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#these hands give me Emotions
ofherlionheart · 21 minutes ago
Oh! 7, 12, 18, 20 for the ask game, please ☺️
(also, I'll answer one of these myself: I'd kill a man for Bishal. A dashing, Desi dreamboat. You've written him as nothing but kind and loyal and therefore I imagine he is the hottest man alive.)
LOLLL i’m happy to hear that bishal is loved! i, too, am fond of him 💛
also apologies for taking a hot hot sec to respond your ask—you chose some challenging Qs!
7. which part of writing do you struggle with most?
gosh, probably plot. i usually get excited to write a story based on a specific scene that comes to mind (e.g. the opening scene of and love will find you), or a certain relationship dynamic (e.g. The Heartlines on Your Hand), or a particular theme i want to explore. so plot ends up becoming an almost burdensome thing—like, god, why can’t i just beam the emotional resonance of a scene into a reader’s head?? you’re telling me i have to build up to it?? by talking about the events that lead up to it? what a bother
12. is there a trope you haven’t written but really want to?
ooooh idk if i have one at the moment? i’ve been fond of enemies to friends to lovers and fake/pretend dating tropes since forever, but i recently did those, so. yay me? i used to be rly into soulmate AUs, but i’ve never rly vibed with writing one myself
18. what is a line/scene you’re really proud of? give us the dvd commentary for that scene
a scene i admittedly love is the second scene from Stiles’s POV in chapter 9 of Tell Me It’s a Sure Thing. i’m not going to give a full commentary on the scene b/c i don’t want to give spoilers lol! but i’m proud of it b/c i think it’s a satisfying but also saddening breaking point—this long awaited moment of introspection finally dawning on a truth, but without explicitly/heavy-handedly stating what that truth is. it’s also the scene that the last line of the whole story is meant to call back to.
20. what’s your favorite minor character you’ve written?
from my pre-hiatus days, definitely carly romanski from my kent-parson-centric check, please! series. post-hiatus, there are too many! from like the sun inside of you, for which i literally need to keep a running list of the minor OCs, i’ve held a constant flame for chenda, but i also cycle through other favorites as the story develops—in that crowd are bishal, jingyi, nisha, eun, kimiko. sarnai is also growing on me—i’ve been thinking of a potential b-plot that she’d be instrumental to 👀 more recently, i had fun with min jean and nadiya in the fourth part of the boo chronicles
thank you for the ask! (see all the Qs here 👀)
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akookminsupporter · 30 minutes ago
Submission from pjmn
I’m submitting because it would be too long for an ask lol. So I got into BTS mid 2017. I first saw on Twitter someone sharing a gif like this,of this moment:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and I thought that’s a really intense yet sweet look for a man to be giving anyone. I was surprised for both reasons; because it was a man looking at a person like that, and that person happened to be another man. I do have to blame men tbh for not looking at people this nicely and thus me being really moved by Jimin in that moment. I didn’t know anything about them at that time. I only knew they were kpop idols. That’s all I knew, literally. 
So I consider that my first “whoa, hold up” moment. I want to say tho, that I didn’t lose sleep over it. It was just a gif that popped up, I thought it was lovely and, rather than going ‘good for them’ I remember thinking ‘good for him’. Because there is so much bravery in vulerability. We need more men who love unabashedly, so much that it even shows in their faces. 
Months later I actually got into BTS…  
Jimin was definitely my favorite from the start, there wasn’t a moment of doubt for me about liking him. Consequently, after days of literally losing sleep watching every dance practice and a lot of their performances, I got to trying to “know” them better. Since jimin was/is my fav, I thought a good way to learn more about him and about the rest, was to watch compilations of his relationship with the other members. I even made a list and everything jksksj where I would cross out the name of the pair I’d seen videos of. I’ve been in fandoms before, nothing new; I knew those videos were just compilations of moments that probably lasted 0.002 seconds and that were greatly influenced by fans’ perceptions (tho to this day that hasn’t changed much -and I mean this about jikookers too-).  
So I already knew about the men in the gif and, full disclosure, I didn’t inmediately like jungkook. Keep in mind this was 2016 - 2017 jungkook, which was miles from jungkook as he shows himself today. One day I even found a “Jimin rejecting Jungkook compilation” and watched it, and was sort of glad? to see that Jimin’s nonchalance at that time had an effect on jungkook. Because I didn’t see much emotion or (great) reactions from Jungkook to Jimin. It’s not something I ever held against him, anyways. Like I’ve said, I’ve been in fandoms before and I know that I will never completely vibe with everyone and that doesn’t mean I should hate them or hate myself for not liking them. So while I wasn’t 100% a JK fan, I guess I was still okay with him. 
Later, I got to watching Bon Voyage. If I recall correctly, I first watched S2 and then S1. I got more into jikook and jungkook while watching S2. Especially this moment, I remember thinking “well, it’s clear he [jimin] at least wouldn’t mind kissing him.” And JK just grinned about it. 
Tumblr media
I’m just pointing out this specific moment that I remember but it was tbh the general vibe of them together. I don’t know if it’s because of how they carried themselves or something, but there was an stupid amount of just…. masculine…… energy and it kinda seemed to attract them to each other. It was pretty much the same way I felt while watching own it dance video or coming of age ceremony.
Then JK kissed hobi’s neck. 
Tumblr media
And I was like, well at least he doesn’t seem to mind about kissing men either. It was this moment and JK holding hands with hoseok in S1 that made me pay more attention to the chance of him not being straight. 
And those were my first like, 6 months of getting into BTS and jikook. I think I never got like, carried away in the moments and my opinion of their relationship changed as their relationship evolved. I sent the ask about opinion of being close to someone changes depending on what you consider being close to someone is, and as I slowly got to see them getting closer to each other, I obviously also perceived them as being closer to each other. I don’t know if it makes sense… It’s not that I watched BV S2 and saw a CoupleTM. I saw two people who gave me the impression of being interested in each other, who had a special energy about them together. Eventually I did end up seeing them as a couple, but that’s for another 204384304 words submitted post and would probably spark up discussions that are IMO boring and pointless. 
Well, I think that’s everything xD those were the moments that gave me a kind of more-than-friends energy. 
I do want to say tho, that I keep up because I’m curious where their career as a group goes next, but I’m not really into BTS or jikook anymore. Life had different plans, I guess. But I check blogs now and then to see what they’re up to. Honestly, this was a nice opportunity for a walk down memory lane! 
Hope you’re good, thank you for this space!
Rosie’s opinion: Thanks for sharing your… experience with Jikook I think I can call it, very well explained and I think it will resonate with many around here. 
I hope you have a wonderful… life. My blog will always be there for you.
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honeymoonjin · an hour ago
Tumblr media
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: ot7 x reader || ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 6.6k || ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: smut - rated 18+
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ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: mentions of sexual content
A/N: please do tell me your thoughts on this chapter ! lots of things are going on at once and you may not be happy with me about all of them fskjfksdfjsd
Tumblr media
You wake up to hair tickling your nose. Flinching away automatically, you’re met with the sight of Taehyung’s distinctive curls as he snores against your chest. His weight presses you against the bed, one of his hands tucked around the nape of your neck and a leg hooked over your hip. Even though Tae was a cuddler, this was closer than he tended to be.
Coming to sit on the side of the bed above you, you catch sight of Jimin leaning in with a fond, albeit sleep-deprived smile to ruffle Taehyung’s hair and then gently buff you on the cheek. You can’t help but return his smile, but it only takes a moment for the reminders of reality to flood back into your mind.
Jimin, already fully-dressed and with subtle sweeps of pearlescent silver on his lids, frowns at your change in demeanour. “He’ll be okay,” he whispers, not needing to ask you what’s on your mind.
You nod, careful not to jostle the sleeping man on your chest. Part of you just wants to fall back unconscious with him until things are back to normal, though the thought of going into town to visit Yoongi gives you something to stay awake for. “Are the others up?”
“Not yet,” Jimin mumbles, glancing towards the door as if he could see them from his spot on the bed. “I wanted to let them sleep. I’ve been messaging hyung.”
Fighting the urge to sit up, your eyes widen. “Is he doing okay?”
Jimin shrugs. “I doubt he’d admit over text if he wasn’t, but he seemed hopeful. His father is starting to stay awake for longer bouts of time, almost enough to hold a conversation.”
“That’s good,” you respond in a small voice, though it’s just a guess, your voice lilting at the end in uncertainty. You didn’t know anything about heart attacks, had never been confronted by them in your life, and could only assume that responsiveness was a positive sign.
Taehyung shifts on top of you, and you freeze, waiting for him to adjust himself, grumble a bit, and continue snoozing.
Jimin quirks a smile, gets up, and makes his way around to your side of the bed. Lying on top of the covers, he turns his face to you, so close you feel the tip of his nose bump yours. “Y/n,” he starts off slowly, eyes swimming in some unreadable emotion.
You find yourself unable to break the gaze. “Mm?”
“I don’t want to wait.”
Your brows furrow. “Wait for what? The others?”
“No, no,” he dismisses, plush lips protruding a little in insistence. “I… This has me thinking. The whole situation with Yoongi’s father, I mean. I can’t imagine any of us here are exactly at risk of heart failure, but it does make me think about just how much is left up to fate.” He drops his eyes, then, tilting onto his back to stare up at the ceiling. You feel a nudge on the back of your hand, and look down to see Taehyung unconsciously reaching out, wrapping his fingers around yours. When you look up, Jimin still hasn’t continued. His jaw works, like he’s toying with the right words to say.
When he finally speaks, his voice is a low, smooth murmur, barely loud enough for the two of you to hear. “Our plan of waiting until we can date like normal seemed logical at the time. But I care so much about the two of you. Too much. It seems foolish to postpone anything just to play it safe.”
You blink, stunned by the vulnerability in his voice and the words it delivers. “So… What are you saying, Jimin?”
He swivels, quick enough to jiggle the bed, and Taehyung whines against your collarbone, slowly beginning to rouse from sleep. Jimin doesn’t notice, his eyes burning twin fires as he leans in close again. “I don’t want to wait to tell you I love you.”
“I love you too,” you whisper back without hesitation. Jimin’s hands reach out gently to cup the sides of your face so tenderly, eyes crinkling, and suddenly you feel the sting of tears. Taehyung’s weight begins to shift and lift off of you, rolling onto the other side of the bed, and the sudden change has you feeling unmoored. “This is going to get messy, Jimin. You know that.”
“What’s going to get messy?” Beside you, Taehyung pushes himself up onto one elbow, blearily rubbing at his eyes.
Instead of responding, Jimin’s teeth peek out from a grin as he launches himself over you and collides with Taehyung mouth-first, gripping his t-shirt and holding him close for a few, meaningful moments.
When they break apart audibly, Taehyung looks stunned still, and Jimin lets out a disbelieving laugh, like he can’t even process his own enthusiasm. “Tae-tae, I love you,” he announces in visible delight, smile stretching.
Taehyung’s eyes widen and glisten, and his fingers jump up to wrap around Jimin’s wrist. “Minnie,” he breathes, and the three words that follow don’t need to be voiced for you - and Jimin - to hear them.
Straightening up further and turning to address the both of you, Jimin looks like a mad scientist on the verge of a breakthrough, his previously coiffed appearance looking decidedly rumpled. “It- I don’t care if it’s messy,” he confesses, “I don’t. And I don’t care that it’s scary, or that I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to- to this, or that we’re still in the show. You make me happy, both of you, and I love both of you, and…” He cuts himself off to swallow and suck in a breath, fingers clenching in the fabric of Tae’s shirt that he never let go of. “And I think I deserve to have this.”
When he puts it like that, you have no rebuttals. Sitting up to meet him halfway, you seek out his lips and let your eyes fall closed to savour the closeness.
Jimin kisses you like he never has before. It’s free, unfiltered, and not in the greedy, intense way he kissed you when you were scening together. Jimin kisses you like he’s entirely liberated, like he could spend an eternity with his lips joined to yours, unhurried and assured.
Your lungs lighten with a lack of oxygen, but you refuse to part from the softness of his embrace until you’re physically tugged out of it.
Taehyung pouts up at you, tilting his chin up. Even as he feigns being playful, you know what he’s asking for, and it’s more than just a kiss.
You turn to him, bending until your cheek is pressed to his. “Taehyungie, I love you,” you profess into his ear, lips curled at just how true it is, at how light it makes you feel to say it.
“That’s a relief,” he mumbles, pulling back just enough to give you an indulgent yet chaste kiss, mouthing the words I love you too against your mouth. With a dreamy sigh, he collapses back onto the mattress and bats his eyes up at Jimin. “I hope this confession doesn’t make you too soppy.”
“And why is that?” Jimin asks, a hand lazily running up and down Taehyung’s side, skimming his hip and dipping beneath his shirt to rub his soft stomach.
Arching into the touch like a pleased pet, Taehyung shrugs in mock-innocence. “Y/n and I still need someone to rail us,” he states. “When is mean Minnie going to come out again?”
Jimin’s eyes glint at the prospect, and suddenly you see the expression of the man who originally entered the Villa. The cocksure, unforgiving dom who had you weak at the knees from the start. If it didn’t send a spark of arousal through you, you’d probably be impressed at how naturally he brings it to the surface. “If you’re needing a little discipline, Taehyung, you only have to ask. I won’t be so soft on you next time. I hope you don’t regret it.”
Shameless, Taehyung pouts and whines deep in his throat, wrapping his lower half around where Jimin’s seated. “Well, don’t do it now,” he scolds in a small voice, “it’s not fair making me horny before we go to the hospital. You better fix this.”
The mention of the hospital sobers you all up a bit, but Jimin just furrows his brow down at Taehyung, pushing him flat on his back with a single strong hand, and using that same hand to palm roughly at Taehyung’s crotch, a tent beginning to form in the boxer shorts Tae had worn to bed.
Taehyung keens, but lays back obediently and lets Jimin massage him to full hardness, heavy breaths pushed out of his nose.
“Come on, then,” Jimin says after a moment and removes his hand entirely to stand up, ignoring Taehyung’s indignant gasp, “let’s take a shower and get that little demon back under control. Y/n?”
“It’s not little,” Taehyung grumbles under his breath as he gets up and hobbles toward the bathroom with a visible erection.
You sit up, shaking your head at Jimin’s question. “I want to check on the others when they wake and let them know we’re visiting Yoongi today. Maybe pack some of the leftovers in the fridge so the Min family have some decent food there.”
Jimin hums in acknowledgement, half-turns as if to leave, then freezes, waiting until Taehyung disappears inside the bathroom, turning the shower on with inaudible muttering. “Y/n,” he starts, huffing out a breath and letting his shoulders relax. “I know it’s not only us.”
You cock your head to the side in confusion. “Huh?”
He sends you a smile, halfway between shared humour and resignation. “You really should tell Yoongi-hyung.”
Before you can process the response, he’s in the bathroom and shutting the door behind him.
Down in the kitchen, Jin has bet you to the leftovers, bent over the counter with a red-stained pair of chopsticks hovering above the bowl. Mouth full, he puffs his cheeks in a smile of greeting.
You slink behind him to grab a mug for coffee, admiring the broad planes of his shoulder blades beneath a fine knit sweater. “I was going to bring those for the Mins today,” you say with a mock sigh, mind already straining to think of what else you could bring.
Jin is one step ahead of you. Without pausing his chewing, he props himself up on his elbow and points the set of chopsticks at the dining room table, which you didn’t notice is laden with tupperware containers, stocked with different foods. “Couldn’t sleep,” he states after finishing his mouthful. “What time are we heading in?”
You shrug, using the coffee machine to brew a cup entirely on auto-pilot. “Jimin and Taehyung are awake, but I’m not sure about the others. Let’s wait a bit and then check in with Yoongi.”
With a slow nod, Jin carefully sets his chopsticks down, balancing on the brim of the bowl. “You worried me last night,” he admits softly.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” he rebuts without hesitation, turning to offer you his open arms. Abandoning the coffee, you step forward into his embrace, the tension in your muscles loosening the second he tugs you in closer with a strong arm around the small of your back. If he tilts his chin up, he can rest it on the top of your head, and you smother a giggle at the odd feeling of it moving against you as he continues to talk. “All that matters is that you’re okay. Are you okay?”
You melt against his chest, linking your hands around the back of his neck to return the hug. “Mostly,” you say after a moment.
Jin hums, making no move to break apart the hug, and begins to gently rock the two of you back and forth, free hand running lazy figure eights up and down your back. “I’ll take it. Maybe after we visit Yoongi, you’ll be a little more okay.”
“I think so,” you murmur into his sweater. Truth be told, you feel so safe and at peace in Jin’s unhurried embrace that you feel somewhat better already. Closing your eyes to enjoy the slow swaying, you let go of the thought that’s been festering in the back of your mind for a while now. “Does it feel like everything’s falling apart to you? Not- not all at once and dramatic, but like we’re all unraveling on a single thread.”
When Jin sucks in a deep breath, his chest puffs and jostles you slightly. “I understand what you mean. I don’t think it is, though.”
“You don’t?” Suddenly, the snug grip around you loosens, and Jin pulls back to release you from his hold, hands slipping down to link with yours. You miss his warmth immediately, feeling slightly unsteady on your feet. “But Yoongi might not come back. And- And I voted you off and now I’ll have to keep voting you off and it just feels worse every time, and it feels like nobody is really doing this just for the competition anymore and... “ You find yourself falling short, unable to articulate your thoughts. Jin waits patiently, his deep brown eyes watching you kindly. “I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. For everything to turn sour.”
“It might,” Jin admits, gaze darting up and around in thought, until it catches on the coffee machine, sputtering out the last few drops. He squeezes your hands reassuringly before letting them go, and moves over to grab the coffee cup as he continues talking, pouring some milk from the fridge just how you like it. “But then again, it might not. I think focussing on that worry too much will only make it more likely to happen, or will at least prevent you from enjoying the good things to come.”
“Maybe.” You take your coffee from him with a grateful smile, though you’re still not convinced. “How do I just ignore that dread, then?”
Jin leans back against the counter top, shrugging with a thoughtful look on his face. “We have no control over whether Yoongi returns or not. The best we can do is support him through a difficult time. Then, even if he doesn’t come back to the show, I’m sure we’ll stay close. That’s what you really fear, isn’t it? That this house is the only thing tying us together?”
Taking a sip of the coffee, you nod silently. Even hearing Jin say it aloud strikes a note in your heart, and the pang of Yoongi’s absence flares up with it.
The therapist just gives you a warm, genuine smile. “Then I have good news, Y/n. It’s not true. Ask any one of us. The grounds we met may have been set up, but it’s far beyond that now, and I think you feel that yourself, deep down. At the very least, I fully intend to bless you with my companionship for the rest of your life. You aren’t getting rid of me that easily.”
Despite yourself, you let out a surprised laugh, and feel your worries ease. “As long as you still cook for me sometimes,” you bargain, and Jin mock-winces, before reaching out to link your pinky fingers together in promise. “You have a deal,” he declares, moments before you hear a rolling thunder of feet banging down the stairs.
Practically tumbling into the kitchen, Hoseok, Taehyung, and Jungkook barrel into each other with heavy breaths. All three have jackets on and are holding pairs of shoes, like they’re ready for a school trip. Jimin and Namjoon join behind them a few moments later, far more calmer than the formers, but are equally dressed-up.
“Guys!” Jungkook pants, hand whirling at the door like he’s directing traffic. “We gotta go!”
“Is Yoongi okay?” you ask immediately, heart skipping a beat at the fearful looks on their faces.
“No,” Taehyung says in a frantic, thick voice, “hyung said the hospital served him plain toast and orange juice for breakfast. With pulp! We gotta get something to him and his family fast, that’s like prison food!”
A heavy breath whooshes out of your lungs, and your body goes weak, nearly tipping your coffee over by the handle. “Jesus, don’t scare me like that! Okay, let me just get my jacket and we can head there. Jin already made some food.”
You’re just reaching the doorway before Namjoon sucks in a dramatic gasp. You turn around to watch him raise a hand to cover his mouth, looking around at all of you.
“How… How are we going to get there? We don’t have a car, and Sejin isn’t here today.”
Jimin’s shoulders sink, and his eyes fall shut in visible pain. “Shit. Then we only have one choice.”
Taehyung frowns and reaches back to rub Jimin’s shoulders in encouragement. “Hey, how bad can it be?”
Jimin stiffens and glares out the window as a beefy stranger in sweaty workout clothes bumps into him after the bus takes a tight left turn. “Hey, hyung?”
Jin, with one hand in his pants pocket and the other on one of the overhead loops, glances up. “Yeah?”
“I don’t suppose you’d have room for one more patient at your practice?”
With a click of his tongue, Jin shakes his head. “You’ll survive, Your Majesty.” The bus  hits a road bump at speed, sending the gym rat knocking into Jimin, pinning him against the side of the bus, before using Jimin’s shoulder to catch his balance again. Instead of apologising, the man gives a short laugh and moves back, lifting a hand up to grab onto the bar and exposing the dark sweat stain on his armpit. Jin’s face goes pale. “Tuesdays at seven.”
The professional porn star grits his teeth, staring past Jin’s broad shoulders to the scrolling LED display at the front of the bus, an automated voice announcing the stop in unison to the text running across the screen. “We’re the next stop,” he declares with a shiver of relief. “Come on; I’m heading to the doors.”
With a brute determination, Jimin winds past high school students, office workers and small families alike, collecting you all on the way. Most of you had managed to get seats together or sitting next to strangers, but Jimin and Jin were the last ones to get on (Jimin out of sheer reluctance, Jin because he’d taken on the role of counting heads) and missed out on the luxury of sitting down.
The bus driver truly had no qualms about speeding through the streets of Seoul, shaking the metal carriage from side to side with abandon. It was nothing you weren’t used to, but for Jimin, his first time riding a bus certainly didn’t seem to be a pleasant or tolerable one.
Before long, you’re on steady ground again, breathing in the cool air outside Severance Hospital. Now so close to Yoongi again, you feel anxious to get inside and find him, but Jin insists on double-checking you’re all still in one group. Once he’s satisfied, he leads from behind and you make your way to the front entrance of the massive building.
Inside, the lady at the reception directs you to the cafeteria, where Yoongi said he’d meet you. Secretly relieved that you weren’t going to his father’s hospital room, you make your way there and pick two tables by the windows, pushing them together to make enough room for the eight of you.
Even just counting the eight chairs has your eyes pricking, and you find yourself unable to sit still waiting for Yoongi. A single day feels like a lifetime of anxiety, and even as you and Taehyung watch Jungkook play a game on his phone with running commentary, your gaze keeps darting to the automatic doors every five seconds.
Because of your intense vigilance, it’s you who spots him first, the mop of dirty blonde hair (the mint barely still clinging to the ends) catching your eye the second the doors open.
You get up without words, leaving the group. Noticing your sudden absence, you hear them the moment they see Yoongi waving shyly and tiredly, but you have a few metres advantage, and it’s you who meets him halfway before anyone else.
It’s all you can do to hold yourself back from running in the hospital cafeteria, but by the time you get close enough to see the puffiness under his eyes, you dash the last few steps and wrap him in a tight hug, burying your face into the crook of his neck.
Your heart is racing wildly, and you can feel an unmatched but equally frantic rhythm beat against you too, Yoongi holding onto you just as strongly.
“Oh, sweetheart. I’ve missed you.”
His voice brings tears to your eyes, harsh and unforgiving, and you have to fight the tremble in your lip to return the sentiment. You feel arms around you from behind, the pressure increasing as the others join the hug. The vulnerable tone of Jungkook, Namjoon’s broad hand on your shoulder, the relieved sigh from Taehyung, Jimin’s deceptively strong body weaving into the center. There’s an absence, still, and you all break apart the group hug after a few moments, seeking the final member out.
To your surprise, Jin is only a step behind you all. Preventing him from joining the hug, however, are the tears wetting his face and blurring his vision, eyes squeezed shut in an unsuccessful attempt to stem the wave of emotion. He sobs silently, breaths uneven and shoulders shaking, trying to wipe his face with clumsy hands but only soaking them too, knuckles pressed to his eyes.
Yoongi lets out a wounded noise, hurrying forward despite him exhaustion. “Hyung, hey, shh, I’m here.” He hooks onto Jin around his waist with one arm and gently tugs one of Jin’s hands away from his reddening face, pressing it to Yoongi’s own cheek in an invitation to look at him. “I’m okay. I’m here now, I’m with you.”
Jin hiccups, visibly fighting to calm down as he blinks through streaming eyes to look down at the younger man. “It wasn’t the same,” he sniffles, “it’s not right without you.” He takes in a single, laboured breath and swallows the thickness in his throat, slowly settling with Yoongi in his arms. “Is your dad okay?”
Yoongi lets out a laugh of disbelief, pulling Jin back towards the tables you’d been waiting at. The rest of you migrate there too, nobody wanting to let Yoongi get too far. “He’s doing fine, actually. Fine for a Min, at least. Near-death experience and he’s already getting my older brother to get him tickets for the Samsung Lions game next week.”
The eight of you sit, finally filling all the chairs the way it should be. Jin takes some tissues from Hoseok’s small satchel to clean up his face, nodding soberly. “That’s really good to hear, Yoongi-ah. All of us were so worried.”
Pressing his lips together in a sad smile, Yoongi looks around at you all. “I was too. I- I really appreciate you all coming in to visit. Dad’s recovering, but… it’s still scary. They’re keeping him here for a bit longer, and after that he’s going to live with my brother for a bit since he lives closer.”
Hoseok, on the other side of Yoongi, leans in for a side hug, pouting. “I can’t even imagine. How are the others holding up?”
“Mom’s doing okay. She’s always been the strongest out of all of us. Yoonji took it really hard. Her and dad have always been the closest. She hasn’t left his bedside since we got here. She says to say hi, though.”
Your heart aches for the poor girl, unable to picture her so despairing after how she’d been in her short time at the Villa. There’s a question on your tongue, but you feel hesitant about bringing it up at the wrong time.
Jungkook, however, has no such concerns, sitting beside you, opposite Yoongi, with bambi eyes. “Does that mean you’re coming back home, hyung?”
Yoongi lets out a small breath at the use of home, and nods after a moment. “Tomorrow, I think. I haven’t talked to Sejin about it yet.”
Jin presses his lips together. “Leave that up to us, Yoongi-ah, just focus on you and your family right now. Oh! That reminds me-” he pushes the bulging grocery bag down the table to Yoongi. “That’s for you all to have. Taehyung told me the food here wasn’t so good.”
“You didn’t have to,” Yoongi breathes, eyes wide as he glances between his hyung and the stacked tupperwares, “but thank you. I’m sure they’ll love your cooking as much as I do.”
“Ah, now you’re laying it on too thick,” Jin deflects with a wave of his hand, though you catch the pink in the tips of his ears. His eyes are still reddened, and when the attention is off him you think you catch his lip tremble a few times, but other than that he seems to have settled down again, relieved just as you are to have Yoongi in your company again.
Jungkook, on the other hand, hasn’t looked away from Yoongi for a single second, eyes wide and focused in as if he might vanish at any moment. The rest of you chat about how strange it is to be outside of the show, and how long ago that first night now feels, but Jungkook offers up nothing. He’s across from Yoongi, Taehyung lazily tugging his hand into his lap and leaning on his shoulder, but even that doesn’t deter his watchful gaze.
It’s not until Yoongi is sharing a story about the horror on his brother’s face when they received their first meal at the hospital that suddenly Jungkook is pitching forward in his seat, elbows crashing on the slightly wobbly cafeteria table. “Hyung!” he blurts, cutting the elder off mid-sentence.
Yoongi’s brows lift in shock, eyes darting to the youngest. “Yeah, Jungkookie?”
“Can I- can we, uh talk in private?” Jungkook swallows, looking smaller and more vulnerable than usual, wearing a zip-up hoodie that’s entirely too big for him and with his hair tucked behind his ears. After Yoongi acquiesces, the two disappear down a hall that leads to a private outdoor smoking area, leaving the remaining six of you in confused silence.
“What was that all about?” Hoseok asks after a moment, glancing back and forth at all of you. “Did I miss something?”
“I think we all missed something,” Namjoon responds quietly, equally befuddled. “Jungkook did seem pretty distressed.”
Taehyung, without a shoulder to lean on, sits up and tries to bury his worries. “Let’s just wait and see what happens when they get back. If it’s important, I’m sure they’ll tell us, right?”
“Maybe they’re just re-enacting The Bachelor,” Jin theories, “if Jungkook comes back with a single rose, be suspicious.” He pauses, eyes narrowed in thought. “Or Yoongi’s fly was down and Jungkook didn’t want to embarrass him in front of everyone. There are too many variables here.”
“They could be planning a surprise birthday party for one of us,” Hoseok offers up.
“Or one of us has been replaced by an alien and Yoongi is the only one Jungkook can trust,” Taehyung suggests, voice wary.
“Or they’re elo-” Jimin cuts himself off, head darting to the side. “Oh, here they come. Yeah, they definitely just eloped.”
The two guilty parties are doing a miserable job of playing casual. As they approach the table again, Yoongi is in front with red cheeks and bright eyes, surreptitiously pressing his lips together, and Jungkook is trailing behind with a hand fisted in the fabric of Yoongi’s shirt, unable to contain his grin.
“So…” Hoseok trails off meaningfully, beaming at the two of them. “When’s the honeymoon?”
Jungkook’s smile drops, replaced by genuine confusion. “Huh?”
Hoseok blinks. “Didn’t you two just-?”
“Just what?” Shaking off his frown, Jungkook cheers up again. “Hyung is letting me stay in the hospital overnight!”
“What?” you blurt out incredulously, not expecting that to be the reasoning for the strange meeting.
“I’ve never stayed overnight before,” Jungkook gushes, feet tapping on the floor tile in excitement, “and I read somewhere that the fourth floor is haunted. But you need to either be the one in hospital or be family for them to let you stay. Yoongi’s gonna vouch for me and say I’m his brother.”
“In exchange for…” Yoongi starts emphatically, eyes intense and serious.
Jungkook huffs, but it doesn’t dampen his obvious thrill. “In exchange for buying Yoongi lamb skewers from the restaurant down the street tonight and tomorrow morning. What a deal, right?”
Taehyung perks up, eyes wide. “Wait, can I stay too? I wanna see the ghosts!”
“There are no ghosts in the-” Jin begins with a sigh, but Jungkook interrupts, placing a gentle hand on Taehyung’s shoulder.
“I’m so sorry, hyung,” he murmurs softly, “but the doctors would never believe you’re one of the Mins. You’re too hot.”
Yoongi’s mouth drops open in apparent offense, before he cocks his head to the side. “You do realise you’re also insulting yourself, right, Jungkook?”
“Listen, that’s not important now,” Jungkook insists simply. “Tae-tae-hyung, I promise I’ll facetime you from the fourth floor. Be ready for the witching hour.”
Taehyung swallows in reverence and nods. “I’ll be waiting.”
“Oh my god,” Yoongi mutters under his breath, pinching his brow. “What have I signed up for?”
By the time conversation naturally starts to die off, your social batteries draining, it’s time for Yoongi (and Jungkook, apparently) to go back up to the room for dinner. The remaining six of you make your way home on the bus with distinctly less fanfare than when you arrived, all a little exhausted from the onslaught of public spaces after being in the Villa for so long.
It’s weird how tiring it is just being in society, even when you weren’t really interacting with anyone else. But everyone seems to breathe a sigh of relief when you let yourselves in the front door and collapse in the living room inside, Jin making some coffee and the rest of you taking a moment to rest your weary feet.
The absence is still felt, even more so with Jungkook gone too, but it’s far less distressing. Instead, the quiet is a little calming, like a lazy day in after a stressful week. Jimin and Taehyung head upstairs early, and you let them go alone, sensing they’re wanting some time to themselves.
Downstairs, Jin, Hoseok, Namjoon and you spread out on two couches, cradling hot mugs to wake you up a little. It’s easy enough to sit in silence for a bit, but then Hoseok is sitting up, biting on his lip.
“If Yoongi-hyung is coming back tomorrow,” he starts softly, “then what does that mean for all of this? Do we just… start it back up? The competition, I mean.”
“I guess so,” you venture. “But we can’t exactly start a week on a Friday. Maybe Sejin will wait for Monday?”
“Eh, it’s all the same to me,” Jin quips. “Not much skin in the game anymore, huh?”
A flash of guilt strikes your face as you recall only days ago the way he’d been so blindsided by your elimination. It was hard to say if you regretted the decision; you’d originally hoped taking the competition out of the equation would make things simpler, but the fallout that followed and the unsteady peace between the two of you doesn’t really feel worth it. Despite that, there was no easy choice, and for all you know the exact thing could happen with whoever you vote out. You just wish you had some conviction for it.
Jin notices your expression and frowns, but before he can open his mouth, Namjoon pitches in. “I’m kind of dreading going back to it,” he admits, scratching at his knee through a small hole in his pants, “but at the same time I wish we could go back to it already. At least it was consistent. This whole break just makes me anxious.”
“It definitely isn’t fun,” Hoseok supports, sending Namjoon a reassuring smile. “But hyung said he’s coming back tomorrow, and Sejin has been good to us so far. Let’s have some faith that it’ll turn out fine!”
You bite down hard on your tongue. Even if it turns out fine, there’s only so much time you’ll have before you’ll have to boot another man out of the running of the game. Hoseok, Jimin, Yoongi, Jungkook or Namjoon. Despite everyone feeling that your bond is stronger than just circumstance, you know it’s impossible not to take that decision personally, and you’re dreading going back to it.
Though, deep down - and it flares that guilt even stronger to think of it - part of you is growing restless, fidgety at having suddenly been deprived of the physical pleasures you’d grown used to receiving in such abundance. It’s only been two days, and you feel stupid for even noting your body’s yearning after such a short time, but it’s nonetheless there, and at least if you went back on schedule, you’d be able to indulge again.
Things felt so somber and serious when all you had were those swirling emotions, and no way to release them. But it feels wrong to even think about pursuing anything when the whole status of the group is on rocky footing.
“You’re thinking too hard.” The voice tugs you unceremoniously out of your haze with a gentle shove to accompany it. Jin, sitting beside you, has scooted closer to eye you with a warm albeit slightly concerned gaze. “What’s on your mind?”
“Everything,” you admit, and Namjoon makes a noise of agreement from the other couch. Hoseok has an arm slung over his shoulders, and you blink in surprise at the casual contact the two of them are sharing. Neither of them have seemed to be the touchy type since you’ve met them, but they appear perfectly comfortable. You make a mental note to keep an eye on them, but it quickly dissolves in your brain the moment Jin puts a hand on your knee and gently squeezes it.
“Hey,” he buffs in a low voice, “let’s get some fresh air, yeah? You boys up to join? It’s still warm out.”
“We’ll head up,” Hoseok says after a glance shared with Namjoon, “it’s been a long day.”
“That it has.” Jin squeezes your knee once more and gets up as the two others heave themselves off the couch and thud upstairs. Holding out a hand to you, the eldest helps you up and leads you out back, linking your arms tightly and walking side-by-side with you out the back door.
The stars are blocked from view by cloud, but the moon provides enough waxy light to see by, the grass glinting silver. Like two lovers from a Jane Austen book taking a turn around a room, the two of you begin a lap around the expansive backyard, following the path.
“This feels very cheesy,” you admit to Jin, glancing up at him with a bemused smile. If you’re honest with yourself, the distinct oddity of wandering around a lawn late at night for no apparent reason is enough to distract you from your worries.
Jin returns your smile broadly, and presses you a little closer to his side. “All the more fun, don’t you think? The cameras aren’t even on. We can actually enjoy the privacy for once.”
You sigh out filaments of tension with every breath, the cooler night air easing your lungs. “That’s true. I haven’t actually come out here often.”
“I noticed. Afraid of the sun?”
“Oh, please,” you defend, “if either of us is a vampire it’s clearly you.”
Taking a few, quiet steps, Jin hums calmly, then suddenly lunges for your throat. A startled yelp leaves you as his face buries in the crook of your neck, and your shoulders rise up to wiggle away from the cold tip of his nose. “St-ah-stop!”
He pulls back, satisfied at his own joke and how effectively it caught you by surprise, but the adrenaline from the sudden fright has you giggling hopelessly, using your free hand to press against your mouth.
“Oh my god, you’re so mean,” you whine, but there’s only playful pouting in your tone, no real malice.
Jin clicks his tongue, entirely unruffled as if he’d never launched himself at you. “What can I say? Daddy is getting old, I think I’d prefer being called Sire.”
You splutter on air, reaching over to whack him. “Be careful what you wish for. I know several kinky little shits in this house that would take you up on that.”
“Strange,” Jin muses, “that you seem to think you’re not one of them.” He sends a smirk down at you, but as you stare up at him too, the gaze softens. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I shouldn’t make those jokes when we can’t actually- Never mind.”
Without intending to, you come to a stop, stepping across from him so you can see him head-on. “The cameras aren’t on,” you point out. “The show is paused.”
Jin’s brows come together, his lids lowering. “Y/n…”
“We could. Not even the- the whole kinky thing, just…” You bite down on your tongue at the reluctance on Jin’s face. “If you wanted to.”
He exhales raggedly, stepping closer and placing his broad hands on the sides of your shoulders. “Of course I want to,” he says, enunciating each word with intentioned care, “but you voted me off, Y/n.”
A chill runs through you, though the air is unchanged. “But Jin, the- we aren’t- that doesn’t matter, the show isn’t even-”
“I understand that,” he allows, closing his eyes briefly with a slight shake of the head, “but I’m going to respect your decision, even if you don’t. I want to do this the right way.”
Your heart sinks, unable to be mad even as humiliation stings your cheeks red. “I don’t even know when the show will end, it could be longer because of this break.”
“And I’m a patient man,” Jin states. You can feel the finality in the air. His choice wasn’t going to change, and you no longer have the energy to try. Instead, you just nod silently, missing the atmosphere only five minutes ago when you hadn’t put yourself on the line and gotten rejected.
His hands on your shoulders feel hot, anchoring you, and acknowledging them only makes your eyes prick more, wishing you could feel his whole body against you again. Knowing that you - god, that you loved him - and that he felt strongly about you too, but that you’d voted him out just to make things easier… It didn’t feel easy now. It didn’t feel worth it now.
“I think it’s time for me to go to bed now,” you say hollowly. You can’t imagine sleep will come kindly, but you feel the desire to be alone and bury yourself deep under the covers until morning. Perhaps longer.
Before you can pull away, Jin leans in, and your heart stops.
With eyes fluttering closed instinctively, you feel lips press chastely, but meaningfully against your cheekbone, before a soft whisper wishes you goodnight.
When he stands up again, you open your eyes and blink harshly, willing the pooling tears not to fall before you’re out of his sight. Emotion is swelling and crashing inside you like a storm at sea, and all you can manage is to choke out, “that’s not fair,” before you’re rushing across the grass, uncaring if your socks get dirty or stained, and barreling up the stairs with tears rendering your vision useless.
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viskafrer · an hour ago
this has nothing to do with the current iteration of Youth story, but it's a nice piece of writing and I'm gonna have to do something else with it so it doesn't get stuck in the Stash.
“Sometimes, this is who we are.”
Daniel slowly released his grip on Mark’s shirt, letting his hands slide away from the other’s body without hurry, one foot taking a single step backward and halting, unwilling to cease the staring contest nobody was winning. As Mark blinked, tiredly, losing the game, Daniel finally looked away, glancing at the mess around them; the table was still in the corner of the room, chairs propped awkwardly against each other with the rug twisted underneath them. Shattered bottles lay like a death trap in front of the door, the liquid previously inside them slinking outward like blood from a wound.
When his eyes came back around to focus on Mark’s face, on the split lip and scabbing eyebrow over a bruising cheekbone, Daniel let out a breath that sounded too much like a whine. Mark brought a hand up, pausing midway like he hadn’t decided what action to take and now didn’t want to take any. Daniel brushed it away with his own and they continued to look, pleadingly, at each other.
“But not all the time,” Daniel said finally. Mark focused on him a little more sharply. “We don’t have to be like this all the time. Sometimes we could be, I don’t know, good.”
Mark’s responding laughter hurt to hear and Daniel was certain he winced visibly. “Good? Us? Sure, maybe we don’t always have to start all out brawls over things that none of us actually want.” Mark turned abruptly and kicked one of the chairs. It fell over, unimpressed. “Maybe we could have better self-control and not be total assholes all the time.” He swung around and gave Daniel his most Mark-esque, sardonic smile. “But don’t fool yourself. We’re not good people.”
Daniel winced again, internally this time, and reached out to successfully grab Mark’s arm. “But we could be. Someday, at least. Couldn’t we?”
Mark didn’t answer, out loud, anyway, which was enough for Daniel to understand. Yeah, but which of us has the guts to actually try? It didn’t have to be spoken, Daniel could feel the despair radiating off of his friend and knew he must be giving off the same signals.
“Someday,” he insisted, his voice strained with all the emotions he didn’t dare talk about. Those were reserved for all out brawls with your closes friends. I love you, here let me show you with my fist, and so on. Tomorrow, they’d still be friends and nothing would be different. Since, he admitted reluctantly, they didn’t have the guts to try.
Assholes forever.
There was no someday.
I love this! It flows so well and the descriptions give a really good picture of the room and what's happening. I'm curious to learn more about what happened and these two 😊
I think my favorite line is "I love you let me show you with my fist" because wow
Thanks for sharing !
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llamakenma · an hour ago
I missed you! 😘
I wanna request lol you know how much angst fills me 😅
But thinking about this, you're planning your 1st anniversary with Osamu, but while out buying a gift for him you find him out with your best friend, you think that he's just looking for tips on what to get you but you see them kiss 🙊
a ‘so you leave too’ fanfic
note: hi @starlessnyx!!! i miss you too!! thank you so much for requesting and I hope you will like this too!!
you stared in awe at the steel that winked at you under the showcase lights it sat below- chanting a repetitive ‘buy me! buy me!’ with every passing second. you can’t help but imagine how good your boyfriend would look with his hands wrapped around the new mixing bowl you would give him. you knew just how much he longed for a new mixing bowl from that particular brand he had been a fan of and you were simply more than ecstatic to present him with it for your first anniversary.
one year.
you could feel a smile canon-balling onto your face at the thought of your one-year anniversary coming up, how could you not? he had never been sweeter to you ever since the day he pushed a box of onigiri into your hands, with a sticky note blushing along with him. he showered you with food he would put effort into making, sometimes even showing up to school with a hint of flour kissing his cheeks just to give you the strawberry puff you told him you liked so much.
you just couldn’t wait to see his awestruck reaction that he would hold once you hand him his new whisk along with the set of baking materials. you could already imagine his smile contrasting against the sky just before the sun dips into the horizon and radiate the mixture of pink, purple and orange flames onto the wandering field of dandelions: one where you would end the day with a kiss to seal the date.
your thoughts whisked you away to cloud nine as you ran into the store to purchase the gift you had set your mind on, your hand latching onto the door handle. then, you saw him.
you saw miya osamu’s reflection on the glass door of the shop, with his brooding shoulder and his uniform locked onto his body, he was quite hard to miss. a familiar posture stood beside him as they chatted while looking into the windows of the stores they passed by.
‘guess he’s just asking for some advice from them’ you wondered, after all, it was your one-year anniversary with him and it would be as special to him as it meant to you. you smiled at the sight of them actually bonding and getting along well- maybe too much for your liking but you knew osamu would hate it if you talked about it.
‘they look good together.’ a fleeting thought passed through your head as you stared at the two, who were beaming smiles at each other as they laughed at possibly anything there could be.
then, it was only a brief moment where you had blinked, only to witness a change of scenes unfold rapidly in front of your eyes. the two people you had come to cherish and love, held in each other’s embrace, sharing a passionate kiss.
you froze.
you froze for the next few minutes as you proceeded to watch them act like a couple- or maybe they were one after all- ignoring everyone around them as they stared into each other’s eyes like nothing else existed in the world. osamu’s eyes had never shined brighter, almost resembling that of a moon, as he gazed at the person that leaned onto him- the one he truly loved. you could almost see the sparkles that lit up his features, his smile more radiant than the glowing sun.
you still couldn’t comprehend the sight in front of you, a range of emotions fled into your mind with every movement they made. you were drowning in a sea of emotions they had thrown you into: betrayal, sadness, anger. the emotions made you stay in a state of shock until the tears you didn’t know you were holding back cascaded down your cheeks.
you knew it would be a huge scene if you had started to yell in the middle of the bustling supermarket, and perhaps destroying other people’s day as you did so. you did not wish for that, especially when the two people that had stood in front of you were no longer worth anything to you- they were truly just meant to be mere strangers in your life.
so with the remaining strength, you had left, you made an effort to wipe the tears you wished not to show them, as you approached the couple that still had each other in a warm embrace.
it wasn’t long before they had noticed you, obvious panic flashing in their eyes as they looked at each other for an explanation. yet, you had more than enough for the day, you were tired to listen to what lies they had to spit- the lies that you had believed so blindly as you placed your trust onto them.
‘it isn’t what it looks like y/n.’ miya attempted.
you struggled to give them an honest smile, just to end whatever you had left with them with a smile.
‘i know it is what it looks like miya, i just came to say goodbye.’
you walked away with the last words you had muttered out, your voice slightly shaking despite the courageous demeanor you had built. you could hear the voice of the person you had once loved so much chasing after you, yelling at you to stop and hear him explain.
‘ i love you y/n.’ he finally shouted.
you halted, almost changing your mind at the very words you were weak to.
‘no. no, you don’t miya.’
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hillarysss · 2 hours ago
placements & their true melodies 🤍
do not repost, plagiarize, “reword” my work.🕊
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- 🤍 Scorpio placements & Capricorn Placements & Heavy Saturn & Pluto & Pluto - Ascendant & Pluto in 1st
When you become untouchable, you're unable to touch Is there a real me? Pop the champagne It hurts me just to think and I don't do pain
- The Living Tombstone (My Ordinary Life)
- 🤍🕊 You display what you want to display but you keep a part of you quite untouchable because of what you experienced you don't wanna experience pain and despair ever again, you put up this image that is intense and admirable because you put a lot of effort and dedications to things... you find it hard not to get obsessed with what you love.. you learnt this the hard didn't you? When you put so much love into things you loose yourself and your dignity in the process and you loose yourself in the intense reactions other people have made of you thus making you question your worth. Don't you know how much power you have? The jealousy you've experienced.. people projecting on you because of your burning desire to do things you lost who you were in expectations that you made of yourself and that others have made of you.. say no to that and own your power.
- 🤍 Virgo placements & Aquarius placements & 6th house & 11th house placements & Uranus Dominance
Perfection is so quick to bore You are my beautiful, by far Our flaws are who we really are
- I hear a symphony (Cody Fry)
- 🤍🕊You've always been somewhat different in the ways you think and act since a young age.. you were analytical and saw through things no one else could because of your innovative mind. At such young age you've had to dim your ways of thinking because of other's expectations and the duty you've had to serve since young may have taken a toll on who you are today and you constantly feel what would happen if you were to just break free from society and the cruel world. You have a beautiful heart that humankind doesn't deserve. You've always been that person to give a hand out when needed but were those favors retreated? Tell me.. how many times you've tried to fit in? You don't have to please anyone and loving yourself is a mission for you. How many times people have stolen what you've done and taken credit for it? Embrace yourself and say fuck you to anyone else and only do things for you. Embrace your "weird" side"
- 🤍 Leo placements & 5th house placements & Sun dominants & Sagittarius placements & 9th house placements & Jupiter dominants & Sagittarius dominants
I've been catching planes for the fun of it Then I'll be watching fame turn to punishment The weather's only sunny when I'm under it And I haven't really changed, yeah I'm just confident I'm just fucking lucky I was born with it
Into it - (Chase Atlantic)
🤍🕊You have learned that running from responsibilities isn't any fun and you have to fear the dark side at times and the dark side can come from when you least expect it. You are most secretive than given credit for, you put up this pretty image with amazing charisma and you display wisdom and knowledge.. it's hard not to look up to you.. but eventually you create this standard that you always have to shine bright and that negative emotions aren't welcomed.. you repress emotions.. you have learned that you shouldn't always follow what the crowd wants. Sometimes you wish you could just go unnoticed but it's hard not to pay attention to you.. you've always felt like escaping huh? Wishing you were someone else.. while everyone wants to be you.. most people misunderstand your life and think it's all luxury because of that pretty image you put up.. it couldn't be farther from the truth.. you were gifted with wisdom and creative talents from youth.. use them
-🤍 Cancer Placements & Major 4th house placements & Pisces placements & 12th house placements & Moon - Pluto
You can hold my hand If no one's home Do you like it when I'm away? If I went and hurt my body, baby Would you love me the same?
Line without a hook- (By Ricky Montgomery)
🤍🕊 You have been gifted with the ability to love so much that your own persona becomes a blur and you loose yourselves in the ones you love you'd dare sacrifice yourself for them.. but have your ways of love always been given back? Perhaps.. you've found yourself staying a bit longer than you should in situations where you were giving too much? Does that hit a bell? Oh.. this is why you've built up walls because you're afraid you'd be used for your love again.. yes? You've always provided a home for people even if you yourself didn't have a stable home emotionally and mentally.. you always dared to care and love and nourish.. you were always watering dead plants.. you have had to learn so early on that not everyone has such big heart like you.. have you went so far for people who didn't really like you the way you thought? Use your ways of loving and your intuitive abilities for what's best and don't water dead plants.
-🤍 Libra placements & Venus dominance & Taurus placements & Moon in 7th & Venus in 7th
Kisses on the foreheads of the lovers Wrapped in your arms You've been hiding them in Hollowed out pianos left in the dark
Apocalypse - (By Cigarettes After Sex)
- 🤍🕊 You are naturally loved and liked that would be an understament of who you are.. You've always desired a beautiful connection when there was equal give and taken.. Your heart is beautiful your entire soul is.. who was the one who made you hide it all away? You still remember your first heartbreak don't you? Are you concerned for how others perceive you too much? Have you yet learned that love only comes within you the most? People tend to confide in you the most but who do you confide in? You were gifted with the abilities of art and aesthetics you've always tried to see everything in a better light until the darkness over took once and all you think is anxious thoughts.
- 🤍 Earth placements & 2nd house placements & 6th house placements & 10th house placements
But so broken on when you can't stop choosing To sleep through your alarms Man, you're losing your head
Sleep thru Ur Alarms (By Lontalius)
- 🤍🕊 You just need a need a break from reality.. no even that sounds too little.. you need to take it slow.. all those sleepless you've spent working so hard repressing tears.. did it all start from early school years and that perfectionism to get those grades? Or maybe it's your parent's expectations.. Sure you're "grounded' but who knows when you're not? who hide it so well just for the sake of not burdening anyone.. you suffer alone aiming for the price.. the high achiever.
- 🤍 Air placements & 11th house placements & 3rd house placements & 7th house placements
Do the wires in your mind get sewn together..
Rubbed and severed by the heat
Not allowed - TV girl
- 🤍🕊 Sure you can be seen as the friend who is funny and always up to chat.. but who really knows what's going on in your mind? All those thoughts racing.. do you know how fascinating your mind is and how it works? But let's talk about the uglier side.. you are more anxious than you let on and you can't help but analyze every little thing, you may at times questioned your sanity because of what you've noticed so early on that others haven't.. At such young age, you've been on this mission to feed on knowledge but what about your emotional nourishment? You can't just feed your emotional needs with your mind.. take time to yourself...
- 🤍 Fire placements & 1st house placements & 5th house placements & 9th house placements & Mars dominance & Sun dominance
All things come to pass With time But I want everything now To be all mine
Young - (By Vacations)
- 🤍🕊 With that burning desire you've had throughout your life to accomplish so many things.. you are a true child at heart with so many dreams.. ignoring the people who have told you your dreams are unrealistic and that you'll never make it.. but you'll make it there one day.. faith is what keeps you even if it's inconsistent faith has always been your friend. The burning loyalty you give to those who dare stand by your side and how much you're willing to give. You're not the easiest but that's for a reason you want everything and you'll give everything, all because of the intense love inside you.
- 🤍 Water placements & 12th house placements & 8th house placements & 4th house placements & Neptune dominance
But the rain never came So I made with the sun The shade Always comes at the worst time
Daddy Issues - (By The Neighborhood)
- 🤍🕊 The ability to feel the environment around has it side effects doesn't it? You easily get overwhelmed and because of your kind nature you take more than what you should've taken, you struggle making time for you at times. You escape the rain and despair by sleeping or ignoring the obvious. You become foggy to those around you because you are scared of letting people in on what you really go through. Your intuition has never failed you especially with people.. so why do you still doubt it? Is it because of what you think it could be? But it isn't right? Reality can be despair, you run and run until you run out of time and you have no choice but to face the dark truths.
Tumblr media
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canonicallysoulmates · 3 hours ago
Walker 1.11
Tumblr media
That. Was. So. Good! I loved everything about this, except Geri breaking Hoyt’s heart but we’ll get to that in a minute. 
Let me tell y’all when Jared tweets that a Walker episode is gonna be big he has yet to lie about it, he tweeted it about episode 9 and that was excellent, he tweeted it about this one and this was amazing. Sidenote: Whenever he can Jared live tweets Walker! So, if you’re watching this show live check out his twitter, send him love and let him know how much you’re enjoying the show. And even if you’re not watching live do that anyways ❤
On to the episode! 
Hoyt is out of prison and everyone is thrilled...except for Walker who is probably wishing the ground would swallow him up because if y’all remember he and Geri kissed. In show time a month has passed, and I think it’s the same in real time because this show did go on break after that episode but I’m not gonna bother to check, point is a month has passed since the kiss and they have yet to talk about it; Hoyt is a free man, and the Walker fam and friends are throwing him a Welcome Home party at the Side Step. How delightfully awkward! 
Hoyt is happy as a clam about being free and having his girl and his best friend by his side but also suspicious because Geri is acting weird. Geri is a mess of confusion over her emotions and feelings. And Walker wants to talk to Geri about what happened while also desperately hoping Hoyt does not find out that while he was in prison his longtime best friend who’s like a brother to him made out with the love of his life. And they have kept it a secret for a month. 
Luck was temporarily on Walker’s side because just when Geri has had enough and she’s ready to spill to Hoyt what happened, the man gives a speech in which he not for the first time publicly and loudly professes his love for Geri and right after Walker and Micki get alerted that the prison bus who was transporting Trevor’s dad, Clint, and Jaxon was intercepted and the prisoners escaped! Which is a bigger problem for Cordell than what he has realized cause he still doesn’t know that Clint not only knows who he really is but knows he’s not dead. For anyone who’s confused Clint was the leader of the Rodeo Kings, the gang Walker ran with when he was undercover as Duke, and Jaxon was another one of the members.
So, Walker and Micki are on the case and first they go to a bank where Clint had a safety deposit box but that man sneaked in and out without them noticing and now the game is on cause he left a little message for “Duke” inside the box about keeping the circle small and the lies honest or something like that along with a bandana.  Since things at the bank did not pay off they head off to prison to visit someone I did not think we would see again: Twyla Jean. Y’all will remember her from episode 5, she was Duke’s ex. Now when we first met this girl I did not much care for her but in this episode I not only liked her, I felt bad for her and I hope Walker keeps his word (cause he told her he’d visit her) and we get to see her again. 
Twyla Jean was left out of the escape plan so she doesn’t know about what the other two are planning, but she does remember and tells Walker about a cabin that Clint used to take his kid to; which is when Micki walks in, while Walker was talking with Twyla she got her hands on Clint’s visitor logs and shocker they reveal Trevor had been visiting Clint. Welcome to the party Walker, it took you a while to figure that one out. 
Twyla’s information about the cabin is invaluable because that is Trevor and Stella’s location. 
While all of that was going on, Trevor took Stella to the mentioned cabin where his parents used to take him as a kid because there’s money hidden in there, it’s a safe place, and they turned off their phones so they have zero idea that Clint and Jaxon are on the loose. Reasons for them being in the cabin in the first place is that they’re young, stupid, think they’re in love, and for those reasons had decided to run away together in the last episode. Trevor is ready to hightail it out of Texas with the help of his father’s I’m 99% positive was illegally obtained money, but Stella thought they were just taking a break from their parents which leads to a fight between them but they work it out, and...Trevor is a dumb bitch who burns the money, along with the fake passports, but who cares about the passports the money 😩 
Unsurprisingly Clint and Jaxon find the kids but Trevor was able to help Stella out the window and for once this girl was smart cause when he told her to run she ran! Jaxon chases her down but thankfully for her Walker had arrived, sadly for Walker she panicked and accidentally shot him. Not mortally, but enough to leave him with only one arm for fighting which did not prevent him in any way, shape, or form from kicking Jaxon’s ass! Which was hot af! YES CORDELL! YOU GO BABY 🔥 
And Micki also got to kick a little ass, yas girl! 😍
If you’ve read some of my previous opinion posts about this show you know I’m not exactly a fan of Stella but in this episode I love her, at one point I even wanna give her a hug because this poor child has yet to learn love is not enough to save people; this, running away with her wannabe bad boy boyfriend, scaring the crap out of her dad in the process and her only reason being some equivalent of ‘but daddy, i love him’, is the kind of realistic dumb teenage shit I’ve been wanting to see from her. 
So, in this episode I love her, I also loved her brother because in the few scenes he had he was giving his dad some attitude, it’s one of the few times I’ve seen that kid have a personality writers please let him keep it. 
Keeping in theme of this episode making me care about characters I hadn’t before: Trevor. Stella may have gotten away but Trevor got grabbed by his dad! And while before I hadn’t cared much for him, now I’m worried for his safety and want his dad to give him back.
The next morning, in Geri’s house, Hoyt is setting up a heart made out of all the plastic rings he has given Geri over the years. He is going to do a proper proposal this time, he even has ring which he got from Abeline who was engaged when she met Bonham- WHAT????? Was that info given before and I just forgot? Mama Walker is just full of surprises...anyways Hoyt’s proposal is actually really sweet and up until this moment I didn’t realize how much I cared about this character; I was screaming at my screen for Geri to say yes and not break his heart but she did anyways 😭 First she blurted out that she and Cordell had kissed, which Hoyt was willing to forgive, and then when he told her he forgave her she still said no cause she’s all a mess. My heart broke for this poor man, listen Hoyt Rowlins has many flaws but that man has been loyal to Geri for years, and I know okay I know that ultimately she did the right thing because if she’s not sure about marrying him it’s better to tell him than say yes and string him along but I’m still on Hoyt’s side on this. Besides, she technically strung him along anyways cause she kissed Cordell a month ago! And I don’t know how intentional this was of the writers but it comes across like Geri has had feelings for Cordell for a while, and like maybe she wasn’t as in love with Hoyt as he was in love with her. Hoyt deserves better. 
Honestly, this made me dislike her, and I officially don’t like the idea of her and Walker being romantically involved; I hope they don’t end up dating or if they do that it lasts just a short while with them realizing that they’re just looking for comfort in someone familiar because otherwise it’d be a relationship that came at the price of breaking and/or damaging a years long friendship, and Hoyt is not a bad friend and those two do not make a good enough couple to make that okay. 
And then it all ends in cliffhanger: Walker arrives home with Stella, Hoyt is already there waiting to kick his ass, Clint and Trevor may not be far behind we don’t know cause the last we see is Clint driving down a road. 
And that was episode 11! It was amazing; the writers did magic with this one cause characters I haven’t cared much for or at all suddenly I’m invested. This was truly one of the best episodes, and this post is coming a little later than usual so if you haven’t seen this epi yet this show is available for free streaming on the CW website and the app- and if it doesn’t let you stream because you’re outside the US get a VPN 😉
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Right where you left me
Important: since this a love triangle alternate chapters will be dedicated to the ships aka bbrae and damirae yet it is important to read each chapter for better understanding of the plot. Thank you.
Ghostin' (Chapter 1)
"Rae your back" beastboy said with enthusiasm as he moved forward, engulfing me in his arms.
"Where are the others" I asked my voice all muffled due to being so tightly pressed against his chest and sore from crying my eyes out not moments before.
He put a hand to his chest mocking hurt "aww is little ol' me not enough for you Rae Rae" I rolled my eyes at the silly act and took this time to step a few inches away from him breaking the one sided hug. I thought about bringing up my previous question again But decided against it I knew he wasn't going to come clean any time soon or give me straight answer so why waste my time?It wasn't like I wanted them here, all I wanted was some calm and a scorching cup of herbal tea besides wouldn't it be only easier for me to sneak into my room without much interruption due to the lack of my friends present at the moment.
"I'm going to head to my room" I announced to beastboy not waiting for his response I moved when suddenly i felt myself being pressed to a wall cornered by a muscular chest "Is-s there something wrong with you? W-why are you doing this?"I asked cursing myself under my breath I was raven I didn't stutter that's the same thing I thought about loving someone too guess today is a day of trying things I'd never. I let out a dry chuckle in the back of my head, the familiar ache washing over me once again everything with today was exhausting me both physically and emotionally, it was all just making my mind go foggy  everything at this point was just a blur not the kind that makes you want to look harder but the kind that gives you the want to quit trying , I craved the feeling of comfort but the idea of exploding into a emotional wreck and gain the risk of loosing my sanity made me hold back. It was unclear and hard  for me to understand anything going on at the current moment let alone the fact I was being cornered in a wall by Beastboy just what exactly was going on in my life?
"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you Rae ? " he said looking straight into my eyes boldness present in his voice demanding answers.
"W-what d-do you mean?" I said my voice shaking up did he possibly found out about my agreement? N-no he couldn't have he wouldn't invade my privacy like that. 'But he has done it before' a small voice in my head fought- no that was for my own safety he was just concerned but the unmoored feeling about him knowing the truth and depth of a mess I had let myself in never left me
He stared at me intently watching my every move and step carefully as of aware of the emotional turmoil inside my head the pain I was feeling and worst of all the heartache.
"You didn't say anything when I called you Rae- he started looking  deep into my soul and dead into my eye I looked at him shocked was he always this good at reading people- always this good at reading me? Pausing for a moment to stare deep in my eyes looking for a reaction, he continued- you let me hug you for a moment before stepping back , and even as of right now you are not phasing through the wall; the raven I know would never act like this, act so hopeless with out analysing every detail of the situation you are one of the most hopeful person out there,what's changing that rae " he completed concern lacing his rather bold voice.
There was a relief flooding through my body overpowered by his other words only making  the feeling of all this being my fault worse only if he knew the raven known by him was nowhere near here, everything was just gray and doomed in her life everything was so agitated she had already done worse than not phasing through the wall; she had fallen in love.
Tears gathered at the brim of my eyes the pain creeping back in my mind reminiscing the same conversation over and over again as my heart begged for it to stop The only emotion alive and free in nevermore being timid who grew stronger by each second as I grew weaker.
Beastboy embraces me in his arms our body's pressed close to each other whispering soothing things in my ear "W-why me? Why d-do bad th-things always happen to me?" I choked out through my sobs "I don't know what your going through Rae and I am not gonna force you to talk about it beacause you will tell me no, tell us when you're ready to talk but until that just know this pain won't be with you for evermore and at each step you will have us" and at that moment I had a peculiar feeling that just maybe this pain wouldn't be for evermore.
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Hiii could I please get a matchup with a male from bnha and haikyuu? I am 5’4, an ambivert and a Latina. I have pale skin, mid-length brown wavy hair with bangs, and hazel eyes. I am described as someone who comes off as cold or aloof when I’m around people I don’t know. After getting to know me, I am the complete opposite. I’m just a bit shy at first lol. My friends have told me that I give good advice but like to joke about my stubbornness. I like to make people laugh and try to make the best of any situation. However I have a hard time expressing my emotions. I’m also described as easy going and fun to be around. I love animals especially dogs. I am a hip hop dancer and love to perform. Enjoy reading and playing video games. I love music especially hip hop, rap, & reggaeton. I also love to write music/poetry. I really like drawing and painting. I can be playful and love to tease my friends. I also really like to eat and travel. I enjoy having deep conversations, like a lot lol. I can’t stand people who bully others and people who are fake. I like to be honest and helpful in any way I can. My style is usually anything comfy/casual and I don’t really like wearing skirts or dresses. I speak English and Spanish (learning Japanese & Portuguese). I enjoy watching crime investigations. I don’t really any fears, just not being able to accomplish my goals/dreams. I would say my love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch. What I look for in a partner is someone that is selfless, mature and has depth to them. Also if they are really accepting because I’ve never had that growing up. I tend to get along better with introverts. Thank you so much!! 💘💘💘
Hello!! I’m so happy you requested! *happy finger guns*
From Haikyuu I think Akaashi and from Mha I think Denki!
Akaashi loves to hear your poems and likes to sit beside you while you write them. After he starts to read them he just finds all of your poems so beautiful and therefore needs to read all of them (if you’re comfortable with sharing).
For your all’s first date he decided to take you to volunteer at an animal shelter because he knew you loved animals.
On days when he doesn’t have volleyball practice he likes to come over to your house and hang out with you. The first time he came over he saw you watching a crime investigation show and was like “cool, I wonder if it’s any good,” and preceded to go on with his day. After he had finished doing whatever he does at your house he went to see if you were still watching your show. When he saw that you were he sat down beside you and started to watch. This became somewhat of a routine for you two when he would come over. After he finished whatever he does when he comes over he sits and watches your show with you. It’s a good way to get to spend time together and he gets to share one of your interests.
Akaashi will gladly sit with you when you need someone to listen and he enjoys to hear what you think of things. He’ll be supportive of you and is always there to lend a helping hand.
I know Denki isn’t an introvert but, he would love to listen to the music you enjoy and there are lots of opportunities for you to tease him.
For your all’s first date he took you to a concert for your favorite rapper and afterwords you two went to dinner.
You can’t tell me that Denki wouldn’t plan impulsive trips and since you love to travel it’s a win win. I would recommend having a bag ready to go at all times.
Once Denki learns that you’re a hip hop dancer he won’t stop asking you to show him tricks. When you’re eating dinner, sitting on the couch, doing school work, it’s a constant interrogation session about it. But, he’s showing that he cares about what you enjoy and that he wants to be able to support you.
~I’m so sorry it took me so long to write your request but hopefully you liked it! Remember to stay safe and do some self care!~
*finger guns*
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no es nada fácil estar tan lejos de ti (adma p3)
Previous Part | Next Part | Amor De Mis Amores Masterlist
Pairing: Horacio Carrillo x Reader
Rating: T
Summary: 1994  "Horacio, looking at all your fidgeting out of the corner of his eye, takes your hand and intertwines your fingers. You said to him that everything would be fine, so you must believe that it will.
If only believing was enough."
Warnings: Angst-fest. This may not be your cup of tea if you are here for the fluff. Mentions of anxiety, death of a loved one, verbal abuse by a family  member, hints of physical abuse by a family member, mother-daughter relationships are rough on this one. Also contains descriptions of mourning, grief, emotional pain. But there is hope for the future, my friends. 
Notes: If you think it's wise for me to add more warnings, please dm me. I also got myself a beta-reader so I'm very grateful for that.
When you told Horacio you would have to go back to your hometown in the northwest indefinitely, it shocked him, to say the least. He was almost certain that since '89 you hadn't gone to that place for more than a couple of days a year to see your grandmother and your cousin.
“Samuel called me,” you explained as you filled the suitcase that was open on the bed with some of your things. “To tell me that my mother has been in very bad health. She is in the hospital. I want to go to see her there. "
Helping you choose your clothes, Horacio hesitantly asks, "Are you sure you'll be fine?" There was no need for him to tell you he was concerned. You and him knew very well that when you and your mother got together it never turned out well for you in the end.
"Everything will be fine, mi amor." You assure him and give him a kiss on the cheek. "You have nothing to worry about." He wanted to believe your words.
Despite that, Horacio insists on going with you during the long car trip. This is how, after many hours and several stops to rest, you arrived at your birthplace: a small town in the middle of great mountains, surrounded by the greenery of nature where the cobbled streets glow with the light of the sun.
As you enter one of the orange-roofed houses, you and Horacio are greeted by a multitude of aunts, uncles, cousins, godmothers and godparents who, like you, are visiting the place to see your mother. They flutter like butterflies throughout the house, going in and out, talking and laughing. Also saying merrily, “¡La prima trajo un paisa, la prima trajo un paisa!”  (She brought a paisa; she brought a paisa) When you introduced them to your fiancé.
Of course, those who welcome you with the strongest hugs are abuela Dolores and Samuel. Your grandmother prompts you all to sit down at the table to eat something after the long journey. When you try to oppose her and offer your help so she could rest for a while, (“Abuela, trabajas todo el día en el restaurante junto a mi mamá, por favor deja que nosotros nos sirvamos la comida” You work all day in the restaurant with my mother, please let us serve ourselves the food) Horacio sees how the old woman kisses your knuckles tenderly and she gives you a slight nudge into the backyard.
Although Carrillo usually goes to his mother's house on Sundays for a buffet lunch, he is still surprised by the amount of food on the table.
“Más te vale que te comas todo lo que te ponga enfrente la abuela, Horacio. “(You better eat whatever Granny puts in front of you, Horacio) Samuel jokingly warns him once Dolores is far away inside the house and she can't hear them.
“Quizás la viejita le agarre a él de la oreja si no lo hace y no lo deje levantarse de la mesa hasta que se haya comido todo...como lo hacía contigo, ¿no es verdad Samu?” (Maybe she'll grab him by the ear if he doesn't and won't let him get up from the table until he's eaten everything ... like she did with you, isn't that right Samu?) You crackle. The three of you laugh as you proceed to tell Horacio about the mischievous things that you and your cousin did as children.
But when you and Horacio arrive at the hospital a couple of hours later, laughter it’s the last thing on your mind.
In the elevator you can't stop shifting your weight from one foot to the other. It is as if your heart is inside your head because you can hear your racing heartbeat very closely. Will she want to see me?
Horacio, looking at all your fidgeting out of the corner of his eye, takes your hand and intertwines your fingers. You said to him that everything would be fine, so you must believe that it will.
If only believing was enough.
Once you enter the room alone, you close the door and turn in the direction of where your mother is lying on a bed. But when you make eye contact, you feel yourself freeze on your feet. It doesn't matter if she looks emaciated, pale and weak, you see a tenacious fire immediately burning inside her eyes when she recognizes you.
"Pero si no es la gringa malparida, vea cómo regresa una perra arrepentida." (Look, it’s the despicable gringa, watch her come back as a regretful little dog) You look down at her hostile tone. “Míreme, pues, ¿o es usted bien cobarde como su padre? ¿Cree que porque estoy enferma va a venir a aprovecharse de mí?” (Look at me, or are you a coward like your father? Do you think that just because I'm sick you are going to take advantage of me?) She talks to you like you are nothing but dirt on her shoes.
“Hola mamá.” (Hi mom) You barely stutter. “Yo solo…solo quería saber cómo estaba, si podía ayudarla en algo.” (I just wanted to know how you are, if there is anything I can help you with) You feel the blood rising to your face, ashamed.
“Escúcheme bien gringa, que jamás se lo repito.” (Listen to me well, gringa, because I'm only going to tell you this once.) Shouts your mother. Dread fills you as you watch her clench her jaw and fists until her veins clench.
She can't hurt you anymore, she can't get out of that bed. She can't hurt you anymore. You repeat yourself so as not to run away.
“¿Yo no soy madre suya me escuchó? Así que, si yo me muero no llore, niñita, que usted nunca tuvo mamá y menos papá.” (I'm not your mother, did you hear me? So, if I die, don't cry, little girl, you never had a mother. You didn’t even have a father.)  She spats while she looks at you, full of hatred. You feel your legs shaking non-stop. "Ahora lárguese de mi vista que si la vuelvo a ver me levanto y le doy una de esas palizas que la dejaban sollozando de niña.” (Now get out of my sight. If I ever see you again, I'll get up and give you one of those beatings that left you wailing as a child.")
A chill runs down your spine. You can't get out of the room fast enough. You don't even know how your legs moved from there. It turns out that it was Horacio, who upon hearing all the screaming, had to practically carry you out into the hospital corridor.
When he asks you what happened, you exhale shakily looking at the horizon for a minute, lost in your thoughts, before looking at him with glassy eyes and saying, "It's nothing, my love, it seems that she was not in a good mood today." You shrug your shoulders. "Let's go back to the house, okay?"
Three days later, when your mother inevitably passed away, Horacio thought that your grandmother's house would stop vibrating with so much activity. However, the opposite happens: it is filled with even more relatives and neighbors who come to offer their condolences during the wake. Grandma Dolores, for once, is sitting on an armchair in the living room, surrounded by friends, but with a cloudy look, trying to not to let any kind of emotion be seen in her eyes.
Somebody must take her place so, dressed in black, you run from here to there, receiving people, arranging the available seats, paying close attention to not running out of snacks or drinks. It is for all these Horacio wants to believe you, and you want him to believe in you, when you assure him, "I'm fine mi amor, can you please offer coffee to the man who brought the flowers?"
That same night, after most of the people have retired, and you and Horacio are in one of the guest bedrooms getting ready to sleep, he sees you writing meticulously in a notebook while biting your lip.
"I am the only daughter who survives my mother, so I have to say a few words at the funeral tomorrow." You sigh deeply. "I'm sure José would have done this so much better than me, don't you think?" Looking at him wide-eyed, you are waiting for an honest answer, not for a compliment.
Horacio doesn't understand. He really doesn't understand how you can be so calm. How can you be doing this? However, he kisses your temple and assures you, "You will do well, mi alma.” Are you really, okay?
After mass in the cathedral, once in the cemetery, you eloquently speak the emotional words you have written in honor of your mother and thank everyone present for their support. Several of them weep inconsolably.
How can someone so spiteful be loved by so many?
Nonetheless, when the next morning before breakfast you mention to him, "Mi amor, I know you need to go back to the city due to your work, but I'm going to stay here for two more weeks to accompany my abuela." You play your finger through his dark hair. "I'll be fine."
Horacio wanted to believe you.
Therefore, after spending that day with you, Horacio says goodbye with a soft kiss and a "Te amo" and begins his return to Medellín.
Once at work, he tries to distract himself as much as possible, but every evening, when he gets home and sees that it is empty, he feels his stomach clench. He doesn't see your coffee cups around your desk, or your papers, or your students' essays on the dining room table. Neither do your ABBA records play all over the bedroom when he goes to bed, nor does he hear you speaking a mixture of Spanish and English in the morning before he leaves to go to work.
When he calls you every day because he has not been able to stop thinking if you are eating well, if you are sleeping well, if you are okay; he wants to believe you when you reply calmly, "Fine mi amor, I'm fine."
"Today I helped my abuela paint the walls in her bedroom. We talked about what life was like when I lived with her in my teenage years."
"My uncles, aunts and cousins ​​have all returned to their homes... they don't have much to do in a little town like this one."
"It turned out that in Mom's will she left her share of the restaurant and her house to Samuel and his family, but they want me to keep the house, you know?"
“I'm going to my mom's house tomorrow. I want to search among her things for something I have been impatient to find for years.”
“I’m fine.”
Horacio wants to believe that you are fine, he wants to believe with all his heart that you are handling the mourning period calmly, but he cannot: he has a horrible feeling.
And when, he gets a call from Samuel who confesses, “I think you should come. My cousin hasn't eaten for a couple of days. " Horacio knows that his sixth sense has not failed him. Without thinking twice, he packs a few things and practically drives tirelessly at the highest speed allowed up to where you are.
He parks on the street that indicates the address Samuel gave him and walks quickly towards the blue house; his body was motivated by adrenaline as if it were a raid.
"Muchísimas gracias por venir tan rápido.” (Thank you so much for coming here so quickly.) Your cousin expresses him while giving him a hug, along with a couple of pats on the back.
“¿Dónde está?” (Where is she?)
Samuel nods toward the hallway which leads to the bedrooms. “Está en el cuarto de mi tía; que en paz descanse. No ha querido salir de ahí. Ni siquiera abre la puerta cuando la he llamado.” (She is in my aunt's room; may she rest in peace. She has not come out of there. She doesn’t even open the door when I knock.)
Thanking him, Horacio goes to the room and calls you "Mi alma?" He receives no response, so he urgently adds, "I'm going to come in, okay?"
You know the scene Horacio encounters when he opens the door to the room you are in is not the prettiest. But to be honest? You don't care about that right now. The agony had faded to a dull throb, but it’s still there.
The bedroom is chaotic: you have been sleeping in the unmade bed in which you are now sitting. And, even though the curtains are closed, you can still see the totally empty closet drawer’s half closed. There are also differently sized papers, clothes and photo albums scattered all over the ceramic floor.
Your appearance is not in a better condition either. How many days have passed without you washing your hair? When was the last time you changed your clothes? In addition, you are almost sure that there are still traces of mascara that ran down your face thanks to the tears that have not stopped coming out of your eyes.
When your tired gaze meets Horacio's, you exhale a deep sigh you didn't know you were holding.
You greet him hesitantly. "Hey." You don't recognize your hoarse voice.
"Mi alma." Horacio looks attentively at you. There is no pity in his dark eyes, but his brow is slightly furrowed, as if he feels your pain as his own.
You comb your tousled hair with your fingers, trying to pretend for as long as possible that you don't feel like a soldier who has been defeated at war “Well, I looked through my mom's things, as you can see." You let out a humorless laugh.
Horacio waits for a couple of seconds of thoughtful silence before asking, "Did you find what you were looking for?" You shake your head.
He approaches the mattress carefully, watching for any sign that could hint you don't want him nearby. When he doesn’t see any, he extends his right hand to you. "If you want, you can tell me while we have a glass of water, okay?"
You sniffle. “Okay.” And you take his hand, rough, but warm.
Once in the kitchen, having already quenched the dryness of your throat (you had not even realized that you were thirsty) you reveal.
"When all my relatives left, while I was taking care of my grandmother, I started to think —What did my mother really think about me?" You take another sip of water to hold back the tears that burn in your eyes.
Horacio, who has his hand in yours, gives it a little squeeze to give you the necessary encouragement to speak the words you want to say. “She always treated me so… badly, while I lived with her. Still, I hoped that she did love me, just in her own way. " Your eyebrow starts to sweat and the lump in your throat becomes uncontainable.
“I didn't find anything. All the photos she kept, all the notes, the school crafts and the gifts, everything belonged to José or was made by José. " You bring both of your hands to your face to hide your sobs.
““I—I did not even find a miserable picture of us together, nor any of the gifts I gave her as a child, not even the clothes I have sent her for her birthdays all these years. It's — it's like I don't even exist for her, like she erased me from being her daughter. "
Horacio feels his eyes and nose itch while he listens to you suffering so deeply. His chest clenches with rage: rage at the kind of woman your mother was, and helplessness. How can he help you out?
He gently takes your hands in his and brings you closer to his body, where you cry into his chest while his arms surround you like a fortress which contains your pain. You let yourself to be consoled by the constant beating of his heart and his hand that caresses your head with affection.
"So," your voice sounds muffled. "I already confirmed that not even my own mother loved me, although I did love her, desperately." You look up at Horacio, your brow furrowed in frustration, face wet with tears. "But," you say quickly is heavy, you are determined not to break down once more.
Horacio calls out your name.
"I know you want to end with a positive note, mi alma." He states. "But it's okay if you're not okay."
You nod your head as more tears fill your eyes.
"I —thanks. “You whisper “I just wanted to thank you for coming. For being here with me.” Hiding your head in the warmth of his neck, you cry in silence.
Horacio can't make the pain go away, like he always has wanted to do every time you're having a bad time. He cannot comfort you by saying that everything will be fine because nothing can repair that broken part of your heart where the love you feel for your mother resides. Nothing can give you back what you never had.
He can only hug you tightly and assure you with all sincerity, "Always."
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jazzsumblr · 4 hours ago
Legion of Horribles Incorrect Quotes
Oswald: Dumbest scar stories, go! Jervis: I burned my tongue once drinking tea. Jerome: I dropped a hair dryer on my leg once and burned it. Jonathan: I have a piece of graphite in my leg for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil in the first grade. Bridget: I was taking a cup of noodles out of the microwave and spilled it on my hand and I got a really bad burn. Victor: Victor: I have emotional scars.
Oswald, walking into their house: Hello, people who do not live here. Victor: Hey. Jonathan: Hi. Jervis: Hello. Bridget: Hey! Oswald: I gave you the key to my place for emergencies only! Jerome: We were out of Doritos.
*The squad is over at Oswald's house* Jerome: Ohhhh, we each get our own oven? Oswald: ... N-No... Oswald, laughing: How many ovens do you think I have??? Jerome, motioning to their kitchen: Three, I thought! Jervis: I see a- Oswald, motioning to one device: This is a microwave. Jerome: Oh, well I- Oswald: Hey wait wait, actually- hang on- *fiddles with the buttons on the microwave* Oswald, amazed: Its got a bake setting! Jonathan: Ohoho, you learn something new every day! Bridget: Do we- Do we roshambo for who gets to pick first? Oswald: Now I've just discovered I have more ovens than I thought, we don't have to roshambo nothin! Oswald: I am someone who owns four ovens... Oswald, louder and way too happy: I am someone... who owns FOUR OVENS... Oswald: I didn't know I was so rich with ovens... Victor, pointing to another appliance: Also the toaster oven! Oswald: Jerome: Ohhh, toasty boy! Four- Five ovens! Oswald: Oswald, fucking ECSTATIC: I AM SOMEONE WHO OWNS FIVE OVENS
Oswald: If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous. Jerome: What if it bites me and it dies!? Jervis: Then you’re poisonous. Jesus Christ, Jerome, learn to listen. Jonathan: What if it bites itself and I die? Bridget: That’s voodoo. Victor: What if it bites me and someone else dies? Jerome: That’s correlation, not causation. Jonathan: What if we bite each other, and neither of us die? Bridget: That’s kinky. Oswald: Oh my God.
Oswald: Time for plan G. Jerome: Don’t you mean plan B? Oswald: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties. Jervis: What about plan D? Oswald: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago. Jonathan: What about plan E? Oswald: I’m hoping not to use it. Bridget dies in plan E. Victor: I don't like plan E.
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squigglysquidd · 4 hours ago
I Love ... Your Hair
To all those Parable fans! I promised some Parable thanks to MELE!
I Love … Your Hair
Jane knows Garrus can’t stand the concept of being apart while still so close here on the Normandy but she just can’t risk an interspecies outcry if they’re caught together in public.
Being the first human Spectre is new territory for everyone involved and no one told her the rules but she knows they’re still there. There are ‘expectations’ hovering over her head and while not set in stone, going against any of them is bound to get her into some kind of shitshow.
She also needs the loyalty of a mostly human crew that all seem to carry the same chip on their shoulders concerning turians.
There are two turians aboard the Normandy, Garrus, her husband, and Nihlus, the formidable Spectre who wants a taste of vengeance for whatever made his mentor attack and try to kill him. It’s easy to see how one can indirectly influence the crew’s opinion of the other. Garrus - no matter how much she loves him - has a way of being short tempered and hot headed which tends to rub people the wrong way.
That might mostly be because of the situation, you know …. Just admit it.
She sighs, hating being the bad guy that has to set down the stupid rules against fraternizing even though they’re technically a Council ship under a Council Spectre who has no rules. It’s not like she wants to sleep alone at night but she’s putting her people ahead of her personal interests and showing to the galaxy that no, humans are not just fueled by their emotions and ‘fleeting interest.’
She doesn’t want her relationship with her husband to be considered a publicity stunt by any means nor does she want it turned into tabloid news to be picked apart by every media vulture in the galaxy. While she’s sure the other species don’t give a damn about interspecies couples, the fact that it’s a human with another species, that the other species is turian, and that they’re working together on a controversial mission to take down a formerly well-renown Spectre - who’s also turian.
Setting her hair brush down, she takes a deep, calming breath. These late night hours when she can’t sleep are the worst. She has nothing to do but to sit and think, from the day’s events to her overall point in her personal life.
Where on the scale of life’s big milestones does becoming the first human Spectre fall?
A chime on her door piques her interest and she stands from the chair at her desk. She isn’t really in a state to accept visitors - her hair down from its tight, Alliance regulation bun and her uniform exchanged for a set of utilitarian underwear - but she still calls out.
“Give me a second!” she says to her late night visitor as she quickly grabs her pants from the pile of clothes in the corner and quickly pulls them on.
Trying to tame her curls with her fingers and unconsciously pulling it back with her hands, she finds she doesn’t have a band and sighs as she lets it go. At least she’s in pants and a tank top so she doesn’t feel like she’ll seem too unprofessional for whoever’s come calling.
She walks to the door and frowns. Whoever the hell is at her door this late into the night better have a good reason. While she’s fine being considered personable during shifts, she doesn’t want everyone to get that deep into her personal life.
Which goes back to-
“Garrus?” she asks in shock when her door slides open to the sight of her husband in his own sleepwear.
She can tell his is similar to hers, not personalized and meant to cover the basic needs for sleep. He’s even gone out and added some foot wraps to help ease the crew from the sight of his taloned feet but as she knows from experience, it’s pretty much just him walking around in slippers.
It’s a hilarious thought considering that everyone else has no clue.
“Hey.” He purrs softly and looks around before giving her a pointed brow lift. “Mind if I come in?”
She smirks and steps back from the door. Damn if she doesn’t want him to spend the entire night. No one is around - or he wouldn’t have even thought of coming up here - so they can have a moment of togetherness to help ease some of the ache from being apart for so long.
He’s wearing a very loose, draping sort of tank of his own that hangs below the crest of the back of his cowl. His pants are similar to sweat pants and they tie up the sides of the legs until they stop and bunch slightly around his knees at his spurs. Finally, he wears a kind of wrapping on his feet that remind her of the kinds of hand protection one would wear before a good sparring match where fists promised to go flying.
When the door closes, locking them away in a moment of privacy, she smiles and wraps her arms around his waist. She lays her cheek against his chest and smiles. “You must have read my mind.”
He hums. “Thinking about me? All good things, I hope.”
She chuckles softly and squeezes him before stepping back. “How long do you have?”
He knows the question well enough that she doesn’t need to explain. They’ve done this a few times already. One of them will come visit the other late at night, spend some time together, and sneak away before anyone is the wiser. It’s usually in between shifts or when crew would usually frequent the elevators or Crew Deck so the two of them have become their own sleuths and experts at the workings of the Normandy and her crew.
While it has a bit of an entertaining aspect to it, it’s also very, very annoying.
“Not long.” He flicks an apologetic mandible before walking with her to the bed. She sits against him, their bodies pressed close. “What were you up to? Can’t sleep?”
She hums herself and closes her eyes when she feels him carding his talons through her hair. He’s so gentle too despite the look of his large hands and too few fingers. He can always ease tangles out of her curls that it takes her a brush to take control of and he does it in such a soothing, calming way that she often finds herself losing track of everything else but the two of them.
“Jane?” he says after a long time of caressing her hair and she blinks, surprised that she lost herself in his touch. He laughs softly and nuzzles her temple. “I missed this.”
“Me too,” she agrees and reaches up to touch his face, ghosting her fingers over his mandible. She chuckles when she feels his calloused fingers on her scalp. “Don’t stop.”
He nuzzles the back of her head and she laughs when she feels his mandibles play in her hair. He rumbles good naturedly and hugs her, pulling her close.
“Have I told you how much I like when you wear your hair down?” When she hums in playful doubt, he takes a long, deep breath that even helps her grow calm. “I didn’t know how much until now, when you have it up all the time.”
“Gotta make sure no one grabs it. It is pretty long right now.” She grabs a strand of her hair and looks at it closely, watching the light play in the reds and oranges of the color. “Should I cut it?”
“No,” he says in such a firm manner that she laughs. She swears he could be offended by the suggestion.
“Okay, okay.” Properly chided, she simply leans back into his arms and sighs. “Stay with me a bit longer?”
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greymichaela · 5 hours ago
2, 3, 12 for the writing ask.
give short descriptions of all the main characters for [WIP]. You didn’t list which you wanted, so I’ll do the Small Town Novel. Bowie is about 5′9, extroverted, fast-talking, gregarious personality. He has bright green eyes, shaggy dishwater blond hair that’s always on the verge of too long, and a mouth made for smiling. Ford is 6′3, growing rapidly into his frame and hating it because it draws way more attention than he’d like. He has blue eyes and hair so blond it’s almost white, which makes his dark, straight eyebrows even more noticeable. He’s shy and sweet, just wants to play hockey, and is perfectly content to let Bowie do the talking for both of them.
what makes you love writing? Just the... *waves hand vaguely* you know. That. The way you can string words together like pearls on a necklace and evoke such powerful emotions. A well-turned phrase is a work of art and I’m always striving to be a better artist.
give three songs or images that fit [character]. Again, no character specified, so how about Felix from Butterfly? Dangerous by Tech Thieves and Besomorph, Never Been in Love by Will Jay, and Catch Me If You Can by Set It Off
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rulaineyu · 5 hours ago
Hello! I saw you were doing matchups so I hope it’s okay if I send you one! Romantic please. I’m a lady with a preference for men but I’m okay with getting a lady too! I’m an INFP Virgo with love languages in physical touch and quality time. I’m really interested in things like mythology, literature, flower language, shiny rocks, and birds and in my free time I enjoy taking naps or sketching. I can be a bit moody and irritable but I try not to snap at anyone. I’m pretty high maintenance due to my mood swings but I try to give back to those who are there to comfort me. Usually quiet, but gets chatty when with a friend. Not good with others’ strong emotions. Would like someone who can give me plenty of attention, even if it’s just holding hands while they do their work. Thank you very much for doing this, and congrats on 500+ Followers!!
I ship you with Zhongli!
No matter what you’re interested in, Zhongli seems to know a lot about them. He could spend hours talking to you about the meanings behind Liyue’s flowers, the habits of birds, or some other topic you’re interested in.
Loves to have picnics in natural scenic points. He’ll enjoy a nice cup of tea while you draw.
More than happy to coddle you when you’re in a bad mood. He’ll talk to you in a soft, loving voice, asking if you are hungry or want to cuddle or if you want to see this lustrous rock he found when he was walking home today.
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cefantomeenhabitnoir · 5 hours ago
I’m reading Claire White’s Work and Leisure in Late Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Visual Culture which is very interesting and she’s talking about the artist in this period and the idea that some artists drew a distinction between artists who were ‘men of talent’, who were sustained by the routine of work, who didn’t deviate and who thus were condemned to never produce great or truly original work, and artists who were ‘men of genius’ (l’homme de génie) who was subjected to flashes of inspiration that were bestowed upon him like gifts from God. (111-112) 
I have talked about the concept of genius in F de l’O and it’s interesting in light of this to note that Erik does not consider himself to be a genius, which brings me back to a concept I’ve been rolling back and forth across my brain for several months now: Does Erik love music? 
It seems obvious, why else would he live in an opera house, why else have a box, why else write music, why teach Christine? But it’s one of those seemingly obvious things that I think is worthy of closer examination. 
Erik lives in an opera house, but also significantly, Erik helped build that opera house. Erik is shown more often as a builder than a singer. His father was a mason, he built palaces in Iran and Constantinople, and he helped build the opera. 
Erik has a box and seems to attend often enough. It could be that he really does enjoy watching, but it’s worth considering that ‘going to the opera’ in this period was less about ‘enjoying opera’ and more about the social obligation of the rich (Leroux mentions as much in the context of Philippe brining Raoul to the foyer “Et puis, il y a des endroits où un vrai Parisien, quand il tient le rang du comte de Chagny, doit se montrer, et, à cette époque, le foyer de la danse de l'Opéra était un de ces endroits-là. [And then, there are places where a true Parisian, when he holds the rank of the Comte de Chagny, must show himself, and, at this time, the foyer de la danse de l’Opera one of those places].” We also see Erik trying to mimic bourgeoise respectability through the novel, he’s perpetually en habit noir, he tries to offer Christine his hand, his entire house, the flowers he gives Christine, etc etc. Attending the opera, having a box, may very well be an extension of that. 
Erik sings beautifully, numerous characters in the text mention it, according the epilogue he’s been singing since before Russia, however he’s not a singer there, he’s a ventriloquist and magician. When he talks about singing in the future with Christine he says “Et nous chanterons pour nous tout seuls [And we will sing for ourselves alone]”, not to or for anyone else, just them alone.
Christine loves and finds comfort in music, she says “il y a une vertu dans la musique qui fait que rien n'existe plus du monde extérieur en dehors de ces sons qui vous viennent frapper le cœur. Mon extravagante aventure fut oubliée. [There is a virtue in music which makes nothing of the outside world exist anymore except the sounds which come to strike the heart. My extravagent adventure was forgotten].” Does Erik love music or does he love Christine? 
Erik writes music, or rather, we know he’s been working on one composition for 20 years now, an extremely emotional and personal piece that he has no intention of sharing or performing. When the Persian overhears him working on it after Christine has left and come back to Erik, Erik says “Il faut que tout cela soit fini avant! Bien fini! [It must be be all finished before! Really finished!]” and later during the final climactic scenes he says “Don Juan triomphant est terminé, maintenant je veux vivre comme tout le monde. [Don Juan Triumphant is finished, now I want to live like everyone else].” Erik has been writing music for 20 years but to live the life he really wants to live, that music at least, must be done and gone. 
And finally Erik says this of his own Don Juan Triumphant:  “il y a une musique si terrible qu'elle consume tous ceux qui l'approchent. [There is a music so terrible that it consumes all who approach it].” His own music is terrible, it has consumed him.
So, does Erik love music?
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You Are To This Day The Only Woman I Have Ever Loved
Summary: Selin tired of Eda's presence in Serkan's life takes matters into her own hands. However, the results were not what she wanted. All she did was push Serkan back into Eda's arms.
A/N: I've been working on this for a while now. It was supposed to be a one-shot but I keep adding to it so now its a multi-chapter story, you can thank @bluedove for convincing me to start posting what I have written. Since before Serkan got his memory on the show, so this is completely different from what happened in canon.
Also, I am no expert on injuries.
It was happening again.
Serkan was falling in love with Eda all over again even though he did not remember her.
And Selin had a front-row seat to it all.
It was supposed to be different this time around. This was her second chance. Her chance to have everything she wanted. Everything she deserved.
Eda was ruining it, just like she ruined everything in Selin’s life.
Something dark and ugly twisted inside her every time, Serkan stepped into a room and immediately look for Eda, the way his eyes would light up at the sight of her, the way he would laugh with Eda, the way he found any excuse to see Eda, to stand close enough to touch her.
It was the small things that tore at her heart, ripping it into shreds.
How he swept Eda’s hair out of her eyes, the way he watched her walk into a room, how he would just gaze at her like she was the most beautiful thing he ever laid eyes on and couldn’t tear his eyes away from her for even a second. The way he would lean into her neck to smell her perfume, how he couldn’t help but touch her in some way, his fingers, skimming through her hair, down her arms, holding her hand, his knuckles brushing the skin of her cheek.
And he did it without hesitation but worse of all. It was the look in his eyes, attraction was one thing but the complete look of devotion in his eyes every single time Eda so much as looked at him that made her realize none of her hard work of molding Serkan into being hers meant anything.
As long as Eda Yildiz was in their lives Serkan would never truly be hers.
His heart recognized Eda even when his mind didn’t and it would be her ruin.
She had to end the connection between Eda and Serkan that threaten to take everything from her.
If she was going to have Serkan, every piece of him, Eda had to be taken out of the picture completely.
Eda needed to be gone from their lines and Selin had to make sure she never came back.
Selin knew in her heart that she was going too far but she couldn’t let Eda win. She had to do this. She needed to push Eda to leave Instanbul and never come back.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~
It was late, Eda was trying to finish up and go home. It had been a long day and she just wanted it to end.
Every day it seemed like Serkan was seeking her out more and more but at the same time, he was still with Selin.
It hurt to see them together, like shards of glass shredding at her soul.
Hearing Selin call him love, seeing them embrace and plan their upcoming wedding... It was too painful.
Not too long that was her. She and Serkan were beyond happy and ready to start their lives together.
It had been just a few weeks since she ended her game with Deniz. There was no point to it. Serkan was no closer to remembering her than he was to ending things with Selin.
Eda was not fooled as to why he ask Selin to marry him. He was running scared, terrified by the depth of his own emotions for her. Emotions he didn’t have the memories of their importance or their magnitude.
Eda told herself he needed time for his mind to catch up with his heart and that she could give him that but it left her on the sidelines watching the man she loves be with someone else, someone she couldn't stand. It was the hardest thing to do and the most painful.
She told herself it was all going to be worth it. The more time he spent with her, she could see he was slowly growing used to what he felt for her and letting it in. She had a feeling it was only a matter of time before he opened his heart up to her again and allowed her to touch his soul.
Eda’s phone buzzed with a text from Melo asking when she was going home. She texted her back that she would be home shortly, she pulled on her jacket and grabbed her bag.
Her stomach rumbled and she put her hand to it with a grimace. She had been skipping dinner and her body was rejecting the lack of nutrients.
She thought about texting Serkan asking if he wanted to get dinner but then thought better of it. He was probably having dinner with Selin.
She walked out of the upstairs office and stopped short as she almost crashed into Selin. “What are you still doing here?”
“You’re not the only one who works late,” Selin said. “I was just leaving to meet Serkan for a romantic dinner.”
Eda’s stomach twisted. “Then don’t let me keep you,” she muttered.
She pushed past Selin, moving toward the stairs.
“You should leave.” Eda could hear the sounds of Selin’s heels against the floor as she followed her.
Eda rolled her eyes heavenward. “I am leaving.”
“Instanbul. Leave Instanbul.”
Eda whipped around. “What?”
“You need to leave Instanbul. Tonight.” Selin took another step, glaring daggers. “Your presence isn’t needed. All you are doing is making things worse for Serkan.”
“For Serkan or for you?” Eda challenged.
“What is that supposed to mean?” Selin bristled.
“It means the fake house of cards you built around you is starting to fall. You manipulated Serkan, told him lies, twisted facts around for your own gain are starting to crumble and you’re scared.”
Selin scoffed. “You have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“I think I do. Serkan is coming back to me, his heart knows he belongs with me. You may be with him but he was never really yours. You’ve never had his heart. Have never touch his soul. His blood doesn’t sing for you. I am the one he needs and more so who he wants and I always will be. You want me to leave because you can see it and you’re running out of time.” A smirk played on Eda’s lips. “I will never give up on Serkan. Your time with him is ticking down. If you had any decency at all you will come clean before it’s too late but I know you won’t. I look forward to the day it all comes crashing down around you. I’m not going anywhere, Selin. You want me to give up Serkan. It’s not going to happen. As long as I am alive, I would never give up on him because if Serkan was his true self he would not give up on me. What Serkan and I have is stronger than you know.”
With those parting words, Eda turned and Selin’s lips twisted. If Eda would not leave their lives willingly then she would have to take matters into her own hands.
Selin shoved her arms out, the palm of her hands, slamming into Eda’s back with force.
Eda gave a cry of surprise as she was propelled forward, her body lurching as she lost her footing.
Selin watched Eda’s fall and it was like everything happened in slow. She tumbled against the stairs, her limbs getting tangled and the thud of her torso slamming against the stairs, Eda’s cry of pain, the impact of her head smashing against the floor before everything was silent and still.
Selin stared at Eda’s unmoving form, blood was pouring down her temple, her arm was bent at an awkward ankle beneath her back, blood trickled from the corner of her mouth.
And Selin felt a sense of peace. Finally. The world she knew could go back to how it was before Eda Yildiz had come into it.
Selin walked down the stairs and over Eda’s body. Soon all this would be put behind them and she and Serkan would go on with their lives and Eda would only be an unwelcome memory of the past.
As she walked away, leaving Art Life Selin never saw the dark vibrant color slowly start to bleed through Eda’s white jeans.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Melo slipped her bag over her shoulder as she exited her car and walked up to the front doors of Art Life.
Eda was supposed to meet her but she never showed and she wasn’t answering her phone. When she last talk to her she was still here.
Melo stepped into the building and made her way past the reception desk and stopped short.
Her heart plummeted to her stomach.
“Eda!” Melo’s voice was distraught as she rushed forward.
Her best friend was unconscious on the floor.
Melo's knees hit painfully against the floor as she dropped down beside her. “Eda,” she pushed Eda’s hair back from her face, blood coating her fingers. Her friend’s bangs were soaked in blood as it slid down her temple.
“Dada...Dada, Dada wake up.” Melo’s hand shook as she cupped her friend’s cheek, hoping to rouse her.
Eda didn’t move, didn’t react. She was completely unresponsive.
Melo’s eyes filled with tears as she looked her friend over for other injuries. Her eyes widened when she saw the dark patch of red between her friend’s legs.
Oh God, this could not be happening.
With shaky hands, she reached beneath Eda's pulling her arm out from beneath her and she gave a cry of fear.
Eda’s bone was poking out from the forearm, blood was everywhere.
Tears slid down Melo's face as she reached for her phone. She had to call for help.
She barely got through the call, the panic and the tears taking over. The moment the call ended, her phone clattered to the floor and she moved, gently lifting Eda’s head in her lap, and sweeping her hair back.
“It’s going to okay, Dada. Just hold on. Please, just hold on.” Melo tears slid off her chin and drip onto Eda’s cheek.
Melo’s hand trembled when she wiped it away. A cry tore from her mouth when she only succeeded in smearing blood across her Dada’s skin.
She gripped tightly to Eda, whispering over and over that she was going to be okay.
Melo prayed that if she said it enough she could will it to be true because right now she wasn’t sure it was.
It seemed like forever before help arrived. Melo refused to leave Eda’s side. She rode with her to the hospital and she watched distraught as nurses and doctors swarmed around Eda, rushing to do everything they could for her. She felt helpless as they disappeared with her Dada through a set of double doors.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Serkan sat at the island his computer in front of him. Eda had kindly given him the password. Again.
He thought about changing it but for some reason, he couldn’t. Yes, he mocked that he had bought her a star and the star’s coordinates were his password but since getting to know Eda a bit more he could understand it more now.
It was so easy to care for Eda. She was beautiful, kind, smart and so strong. And her smile, God, her smile shined brighter than any star in the night sky.
It didn’t take him long to see how he could have fallen in love with her.
He looked up with a hint of guilt for thinking about another woman when Selin was across from him after having gotten home half an hour ago. She had immediately started working on a simple dinner.
Fish. It seemed to be the only thing she could cook but if he was being honest it wasn’t very good.
What was wrong with him? He was supposed to be working and here he was thinking of another woman when his fiance was trying to do something nice for him and fix him a home-cooked meal.
He tried to focus back on his work, doing his best to force Eda from his thoughts
He looked up fifteen minutes later when there was a frantic knocking on the door.
Selin waved him off to get the door, he turned in his seat watching as she pulled it open.
“Aydan, what are you doing here? Serkan and I weren’t expecting you.” Selin greeted his mother.
“Serkan!” Aydan pushed past Selin and moved toward her son. Seyfi on her heels. “Why haven’t you been picking up your phone? I have been calling you for two hours!”
“My phone hasn’t ranged.” Serkan reached for his phone and to his surprise, he had 17 missed calls from his mom, 9 from Seyfi, 6 from Engin, and two from Eda’s friend, Melo who refused to call him anything but her son-in-law.
“If we missed your calls the fault is mine.” Selin moved to stand next to Serkan, looking apologetic. “When I got home from the office, I put both our phones on silent so we wouldn’t disturb for the night.” She reached for Serkan’s hands, lacing their fingers together. “I was hoping to spend alone time together tonight. Without interruptions.”
“You shouldn’t have done that,” Seyfi said. “Mr. Serkan needs to know about Eda.”
“Eda? Know what about her?” Serkan looked between his mother and Seyfi.
“Serkan,” Aydan’s voice shook and her eyes brimmed over with tears.
“Did something happen?” Serkan stood suddenly. “Is Eda alright?”
“No,” Seyfi shook his head. “You should go to the hospital.”
“Hospital?” Serkan pulled his hand out of Selin’s missing the way her lips twisted into a sneer.
“There’s been an accident. Eda fell down the stairs at Art Life.” Aydan said. “Melo found her unconscious. There was a lot of blood.”
Serkan stumbled back. “No, that can’t happen.”
“It did,” Aydan said. “You should be there.”
“Serkan doesn’t need to be there.” Selin cut in sharply. “Eda is nothing to him.”
Seyfi glared. “She’s his partner and she was to be his wife-”
“She’s his past.” Selin snapped.
Serkan didn’t care about their arguing, he moved away unnoticed by everyone but his mother. He grabbed his keys and walked out, the door slamming shut behind him.
A/N: I will post the second chapter next Friday. Thanks for reading!
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chaotic-noceur · 6 hours ago
malaysia truly asia
paring: Nanami Kento x Malaysian!Reader
summary: the story of how Nanami had come to know about Malaysia and his first trip to the country he had longed to visit
warnings + contents: food/eating, beach, multilingual reader (malay is mentioned, the rest is implied), malaysia references (contextual notes are provided!)
a/n: I never thought knowing the Malaysian slogan would come in handy but here I am. Words cannot express how excited my Malaysian heart got when Nanami mentioned Malaysia so I'm hurling this into the tumblr void for anyone interested :)
Tumblr media
contextual notes + malay transalation
terima kasih = thank you
ringgit = Malaysian currency
tokyo is an hour ahead of kuantan
sunrise is around 7am in Malaysia, anytime from 4-6am in Tokyo (according to google)
roti canai = 'Indian-influenced flatbread dish' (wikipedia)
roti tisu = similar to roti canai, except thinner and shaped like a cone
pasar malam = night market, usually on closed off sections of road
flag erasers are often collected by school kids who purchase them from the on campus bookshop
Tumblr media
"You're not from here." He says it with such assertion that there was no room to deny it, not that you were going to. You quirk an eyebrow up at him instead from your place on your bed. He nods to the english book currently in your hands as if it's a way of answer. Your head tilts to one side and he sighs before continuing. "Your Japanese is good, but you speak it with hints of... uncertainty, like it's not your mother tongue." I would know, he doesn't say. Your gaze falls from his bashfully and he seems to realise the implication of his words. "I apologise, I hadn't meant it as an insult. I was merely hoping to ask about your childhood."
Your mouth forms an o before you reply with a curt "I grew up in Malaysia and then my family moved here." He seems to consider your answer for a moment before nodding and returning his attention to his book. The pair of you fall silent, residual noise from Gojo's graduation party filters in to fill the gap. Before long, you notice his gaze flitting around the room as he shifts in his seat, a sure sign that he was looking for an opportunity to speak more. You chuckling lightly before putting your book away. "What do you want to know?"
"Everything." Your eyes narrow slightly to deduce if he's teasing. But his eyes hold nothing but genuine curiosity. It was rare for Nanami to ever display his true emotions but there was something about his eyes that was always readable to you. So you talk. You tell him about the road trips you used to take up the peninsula, showed him photos of your childhood, pointed out the few bits of home that were scattered around your room. He clings on to every word as you tell him about the near-constant summer, complained about the humidity, and reminisced about the food that you dearly missed.
Truthfully, you are surprised by his interest. Few people had even heard of the small, dual-part country, even fewer have shown any interest in learning more. Maybe this is the moment you fell in love with him. Or at least, it's the moment you accept your feelings for him as something beyond an passing crush but as something worth fighting for.
“I hope we can visit it some day,” he says when you finish.
We, not I, you think. Your heart flutters in your chest at the realisation. He is seemingly unaware at the implication. You reply with a simple “maybe”, refusing to give in to the false hope that he returns your feelings.
Some months later, you find him huddled in a quiet corner of the Jujustu High library engrossed in a book of Malaysian history, a small notepad open beside him. Where he acquired the book was beyond you. With nothing better to do with your rare moment of free time, you shrug your shoulders before heading towards him, making noises as you move so as to not startle him when you settle beside him.
You're flipping through your book in search of the bookmark when he speaks, "would you like me to read to you?" You turn to look at him so fast he's concerned you might have gotten whiplash. His cheeks are flushed slightly and he refuses to meet your eye. You blink at him for several moments and he clears his throat awkwardly. "I just - well, I was hoping to practice my English with you. It's um.." he rubs at the base of his neck, "it's been a while since I've spoken it."
"Oh," you begin for lack of words. For as long as you've known him, he has never once mentioned being multilingual. Then again, he rarely ever talked about himself. Preferring to let Yuu take the lead in conversations or to direct questions away from himself. "Sure, I'd love to help!"
"Te-li-ma kah-sir?"
"Te-ri-ma ka-sih," you correct as you swipe through the selection of in-flight movies. Nanami repeats after you and you nod before smiling at him.
"And what about 'where is the toilet?'"
Your tapping stops momentarily. "Formally, or informally?" He deadpans at you and you chuckle in response. "Di manakah tandas?" His pen glides along his pocket notebook before he repeats after you once more. "Love, you know you'll be fine with just English right?"
He drops his pen and takes a sip of beer from the clear plastic cup before responding. "I know, but it's a sign of respect to make an attempt to learn the official language." A soft smile graces your face before you resume your scrolling. You really are the luckiest human on the planet to be able to call him yours.
It's mid-afternoon when you finally leave Kuatan Airport. Travel fatigue begins to set in on the taxi ride to the beach resort Nanami had booked. You loop your arm with his before settling you head on his shoulder. Instead of telling you that you should've slept on the plane like he would've done if it was anyone else, he simply graces your forehead with a kiss before returning his gaze to the map on his phone.
Checking into the resort is a smooth process. Nanami makes quick work of talking to the receptionist before the pair of you make your way to your room, the resort porter guiding you. Nanami had been inclined to refuse but the porter rejected his offer. The pair of you make light conversation with the resort porter as you walk, Nanami using his arsenal of Malay when he can.
When you arrive at your room, Nanami takes your bags from the porter as you unlock the door. He settles the bags inside as you shake the porter's hand in thanks, passing along a 5 ringgit bill. They thank you with a bow before taking their leave. Nanami shoots you a look of surprise when he notices the action. "I wasn't aware that there was a tipping culture in Malaysia."
"There isn't, not to the extent that westerner do anyway. It's really just porters and housekeeping." You shrug.
He scowls at your slightly. "Regardless, you should have informed me," he grumbles. You chuckle at him before patting his chest lightly, avoiding his sunglasses that hang from the v of his button up.
"Well, you'll have plenty of opportunities to leave a tip for housekeeping." You're staying here for two week after all.
As Nanami does a quick sweep of the room, you set up the wifi for your respective devices before making your way to the snack cabinet. You whoop when you find a packet of your favourite childhood snack. Nanami pokes his head out from the bathroom at the sound, only to raise a curious eyebrow when he finds you crouch on the floor, holding the packet as if it was your child. "What?" you exclaim, "I haven't seen these in years!" His arms shoot up in surrender before he returns to his checks, his lips curling into a smile at your antics.
When Nanami returns to the bedroom, he finds you asleep on the sofa, phone slipping from your grip. He removes it before it falls as he rubs at his eyes as the travel fatigue begins to hit him too. The long flight and layover hadn't done either of you any favours but he supposes that what he gets for choosing a city with a small airport.
He changes you out of your travel clothes before moving you to the bed. Once he stashes your valuables into the safe, he freshens himself up before crawling in beside you. You smell of an airport and the mist the flight attendants had sprayed in the cabin but he doesn't care as he nuzzles his nose into your neck.
This is peace, he thinks. No missions, no curses and no Gojou Satoru. Just the two of you and a (mostly) endless supply of sunshine. He likes the thought of that.
When he wakes from his nap, you’re no longer by his side. He panics for a moment before he turns and finds you sitting out on the wooden deck, admiring the ocean view as the sun begins to set. Raking a hand through his hair, he climbs out of bed and makes his way to you. You smile at him as he sits down before laying your head against his shoulder, his arm looping around your waist.
“Sorry I threw us off schedule,” you say after a while.
You feel his head shake against yours before he says, “as long as you're by my side, there's nothing to apologise for. We’re on holiday. Let’s enjoy the peace while it lasts.”
“Afraid Gojou’s going to appear out of thin air?” you tease. He groans at the mention of his senior's name.
"Don't mention that name again. You'll jinx us." This time, you can't help laugh against him. You peck his cheek in consolidation and he think maybe, just maybe, for once in his life, Gojou will keep his meddling fingers out of things that are none of his concern.
The next two weeks go by in a blur of delicious food, sandy toes and a ridiculous amount of sweat. If there was one thing you didn't miss about Malaysia, it was the humidity. But it never stopped Nanami from intertwining his fingers with yours or ghosting a kiss onto your temple. The pair of you had quickly settled into fragments of a routine since you had first arrived.
Every morning, Kento watches the sunrise from the cushioned seat on the wooden deck. The first time it happened was unintentional. His body had become habituated to waking up early for work. That, combined with the 1 hour time difference and the fact that the sun rose significantly later in Malaysia, meant that he had woken up well before the sky had shown any indication of light. You were still fast asleep, unmoving even as he slowly untangled himself from you. So as to not disturb you, he made himself a cup of tea and read from his Kindle on the wooden deck until the sun had began poking out of the horizon.
Then it just became his own little ritual. On occasions where you wake with him, the pair of you take a walk along the beach. The ocean waves kiss your bare feet to the beat of a song you do not know as you talk about your plans for the day. You stumble across a sea turtle laying her eggs one morning and the pair of you settle onto the sand, far enough away as to not spook her, but close enough to marvel at the rare sight.
Nanami pulls out his phone after a while to record a quick video and sends it to Yuuji. Not long after, Gojou attempts to facetime him and Nanami turns off his phone without hesitation. You chuckle at their antics before you feel your phone vibrating in your pocket. Nanami declines all of Gojou calls for you and he gives up after 7 rejections. In hindsight, Nanami really should have seen that coming but he blames the cloud of holiday bliss that fogs his mind.
The rest of your days are spent enjoying the ocean breeze (or more often, the ocean heat), exploring the local attractions, immersing yourselves in the culture and best of all, devouring authentic Malaysian food. Nanami had made a list of the most recommended dining locations ranging from high end restaurants to road side food stalls and you make it your shared mission to visit every single one before you leave.
At each shop, he informs you of the best rated dishes but trusts your instincts/cravings for the most part. You point out any items that he 'has to try, at least once' and he asks questions about the items that pique his interest. More often than not, the pair of you will order a variety of dishes and share them, not able to settle on just one. Being the bread lover that he is, he takes a liking to roti canai. Although he isn't particularly unadventurous with his choices, always settling for a plain roti canai and opting for experimenting with curries instead. So, you take the plunge for him, knowing he'll likely be intrigued by the pointy hat shaped crepe that sits before you — he later learns that it's a roti tisu, or the stuffed roti that arrives. (He thanks you later.)
On your last night there, the pair of you make your way to the biggest pasar malam in the city. Nanami had a list of local fruits that he was hoping to buy while you had a list of souvenir ideas for the kids and your coworkers. You walk hand in hand, following the flow of footfall as your eyes scan the stalls. Nanami doesn't particularly know what he's looking for as he passes the snack stalls but he's enjoying himself all the same as he watches you converse with the stall keepers in a foreign tongue. He slips out of his daze when he feels a cold packet being pressed against his hand. "What's this?" He slips his wrist through the plastic loop and grips the tied-off section of the bag.
"Sugar cane!" you chirp, radiating an excited aura that rivalled Yuuji. Must be the atmosphere, he thinks. He takes a sip through the straw as you receive your change. Sweetness floods his taste buds but don’t overwhelm them. He savours the refreshing coolness it brings, contrasting the humidity. You look to him expectedly as you tug him further down the street. “Good?” you ask over the noise from the crowd.
“Acceptable.” There's a look of content tugging on his features that contradicts his tone and a soft smile tugs at your lips before you're promptly distracted by another stall.
When you finally arrive at the fruit stalls, you’re armed with a packet of cheap flag erasers for the students and an assortment of sugary snacks for the school staff room. The crowd had dwindled as you moved further towards the back of the market, allowing you a clear view of most of the stalls before you.
Nanami tugs on your intertwined hands before leading you towards a stall with mountains of rambutans and mangosteens. He nods politely at the elderly couple manning the store and accepts the plastic basket they hand him. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice the smile that tugs at his lips when they greet him in English. Undoubted pleased to be able to use his skills.
“I assume I should pick the ones that are not blackened and soft?” he says to you when the couple finish explaining the pricing. You nod in response as you begin carefully placing fruits into the basket. Nanami mimics your actions beside you before his attention is grabbed by the fruits to your right. “Is that what I believe it to be?”
You follow his gaze as he speaks. When they fall on spiky green fruits and packets of yellow, your eyes light up in delight. “Mhmm,” you hum before turning back to face him. There’s a sparkle of wonder in his eyes that makes you laugh before you turn to speak to the woman, “how much for a packet of durian?”
You look wistfully at the whole durians as the lady bags your items. As much as you would love to see Nanami use his 7:3 technique on the fruit (you can almost sense your ancestors rolling over in their graves at the thought), you know you won't be able to finish it off by yourselves. Besides, there is no guarantee that Nanami wouldn't hate it.
Rather uneventfully, Nanami does not hate durian on instinct — "the smell is uninviting, but the fruit itself is decent," he says as he helps himself to another. So, with the remnants of fruit juice clinging to your lips and the lingering smell of durian on your breath (despite your best efforts to get rid of both), the pair of you now walk along the beach's shoreline. Your pinkies are looped as you rejoice in the complete and utter sense of peace. There are no curses to be worrying about, no impromptu visit from a certain colleague. And for the first time in a long long time, Nanami feels like he can let his guard down. He feels like he doesn’t need to keep looking over his shoulder all the time. He doesn't feel the weight of the country's safety settling in his chest.
“We should come back some time,” he says as the waves lap at your feet gently.
You raise an eyebrow at him, “not sick of fending off mosquitoes and melting in the heat yet?” There’s a teasing glint in your eyes and he chuckles along with you.
He smiles at you then — genuinely, without fear of showing his emotions, shakes his head and kisses your temple gently. “Maybe we can visit your family next time. You can show me where you grew up, your favourite places, where you had your first date...” You smack him across his chest for his teasing while he chuckles at the action.
“Maybe one day.” He interlocks your hands then and ghosts a kiss over your knuckles before looping it over your shoulder to pull you into his chest. One day... when you’re both rid of this curse-riddled life.
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pyrebomb · 6 hours ago
I see I'm not the only one wondering if Greta from Danesti was supposed to be Grant Danasty, and it's giving me a lot of mixed emotions. On the one hand, that era of the games is sorely lacking in ladies on the hero side. (Sypha even had a bit of a Samus thing going on iirc where people assumed she was also a man until her ending revealed she was not.)
So it's definitely not that he absolutely needed to stay a man! But I don't see why the little gremlin man needed to be dropdead gorgeous as a woman, aside from obvious sexism. And then to immediately pair her up with Alucard on top of that feels like they were just too cowardly to make half the Dracula's Curse protagonists into an mlm couple. I guess a dubiously consensual threeway with another man is fine, but a stable and loving relationship is pushing it.
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fairestwriting · 6 hours ago
hey lis , hope u had a good day today :3
if rqs are still open, can i have hcs of the tweels comforting their s/o who is feeling down ? everything is pissing me off rn and i could rlly use some love from my favs 😔 ((if this rq comes when u close, then feel free to ignore this!))
hai ive been fine! emotional support fishes coming right up. hope you feel better soon mono <3
Tumblr media
Jade Leech
Good with comforting, honestly. He strikes that perfect balance between affectionate and subdued, seeming to just know exactly when you’d want some love and when you’d want space. You’ll likely not even have to mention what you need for him to know it, but he still always asks to be polite and make sure you’re comfortable.
Usually, when Jade notices you’re not in a good mood, he starts to check up on you by offering to get you a drink. Tea, water, coffee, whatever it is that you usually have when you’re together, then he sets it in your hands and asks, in a gentle voice, about what was in your mind.
Jade will do whatever you need to lift your mood, really. He can sit with you and listen to you ranting, he can hold you in silence until you fall asleep in his arms, he can take you out for a walk so you have a distraction. Whatever it is that you want, he’ll be at your service for it.
Floyd Leech
Not as good as Jade with the usual definition of comfort. He is, however, very good with distractions. Just with the way he acts so silly and lighthearted most of the time, if he notices that you’re down and it seems you need a little cheering up, Floyd will try to amp himself up a bit to cheer you up.
He usually invites you to do something random, like messing around with Mostro Lounge’s kitchen or skipping class to go explore the woods around the school. Floyd doesn’t really get the point of things like venting or giving advice so most of his efforts are just to take your mind off things.
If it seems you need some affection, he’ll be happy to provide, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close while coos about how cute his Shrimpy is and how he loves you so much. Situations like these bring out his sweeter side, he just wants to see you smile again!
Tumblr media
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nalu4emily · 7 hours ago
Broken Hearts
Another Nalu short I came up with in the middle of the night. I can’t say I really know the context here - you guys can decide that for yourselves.
I liked playing around with a sad or broken hearted Natsu and this was what I came up with. Don’t worry though, it’s not all doom and gloom, but you’ll have to read ‘til the end to find out (Like you hadn’t already guessed). 
"Come back, Lucy. We can talk about this!" He begged as he ran after her. He didn't want to see her go, he couldn't… It would break him and his aching heart.
"No, Natsu! I can't keep pretending I'm okay with this!" Her voice was strained and her eyes blood shot, torn between walking away and running straight back to him. "It's better this way!"
"No it's not, Luce! How could it be, if you're not with me?" Natsu was trying to make her see, to make it known that he needed her with him, by his side, like always. "I won't let you leave!"
"But I… It's not your place to tell me-"
"Then who's is it? Because if you walk away now, I'll follow. Until the day comes that you're no longer happy here, I'll always be with you. You can't stop me!" He yelled, voice strained with frustration as tears built up in his eyes, slowly spilling down his cheeks.
Her reddened chocolate orbs were wide and focused on the dragon slayer. A gasp escaped her lips as she watched one of the strongest mages she knew break down in front of her, and all because she couldn't keep her turbulent emotions in check.
"Lucy, please… What do I have to do to get you to stay?"
He was begging this time... How had it come to this? A misunderstanding? A broken promise? She didn't know any more. The image in front of her was one that shattered any resolve she had. All that was left to do was to run to him, hold him close and never let go, but she couldn't—not yet. Not until he told her the truth.
His brows furrowed, broken and confused; he didn't understand the question, "Why, what?"
"Why, Natsu? Why all of this? Why, me?" Fresh tears began to cascade down her blotchy cheeks. She needed answers from him; why did she matter so much? "Tell me!"
"Why'd you think?" He said wiping the wetness from his face, sniffling into his sleeve, "I thought that would be obvious by now. But for someone so smart, you really are dumb, Lucy."
"Hey! I didn't ask to be insulted, just answer the damn question!" She huffed, folding her arms over her chest.
"You can't leave because you're special... because you're Lucy and to me, that's everything." His lip quivered, but tried to remain strong. She was giving him an opportunity, a reason to explain why she had to stay with him. "It just wouldn't be the same without you. But I've never been very good with explaining things, so maybe…" He paused and took one trembling footstep after another, slowly closing the distance between them.
She watched his every move, until he was standing only mere inches away. His eyes remained serious and piercing, even though they held so much sadness within them; did she really mean that much? Could her absence really affect him so greatly? His gaze was intimidating to most, but for her, there was a familiar comfort about being so close to him, a feeling of warmth and protection that was so inherently Natsu.
"N-Natsu… What're you-" Her words simply vanished in her throat when a pair of warm and slightly damp lips connected with her puffy, red ones, giving her little time to do anything before they pulled away again.
"That's why you can't leave…" His tone was gentle, a small but sad smile playing on his lips, "You can't…"
Still feeling the warmth from his skin on her mouth, she grazed it with her fingers, having never known how much, or for how long, she'd been craving those very affections from him, "Why didn’t you do that in the first place?" She asked, placing her hand on his cheek to wipe the remaining tears away.
But he couldn't answer. He didn't have an answer that justified his lack of confession. There was no way he could tell her it was because he kept chickening out; didn't have the courage; fear she'd not reciprocate his feelings; the list went on. However, it seemed she'd figured it out all on her own when her arms came to wrap around his neck, her fingers tangling in his hair.
"You're such an idiot..." She chuckled close to him, her sweet voice brightening the sadness surrounding them.
Unable to wait any longer, for fear she might still disappear, he tenderly melded their lips together once more. A smile peeked out at the corners of his mouth as he succumbed to those deep seated feelings he’d been hiding for so long, having finally accepted that she felt just the same.
"I don't mind being an idiot if it means you'll stay with me forever." It was heartfelt, his voice sincere and full of emotions that felt so foreign to him.
She felt foolish to have ever doubted him; to have put him through such turmoil and heart ache when she should have just been honest with herself. Maybe she was the dumb one after all?
“You already are, Natsu.” She whispered, leaning back up to his mouth again, her eyes flickering between his dark, penetrating gaze and his smooth, soft lips, “And so am I…”
Thanks for reading! 
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