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#the world will never know
vydeseny · 7 hours ago
100% shukita mutual lol
A legacy that I can truly live with ❤️❤️
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shantyman · 9 hours ago
death and abuse in the tags
#yeah. my nana is gonna die soon and i had been thinking about calling her for *months* and never did#because i never. showed her my transition she never saw me post-op she has. no idea who i am#she's gonna die before ever really meeting me and i am never going to get her to see me and i was. selfish?#to just be so consumed with fear that anything i told her would just make its way back to my old man#because it's been no-contact for maybe like#four years now? coming up on five in october i think. and for good reason. and i can't. see him. y'know. like i can't.#and going to hospice going to a service going anywhere he might be is dangerous. i have almost no family because of hiding from him.#and that is usually. fine. i guess. because i hate most of them anyway they're just as cruel and disgusting but.#i love my uncle joe? i love my sister? and i do love my nana. even if she's hurt me so much too.#i want to at least. see her or pay some respects when i can but i don't know *when* i can because of this hurdle.#i can't go to a service. i am literally unable now to go to my own grandmother's funeral service. because her son decided to [redacted] me#how is. how is that fair how is that like. okay. on any level how is it okay that he gets to keep his family and i am excised from it#the same way his first victim was excommunicated and we were all fed lies about why that was.#it's a violent sickening cycle and i should not be losing so much for the simple crime of being. born. being hurt. scared. sick.#it's complete bullshit and he should be dying honestly. he should be dead for everything he's done.#not that nana isn't just Ready. she is. it's been a long time coming she's 85 she's ready.#but the last few years didn't have to be so fraught with tension and anger and running in circles. i could have just had a grandmother.#in a better world i'd be able to say goodbye like any ordinary grandson. and she would know me as her grandson and it'd be okay.#i was going to write a poem about this a few months ago. something about how she'll never see that i'm a better man than her son.#and the best part is i'm only somewhat a man. but i still have him beat. and. no one will ever see it. i do not exist.#a.txt
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gendercontrarian · a day ago
i wonder if people find the idea of being cosmically insignificant disturbing because, they feel like their perception and their world is in fact the whole universe. so, if you realise you dont matter in the grand scheme, that feels terrible, because they think they have any reason to actually be concerned about the grand scheme. we are small! your life and world is small too! it scales down, it matters!
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hisoillusandwich · a day ago
mae im about to start playing genshin,,, is this a decision I will regret
asking bc you seem experienced
i’m legit so low level i don’t know anything lmfaooo (ar 35 like a scrub) i’m just a whore
as long as you are good at not spending money on gacha you’ll be fine tho, it’s actually very fun and i was surprised by how good the game looks on mobile
it did take up like a whole weekend when i first started tho smh
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agapesolis · 2 days ago
lately I've been trying to make sense of the fact that communism centers capitalism in the sense that it is the antithesis to it, and how if an active effort to include the multitudes of cultures and people's isnt made you end up with a white washed "non hierarchical" world that doesn't really take white supremacy's role in capitalism into account. like obviously we wouldn't be able to achieve the end of capitalism without dismantling white supremacy with it since they are intrinsic to each other, however a society that is imagined as a post capitalist Utopia is kind of not interesting to me because again, capitalism is a product of European standards taking over the whole world, something other groups of people really don't have anything to do with if it's not being forced upon them. So what are those societies like? American indigenous ones, African indigenous ones, East Asian indigenous ones? Like no offense but I don't want a Moscow circa ssr looking post capitalist society I wanna see the life in locations that weren't ever meant to be eurocentric would look like if they were free.
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unnamedelement · 3 days ago
Part 3: This Elf and This Dwarf *Might* Be Gay
Let’s sail into the West together—no homo! (LesbiReal, tho, they are—in the most conservative interpretation of the facts—at least enjoying a QPR or an exceptionally romantic friendship.)
they’re in love, your honor
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junisfics · 3 days ago
good morning !!!
eren likes when you wear his sweatshirts while you ride him, if feeds his possessive nature so well. he especially loves to hold up the hem of it so he can watch the way his cock disappears inside you every time you sink back down onto him.
*bonus points if you're wearing lacy panties and he was just so desperate that he just pulled them aside and filled you up
*bonus points if you help him hold the sweatshirt out of his way and pull the hem up past ur tits
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sunnysviolin · 4 days ago
said you wanted some happy ideas soo
my friend thought of a lil idea of basil maybe starting a garden with sunny and kel!
basil could teach em about plants and then kel and sunny just plant a bunch of flowers symbolizing love as basil just sits there red-faced
the flower planting love war begins
Hello dear nonnie! Thanks for the ask!! I got a bunch of cute stuff from you guys since yesterday, and it makes me so happy!! I love this so much, and I’m actually going to make it a continuation of Flowers or Consequences, because honestly? That’s one of my favorite headcanons that I’ve done. @mr-random-artist made me cute art for it, and I just love it so much. So! Here’s part two 
Basil loves his friends. He loves his friends so very much...but they’re weirdos. The first time he sees Sunny and Kel trying to snack on his rhododendron plants, he suitably freaks out at them. They think he’s upset about the fact that they’re eating flowers, but he’s more upset at the fact that its rhododendrons. Which are poison
“Those are toxic. You know those are toxic right. Please tell me you know they’re toxic.” “Uncomfortable silence from Kel and Sunny” “How many of these have you eaten??”
Basil had (thankfully) caught them before they had eaten any rhododendrons, but then he learns that this is in fact not a new thing, but something they’ve been doing together for y e a r s. 
Now see here’s the thing. Basil might not have caught them mid-game, but he absolutely saw the aftermath all throughout their childhood. He would see a random petal plucked from a fresh tulip, an entire bloom gone from a rose bush, and he would never know what went wrong. It used to keep him up at night as a child thinking about his poor flowers and how some of them ended up petal-less. 
The natural most logical conclusion his seven year old mind came up with was fairies. 
His grandmother used to tell him stories about the fae and the fair folk. She would sit on the couch and crochet blankets and weave tales for him about the nimble little fae that would hop onto tree branches and steal away little children who didn’t lock their windows. They were just stories she was passing down from her own grandmother, but Basil treated each word as law. 
Even in his teen years he still will not walk through circles of stones or mushrooms, and he still continues to go by Basil even though that isn’t his actual name. He isn’t even sure that his friends know his birth name is not Basil. 
But as a child when he saw the flowers his friends had destroyed in their game, he had thought it was the fae teaching him a lesson. Basil used to leave out thimbles of milk, try to bribe them with gifts and apologies and all along the fair folk that were terrorizing him was his two best friends and the world’s stupidest game. 
After reminding them that there were definitely plants they defintiely should not consume in his garden and giving them both a piece of his mind about the near constant anxiety he had as a child finding the marred flowers, he had to laugh at how ridiculous it all was. 
Kel and Sunny were semi apologetic (It was hard to feel bad when Basil was kneeling on the ground howling in laughter) and they both agreed to make it up to Basil in whatever way he wanted. 
It turned out Basil wanted free manual labor. He had an idea for a raised flowerbed section in the back of his garden, but he didn’t have the strength to build it himself. 
Kel practically tripped over the opportunity, and he immediately began to make plans for how best to design a stepped bed next to the low stone wall in the back. As Kel bounded towards the area and began to ramble about wood sizes and mulch, Sunny leaned against Basil in a silent apology. 
Basil felt his heart start to race and a heavy blush settled on his cheeks. He wasn’t actually mad, and he certainly didn’t need help to build his garden further, but the thought of having the two of them around indefinitely to be there with him was certainly worth the price of a few flowers. 
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mean-gemini · 4 days ago
Ok, hear me out ... I think the Billie eilish thing might be more complicated than some radfems are making it out to be. First of all I wanna make it very clear that I do think it’s awful that she felt the need to jump on the hypersexuality bandwagon, I’m not by any means saying that I think it was an empowering choice or any libfem bs like that, but I do wonder if maybe her really intentionally wearing big, baggy clothes all the time before this wasn’t really a free choice either. I don’t know much about her and honestly didn’t care much until this, so I’m just going based on what I’ve been reading about her today, but it seems very clear that the main reason she dressed the way she did before was to avoid the male gaze, which is obviously understandable but is also not what I would consider a free choice. If the only reason you’re wearing something is because you don’t want men to sexualize you, is that any more of a free choice than wearing something for male approval? I’m just thinking about it as it relates to my own experience with revealing clothes vs. “modest” clothes or whatever you wanna call them. I live somewhere where we have really long, really hot summers, and honestly the most comfortable clothes to wear during those months are revealing clothes. I would love to wear short shorts and tank tops and sundresses that barely cover anything. That’s genuinely what is most comfortable and practical for that weather. But I usually don’t because I feel uncomfortable with the male attention that wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes brings. In a world without men I would almost certainly wear rly revealing clothes a lot of the time just bc they’re more comfortable in many situations. So part of me kind of wonders if she has maybe experienced similar feelings... like maybe the baggy clothes were not what she liked and felt most comfortable in. Maybe she is just sick of putting so much energy into avoiding the male gaze and wants to be able to wear whatever feels most comfortable. I think what’s problematic is that she felt the need to go all the way to the other extreme and hypersexualize herself instead. I feel like that’s the biggest problem here; your 2 options as a woman, especially a woman in the public eye, are to either embrace the male gaze and hypersexualise yourself/allow yourself to be hypersexualised, or make a very deliberate point to hide from the male gaze at all times even if it means restricting yourself and not wearing/doing things that you like and that may be more physically comfortable. You can’t just exist in the middle. The only way to avoid being sexualized by men is to hide yourself (and even that doesn’t entirely stop them) and I feel like that is the biggest problem with all of this. It’s a lose lose. Women can’t just be themselves with men around. You’re either on display or you’re hidden. Again this isn’t a defense of this photo shoot or the way people are praising it and talking about it as if it’s empowering. I entirely disagree with that. But I do think we also need to talk about how she probably was genuinely fed up with feeling like she always had to cover herself just to avoid male attention. I can see how a young woman might be tired of feeling the need to hide her body and, having probably not been exposed to any feminism aside from liberal feminism, might think that embracing objectification and sexualization is an empowering alternative to that. It probably does feel empowering at first to be comfortable showing some skin after hiding your body for so long. I know at the end of the day this shoot/changing her whole look probably wasn’t rly her choice at all it was probably all her managers etc but if it was her choice, I feel like I can kind of understand the mindset behind it and I think it may be more complicated than just the usual hypersexualization of female celebrities.
#sorry if this is incoherent I was abt to go to bed and then had this thought#idk I feel like I still didn’t really get the idea across in the right way#also again I do not know much about her at all so I could be wildly misunderstanding this whole situation#I just feel like a lot of this discussion is missing a piece#and that piece is just that maybe her baggy clothes thing also didn’t feel like a free choice#I’ve been there myself tho so maybe I’m projecting who knows#I also think sometimes radfems act like revealing clothes are Always bad and always a sign that ur like submitting to the patriarchy and I’m#kinda like some of y’all have never lived in hot climates and it shows#but also she obviously wasn’t just wearing normal revealing clothes in that shoot she was like wearing lingerie it was obviously#intentionally sexualized and objectifying#anyway idk feel free to let me know ur thoughts#it just makes me think abt hijab/burqa debates u kno women will be like ‘it keeps men from sexualization me’ and I’m like hm don’t u think#it’s fucked up that like we live in a world where those are the lengths u feel u have to go to in order to not be sexualized. is that really#a choice?#saying that covering up is empowering seems just as shallow and oversimplified as saying that wearing revealing clothes is empowering#I think the only thing that’s truly empowering is wearing whatever tf is most comfortable and practices for where u are and what ur doing#which is sometimes big baggy clothes and sometimes next to nothing#and usually something in between
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lithuanianblood · 5 days ago
weird not having friends. just aquintances some of which you converse more often than with others. like, never is it deep, never is it mutual or loving. its just weather and clothes and emptily complimenting shoes. i dont have anyone to vent to, anyone to ask advice from, anyone to show art to and feel warm feom words. i havent anyone to secretly imagine in 'me and who' lovecores. I receive cyberbullying daily on three fucking platforms almost daily without ability to block it. and irl its not better,i hang out out of nescesity of being social and parting my lips for voice. those people are insensitiveand make me feel bad whenever we meet, and yet i stick with them because i have nobody else. nobody else. online, offline,i never had fucking friends just aquintances, and anyone to who i felt i connected turned out to hate me, ghost me, get mad at me.
and its always this promise: once youre out of school youll meet people. if you go to clubs or activities youll meet people. if you put yourself out there youll meet people. in real life you only have very few friends. people who have many friends and hang in groups are either with them from birth or are there just to not be alone not lonely. blah blah blah blah humane condition blah i wish my schoolmates stopped sending me links to blue whale chalenges and that i had someone to ask advice from
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badcreepies · 5 days ago
sometimes it’s like i need to be so perfect all of the time i constantly policy what i’m saying and change it to be little tiny lies so that i put forward the image of myself i need people to see and i mean yeah that’s not good for general life but the fact i do it with everything because i can’t be bad i can’t have done something wrong so i lied to the dentist about how long my tooth has been bad like what the fuck do you gain from that and the fact i spent my time in therapy helpfully skirting around stuff that didn’t project the image i wanted of myself to my THERAPIST like dude grow up please no wonder you’re so incapable of being vulnerable it’s so ingrained into my behaviour i don’t know how to unlearn it because i do it without even thinking anymore
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bericlain · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Earl Grey must be over 90 in sim years but still manages to be able to carry toddlers with no problem and zoom them around effortlessly.
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