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#the world is honestly full of good people
fatfemmemagic · 4 days ago
I went to therapy, got some new loose-leaf tea (and a cute little container to hold it!!), Got some candy at the candy store in town (where one of my friends works and I've missed her a LOT), and then went to the local bakery and got a couple loaves of bread (and the nice person behind the counter- who I'm sure is in the LGBTQ+ community bc sometimes you can just tell- gave me a free cookie bc they thought I needed it after my long week since I mentioned it had been a rough week).
I just... Wow. I needed a day like this to remind me that most people are good. Anyway my current favorite song is "Way Less Sad" by AJR bc that's a mood lately 💖
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floralbfs · 12 days ago
hey i jus wanna tell y'all that finding the right therapist for u is A Process but when you do find them everything is so much easier. they care so much about you and genuinely want to help you and make you feel listened to and cared for and safe and idk i feel loved
#today i had therapy for the first time in sooooo long!!!!! aaaa ive missed my therapist#literally i feel so good & happy rn like more than ive had for a while nsbdnsbdnd she always makes me feel so much better 🥺 she rly cares#about me so much and when i tell her things she actually cares so much and she feels for me and like yeah she helps me w fixing it like#thats kinda her job sjdjsj but she genuinely cares and tries to find the best solution for me wrt how i feel and what i can actually do and#what i feel comfortable with etc and if she sees i can't really fix something fully myself and she can help she tries her hardest to help#like that time that my arm ended up full of giant bruises and she talked to my mom and my sister and stuff and like honestly just seeing her#care abt it so much and get angry abt them hurting me and trying to help me just. helped me so much lmao i rly needed someone to care abt me#and just🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭 i rly love her so much djfjjdbd shes such a good therapist and such a good person and going with her for help#rly changed everything for me for the better sjdbsndbns i got so much better abt not only like my depression but also like my situation with#my family and school and the world in general??? i feel like im a better person both towards other people and to myself and i can stand up#for myself more and i literally was able to change like. my whole ass worldview lmao???#ive literally gotten so much better since i started therapy with her and i just think that <3#also she makes me laugh so much and she understands me so well and just🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭#i had so much to talk abt today but we only talked abt like. my family situation lmaoooo i complained abt. Everything™ and she was so#passionate abt it lmao she was like 👁️👄👁️ WHAT abt like everything i said and she was like “girl why r u like this😭😭 i can't believe u#bear this much please let's try to fix it :((” and then at one point icr what she asked me but i had to explain myself or something but i#didnt know what to say so i was like “UHHH well uh i mean uhhh that's... uh... yeah... well....” and suddenly she was like “omg i love u ive#missed u so much! believe it or not ive missed ur uhhh well uhhh and stuff🥺” and literally i always feel so self conscious abt my#stuttering when im unsure but she made me feel so happy abt it like idk i felt like it was something good?? at least something not bad????#idk i felt Loved with a capital L skbdnsbddb your honor i love my therapist sm#also i havent come out to her abt my transed gender (she knows abt gay) and i wannaaaaaaaaa but idk im coward skdjskdbnsbd and i Know she'd#be cool abt it like she's super cool and shes always protected me abt my sexuality and stuff and also she has another trans patient (i only#know bc i met her once icr how it came up sjfjsjdb) and idk she was rly good abt it??? im just Fear lmao#anyways sorry for the oversharing sjhdjsbdjs <3#also just know if you're having a hard time: it Will get better. please look for help and know that bad things don't last forever!! i love u#things will work out and things will get better and you will be happy again#honey talk#ask to tag
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