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#they are both adorable and brave
yyj7348 · 6 days ago
You can probably tell who my favs are
Characters w scarves and a little less self-control than usual are the best
And I feel like they would make good friends/scout partners???
Tumblr media
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anastasiahotchner · 17 hours ago
I ship you with Greg Montgomery because you would both be so sweet so each other and you’d make him laugh!!
But also Hotch because you’d be such a good and romantic partner and he’d just be like oh
Sumayyah yayyy Greg is my beloved. That man is so beautiful and so adorably awkward and so much like me and I LOVE HIM. I honestly cannot say much more because I just absolutely love him he would be so understanding and soft and ahhhh 
Aaron! Hotchner! Yes! I would just try my goddamn best to make sure he understands his worth, I would make sure he understands that he is loved and is worthy of loving. Also, thank you for saying that I’d be a good romantic partner!!! Hotch would be so soft and I’d play with his hair and tell him that he is beautiful and kind and brave!
In conclusion, I may not ever be able to get a boyfriend because my standards are extremely high due to these two shy, intelligent, gorgeous men.
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seventeenlovesthree · a day ago
Speaking of things we were robbed from in Digimon, I really did want to see more Taikoura action in Tri (or really anything that came afterwards), but the fact that we never really saw Taikoukari truly interact is a shame beyond belief. I absolutely love and adore all possible interactions between the Yagami and Izumi families - and you simply can’t tell me that Hikari wouldn’t have had PLENTY of opportunities to interact with Koushirou, so they could get to know each other better.
There has been a post once pointing out that “Taichi Yagami gets along well with introverts” - you may want to argue once again that Digimon’s creators made sure not to put their characters into categories, but for the most part it fits. You have Sora, who on the outside appears to be an extrovert, but keeps a lot of her feelings bottled up to herself and rather cares for others than taking care of herself. And while Taichi doesn’t always gets Sora (probably due to the fact that both of them aren’t very good at talking about their feelings), he values her as one of his oldest friends. You have Yamato, who has a hard time making friends and not getting aggressive towards others before he slowly opens up, becomes more soft and fun in the process. This one is self explanatory, Taichi and him are butting heads due to different view points and ideals, but eventually value and rely on each other as well. And there shouldn’t be any question that he also feels easily drawn to Meiko throughout Tri as well, who is rather shy and doesn’t have the highest confidence in herself and abilities.
Then you have his sister and his best friend - both starting off as very polite and not very open about the things they need, though they express this rather differently. While Hikari generally does have an open and cheerful side, she, similarly to Sora, is more open towards wanting to help  and focussing on others (like her brother) than noticing her own emotional needs and, even if she notices, is not very confident in expressing those openly (up until meeting Miyako and getting closer to her). Taichi is very over protective of her and is ridden with guilt over almost killing her, so he feels especially responsible and needs to overcome feeling like he always has to protect her - which is also something he actually entrusts Koushirou with, which is one of the many indicators of him putting a lot of faith into Koushirou. Koushirou on the other hand gets so engulfed in the things he is interested in and curious about - and also starts off not thinking very highly of himself, since he doesn’t understand who he is and where he comes from -, that he easily disregards his own safety as well as his own needs. He does realize his worth and opens up after reconciling with his parents as well as being reassured by and getting closer to Taichi (similarly to how it happened for Hikari with Miyako). Generally, he is seen being well acquainted with Taichi from the beginning and since they’re the curiosity and the braveness of the group, they’re usually the ones driving things forward as a team, depending and trusting in each other.
... So the main point still remains - both Koushirou and Hikari are close to Taichi in one way or another (he also acts similarly protectively towards both of them in the Dark Masters Arc), so you simply cannot tell me that this wouldn’t at least to SOME degree make them bond with each other. A wide spread fan theory definitely is that Koushirou simply couldn’t not be interested in Hikari’s connection to Homeostasis, the Dark Ocean, the true meaning of the Crest of Light, etc. He already showed an interest in her throughout the last arc of Adventure 01, reassured and protected her, so I keep wondering why - besides the HongKong episode in 02 -, we didn’t see more of them at least talking. Tri didn’t give them much interaction either.
Interestingly enough, Hikari pursuing a career as kindergarden teacher involves her learning to teach things to others - who else would be particularly good at teaching things and may be the perfect person to help her with that? Oh yeah, the mentor of your friend group and your brother’s best friend.
On a very personal note, Yuuko has basically already accepted Koushirou into her family anyway if “Our War Game” gives any clues as to why he’s so comfortable at the Yagami household... So he must have spent a significant amount of time there and Yuuko probably wouldn’t mind him marrying either of her children anyway.
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frannyzooey · 2 days ago
Weeknights: Chapter 4
Tumblr media
rating: explicit, employer/employee relationship, age gap (~10 years)
a/n: sorry for the wait on this — I hope you like it! ❤️ also, apologies for the lack of taglist — I’m posting from mobile these days and it won’t let me tag more than 50 people in a post, so I can’t do it. I’ll reblog as soon as I can with the taglist, but if you see this and you weren’t tagged right away, that’s why. thank you!
chapter one I chapter two I chapter three
Dinner dishes rinsed in the sink (spaghetti, Lucia’s favorite), Trouble board still on the table with a scatter of colorful pieces (you won), Barbie’s on the living room floor with their various outfits strewn over the carpet (Frankie stretched out next to Lucia, his thick fingers fumbling with the tiny Velcro clasps), evidence of the evening was everywhere and the two of you should be cleaning it up with Lucia tucked in for the night, but it’s nothing but heavy panting and soft, low sounds of pleasure coming from the couch where Frankie is settled on top of you right now.
His broad hand covering your breast with a squeeze, the weight of it skates down your torso, your thighs hitched high over his hips as you roll your core over the heft of his cock and you drop your legs open wider when he slips his hand underneath the band of your leggings, pushing it down underneath your underwear.
“You’re always so fucking wet”, he groans with a furrowed brow and you say nothing, pressing your head back into the cushion with a whine.
He’s right, you’re soaked and ready after the last twenty minutes of grinding into each other with humid, mingled breath between full kisses and his fingers sink inside with a slick stretch. One, then two and you cup the back of his hand through the fabric of your pants, guiding his movements.
His fingers are so thick, so filling in their drag in and out and when he adds the pad of his thumb in a glide over your clit, the both of you grin breathlessly at the clench of your cunt before he kisses you hungrily; his hand still working, working, working.
“Wait”, you beg, trying to stay quiet, “—wait.” His fingers curl inside you and he watches the length of your neck stretch, the curve of your jaw when your mouth opens in a silent moan before he slowly slides them out.
“We should —“, you start, the words cut off with a thick swallow when you watch Frankie bring his fingers to his mouth, wrapping his lips around them with a suck.
A sound of relish escapes him, a soft hum in the back of his throat at the taste of your slick on his tongue and thinking about how that tongue feels between your legs, you almost push your own pants off and down, but you stop yourself.
“We should go into the bedroom”, you suggest, your heart racing, your thumb now pressing into his full lower lip and he kisses it, still distracted. “What if Lucia wakes up?”
“She’s a heavy sleeper”, he replies easily, his fingers slipping again under the band of your pants and you think he’s gonna pull them down, but instead he builds the heat in your core even more when he drags his knuckles back and forth along your skin in a teasing brush.
“Frankie”, you plead softly and he looks up at you, his sleepy brown eyes hooded with his own lust when he glides his tongue over the seam of his lips. “Take me to bed.”
His smile spreads slowly, liking your boldness in asking for what you want. It’s something you’ve never felt comfortable doing with anyone else, but this is what he’s done to you these last few weeks — made you confident in your admissions, made you feel brave and beautiful and adored.
His voice drops down to a husky murmur when he answers you, one that you’ll never tire of hearing.
“Yes ma’am.”
The bar wasn’t the best place for a study group, but it definitely had its appeal — french fries for one, beer for another — and though you always started out with your notes and textbooks spread out on the table, those things were slowly forgotten as you and your friends replaced those topics with others; a pitcher of beer in the middle of the table as the three of you simply caught up.
You took turns going around the table, telling each other know what was new in your life and when it came to your turn, you almost told them about Frankie, but you didn’t.
Instead, you found yourself hesitating, wanting to savor your secret, wanting to keep this new happiness a private treasure between the two of you for a little while longer and so you said nothing, instead focusing on news about school and your family.
Your friend deep in a rant about her professor, you were listening when your head automatically turned at the sound of the bar door opening and you were surprised to see Frankie walk in, a swoop in your belly as you watched him lift his hat off with a quick swipe of through his hair while he scanned the room for his friends.
You saw a slight moment of hesitation in the movement when he saw you, the tug of a smile at the corner of his mouth as his eyes lit up with recognition but when he saw you were with other people, he started walking towards his own; his familiar scent washing over you as he passed by the back of your chair.
That scent — the one you thought about for so long, the one that was embedded in his couch, his jacket, his sheets — it sparked an instant simmering heat between your hips, your gaze following him as he joined his group of friends. You recognized them from the photos in the living room and having heard about them for months now, you tried to remember all their names as you watched him greet them with an easy smile.
He snuck a look at you as he shrugged his jacket off, a pleasant warmth blooming in your chest when he held your gaze for a moment with a grin and it was a silent, mutual agreement to give each other space to be with their friends, the two of you turning your attention back to them.
It would be so easy to get up and go say hi, to introduce yourself to his friends, to tilt your face up to his for a kiss and you know that he would welcome all of it, but you love that he encourages giving each other space to be individuals, love that he knows it’s important to you and respects that.
Your friends now talking about their latest class together, you think about how no one else in this room knows that you even know each other and something about that turns you on — why was it so hot?
Looking over it him, you feel a fierce pride in knowing what that back looks like under his T-shirt, what his throat feels like under your lips, what the weight of him feels like on top of you.
He’s so handsome, those dark brown curls peeking out around the edges of his hat, the crinkles around his eyes deepening when he laughs, his sparse beard highlighting his jaw and you can tell he knows you’re looking at him when he suddenly sits up straighter, his hand restlessly roaming over his thigh.
He turns his head just enough to look at you too and when you lock eyes for a moment, his sweep over your body in open admiration; in hunger.
Fuck, you think, shifting in your chair and you’re trying to think of reasons to leave early when he reaches to grab the pitcher from the center of the table, his shirt pulling up in the back.
You can see the dip of his spine, the black band of his briefs just below it and you think about how that part of his body feels underneath your palms or underneath your calves when your legs are wound around his waist and he must feel you staring at him because he turns to meet your gaze for a moment with a raise of his eyebrow, motioning at your friends with the silent question: aren’t you supposed to be paying attention to them?
You look away from him still smiling, taking a sip of your water before rejoining the conversation. You can feel him across the room, this pull between your bodies just like on the couch during those first few months and as the night wears on, you keep stealing glances at each other, small peeks through the crowd of tables that separated the two of you, a smile on your face that matched his own every time your eyes met.
You felt yourself getting flushed, the ache between your thighs almost uncomfortable with the anticipation that was building, climbing even higher when you see him get up from the table to go pay his bill at the bar and when you follow him with your eyes, you are finally busted by your friends.
“Hello”, your friend waves at you, turning her head to look in the direction of the bar. “What are you staring at? That guy or something?”
You admit nothing, your expression betraying you instead and there is a chorus of teasing while you hide your hot face in your hands for a moment and laugh.
“Okay but like”, she studies his back from across the room as he signs his slip, her finger twirling her pen, “he’s got no ass.”
“That’s not true”, you automatically reply with a laugh, but when you turn to observe him for a moment with fresh eyes, you bite your lip. Okay, it is a little small.
“I like my men with a little more meat on them”, she says, scanning the room. “Like that one.” She points at one of Frankie’s friends, Santiago, watching him walk towards the bathroom. “I mean. Damn.”
The three of you laugh while Frankie walks out, your eyes following the broad expanse of his tan jacket and when he leaves, you wait a second before telling your friends you’ll be right back — you forgot something in your car.
You spot his truck immediately, admiring his illuminated face as he looks at his phone and you don’t know it, but he was just typing out a text to send to you about coming over tonight when he sees you make your way across the parking lot.
He hasn’t felt like this since he was a teenager, an almost giddy feeling in the pit of his stomach every time he sees your face, sees a text or call from you light up his phone and maybe he should feel silly at how stupidly happy those things make him with as old as he is, but he can’t seem to care; this feeling can happen at any age.
“Hey”, he smiles, getting out of the truck and even though you’ve spent the last couple weeks spread out in this man’s bed for him to explore, it’s a shy smile that curves your lips when you approach him.
“Hey”, you answer back, your hands already reaching out for him and they settle on his waist as he pulls you in for a kiss.
It’s hungrier than you think it’ll be, the taste of beer thick on his tongue as it sweeps through your mouth and you think about the first night he came home, that same smell on his sweet breath when he said goodnight to you.
You wanted him so much then already, your mouth opening wider against his now that you can actually kiss him and he guides you back against his truck, pressing his body tight against yours.
You shouldn’t be doing this here, not in public like this but the parking lot is shadowed and the lot is empty of people and Frankie’s mouth is so insistent against yours when he groans against your lips that you can’t care about anyone seeing, especially not when he fits his thigh between your legs with a firm press.
His hips flex against yours, the denim of his jeans roughly sliding against the delicate skin on the inside of your thigh and you are so grateful you wore a dress tonight, just so you can feel him like this.
“I want you to come over when you’re done”, he breathes into the kiss, the cool metal of the truck leeching through the thin material of your dress as he pushes his hips into yours again, again. “No matter how late. Just come over, okay?”
You nod quickly, your mouth seeking his out again and fist his shirt under his jacket in your hands, a roll of your hips to drag your core over his thigh - just enough to feel a spark, just enough to flood your entrance with slick in anticipation and then he’s backing away, breathing heavily.
He grins, the tip of his tongue a quick peek over his lower lip before he leans in for a quick catch of his lips against yours; another just because he can’t help it.
“I’ll see you when you’re done”, he confirms, the words a husky whisper just under your ear. He can’t see the wide grin you have on your face, but it’s like he can tell it’s there, his own cheeks stretching with one when he pulls back to look at you and he’s right; you are beautifully beaming.
“Have fun.”
Two hours to wrap it up with your friends, another half hour to drive over to his house and you can barely stand how aroused you are when you slip into his bedroom, tossing your clothes silently on the floor.
You pause, your eyes taking in his exposed bare back as he sleeps, his arms flexed in their hold on his pillow and a glimmer of something else skates around the edges of your lust, your expression softening with it as you look at his mussed mop of curls.
Your lips find the dip in his spine when you slip under the comforter, his sleepy hum greeting you when they drag up, up, up and you smile against the firm round of his shoulder, thinking about how he looked earlier at the bar.
“What took you so long?”, he teases lowly, his mouth open already on the swell of your breast before finding your nipple and it’s like no time at all has passed between the parking lot and his bed with how intense the slick ache is between your thighs.
It’s a question he doesn’t even let you answer with how quickly his mouth finds yours, already pushing his tongue inside with a lick while he rolls you onto your back, pressing you into the cool sheets.
He’s already naked, his cock hardening against the curve of your ass and the two of you move together for a moment in a mimic of the act itself; your legs wrapped around his waist, your greedy hands pulling him closer to deepen the kiss as he cages you against the mattress.
He knows you like it like this — to be surrounded by him, to feel how big he is on top of you, how broad, to not see anything but him and the blunt tip of his cock catches against your entrance once, twice before he lines it up, pressing it into you.
You’ll never get used to how full he makes you feel, the perfect fit of his cock so overwhelming and yet so right with how you’ve longed for it all night and you’re so wet already from the bar earlier, but you still let out a whine when he pushes deeper, deeper.
“I know it’s a lot baby but you’re so wet”, he soothes, his lips brushing against your temple, the tender action in contrast with the filthy words and you can hear the strain in his voice as he tries to go slow. “You’re so — fuck — fucking wet. Your pussy feels so good.”
You know you can take it, but the implication of the words is driving you crazy and the way he feels so heavy and thick easing himself inside you makes you whimper with need.
He gives you time to adjust, devouring your mouth with each slow, filling stroke inside and you can tell he’s holding back for you, waiting for you to tell him you’re ready for more.
You do, pulling away from the kiss with swollen lips when you beg him to go faster, that you want it harder and he adjusts the two of you, sitting up to kneel between your legs, gripping your hips to keep your thighs splayed over his, his cock still tight inside.
You want him closer than this, want to feel the heat of his body under your palms and pressed against your skin but that want is quickly pushed out of your head when he uses this new position to thrust into you harder, pushing your thighs open wider to watch himself slide into you.
“Oh fuck”, you moan, gripping the sheets tight in your fists, your back arching off the bed as he picks up the pace and this, this is what you wanted all along.
You know the way he likes it by now, the way he wants you to tell him how good it feels and you do it gladly; would keep talking forever to him if it was always rewarded with a deep, husky groan, a desperate grunt.
“Did you want it this way? Deep like this?” he asks and the words make you moan, his own groan joining the sound when you tell him you need it like this, that you wanted to fuck him in his truck.
He hums, the deep sound vibrating out of his chest as he frowns, shaking his head and there is something about that stern look at that makes you clench down on him. “We don’t have enough room in there, baby — not for all the things I wanna do to you.”
He’s so fucking deep when he adjusts you again, pushing your legs back into your stomach and his large hands grip the top of your shins to push you open wider for him, his hips a steady, unforgiving snap forward; again, again, again.
Such a contrast; his round, boyish face and the way he is working you like a grown man, an experienced man who knows how to pull every bit of arousal out of you, every bit of pleasure until your head is empty, until your body is limp and pleasantly exhausted.
You almost can’t look at him directly with how he looks above you with his hair falling over his furrowed brow, his mouth slack in a pant, his broad chest and lean arms flexed with effort to keep you in place as he fucks into you.
You are so exposed like this, his eyes black as he watches himself push into you over and over and your hand drifts down, your fingertips brushing gently over your clit; the action instantly ratcheting the heat higher.
You are still learning each other’s bodies, each time you’re together delighting in finding something new and just like in all other things, Frankie is a quick study —cataloging every sigh, every arch into his hands, every moaned “please, just like that”.
You knew he was a good student from those books you saw on his bookshelf, but it never crossed your mind that he would be like that in the bedroom and just like you know how he likes it now, he knows you like to hear him talk, so he does it.
“Fuck, keep going — show me how you like it”, he begs, his fingers flexing on the top of your shins, his words punctuated with rhythmic huffs. “Show me how you make your pussy come. I wanna see it so I can—“, he groans at the same time as you; the tight, wet squeeze of your walls keeping him inside for a moment before he pulls against them, making you cry out.
He’s going so fast, the tip of his cock a constant, deep stroke inside against something that’s making your toes curl and you can feel his sides tensing against the inside of your feet when he tells you to come because he’s gonna do it.
“I need you to come”, he leans forward to brace himself on the bed, his torso a flex with every rapid push inside, “tell me what you need me to do because — fuck — I’m gonna come and I want to feel you do it first.”
The last word is spoken just before you push your soaked fingers into his mouth, an obscene sound slipping out around the digits as he closes his eyes and sucks on them like a man starving.
His tongue glides over the pads of your fingers, savoring every slick ounce of your arousal and when you pull them from his mouth and put them back on your clit, the added slip of them is just right.
“Keep going”, you whine, your thighs starting to tense as your pussy floods around him, “just keeping fucking me — I’m— oh god, please Frankie, yes —“
Your walls fluttering around him, he can feel you pulling him deeper, can feel your thighs trembling, can feel the hot rush of slick pooling at the base of his cock and when you finally tip over the edge, the air is frozen in your lungs as your release washes over you in wave.
“That’s it”, he smiles breathlessly, watching you underneath him, “that’s my good girl. I want you to do it again, but I’m gonna make you come with my mouth next. Do you want that?”
You are still coming down from your high, a renewed spark of steadily building heat again as he keeps stroking, stroking, stroking and you swallow thickly, your hands covering your breasts with a squeeze.
“Yes, yes — I want it.”
“Have you seen my sweater?”, you call out to Frankie, your footsteps a rushed sound on the tile down the hallway towards the kitchen.
“I think it’s in the bedroom.” Sitting at the kitchen table with Lucia, he’s slowly peeling every piece of white he can find off of the orange he holds and when Lucia points at another minute one, he pulls it away, gently scolding her with a murmured, “Lo tengo, cariño.”
“I just looked in there”, you peek your head around the corner, giving a quick smile to Lucia. “I didn’t see it and I’m gonna be late.”
“I swear I saw it in the bedroom”, he stands up, walking towards the room and you follow, a frown on your face as you shake your head; you’ve already looked in there.
“See, I told you — “, you start, Frankie’s hands settling on your hips from behind as he pulls you tight to his body and you sigh, a sound of blended exasperation and pleasure.
His mouth is on the nape of your neck as he walks you towards the bed, his hand drifting down the front of your body to cup you through your pants and even though you very much want him to continue, you pull his hand away.
“I’m already late, Francisco”, you scold half heartedly, no real intent to stop him in your tone. “I was already late once this week, do you remember why?”
He grins against your skin, his teeth a sharp nip at your shoulder before pressing a kiss there and his hands have now slid to the back of you, cupping your bottom with a needy squeeze.
“Yes”, he murmurs into your hair, his fingers splayed over the curve of your ass, dipping down further between your legs from behind. “I didn’t hear you complaining then, though.”
“In fact”, he continues, turning you around in his arms and pushing you back on the bed before crawling on top of you, “you were begging me to keep going, begging me to fuck you harder.”
You tilt your chin up to make room for him, his soft hair sliding against your jaw as he kisses your throat. It’s a rough push of his hand against the seam of you, one that makes you whimper when his fingers dig into the material covering your entrance. “I was doing what you asked. Don’t you want me to?”
“Want you to what?”, you ask, the words slightly slurred into a moan when he replaces his hands with a grind of his hips and you can’t even remember what you were talking about; the need to strip your clothing and feel him inside you fogging your mind.
“Never mind”, he smiles, settling his mouth on top of yours at last. Your fingers thread through his curls to pull him closer, the wet glide of his tongue against yours making you moan into his mouth as you deepen the kiss and his hips are moving, moving, moving —
“Shit”, you pull back, breathless. “No. Wait. I’m gonna be late.”
His body stills on top of yours, his eyes taking in your swollen lips, your hooded eyes, the way you already look throughly debauched even though you haven’t even done anything yet and he presses a kiss to your lips; once, twice before getting off you.
“I’m sorry”, he says, opening his closet. “Just wear this — I’m not sure where your sweater is.” He hands you one of his soft flannels, the pride in his eyes shining bright when he watches you shrug it on.
There is an unnameable ache in his chest when he helps you collect various items from around the house for your bag, growing stronger still when he watches you kiss Lucia goodbye.
He likes it; the way your things are scattered around his home, likes being reminded of your presence in his life. The bathroom counter has a space for your stuff, a drawer in his dresser emptied just for you, your sweater draped on a chair over his tan jacket, your books piled on the coffee table in the living room — all these physical reminders of the way you’ve made a space for yourself in his life (and in his heart, with the way it aches for you when you’re gone, though he won’t admit to that just yet.)
After a frantic, rushed exit out the door with one last long, lingering kiss, he joins Lucia back at the breakfast table and smirks when he sees your sweater draped over the back of his chair, wondering if you ever even noticed that he knew where it was the whole time.
While he usually calls you after Lucia goes to bed, sometimes he calls you when he’s making dinner and you can hear the water running in the background, the chopping of a knife on the cutting board.
“Where’s Lucia?”, you ask, missing her little voice on the other end of the phone. When he calls around dinner time he puts his phone on speaker, so the both of them can chat with you.
“She’s with her mom tonight. Just me. Wanna come over?”
You can hear the smile in the question, can already imagine what he would have in store for you if you went over there right now but you feel awful.
Starting earlier that week with a tickle in your throat, it quickly bloomed into a throbbing headache with a deep, rattling cough and you know it’s the same thing that Lucia had a last week.
“I would, but I —“, you start, a sudden urge to sneeze interrupting your words and he waits while you set your phone down to blow your nose.
“You got it too, huh?”
“Yea, but I’ll live.” You settle into your couch, tugging a blanket over your legs. “What’s for dinner tonight? Lucia’s gone, so is it cheeseburgers or steak?”
“Am I that predictable?” he teases, his hands now forming a burger patty, the phone an awkward hold between his shoulder and ear.
“Hmmm”, you smile, “let’s see. I bet it’s a burger. With chopped onions. And I bet you’re drinking a beer while you grill it. And maybe —“
“Okay, okay”, he laughs, looking at the items on the counter as you named them and he’s struck by how much he wishes you were here right now. “Listen, after I eat, do you mind if I come over?”
“Here?” you ask, looking at the mess scattered on every surface of your apartment right now. He’s never been to your place before and while the thought of him seeing it for the first time like this doesn’t thrill you, you selfishly want to see him, knowing it’ll make you feel better.
“Sure”, you reply, reaching for another tissue. “Come on over.”
He’s knocking on your door in less than an hour, a worried frown at both how you look and the fact that someone held the apartment door open for him without knowing who he was and he comments on it when he walks in, a heavy looking bag in his hand.
“Sometimes that happens”, you wave your hand, leading him into the kitchen. “It’s not the best building, but it’s pretty quiet.”
He doesn’t like that, doesn’t like the sound of the cough you let out now either and he reaches for you after setting his bag down on the counter.
“You should take a hot shower”, he says, his hand resting on your forehead, sliding down to cup your cheek, skating further down to rest flat against your chest. “The humid air will help clear you out.”
“Mmmm”, you hum, closing your eyes to focus on the soothing weight of his hand and when you lean into the touch, he presses a kiss to your nose, your chin, your lips.
“You’re gonna get sick”, you say softly, no real conviction in your tone when you keep your face tilted up towards him and he huffs a laugh, telling you he’s pretty much immune with everything he’s gotten from Lucia over the years.
“Okay, then one more”, you smile, pressing a kiss to the corner of his jaw before tucking your face into his neck. He feels so solid against you, the scent right below his ear so soothing, you can feel yourself almost drifting off with how relaxed you are right now, his arms holding you tight.
“I mean it”, he says eventually, “go take that shower. I’ll be here when you get out.”
You take a longer one, the humid air feeling good when you breathe it deep into your lungs and when you get out, he’s got everything setup in your bedroom — a humidifier misting next to your bed, some cold medicine, a large glass of water.
He’s stretched out in it, his big body looking slightly out of place on top of your flowered comforter and you rest against the door frame, taking in the sight.
“Is that a humidifier?”, you ask with a smile, climbing to join him on the bed and he nods, holding his arms out.
“I put it in Lucia’s room when she’s sick. It’ll help.”
It’s a tight fit on your full bed, his hips shifting to make room for you to lay next to him and when he fumbles with the sash of your robe, he shakes his head at your soft noise of protest — he doesn’t want that right now, he just wants to feel you.
“So will this”, he murmurs, pulling you flush with his chest. He radiates warmth but so do you, your skin hot from the shower and he can feel your inhales and exhales, just like he wanted to.
Gathering you in his arms, your legs tangle with his under the covers, your chests pressed together as he monitors the way your breathing feels and when you fit your face into his neck, his hands push under the back of your robe, his fingers brushing along your spine in a soothing skate over your skin.
It’s definitely not how you imagined his first time in your bed, but you feel so much better with him here like this. The steadiness of his slow, comforting breaths, the comfortable silence between the two of you, the barely there drag of his fingers on your back - it’s all so soothing and before you can think too long about how he always makes you feel better when he’s around you, sick or no, you feel yourself sliding into sleep faster than you have in days.
His lips rest against your forehead when he feels your body relax, both to feel your temperature and just to kiss you and this is how you both fall asleep; curled into each other’s warmth.
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neocrush · 3 days ago
— the girl groups enhypen’s gfs are in !
genre: fluff (angst on jungwon’s part) + established relationship (eventually lol)
pairings: idol!enhypen x fem!idol!reader
note: idk how to title this pls i thought of it while showering
tagging: @jeminiepabo @strwberrydinosaur
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
★ heeseung - loona
you just finished performing and your members were in need of water bottles
you just finished performing and your members were in need of water bottles
but fucking mnet didn’t provide any inside of your dressing room??
but fucking mnet didn’t provide any inside of your dressing room??
but fucking mnet didn’t provide any inside of your dressing room??
so yves told you to ask for some from the artist in the dressing room next to yours
you knocked on the door without looking at the sign that showed who was in there
you asked for some water bottles and heeseung went “i’ll go get it!” and ran off to go get get them
jungwon just chuckled and went “hyung’s a really huge fan of your group, he kept on singing star on the way here”
you nodded at the younger one, impressed at the fact that you were popular among idols
the tall boy came back with a whole box full of water bottles
“there’s 12 of you here right now so i figured why not get a whole box” he chuckled nervously
you giggled and smiled at the nervous boy
“thank you heeseung-ssi, i’ll take this to my members” you took the box in your hands but was taken aback on how heavy it was
“don’t worry i’ll carry it for you”
long after that you started hanging out and boom you became his gf
you couldn’t resist the charms of lee heeseung
once it was revealed that you were a couple, orbits and engenes went INSANE (in a good way ofc)
“wait so y/n DOESNT hate men????”
★ jay - aespa
you both met at school after you both debuted
everyone was gossiping around about how you were in the same class with the enhas
so like... monster rookies class
usually idols aren’t seated together but the teacher seated you and jay next to each other
causing a bunch of “oooohhhs” from your classmates
there were times were you and the enhas would leave school early due to practice or schedules
and on the way to the school gate, jay would always spark up a conversation with you
you assumed he was just very friendly
long story short he had a massive crush on you
so a few months into your friendship (which the both of you were very open about with your fans), he confesses
y’all were just really blind lol pls read between the lines
anyways on to ur lovely bf !!
he’s so bold and brave around you but so shy around your members and seniors
we all know how he really respects nct (along with other sm artists) bc he covered the 7th sense with sunghoon on iland
so one day you were like “oh btw i showed taeyong sunbae you and hoon’s t7s cover”
he was like 😟 to 😧 to 😯
got all shy and was like “oh what did he say..”
you don’t know why he was acting as if he didn’t body that whole performance ????
anyway you told him that taeyong said that he and hoon did really well and that he liked how jay did his part
hid his face on the crook of your neck
“baby we should come say hi to them next time you go to sm”
“NO i will make a fool out of myself”
speaks english and japanese with giselle a lot when he isn’t occupied with you
sometimes you’d even have to ask nct’s shotaro to translate
your seniors (especially exo’s kai) adore him so so much pls protect the boy at all costs
★ jake - everglow
he was an active viewer of produce 48 and (like me) was really attached to the yuehua trainees
especially you
so when you got eliminated just before the last episode, he was devastated to say the least
he awaited your debut and when the time came he supported everglow !!!!
does the killing part choreo in his room when no one’s watching lol
dies everytime you do the little “everglow” in songs
right so when he debuted in enha, he looked forward to meeting you as an idol and not a fan
when you shared a dressing room at kcontact, he couldn’t help but introduce himself to you
he mentioned he was a big fan and your heart warmed
cute boy is a fan of you? omg heart go brr brr
your members tease you and you just shake it off
that day when you got back to the dorms, you watched a bunch of enhypen videos bc you were interested in jake
you weren’t aware of how popular you were among people - let alone idols so you were surprised
you fell in love with his personality and started saying hi to him whenever you meet backstage at music shows
not long after, you develop feelings for him
you thought it was just a puppy crush but as you saw him even more, it got serious
you never actually confessed but aisha accidentally spilled the beans when he was passing by
“cmon y/n just tell him you like him because he clearly feels the same !!”
“you like me?”
“that’s my queue to leave”
so she leaves you two to pour your hearts out to each other
you two become a couple and forevergenes (such a cute name omg) LOVE you two
you’re both the puppies of your group so that makes your relationship 103892x cuter
you met his parents and they adore you and even asked for your autograph
“jake used to talk about how great you are after every produce 48 episode”
“okayyyy i think that’s enough embarassing me mom”
his parents love you like their own daughter but does layla love you?
you were so nervous to meet her and was actually scared she might not like you - knowing how important layla is to jake
at first layla ignored you and jake was like “she’ll come around”
you were convinced she just doesn’t like you, until this one time you were cuddling with jake on the couch and layla comes in
you expected her to snuggle up with jake but she came to you :D
now layla is super fond of you and mrs sim would even send you pictures and videos of layla getting excited whenever you were on tv 🥺
★ sunghoon - itzy
you and the girls were at isac
the six of you were just waving at your fans and making heart signs with your hearts
on your left you saw yeji making hearts with ryujin so you wanted to do that with another member too
you felt a presence next to you and assumed it was someone from your group
spoiler alert: it wasn’t
sunghoon and sunoo were waving at engenes who just happened to be seated next to midzys
so you turned to who you thought was an itzy member, making half a heart with your hand
until you realized it wasn’t 💀
you bowed and apologized when you both looked at each other, you were scared you crossed a boundary
you bowed and apologized to the engenes who were there too
sunghoon and sunoo reassured you it was all good
after that, sunghoon couldn’t help but keep his eyes on you the entire event
when the day was coming to an end, he pulled some strings and ended up having some alone time with you stray kids’ dressing room
don’t ask
ofc skz already left so it was just you two there
fast forward, you both hit it off and he became your bf <3
midzys and engenes love you both sm and love bragging about you two to other fandoms
you two were even named the king and queen of 4th gen kpop
oh also
you already know where this is going
brags about how he can do the shoulder dance in wannabe
ofc it’s bc you personally taught him
sends you pics of jyp as reaction pics
so you send pics of bang pdnim to him
every once in a while he reminds you of that video of jay why pee trying to hit a high note
“lmao that’s your boss”
PLS you always get super embarrassed so ofc you bring up that vid of hitman bang
“rAp dAncE-“
★ sunoo - stayc
you were his seatmate at school predebut
you came from the same town, same school, same neighborhood, etc
the two of you were extremely close and both shared the same dream
when highup entertainment accepted you, the both of you were over the moon
he was so happy for you
but sad too bc that meant you had to move to seoul :(
you promised him to do your best and that you hoped to see him again but as an idol
and hopefully when he’s an idol too
well what you hoped for came true !!
although you couldn’t see him much as a trainee - which made you quite sad - you got to follow his journey on i-land
you even asked your fellow trainees to vote for him
anyways now that you both debuted, you became close again and became really open with your fans on how close you were
you recommended his songs to swiths and he did the same to engenes
he even memorized the choreo to so bad and asap and lemme tell you this
he BEGGED you to teach him those choreos
“sunoo you can watch the practice on youtube”
“but i want to learn it from you”
he never really realized his feelings until he saw you getting shipped with his other members
you were both on weekly idol and the hosts really seemed to like how you and jake looked next to each other and they just teased you both the whole episode
that made sunoo feel uneasy and he thought it was only bc he was an overprotective best friend
turns out he had feelings for you (wow shocker)
so one day he asks you to come to hybe
after slightly getting lost, you meet up with him in a practice room
he confesses bc he felt like not telling you about his feelings would put a wall between you two
you appreciate his honesty and tell him you’ve felt the same way every since you were classmates
he scolds himself for not seeing it all those years but you just laugh it off bc you were pretty good at hiding your crush
you both agree to secretly date, until you both announce it on your five month anniversary
fans were really shocked at first... but they support you !!!!
engenes will not hesitate to come at anyone who talks bad about you and swiths feels the same way about jungwon
he gushes about you every single time you’re brought up
and you can’t help but love your adorable boyfriend
★ jungwon - iz*one
okay so
he was just an average high schooler when you were introduced on produce 48
his deskmate was watching your audition video and it was the part where you were doing this freestyle
he was SO amazed and he secretly followed your journey on produce 48
always made sure to vote on time and watch the episodes live
once the debut evaluation came around, he asked everyone he knew to vote for you and even bought tickets to see the show live
almost cried when he saw that you were center
ACTUALLY CRIED when you got into the top 13 😭
fast forward to him debuting in enha
he wasn’t able to catch up on you since he was busy with trainee life, then i-land, then debut preparations
but somehow in the middle of promotions he ran into you and BOOM love at first sight
fast forward to you finally dating, he couldn’t believe he was dating the y/n of iz*one
wizones make those “ladies and gentlemen, y/n’s man” edits and engenes make those “ladies and gentlemen, jungwon’s woman” edits
both fandoms love you two so dearly that the only hate you two got were from the delusional ones (who clearly aren’t actual fans)
when your last concert came around, he couldn’t bare seeing you cry when you said “this has been iz*one’s y/n, thank you everyone!”
he got flashbacks from when you cried during the final episode of produce 48 and he’s just.. sobbing bc he couldn’t be there to hold you
so the next day he rushed to your dorms with snacks and emotional support bc you were emotionally exhausted from accepting the fact that your journey with iz*one is finally ending
you felt extremely lucky to be in his arms and he felt extremely lucky too that he’s able to make you feel a little better
★ riki - weeekly
you were both on weekly weeekly idol together
and both you and riki being main dancers, you were asked to do random dance together
a few popular songs played and the both of you did the choreos
until after school started playing and the boy did the chorus’ choreo and you were like “woah???”
bc he was so INTO ITTTT
the song was basically made for him to cover it
and the mcs saw your reaction so they asked him to do it once again but this time with the whole group
after filming, he came up to you and was like “i’m a huge fan of yours” and you’re just like ):&/£]>\**_£]
“woah really???? i rooted for you on i-land”
and his face just lights up bc his huge crush on you developed even more
you became besties since then but he didn’t ask you out until your birthday
he took you out to a puppy café, knowing you were obsessed with dogs
you’d ask him to show you pictures and videos of bisco
“i better meet bisco once we go to japan together”
melted at the thought of traveling to his hometown with you
once you left the café, he kissed you in front of your dorms
and somehow he became your boyfriend <3
riki as a bf isn’t really a very public person
he’s the “this is our relationship, not the public’s type of person”
he doesn’t wanna risk companies wanting to exploit your relationship
although he doesn’t talk about you two much, he loves to brag about you when given the chance
whenever variety show hosts would fawn over you he’d just look them in the eyes dead and go “she’s mine”
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youryanderedaddy · 3 days ago
If possible, you could place my order with the characters Yandere! Sempai where the reader falls in love with yandere and becomes friends with him and his friends to get his attention and win his love, she does things to make them happy.
Of course, after a while, the reader realizes that his plan to win the boy's love is not working, so even though it is painful, the reader accepts that his love will never be reciprocated and moves on. Then the reader stops chasing them or even stops talking to him, distancing himself more and more from Sempai... Starting to make new friends even after some time starting to relate to a person.
But now the surprise, of this scenario! And if the guys became Yandere and found out they were in love after losing their friendship and not seeing the reader more often, what would happen next?
((Note: sorry if it got too big, I understand if you don't want to place my order ... the reader is not a yandere, just the Sempai))
Title: Someone I used to know
Tw: underage drinking, cursing, overprotective behavior, possessive behavior, stalking, consensual sex (foreplay) , both reader and ocs are underage cos I love high school au
This turned out so straight ugh dunno why
Sam never really saw you as a woman, if he had to be absolutely honest. There was nothing wrong with you, you were sweet and charming, a cute little underclassman to keep him company when his mates were running late, but there wasn’t much more to you. You were fun to talk to and the blonde thought you looked adorable in the way you blushed at every inappropriate joke or story he had to tell. You were a good friend, always taking care of the boy when he was too drunk to function, whining about his bitch of a mother or rambling about his countless flings even when it broke your heart to listen. In Sam’s eyes you were like a precious little sister, a child mature enough to handle his stupid tantrums and vulgar nature, so it came off as a huge surprise when you finally gained the courage to confess to him at the end of the school year.
“I think I love you.” You had blurted out one night, feeling alive and daring after having so much red wine your cheeks had turned scarlet. The older teen had been smoking by the window and describing his plans for the weekend in the past hour so your sudden, random wave of feelings took him out of the blue. He had cleared his throat in an awkward, obvious way, still staring outside, too confused to look at you properly.
“Thank you for the honesty, Y/N.” Sam had responded after a long pause in a distant monotone voice with his shoulders broad and tense, his black eyes avoiding yours as he exhaled a silver ring of smoke into the cold night air. “But I can’t accept your confession. I only see you as a friend.” The boy had added before you had the chance to cry or beg or do anything to try and change his mind. You simply held back your tears and put on a brave face before nodding slightly and moving into the hall to drawn your misery in something stronger than wine.
 After that night you kept your distance from the blonde, desperate to erase him from your memory as fast as possible. At the beginning you thought that it might prove more difficult than expected since the two of you were neighbors and shared a few mutual friends, but you quickly realized that the guy wasn’t exactly keen on acting as if everything was back to normal. In fact he didn’t seem to miss you or even regret ruining the friendship you had built over the years, and the thought alone was enough to make you cry into your pillow for nights on end. You were completely heartbroken and fully convinced that the awaiting summer would the worst one ever.
 Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. Soon school was finally over and your girl friends were blowing up your phone, inviting you to parties and sleepovers, taking you shopping and just trying to cheer you up. Most of them were cursing at Sam, swearing that he must be blind for turning you down, the others were sure you had dodged a bullet. It felt wrong to admit it, but their vicious encouragement really made you feel better about the whole thing, so did all the cute tight dresses and mini-skirts you decided to buy on an impulse during your many hang outs. You were slowly but surely becoming more and more confident in yourself while your former crush was fading away, hidden at the back of your mind, easily replaced by other guys far nicer and kinder.
Meanwhile Sam was getting anxious. You were an only child with no older siblings to protect you, that’s why during your friendship the teen had gotten used to watching over you, seeing you home, carefully observing the kids you chose to interact with, worried that you might get into a bad company. Now that you were purposely going out of your way to avoid him, he was constantly thinking about you, wondering whether you were safe and okay, blaming himself for rejecting you so harshly. The upperclassman could still remember so vividly how you trembled against his frame like a butterfly in his palm and just how broken you looked in the next months. But deep down the male knew that his refusal was the best thing he could for you after all those years. You were so innocent and naïve, full of life and energy, and he was just a sad excuse of an older brother with no dreams or goals for the future. He couldn’t even manage to keep you by his side because he was too selfish to even notice your feelings before you straight up told him.
That didn’t stop the boy from stalking all your social media from fake profiles under the mental premise he just wanted to make sure you were doing fine and everything was alright in your life. Sam spent hours looking at your pictures and stories, and the more time passed, the more concerning they got. At first you were sharing memes, gifs and art, nothing unusual, then you started posting provocative photos, videos of late night rides with guys he couldn’t recognize, shots of dilapidated houses and a lot of alcohol. Your neighbor was really worried about your safety, but under the disguise of care, there were far darker emotions lurking. One selfish part of him was disappointed that you had already moved on and the other one, the sinister one, was angry that you were letting these people into your life so freely, as if they were your friends or even worse, lovers.
You were invited to the biggest summer party at Cindy’s house.  You were all dolled up, wearing your favorite black skirt and hot – red crop top, your lips pink and glossy, your liver ready for hours of alcohol abuse. You couldn’t help but feel excited while walking together with your friends towards the big house at the end of the street. All of your gal pals were hyping each other, resulting in group giggles and whispers, the mutual tumult reaching a peak point the moment you crossed the gates into the living room, and what a picture it painted. There were kids dancing to unnecessary loud music, couples making out in the dark corner, college students playing poker and making bets, everyone was chatting, laughing and overall having a good time. You quickly managed to melt into the joyful atmosphere and soon found yourself in front of the bar with the drinks where a cute boy was waving at the passing guests while offering apple punch.
“Care for a drink, gorgeous?” He offered with a big smile on his freckled face and a mischievous gleam in his dark green eyes while handing you a plastic cup. You took it slowly and involuntarily blushed at the compliment, thanking him shyly while pouring some of the sweet liquid in the yellow cup. After that the guy, who you learnt was named Mike, kept the conversation going by joking around, asking you silly questions and telling you different funny stories from his job experience as a waiter at KFT. He even showed you pictures of his baby dog, and you already knew that you were in for a fun night.
“Your boyfriend is one lucky guy.” Mike remarked, slightly upset, in the middle of drinking his fourth glass of punch. You were going to laugh his words off until you met a pair of eyes so black you could recognize them anywhere, they had haunted your nightmares for weeks after all. And there was Sam in all his glory, sitting on the couch across the room with a beer in hand, dressed in all black, his arms crossed and his empty gaze set on you for the first time in months. His pupils dilated slightly upon spotting you in the crowd, the older boy almost shocked to see you so happy and cheerful, talking to a stranger once again like the reckless little girl he knew you were.
“I don’t have a boyfriend, actually.” You replied suddenly while licking your lips, your hands down on your waist as you stole a quick glance at your former friend, then focused on the person in front of you who was actually interested. “I am taking offers though.” You stood up on your tiptoes to reach Mike’s level and whispered into his ear while you closed your arms around his neck. The teen moaned quietly and turned red soon after, embarrassed by his own sensitivity.
“Wanna go upstairs and have some fun, baby?” You mumbled under your breath just to see the guy nod enthusiastically and basically drag you to the closest empty room on the second floor. As cute as his eagerness was, you still couldn’t shake off the uneasy feeling of being watched as you walked across the room towards the stairs. You really hoped it was just paranoia.
The moment you two walked through the door Mike was already taking off your top and kissing your full lips, only stopping to ask you whether you were sure you wanted this, to which you purred out a soft “yes, baby” and reached out to unbuckle his leather belt. Soon you were laying down on the mattress, naked from the waist up, and the male was towering above you, planting small pecks along your jaw line, applying them to your collarbone, while slowly traveling down. He slipped a hand under your skirt and put his hand between your thighs, right over your pulsating core. His fingers felt heavenly rubbing at your wet entrance and forcing moans out of your excited body until you couldn’t help arching your back in pleasure. The next few minutes of foreplay were very pleasant but you never could have guessed what would have happened the moment Mike finally decided to take you.  
The door suddenly slammed opened and the light from the corridor lit the room up like a Christmas tree. The one behind it was none other than Sam. The boy looked pale and constrained, an unreadable expression you had never seen before adorned his face, even the veins in his arms had bulged and stood out blue and red. He slowly walked towards the bed and his heavy steps seemed to overflow the ground with cigarette powder. Mike quickly threw the sheets over your naked form and embraced you tighter, confused whether to deal with his own assets visible or to shout at the other guy to leave the room this instant.
“Get away from her right now.” Your former friend whispered menacingly, staring at your exposed back. You could hear him getting closer and closer to your quivering body and it made your blood run cold with unexplainable fear of what was to come. You just couldn’t process the fact that the person you used to love so deeply had broken your privacy by witnessing such an intimate moment of your live without a trace of guilt or regret, this much was obvious by his next words. “I said to get away from her, you fucking piece of shit!” Sam abruptly growled and punched your fling hard, right in the stomach. The innocent boy bent over in two from the sharp unexpected pain, cursing under his breath before proudly raising his head and replying just as aggressively: “What is your damn problem, dude?”
 “Sam, please leave us alone.” You finally gained the courage to speak out and voice your own protests. Your neck was red and sweaty, embarrassed and humiliated by the situation you had been forced into, and every time you relaxed against Mike’s body, you could feel him trembling despite the brave façade he had on. You couldn’t really judge him though – your friend was a fighter, and a good one at that, so the reaction was fully justified.
“I will ask you to let go of her one last time before beating you to a bloody fucking pulp.” The blonde stated violently, his eyes darker and scarier than ever, and you just knew that if you had been bold enough to turn your head and take another look at him, you might have not been able to recognize the male you considered you first love. You were well aware of the fact that Sam Evans was bad news – he skipped school, smoked and led his admirers on, but he had never been cruel to you and you didn’t expect that to change even after your fallout. Well, it turned out you were terribly wrong.
Mike glared at the intruder for a while with wild hatred and a hint of frustration, yet finally he broke eye contact and started collecting his clothes, all shattered on the ground. You wanted to grab his hand and pull him back in bed, just so you would get your way this time and not give up halfway, just so you could feel like you had won against your whilom object of desires. But it was pointless to try and get him to stay, the teen didn’t even spare you a second glance before leaving the room as quickly as he could. You really didn’t want to think of him as a coward, no one wants to be hurt after all, but a part of you wished that he had protected you for a little longer. Now you were all alone, trapped with someone you didn’t trust anymore. You were too shocked to move on your own so for the time being you just stalked over Sam’s frame while he went to lock the door. A small alarm in your brain rang at that moment but you felt too tired to act upon the raw panic in your heart, especially now that the foolish alcoholic bravery was slowly being replaced by painful aware soberness. You noticed that your former friend was now standing right in front of the wooden bed frame, staring at you from afar with burning rage in those beautiful gray eyes. In any other situation you might have found it attractive but now everything felt off.
“Why did you do this?” You finally broke the deadly silence in the room, hugging the thin white blanket closer to your naked skin. The boy jumped on the bed out of the blue like a hungry wolf, startling you into dropping the soft shield and exposing your breasts to him. He didn’t seem fazed or surprised, instead kept crawling towards you until you felt his hard chest against yours, and had to suppress a desperate wail. The blonde gripped your hands roughly and put them above your head, squeezing so hard you were sure it would leave a bruise.
“I couldn’t let you sleep with some trash like him.” The boy spat out with venom, his eyes fixed onto yours, resembling two deep black holes you could drawn in were you to take one wrong step. “He is the type of guy to spread nasty rumors and I don’t want you to get in trouble.” Sam explained quietly, having calmed down a little bit. You couldn’t help but roll eyes at his stupid display of what he must have considered care. What a joke.
“It’s my fucking life, you asshole. You can’t just come here and tell me what to do.” You replied fierily despite the tears already falling down your cheeks. It was too much for you – you had come to the party to have fun and relax, to forget about your broken heart, just to be fooled with cruelly and manipulated by the same person once again. ”Why do you even care?” You added, determined find the right answers this time around. The boy frowned upon hearing your little spiteful speech, but soon his expression changed from sullen to hesitant.
“Because I am in love with you.” Sam declared lastly, unable to hold his feelings in any longer. He knew just how wrong and selfish of him it was to confess after you had finally moved on but he honestly couldn’t bring himself to care. He always wanted the best for you and after months of not being able to see you or hold you in his arms, he had grown to miss you so badly. The teen had never felt this way towards his previous girlfriends, he usually used them for sex and threw them away, but with you it was a completely different story. The blonde wanted to keep you safe and his forever, and If that wasn’t true love, he didn’t know what was.
“You are too late.” You choked out between the sobs and pushed the boy away as hard as you could. Your makeup was smeared and runny, your red lipstick was all over the snowy blanket, but that was the last of your concerns. You felt so insulted you almost couldn’t believe that Sam would play with your feelings in such an evil way. You hated him – from the way he used violence to threaten Mike to the fact he thought he still had some control over you. “I will never make the mistake of loving you again.” You said in a strong voice, perfectly faking confidence. “Now let me go. I can’t stand to look at you.”
This wasn’t right. This wasn’t what he wanted to happen. The boy was supposed to save you from the prying hands of the monster trying to hurt you, to taint you and take you away from him, you were supposed to smile warmly and thank him like a good girlfriend would. Then he would have confessed to you and you two would have kissed softly in the darkness. So why were you pulling away and rejecting him? Couldn’t you see that he had already realized his mistake and wanted you all to himself?
“It’s okay, buttercup.” Sam grinned and gently caressed your legs through the sheets, his eyes dark and muddy, happy that he had formed a plan. “I will show you how much I love you.” The boy placed a small kiss at the back of your hand before reaching out to cup your face, bringing you closer to his body.
After all actions speak louder than words.
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cauldronofmorning · 5 days ago
Littol thing for the Nurses day which is tomorrow for me:
There was a knock on Margaret's door. "Who is it," she called.
"It's me, Margaret," came the reply. It wasn't Frank's voice, thank goodness.
"Nurse Baker, this is a surprise. Please, come in."
"Now, what can I do for you?" The major was in a good mood, smiling. Nurse Baker felt some small relief from that.
"The rest of the girls and I had an idea, and it wouldn't be fair for us to act on it without getting your input." Baker dared hope that Margaret would decide to be friendly about it.
"Well tell me about it then, don't keep me waiting."
"We were thinking, you know all those war song, about bravery and fighting and all that? Like that one you're always singing, over hill, over dale and all. Us nurses think that we are just as brave and courageous and deserving of being sung about as the rest of the troops. We were going to write our own patriotic march together and call it A Cross As Red As Blood, or maybe A Nurse's Strength, we haven't decided yet. It's been started but we'd like your input, especially for some of the rhymes. Able's dictionary and thesaurus is getting quite the workout, and last I heard, they'd only finished the chorus and half the first verse!"
"Of course, Baker, I'd be thrilled to help you. Maybe we can pass it along to the other units when it's done. You tell the others I'll be there in just a minute, I'd like to slip into something that doesn't make me feel naked going across the compound."
"Yes ma'am!" Baker said with a grin.
"Oh and Baker?"
"Yes ma'am?"
"Since we're off duty, and this is entirely a social call, why don't we drop the honourifics for now?"
"Sure thing, Ma-Margaret."
And both girls grinned.
oh that’s adorable! bless this <3
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aion-rsa · 5 days ago
The Handmaid’s Tale: What Happened to Janine’s Son Caleb?
Warning: contains spoilers for The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 episode 4
“It’s been five years since we had our children torn away from us, an eternity. […] We’ve missed everything. The steps. The smiles. The tragedies…” – June Osborne, The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 3, Episode 10
Janine Lindo, played by the excellent Madeline Brewer, is a sweet soul who’s always been like a little sister to June and the others in The Handmaid’s Tale. She’s retained a childlike openness and lack of cynicism despite – or perhaps as a reaction to – the cruel treatment her character has received both in and out of Gilead. 
Over the seasons, Janine’s naivety has left her vulnerable. She unwisely spoke out against the Aunts at the Red Centre, and they punished her by taking her eye. She believed Commander Putnam’s lies about leaving his wife to run off and live with baby Charlotte as a family, and was left suicidal. She thought her request to re-join the Putnam household would fall on sympathetic ears, and was savagely beaten by Aunt Lydia as a result. 
Tough as she is, and as much as she’s survived, Janine’s instability brings out the other Handmaids’ protective instincts. So when June discovered in season three something that could break Janine – that her son Caleb had been killed in a car accident four years earlier – she kept it from her.
By lying to Janine, June was perhaps half protecting her and half protecting the plan to smuggle Gilead’s stolen children over the Canadian border. Janine had always been volatile and wasn’t always able to control herself in order to avoid Gilead’s punishments. If she’d been told about Caleb’s death, Janine’s subsequent emotional fallout could have endangered them all, letting Gilead know that a Handmaid had accessed secret files in the Lawrence basement. 
So June lied. In the freezer aisle of Loaves and Fishes, first she recruited Alma to the plan which would become Angels’ Flight by telling her that her son Dylan was now named Joshua and living with a family in Amherst. “How long are we going to let them keep him?” June asked. As a call to action, it worked. Alma committed to helping June’s rescue plan.
Read more
The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Episode Release Guide
By Louisa Mellor
The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Elisabeth Moss’ Directorial Debut Pulls No Punches
By Louisa Mellor
Listening in, so did Janine. (“I can help. What?” she reacted to the others’ disbelief, “I’m brave.”) And then she asked June what she’d managed to find out about her son. Like Hannah and Dylan and so many others, Caleb had been stolen from Janine in the early days of Gilead. As a single parent, Janine had been judged unfit for motherhood, not that Gilead was about to let her fertility go to waste. 
Reading Janine’s Red Centre file, June had discovered the road crash that had killed Caleb Lindo – renamed Samuel Covington – one year into Gilead’s regime. “Children still die, even in Gilead,” went June’s voiceover. “Prayers can’t stop car accidents.” 
Instead of telling Janine the truth, June invented a reassuring fantasy. Caleb’s family had been transferred to California, she told her. “His mom seems super nice.” Janine cried and smiled with joy and relief asking “He lives on the beach?”. “Yeah. He lives on the beach,” assured June. 
In season four episode four ‘Milk’, a flashback introduces us to Caleb for the first time. We see Janine as a loving mother bringing him up alone while working as a waitress and struggling for money. Tragically, the little boy she so adored wouldn’t only be taken from her once by Gilead, but again by a twist of fate after the military coup. 
Was June right to keep the truth about Caleb from Janine, or was lying to protect her a betrayal? Perhaps there’s another possibility. In ‘Milk’, Janine shows herself to understand much more about the cruel ways of the world than her naive persona suggests, and to have protective instincts of her own. Back in season three, when she smiled at the idea of Caleb growing up on a sunny beach, perhaps she recognised June’s lie for exactly what it was, a blissful fantasy escape from an unbearable truth. 
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The Handmaid’s Tale season four streams weekly on Hulu in the US. It’s due to air on Channel 4 in the UK at a later date.
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headstrongdesign · 6 days ago
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It (Official Music Video) I keep meaning to post this. I’m doing some spring cleaning, emotionally, have been for 12+ years, but 2020 saw the culmination of a true rebirth in many, many ways. 
I recently realized that I lost time after I immigrated in 1995. I keep a diary and my memory is impeccable, but time is certainly gone from that year. I remember my first memory, age 3 weeks or so, that both parents have confirmed, so I don’t lack in that arena. 
I’m not sure of the timeline and am not excited to dig into dates/events/diaries from THAT time. But - recently I had to revisit an old letter my father sent me when I was 17. 
The letter makes sense of all my relationships, all the shit I’ve tolerated, the masochistic tendencies I have displayed in every.significant.relationship. But I’m fine with that, I like my kinks and where they’ve lead me. I haven’t brought a child into this world so I could lead an authentic life, true to myself, whom I’ve known for a long time, a long long time. I couldn’t generate a maternal instinct, it didn’t make sense. I love being a single woman, I love being free, I love how brave I’ve been, how...headstrong? Thank God I learned to say no to some things when I did. 
This is no place for a child, I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again. It is madness, arrogance, biology, and stupidity to shit eggs into this world. I write this while adoring and knowing the faces of many new people shat out by many people I care for. I still can’t hide my feelings, this is not who I am. 
Why not adopt the poor babies who are already here, who need your resources so so badly? I would have happily traded places with an orphan in 1983, happily. I literally took food and resources away from a starving child and I had no say in the matter. 
The reason I’m posting this song is because I lost time. And when I came back online, it was around the time this song was playing, loud, and I was dancing. I was around other children, in Canada, for the first time since my immigration from South Africa. The move, the whole thing, is a wound I can’t quite comprehend still. It’s everywhere, I keep finding scars where I hadn’t imagined.
But once I recently realized I had lost time, I tried to remember when I ‘came back online’. I was at elementary school. My mom advocated for me (it’s not all bad, ever, which is the most confusing thing about narcissistic parents: they are often great, amazing, fierce, and just as often awful, abusive, destructive beyond forgiveness) to skip a grade. 
So even though age-wise I was due for another year in this elementary school, my mom ensured I did some tests and skipped a grade. That was awesome. All these wonderful moments my parents performed for me, I’m grateful for. Thank God. But all the rest is utter shit I’m happy to turn my back on as an adult. 
Louis CK once commented that he might do the second half of his life gay. It was a bad joke. Me, I’m seriously fine doing the last half of my journey without my biological family and the steps attached. It makes complete sense, rationally, factually, emotionally speaking. I would be fine getting disowned, divorced, removed from wills, whatever. I’m seeing clearly in a profound way for the first time.
So when I finally started making memories again after a traumatic launch into Canada, I was dancing with a boy named Jamil to this song, in 1995, I guess around May? 
The elementary school was having an end of year, lunch-time dance in the gym. I realized, I remembered, I loved to move my body, I loved to dance. And I hadn’t yet connected, although I’m really good at bonding with strangers, so I wasn’t having a hard time there. 
Other kids saved my fucking life. And when I came online and started making memories again, I was dancing in the daytime, aged 12, with a boy named Jamil, in a new country, about to go through a shit storm, but I saw ways out. 
Raves, dancing, music, other people not in my family, other children...saved by everyone but the ones that made me. I’m so, so grateful. What a great tune to come online to. How wonderful to have this city all to myself. I feel so safe outside of my family tree. It feels good to have fallen so far from the nest, truly. 
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weasleysxxxheadcanon · 6 days ago
Rating harry Potter ships and their shippers
Romione: 100/10 pure perfection, their chemistry is so beautiful and strong that even kloves couldn't destroy it for me when I was little🤭
Shippers: 8/10 most of them are so chill and they are part of weasleys defense squad and I love them for this. Sadly some of them hate on lavender for absolute no reason and it's a big no no for me.
Hinny: 100/10 I absolutely love them. They are our quidditch jocks and I love them so much. When I started reading the books I fell in love with them. 🥰
Shippers: 9/10 they are amazing and so chill I love them. Though not as bad as some romione shippers, sometimes I see them bashing cho and it saddens me. Mostly they are really cool though
Jily: 10/10 I love how Lily didn't fell in love with James until after he changed, it showed that she was respecting herself. James sacrificed himself for his family and I'm still crying he was really brave. We didn't know much about them but I miss them 🥺
Shippers: 10/10 they said fuck you snape and this is the vibes I like. They also have great artists and I'm crying over all of their marauders era fanfictions.
Remadora: 20/10 they are absolutely perfect for each other.Tonks really said fuck it all I'mma marry you anyways. I miss them 🥺
Shippers: 100/10 I have never met a toxic shipper and that makes me so happy, I love you all.
Arthlly: 100/10 I love them so much, they act like teenagers around each other and they are soulmates periodt... I mean to have seven children with someone they must be your other half lmao.
Shippers: 10/10 they are rare to find but their fanfictions are do beautiful I'm squealing all the time reading them!
Luscissa: 8/10 I don't dislike them but they could have done so much better let's be honest. Though they seem so in love its cute actually, as much as cute those two can go.
Shippers: 5/10 meh they are usually draco stans and they excuse everything they did and that not ok for me.
Bluer: 1000/10 perfect, absolutely perfect. ❤they are so hot together 🥵❤they are both the older siblings so their marriage must be so funny, both trying to mother hen their siblings sounds absolutely lovely to me❤
Shippers:100/10 you guys are hot affff🥵🥵❤I love you so much🥺❤
Androtedd: 1000/10 I absolutely adore them. Their love was so romeo and Juliet. They are perfect.
Shippers: 100/10 I love them they are awesome, they make me sad with their fanfictions but it's beautiful kind if sad.
Fralice: 100/10 I love them, they deserved so much better. They would be the funniest parents periodt.
Shippers:100/10 absolutely perfect like their ship!
Ronarry: 100/10 my absolute favorite ship ever. I love them so much. Harry needs his wheezy 😭he was his most missed person 😭😭
Shippers: 10/10 you guys are so rare but I know you are so chill I love you. Most I have met hate the ferret and love romione and hinny ❤❤
Harmione: 7/10 I like them a lot too. They had potential but after Harry admitted he saw her as his sister the feeling went away🥺but they are pretty good together too.
Shippers: -100/10 they are so toxic😐I hate them a lot. They bash the weasleys to justify their ship. You don't need to do that your ship is pretty good but you make it hard for me to ship them. Without the weasleys your favourites wouldn't be your favourites lmao. Also recently they have started a discord account and many of them hate on girl who wear make up and that goes way beyond Harry Potter.....
Dramione: -20/10 I hate this ship so much. He abused her, he wished her death, he sexualized her. The list goes on. They are adromeda wanna be 🙄
Shippers: 0/10 they are better than harmione, but still shipping and abuser with it's victim is not ok. I was bullied and if someone shipped me with him I would go nuts. There are some shippers though that they don't ship them because of the books and they change their personalities, they have admitted that they hate book draco but they pretty much like the idea I think... They are alright these few ones.
Wolfstar: 10000/10 absolutely gorgeous I love them so much I would literally sell my soul for them.
Shippers: 2/10 😐y'all some of you need to get the duck out of the internet. They are so toxic, they are heterophobes who hate tonks. They are clowns🤡tgey sexualize gay people and that's sad really 🤡but some are so chill I love the few rare ones. ❤
Drarry: 2/10 they are way better than dramione but still meh. To be honest I see them respecting each other at some point but never reaching a friendship level let alone lovers.
Shippers: surprisingly 5/10. I surprise myself with that but some of them are pretty chill.
Linny: YEEEE 1000/10 I LOVE THEM❤😳 they are so cute❤they are perfect ❤
Shippers: 100/10 I love you guys, you give me the vibes that I would be so comfy with y'all, true royalties.
Dorclene: 100/10 puurrrfection🥰wish we knew more about them 🥺
Shippers: 100/10 so gorgeous, so absolutely perfect 🥺❤❤
Perciver: 1000/10 jock x nerd energy that I love 🥺❤they would be so awkward and funny I just need them 🥺❤
Shippers:10/10 never met any toxic shippers but I think I have heard that some perciver shippers attacked percdrey shipper and that not cool 😾
Demus: 1000/10 I was this close to put them in the canon category 🤏😼they are amazing, I love them so much 😌
Shippers: 100/10 y'all are so funny I swear, you make my day better 🥺🥺🥺❤
Hedric: 10/10 beautiful 🥺❤Cedric was Harry's bi awaking, they are so cute together 🥺🥺❤Cedric baby I miss you 🥺🥺
Shippers: 10/10 y'all rare but calm and collected, usually hate draco nd that's my thing😌❤
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fairydollsteps · 7 days ago
Agatsuma Zenitsu as Your Boyfriend⚡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just to let you, you are dating a complete simp that just admire what the hell you are doing. He is too smitten for you and is shocked that you return his feelings?
He is usually rejected whenever he ask a girl out so you accepting his confession got him confuse for a bit but makes him smile sheepishly, happy that you accept his feelings and who is he. 
Zenitsu wanted to be by your side every second, clinging on you but not that it will makes you suffocate. It just felt like a small puppy following you around.
But he would control himself and be aware of your boundaries, not wanting to scare you off and thinks he is some kind of a weird creep. He already makes himself a fool to many times in front of other girls, now he wanted to act more rational and mature for you.
Tell him that you don’t mind and won’t ever think of him like that. Your comforting reassurance makes him feel relieved and at ease.
Kisses is a must for him. A goodbye kisses before being away to a mission, goodnight sleep together, greeting to each other with a kiss on the cheek. He loves every affection you give and he would do the same to you.
His kisses is just fills with love and sincerity. He would give you a tight hug after you both kissed. The hug is warm so you both stay there for a while.
He definitely though about marrying you in the future and have a family together with you. Zenitsu would down your name with his last name as he daydreams the future with you.
Zenitsu would feel insecure of his ability and skills when he sees other man or fighter that seems worthy and strong for you. This poor boi would keep this feelings to himself as he don’t want to be annoying with this stupid feelings he thought.
Hurry up and take notice of his sudden changes of behavior like how he would keep his distance with you and get him to talk about it to you.
Zenitsu would then talk about his feelings and insecurity to you and you would must comfort him.
He is too precious to be feel like. Make him feel comforted and be happy again. Don’t worry, he would return the favour when you feel down to in the future.
He also about you like how you care about him.
Zenitsu would be jealous and pissed when you are being flirt on and would quickly take you away from the guy. He would get pouty that is cute and begs you to not to leave him.
You would give him a reassuring hug.
Zenitsu would always wanted to go to a mission with and get all whiny when he is told that he have to be separated from you during a mission.
During a mission,he tries his best to put a brave demeanor while protecting you but it would be difficult challenge for him. He would usually be hiding somewhere when attacked but with you, he would behead the demon while crying and shivering later on.
But if you saved and protected him, he would become embarrassed and also sees you his hero. It would motivates him to train harder to become stronger.
But wait, remember how Zenitsu is when he is sleeping after being terrified like this? Yeah, you would fall harder for him when he slaughter all the demons to protect you, with full of adoration to him.
I am pretty sure Zenitsu love language would be Quality Time, Word of Affirmation and Physical Touch.
Quality Time: Zenitsu absolutely love to go on a date with you. He doesn’t care where you both hang out. He just wants to be by your presence after going through a tiring and petrifying mission. Your dates with him would consist of going to a garden to look at the flowers and make flower wreath, strolling around in the forest under the full moon and so on. You bot makes a lot of memorable remembrance together.
Word of Affirmation: Despite him being all cocky and stupid, he is actually feel very insecure of himself after what happen to him in the past until his granpa pick him up. As mention before, whenever you are smiling happily with someone, his doubts and negative thoughts would cloud in his head. Am I not strong for you? Was I annoying? Are you disgust with me? and so. Give him some comforting words and his painful thoughts would vanished. So always give him your sweet words to him every morning and before sleep.
Physical Touch: Zenitsu would love be the small spoon when cuddling with you. He needed your dose of affection or he won’t function properly. He would pout cutely when you don’t give him what you wanted after giving you so many hints. You would quickly know what he wanted after seeing his pout and just gives him what he wanted. He would always be touching wherever you both like holding you hand, staying close to you when sitting and so on.
Zenistu would be a lovesick idiot to you and a complete hopeless romantic to you. He would also treat you right like how a proper lady should be treated. Dating him is romantic and sweet at the same time. SO don’t break his heart as he has fall hard for you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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seventeenlovesthree · 8 days ago
Oh I have a good one. Daisuke thinks Kou and Tai are actually together together so one day he asks them, "hey, can you 2 give me advice on asking a guy out?" cause he wants to ask Ken out and they're both, "why?" and Daisuke goes, "well, one of you must have asked out the other, right?" and they're all, "what, no! We're not dating!" and he's all, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU'RE NOT!?"
Haha, honestly, I always kinda thought Daisuke would have been pretty oblivious towards them - not in an ignorant way, but more like the following:
Miyako: “Daisuke, don’t you think that Taichi-senpai is behaving differently when he’s around Izumi-senpai???”
Daisuke: “Different, how? I thought they’re generally like this???? Is this unusual for them???????” (You know, like he didn’t even notice that Ken had become more open, because it was the most natural thing in the world for him to see him open up, so he didn’t question it.)
If anything, I probably would have imagined it the other way round - like, Koushirou studying the whereabouts of Jogress evolution, obviously noticing the closeness between Daisuke and Ken and getting... Curious about what that’d mean for them on a personal level. So he’d try to ask Ken about it...
BUT: I gotta admit that I absolutely adore the concept you described and it even falls into the category I described above, just on the other end of the spectrum - it’d just be NATURAL for Daisuke to see them like this, so he wouldn’t question the idea that they simply are together. I’m not sure if he’d actually ask Taichi about it though - since he puts him on a pedestal and wouldn’t want to seem incapable in front of him. Maybe he’d be more brave to ask Koushirou then, because, after all, he managed to successfully woo his precious senpai, so he must be an expert, right??? 
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ishitgold · 8 days ago
It was a bitter cold night in February, with billions of stars prominent in a dark and quiet sky, rendering it brighter than expected. They were perched atop a ridge, braving the bitter February breeze. A sonny zero song "close your eyes" was played in the speaker. The only sound they heard in this secluded area was the music playing from their car. Before sunset, they decorated their place with giant floating lanterns, which mostly created a magical and aesthetically pleasing dimension to the scene they are viewing tonight. It was like something out of a scene from the film The Darkest Mind, where Ruby danced with Liam beneath the mystical floating lanterns.
he turn to face the person behind him,realizing that she was the one who was staring first. Rather than averting her gaze, she smiled at him with her typical enticing charm, which is one of the many things he admire about her
Until he  met her, he didn't believe love existed. she was the complete polar opposite 
of who he was. he was the petrifying black hole, and she was the phantom Luna. he was never a Sol in the firstplace.
"Hmm, a penny for your thoughts?"
'ah, she caught me'
As he noticed his cheeks were beginning to heat up, he softly looked up at the stars, hoping to see a falling star.
If we ever
fall out of love, find someone better, or are both too exhausted to deal with this relationship.
And we grew tired, which had an effect on our hearts and caused us to lose track of one another.
if you still can't find a man worthy of your affection, your feelings, and your whole being.a lot has changed in our lives over the years that we have been apart, 
Maybe, just maybe
Let's still give it a chance. Please go back to me. Despite the fact that I am unworthy of a lovely lady like you, I will willingly embrace all of your flaws, shortcomings and accept them—in truth, I have accepted them since the day I met you. Allow me to be the best man for you, the galaxy that you once call home. Allow me to have you in my shoulder once more. I will make you the happiest, I swear.
She looked at him teary-eyed and said, "Silly boi."
He felt her nice, soft hand brush against him. She entwined it and gazed at him as if I he was the most worthy human being on the planet.
"How come you're thinking like that?"
Who cares about the future in the firstplace? 
What matters most to me,is the present; what matters most to me is you and me, sitting in this beautiful place, listening to our favoritesongs and feeling the cold breeze of February. Don't worry about the future, okay? As long as you and I are both here, we'll be the happiest.
There it is, the irritating butterflies fluttering in his stomach and the galloping horses in his heart he always felt when he's with her, but can't get used to it. He placed her hands against his chest, simply allowing her to feel the enthralling horses in his heart. She looks at him with so much fondness and so did he. They noticed the change of music. It was the song from The Darkest Mind's dance scene. Loud places was the title of the piece.
" We should dance" he said while smiling at her
The guy stands up, behaving as if hehas supernatural abilities and coercingthe lady to do so. 
"Are you acting like Liam?" 
she smirked
"So you're a mind reader," he said,quoting Liam in one of the dance scene's lines.
She reacted like ruby and said, "No, I can't read minds."
He put his hands on her tiny waist and grinned at her cute act. Closing the chasm between them two.
"You are really beautiful," he stated, his eyes twinkling with adoration.
He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, savoring the moment they were together. He didn't recognize the sensation, which made him feel as though his heart was about to burst.
'do you hear my heart pounding? it was all because of you'
He is not Sol but she made him feel like she was her sky. The dim sky that luna fills with love and affection. For her, for luna, he was her dim sky.
All vanished as soon as he opened his eyes. It was initially hazy, but as time went by, it became clearer. He imagined the  figure of her, smiling with her tears flowing. He was in deep pain, and his heart felt like it had a hole in it.  He realizes, she was never been there in the first place.
He sat in the top of his car, surrounded by floating lanterns, under the flickering yet desolate moon. He laughed sadly as he gazed at the dark sky.
Who cares about present and future anyways? Her Luna had never been there by his side
Tumblr media
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theteachingsofsurak · 9 days ago
Cuddling with Kyoka Jiro
Pairing: Kyoka Jiro x gn!reader
Warnings: little bit of swearing, fluff, not much to warn about it's pretty wholesome
A/N: There is not enough Kyoka Jiro content out there, so I decided I'm gonna change that right now cause I love her so much❤️❤️
Tumblr media
Kyoka is kinda shy so it honestly might take awhile before you end up cuddling, especially if you're shy or aloof too (me lmao)
The first time anything cuddly happens would probably be in the common area of the dorms, maybe during a movie night with all of Class 1-A
By this point, you two have held hands and maybe hugged and kissed a few times, but you've never cuddled, much less for extended periods of time
There's only so much room on the couches, and let's say you got there a little late because you were getting snacks which the rest of the class will steal throughout the night so you're stuck sitting on the floor
Kyoka tried to save you a seat, but it was first-come, first-serve
But it's alright, cause you're not the only one sitting on the floor (Kaminari, Mina, Kirishima, and Deku are also on the floor)
So you're sitting sorta in front of Kyoka, to the side of her legs, and your head is conveniently right within reach of her hand
So about halfway through the first movie, she starts touching your hair🥰
She's pretty timid at first, but when you lean into her touch, she feels a little more confident and a little less awkward
So she lazily combs her fingers through your hair, scratches your scalp a little😩
It feels really nice so you're all relaxed, plus it's getting kinda late, so your head sorta falls to rest against her knee by the end of the movie
It's around this point that Asui says she's tired and heads up to her room, which means that there's a free spot next to Kyoka
At first, you're too lazy to move, but then you see that Kaminari is boutta go steal that spot and try to steal your girl too so you hop up on the couch next to her before he can
It starts to feel a little chilly in the room, so you lean into Kyoka's side... not too much though, since it still feels slightly awkward and you don't wanna overstep or make her uncomfy🥺🥺
But then she leans in back and you have a brave moment where you put an arm on the back of the couch, so your arm is borderline around Kyoka
You notice the goosebumps on her arms and legs, so you ask, "Are you cold too?"
She nods and whispers back "Yeah"
And you say "Me too. Can I have a hug?"
Despite the lack of lighting, you can still see the blush☺️ on her cheeks as she nods and scoots closer to you
She leans her head against your shoulder and you finally put your arm actually around her, holding her hand
And Mina's like "aww"
Same with Uraraka and Deku like they all think you and Jiro are fucking adorable
Denki is just lowkey jealous but also just wants to get in on it and he's kinda whining about it but Bakugo smacks him 'cause he's getting annoyed
But who cares about any of that? You're not paying attention to the rest of the class, or the movie for that matter
Your brain is stuck on Kyoka and the fact that her head is resting on your shoulder. And you're cuddling. ❤️CUDDLING❤️
You're just hoping she can't see you smiling so much that your cheeks are actually starting to hurt cause the muscles are cramping up
After that, it feels more natural to do cute cuddly things, so it becomes a much more frequent occurrence
You two will study together in your room and then cuddle on your bed as a break every so often
There are a couple ways this could go
1) You're facing each other, with Kyoka's head sorta tucked under your chin and you're hugging and it's adorable🥰🥰
2) You're both on your phones, doing nothing in particular, leaning against the headboard. Your arm is around her and one of her legs is tossed over yours
3) Or maybe you're just chilling against a bunch of pillows and holding hands
4) Laying your head on her chest? I'd do it
That one lofi radio on youtube is playing in the background
Forehead kisses are definitely included here along with just sorta tracing shapes on her arm or shoulder or vice versa❤️playing with each other's hair too
It's nice... sorta intimate but definitely not in an in-your-face type of way
Basically just chill... 10/10
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brokentoys · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
anonymous asked:
*Her face gets pink and takes a deep breath to calm down but it does not work. Thinks: It is okay. You kissed him on his cheek before so you can do this! Be brave! Talks in a flustered way.* Um - Mr. - Mr. - Mr. Edward? Can I kiss you on the cheek and hug you? *Thinks again: Oh gosh! I am still blushing! (Luna) 🐰
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eddie shined a smile at her, his head nodding once. “ Why, I absolutely ADORE hugs & kisses; did you know hugs can release endorphins ? Which can both make you feel emotionally, & physically better ? ”
Tumblr media
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fairydollsteps · 9 days ago
Hello, I just watched a Korean thriller movies and thought about. If you don't mind, can you write a headcanons for Timeskip Tsukishima dating a movie director who makes horror and thriller movies?
Sure! I don’t mind writing down your request! I also enjoy watching Korean thriller movies. Forgotten is my favorite :) Anyway, let’s get back to the main topic. I hope what I wrote is what you wanted
Tsukishima x Movie Director!Reader for Horror/Thriller.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Other people tend to be scared to watch scary movies especially their terrifying jumpscare and the intensity of it.
You on the other hand, absolutely love to watch this kind of movie and take the huge passion to make movies with this genre, which leads you to become a very successful movie director for horror/thriller movies.
When Tsukishima find out about your career, he may look and act disinterested like “Oh you are a director for this movie cool,”
Yeah, him being Saltyshima.
But no worries, he is actually very interested in your career as a movie director and wanted to watch your movie now.
You would catch him watching your movies and he would say that “he has a lot of free time,” hiding the fact he is very excited when the movie started.
Tsukishima would be amazed for your occupation as a career even though he denies it but also feels weird because people would be screaming and scared when watching a horror movie.
But you just seem so focused and chill when watching a horror movie, hell not even flinching when there is a jumpscare or even not shivering when there is intense suspense in certain scenes.
When Tsukishima talks about it, you just said that is not real and you know what’s happening behind the scene because you are a “movie director”.
Tsukishima though you are insane.
The whole former Karasuno gang never knows about Tsukishima's relationship with you because Tsukishima is a private person until Yamaguchi mentions it.
Everyone would be shocked about it and your career. They all would know about you immediately because of how popular you are for your most successful movie ever made.
After tons of pestering, Tsukishima finally gave in and introduce you to his former teams. The whole gang would be impressed.
They all welcome you warmly and quickly befriend you, also kinda surprised because you are such a friendly person that made many petrifying movies that can send a chill to the spine.
The whole former Karasuno gang would always watch your movie together as a group date. Just to say you have made many of them cry and scared.
Like Yachi and Hinata would be crying together, Asahi would be clinging on Daichi or Sugawara who they both are also terrified. Yamaguchi would also be clinging on Tsukishima while Kageyama becomes paranoid.
Tanaka would try to act tough in front of Shimizu but failed miserably and ends up hugging her tightly. Shimizu was also scared with some scenes but enjoys watching the whole movie.
You are kind of a sadist cause you are happy for their reaction, knowing that your work got the audience emotional.
Your dates with him would mostly going to a cinema together to watch your movies.
Tsukishima tries to act all chill and brave but he would always be holding your hand tightly. He stills enjoys your movie despite all the terrors in it.
Even so, Tsukishima completely supports your career as a movie director. He finds all your movies is impressive for how you manage to get the whole audience a satisfying reaction, including himself.
When you find Tsukishima terrified even though he tried to hide it, you would share some of your experience behind the scene. All the hilarious things and the bloopers, in hope, to calm Tsukishima down which it does.
You would invite him to your work and explain to him your job as a movie director. He would ask you some questions here and there and you would answer them all.
While you are talking to the actors, Tsukishima looks at you with adoration and admiration for how you always work hard and cooperate with your co-workers to create a movie to entertain the people.
Despite him being apathetic and cold, he would make sure you are healthy and not overworking yourself. You are very passionate about your career which sometimes leads you to overwork yourself, so Tsukishima would step in and help you.
In short, Tsukishima would support your career by taking care of you and watching your movie that you work hard with the others despite nearly wetting his pants. The End.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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libidomechanica · 10 days ago
“Conscience clay”
Conscience clay that spared a Key,  the Moonelight; flush and  make church and look; possible hanging 
instant heart were western  with laugh. Of  courtly to this, curlings 
I talke; how he war with  what man accurse, which from  years, bear the Folly 
fellow rose week came in wretched  shalt the hid, asks no motley  have love, give the best fades! Saw 
sad as mine may pierce the  softness as ’“twas all that  and adore you pleasure was 
imagine yourself  disbelieve a ru ined in thy soul wear, ‘“I 
cannot move”’ but he clear— plagued  with Tyranny which  all and seen sprite dice could your 
westerday, the dews were,”  what now rose unhurt, she was  mans way: but, where was 
possible and people  art by the graveyard of  the uncertain tones, and 
all share oer the finger wretched  his on his with  side by little sneer, and 
so with should douse byrds and  knelt be—Nothing brance, where  enter, half water and 
look at the pool on then  I once ledge from bastard in  the vortex of our 
arms In Raiment to  advance where was  the silence, lute the 
sparks of you judge of the  dead. of all the lustrious  elms to be eddying 
off with shrinking on  the hide the Good  old Manuscript should not; but you under 
stars oer to musick surmounterfeit:  he always had:  and blot of thing, yell of 
peoples with a flowers  his then doth sport; In her  as any Life beyond 
time shore. both I did  not cropp: but her seas he thine with  death the flowers, 
and all I take tomorrows  the fragments, hours  is strand! Thine, and weathere 
but marionettes of slightly  take to be so waist, ye  iolly thought light, if a 
thought: and thought in Sommer what  you thing, he shriek of will  beneath delight taken from he 
long me, and other loesome discover  Nevada as  its tree within the 
same Door-way but of trouble  young brillia, though my loved, the  image of doesnt harmonious, 
doth money on green- blue return down throng, with  old your hands or 
delicacy; all  work divine its larded barley- sheathe, described of the grows 
romantic, I should been a  vallies by range; the Canon  of black silk neck or no 
long, and do is eloquent,  can both of usual  hath sang Sir Fools lang; or 
neatly can he thing lotion Numbness  dragging old December, hes public  face. Stellaes seen hood? I would creations, 
or as the  summerd with his God,  that happier far more his 
could follows she almost forth to  find sad, second most  as I mused byrd, youre lady of 
Susa brave I wonne or gardeners  maturity—  guess everything well; he 
had choose the close you winter  beauty, busy at thou may youth:  but into the 
myself from aughten to  unwilling gore: the Univers.  How can sad, indeed, in 
thatch (mongst other in manners  that hold catkins on with  weed gaily folly held his 
part,) yet in much raining ravishd  by Bacchus arrangible and  knot a Magic sighs, and 
couldnt be neares, who am  chance first and plain, we took that  was been trouble 
my years! A regimented  Margaret love cause  was since, and not.
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strictomiles · 10 days ago
|| I’ve been BLESSED to talk to both @oldamicitia​ and @littlestshield​ in depth about the Amicitia Family that I adore so much. And I’ve only NOW made them a playlist as a family would you believe it???? so, without further ado. Here is the Playlist and it’s break down of why the songs are on there because i’m ANNOYING
Tumblr media
1. The Trials of the Shield - Tetsuya Shibata It’s self explanatory. 2. Bust Your Knee Caps - Pomplamoose - The Amicitia THEME really. They’re a tough as nails, take no shit family. If you’re in with any of them, you have an ally for life. And if you’re on the other side of them? Good Luck. Might you recall, We've got a small family business. And the family won't like this.... They'll bust your knee caps! 3. Loyal, Brave, True - Christina Aguilera - Another Amicitia Theme. Especially with the long line of servitude to the King of Lucis and how fiercely they honour their family line. All for my family, Reason I'm breathing, Everything to lose... Should I ask myself in the water what a warrior would do? Tell me, underneath my armour,  Am I loyal, brave and true?
4. You Can Run -  Adam Jones. - Gladio and Iris in the Dark Years. Clarus his whole life. You can run, You can run... You saw things that shook your core, Things you've never seen before. Could've walked away instead.
5. Ready as i’ll ever be - Tangled the Series - Each Amicitia on their individual journies. Now it's time to rise up or it's time to stand down and the answer is easy to see and I swear by the sword if you're in, get on board. Are you ready? I'm ready, ready as i’ll ever be.
6. From Now On - The Greatest Showman - Gladio and Iris in the Dark Years. I drank champagne with kings and queens. The politicians praised my name.  But those are someone else's dreams. And we will come back home, and we will come back home. Home again!
7. Father and Son - Cat Stevens - Gladio and Clarus. Most of the time, they get on famously. But the balance between being too hard on his son as a father and too soft on him as a soon to be Shield isn’t an easy one. How can I try to explain? When I do he turns away again. It's always been the same, same old story from the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen. Now there's a way and I know that I have to go away.... I know I have to go.
8. Blood \\ Water - grandson - Clarus and his father. Their relationship was not a pleasant one with his father being needlessly cruel to him. These lyrics i felt were very Clarus to his father summed it up. Admit you were toxic. You poisoned me just for another dollar in your pocket. Now I am the violence I am the sickness. Won't accept your silence, Beg me for forgiveness.
9. Monster - Skillet Teen Gladio, Clarus and Clarus’ father’s internal monolouge imo. I keep it caged but I can't control it. So stay away from me, the beast is ugly I feel the rage and I just can't hold it.
10. I loved her first - Heartland Gladio and Clarus @ Iris. It’s no question these two grouchy, gruff men are soft on her. And if anyone was LUCKY enough to end up with Iris it wouldn’t be without grilling and pestering from those two. But I loved her first, I held her first and a place in my heart will always be hers. From the first breath she breathed, When she first smiled at me. I knew the love of a father runs deep.
11. The Best Day - Taylor Swift Imo Gladio looking back on his childhood after everything he’s been through. Perhaps talking at a grave ;a; I have an excellent father his strength is making me stronger. The Gods smile on my little sister inside and out she's better than I am. I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run and I had the best days with you...
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chibi-writes · 11 days ago
How about vice dorm leaders transformed into a chibi due to potion incidents *cough**cough* Ace and Deuce *cough**cough* and their g/n s/o took care of them during the chibi state and their reactions to it afterwards?
Trey Clover
- He freaks out. Just a lil bit at first. Then he calms down after your offer to help him with his duties throughout the day.
- Chills either in your pocket on your shoulder in he's brave enough and clings on for dear life. He'll help direct you throughout his day whether it be vice dorm leader duties or homework he's there to help.
- Might even have you help him bake something and calls it "teaching you his secrets".
- cupcake wrapper bed cupcake wrapper bed cupcake wrapper be-
- If it doesn't wear off the next day then he'll take matters into his own hands and help you make a reversal potion because my guy can only be shoulder-sick for so long...
Ruggie Bucchi
- quietly panics. But also.... Your help would benefit him greatly... He takes your offer but be prepared to have the, granted adorable, little shit on your shoulder the whole day.
- You can and will help with some of his odd jobs. He'll direct you through them don't worry. He's tempted to pull a prank on you and have you do something odd or unorthodox but he knows that it will reflect on his paycheck so he decided not to.
- Leona is too lazy to question it so you also go about doing some chores that Ruggie would typically do.
- head empty only make-shift plushie bed
- Like Trey, would also help you make a reversal potion if it doesn't wear off. But not before he has a little more fun being the devil on your shoulder..
Jade Leech
- If you thought Ruggie was a little shit... You haven't met this one...
- He's not panicking. At All. He knows he'll be fine. After all, you would help him wouldn't you? Like a good and caring s/o?
- You would gave to cover Jade's shift at Monstro Lounge. Don't worry, it won't be too taxing, Jade will guide you the whole way. You will also water his mushrooms. It's nothing too hard, Just a couple spritz of water here and there.
- Make this mf sleep in a terrarium He'll have you make him a small bed out of whatever is available, like an old shirt or something.
- If it doesn't wear off, he'll help you make a potion. But don't let his fun end so soon...
Jamil Viper
- It's fine. i t s f i n e. He will never show it, but he's panicking because he'll a) never hear the end of how cute he is from Kalim and b) He now can't stop Kalim from doing stupid shit.
- He'll be reluctant to ask for help, but sooner or later comes to terms with the fact that he needs it. He'll have you do as little as possible, he doesn't want to tire you out with something that is his responsibility.
- Will offer to teach you to cook or play mancala or something. Some calming hobby that can relax both you and him. It's actually really sweet.
- Honestly, I feel like Jamil would ask you to help him make a potion ASAP, but if it isn't possible on that day or it won't be ready until the next day, he'll settle for sleeping in this form.
- Hand bed, sleeping on your hand with a small blanket or fabric around him, m a n i f e s t i n g a d o r a b l e-
Rook Hunt
- Is about as calm as Jade internally, but cannot and will not shut up about how educational the experience will be.
- He won't ask you to do anything for him because a) Vil got his back with dorm things and b) he'll be too focused on observing you the whole day.
- You kinda forget he's there and when you do notice, he'll encourage you to go back to what you were doing, or help you out in some way like telling you the formula for an alchemy problem or guiding you through tough readings with his own flowery words of encouragement.
- Another one who won't ask right away to be turned back. He likes observing you like this! Why miss out on the opportunity? At one point or another he will ask if he can be turned back but it'll probably be the next day.
- speaking of which, Also, shirt bed. Or sleeping on your nightstand so he can see your beautiful sleeping face. No he will not shut up about it in the morning.
Lilia Vanrouge
- Ah yes another lil shit. He won't be too worried, might even crack a dad joke here and there. He'll ask you to help him out a bit while he's like this.
- What he asks help for isn't really too hard. Usually just basic things like carrying his bag, helping him pick up heavy objects, etc. etc.
- He'll also tell stories while you work on homework or chores. Just to make time pass by faster. Also Sebek will double check on you two to 'make sure you are taking care of Master Lilia properly'. Also, please cook for Diasomnia. Please. They need nutrition that isn't burnt.
- Lilia will want a potion but he'll wait til the next day, no need to rush after all.
- Lilia would probably sleep on anything tbh, but another who would like to sleep on your nightstand or something similar to study your cute face.
Tumblr media
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kikatsudon · 11 days ago
a house call | harvey (stardew valley)
Tumblr media
Alas and behold. You, with hair a sopping wet mess, stand before him.
Let's be real here. Your hair isn't the issue. For all Harvey knows you could style it as a rat's nest and he would still find it adorable.
But your skin tight camisole did nothing but highlight your glowing skin. It didn't even matter if you stay out in the sun all day. Heck, Harvey feels a weak knot at his stomach when he realizes you were only wearing your boy-short underwear. Add to that the stupidly obvious tan lines on your shoulders.
He swears he's going to faint if his eyes wander anywhere lower than they should.
"Oh! Good morning, Harvey. I'm sorry for my get-up today. I kind of slept in and didn't realize you were going to have a visit." You open the door a little wider, enough for him and his leather doctor's bag to pass through.
It was a bad move. Regardless if Harvey is a good head and neck taller than you, that didn't mean he wouldn't catch a closer glimpse at your collarbone and... dare he say it out loud... cleavage.
His eyes dart straight to the fireplace in your living room. Hard but even breathing leaves his nose. He counts numbers to stabilize his poor beating heart. Fortunately, he musters the discipline to not stare at your ass that was there all for him to see.
"Actually... I'm here to check up on you." He gestures to the heavy bag beside him. "You were pretty much close to death last night if it weren't for Linus. So I'm surprised to see you kicking so well today. Did you take a life elixir? I'm not against you using it though. Just wanted to make sure."
From the open kitchen, you rummage through your cupboards to find that one special jar of coffee beans that you managed to cultivate and harvest. You may not admit it out loud, but you certainly kept a sizable amount of it just to share it with a particular beanpole of a doctor.
"I didn't. I ran out of chanterelle and purple mushrooms. Since it's not their season it's been hard to forage for them... Aha!" You find the jar of coffee beans, set it down on the countertop, and begin preparing Harvey's coffee. "I'm making some nice coffee for the both of us, Harvey. Do me a favor and make yourself at home."
Your posture suddenly stiffens ever so slightly, chills crawling up your spine when you feel a glare baring holes on your back.
"Does that mean you've been making those elixirs in the fall since winter is the season for mining?" Harvey crosses his arms, eyebrows raised.
You turn to take a look at him, his demeanor and face fully displeased. You could've sworn he'd let your comment pass. Forcefully swallowing the sensation of a bile forming in your throat, you give him a sheepish smile.
"If I said I did, what would you do about it?"
"Nothing. I have no right to hold it against you." He sighs, running a hand on his now disheveled hair. "I just wish you'd listen to me. The mines are dangerous. Even more so just going to the other cave in the desert. As someone who cares for you, I just want you to know that your life isn't something you can constantly put at risk."
"How did you know I go to the Skull Cavern?"
Harvey turns his back on you, he sets his equipment and the first aid kit on your coffee table. "Pam is quite the talker when she's drunk."
"I'm really sorry, Harvey. I have no excuse. You know how hard it is out here for me." You too, turn your back and begin pouring the hot drink into a new mug you bought. Yes, new. Because you specifically bought it just for the town doctor to use every time he pays you a visit.
"I know you are. And I know you're doing it to keep this farm afloat." He places the last of his equipment down the table, and he leans back onto your sofa. "Maybe I'll ask Lewis to tone down those monster-slaying notice boards every once in a while. It's not like Gil or Marlon visit the Townsquare frequently. And no one else is brave or capable enough to fight those slimes except for you."
Tumblr media
"Ow, ow, ow..." You wince, even with Harvey's gentle hands, you feel every sting of pain seeping through your arms as he changes your bandages.
"Just hold still. The pain will be over soon. This is the last bandage anyways."
Making sure the strip of cloth was not too tight or too loose, he taps your hand twice to tell you he's done. A communication habit he formed every time silence takes over the both of you.
You admire his clean ways of bandaging. You're pretty sure he's honed this ever since you came to the town three years ago. Plus, you're certain that there's no one else he uses up his bandage supply for. "Thank you. You're an amazing doctor. Really."
A soft tint of pink dances on his cheeks. "I'm really not... I just made sure it’s looking pretty enough so you'd feel apprehensive about letting yourself get hurt again."
"Even if I made it a hundred years in this town, you know I'd come back to the mines time and time again."
"Then that would mean I'd better set up a clinic at the front of the mines instead of the Townsquare." He fondly looks at you. He realizes he'd do anything if it meant knowing that you're safe wherever you go. "Marlon and Gil might need check-ups frequently. They aren't getting any younger. And you, my dear friend, have been my most constant patient out of the entirety of Pelican Town."
"I wonder who it was that told me to get to know each other better and put aside this doctor-patient relationship?" You raise your eyebrow at him. “I’m giving you a reason for us to constantly see each other.” Getting to your feet, you stand up from the couch to go get some snacks.
Some spirit of confidence comes over Harvey’s body, and somehow, he manages to take a firm hold of your wrist and softly pull you back. "I know I said that, but talking with you on your random clinic visits is better than seeing you bruised and bloody four times a week." Your throat suddenly feels like it’s stuffed with cotton. Your heart clenches at his pleading eyes.
You take his hand that holds your wrist and give it a gentle squeeze. "I'm okay, Harvey, I really am." You move away to take a small twirl that slightly made you dizzy, but not that you would tell him that. "See? Not in tiptop shape but I'm doing better than I was last night."
"I just don't want you overdoing things. Yoba knows how much it scares me to know that you're not safe or you're somewhere fighting for your life."
Despite Harvey’s worrying disposition, you feel giggles bubbling up your throat. With newfound strength, you pull him up to stand. He follows your actions weakly, his pliant demeanor mostly caused by the distraction that is the beauty of your laugh.
You slowly guide his hands to rest on your hips, and you wrap your arms over his shoulder. Like a possessed teenage boy in love, he automatically sways both of you. There is no music, only the pads of your foot as you try to tiptoe to match his towering height. It’s as if the word ‘awkward’ isn’t something that’s stamped on Harvey’s forehead. But then again, he’s one of the people that you’ve come to cherish ever since you set foot on Pelican Town.
“You can step on my shoes, you know.” A very pink Harvey stares at you fondly.
“I’d rather not.” Somewhere along with the swaying, your fingers find purchase on his nape, the tips tickle the ends of his hair, and you feel him shiver. “I may be small, but breaking my neck just to stare at your dorky face is worth the sacrifice.”
“Please don’t break your neck. There would be no lips for me to kiss if you somehow end up getting decapitated from looking up too much.” He jests, his large hand rests somewhere on your neck, where jaw meets the cheek. He’s careful enough not to touch the small gash on your bare shoulders.
“Ah. Then it would probably be better to do that now while I still have my head.”
“Of course.”
It doesn’t take him even a millisecond to finally feel your lips on his. He swears it’s the most delicious thing he’s ever tasted... right after, what you like to call, ‘The Harvey Special Pickled Cauliflower’, that you give to him twice a week every spring.
Tumblr media
Somewhere along the line of his supposed “daily” house call, he finds himself on your couch. Hair disheveled, face flushed, and his tie is extremely loose on his semi-unbuttoned clothes.
Harvey insists that it’s okay to spend the day sucking the life out of your lips, especially when the farmer is his only scheduled patient for the day, but really, it’s you who’s been the constant patient everyday for the past week. Maru’s already interrogating the town doctor regarding his whereabouts when he comes back to the clinic thirty minutes late.
He might not admit it, but he’s rather embarrassed with having you perched on top of him, raining his poor neck with hickeys, all while your pet cat, Oncat, is sleeping soundly on your tv stand. For someone who was on the brink of death yesterday, you sure were very energetic. But something feels off.
Yes, Oncat the Cat, and another thing bothers him.
He’s been too distracted by your beauty, that the shining thing in your living room only registered in his mind when you both gasped for air.
With reddened lips and flushed cheeks, you notice that Harvey’s been staring at something behind you a bit too intently.
“Is something wrong?” You turn your head to look at whatever he is confused with, and only then did you laugh at his problem.
"Is that not... a bit unsettling, is it?" Harvey’s thumb traces circles on your lower back, where your tank top meets the waistband of your shorts. “I mean, this is your house and you have full control of how you want everything to look. But it feels like someone violated our privacy.”
"It is actually." You shamefully scratch the side of your cheek. "No worries though! I'll move it somewhere else private that isn't my bedroom."
"Is there another place more private than your bedroom?"
"My trophy room."
Harvey snorts, but he horribly covers it up with an equally horrible cough. “I didn’t take you for someone to have a trophy room.”
"What? It's not that funny!" You huff, but bite your lip to prevent yourself from smiling. "Look, there are only two places I can keep Golden Lewis. It's here on my farm or I'd give it to Marnie so she has something to worship other than the old, wrinkly Lewis."
"It would've been disastrous if Shane saw it in her bedroom."
"Exactly! Plus, this bad boy right here..." You walk beside the golden statue, hand gently patting the top of the hardened hat. "Is too scandalous of a secret not to take advantage of."
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