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#they are the reason my heat beats
rosemi · 4 hours ago
「 slowpoke 」
Tumblr media
[note: timeskip!]
SHIRABU turns the page without really paying attention to the content. this has been going on for the past hour.
the only reason he came over to your place was to study. that’s the only reason. his roommates were being too loud and he needs to get his studying done at least three weeks before finals — being an overachiever happens to be part of his personality. you live nearby and your roommates are out partying, something med students like him don’t get to do much. it’s not like he’s interested anyway. his entire focus is fixed on working hard and getting his well-earned degree.
unfortunately, that focus of his is a bit all over the place now.
there’s a few reasons for that. one, you smile at him every time he looks up. two, you have the prettiest smile ever. three, you look really cute when you’re focused on your laptop screen. and lastly, it’s only the two of you in here and tendou’s “eh? so it’s like a study date?” did not bode well with his mental status.
after all, shirabu has had a crush on you since high school that simply won’t go away. it’s just his luck his med school happens to be near your university.
fidgeting with the drawstrings of his hoodie, he tears his eyes from the pages to look up at you. he feels himself frowning at your stature. you look dead tired, head resting against your palm with your laptop screen reflected in your eyes. he wants to say something - anything that makes it better. instead, he reaches out and flicks your forehead like a raw impulse.
“ow! i’m studying, okay?”
“you’re not and i can literally see that. you have the wikipedia page for sea otters open.”
it’s years too late to say something now anyway.
“kenjirou,” you call, your cheek pressed against the table in an oddly adorable manner. “don’t you ever get bored of your textbooks? i feel like my lifespan decreases by five years every time i see them.”
“i like them,” he answers, lips almost forming a pout. “you say that every time you see my books. you should be dead by now accordingly.”
“don’t be a smartass.” you cross your arms. 
there’s just so many things to like about you, even when you’re complaining. shirabu looks back to his page, yet unlearned, deliberately ignoring you when he hears you sigh. 
“do you want something to eat? i’m starving.”
he wants to refuse at first. he hasn’t spent a single second being productive (unless he calls sneaking glances at you productive) and that should be enough motivation to continue. but he nods, the grin on your face making him smile in return. his blood pressure is always erratic around you, but his heart skips a beat altogether when you smile. the thing is, shirabu understands that hard work leads to results. when it comes to love, none of that makes sense anymore. what the hell is he supposed to do? confess? ask you out? he says he’s not afraid of rejection but he’d rather die than give up this little bubble of proximity the two of you share. he wants to yell out in frustration every time a thought of you crosses his mind.
“on second thought,” you say, turning around suddenly. “do you want to take a walk? a short break.”
“that’s a bit...”
“i know, i know, but consider it part of our study date!”
shirabu coughs, clearing his throat.
“this is a date?”
“if you want it to be.”
he blinks, feeling heat rise on his face. “it’s- yeah. yes. that would be nice.”
he blurts out the answer before he can think it through. this must be what it’s like to be an idiot. 
you smile incredulously. “it took you seven years to admit you like me!”
“it... did not.”
“...why are you lying?”
there’s a pause.
“hey, will i get a boyfriend pass to medical checkups after you become a doctor?”
Tumblr media
thank you for requesting, sunflower!! 🌻💞
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dearestannabel · 15 hours ago
For Gods and Gold: Excerpt #1
An excerpt from my f/f high fantasy WIP, For Gods and Gold. Here are the beginnings of my main couple.
‘There are lights burning in the house, a fireplace in the hall, candles aglow in their dark holders; the rooms awaiting anxiously the return of their older mistress. The women go through the quiet ground floor, the now-dormant realm of clerks. Upstairs, someone quick and silent as a shadow relieves Letitia of her heavy cloak, baring the narrowness of her shoulders. Standing in the pool of firelight, she unpins her hood and takes her mask off. For some reason, Aletta is almost relieved to see that bare face - soft, tired, flushed from the chill of winter evening.
Spring evening, now.
What, were you also afraid to find some ghostly creature of the Otherworld behind that mask? Aletta's inner voice asks sardonically. Someone who would lure you into her candlelit cottage, and drink your life away, and fade along with her house at the first light of morning?
Who knows? Things have always happened during the four feasts, the four holidays of the year, that marked the endless turn of seasons. These are liminal points, when the boundaries between the real and the improbable were thin as moth wings.
But not even the gods would dare calling this place a cottage. Not even Irmhild in her starlit palace. Fading these rooms into nothingness would’ve been quite a task.
Wine is brought to them, rich and dark and impossibly sweet with honey and spices. Aletta consumes it slowly, excitement beating beneath her skin.
She sees the marks where Letitia's mask has pressed into her skin; dark-pink, they look stark in the firelight.
‘I can show you some wonders’, Letitia promises, her cheeks still bright.
‘Such as?’ Aletta inclines her head in a poor imitation of coquetry. She knows nothing about the games of the genteel world – how do things pass between ladies here, in this shadowy realm behind bone-white loggias?
‘Did you like the frescoes in our dining hall?’ Letitia vander Welde stretches her hands taut on her lap – a pose of supplication, a pose of exaggerated modesty… and also a pose that allows the light to ignite the tiny pearls sewn along her sleeve, turning them into little moons.
‘They were just splendid’, Aletta answers honestly. A kind of hunger had been nipping at her since that night, the kind she often felt after reading a particularly fine translation of a southern poem to set for printing – the hunger for more, more, more of the beauty she now knew existed, when she raised her head and saw blank walls.
‘There are some lovely ornaments on my chests upstairs. Perhaps, you would like to see them?’ Letitia stretches out her hand, squeezing Aletta’s fingers with hers for a moment. The lady’s skin is warm, the heat from the wine cup having seeped into it.
So it begins. So it will happen.
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nharidy · a day ago
I am Here!! And back again for the 26th time 😄
So, heres to hoping you had a great day and week in the heat wave 😚
Also, not being able to write Smut on the holiest night? Damn, that is such a shame 😕 Like, bruh, imagine the irony (lol)
So, Ep 26 Review or Reaction, honestly I dont even know anymore, there we go :
Silene be like :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Silene's expectations :
Tumblr media
Reality :
Tumblr media
*Narrator Voice* Meanwhile :
Martin :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, Sergio screaming at his darling Silene?! Just for this once, I like you Sergio, good job.
Me when Sergio screams at Silene :
🎶 My smile is beamin', my skin is gleamin' 😈😈😈😈😈
The way it shine, I know you've seen it (you've seen it)🎶
(7 Rings by Ariana Grande)
Sergio : *being very cryptic*
Me :
Tumblr media
Martín cackles at her
From the corner of her eyes, she sees Martín pouring himself whisky, a huge grin on his face. Asshole.
Damn Martin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He gives some sick-ass burns right there. I am so happy, babe, burn that bitch-ass brat. My boy doesnt even need to say anything. As the saying goes,
Sergio sighed. “And we can now say it’s not Alberto.”
Martín chuckled
Thank God, Troubles gone
“Silene and I will look into where the car changed?”
“How do you know they changed cars?” She asks.
“Everyone does, grow up.”
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Martin, the Lord of Sass and Gays 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Since someone, looking at you Nada, likes to make him suffer, I'll keep giving him my love.
“Well, whatever it is. Like to chase someone, or to give them a really bad beating. Have you watched my videos? They are on youtube, I’m really good at it. I could send you the links on WhatsApp.”
Accesible Resume, ladies and gentlemen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 why need a CV when you have links on youtube 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Like, someone would be like what's your speciality? And BOOM, you just send them the links, no fuss, analyse at your own pace anytime, anywhere AND you see the skills, right in front of you.
Truly amazing job, Daniel. The best Resume ever, I would hire him just on this alone 😆😆😆😆😆
“Your brother had told me once that you were always an extremely smart man,” Raquel says, moving her head slightly to meet his eyes and he has a smug grin on his face, “Out of all the lies he told me in the beginning, this one is the worst.”
Poor Raquel, I think Sergio lied bout everything to her :
Your bro? : oh hes the smartest person I've ever known
His fiance? : (the devil in flesh, but if I tell her she'll leave me) *nervous laughter* oh, just a jewelery shop owner
Your stray? : poor her, 😢 abondoned by everyone she loves, betrayed by the system, poor orphan has nowhere to go *starts sobbing*
“How did you even reach that conclusion? And to kidnap my daughter based on it?”
Raquel, for fuck sake, Stop. Blaming. Andres.
You think hes gonna keep your fam like this? Hancuffed, hungry and thirsty? That too in his Armani? Come on, honey, be reasonable.
“Frame your brother for what? Are you actually serious? Your evidence is my sister who ran to my abusive husband the moment I left him? And Silene? Silene who thinks the entire universe is after her and Sergio?”
I mean, she has some excellent points, Andres, I told you, right from the beginning, okay, dont FUCKING trust Silene.
Raquel sighed loudly, “I wasn’t trying to frame your brother, I was trying to get him out of the things he had actually done, you idiot. I’m not the one after him. The things you’ve found, this is Sergio, not anyone trying to frame him.”
Poor her (again 🤣) She just wanted to help her hubby and now eveyones onto her 😕
Also, hang on.....
Is Sergio hiding things from Andres?! 😱😱😱
And that motherfucker has the guts to blame Andres and Martin for keeping secrets???? 😡😡😡😡😡😡 Fuck off, Sergio, GET OUTTA MY FACE, YOU WHORE 😡😡😡😡
What the fuck is wrong with this family?
Oh Honey 😞 YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA.
"We need a plan.”
“I agree,” Andrés said solemnly.
“We know they are not willing to have us die. The food and water, those are just torture methods, but the end goal isn’t death. They gauzed your head,” Andrés nodded, “and healed Anibal,”
Everyone nodded at her. “If we pretend that one of us is seriously hurt, someone will come in.”
“And then we start our plan.”
Andrés laughed, “Now we’re talking.”
“We’ll seize control,” Andrés grins. Too dramatic, but Raquel doesn’t correct the accuracy. Their eyes meet and she nods at him.
Now, we are talking folks!! The duo we didnt know we needed!! Nada, this duo will make Cap and Black Widow cry. THE MOST ICONIC BADASS IN-LAWS DUO IS HERE.
(Although, Sergio-Martin duo is just as iconic but its based on hate, while Raquel-Andres duo is based on (reluctant) respect)
Goodbye 🙋‍♀️ and Goodnight
PS : Can I know what course you are doing or did in university?
Welcome back! Thank you, Kal! It'll apparently break tomorrow. Will go down to 36, which is terrible but better than 43 or so.
It is a shame, I hoped I'd be able to afahs but as it turns out, it somehow got itself impossible. A higher power really intervened.
PERFECT. The gifs really carry the spirit. This is literally what happened.
She does get some reprimanding, but there's honestly nothing Silene could do to make her fall entirely out his favor. His first child, you might say.
HAHAHA he will, just you wait.
He just needs to stand there and laugh and Silene would want to kill him afbahss.
Again, I'm innocent. But yes, give him your love, he needs it.
I would too. Daniel is iconic!
This is hilarious. A literal depection of their first meeting. I mean, he's *technically* not wrong.
Oh she doesn't think he's the current kidnapper, but at one point he did literally snatch her daughter out of Silene's bedroom.
Silene wasn't even malicious lmfao she was just paranoid.
Again, pretty much everyone is keeping Secrets for no reason at all.
Yeah Raquel don't open that door.
YES. Raquel and Andrés are a pretty great duo. They are the better ones. Martín and Sergio don't get anything done because they waste the entire time glaring evily at each other.
Good night! Hope you're having a great sleep.
Sure! I'm studying (English) Literature and Lingustics. Last semester.
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thiswasinevitableid · a day ago
13 fury and 29 leviathan, Ot4, nsfw, please!
I decided to split these up, so here’s Leviathan, and fury will be a separate fill! Indrid’s design is based on an oarfish, Duck on a grouper, Barclay on a whale shark, and Stern is a black and white snapper.
There are times Joseph wishes he was just a brain floating in seashell, not a mer with a body that needs things like food, sleep, and sex. The migration of the Leviathans is one such time.
Every five years, the larger creatures of the Marianas Trench travel upwards, for reasons that remain mysterious to even the deep sea mers. Five years ago, Joseph was ill. Five years before, his job was such that he was unable to take the few days needed to visit the migration sight and record his findings. Now that his chance has come, he’s not letting anything, be it the possibility of losing a limb if he gets too close to the giants or the sparse fishing near his camp stop him.
And he’s certainly not letting his heat stop him.
 He’s chosen the optimal observation point, so when another mer swims into the view, he prays they won’t chase him off or make noise.
“Oh, apologies, I was not anticipating this timeline.” The merman is angular around the face, his tan body bookended with silver; his moonlight colored hair occasionally falls across glowing, red eyes, and his tail is longer than average, elegantly metallic and fanned with red. He strikes Joseph as formidable, so it’s a good thing that he seems friendly.
The new mer cocks his head, “You’re here to observe the migration.”
“I am. Um, are you?” It could be fun to have a fellow rare creature’s enthusiast to keep him company.
“No. I come here to draw, but I’m happy to share the space with you.”
“Thank you.”
They make small talk, during which the other mer introduces himself as Indrid, a seer for hire, and informs Joseph that the migration will start in the next ten minutes.
While his brain focuses on the task ahead, his heat creeps through his body. It’s not too bad, but he knows it will only get more intense as the day moves one. It’s mostly agitation right now, not the aches and tunnel vision that will come for him over the next three days. He’s not sure if he’s releasing any sort of scent signals, because the last thing he needs while trying to record the leviathans is someone pestering him.
Indrid looks up from his drawing, sets it carefully on a stone and swims a circle around Joseph, “Ah, I was not imagining things. You are giving off heat pheromones. And I thought I was prone to unlucky timing.”
“It’s not like I did it on purpose.” Joseph grumbles.
“Of course not. I, ah, do not mean to worry you, but there are many futures where your research is interrupted by hopeful suitors.”
“Damn it.”
“If it would help, I could stay close and pretend to be your mate. You, ah, you would not need to actually be such, though I am not opposed to such things once you are done with your day.” His ears flick once, “the point is, my help is not contingent on sex.”
“That…that would be very helpful, thank you.” Indrid seems genuinely eager to help him, which set fondness squirming up his spine.
Indrid retrieves his supplies, curls the end of his tail around the black and white of Joseph’s own, and murmurs, “The first one should appear in under twenty-seconds.”
He’s right on the money, Joseph stifling a gasp of delight as the massive, bone-white body of a Ningen emerges. It’s pace is alarming fast for something so large.
Next is a creature he’s never so much as read of; serpentine and bioluminescent, with light lures fanned out across it’s forehead.
Movement to his left, another mer emerging from the nearby rocks with their eyes on him. Indrid waits a beat, then whips his head around to hiss at the newcomer, frilling his ears out as he does. They turn tail instantly.
“They didn’t even argue.” He’s impressed.
“I have a bit of a, ah, a reputation. It’s unearned, mind you, but sometimes it comes in handy.”
Joseph nods, turns his attention back to the trench just in time to see a Kraken fleeing from a pair of massive sharks.
He continues his observation with no interruptions, Indrid’s presence enough to deter the few mers who come to investigate him. His new acquaintance offers additional benefits; the physical contact soothes his heat to a degree, especially when pretends that this is all a prelude to that lovely tail wrapping around him while Indrid sinks his teeth into his shoulders.
Better still, during a lull in conversation he glances over to find Indrid has captured the leviathans on paper.
“It seemed to me your notes could use illustrations.” He says a moment before Joseph can ask.
“That’s, Indrid those are incredible, you didn’t need to set your own projects aside-“
“This is more fun than drawing the futures. And more rewarding.” He smiles at Joseph’s excitement.
It’s going on hour seven of observation that his body betrays him; his heat seeps into every nerve, his body twitching and squirming in it’s desire to swim off and get off as soon as possible.
“I foresee the migration lasting three more days. If you need to be done for the day, I do not think it will damage your research.”
“However” Indrid says casually, “if you want to stay longer but are struggling to, I can always tell you that good mates can last a few hours more.”
“Shit” The part of his tail concealing his dick pulses, “Indrid, how did you know-“
“Foresight.” Indrid taps his temple, grinning wider.
“I, I think I can call it a night.” He repacks his observation kit, Indrid’s tail holding his all the while. Then he whirls, kissing him as the other mer lets out a muffled laugh.
“My, it must have gotten intense.” Indrid strokes his cheek, roving his eyes up and down his body.
“Very. I, I’m sorry, I’m not very good at spontaneity during my heats, so this might be awkward.” He tries to pet Indrid’s tail, only for his wrists to be caught in a strong hold.
“What do you usually do?”
“I, um, I pick out potential partners ahead of time. And if there aren’t any I’m interested in, I just hole up on my own until it’s over. Besides, it’s not just about who I want; what I want can be a bit of a surprise for most mers.”
Indrid leans close, purrs in his ear, “Am I right that you would call yourself, ah, needy pet?”
“Answer me.” There’s an edge to his lilt.
“Yes, I would, Indrid please-“
“Hush.” The mer begins swimming them towards the houses on the cliffs, “I have just the thing. You need all the attention you can get, more than I can give without passing out, but there is an easy solution.” He turns the conversation away from sex, asking Joseph about his work until they reach the entrance to a home in the rocks, the front of it sporting an impressive garden.
“’Drid, that you?” A voice calls as they swim down the hallway.
“Yes, my love. And I brought a guest.” They round the corner into a large kitchen. Seated at the table is a merman with short, dark hair, and a mottled green and brown fin. He sets the model ship he’s working on into a carved box, then propels himself with obvious, easy strength to capture Indrid in a kiss. It’s only when Indrid nudges him to turn his head that he sees Joseph.
“Oh, uh, name’s Duck, welcome to our place.” He holds out a hand, smile crooked and soft, the evening light falling around the curves of his body in a way that makes it impossible for Joseph to look anywhere else.
“It’s lovely.” He takes Duck’s hand, shaking it as Indrid explains how they met. Duck takes a polite interest in it, adding that he’s done restoration work on the scant plant life near the edge of the trench.
“Now, what I wanna know is if you invited him for the reason I think you did.” Duck sends a pointed look at Josephs tail, where silver and blue are starting to pulse in place of his usual colors.
“Yes. Assuming everyone is amenable to the idea. Speaking of which, where is, ah, nevermind, here he comes.”
“Hey Indrid, should I start dinner? Heard you say something about a guest—oh holy fuck.”
Joseph clamps his hands over his mouth to stifle the excited moan that tries to leap out.
“You two know each other?” Duck looks between them, then smirks, “hold on. Barclay, is this fella mr. tall, dark, and handsome you keep swoonin over?”
“I, uh, I” Barclay seems to be trying to hide behind his grey and black-speckled tail, “I didn’t know this is where you were going. When you said vacation I assumed, like, you’d go somewhere fancy. Not just a few miles out from the city.”
“If the guy behind me hadn’t been in such a rush to get his lunch, I could have told you more.” He swims forward, heat ebbing in the face of discovering where the mer he’s had a crush on for months lives (and that Indrid has managed to secure two of the most attractive mermen in the world as partners).
Before he can reach Barclay, he jerks to a stop. Duck has hold of the end of his tail, though from the sharp-toothed grin this tableau was Indrid’s idea.
“Am I correct” Indrid swims lazy circles around the other three, “that we are all in agreement that the best way for Joseph to manage his heat is for us to take turns helping him relieve the tension?”
“Uh huh.”
“Yes, now for gods sake let’s get to it.” He tries swimming forward, discovers Duck is even stronger than he looks, and lets out a frustrated, horny whine. Duck makes a sympathetic noise, rubbing his tail soothingly. Barclay decides to close the distance himself, only to freeze at Indrid’s voice.
“I believe you said something about dinner, dear one.”
“But-“ Barclay’s brown eyes send a pleading look at between Joseph and Indrid.
“You’ll get your turn, or several if the timelines are correct, but it won’t do for all of us to get caught up in the heat of the moment and forget to eat. Or for Joseph to burn through a great deal of energy and not replenish it. Besides, he clearly likes your cooking. You have a chance to show off.”
Barclay chuckles, “You’re a menace, sir.”
“You love me for it.”
“I do.” Barclay kisses Indrid as he drifts by, gives one more appreciative, longing look at Joseph, and turns back to the counter. Joseph’s back hits the table a split-second later, Indrid’s face and frilled-out ears filling his vision.
“Now, be a good little pet and let me fuck you.” Ink-smudged fingers expertly stroke his scales as his tail curves around him, trapping them together. The pressure of his touch and the sting of his teeth as they graze his collarbone make Joseph buck in his hold.
“IndridpleaseOHshit, shit” a cock slides into him, “that, that was fast.”
“I have been swimming in your desire for hours. It was only because you were so very engrossed in your work that I ohnnnn, I did not ask to do this sooner.” Indrid nibbles his ear, his tail rippling with effort as he fucks deeper, “you just seemed so happy.”
Joseph moans, wrapping his arms around Indrids shoulders, “That’s one of the most considerate things anyone’s done for me in months.”
“You deserve it, pet, just as much as you deserve to be fucked so much you’re too full to swim.”
“No, ahnnfuck, no wonder Barclay looks so content on Monday mornings, if this is how you treat your mates.”
Indrid trills, blushes, and then hides the fact by sinking his teeth into Joseph’s shoulder. The pain lights him up from tail-tip to the top of his head and he buries a kiss in Indrid’s neck. The tendrils of his cock, already wound around Indrid’s shaft, tighten as the other mer kisses along the bite mark.
“That’s it pet, go ahead and cum, you’ve been so patient, held out so long, you’ll feel so much better if you do.”
The fact that it’s the act of receiving permission that tips him over the edge is probably something to bring up with his therapist, but he’s not thinking about that now. Right now, his world is nothing more than blinding pleasure and his body screaming with relief that he’s finally getting off.
Indrid stays still as he rides it out, trilling softly as he kisses his cheeks. He waits until Joseph meets his eyes and nods before he begins rolling his hips, tail coiling and relaxing in time with his efforts.
“There we are, you can take a break pet, lay here and let me-AHhhnn” His measured thrusts morph into sharp jerks. Joseph’s cock perks up as knuckles graze it, and Duck’s chin rests on Indrid’s shoulder.
“Sorry, you know watchin you play all high and mighty turns me on. Especially when you’re fuckin such a handsome piece of tail.” Duck fingers open the lower part of the slit from which Indrid’s cock emerged.
“No complaAAIInts here” Indrid’s movements turn wilder by the moment and he cranes his neck backwards in search of kisses. Joseph would sit up so he and Duck could lavish him with them from both sides, but his muscles aren’t quite up to that yet.
There are two, high trills, one after the other as Duck bites the tip of Indrid’s ear and then the base of his neck. Indrid thrusts as deep as he can, cumming with satisfied chirps and moans as Duck sucks a bruise into his neck.
As Indrid pulls out, he rubs at the scales around Joseph’s cock in a way he’s never seen before, one that makes everything close up the instant his cock is all the way free. He raises an eyebrow, intrigued.
“It’s courteous to hold onto what a mate gives you” Indrid leans closer, adding, “I also suspect Barclay will enjoy it.”
Indrid helps Joseph sit up, clearly intending to guide him over to service Duck, but Joseph is miles ahead of him, darting out to wrap his arms around his middle and kiss his way from his chest to his belly.
“Y;know, Barclay made it sound like you were real reserved, shy even. Know heats can make folks a little wild, but this seems like a stretch.”
“It’s, it’s not the heat. It’s you. It’s this” He presses another kiss to his belly slides his hands down to grope his upper tail, “you’re, well, let’s just say I think Indrid has incredible taste. Your whole body is divine, Duck” he nips the sensitive band where scales give way to skin, “if someone told me you swam straight out of Poseidon’s Court, I’d believe them.”
“Fuck, are you always like this?” Duck looks at Barclay, who’s holding a spoon so tight it’s cracking.
“Nope.” The cooks voice is creeping higher as he watches Joseph lick and kiss at Duck’s tail.
Duck stills him with a hand in his hair, keeping his eyes on Barclay, “Do you, uh wanna switch? I can keep an eye on whatever you’re makin so you don’t gotta wait longer.”
“No, I, I wanna be good. I can be patient. But, uh, thanks.”
“Suit yourself. Alright handsome, you can keep goinnnnfuck, ohfuckyeah that’s good.” Duck cups the back of his head, urging him on. Joseph understands why Indrid wasn’t thrown by his unconventional cock; Duck’s is the same, multiple short, hyper-sensitive tendrils emerging from a slit instead of a shaft.
To his delight Duck is vocal, moaning and groaning as he tells him how well he’s doing, how perfect he looks with a cock in his mouth.
“Oughta, oughta make you suck ‘Drid and Barclay at the same time, be so fuckin hot, think I could cum without even touchin myself ohfuck, yeah, do that again.”
The tendrils tickle when they glide over his tongue, harden when he curls his lips around a few and sucks.
“Enjoying yourself my love?”
“You know it, darling. Fuck, Joe, where the fuck did you learn to suck dick like this?”
He pulls back, winks, “Maybe if you take me out to dinner, I’ll tell you the whole sordid tale.”
“You got a date” Duck dips down to kiss him, then shoves him back into place, grinding his hips harder before cumming with a half-laugh, half-moan. He’s still shaking when he guides Joseph so they’re face to face and kisses him, whispering, “Thanks for that, handsome.”
He doesn’t have time to note that no one’s ever thanked him for blowing them before there’s a thunk of bowls on the nearby table.
“Dinner’s ready.” Barclays cock is visibly throbbing under his scales, but he lets Indrid lead him to a chair, set a bowl next to him, and whisper in his ear with a mischievous grin. The cook nods, and then Indrid is waving Joseph over.
“You really should eat, you barely had any lunch, but Barclay’s been patient. I recommend multitasking.” Indrid pecks their cheeks one after the other, then goes to sit in Duck’s lap.
Joseph lowers himself and rubs their tails together, “Dinner smells delicious.”
“It’s not the only thing.” Barclay rumbles, then shakes his head, “sorry, I’m super-responsive to other mers heats, we, we can just have dinner if you want, you don’t have to-“
“Barclay, you’ve been on my mind for months. I want to.” His tendrils don’t coax so much as demand Barclay’s cock enter him and they moan in tandem as Joseph settles into place.
“Here” Barclay holds up a piece of fresh crab and Joseph eats it from between his fingers. It’s perfect, just like every meal Barclay’s ever made him. He “mmmms” and opens his mouth for another, this time biting Barclays finger before taking it.
“Tall, dark, and handsome, huh?”
The cook blushes, “Yeah. You, gods you’re always so put-together, I’d say this was a dream come true by my brain can only fantasize about you, like, calling me up to your office and sucking you off. Never thought I’d see you heat-crazed and getting fucked by my boyfriend and one of my best friends. Also, it’s so fucking hot” he gives his first sharp thrust up, “to fuck Indrid’s cum back into you.”
“I told you so.” Indrid murmurs from behind them.
Joseph rocks his hips, kissing Barclay’s cheeks and stroking his beard, “Seeing you is the best part of my day; I, um, I even redid my budget so I could come get lunch more often. I almost asked if you wanted to help me with my heat but I, I was worried it’d be overstepping.”
“Nah. Not for my favorite customer.” Barclay kisses his nose.
“Does AHnnnshit,” Barclay’s cock is thick enough to catch all the tendrils, “does this mean I get a discount now?”
“Of course, ten percent off for every blowjob.”
“I’ll be eating for free in no time. Possibly the end, ohfuckyes, of this heat.” He stops, tries to correct, “that’s, um, that’s if you want to see me again after tonight.”
Barclay nuzzles his neck, “I do. Gonna take a wild guess and say those two do too. And in case you think I’m kidding…”
Joseph cums as Barclay bites the opposite shoulder from where Indrid’s mark is still red, the other mer growling as he pumps his hips up into him again and again, refusing to let go until his cum mixes with Indrid’s and Joseph’s shoulder sports a deep purple bruise.
“Holy shit.” Joseph collapses against his chest.
“Better, babe?” Barclay kisses the top of his head.
He looks over his shoulder at where Duck and Indrid are trading increasingly heated kisses.
“Yes, but I’m just getting started…”
Joseph wakes up in an empty bed, his last memory of Duck fucking him while he jacked Indrid and Barclay off, one in each hand.
Maybe they all have work? Maybe they’re hoping he’ll take a hint and leave…
“Mornin Joe” Duck floats in the bedroom doorway, “Barclay asked me to come get you. He’s almost finished packin breakfast up.”
“Oh,for, um, for me to take on the road?”
Duck shakes his head, “for all four of us; ‘Drid showed us drawins from yesterday and we decided we’d like to join you. If, uh, if that’s okay?”
Joseph swims over to take his hand, “it’s perfect.”
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vantaenims · a day ago
warm on a cold night | jimin
pairing: jimin x reader
genre: roommates au | fluff
word count: 1.4k
warning/s: alcohol consumption and making out.
summary: You’ve come to learn that there is a far better option than beers and blankets to keep you warm on a cold night.
Part of BTSGhostieMarathon (AU #4)
all rights reserved © vantaenims - do not repost, translate, or claim as your own.
a/n: Try to listen to Warm On A Cold Night by Honne as you read this.
It’s 3:17 a.m. and you can’t go back to sleep, blaming it on the heavy snowfall that caused the power outage in the whole complex, voiding you for any source of heat now that your heater’s no use. On the other side of the room, you see Jimin still wide awake as the night owl he is and you figured that it’s probably best to join him on his bed to share body heat rather than dying of hypothermia.
And that’s how you currently find yourselves wrapped under your joined comforters, sitting side by side with a can of beer on each other’s hand as you mindlessly talk about anything that comes up to your mind and you think, given the time and the alcohol in your system, it’s inevitable for your conversations to turn senseless and foolish.
“What does it feel like to be kissed?”
Jimin widened his eyes in surprise as he turned to look at you, “You’ve never been kissed before?”
“Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” you scrunch your face in disgust as you sip from your beer, never liking it’s taste in the first place but Jimin suggested that it helps in making you feel warm, reason why you’re willing to bear it’s taste for this reason alone.
“It’s just surprising is all.”
“Okay then tell me” you said, adjusting yourself to sit in front of him.
Jimin shrugged, “It feels good.”
“Oh come on, I’m sure a kiss isn’t just good”, you rolled your eyes.
“And how could you be so sure about that?” Jimin raised his brows in a teasing manner as he inched his face closer to you, prompting you to push his forehead away with your fingers, making him laugh.
“Well, based on the novels I’ve read, a kiss feels surreal. You know how they say that as soon as your lips touch, your mind immediately goes blank like nothing else seems to matter and then from there, you feel the fireworks or the butterflies going crazy in your stomach.”
“Then there you have it”
“But is that really how it feels?” you tilted your head to the side as you knit your brows together.
“Yeah? I mean, it all comes down to who you’re kissing with to feel those kinds of things you just said.” Jimin said as he tucked in a few strands of hair that managed to fall on your face behind your ears.
“But from your experience, how would you put it on your own words?”
Jimin squeezed his eyes shut, smiling as he ran his fingers through his hair at how persistent you were being though he could tell, just from your facial expressions itself that you are actually curious to begin with and that you’re not just trying to annoy him on purpose but you’re making it hard for him to be patient with you when you’re acting like a five year old with so many questions.
“Look, I’m not particularly good at words, okay?”
“So that’s all you have to say? That a kiss feels good?”, you scoffed, ticking Jimin off, “You make it sound so disappointing when you say it like that.”
Jimin sighed out of frustration, “Would you mind if I just kiss you?”
Well, that seemed to shut you up; on the contrary, you don’t look too surprised as Jimin expects you to be, more so when you’re looking up at the ceiling as if you’re actually trying to consider his offer he deems to be too forward now that he realized it but before Jimin could even speak up to take it back, you beat him to it.
“What?” Jimin blinked.
“Kiss me” you said it so casually like it’s no big deal for you.
“Wait, are you sure?”, Jimin tried to reason out, “It’s your first kiss.”
“I mean, come to think of it, I’d rather entrust my first kiss to you than any other guys i know” you shrugged as you took a big gulp of your beer before getting Jimin’s can and yours to set it on his bedside table.
“Oh” was all Jimin could say but his smile grew wider once your words clicked into his mind, “Is that so?”
“Don’t get so smug about it. It’s just going to be a three second kiss” you try to downplay it a little but it seems like Jimin’s too far up into his own ass to act otherwise.
“Isn’t that too short?” Jimin quipped but you stopped him from getting any ideas as you held up three fingers.
“Three seconds.”
Jimin nodded, scooting closer until your knees touched and he turned to look up at you, smiling to himself to see that you have already closed your eyes. All he has to do now is to lean in and kiss you but he didn’t do that, choosing to admire you first.
His eyes fell on your closed ones, specifically to your long eyelashes he could adore all day with the way how it perfectly kisses your cheeks, your flushed cheeks rather now that he noticed it and he’s curious to know what caused it, could it be the cold? the alcohol? perhaps the anticipation? But as much as Jimin wants to take his time, he finally let his eyes trail down towards your lips he never imagined he’d get to kiss one day.
“What’s taking you so long?”, you peeked with your one eye open, “If i didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re more nervous than me.”
Indeed, he is.
Jimin chuckled as he held your chin in between his thumb and index finger, wetting his lips as he eyed your own.
“I’ll kiss you now” he warned.
You sucked in your breath as soon as he pulled your face closer and felt his lips on yours. Your mind went blank that you weren’t able to kiss him back but before you could, Jimin had already pulled away, prompting you to open your eyes in disappointment – it wasn’t surreal!
“That’s it?” you said unamused.
Jimin broke out in a laugh as he shyly covered his face with his hands, bending forward in the process until his forehead eventually landed on your shoulder and you can’t help but giggle at his action.
“I told you it was too short, didn’t i?” Jimin defended.
“Fine. Six seconds then” you smiled, closing your eyes right away.
“Okay” was all Jimin could say as he cupped your face, caressing your cheek with his thumb but he was quick to replace it with his lips, planting a sweet kiss just right there then he moved down to the corner of your mouth, letting it linger there for a while until he moved to hover his lips right above yours just to tease you.
“Jimin…” you whined as you clutch the collar of his sweater in your hand, causing your lips to brush against his very lightly.
“Patience, my dear” Jimin smiled, eyes fluttering shut as soon his lips touched yours.
Instinctively, his hand moved towards your nape to reel you in closer as he proceeded to slowly take your lower lip between his before switching to your upper lip, softly pressing it ever so gently and lovely with his plush lips that had you melting into him but Jimin once again broke the kiss before you want him to and god, was it still too short.
“More” you whispered as you rested your forehead against his with your eyes still closed, lips still tingling from the kiss.
“Hmm?” Jimin hummed, watching you open your half lidded eyes as you dazedly look at his eyes then down to his lips.
“Kiss me more.”
Your hands bunched up around the comforter, tugging him forward to pull him in for another kiss. With haste, you tried to mimic the way Jimin kissed you earlier but you’re evidently inexperienced, making the kiss quite sloppy and messy with the way your saliva is all over Jimin’s chin.
“Allow me” Jimin giggled as he took control, giving you that once again head spinning kiss but he threw you off this time, opening your eyes in shock when you felt his tongue swiping over your lower lip and as soon as you parted your lips open, you knew you were done for.
Eventually, Jimin wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you onto his lap whilst still kissing you fervently and it just feels so addicting that it leaves you craving for more but you knew you can’t just give in, not when your friendship’s in the line.
“We should–”, you paused, panting for breath, “stop if we still want to be friends.”
“Do you want to be just friends?” Jimin asked as he softly nuzzled his nose against your neck but you didn't speak up and he had to look up at you to see that you were shaking your head no, “Good, because neither do i.”
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sporadic2bme · a day ago
Social Media Jail
So I decided to write this out in a post on here cause it’s really just some fuckery. I have been in Facebook jail for a total of 10 days of the last 2 weeks.
Why you may ask? Jill, what the hell did you do?
Well, this last time I used White as an adjective to describe some dumb bitches.
Yeah and as a White Bitch myself. I was flagged cause I referred to some other white women as bitches.
In the past year, this has happened 4 times. So let me explain these and why I think they are stupid.
Tumblr media
Actually, this isn’t the 1st time I have flagged for this. Last October I reference something as White Trash and was block for an hour. As someone who gets consider white trash based on where I live and how I talk I was perplexed by it. Apparently, I should be using emojis to get around these.
However, it keeps happening for dumb stuff. Let me show you a couple of screenshots from the past 2 months of things that have gotten me in Facebook jail.
Tumblr media
This one got me in Jail for 24 hrs. So I’m in a group where we all pretend to be neighbors and just talk shit to each other and say awful things about made-up people. I was flagged for this because I referred to Men as Rodents and not the fact I was telling someone about the Meat Grinder in the woods.
Tumblr media
This one got me in Jail for 3 days. It was also on a post in the same group and Cynthia is not a real person. I get this one in a way but I also wonder if I referred to myself as a Dirty Slut would it get flagged too?
Tumblr media
Now this one was a whole week of Jail. I posted a video of 2 white women making a spaghetti buffet. Actually, in the post I put these Dumb White Bitches are giving the rest of us a bad name. The noodles look super dry and they didn’t even heat up the sauce. It’s a fucking waste. However, it was this comment to my friend that got me flagged when they asked who doesn’t spice up their sauce, to which as you can see I replied these White Bitches.
So what you are saying is I can call them dumb white bitches but not white bitches cause that’s considered hate speech and bullying? What sense does that make? Sir, I myself am a white bitch. I know it’s a weird landscape these days with everything. However, this should not be the biggest concern this platform has. I have seen people call other awful names and wish death on them. I mean shocking shit that has made me unfriend people for saying nasty things about protesters and Trans people. This was also the platform that let our last president broadcast his hate speech all over it. The same one who has let people go live and shoot other people and watch people beat the shit out of each other. However, most of it gets missed unless people report it.
Listen, I get why things are flagged but the scope of what is flagged needs to be changed a little. Actually, maybe this is why they are so sensitive. Honestly, If anything the meat grinder in the woods should have gotten the police to my house even if it was a joke. Actually, Instagram is way better than Facebook in that if you are about to post a caption that may get you flagged or contains something that has been flagged they pop up a message saying hey you may want to change this. However, I have also seen some people on there get a timeout for kind of the same things but just not given a reason such as these.
I’m just venting that’s what this blog is for sometimes. So tonight when I get out of jail I’m just gonna stop even saying things. I’m gonna manage the pages I have and posted my random makeup looks, tik tok videos, and songs I like since I can’t say certain things. Which is ok I get it but I got shit to do and don’t have time for this petty shit.
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waywardimpalawriter · a day ago
His boulevard of broke dreams
Tumblr media
His boulevard of broken dreams
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Lisa Braeden, Dean Winchester x Female Reader
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Lisa Braeden, Ben Braeden
Setting: A few days before Dean’s attacked by the Djinn
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, feelings,  
Word count: 2,979 (with lyrics)
Summary: Just a simple watch and report, till the man under surveillance reminds you who taught you everything you know.  
Notes: Sequel to “Her” also written for #decadeundertheinfluencechallenge the song I choose is Boulevard of Broken dreams by Green Day. “My shadow’s the only one that walk’s beside me. My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating.”
Tag list is open for all fandoms I write for
Dean list: @akshi8278​
His boulevard of broken dreams tag list: @cockslut-padalecki​  
Body shivering from the cold penetrating the cab of your truck dragging the thin crochet blanket tighter around your shaking frame and cursing the day of Sam Winchester’s birth. Searching for the reason you’re parked three blocks down hidden behind an old shed weary eyes searching for any suspicious active. Still wondering why you said yes in the first place. But then the reason rounds the corner and you duck down out of sight. Beat up old truck passed by as you raise neck turned to watch it disappear into the drive. A deep sigh leaving while teeth chatter and rubbing your arms to stay warm. Would’ve used the heat but a running truck gave way that someones sitting, watching.
Thankful you’ve had years of stakeout experience and know all of Dean’s habits. Though you’ve counted a few knew ones since last being in his present. Head shaking those thoughts from your mind especially when you’re there simply as a watch and report. Memories skating back to get three days ago when Sam and Bobby dropped the bomb on your ass.
“We need eyes on him, watching his movements and those around just in case,” golden flecked green eyes stare right through you. Tipping his shaggy brown head to the side Sam gives you a half smile that doesn’t reach those once warm eyes .
Shrugging, “I don’t get why I gotta do this? Why not just bring Dean back into the hunt? Why are you leaving him in the dark about being alive?” Only finding out yourself four weeks ago that Sam Winchester came back from the Pit alive and relatively well. Course you hadn’t believed your eyes at first, flinging a silver dagger at his head which he ducked blade imbedded into the spot his head once resided. Holy water splashed in his face after recovering from almost being shish ka-bobbed.
“Because,” running a hand through that just brushing the collar length brown hair eyes still firmly fixed on you. “He deserves that life Y/N to have peace for once and not worry about what monsters lurk around the next corner.”
“Pff like Dean would ever relax into an apple pie life style Sam. Knowing him there’s salt at every window, devil’s trap under each entryway point. Sawed off shotgun under the bed with holy water and salt right besides.” Your own eyes boring into his not believing his reasons for a second. Seeing one too many differences in the youngest Winchester since his return from death. “You can’t tell me a man like Dean Winchester would consciously not prepare for anything to come knocking at his door. Even if he’s given that life up it doesn’t just fade away, I know.”
Shrugging though there’s a twist to the look he’s giving you almost like he doesn’t truly care what happens to Dean. It’s there then gone making you wonder if you’re seeing things.
Different voice fills in this time,“That maybe so but he’s still entitled to that life. Just as we have to watch his backside to make sure that life stays intact.” Stepping forward to rest a hand on your shoulder, Bobby’s gravelly voice softens a touch know your feelings. Having put you back together after leaving Dean at Lisa’s almost a year ago.“I know this won’t be easy on you kid and I’d do it myself but I gotta get back up to Sioux Falls. Been away too long as is and Jodi already called half a dozen along with every half wit hunter in the area,” giving you a half smile and a pat on the shoulder. Having a soft spot much like the one he harbors for the boys but doesn’t tell them.
“Piece of cake,” brushing the concern off but deep down thankful for Bobby’s reassuring words. “He’ll never see me and I’ll only make sure no bad guys see him.”  
I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me, and I walk alone
I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one, and I walk alone
“So much for this being a piece of cake,” huffing out the words grabbing for the second blanket and thermos filled with coffee. “Hmm cake that’s what I could use right now and a fucking bacon cheeseburger too.”
Passenger side door opening you reach for the 9 mm beside you, aiming it at the familiar brown head of Dean Winchester holding up a grease stained paper bag. “I come in peace and really don’t want to leave pieces plus I bring a peace offering up to the goddess,” soothing laughter edged voice comes from just outside the truck cab.
Thought you’d know that voice even in a crowded party with music thumping bass shaking the very roof shingles. “The fuck you doing Winchester I could’ve blown your head off.”
“Promise?” Wiggling his brow peeking in with that sinful signature smirk tugging at one corner of those plush lips. “Wanna lower that piece before you actually accidentally shoot me Dirty Harry?”
Tossing a balled up napkin at his head amazed at how quickly the same banter flows between you like old times. But it’s not old times and you’re not here to relive them. “How’d you know?”
“Sweetheart you maybe good but I’m still the best,” sliding into the bench seat of the truck, extending the greasy bag towards you. Keeping the door open a moment longer to take in your appearance, interior lighting doing shit for your complexion though to Dean you’re still beautiful as the day you walked out of his life.  
Looking from the bag to Dean, “Letting all the cold air in dumb shit close the door,” huddling into the blankets deeper in the guise of trying to keep warm when in reality your shrinking away from Dean. “What’s in the bag?”
Slamming the aged door, hinges creaking in protest, “Thought you’d like something semi warm instead of jerky and lukewarm coffee.” Trying to study your features in the dim streetlamp light. Only catching shadows and angles from his position. Question’s and there’s a lot of them swirl inside his head. Most prominent one isn’t a question but a gut wrenching admission he wouldn’t voice to anyone other than himself.
“Never answered my question Winchester,” taking the offered bag as your stomach growled in hunger. Fresh French fries scented the air upon opening the brown bag. Immediately sticking a hand in and grabbing a few to stuff into your mouth. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome growly,” chuckling marveling at how somethings never change no matter how much time passes. “You always drive the same beat up pickup sweetheart. This might not be Bear,” patting the weathered dash broad in front of him. Affectionate smile tugging at his lips turning his glaze back towards you. “But you always find a truck just like him. Something wrong with yours? Finally gave up the ghost didn’t he?”
The genuine curiosity in his tone isn’t lost on you nor is the way he’s glancing in your direction while stuffing your face. “What something hanging from my mouth?” Wiping at your chin feeling a little self conscious under the weight of his stare.
“No sweetheart it’s just,” shaking his head adjusting himself, back pressed into the door, left leg bent foot dangling and wiggling, a sure sign his nerves are raging through his veins right now. “How’ve you been?”
Swallowing, hating the fact that your once close relationship has slipped into nothing. Remembering the promise — now broken — you made the last time in his presence. Though he knew nothing about it and most likely never really thought about you much after leaving. Biting the inside of your cheek to keep from asking him to finish his first thought. You’re slow to answer, pretending to chew that last bite just a little longer to put off from answering. At a lost to what exactly to tell him. “Good…I’m good very good actually,” forcing the words out through a tightened jaw.
“Hmm,” knowing by your body posture, the constant darting of your eyes all tells him these are lies passing your lips. Part of him wants to know why? Why after almost a year with no visits did you happen to show up now? Suspicion riding him hard and demands the questions be answered. Though there’s that other side, the one he’s artfully kept carefully hidden ever since you stepped out of his life. The one telling him to pull you into his arms, hugging the very life from your body. Holding on to part of his former life one he missed if he wanted to be truthful with himself. Settling on, “Why are you here?”
“Pulling no punches I see Winchester,” bitting off his last name almost like a curse. Warmth of earlier gone with the devoured food now just a memory of greasy bag and dirty napkins. Catching the curt nod from the man himself you sit up straighter looking out over the quiet neighborhood. Carefully kept lawns and white picket fences, trash cans in hiding places and houses in the best shape the apple pie life a fantasy they’ve all talked about. But none manage to obtain till Dean, his name tasting bitter on your tongue. Unused after all those months passing like melting snowflakes. Not wanting to regain that familiarity with the man sitting opposite, eyes drilling unseen holes into the side of your head.
Flinching slightly, hating the way his last name is spit from your mouth like garbage. “You came here remember, your also the one who stayed away don’t lay that shit at my door Y/N.”
“Yes, but your,” turning, eyes flashing in anger towards him, “the one who walked away remember. You left this life, abandon Bobby and Cas… me.” Whispering the last part hoping he didn’t hear.
Scoffing, “I made a promise to Sam,” bitting the name out while trying to keep his emotions in check. “I didn’t abandon anyone if anything you ditched me with no returned calls, texts or even a fucking visit.”
Hearing the bitterness that underlay the deep cadence in his voice, your head shakes trying to hold onto your anger. To not let out why you’re here nor the fact seeing him again after a year dredges up all those old feelings both those of insecurity and yearning. “Why would I stop by when I knew this would happen? When I’d see you with Her wishing for once you had chosen…” bitting your tongue, quickly turning away. “This was a mistake, get out of my truck Winchester.”
“No,” single word leaving those plush lips and making you whip around to stare at him. Mouth gapping like a fish out of water lungs burning for oxygen. “Not till you explain why you’re here. If it’s such a hardship to come why now?” Desperately wanting you to finish the thought but too afraid the answer would break his heart.
Only two things Dean Winchester regrets in his life, letting Sam dive into the pit with Lucifer trapped inside his body and you walking out of his life. Now he walks this life alone with no one truly beside him. Yes, Lisa’s there but unlike you, she doesn’t understand the nightmares, the constant need to double and triple check the windows and doors. The need to keep her and Ben safe always in the fore front of his mind. Many nights — though he’d never admit it — he’d lay awake wondering if he made the wrong choice.            
I walk alone, I walk alone
I walk alone, I walk a-
My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
Till then I walk alone
Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, aaah-ah
Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah
Schooling your expression and turning towards him prepared to give an Oscar worthy performance not anticipating the lost expression in those whiskey fleck green eyes. Trying to keep the emotions from shaking the timber of your voice, “I’d been in the area figured I’d stop by say hi.” Swallowing harshly licking your dry lips slowly and diverting your eyes back towards the road. “Now I see it’s a mistake, you have a good life and I have mine. So kindly get the fuck out of my truck.”
“I call bullshit sweetheart,” moving closer, Dean reaches out to take the hand nearest and intertwine your fingers together. Familiar gesture doesn’t go unnoticed by you. Touch of his hand searing into your skin like a brand scorching your very soul. “There hasn’t been a mysterious case in the area for over a hundred miles. Now you gonna tell me why you’ve drove out of the way to park on my street three houses down for the last three days?” For the first time in months feeling a peace enclose him like a warm blanket on a chilly winter’s morning. He desperate to keep that warmth to keep you but there’s a little voice in the back of his mind sneering at him ‘it’s too late you’ve lost.’
Eager to pull your hand free yet reluctance stills your movement as emotions swamp your mind with memories of years ago when the two of you still hunted together. Heart pounding a triple time rhythm one yours sure Dean could hear with being so close. Eyes close in a desperate bid to reign in those feelings, to give nothing away and leave just as stoically as last time. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing you break.
“Call it what you want Winchester but it’s the truth,” yanking your hand from his to cross arms over your chest. “I don’t care if it’s not the answer you want it’ll be the only one I gave. So I ask, no demand that you get the fuck outta my truck,” last few words hissed through clinched teeth.
And just like that cold water is poured over his head dousing the feelings bubbling up. For the best, his mind screams while turning to reach for the door. “Just so you know sweetheart I never abandoned you, would never I just didn’t think I could give you the life your deserve. I choose the easy way out because even if it doesn’t work with Her at least I would leave with my heart.” Door creaking when opened, Dean stepped from the aged truck slamming it behind him. Sam’s voice in his mind admonishing him for the chick flick moment of weakness.
Each step he took away from your truck tore his heart to shreds. Inter-monologue fighting between cursing at him and knowing that it’s for the best. Pausing for a moment to look back seeing no movement he wonders and not for the first time if he’ll ever see you again. One last look and he turns away back towards his house, not home because you weren’t there and without you and Sam it didn’t feel like home.
I'm walking down the line
That divides me somewhere in my mind
On the borderline
Of the edge, and where I walk alone
Read between the lines
What's fucked up, and everything's alright
Check my vital signs
To know I'm still alive, and I walk alone
Siting in stunned silence searching for what to do if going after Dean is the best course of action or just starting up your truck to drive away is better. Either way would break your heart. Dean’s with Lisa and you’d never make him choose. Never put those kind of demands on the man you love. For a moment longer you sit in silent contemplation wanting to rage at the world, to burn it to the ground and let the remains scatter across the four winds. Head dropping against the steer wheel for a moment till movement catches your eye, someone lurking just outside the well kept community.
Eyes narrowing, scooping up the night vision goggles, a gift from a certain brown eyed FBI agent you helped out of situation a couple of months ago in Texas with a haunted painting. Scanning the area closely, finally coming to rest on a man who out of place. Soft curses falling from your lips. Reaching for the cell to pull up Sam’s number.
“Green light Sammy get your ass down here now seems we got a pest problem luring about.” Tracking the suspicious male till he sprints of at inhuman rate of speed. Pulling the goggles of to toss them beside the empty brown bah.
“Be there by night fall tomorrow Y/N. Dean make you yet?” Weariness in his tone makes you wonder just what he’s up to.
Wanting to lie though deciding against pulling a page from the Winchester play book, “Sadly but nothings leaked just hurry your ass up.” Hanging up to toss the phone into the seat next to you, settling in for a very long night of watching.    
I walk alone, I walk alone
I walk alone, I walk a-
My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
Till then I walk alone
Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, aaah-ah
Ah-ah, ah-ah
I walk alone, I walk a-
I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one, and I walk a-
My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
Till then I walk alone
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austarus · 2 days ago
Fic Masterlist (5/8/21)
Hello my lovelies, welcome to my blog and thank you for reading my content. Don’t forget to show me support by hitting that reblog button and commenting. It boosts my moral when I know my stuffs going around for others to see and enjoy. You can also find my fics in Ao3 under the same username ‘3′
Keep in mind, the further you go down the list for one character, the older the fic gets so it’s not going to be as well written out or fully developed as my newer work. Trust me I kept cringing and reprimanding myself that I could have done better.  Like I want to throw myself out a window. To be honest, I’m still learning with each time I write, I get better bit by bit. But my old stuff’s shit, I won’t lie. 
Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne):
Integrated Revelations:  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3
Sudden Cognizance (Demon Soulmate AU)
Hidden Among The Sheep (Demon Soulmate AU)
Glowing Warmth (Demon Soulmate AU)
Dating Headcanon
Right and Wrong
Irresistibly Pink
Deal With The Devil (Demon Soulmate AU)
Worth It
Goodness Gracious
Winter/Christmas Headcanon
Big Bad Man
Time and Change
Red With Passion
Darkness Within
Sweet Seduction
Green With Envy
Time Vault
Harry Wells:
Crisis of Infinite Wells:  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5
Amending Past Actions
Return of The Crisis
Primrose Path (Series on AO3)
Decisions and Impulses
Bulletproof In The Shower
Christmas Party Headcanon
Mellow Out
Hold Me Please
Couples Therapy Headcanon
Sweet Tooth (SMUT)
Coffee Maybe?
Smiley Faces and Naptime
“Rich” Imagination Headcanon   Part 1    Part 2 (SMUT)
Wedding Day
Oh, It’s On Now
Truth Be Told   Part 1    Part 2
Bite Me
Baby Headcanon
Winter/Christmas Headcanon
Good News
Trying to Propose   Part 1    Part 2
Body Heat
Height Difference
Cold Hands
Good Man
Darkest Deed
Light In Darkness
Pulse Rifle
Dark Instinct
Stolen Clothes
Hershey Kisses
Sugar Rush
Dress Up
A Distraction
Sneaking Off
HR Wells:
Scars Across Time 
The Mermaid and The Pirate Gentleman
Hidden Among The Fairy Lights:  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3
Exclusively Magical
Waking Up Papa Bear
Just An Average Day
Broken Dream
Anonymously Written
Crack Of Dawn
Color Flood (Soulmate AU)
Drink Of Choice
Christmas Party Headcanon
Dream (SMUT)
Tiny Baby
Morning Luck
My Sunshine
Broken But Loved
The Friendly Ghost
Baby Headcanon
Winter/Christmas Headcanon
Squats For Jesus
Movie Night Cuddles
Pure, Love
Useful Somehow
Sherloque Wells:
Sick Jealousy
On Thin Ice With Affection
Nash Wells:
The Beguilement of Barry Allen
OG Harrison Wells/Timeless Wells:
Savitar (Barry Allen):
Acceptance and Change
Falling Out Fast
Fussy Child
Me and You Against Them   Part 1    Part 2
A Gift From Me To You
Barry Allen:
A Berry For Barry
A Snowball’s Chance In Hell
Comfort After Breakup Headcanon
The Nutcracker (AU)
Caitlin Snow & Killer Frost:
5 and 7
Snowflake (Platonic)
Team Flash:
Beach Day Headcanon
Being a Member of Team Flash Headcanon
Heart To Heart
Jokes On You
In The Air, On The Inside
Snowball Fight
College/University Headcanon
Pokemon Challenge
Wells Boys x Reader (Some are Polyamorous) :
May The Best Wells Win
Mutual Agreement
Beat Up
Don’t Give Up
You’re Not Monsters
Possessive Love
Timeline Disaster
Autumn Challenge: (For some reason I can’t find Day 1)
Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5    Day 6    Day 7    Day 8    Day 9
Day 10    Day 11 
Kiss Challenge:
Miles Strasburg:
Cheering Miles Up Headcanon
Fly Free
Give It Back!
Forgotten Paperwork
Couch Cuddles
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cocoaheaven47 · 2 days ago
Can You Fixing Blown Windows Like A True Champ? These 5 Tips Will Help You Get The Most Out Of It
Though discovering the temptation to choose the cheapest quotes and windows you would be wise to question in the event the quality may up to plain. It is often worthwhile in spending a little more money to generate a professional service and finished. A 10% deposit is normal. A larger one is appropriate only in case the work is 'bespoke' - such as unique timber window models. Try to pay in stages according as perform in completed, and withhold the final payment up to the work is finished to your satisfaction. Don't go for the cheapest insurance quote. There's a price point below for you to be buying rubbish. Don't attempt to beat the price down too incredibly. Less professional suppliers will agree to it, but sell you short lower. Get the best you can finance. Ask your supplier how long the delivery often be. Have this stipulated on your contract. Additionally ask cost to replace blown windows of how long job will choose to adopt to finish when they are on-site.
Tumblr media
double glazing helps to ensure that these windows have two panes of glass, rather than traditional single pane. A layer of gas, generally argon, or air is between the two panes and behaves a good insulator. For the air doesn't conduct heat well, your house retains the temperature within this situation. The air or gas also is not a good conductor of distractions. Even if you live in a warm climate, double glazing keeps your home quieter. Furthermore protect your own home better from being broken into. Give your home added security with direct and not difficult of double glazed windows 7. Most intruders will make an effort enter when you through the windows or doors. Double glazed windows are stronger and have a locking system built into them. Understand that there's nothing wrong with negotiating on quotes that you may well be given. The best selection in fact help in order to make big savings. Today most businesses would like the chance to lower their prices by between 5 to 10 per cent to guarantee a event. If the firm claims to have a free installation then 12 . statement using a pinch of salt since you may discover the player simply add an extra expense on towards the price of this actual glass units. 2) Including windows that open - Even even though you pay more, in my mind this could be the route to relocate for selection of of good reasons. First and foremost there will be the issue of non-public safety. All of the event in a fire you and your family will obtain it much easier to escape through windows possess decent size openings (personally I think it ought to illegal to fit windows above ground level without them). The second step is reward yourself with a salesman arrive and see the property so you can get some quotes. This is when the minefield starts. It is important that you stick back to your original desires and aren't pressured into getting something you you wouldn't like. There will be companies who come round and try to get of which you decide what you're looking on lots of - remember that if you have to sign up straight away the sale probably isn't worth undergoing.
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araingirl · 2 days ago
Two worlds, one story: Thunder and ice
The temple of Goddess Wolvia was a bit silent now. Since the morning, a lot of subjects had visited it for the welfare of their kingdom. Now, it was the time to close it. Blowing off all the blue-flamed signature lamps of the shrine, the priest closed the main doors and looked at the ink-smeared sky. Mysterious the night was; even the bright full moon couldn’t investigate and unearth the reason clearly. A few owls were ogling him from the branches of the nearby trees, forgetting to hunt rats. The breeze was eerily calm, not remembering how to blow. Sighing, the redhead left the temple building for going to his house but before it, he heard a feminine voice behind him:
His feet didn’t go forward, his nostrils sensed the burning fragrance unfamiliar in Hiawatha and skin sweated at the sudden amount of heat around him. Recognizing the tone due to his sharp memory, he smirked and turned back, “Welcome to Hiawatha again, princess Fernandez.”
“You…” The dual-haired girl was overwhelmed, “You’ve remembered me?”
“Thank this,” The redhead pointed at his head, “Anyways, the reason for which your glorious feet stepped on the worthless surface of Hiawatha?”
“Of course, my feet are glorious,” Julia proudly nodded, “But the ground of Hiawatha isn’t worthless. Otherwise, the people from Kaen would never be mesmerized to conquer her again and again, be it through a war or love.”
“You’re standing on the territory of your enemy kingdom,” Yuriy asked, “Aren’t you afraid? You can lose your life anytime.”
“No,” She shook her head as reddish glow was emitted by her cheeks, “I am not.”
“Hidden fear is intense,” Yuriy smirked, “Go back to Kaen.”
“Nope, Sir.” The elder princess of Kaen strode towards the redhead. Her heart was beating fast, the color of love was spreading across her face faster than the powdered color sprinkled in a glass of water. Yet, her feet didn’t stop; they didn’t follow the order of her brain. Her heart was pounding but the signs of shivering weren’t visible in her ankles and toes. The smirk was evident in the corner of her orange-painted lips, dry emerald orbs were seeming thirsty which were staring at the vast sapphire pools, only to dive in those. She didn’t know whose spirit possessed all her body, mind and soul but she was loving it, however.
Yuriy was confused, anyways. His deep-red eyebrows were creased, ocean-blue orbs were blinked in perplexity. Along with her, her warmth was also approaching him. He didn’t know what to do. Why was she walking towards him in this way? Did she want to kill him? But she couldn’t do it, she shouldn’t do it-at least before the completion of the challenges. Alert, he clutched the case of the knife attached to his kimono-belt. He should have stepped back or run or screamed at her, demanding an explanation behind her action but he couldn’t do any of them, he didn’t know why. Which kind of magic was binding his heart and soul this time, along with his body?
Before he could know what was being cooked in her brain, her orange lips clashed with his icy ones. He was thunderstruck; her fair arms were wrapped around his well-built back and waist. His lips were burning, her mouth was freezing. New sensations they were to the dual-haired princess and the scarlet-haired priest; they accepted them wholeheartedly. She shoved her tongue which landed on his dry taste buds, engaging into a fierce fight. He closed his eyes, one of his toned biceps fastened his slender midriff while another was seizing her nape. Their body gap ceased to zero since they respired from each other’s breaths. She shivered, he sweated. A pair of owls flew away over their heads; little did they realize.
Once they moved apart for breaths, they both were shaky, confused-what happened just then? Specially Yuriy Ivanov couldn’t raise his gazes to look at the jade pupils of the elder princess of Kaen. Being a priest, no matter how young he was, it was even beyond his imaginations to stare at a woman with desires, let alone kissing. How did he do it? The chills of Goddess Wolvia swam across his spine. Would he ever be forgiven for what he had done just then? Strangely, he didn’t know why he couldn’t blame the dual-haired girl in front of him. Was he affected by love just like commander Ray Kon and princess Dew Tachibana too?
“I have just done a task, I don’t know whether it will be a boon or a bane to me later on,” Julia huffed, “It depends only on the outcome of the challenges which have been given to emperor Kai Hiwatari and empress Hiromi Tachibana. If even one of them fails, I’ll be doomed. If both of them pass, I’ll not. But priest, know one thing. I’ve always wanted the welfare of two kingdoms. That’s why, that day, I came here only to warn you so that you could avoid another blood saga.”
Before Yuriy’s horrified eyes, she turned back to hide her tear-sparkling eyes, “If possible, pardon this slave of yours. I don’t know…whether I’ll be able to meet you informally after it or not.”
Sighing, she ran away, raising resonations of love and estrangement on the pebbles of Hiawatha. The priest expanded an arm and yelled by her name but couldn’t stop her. Maybe, stepping in the water kingdom, she also became restless and unstoppable like the torrents. A bottomless breath, sprang from his lungs. Shaking his head, he wheeled in the direction of his home. Without it, he didn’t have to do anything else, nor could he do.
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guardians-of-exo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sol /sɒl/ The sun; goddess of the sun
Tumblr media
Junmyeon / Female reader
Wordcount: 2.5k
Tumblr media
Breaths quickening Eyes busy searching for the answers My lips drying out On this endless road
The sun is beating down on you sweltering hot, the heat shimmering in waves in the air around you. Your skin burns, sweat dripping from your body, and your throat feels like you have swallowed the sand you are dragging your feet through. With the sun behind you, it gives you some relief from the bright glare, as it descends into the endless sea of sand.
Red and golden sand dunes, colored by the setting sun, rise and fall around you for as far as the eye can see. Endless and unforgiving but breathtakingly beautiful. A prison without walls trapping you in the never-ending desert.
You know you are lost; you have been lost ever since you woke up amongst the hills of sand, but you have yet to fully admit defeat. How long has it been? You don’t know. You are so very hopelessly lost. The very thought makes it hard to keep going, to keep putting one foot ahead of the other. Would you even die if you stop? Would you disappear? Or would you turn into the very sand keeping you trapped?
You glance at your companion, wanting to shake the disheartening thoughts from your mind. His hair is lighter than when you first met him, bleached by the sun. His skin is golden but dry from the searing heat, and, like yours, his lips are chapped and cracked to the point of bleeding, having seen no water. But there is a fire in his eyes. There is hope. Determination. A will to keep going even when everything seems pointless. Without him, you would have stopped walking a long time ago.
Junmyeon is your only reason to keep going forward. You have never voiced your feelings of hopelessness to him, never told him that you want to give up. To just stop and disappear into the air. Taking away his hope is something you have vowed to yourself to never do. Even though you lost your hope long before Junmyeon appeared next to you, you will never take away his. Selfishly, you use his hope to fuel your own.
Before Junmyeon, you had been alone for so long, just wandering aimlessly through the sand, looking for a reason for your existence. Following the call of the horizon. Hunger and thirst gnawed and burned until you learned to ignore it. The only thing keeping you going was the thought that whatever was calling you beyond the horizon would set you free. But you are still in the desert, and it is still calling you. Still so far away.
The eternal cycle of the sky above you is the only change in your world of sand. Days pass, weeks, months. Maybe even years, you don’t know. You stopped counting a long time ago. Junmyeon is still trying to keep track of the days passing, but soon he will give up too. Just like you did.
He feels the call too. He asked you about it after he arrived, but you had no answers. You still don’t. It is not a voice, not something you hear with your ears, it is something you feel in your heart. Something you are longing for but don’t know where or what it even is. You have chased it for so long, but you no longer believe in the promises it tries to fill your heart with. There is nothing there. How could there be?
First, you were alone in the desert, and then Junmyeon had appeared. From one moment to another. One second you were alone, and the next you found yourself face to face with a young man, bewildered and scared. There was no one, and then there was. Just like that.
It feels like it was only yesterday he appeared, but you know it has already been a long time. Back then, you had watched him go through all the same emotions you had after waking up in the desert alone.
He had paced around for days, vehemently insisting that it was a mistake. Someone would surely know to come find you and rescue you – take you back home. But… home is a place you can’t even remember. Maybe once you did, but now, there is nothing. Perhaps Junmyeon remembered his home back then, maybe he really knew there was another world out there somewhere. But you watched him slowly forget. You never told him how long you had been there before him, how you had already tried everything you could think of. You just watched, knowing what was coming. And eventually, he realized too.
Anger grew from his denial. From his defeat. Anger burning hotter than the sun as he yelled and screamed at the sky until his voice grew hoarse and disappeared, leaving him unable to speak for days. It was hard to watch, but still, you never spoke. It was something he needed to let out.
Then, there were endless questions. Questions you had asked, and still ask, yourself hundreds of times without finding answers. He would talk to himself, sometimes to you, for hours on end. How are you alive without food or water? You don’t even need to sleep, why? What is your purpose? Why are you there? Why is it just the two of you? How do you get out?
At night, when neither of you want to keep walking and you just lie there in the sand watching the stars, you can still hear Junmyeon’s voice asking you all these questions. Every question is a knife to your heart because you want so badly to give him the answers he is looking for. But you can’t. The last question he ever asked echoes through your mind every night, his voice small and fragile.
Will we ever get out?
He lost hope after that. He stopped talking, stopped caring. He gave up and refused to walk further. For days, he sat and watched first the sun then the moon and the stars. Unlike you, he never cried once, but there was no life in his eyes. It was like he wasn’t even there. Yet still, you never said anything. You just sat and watched him, feeling your heart break at the sight. He looked so small under the vast sky. You could have left him behind, then. You could have continued towards whatever it was you were looking for, but you hadn’t been able to bear the thought of ever being alone again. You didn’t want Junmyeon to suffer the same loneliness you had.
“Just a little further,” Junmyeon says with a huff, blowing away some hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. “Not much longer now.”
You blink, thoughts breaking, and you look up at him. He is talking mostly to himself, a habit you have become quite fond of. It makes you feel less alone. He has changed a lot since then, his heart once again filled with hope. Somehow, he found the strength within himself to keep going. To find the answers to the questions he once asked you.
You want to believe his words, but you can’t. You went through that mantra for what felt like an eternity. Just a little further. You had told yourself over and over. It’s not far now. Just a little further. It got you nowhere. But he believes, and so you wander through the desert.
Every morning you chase down the sun as it rises, painting the sky in magnificent colors. Every evening you walk with the sun on your back, as the sky is once again lit up in an array of colors that leave you in awe no matter how many times you see it. At night you walk with the moon and the stars, the cool air a relief on your burned skin. You take turns in naming the stars, and you make up stories about the constellations you create together.
Though you have lost hope of ever leaving, you will be fine as long as Junmyeon is by your side.
“Sol,” Junmyeon gasps, coming to a stop beside you. “Sol, look!”
You look up and you see it. There in the distance amongst the shimmering waves of heat. A speck of blue amongst the gold of the sand. A mirage? The longer you look, the clearer it becomes, and you just stare, not daring to blink in fear if it vanishing. It… it is really there, nestled amongst the dunes of sand. A ring of blue and green. You had almost forgotten what green looks like. Green means life – water. I can’t be, but still, you feel hope welling up inside you. It’s really there. It’s –
“An oasis,” Junmyeon breathes, voice nearly inaudible as if speaking it out loud will make it disappear. “You see it too?”
“I do,” you whisper.
You look up at Junmyeon, his eyes meeting yours. They are sparkling in the sun, wide and hopeful, and a smile slowly grows on his face. Without a word, you both start running. Stumbling and falling across the sand, you run, laughing breathlessly and high on the feeling of pure elation. Your heart beats faster and faster the closer you get, and you can feel it washing over you like a tidal wave – hope. Finally.
Junmyeon pulls ahead as your pace slows, a strange apprehension darkening the euphoria. Will this finally be it? Is this your reward for spending an eternity in this sandy prison? Will it be worth it? You take a deep breath. This is it. Everything you have been waiting for. You are ready.
Ahead of you, Junmyeon stops suddenly and falls to his knees with a soft thud. You look up and you stop. Your heart stops. No… No.
There is nothing there but sand. Just more goddamned sand! But how… you had seen it so clearly. It was right there!
You sink to your knees beside Junmyeon, the hope blooming inside your chest crushed. How can it be… You want to cry but no tears come. You feel empty. It was just another way for the desert to mess with you, to keep you going. You should have known better. You know better!
Junmyeon digs his fingers into the sand, letting out a quiet sob. You want to comfort him, but you don’t know what to say. He is the positive one, the one keeping you both going, but now… You watch as he picks up handfuls of sand, staring blankly at it as it runs through his fingers. Will this be when he breaks? Will this be it?
The thought of him ending up like you, an empty shell with nothing to keep going for… you don’t ever want that for him, have always done your best to protect him from the reality of what you fear most. That you are stuck for all eternity, doomed to wander the desert forever.
“Junmyeon,” you say, reaching out but hesitate and let your hand fall back down to your side. He doesn’t react. Maybe he didn’t hear you. Maybe he doesn’t care.
You roll onto your back, hoping to get lost in the sea of blue above you. There are no clouds in the sky today, there rarely are. Heat shimmers in the air around you, and you reach up.
Beside you, Junmyeon lies down with a heavy sigh. Neither of you speak, and the sound of a gentle breeze rustling the sand fills the void between you. It is almost comforting. At least nothing has changed, nothing was taken away.
As you lie there in the sand, hours pass. The sun sets on the horizon, the blue sky turning a soft pink, and the shadows around you growing longer. From pink to violet as the air gets colder, soothing on your burnt skin and dry eyes. Violet turns indigo as the first stars appear, tiny lights blinking to life above you. The moon rises as the sky turns black; big and white as it appears and takes over from the sun.
Still, neither of you move. Neither of you speak. You thought that you had long since accepted your fate that was now your existence but seeing Junmyeon so defeated... It broke something within you. Maybe you haven’t given up just yet. Maybe Junmyeon has managed to fill you with some of his determination. Maybe.
“Sol.” Junmyeon breaks the silence. You hum, eyes closed as you enjoy the cool breeze on your face.
“We will get out of here,” he says determinedly. “I promise you. This was a sign, I can feel it. We’re close, we have to be! Just a little further. We can do it.”
Just a little further. You have told yourself that hundreds of times, have heard it from Junmyeon just as many. But why do you believe him this time?
You turn your head meeting his eyes. They are sparkling in the moonlight, so full of life. “There’s no one I’d rather be here with than you,” you say, and it is the most honest you have ever been with him.
He smiles and reaches out for your hand. “I don’t know why I found you, but I’m glad I did.”
You stay like that the whole night, holding hands while looking at the stars. Neither of you speak again, but you don’t need to. You know.
The sky lightens on the horizon as the sun begins to rise once again. Black bleeding into indigo, then violet and pink. And as the sun peaks over the horizon, the sky explodes in a myriad of golden colors.
“Let’s go,” Junmyeon says, not letting go of your hand as he stands up. You let him pull you to your feet, and you both turn to face the sunrise.
Whatever is calling you, you will find it. Whatever it takes, however long it takes. With Junmyeon by your side, you will walk to the ends of the earth if that is where it is.
A wave of emotions wells up inside of you as you watch the sun rise, and you suddenly feel like laughing. Everything seems like a dream, your whole existence a mystery in itself, but now, instead of giving up, you are ready to explore. To learn.
You start running, letting go of Junmyeon’s hand as you go. The sun is blinding, big and red as it ascends from the sea of sand. You feel breathless, but it is not from running. There is so much to explore. Somewhere out there, you will find what you are looking for, but until then, at least you have Junmyeon to watch the breathtaking sunrises with.
“What are you doing?” Junmyeon calls, laughter in his voice.
You spin around to face him, spreading your arms out. “Chasing the sun,” you laugh, light and carefree. “Come on! The horizon awaits!”
Junmyeon laughs but starts running, grabbing your hand as he passes you, and you follow him. His smile is blinding as his eyes meet yours.
Sand is kicked into the air behind you as you run, your laughter carried away by the wind. Ahead of you, the sun shines brighter and brighter, almost as if it is actually coming closer.
Whatever it takes, you will get there.
It’s just a little further.
We'll go further, even further Finding a road never taken before Runnin', I'm runnin' Chasing the sun
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besteestores · 2 days ago
Hello Darkness My Old Friend Pokemon Umbreon shirt
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Hello Darkness My Old Friend Pokemon Umbreon shirt
Hello Darkness My Old Friend Pokemon Umbreon shirt .besteestores No season presents a greater wardrobe challenge than summer, especially this year. When heat, sun protection, masks, and more are considerations, finding the and I love this perfect look can be tricky—unless it’s already in the back of your closet. Yesterday in Los Angeles while out with her son Pax, Angelina Jolie provided a masterclass on repurposing a favorite piece for warmer weather. The Row’s Martina dress has become one of Jolie’s signature pieces. A longtime fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s minimalist label, Jolie regularly steps out in pieces from the duo’s runway. Still, unlike many celebrities, she’s fond of rewearing the items that speak to her. Full sleeved with georgette pleats and an unstructured silhouette, the Martina can be worn in a multitude of ways. Jolie’s preference involves the addition of a tan belt and her statement accessories of the moment. This week that meant gold hoop earrings, a cashmere shawl, and a cream version of Dior’s elegant 30 Montaigne bag. Jolie’s favorite The Row look has proven versatile. She wore it on the streets of Paris while out with godmother Jacqueline Bisset last July, upping the glam factor with the addition of heels and oversized Louis Vuitton sunglasses. In the fall, she kept things casual while out to lunch with her children, pairing it with Salvatore Ferragamo flats and aviators. Yesterday’s outfit was all about 2020’s key pieces: face masks, cozy wraps, and a dress you can wear at least a dozen times. All summer celebrities have been offering their take on how to beat the heat. Whether it’s Chloë Sevigny in an upcycled baby doll from Mimi Prober or Emily Ratajakowski pairing her slip dress with sneakers, the season has focused on carefree white dresses. Jolie’s version proves that once you find the look that suits your style, the concept is appealing all year round. Sophie Turner is undoubtedly going to be a cool mom. The actor—who is expecting her first child with her husband, Joe Jonas—is armed with a casual personal style that’s just as good as her striking red carpet choices. On the streets, the Game of Thrones star has a real penchant for pulling off tricky trends, making denim overalls or socks and sandals feel completely put-together. While Turner hasn’t been out and about a ton since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the few times she has been seen out have proven that she isn’t shedding her fashion identity during her pregnancy.
Hello Darkness My Old Friend Pokemon Umbreon shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt
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Hello Darkness My Old Friend Pokemon Umbreon shirt .besteestores She has dressed up a crop top and leggings with a blazer, and slipped on cozy streetwear, among other moments. But her latest sighting is especially pleasing to fans of ‘90s rock bands and comfortable clothes alike. Yesterday, Turner and Jonas took a stroll in Los Angeles together, and Turner wore an oversized band tee from Oasis and a mask. She sported an oversized top the and I love this ’90s English rock band known for hits such as “Wonderwall” and “Don’t Look Back In Anger.” The star styled her merch with mini shorts and slide sandals. It’s a striking look for a few reasons. First, the band choice itself: was Turner’s ode to the group inspired by a recent listen of Spotify’s ’90s playlist? Does she also have “Wonderwall” stuck in her head? Her fit also the perfect balance of what maternity style should be: it’s cute and comfy, with a dash of individuality. Jonas, meanwhile, wore a Hawaiian-print shirt with black jeans and sneakers—proving he, too, is making dad-to-be style cool. Let’s also talk about their coordinated face masks. Turner’s printed mask complemented Jonas’s galaxy-printed one by Werkshop. They didn’t match exactly (are couples meant to match masks now?) It’s only practical to buy masks in bulk; so why not double up on masks and start making it a couple style moment? Only time will tell if Jonas and Turner will start doing so. But for now, they’re clearly nailing the expectant parent look. Two years ago, when Andrea Kerzner—founder of the nonprofit Lalela, and daughter of South African super-hotelier Sol Kerzner—discovered how the meat industry was fueling climate change, she decided to open a casual plant-based restaurant that focused on the ultimate comfort food: burgers. She set out to find the best chef for the job, interviewing several candidates before finding Amanda Cohen, the executive chef and owner of Dirt Candy, an award-winning vegetarian restaurant that has been in New York City since 2008. “I met with Amanda and literally there and then I could see her passion for food,” says Kerzner. “Within 24 hours, she agreed to work with me.” The two set about creating Lekka (Afrikaans slang for “delicious”), an all-vegan restaurant that opens November 19th in Tribeca. The restaurant’s signature dish is a vegan burger, served five different ways. For Cohen, creating a plant-based burger required overcoming some of her own prejudices. “We haven’t had a burger ever on the menu at Dirt Candy. And I had been against it, to be brutally honest,” says Cohen. “ You Can See More Product:
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A Few Tips Exactly How To To Use Tumble Dryers
You before you decide to go from the way to save energy because all you need to do is simple close a door. In run your heat or ac unit frequently, after that you should make sure your your door closed. When a door is closed, after that your heat or ac unit will be able to maintain that room efficiently. In other words you would run your unit for much much less time which conserve you energy and money on electrical bill. Plus, tumble dryers are costly and they will end up damaging your clothes, they're just not this. Another big good reason why I'm pro clothes dryers is that it really enables me to reduce my carbon footprint. Tumble dryers consume much of energy, which certainly something we should be in order to conserve an entire times of crisis. Getting easily be accomplished but now help with a clothes clothing dryer. tumble dryers beat the clothes since they dry them by dashing them contrary to the metal membranes. The airer simply allows the laundry to dry in the resting position in the passing normal. Another energy tip, which does not take much effort, would be to turn off your screen monitor. Most of the people believe that screen savers are there to save energy. To some extent they do save some energy over the overall energy cost associated with an PC. But turning plenty of off completely saves all of the energy via the screen. Content articles touch the top your monitor after an expanded day can certainly feel the warmth it has produced while passive. By turning it off you helps save all that heat, which is essentially capacity. The web theme is there's other in order to save energy and conserve the planet stay a bit greener without the need for too much energy around the self. Saving energy does not have any to involve you moving away from your means by which. For example, a simple energy saving principle work extremely well not only at home but at their work as carefully. All it involves is closing a door. Situation your office or home uses heaters or air-conditioners, closing a door to unused rooms saves energy. #2) Every once in a short time you can clean the actual drum among the dryer things sure there isn't any nothing vacationing in there. When cleaning your drum, it is recommended that make use of hot soap and water. After every 5-6 cycles it needs to be laundered. However this is easliy found . recommendation, each and every it's easier to wash it as necessary then feel absolve to do so. Reverse tumble: We often face generating money online . of wrangling of clothes in a dryer. It puts an easier load throughout the clothes likewise forms crease that is no easy task to remove. With argos tumble dryer , the drum rotates throughout the directions one by one.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
beep beep another installment of drunk writing. Okay, admittedly I am not drunk but lets pretend I am so all the errors in this have an excuse to exist. 
this is for @harmandmac​​ cause honestly all I write is for her. 
Tumblr media
Mac was absolutely flabbergasted.
The last thing she imagined happening was Harm appearing out of nowhere after so many years apart. Okay so they had seen each other recently but that didn’t count. It was work related and they were supposed to walk away from each other once more. But still here he was standing at her door step flowers in one hand and what looks to be burgers in the other. There was a moment of hesitation. For a moment she actually believe that she was dreaming but her puppy Devito came barreling against her legs making her realize that, no, this wasn’t a dream. “Harm.” She whispered, disbelief wrapping itself firmly around each one of the letter of his name.
“Hey, I was thinking…” He began, tilting his head to the side. “You said we were passed letting fate decide.” Her heart began pounding hard against her rib cage causing Mac to swallow hard. When they last spoke she had shared with him many thoughts that lingered in her mind and afterward the feeling of easiness had follow. For the longest of time Mac had wanted to expressed all that was repressed in the bottom of her heart and now she realizes that he didn’t get a chance to do the same. She wasn’t trying to be selfish in that moment, but then again Harm was better at acting than actually speaking his mind. It is the reason why he never truly expressed his feeling for her until their inevitable separation came into play. “And I agree.” Oh he continue speaking, she was distracted by her own thoughts. “If there’s one thing that I am sure about in my life, is how much I love and care for you…”
The stare his way was more than obvious. Her heart was beating even faster and her hands became sweaty. It was one thing letting him know that they could try again, work things out and see where things could go but seeing him in front of her with such a declaration made her feel like a school girl all over again. Mac took a step back, unable to say anything and instead allowed him to walk into her home. She needed to gather her thoughts once more so when he stepped inside and Mac closed the door behind her, there was a deep breath taken.
Alright Mac, say something. “Are you sure about that?” Not that you dummy.
Harm turned to her and laughed. It was a melodious thing, a familiar sound that she had missed so much. His lips curled into a cocky grin she had come to love and even his shrug sent a pang of heat coursing through her veins. “When it comes to you I am always sure.”
But those word felt like a lie. She knows they weren’t, the clearness in his eyes said as much. But there was no preventing going back to a moment where they just broke apart. The thought of going through all that made hesitation present itself like the devil that it was. “You say that and I want to believe you but it is hard to do so when you were the one to give up on us.” So maybe she should have bite her tongue but it was impossible to do so. There are so many t hings that needs to get out of her chest. A sadness that needs to be finally released into the atmosphere. Her feelings for Harm have never changed, even all this years apart but in order to move on in some capacity, they needed to put everything out in the open.
“And that is my biggest regret, letting you go.” A beat of silence followed as he placed the items in his hands on the coffee table. Devito is trying to catch something, anything that could entertained him, but Harm placed everything on the center of the coffee table and the corgi gave it up faster than she thought he would. “I know that I’ve waited way too long for this but after seeing you, it made me realize that my life could have been so much better with you in it.” Harm is scratching the back of his neck nervously. Being vulnerable wasn’t something he did very often or maybe it is? She  hasn’t seen him in a very long time after all. “Not that I had a bad life but…” He is taking a deep breath and Mac finds herself holding hers. “….you are the brightness I need in my life.”
Mac is surprised, not for the first time in the evening. Truthfully those weren’t words she expected to hear from Harmon Rabb Jr. but they didn’t feel any less true. Even so she laughs, shaking her head in the process. “That was really corny.” The admission came followed by her stepping closer to him and kissing his cheek.  “There are no take backs.” This was it. If they couldn’t make it work this time around, they would never be able to do so. A scary thought for her, for them but one that has enough impact to shock awake Harm and his senses. They couldn’t go about their lives dancing a nervous tango, they needed to face things head on, and maybe, just maybe, they could finally have that happy ever after they dreamed about when they first got together. What helped out now was the fact that they weren’t under the same chain of command as before, no one had to give up anything, but rather they had to find a balance. Difficult task for sure, but she is determined, was he?
“Good thing I’m all in. There’s no way I am losing you ever again.” His words were genuine, and Mac finds herself smiling. “So…  I brought burgers as an offering.” Reaching for the bag, Harm opened it and extracted a huge burger from it. “I know, you don’t share fries.”
Shaking her head, Mac sat on one of the couches and when he did the same, she took the bag form his hands. “Maybe I’ll share, just this once.”
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Crush Rush [19]
[an NCT/WayV social media au] [HENDERY | ARA | YANGYANG | HENDERY]
⚠️ WARNING: a long chapter
[January 15, 9:48 PM, 2021]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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[January 24, 1:10 PM, 2021]
In the end Lucas' birthday wish was way too tempting for all of his friends and that's how they ended up in Incheon Airport. Even YangYang who was very skeptical about coming, decided to go with his friends and have fun. The trip was definitely going to have a positive effect on them, especially after all the stress they experienced in university due to assignments, deadlines and busy schedules.
The four friends were waiting for Johnny, Ara and Lia with their suitcases right next to them. When they saw the two girls energetically running towards them and Johnny running after them to try to catch up, everybody's mood lightened up, even after the tiring flight.
"Hendery!" Ara shouted his name excitedly and before Hendery knew it, she was hugging him tightly.
"Oh," he said with surprise since he was taken aback, but when he realized Ara has hugged him first, he quickly wrapped his arms around her body. "I missed you," Hendery confessed confidently.
He felt that he could tell her anything now that she was being comfortable enough with him to seek physical contact first.
"I missed you too," she smiled as she felt her heart beating faster from the excitement and the presence of Hendery, who was definitely something like a crush to her, even though she would never admit it, since she thought it would be one-sinded. If only she knew how much Hendery actually adored her...
Meanwhile his heart too skipped a beat and he felt his face heat up. Suddenly their moment was interrupted by another person who was patiently waiting to get Ara's attention, but he couldn't wait any longer.
"Where is my hug?" Lucas asked with a playful smile, but he was shocked to see Ara's smile turn into a frown when he asked that.
"Maybe some other time."
Without saying anything more, she stepped away from Hendery. She wanted to greet Ten, but she saw Johnny hugging him.
"How was the flight? Are you tired?" Johnny asked as Ten nodded. "What about food? Aren't you hungry?"
Before Ten could answer, Ara spoke up.
"Someone's acting like a worried boyfriend," she teased them with a smile, but Johnny just denied with an annoyed look on his face. "Ah, Johnny, you're no fun."
She went to give Ten a hug which he gladly accepted.
"I see you still haven't grown up, Miss Donut."
"If I grow up, who's going to make you feel tall?" She asked rhetorically, stepping away from him.
"That's why I officially forbid you  to become taller," Ten answered jokingly, as Ara laughed.
“I think you have nothing to worry about, it’s not like my body has any intentions of becoming taller anyway,” Ara said discontentedly.
“Joke aside, not all of us can be tall like Johnny, but that’s okay. We should love ourselves and be confident with what we have.”
“You’re right, Ten,” Ara giggled softly, before they all started walking to the airport’s exit.
 * * *
 They got in a van just like the one Johnny rented the last time and today he drove to the house Lucas has rented for a few days for his birthday. His friends were shocked he could afford renting a guest house in another country, but he told them he was not actually that rich and that the reason he decided to spend so much money was that “you only turn 22 once in your life”; which he realized was a really illogical reason when he thought about it later, but at that time it sounded pretty cool to him. He didn’t want to let them know the real reason, even though he thought they probably knew it. If he was to say it to them, it would sound really cheesy and he was saving the cheesy lines for desperate times when he had to try hard to impress Ara or at least make her laugh. And the real reason he spent so much money was that he was more than financially stable indeed (which he wouldn’t admit out loud in order not to make his friends with lower financial status feel inferior to him), and he enjoyed his friends’ company too much, so he wanted to take them to a nice place to celebrate with him.
While they were travelling to the house, they were talking to each other and laughing, except for Lucas who was still trying to have fun, even while being ignored by Ara. This time Hendery sat in between Lucas and Ara and she even avoided eye contact with him; he was trying so hard to not act offended and to understand her, but he was worried that he was going to eventually snap sooner or later and say something to her he would later regret.
When they arrived in the house, they had dinner and stayed up until late, talking, laughing and drinking.
 * * *
 The next day it was Lucas’ special day, but he woke up with a terrible hangover. Despite that, he was still excited about the day, but he was still wondering if Ara was mad at him and if that would affect how he interacted with him. His ideal birthday would really be going to a café with Ara and Hendery, just like last time, this was all it took for him to be happy. He didn’t really care about presents and birthday songs, he only wanted his closest friend and the girl he liked by his side. Yet he couldn’t help but wonder if that was too much to ask for.
When he went out of the room he slept in, he went directly to the living room to see if the others were up, but all he saw were his sleeping friends who couldn’t even make it to their rooms so they ended up falling asleep on the couch. Suddenly he heard somebody singing the birthday song so loudly that all the others woke up and joined, even though they were so sleepy that their voices weren’t synchronized and the lyrics were nearly unrecognizable. But Lucas was still happy that everyone sang, so he started clapping with his hands while thanking them. He saw Hendery was in front of him and realized he was the one who sang first. Suddenly, Hendery popped confetti all over Lucas and everyone else in the room.
Lucas was confused for a moment, before he smiled widely and pulled Hendery in for a hug.
“Happy Birthday, Xuxi,” Hendery said, while hugging him.
“Happy Birthday to you too.”
“What? I don’t have a birthday today,” Hendery said while giggling and he stepped away from Lucas. “Are you still not fully sober?”
“I think so, my head hurts really bad. How do you look that energetic early in the morning though?” Lucas asked, putting his hand on his head in desperate attempts to somehow soothe the sharp pain.
“I took a hangover pill, I’m gonna get you one,” Hendery said, starting to walk towards to the kitchen as Lucas was following him in order to continue their conversation. “And I’m always energetic, you know me.”
“At moments like these I really wanna be like you. I honestly have no party mood at all right now,” Lucas said, as he took the pill Hendery handed him. “My head is hurting, my body feels sore and Ara is not talking to me,” he complained, taking a sip of his glass of water.
When Hendery heard Lucas mention Ara’s name, he froze.
“What? Am I not allowed to talk about Ara?”
“It’s not that, it’s just,” Hendery murmured, looking around cautiously. “Someone might hear.”
“They’re going to hear two friends talking about their other friend. Chill,” Lucas said, putting his hand on Hendery’s shoulder. “She doesn’t know about our feelings.”
“But if you keep talking so openly about it, she might find out,” Hendery sighed.
“You have nothing to worry about, though. You’re not the one she’s refusing to talk to.”
“I’m sorry, Xuxi. I really wanted us to do something special for your birthday…” Hendery stayed silence for a few seconds, before coming up with an idea. “Uhm, how about I try to convince Ara to binge-watch something on Netflix with us today?”
“Ah, you mean Netflix and chill?” Lucas asked, winking at Hendery who hit his arm playfully, while giggling quietly. “Considering my current condition, I can only move my body to the couch and nowhere further, so I agree. I’d really appreciate it if you can convince her to sit between us this time…”
“Aren’t you out of birthday wishes, birthday boy?” Hendery asked, smiling at his best friend.
“You convincing Ara to watch movies with us is the wish I want you to grant me. And her sitting between us is the wish she has to grant. One wish per person,” Lucas smiled back, patting Hendery’s shoulder.
Hendery could only continue smiling in order not to darken the mood. But right now he was truly starting to see what YangYang meant when he said Hendery was willingly letting Lucas steal his crush and that thought was probably going to remain in his head for a really long time.
 * * *
 Ara agreed to binge-watch movies with Hendery and Lucas and she tried sitting as far away as Lucas as possible, but Hendery made sure to redirect her so she ended up seating between her two admirers.
“I wanna change my seat,” she said, trying to jump over Hendery but he prevented her from doing so.
“The only other seat I can offer you is in my lap, but I doubt it would be more comfortable for you,” Hendery winked at Ara as she looked down nervously, fidgeting with her fingers, not knowing how to answer since she knew that was a joke. Lucas, on the other side, looked at him warningly and that’s when Hendery realized he managed to make his crush feel uncomfortable and his friend annoyed. “Uh, sorry. That was a stupid joke.”
“Let’s just watch the movie,” Lucas said, sighing.
One hour later, Ara and Hendery were asleep, as Ara had her head on Hendery’s shoulder. It happened while she was asleep, otherwise she wouldn’t have done it, because she would have felt uncomfortable.
As Lucas looked at them, he realized just how good they looked together. They were visually compatible, they were both kind, funny and overall loveable. That’s when he clearly understood what made him different from Hendery and that thought made him feel as if he was not good enough.
As he watched them for around a minute more, he slowly reached over to Ara’s chin and carefully put her head on his shoulder instead. He would have wanted to believe it was Ara’s instinct to put her head on his shoulder first, not on Hendery’s.
When Ara woke up, she was surprised to see Lucas’ body up close. She took a couple of seconds to adjust to the light which was coming from the window in the living room. When she fully opened her eyes, she looked at Lucas’ face.
“Ah… Sorry,” Ara said, as she moved her head away from his body.
“No… No problem, Lucas answered awkwardly, faking a smile.
Meanwhile Hendery was still asleep and all the others were somewhere around the house. When Hendery woke up too, he quietly greeted Lucas and Ara, before going to the kitchen to take a glass of water. When he entered the room, he saw Lia and YangYang there, as they were talking to each other and laughing. On the plot next to them there were bowls, a mixer, some eggs and other ingredients.
“Hey,” Hendery murmured sleepily, waving at them.
“Hi hi,” YangYang answered and Lia smiled.
“You look terrible. What happened?” Lia looked at Hendery teasingly.
“I took a nap. Now I feel like the pill’s effect has passed and I feel as if I have a hangover again. Is that possible?”
YangYang just laughed, as he took an egg.
“So I have to break the egg and put it into the bowl?” He asked, looking at Lia.
She nodded to let him know he got it right.
“You need to do that with four eggs, though,” Lia corrected him, as this time YangYang was the one nodding.
Hendery looked at them questioningly.
“What are you going to cook?”
“We’re preparing a birthday cake for Xuxi,” YangYang said, breaking one of the eggs into the bowl.
“Really? I thought you hated him,” Hendery said.
“That’s why YangYang is preparing the cake. I’m only giving him instructions on what to do, but if he ends up messing the cake up, then Lucas is going to have the worst birthday cake ever and that’s a win for me,” Lia smiled contentedly.
“Well, sorry to disappoint you then, but I plan on making the best birthday cake ever,” YangYang said with offense clear in his voice. “Chief YangYang is gonna show you how it’s done.”
“Yeah, okay, if you say so,” Hendery laughed as he took a glass and filled it water, then he went out of the room. He went around the room, wondering where to go, since he was really bored, before he saw Ten and Johnny who were discussing something in the dining room.
“What’s up?” Hendery asked as he got closer to them.
“We’re going to the supermarket to buy some snacks,” Johnny said, putting his wallet in his backpack.
“And alcohol. Lots of it,” Ten flashed his trademark smile.
“Oh yes, please buy alcohol. It’s getting more and more difficult to survive without it which each day,” Hendery said.
“We should let the young alcoholic live,” Ten joked, as Johnny and Hendery laughed. “Okay then, see you later.”
When Ten and Johnny left for the supermarket, Hendery decided to go back to the living room, where Ara was.
“Where’s Xuxi?”
“He went to take a shower. Ah, it’s already half past six, why does time pass so quickly?” Ara complained, looking at her phone.
“Today was basically a healing day after the terrible hangover some of us had. How are you coping?” Hendery asked, looking worriedly at Ara.
“It’s fine. I didn’t drink that much anyways.”
“But you drank a few glasses of wine, a glass of whiskey and coke and even had tequila shots yesterday,” Hendery looked at her with disbelief. “Oh, and then we played beer pong and you had to drink beer too. Are you sure you’re alright?”
“Yes. Fresh as a cucumber,” Ara answered with a cheeky smile.
“Wait. I think you have something in your hair,” Hendery said, as he got a little closer to Ara who was looking at him confusedly as her heart was beating faster than usual.
“There it is,” Hendery took off a piece of confetti that got stuck in Ara’s hair a few hours ago, when Hendery popped it to surprise Lucas. Ara was still looking at him directly in this eyes, as they were both feeling some type of tension and their hearts were beating unusually fast.
But when Lucas got dressed after taking a shower, he went to the living room and it was easy for him to misunderstand, looking at Hendery and Ara from such an angle that made the situation look much different than what was actually happening in reality. So before he knew it, Lucas took his long winter coat from the hanger, he put his shoes on and went out of the house, storming out and going outside. It was an instinctive reaction, but he was feeling so angry and betrayed, that he couldn’t take some time to actually think about everything or ask his friend and his crush about it.
 * * *
 [January 25, 7:07 PM, 2021]
Lucas was seating on the snow-covered stairs of a café that was closed a few hours ago. He was silently smoking a cigarette while trying to ignore the cold; he didn’t know when he was going to come back to the house, but as he kept thinking about what he saw earlier, he supposed it probably wasn’t going to be soon. He would rather freeze than go back to the house where he would try to avoid fighting with Hendery, but would most probably fail. He was also not sure how he was going to look at Ara, without showing her how jealous and angry at both her and Hendery he was. Lucas actually knew this moment would eventually come, but he was disappointed that it happened on his birthday out of all days. He was feeling extremely hurt at this moment, so he suddenly felt hot tears running down his cheek, blurring his vision and making it impossible for him to calm down.
He cursed under his breath, when he heard his phone ringing. He took it out of his pocket and when he saw Hendery was calling him, he turned it off. Lucas didn’t want to be found, he just wanted to be alone, he didn’t even know how long he needed to stay away from the others, but he definitely knew his pride was going to affect his decision much more than the cold air and the wind that embraced his body in a nearly deadly embrace.
He smoked a few more cigarettes when he saw with his peripheral vision a figure coming closer to him. He lifted his gaze to see Lia who was standing in front of him.
“You’re such a fool, do you know that?” Lia asked him, as he sighed with annoyance, exhaling smoke.
“Please go away, Lia. I’m not in the mood.”
“Do you know just how worried for you everybody was? They are all outside in this weather, looking for you. And here you are, smoking a cigarette as if you have no care in the world.”
“I doubt Hendery and Ara are looking for me. Aren’t they too busy kissing to notice I was gone?” Lucas questioned, as he threw his cigarette on the ground, putting it off by stepping on it with his shoe.
“Kissing? They didn’t kiss,” Lia laughed, when he heard Lucas say that.
“And how do you know that? You weren’t even in the room and I was, I saw them kissing,” Lucas stated as he avoided looking at Lia.
“Believe me, if Ara had her first kiss, I’d be the first person to know. And Hendery knows you like Ara, so I don’t think he would kiss her on your birthday,” Lia explained and Lucas was suddenly not so sure about what he saw earlier.
When she saw he had no intention of saying something, she spoke again.
“Let’s go back,” Lia said, standing up.
“No,” Lucas answered, still staying in his place. Lia was surprised, but before she could ask what was wrong, he continued talking. “I’m so sorry for what I did to you last year.”
He looked at her, but she wasn’t looking at him. However, when she realized what kind of conversation that was, she slowly looked at him.
“Is that why Ara is avoiding you?” Lia asked worriedly.
She really didn’t want to make other people act the way she does based on her own experience; that’s why she was reluctant to tell the truth about what Lucas did to YangYang, because she knew that would probably affect their friendship. And she definitely didn’t want to make Ara hate Lucas. Lia wanted to let people have their own opinions and make their own choices. Besides, she believed in the theory that there were no good and bad people, and it’s all a matter of perception; a person could be kind according to a some people, but also a nightmare for others. Lia believed that nearly everyone had people who cared about them – even if they were deemed irreversibly bad from society. She would never try to take these people away from the one she hated.
“I think so. She’s not talking to me at all and I try to respect her decision by giving her space, but… I just wanted to hear her say happy birthday to me. Just that,” he said with glossy eyes, and for a moment Lia felt awful, as if she was the one who was responsible for Lucas’ suffering.
“I’m so sorry,” Lia’s eyes were full of tears which were on the verge of falling down her face. “She insisted on knowing the whole story and I told it to her the way it actually happened. I never said a bad word about you, and I also asked her not to let that change her opinion about you,” she explained as she slowly started crying.
“D-don’t cry,” Lucas said as he was crying himself. He got a little closer to Lia as if he wanted to make something to help her but had no idea how. “I-I deserve it. You’re such a good person and I hurt you, because I’m terrible, I really am. A-and all my friends hate me for that, a-as they should,” he continued talking as he was stuttering a little. “I’m so sorry.”
Lia looked at him and nodded lightly, while drying her tears.
“I’m cold, I’m so cold,” Lia said as she was crying and for a moment Lucas was wondering if she was crying because of what was happening, or because she was cold.
Lucas suddenly started unzipping his coat as he handed it to Lia.
“Here, take it.”
She was looking at him with surprise written all over her face.
“N-no, you are going to catch a cold.”
“I think I already did,” he laughed quietly as Lia also tried to laugh but it sounded more like a scoff. “We’re close to the house anyways.”
“But it smells bad because of the cigarette smoke,” she complained as she was still holding the coat in her hands without returning it to Lucas, nor putting it on.
“I’m afraid that’s your only option. So if you’re not going to use it, give it back,” Lucas tried to reach out for the coat, but his long arm failed to take it from Lia’s hands, as she quickly moved it out of his reach.
“No, I’m putting it on right now,” she said as she finally put the coat on and zipped it. “You giving me your coat might make you look good in front of Ara.”
“I’m not doing it to look good in front of her.”
“I know. Thank you,” she smiled at him as they started walking to the house.
“My coat looks huge on you, by the way,” Lucas teased her, looking at how Lia’s small hands disappeared under the long sleeves of his coat. “It’s almost as long as a prom dress.”
“Yes, because you’re too tall,” Lia retorted.
“No, it’s just that you’re too short.”
Lia rolled her eyes in annoyance, as they were walking. She called everyone who was looking for Lucas and told them to go back to the house.
 * * *
 “That’s why you shouldn’t act so cold to him,” Lia said, as she and Ara were seating on the bed in the room they shared.
“So now you’re telling me you misjudged him? After I ignored him on his freaking birthday?”
“I never made you ignore him, on the contrary, I didn’t want my dislike for Lucas to affect your opinion on him, but you still decided to give him the cold shoulder. Besides, it’s still his birthday and you have more than enough time to make it up to him… Because, guess what,” Lia stopped talking before she finished her sentence in order to create some feeling of excitement. She sounded quite enthusiastic, in contrast with Ara, who was looking at her with a calm, almost bored, expression, waiting patiently for her friend to say what she wanted to. “You’re not going to ask? Really?”
“Sorry, I zoned out for a second. I’m sleepy,” Ara confessed, struggling to keep her eyes open.
“It’s half past eight in the evening, how are you sleepy?! No sleeping, we’re going clubbing tonight!” Lia said enthusiastically, making Ara frown in disbelief. To say she wasn’t as ecstatic as her friend would have been an understatement. In moments like these Lia was thinking about how difficult it was for her having such an introverted best friend.
Lia nodded excitedly.
“Yes, clubbing! I hope you listened to me when I told you to bring a sexier outfit,” Lia said teasingly.
“You know I don’t have any sexy clothes in my wardrobe,” Ara answered with an annoyed look on her face.
“That’s not true! You looked so hot on the Halloween party, Hendery’s eyes were all over your body,” Lia winked and Ara hit her arm.
“Keep your voice down!” She scolded her. “If he hears what nonsense you’re talking about him, I wouldn’t be able to look him in the eyes,” Ara almost whispered, trying not to talk too loudly.
“If he could hear me, he could only confirm what I said. Hendery, please come and tell Ara how hot she is-,” Lia started yelling so Hendery could really hear her, so Ara quickly put her hand on her best friend’s mouth to prevent her from yelling again.
Suddenly they heard a knock on the door. Ara started panicking wondering where to hide and Lia was still seated comfortably on the bed, waiting for the door to open.
“Were you looking for Hendery? I think I heard his name,” Ten said, as Ara and Lia exchanged a knowing look.
“Yes,” Lia and Ara answered at the same time.
“Where is he?” Ara asked cautiously.
“He’s in the bathroom,” Ten answered her question, before speaking again. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but you really looked quite hot on the Halloween party and Hendery would definitely agree,” Ten winked as his lips turned into a smirk.
Lia was looking at Ten, feeling content to see another person agreeing with her.
“That’s what I was telling her!”
“Get out!” Ara raised her voice, struggling to look at Ten’s face without blushing. “This is a girls’ talk.”
“Okay, okay, I’m leaving, hot girl.”
Ara rolled her eyes in annoyance.
“Just go flirt with Johnny or something,” Ara said, as Ten laughed.
“I tried, but he doesn’t get as flustered as you, so it’s funnier to mess with you,” Ten smiled widely before finally closing to door.
“So we should go have dinner and after that, we’re going to the club,” Lia said energetically, as Ara just nodded, accepting the fact that they were going there tonight and she was going to try her best to make it up to Lucas for ignoring him this whole day and even the previous one.
--♡Crush Rush♡---
Hendery was often told that he was everything a girl wanted to date: handsome, funny and smart. That was until they got to know him better. Then he was told he was too much, too overwhelming, had too many emotions and was too chaotic. Thus his experience with dating was as good as non existing. The problem: he has the biggest crush on a girl he met whilst studying abroad. But every time he messages his crush, he seems to mess things up further and further. With the help of his hyperactive friends he tries to win Ara’s heart but before that, he has to convince her he doesn’t actually hate her.
A/N: It's been so long since I've updated. It's been more than a month but I felt as if it was much more. I honestly missed updating. University has really been difficult recently, but I still hope I can update again soon.
💟 Taglist:
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wait-im-not-out · 3 days ago
Also for bad things happens bingo how about a oneshot that takes place inbetween seasons 2 and 3 where garmadon has a panic atrack because of how overwhelming it is to like NOT have a voice in yoyr head constantly telling you to do wrong, and sensie wu, -who jad to help korro through a fair amount of panic attacks helps him through it and they talk and
*sweats nervously* this took WAYYYYYYY too long for how short it is, but regardless I hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
Prompt: panic attack
Fandom: ninjago
Characters: sensei Garmadon, Wu and Lloyd
Trigger warnings: panic attack
He was good. He was happy to be good. It was a feeling he hadn’t had since he was a young child. It made him happy though - he finally had the chance to be everything he couldn’t before. A good brother, husband, father. He could finally be all of it. Excitement flowed through him.
But there was something missing. That feeling he had for most of his life was - finally - gone. But Garmadon wasn’t used to this. That voice constantly telling him to wrong others, to make Ninjago into his image. Though it was never supposed to be there, it’s silence left a gap. The adrenaline took its place in his veins. What if there was some left? What if his habits could never change? What if he never could everything he wanted?
“Brother?” Garmadon hadn’t noticed that he was kneeling on the floor until he looked up from it, to see Wu standing in the doorway. He also suddenly noticed his heaving breath and the heat in his face. In a moment, Wu was by his side and helping him sit on the nearby couch.
“Breath, brother,” that calming voice that Wu had had since childhood. Rubbing his back soothingly and holding him close, they worked through it.
“Thank you Wu. You have always been better at this...”
“Would you like to talk about it?”
Garmadon sighed as they sat in silence for a few minutes, Wu’s hand still rubbing his shoulders.
“It’s gone,” he finally whispered.
“What’s gone?”
“The venom. The evil. The very thing that dictated my life all this time.” Garmadon held back a sob towards the end, as Wu pulled him into a one-armed hug. His steady heart beat kept Garmadon from spiralling again.
“It’s strange?” Wu asked quietly.
“More than that - it’s frightening. I was only a child when I got bitten. I don’t know who I would have been had I not retrieved the katana...”
Wu bit his lip in guilt.
“I do not blame you brother. So please do not blame yourself.”
“I... I will try.” They shared a small smile, as they sat in silence for a while.
“You know, Lloyd is really quite ecstatic to have you back... I have reason to believe you still would have been a good father had you not been bitten.” Garmadon didn’t miss Wu’s slight grimace when he said the b-word, but decided to let it slide.
“He never knew me any other way...”
“And yet, he still loves you. Unconditionally.”
Another moment passed, both brothers smiling wide, as Lloyd came around the corner.
“Hey dad! Did you want- oh,” he cut off suddenly upon seeing Wu. “Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll just... come back later.”
“Nothing to interrupt,” Garmadon stood, followed by Wu. “What did you need son?”
“Oh, well, I was just about to head out on patrol, but I was wondering if you wanted to come along? You know father-son bonding?”
Garmadon smiled. “There’s nothing I’d love more,” he loved the way Lloyd’s face lit up, and he ran outside in excitement. Garmadon followed, pausing to turn to Wu placing a hand on his shoulder.
“Thank you brother.”
“It was no great deed. Now, you might want to get outside before Lloyd gets impatient...” Wu chuckled.
As if on cue Lloyd yelled from outside, “DAD?”
Chuckling himself, Garmadon replied, “coming son!”
And I always will come to you. I am my own man again.
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enhyupn · 4 days ago
ʚ jungwon as your bff turned boyfriend!
Tumblr media
tagging @youreverydayzebra @ncityy04 <3
yang jungwon x gn!reader
fluff, slight angst if you squint, no warnings, word count: 1k
a/n dedicated to @woniepop <3 ALSO i added another little heading to this for funzies and i feel like i got carried away writing this so my bad .
ʚ bfe (best friend era)
helps you everything... and literally everything
you two always end up grocery shopping for some reason
you have a unlimited supply of jungwon’s hoodies and you basically live at his house too
he always videos you eating when you two eat out so he has an album on his phone of you slurping noodles
sends you random pictures and will go “it reminded me of you <3” even if it’s like something stupid like a cat with a party hat on
tags you in so many tiktoks and fills your dms with them too
spams when he wants your attention
ikea trips!! but it’s just you two looking at the rooms and the succulents .
realised he liked you when you started talking about your crush on riki
he was so jealous and spent days trying to figure out what to do
never shows you his clingy side. ever.
ʚ confession era (ce)
— wind blowing through jungwon’s hair was the least of his worries, nothing about the way his hair fell flat compared to the unsettling feeling you gave him in his stomach. his eyes trailed your smiling expression, your blissful grin being present in most of the features on your face. there was something different in your eyes, in the way you had talked about nishimura riki. why did jungwon always feel this way at the sound of another boy’s name, more or less a boy he was also close friends with?
the way you would sweetly say his name like it was the most precious thing in the world irked jungwon. why wasn’t it him? why wasn’t he the one being happily mentioned by you? the way you would cheesily sigh out at the end of every sentence made him more upset each and every second. he wanted to say something but he didn’t even know himself what he was going to say. how was he supposed to tell his best friend of years that he was in love with them? the type of love that isn’t platonic, the type of love where you want them and only them. the type of love where you can’t live without the other person.
“and then he—” that was the last straw.
with clenched fists in attempt to hide this new bundle of nerves, he turns to you with a serious look on his face. your mouth slowly turned into a stop at his softened eyes and uneven breathing, the first thought coming to you being that he was feeling very unwell, sick to be more exact. with widen eyes you hold your hand to his forehead, confusing the boy but still making him heat up with an unstoppable blush.
“you’re on fire!” you gasp, the concerned expression plastered on your face made jungwon’s heart melt at the fact you looked so terrified for him. “it’s not that cold out here too— should i go buy some hot tea—”.
“i like you” jungwon was never one to buy into his impulsive choices, although, it looks like he wanted to try his chance at this with all the luck he had saved up throughout his years. you couldn’t forget the bliss on his face when he had finally let those words out, like weight being lifted off his shoulders.
with a blank stare you finally lower your hand away from his forehead, feeling the slight disappointment the loss of heat came with. the boy would never admit it but, sweat slowly started to drip down the back of his neck, his cool calm composure hiding the sirens endlessly screaming inside his head. the only thing adding to his silent panic was your growing grin that looked a little too ominous.
“you don’t need to accept—” his potential rejection was cut short by a small surprise planned on your part.
with your arms wrapped about his you could feel his heart beating a million times per second, a small chuckle escaping jungwon’s mouth as he mirrored your actions. “you’re so stupid” your words wobbled, your eye sight becoming more blurry as the seconds passed by. “of course i like you too”.
“are you crying?” his hearty laugh only made you cry even harder, digging your face into the crook of his neck. you shake your head, trying to trick him into believing that you weren’t an emotional mess. you feel his hand playing with your hair on the top of your head, the feeling of your heart beating faster than ever.
“i’m glad...” he whispered, planting a soft kiss on the top of your forehead. “i’m glad i’m the one you’re choosing”.
ʚ bfe (boyfriend era)
turns out that you only used riki as a rebound because you thought jungwon wouldn’t like you (sorry riki)
you two have so many succulents that you share and have names for
you call them your children
never not holding hands, linking arms, hugging... you two are never apart no matter the reason
you wear couple shoes and hats because you want everyone to know that you’re dating yang jungwon
so many couple pictures on the feed... nobody can ever escape them
library dates all the time but it always ends up with you two playing games on the library computer
always going to new restaurants together as dates to see if you two like it or not
jungwon only ever tells you if he’s jealous if he thinks it’ll get serious
you two rarely fight but when you do and it gets really serious the both of you apologise the next day over facetime crying your eyes out for forgiveness
you play with each other’s hair a lot but it’s mainly jungwon
jungwon loves it when you put his hair into pigtails
he ties your laces for you and you melt at it every time he does it
endless loveable teasing from the both of you because none of you know how to flirt properly
ʚ songs that remind him of you!
— you were beautiful, day6
and with a tired yawn
you’d tell me that you loved me, i’ll be fine
and that’s what got me through the day alright
— dance with me, beabadoobee
and i know it's hard to tell
but i think i really like you
— i hope the world never ends, postcard boy
i’ll stay your best friend
until the world ends
ʚ everyday things with jungwon!
— disclaimer: i tried to find a more gender neutral picture for the ft call but this is the best i could do </3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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elriel-sparkleshadow · 4 days ago
Forbidden - Elriel Month Day 4
I'm a little late, but here's my short fic with the theme "forbidden". Hope you like it. @elrielmonth
When Azriel finally tells Elain the reasons that led him to stay away from her, the seer feels relief fill her soul and decides it's time to break some rules.
The word swirled in Elain's mind when she leaned against the railing next to Azriel. Behind them, the Velaris sky was starting to get dark, with the sunlight set, and the river flowed under the bridge. Because of the party that took place on the other side of the city, only the two were there and he finally told her about what happened at the solstice. Was that why he was avoiding her so much? Because of a Rhys ban and not because he wanted to?
She didn't know when started laughing, but when she realized, her body was bent forward and the sound of a deep laugh escaping her lips, with tears streaming down her eyes. Az pulled away from the rail and looked at her with concern, not understanding why she was laugh.
"Everything is fine?" He asked apprehensively and she took a deep breath, wiping her eyes and lifting her body to face him. The last rays of sunlight shone in his eyes, making them greener than brown, and a soft breeze made his dark hair messy. He was so beautiful, so beautiful.
"Yes" She smiled, unable to contain herself and he shook his head, letting out a nervous laugh, without seeming to understand her.
"Do I tell you that Rhys forbade me to speak to you and is that your reaction?" Azriel said soft and she realized that he must not be understanding anything.
"It's better than all the theories that I had created in my head"
Understanding flashed in his eyes as they stared at each other and he absorbed her words. Slowly he approached, placing one hand on the handrail on either side of her body, pinning her there.
"I would never, ever, walk away from you willingly"
His words were low, almost whispered, but something charged was in his eyes and she felt her heart beat faster and faster.
"You did, before the solstice"
She still remembered the conversations during the night, the times when he kept her company in the garden or returned from a mission with new seeds for her. She missed seeing him at dinners, or when her fingers brushed unintentionally and they took a long time to getaway. And she knew very well that after a while he started to avoid the house on the river and her.
Azriel came even closer and she had to lift her head to keep looking him in the eye.
"Yes, and I had to struggle with every cell in my body and with every thought to stay away from you"
He was so close that she could feel the heat of his body passing to hers as their breaths mixing. If she stayed on tiptoe she could join their lips, and that the cauldron saved her, she really wanted to do that.
"And now?" Her words came out in a breathless sigh when he lifted a hand to put a stir of her hair behind her ear.
His hand slid through the lock of hair to her chin.
"I don't think I have the strength to stay away from you anymore. What do you say, Elain?"
She smiled, feeling butterflies invade her stomach. She still had many doubts about her not-so-new life, about this world where she sometimes felt she didn't fit, but she had no doubts about Azriel, never about him.
"I’ve always followed rules, but I think it’s time to break some"
Standing on her tiptoes she joined her mouth with his and it was as if the world disappeared and there was only her and Azriel at that moment when the stars shone in the sky and he held her in his arms.
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