through tunnel port. outdoor playgrounds Slightly costs higher, around $40.
Scuba divers, particularly those who may be especially into water sports, will wish to have a floatation gadget. These gadgets are chambers that are filled with water for your scuba diver to go into. Another kind of floatation gadget is the whale saddle, which is a style of boat that is pulled underwater by a present. These boats are likewise pulled by a dorsal engine and propulsive equipment. If you are going to be having a campfire, do not forget to bring bags. Waterproof bags are required to keep your clothing dry while keeping the fire flammable. You can also bring along small clear plastic bags to serve a range of functions such as to bring matches and Lighters, to hold spray bottles, to keep beverages cool, and to carry snacks.
Spinmaster's Create-A-Room Experience Zone: A Spiderman designed play tent, inflatable bed and foot pump, combined into one and specifically created for the superhero's fans. Poles are joined by one common elastic which permits simple assembly and sturdiness. Costs around $30.
So, if you are a grownup who is thinking of purchasing some outside play devices for kids, here are a couple of things to consider when you are going shopping: What is the terrain like on your planned trip? Exist locations that are easy to browse with map and compass, or will you be passing through some rough surface? Will you be crossing your route with a canoe or kayak, or will you be a passenger on horseback? These concerns will help you know how much weight you can bring while keeping your balance.
Specialty Outdoor camping is something you will love to check out. It is a plan where you stay at a camp website and engage in the activity of your option. You can remain at a turn to a personal camp to even having a fishing experience. The camping uses numerous activities so that you can bond well with your group. Even having the opportunity to see the rarest species of animals in their natural house is something you can not just experience however also take part in.
The number of restrooms remain in the play ground? Bear in mind that if your kids need to go to the bathroom regularly, you may need to think about a prolonged playpen. Decreasing the amount of commode trips your children will have to make will help in lowering their carbon footprint. How much area do you want to allocate for the play ground? Play grounds differ in size and dimensions. You might need to consider a play ground that is Octagonal instead of Square, as well as a play area that is planted with a number of play sets. A safe outdoor play wholesalers way to fight bad weather is to check the weather condition prior to you leave. Also, bear in mind of the lighting. Select a playground with great deals of natural light.
Once we started down the path, it was apparent that people were snowshoeing and camping on the edge of the Grand Canyon. There were many people out when we got to the bridge in the park. It was just after sunset and the wind was blowing. We continued the path and it was getting steeper the even more we went up the mountain. The path had simply a single smooth surface when we pertained to an aid station. There was a snowcat viewing us and he looked a bit mad. We continued on the trail and for a couple of minutes, it appeared like we were going to have to turn back, however we continued to climb up. It was getting colder when we came to the abyss. As we came down into the void, it was more quiet than I ever heard or saw in the past. We stopped as a group and dealt with Each other throughout the ice-field listed below. After a few minutes, it was sort of amusing to look at each other with crazed expressions across from each other. It was sort of like looking into a deep dark cavern. It was likewise at this time no light was visible coming in so it was kind of scary. Amusing how our point of views were constantly Being faced with the wilderness behind us.
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pokemongokys · 2 months ago
Professionals And Cons Of Playing Online Casino With Bitcoin
eSports is loved by typical sports activities followers, general gamblers, and of course, its long-standing fans. Many massive betting sites now incorporate eSports and plenty of standalone websites have popped up recently. There is a jurisdiction and licensing regimen to fit your on-line casino business’s wants. The smartest thing to do is contact Fast Offshore to search out out a bit extra about what each jurisdiction offers and how it may gain advantage you.
There is nothing stopping you from joining a number of online casinos. The main purpose you may choose to do that is to collect more bonuses. If you could have a number of websites in play, it stands to reason that you just’ll get multiple welcome bonuses, multiple reload bonuses, and so on. When you walk right into a casino, you'll be able to only play the games they've on the ground. In the case of casinos exterior of huge playing areas like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Monaco, that floor house may be quite limited.
n Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, James Grosjean sat at a metal desk outside a Starbucks. In the close to distance stood an indication for a local on line casino, the Palms, where he has been proven the door more than once. In most instances, when individuals are speaking about superior technique in blackjack, they are speaking about card counting. An professional card counter can typically deliver up payback percentage two factors or so, which can make the distinction between profit and loss. When you consider the amount of benefit potential, and the trouble required to use it, the most logical alternative for a bonus recreation is Video Poker.
Players are either changing their reside on line casino experiences totally by gambling online, or taking part in in both platforms in accordance with their wish. Have you ever puzzled why so many individuals select on-line casinos over land-based mostly ones? Here are 7 advantages of on-line playing that tempt gamers to choose on-line casinos over actual-life ones.
So as an alternative of telling you why you shouldn’t use actual currencies to gamble, we are going to current you with the seven advantages of utilizing Bitcoin with an internet on line casino. Well, making use of the standard methods can prove to be a bit harsh in your pocket. By referring your good friend to affix the casino web site, you can win more money. As quickly your friend registers on the site, you get the bonus.
This is an enormous advantage in digital roulette, as bonuses double or triple your potential income. This will give you the opportunity to play extra and likewise make great profits. Today, roulette is one of the hottest on-line games, and this is no coincidence. When you play roulette online, you'll be able to check out utterly completely different combos that exist. It's no secret that the European type of roulette is essentially the most worthwhile, but you'll be able to still be curious to attempt the American, Mexican or French model of the sport.
It is handy and it can be accessed by players anytime, anyplace. When it involves blackjack the game selection is infinite, there are lots of different variants to at all times hold you entertained. This makes it more enjoyable and doesn’t limit your gambling inside a sure sport. It is less complicated to search out beneficial guidelines when taking part in blackjack on-line, you'll be able to easily evaluate what’s available in the totally different casinos and choose which option fits you greatest. Are you seeking to play on-line Blackjack for real money there are many totally different sites to choose from, some better and some not a preferable. Sports and casino offer you a simple and protected one click service to play real money blackjack, online. A journey to the local on line casino may require a wait before being seated at a table.
Most folks find it more fun to play in on-line casinos than bodily casinos for many reasons. One of these reasons is as a result of it saves them time and money for dressing up and driving to the casino. If you've a pc, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection, then you’ll have the ability to play games at online casinos wherever you go.
As long as you are enjoying digital games, there isn't a dealer involved as a result of the pc handles every thing. When you might be gambling utilizing your pc or mobile device, the only person you'll be able to offend is your self. You don’t have to fret about other gamers’ superstitions or complicated the supplier by making the mistaken hand sign. No matter what casino sport you need to play, there's always a method so that you can play it immediately online. After the seats are crammed, any gamers that be part of the game will automatically be relegated to a bet behind spot. The first seven players to enter the game will mechanically get seated, and they will be the ones to choose whether to hit or stand for every hand. One of essentially the most irritating experiences at a land-based mostly casino is ready for a seat at your favourite desk sport or waiting for somebody to depart the slot machine you wish to play.
When it involves your possibilities, the RTP fee of digital slot video games is significantly higher than the one brick-and-mortar casinos provide. That does not come as a shock, on condition that the latter can set their own situations, since players do not have a lot alternative.
Over the coming week, Sun and her highly organized group used the same strategy to beat more Las Vegas casinos, including Treasure Island and Caesars Palace. They made a visit to Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Conn. Eventually Sun recruited the celebrity poker pro Phil Ivey, who is also referred to as a excessive-stakes gambler at craps and baccarat. At the cashier’s cage, she pressed the on line casino workers, whose palms she says were trembling, to hurry and convert the chips to dollars. Few gamblers take such substantial sums in money, often preferring a check instead. Before the playing cards are dealt, gamblers bet on banker or participant .
And we’ll attempt to reply a few of the most popular questions requested by newcomers in regards to the online on line casino playing expertise. Often occasions these playing cards could be utilized for via the web sites themselves; saving players the hassle of getting to enter a on line casino physically to claim their card. Players can even declare a number of cards by applying by way of different establishments. Casinos typically work in conjunction or are owned by the identical firm, so odds are that if a on line casino player card works at one on line casino it might be accepted at more than one location. TheM Life card, is a great instance, and is accepted in Las Vegas by 9 unbelievable casinos .
Inside casinos, craps is a loud, enjoyable, exciting and social game. Unfortunately, builders have yet to discover a approach to convey the social aspects of the game online. On the opposite hand, if the on line casino is situated in another metropolis, which is the frequent situation, gamers would have to journey just so they may enter or go to the closest on line casino to their city. It provides extra price to the members particularly for those who reside outdoors of the nation.
gambling trade and search for a place to play games, you can start from online gambling video games. Annual revenue in online playing is the billion dollars; we're positive that you will also profit from the business. Additionally, enjoying online is safe when it comes to your health. There are an unlimited amount of people at a land-based on line casino you might be enjoying. Most of them touch the machines and tables while you're enjoying.
Special attracts are likewise included as a part of the VIP membership. They ensure excessive-quality video games that gamers do not want to attend. Choices are both play with a pc program, the precise video streamed casino, or similar to in land-based mostly, at a desk with other gamers. The plus side to that is that, given that gamers who live far only get the chance to go to a on line casino every every now and then, the experience also becomes extra memorable and worthwhile.
You as a participant can benefit from these free bonuses and rewarding promotions without spending a dime. Games supplied – While the overwhelming majority of poker games supplied at casinos and on-line are typically No Limit Texas Hold’em, playing on-line provides plenty of others. Those choices are frequently available, as well as many others. Players also can select limit, pot limit, and no-limit variants in addition to video games with a excessive/low break up.
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shoichee · 2 months ago
I’m back! Okay I ✨tried✨
She/her | straight (sadly) | 5’6 | Aquarius | ESFP-A | Polyglot | analytic/ observant | sociable | easily amused | impulsive | Business & Global studies major
80% of my natal chart consists of air signs soooo 🙂 take that as you will. I like attention and affection but only from certain people and I’m not very open with my emotions,, I’m also very witty and sarcastic and I’ve been told I have “too much confidence” and “the ego of a white man” but it’s not my fault I’m always right 💁🏻‍♀️ (perks of being observant)
Although I’m quite intelligent I don’t tend to use more than one brain cell unless I really need to (think Osamu Dazai from Bungo Stray Dogs) I’m literally the girl version of Kuroo from Haikyuu or Hawks from BNHA if that helps. Sometimes it may seem like I have no filter but it’s either because I literally don’t care or bc I’ve already analyzed the people I’m with and subconsciously adjusted to what I can/should say in front of them
I’m very impulsive and a “go-with-my-gut” type of person so I have a bunch of hobbies I’ve picked up bc they either looked interesting at the time or bc someone said I wouldn’t be able to do it (I am also competitive and petty 😅) But I love drawing and writing!! I’m in the process of writing a book I’ll be pitching before I move abroad at the end of summer (another impulsive decision just because)
I love the fall but I get cold easily so I like to bundle up whenever I can. I’m originally from Cali so the moment the weather goes under 70 degrees the warm sweaters come out and the socks are pulled over my pants. I hate the rain and the snow unless I’m inside reading or watching anime/scary movies and I’m also not the biggest fan of sweet things but I’ll make an exception for hot chocolate during Christmas
I also love sports, I used to play baseball, soccer and basketball growing up but hockey has had my heart for the past 10 years. Because of this I always find myself gravitating towards chaos and I may or may not accidentally on purpose instigate a little chaos every now and then but I never directly take part in it
Okay I think that’s it. This was difficult. Again- I tried. And congrats on your milestone!!
your matchup was…. quite interesting to work with, HIGHKEY because I relate to a few of these points (the dazai one got me CRACKED UP HELP i felt this PLEASE) this matchup is,,,,,, long, to say the least
Best Matchup. . .
Akashi Seijuro
Tumblr media
surprise! I placed him as first matchup despite the fact that his own MBTI (INTJ) and his own zodiac have nothing in common nor in compatibility… in theory
in theory, as in if I did not know of your other hobbies, skills, and other aspects of your personality, I would’ve never considered this drastic matchup
literally your ESFP vs. INTJ is everything in opposite in the theory of MBTI
one example of such opposing aspects involve the S and N of the MBTI:
S “tends to communicate in a straightforward, concrete way, focusing on facts, details, history, and real-life experiences” and “focus on the ‘what’ when discussing something, and convey information that you observed directly or can back up with real-life evidence” a.k.a talking about real things, not ideas or theories
N “tends to communicate in an abstract, theoretical way” and “focus on making connections and interpreting meaning, the ‘why’ of the thing in question” a.k.a. they communicate their idea, theory, or interpretation of what they see, rather than a direct observation
that’s just one huge opposing force out of the many, but in this case of Akashi, his personality is capable of not just keeping up with you a lot of times, but he is also more than capable of balancing out what you lack
and you’re also able of toning down your energy or be mindful of Akashi’s introvertness, since you say that you’re the female version of Kuroo (who’s very considerate of the withdrawn Kenma in not dragging him out to do things he doesn’t want to do)
where do I even begin? When you two first meet, Akashi simply thought of you as another Kise: boisterous, arrogant, but a lot sharper than you let on
in short, he hasn’t underestimated you since the beginning… he just KNOWS
when you first meet him, your observation skills kicked into overdrive, and you’re SLIGHTLY unnerved by his intense stare and how he seems to… analyze you
so you’re literally both analyzing the shit out of each other LOL
and the first words out of each other’s mouths cracked both of you up?? like not a huge laugh by any means, but chuckles are easy to get out of the both of you
you both… share similar humor
everyone around you two are thinking, “What the hell is so funny??”
the complete opposite of each other, yet way too similar
when he doesn’t need to speak, he GLADLY lets you do all the talking, and this is perfectly in line with your ESFP, since people of this type just love to be in the spotlight (and his MBTI lets their partner have all the attention most of the time)
Akashi finds out very early on that you make impulsive decisions as easy as you breathe air, and this is where his rationale would kick in to help you slow down the pace and talk out your options and potential gains and losses
see, normally, if anyone else would try to do the same, you’d brush them off because you’re extremely sure of your gut feeling and your observation skills
however, it’s due to the nature of Akashi that makes you more inclined to listen to him; since you know that he’s also equally (if not, more) observant than you, when his intuition tells him differently, you do at least stop to hear what he has to say
generally though, when your gut feeling kicks in and you try to do something impulsive, he doesn’t actually stop you often, because his intuition will almost always be on the same page as you (which is crazy?!)
so tldr; he likes your confidence and how you carry yourself through all the sarcasm and quips because 1.) you’re funny as fuck and you tell the better jokes out of the two (let’s face it, his jokes are terrible) and 2.) he knows you can handle yourself especially since he’s going to enter a very cutthroat world of basketball and business
if you get too cocky, he’s there to take you down a notch because he’s been there himself
he won’t hesitate (and this is where he’s a super good match against your headstrong personality despite him being an “introvert”)
speaking of business, he really finds his perfect match with you LOL
I don’t think I need to explain why having you by his side as someone who has an expertise as a business and global studies major would be super helpful for his family business as an upcoming CEO (also, side note: I heard that the language requirement as a global studies is absolutely ridiculously high, so mega props to you for that?! like I literally have to learn a foreign language for GEs and it’s too hard, I-)
that being said, when he first learns of your status as a polyglot, he’s like:
“Oh? I’m curious. What languages are you fluent in, my love? Do you mind teaching me a few phrases?” he would say, tilting his head slightly in curiosity before giving a lighthearted chuckle. “If it’s not too much trouble, of course.”
are we even surprised at this point that Akashi would be extremely fluent if you gave this guy a few weeks at the very least? he picks up a few languages because it’d be no doubt beneficial in expanding his work
“shaddup you scum”
“we are gawna waipe ze floor wit yoo”
and because he gets to spend more time with you and seeing you be so excited and cute speaking in another tongue… and maybe he gets to stare at your lips and how his brain is registering absolutely nothing and everything because the sounds coming out of your mouth sound so PRETTY
he’s so relieved about how independent you are and how you’re capable of handling your own stuff, because some of the nasty rumors and people associated with the public world of basketball and the world of business are so cruel and unforgiving… put them together? you got yourself a nightmare to normally handle
he’s always in the public eye, but he appreciates how tactful you are in knowing what exactly to say to particular people
he’s so amused… how you go from saying, “fuck you” to one CEO’s son in a banquet, to politely saying, “yes, of course” in an interview silently cracks him up
the duality of you acting unhinged, annoying people, and causing problems on purpose vs. being super serious and… professional
whenever a public figure or an interviewer tries to disrespect you or undermine you in any way, especially if they implied that you weren’t of the same “caliber” as Akashi (or whatnot) or pointing out your flaws... guess what you’re working on and coming back with a smile the next day to prove them wrong (or I mean, there’s always the option of turning the question around back on them…)
but since you do liven things up in the dreary estate, you remind Akashi to loosen up sometimes and just do some hobbies together
sorry, but he’s always lowkey trying to compete with you, even if he doesn’t outright declare it on you, just because he wants to impress you and/or see your reaction LMAO
he loves that you have so many hobbies and a career path because that means you can keep yourself busy in case things get hectic for him and can’t spend time with you
he’d TOTALLY be a peer-reviewer, editor, and proofreader all in one for your writings and he’d ABSOLUTELY would give you advice for pitching and wishing you good luck (and maybe paying for your plane ride unless you objected)
he’d secretly be a mega-talented traditional artist, but I think instead of competing, you’d have dates in the outdoors where you’re just drawing things together and sharing with each other your works at the end of the day
you’d never be bored with Akashi, like this guy has a kajillion random skills and hobbies that you can totally compete against with, and he’d accept all of your challenges because he secretly doesn’t want to lose LOL
did I already mention him being super perfect for your competitiveness? I swear you would learn and do a crash course on chess, checkers, go, and shogi just to pester him everyday for rematches
Akashi is perfect for your needs in which in the beginning when you two first met, he kept perfect boundaries and always respected your space, and as soon as you got together with him, he constantly gauged your level of tolerance of affection/attention and increased it slowly as you seemed to appreciate (and even reciprocated) these gestures
he’s mostly fine with the fact that you’re not as open with your emotions, since this guy literally has the Emperor’s Eye and can detect your current mood from a mile away
however, he’s not afraid to confront you to be honest about how you feel when circumstances arise
he understands your aversion to the cold, he gets it, because Kyoto (where Rakuzan is located in) is a really warm prefecture that’s always having near perfect, sunny days
he’s ALWAYS sending you the cutest, fashionable, and most practical scarves and jackets starting the fall onwards until spring because he knows your sensitivity to the cold like the back of his hand
when both of you are overseas for different career aspirations, you’re always looking forward to what scarves or jackets he’s sending over
*cue Akashi making sure his manor has all of its heating systems working perfectly*
*cue Akashi making sure that the menus/ingredients are increasingly more accommodating of warm foods like soups*
*cue Akashi always somehow ordering more books for the home library for you to “conveniently” find during colder weather… or mailing you packages of his book recommendations*
whaaaaaaat? do I hear of more potential opportunities for you two to start competing with each other’s hobbies in your free time? SPORTS? oh, it’s ON
it’s a nonstop cycle, truly
okay, but he’d at first go soft on you for basketball because he really doesn’t like the idea of ankle-breaking you LOL until you get mad at him and reassure him that you could handle it
you’re always so smug about winning against him in hockey initially, but then you get slightly worried that he’s catching up to your skill level way too quickly
“I only learn from the best,” he probably would say to tease you often
Hmmm, Akashi would ponder one day, looking over the documents due for the upcoming weekend. Another contract to sign for… and this one is about the agreed escrow the other meeting… I suppose I need to finish these up, so we can continue our halted game of shogi…
he’d widen his eyes before he’d start thinking out loud, “... It’s been too quiet around here as of late…”
and then he’d probably look out the window to see you sitting on Yukimaru with your feet and arms outstretched, NOT EVEN TUCKED INTO THE STIRRUPS, and are you trying to balance chess pieces on your nose and the chess boards on YOUR FOREARMS?—
he’s ditching his desk and running breakneck speed to the fields before Yukimaru gets any idea of galloping with you still on his back *cue him scolding you as you complain that you were just bored and that you knew Yukimaru wasn’t going to do anything anyways*
or somehow, all the fruit supplies mysteriously disappeared, and the entire staff is in a disarray… but Akashi has an inkling that you fed all of these to Yukimaru
so all in all, while you’re off doing your thing, Akashi would be a master planner, making sure he can balance both of your schedules and his own and figuring out how to make the relationship work
Runner-Up Matchup!
Kise Ryōta
Tumblr media
are we surprised that he was going to show up in this matchup? nahhh
a fellow ESFP himself and his sign is Gemini, another air sign, so already you’re already super-perfectly compatible with this guy, in theory
because in the personality theory, it does list ESFP one of the most compatible with another ESFP
you’re literally female Kise at this point PLEASE
Kise is super similar to how he’s a lot smarter than what he lets on, and he really loves you how you’re just enjoying life like he is, doing the things you want to do and love
he hates the super stuffy people or at least tries to not associate with them as much, so right off the bat, you two would magically click a little too fast
both of you would talk nonstop
initially, you probably wouldn’t be a fan of his random hugs and pounces on you once you two become friends, but he’d probably grow on you
other than that, it really does seem like a match made in heaven
both of you act… either stupid and/or dramatic just because, but if someone tries to fuck with any of you, it’s game over for the offender
Kise equally has no filter on his mouth, except unlike you (who has tact and knowing when to be polite to certain people), he has the mentality of only respecting the people he acknowledges, regardless of title and status
though, you’d probably advise him to be a bit more careful, Kise would be just as headstrong about his confidence as you are
what I mean is both of you can be too confident in yourselves
when you’re being impulsive, he’s probably the guy always encouraging it or even also making impulsive decisions himself too
you’d never be bored of each other in which both of you are always actively competing to see who’s better at what, ESPECIALLY for sports
unlike Akashi, Kise actively looks for you to challenge you first and always verbally instigates the chaos along with you (Akashi won’t go out of his way to compete unless you challenged him first)
cold weathers are the best to Kise because this guy would have a “legitimate” excuse to give you more of his iconic physical affection
“Hey, hey! (y/n)-cchi!! Isn’t it snowing today? Aren’t you cold??”
“I’m already bundled up though.”
“But you still feel really chilly…! It’d be better to warm you up, just in case.” and yes, there will be a sly undertone underneath that cheerful, worried voice of his
expect lots of nuzzling and cuddles with him
he’d be the type of person to try to juggle learning all the languages and try to learn art tutorials and try to write epic poetry to try to impress and “beat” you
when he sees you drawing, he’ll try to copy from afar your pencil strokes relative to their positions on the paper
he’d fail a lot more miserably in the academic areas though since he’s never took school seriously before, but I think he can manage the language-learning aspect since he can easily mimic pronunciation and grammar from how you speak
you’d probably cackle at him while he’d whine at you that it’s not fair that you speak way too fast LOL
again, you’d probably think that he can be too much at times, especially since Kise wears his emotions on his sleeve most of the time (and you have a more closed-off emotional state)
though, Kise is socially intelligent, so he’d most definitely would learn how to discern your emotions… but knowing how to approach you about those matters wouldn’t be as easy for him
I do put Kise as the runner-up because I believe there’s such a thing of being too similar to the point where the relationship would crash and burn
you are too similar to Kise to the point that both of you would have the same flaws, and the fact that you’re both ESFP does mean that both of you do actively fight for the constant “spotlight,” metaphorically speaking (especially since you share too much of the same hobbies and skill sets)
would you and Kise work as a high-school couple? oh, absolutely
long-term relationship beyond high-school? it’s... very dependent on how both of you handle priorities and goals, and since both of you are so impulsive, you guys will not stop to think about the standing of the relationship and just chase after your own career paths without a second thought (and this can potentially cause distance)
but since both of your career paths are so drastically different, it’d be a miracle to have a schedule that would line up to have time together
I’d see you and Kise more as long-term best friends and rivals more than a couple (unless again, certain circumstances allow this to happen)
Alert! Honorable Mention!
Hanamiya Makoto
Tumblr media
no, you did not read that wrong
yes, it’s Hanamiya
I just want to see how fast he can pick up the languages since he’s 160+ IQ
are you two… cussing at each other in different languages…?
he’d find your impulsiveness as a source for his own amusement, and when he sees you about to do something, he’ll NEVER stop you because he’s so eager to see the consequences of your actions
you’d find his team’s failures your own source of amusement that would probably piss him off so much but you also live for that
both of you would be at each other’s throats with all the snide remarks and passive-aggressiveness
but there’s this inner respect for each other because both of you know how intelligent the other is
he LIVES for your “ego of a white man”... until you turn that ego on HIM and then he suddenly hates it
again, he finds it absolutely hilarious when people underestimate you as some junkie on sugar because you don’t really… take things seriously (which is a plus in his books)
and he’d seriously bark a harsh laugh when he finds out you instigate trouble around sometimes because that would mean you’re not exactly a “goody-two shoes”
and when he learns that you’re also sneaky enough to always distance yourself away from the chaos, he’s honestly impressed (because he’s like that too)
Hanamiya would totally be into the business world, YOU CANNOT CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE
he’d totally make some offhand comment that you suck ass at your major and that he could do better (hey, maybe he could if he put his mind to it), and that would ironically motivate you to be successful out of pure spite
everyone’s scared for your life when you have no trouble calling him out at any point of the day with absolutely no filter
you’re going to… need thick skin to be around this guy, that’s for sure
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eclecticwombatkitty · 2 months ago
Tioga Downs Casino Ny
Tumblr media
NICHOLS, NEW YORK (WETM-TV) – Tioga Downs Casino Resort is open for business however guidelines will be put in place effective immediately. Tioga Downs Casino Resort is at Tioga Downs Casino Resort. 2 hrs Nichols, NY Congratulations to Cindy B. For hitting this $1,524.20 jackpot on just a $1.50 bet on our Quick Hits Winning Times Free Games Fever Slot! Tioga Downs Casino overview. What started in 2006 as a relatively small county-fair-themed Standardbred racetrack with 800 Video Lottery Terminals became New York state’s first officially licensed commercial casino when the new Tioga Downs Casino opened up in December 2016. According to the WARN notice on the New York State Department of Labor website, Tioga Downs racetrack will permanently close on Oct. It is not clear in the notice if the closure includes the casino. The WARN notice for Vernon Downs says the site will also close Oct. 1, but does not say if the closure is temporary or permanent.
Tioga Downs Casino overview
Tioga Downs Casino Ny Poker Schedule
What started in 2006 as a relatively small county-fair-themed Standardbred racetrack with 800 Video Lottery Terminals became New York state’s first officially licensed commercial casino when the new Tioga Downs Casino opened up in December 2016.
New York voters supported a constitutional amendment in 2013 authorizing the issue of a number of commercial gaming licenses throughout the state. A year later, licenses were granted to three projects, including:
The del Lago Resort & Casino in Waterloo
Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady; and
The Montreign Resort and Casino in the Catskills
The Tioga Downs Racino was unsuccessful in its bid for a license. However, the organization successfully campaigned to re-open the bidding process and was granted a full gaming license later that year.
The New Tioga Downs Casino was the first to open up in December 2016 despite being the last of four licenses granted. The del Lago Resort & Casino was next, opening its doors on February 1, 2017. Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady, NY opened up a week later. The Montreign Resort and Casino has plans to begin operating in the Catskills in the spring of 2018.
Tioga Downs Casino is located in Nichols, NY. This is halfway between Binghamton and Elmira. The gaming floor features a variety of popular slots and casino games, including:
Pai Gow Poker
Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em
Let It Ride
3-Card Poker
4-Card Poker
Big 6 Wheel
Tioga Downs’ $134 million expansion
Tioga Downs Casino began a $134 million expansion after being granted its commercial casino license. This ultimately saw the gaming floor expanded to 33,000 square feet. The casino now boasts almost 1,000 new slot machines and as many as 40 different table games.
The property’s Winner’s Circle Lounge was re-purposed as the casino’s new Poker Room. It opened with 12 tables and space for 120 players. The almost 800 VLTs on site were all replaced by up-to-date and modern slot machines including recently released titles and casino favorites.
Potential for online gambling lies in horse racing links
Tioga Downs Casino owner Jeff Gural is a former NY real estate mogul who has long professed his love for the horse racing industry. He has also expressed a desire to revive it through the addition of casino gaming at racetracks. In 2000, he successfully lobbied for New York state approval of Video Lottery Terminals at racetracks before buying the long-shuttered Tioga Park and installing 800 VLTs.
Despite being denied a license to operate a commercial casino at the property in 2014, Gural didn’t give up. He forced New York legislators to reconsider and add a fourth license just for Tioga Downs.
He released plans to build a casino at the Meadowlands Racetrack in Northern New Jersey last year that was ultimately denied by New Jersey voters. However, Gural has continued to prove he is an industry leader when it comes to casino gaming at racetracks. Should he become convinced that online casino gaming could help the continued revival of the horse racing industry, there’s little doubt he would get behind it. He would likely also use his considerable political influence to get it done.
Plans to legalize online casinos aren’t on the agenda for New York legislators in 2018, but should that change, Gural isn’t likely to oppose it.
New York gaming goes step by step
Legislators in New York state have long taken a step-by-step approach to gaming expansion. It started with the opening of the Turning Stone Resort Casino in 1993. The race track industry, including Gural, then successfully lobbied to bring VLTs to a number of its properties. Saratoga Raceway became the first to do so in 2004. Racinos are now all over the state and many now host electronic table games as well, including the Resorts World Casino at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens. It became the first casino-style property to open inside New York City’s five boroughs in 2011.
Next was the approval of the four new commercial casinos in the state. Now, legislators are taking steps towards the introduction of legal and regulated online poker. Should the next step be legalized and regulated casino games, Gural appears very likely to want to jump on board, seeing online gaming as an additional measure to help support the horse racing industry.
Online poker potential
Westchester Assemblyman and the State Assembly’s Chairman of the Committee on Racing and Wagering, J. Gary Pretlow, introduced legislation which would legalize and regulate online poker in the state of New York in early 2017. Pretlow claimed he sees very little standing in the way of such legislation. He also said all of New York’s licensed casino and Racino properties have indicated they are in full support of it.
Nonetheless, the bill went nowhere in the Assembly in 2017. The bill was still alive and in committee at the start of 2018.
This would presumably include Tioga Downs Casino, which opened up a 12-table live Poker room on the property in December 2016. Gural appears to have very little experience in the online poker industry. However, if he can become convinced that legislation allowing existing brick and mortar casino properties online poker operator licenses will be a boost to the horse racing industry, there’s little doubt he’ll get behind it.
More casino and track amenities coming soon
Tioga Downs Casino began construction of a 161-room hotel, spa and a 6,500 square foot event and banquet center in September 2016. It opened in October 2017.
There are already a half a dozen restaurant and bar options on the property. This includes:
The County Fair Buffet
Coasters Sports Bar
The Sideshow Lounge
Virgil’s Real BBQ
Both the Sideshow Lounge and Virgil’s Real BBQ feature live entertainment.
Tioga Downs Casino also offers a summer concert series at its outdoor stage.
The complex offers seasonal live harness racing and the casino floor is state of the art, featuring USB charging stations at many of the slots and gaming machine bases.
Tumblr media
Tioga Downs Casino Ny Restaurants County Fair
Plans are also in place to open up and 18-hole golf course and country club off-site.
Tioga Downs Casino offers patrons free entry into its Player’s Club. Player’s Club members are eligible to receive discounts on the property and rewards including complimentary concert tickets.
Points can be redeemed in:
The gift shop
Virgil’s Real BBQ
Coasters Sports Bar
The County Fair Buffet
The Hotel (upon completion)
Tioga Downs Location Nichols, New York Address 2384 West River Road, Nichols, NY 13812Opening dateJune 9, 2006ThemeCounty-FairNo. of rooms160Total gaming space942 machinesNotable restaurantsCarousel Bar Coasters Sports Bar Subway County Fair BuffetCasino typeRacinoOwnerJeffrey Gural, CEO of American Racing and Entertainment, LLC; Scott Freeman, President and General Manager American Racing, Tom Murray Security Supervisor, Dave Miller, Director of Security, Graham Shanks F&B Supervisor, Katie Krapf Events Coordinator, Anita Wintermute EMT,ArchitectCGL ArchitectsCoordinates42°01′31″N76°24′57″W / 42.025324°N 76.415749°WWebsiteTioga Downs Casino
Tioga Downs is a county-fair-themed standardbred racetrack (5/8 mile) and commercial casino located on a 138-acre (0.56 km2) site in Nichols, New York.
Tioga Downs originally was a quarterhorse track known as 'Tioga Park' in 1976, closing down after its third season. James Nuckel, then owner, stated that, 'the track had been losing thousands of dollars a day and was still in the red after three years of operation' (New York Times, 1978). Thereafter, a few private races and the occasional flea market were held at the location.
In 2000, Jeffrey Gural, a real-estate executive, horse owner, and racing enthusiast, began lobbying for state approval of Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) at racetracks. In 2005, they were approved. Shortly after Gural, with partnership from Nevada Gold and Casinos, bought the old Tioga Park for $32 million (New York Times, 2006; Press and Sun Bulletin, 2006). A ground-breaking ceremony was held July 22, 2005.
On June 9, 2006, Tioga Downs opened, offering harness racing, simulcast betting, and over 800 VLTs. Tioga Downs has two bars, a Subway restaurant, banquet room, coffee/bakery shop, and buffet. It also has a stage area, which hosts concerts. Artists that appeared at Tioga Downs have included Gretchen Wilson, Vanilla Ice, Tony Orlando, and Sister Sledge. During the warmer months, a trackside tent is available for wedding receptions, business meetings, parties, and awards' ceremonies. In 2011, The Tioga Downs Flea Market opened. In 2017, a hotel resort was added to the site.
Tioga Downs has 802 VLTs, averaging ~92% payback. The racino offers player's club cards at three levels: classic, progressive and jackpot. Outside the gaming room Quick Draw and instant lottery tickets are available. Inside the racino, keno, video poker, and slot machines are available. The largest progressive offered is typically $250,000+ at a group of Hot Shot machines.
Tioga Downs schedules racing between May and September, typically on Friday and Saturday evenings (6:50 PM), and 1:30 PM on Sundays. The track record is 1:48.1, set by two horses: Bettor Sweet, in 2011, and Pet Rock, in 2013.
Financial history[edit]
Revenues from slot machines at Tioga Downs had increased steadily since opening in 2006. 'Net wins' (defined as total credits wagered minus total credits won) was $30 million during the abbreviated fiscal year 2006-2007, $43 million 2007-2008, $48 million 2008-2009, $50 million 2009-2010, $54 million 2010-2011, $60 million 2011-2012, and peaked in 2012-2013 at $61 million. The first year-over-year decline was recorded in 2013-2014 with the net win estimated at $57 million. On average, each slot machine contributes ~$200 in revenue per day (New York Lottery, 2014).
The November 2013 voter approval of 'Proposal One'--an amendment to the New York State Constitution allowing table games at a prescribed number of venues--allowed the State of New York to issue a limited number of licenses for Las Vegas-style casinos in upstate New York. Tioga Downs owner Jeff Gural applied for a license to expand Tioga Downs to become a full-fledged casino featuring table games. Gural's initial application was denied; however, Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked the New York State Gaming Facility Location Board to reconsider. In October 2015, the Board reversed its decision and issued a license to Tioga Downs.[1] The expanded Tioga Downs opened in December 2016.[2]
^Roby, John R. 'Full casino heading for Tioga Downs, Gural gets the OK'. Press & Sun-Bulletin.
^Campbell, Jon. 'Tioga Downs revenues top $827K in opening days'. Press & Sun-Bulletin.
Tioga Downs Casino Resort Ny
'Tioga Downs plans to break ground following passage of casino gaming law'. The Daily Review. Towanda. November 20, 2013. Retrieved 2013-11-29.
'A confident Tioga Downs starts expansion'. Star Gazette. Elmira. November 18, 2013. Retrieved 2013-11-29.
York, Michelle (June 18, 2006). 'Placing Bets on the Harness Racing, but Putting Their Money on the Slot Machines'. The New York Times. Retrieved 2011-10-29.
'Tioga Downs owner bets racino will provide boost to Tier'. Press & Sun-Bulletin. Binghamton. March 19, 2006. Retrieved 2011-10-29.
'Tioga Park Closes'. The New York Times. July 20, 1978. Retrieved 2011-10-29.
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Tioga Downs Casino New York
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Tumblr media
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chrmvipops · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Due to length, all of it will be placed under ‘ Read More ’. Some of these may have been answered beforehand, but still placed here.
A   :   AFFECTION.   how does your muse show affection?
Nariko’s way of displaying affection varies, from physical to verbal. She may compliment, praise or give solid advice on someone that needs it or reprimand them when necessary. Physically, she has no problem giving hugs or kisses to people she’s really close to, while to other’s she’s not that close, hear patting or ruffling may suffice. She also does this to someone who is younger than her due to her strong older sister-like tendencies. Of course, she makes sure it’s not to the point they start getting a bloated ego, otherwise she’d have to find a way to deflate it, usually through snarky commentary.
B   :   BOUQUET.   does your muse like flowers? which ones are their favourite?
Nariko surely does love flowers. In fact, she frequents at a florist’s one of her friends is working or occasionally goes to parks or hikes just to enjoy the sight of flowers and flora in general. Her favorite ones are roses, irises, amaryllis, bluebell, jasmine, bergamot and morning glories.
C   :   CHOCOLATE.   does your muse like chocolate? which one is their favourite?
As part of her sweet tooth, Nariko loves chocolate. Her favorite kind is strawberry chocolate, but isn’t opposed to white chocolate, either.
D   :   DATE.   what is your muse’s ideal date? where / who with / etc?
Even though she insists on having fun dates and play dates rather than romantic ones, Nariko has a few ideal types of dates. Surprise outings, exploring the city or even going out of it, beach dates, travelling in general, trying out or even learning a new skill. Volunteering activities are also a favorite of hers.
E   :   EMBRACE.   does your muse like hugs? what are their hugs like?
She’s no cuddle bug, but Nariko really loves those hugs, whether it is receiving or giving them. Her hugs are either affectionate, warm, intense or soothing accompanied by the obligatory backrub. On a much rarer occasion, they might show some vulnerability from her own side, but again, rare.
F   :   FLIRT.   is your muse good at flirting? how do they flirt?
A massive tease, she is. Nariko enjoys teasing people for the fun of it, coming off as a playful flirt at first sight. Her flirtations vary from non-verbal to the more verbose types. Her verbal teasing is kept for those times she wants to tease a person until they are flushing red altogether or to amuse herself at their own reactions. Her non-verbal flirting consists of winking, sitting suggestively but also being discreet about it, strutting seductively, occasionally flipping her hair and any other uses of her body language to convey teasing. Of course, Nariko is rarely serious with her flirting, unless she’s smitten by someone. In that case, she reserves her flirting for them and them alone.
G   :   GIFT.   is your muse good at gift - giving or do they struggle to get it right?
She’s more likely to struggle if she doesn’t know the person at all and / or doesn’t have the slightest idea of what interests them. However, when it comes to friends, relatives and loved ones, not only she has no issue what to pick and buy, but she may as well spoil them.
H   :   HEART.   is your muse quick or slow to give their heart away?
Very slow. Despite being rather friendly in her approach to others, Nariko has a tendency to keep people at arm’s length, even if they consider her a friend. Her nature as an empath means she’s going to be wary of other people’s intentions towards her and sometimes wonder whether people really do care about her or simply want to use her like a tool for their own means. She will only give her heart to the ones that are truly worth of her trust and that will not hurt her. Moreover, she’s still healing herself from past experiences.
I    :   I LOVE YOU.   does your muse find ‘i love you’ easy or hard to say?
Platonically? It’s as easy as breathing for her. Romantically on the other hand, not so much. She usually lets her actions do the talk, not her mouth. Sometimes, even her fussing can count as a form of her expressing her love and concern towards someone. She’ll eventually say those three words, but on her own pace.
J   :   JEALOUSY.   does your muse get jealous in a relationship?
Not really. While she can sense someone else feeling jealous or envious, Nariko herself doesn’t show any signs as far as she’s aware of. At worse, she’ll either be passive-aggressive or give the cold shoulder or simply walk off and completely dismiss the whole thing. She can get insecure over being a decent partner at least, but still, not enough to become jealous.
K   :   KISS.   is your muse a good kisser? why / why not?
In her teenage verses, Nariko has never had her first kiss before, any ships in that verse withstanding, so that’s out. In any other verse she’s older, she has had enough experience of her own and her kisses can count as playful, teasing, sometimes leaving the other person to crave for more or loving and powerful.
L   :   LOVE.   who does your muse love?
Her family and friends ofc. They always come first in her mind and she’s fiercely devoted to them. Btw, there are more types of love outside of romantic love out there, like love for one’s family, or their friends, or even unconditional love.
M   :   MOONLIGHT.   what is your muse’s ideal date? where / who with / etc?
Outdoors. Definitely outdoors. Nariko likes spending time outside and engaging in various activities, especially sports and volunteering activities. Sightseeing is another favorite activity, as it allows her to sate her curiosity over new places. If the date also makes all participating parties feel good, that’s even better.
N   :   NAUGHTY.   what is your muse like in bed?
Playful, sometimes feigning clumsiness to make her partner laugh before the main act. Sensual too, touching on various areas on her partner both out of curiosity over their reactions as well as to see which parts are the most pleasurable and likely to be recurring in their intimate escapades. If it’s her first time, she’s going to be slightly reserved, with her partner having to do the first move.
O   :   ODE.   does your muse have a way with words?
Somewhat. If she’s not being direct and brutally honest, Nariko is going to be enigmatic in her responses, leaving them open to interpretation. She will let the other know whether they are close to being correct or not, however.
P   :   PARTNER.   what does your muse look for in a partner? looks / personality?
Looks are the least of her worries, as long as they are the healthy type. As an empath, it’s the personality that worries her the most. naturally, she gravitates more towards those who are  nice, considerate, smart, honest, independent and active. Someone who allows her to grow while in the relationship is also appreciated.
Q   :   QUESTION.   would your muse ask the big question or expect their partner to?
After considering first, she’ll definitely will do the first move, fitting her proactive personality.
R   :   ROMANCE.   is your muse a romantic or a cynic?
Considering her past experiences and general philosophical approach, Nariko can come off as somewhat cynical. As such, she’s often dismissive of the idea of romance, preferring to keep busy with everything else. To her, romance while passionate, is also very fleeting and utterly pointless if the other factors haven’t been developed properly as well or beforehand, such as strong platonic bonds. And yet, despite her aloofness, Nariko has some yearning to find someone that loves her for who she is.
S   :   SWEETHEART.   did your muse have a childhood sweetheart?
Not really. Her highly nomadic lifestyle as she grew up in the circus didn’t allow for such notions. And even if there was a supposed sweetheart, Nariko would have been far too preoccupied with her training to bother or simply nip the feelings in the bud, like the harsh tsundere she was growing up.
T   :   TRUE LOVE.   does your muse believe in true love?
On one hand, she finds the notion of true love too idealistic for her. On the other hand, she yearns for someone to call her own, long enough to have some idea what could be the perfect person for her. In fact, her own idea of true love has the following: 
a) she and her partners being both lovers but also the best of friends, 
b) someone she can grow old with; external beauty is temporary after all and to her growing old means her partner won’t mind her even when she’s no longer youthful and attractive
c) someone she can show vulnerability and her flaws towards to without being shamed for it
U   :   UNREQUITED.   has your muse had their heart broken?
She had both her own heart broken and someone else’s. Her first case was either catching someone she thought they loved her cheating on her with someone else, any of those times she tried dating others ( she used to be a serial dater, btw ) only to sense that they only saw her as a conquest or an achievement for the xp rather than a person of her own or worse: those times she fell in love with the wrong kind of people and / or had to repress her best and worst parts just so she can fit their own fantasy of a perfect partner, often to the point of fake smiling while feeling as if she’d collapse from the pain on the inside.  * Fake Love plays in the bg *
V   :   VALENTINE.   how does your muse feel about valentine’s day?
As much of a holiday and celebrations lover Nariko may be, Valentine’s day has her immediately giving out the obligatory chocolates to everyone ( friends, relatives and significant others get the homemade deal ) then makes a getaway just to go and play soccer with some of her friends. She’d rather be studying or doing sports than being caught asking someone out on that particular date, especially when she can do it any other time as well ( on Valentine’s day it’s difficult to not find anything that is booked or crowded ). However, she can act like a wingman for a friend of hers, then again leave to do sports.
W  :   WEDDING.   would your muse get married? why / why not?
As a family-oriented person, Nariko would love to get married, settle down and have kids. Having a family of her own is pretty much her endgame goal. As such, she loves being surrounded by family members ( her family reunions are crowded, but still comfortable for an empath like her to attend ) and hanging out with them in general. Nariko also has a very soft spot for children and is very likely to look after one, to boot.
X   :   XOXO.   does your muse use / like pet names?
She definitely does! She uses pet names either as a form of affection, or as a form of provocation sometimes.
Y   :   YOURS.   does your muse get protective easily?
Nariko has strong protective instincts towards those she cares about, but not to the point of becoming overbearing or smothering. Sometimes her display of protectiveness may be rough or snappish, but there is plenty of care behind her harshness.
Z   :   ZZZ.   how many people has your muse slept with?
Verse and ship dependent tbh. As an adult, she certainly has slept with up to 5 people at best. Flirtatiousness and occasional promiscuity aside, she’s not the type of person that sleeps around.
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hobicomeholla29 · 3 months ago
Shatter - Part 1 - JHS
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: Angst/ Romance/ Fluff in the future
Word Count:3.9k
Warnings: Mentions of death/Mentions of wars/Mentions(hints) of depression/Mourning
Rating: PG13
A/N: Hey! Hey! Before I get into anything else I first have to that all the beautiful who helped me with checkin, beta reading and giving me fantastic feedback in general! @sugaa-sugaaa​ @spicykoreantatertots​ @nottodayjjk​ Thank you so so much for your words of support and for pushing me through to deliver a good piece for everyone!
That being said, This is a 2 shot! Please look forward to part 2!
THIS IS A REPOST. Cuz it wasn’t showing up in the tags.
Summary: In a post-apocalyptic world, where humankind’s greed has lead planet earth to turn into a ball of dust, all Hoseok wants is a better and bright future, yet strong feelings and a positive mind doesn’t always cut it.
Tumblr media
The early morning sky was filled with an eerie fog that threatened to smother anyone who didn’t wear the appropriate attire for being outdoors.
You stood straight; hands balled in tight fists. A mixture of emotions running through your body. Sadness, anger, helplessness, fear…
You were the only ones standing in the middle of the empty field, no one else daring to stand still and be surrounded by the suffocating drafts of air that carried large amounts of toxins –a consequence of humankind utilizing nuclear weapons in the past.
You remember stories being told about your ancestors taking long walks through lucious fields without sporting gas masks on their faces, just imagine enjoying the air in the atmosphere instead of fearing it.
Tumblr media
Most parts of the beautiful earth that once existed were now wastelands, all thanks to what was called The Colossal War.
Civilization was anything but civilized after that, creating division and animosity between groups of people with different ideals.
Clans were created and with them the claiming of lands. Lands that provided resources for sustenance, yet the quick dwindling of resources and supplies made some clans selfish, refusing to barter with others and instead attempting to conquer their lands as well.
With bigger and stronger clans taking over the smaller and weaker ones, eventually only four major clans remained, the only exception being small factions that settled between the abandoned areas near the borders of each clan.
Some factions were harmless, only looking for a peaceful place to live, making them nomads, since they had to constantly move to avoid being forced to pledge to one of the four major clans. Others were rioters, ready to go against anything and anyone who posed a threat to their beliefs and wants.
During the long solars that came and went after The Colossal War, much had changed.
Technology, communication, transportation, settlements.
It had all changed, but you really couldn’t say it was all for good.
Technology had turned obsolete at a steady pace, leaving only a few gadgets that were still able to function without being saturated or losing signal without proper cell towers.
Most of them had been vandalized or burned to ashes, mostly to steal copper from the area.
The only remaining signal towers were those of glass recorders.
Tumblr media
A glass recorder was the device that kept track of a person’s life.
Since The Colossal War in 3010, civil wars had been blowing up everywhere. Causing inconvenience in simple tasks like having troops return to a fallen soldier’s clan to inform their family about their passing.
A simple duty as this one might have worked back in 2020 but not in 3011.
If troops were sent back, they were at risk of running into an enemy faction and breaking into another battle.
Hence, in 3015, glass recorders were created.
A glass recorder was a device made out of bulletproof glass. Its interior was filled with cables and microchips that contained a person’s personal information, tracking and broadcasting an individual’s vital signs at all times. Constant long-ranged waves went from the glass recorder - to the signal towers around the globe - to the chip installed in the individual’s neck and back.
You could say its data sharing function was similar to the behaviour of olden times bluetooth connections, except that the only information it could send and receive was vital signs and  identification details.
Many tried hacking them, attempting to rob information from the device and using it for ulterior motives, however they are designed with an auto destruction mode in case of hacking or death and their towers were heavily protected by troops from each clan.
Usually their sizes were similar to that of an old cellphone.
On one side there’s a knob, remarkably similar to what DJs back in the day used on their mixing boards. It acted as a switch between the different modes the glass recorder could be set on, them being Vitals, Information and Hologram. And on the other side there was a touchscreen, where vitals could be read and holograms could be activated.
There was also an XBS dock entrance on one side of the device. It was mostly used by the law enforcers by transferring any new information about an individual from their archives to the glass recorder, whether it was good or bad.
All of that information, including marital status, first degree relatives, occupation, date of birth and allergies could be found on information mode.
On vitals, details were given about their current health status and the sound of their heartbeat could be played.
And finally on hologram mode, you could see a three-dimensional scale of the owner’s body, making it easier to check for injuries or if any internal damage had been taken.
Tumblr media
Besides glass recorders, communication had jumped back to messaging via written letters or oral messages sent via a messenger.
Any vehicles that had existed on the face of earth, had been overhauled.
Updated to cater to the usage it now provided to the arid ground.
Motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks and ships, all modified.
Additional exhaust pipes, thicker tires, dust shields, dredging machinery, artillery and artillery holders, were examples of things you had seen being mounted on different transports, including aircrafts.
Tumblr media
As for yourself, you lived in a colony that had been forced to be part of one of the major 4 clans, The Jeon Clan.
The Jeon clan was strong, the Jeon clan was powerful, the Jeon clan was feared, the Jeon clan was blinded by its greed, the Jeon clan stood above everyone and if you refused their ways, then you refused living.
That’s how your small clan ended up under their command.
It was common to hear stories as an infant about how the Jeon clan conquered. They always portrayed the glorious stories of how leader -Jeon the 1st-  had tirelessly battled large creatures and evil men to save small clans from their miserable lives, however in each capsule each family shared the story with their offspring as they remembered it best.
Meaning some stories were wonderful, while others were resentful memories and stories of how their clans had been forced to change their ways or how they had lost loved ones to the Jeon reign.
Tumblr media
You were only 7 when it all happened.
You remember it so clearly, it felt like you were reliving it each time.
You stood in the middle of the large hangar, eyes searching left and right for your father.
Men and women ran all around, either towards shelter or towards the battle zone.
A military truck’s engine roared in the background, yet you couldn’t figure out which of the twenty something trucks near you had been brought to life.
You frantically ran in the opposite direction. You needed to find him, you needed to convince him not to go.
Running as fast as your short legs could take you, you tightly held on to the glass recorder in your hand.
Tears started prickling your eyes the longer it went without you being able to find him.
Two NSTV vehicles sped past you, swiftly followed by a caravan of men on choppers, armed to the teeth.
Luckily none of them seemed to be your father.
You were getting desperate.
All he had done was left a note on your bed with his glass recorder.
“My beautiful cyberflower, I love you so much. And because I love you, I must defend you. Papa might not be back for a while, but he will make sure that if he doesn’t come back at all, it is because he was able to create a better place for you to live in."
He promised he would never go, that he would stay no matter what.
That he wouldn’t do the same thing your mom did.
Leaving you behind was never the solution. You preferred having them both and figuring everything else out later than having none of them and still being lost.
Why was it so easy for them to leave you behind…?
You didn’t notice you had dropped to your knees, you didn’t notice the tears that cascaded from your face and you certainly didn’t notice how your mourning wail had halted all activities under the hangar.
All frozen in place, no one in the building could figure out why. How could the desperate cry of a child send shivers down their spine? How could it express without mistake, their inner thoughts and feelings.
They felt the grief and pain of having to put their lives on the line to give their loved ones a better future.
A future that should have been granted to them, but the Jeons thought differently.
Yet, your clearest memory from that day was the tight embrace that pulled you out of your dazed state.
The embrace that told you that even if everything didn’t turn out as you wanted, he would be there to walk you through it.
He would be there with that bright smile of his that cleared away all of your cloudy days.
Tumblr media
A rundown metallic shed stood at a distance, it was probably used in the past by troops as a hideout, yet for several solars it had been a place you used for solace.
The location gave you a quiet place to think, a quiet place to run away to when everything got too hectic at the colony, a place to yell out of frustration. It was your place -even if it was on enemy’s territory.
However, today said shed felt smaller, its tall walls choking you, suppressing your lungs, no calm remained in it as the words that dropped from your lover’s mouth bounced from wall to wall. The echo made you feel like the words were mocking you by constantly repeating what he said.
"I must go, and you must stay.”
You knew you had heard word of people in the colony joining forces with others near you, to topple the Jeon clan.
Nonetheless, you figured it was just tittle-tattle.
Yet here you are standing in the middle of the building, right in front of your lover, who is spewing the same nonsense your father did so many solara ago.
"Is this a joke? ‘Cause I’m not laughing…"
You saw his hands clenched into fists in annoyance, he tried holding in his feelings, yet the frustrated sigh that left his lips sold him out quickly.
Deep down he knew you wouldn’t take the news lightly, that you would want to accompany him on this journey as well or avoid the whole thing in general. But if he let you, if you came along, his departure would have no meaning. He was leaving for you. He thought you would be more rational.That the conversation would last less than a fraction of a solar, but he stood corrected.
"I can’t stay here on my own. You can’t leave me just like that.” You were distraught. Your eyes searched for his, yet his gaze remained on the door you had used moments ago to enter the shed.
You needed to bring his mind back to you, to the present where you both still remained, you needed to keep him away from thoughts of the unknown future and the doom that could be.
Why was he trying to be person number three on your mourning list?
Your eyes remained on his, yet your fingers occupied themselves trying to find his glove-covered ones, the action making him look down at your entwined fingers.
His eyes seemed to soften at your actions and that alone helped you breathe easier. Deep down you knew that you had to stay back and wait for him, it would be the safest place for you, the colony was your home, but the news he dropped on you like a bucket of cold water had your common senses frozen.Why would he want to leave you so suddenly?
Maybe he no longer wanted this, maybe you were too much, maybe that promise he made solars ago about walking the path with you was too heavy and too much of a burden…
“You must stay, for me,” He said, “and for them.” His eyes dropped to your stomach, his free hand caressing the bump that had started forming not long ago.
“Hoseok…please…” You had to try at least one more time. If he still was that warrior at heart that you had once met, then he was certain to leave even with you crying rivers.
“I must go, my love. I have to be a part of this fight that will give our family the freedom that they deserve. The freedom that WE deserve.” His eyes glossed over, yet not one tear abandoned his eye. He was sure of his decision and nothing could stop him now.
“You don’t have to… A lot of men are already there."
"And I am sure they also have families and other reasons to be there. I will lend them a hand and they shall lend me one. We will fight for a better life and world, a better place to raise our offspring, a better place to grow old.” At this point in conversation, his eyes are boring into yours, yet there is no anger towards you. Only love, strong, heated, unwavering, caring and passionate love. There was certainly no way for you to fight against that.
For a split second, his eyes left yours, and you followed the movements of his left hand. Carefully, he pushed his hand into his pocket, retrieving a device that you were very familiar with.
His glass recorder.
“I- I can’t."
"It’s the only way for you to know my status… and if it ever comes to worse, you’ll know not to wait for me any longer.” He said as he placed it in your hand.
“Please stop talking like you are a dead man already!"
"Y/n-” You interrupted him mid-sentence. You were blabbing now. All your thoughts and fears spilling out at once.
“No! I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want you to go! I want you here with me, with our babies. If you tell the Chief he will let you stay. We are expecting! I can’t lose you; you are walking to your grav-"
"Y/N!” His sudden yell made you flinch, but nonetheless, you looked him in the eyes, only to find them filled with tears. Filled with fear but determination as well.
He was always like this, a young man with a mission. Fire in his eyes, determined to make this world a better place, even if it scared him to the core. He always said…
“There is no better way to deal with fear than to walk right over it…” Those stupid words he repeated everyday since you were 7. “This is me walking all over it. This is me putting you -putting them over my fear of what may be."
"I love you."
"And I love you, my beautiful cyberflower.” His hand grabbed yours, slowly bringing each one of them to his face and kissing your knuckles and palms softly.
“I’ll always return to you."
And so, you watched him ride his chopper towards the horizon.
His silhouette quickly disappeared in the darkness of the night.
Even though the light of the moon shone brightly, it felt dark around you, as if your clouds had returned with the sole departure of his bright smile.
Your hand squeezed the device he left behind, your grip getting stronger the further he drove and now you really wondered, "How is it so easy for everyone to leave me behind?"
Tumblr media
150 solars and 149 lunars went by, yet nothing had changed.
Since the day Hoseok had left, your days consisted of nothing but worrying, eating, and visiting the shed.
An old steel bench was set outside of the old metallic building and just like any other day you’d visited, you sat on the edge of it, contemplating life and hoping today was the day Hoseok would return to you as he had promised.
As time flew by, you added this day to the list of other ones where your lover didn’t return and although you tried to remain as positive as possible, you couldn’t stop thinking about why life was so cruel? Why did any of you have to live through this? It certainly wasn’t fair. No one deserved to be forced to choose death if they didn’t choose what someone else wanted.
Since your great-grandparents’ days, the future was supposed to be glorious, beautiful, and bright. Technology was supposed to make everything better. But somehow it all turned to worse.
Pride, arrogance, and selfishness had created the horrible world that you now lived in.
People lost their lives as an exchange for a promise they never received.
They fought battles to free people who were slaves to their own fears and now this was the consequence of all that was done. What a sad life to live. What a horrible life to live.
You rubbed your stomach feeling your bump as it continued to grow. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, is what they say and your clear example is how close you are to being due.
Tumblr media
The walk back to your clan’s colony was an easy 10-minute walk that could turn mortal if taken while distracted, hence you carried a machete in your boot.
Once you set foot on your colony’s official territory, you swiftly made your way to your family home capsule, ready to wash off the sorrow and go to bed as you would wait for the next solar to come.
Sadly for you, that hope disappeared the second you made eye contact with someone you didn’t wish to see at the moment.
His eyes caught yours and you saw a mix of emotions: sorrow, understanding, relief and worry, all conveyed to you in a single glance.
You knew what was to come, it was always the same dialogue, but you didn’t want to do this today.
Today you felt drowned, disappointed, you could feel that dark cloud that loomed over your head enlarging day by day.
"You know it’s not s—”
“Save it, Namjoon. I’m not a chil—"
“—But you are a carrying woman, who is walking carelessly to a place where no one can or will follow you.”
“I am not carele—”
“Y/N, shut up for once and put this through your thick skull!! Hendra is enemy territory!!”
And with that he left to his own family capsule, stomping all the way to the door and slamming it closed.
For the first time, you felt different and maybe it had something to do with the fact that Namjoon and your argument didn’t end in the usual monotonous sermon he always gave you, where he remained calm all the way and you rolled your eyes in annoyance.
The funny part about the entire thing was that you were cousins, and your family capsules were right beside each other, so you were sure you’d have to see his sour expression the following day.
Tumblr media
Finally in your own capsule - the one you used to share with Hoseok, you took that shower that you daydreamed about and headed to your room.
Just like every night, you muted your room to the outside world, opting to listen to the broadcast of your beloved’s heartbeat.
It was the only thing that helped you sleep at night and somehow you felt as if it pacified the two progenies in you.
Tumblr media
You didn’t know when or how it happened, but eventually 365 solars had gone by.
365 solars since the day of his departure and you weren’t getting any better at being without him.
You were now a mother of two. A dawn and a dusk. One born in the early morning and one almost 12 hours later.
So, you gave them names that matched their arrivals to this world, Dawn and Dusk.
All times prior to that day, you felt that once they arrived, there would be this large turning point in your life. That once you had someone who depended on you, your days would start to shift into something brighter, yet somehow, even after the arrival of your children, you felt almost no difference, bordering on saying that you might even felt worse.
Their faces were the perfect mix of your deoxyribonucleic acid and his. Two different beings creating harmony in the body of two newer ones.
Their father had left to give them a better future but, in the process, he had left a broken family behind. It felt incomplete and hollow and somehow you envied the blissful ignorance that your infants currently lived in. Not able to understand the sorrowful life that currently surrounded them.
Tumblr media
Another 365 solars went by.
You still listened to Hoseok’s heartbeats every night. The glass recorder remaining as your sole companion in addition to your —now— toddlers.
The night remained quiet. You could barely hear the murmur of voices from the capsule near yours. If you were right, you were sure it was Namjoon and his wife, discussing the plan for retrieving meals for the clan the following morning.
You shifted on the foam mattress that only reminded you more of him. A very faint and almost gone notion of his scent wafting up from what used to be his pillow.
From afar you watched the two small bodies –lying on the second mattress in your room— inhale and exhale deep in their slumber.
They had —just like you— fallen asleep to the beat of the heart of a stranger you placed in front of them and made them call him father.
You loved them, every bit of them. Would do anything for them not to suffer, and maybe just then, in that moment, you understood a bit of Hoseok’s reasoning.
Tumblr media
You toss and turn all of a sudden jerking awake from your slumber. You could not recall when you had fallen asleep, so your mind remained disoriented for a short minute, trying to grasp your surroundings. Your heavy eyes roamed around the room, picking up on every detail, the babies were still asleep, the clock read 3AM and the glass recorder wasn’t beating…
Violently, you pulled the sheets off your body, grabbing the device as soon as your hands were close enough to grab it.
“Why are you not beating? Why are you not broadcasting? What the fu—”
And it hit you like a train… but you didn’t believe it, you couldn’t believe it.
You shook it and twisted the knob and switched it to hologram mode, but it wasn’t working and you didn’t know what to do, your hands were shaking, your thoughts were jumbled…
“This can’t be happening.”
And when a fake solar illuminated your mind, you quickly turned around to plug it in to your old computer, however, the universe had other plans for you and without announcement the device cracked.
You watched it crack little by little, extending all around the recorder, slowly marking the beautiful device with horrible lines that marked its ending, it didn’t stop until it was no longer graspable and all that was left behind was crystal dust in your cupped hands.
You didn’t hear when Namjoon and his wife entered your room or when your kids were taken out of there. Your sobs alerting 3 capsules nearby of the sorrowful occurrence of the night.
It was the worst type of Deja Vu, because just like your mother and father, you’d never see him again…
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading part one of this 2 shot! Hopefully it didn’t scare you off for part 2!
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sunalma · 3 months ago
hii baby, could i request a haikyuu male match up please? i'm 5'6, she/her, i have dark brown, kind of wavy hair that i had long for some time but recently cut it to my shoulders. i have brown eyes that prefer not to do their job right so i switch between wearing glasses and contacts! i have been training dance my whole life and volleyball for a few years too, but only recently quit and switched to working out in the gym.
i am quite ambitious and hardworking, and my dream profession is to be a neurosurgeon or to work in emergency medicine. i am a cancer, and an isfj, i am the mom friend of my group. i am generally a calm and quiet person and i do my best to control my emotions, but once i warm up to you i will show my warm, childish side. i tend to be a bit dramatic at times, but mainly just to make people laugh. i tend to be a bit stubborn and stuck in my ways and defend what is mine. i tend to get a bit moody, and get random bouts of energy. honestly, the biggest compliment i could receive is somebody being comfortable enough around me to vent to me, i love comforting other people. i tend to ramble a lot and my mind changes lanes of thinking quite a lot, especially when you get me talking about things i love talking about. some of my passions are writing (to be quite honest, if it wasn't such an unstable career path, i would want to be a writer), working out, reading, food (making and eating it, i am a bit bigger on baking more than cooking and i stress bake quite often), science (particularly math), history (count on me to sprout random facts all the time) and languages (i speak three currently!). my preffered book and movie genre is action, psychological thriller, but i do love to watch a romantic comedy once in a while.
i tend to have pretty high standards for myself, and overworking is not a foreign thing for me. being in sports for a while, competitiveness tends to get the better of me (i will pick a random person and race them somewhere without them knowing the race is on; i am that person that will be increasing their speed on the treadmill if someone else is running next to me). i am a bit insecure and tend to pull back quite quickly, and i tend to avoid getting attached because when i fall, i fall quite fast and quite deep. my love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch, and i am definitely okay with some pda!
my favourite season is summer (i joke it is because i am a summer child), i love love love my cappuccinos and ice cream, i have a big sweet tooth. i am fine with both outdoors and indoors dates- i believe in healthy balance! i am an ambivert, so i can go back and forth!
my ideal type is someone ambitious, a bit chill, someone who can read the atmosphere cause i don't always speak my feelings and someone who is not going to hesitate to show me they love me. really, a biggest turn off would be someone arrogant and unmotivated to be better.
thank you so much, i really really love your blog! make sure you are staying safe!
🖤 a/n : hi !! ok so i noticed you recently liked a lot of my posts and omg the ego boost that your notifs brought/bring me??! so THANK YOU ! hope you’re staying safe too <3
i ship you with...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you know how it works, let’s go for the explanations~ !
• akaashi with a s/o who wears glasses has always been and will always be a HUGE YES for me
• since we know akaashi became an editor, that means he probably has a good eye for art, which means that he would absolutely  s w o o n  in front of your dancing skills
• probably my biggest point here : you got yourself a #1 fan right there. he would support you in EVERYTHING you set your mind to, no matter how others react to your personal projects/goals, you will always have him by your side
• which obviously means that words of affirmation are daily. and honestly name one thing better than being 100% supported by akaashi keiji ?
• he would appreciate that you’re pretty chill, responsible and calm but that would only make his surprise bigger when your hidden character traits finally surface. and definitely not in a bad way, he would be so happy to see your warmer and more bubbly side <3 (makes him feel important to you 🥺)
• oh and also, please don’t mind being dramatic and/or moody at times because akaashi’s tolerance for moody people is canonly HUGE (thanks bokuto)
• we know he has a tendency to overthink a lot so he would gladly accept the comfort you can give him, and overall he would enjoy your presence a lot
• but rest assured that he always returns the favor, he wouldn’t mind spending hours reassuring you on your insecurities if needed and never ever rush you for anything
• i don’t think akaashi would mind pda, he doesn’t see any problem in showing others that he loves you. so definitely expect hand holding and kisses in public (nothing too extra tho, just a well-balanced amount of love)
• i’m gonna finish this matchup with a list of things you guys would probably do together : bake (a lot), study, write stuff and ask the other to proof read, go on MANY coffee dates, go to the gym together (because quick reminder that akaashi canonically wants to work on his physical power), watch movies and then talk about it for hours after, and, obviously, cuddleeee
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elichorph · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
OH SHIT???? did you see avery jeong buying princess bandaids at the local cvs after punching out somebody’s car window??? anyways, he’s a legacy and a member of the yale's elite, they're twenty-three and a 1st year grad student majoring in mechanical engineering. they are as strong willed as they are naive.
hello, i am back with my third character. yes this is my second character that has a 5 letter name that starts with an a. yes this intro is extremely long. if you read it i will send you a gif of your fav celeb to thank you.
full name: avery tobias jeong nicknames: ave age: twenty three birthday: march 8, 1998 ( yeah he’s technically 22 right now but he’ll be 23 soon enough ) chart: pisces sun, aries moon, cancer rising siblings: one ( lilia, younger sister ) gender: cis male pronouns: he / him sexuality: bisexual & biromantic height: 6′0 hair color: black tattoos: random tattoos on his arms, faded hand tattoos (specifically an angel on his left hand) piercings: right earlobe ring
( violence & drugs tw )
he had an unplanned child at nineteen with his ex-girlfriend who he now has little to no contact with. his ex dug up a public intoxication charge that avery’s family had paid to cover up in order to place a restraining order on him and deny him custody of the child.
he was involved in an underground fighting ring for multiple years as a means to make money after being cut off by his family. however, he always took fights too far and was banned from the ring in new haven after he nearly killed one of his opponents.
if you’ve already read lilia’s intro then you can skip this because it’s the same thing!
ya’ll ever read one of those drug ring ao3 fanfics where y/n is dating the sexy drug cartel leader? well that’s their family!
generational family blood money because that’s how cartels work i think. started running + dealing three generations back with their great-grandparents in order for them to make a living. it wasn’t until the so-called business was handed down to their grandparents that they wanted to expand and generate more money. the big pharma cover was created in order for them to manufacture, distribute, and supply at a larger scale. present day, their family name has notoriety with other cartel and mafia families. 
basically avery was supposed to take over because he was the oldest right, but lilia did not want that at all. their parents started favoring avery and schmoozing up to him a little bit to get him to say yes (even though avery was fully prepared to give lilia the position) and lilia was like! what the fuck! so she told their parents about this one time that avery accidentally blabbed the family secret to a stranger at a party which broke their one rule of keeping it a secret. their parents wanted nothing to do with him anymore and completely cut avery off and kicked him out of the family. 
everyone knows that avery and lilia are siblings, even though they don’t really know the actual details about their past together because avery doesn’t say anything about his family and the cartel is a secret. now that they are both at yale and in the elites together they are just kinda like haha awkward <3 they basically would just tell everyone that they grew apart if other characters tried to pry but also lilia is now telling people that avery fucked up a business decision which is why he left the family and avery is like alright but good luck trying to get other info out of them! xo, the jeongs
after being kicked out of his family, avery booked it to new haven to attend yale. he was able to score a full ride after graduating as the valedictorian of a specialized school for science in nyc and for continuously staying near if not at the top of his class. literally this man is a casual genius. he will get drunk as hell and talk about math for the entire night even if you don’t care. avery joined the elites in his junior year and even though he technically is a legacy from his family, he told them that if he was going to join, he wanted to be recruited for his academics because fuck if he was going to use his family name!
to expand a little more on blackmails, avery was broke as shit after coming to new haven. he still is, but he literally had so little money to his name and eventually found an underground fighting ring and made money by winning matches through that because he is Beefy and a Unit and his anger issues could be released <3 but he would always go a little too hard and would near murk his opponents, especially this one time that caused him to be banned from the ring. now for money he just fixes up people’s air conditioners and fridges and shit and also works maintenance at a hotel chain around connecticut to get money when he really needs it <3 literally if you need something fixed hit him up and he’ll be happy to do it but he would also love if you made him dinner to thank him because he has eaten too much kraft mac n cheese.
when avery was a sophomore, his girlfriend of a few months accidentally got pregnant whoops <3 and he was ready to literally drop everything for his girlfriend and daughter, but his girlfriend didn’t want that because she was lowkey a bitch! she ended up using a secret that avery had told her (that he had a public intoxication charge that his family had covered up) and took him to court and got his custody rights taken away and a restraining order placed on him and then dropped out of yale before anybody could know about the baby and zoomed to another state and now avery is like ok <3 his daughter’s name is skye though and she is four now and sometimes he still gets updates but literally it eats him alive hahaha
basically paddington going through an emo phase. he has extreme rbf and might be a solid unit who looks intimidating, but he genuinely is so sweet. by his looks you’d expect him to push you down the stairs but in reality he’s the kid who is 20 minutes late to class to hold the door open for people and he’ll feel good about it even if nobody says thank you to him. 
certified sad boy! the extremely nice guy you meet at a house party who remembers what drink you like from some time you apparently met three months ago? avery loves house parties for real and will be the angel who cleans up at 5am even if he’s got an exam at 8. he loves to take care of people to fill his fatherly void even though he’s the one that needs help the most. 
accepts the fact that he’s now #poor now, but he also gets kind of insecure and jealous seeing everybody pop off with a britney work bitch vc bugatti. tries to keep up with people looks wise at least, he has one old balenciaga cross body bag that has holes in it, way too many ripped pairs of designer jeans, and a scratched gucci belt that you will see him sporting often. might want to bash your face in if you flaunt your wealth and gets kind of whiny about it sometimes.
avery is the type of person that loves the outdoors and going on picnics. his romantic dream is to lay under a tree with the soft summer breeze and play some guitar for the love of his life <3 yes he has a guitar and yes he is actually good at singing even though he gets embarrassed about it. he fucking loves music.
still has that aries moon though, is extremely defensive and my one character who will actually fight in the group chat because what the fuck does he have to lose at this point! avery has extreme anger issues that hurt him more than anything. even though he’s banned from the underground fighting ring, he still needs an outlet and will have his hands shoved in his pockets because they’re either bruised to shit or discolored from how many times they have been bruised. can be found walking home after taking the late bus so he could go scream in a field somewhere.
this man? also naive as fuck. has been hurt by too many people and really just sets him up at this point. an open book most of the time, so much that it hurts him. will tell you everything about himself like the way he can’t sleep in silence and has to have ocean noises playing, but he can’t listen to whale noises because sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks it’s a ghost. however, his family stuff is off limits and he will spit in your face if you even think about asking him about it. 
won’t hold grudges. the type to see a person for who they are as a whole and if they mess up, he’s just like “you’re better than that /: but it’s fine.” probably why he gets hurt so much
wanted connections
a roommate maybe? i pictured him living in an apartment because he probably wouldn’t be able afford live anywhere else. could be besties, could be someone he barely knows but he just needed someone to move in to split the rent.
the one person who he’ll let take care of him. it probably would take a lot to break through his walls, but this person can calm him down after he gets riled up.
since his ex went to yale, maybe one person who knew her and had somewhat of an idea of what happened. they don’t know everything but maybe from what they heard from his ex, they believe everything was avery’s fault and that he fucked her over entirely.
gut wrenching hate plots of where they really love each other but things just can’t work out for one way or another.
gentle romance <3 slow burn. someone who won’t hurt him PLEASE.
aaaaand someone who takes advantage of how naive he is
and friends. so many friends. he is just so friendly and he isn’t the type to hold shit over people’s heads. 
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