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#the falcon and the winter soldier
mymagicsuitcase · 39 minutes ago
Dangerous | Helmut Zemo
Tumblr media
AU! Race car driver Zemo 😎
Gender neutral reader
Collage by @realremyd
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Part 7
You did not, in fact, spend the night in the lovely room Zemo had made up for you. No, you had spent it with him. You woke up with his arm around you. He greeted you with a smile as you turned over to look at him. Then he kisses your forehead before pulling you into his chest.
Last night was amazing. Eventually you stopped making out outside his locker room and he got changed. You went out on your date, as he promised he would do. He took you to a reply nice bar. You both stayed there for hours, drinking and chatting.
You had to get a cab back to his house, neither of you fit to drive. It was good fun though.
You smiled softly. He was so warm.
"Good morning," he whispers, kissing the top of your head. His voice is all deep and thick from sleep. It makes his accent all the more pronounced... and sexy.
"Good morning."
He chuckles, the sound vibrating through his chest. Right now, in this very moment, he felt like the luckiest man alive.
"My handsome pro racer," you mutter, fingers caressing his jaw softly. He leans into your touch ever so slightly, the softest smile tugging at his lips.
"Your handsome pro racer?" He asks, still whispering.
"I think we're at that stage, no?"
He chuckles again, pulling you in to kiss you properly. You fit against him perfectly. Everything in this moment perfect, serene, and as it should be.
"Do I get breakfast?" You asks, cheeky grin on your face.
"Yes. I'll cook for you."
You kiss him once more before he slides out of bed and puts some clothes on. You laugh as he dresses. You had quite the night last night.
You stay in bed a little longer before you get up. You feel so at home here. Eventually you just miss him and get up. You grab some clothes, go into the bathroom, and get ready.
Zemo cooks up a delicious breakfast for you both. He serves it with some tea. He smiles as you enter the room, looking just as amazing as always.
"Breakfast is served."
You sit down with a smile and tuck in. It just feels so domestic and homey having breakfast with Helmut. As you sat there eating what he had made for you, a thought comes to mind.
Is this the start of something incredible?
You had hope that was the case. You didn't think you could go back to your lifestyle after being a part of his. This was where you wanted to be, you were sure of it.
"I'm going to hand in my notice soon," you say, glancing up at him.
The smile on his face was one of the most wonderful sights you has ever seen.
"I'll have things organised for you when you're ready to take over as my manager."
You grin.
"I have a lot to learn, but I won't let you down. We're a team now."
"Yes, we are."
After breakfast, you help clean up, you jump in the shower, and then you grab your phone. You give your boss a ring and alert him of what you wanted to do. When he asked why you were leaving, you told him about the offer you had received, trying to sound as casual about it as possible.
He freaked out when he heard you were going into the racing industry. After all, he was a fan of Zemo.
Everything felt like it was working out and coming together.
You hung up and turned to Zemo who had been waiting for you. You smiled as you wrapped your arms around him. He hugged you back, grinning.
"Well?" Though he didn't really have to ask.
"It's a done deal. He wants me to do one more shift, so he can give me a proper farewell, but then I'm all yours!"
He kisses you.
He had never felt this happy before. He held you to him, burying his nose into the crook of your neck. It was here as he hugged you that he felt like he could do anything. He just needed to win these next two races.
Your phone rang.
You sighed as you pulled away from Zemo, giving him a sad smile as you went to pick it up. Zemo leaves so you can have some privacy, already missing you.
It was 'your friend.'
"What can I do for you?" You ask, keeping your guard up. After her little tantrum, you didn't exactly trust her any more.
"We need to talk."
"Do we?" You keep your voice curt and clipped.
"Yes. There is something you need to know. I could tell you over the phone, but I think it's best we talk in person. You may not believe me if we don't, and I have evidence."
"What are you going on about?"
"Your boyfriend isn't being honest with you."
"My boyfriend? What about yours?" You ask, sharply. "What was all that shit you pulled at the race?"
"What? Jealous because he loves me?"
"No. What have I got to be jealous of?"
"I don't have to explain myself to you. Meet me at The Alpine bar tonight. Come alone."
She hangs up.
You stare at your phone, glaring at it.
No longer hearing your voice, Zemo returns. He sees you looking at your phone.
"Something the matter?"
You look up at him quickly.
"Uh, a certain someone wants to meet with me."
Zemo comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you. You lean back into his chest and sigh.
"What does she want?"
"I don't know. She wants to meet me at The Alpine bar."
"That's in town. I'll drop you off if you would like."
"Alright. She wants to meet tonight."
He turns you around so he can look at you. Softly, he caresses your cheek with the back of his long fingers. You lean into his touch the same way he did to you this morning.
"Something is troubling you."
"She troubles me."
He kisses your forehead lightly. A great sense of pride and achievement washes over him. He can do this whenever he wants. You have given him the permission he needed. His lips longer there.
"Whatever it is, we can deal with it."
You nod subtly.
He steps back and look at you, smiling handsomely at you.
"I have an idea."
"I want to show you something. Grab some shoes and your jacket, we are going out," he says, leaving your side in favour of finding his coat.
You do as he said and wait for him by the door.
Zemo returns to your side wearing a long dark coat, fur embedded at the collar. So extra, yet so him.
He grabs your hand as you leave the house.
Zemo keeps a hold of your hand as he leads you away from the house. You walk together toward a huge garage sitting up ahead from his house. You hadn't noticed it yesterday as you were blown away by the house itself.
You had a pretty good idea on what was in there. You smile at him as you approach the building.
Zemo has you stop stop at the large double doors. You grin excitedly at him as he unlocks the doors. He winks at you before pulling the door open.
The lights turn on as he flicks a switch off to the side and before you is a beautiful sight. Dozens and dozens of cars. All kinds of makes and models. Lots of different colours. Many of them were in perfect condition. There were a few really old ones that had early seen better days, but still looked amazing. They were all lined up in rows.
Zemo watches as you approach the first set of cars in front of you. You look at them in awe. Glancing behind you, he nods at you. You walk along the line.
"They're all yours?"
"Every single one. Passed down through generations of my family," he says, looking at them with nostalgia.
"Helmut, this is so cool!" You touch one carefully. This feels like such a special and important moment. This is a peek at another part of his life. Looking around, you spot a few familiar cars, ones he has picked you up in before.
"That reminds me, you'll need to get your car from the bar."
"Ah yes, we took a cab home, didn't we? I'll sort that out tonight while you meet with... you know."
You nod and walk along some more.
You took secret glanced at the man following you around his collection. You trusted him. You did! Yet, there was something settling in the back of your mind. A nagging feeling that whatever it was she was going to tell you, was bad.
She spoke about him as if he had some dark secret to hide. You worried that this wasn't some little misdeed just because she was upset with you.
You couldn't ask him, could you?
Maybe it was best to see what she had to say before bringing anything up.
Zemo came to stand beside you, arm snaking around you. You were standing in front of the first car he had picked you up in, the convertible.
"It was in this car fate decided to bring us together," he says, trying to make it sound as cheesy as he could.
"How sappy." You roll you eyes.
He kisses your cheek.
"It's true, no?"
You turn your head to smile and kiss him properly.
"Yeah, it's true."
Negative thoughts melt into nothing when he has you like this. He's safe and warm. He's home. Your home. He could be.
"Shall we drive?"
You nod.
"Pick a car. Your choice," he whispers.
You smile as you turn around and look at the collection. One if the back catches your eye. It's purple. His colour.
"That one."
He says nothing as he walks over to the back, opens a cabinet on the back wall, plucks a key from within, and then beckons you over.
"Let's go."
You're grinning as you climb in the car. You'll worry about the meet up later. For now, you wanted to feel free again with Zemo.
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superdogbiter · 40 minutes ago
Bucky:”I only know 2 things right now”
Bucky:”Where i am and my name”
Sam:”Where are you?”
Bucky:”I only know one thing”
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margarethx · 45 minutes ago
Okay. So I complitely forgot about it for a while, but yesterday, out of nowhere, I suddenly remembered this elaborate artwork that appeared around the Infinity War premiere where most of the main characters were sitting behind the table. The one inspired by The Last Supper fresco.
This one:
Tumblr media
So anyway. This is a Sambucky blog, so you probably already know where this is going. (At least you should.) Because the moment my memory about this artwork resurfaced I knew there was something Sambucky about it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have such strong feeling about it.
So let’s find where they sit. (Because yes. Of course they are next to each other. What else did you expect? They are everywhere together ever since Civil War even where there is no reason for it.)
Here they are:
Tumblr media
...And it’s so funny xD People are just sitting around, having good time, talking. And what is Bucky Barnes doing? He just fucking.... ignores every other person in the room and stares at Sam like he’s the only human worth his attention or like he was too entranced by his smile to even attempt to look away.
I honestly don’t remember if this thing was a 100% fan-made poster or if Marvel paid someone to create it as one of many promotional materials before the premiere. But whoever’s responsible for that art... really nailed the Sambucky part. They’re complitely in character. Sam just enjoys himself like a nomal person and Bucky’s quietly, but very obviously in love with him.
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blogdaslatinas · 45 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Também semana passada fizemos um post sobre a nova seria da Disney+, que fez muito sucesso e trás assuntos muito importantes que precisam ser falados e discutidos!
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incorrectlooneytunesquotes · 56 minutes ago
Foghorn and Barnyard Dawg: [fighting with each other] 
Foghorn: [getting beat up considerably] 
Carol: …We should do something. 
Daffy: Yeah. Looking good, Foggy!
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incorrectquotesideas · 59 minutes ago
Person A and Person B: [fighting with each other]
Person A: [getting beat up considerably]
Person C: …We should do something.
Person D: Yeah. Looking good, A!
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Sharon:”Why are you two here?”
Sam:”I’m here to help”
Bucky:”I’m here to make things worse”
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If I see another Bucky Stan sidelining Sam in his OWN show, where he is clearly the centre of attention...
Things might get messy, let me tell you.
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yikesdontlook · an hour ago
we all know that the shield reminds bucky of steve but REDWING PROBABLY REMINDED SAM OF RILEY
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lokiagentofhotness · an hour ago
So i wrote a fic. It is the fourth Bucky/Sam fic I have written in a span of two weeks. I feel i need help, IDK, it’s been seven years. ANYWAY, thanks to @programmedradly for awesome beta. Thanks to Sam and Bucky for being in love. Thanks to Marvel for this show.  Yes...this summary is nonsense. Whatever.
The bleeding heart that I can lean on.
Or: Bucky falls for Sam.
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watergator · an hour ago
beef potato stew
g, 5.1k
sam comes home from a fight to dinner with bucky, sarah and the boys
read on ao3
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superdogbiter · 2 hours ago
Bucky:”How did you find me?”
Sam:”Well i saw a huge explosion and wondered “now who could that be?”
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mymagicsuitcase · 2 hours ago
Dangerous | Helmut Zemo
Tumblr media
AU! Race car driver Zemo 😎
Gender neutral reader
Collage by @realremyd
[Previous chapter] - [Next chapter]
Part 6
The eve of race day. You had woken up early as planned. Zemo would be here soon to pick you up. You had packed a little case for the weekend, but you had spent the entire in nervous excitement.
You would be staying with Zemo. At his place. Just the two of you.
Your phone buzzes in your pocket.
Zemo: I'm outside.
You grab your bag and head outside, locking up behind you. Not at all surprised to find another car of his waiting for you. He was leaning against the hood of the car.
You smile as you approach him.
"Miss me?" You asked, teasing him.
"Every day since I left."
You laugh softly, but you could tell he meant his reply. Your poor heart was going crazy.
Zemo takes your bag and puts it safely in the car. You climb in while he does. Once he's in, you settle for the long drive down to the track. The radio plays quietly in the background.
"You can sleep if you like, I promise there won't be any speed racing along the way," he chuckles.
You smile as you get as comfortable as you can in a car. "I think I'll do that, an hour or so."
You're didn't even make an hour before you woke up, but a lot of distance had been covered. Zemo smiles at you as you shift in your seat, waking up fully.
You glance down to see two take out cups, steam still rising from them, slotted between you in cup holders. You smile as you take one.
"Thanks. You stopped for coffee?"
"The least I could do for coming to get you so early," he smiles sweetly. "I can pull over at the next stop if you're hungry, but we won't be on the road for too much longer now."
"I'll wait then. Thanks." You open the cup and inhale that delicious scent. A beautiful way to wake up.
Conversation is kept causal for the rest if the trip. Soon Zemo pulls up at a nice house. He wasn't kidding when he said it was bigger than your little apartment.
You climb out of the car and look up at it.
"This is nice."
"Thank you. It's just one of my houses." He comes to stand beside you. You eye him in slight suspicion.
"One of your houses? How many houses do you have?"
"Several. Most of them in Europe."
You continue to look at him with suspicion.
"I figured you had money because of all the cars, but I'm thinking there's more to it than that."
He gives a cheeky grin as he walks up to the front door.
Who is this man?
You follow him to the door and then enter as he opens it for you. The inside is super nice. Doesn't exactly looked lived in, but you can tell it's his place.
"Now this suits you," you say, looking around the room.
"Does it? You fit in quite nicely too."
You smile as you make yourself comfortable. Zemo drops your bag by the door and comes over to sit with you.
"I have something I want to ask you. I don't need an answer right away, but I want to ask you now."
"Why is it?" You turn tour body so you're giving him your full attention.
"I have been debating this for days, but what you say if I asked you to work for me?"
Your gaze flickers between his eyes, your brain trying to catch up with what he just said. Work for him? Like... work for him? What would you even do?
"You do realise I'm no mechanic. I make coffee for a living."
"I'm aware."
"What can I possibly do for you?"
"Assist me? Manage me?" He sat their smirking at you.
"Manage you? I don't know what in doing most of the time, and you want me to manage you? Don't you have a manager?"
"You can do that?"
"I can," he chuckles. "If you worked with me, you could be at every race. I would get to see you every day."
"You are honest to God serious?"
"I am."
You gaze down at your lap in thought. He was actually offering you a job. You would have so much to look up before hand, but what if you took it?
You look up to see him looking at you.
"I'll think about it."
"That's all I ask for," he says, smiling. He gets up and heads into the kitchen to make you breakfast.
You're already pulling out your phone, researching what you may need to help him.
It would be pretty cool to tell people you were the manager of Helmut Zemo. Certainly more exciting than the barista who makes nice coffee.
You eat, Zemo shows you the room he had made up for you, and then you both head out to see the car. You spend all day watching him go up and down the airstrip, beating his own record.
He was ready for tomorrow.
Race day. You're both up early. Zemo talks you through the day and what he has prepared for you. You're on the list for his crew, so you'll have access to the areas he team do. You still get to watch from his stand.
Of course, you arrived together. He parks up and you walk into the stadium. You're keeping your eye out. Zemo knows what for.
It's not until you're outside waiting for Zemo to change when you see them. Stark has arrived, in his gear, your friend under his arm as they wave at the crowds. All cameras on them.
He did it. He made it public.
Your friend was smiling away and waving at people, kissing his jaw and placing her hand on his chest.
Despite the display, it didn't seem real to you. She couldn't see it, but you could.
A hand is placed in your shoulder. You look up to see Zemo standing beside you. His eyes are on you, but you know he saw them.
"She may not forgive me, but I will not forgive him for breaking her heart when the time comes."
Zemo says nothing and nods once.
You turn your eyes away from the 'happy couple' and look at the car. It looked all shiny and new.
"You've got this today," you say, turning to smile at him.
"I know," he replies with a cocky smile.
You find yourself teaching for his hand and smiling softly at him. His fingers curl around yours.
"I'll be right here when you cross that finish line," you tell him.
"And then drinks."
"Ah yes, our date. How can I forget?"
"I have one more request before I go out there."
Zemo brings you entwined hands to his lips and kisses yours softly.
"Call me Helmut. I want to hear you say my name at least once."
You smile.
"Alright. Then, this is for you, Helmut." You lean in and press a firm kiss to his cheek, caressing the other one with your free hand.
He smiles.
The way you say his name sets alight all those feelings be bad been trying to contain.
You pull away.
"You better go."
You can hear the racers being called to the starting line. He squeezes your hand and reluctantly lets go. You pick up his helmet and give it to him. Once it's on, he climbs into the car and you watch as he follows the other drivers. You quickly climb over the barricade to the stands and watch from up there, wanting to see his car for as long as you could.
You hadn't noticed the way your friend had been looking at you from across the way.
You stand on edge. You had this really good gut feeling in your stomach. Something was telling you this was going to be the day.
The lights change. The engines rev. You close your eyes to listen to the sound. It's the greatest sound in the world. The flag waves, tyres spin. They're off.
You don't even realise you're holding your breath.
The cars are out of sight so quickly, you then your gaze to the screen. Right there in front of you is Stark and Zemo.
They move in perfect sync around the track, not once colliding with the other. It's almost as if they're playing a careful game. Your poor lip will be so sore from your nervous nibbles.
Stark takes the lead for quite some time, but Zemo is right there behind him.
"Please. Please." You're whispering to yourself. You have fingers crossed, you're unable to stand still as you watch, you're pleading with whoever is listening.
The last leg of the race is approaching.
The standard across from you cheer loudly. That's Stark's lot.
You're beginning to doubt that feeling you had.
It all happens so quickly.
Just as you blink, that purple beauty of a car pulls ahead. It's as if it had been saving it's energy for the last hurdle. You gasp sharply as he pulls so far ahead, even Stark is confused. You're not sure if you dreamt it or it as that car speeds across the finish line.
You can't contain how happy you are. You run from the stands, jump the barricade and run as fast as your feet will take you. By the time you get down to the arena, all cars have crossed the line. No casualties on this day.
Zemo is out of his car, helmet taken from him by one of the others. He sees you coming and opens his arms. You're off your feet as soon as your arms around him. He's laughing in your ear.
"You did it! You did it!" You're laughing, smiling, cheering.
He puts you down, but he doesn't let go. You hold onto him tightly. People gather to take photos or to try and interview him, but neither of you care.
You pull back enough to look at him.
He kisses you.
Right there in front of everyone. Cameras are flashing, people are shouting his name.
No one else matters.
You smile against his lips.
You only let go when you have to. He gets taken off for his award, but you're not far behind. You're so proud of him.
Stark looks at him from the second place podium. Your friend on the other side from where you stand.
She doesn't look happy.
Once the formalities are over, Zemo returns to you and puts his arm around your shoudler. You're both smiling like fools as you walk back.
He beat Stark. He did it.
And he kissed you!
You're over the moon. This could honestly be pinned as the best day of your life.
It's not until you're out of sight from the press when he pins you up against the wall and claims your lips again. You melt against him, letting him kiss you over and over.
Neither of you were even bothered about the race anymore. He just wanted you.
You part, but only slightly.
"Helmut," you chuckle, "I'm accepting the job offer."
"That didn't take much convincing," he teases.
You roll your eyes and pull him back to you, kissing him again.
Meanwhile, in Stark's locker, your friend was going crazy. She was looking at her phone which was blowing up with images of you and Zemo kissing.
Today was suppose to be the day she could proudly go public about her and Stark, but even that had been stolen from them.
Tony looked at her from across the room.
"Let me tell you something interesting," he said, not all sounding affected by his loss today.
She goes over to hear what he has to say.
@ajeff855 @moonstuffsteve @sky-writes-stuff @lieutenantn @lostghostgirl94 @friday18eo @yaskna @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @gingerwriter97 @lunamooney2406 @wilder-fangirl @nectav @whovianayesha @thesuitkovian @cathrin2405 @deathtothepatriarchy @belle82devart @dxrksxul06 @killeromanoff @alex-the-nb @latenightartist-author @hb8301 @goddessofmischief03 @xxidontwikeitxx @themeanestlittlewitch @scuttle-buttle
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superdogbiter · 2 hours ago
Sam:”You know it takes 3 sheep to make a sweater”
Bucky:”I didn’t even know sheep could knit”
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bisexual-etherian · 2 hours ago
torres: i told bucky his ears flush when he lies
sam: why ?
torres: look
torres: hey bucky! do you love us ??
bucky covering his ears: no
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