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#there he is.
jitter-bugss · 18 minutes ago
interpreting spn through cas or dean-coded lenses can actually be so personal like.
do you love dean winchester because you are dean or do you love him because you love him, heart and immortal soul?
do you love castiel because he is your hope and your faith in a previously faithless world, or do you love him because he finally found his happiness, regardless of the cost?
#bug speaks#spn#SO PERSONAL LIKE#i love dean differently than my dean-coded mutuals do#bc i empathize deeply with the eldest daughter syndrome (im an only child but due to trauma i recieved eldest daughter syndrome)#(its like downloading a picture of a happy family with one child but the photo has a trojan virus and oops now you cant see the pic anymore)#and i just. he is so tired and he keeps giving because. thats the job.#and he bareknuckle built a family tooth and nail#and its like. yeah. me. same.#(obviously a lot deeper psychoanalysis could be done of me and dean supernatural but im too tired rn)#but when i look at dean its like. overwhelming just :') love for him and the way that he is always giving'#up until the end he gives and gives and never takes but he WANTS#and he can HAVE what he wants he HAS IT#JUST SAY IT#i look at him and i Get It#it wasn't cas having a crack in his chassis it was dean fixing the crack. not pretty as if itd never been there. just. welding it#functionally a fix but. a mark. a story. a brand.#i get it.#tonights thought is: cas's love for dean is like buying a used book and finding annotations from a previous owner#and at first this thing is sacred you can't disturb it. its not even worth the time the prev person marked up the book for you#but slowly you start adding your own annotations#its not your book anymore its theirs. its not theirs its yours. ours.#cas looking at dean the way humans in churches look at cas#i Understand#tonight's shrimp emotions brought to you by intricate mutual rituals#are you the superman or the hairless ape in the bestiecule
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the-cat-at-the-theatre-door · 21 minutes ago
WIP/Unfinished Ficlet
"Will you still love me," Skimbleshanks had asked, leaning over his shoulder one winter afternoon. "When I'm as ancient as you are?"
Asparagus rolled his eyes, but did not look up from his book. Here they went again.
"You won't be here to find out if you go on," he replied dryly. "I may throttle you first."
Asparagus felt the huff of laughter on the side of his neck as the other tom clung to his back - which was good. The following silence indicated a gloomy drifting back into his own thoughts - which was, decidedly, not as good.
Asparagus supposed he should be insulted at the insinuation, but he wasn't. Not really. The question was a ridiculous one, certainly, but coming from the same place as the rest of his mate's recent odd behaviour. This had been their topic of conversation for weeks now, all leading up to the dreaded upcoming February morning. The railway cat was to celebrate his - what was the charming expression the humans used? - golden name-day, though thus far it had been anything but precious, and to say that he was displeased with this fact would be an understatement. They couldn’t even say the number, let alone apply it. Skimbleshanks, dynamic and vibrant as he was, saw the day as one of impending doom rather than something celebratory. Which meant, of course, this sense of doom had spread thoroughly throughout the household. Several times over.
A midlife crisis had already been steadily brewing on the horizon as it were; this was just the tipping point. The nail in the coffin, so to speak (though Asparagus hesitated to associate coffins anywhere near this particular issue). Having known the other tom for as long as he had, however, Asparagus wouldn't call it a midlife crisis so much as Skimbleshanks' own peculiar combination of melodrama and genuine fear. Midlife catastrophe, perhaps. 
The railway cat had nearly had an aneurism when he discovered his first grey hair amidst his headfur (a day Asparagus remembered vividly, as he was the one to pluck it out at Skimble's flustered request), and a heart attack to boot when Jenny had responded innocently to a remark concerning his slowly dwindling energy reserve with a cheery: "It happens to all of us, dear - welcome to the club." Even Jellylorum's gentle reminders that he needed to start warming up before diving into the fray - that he needed to be careful when hoisting the kittens up like that - that his knees wouldn't be nearly as forgiving as they once were should he land wrong - had put such a look on his face, you would have thought she'd slapped him.
Having been raised as he was, Asparagus was used to dramatics, but this was approaching something else entirely. Sometimes, though he’d never say it out loud, he swore he had three children to mind rather than two.
"Besides," he eventually continued, snapping his book shut on its folded corner and gently knocking it against the other tom's head to bring him back to attention. "I'm only three years older than you are, you pest." 
"Yes, I know," Skimbleshanks pouted, rubbing at the sore spot between his ears.
"And you know," he went on patiently. "That means that as you get older, so will I, and the point of comparison will shift."
"I know, I know, but you were born old, dear," Skimbleshanks explained, tilting his chin down, no doubt preparing for another knock. Cheeky little... He lowered his voice, as though to share a secret. "I don't think you've changed since I first laid eyes on you."
Asparagus looked back at him finally, removing his glasses, eyebrows raised. He debated whether that were meant to be a compliment. With Skimbleshanks, sometimes it was hard to tell. "I'll have you know I was at least slightly less grey then, thank you."
Skimbleshanks hummed, obviously enjoying himself. "But only slightly."
Asparagus scoffed, feigning a wounded pride. "You're very cruel, you know that?"
"Terribly so," the other tom muttered, pressing his cheek back against his neck as they readjusted. 
The two fell quiet once again, but the silence remained heavy and melancholy. Obviously the banter had done little to lighten his mood.
"Are you saying," Asparagus tried again to adjust the perspective, leaning his head back. "You stopped loving me when I got older? That you don't still love me now? Because this is quite the way to tell me."
"Of course not!" Skimbleshanks retorted, hugging him tighter. Asparagus winced at the reflexive claws that dug into one shoulder. "Don't be daft."
"Then I must ask why you would assume it'd be different on my end. Must have been something I said.” Asparagus tapped a paw carefully on his book cover as he considered. “Or something I didn't, perhaps?"
The ginger tom made an uncertain sound in his throat, but offered nothing further.
"What would you like me to say instead?" Asparagus sighed, pushing his book away and turning fully towards the other tom. Skimbleshanks looked strangely perturbed for a moment at the loss of contact, slowly lowering his paws into his lap. He tilted his head down and shrugged.
"Perhaps: I will still love you even when every hair on your head has gone white, and your spine has curved down, and your whiskers start to sag, and you can't see an inch past your nose, and all of those quaint nothings?" Asparagus remained serious, but kept his tone decidedly light. A small smile twitched at the corner of Skimbleshanks' muzzle as he mulled this over.
"When every hair has gone white, eh?"
"Every single one." 
"And what about," Skimbleshanks asked, wringing his paws. "When I can't do what I could before?"
He was getting warmer. "Even more - and then some," Asparagus answered firmly. "You will still be doing more than I can, that I will assure you of."
Asparagus thought a moment more, studying his mate's downtrodden expression before continuing.
"Or perhaps I should be more direct: if you ever thought, even for a second, I am so shallow that I would ever abandon you as you got older, then I have obviously not used those nothings enough." 
Skimbleshanks remained quiet, but the twitch of his ears indicated he was listening intently. 
Asparagus did admittedly feel a twinge at that - he wasn't nearly as verbal with his affection as perhaps he should be. It had never been in him for the level of theatrics his father boasted, or even the confident and persistent assurities that Jelly did. He was quiet and plain, just as he'd always been, tripping over his words, preferring their quality time with one another beyond all else. Skimble had never seemed to mind before, citing his bashful reservation as "charming" (the dear), but perhaps it had finally gotten to him after all. It can't have helped. 
"I can't quite fix that one, can I? Not saying those enough?" Asparagus said quietly, reaching to place a paw on his knee. “I’m sorry.”
The silence stretched between them once again, but this time, it had changed. Minutely - but it had changed. He watched his mate’s tail swish with agitation, his mouth open, then close again. He flexed the hold of his paw on his leg when both of Skimble’s had reached to press it more firmly against the bone. Asparagus liked to think, after all this time, he had somewhat of a handle on what his mate was thinking and feeling - or at least in what direction he was headed when the wheels started turning. There was something trapped just behind Skimble’s teeth, he just needed a prompt.
Asparagus was beginning to connect the dots, slowly but surely.
"This isn't really about how I feel at all, is it?"
“Not exactly...I don’t,” the other tom murmured at last. “Not really.”
Lukewarm on that one, but they were getting there. Asparagus stared at the top of the ginger tom’s head. He looked like a scolded kitten. Funny he should end up on this side of it, though perhaps he wouldn’t think so.
“Can you look at me, please?” he asked gently, glancing again at the tail swishing out of the corner of his eye.
Skimbleshanks complied, exhaling and looking up at him. There it was. That was the ticket.
“You’re afraid.” Direct. Matter-of-fact. The way the railway cat had always preferred. 
Skimbleshanks’ muzzle twisted, as though he were about to deny it, but the way his posture softened spoke volumes.
“Of what, dear?” Asparagus knew very well “of” what, but the “why” was still just beyond his grasp.
“I just...oh…” Skimbleshanks bit the inside of his lip as he searched for the words. When he found them, it was as though a floodgate had opened. “I can’t stand it, Asparagus, I can’t stand it. What am I to do? I can’t even stand the thought of...of not being needed anymore. Not being wanted. Not being…”
“Not being…?”
“Not being me anymore.”
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casinoarc · an hour ago
that whole post is so wack. you cant say “heres how c!dream became a villain” and then list shit that happened after he really became the bad guy...
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katethecrazy · an hour ago
i'm thinking some thoughts…
in the bad batch ep 2, they took this…
Tumblr media
gorgeous. amazing. the power couple. love them.
and turned that into this…
Tumblr media
99% perfect. suu looks beautiful. cut looks great, i love that his hair is greying, it's a nice detail. love them. the 1% is cut's sideburns which are… really something…
and then they took this…
Tumblr media
adorable. love them more than i love myself. their patches of "tan" skin (that i'm assuming they got from cut, being hybrids) are a bit to pale for me, but whatever, we've been over this--tcw (and so far tbb) has a big whitewashing issue with the clones. but other than that, i love them in every way.
and then they--they--
Tumblr media
*sobbing* my babiiiiies!!! what happened to you??? who are you???
like why is no one talking about this?!?! like i'm a certified mess over here right now like WHAT????
Tumblr media
so yeah i'll definitely be drawing up my take on them at some point.....
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romanticasswaifu · an hour ago
Since it was mentioned on my wedding discord chat, I have a strong urge to see sootcest, please send if you come upon it.
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my dad just asked if i wanted to go out to eat anywhere cause its just me and him at home right now and im hiding in my room, and even though food does sound good i said no because i can not handle being alone with him in any context ever
#i do not like him#and he keeps ignoring all the bad stuff he says to me and pretending that nothings wrong#there have been times of reconciliation where ive been able to at least talk to him but then he always fucking ruins them#ive told him before i dont believe people can have a relationship if their core beliefs and ideals are too different#he thinks the lgbtq community is wrong and he thinks most of my interests are evil and he hates my political beliefs#if i just talk about things like how disney sucks or how columbus was a bad person or anything like that he gets pissed#and hes aggressively mormon aka the religion that fucked me up and the root of most of my issues#he tries to bond with me over guitar and music but the reasons i like them and the reasons he likes them are so fucking different#i just dont wish to have any relationship with him at all i dont think it would be beneficial to anyone involved#but his religious beliefs say that family is important so he thinks we have to love each other cause were family#i just#i dont know#its hard#i dont care if he actually does change his views im not gonna try to force him to see my way#i just want him to leave me alone#he always tries to force me into situations with him but whenever i think about being alone with him it always brings up a really bad fuckin#g memory of when he trapped me with him at a restaurant to berate me for not doing anything and being lazy and using depression as an excuse#and other shit happened that night but that was a really dark time in my life and i dont want to think about it right now
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rancorbled · an hour ago
james:  don’t worry.  i have a few knives up my sleeve. anyone:  i think you mean...  tricks. james,  pulling out several knives:  no,  i do not.
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worstloki · an hour ago
Loki wasn't mind-controlled, he was INFLUENCED at best. Being influenced does not mean you don't have any responsibility for your actions. We don't excuse people who are violent while drunk because "they were influenced by alcohol, it is not their fault!"
1. Didn’t say he was mind controlled, said that some like that interpretation,
2. honestly I’d like to see you prove he wasn’t mind controlled
3. Didn’t say Loki wasn’t responsible for his actions,
4. also didn’t say being influenced by something makes you less responsible for what you do
5. People do actually use that excuse quite often (I’m not saying it’s a reasonable one, it depends on context honestly)
6. Terrible comparison. Loki was forced into being influenced and didn’t know it was happening.
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erb23 · an hour ago
It’s incredibly telling that, after this newest episode, the only people using the saline tags for this show both do not like saline and tried to run people who did like it into that tag. And nobody is using the saline tags for actual saline content. They’re using them for anti saline content.
#but that's what you get for trying to run people out of the main tags#eventually they stop caring and use them all they want#bc whatever nonsense the fun police over there are complaining about have not shown up in those tags at all#also there's a case to be made that by forcing others to not use the main tags for anything less than praising the show#that new people with grievances with the show now DONT know about the separate tags#and so the new people use the main tags because duh they're talking about the show#and now the circle of popular blogs for that show that will pout and whine if they see anything less than uncritical posts about the show#will pout and whine because new ppl don't know about the tags specific for complaints over the show#nice way to play yourselves. it'll keep happening btw.#its also telling that they seem to not understand that complaining about people with criticism doesn't make you better than other ppl#or that if you'd be willing to use the native tag block system that you could STOP seeing posts with the saline tag#they'd still populate the main tags but at least them people would know to use them#sidenote: these same people are also hypocrites because they complain about the show too#but have a major case of that 'because i get a lot of traffic i can control how other ppl enjoy the show' type of thinking#the bulk majority of the fans left that actively watch and use 80% of the public fan sites have kinda been whittled down#to the niche of people who like only consume and accept the one main ship and also like the deuteragonist#to the point where they'll ignore all his crap behavior and just kinda blame it all on the mc not loving him when he's been so#untrustworthy and lazy. esp. in reference to being a hero. which he isn't much of#but that's another story for a diff post#the fanspace bias is very clear though. I cannot deal with twits reds or youbes because the bias is even MORE present there#and do not get me started on the wiki. talk about oof#ignore me
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