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#these matchups are so old
sookyshima · 28 days ago
Alrighty.. Congratulations on the milestone Rosie! ❤️Can't believe it's been a while since the time when ur blog was barely a week old when I found it ksndjd😔💐
As I shall participate cuz this is such a cute idea of an event 🌸
Name : Hikari
Pronouns : She/Her
Starsign : Virgo
A number between 1-12 : 2
Self ship : Hikaoi (Hikari X Oikawa)
Have a great time writing the insight! ❣️
𝐇𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐑𝐈 + 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 𝐓𝐎𝐑𝐔 ( ♍️ + ♋️ )
Percentage of love between Hikari + Oikawa: 86% 📈
* You are a Virgo and Oikawa is a Cancer
* This isn’t anything new but you guys bring out the best in each other, especially you towards Oikawa
* And this is why he is so attracted to you because he’s normally the one to do this with other people
* There is so much warmth and chemistry within your relationship, it’s literally fluffy all the time
* You are both goal oriented and disciplined
* You and Oikawa are devoted towards one another and bring each other a strong sense of purpose
* You guys were not built for flings (Well maybe Oikawa at first but he came to his senses)
* And you guys simply just deeply admire each other
* You love his determination and strength and he loves your adaptability and intelligence
* Your relationship will start slow but soon your bond will grow stronger
* The relationship prides itself in common sense and strong principles
* You will be successful together so enjoy the material things in life
* But only at the cost of both of your honest hard work’s
* Small issues may arise when you become too critical for Oikawa’s easily bruised feelings but he has to understand you only point out what you observe and that it’s not a personal attack
* His stubborn streaks may annoy you but in the end it’s something you’ve come to appreciate because it makes Oikawa how he is
* Oikawa loves being nurtured so your way of serving is perfect for him
* After a whole day’s work of responsibility, he gets to relaxed and be babied by you. He loves that whether he admits it or not
* The best thing in your relationship with him is that you work towards the same goals. You guys enjoy a stable home and nice things.
* You really helped Oikawa a whole lot with achieving his goals and he’ll love you forever for this
* BONUS: He is loaded with confidence and passion so he makes good use of this
* The whole relationship began because he made an odd confession randomly
* When he plans dates for you he always wants to be extra and makes sure it’s daring and unforgettable
* He always wants to take you shopping and always wants to buy jewellery for you even if there’s no big occasion
* Oikawa loves spoiling his baby
Tumblr media
* When Oikawa isn’t being all confident and well... Oikawa, he may want you to make a lot of the decisions for everything because whatever you think of is always spot on
* He’s just in awe of your mind
* He likes your ideas on where to eat, places to go, what to do because you always come up with the best things
* Your relationship involves a lot of fun but remember not to go overboards
* Let the high times high but remember to be intimate with each other
* Indulge in the things you guys have in common
* See what works and what doesn’t
* You have the magic to make this relationship work for as long as you please
Alloy orange, almond and burnt brown.
Tumblr media
➳ 𝗦𝗣𝗘𝗖𝗜𝗔𝗟 𝗕𝗢𝗡𝗨𝗦 - Song to match the vibes
not necessarily the lyrics but just the vibe of the song match you two
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lady-latte · a month ago
Hi I want Middle Earth matchup, I am just really curious about this. I’m a girl, I’m straight female, I’m 5’4, I have long curly golden brown hair, and brown eyes. My zodiac is Leo, I value self space. I like to bake, paint, write, and read. I am loud and I love to laugh, I make a lot of friends, but I don’t open easily to people, only few of my closest friends and family get to know me in reality. I love my family and friends and I’m loyal to them. I’m kind and generous towards others thanks!😊
Hey Anon! Thanks for sending in a matchup! I hope you see this! Let me know if you like it! ❤️
Tumblr media
I match you up with Prince Fili of Erebor!
He always heard your loud and joyful laughter. It would be carried by the wind, through the air and overhead. Singing like chimes hung by a string. Yet he has never seen you before. The town of Dale was always so boisterous that it was hard to pinpoint where the voice came from.
However, one fateful day, the young prince ran into you. Literally. He was running too fast and not paying attention, knocking you to the ground.
He swore that in that moment, it was love at first sight. And ever since that day, he continuously tells you so every night. How you are the love of his life; that no jewel in the world can compare to your beauty.
Fili is a very attentive lover, always putting your needs and feelings above his. Which means he is highly protective, but holds no jealously! This Lion understands the importance of trust and personal space.
He LOVES to buy anything that deals with your hobbies! When you run out of canvases or notebooks for your paintings, he’ll order a whole cart full just for you. And you can guarantee that this babe pulled some strings for you to have access to the restricted area in the Library.
Please bake for him, Fili has such an obsession with pasteries and pies. He will eat anything you make like a starved man eating for the first time in weeks. Fili praises you so much on your baking till you’re red in the face.
One of his favorite activities to do with you is relaxing in bed at night. You’ll be leaning against the headboard, reading aloud to the sleepy dwarf. Who has his arms wrapped around your waist tightly, and head in your lap; occasionally pressing soft kisses to your thighs.
Fili loves all of you, but if he had to choose. His favorite part of you is your laugh. It’s his all time favorite sound in the world, and will do anything to make you laugh no matter the situation. Fili will tickle your sides, and tell the worst jokes just to hear it. After all, your laugh is what drew him to you.
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climbdraws · a month ago
when someone is 2yrs older than u and blatantly tracing your art with a “I referenced it off of pinterest and never heard of that artist so it’s not stealing!!” excuse 😭
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cup-o-slash · 4 months ago
Finals are over, about to clean out the askbox matchups. Get ready for a flood 🤙
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kuroopaisen · a year ago
manager matchup #1 ♡
@haikyuu-ink yuki darling! thank you so much for your kind words :( i hope you like this! i think i might surprise you a bit with the choices i've made? (when you had your little shipping thing going the guy i chose wasn’t mentioned, and you didn’t list him in your self-ship either so now i’m WORRIED) but i kept thinking it over and over, and i kept changing my mind.
ANYWAY on with the matchup!
school: shiratorizawa year: 3rd
it's the beginning of your second year when tendou approaches you. you're confused at first; but a few minutes of conversation make his intentions very clear. he really, really wants a team manager. and heretofore, he's been unsuccessful. you can't help but wonder how many girls he's asked at this point, but he's still making his pitch. and you're listening to him, but you're also thinking "hm,,, it could be good for my college applications,,, we've got a very good team here,,, it's not a terrible idea."
so, you say, "okay, sure." tendou doesn't quite believe you at first (he keeps asking you to repeat that), but that afternoon you're standing in the gym and you're like "what have i done." washijo's a bit confused about your presence (and you wonder if tendou has even spoken to him about this), but he lets you stick around. half the team is just as confused as to why you're there, and the other half is excited that they've finally got a female manager.
but, your responsible nature quickly endeared you to both the team and the coaches! before long, you've become an invaluable part of the team, and some of them have convinced themselves that they’d fall apart without you there (it’s goshiki. goshiki’s convinced they’ll fall apart without you--)
your team ♡
ushijima wakatoshi
✧ truth be told, you were probably intimidated as all hell when you first met him. he's massive, and he's blunt, and he's not exactly known for having great people skills. i know i'd be terrified of him at first! but, because he's so,,, straightforward, it's surprisingly easy to get along with him (so long as you're not expecting him to be something he's not)?
✧ he appreciates how responsible you are as a manager, even if he doesn't really say it all that often. admittedly, he didn't see much need for a manager, at first. were they not doing well enough without one? but, he's wise enough to notice the good effect that you have on the team. and, he appreciates your time-management skills. after all, you're not going to get an effective amount of practice if you don't have a good schedule.
✧ it took him a while to fully warm up to you simply because of his personality (and he's just,,, not the sort to reach out and try to cover that gulf with someone, you know?), and you have no idea what to try and bond with him over. but, you both don't like feeling fragile slkjdf
✧ funnily enough, the moment that you and toshi truly bonded was during the first few months of your third year, where things were really and truly beginning to get stressful. you, personally, were at a tipping point: college applications, prepping for exams already, varsity commitments, the volleyball club,,, frankly, it was all too much
✧ and that's when toshi finds you crying in the store room. he'd been practicing late (as he often did), when he hears your gentle sobs. he doesn't quite know what to do, because he's never really dealt with this kind of thing before. but, he just,,, sits with you. and he asks you what's wrong. and he lets you vent.
✧ he doesn't really say anything, because he's not equipped to. but, he's just there.
✧ after that, you're a little closer. he makes sure to ask you how you're feeling that day (to the surprise of much of the team ljds), and he pays particular attention during exam periods. it's only something small, and he always asks with that monotone voice of his, but it's enough to make you feel all soft.
✧ you don't spend any significant amount of time together outside of club activities, but when you do, people are terrified. the star of the volleyball team and an honours/varsity student? both with resting bitch faces? there are certainly some 'power couple' rumours going around about the two of you, but you don't let it get to you (even if it bothers a certain team member, but we'll get to that--)
✧ okay but a cute little headcanon,,, because he's the star of the team, you feel obligated to include him on any posters and such that you design (and, also because the coaches are adamant that featuring ushijima will draw the most attention). but,,, the man's deeply unphotogenic. like. every time you try and get a good shot it just looks a bit off. even if you take an action shot of him spiking. you're not sure how he manages it, and he doesn't quite get it when you try and explain it to him. tendou thinks it's hilarious dflkjdf
tendou satori
✧ tendou quickly becomes one of your best friends, both on the team and outside of it. As the person who recruited you, he feels personally responsible for your well-being (and for helping you integrate into the team smoothly). it's hard not to be endeared by that, especially when he's constantly checking in with you to make sure you're doing okay. and that's a habit that carries well into your third year.
✧ he appreciates the fact that you offer all the boys a shoulder, and he's grateful for how much you give them. he knows it mustn't be easy, tending to the needs of a large group of young men (and shiratorizawa has a large team), and he's always reminding you to look after yourself.
✧ he's excellent at reading people, and he's always there to support you whenever you're at tipping point. he’s not great at being vulnerable, per say, but he knows how to try and lift a mood. 
✧ oh, please share your writing with him, he'd be delighted to read it! especially if you ever venture into more fantastical genres. he's very supportive, and he's good at giving constructive feedback while also being an enthusiastic reader.
✧ i feel like you end up keeping him in check a bit? he strikes me as someone who’s prone to procrastinating, and being terrible at organising their time, so you’ll have to kick his ass into gear from time to time. he appreciates it, even if he’s always teasing you for being a such a model student
✧ like ushijima, i don’t think he’s all that great at being vulnerable? he seems like he’s got some walls that are harder to break down, as they’re some kind of defence mechanism. that being said, should he need to vent, he knows he can come to you.
✧ honestly, i think that quiet affection is a staple of your friendship; you’re more active in showing each other that you care, and demonstrating your support through your actions. you’re big on roasting one another (tendou’s very good at it hh), but you know you’ve always got each other’s backs.
✧ oh but he gets so sad if you snap at him,,, he’s more sensitive than he lets on and he doesn’t quite know how to meet your sharp tongue head on. he usually just tries to diffuse the situation with a bit of banter (since you two are good at that), but that tends to be hit and miss. you two never really have arguments, though, and he recovers pretty quickly (especially if you promise to read that week’s shonen jump).
✧ you two get so loud sometimes though,,, either before or after practice (basically outside the time frame where washijo can get at you dklj) but you’re always bantering back and forth. it often ends up in something of a three-way with semi, with the occasional input from taichi. goshiki tries joining in, bless his heart, but he’s really not very good at it.
✧ OKAY but he always has this big ideas for the team posters and you have to be like “satori, sweetie,,, absolutely not.” like, he wants them dressed as samurai. or yokai. or as characters from naruto. and you have to be like “that’s great but how is this going to get people to support the team.” and his excuses are always terrible.
✧ overall, you two have a very wholesome, supportive friendship? bless you guys. also he’s your number one wing-man and hype-man, even if you don’t want him to be. but we’ll get to that in a minute.
✧ side note: i think tendou’s an entp (if not, he’d be an estp), and they tend to meld very well with infjs! a good complement where you balance each other’s weaknesses while supporting one another’s strengths!
semi eita
✧ you were pretty intimidated by him at first, because 1) he’s very tall, 2) he comes off as very intense, and 3) he’s very, very pretty. semi was one of the guys who was a little confused as to why you were there; was a manager really necessary? but, you were cute, and you seemed pretty gung-ho about the whole thing. so, he just shrugged it off.
✧ because you got close to tendou, it was only inevitable that you ended up getting to know semi too. and, before you know it, you and tendou were constantly ganging up on the poor boy.
✧ but, you end up finding that being around semi is,,, surprisingly easy. your personalities just gel in a very natural way, and you balance each other out. he’s hot-headed and competitive, while you seem a lot more grounded and soft. but, at the same time, you have that sassy side, which plays off his personality quite well. so, you bolster each other while still being able to have a lot of fun together!
✧ honestly, semi develops a crush on you pretty quickly. it’s a few months into your friendship, and he casually mentioned that he’s interested in making music. when you were actually interested in what he had to say, he really perked up. and you let him ramble about it; that little passion of his that he hadn’t shared with anyone yet.
✧ and in that moment, he realises just how invaluable you already are to him? you listen to him vent about stupid shit all the time, you take an interest in the things he cares about, and you’re more than capable of maintaining good banter. and he’s like “oh shit oh no oh shit oh no--”
✧ tendou catches on immediately. semi literally begs him not to tell you. he promises to buy him boba for like a month for his silence. tendou never says anything directly (he’s a man of his word, after all), but oh man does he tease semi.
✧ you remember what i was saying about him being your wing-man? yeah. yeah.
✧ he’s already a bit of a show-off, and that only gets worse now you’re around. he tries to make his serves even more powerful and impressive, and he always looks over to you whenever he makes a service ace (he wants to see you cheering for him, but he’s not going to say that.)
✧ he’s literally always ranting about something slkdjf he says he’s not that hot-headed but you can always pull out a list of every single thing that set him off that week,,, and it’s never anything that serious, but it’s quite funny how much he’s able to ramble. but he really likes coming to talk to you because you listen and you tolerate it, and that does things to his heart, you know?
✧ it goes two ways. he’s quietly caring, and he’s very gentle with you when you’re feeling fragile. he’s particularly kind to you, and he tends to go into overdrive if he ever finds you upset. like, you can snap at him, but instead of getting angry he’s just like “O H N O what can i do? how can i help? i’m here if you need me.” and you’re like “huh? that,,, wasn’t the response i was expecting?” but he’s always unfailingly supportive of you.
✧ you’re always there for him, letting him lean on you, so he wants to return the favour. he told you that, once, with a blindingly red face.
✧ your relationship, even when you’re ‘just friends’, is littered with soft little moments. whether it be that support, quiet little compliments at opportune moments,,, that usually end with one of you turning around and going “haha i actually meant that you’re a l o s e r”
✧ because , for all the tenderness, you two roast each other all the time. is it flirting? probably. usually, actually, on semi’s side (tendou’s always complaining that semi’s never that nice to him when they’re bantering). honestly, semi just gets all giddy when he makes you laugh.
✧ he tried teaching you how to serve one time, because he’s like “okokok, this is an excellent opportunity to flirt and get close to her. i’m gonna seem so cool, just you watch--” but he’s the one who ends up getting all flustered because of course (tendou roasts the hell out of him for it. semi never quite lives it down)
✧ definitely pretends to be a little dumber than he is so you’ll tutor him -- you catch onto him because his grades are actually fine, but you humour him (even though you’re a little confused as to why he’s doing it? but you’re not going to turn down an opportunity to spend time with him--) somehow he’s still competitive with you when it comes to grades, but that’s just,,, him
✧ semi’s capable of joining in on the chaos from time to time (he’s always ready to throw down with tendou, after all), but if you want to relax, he’s happy to be quiet. he’s just happy to be in your presence because this boy is a simp okay
✧ you feature him on posters more than is maybe reasonable, but it’s just because he’s so pretty. like,,, his face alone is good marketing.
✧ look, this boy would die for your cooking. when he’s crushing on you, getting food from you just. destroys him. like,,, he goes bright red and the rest of the team’s like “hey dude, are you okay?” and he’s like “:) she made this :) for me :)” (cue ushijima being like “actually she made it for the entire team” and tendou starts cackling--)
✧ confessed to completely by accident. was more than willing to take it to the grave with him, but fate had other plans. poor boy was probably jealous of someone (you’ll see below), and he gets all grumbly. when you confront him about it because Oh My God Semi How Are You More Terse Than Usual, he just,,, blurts it out. literally just goes “it’s because I’m in love with you, you dumbass!” and you’re like “uh—” and he’s like “UH—DON’T TELL TENDOU.” to which your response is, “that’s the first thing you’re going to follow that up with?”
✧ at that point, he’s begging you to forget that he ever said anything. you, of course, are like “nope. not gonna.” and semi’s desperate and scrambling in his brain about how he’s going to salvage your friendship, when you say – “i never turned you down.” and semi’s like ??????????? i,,, i guess??? and you’re like “so,,, date this friday?” and semi thinks he’s ascended. this isn’t how it’s supposed to go. being a complete and total dumbass is not the way to get a girlfriend but there he is—
✧ tendou never lets him live it down, by the way. semi spends the rest of his life regretting not having some fancy confession planned. you assure him that it’s hard of the charm. he doesn’t quite believe you.
✧ okay but artistic couple? powerful. you show him your prose, and he lets you listen to a little of his original music. he always gets kind of nervous about it, because he needs to be The Best and he needs you to like his stuff. but of course you love it (and your personal favourites become the pieces he’s most proud of)
✧ poor boy has considered writing you a song so many times, but he keeps chickening you out. he always finds excuses not to-- when he’s crushing he’s like “no, that’s too much.” when you’re in a relationship, he’s like “i can’t because of,,, reasons.” he just doesn’t want to get it wrong, you know? but he keeps the rhythm and the lyrics he associates with you as notes between his heart strings (>:])
✧ also, when you’re finally together, he’s clingy as hell. He’s not the best at asking for affection, but he has a tendency to just,,, initiate it. And somehow, he makes it awkward like half the time. But it’s hard of his charm, and there’s nothing he loves more than feeling your fingers laced through his.
✧ those soft hours you mentioned? yeah. yeah. Semi gets super fond whenever you’re alone (especially when you two are cuddling), and he has a tendency to just,,, litter your face with kisses. You tease him for it all the time, and it makes him blush something fierce. He wouldn’t have things any other way, though.
✧ you two make me so soft and it’s such a surprise? i didn’t really expect to choose him but here we are,,, and i love you two (even if it seems like an unconventional choice). also whoops it’s so long i’ve set a precedent for myself :’)
ohira reon
✧ let’s be honest, both of you are responsible for holding the team together. having reon around is something of a godsend because it’s like “finally, someone’s got their shit together.” because while your boys are talented, they’re an absolute disaster sometimes. it’s not even that they’re chaotic or anything; it’s just that they’re prone to self-destructing? so you and reon are just. constantly on mum duty--
✧ he’s so mindful and polite, and he’s constantly thanking you for all you do. he knows you’re putting in a lot of work for them, and he wants to make sure you feel appreciated. he gently reminds you to look after yourself (especially around times of high stress), but he makes sure he doesn’t overstep any boundaries.  
✧ okay, but it’s so nice to just relax with each other every now and then? whether that’s chatting before or after practice, catching up on the weekends to discuss your disaster children, or helping each other study… he’s just a nice dude to spend time with?
✧ he’s more than willing to be a shoulder for you to lean on when times get rough. he’s well aware that you’ve got semi and tendou, but it’s certainly not a bad thing to have a sizable support system. reon strikes me as a good listener, so if you’re ever in the desperate need to rant, he’s your guy.
✧ he’s a bit supporter of you and semi. he likes how you balance him out and soften him, and he genuinely enjoys seeing your dynamic. he also just likes seeing two of his friends happy, you know?
goshiki tsutomu
✧ look,,, the moment he joins the team, he’s your son. you and tendou co-parent him. it was bound to happen, and how can you not develop a fondness for him? he definitely looks up to you like an older sibling, and your word is law in his world fdslkjdfs
✧ he just really wants to impress you! he doesn’t get the validation he’s seeking from his teammates, and that’s where you step in. give him the praise that he needs! tell him he’s doing well! he deserves it!
✧ he tries to keep up with the banter but he’s,,, not very good at it. his jokes don’t really land all that often because he’s too earnest. he’s too eager to please so he can never actually roast anyone (especially not you third years,,, the poor boy would combust before that’d happen)
✧ he appreciates how supportive you are! he’s also so, so appreciative, thanking you for listening to him, for making meals for him, for making time-tables for him,,, honestly, he’s just very touched? like you did this thing? for him? because you care about him? it makes him feel very Special, and that’s an instantaneous way to secure a place in his heart (even if technically, you’re doing it for the others too, as that’s kind of your job as a manager, but that’s irrelevant--)
✧ i don’t think goshiki’s very bright (bless), so he’d absolutely be asking you to tutor him. as with everything, he gives it his all, even when he’s got the question wrong. but, he’s your precious son, so you’re gonna do all you can to make sure he’s getting the grades he needs.
✧ i think you’d be able to get along with him quite well? just a very soft, loving friendship (also i can’t imagine you ever lashing out at goshiki, even when your patience is thin,,, just imagine the look on his face dssfklfsj poor baby,,, other members of the team are Deeply Jealous of him for that hhhhh)
shirabu kenijirou
✧ shirabu’s got a strong personality, and i think that could cause the two of you to get off to a rocky start. he’s the,,, “you have to prove your worth to me” type (at least by my count), so it might take him a few months to really understand why you’re even here (he’s still polite to you, of course, as you’re his upperclassmen, but the tension’s still there)
✧ somehow, the two of you have a bit of an academic rivalry going. sure, you’re in different year levels, but you’ve managed to make it into a competition. he’s not going to directly ask for your grades or anything like that, but you always feel like he’s testing you,,, trying to catch you out to see if he’s got a better understanding of the content than you did
✧ but because of that, he’s a really motivating study partner. if you’re both in the library (usually before practice), you feel this pressure to really buckle down and work extra hard because there’s no way you’re letting this runt beat you.
✧ a begrudging respect does develop between the two of you, and he’s willing to acknowledge all the little ways you help out the team. he also appreciates that you’re capable of being quiet ahahah
✧ he also appreciates the fact that you,,, can stick up for yourself, if that makes sense? even if it’s just roasting people? and he can’t deny how much work you put into your studies and your extra-curriculars. so, while i don’t think you guys would end up being all that close, your relationship is quite valuable.
yamagata hayato
✧ he’s a mum friend. no-one can convince my otherwise. and, that means he’s a mum friend for you, too (even though you tell him, constantly, that you’re the manager, and that means you’ve got to look after him. he doesn’t listen, of course.)
✧ he knows you’re smart and hard-working, but he wants you to look after yourself! he’s always reminding you to drink water and eat healthy. you’re one of his underclassmen, and he’ll be damned if you’re not taking good care of yourself!
✧ reminds you to go easy on the first years if you ever snap at them. he understands why, but he’s just like,,, a little calming force in moments like that. he says it’s a favour in return for you keeping track of his phone dsflkjdfljk
✧ he was one of the kindest, most welcoming members of the team when you first joined up! and honestly, the fact that he’s not A Giant (like some of the other boys), he was a lot more approachable. along with tendou, he lent a hand with helping you settle into the rhythm of things, and the two of you will always share a cute little bond because of that.
✧ he’s definitely one of the more chill members that you recharge with, and he’s also grateful to take some quiet time with the less chaotic amongst you.
✧ okay but i just have this vision of him helping you prepare food for the team? especially if it’s someone’s birthday or a different kind of celebration. i have no clue if he’s any good at cooking, but he tries.
kawanishi taichi
✧ he’s definitely one of the boys you were most intimidated by. He’s tall, and he’s got that whole expressionless thing going. He’s also not the type to,,, reach out, so your friendship develops due to propinquity more so than anything else
✧ honestly, i think you and taichi would have a cordial relationship, but not a particularly close one. you find each other pleasant enough to chat to, it’s just that you have other people that you’re closer to, if that makes sense?
✧ you’d gel best intellectually, i think. he’s clever, and he’s analytical, so i can see him sitting down and talking about the game with you. he thinks you’ve got a valuable perspective as someone looking from outside the court, so he likes to take advantage of that.
✧ often asks you what you think, and if you’ve got any ideas for improvement. The rest of the team is kind of ???? because his motivation is quite spotty, but it’s just because he likes thinking outside the box
sorry that one was short but I’VE GOT SO MANY WORDS YUKI AND I’M STILL NOT DONE
some other interactions ♡
akaashi keiji
✧ so, it's the first time you've gone to nationals with your team. and you're pretty excited. you guys aren't facing fukurodani, but your courts are next to each other during warm-ups. so, your boys get to it, and you take a moment to look around the room because you're so curious. 
✧ and, as you look over to the court next to you, you're dumbstruck because,,, the most beautiful man in the world is standing there? like it's nothing? and you're just,,, blown away. you don't notice you're staring until semi calls your name (because of course he's noticed that you're staring at someone--). you're like, "oh shit!"
✧ and as you're turning your head to call back to semi --thwack!
✧ you're on your ass. you're seeing stars. you're not quite sure what's happened. (as you were turning your head, one of bokuto's cross-courts collided directly with your face. all things considered, it's incredible that your nose is intact.)
✧ as your sight comes back to you, you see semi frowning at you. and next to him,,, oh god it's that boy. the pretty one. and poor you, dazed and confused and utterly fuddled can't quite handle it. you're being asked questions ("where are you?" "what day is it?" "how many fingers am i holding up?") and you manage to spit out acceptable answers, but your brain is going something like this: HFNHFNFHFNFHNDHSKDFFDJKJDSNFDSKJN
✧ somehow you make it to your feet, and you realise that one of your arms is being supported by semi, and the other by that pretty boy (you miss the side-eye semi's giving him). and he hangs around until you've been given a damp towel and a water bottle. "are you sure you're okay?" he asks, and you just smile at him. "i'm so sorry about that." you're unable to say much more than "it's fine" because you're so shy.
✧ and then he smiles. he smiles. It's Over For You. you can't get it out of your head, even when your game starts (even though semi is trying harder than ever to show off--).
✧ once your respective games are over (both teams came out victorious), he comes back over. and you're honestly just !?!?!?! "what's happening?" but he just smiles at you gently and says, "i'm so, so sorry about what happened. how are you feeling?" and you're like "oh, i'm fine! i feel much better."
✧ but then he goes, "let me buy you lunch as an apology." and you're like UM SIR? SIR? And he's like "I feel repsonsible because I set the ball." and you're like "THAT'S NOT YOUR FAULT UM--" and he's like "my treat." and because he's The Prettiest Person In The World, you buckle and agree to go with him.
✧ by lunch, he means a trip to the cafeteria (you're not quite sure if you're disappointed about that). but, he asks you what you want, and even though you try and pick the cheapest thing on the menu to be polite he's like "are you sure that's what you really want?" and he ends up getting you the most expensive thing anyway --
✧ (while this is happening, semi's freaking out having watched you walk off with Pretty Boy. He's just going TENDOU TENDOU WHO IS THAT WHO'S YUKI WITH WHERE ARE THEY GOING WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE SHE'S GOT STARS IN HER EYES and tendou's just like oh my god you're so obvious ask her out already. semi: ABSOLUTELY NOT)
✧ anyway, you and akaashi are having a genuinely lovely time? you were expecting to just have a quick lunch and then move on, but the conversation's flowing so nicely, and your personalities seem to complement each other? so your heart's going thump thump because how is he so nice, and pretty, and polite enough to treat you to lunch? maybe taking a spike to the face wasn't such a bad thing
✧ anyway, he ends up getting your phone number (because he’s smooth), and you end up texting back and forth a lot for the next few months. (whenever semi glimpses at your phone absentmindedly during study and sees akaashi’s name he’s all >:( and suddenly has trouble studying. twice as bad if you smile when you see the notif--)
✧ unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult keeping in consistent contact, because you’re so far away from one another (and i see akaashi as the sort of person who’s just. bad at texting, even when he’s trying ahaha). by the time you’re officially with semi, your texting relationship had dropped off a lot. but, not completely! you gel quite well, after all, and it’s quite pleasant to have a conversation every once in a while. definitely becomes one of those friendships where you’ll catch up if you happen to be in the same area for whatever reason!
iwaizumi hajime
✧ this is a more fleeting interaction, but it’s a sweet one nonetheless. the two of you met during your second year, when shiratorizawa was facing off against aoba johsai.
✧ from the other side of the gym, oikawa turns to iwaizumi and goes “i’m going to seduce shiratorizawa’s manager because that’ll lower their morale >:)” and iwaizumi goes “you absolutely will not be doing that”
✧ but oikawa’s already on his way over, and iwa’s just like “oh god no.” so, he sprints after his friend, half-yelling the words “shittykawa, i will kick your ass. leave her alone”
✧ but then you laugh and iwaizumi’s like “oh?” and oh at the same time. you’re quick to apologize, pointing out that you just thought the name was funny. isn’t that his captain? is he allowed to speak to his captain like that?
✧ oikawa tries to recover his dignity, but you and iwa are ignoring him. and the thought playing in the back of iwa’s head is :) a girl laughed at something i said :)
✧ he manages to get through the rest of the conversation before you’re called away (he heard something along the lines of ‘fraternizing with the enemy’ from some kid with a shock of red hair), but his heart is thumping a little quicker
✧ as they’re walking away, oikawa turns to him and goes, “iwa, you should seduce shiratorizawa’s manager to lower their morale.” iwa, of course, goes “you’re such an asshole.”
✧ but, he spikes really well that game, and a small part of him hopes you’re watching.
✧ after the game, oikawa pressures him to try and get your number (he thinks he’s being a good wingman, but honestly he’s just making it worse). iwaizumi’s excuse is that it’s too hard to approach you with the rest of shiratorizawa around; how’s he going to explain himself?
✧ oikawa’s like “duh you tell them you’ve come to steal their cute manager away” and iwaizumi’s just “i am One Step Away From Striking You Down Where You Stand.”
✧ he doesn’t end up getting your number, but oikawa brings you up consantly afterwards. he keeps telling the team “come on, we’ve got to get to the finals so i can finally crush ushiwaka and lay my inferiority complex to rest so iwa can see that cute manager again!”
✧ makki and matsukawa absolutely join in on the teasing. the first and second years are a tad too respectful to do the same (although yahaba and kindaichi are absolutely on-board with trying to set iwaizumi up with shiratorizawa’s cute manager,,, they tried to find you on social media once and iwa was a bit livid because he thought it was a little creepy fslfdk)
✧ so unfortunately, this doesn’t really go anywhere, but he does think about you sometimes. It’s usually just him wondering how you’re going, and hoping that you’re doing alright (because this is iwa we’re talking about, bless his heart)
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aizawa-needs-coffee · 3 minutes ago
Hello! May i please have a matchup? :) I’m a bisexual 19 year old girl. I’m 5’9, caucasian, and i have wavy long brown hair, hazel eyes, and i wear glasses. I have a thin/athletic build. I have a soft light academia kind of style, and i love wearing sweaters.
I’m INTP, and i tend to be really antisocial. My sense of humor is really sarcastic, and i like to playfully tease people. People describe me as kind of intimidating sometimes, mainly because i’m usually quiet around others. I’m also pretty stubborn. Despite this, i’m also pretty childish sometimes, but i know how to be serious too. In a relationship, i’m a bit easily jealous, but i don’t like showing it.
I’m in college and majoring in psychology. I take schoolwork pretty seriously, and i’m also learning french on the side!
My love language is words of affirmation, and i’m not a big fan of physical affection! I take things slow in a relationship.
I’m very into fitness and health, and i exercise every day (mainly strength!). Some of my other hobbies include shopping, playing video games, and baking. I’m a stress baker, sometimes i’ll get upset and the way i’ll cheer myself up is by making a batch of cookies or cupcakes :) I’m into a lot of soft things, like animal crossing, minecraft, and sanrio, but i’m also a really big fan of horror games and movies!! My favorite season is fall, and my favorite color is purple. I’m also an avid coffee drinker, but i love hot cocoa too. Thank you so much in advance :)
Here ya go and I hope you like it. I think this boy would suit you well!
Tumblr media
I match you with Shinso
You have lots of personality traits in common but I feel this would just make you more compatible. Not the most social couple but would like one another company and not need to be part of a big group to be happy. Playful banter and teasing back and forth along with making darker jokes that each other would love but have everyone else like oooof. I feel Shinso would be the same, need words and gestures more then physical touch, just sat on the sofa hanging out makes him feel loved, just the company of someone who trusts him and knows he’d never hurt them fills his heart more then cuddling. You guys would much rather be sat playing games then out on a date. Being into fitness is a plus you could help him get stronger with for the hero course.
Slouched on the sofa, all the windows open letting the fresh air circulate around your apartment you glared at the TV screen, trying to fight a giant monster but it didn’t seem to be going well. You could keys rattle against the front door but didn’t move, aware it was your boyfriend coming home.
“Same boss?” he called from the entry way, kicking off his shoes, setting the keys in the little bowl by the door before making his way into the living room. “Yeah, big bastard keeps getting the better of me, I’m this close to stopping and just rearranging my island on Animal Crossing instead” you sighed and picked yourself up on the sofa.
“Let me sell turnips on your island before you do that though” Shinso mumbled before he set down two iced coffees plopping down next you, running a hand through his hair.
“Oh yeah sure, you know… this is two player… help me kick his ass?” You turned to him, and he shrugged picking up his controller and jumping in.
You sat in silence working together to beat the boss, every so often just the sound of straws in plastic cups as you both drank the coffees he brought. He might not be big on touching, but he would always bring you coffee whenever he’d come over, his own show of how much he cared about you.
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zeeroweenies · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DESC ✿ you and eren are the worst together.
MATCHUP ✿ eren x f!reader
CW ✿ very toxic relationship ; arguing ; make up sex ; dacryphilia ; verbal abuse ; cheating/gaslighting ; impact play ; mouth spitting ; oral f → m ; rough sex turned soft ; not proofed.
WC ✿ 2K+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2:45 AM.
And it’s been six hours since Eren stormed out of your apartment off to god knows where, every one of your texts and calls asking his whereabouts being ignored or sent to voicemail.
It’s been nearly three years since you two started dating, and it’s always the same old shit. A five step cycle, really: Eren does something to piss you off and make you cry, he makes you seem like you’re in the wrong for reacting a certain way and makes you feel like shit for it, the two of you fight, fuck, and make up. Simple you could say, but not really.
8:27 PM. where are you?
9:05 PM. baby please text me back.
You don’t even remember what the cause of this fallout was, it was just that stupid. You and Eren are always getting into petty fights. Whether it be about who’s going to take the dog for a walk or something dumb either one of you said to piss each other off, you were constantly at each other’s throats. And it was tiring, repeating the same routine with Eren has seriously gotten old over the years.
But here you were, blowing up his phone afterwards and begging for him to come back like you always do. Pathetic, it really is.
12:13 AM. i’m getting really worried, eren.
12:59 AM. are you out with some bitch? answer my calls you fucking asshole!
The only thing you can remember was the loud exchange between you two, screaming at each other to the top of your lungs until you were hoarse, voices booming through the thin walls of your apartment so loud that your neighbors were bound to hear it, they always do.
You’re right up in Eren’s grill, so close and invading his personal space that he can feel the anger behind your words. “Where the fuck are you going, Eren? Do you even love me anymore?” Please say you do.
He doesn’t even answer you, his hand flying upwards to zip close his hoodie. “I’m not gonna keep putting up with your bullshit, all you do is bitch and whine about meaningless shit. I’m sick of it.”
“Then leave!” Don’t go.
A scoff falls from his lips, making you shrink a little on the inside when he says, “Say less.” Walking out of your shared apartment, the loud bang of the door slamming shut making you jump in place.
2:20 AM. if you’re gonna stay out this late don’t bother coming back.
Eren cheats on you, you know he does. But simply just knowing still doesn’t cushion the blow, especially when you allow it to happen. He flagrantly messes with other girls, behind your back and right in your face. What was wrong with you? Did he not find you sexy anymore? What do other girls have that you don’t? It’s like he doesn’t even respect you anymore, like you’re just some plaything he can throw away the moment he gets bored with you.
But your mind inevitably comes back to one question when fights like these occur: why do you let it happen?
You’re never able to come up with an answer, and just when you think you’re about to, the faint sound of keys jingling and wriggling the doorknob to reveal your boyfriend snaps you from your thoughts. Speak of the devil.
“Where have you been?” You shoot up from your place on the couch, tear stricken eyes on display and puffy from crying so hard. Your little act earning an eye roll from Eren, trudging his way to the comfort of your shared room after kicking off his sneakers.
“Eren, answer me.” You’re trailing right behind him, smaller hand attaching itself to his cotton sweater making him shake you off with a hint of annoyance.
“Don’t touch me.”
The words are so cold that they make you recoil in disbelief, brows furrowed at the fact that Eren practically treated you like a stranger on the street.
He’s already pulling night clothes from the huge dresser sitting near the foot of your bed when more tears begin to build at your eyes, clouding your vision before you gain the courage to speak again as your voice cracks. “Did you fuck someone else?”
Eren sneers at the pain evident in your voice, at the way you look so pathetic when you cry. You’re always fucking crying. Boo fucking hoo.
His shirt is halfway over his head as he pulls it off, muscles bulging as his gaze falls on you. “Since you wanna know so bad, yeah. I fucked someone else. So what? What’re you gonna do, leave? We both know that’s not happening, baby.”
A twisted feeling builds in your tummy, unable to do anything but just stand there like a brainless mummy while he goes on about the entire escapade like you’re not even there. “She was tight too. Got so fuckin’ wet when my dick was hitting her spot, you should’ve heard her screaming my name. Best pussy I’ve ever had, I swear to god.”
More tears well in the pits of your eyes but Eren doesn’t seem to have an ounce of remorse, a dead look taking over his features as he looks down on you. “Go ahead, cry. I don’t give a fuck.”
You sniffle, words almost coming out like gibberish as you cry. “You’re a piece of shit.”
He snorts, brow quirking as his face inches closer to yours. “Did you forget you cheated on me too? That you fucked around with my best friend? Or are you too fucking brain dead to remember?”
Oh yeah, that. Oops? Yes, you did cheat on Eren. But to be fair, he cheated on you first.
You’re quick to defend yourself, hand pointing your chest. “Why are you acting like I’m the one in the wrong? Like I fu—”
“Because you did fuck him, you stupid bitch!” His raucous voice along with the items knocked off of the dresser and clattering loudly onto the floor is enough to make you jump back in alarm. Eren’s always had problems with managing his temper, so naturally you were afraid. “Stop, you’re scaring me!”
Everything goes haywire. And as if you aren’t already distraught from the night’s ordeal, the next words that come out of Eren’s mouth are sure to seal the deal: “I don’t love you anymore.”
Air gets caught in your throat and all of a sudden it feels like you just got punched in the gut, like you can’t breathe. Your voice comes out small, “What?”
Both of your gazes are fixed on each other, a dead look in Eren’s emerald eyes. “I. Don’t. Love. You.” He repeats slowly, word for word to make sure you got the memo. “Do I have to fucking spell it out?”
The lids of your eyes flutter in disbelief. Once, and then twice. “I fucking hate you.”
You hate him, yet you’re on your knees choking on his cock with tears rolling down your cheeks in a stream with your nails digging marks into the backs of Eren’s thighs.
A hiss falls from his mouth when his tip touches the back of your throat, painful stinging searing through your scalp as he drags you up and down his length. “God, You know how much better you look when you shut the fuck up?” Tears wet your thick lashes as he pulls you off, your breathing ragged. “I hate you.”
It earns a rough slap to the side of your face, sending you in the other direction before he grabs your jaw with harsh force and pries it open, saliva falling onto your tongue as he spits into your mouth. “Shut the fuck up when I’m talking to you.”
“I h-hate you… so fucking much, Eren.” The dried tears on your face are replaced with new ones, a weak whine coming from your lips as he jerks you up harshly by the hair before virtually throwing you onto the plush bed like a rag doll, his huge figure towering over your body.
“Keep talking, and I’m really gonna give you something to cry about.” His tip pushes past your slick entrance before you can even say anything, mouth dropping open as he slams himself into you fully.
“You still hate me, huh? Even when I fuck you like this?” His hips angle to hit the soft spot inside you causing your nails to grip tightly at the sheets, muttering a shaky yes. Eren’s not convinced, rough hand connecting with the side of your face, making you involuntarily tighten around him.
“You’re lying. Stop that shit.” His breath is hot against your lips, setting your entire body ablaze paired with the overwhelming feeling of his cock stretching your walls so nicely.
Times like these always make you question whether Eren really loves you or not. You’ve convinced yourself that things are always going to be like this, like you’re stuck in the twilight zone or some crazy shit like that.
As much as you hated to admit it, you liked this. You like the way Eren hurts you, how he rips you apart only to piece you back together all over again.
It’s not surprising to you. He always does this, fucking with your head and your feelings only to make it better with his dick later.
Looking up into his eyes, you can almost see the guy you first fell in love with all those years ago, but he’s replaced with something so much more heinous– he doesn’t even look at you the same way he used to. No, this isn’t your Eren. You know this, and still you allow yourself to get caught up in his web.
“Do you still love me? Please, please, Eren—” You beg as your eyes shut tight, clinging onto his next words like glue. He can see it, gaze softening as his strokes increase in speed, kissing your tearful face as your whimpers fuel his lust even more.
“I love you more than anything baby, you’re all I have,” his words are sweeter than sugar in your ears as his hands hook behind your soft thighs to push them forward hitting even deeper inside of you, pulling a deep groan from him as he feels his tip hit your cervix. “I love you too,” you cry.
The look on your face is almost priceless, so pitiful hanging onto his every word. It makes him feel so powerful, the way he knows you need him and will always stay with him no matter how many times he fucks up as long as he keeps telling you these beautiful lies. “Fuck– You’re too good for me, I’m so lucky to have you.”
“Gonna cum— oh, fuck—” Eren cums at the same exact moment that you do, fucking his cum into your cunt so much that it spills out, loud squelching combined with your sweet moans against each other’s lips only making aftershocks of your orgasms that much better.
I love you, I love you, I love you, you repeat internally with each stroke Eren gives you before his hips still inside you. He collapses heavily on top of you, your hearts beating in sync while coming down from your highs. “Please stay with me, I don’t know what I’ll do if you leave.” his voice cracks, your hands flying to his now loosened bun as you rush to console him.
Often times you’ve questioned how you two were even compatible in the first place; you’re a doormat, and Eren’s attitude is more inconstant like the moon itself. The two of you together are a match made in hell, a fucked up spinoff of Romeo and Juliet.
But inevitably you always come back to one conclusion: you’ll never really leave Eren Jaeger. And as long as he needs you, you’ll need him. Shit, maybe you two really do deserve each other.
You want to cry, but it feels like all the tears you’ve had left to spare are gone, voice barely above a whisper as you hold him closer. “I will.”
Tumblr media
🏷 @sunas-cumdump @icyoni @naoyailoveu @sems-diarie @strawbub @random-734 @briefwinnerpersonaturtle @megumitodoroki @clairedaconvict
(if your user was a dead tag i removed it, i’m sorry!)
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mvrtaiswriting · a day ago
hii! saw your matchups were open and wanted to ask for an aot matchup! I identify as female and go by she/her. I’m bisexual with a preference for men. My personality type is istj and my enneagram is 6w5. I’m introverted around everyone except with my friend group and my family. Im usually seen as a pretty nice person to others that don’t know me well but I love teasing the people I love. It’s like insulting them is my love language 😭 but fr I also enjoy giving the people I love gifts! I suck at admitting I’m hurt it’s usually projected through anger . I cope healthily like going on a run it’s just so refreshing lol. As for my hobbies I like reading I’m just a super slow reader, I’m also into video editing, love watching anime’s and crappy CW shows, and working out (not super athletic just for fun) Some stuff that makes me happy are spicy food, the smell of clean laundry, and my melatonin sleepy gummies 😌. My ideal traits in a partner are loyal, honest, and tbh i think it would be better if they’re more outgoing than me. I would love if they were down to play fight or have tickle fights. My physical description: My ethnicity is Latina (specifically: Mexico) I’m 17 yrs old I have brown curly hair and brown eyes. I’m pretty tan. I’m also kinda chubby and 5’5 in height. The only person I wouldn’t wanna get is Connie sjsjd he just reminds me too much of my sibling 😭😭.
Hii! Thank you for trusting me with this matchup! I hope you enjoy it and that it matches your expectations. x
To be fair, this one took me a bit of thinking.. but at the end, I decided that I'd match you with...
Gender Neutral!Reader x Jean
Attack on Titans (spoiler free) | AU
Warnings: none
Words count: 308
Hi! Are you a new reader? Check my masterlist for more content!
Please feel free to reblog or leave a comment :) help me support my art (it’s free!),© bearing in mind everything I post/write is my intellectual property so please don’t steal/copy and paste and post it as yours.
Tumblr media
Lemme explain.
First of all, I really think the two of you match in a complementary way. Jean loves, loves his friends dearly but sometimes he struggles a bit to show it. He'd prefer telling Connie and Sasha that they're the dumbest people he knows rather than telling them they're among the people he cares about the most. This makes him appear a bit more reserved/introverted with his loved ones, while strangers and people who work with him would describe him as nice and outgoing - he's just so good at creating new friendships and dealing with new acquaintances.
However, such treatment would never be reserved to you. Jean for sure has a soft side, and you'd be the only person lucky enough to witness and enjoy it. Plus, receiving little gifts from you would make his cheeks flush red. After a little bit of embarrassment, Jean would begin to remind you just how precious you are and how lucky he is to have you by his side.
Jean literally has no patients and while you cope healthily with being hurt, he doesn't. He'd probably sort of passive aggressive until you ask him what the actual fuck is wrong with him or he would beg you to give him more attention.
This boy DOES NOT tolerate spicy foods. Not at all, even the slightest pinch of pepper would have him in tears. But for you he would literally devour TONS of spicy foods, just because he know this is one of the things that make you the happiest and he would never miss a chance to see you smile all happy and content. Just.. be sure you carry milk with you.
Jean tearing up and getting his lips irritated from spicy foods would be one of the main thing you'd tease him about the most, without a shadow of doubt.
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maizumis · 2 days ago
I can’t believe we’ve known each other when you did your 100 followers event and my account was not even 2 weeks old.
Congrats on 2k, miss!!!!! I lov u
please is so crazy ??? I remember my last matchup was yours 😭😭 thanks you Rosie!
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angelictrl · 3 days ago
i swear i'll finish requests and matchups after i get rid of this brainrot swarming the back of my mind ... hope you guys enjoy reading this and anticipate my other chapters. please let me know if this was good ! <3 i'm nervous ...
psa ;; lowercase + spaces intended ,, second person pov. this isn't completely accurate because i'm currently on chapter three and this story is going to be nagito x reader centered - but you won't have to really worry about that in this chapter !
how did it end up like this ... ? one minute you were a freshman entering hope's peak academy, excited to finally go to the school of your dreams and harness the potential of your talent, but the next minute you wake up on an island with a talking stuffed bunny, sixteen strangers, and no recollection of how you got there to begin with.
not only that, but there was a bear now, too ? it claimed to be the headmaster of this school field trip and now ... oh, yeah ... killings were to take place ... wait - huh ? killings - what the hell ... ?!
"hold on, you guys ! i think they're coming back to us !" you heard a rough yet feminine voice that could've only belonged to the ultimate gymnast, followed by that of the ultimate musician's.
"yoo-hoo ! y/n, are you in there ? earth to y/n, earth to y/n !" the girl with multicolored hair practically shouted, frantically waving her hands in front of your face before gasping in shock and dramatically falling backwards so that the ultimate nurse, the one you recalled to have choppy purple hair and several bandages, could catch her. the poor uncoordinated girl did so with a surprised squeak, nearly falling backwards herself. "oh no ! are you guys sure that aliens haven't taken over their brain ?!"
"jeez, you guys are seriously so insensitive ... ! i sincerely doubt that that happened, ibuki, just give them some time to process all of this," a certain redhead butted in to scold the other, fidgeting with the camera in her hands afterwards.
"h-huh ? aliens ? what are you talking about ?" you shook your head in disbelief as you zoned back in and spoke, realizing you had spaced out trying to rid yourself of the denial you were going through at the moment.
so this was really reality, huh ?
it took you a day and a short amount of rest you were supposed to call 'sleep' to finally face the gravity of the situation you were in.
"nevermind those statements. we were all just talking about having a party at the old building tonight. i expect to see you all there," byakuya butt in, glancing down at your sitting figure with his arms crossed while you still had your elbow propped up on a table and chin in one hand.
"ah, alright, i see ... but isn't it pretty dusty in there ? and i thought it was also still under construction ..." you asked the blonde in front of you, watching the ultimate affluent progeny shake his head with a disappointed sigh escaping him.
"do you even listen or care about your surroundings ? that's why we're holding a drawing to see who's going to get cleaning duty. you're the last one to draw, so hurry up and quit acting like an incompetent fool already," byakuya demanded, watching you tousle your own hair as you stood up with an annoyed huff at his bossy tone, going over to the guy with the cloud-like, wispy hair and pulling a chopstick from his hands.
no red mark.
well, guess it seems that you're not on cleaning duty. but it seems like the lean, tall guy in the green jacket that had been holding the drawing in the first place had been the one to get it instead. how unlucky.
"is that - is that really fair ... ? i feel bad that you have to clean most of the building all by yourself, nagito. i really don't mind helping out, y'know," you offered, already feeling guilty of leaving the sickly looking male alone to clean the place.
a shimmer of what seemed like hope sparked in his greyish-green eyes but that disappeared just as quickly as it came, making you squint and furrow your brows in confusion with pursed lips as the said man gave you a sheepish smile.
"ah - don't worry about me, i'll be fine ! besides, if it's cleaning, that's one thing that i'm pretty good at," he reassured you, waving his hands before him with a bashful look on his face. he looked, dare you say, flustered at your suggestion.
"are you sure ? i mean, i could just pop in my headphones and it'd be completely fine with m-"
"i'm fine ! really - i insist ... thank you, though," nagito cut you off unintentionally yet abruptly, making you raise an eyebrow but finish talking about the subject. the only thing you murmured in response was a small 'alright, if you say so ...' before going back to finishing up your breakfast. what a funky little dude.
on the other hand, teruteru may be out of line and a bit pervy sometimes, but his food wasn't something he was just gloating about for no reason whatsoever. he really did make good dishes no matter the occasion.
10:00pm. that's what monokuma had said on the announcements. "get a good night's sleep my ass ... i've got a party to get to," you said aloud to no one in particular, standing up from your bed to stretch before beginning to leave your cottage and heading over to the old building. you weren't scared of defying byakuya's orders, but the surveillance cameras set up in your room more than kind of freaked you out. at least at the party, you'd be having somewhat more fun while being watched instead of being paranoid of glancing back at whoever's behind the cameras while you tried to enjoy your short lived solitude.
hajime was just a little bit ahead of you getting pat down by byakuya, making you purse your lips in a thin line as you waited your turn. oh well, at least byakuya was being strictly professional about the pat down. but you couldn't ignore the fact that he seemed even more stressed than usual. something was definitely off.
it didn't take long for you to follow after the brunette, however, curiosity got the best of you as you wanted to search the building. i mean, hey, better safe than sorry, right ? it's best to keep track of your surroundings - you learned that from earlier. plus, what the hell was there to even renovate in here ? monomi should've already had everything set up before you guys had arrived, right ?
it didn't take long before you explored the office and greeted peko passing by you with one of byakuya's cases and a plate of food, soon visiting teruteru in the kitchen and quickly leaving due to his talk about his posioned loins (which, for the record, you even stated bluntly "dude, nobody asked ..." yet he still kept going).
yeah, so, let's avoid the kitchen for now. the last room was ... a storage room ? i mean, it couldn't hurt to check out, right ?
the first thing that caught your attention were the three irons sitting on an ironing board. why were there three ? what are irons even doing in here, anyways ? and - wait, are they turned on ?
as soon as you had begin going over to check if they were really plugged in like you had suspected, byakuya had stormed over and found you, grabbing your shoulder.
"what the hell are you doing ? get going to the dining room, everyone's waiting on you," the taller man stated, making you open and close your mouth like a fish out of water as you tried to defend yourself, but to no use. maybe some things were just better left untouched ?
you followed byakuya into the dining room like a kicked puppy, going over to stand next to sonia and kazuichi who seemed to be pretty happy and lively. hopefully, their joyous moods would rub off on you and you wouldn't end up being a killjoy.
as you glanced at all the party dishes teruteru put together in awe, mahiru began taking pictures, the click startling you a bit before you averted your gaze and smiled at her. the freckled redhead smiled back before taking another picture, you making a funny face at the camera in hopes to get her to laugh before another click was heard. neither of you had time to talk or giggle as instead this click was connected to the air conditioning system.
and now it was pitch black.
"uwah ! it's a b-blackout !" mahiru cried out in fear, a few others' voices ringing across the room as panic began to settle into the atmosphere. oh god, what the hell was going on ? you stumbled back from your spot instinctively, feeling yourself get shoved by someone before toppling over onto the floor. a hiss of pain left you after a sharp gasp as you planted face first into the wooden floorboards, trying to regain your footing or at least get up from laying on the floor helplessly. that's the last thing you need nor want anyone to see.
"g-guys, let's just try to keep our cool, yeah ? panicking wont help our s-situation ..." you managed to get out as you got yourself to your knees albeit wobbly and clumsily, finding a table leg to help lean against as you waited for the power to turn back on. could those irons you found earlier be related to the power outage ?
soon enough, the lights turned back on as if to rip you away from your thoughts, making you blink fiercely as your vision tried to adjust to the sudden illumination in the room. everyone stared in your direction and you blinked in confusion right back at them, soon enough realizing you were clinging onto a table leg desperately and probably had blood on your face from colliding so hard with the floor. you quickly let go, stumbling a bit as you tried to stand up and cover your face with a hand, but doing so stiffly as you coughed awkwardly. you felt a bit pathetic for looking so helpless in this situation. but it turns out that everyone wasn't staring at you, they were staring behind you - at mikan ... and her ... quite compromising position.
"w-what the hell ?! mikan, how did you even - ?"
"i-i'm sorry, i tripped again ! ohh ... please forgive me !"
"i- wh- nevermind, it's not like you can control how you fall - i-i think ... w-whatever ! just let me help you up already ... !" you grumbled out as you began moving the food off of her, the others trying to remain courteous and instead searching for byakuya. oh, yeah, where did that rich guy go ? you swore you felt someone shove you and the floorboards rumble from his direction towards yours ... had he ran past you to search for a way to turn the lights on ? but there's no way anyone could even see where anything was in that darkness, so that could've been anyone ...
gah, this whole party was a disaster. maybe you really should have taken that chance to have a staring contest with whoever was behind the surveillance camera screens.
it wasn't long before everyone gathered together again while mikan offered to treat your minimal wounds with the supplies she had on her at the moment, the others having no luck of finding byakuya. alright, now things were starting to get freaky ...
things really began to take a turn for the worse though when akane spoke up about smelling blood. now that atmosphere of tension and panic from earlier was back.
you watched as hajime hesitantly stalked towards the table in the far right with a lamp on top of it, sweat beading down his forehead. you couldn't blame him. this whole situation was pretty damn nerve wracking for everyone, including yourself, involved. in fact, it would probably ease him if you also came over to let him know he wasn't alone - maybe. or you would just scare him, but it was better than nothing.
you made your way over to him after thanking mikan for sterilizing and bandaging up one of your cheeks and nose after scraping your face pretty hard against a loose nail in that floorboard. what terrible luck. either that, or you were just as much of a klutz as mikan was. maybe both.
anyhow, you could barely feel the pain with adrenaline coursing through you at the moment as you two peered from under the table, the sight underneath it making you shriek and cover your mouth. you couldn't tear your eyes away from your "leader's" lifeless body.
byakuya was now dead. only sixteen students remained.
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Hi! Can i please have a stranger things matchup? I’m a bi 19 year old girl. I’m 5’9 and i have curly brown hair and hazel eyes. I have a very soft, cozy style and i basically wear sweaters 24/7. I’m a scorpio and INTP. I’m antisocial due to anxiety, so i’m closed off to most people. I have a sarcastic and dirty sense of humor, and i’m childish. I like playfully teasing people. I’m a gryffindor, and quite stubborn. I’m easily jealous in a relationship. I’m also not very good at initiating affection. I’m really into fitness and health, and i exercise every day. Some of my other hobbies include baking, shopping, and singing. I love video games like animal crossing, but i’m also a huge horror fan. Thanks in advance!! 💕
Ok so this was so much fun! I'm literally just writing about my ideal relationship at this point.
I ship you with...
Robin Buckley!!!!
Tumblr media
I tried to think of anyone else but I feel like you guys just clicked immediately.
You two would meet in school
You'd share English or science together
Constant blushing eye contact from day one
Watching her get all passionate in class about some book or something
Or yelling at the dumb boys who sat at the back of the classroom
And you just thought she was great.
But you couldn't bring yourself to say anything.
You just couldn't see her liking you.
Little did you know ;)
She had been watching you since she first saw you in the corridor that first day of high school.
And she was smitten.
Showing off in class just for you, just to get your attention
And she noticed you looking at her across the classroom.
So the next day she started winking back.
Which kind of freaked you out, even though inside you were pretty excited.
You were shopping one day in the mall, just browsing and trying on clothes and getting some food and she saw you from Scoops Ahoy.
And just left her position, leaving the store unattended, just to give you an ice cream.
Suddenly she appeared in front of you, just completely out of breath, with a cookie and cream cone.
And handed it to you and then ran off again.
That pretty much changed everything.
Cause the next day you sat down in class right next to your desk.
Which was a big move for you.
And when she didn't say anything, you thought it was the wrong move.
But then under the desk she grabbed your hand and wouldn't let it go all class.
Basically you guys are adorable together.
Both of your sarcastic humour together? The perfect match.
Constantly making fun of each other, in that cute couple way.
Very witty, funny conversations.
And date night consisted of her bringing ice cream from work, and you baking cookies or brownies or something, and sitting down under the same blanket to watch horror movies together.
Whether they were good or bad, you'd have a great time.
And you'd fall asleep with your head on her shoulder.
And she would just smile and wrap her arms around you.
Every Christmas and birthday, she'd buy you oversized jumpers.
And then steal them off you.
You'd always see her wearing one to school or bed.
But then she started hanging out with Steve a lot, and you saw the way he looked at her.
And you got jealous.
Very quickly.
You started avoiding her.
Which, let's face it, confused and upset her
But she asked you about it very calmly one day,
And you explained how you'd been feeling .
And she was just so understanding.
Slowly you got used to having Steve around, and eventually became really good friends.
Same with the kids.
You were like one big family.
You adored El and Max, but also had a soft spot for Will.
You and Robin were like the mums and they were your very annoying children.
And Steve was like that weird Uncle that was always around.
Just two little peas in a pod.
Thank you so much for requesting - I hope you like it. Let me know if you don't though and I can do another one.
Have a good day Love x
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totally-not-a-cow-boy · 4 days ago
Congrats on 100+ followers!! Glad to consider myself one of them now 😌 I’m wondering if I could get an MHA matchup!
Basic stuff: I’m 21 years old, female, and bisexual (with a male preference). I’m an ENTP-A 7w8 and a Sagittarius.
Personality: I’m a very confident social butterfly that likes to make witty remarks and wink and random people I accidentally make eye contact with. I love meeting new people and attending social events of any kind, and I like to hype up my friends. However, I also would say that I’m an intellectual that likes talking about art and culture. I kin Dazai from BSD, Gojo from JJK, Kuroo from Haikyuu, and Rengoku from KNY. My love language is also a combination of all five (I’m very romantic), but if I had to choose, probably quality time.
Likes: travelling, art, philosophy, thunderstorms, swimming, banter, sunshine, royalcore, photography, parties, wine
Dislikes: being cold, being ignored, people with no sense of humour, being dirty, being caught outside on a windy day, overpriced drinks
Quirk: probably the ability to store sunlight/UV rays and use them later to either fire blasts or even just heat up my body (emitter type)
Looks: I have wavy strawberry blonde hair, pale skin, freckles, and strikingly bright light blue eyes. I’m tall with long legs too.
Hey sorry for the long wait! Hope you like it!
I ship Yutori with
⚡️Denki Kaminari🌩
Tumblr media
Reason for match
You two would have the funniest time together! You both light up the room where ever you go and you two would be so sweet to each other
Why they love you
Denki loves that you’re so friendly and happy, you’re not afraid to speak your mind and have a good time where ever and with who ever!
Date headcanons
You two would be a lot of parties and be the couple you see making out in the corner or playing party games with everyone
Beach dates are always a blast! You two swim around in the cold ocean and play volley ball. Then after you two sit down and watch the sunset with some ice cream
This may or may not surprise you but I feel like Denki would actually be into art. But not for the reasons you may think, he loves how weird it looks and how batshit insane it is and often spends minutes laughing at one piece of art
Would love to travel with you some day, just to explore all the different places in the world. He’d probably want to go somewhere sunny like Australia or South America
A fun date idea might be like going to a roller rink, just riding around with fun music and jamming together. That might be a good idea!
General headcanons
Denki would gladly offer to be a model for you if you need one for photography or art. He might even try to convince you to let him be a nude model
Denki may not be into royal core but I do believe he would love to have the commoners aesthetic sorta like paper boy type vibes, wouldn’t that be cute with you dolled up and him with a simple get up
Whenever you’re cold Denki will give you his sweater or jacket, even if it’s snow and he’s shivering he will still insist you keep it
He was actually really nervous to talk to you cause of your happy nature and confidence, he didn’t wanna look like a fool and embarrass himself
I can see Denki winking at you to make you flustered but when you wink back at him you made him choke
Your dynamic
Lady and the tramp, I can see you and Denki being really similar in different ways. You’re kind in the way of a sweet princess and he’s kind in the way of you’re old friend down the road. Does that make sense?
Songs that remind me
of you two
Everybody talks by Neon Trees
Ringtone (Remix) [feat. Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, Kerro Kerro Bonito
Ophelia by the Lumineers
Stay Lovley~
Stay Safe!
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frontproofmedia · 4 days ago
Mario Barrios Training Camp Quotes And Photos
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Follow @Frontproofmedia!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id))(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs');
Published: June 10, 2021
HAYWARD, CALIF. (June 10, 2021) – Unbeaten WBA Super Lightweight Champion Mario “El Azteca” Barrios shared updates on training camp and previewed his upcoming showdown against four-time world champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis before they square off in the SHOWTIME PPV main event Saturday, June 26 from the award-winning State Farm Arena in Atlanta headlining a Premier Boxing Champions event. Tickets for the live event at State Farm Arena, which is promoted by Mayweather Promotions, GTD Promotions and TGB Promotions, are on sale now and can be purchased at The 26-year-old Barrios will be looking for a signature victory on June 26, and will bring a 5 ½ inch height advantage into the matchup against Davis. Since moving up to 140-pounds, Barrios is 9-0 with eight knockouts, and scored multiple knockdowns in the only fight that went the distance, his title-winning performance over Batyr Akhmedov. The San Antonio-native is buoyed by having renowned veteran trainer Virgil Hunter in his corner. Here is what Barrios and Hunter had to say about training camp, Davis and more: MARIO BARRIOS “This is a huge opportunity for me. Gervonta Davis has a huge name in the sport and outside of it. This is the type of fight that can accelerate both of our names after June 26. “I think Gervonta and his team might have bit off more than they could chew with this fight. I’m not one to talk too much, but we’ll see how it plays out when we step into the ring on June 26. “’Tank’ is going to be in there with a full blown 140-pounder. He’s not going against someone past their prime or going up in weight. I’m a guy who goes out and gets stoppages. He’s facing someone just as dangerous as he is, but two weight classes higher than what he’s used to seeing. “We know Gervonta is a dangerous fighter. We know the threat that we have in front of us. But I’m just as dangerous, if not more dangerous. I’ve been dangerous at 140 pounds for quite some time now. “I have speed, power and explosiveness, just like Gervonta. But I have the length and physical stature to present problems that he’s never faced before. “I know that I have power that carries from round one through round 12. He’s not used to being at this weight and we’re going to see how he handles that move up. “I’m confident because I have a great team behind me. I’ve had a tremendous training camp. I go into every fight with confidence in my preparation. Just like every fight, I’m more than prepared for fight night. “This is going to be fireworks from the opening bell. We have everything we need to make this the ‘Fight of the Year’. “This is the moment that I’ve been dreaming of since I was a kid. It just goes to show that everything I’ve been working for my whole life is now unfolding in front of me. This is just the beginning and I’m ready to seize this opportunity.” VIRGIL HUNTER, Barrios’ Trainer “The preparation is going really well. We feel really good. Mario is as ready as he can be, so we’re looking forward to an exciting fight. He understands the importance of this fight. It’s a career-defining fight at this stage of his career, so he understands the significance of it. He understands what a victory means and what a setback means. He understands right where he is. His career is still in front of him because he’s a young fighter. But at this stage, it’s a very important fight and a victory would mean a lot. “You always have to acknowledge ‘Tank’s’ punching power. You have to acknowledge his quickness and his IQ. His attributes appear to be very much real from what I’ve seen. There’s not anything about him that you cannot take seriously. You have to take everything about him seriously. He’s got a good corner and good people behind him so that makes for a formidable opponent. “Mario’s reach and height is an advantage if you know how to use it to your advantage. It could be an advantage or could be a disadvantage. The thing is that we’re going to find the avenues to take advantage of it and make it work for us. On the other hand, it could be a disadvantage. Height and reach has never meant much to me in boxing because there are ways to overcome each stature that a fighter possesses. It’s who imposes their strategy and who imposes their will on the other who I think is going to come out victorious. “The work ethic is there. Mario has a high ceiling that he hasn’t reached yet. He’s going towards that, but when he came here, he came with a high ceiling. A lot of fighters come and they’ve reached their ceiling, so there’s only so much you can do with them. But Mario has a lot of room for improvement and growth and I would say the best Mario Barrios is coming a couple years from now. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t be victorious on June 26. He definitely has what it takes to be victorious.”
(Featured Photo: Esther Lin/Showtime)
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every-body-likes-you · 4 days ago
Hiii I was looking for a dsmp matchup?? I am a straight cis female. I’m 18 years old and 5’4”. Im sarcastic af and everyone I know would say that I’m not the relationship or touchy kind lol. I’ve only ever had one bf because I’m from the southern us and I hate like all of the guys here haha. Im not one to initiate physical contact of any kind but I am definitely touch starved, it’s just nobody else knows. I have OCD, ADHD, and major depressive disorder. My only real hobby is dance and I’ve been dancing since I was 2. I also enjoy photography and have been the head photographer for my schools yearbook every year I’ve attended. I’m a Libra sun, Pisces rising, and Virgo moon. I am an intp and a ravenclaw. (Don’t worry about these if you don’t know what they are lol) Overall im really blunt and say things how they are. (Unless im teaching little kids, then I promise im a lot nicer lol) When people first see me or meet me they’d definitely think I’d be a stereotypical “popular” kid at school who parties and has tons of “friends.” (Im like very basic looking and “conventionally attractive”: white, female, blonde hair, blue eyes, on the thinner side, etc, the stuff the media likes for whatever dumb reason) I try to be as active as possible when it comes to issues like blm and lgbtq. Im an introvert but am almost always down to either go out and party, or stay in and do nothing. As long as im with the right people I am down to do anything. Sorry this is so long but thank you!
Hi! After some consideration I've decided wilbur would be best with you! I think he'd love singing to you while you dance and really value your intellect!! He'd probably ask you to take photos (as long as you're ok with that) and would like that you have friends, but are still a introvert. He'd probably make sure you get snuggled every night once he learned that you were touch starved. I hope you're happy with the answer, and I'm sorry it's not the best!!
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crunchy-cloud · 4 days ago
Hi! Can i please have an aot matchup? I’m a bi 19 year old girl. I’m 5’9 and i have curly brown hair and hazel eyes. I have a very soft, cozy style and i basically wear sweaters 24/7. I’m a scorpio and INTP. I’m antisocial due to anxiety, so i’m closed off to most people. I have a sarcastic and dirty sense of humor, and i’m childish. I like playfully teasing people. I’m a gryffindor, and quite stubborn. I’m easily jealous in a relationship. I’m also not very good at initiating affection. I’m really into fitness and health, and i exercise every day. Some of my other hobbies include baking, shopping, and singing. I love video games like animal crossing, but i’m also a huge horror fan. Thanks in advance!! 💕
I match you up with Jean !
Tumblr media
-Now, Jean would probably have his eyes on you on the very first day. You just give off this strong and independent aura he loves oh so much. Yes, he’d be whipped and the desire to get to know you and talk to you would be strong. But at the same time he couldn’t help but find you oh so cute. He never knew someone could look both badass and soft at the same time and this just adds to your charm and enhances his curiosity towards you !
- He’d probably try to approach you during trainings, trying to show off for you and catch your attention, then coming to talk with you. But unfortunately his plan didn’t go as well as he would have liked when he got beaten to pulps by Reiner... But hey, you still looked his way ! He just has to swallow down his shame when he sees you walking over to him to ask if he’s okay... After you beat Annie. And the smile you offer him when giving him a hand to help him off the ground is just priceless. Honestly he has just been flabbergasted.
- After the initial blush and embarrassment of making a shame of himself in front of you Jean would get more comfortable and confident, trying to not so subtly flirt with you. And at first you’d only think he is being playful and teasing you ! Just like you can be... And you decide to tease along. The two of you would exchange pick up lines and silly banters, back and forth. None of you knowing the true intentions of the other at first. This would lead to a very interesting friendship and companionship. The two of you would grow to be known as the team. You just have so much fun together and even Titans couldn’t get in the way of that. Eventually romantic feelings would start to grow on your part and you’d quickly become bitter about all these banters, clueless as to how serious Jean is about you. But not to worry, it was no to little time before he actually approached you, more serious and nervous than you’ve ever seen him. And you two would then become an item. Not only friends but lovers and partners. 
- Jean also loves your childish and sarcastic side, it just cracks him up every time and is such a breath of fresh air when all he has known is pressure and stress from expeditions. You are his safe haven and his shelter. Plus, if you eventually start being sarcastic with Eren... You have his heart, soul, feet and hands. 
- But one thing Jean isn’t that comfortable with is how stubborn you can be, of course he loves that you cans tick up for yourself and your beliefs, and he is very stubborn himself. But he also knows that this trait of character can be dangerous and he is honestly scared this would get you killed on expeditions. Every time he sees you changing direction on the battlefield to kill a Titan his heart is both grabbed by admiration and dread. An epic cocktail. But so he just has to stick to you and watch your back. Just like you do for him. You’re partners and there is no way in hell he’d let you get killed. You’re all he has left after Marco and he’d be damned if he lost you too. 
- Then, during your relationship Jean also gets to know the more vulnerable side of yours and this only strengthen his feelings towards you and his will to protect and care for you. Boy has never experienced anxiety but he sure knows what mental strife is and he is much decided to help you with your anxiety and any insecurities you may have. He’d be willing to listen any time, whenever you need a shoulder to lean on he’d be there. He won’t let you down. And just like he is your listening ear and his safe haven, you’d be his. Honestly the two of you would have such good communication and trust in one another. Just a really healthy relationship and partnership. 
- Your jealous side doesn’t bother him that much. He actually finds it cute and would reassure you any time you may feel insecure about the two of you’s relationship or his love for you. He’d embrace you from behind and nuzzle your neck, placing an innocent kiss on the neck and remind you of how much he adores you. Not before teasing you a little for being jealous over him though. 
- Jean loves your hobbies. Well he isn’t really one for shopping in my opinion but once you dragged him with you and he definitely liked it. He just loves seeing you so happy and so enthralled by all the things surrounding you. He’d probably play along and try on some things too, just to see you smile and hear your laugh. When it comes to backing, boy is a slave for your sweets. He’d really go through Hell and back for one of your cakes. Then he also loves to hear your voice when you talk, so when he discovered that you sung too ? He is at your feet and worshipping how beautiful you sound. He’d probably ask you to sing him to sleep too as he rests his head on your laps. 
- Modern Jean is obviously big on video games, and although he has never played Animal Crossing he’d love for you to show him what it is about. He’d probably get into it too afterwards and you two would play alongside one another. Then about horror movies... Well he is not exactly a fan. He’d be this kind of guy to scream in the movie theatre when the ghost or bad guy barges into the scene. But once again, to see you smile, he’d do anything. But seeing him try so hard to hold in his shivers and screams is just such a sight to behold. And the iron grip he has on your shirt doesn’t betray anyone, guy is scared.
- Honestly Jean is just perfect boyfriend material. He’d just be so sweet and his love for you shines in every single glance he throws your way. He is just so proud of you and would brag to anyone willing to hear about his amazing and lovely girlfriend.
Song :
Cupid’s Chokehold, Gym Class Heroes
Scenario :
You frowned, hands balling into fists at the sight before you. Your heart ached, menacing to spill out of your chest. 
It was no secret Jean admired Mikasa and that he had had a crush on her, before you came along. So you had good reasons to be pissed when you saw them training together, a smile adorning your boyfriend’s lips as he tried to fend off the black haired girl’s attacks. 
Yes, it hurts. What’s more, for all you wanted to move and turn around, your feet stood glued to the ground, forcing you to stay and watch. 
You gazed at the two of them. And for a moment you caught yourself thinking about how well they’d look together as a couple. If you hadn’t been in the picture, would Jean have ended up with Mikasa ? And if you were to die at the hands of a Titan, would he go back to her ? How long after you left this world ?
“(Y/n) !” A familiar voice you loved oh so much reached your ears. 
You had zoned out and hadn’t even taken notice of Jean’s approaching form. He stood before you, sweaty and glorious, a charming and loving smile on his lips. His hazel eyes full of adoration as he looked at you. However this boyish grin of his quickly faded into a worried frown at the sight of your features. 
The male leaned over you, looking for any clue as to why you’d be so upset, a gentle hand resting on your shoulder.
“Hey, are you okay ?” 
You shook your head, unable to look at him right now without imagining him with your black haired friend. This was silly of you, you knew it. But didn’t mean you had any control over this ugly feeling in your chest. 
Oh. Jean knew that face, for he had seen it before when he spent a bit too much time with someone else. The cute pout on your lips and the adorable frown on your features. You were jealous.
Soon a light smirk made its way to his lips and he slowly stepped behind you, leaving you no time to react as he wrapped his arms around your waist. His chest warm and arms comforting, eliciting a quiet sigh from you.
“Jean, you’re all sweaty.” You voiced, wiggling in his grasp. A rich chuckle graced your ear, his hot breath fanning over the skin of your jaw as he nuzzled the comforting nook between your shoulder and neck.
“Babe, are you jealous ?” He teasingly asked, eyeing you questioningly. 
You sent him a glare. He loved how feisty you could get. 
“No, I am not.” You denied boldly, knowing he could read you like an open book anyways. 
He placed a kiss on your neck, tightening his hold on your body. “Do you need me to remind you of how much I love you ? Who I belong to ?” His voice whispered into your ear, sensually, and you blushed. Jean’s heart swelled in his chest at the sight of the visible hue. 
“Don-Don’t be silly.” 
Another warm chuckle rumbled through his chest and greeted your back. “I love you (Y/n). You and only you. Now and for however long we have to live on this earth.” He confessed sweetly, and you knew he was honest. “Don’t forget that you are trapped with me now and there is no way out of this.” 
The tension left your shoulders and you leaned into his touch. “But you-”
“I admire her, yes. But I love you. And she is amazing but she can’t be you.” He continued to reassure you. Eager to tell you how much he loves you and how irreplaceable you are to him. 
Finally a smile graced your lips, the sight alone casting a bright side on his day. Anything to see this smile he loved so much.
Match ups are closed for now !
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