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ivanshatov · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
NEVER trust a fanartist with in the green they will draw sun song art
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fangirls-musical · 2 hours ago
Tonight’s gonna be the BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES!
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garlicbreadbitch · 2 hours ago
if broadway hd let me take screenshots and recordings it’d be over for you bitches
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Actor 1: Why is your face all red?
Actor 2: ...
Actor 1: Actually, no.
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and-a-stolen-object · 3 hours ago
Esme joining the VFD:
i got bored
Esme: Hello all. Thank you for recruiting me as the newest member of VFD
Lemony: We didn’t recruit you
Beatrice: Who even are you?
Olaf: Oh she’s this girl I met a theatre group. You were there Beatrice. She was the girl who kept doing the improv about killing people.
Beatrice: Oh right I knew I’d seen you before.
Lemony: Are you sure she’s VFD worthy?
Kit: Improv about murder. I like her.
Beatrice: So do I.
Lemony: Fine she can stay just don’t tell the others.
Olaf: Well I’ve already told Frank and Monty and Josephine and Ernest and Bertram and I was on my way to tell Jacques.
Kit: Don’t tell Jacques he’s very uptight about murder.
Olaf: Well that’s odd considering what we do...
*jacques walks in*
Olaf: Hey I’ve recruited a murderer.
Jacques: What? (Sees Esme) Wait your sugar bowl Esme.
Esme: Thank you thank you very much.
Jacques: She can stay.
Esme: And scene.
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thetheatrereviewer · 3 hours ago
[Review:] DREAMS OF EMMETT TILL (online).
[Review:] DREAMS OF EMMETT TILL (online). “A play whose faltering execution fails to reflect its very honourable objectives.” 2.5 ★
This review shall consider Gloria J Browne-Marshall’s Dreams of Emmett Till, directed by Bobby Field. It is a play with very honourable, palpable and important objectives, but its execution means that it simply falls short of its aims. At the very beginning of this performance, we are given an introduction to the play by Browne-Marshall. She terms her form of writing ‘spiritual realism’,…
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foudart · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media @104paris #festival #theatre #festivalimpatience
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tennantsabout · 6 hours ago
Every pound that's invested in the arts, brings back five. But of course, right now, every pound that's invested brings back nothing. So right now is when we need that extra investment. To get that five pounds for every one pound that we’re going to need to rebuild our economy, we might just need to splurge a bit more money now.
David Tennant on his hopes for theatre in 2021, from Big Issue
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oodlenoodleroodle · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
From William Hall's diary: He was an actor in the Finnish Theater in Petroskoi, in the Soviet Union, and his diary gives wonderful glimpses of life of the time. The theater goes on tour in different parts of the Soviet Union, as well as to Finland sometimes.
In an earlier entry from the same year he wrote about an experience in Estonia where someone had said they will not out of principle come see the touring performances of the "Finnish Theatre" of Petroskoi, because they consider them "fake finns" because "everything in Karelia is so russified."
Translation of the image:
Otatko miut Karjalan mua ("Will You Take Me, Land of Karelia") in the northern districts of Karelia
We are at Kiestinki again. Morning. Silence. Somewhere beyond the lake I can hear: ”manja, manja, manja...” – a woman calling the sheep back home or maybe she has brought treats for them. I can also hear sounds of goats and of oars of a boat knocking around. Orvo Björninen went fishing early but at least he went with a dry mouth.
But Pekka Mikshijev was drinking as if on his behalf, with Antti Timonen after the Karjalan mua -performance, even though it didn't go that well – there wasn't enough room backstage and it was hot - but the audience liked it that they got to hear Karelian language and see a play about a topic that is close to them. My part went badly again. Damn it, a performance like that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm just totally empty when I should go on stage.
But luckily the morning is beautiful and dissipates my sour mood. Though it is a pity and I am wondering why there are no young people among the audience.
We arrived to the soldiers around midnight. The big auditorium was full. Even some karelians who live near here came to watch: men who remember the battles of the civil war.
Before the performance, Haimi gave a speech and after the performance Antti Timonen did. We did not hear the national author [Timonen] because the curtain was closed and we had to go change clothes. But the audience was quiet and listened well.
I began today with a discussion with Orvo Björninen about whether karelians would be much more advanced than people in other Russian areas if it hadn't been for the times of "stalinism." I asked him how so? Orvo told me about how karelians never walked around wearing virsut [treebark shoes] while people in Russia still do. I remembered Western theories of how nordic people have always been cleverer than others. But the bigger nations periodically destroyed the advancements of karelians and the only things that couldn't be destroyed were dreams and thoughts, which then were turned into the poems of the Kalevala. If the times of "stalinism" had not taken place, hundreds or better yet thousands of clever and life-loving Red Guard members would be alive, which were killed by the people making the decisions at the time. And Karelia was a blooming area in the 1920s and the beginning of 1930s. There were specialists here who came from Finland, America and Canada.
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patrickwcutler · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pride and Prejudice hits the Cutler Bros. stage tomorrow night! #prideandprejudice #theatre #theatrekid #theatrelife #theatrekid #cutlerbrostheatre
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Theatre Thurs - April 15th
Tumblr media
           Hadestown is a musical that hit Broadway in March of 2019. Originally performed in Vermont in 2006, and with an earlier concept album coming out in 2010, the music and production of Hadestown has gone through a lot on the journey to Broadway. A Greek Tragedy with a Jazzy Twist, Hadestown has proven to be a success with audiences and critics alike.
And brother, thus begins the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice!
It’s a love song. It’s a love song!
It’s a tale of love from long ago
It’s a sad song. It’s a sad song!
But we’re gonna sing it even so
It’s an old song. It’s an old song!
It’s and old tale from way back when
And we’re gonna sing - We’re gonna sing
We’re gonna sing it again!
          This is an introduction post to a four part series (six if you include the intro and conclusion) on Hadestown. Each part will cover ten songs in total, the introduction will cover more history and background, then the conclusion will cover more of my overall opinion on the show (spoiler- it’s really good).
          Dropping music throughout the earlier months of 2019, as well as show clips and live performances really built up hype for this spectacular show. Once the whole soundtrack was released in July, it was on repeat for months on my Spotify and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that.
           Through multiple revisions of the musical as a whole, the story has remained mostly the same. It’s two Greek tragedies in one, and with a fun jazzy twist on top of that. Hadestown merges the stories of Orpheus (Reeve Carney) and Eurydice (Eva Noblezada), and Hades (Patrick Page) and Persephone (Amber Gray) to create one fluid and dynamic narrative on-stage.
            Other cast members are Hermes, played by Andre De Shields, and the Fates who are currently played by Jewelle Blackman, Yvette Gonzales-Nacer, and Kay Trinidad. There’s also a decently-sized ensemble, and a live band that plays on the stage for at least part of the show.
           Nominated for fourteen Tony Awards, and winning eight of them including the all-important Best Musical and Best Original Score, Hadestown has been wowing audiences since its debut. It also has a spectacular set design, featuring a rotating stage and an in-floor elevator in the center.
            I’ll further indulge my love for the lead’s and their voices in later posts, but a small mention to Noblezada’s gorgeous and powerful belting voice, and her insane range, as well as Page’s impressive lower register. 
            Hadestown is a new telling of classic Greek mythology (which I’ve always been obsessed with- you’ve been warned) that had spent a year on Broadway before everything got shut down. Here’s to hoping it comes back soon, I have see it before it goes off Broadway again!
Here’s the first Theatre Thursday, Hadestown! It’s a little shorter then the other posts will be, since it’s just an Introduction to the next five TT posts. Next Week we’ll cover Road to Hell - A Gathering Storm.
Stay Sweet!
- Victoria Rodasta
Next Week:
Miscellaneous Monday - Body by Mother Mother
Theatre Thursday - Hadestown Part One
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dancing2myownbeat · 7 hours ago
Things I wasn’t prepared for in theatre:
Somewhere out there exists an audio recording of me taking a shit during intermission
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5-jorjas-in-the-fence · 8 hours ago
What is the best song (in your opinion) in newsies! :)
Oh this is a good question.
In terms of melody, not going to lie... Carrying The Banner slaps. I mean you hear ‘that’s my cigar’ and just get filled with hype because you know it’s bout to get good. When they’re all overlapping vocals and the brass instruments are popping off, the harmonies, the hype... the l a y e r s. I mean it’s a fantastic song I wish the fandom talked about it more :(
If you want a hella underrated song, That’s Rich is amazing. It’s so cheeky and funny and when you think about it a lot you question how it was approved for a Family Disney Show
Vocals? Once and For All and Seize The Day. The harmonies are absolutely beautiful in both, the way they all go together is just... *chefs kiss*. We all know that last note in Once and For All. We’ve all screamed it at the top of our lungs or tried to belt it and cracked. It’s just part of the fansie experience. Plus when they all get on that tower and come forwards and the lights- agh chills every damn time.
Dance Number worthy!?!? Obviously Seize the Day and King Of New York. The times I’ve tap danced alone in the shower because I was scared of anyone hearing and the bathroom is my only safe space... no I don’t take tap dancing lessons or have tap shoes but the water makes a tappy sound hehe.
And the most catchy? Watch What Happens. Don’t tell me you haven’t sat at a desk with writers block and been tempted to just go ‘writewhatyouknowsotheysayalliknowisidontknowwhattowrite-’ like you just have to...
Honestly all the songs are amazing you just can’t pick a favourite... besides The Bottom Line. F*ck Pulitzer.
✨Anyway✨ so theres your overly complicated answer from me because I’m an indecisive chaotic mess.
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gemsofthegalaxy · 8 hours ago
Tonight the Highland Arts Theatre will be livestreaming a performance called Tell Your Story on youtube
If you miss live performance and want to partake in their misson of Radical Access to Theatre, consider checking it out!
This isnt sponsored i just love them lol
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elhector76 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
gonna miss this place.
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