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#their chrysalises are so WEIRD why are they like that
wootato · 6 months ago
Mortal Stars: Chapter Six
Chapter Six: Knives Are Dangerous, Kids
TW: Talk of gang violence, Stabbings, Wounds, Language, Mature ---- The two of you had decided on a new schedule after the first tutoring session, mostly because Shinso realized how shit you were at English. You were now meeting once in the middle of the week for a short study session during lunch as well as on the weekends. It was weird in the best way, Shinso had become invested in your grades far more than you thought was possible.
He had also opened up, seemed to be less insincere when flirting and instead seemed to put effort in making you feel good. Complimenting you, instead of just making suggestive or vulgar comments. Though you also wondered if that’s because it made your reactions that much stronger and he’d noticed that, and he seemed to like it when you blushed.
You had even started saying short hellos to the friendlier members of his gang in the morning when you waited for him to walk to homeroom. He had become a constant in your life in the last few weeks, you weren’t used to someone becoming so important so fast, but it wasn’t unwelcome. He didn’t ask anything of you, other than mutual support when an ear needed to be lent, or sometimes just the companionable silence provided by another human that you both seemed to crave.
The last two weeks, you’d had a total of four tutoring sessions with him, and today was a lunch you were supposed to spend together. It’s why when you were waiting at the parking lot, and he didn’t come roaring in with the rest of the biker’s, unease flared in your stomach. However, you shoved it down, stubbornly pushing the butterflies back into their chrysalises. He was likely just late today. He probably failed to sleep well again.
With a confident nod, as if believing it hard enough could make it true, you turned on your heel before the others even finished climbing off their bikes and you started on your way to homeroom. All the way, subconsciously shredding the soft skin of your lip.
You really couldn’t figure out why you hadn’t got Shinso’s phone number by now, or at least some way to contact him. He was always where he said he’d be though. So there had never been a reason to. And now, you hated your lack of foresight.
Your fingers were clenching the strap of your book bag as it sat on the floor next to your chair. You had been completely unable to focus on any classes today once you realized Shinso was not just late, he just wasn’t showing up. That was decidedly out of character for him, with no way to contact him and knowing very little about his life outside of school other than the tiny snippets he had divulged and the things you had observed, you needed to track down Kaminari.
As soon as the bell rang you were rushing out your seat, yelping when you pack got stuck on your chair making you struggle for what you considered precious seconds, and were running down the hall to the cafeteria. Of course the fact that there was no reason to hurry, made itself known as you had to wait another five minutes or so with anxiety making your foot tap restlessly; watching Kaminari, Midoriya, and Todoroki step into through the double doors at a lazy amble. Your eye twitched, weren’t they worried?
Obviously not because they were laughing and joking, walking without a care in the world. The Puppet Masters were without their Maestro and they acted like it was any day of the week. You felt… offended?
Without even realizing it you had started moving towards Kaminari, your short form moving with a control and confidence you usually only possessed in the gym. All the boys stopped, and the blonde’s eyes snapped to you his body freezing. He looked nervous, which was odd because you were certain he’d probably faced far worse than a pissed off eighteen-year-old girl.
“Kaminari Denki,” the cold venom laced into his name made him flinch.
“Where the hell is Shinso?” you were in front of him.
He and the rest of the gang was used to the shy, anxious, and quiet girl who met up with their leader in the morning. This girl in front of their second in command looked like she’d feed them their dicks if they so much as breathed wrong.
“Oh! Did you have lunch plans again with him today, Tsukami?” Kaminari’s eyes changed from fearful to shining with hope. “Uh… he’s not here today. He’s… sick. Yeah sick.”
His eyes flicked to the side when yours narrowed in suspicion, “Uh huh. Is someone at home with him? How bad is he? Do any of you plan to drop by after school and take care of him?”
Kaminari’s eyes widened and again the look of panic was back, “Uh… He doesn’t live with anyone. And he wouldn’t let us help even if we offered, he usually doesn’t.”
“How sick is he?” your voice became harder as the boy in front of you squirmed.
You heard a sigh off to the side, “Look he’s not sick. He got stabbed.”
Your head snapped to the voice, looking at the bored expression of Todoroki as he said, “Now can you please move, I’m hungry.”
You blinked for a moment, as he began to step around you and your hand snagged his leather sleeve. His glanced back and rose a brow in surprise, especially when he met your stubborn eyes.
“I… can I have his number? I just want to make sure he’s ok,” your voice was small but gaze unflinching as Todoroki’s head tilted.
“Here,” he pulled out a pen and grabbed your hand from his sleeve, writing something down on the back of your hand. “Just go see him, he won’t be honest anyway if he does need help. That’s his apartment.”
Your eyes widened and you looked back and forth from the address on your hand to the young man in front of you, he was already capping his pen and the others shuffling to move with him farther into the cafeteria.
“Ah! Thanks Todoroki!” You called after him, and he glanced over his shoulder, shooting you a small smile before starting up a conversation with Midoriya again.
Hitoshi groaned as he rolled out of his bed. Fuck, his side hurt, though there was no sign of infection and the weeping was slowing. The staples holding the wound together pulled uncomfortably, as he pushed himself to stand and made his way to the kitchen in his one bedroom. He frowned at the two bottles sitting on the counter. His antibiotics weren’t due until later that night, but he needed another round of pain meds.
As he took the two pills with a glass of water, he rubbed his face with his hand and groaned. God, the discussion last night hadn’t gone as planned. He hadn’t expected Dynamite’s Assassin’s leader to be such an asshat when presented with such a good deal. And he really hadn’t expected the knife. Hitoshi felt like such a rookie.
He glanced down at his phone which was sitting on the counter, plugged into a socket, as a green light blinked insistently on it. Pulling up the notifications he noticed a text from Kaminari.
Kamikaze: Dude! Ur new little project is scary as fuck
Hitoshi cocked his head, what project? He checked the timestamp, noticing it had been sent that day during lunch. Which of course set off alarm bells in his fogged brain. “Fuck,” he groaned.
He’d forgotten to tell one of the boys to let Tsukami know he wasn’t going to make it. Oddly enough, though Hitoshi didn’t look forward to the third degree he’d get from her when he managed to make it back, he couldn’t help but chuckle imagining what she’d done to make Denki nervous. His best friend had seen more fights than Hitoshi and been fucked up in quite a few of them, but apparently all it took was a grumpy gymnast who knew how to verbally berate, to make the gangster cower.
Hitoshi didn’t blame him though. Honestly, she was a force to be reckoned with in a lot of ways. He smiled fondly. Slowly he’d found himself getting more attached to the girl, so much so he was reconsidering using her as a fuck buddy. He was still stupidly attracted to her. Still wanted to dick her down, hear her squeal for him, feel her clench around him as smacked her ass and maybe showed her some darker pleasures than just sex.
But he also was getting far too emotionally invested in her, far too fast. He couldn’t afford pulling her into the filth of his world. Friend zoning was the safest. Even though he knew that was as far from what she wanted as it was what he did.
He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, trying to stave of the headache that threatened to push through his skull before the pain killers started working.
He didn’t hear the knock at first, but then it sounded again, harder and the firm voice of the object of his desires called through the wood.
“Shinso Hitoshi, I swear if you don’t open this right now, I will have the building manager unlock it!”
He scoffed, because of fucking course. Of course, she would find out a way to check on him. Well, there was no way of keeping the stab wound on the down low now. With a sigh he walked towards the door and took a deep breath with his hand on the knob.
Flicking the lock open, he half-smiled down at the girl who stood in front of him, hands ladened down with bags from corner store and the most adorable mix of a pout and scowl.
“Hey, wild cat.” Taglist---- @anxietyplusultra 
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