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#they are family theyre just chilling
depressedhatakekakashi · 5 hours ago
Can we get some modern AU kakagai and kakairu HCs :^) i just love your HCs theyre so nice its easy ti start imaginging other stories and scenes with how you do them
Modern Au
Kakashi is a coffee shop owner and Gai is a dojo owner. Both of them have had other jobs to help save up the money for their little places, but a lot of money also came from Kakashi’s father who’s an astronaut and always had money saved up for Kakashi.
Kakashi buys Gai a dojo as a birthday present one year, just a little while after they graduate from University. He says it’s no big deal, but Gai knows it’s a big deal. Kakashi also has a degree in financing so he takes care of all of the finances for both of their business while Gai focuses on PR. Because we do not leave Kakashi to PR. that does not end well.
Kakashi’s coffee shop is a very old-style place. It has that ‘family-owned feeling that people love and he’s always making sure to be as personable as possible with his guests. It’s draining, but this man is good at faking it so he gets by just fine. He even takes suggestions from Customers on how to improve the place. Like adding easily accessible newspapers, and having a jukebox for people to play the music they like. 
The two of them have eight dogs, all of which they adopted together. The only one that came with Kakashi into the relationship is Pakkun, and Gai adores the little pug more than anything. He’s really chill and just likes to sit on Kakashi or Gai’s lap while they watch movies or play video games.
Kakashi hires most of his workers from the university nearby, but also has a few older staff for the daytime when all of the university kids are busy. Everyone gets paid a decent wage and gets free food and coffee on their shift. Because of this, they’re more than happy to put their all into the job and Kakashi’s business is booming. 
The two of them buy their first house about three years after Gai gets his Dojo (one year after Kakashi opens the coffee shop) and it’s a really nice place with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a decent-sized yard, and a basement. As soon as they by the place Kakashi drags his best friend Yamato to move in with them so that he can get away from his shitty adopted dad and focus on finishing his own university studies that haven’t been going so well while he was living at Danzo’s.
Gai’s three favorite students, Lee, Neji and Tenten, all end up working at the Dojo with him. With Tenten training people to use various weapons, Neji focused on Tai chi, and Lee teaching Tae Kwon do. Gai himself is versed in a few different styles and likes to lead classes in different styles of martial arts.
The two of them love to spend their Thursdays together going for runs in the park with the dogs and having spars. Kakashi’s not as good at martial arts as Gai, but he can at least survive for a little while. Neji, Lee and Tenten are actually surprised the first time their Sensei’s husband comes in and doesn’t get thrown into the floor right away.
Iruka is an elementary school teacher while Kakashi is a high school literature teacher. 
The two of them met when Iruka’s adopted son Naruto got into trouble in Kakashi’s class one day, and Iruka had to go pick him up and talk to the poor suffering teacher dealing with this shit.
they hated each other at first. 
Iruka thought that Kakashi was arrogant (he’s not wrong) and Kakashi thought that Iruka was coddling Naruto (also not wrong but shut up Kakashi)
Unfortunately, Naruto loves to get into trouble and it’s usually Kakashi who has to deal with him. So the two of them end up seeing a lot of each other.
And then one day Iruka’s out just enjoying a nice Saturday off at the park when he sees none other than Naruto’s arrogant teacher there, with eight dogs.
Not only is Kakashi arrogant in Iruka’s mind now, but he’s also a little bit insane. That’s the only way he can explain a man who has nine dogs.
He ends up bringing it up to Kakashi the next time he gets called into a meeting over Narutos’ behavior and is surprised to hear Kakashi tell him that all of those dogs are adopted and were on the shortlist for being killed because no one would take him in.
Now Iruka’s struggling between ‘he's arrogant and ‘damn it he’s actually really sweet and he’s not sure how to handle this.
It’s ok though because the next time they see each other it’s at Iruka’s favorite coffee shop. Kakashi’s in line in front of him and for a second Iruka thinks about talking to him, but decides against it. He gets the counter and orders his drink, but when he goes to pay the barista tells him that the gentleman in front of him already paid for him.
Iruka, not wanting to owe his adopted son’s teacher for his coffee, chases after Kakashi and tries to pay him back. But Kakashi refuses. When Iruka won’t give up Kakashi actually laughs and tells him that he can pay him back with a coffee date.
Iruka’s certain this is not how someone’s supposed to ask another person out, but he’s also really not complaining. 
Of course, Iruka doesn’t expect anything to come out of it. The two of them are always insulting each other and bickering. How could they make a good couple? this will just be a quick date and then it’ll go back to arguing.
Except, they go on their date and Kakashi is actually really sweet and attentive. He lets Iruka gush about anything he wants and just sits there and listens. Doesn’t interrupt him at all.
And then at the end of the night, he has the audacity to ask Iruka out on a second date, and how is Iruka supposed to say no to that? He looks so adorable with that closed eye smile and he was so sweet during the whole night. 
Naruto is not doing ok when he finds out that his dad and teacher might be dating. He is not doing ok at all.
Iruka can’t be fussed to care though. All he can think of is Kakashi’s sweet smile.
And their interactions change so much. Now every time Iruka has to go into the school they’re always joking with each other and laughing. Kakashi also always makes sure to compliment Iruka just so he can see him blush.
Iruka calls them a ‘Enemies to friends love story’. Kakashi thinks they’re a ‘slow burn’ because he’s a romance dork.
One of their favorite activities to do when they start dating is laying on a couch with Iruka cuddled up in Kakashi’s arms while Kakashi reads him whatever romance novel he’s on this week. 
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astraleons · 11 days ago
Ok ignore this im trying to see how much i can remember for my business exam without reviewing
ok well partnership is formed by different individuals and they share capital and responsibility theyve got limited liability and theyre able to specialize and also do tasks together and less legalities but on the other hand they arent a legal identity and if one fucks up then everybody fuck up. private ltds basically is a legal entity usually a small business by shareholders and usually theres family involved and you can raise capital from shares but like u cant sell shares to public and corporate tax is higher.
ok so motherfucking uhh the organization is a tall hierarchy and issues that come with this is that there is a more narrow span of control and shittier communication cuz like shit gets lost throughout the steps and MM is currently organized by product! which is good because fuckijg uh theres better communication, specialization, motivation and investment because everyone just doin what they assigned to do but at the same time you have compartementalizaion FUCK IDK HOW TO SPELL and competition between departments e.g. financing and thats not COOL. so rachel is like hey man can we put the organization by region instead? like good shit is that you get more closer to the locals and have local employees but like u gotta hire more employees for that area and ur already habin issues with hiring high skilled employees and also because each country got their own shit its easier to track performance but like also its shit ebcause theres cultural differences and like hello different regions different expectations different policies and also competition between regions like ok yess the girls r fighting WHATEVER.
leadership styles well clare is situational she can be democratic but cna be autocratic but shes been REALLY FUCKING MEAN LATELY and thats because she puts her personal passions over the limits of her employees like DAMN CHILL!!! i know u love the environment but u literally cannot fucking block pay rises because some person said they couldnt make the deadline 🤥🤥🥱🥱🥱 ok this is pt.1 im doinf really wrll ok bye whoeber read this
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with-the-same-tattoos · 11 days ago
I was actually gonna write abt some more stuff abt Vincent & Nubbins, AND i WILL, trust me, I kinda love them, but I totally drifted off to thinking abt oc crossovers. I love doing aus for my ocs in different worlds, its absolutely fantastic for character development. Here's a few thoughts abt Milk hanging out w my faves... nat.... the sawyers...
I have a family of ocs that is really similiar to the Hewitts (the Gossiauxes) so the obvious thing would be to mix Milk w the Hewitts. Which, I mean yeah, Milk would fit right in, they'd absolutely be a mess around Tommy since their type essentially is "big strong brooding" and listen to Hoyt almost competetively, but since I have that technically already (though, in a gentler world) I GOT CURIOUS ABOUT MILK & THE SAWYERS.
U see. They have some Family Troubles. And they Love Old People. Like , deeply, deeply, they would just sit around grampa & grandma and take care of them So happily if they had the chance. Coo over grandpa, bring him water (n feed him their blood i assume? Vampire... grampa .....) Just for a very stiff pat on the head :)they would be So happy. I mean, they'd also chill w Drayton, be all sweet to him. I'd honestly love to depict the uncanny conversations between them. All creepy smirks and both trying to understand eachother through very casual smalltalk about weather full of hints to deeper subjects. They do not get eachother. But they will be nice.
Tumblr media
But yeah the most fun is w the twins defi :') milk is soooo much more reserved than them, but they r... honestly aesthetically kind of an in between... hay hippie w dark hair.... they're not as wild as either (theyre honestly rly nice theyr just Fucking Weird and inattentive / passive) but I feel like they could let their hair down around the lads a bit and Just "play along" (play along but like... theyre just using it as an excuse to genuinely have fun riding an old grocery cart down a hill) ("im a proper little lady and im just doing this 2 be polite uwu" is actually nb lil punk bitch who loves intense sensations) heres a polaroid selfie of the Weird Lanky kids
Tumblr media
I just feel like, during their travels, Milkweed Could stay, idk How that situation would come about but. Esp in the old house. Their gaunt look matches the old Sawyer house so well. Bare little feet and big gardigans and cutesy delicate look (xept theyre like 180-190cm and surprisingly strong) on wooden boards, sneaking around all quiet and meek. Skin as thin as cartilege, rotting. Wiry hands holding chicken. mwAH.
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cyncerity · 12 days ago
Ooooo I love that story about size shifter Tommy hiding it from his family until he has to save them. Id love to see some more of that, like shinanigens with Wilbur getting tiny Tommy to help him with pranks, Techno wanted to try sparing with giant Tommy, Phil letting Tommy sit under his hat or in a chest pocket where he can just chill and chat with his son while going on trips.
Or for a little action, the family is on a trip into the mines when something happens and the large cave theyre in is about to collaps but the exits all already caved in. Tommy grows big to hold the ceiling up to save everyone, but is stuck in that precarious position until his family can find an exit and somehow get Tommy out without him getting crushed by the ceiling the moment he lets go.
I love these ideas so much here are some bullet points for them since I’m to tired to actually write atm
Also I may or may not turn the second part into a short story of its own at some point
I probably will-
Yes Wilbur needs Tommy to shrink down to help him with pranks hsksksjksks that’s so cute oh my god. Sometimes Wil needs Tommy to set things up where he can’t reach, but there have been a few times where Tommy has hid in Techno’s room in the middle of the night and scratched at the walls or something to scare him. Wilbur has those videos on his phone (which Tommy propped up in a vent during the prank) and definitely does threaten to blackmail Techno with them (all for fun tho, he wouldn’t actually blackmail his brother lol)
And Techno trying to fight a giant Tommy would go poorly to say the least. Tommy has been sparing Techno for a while and has probably never won, so while Techno sees Tommy’s new size as a challenge, Tommy sees it as a chance for some revenge >:) ,,, Phil walks in on Tommy pinning Techno to the ground with one hand and trying to wipe the blood off his other hand after Techno stabbed it and he gives them both a stern talking to.
And yes, Phil keeping Tommy under a hat or in a pocket to keep him safe is so cute. Tommy also loves to be close to Phil. He also tends to fall asleep there a lot, safe and warm and knowing he’s being kept safe by someone who loves him. Phil also sometimes abuses this power by grabbing Tommy when he’s being tiny and irritating and just throwing him under his hat. Tommy is snoring in like, 5 minutes max after that and now Phil can actually get stuff done while making sure his reckless tiny son stays safe.
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k3rm1e · 14 days ago
heyhey!!! howre u doing kermie?? i hope ur good <3 i wnated to rq sime hcs again,, so the idea is that reader is kidna young, like 14 or 15 and they run imto ranboo pn the smp and ranbooo is immediatly like "this is my silbing now, mess twith them nd ill kill you" and the reader is sotra like a lottle ball of chaos n theyre only really nice to ranboo lol but i just wnat older brohter ranboo <3, oh !! and they/them pronouns - :^) anon
heyhey!!! howre u doing kermie?? i hope ur good <3 i wnated to rq sime hcs again,, so the idea is that reader is kidna young, like 14 or 15 and they run imto ranboo pn the smp and ranbooo is immediatly like "this is my silbing now, mess twith them nd ill kill you" and the reader is sotra like a lottle ball of chaos n theyre only really nice to ranboo lol but i just wnat older brohter ranboo <3, oh !! and they/them pronouns - :^) anon
:^) anon, hello! i love found family type of things so ewofnjnsvsvb i hope you enjoy! <3
cw: cursing 
ranboo pretty much adopted you the moment you joined the server
niki was giving you a tour and had invited him to come along, just to introduce you to another person somewhat  near your age
because being surrounded by adults is stressful sometimes
at first he was pretty chill, that was until you were introduced to michael
and you were so nice to him even though he was pretty much just an npc
so it was just “hello. sibling. mine now.”
when you met michael you really wanted to let him out and let him explore
“the snowy tundra is not his natural habitat! he belongs in the nether!”
“yeah, but he’s my son! i’m not letting go of him!”
which resulted in you trying to light the house on fire so that michael could be warm
as ranboo frantically put out the fire michael just stared out the window
you continued on the tour with niki and him, just getting to know the server and the others on it
along with them getting to know you
and when ranboo found out you were like fourteen he was pretty worried at first 
the older people in the gaming community can sometimes be a bit rude or creepy to younger people, just from what I've seen
so he was ready to defend and protect you
only to find out you didn’t really need his protection, or anyone’s for that matter
within any interaction you are so very chaotic
during one of his streams you just joined screaming “hey fuckers!”
like please, on ranboo tries not to swear on his streams and you’re here just ruining it
finally, during one of his streams he tries to tell you off just for generally being an idiot
which results in the planning of arson during your next stream
“chat, chat, dear chat, if you were in little bitchboo’s stream yesterday you know what’s up. he betrayed me. so, payback is in order.”
dramatic monologue: 1000
at first you just planned quick arson with flint and steal
until you got stopped by technoblade and tried to fight him
spoiler alert: you did not succeed
once you had finally gotten to the house you realized it wasn’t even flammable
so you got a shit ton of lava and just dumped it  a l l  o v e r  his house
it was quite literally everywhere
ranboo appeared midway through your master plan to see his house covered in lava
sadly a villager was lost
he nearly disowned you but figured “fineeee” he’d be nice
but he did force you to rebuild his house
after a few months of you being on the server, it was finally summer an covid was nearly over
which meant meetups!
you have cursed him
the first day you spent at his house you had forced ranboo to stay up all night with you watching netflix shows
please he just needs sleep
you do an irl stream with him in which he is forced to go out in his full get up, along with the cat ears
but you do run into some fans which is pretty cool
at some point his mom asks him why he puts up with you and your bullshit
and his only explanation is that you’re his sibling
this took like two weeks L i hope you still enjoy it tho :^) anon!
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kung-fu-headcanons · 17 days ago
Any tigress and shifu ( father and daughter) headcanons ? Or tai lung and tigress headcanons ( brother and sister)
Frick yeah boiii
Tigress and Shifu:
Okay I'm like 99% sure I've already answered something similar to this- so if there are repeats I'm really sorry qwq
Theyre pretty chill for the most part 😎 very kalm and relaxed father-daughter relationship
Shifu is always cracking dad jokes you CANNOT tell me otherwise
He only does it if it's just him and Tigress though we all know what will happen if Po finds out about this-
They're kinda independent tho but they care for each other a lot
We're talking about someone that was left on the doorstep of the Jade Palace and a possibly touch starved teacher here like- you would think they would be close as family
I think their main method of spending time together would be meditation
Well for one Tigress physically cannot understand the concept of true relaxing /hj
It's just the peace and quiet of meditation and the presence of the other person is very calming yk
I'm brain dead
Tigress and Tai Lung:
Tai Lung 100% is the jerky brother that makes fun of you for everything and could care less if you died or not
At least that's what he acts like he cares okay but he just doesn't show it LOL
Tai Lung bullies Tigress on a daily basis 😭🖐️ it's not actually bullying tho it's a sibling thing like we'll mess with the other simply because (people with siblings will understand me..)
Theyre the siblings that are like "I'm gonna kill you" vibe and THAT is what gives them a close bond
Shifu is too tired for this JDKJDKD
Tigress and Tai Lung may seem like they hate each other but if anybody picks on them they have requested for death
Shifu does not understand what happens between them
"Dad Shifu Tigress did [insert something really unnecessary to snitch about here]" "shut up Tai Lung stop being a baby about it" "I am not!!"
Basically Tai Lung is your average teenage boy/young adult boy
He's literally the definition of "boys will be boys"
Tigress is literally so disappointed in him JDJDKD shes always like "I can't believe he's my brother"
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racinglesbian · 18 days ago
Esme! Here are two more (3 including me) who want to be your friends🥺 the cat is named after Formulino (because no inspiration and I wanted to call him Nico but my family disagreed). The horse is my absolute best thing in life, he is a rescue and is just chilling now not being ridden or worked, he's called Tom (nickname Dino because he's huge and should have been extinct with all the dumb stuff he does). They now consider you a friend because they love awesome people!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
omg you should have called him britney
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notatree · 22 days ago
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S1E5
so whats gonna happen to the US armys newest "golden boy" now that hes been seen by dozens of witness's murdering someone in cold blood?
that blood on the shield is soo jarring and walker is totally freaking out right now he needs to take a chill pill
ohh this isnt gonna go good
"you gotta give me the shield man"
how is sam gonna be the falcon and use the shield? i dont get how the two would work together
ee ow bucky just got yeeted into a car
"why are you making me do this"
yeah a team? was never an option with you you asshole
come on buck wake up!
"i am captain america" no you arent you jerkwad
oh my god he almost killed sam! and ripped off his wings!
pfft bucky threw john into sam carrying the shield that was dope
AHHH buckys carrying the shield! and he gave it back to sam! aww these two
the fact that its covered in blood is just so wrong to me somehow
ayy torres is here "hey you got your sleeve back!"
welp i guess that answers that sams not gonna be the falcon anymore
will torres replace him?
YES! Johns actually facing consequences for his actions
nooo court martial his ass!
"return the shield to us with expedience" pfft he dont got it anymore
ayy who dis?
HE DIDNT KILL LEMARR! why is everyone excusing him
who is this val woman? who gave them a blank card? was it just for looks? invisible ink?
the GRC is kicking them out? assholes
aww zemo went to sokovia to visit the memorial
and bucky found him; is bucky gonna kill him?
zemo is trying to convince bucky to kill john or karli?
oh my god bucky almost gave me a heart attack i actually thought he was gonna kill zemo
ok that shot of the bullets falling? thats dope
ok good on bucky for turning him in to the dora
is the Raft a wakandan prison?
and bucky isnt allowed in wakanda anymore fun
hes gonna show the shield to isaiah
Red Tails? oh is that the all black regiment in the military? the tuskegee airmen right?
tsk daamn
the US likes to pride themselves on being better when really the just did exactly what HYDRA did by experimenting on Isaiah
what he should do is record his story on video show his proof and sam should wait until isaiah passes naturally and then release his story
"they will never let a black man be captain america"
y'know thats one thing that made steve such a good man. he came from a time where pretty much everyone hated black people, and he shows up in the 21st century and his first friend who he trusts with his life and legacy is black
aww theyre selling the boat? oh no they cant sell the boat
"why are you back here bothering me" siblings right there
is he gonna get those people to fix the boat? woww this is cute
bucky? YES!
is that a falcon suit? or a new cap suit?
"why didnt you use the metal arm" "im right handed"
why is bucky flirting with sams sister?
i love this domesticated bucky just doing normal things like sanding and occasionally ripping pieces of metal with his metal arm
"ill have carlos cut you up and feed you to the fish"
johns talking to lemars parents
but that guy didnt kill lemar! Karli killed him!
why does he keep getting excused because "thats the guy who killed lemar" HE DIDNT KILL LEMAR GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL
ooh sharon what are you up to?
pfft the kids are playing with the shield
alright can we just get to the part where he throws the shield around? there we go!
john walker disgraced the shield and now a black man is being given the shield its gonna cause problems thats for sure
"that shields the closest thing i got to a family"
"it worked for him i figured itd work for me"
losing steve really hurt bucky
"were partners" "co-workers" agh these two i cant
ooh is he gonna paint the boat? or rename it? after Steve?
"what would be the point of all the pain and sacrifice if i wasnt willing to stand up and keep fighting"
and cue the badass musical cue with some action shots
ooh i love this red and blue shirt like it gives patriotic/cap vibes but also "im a normal dude" vibes
damn boyy
so whats bucky up to now that theyve separated somewhat
ohh batroc?! again? after sharon called him? is sharon the powerbroker? she helped to set up sam?
oh nooo
and what was in that case from the wakandans?
oh noo
WHATS IN THE CASE?! new suit? weapons? come on show us!!
ohh theres an after credit scene oh god walkers making a knock off shield with his badge on it? seriously dude? now your just being disrespectful to rank
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foulserpent · 26 days ago
12 for shap and ned?
Is there a wedding? What was the proposal like? Any kind of honeymoon?
yeah so theyre the only ones of my ocs who actually get married, but it was planned out in advance rather than there being any real proposal. they were already in a committed longterm relationship and they wanted kids, their marriage was more ned formally joining shap’s family
but yeah the proposal involved an exchange of gifts (ned carved a little wooden frog charm for shap to wear on a necklace, shap made a beaded necklace for ned with a couple of his teeth), and their honeymoon was just basically them relaxing and hanging out for a few days in their new home unbothered and with a lot of food and drinks. pretty low key and chill
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mynamesnotquade2 · a month ago
Ughhhh i was getting better i swear. I was still groggy so i made a doctor appt anyway. Its not for a week so im gonna call in the mornings about last minute openings. Anyway everything is mostly cool and chill till i decide to go get a snack. I open my door, step out and am fucking BLINDED my sister leaves the front door open when shes out front and also had her car perfectly parked so that the sun reflected off her windshield AND STRAIGHT INTO MY DAMN EYESSSS 😵😵😭 MY GOD THAT HURT AND NOT ONLY DID SHE NOT PAY ATTENTION TO ME TELLING HER BUT LEFT IT LIKE THAT TILL DUSK. OMG I WENT FROM FEELING GROGGY TO JUST BEING IN SO MUCH PAIN. i spent the rest of the day mostly blindfolded in bed to rest my eyes and head. i told her again at dinner while im eating blindfolded cause my family loves turning on EVERY light in the house on for some reason. Like there are 4 separate lights that light up the whole living room and they turned them ALL on COMPLETELY AWARE OF MY CONDITION. Jesus christ theyre frustrating people and it makes sense why they all have problems with relationships, they're all so damn selfish and self-interested which is why im not like that lol. They tend to not understand instances of me putting others first, like they just question why i didnt take the selfish path. And theyre always dismissive of my feelings and illnesses till im in the damn emergency room. Anyway it's dark and im finally feeling better again but god damn that hurt lol. I might just go to the ER tommorow lol
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maelstrom92 · a month ago
so got an idea from this amazing art by @banana-banshee
✨a jutjutsu kaisen regular kids!au✨
-where curses dont exist and yuji stays in regular highschool and goes to his weekly supernatural club (the friends are okk!!!! they play mock-up curse games like d&d)
-grandpa lives 😌 and continues to raise and help yuji. he still has health probs but yuji chills w him in the hospital and reads/writes manga(he wants to be a writer one day🤗)
-gojo, utahime, nanami etc are all teachers, yoshinobu is the principle, shoko is the nurse, masamichi is the gym teacher😂
-gojo is blind, he dyes his hair white for the lulz, and is the students fav teacher / a jokester, his class is an gaurenteed A as long as you dont tell on him to the principle for all the nonconstructive class trips (strange little excursions throughout the hallways, games in the sports fields, scavenger hunts throughout the school etc)
-nanami went into teaching bc he wanted to help (altho if you asked him he'd just say he just wanted the job security🙄 but he left bc Reasons (hint: a certain fellow teacher may possibly have somethingeverything to do w it) and got a soulless corporate job but missed....the kids👀👀 so he took the pay cut and came back
-megumi and nobara are transfer students. megumi just wants to get away from his family (and the private academy he had been goin to) nobara keeps getting kicked out of schools for fighting/anger issues
-shes encouraged to join the baseball team and meets team captain maki (who has just as many if not more Issues™️ than her)(theyre besties now<3)
-megumi is Severly Depressed and antisocial™️ (his sister is in a coma and he meets a pink haired kid there in the hospital hallway one day whos visiting his grandpa) > pink hair kid™️ makes an Impression > megumi feels goodweird for the first time in Years > phk™️ mentions his public hs he goes to (megumi almost stumbled onto him bc he was zoning out while stirring coffee he had no intention of drinking and the phk™️ was laying haphazardly in the hallway reading some Weird Manga) > megumi decides hes had Enough w his private academy and their soulless elitism and decides to transfer to public school for phk™️ his /health/
-reality of the differences hit him hard tho (ppl actually Daring to talk to him bc the name Zenin™️ holds no meaning here)(him having to choose between responding or looking like a smug asshole)(not being able to use the family name to get out of the work(hes not lazy hes depressed™️)(not knowing how to deal w everyone being interested in him but not bc of his family???? they actually??want to get to know???[him]?)(constantly not knowing if the friendly smiles are real or not)(it gets to be Too Much)(and he almost drops out but a goofy (and vaguely familiar) teacher (where has he seen that white hair before?) manages to convince him to keep trying and invites him to join the club he leads (its an supernatural club)(phk™️ is there)(his prestigious family™️ would never approve of him bein friends w someone w pink hair)(pink hair is Not Classy)(supernatural fiction is childrens fantasy)(he should be in chess or fencing club or some shit)(but this is his choice)(he grins as he walks out of his first meeting)
-todo and choso are upperclassmen + bros w yuji😌 todo tells him abt the baseball team (its co-ed) and he befriends nobara and maki
-megumi would rather sulk in the stands than join a sport™️ but he takes up art and Draws His Feelings (Randomly And Completely Unsupported By Any Evidence Whatsoever his drawings start to turn into panels of a manga👀)
-miwa and momo are galpals (girlfriends,,,,,,theyre girlfriends) and also cheerleaders until nobara shows up and tells them they could use more girls on the ball team
-naoya is the school bully
-innumaki is mostly nonverbal (yuji pulls him into The Friend Group and they all learn to translate the few words he does say)(no one had ever bothered to Try before)(girl kelp😭)
-sukuna is the name yuji gives the voice of his intrusive thoughts; hes getting better at ignoring him(((sometimes)))
-panda is human! its just a nickname bc he wears a panda costume as the school mascot (he wears it around school even when theres not a game tht day🐼)
-kokichi is disabled, uses a wheelchair, is the the club w the others, is a gamer™️ (his username is mechamaru)
-junpei (junpeiiiii😢😭) is bullied alot but one time yuji and megumi See It and Stop It and now theyre all friends uwuwuwuu😭😩😭
-mahito is a creep who crepps around the school with his followers tryin to manipulate and trick students into like his cult or w/e idk i havent figured it out yet (once nanami finds out tho....)
-hanami is one of those extreme environment advocate preachers lol
ahhhhh😅just the basics for somethng i might get to at some point and expand on these bc i rly love regularppl!aus so yeah😬
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gothibara · a month ago
The House kids my beloved. Naming characters my beloathed. 2/3rds of my characters for this universe Simply Do Not Have Names because im very bad at it and almost none of them have last names. ANYWAYS The House is basically made up of a bunch of misfit mutant kids like i said! Navy was the first one i made and the half-brother of Scorpion who’s in Jaime’s gang, not one of The House kids. (Navy is a codename/nickname, Scorpion is a placeholder name sjfhjsfhjsh) Navy is one of the less human ones, with blue skin, birdlike feet, bioluminescence and a bigass scorpion tail. ironically his scorpion tail is bigger than his brother Scorpion 💔 anyways hes a stupid twink and is the most enthusiastic abt vigilanteism. NEXT up is Mitch!!!!!!!!!!!! Mitch my dear my beloved my sweet. Mitch is one of the oldest at 22, it’s basically the oldest sibling. It’s pretty much a giant humanoid dragon... pangolin? Mitch is the least humanoid one and is like 8ft tall, but its literally just a gentle giant, always babysitting the younger siblings and usually is the one doing the cooking. One of its only real powers is night vision, but it has really bad vision in the light so it isnt a vigilante or anything sfjshfsjd. Bailey is one of the other oldest and most of the time is literally just a normal human JDFHJSHF she’s a dudebro and doesnt spend much time actually at the house, she’s since kind of aged out and got her own apartment and job, but she still considers the other House kids her family and checks in often! She’s chill and very cool andi like her. She is a mutant tho, and can kinda,, create or retract arms at will, like, making them. They usually come out her sides or back dont ask me how it works. If her siblings need her she’ll do some vigilante stuff but otherwise shes like. a Very Normal Person tbh JDHFJSHD Bronze aka Zizi is the little sibling out of the teenagers!! She’s not a mutant but she is a vigilante!! She has two prosthetic legs that she built herself, and upon realizing the potential her inventions had she made herself four extra arms and a tail to help her in combat! (inspired by Bailey and Navy respectively. Bailey and her bond about it regularly theyr very close) Shes only like 16, she got taken into the House because one of the older vigilante House kids found her fighting a villain (who is also an important character) went ‘who is this sassy lost child’ and adopted her. There’s also Crow and a lil small child who doesnt have a name yet, Crow is a very fun lil bird guy whose body still hasnt quite caught up to their mutations yet so they still need some help w some things, but they have wings and a long tail! they cant stand up straight bc of their legs and longer neck so theyre basically just constant shrimp pose like three feet tall. Theyr very fun to draw skfhsjdjjs theyre also very close with Navy! Last character is the little kid, i’m still not terribly sure on the kid yet but tbf theyre not done mutating yet, theyre like a lil cow baby... Mitch’s favorite sibling because they havent broken any furniture testing an invention or accidentally poisoned a sibling with their tail yet (jk Mitch just really loves kids, it has a biological baby brother but it hasnt seen him since before it started mutating) I WILL HAVE TO SAVE THE VILLAINS FOR LATER BC ITS GETTING LATE BUT THANK U FOR LETTING ME RANT AND RAMBLE
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adhdsix · a month ago
hii so absolute brainrot bc the server suggested this au and for some reason i could not help myself hey bloomi and rose * steals your au * /j 
eye patterns glow in the dark 
small hooks like claws on hands
fin things instead of ears
stripes on his tail kinda like tv static
yellow tail (purple eye patterns)
stubbier tail
sharper/more curved hooks
some ideas n stuff!
mono makes jewelry out of shells and rocks and likes to collect pirate hats!!
he has one eye marking on each cheek (under his actual eyes) as well as one on both palms of his hand
six has eyes all over tail, one on her stomach, on her palms, and one on her forehead, also she has the same fin things for ears but theyre mostly covered  by hair + i was just too lazy to try and properly draw them in 
the eye markings dont serve much of a purpose other than they can glow in the dark so yay light source but the ones on their faces are the ones that can move around (they dont see out of them though) usually when theyre focusing on something, plus they sorta convey emotion ex. if theyre with family or friends there would be a little heart in the eye, if theyre amazed/excited it would be a little star, if theyre sad maybe a lil tear drop type thing, etc. etc. 
for mono these are the two eyes on his cheeks, and for six its the one on her forehead 
mermaids have shark teeth!!! chompers!
i was also gonna have it so that mono’s tail is like a dolphins?? like the fins at the end whereas six’s is like a sharks so  idk
there are a few ideas 4 the story but i dont think anythings for certain yet but the concept atm is mono is one of the last mermaids and lives alone (w the sea creatures ofc), and bc the ocean is very very dirty he goes up 2 land to try and do something abt it (he has a human form but i assume he doesnt use it much and probably forgot how to walk)
buuut he gets stuck in a fishers net and caught in rocks which is where he meets six whos from an orphanage nearby; one of the caretakers there always told her stories abt the sea so she was very happy 2 find mono :] she then proceeds to help him and just sort of bridal carry him back to her home where he can stay and they just sorta chill. mono is able 2 temporarily give six a mermaid form and    thats kind of it so far sorta  again credit 2 bloomi and rose 4 thinking of this 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
also sketch i have yet to fix and probably wont ever ajskdj mono gets kidnapped and forgets how to walk (real)
Tumblr media
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locke-barmecide · a month ago
Kirumi headcanons again because she’s underrated and only known as mom
She hangs out with Maki a lot (you can see this as romantic or platonic. Romantically I’ll see it as maki is dating kirumi and Kaito while kirumi is only dating maki sorta deal since I really like kaimaki but that’s just my take.)
Maki likes to skateboard and Kirumi roller blades so they vibe at the skatepark a lot. They tend to go really early in the mornings or later at night so they don’t have to worry about teenage boys being loud and in the way.
She loves going to concerts. She’ll usually bring Kiyo with them but he can’t handle loud noises so he’ll wear noise canceling headphones and just enjoy observing how everyone functions.
She dyes their hair a lot. She also cuts it a lot. Usually just small trims and adjustments but sometimes she’ll cut it into a sort of longer pixie cut.
She platonically cuddles with Kiyo a lot. They get along super well and are super close because Kiyo never really treated them like a parent so they end up cuddling on the couch and watching horror movies together a lot.
She’ll hang out with Rantaro and Kiyo lots when he’s home from his travels for a bit. Rantaro and Kirumi both have quite an attachment to Kiyo because theyre both slightly overprotective of them especially since he has no family (that are in the picture. Most are dead or neglectful, anyways enough about Kiyo,,)
Since she’s learning to live like a teenager she’ll have a lot of pop and candy in their house. She’s good about being healthy during the week but on weekends it’s chill time.
She takes the bus to school and work. She wears a mask if she’s taking public transit because Kiyo suggested it and she doesn’t want to get sick.
One of their many hobbies is scaring Kiyo. He stays over at their place a lot so she has many opportunities. She’ll usually use Jack ( @saiharasbitch for the name) or just jump at them. She obviously doesn’t go too far with the spiders and won’t actually let the spider close enough to them to make them panic. She’s not that mean.
I mentioned before that she rollerblades. (Or roller skates idfk anything so correct me if I’m wrong about this one) she likes to learn tricks and impress maki. She’ll sometimes just go around the neighborhood/city though.
(As I was creating this I realized how absolutely wonderful kirumaki is so they’re together now. Maki can still be with Kaito but damn kirumaki 🥰)
Kirumi has an awful sleep schedule. She’ll stay up late and wake up early. She also wakes up multiple times in the night.
She struggles with isolating themselves from everyone in their life. She’ll ignore Kiyo and stop hanging out with Maki and hide in their house all alone forcing themselves to clean and reorganize and not letting themselves relax. Kiyo can usually spot this and he’ll go to their place (sometimes he’ll drag maki) and drag them out of their depressing loop.
She’ll sometimes have maki over and they’ll just lay together. Maki usually falls asleep in their arms. Kirumi absolutely loves it. Maki does too but she’ll never say.
Sometimes Kiyo and Maki will come over and watch them play horror games. Maki usually cuddles into Kirumi pretty hard because she’s scared (but won’t admit it) and Kiyo only gets scared at certain parts. If he does he will also snuggle into kirumi.
Once some dumb kids ding dong ditched kirumi while Kiyo and maki were over so the two got dressed up in the scariest looks they could muster, ignoring kirumis protest, and scared the living shit out of those dumb kids. They ran home screaming. They never bothered kirumi again.
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midnightweeds · a month ago
Hi I just recently found your writings, theyre soooo goooddd 😩 may I request nanami with prompt 27 and maybe cockwarming??
thank you! i’m so glad you enjoy them 😌😘
jujutsu kaisen ; nanami , reader ; wc1931 ; 18 +
prompt : make yourself useful ft. cockwarming
summary : a cozy night with kento on your bedroom's balcony
notes : i didn't mean for this to play on the other nanami cockwarming rq, but it does and omg the idea of this being a sweet , intimate bonding ritual has me 😭 ; also reader works for home country's embassy ( this isn't a plot point, just some mindless conversation )
warnings : drinking ; kissing ; cockwarming ; toys ( vibrator ) ; dirty talk ; mention of starting a family
Tumblr media
" -and I have no idea what I'm even supposed to say, you know?"
"Mmm," Nanami says, elbow propped on the edge of the table.
He rubs his knuckle along his bottom lip, eyes sleepy as he watches you, and you aren't sure if his cheeks are flushed from the show chilling night or the bottle of wine you all have all but polished off, but you don't really care beyond the fact that you think he looks very pretty. Especially with his hair a bit toussled and set of fresh sticks above his brow.
"So, I just kinda, ya know-," you gesture with your hands.
"Made something up."
Frowning, you reach for your glass and finish off your white. You shift to make yourself more comfortable on his lap and gasp at the feeling. Ignoring his smug look, you say, "I don't like the way you said that."
He smirks, the hand resting on your hip squeezing your tauntingly. "You work for your ambassador, love."
"Don't remind me," you groan, trying to remember why you’d even taken your position, however many years ago. Though, you can’t really complain. Not when you got to meet and marry the love of your life. "What does that have to do with anything, anyway?"
"You've got to be a little crafty, y/N. I like it."
"Do you?" You ask curiously, focusing on the table as you touch the bottom off his empty glass.
"You're my wife. I love everything about you."
"But you only said you like it."
"I'm trying to play it cool, obviously."
You laugh. "Are you saying I unsettle you?"
"Yeah," he quietly admits. "Only person I've ever met that has."
"You never told me that."
"I need some secrets, love."
You smile softly, looking back at him as you say, "More."
He cracks a smile, lifting his elbow off the table and wrapping his fingers around the back of your neck.
"Ken," you breathe just before he pulls you close for a kiss, crushing your lips to his as he lets go of your hip. Anticipation and expectation flood you, your whole body going taut, already on the edge as you clench around him.
He hisses at the feeling, thighs flexing, and switches the vibrator back on.
"Fuck," he breathes, breaking your kiss. His eyes meet yours as you part, your brow a little furrowed as your body tightens and trembles over him. You roll your hips, eyes falling closed at the overwhelming feeling of his cock seeming to grow even harder inside you.
He lets go of your neck, cupping one of your breasts as his hand smoothes down your body to take hold of your hip in warning. As he turns the vibrator up, he says, "Stay still, love. If you want more you just have to tell me."
"I want you to fuck me. Ken-haaa-my god. Kenny. Too much. Gonna cum."
"I thought you wanted more, y/N?" He kisses your open mouth, lips fitting over the bottom swell of yours just before his tongue brushes yours "Fucking yourself on my cock like that-"
You open your eyes to see him staring at you, his gaze hungry and pupils blown wide. He smirks as you whimper, the both of you well aware of how near you are to positively drowning in him.
"-what did you expect?"
You grip his forearm and feel him flex at your touch; but, he doesn't ease up and you don't really want him to. "Fuck me."
He only nips at your bottom lip in response, the hand at your hip slipping under your shirt and smoothing back up your body until his palm is settled over your other breast. "Not yet."
You groan, purposefully squeezing around him and feeling particularly satisfied by the way his lashes flutter against the sharp curve of his cheeks. "Want it so bad, Ken. Wanna feel you fucking into me. Stretching me out before you fill me up."
His hand continues up your shirt, pushing out of the collar to settleat the base of your throat. "What else?"
"Kiss me."
He laughs, hips shifting as he pulls you closer, and he steals your lips as you gasp, kissing you breathless. You lick the fruity taste of wine from your lips when he lets you up for air.
"Kenny, honey," you say, voice heady with desire as he kisses down your jaw and throat. Gripping his shirt, you say, "You were gone for so long... may-make yourself useful and make me arm."
He laughs, loud and hearty, maxing out the vibrator as he pulls his hand from under your shirt.
"Ha-fuck. Ken, please-"
He hugs you closer and you wrap your arms under his, squeezing his shoulders as you press your face into his shoulder. "I know. That's it, baby," he murmurs, holding you tight as you cling to him, your hips rolling on their own as your body begs for relief.
"That's it...what do you want? You wanna cum?" He asks, kissing anywhere he can reach. "Or you want to keep edging?"
"I wa-haa fuck. Baby," your fingers tighten in his shirt. "Fuck me. Please. I wanna cum."
His hips shift just enough to leave you groaning in a mix of pleasure and desperation, fucking into you slowly. You cry in his shoulder, clutching at him as you thrust your hips down into his.
"'m so close, Ken."
You feel him smile against the crook of your neck, laughing as you sob with relief when he turns off the vibrator.
"I've got you, baby," he murmurs, hand coming up to hold you to his shoulder.
You feel his thighs flexing, cook throbbing, and he shushes you as you cry out in pleasure, fucking you harder through your orgasm. "You're doing so well for me, baby," he praises, voice low and soft in your ear. "You feel so good-"
"How do we always end up, here?"
He chuckles, nose brushing your ear as he litters your skin with soft kisses. "Because I find my sweet, sweet wife irresistable. And you indulge me."
"Because I, unfortunately, love you," you say, pulling away enough to see him once you've recovered.
He grins at the face you make, thumb coming up to brush your cheek, and his eyes fall closed when you do the same. Smiling softly, you lean in and ghost your lips over his stitches.
"You're so very pretty," you tell him. "Even all bruised up."
You feel him throb inside you, and he's even more flushed when you sit back. It causes you to smile as you pinch his cheek, wiggling in his lap.
"Do I not tell you enough, husband? I love your face nearly as much as I love you."
He licks his lips, taking hold of your hand and kissing your fingertips. "I'm retiring."
You blink a few times to process what he's so suddenly told you. "You...what?"
"I very nearly died while I was away, love. It put everything into a perspective I've never had."
"But... deny it as much as you want, but, you love your work, Ken."
"Not nearly as much as I love you," he kisses your fingertips again. "Or as much as I could - no, not as much as I already love our family. Don't cry, y/N. My love," he smiles as he brushes his thumb across your cheek. "This is good news."
"I know, I just," you use your free hand to wipe your face "I love you. I never expected you to do this so soon."
"We don't have to have children tomorrow," he tells you. "I just need you to know I'm ready whenever you're ready...Come here," he murmurs, pulling you in to kiss your forehead. "Probably not the best time to tell you, huh?"
"Nah- it's perfect, Kento."
"Good," he presses another kiss to your forehead. "Now, let’s get you cleaned up so we can go to bed."
"You didn't finish."
"It's ok."
"But, I..." You bite your bottom lip before wrapping your arms around his neck and burying your face in him. "I'm not ready for children, but, we could, ya know... practice."
His arms tighten around you as he stands up and steps off the balcony and back into you all's bedroom.
"Let's do it properly then, yeah?"
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babyveeandlittleprince · a month ago
@switchyticklebug requested tickly teasy concept!!
ro teaching michael how much vee loves tickles and teases
side note: another concept i builded on in messages with someone else - @a-little-bit-flustered this time - so pls excuse any weird formatting r grammar hasdhshd and  any indednted text  is bea typing not me
i imagine during the time that michael stays over at the family’s house a lot in his top surgery recovery, he gets to see a lot of the family dynamics that he just hasn’t been close enough to witness before - including roman and vee’s teasy tickly dynamic
AHH makes my heart go whooosh to think of vee and michael hanging out with roman in the living room and vee has been giggly all day and rlly sweet but also is  gettin kinda of fidgety but neither or nor michael realise why
but occasionally mimmy will say smth sweet that embarrasses vee and she goes (⌯≧ ﹏ ≦⌯)  "nooooo" and wiggles and hides her blushy cheeks (and smile) on michaels shoulder
and michael is a sweetie and is like oh okay i wont say that again sorry kitty! because he just wants to respect it if she tells him not to do smth
but then roman sees vee pout a little but shyly go quiet and fidgety again and hes like OHHHH i seee what kinda mood she’s in....
and hes like "hey Michael wanna learn smth about vee vee?" 😏😈 hsjsjsj
and he scooches over and pulls vee into his lap and michales like aww :3 but vee is rlly blushy like HHHH ros gonna do it he’s gonna tease me in front of mimmy ! and tbh this is rlly what shewanted all along
and roman explains teasy "when she whines 'noooooo' , unless she says cotton candy then it ACTUALLY means 'pleeaaase make me blush and stutter more' " and vee squeaks and buries her face and michael is just like :0 ?really??
and ro whispers "and sometimesss..." and wiggles his finger rlly RLLY lightly under vees ear and vee squeaks and whines "it means 'pleeeasee tickle tickle tickle me'" and starts tickling vee in front of micahel hhhhss >///<
and michael just thinks its rlly funny and cute and laughs when roman 'teaches' him all the tickles vee likes
AHHH and imagine roman gets michael to hold vee in his lap while roman goes for her tickly thighs and vee is SO PINK and whiny and squeaky and giggly and wriggly
and michael is laughing like “ahh oh my gosh kitty youre so ticklish this is so funny!! awww youre so cute look at you!!" and he pinches her cheek while ro tickles her
and logan walks in on them tickling her so much and her rlly blushing and hes like “okay boys i know youre having fun but lets be gentle with vee okay? “
and michael instantly straightens his back and is like 'uh yes logan, sorry sir'
and romans like "yeah hang on right after this" and wiggles ALL his fingers right on the insides of vees thighs and she SCREAMS and accidentslly kicks romans shoukder rlly hard and roman falls back winded and michaels like OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY and vees still gasping for breath and logans just so apathetic like "you brought this upon yourself" and walks out
omg this is like during the day before a michael stays the night tho so like michael is gonan be there for HOURS and vee is gonna be so flustered jsjsjdjdj
@a-little-bit-flustered : AHHHHHHHH they’ll literally be chilling together later in the afternoon and vee will just be sat there STILL blushing and full of butterflies because she can’t stop thinking about how flustered all of the teasing made her and the little tiny smile/sparkle in her eyes never quite disappears until they go to sleep later ashdhfjfhh 🥺💗🥺
YESSS and when theyre laying in bed in vees room that night  then michael just has a rlly cheeky smile and vees cheeks burn again but faer lips pull up and fae hides it behind minty and whines "whaaaaat"
and michael teases "you like being tiiickleeed~" in a singy song hsjjsjd and vee just squeaks and buries faer head under the blankies
and michale asks a lot like "so why do u like it ? where are u most ticklish?? does only roman tickle you? how often does he do it ? why are u blushing? does me saying the word tickle make u squirm??? omg it does!!! tickli tickle tickle tickle" and hes just rambling constantly and vee is DYING
NOOOOO THE SINGY SONG VOICE omg poor vee just wouldn’t be able to handle it, she’d bury her face into minty and stay under the blankie to hide her blushing and the big big smile on her face and michael is just like “kittyyyy, come out of theeeere~” and very gently pokes her side like how roman showed him before and all of the teasing has made vee so sensitive that she *squeals* bc the build up and anticipation is just way way too flustering and she’s just a little puddle of giggles ahshdjfgh 😭😭💗💗
AAA omg the poke and squeal shsjjs ohh and imagien then patton ducks his head in a couple minutes later and they both clam up and blush rlly bright and micahel is like "we were just playing - um! n-not like—not like that kind of playing but like--"
and patton chuckles like yes honey i know vee likes to play the special tickly game (vee whimpers) , but i think you both need to get your rest - we have a hospital patient AND a baby in here, you both need an early night!
and michael feels a lil guilty and says sorry and good night and patton gives vee another bedtime kiss (and minty of course) and then hes like "anyway, the more sleep you get tonight the more energy youll have to play tomorrow!!"
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vampyreproxy · 2 months ago
whyyy r hxh fans so brain dead leorio & kurapika r not parental figures to gon amd killua in the slightest theyre just friends! and killua isnt even that close to either of them hes only there cuz of gon... if were gonna talk about their parental figures then they got bisky kite netero and THEIR ACTUAL PARENTS. aunt mito is important to gon he writes her letters and welll killua dont like his family that much but hes chill w silva
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whilomm · 2 months ago
Possibly important advice on the stimulus for dependent americans, especially those with shitty parents
So, first off:
This is being written march 9th, 2021, and is relevant to the most recent U.S. stimulus bill
I ain’t an expert, this is all just based off what im reading. if anyone smarter than me comes along, feel free to correct it! and please check the notes for any corrections
this is of course about the U.S. stimulus, as the title says
I also ain’t guarenteeing anyone is gonna get the stimulus if they listen to me, cause theres more bullshit like means testing involved, and im not quite sure how that effects, say, if your parents make over the limit but you dont. Idk, shits confusing, just be aware theres bullshit afoot. 
Because this is time sensitive, may I kindly ask yall spread this so those it applies to have a chance to go “OH SHIT LET ME FILE”? Or alternatively, feel free to make a better written, more informative version if you’re smarter than me. 
Anyway, if you havent heard the good news: dependents who were left out of the first two stimulus checks, like college students, will be eligible for the third one! bullshit they werent in the first place, but whatever, yay
So the important caveat: if I’m understanding shit right, the $1,400 will go to the filer, which if you dont file your own taxes probably means your parents. 
If you have good parents who will give you the money, great! seems like youre all set whether you file or not. You also probs don’t have much to worry about if you don’t need the money and wanna let your parents keep it to help out the family. thats also chill I think.
But if you got shitty parents who will keep the money, even if you really fucking need it? file your taxes. My understanding that filing your own taxes will ensure it will go to you, the dependent, not the dependee or whatever you call em. I wanna stress the "my understanding" part here, because honestly the wording in most of the articles im reading is pretty dang confusing on this point. im still trying to find clearer articles on the matter, but just wanna note that im not 100% on this point! I think its worth spending 30 min filing just in case itll get the money directly to you, and if im wrong thats only half an hour of your life wasted. it should be free, itll probs be quick, not much to lose there at least.
If you’ve never filed taxes before, its pretty easy if you go through something like turbotax. it goes step by step, has explanations for confusing things, and as long as you try your best and answer honestly you should be fine. Ignore it whenever it asks about upgrading 20 times, just use the free shit, if youve never filed taxes before there probs aint nothing in the paid edition that matters to you. be cheap. 
(side note: you were a dependent in 2019, but not 2020, and didnt get the first two stimulus checks? good news, you might be able to get them through your tax return! turbotax had a section asking about it, and suddenly my return went from $680 to $2480. nice. while im confused on who gets it for current dependents, i am absolutely sure recent independents like myself have a chance for the money, since that $1800 i was supposed to get is currently sitting in my bank account. turbotax just had a popup asking if i got the money, i said no, and it added it to my return. FILE YOUR TAXES IF THIS APPLIES TO YOU FOR DEFO MONEY)
no income? no problem, apparently you can still file, which I learned whilst googlin shit for friends. IDK what a no income return looks like, but I’m guessing you dont gotta worry about tax cuts or anything complicated. if you’re confused, google “no income tax return” and read some of the like 50 articles that pop up.
there is a deadline for the tax return, and its usually april 15th every year.
I say usually, because apparently theyre arguing about pushin shit back due to the plague. I would still suggest you file ASAP just in case they start sending money out before the deadline. i have no idea when the moneys gonna start coming out, but filing takes me like 30 minutes, its easy as shit when you dont got complicated tax breaks or whatever to worry about. take half an hour when you get the chance to get it out of the way. 
again, please correct anything I got wrong, check the notes for that and the original post in case it gets edited. Like I said, this shits confusing and I could easily be wrong, maybe the money goes to your parents no matter what, but I think its worth it to spend 30 minutes filing just in case that gets it to you instead.
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Discord pt 64
[Date: 08/03, 6.01 AM - 08/03, 6.32 AM GMT]
[Direct continuation from pt 63]
[CW: Manipulation, stalking]
Tumblr media
C R O W N: “are you all happier without me?”
Maxwell: “yes”
C R O W N: “...”
fetch: “we might be, yeah.”
C R O W N: “...”
Marcus: “...guys”
fetch: “just get out of here, dammit”
C R O W N: “i see”
Tumblr media
Maxwell: “leave”
Marcus: “Baron and prince and lizzy are still with him”
jayyyyyyyy: “yeah, but theyre not in the court”
Marcus: “They are jay”
jayyyyyyyy: “crowns lost so much power. rescuing the others will be childsplay”
Marcus: “They’re still there”
Little-K1ng: “this is a weird vibe, just 3 dudes in my living room. i hope you guys know i have like, a bed and then a couch and also a floor”
Maxwell: “i call the floor”
Tumblr media
Marcus: “That just makes him stronger”
Marcus: “Less people to control”
Little-K1ng: “floor is now called for, fetch can have the bed, and marcus gets couch i guess!”
Maxwell: “i can sleep anywhere man i used to sleep on the floor for fun as a kid!”
Little-K1ng: “zero porch sleepers, PLEASE,”
C R O W N: “I'm sorry. I just wanted to give Ranboo a happy family.”
Maxwell: “no you didnt bitch”
fetch: “just get OUT”
Maxwell: “that aint how a family works”
fetch: “get these squirrels out of my fuckin yard”
C R O W N: “...fine”
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Marcus: “Do you remember what I said when this family asked about my thoughts on Dream?”
C R O W N: “yes”
Maxwell: “....i forgot how much of a dogboy you were fetch, heh...nice to see ya again man”
Little-K1ng: “[calling out of my front door to the street] ay fuck off pal not tonight”
fetch: “Pff, you too ya little rat”
Marcus: “I would like to change my answer.”
Tumblr media
Marcus: “You are no better than Dream. You are no different than the man who you described as a horrible person. You are no savior.”
C R O W N: “...”
Marcus: “You are a coward.”
Maxwell: “ey i may be little but i can bite your kneecaps”
C R O W N: “...
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: “okay so i cant believe how not surprised i am but.... at the moment maxwell... theres orange juice in the fridge and cookies in the pantry (they're oatmeal raisin for your Health), if "someone" (you) starts bleeding again just sit and chill”
Little-K1ng: “but definitely get at those snacks”
Maxwell: “thanks man, sorry for barging in”
Marcus: “...what the hell are we wearing?”
Little-K1ng: “nah its all good ill be in a better mood once these bad boys! [holds out 2 excedrin] actually kick in”
Tumblr media
fetch: “I dunno man but hey max, you look good in a skirt”
Little-K1ng: “i mean you do suit the skirt”
Maxwell: “.........hUh”
Marcus: “How the hell did I run in demonias what the fuck”
Maxwell: “i mean ive got combat boots so thats good but seriously man how the fuck did you run in those”
Marcus: “My hair isn’t supposed to be short”
fetch: “Okay you rock the demonias but are your ankles okay”
Little-K1ng: “yall are so fashionable i am almost not going to offer better clothes”
Tumblr media
fetch: “...
ow ow ow
Little-K1ng: “wh?”
fetch: “gdox”
Maxwell: “i know ive got a button up on but not having a cloak or sweater of somesort feels horrid”
Marcus: “Fetch?”
fetch: “ow
Tumblr media
[Crown edited onto the google doc: "I'm sorry i'll be good just please come back i don't want to lose anyone else it hurts i already lost tommy and now you all left me please come back please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please"]
Marcus: “Fuck”
fetch: “hes tampering”
dreaming: “fetch you okay?”
Little-K1ng: “woah dude hey hey sit its okay just sit”
Little-K1ng: “the doc...”
Maxwell: “uh oh”
fetch: “ow ow wh at the fu c k”
Maxwell: “the fuck happened to tommy what is he on about”
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: “WOAH okay so fetch just hit the floor”
Maxwell: “shit fetch you okay”
Marcus: “Fuck, do you have tissues? His nose is bleeding”
Little-K1ng: “AH AH HEY UH HELP ME uh hes bleeding flip him over”
Little-K1ng: “hes bleeding a lot dont let him drown”
Maxwell: “oh god okay”
Little-K1ng: “cmon recovery position dont you know that?? ok”
Marcus: “Yeah of course”
Maxwell: “dont lay him down yeah he'll choke on  the blood if we do”
Little-K1ng: “okay hes good just. drooling blood onto the floor okay, thats, ew, but not the first time”
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: “oh yeah the doc huh? okay that alteration must have really hurt”
A random Spark: “It was a big one, a whole page”
Little-K1ng: “oh ouch”
Maxwell: “so should we try to leave it for now for fetch to fix when he wakes up to not hurt him more?”
Little-K1ng: “okay, note to self, buy more excedrin
this weeks trauma is sponsored by excedrin”
Tumblr media
Maxwell: “what the shit happened to tommy?”
jayyyyyyyy: “tommy died??”
Maxwell: “HE WHAT”
jayyyyyyyy: “I DONT KNOW??”
Little-K1ng: “yeah uh, he kinda, look ok yall can explain that and ill just. try to clean this up”
Mothbo: “Max, it's been much longer than a day.”
Maxwell: “what”
Little-K1ng: “a... a day ??”
Marcus: “...max”
Maxwell: “how...long has it been”
boo: “a month or so”
Tumblr media
Maxwell: “god my head hurts this is too much to process”
Little-K1ng: “hahaa,, yeah no you've never met me, its been an awful lot longer than that, look, we've had a long night, the sprinklers are staying on overnight, just sit and we can get some sleep, yeah? ill stay with fetch and make sure he doesnt choke”
Little-K1ng: “ill get you the snacks and you can recover from the blood loss, sound good?”
Marcus: “I can um”
Maxwell: “thanks so much man...”
Marcus: “I can stay up and help these two, I basically took care of them back at the-
You know”
Maxwell: “okay...tomorrow....yall havge a  lto og explaining to fo”
Marcus: “You don’t look well, Mona you should rest”
Tumblr media
Maxwell: “im going to slepw nihgt fucekrs ha....its good to be back”
Little-K1ng: “i appreciate the concern, good night marcus. nice to meet you :)”
Marcus: “It’s uh, nice to meet you too
Mothbo: “rest well, Max. Please stay safe okay? We missed ya”
Maxwell: “course....”
[jayyyyyyyy: “have a nice first night free marcus! :]”]
Marcus: “...thank you”
Tumblr media
Chat: “...”
katichu (derogatory): “Chat?”
jayyyyyyyy: “hi, chat. you maybe wanna take off your crown, mate?”
Chat: “You know what? I really don't care anymore. I should've known who you all really were when you first showed your true colors by being so hateful to crown and the family. You're all nothing to me :) And guess what? I'm completely fine with that!!”
A random Spark: “We made our choice”
Chat: “Yep! And I've made mine, and I'm completely fine with knowing that I've done nothing but right by Crown, and that none of this is my fault and I'm not to blame for anything and I haven't done anything wrong and it's perfectly fine and I'm okay!!”
Chat: “I know you never cared about me anyway. You don't need to keep saying it. I have my family and I'm h a p p y n o w”
[jayyyyyyyy: “We do care about you. We're also all tired as fuck.”]
Chat: “Right.”
Chat: “I'll be leaving now. Thank you for nothing.”
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