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#then I walk out
eforestan hour ago
once more i am confronted with reality -_-
#fucked up and eveil#cant take it anymore hi besties#every day reality just does its funny littlething and i just have to be okay w that -_-#killing and violence and murder tbh#they need to up my anti crazy meds or smth i hate when u r not in touch but aware that ur reality isnt the reality or smth idk how 2 explain#its funny to be entirely unable to cope w reality tbh like well if this is really real then to be frank i'll be walking into traffic#what ever. escapism and whatnot. going to force mtself 2 exercise today in the hopes rhat makes me normaler#man. i do not wish to do this <3#another day of vaguely clinging on to reality by doing the bare minimum of caring for my physical form#a form i despise and feel trapped in#what ever man. every daybim in new hells it never ends#kio.exe#on the if this is real thing:#i wont bc im pathetically clinging on to my delusions so dw :]#jus had to get tis out of my system none of this is real anyways#yes im on antipsychotics no im not a danger to anyone my antipsychotics just dont make me less chronically psychotic im just slightly less#likely to go into an episode i think bc i actually sleep and whatnot#dw girls u dont need to alert anyone on my behalf im chilling it's just like wtf man realityis not right <3#when will i see a psych when.#tbf tho being on antipsychotics suckes and i. dont rly want my dose upped bc it makes the side effects worse but its not putting me to sleep#effectively all the time anymore and thas the one thing they actually do for me that no other med has succeeded at#idk -_- smth needs to be changed probably but i dont trust psychs whatsoever. also if they just put me on stimulants i would be fine i rhink#i would function or smth perhaps#girl idk i want to be capable of coping w reality bc frankly every day i feel this undying rage at the fact im trapped in this hell#what evr.
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piduai3 hours ago
me, minding my own business: mm cofveve
cleaning lady: you know bio-chan if you married a japanese man i bet your babies would be beautiful
me: :)
lady: mixed babies are so cute, and you鈥檙e so pretty. i bet if you had children with a japanese, they鈥檇 become celebrities
me: mhmmmm
lady: please marry a kind japanese man
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sylphiides6 hours ago
just remembered I have to stop by my old highschool to get my diploma for my degree.. hatred, so much hatred is going on
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gierosajie6 hours ago
Sometimes I just wanna read a Miraculous and Shugo Chara crossover where it's Lulu coming back to France and then just finding her former co-worker over there too, chilling with his orchestra group, as well as superhero shenanigans.
Also bonus points with Lulu (or Nana even) complaining about Hawkmoth's gimmick being unoriginal or something.
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smokeywhalee7 hours ago
I wanna write a David Mason x Reader oneshot where it鈥檚 family oriented, and I鈥檓 afraid I鈥檒l butcher him (and Mason) so I鈥檒l probably keep the idea aside since it looks like a few of you guys weren鈥檛 big fans of him
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moon-ness8 hours ago
And one last thing while I鈥檓 venting. I鈥檓 tired of deleting blogs. I鈥檝e seen three of them vanish just this week. I鈥檓 tired of tip toeing around guidelines I鈥檓 not aware of and I鈥檓 tired of seeing posts get in trouble just because they contained an essence of sex, a vital part of the human experience and expression. Especially on a site like this which is especially for creativity and expression. I don鈥檛 like walking on eggshells, towing the line or feeling like I might be the next one who gets the chopping block should I post something suggestive or for some other invisible made up reason. And I鈥檓 tired of hiding the female nipple. End rant.
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zenyteehee9 hours ago
So great to know that the rest of my medical training will apparently be nothing but abuse, exploitation, and burnout so bad I鈥檒l probably want to off myself. Anyone on medblr, plz message me if you have words of encouragement because I, an abuse survivor and 80k in debt already, legitimately don鈥檛 know what to do
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loxxxlay9 hours ago
hihihi, just wanted to say that I'm having a lot of feelings and after i literally felt nothing about loki or thor or anything to do with them for almost a year, it's kinda overwhelming for it to all be back right now.
so i see ppl messaging me excited and i've responded to some of it, and i am also excited!
but my human brain isn't quite caught up with my lizard brain, so please be gentle and patient with me! I'm carefully wading into this tumblr pool, testing the temperature, not quite sure whether i want to submerge yet lol
tldr it's gonna take me some time to respond to DMs if they are about loki (or really any DMs tbh bc even tumblr is a bit overwhelming), and i'm sorry!!! T_T
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wilderjy9 hours ago
why did they make a whole wolf model in genshin for razors story but didn鈥檛 even put them in the actual world as a roaming animal
i wanted to see some puppies :(
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newyearknwwme10 hours ago
I'd like the two braincells I squandered back pls
Now we pray that the [readcter] entity doesn't yell at me for for reasons beyond my comprehension
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