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#the way the cheeks light up! very important
klance-fics · 26 minutes ago
college/university aus:
if the silence was a song
“It’s … Your show is on so late at night,” Keith tries to explain, as if Lance didn’t know this already. “I guess I was just wondering why that is.”
A crackling silence answers him, and Keith’s stomach sinks. Did Lance hang up? Keith can’t exactly blame him.
But then he hears Lance make a noise––a short huff of breath that might have been either an impatient sigh or a quiet laugh … Keith has no clue.
“That’s the reason you’re calling? To complain about my time slot?”
or, Keith starts anonymously calling Lance's college radio show and develops an unexpected crush.
it grows stronger
College campuses are a cesspool of awkward encounters. Some more unnerving than others, as Lance comes to find. He thinks it's important to note that in all those instances, Keith is there to witness them. Actually, that's unfair. Admittedly Keith happens be useful in getting him out of those situations. Affection, as it goes, grows stronger when you're constantly being "saved" by a protective rival – but mostly friend at this point.
Or 5 times Keith helped Lance out of a situation and the 1 time Lance tried to pay back the saves.
thread our way through a string of stars
Lance is a humble astrophysics student trying to conduct research, which turns out to be a bit difficult to do when he finds a strange guy sitting in his customary research spot. A strange guy looking for aliens, no less.
Lance isn't going to stand for this.
you should date me
“I can read you, Keith Kogane. You’re tired and maybe a little sad, and this mask will lift your spirits, heal your aura, align your chakras. Trust me.”
“I chrusht myou,” Keith says through his fish lips, Lance's hands warm against his squished cheeks, his heart pounding ridiculously in his chest.
Dewey Despicable
"To the toddler who left coffee stains all over the ancient myth books – have you ever heard of these fantastic things called lids? You can put them on all sorts of things; cups, Tupperware, a coffin. Which is exactly what I’ll be shutting you in if you desecrate my thesis paper’s primary sources again."
when the lights go out
Date and a Fifth: a type of party in which everyone must come with a date and a 750 ML bottle of hard alcohol (fifth). However, you must stay zip tied to your date until the two of you finish the entire bottle together.
(In which Lance needs a date, Keith needs cash, and maybe they fall in love along the way.)
Very Gay a.k.a Keith Kogane
“Can I get a name?”
“Oh, uh, yeah, I’m - “ Keith pauses, if only for a moment, because he could not only get drunk over the voice that barista is graced with, but also in those eyes. Those cheekbones, lips, eyelashes. That skin, hair, nose. And woah, just woah.
Don’t fuck this up, Brain.
“I’m - uh, I’m gay.”
You’re an asshole, Brain.
[Or based on the prompt that Keith is too gay to function and he's at the mercy of a cute Cuban boy with bright blue eyes behind the counter.]
Blade of Ducklings
“Hey, babe?”
Keith hums, eyes never leaving his phone as he leans forward for his greeting kiss, something Lance provides without hesitation.
“Are you aware there’s a baby duck on your head?” Lance asks as he pulls away from his boyfriend’s cheek to stare at the small duckling on Keith’s hair, snuggled up and quacking softly.
“Yeah, turns out I have a son now.”
“Cool. Does he have a name?”
“I don’t even know why I ask.”
[The one where Keith adopts a duckling my accident and comes to realization that letting your child fly away is the hardest part of being a parent.]
unmixed signals
Lance honked his horn. “Keith, get your bitch ass in my car before I run you over.”
“Sorry my dad taught me not to enter strangers’ cars.”
“You’re gonna get sick standing out here just get in.”
Keith cupped his hands around his mouth. “HELP!” he yelled. “I don’t know this man! He’s trying to kidnap me!”
In which a rainy Sunday morning brings with it some wet groceries, a valiant rescue, and some much needed romantic clarity.
Inspired by a post on Tumblr!
Lance is the only one listening to the current presentation, and oh boy is it something to listen to. The kid has been rambling on about aliens for ten minutes and he is trying so hard not to laugh. So hard. Turns out the kid didn't even think Lance was paying attention, so when he finds out Lance was he books it. Like, as fast it takes Lance to turn his head, that kid was gone.
Keith wants to die. The Hot Guy in his bio class was actually listening to him talk about aliens. That's it. He's done. Kill him now.
Poor Shiro is just trying to keep his little brother sane.
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coolcattime · 22 hours ago
A Protective Streak [Mianite Oneshot]
Relationships: Lady Ianite/Captain Capsize
Characters: Lady Ianite, Captain Capsize, Guardian Furia
Additional Tags: Demon!Ianite, Fallen Angel!Capsize, Threats of Violence
A03 Link
Based on this prompt!!
I relax as I settle into the embrace, Capsize’s head warm against my neck as some of her hair falls in front of my face. She lays on top of me, breathing softly. I know she’s fallen asleep, despite her protesting that she wouldn’t earlier, but I can’t be annoyed at her given how peaceful she seems. Her wings are draped over us, her feathers soft as ever. She shifts, making a quiet noise while loosely wrapping her arms around me. A small smile grows on my face. What did I do to deserve her? I wonder that so often, though she’ll always assure me that she could never understand that idea, that she loves me. I know what she means when she says that, as it’s how I feel about her, but it still confuses me. How did I end up so enamoured by an angel?
I brush her hair out of my face, watching the dying light of the sunset dance across the strands. I’ll have to move soon, I have a meeting with one of my brother’s new lackeys, but I don’t really want to. Technically I don’t need to do anything I don’t want to. I could make them meet me in here like this and they’d be in no position to argue with me, but I’d rather not allow them to stay near Capsize for too long. Though I trust Dianite himself not to harm her, I don’t trust those in his employ, especially not those who are recent additions. Too many of them get the idea that they can use people close to me as blackmail to have a meeting with her in such a vulnerable state. The state she was in when I first met her is enough to tell me just how fragile she is, with the permanent damage to her wing being an ever-present reminder. Now that she’s under my protection, I won’t allow anything like that to happen to her again, I promised her that much.
I move slowly, gently moving her to be laying on the sofa rather than on me. She thankfully doesn’t wake, her wings wrapping tighter around herself as she quietly whines. It’s almost enough to make me regret moving, but this is the best way to keep her safe. No one should come into this room, seeing that it’s part of my private living space. I place a kiss on her cheek, smiling as her face relaxes. I know it’s just because she’s dreaming but I still can’t help but smile. I don’t quiet understand dreams, they aren’t something I have myself, but when hers seem pleasant I see no reason to get rid of them.
I walk away from her, knowing there’s still something I need to do before the meeting can start. I don’t want to appear a bad host after all. I doubt the meeting will last very long but I should still make tea, I’ve always found drinks important to having a nice meeting. If the person I meet with happens to not like my choice in drink, then, well at least they can’t say I didn’t make an effort. As I prepare the drink, I allow my mind to wander, thinking about my angel. It’s been nearly a year since I met her, since I found her frightened and injured. She didn’t trust me back then and I can’t exactly blame her, being found at your most vulnerable by someone you’ve been taught is your enemy must be a terrible experience. The state I found her in though, I couldn’t just leave her. She never did explain why she was hurt, though I’ve figured out that she was likely captured at some point after falling. The problem being that fallen angels have no memories prior to falling and hazy for sometime afterwards. It means it’s likely her first clear memories are those during her imprisonment. As much as I’d like to hunt those who hurt her and give them a taste of the pain, they inflicted on her, I understand her reluctant to recall what she went through.
I hear a door swing open signalling the arrival of my visitor, just as the water comes to a boil. They’re early. Perhaps my brother has finally begun hiring professionals, though I sincerely doubt that idea. It’s more likely they have arrived early to gain the ability to snoop around, something I’m very against them doing. I don’t want them to have free reign wandering around for too long, especially as I hear more footsteps and doors opening getting slowly less distant. I quickly pour the water into the teapot, placing it gently onto the tray along with a couple of teacups. Time to find my guest, hopefully before the tea goes cold.
I step quietly out the kitchen, expecting to just walk through the living room where I left Capsize on my way to the business part of my home, where I expect the visitor to be. However, I instead completely tense as I see the unknown visitor in the room, touching Capsize’s wings. Who does this man think he is? Some human thinks he can walk in here and touch my partner? I clear my throat, causing him to look up and quickly retreat a few steps back when he sees me. Luckily for him, he hasn’t disturbed her sleep or injured her as, if he had, he wouldn’t be walking out of here in one piece, even if he was sent by my brother. Despite my immediate distaste for the man in front of me, I force myself to smile. I should try to keep this pleasant, even if just to keep the peace with my brother.
“You appear to be lost. Would you like to come with me to my office?” I say, attempting to keep a sweetness to my voice despite my desire to tear this man apart. Already, I can’t wait for him to be gone. I often find myself feeling this way about my brother’s underlings, though typically not this quickly. More annoyingly, I know whatever he’s brought from my brother isn’t going to be important, meaning he could have had someone far less presumptuous and nosy who could have delivered it. He walks slightly ahead of me, seeming feeling no shame for his actions as he strides forwards with pride. I wonder if he knows the sort of people, he’s gotten himself involved with or if he thinks himself the most powerful person in the room.
When we arrive in front of my office, he opens the door for me, his gaze fixed on me as I place the tray on my desk and take my seat behind it. He is analysis me, like I was doing to him, but I don’t care. There is nothing important a human can discover about me if I do not desire them to know it. As I pour some tea into both of the cups, he shuffles into his seat. I take my cup, setting it in front of me. I wait for him to take his own cup, frowning as he doesn’t, but I suppose I should get this started.
“I believe Dianite gave you something for me,” I say, keeping my face neutral. He hands over an envelope to me which I recognise as the typical kind Dianite will use. I take it from him, plucking the letter opener from my desk, and slicing across the top of the paper. Removing the letter, I smooth it out, reading over my brother’s words written in crimson ink. It’s an update letter, mostly about the progress of my champion and his own on their current mission, though it also contains an introduction for the man in front of me. Furia, a human with some powers of pyromancy, nothing too impressive, but my brother has an interest in fire. It’s as I’m reading through the words about him that the man finally speaks.
“That is an interesting possession you have. It’s been so long since I’ve seen an angel in such good condition,” He says, a grin on his face that makes my skin crawl. I have to force myself to hold back a growl. How dare he talk as if she isn’t even a person. He isn’t even ignorant of what she is as many other idiot humans have been. I wonder what I’ll have to owe my brother when I teach this one a lesson in decency. I place the letter down on the table, fixing my gaze onto the man in front of me. He doesn’t show any sign of nerves, show any fear that I may not like the words he is saying. He leads forward towards me, not realising the thin line he’s treading. “The old gang I ran with had a couple, I used to be the one who made sure they behaved. I could do that for you if you like.”
“You won’t do anything of the sort. In fact, if you dare to harm a hair on her head… Well, you won’t like the consequences,” I say, taking a sip of my tea to attempt to hide my rage. There’s no need to act angry, he has no power over me, and he’ll never get the opportunity to harm Capsize. He will be far easier to deal with than some of the people I’ve faced in the past. He doesn’t even know what I’m capable of.
“What happens if I do? I might even take the thing when you aren’t looking,” He laughs, baring his teeth in a snarl. He truly thinks he is the most powerful person here. I laugh in response, and already I see a flicker of doubt rush across his face. Oh, how easy it is to intimidate the confidence out of humans. I can see his desperation to hide his fear, not realising how I can taste it radiating off him.
I set my teacup down in front of me then widen my smile. My lips part barely enough for him to see my teeth, but it is enough. Enough for him to see their unglamoured form, far too sharp for any human to possess. He recoils, nearly falling to the ground before I take a tight grip on his wrist.
“Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.”
“What—what are you?!” He manages to get out, stumbling over his words and attempting to escape from my grip. I only tighten my fingers around his wrist, digging my nails in, and smile even wider. It takes a good amount of resistance to not crush his bones in my grip, as that would provide me nothing. Even despite my current lack of actions, I can feel the fear radiating off him, can taste it giving me strength. He didn’t even concern the idea that he might be dealing with people more powerful than himself. He was happy to laugh at the idea of harming Capsize. Now he’s on the end of fear and pain and I have to admit there’s a certain pleasure to knowing that.
“It doesn’t matter what I am. What matter is what you’re going to do after you leave here,” I say, beginning to form a curse mark on him. It’s been a while since I’ve done so, mostly as I don’t typically deal with nuisances anymore, however, it’s just as simple as I remember. I see him flinch, which I’m sure is due to pain being inflicted upon him. It’s the least he deserves. “When you leave here, you will go back to my brother and tell him what you offered and threatened to do to my angel. Then you’ll tell him anything of the sort you’ve done to angels in the past and the details of the people who did so with you.”
“Why in the hell would I do that?”
“Oh, you don’t get a choice in the matter,” I say, unable to wipe the smile of my face as I let go of his wrist. He looks down in horror at the curse mark that sits clearly on his skin. I shouldn’t feel so proud of myself. I know it’s petty but if there’s half a chance that he was apart of the group that harmed Capsize then I need to make sure he’s punished. I’m sure Dianite will investigate thoroughly, he’s been itching for me to owe him a favour. I allow the bastard to sit in silence for a few moments longer before smiling sweetly. “Now, get out of my sight.”
He scrambles away from me, running out of the room. I’m sure he’ll try to escape his destiny I’ve placed upon him but that isn’t how curses work. I could have made it far worse but Capsize would hate that if she found out. She isn’t the peaceful stereotype of an angel, but she still isn’t a fan of excessive suffering, especially if I’m the one inflicting it. I hope nothing will come of this, mostly so I won’t have to tell her what he offered to do to her, won’t have to drag up unpleasant memories. She’s strong enough to be able to but I’m not sure if I am. One day I’ll find out what happened to her. Why she fell, the memories she lost, and what the bastards who found her afterwards did to her. I’ll find out on day, when she’s ready to face it all, and I’ll bring hell on all those who dared to hurt her.
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classicshouto · 2 days ago
lia's braindump: i've been thinking about this since i started liking levi and i only remembered to write it now! little eureka moment. the tenses here are pretty wonky i'm not very good at making them consistent >< anyway levi best boy!
when levi started dating you, he was unsure of how to do things as a partner. he knew well enough not to pretend like he was someone else; that was the whole reason you fell for him, anyway.
still, he cares deeply about you and he doesn't trust himself to not fuck up by not doing anything, so he tried something.
the something in question? a little pocketbook he now keeps in one of the lower drawers in his office, and it's just full of stuff about you he wants to remember:
y/n is really groggy in the morning, it wakes them up when the room is bright.
y/n tends to like soup more than bread. (they give their leftover bread to sasha.. the brat doesn't need more but they like seeing her smile so i'll give it to them)
y/n appreciates it when hange asks them about their day. (i should try this.)
y/n's favorite tea is mint. they buy their tea leaves on a corner stall from an old lady who always has fruit on one of her baskets.
they enjoy sitting on the flower field right beside the riverbank.
they prefer wiping more whenever they're on cleaning duty, because their nose gets irritated when sweeping.
it soon became a habit of his, scribbling random notes after finishing up work for the day. whenever he takes note of things while outside, he mentally reminds himself to write them down as soon as he gets back to his office. he'd settle in his chair, make sure no one was about to knock on his door anytime soon, and start logging little bits of information he deemed important.
at this point, he could rival moblit-- no, hange with his notes, and he's certain he'd be able to talk about you with such enthusiasm just like his friend would about titans. not that he would if anyone asked him to.
Is this getting out of hand? is it too much? he thinks as he flips through pages and pages of little fragments of your personality in a fleeting moment of boredom.
but the way your eyes light up in delight as you ask him "you remembered?" when he makes a subtle comment about one of the things he has on his notebook of your quirks one day tells him that no, it isn't.
he shrugs coolly as if it wasn't a big deal (it was), and he watches you chuckle while your ears flush a light pink. he feels the same heat creep up the apples of his cheeks, struggling to keep a straight face as he breaks a tiny, boyish smile.
levi arrives back in his office after dinner with the corners of his lips curled upward; his desk was occupied by merely a short stack of paperwork due the following week. recalling the little incident with you earlier, he decides he could delay working on it just a bit as he sits on his chair and his hands make a beeline to the lower drawer.
he pulls out his little pocketbook, flips it to the very first page, and starts writing on the top part as if it was a header: y/n likes it when i remember these things.
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The plastic square utensil vibrated in my pocket. It was my agent.
“Lestat, This is your agent Laurent. I would need your signature in able for me to finish the transfer to be completed. Would be possible for you to come to our location?” His voice was a little shaky. Why he was trembling? I didn’t like these calls so much and he knew that.
“You can sign these for me, I gave you the authorization.” I simply replied
He then gave a long list to what would happened if it was not me signing it, so I finally agreed. Not that I wanted to go to have this meetings but that transfer needed to be done.
“You know my schedule. I will meet you there in 1 hour” I replied
“Yes, absolutely, I will be there Sir” he said and seemed like he was already rushing.
“Alright, I will see you then” I hang up
Obviously it will only take me five minutes to get there. Flying. Wondering if I could follow him, Just for fun. So I did. I went straight to where he was. Saw him driving with his car on high speed. I jumped from building to building, I could listen to his heart racing and his eyes back and forth checking the electronic clock on the car dashboard. He was late and I could not but smirk thinking about the way he was feeling becasue he thinks I would be disappointed. I was one of the big customer he had, so he always treated me like so. Very important, always attentive and a secret I knew, he liked me. But all that, tonight, was a game for me. I didn’t care on if I was the biggest customer he had or if he was late. I had all night and I thought this was simply fun.
I landed on a dark alley next to the building and walked towards the main door and awaited for him, leaning against the wall with my arms crossed. Sunglasses over my eyes. Staring at him with no expression on my face. Just staring. He saw me and he rushed even more. How much I wanted to smirk, to hold him by his arms and to tell him I knew and I liked him as well but I held it. I just stared at him with my arms crossed.
“Sorry I am later…traffic…here…lets go it, it only will take a minute” he was rushing to open the door and hold it for me.
All was extremely fun but I continued with my cold appearance. I walked into the massive lobby, marveled floors, so shiny one can see itself reflected on it, huge columns of shiny marble. The elevators at the very end of this giant hall. We could only listen our footsteps and me, as vampire, I could hear his heart and see these small drops of sweat on his forehead and face.
I walked beside him and he pushed the button to the elevator. So ridiculous I was doing all this but again I found it extremely entertaining.
The mirrored square box arrived. I looked at mysef on these clean mirrors when the doors closed. I looked at my wavy hair almost white under the fluorescent light, my dark sunglasses, my pale skin on my cheek and hands but nothing extremely white he could suspect anything. My blue wool coat, black pants and shiny boots. Not bad, Not bad at all. Still looking like a dandy Lestat. And my dear agent beside me. No words came from him but I saw him looking at me a couple times, immediately getting his eyes off me when he thought I was looking at him. I could read his mind so easily, he was so impatient to get to the office and get it all done and nervous I was there. Once again, I felt to let it go and laugh and even have a little drink with him but I didn't move.
Finally we have arrived to the 23rd floor. He held the door for me and I gave him a small node to thank him for that and walked pass him. He walked fast in front of me, so he could get ready his keys and open the door for me. My eyes followed him, his hand trembling. Dear God, I was that scary looking? And poor Laurent , if he knew what I really am, he would just run not desiring to look back at me again. That finally made me smile but I doubt he noticed that slight move on my lips. Too small for a mortal to see.
I walked into the dark office hall. So elegant yet cold at the same time. All in greys and blacks. Dark carpet, dark walls but the lights made it all so perfect combined. He told me to follow him to his office and so I did and gestured me to sit down on that modern cold, ugly black leather chair with steel frame.
I looked at his desk. Papers here and there and a pile of magazines and he finally found the paper I needed to sign. Ah finally! Let’s get it done so I can get out of there.  He pointed me where I needed to sign, not even daring to look at the paperwork. I trusted him enough to sign without reading what I am signing and as soon as I left the pen on the desk. He told me he was going to make some copies so I could keep one and he could keep the original. But something distracted me. Something I saw on his desk. Something that made me feel a dead cold chill down my spine.
I could not but stare at that image and that name. Over and over like if I was hypnotized, shocked, lost, everything in that room dissipated but that name. Alessandro Visconti. Don’t ask me what or why I felt like that. But I did. That name. I just stared at it holding the paper in my hands. Seated on that uncomfortable chair and my eyes just fixed at that signature.
I’ve heard Lauren coming closer and talking to me, saying the copy was made and giving it to me but I really did not care. I continued staring at that signature.
“What is this?” I asked him so cold, direct and with deep voice. Still with my eyes on that signature. He looked down at what I was looking at.
“Oh! It is one of our customers Sir. A music producer. Very good customer of ours as well Sir” he replied standing on the other side of his desk.  The word “music” send me more chills down the spine but I continued so like paralyzed looking at that signature “Have you never heard of him Sir?” he asked me with his most amicable voice “He is very talented producer and composer.”   I felt I needed to leave that place. I needed to feel the air. I needed to go. I was getting upset. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the name, the meaning, the familiar words, the signature.  I looked up at my dear fellow agent eyes and I stood up still holding that paper in my hands. He opened his drawer and grabbed a CD.
“Here, his latest album. I am sure you would enjoy it Sir. Give it a listen. You can keep that copy. He always brings me one when he is in town” I stared at Laurent, feeling like I could start with thousand questions about this music producer, and I did not dare to look into Laurent's mind to find any images of this musician. I did not. I would not. No, thousand times no.
I grabbed the CD and I put it in my inside pocket. Surprisingly big enough it fit. I needed to go, I needed to go out. I could not bear to stay in that room anymore and now my mind could not stop thinking on this.
I thanked Lauren for his services and I left. I walked towards the stairs that lead to the roof top. The hell no, I would not take the artificial mirrored box to lift me up or down when I could just fly anywhere I wanted.
I reached the top floor and I unlocked the door with the mind gift. Finally the black sky, the stars, the air, crisp. The night surrounding me. I walked slowly on that roof top, just listening to the city down below me, cars, people, minds… but I could not stop thinking of that name.
I went to the edge of that tall building and I stood there and looked down. People walking on the side walk, cars, street lights changing colors, the shops still open. All alive, the Savage Garden alive and unaware that a monster was looking at them from this tall glass building. And suddenly, I lifted and I went up and up to the stars.
I flew for a long time, with no direction and when I ended up bored of that, I just went home. I was glad no one, no other immortals where around because I did not want to talk to anyone. I needed to be alone. The balcony to my chamber was open, as always, my easy way to get in and out. So I landed there and went in.
The room was warm due to the fireplace. I walked towards my bed and laid there looking at the damask ceiling. The golds and reds. And I remembered again about the name and the CD I was still keeping inside my jacket. I took it off and I looked at it. The cover had man hands on dark background, what it seemed to be wearing damask clothes or rich reds and blacks colors on a thick jacket and a silver ring. A ring that looked like claw engraved with fine lines. So very similar to one I owned 200 years ago and long lost during these nights where I almost perished in hands of my beloved vampire child Claudia. I opened the plastic lid and looked at the shiny CD, seeing my reflection on it but my eyes caught his name again.
After a few moments just looking at the insert picture, I finally stood and went to the shelves where I had a modern audio system. I inserted the CD. The music suddenly started. Classical yet contemporary. One perfectly could hear every instrument on that song. So clear, so perfect. I laid down again and closed my eyes, my hands behind my nape. One song after another I listened with a blank mind. But one song awoke me. It was just a violin. I opened my eyes abruptly.
God knows how many times I have listened someone to play a violin, how many concerts I have assisted but this song, This violin. This…was not what I have usually listened to  before but just once. Once so many years ago. Once from someone I have trusted and loved. Once…long long ago. My mind was racing on thoughts and images. I was insane? How could I even think of that? It was a door closed even I still had it all present in my mind. How could I ever think of a possibility? No, can not, No is not. Lestat are you insane?!. Yet a small part of me was torn, hurt, sad, and mad remembering it all.
I grabbed my jacket and I left the room, flying again. I left with the song playing and even I was far away I could still hear it. I felt the cold air on my face and that helped me to feel sane and think clear. But I could not stop now with questions.
Why? Who is this musician? How it’s possible?.....where are you? I asked with no sounds just for me flying around until the sun was almost out.
Returning to my chambers, the music thankfully was done. I could not bare listen to it again. I closed the double thick velvet curtains. And I laid on my bed under the covers. Enough of this, dreams take me to where I can’t think if this anymore. Bring me to a safe place.... and so I felt how the sun was out and my body was more and more limp until there was no more thinking but dreaming...
Tumblr media
@monsieur-nicolas-de-lenfent //You have inspired me once again and I wrote this. Could be an epic re encounter or could be just left as it is. Thank you always for inspiring me.
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decepti-thots · 3 days ago
For that ficlet idea, could you do Rodimus and Ultra Magnus fluff?
This takes place in the post-LL #25 “good” alternate universe, and is about the Lost Light arc based on Mederi. (Bonus meta.)
“Why did you come back, anyway?” Rodimus asked.
“What?” Magnus said, nonplussed. The question was too imprecise to know what, exactly, he was supposed to say. Rodimus was bent over his desk as he asked, not looking up. No help whatsoever. He had that knife of his out, scoring lines over and over, setting Magnus’ teeth on edge. When no elaboration proved forthcoming, Magnus cleared his throat. Rodimus still didn’t look up.
“Explain,” Magnus said, trying his best to sound like it was a question and not a demand. He was trying.
“Y’know,” Rodimus said, still focused away from Magnus, apparently intent on destroying his desk and nothing else. “On Mederi. You came back. Why?”
“I told you,” Magnus said, confused. Rodimus was often scatterbrained; frequently inattentive. But he had not seemed unaware at the time. “I said, I remember-”
“-you thought I’d get into trouble, yeah,” Rodimus said, finally looking up. His eyes were narrowed. It was always an unexpected pleasure to see Rodimus devote his undivided attention to something important, even if Magnus wasn’t entirely sure why he might have picked this, months after the fact. A whole universe away. “But really, though, why?”
Magnus felt himself blink twice, thrice, his mouth pulling into a frown. He was trying to do that less these days, but he couldn’t think what else to do with himself. “That’s… why,” he said. “I told you?"
It hadn’t been intended as a question. The entire thing was self evident; he had, indeed, said as much at the time. It came out unsure regardless. He wished, suddenly, he were better at giving Rodimus what he wanted. He would like that, Magnus thought. To be able to give straightforwardly. To see Rodimus glad to be given it.
Between one blink and another, Rodimus was suddenly in front of him, over the desk that had been between them and looking at him intently enough to make him wish he could take a step back. He’d clambered over it clumsily enough to spill the scant few things on it. Magnus was surprised by how well the intensity of his stare distracted him from that, close by now. Barely a foot away.
“That’s it?” Rodimus said, “Just that? Everything you ever wanted, and- just that?”
“Yes,” Magnus said, truthful as he tried to be in all things. He didn’t have anything more to offer. Just that, as Rodimus said. He had thought about Mederi many times in the past few months, the unwilling revelation of what he wanted. The way thinking about how easy it had been to make him feel content was an uneasy realisation, surprisingly difficult to stomach.
He had not, at any point, thought of how just easy it had been to turn around in the moment and ignore all that to go make sure Rodimus didn’t decide blowing something up was a good idea. Until now. He was thinking about it now. It had been… very simple, at the time. Even simpler than the alternative, designed to be as appealing and end-of-the-road as possible. In retrospect, Rodimus’ questioning seemed shockingly sensible. He had no better answer than his original one, even so.
Rodimus looked at him for a long moment in which Magnus carefully tried not to think about the way saying “yes” aloud made it easier to read meaning into. That all became much more difficult when after a period of unusually sincere consideration Rodimus smiled broadly, bright like a star, and leaned up to cup Magnus’ cheek. The contact was warm and the smile so hard to look away from.
Rodimus didn’t say anything, just waited, like Magnus was somehow not inadequate. Like he thought whatever Magnus said might be able to match up to the realization that turning around and coming back from the only thing he’d ever thought he’d wanted was, in the end, easy, when Rodimus was waiting on the other end.
“You would have run into trouble without me,” Magnus eventually said, repeating himself, no idea what else to say. It really was all he could say. It was true; Magnus cared about truth. The thought, that Rodimus might have trouble without Magnus there to help, seized his spark. Unthinkable.
This time, Rodimus only smiled wider than ever. “Yes,” he said, rock-solid certain, and drew Magnus in with one hand. He was no stronger than Magnus, not at all, so the pull was a willing one, and Magnus went down with it entirely under his own power. It had been a long time since he had experienced touch that gentle; since long, long before the war. It being his own willingness that took him down only made it softer when they kissed.
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angelxnaa · 4 days ago
Persuasion | n.l
neville x gn!reader
requested by anon — hope you like it
warnings; fluff
word count; 600+
a/n: just a little fluffy neville drabble bc i can — reblogs and comments are greatly appreciated <3
Tumblr media
- - -
On a rainy Sunday morning at Hogwarts, there really wasn’t much to do, other than trying to do homework and inevitably getting distracted by something far less important and of debatable interest. For Neville, it led to extra reading of the herbology books he found hiding on tall bookshelves in the library. For you, it meant watching him while he did so, trying not to be overly distracting, but hoping that Neville would soon acknowledge your increasing boredom.
For someone so considerate, it didn’t take long for you to become the sole commander of his attention, not that he minded in the slightest. At first, just talking was enough to cure the restlessness, but after a while it ceased to be sufficient, at which point you were burdened with an idea you weren’t sure if you should share. Neville was rather shy, but if he was ever to be adventurous, it was with you.
First you’d persuaded him to take trips into the Dark Forest, searching for magical creatures and plants. It took some getting used to, but after a while he’d start to suggest the days you took your trips. After that, you’d practiced spells with him in the Room of Requirement — neither you nor Neville were oblivious to the storm brewing outside your confining castle walls. He didn’t much like casting dangerous spells, but you went at his pace and it wasn’t long before his array of successful spell castings were quite accomplished.
Swimming in the Black Lake was, by far, the hardest to convince him of. He’d thought up various excuses as to why it wasn’t safe, as to why he couldn’t possibly put himself in such danger. But there was something he couldn’t think up an excuse for, and that was how beautiful you looked swimming in the rippling water without so much as a hint of jeopardy. Once again, you’d convinced him, and it took you quite by surprise when he was the one who suggested you try diving in from some rocks nearby.
Remembering all you’d (lovingly) coerced him into doing, you thought this suggestion was quite tame in comparison, and decided it was worth bringing up.
“Neville,” you hummed.
“Yeah?” he replied, while absentmindedly playing with your hair.
“Can I paint your nails?” You asked, turning to him to make sure you had his full attention.
Neville blinked a fair few times before opening his mouth to speak. “Um, I don’t know, won’t people laugh at me?”
“Maybe, but so what? I won’t laugh at you.”
Well, Neville thought, as long as you wouldn’t laugh at him, it didn’t seem so bad if anyone else did. They didn’t matter anyway.
“Okay,” he nodded, to which you squealed, jumping up from your seat and rushing to your dorm room.
Upon arriving back to your little corner with Neville, you set your black nail varnish down beside him and clasped his hands. Neville stayed very still, not wanting to ruin your concentration or cause you to make a mistake. You seemed like a professional, the way the brush stroked gently across his fingernails without fumbling in its stride, was all thanks to you.
He couldn’t watch anything else but you, couldn’t hear anything but your light breathing, couldn’t love anyone else but you. He’d known for a while now that no one would leave a mark on his heart quite like yours. He hoped no one else would, for he only wanted yours there.
As you finished his last nail and screwed the cap back onto the nail varnish, you smiled excitedly at Neville. You watched him lift his hands up to inspect them closer. They suited him oddly well and would match with any number of his sweaters and jumpers perfectly.
“You like them?” You asked.
Neville’s eyes flicked up towards yours and lightened with his smile. “Love them. Almost as much as I love you,” he admitted while his cheeks tinted rosy.
You blushed furiously, breaking eye contact with him as you smiled. “I love you too,” you replied, giggling.
- - -
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forever friends; @lillict // @feliciamint // @chaotic-fae-queen // @savingpluto // @lxve-hermione // @nuttytani // @writingrem // @kind-of-dead-on-the-inside // @coffees-and-creams
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schneeglans · 4 days ago
Shirabu Twins
Warning: This contains major character death!!!
Maybe i will post the other two ending too but I'm not sure yet :D
Tumblr media
They had a trainings camp and currently were preparing themself to go to bed when Shirabu heard Semi next to him: “I didn’t knew that you still need stuffed animals to sleep, Shirabu!” He chuckled a bit while Kawanishi told him to stop several times but the third year setter didn’t listened to him and continued: “What ae you? Five?” Now was the wholel teams attention on both of the setters. Semi still hold up the penguin and Shirabu just stared at him with wide eyes in shock. The two middle blocker on the team moved forward to Shirabu.  Tendou to tease him and Kawanishi to comfort his best friend because he knows the reason behind the stuffed animal. Neither of them could even start talking when the younger setter finaly realized what was happening and got up.
He ripped the penguin out of Semis hands and stormed out of the room. Several teammembers shouted his name but he didn’t listened to them. Kawanishi sighed and looked at Semi who had a shocked face. Tendou noticed that he knew more thann the rest of the team and asked the number 12: “You know what this penguin means to Kenjiroi right? Would you please try to make us understand?” Kawanishi mow looked uncomfortable on the floor and hesistated: “That’s actually not my topic to talk about but the penguin belonged to a very important person in Kenjiros life that is not here anymore. That plishy is the only thing left from them...”
After that was it almost a minute silent in which Semi looked pretty guilty at the floor.
“Should we... Search for Shirabu?”  came quitly from Yamagata. Without another word everyone got up and searched for their starting setter.
They all meet in their room again. Nobody succeeded to find Shirabu and they stayed up all night thinking where he could be.
When the team came into the gym the next day the coaches were already waiting. They looked angry and disappointed, between them a half asleep Shirabu with a stuffed animal in his arms. Kawanishi immediately ran to him and noticed pretty fast the light fever.
Ten minutes later came Kenjiros parents to bring him home so he could rest there. The team continued with the camp like normal but they were tense and missed more balls than usual, brought then extra running rounds in.
Especially Semi couldn't concentrate on practice and that Shirabu didn't came back almost ten days later made nothing better. And it got even worse.
Kawanishi came panicking into the gym, his eyes were wide. Immediately everyone's attention was on him. After he could breath proberly again, the middle blocker started talking: "Yesterday Shirabus fever got too high so he needed to go to the hospital and when i wanted to visit him today I heard a doctor saying to his parents that he might not make it!" The second he finished his sentence everyone looked at the coach who nodded slightly and they quickly made their way to the hospital.
Of course they couldn't visit him. At least not all of them. But Kawanishi and Semi actually were lucky and were allowed to visit him. It was hard for them to see their friend fighting for his life and all they could do was watching. Especially Semi felt guilty. At the end it was his fault. He shouldn't have taken the stuffed animal and shouldn't have teased Shirabu about it. When the third year looked at the bed again he noticed said penguin laying next to Kenjiro who looked like he has a nightmare. Twitching and turning and sweat all over him. He even wore a oxygen mask. The constant peeing if his heart beat didn't make it better. It just let Eita feel more guilty about everything.
Then he looked to Taichi who faced the bed, the eyes closed. A single tear escaped and rolled down the middle blockers cheek.
The second year concentrated in his own thoughts. What would he do without his best friend? They used to gossip a lot and now? No, he shouldn't think like that. Kenjiro will make it. He will fight and win against this fever. With eyes still closed he tried to search comfort in the heart beat peeing that showed him that his fired is still holding in. That he is still alive. But... It sounded... Irregular? Slower than before?
Taichi opened his eyes immediately and called a doctor. He panicked visibly and Semi couldn't do more than starting in horror. The doctors tried everything and screamed but the only thing the two boys could hear was the heart beat of their fired which got slower and slower until it was silent. In this exact moment the world broke down for them.
Semi still couldn't move. He only could listen to the quite screams if his Kohai next to him. Be didn't even noticed his own tears on his face or that the rest of the team got in the room. He only could focus on the dead body in front of him. The lifeless body if the boy he used to fight with a lot. Of the boy he teased because he still had a plushy. The same plushy that laid besides the dead second year. Everything was his own fault. He regretted everything. Every choice he made with Kenjiro. Why? Kenjiro didn't even turned 18 years old. He wasn't even an adult. So why? Why? Why, why, why, why? Eita felt a pair of long arms around him. When he looked who they belonged to he saw Tendou with tears all over his face, staring at the floor with blank eyes.
The team took a break from practice for a whole week and after that it just didn't felt right. It was too silent without the constant bickering of the two setters. Without the gossip of the second years.
To Ushijima Semis sets didn't felt quite right anymore. They were so different to Kenjiros. Tendou used Goshiki as an arm rest now instead of Shirabu but the first year is way taller. Reon talked a lot about strategies to the now dead second year setter and now? He could talk to Wakatoshi but the ace took volleyball very serious.
Everything just felt... Different... And weird... Especially the match against Karasuno. None of them could concentrate on the game proberly, well knowing that Shirabu should be with them. But they had the penguin sitting in the bench, next to the coaches and although the team got weird stares for that, they couldn't care less. Shirabus parents gave the stuffed animal to Kawanishi, saying that he was his best friend and that they couldn't keep it because if the memories of both their children which both died at an illness
After the lost match the Shiratorizawa team didn't got something to eat. Instead they visited the graves of the Shirabu twins, crying and hugging each other, apologizing for the lost match, that they should have won for Kenjiro but they didn't. Even Ushijima, the most stoic boy they knew, let slip a few tears.
Tumblr media
My first time that i killed a character :3 i hope you liked it ^~^
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wanderingbandurria · 4 days ago
19, Forceful kiss
Thank you!
Nonnie. Sweet Nonnie. Lovely Nonnie. I really hope you like Linny because this is what I have to offer. I already did a wolfstar forceful kiss here, and this is like, the softest forceful kiss ever, but I hope you still like it! This is my first time writing Luna and honestly, it was a pleasure but also very hard - she goes against almost every instinct I have - which makes her super interesting to work with!
Just for worldbuilding but honestly not important at all, this is a post-war AU, Harry & Ginny break up after the war etc etc.
“Luna,” Ginny says, taking Luna’s hand and squeezing it so that her friend stops talking for a second. “I have something to tell you,” she adds and swallows.
Luna looks back at her, eyes bright and calm as a summer afternoon.
“I like you, Luna. As in, I think I’m falling in love with you,” Ginny says, and Luna’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise. 
Ginny told herself a thousand times she shouldn’t keep her hopes up, and yet, something still breaks inside of her at the confused look on Luna. Really not the reaction Ginny secretly hoped for, so she just gives a soft, bitter smile and says, “Don’t worry, I’ll get over it - just thought you ought to know. I’ll just need to have some time for myself until I fully get over it,” she says, and before she starts crying, she lets go of Luna’s hand. “I’ll go now, yeah?”
Luna’s eyebrows stay furred, like she’s deep in thought. Ginny has to resist the impulse to run to the door.
When Luna calls her name, she pretends she doesn’t hear her. She doesn’t need consolation words from the girl that doesn’t love her back, because that’s perfectly fine. Ginny should have been alright with them just being friends.
It’s honestly all her fault.
“Hello,” Luna says with a sweet smile when Ginny approaches her. She’s still all sweaty and rumpled after practice, even after changing. 
“What are you doing here, Luna?” Ginny asks with a sigh, as she sits by Luna’s side on the Quidditch stands. She knew things wouldn’t be easy with Luna - she’s fiercely loyal, and even though she respects other people’s boundaries, she’s also pretty clever to detect when those boundaries are bullshit.
“I came to talk with you,” Luna says with a smile, like talking about Ginny’s declaration is the most natural thing to do. 
Ginny can’t stop herself from smiling back.
“Luna, I told you I needed time,” Ginny says, feeling the smile turn bitter on his face, as she looks at the way the sun makes Luna’s hair shine. 
She’s in too deep. She really ought to put some distance between the two of them.
“Yes, but you didn’t let me give you a response,” Luna says then and reaches for Ginny’s hand. “I like you, Ginny. You were my first friend,” she says simply.
Ginny shakes her head, lowering her eyes.
“I know you do, Luna, but it’s not the same - I know you like me as a friend, and I know how much you care about me, but it’s not enough for me right now and -”
Ginny doesn’t hear the sigh from Luna, but she almost falls from her seat as she jumps back upon feeling Luna’s lips on hers, firm and dry.
Luna squeezes her hand, and her eyes are full of light as she looks back at Ginny.
“We can be girlfriends now,” Luna says, a big smile on her face.
Ginny smiles back and moves her shaky hand to Luna’s cheek. Luna closes her eyes and kisses the palm of her hand, and Ginny feels like flying, like melting, like soaring over the oceans. 
“I would like that,” she answers and then leans forward to kiss Luna again.
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vs-redemption · 5 days ago
Yay requests are open ahsja-
Can I request Aizawa with an easily embarrassed reader? Like they've been together for a while but forehead kisses or little displays of affection have them blushing like crazy still
From Cindy: Today’s the day I finally felt soft enough to write this, and I think it turned out VERY soft. Hopefully this isn’t too sappy for you anon. And sorry for the wait!
Tumblr media
Sunset (Aizawa x GN!Reader)
Tumblr media
It was one of those rare evenings where your boyfriend Aizawa had finished his teaching duties early and wasn’t scheduled for any night patrols in the city. Your heart skipped a beat as soon as you received his text asking if you’d be free to do something together. Several months had already passed since he’d asked you to be with him officially, but the thought of spending time with him still filled your stomach with butterflies. He always worked so hard, and you wondered how he even managed to have the energy to dote on you the way he did. His kindness seemed inexhaustible and he never failed to make you feel like you were the most important person in his life.
As you prepared for his arrival, you wondered if he had anything particular in mind for you both. Outings with Aizawa were usually quite relaxed and easygoing, but you really looked forward to each and every one nonetheless. Sometimes his dates weren’t outings at all, and you simply curled up on the sofa, enjoying each other’s company while watching some random movie or talking about anything at all until one of you finally gave in and slipped into dreamland. The memory of the first time he’d fallen asleep with his head on your shoulder instantly brought a warmth to your cheeks. He’d looked so comfortable and at peace in your company that you couldn’t help but fall a little bit more in love with him whenever you thought about it.
“Hey love,” his hand comes up to brush his knuckles softly against your face once he shows up. “You up for a little walk?”
He’d only just arrived and he already had you filled with a giddy excitement. The heat in your cheeks grows stronger at his affectionate greeting, and you nod your head eagerly. You could see tiredness in his eyes, but he insists he’s fine when you offer to stay in and rest instead. He laces his fingers with yours, offering a soft smile before leading you out to some mystery destination.
“I missed you today,” his voice is steady but you know without a doubt that his words are genuine. Aizawa wasn’t the type of person to say things like that unnecessarily. He always meant everything he said.
“I missed you too,” you reply, glancing over at him just in time to see the pleased expression on his face. You wondered if you were really on his mind as much as he was on yours. A scene bloomed in your imagination of his mind wandering to thoughts of you during free moments when his students didn’t require his attention.
After a few minutes of walking, Aizawa directs you both into a small park. There was a narrow path that led through a small field and past a playscape for the neighborhood children to play on. Most people were just arriving home now though, getting started on homework or preparing dinner for their family, so the park was empty for the most part. Aizawa takes the chance to slip his fingers out of yours and wrap his arm around your waist to pull you even closer.
“Shouta,” his name falls from your lips shyly and he tilts his head towards you with a playful smile.
“What?” his tone was teasing. “I don’t want you to get cold once we get closer to the water.” He gestures out in front of you where the field gives way to a sandy beach. The dirt path beneath your feet ends at a set of wooden stairs leading up to a rickety boardwalk that looked out over the water. “I thought we could watch the sunset together.”
You suck in a breath and feel your heartrate pick up. Outwardly, Aizawa didn’t seem like much of a romantic, but when he did things like this with you it really made you see him in a different light. Knowing that you were the only person who got to see this side of him made it even more special. You cast your eyes down to your feet, feeling flustered and a little speechless. You hear him chuckle before the feeling of his thumb rubbing soothing circles on your hip catches your attention.
“Afterwards we can get some take out and relax at home if you want,” his suggestion sounded perfect and you nod your head, already looking forward to the warmth and safety of being cuddled up to him on the sofa.
“That would be really nice,” you tell him as he steers you both toward the railing to look out at the water. The sun was already starting to sink behind the waves, casting a reddish orange glow over the scene in front of you. “Wow, it’s so beautiful. This was such a great idea, thank you.”
“You don’t have to thank me,” he promises sweetly, his hand traveling up to your shoulder to pull you into his side. “I love spending time with you like this.” The loving words have you turning and hiding your face against him and he chuckles again. He leans down and presses a kiss to your forehead, embarrassing you even further.
“Shoutaaa.” You mumble his name again, voice muffled.
“I’m sorry,” he sounds amused but you know there’s some real emotion in his words. “I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
“You don’t,” you assure him, finding the courage to meet his eyes so he knows that you’re serious. “I just… love you so much that I get overwhelmed sometimes.”
The look on his face as he processes what you’d said holds nothing but pure affection. He tightens his hold on you and smiles.
“I hope you know that I love you just as much,” he takes you by surprise by winking quickly. “Maybe even more.” Heat rushes to your face once more and you fight the urge to bury your face back into his side. Instead, you take a deep breath to calm your nerves and turn back to admire the sunset which was slowly changing into soft pinks and purples over the water. Even if your boyfriend made your heart flutter so much in powerful moments like this, you knew you wouldn’t trade them for anything else in the world.
Tumblr media
Aizawa taglist: @clovertitan @raine-needs-help @lucacangettathisass @lea2107-foxsin @tiaraowens
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willsimpforazula · 5 days ago
Sokkla Month Day 7: Intimate
A/N: This is an ATLA + Fate/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) crossover and this scene is inspired from S2, E10. Intimate memories count as intimate, no?
Saber - Suki
Rin Tohsaka - Azula
Emiya Shirou - Sokka
With that out of the way, leggo
Sokkla Month Day 7: Intimate
Sokka's house
The mood was solemn, as the remaining two Masters of the 5th Holy Grail War debated on their plan of action. With the revelation that Archer, who Azula summoned actually turned out to be the Heroic Spirit version of Sokka and that he possessed a Reality Marble, and the shock of seeing him blasted to bits by Gilgamesh's attack still hung heavy on their minds.
Azula, who saw her servant looking very much like a porcupine giving up his life to save them.
Suki, who had to stand and watch the younger of the two Sokka's battle it out, the older and more cynical version blasting him again and again with round upon round of blades, delivering wounds that should have killed him hundreds of times over were it not for Avalon implanted within him.
As she finished bandaging the worst of his wounds, they all agreed that the Grail should be smashed into pieces, preventing anyone from ever trying to get their hands on it. Staring at the pendant in her hand, Azula exhaled and sighed "I never really had a wish that I wanted to be granted, just...I wanted to win it so that our family name could be held high."
"Sounds just like you."
"What-what do you mean by that!" she blushed, curling up into a ball before replying "A-anyways, we're getting ahead of ourselves." Just then, her stomach let out a low grumble, making her blush even harder.
"Hungry huh? I'll go fix us up something to eat. After all, I recall a certain someone describing 'hunger as an enemy', no?"
"Thanks." she mumbled, while it was now Suki's turn to blush.
Later that night…
After cleaning up the dishes, Sokka was about to turn the corner to his room when he heard hushed voices discussing something very important.
"....are you really sure, Suki?"
"Yes, I am sure of it. You have my thanks." Storing it for later, he pretended to not see them and walk off to take his shower. Fresh and clean, he pondered what could they have possibly been planning when he found his footsteps naturally come to rest outside her door. Summoning up his courage, he gave a few quick knocks when he saw light spilling from the crack. With a creak, a sliver of light beamed forth, before being occupied by a golden eye that belonged to an annoyed face.
"What do you want.?"
"Uh, did-did I piss you off just now? You seem to be in a really bad mood."
"That depends on what you say next."
"I-uhm, well-"
"You might as well come in instead of stammering. At least you can tell me your foolish ideas coherently."
"I trust you figured it out that you're going to fight Gilgamesh."
"Well, no actually. But I'm still going to do it regardless. I just feel like, like I've got the best shot at taking that King of Heroes down a peg."
"Then you must have figured out Archer's Noble Phantasm."
"Yeah that's a negative on that one." he sheepishly replied.
"Are you kidding me?!" she shouted. Shaking her head and pinching the bridge of her nose, she continued "Regardless, the only reason Goldie even considered both of you a threat was that with enough mana, either of you could actually stand a chance at beating him. It's also the reason why he called you both 'fakes'."
"But with my current reserves, I'm fucked if he starts pulling out all the stops. Ten of those Phantasms maybe, but that's like pushing it. Any higher, and I am toast."
"At your current mana reserves, definitely. But, there's one option we could try. Basically, you and I form a pact that allows us to share mana between us. It doesn't matter if you can't supply enough, I can, which means you can summon and sustain a Reality Marble long enough to kick that bastard's ass."
"That's a good idea. So how do we do it?"
"Well…." she breathed deeply, her cheeks turning as red as her trademark turtleneck sweater, "I-I-I'll have to transfer my Magic Crest onto you."
"I can't take something that important away from you! I mean, is that your entire family lineage's lifetime of work?"
"To win the most important fight of my life requires giving it my most treasured possession, as much as I hate to see it. Law of equivalent exchange, the first thing they teach new mages. Wait why are you staring at me like that?!"
"N-nothing! It's just, I was in awe of you and-and it made me realise just why I fell for you the way I did."
"This is hardly the time to talk about such things! But-but I guess, you, uhm, could let it all out if-if it makes you feel happy."
"But will you feel happy?"
"On one hand, I wanna see you just how deep the grave you're digging is. On the other hand, well-let's just get back to the task at hand okay!" she blushed for what must be the tenth time that night. Somehow, every other sentence that came out his mouth either had her seeing red or making her heart flutter and face pink.
"N-n-nothing. Let's get it started."
"Alright then. Just tell me what to do."
"Take off your clothes." she mumbled, covering her face as she faced the wall.
"Did I stutter?"
"Are you sure?"
"Ju-just do as I say alright!" In a small still voice, she added "I-I-I'm going to be taking mine off too, it's only fair."
"Don't get the wrong ideas, unless you don't plan on celebrating Father's day. " she threatened.
"Okay okay, got it!"
"Then why the long face?" "For the transplant to succeed, both of us need to be in a deep state of rapport."
"I see."
"Do I need to take my pants off too, or is just the shirt okay?"
Snatching a rolled up poster, she began to assault him viciously while yelling "What the fuck do you think, you moron!", her face approximating the dye of her turtleneck at this point.
Sitting on her bed, with both of them topless and the lights turned off, he could sense her rustling as she turned to him and said "Let's begin.", placing hand on his bare chest. Inhaling deeply, she started to utter her incantations:
Gib dem wandernden Vogel das Trinkwasser
Der von langen Weg kommt
Benutz den Vogelrahman
In dem der Schlüssel nicht angewendet wird
Ich spinne den Regenbogen in neuem selbst
Heisses Wetter, Regen
Wind, Schnee, Krieg, Ende, ununterbrochen
Nimm an, ohne anderer Meinung zu sein, ohne zu fallen
Es nimmt an, ohne zu fürchten
Ohne zu zweifeln
As he felt his circuits come alive and intermesh with hers, his eyes fluttered open in shock for the briefest of moments as now he and her were now forming the most intimate of bonds between mages outside of coital bonds. For all intents and purposes, they might as well be married. Meanwhile, Azula poured all her concentration into completing the transplant, beads of sweat starting to form on her forehead.
Sieg im Freund, der auf eine Reise entfernt geth
Suddenly, he found himself reading through her most closest memories, ones that she kept particularly close to her heart.
A headstone.
A rainy day.
A priest, handing over a strange looking knife to a young girl dressed in a kimono.
A hallway in school.
An empty courtyard, save for one person doing high jumps over and over again. There were many more, but they all flickered past him at the speed of light. With a start, he woke up to find her cuddled right up against him, her head nestled comfortably in his chest. Seeing her so peaceful, he decided to let her be and crashed back on the pillow, an arm snaking around her waist protectively.
Feeling a warm body next to hers, Azula jumped up in shock, grabbed the nearest pillow and covered herself as she flicked on the lights.
"Why didn't you wake me?!"
"Sorry! Did it work though, the transplant?"
"Of course it did. So flawless there's nothing else to do, so precise there'll be no side effects. So perfect that even that worthless fake priest would say 'Azula, you've done a fantastic job.'", her voice muffled by the pillow.
Turning to examine the upside down geometric fish pattern on his arm, he asked in slight amazement and awe "So this is it huh?"
"Stop gawking like a child, you'll get a fly in your mouth you know?"
"Thank you Azula. Really."
Noticing her golden eyes couldn't look at his, he asked concernedly "What's wrong?"
"You saw it, didn't you?"
"I didn't see anything, promise! My eyes were closed the whole time!"
"That's not the point, you-you-grr!" she exclaimed, ruthlessly smacking him with the pillow that she had been using to cover herself, not caring if her top was coming loose from her assaulting him as her eyes started to water.
"Ow! Ow! Sorry! It's not like I had a choice!"
"The next time I'll make sure to dig every last one of your embarrassing little secrets, you hear me!"
"Okay okay! Calm down Azula, we can talk about this later right? Right?"
"I suppose." she reluctantly huffed, her arms folded.
Giving her a light peck on the cheek, he held her close and replied "Let's get some sleep, we've got a big fight ahead of us."
"Fine, but I get to be the big spoon." "Sure."
Wrapping her arms around him, she snuggled up against him and sighed contentedly as Sokka pulled the blanket over them.
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akindofmagictoo · 5 days ago
manuscript search tag game
@zmlorenz left an open tag where I could get at it. her mistake. it’s mine now. 
my words are lace, lie, land, love, lean 
lace (Dragonsong) 
“They might need the money now,” Robin said. “The promise of money in a few months won’t help them buy food tomorrow.” 
Robin did have a point. And he’d grown up in a village like this one, to her knowledge. Not like Isi. So she stuck her feet back in her boots and laced them loosely, then fished out their money pouch and made her way back into the tavern’s main room. Her feet squelched with every step, but she kept her head high. She was in uniform; she ought to present herself like a knight, not a bedraggled young woman. 
lie (Dragonsong) (yes SB, you are an older mage, but you’re not that much older.) 
“You know other mages?” Robin’s eyes lit up with curiosity. 
“Hm.” SB grimaced. “I knew other mages. They left one night and didn’t come back. Said it’d be better for all of us. Maybe they’re still out there. Maybe they’re dead. I don’t care.” 
Isi suspected that last part might be a lie, but challenging it would gain her nothing. 
“Oh,” said Robin. “Wish I could’ve met them. I don’t know any older mages, it’s always been just me and my magic.”
“I am an older mage,” said SB, mimicking offence. 
Robin said, “Still…” 
land (Hurricane) (every time I read this, I now think of the lubber/lover pun. it would be very cute if Aella picks up on it partway through... and then uses this nickname very intentionally. ahh maybe I should do that.) 
Theo ran, slipped, got up and kept running. As he drew nearer, Aella picked herself up off the ground, coughing. Dark soil clung to her cheek and shoulder where she’d fallen. She touched her throat and winced. He skidded to a halt beside her. Her eyes lit up. 
“Are you—alright?” he panted. 
She grinned and brushed the soil off her skin and clothes. “I’m fine. We had it under control. Are you—”
“We need to go,” said Tempest. “Now.” 
Walk-don’t-run went out the window. The crew turned and pelted as one towards the wharf. Theo stood frozen for a second before the instruction registered in his brain. Aella grabbed his hand and pulled him along after her. “Let’s go, landlubber,” she said, but there was a twinkle in her eye. 
love (Dragonsong) 
Not that she was paying much attention to him, because she walked at the front with Sierra. A light breeze caressed Isi’s face and ruffled Sierra’s hair. Sierra grinned and nudged Isi’s shoulder. “What are you thinking about?” 
Technically, the answer was SB, but what Isi said was, “Nothing important.” 
“Good, ‘cause I have a question.” Without waiting for a reply, Sierra barrelled on, “You said you quit your job. Why? I thought you loved it? That’s what you said when you were last home.” She glanced up at Isi, and there was a tinge of jealousy under her words, like Isi had loved it more than she loved Sierra. 
lean (Dragonsong) (yay more badass Isi) 
Leaning against the wall behind Baya’s counter was a quarterstaff. Isi had no idea where Baya had obtained a quarterstaff, and she didn’t care. She crossed the room in a few quick strides, snatched it up, and turned to face the knight. “There are no children here.” 
Somehow she didn’t think the knight would take no for an answer—hence the quarterstaff—and she was right. The woman narrowed her eyes. “I don’t believe you. Stand aside.” 
Isi readied the staff. “No.” 
The knight drew her sword and swung. Isi parried it and jabbed forward. The staff end struck the knight squarely in the ribs. Bone crunched. She staggered back, coughing, but didn’t drop her sword. 
Isi went low for her second blow, aiming for the legs. The knight might have had plate armour, but that wouldn’t stop the force behind Isi’s staff. Wood cracked across bone. 
I will tag @isherwoodj @josephinegerardywriter @vellichor-virgo and @ink-fireplace-coffee! your words are royal, rich, ring, rain 
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birds-have-teeth · 5 days ago
dbh request with ralp, what would being intimate with him be like? could be just headcannons or a full fic i dont mind either !!
Intimacy HCs with Ralph! (WR600)
A/n: garden boy i love youuuu aeughhhh
warnings: nsfw!! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ If I had to choose one word to describe intimacy with Ralph it would be emotional. Ralph thinks of sex as the ultimate display of closeness, another way to love you, and as you know Ralph loves fiercely.
♡ He gets very emotional a lot of the time, and might start crying because everything just feels so good. You’ll catch him looking up at you, teary-eyed, as if he can’t believe you’re actually there, treating Ralph with such thought and care
♡ Ralph’s skittish at first, startling at the slightest caress, shying away from the sweetest pleasure because he’s worried he doesn’t deserve it. You’ll have to be patient with him—even if he’s far from patient about it. He wants to touch, to taste, and to be touched and tasted in return but he can get ahead of himself and then start to panic, thinking he’s done it wrong.
♡ Please offer him as much guidance and praise as you can, it really does help him. A hand over his cheek calms him down, an affectionate glide of your thumb over his scars raises a gurgled giggle.
♡ Ralph tries so hard to be gentle with you, but as he starts to lose himself to the intoxicating feeling of you clenching so tightly around his cock it gets hard. He starts to grab and pull, enthusiastic hardly appropriate to describe the way his hands scramble for purchase over your soft, supple skin. 
♡ He wants to explore all of you, please forgive Ralph if he squeezes too hard, or his nails dig in, he truly can’t help the desire he has for you.
♡ He doesn’t like positions where he can’t see your face, since your eyes alone keep him grounded—that and eye contact is important to him. Wants to be pressed as close to your body as possible, even if it’s harder for you to move against him.
♡ Anything with blindfolds or being tied up makes him incredibly anxious, so try to avoid introducing anything of that nature.
♡ Getting Ralph undressed is a challenge at first. He’s badly scarred, damaged, and well aware of it. In fact, he’s shaking that first time because he thinks he’s ugly and it breaks your heart to pieces. However; he melts under any and all praise you give. With enough time, reassurance, and trust his clothes will be in mid-air the moment you ask.
♡ Baby boy is loud and unrestrained! Very vocal and hardly embarrassed about voicing his pleasure. Ralph’s near sobbing when he’s about to cum, legs trembling, his thrusts jerky and shallow as he clings so tight. 
♡ Ralph submits easily, very obedient, and will do just about anything you tell him to without a second thought. But he’s so easily made desperate, and whimpers when he’s not allowed to cum yet. The most fuss you’ll get out of him is a few whiny complaints before he full-on starts to beg, a hot press of your lips against his is often enough to shut him up, but he’s squirmy.
♡ He doesn’t always do it, but when he craves an even deeper connection—aside from your pussy strangling his cock, the skin peels away from his hands and his fingertips glow a pretty blue as they dance across and analyze your soft flesh. He often forgets he can’t interface with you so he still tries. 
♡ Intimacy with him isn’t all sex either, he loves naked cuddling and cockwarming. Just lying in bed with you, bared to the soft morning light as it trickles through the curtains is his personal favorite. 
Tumblr media
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sharktoothedboys · 6 days ago
Lips Of An Angel, Part 2
Here it is guys!! Part two!! Thank you for being patient with me!! and because you asked nicely I tagging @marshmallow12435 because you wanted to know when I posted!! So here goes! Enjoy everyone!! 
Shot ran until he thought his lungs might give out, he was hoping he would catch up to you before you even made it to Katsuki’s, if that was where you were even headed? No he couldn’t think like that, He was going to find you there. 
There is was, just up ahead, Katsuki’s home, The lights were on, that’s a good sign right? It was almost 2am! Surely that had to mean you were there. He reached the door and began to hammer on it, Frantic, but he didn’t care, He needed to explain, or at least try to. 
A very disgruntled Bakugo finally answered the door. 
“She doesn’t wanna see you, Asshole.” He snapped a soon as he opened the door. 
Shoto was trying to catch his breath on the blondes porch.
“I don’t care what you tell me she said, i need to speak to her.” He managed to get out between breaths.
He tried to push his way past the explosive hero, but to no avail, Bakugo stopped him. 
“I said she doesn’t wanna see you.” He said eerily calm.
They angrily stared each other down at the front door, Bakugos grip on Shotos arm tightened, small crackles could be heard and the temperature in the room began to noticeably drop as the two heroes continued their stare down. 
“Katsuki...” Your feeble voice came from behind the mountain of a man, “Its ok, i’ll handle it.”
Shoto looked behind Bakugo, his eyes widened in shock and sadness as he took in your dishevelled hair, red eyes and puffy cheeks, he had caused all this hurt, you let out a sniffle and he thinks he feels his heart break, This was all his fault. He snatches his arm away from Bakugos grip and quickly makes his way over to you, reaching for your hands, only to visibly wince when you retreat them from his reach, not letting him hold your hands in his. 
“Say what you came to say, and leave.” You said, as you stared at you hands, picking at the loose skin around your nails, a habit of yours. “I already know all the important parts, so don’t try and play the victim here”
“No please, YN. I am not here to try and talk my way out of anything, what i have done is awful” He says sadly, “But please here me out.”
Bakugo interrupts. “I’ll be in the kitchen, YN if you need me to kick this guys ass, just shout.” He makes to leave, but not without harshly bumping in to Shotos shoulder first. Making you smirk a little. Petty, but you didn’t care. 
“Thanks Suki.” You mutter, eyes still glued to your hands, still yet to look Shoto in the eye. 
Shoto guides you to the sofa and sits down besides you, feeling the pain when you shuffle away from him being to close. 
“I love you...” He begins but is quickly cut off. 
“Don’t, Just don’t give me that bullshit, I don’t need you to lie to my face as well as behind my back, stop trying to make yourself feel better about doing something shitty. I don’t need your pity and your excuses, If that’s all you have to say then leave.”
“I can’t lie to you anymore, because I truly do love you, Please believe me.”
“WHY SHOULD I?!” You yell, forcing yourself to your feet to pace around, “Give me one good fucking reason as to why I should believe a god damn word that comes out your mouth! You have apparently done nothing but lie to me from the start! Everything you have ever said to me has been a lie, EVERYTHING!” 
“NO Y/N!! I never lied to you, everything i ever said was true, every compliment, every i love you, everything was true, just please let me explain.”
“And what? I am meant to be grateful now?” You spit back. 
“No, just please...” 
you looked down at his desperate facial expression, you could see it in his eyes, sincerity, maybe you should just let him explain himself properly.”
“You have 5 minutes.” You huffed as you sank back down in to the sofa. 
“Thank you.” He said, then silence engulfed the two of you, Where did he even begin? 
“4 minutes left.” You stated.
“Right” He sighed deeply, “Well as you probably gathered from the phonecall, there has been...”
“No shit Sherlock” You snapped, you were beyond sad now, Shoto turning up and taking his sweet time had just made you mad, in fact it made you furious. He blinked back at your bluntness, he wasn’t used to you not being patient with him or swearing so much, he was taken aback. You had never snapped at him before. “Just get on with it Todoroki or I swear.”
That was it, hearing his family name slip from your lips instead of the usual Shoto made him snap, tears threatening to pour down his pink cheeks.
“Don’t you fucking dare.” You snapped when you saw the tears.  “You have absolutely no right to cry in front of me right now.”
“I can’t help it, hearing you call me by my surname feels like the final nail in the coffin.”
“If you don’t get on with it we’ll both be in coffins.” You muttered, “Now just tell me what you wanna say.”
“There has always been someone else that has also had my heart.” He said, wiping the tears away, “She shrouded my mind and for a while she was all i could think about, even after we met, I just couldn’t seem to get her off my mind, But the closer we got, the more she faded away, eventually I found myself barely thinking of her, and smiling around you a lot more. Just as a I found myself fully falling for you, she clawed her way back in to my life, and it was like she had never left, like I was under some kind of spell for her. I couldn’t bring myself to hurt you, I really was falling hard for you, But I also kept finding myself in her embrace, I am sorry for what I have done, truly, because after tonight’s phone call, I saw you were gone and I just instantly knew, I felt it in my bones that you were the one I needed in my life, the one i wanted and desired the most. The panic that washed over me at the thought of you not being in my life, Imagining not waking up to you every morning, No more loving kisses, no more breakfasts together before going off to work, no more evening cuddles while a forgotten movie played in the background, I couldn’t not have you in my life, and i promise to spend the rest of my life making it up to you, If you could just find it in your heart to give me one last chance, Just come home with me and forget any of this ever happened, to please, just forgive me and let me hold you again.”
A few tears rolled down your cheeks as you cupped his face with your hands, he automatically leaned in to your touch, he looked in to your eyes and gave you a small smile, which you returned, and he closed his eyes in contentment....
“Is that it?” You sighed
His eyes snapped open as you let go of his face, staring straight in to your stoic eyes that gave nothing away. Emotionless.
“Di you really think something like that pathetic little speech was going to get me to come home and welcome you back with open arms, when our whole relationship was built on a rebound that you didn’t even get over? You want me to just up and forgive you after 3 years of deceit? You think its gonna be all sunshine and rainbows? No, I don’t trust you and you want to follow you home like a loyal puppy and play happy families and pretend like none of this happened!!”
You stop to catch your breath, standing and running your hands through your hair, A speechless Shoto sat staring at you as you continued with your rant.”
“What? Nothing to say? Did you not prepare for the possibility I wasn’t going to return to you, what like I am so lucky in life to be with the great Shoto Todoroki? Well, as it turns out, I am shit outta luck! And so are you!! Tough luck Todoroki! TOUGH FUCKING LUCK! This isn’t some sappy RomCom where you say a few nice things about me and I come running back to you, I’m not some pathetic lonely woman who thinks she will never find love again, who thinks she has nothing else in her life worth living for because some asshole cheated on her, I am not someone who has no other options because some lying cheating scumbag bastard strung her along for 3 years, NO! Not me, I have a life still to live, and I don’t need you in it. But I do want an answer, so give me one. Who is she?” 
He stared open mouthed at your heavily breathing frame, Should he tell you? Would you kill her? What does he do now? Just as he was about to open his mouth the door opened and he suddenly didn’t have to say anything, In walked Camie, Bakugo’s long time girlfriend, and from the shock on her face and the look on Shoto’s as he stared at her presence, It didn’t take a genius to figure it out. 
“Sh... Todoroki... YLN.. what...what are you guys doing here so late?” She asked, a lump in her throat as she did.
You looked from her to Shoto, and you knew. 
“It’s you...” You said, “Its been you all along..”
Camie just stands there like a dear in the headlights, her gaze flitting from you to Shoto, begging him with her eyes for an ounce of backup. 
“ I....” Tears began to pour freely down her face. 
“KATSUKI!!!” You screamed.
“NO! PLEASE!” She lunges towards you, grabbing your arm.
“What? and just let my best friend continue his life with an unfaithful whore?”
You yelled at her as Bakugo shot in from the kitchen, just in time to witness you thro Camie from your grasp on to the ground.
“Woah!!” He yelled, heading for Camie, but you stopped him, “ What the hell is going on here?”
“It’s her” you said calmly looking down at the girl, who was now her knees, crying at your feet. “It’s her who has been fucking Todoroki for almost my entire relationship with him!”
Bakugo just stared down at her, eyes wide, His gaze turned to Shoto, who was sat on the couch, his face in his hands as his shoulders shook from silently crying. Bakugo saw red. His head lowered, his teeth grinding together, His Palms crackling loudly around his balled up fists, He was about to step forward until he felt your hand on his shoulder. 
“They are not worth it, either of them.” 
He calmed down slightly at your words and touch and looked you in the eye, you smiled and he returned the smile. 
“Just one question,” He stated boldly, looking down at Camie, “Di you ever love me? Or did you just choose me to get closer to this bastard?” 
She looked up at him, her silence speaking volumes, That was all he needed.
“Get the fuck out, both of you.” He fumed
“But where am I meant to go?”
“Do it look like i give a shit about where you go, end up in a ditch for all I care, why don’t you go to lover boys house with him, Whore.”
“She is no longer welcome at my place.” Shoto said as he stood up heading for the door, not without giving you one last apologetic smile.
“Katsuki, please.” Camie begged holding on to the hem of his shirt from he place still on the floor. 
“NO! You don’t get to call me that anymore, Now I aid, get out.”
He bent down grabbing her by the collar of her coat and literally throwing her out the door, Shot still stared at you sadly as the door was slammed in both thier faces. He had really fucked up, and he knew deep down there was nothing he do to fix it. 
He stared longingly at the door, until Camie tried to grab his hand, that he snatched away. 
“Don’t touch me, this is all your fault, I was just getting over you! I had found someone I could love, who I DID love, why did you haver to come back and ruin everything for me!? I am going home, don’t follow me.”
He storms off leaving her in the street alone to sort out her own situation, He was done with her, he wouldn’t let her ruin his life again. 
Back in Bakugo’s house you slumped down on the sofa, your head on your hands, tears wanting to fall but you not quite letting them. 
“He isn’t worth it.” Bakugo said in a calm voice, a hand around your back, drawing small circles along the small of it to calm you down. You look at him smiling and padding your eyes with your hands to stop the tears, “ You know I am right.” He smiles down at you.
“Yeah, you’re always right. Aren’t you?” You giggle back at him.
“You know it, sweetheart.” He laughs, “Now come one we should get some shut eye, we are both on patrol tomorrow. You can stay here as long as you need to.”
“Shit, Patrol. My hero uniform and everything is all at that hom... Todorokis place.”
“Don’t worry, make me a list and ill swing by in the morning for your uniform, you have bought the essentials right?” 
You nod at him
“Right well I’ll get you some fresh sheets for the guest room, lets sleep.”
You yawned and followed him to the guest room and he got you the fresh sheets he promised and bid you a goodnight as he went to his room. 
The next morning, Bakugo was true to his word and went to Shoto’s house to collect your hero uniform and a few other things as specified in the list he asked you to write for him. He arrived, ringing the doorbell and waiting for an answer. He eventually opened the door, he looked like shit. 
“Bakugo.” He seethed
“Asshole.” Bakugo replied.
After they exchanged their greetings, Bakugo made his way inside, explaning you had sent him for the bits you needed. 
“Is she okay?” Shoto asked sheepishly.
“You don’t get to know that.” Bakugo spat back as a reply.
“Come on Bakugo, at least let me know she is okay?”
“You threw away the right you had to know anything about her or her life.”
Shoto stared down at the blonde as he packed a few of your belongings into the bag he bought with him. 
“Oh my god...” Shoto realized. “ You’re still in love with her aren’t you?”
“Always was, always will be.” Bakugo replied without missing a beat, he smiled up at the dual haired man, “ Your loss will be my gain.”
He zipped up the bag and stood besides Shoto. Shoto’s left side began to ignite a little out of jealousy and rage. 
“Go ahead IcyHot, do your worst, I’ll just go home and have YN patch me up while i tell her what a monster you are.”
With that said, his flames extinguished, He didn’t want you to think he was a monster, even though it is what he deserved.
“Just treat her better than I ever did.” Shot said quietly.
“That won’t be difficult.”
That stung.
Bakugo stepped past Shoto, leaving him behind with just his thoughts and memories. 
He made it back to his house, he entered only to be hit with the smell of bacon and eggs, a smile creeped on to his face, he could get used to this domestic life bullshit, coming home to a cooked meal everyday sounded great. He decided there and then that he wasn’t going to waste another second of his life with out you. He walked in to the kitchen gaining you attention.
“Hey Kats....” You were cut off by his lips slamming down on to yours, You were still for a few seconds while you figured out what ws happening, and then you melted in to his embrace as you returned the kiss, you felt his smile on your lips as the kiss deepened. 
He begrudgingly broke the contact.
“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that.” He whispered against your lips that were still very close to his own, his arms tightening around your waist.
“Then show me, Suki.” You said as you returned you lips to his and kissed him with all the passion you had. 
You were sure he has the lips of an Angel
There we go guys!! Part 2!!! I absolutely LOVED writing this story, so I hope you all enjoy it too. It deffo my new fave! Please like and follow I would be eternally grateful!! 
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milkytheholy · 7 days ago
Hots for you
Request: Hi! Hope you’re having a great day! I was wondering if you could do one where 2016 or 2012 Raph finds out that his girlfriend is bisexual? Thanks!
TMNT masterlist
Ultimate masterlist
Tumblr media
2012 Raph:
He was just partaking in his favourite activity: beat Mikey to the ground. It was a sparring session held in the dojo, of course, overwatched by Splinter. Raph held an evil grin as he jumped on top of his younger brother, taking a small bit of pleasure when hearing Mikey scream for mercy.
"Yamen!" Splinter called, ending the match for Mikey's benefit. Said crippled turtle was lifted up by a very smug Raph, "I said I was sorry," Mikey whined out with a frown. Raph playfully nudged Mikey in the arm, the small turtle releasing a groan at the pressure, "Yeah, well, you should've thought about that before you ate my pizza slice." he laughed.
Waiting outside the dojo, you watched with a smile as the brothers piled out of the room and fell to the couch with a tired sigh. Walking over to Raph, you gave a small wave to the other boys "Hey guys, how was training?" Mikey's whine was muffled in the beanbag he laid flat in, "Painful," he huffed. Raph let out a small snicker, smoothly wrapping an arm over your shoulders, "What's up with you anyway, thought you said you hated bein' around us after trainin', I believe you said we stink,"
"Well, I'm not wrong," you teased, moving his arm away from you when the smell of sweat became too much to bear. "But I actually came because I have something really important to tell you." All the brothers looked towards you, whatever they were doing was put on pause to hear this news. You felt the beads of sweat drip down your neck, releasing a shaky breath, you clarified "In private,"
The boys glanced at each other then left without another word to be said, each going their own separate ways to give the couple some privacy. Now you were just alone with Raph and your deep, dark thoughts. You could feel your throat contracting, having to find the courage to heave at your words, "Raph," you began, taking note of his calm demanour. He shuffled closer to you, taking your shaking hands in his, which he noticed.
"Hey, you okay? Your hands are shakin' like crazy," he seemed worried but kept his tone light as to not freak you out. You nodded your head, swallowing down the last bit of nerves and opened your mouth, "Raph, I think- I think I'm bisexual."
It felt good being finally able to tell someone, just to say it out in the open. Now all that came was Raph's judgement, how would he react? Would he still love you, still want to be with you?
You waited for what felt like an hour when really it was more than five minutes, but that's what nerves do to a girl. Waiting patiently, eyes flicking back and forth between him and the dojo doors. There was no doubt that Master Splinter was in there and with his sense of hearing there were even greater chances that he could hear your conversation too.
Raph snapped back into reality, eyes flicking to you at the mention of his name falling from his lips. You looked so worried, so scared, did you really think he wouldn't support you; the love of his life.
"(Y/N)," he called you, stopping you from your stressed induced rambling. Grabbing your hands in a tighter grip and pulling them to where his heart lay, he looked entranced as he stared into your eyes. "So what you're bisexual? Do you really think that would change my view of how wonderful and amazing you are, and don't even get me started on how beautiful you are too. Look as long as you still have the hots for me, and god knows I definitely still have the hots for you, we'll be just fine."
"Really?" you asked with wonder and hesitation in your voice, Raph's smile widened, finally taking you in a full embrace. You scrunched your face up at the smell but hugged him back nevertheless. "Besides," he began, pulling away to take in your rosy cheeks, "Mikey's probably gonna throw you a huge party to celebrate."
"Will there be cake?" you asked, a hint of mischief in your eyes. Raph laughed harder, "For you, anything." he teased. He took your chin between his fingers and kissed you smack on the lips, happy that you weren't going to break up with him.
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mangekyuou · 7 days ago
                                             REMEMBER ━゙
Tumblr media
⁺◟   CHARACTERS . . .           uchiha itachi           fem!reader
⁺◟   GENRE . . .           au           angst           fluff           oneshot
⁺◟   SYNOPSIS . . .           family and friends are very           important to ( y/n ). so much           so, she is willing to sacrifice           herself. even if it means losing           all of her precious memories,           including her dearest ones of           her beloved, itachi.
⁺◟   CONTENT WARNINGS . . .           depictions of amnesia ‘ brief           depiction of self harm ‘ mentions           of blood ‘ injury ‘ violence ‘ surgery           ‘ not proofread
⁺◟   WORD COUNT . . .           2.2k.
⁺◟   COMMENTARY . . .           i really liked writing this one. in           this the uchiha massacre did not           happen. i really hope i portrayed           amnesia correctly and not in a           negative light.
          ( t/n ) — teammate’s name
Tumblr media
It happened all too quickly. It happened within a blink of an eye. The harsh blow she had endured in place of one of her underlings she had promised to protect with her life despite protocol.
“Captain ( y/n )!”
The blow sending her flying backward to a large, jagged edge boulder, hitting head first. The blood rushed out of the open wound, creating a river down the side of her face. Her ( e/c ) eyes had paled, losing their lively color. Her eyelids had become heavy, as her body fell to the hardened ground with a loud thud. Her world began to spin until it was nothing more than pitch black.
“( y/n )-san!”
The wooden tray has slipped from his fingertips, the black kettle and two glass cups to match had fallen to the floor. The two cups had shattered into pieces between his feet and the feet of his lover’s underling and good friend.
The hot tea from the kettle had begun to seep into the beige-colored flooring of the loft. Itachi’s onyx eyes looked up from the mess of glass shards and split tea. His hands begin to quiver at his sides. The sudden rush of dread and fear filled him as those words echoed through the corners of his mind.
“( y/n )-san has been gravely injured.”
That couldn’t have been right. He must have misheard. ( y/n ) had never been injured, barely even scratched on missions like this. It was a simple infiltration mission over a small organization planning to bring harm to the village. She had done these time and time again with ease. How could this have happened?
“What...happened...?” Itachi managed to choke out, tears beginning to form in the corners of his eyes to match the man’s flooded face in front of him. The guilt had been eating him alive since it had happened.
He bowed lowly, unable to even look Itachi in the eye. “( y/n )-san...she pushed me out of the way of an attack...I should have seen coming. And she...she got hit instead,” bewailed the young man. It took everything in him to not burst out into another sob, “We came back as fast as we could! I’m so sorry, Itachi-san! Please forgive me!”
His apology was genuine, the streams of tears down his cheeks were evidence of that. Itachi lowered his head. She had saved him, she had gone against the ANBU code...again.
“Even if it means the death of your teammate, you mustn’t jeopardize the mission! No excuses!”
Despite her high rank, she often bumped heads with her superiors over the topic of her teammates. In her own words, ‘Home is where the heart is. Konoha is where I was raised, but my teammates ARE my home.’
She was as stubborn as they came. She served her own purpose, her own justice, not the corrupted purpose and justice of the village she was merely born in.
If it had been up to anyone else, ( y/n ) would have already been expelled from the organization. But no one dared to touch the Hokage’s dearest favorite. It’s why she still managed to keep her high rank despite her stubbornness and unwillingness to follow certain codes.
Even if she was a rascal, she was a great leader who cared for her teammates and underlings dearly, which is why hearing of her injury had saddened the entire organization. No one had wished such a fate upon her, not even her superiors. It was truly unfortunate. They had pitied her.
“I need to see her.”
“Itachi-san...I don’t think they have finishe—”
“Please...I just need to see her right now. That’s all I’m asking for,” Itachi’s voice came out a bit harsher than he anticipated.
The underling picked himself up, wiping the streams of tears that flooded his face, “Follow me, Itachi-san.” And follow he did. Itachi, a fellow ANBU captain himself, he had already know where he was being led to.
He had been in and out of the infirmary time and time again, watching his teammates be carried in clinging on for dear life and being carried out in a black bag. Never could he imagine the day the woman who held his heart would be close to that sad fate.
When they had arrived, a small crowd had formed outside of the infirmary, careful not to block the entrance. It all had seemed as if they were waiting for something. Then sorrowful eyes had landed on Itachi. A plethora of apologies followed, many from people he hadn’t known nor did he seem to care at that moment. He just wished to see her.
He stepped in front of the entrance, pulling back the curtain. His presence had surprised no one. He was greeted by the sight of her wide awake, sitting up in the beyond uncomfortable bed even despite her nurse’s wishes.
( y/n )’s forehead had been wrapped in gauze bandage, a few bandages to cover up the minor cuts she endured. She seemed to be focused on her hands, as she fiddling with a stress ball of some sort.
She was okay. She was alive.
“( y/n )! You’re okay!”
Hearing his voice, she jolted. He had scared her. She looked up from her stress ball, taking in his features as he carefully approached her, remembering her head injury.
Itachi took her hand into his, kissing her knuckles gently before pressing her soft hand onto the skin of his cheek. She had only stared at him, a look of surprise printed on her face.
“I’m so glad you’re alive. When ( t/n )-san told me you were hurt in a mission I couldn’t believe it and I got here as fast as I could,” Itachi tried to explain, relaxing against her touch. He closed his eyes, letting out a sigh of complete relief.
It could have been much worse. He was just glad to have her-
“Oi, we know each other?”
“S-Stranger?” He repeated, pulling away from her. He continued, “( y/n ), what are you talking about? It’s me, Itachi.” A nervous laugh left his lips, praying she had just been teasing him like always. Now was not the time for games.
She let her hand return to her side, studying his face intensely but nothing seem to come of it. She hadn’t known a man of his stature. The onyx hair and eyes to match did not ring a bell. But his presence felt familiar. His chakra from within reminded her of someone. But she just couldn’t put her finger on it.
He watched helplessly as she shook her head, apologizing to them.
It wasn’t a game.
She had truly forgotten him.
Tears stung the corner of his already puffy eyes again, his jaw opening a bit. He grew stiff. That heavy feeling from before returning, hitting much harder than earlier.
She suffered a fate worse than death.
The fate of not remembering the one you loved.
Tumblr media
“The Shinobi Organizational System ranks are Genin, Chunin...Jo...Jo...” She let out a sigh. She closed her eyes tightly, trying her best to not look at her notes in front of her.
She had written this down multiple times. She had known this. It was just in the tip of her tongue, so why couldn’t she just say it? Becoming frustrated with herself, she covered her face. Not only had she covered her face, but she had also hit herself, something that was sadly becoming much of an unhealthy habit since she had lost her memory.
( y/n ) had tried so hard to recall her memories, her past knowledge, and people she swore she remembered. It stressed her out. It saddened her that she couldn’t remember things as simple as ranks in her own field of work or even just names.
‘Stupid, stupid, stupid,’ She thought to herself.
A strong hand grabbed her wrist, pulling her hand away from her face, realizing she was going to hit herself again.
( y/n ) opened her eyes, being met with the face of the same man who had picked her up from the infirmary, the one who had been with her through every step of the way.
Itachi gave her wrist a gentle squeeze, a kind smile on his face. “Jonin,” He finished. “You just missed one that time. Good job, I’m proud of you.”
It had been over two months since her surgery, since she had been diagnosed with retrograde amnesia. Though she had not recognized him, he still had cared for her as she had.
How patient he was with her. How kind, how gentle and uplifting he was. Through his small and settle hints that she hadn’t quite picked up yet. Though when he arrived to pick her up, for her own sanity he had introduced himself as her roommate, she knew there was a bit more to him.
“Hey, it’s okay, don’t get frustrated. Don’t push yourself. Let’s stop for today. We can pick this up tomorrow.” He released her wrist.
She nodded, stuffing her hands into her lap as she lowered her head in embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Itachi-san.”
“Don’t apologize, just don’t be so hard on yourself. This is hard and you’ve come so far already. Take a break, you deserve it.” He tried to cheer her up. He grabbed the full cup sitting on the hard wooden table, bringing it up to his lips to take a sip of the hot herbal tea. She had followed in suit, but she did not drink any of the tea.
Her eyes had focused on him. Her eyes were filled with such an immense amount of admiration for him. It was clear she had developed a bit of an interest toward him. She recounted the new memories she had made with him, as he tried to recover her old ones.
Going to the library to take turns whisper-reading the same novel. Hiking up a hard trail, to which he carried her back down the trail on his back. Attending a festival where they had eaten lots of desserts, especially Dango. And gazing upon the stars at midnight, as he hummed a lullaby his mother used to sing to him and his little brother when they were children.
She wanted to tell him how she felt. But each time, she was brought back into reality as his left hand had come into view.
A channel diamond white gold band on his ring finger.
He belonged to someone.
But he never spoke about being married, let alone in a relationship. If his heart belonged to someone, why did he live here? Why did he live with her not whoever had loved him?
None of that mattered. What had truly mattered was she could not wreck someone’s relationship with her childish feelings. She was a least that’s what she was told, she couldn’t succumb to these immature feelings. Everyone had a crush every once in a while.
‘There will be another,’ She thought every time she thought of moving closer.
‘There will be another,’ She thought every time she dreamed of pressing her lips against his.
‘There will be another,’ She lied.
Itachi noticed her line of vision, knowing she was staring at his ring. He chuckled lowly, snapping her out of her daydream.
She opened her mount to speak but he was quicker, “Despite its appearance, it’s an engagement ring.”
“’re in engaged. Congratulations,” She faked a smile. He could hear the disappointment in her voice. He saw straight through the fake smile.
He went on, “Thank you. My fiancée, and I tend to brag a bit on her while others seem to tease me a bit for it, was actually the one who proposed to me.
“Wait, she proposed to you? That’s adorable!”
“It wasn’t very traditional but she doesn’t care for traditional roles and I love that about her. I didn’t at all see it coming either,” Itachi commented.
( y/n ) placed her cup of untouched tea down on the table, leaning forward a bit, “For her to be your fiancée, you don’t talk about her nearly enough. What’s she like? Did I know her...before everything?”
He hummed, “You did in fact. I guess you could say the two of you were quite close. Quite inseparable, one would say. The two of you would repeat that one saying that seemed to bother our seniors in the ANBU. ‘Home is where the heart is. Konoha is where I was raised, but’...”
“...My teammates are my home,” She finished his sentence. She noticed the look of surprise on his face, “Sorry. I think I’ve heard that before. In a dream or something but now I know where it comes from. Could I meet your fiancée? If we were close then maybe she could help me regain some of my memories.”
Her mood immediately brightened. She had someone who could help her remember now. It wasn’t a lost cause.
“She’s away on business,” He lied, taking another sip of tea, “I hope to see her again soon.” He said quietly, hoping it didn’t reach her ears, as he watched her jump for glee.
‘Take your time, ( y/n ). I’ll be right here when you remember. I love you.’
Tumblr media
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coffeecomicsgalore · 7 days ago
Navigating the Chaos
TW NOTE: This has a temporary character death via cataclysm. Also mentions a beating, but I do not explain how it happened. Marinette panics.
I will post the chapter under the cut, and I'll post a TL;DR at the very end.
Chapter 15: Dreams
“Adrien?” Marinette called out into the black void, the only light coming from beyond her line of sight.
“Adrien!” She called out to him again, cupping her hands around her mouth to amplify her voice.
When silence was the only thing that answered her, she tried to remain calm, but she could feel the panic begin to brew within her chest. She turned to the left then to the right, before tugging on her sleeve to try and aim her focus on something else.
Marinette slowly moved forward, wary of the way the silence engulfed her. It was cold, enough for the cold to seep into her bones; even her soul felt the suffocating feeling from the nothingness. But she continued forward, knowing that within her heart that Adrien was here somewhere.
“Adrien.” She called again, her voice breaking as the panic began to take hold of her. Soon her walking became a slight jog, and before she knew it, she was running. She could feel her breath getting caught in her throat, and her cheeks were cold as she continued to run.
Swiftly wiping at her eye as if something was in it, she noticed it was wet, and it only dawned on her that she was crying.
But then a laughter. A deep, hearty laugh that sounded demented and demonic. Marinette abruptly stopped to hear where the sound was coming from, but the fear began to fill her core making her wary of moving to find the monster tied to the noise. But finding Adrien was more important than hiding, and she hoped that she could use her Ladybug courage and strength to find him.
More laughter. More walking. Finally, a sound—a monologue maybe, the voice was too low to determine the words. But then she saw him. Her heart plummeted as she noticed Chat Noir beaten and bruised, his body tied to a chair as the man in purple stood in front of him, the tip of the cane pressed into his cheek to make the superhero look up him.
“You will tell me where she is.” Hawkmoth growled, and Chat only stared blankly at him, refusing to utter a word. “Fine. Then I’ll remove this.”
Hawkmoth reached down to snatch his ring, but Chat called his cataclysm to avoid the capture. Hawkmoth only laughed, taking his staff and pressing it against the bubbling destruction, incinerating it to ash.
Marinette gasped, ready to call on her transformation when Hawkmoth removed the ring, leaving Adrien unprotected and vulnerable to the villain.
“No!” Marinette cried out, but her voice never carried through to them. Hawkmoth and Adrien stared down at each other before the unthinkable happened—Hawkmoth unified with Plagg and called upon his cataclysm.
“Marinette!” A sound broke through, but Marinette ignored it.
Tears were streaming down her face as she watched Adrien stare calmly at the villain, waiting for the final ending to his current life. And as Hawkmoth inched closer and closer to Adrien’s face, the only thing she could do was scream.
“Marinette, please!”
“Goodbye, cat.” He uttered out with disdain, pressing his fingertip to Adrien’s cheek, black bubbling destruction took over his body until there was nothing left. She continued to scream, the tears falling faster and faster as the world came crashing in around her.
“—nette!” Adrien cried out as he continuously shook Marinette to wake her up from the nightmare. She wouldn’t wake up and continued to scream out, her eyes pressed tightly shut as the tears fell down her cheeks.
“Marinette. Come on!” Adrien tried again, afraid that her parents would run up here at any moment to see him here with her.
He hugged her close, pressing kisses to her cheek and lips, trying every trick he could think of to wake her up. Finally, he lifted her up and opened up the skylight, rushing her out into the cold November air, hoping that the sudden change in temperature would bring her back to reality.
The plan working, causing her to stop screaming and gasp out for her. Marinette’s body was now shaking from the cold, but her eyes shot open when she realized she was not in her bed.
“Marinette.” He whispered, hoping that his calming voice would calm her down. “I’m here, bug. I’m here.”
“Adrien?” She asked groggily, still trying to comprehend what was going on.
“You had a bad dream. It’s okay. You’re okay. I’m here.”
Marinette stared into Adrien’s eyes as she touched his cheek, feeling the warmth through her palm. She inhaled deeply before lunging at him, holding him tightly as she cried into his shoulder, forcing her to forget the pain of losing him to that monster.
NOTE: This chapter is important and not something that is thrown in for the sake of a chapter. It's actually foreshadowing to something that happens down the line in Ladynoir July, but I promise no actual cataclysm will be used to destroy a character.
TL;DR: Marinette has a dream that Hawkmoth captured Chat Noir and tried to get information out of him. Marinette sees him bruised up and tied to a chair. HM is able to take the ring, unify it, and cataclysm Adrien. Marinette wakes up screaming from her nightmare via Adrien who happened to fall asleep beside her.
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mytwilightimagines13 · 7 days ago
Memories from the past (Part Nine)
Tumblr media
Reposting cause it got flagged last time. I had no idea kissing was considered a sexual act these days....
First part Previous part Next part
Word count: 858
“Alright. I am ready I guess.” I said, looking at the two blonde vampires in front of me. They had taken me to Caius’ office this morning so we could talk. “Very well. The most important thing to remember is that we are immortal, until we are killed. We can only die by the flames of fire, no other way is known to have killed us. Not heights, no illness, no weapon. We are the fastest and strongest creatures known to man. Other than that we have a few laws. The most important one is that the humans never find out about us. It could lead to a dangerous war.” Caius started to explain. “That part confuses me. If what I recollect from your story is true, wouldn’t that mean that vampires easily overpower humans? Why the fear of a war then?” I asked, my arms crossed at the moment. “You would think so, yeah. But humans are clever. If they figure out that we live among them they would soon try to create weapons that could destroy our kind. And without a doubt a lot of lives will be lost. That is why we rather keep the humans in the dark.” Athenodora said, her voice very soft. I bit my lip and nodded my head guiding for Caius to continue but he simply stared at me. “Don’t bite your lip darling. Unless you plan on doing something else with that mouth?” he growled softly making me release my lip quickly and a blush creeping on my cheeks. “Caius, behave. Finish the story, please.” His wife said noticing her husband’s self-control that was slowly fading. And frankly, hers was too. She wanted her mate, and she wanted her bad. “Very well, the other important thing to know is that every vampire has a mate. Or multiple ones are also possible.” Caius continued his story, his eyes never leaving my face trying to calculate my reactions. “These mates are the vampires’ other part of their soul. Something worth living eternity for.” “And I assume Athenodora and you are mates?” I asked, looking between the two blonde vampires. Caius and Athenodora both smiled at me. “Yes we are. But we have been blessed with a second mate.” Athenodora said. “Really? Where is he? Or she? Them? Have you found your second mate yet?” I asked, or more like rambled. I felt a faint pull of pain in my chest when she mentioned a second mate. It almost seemed like a sprig of jealousy was growing inside my chest, wanting a grip on my heart. Caius chuckled light heartily. “Believe me, she is closer than you think. Within hands reach to be exact.” He said, his red eyes eying me playfully. A blush crept onto my face and I quickly looked away. “Sorry. I shouldn’t stick my nose in a place it doesn’t belong in. It is not my place to ask” I said as I started to play with a ring on my index finger. The same ring my mother used to wear. “Who says it isn’t your place to ask, amore?” Athenodora asked standing up from her chair and making her way towards me. Her movements as graceful and mesmerizing as a ballerina in dance. She halts her step behind me and gently places an arm around my shoulders resting her chin on my right one. Her lips dangerously close to my neck. “You have every right to ask anything you desire.” Her cool lips gently touch the side of my neck, just below my ear. Caius couldn’t control himself any longer and also made his way towards his mate. He placed both his hands on the armrests of my chair and leaned in, burying his face in my neck the opposite side of where Athenodora’s face rested. My heartbeat was sky high. I could feel it bouncing quickly in my neck and chest. “Ask us again, amore.” He whispered in my ear, his cool breath hitting my ear. I could no longer think. My hands where clutching my shirt as I had crossed my arms in front of my chest before. My hand palms where clammy and my heart seemed to be bouncing out of my chest. “Ask us who our second mate is. Ask us who completes us. Ask us who our key for a blissful eternity is.”Athenodora whispered in my ear. Thoughts where rushing through my brain and my heart seemed to pull only harder at my body towards the two vampires surrounding me. I was afraid to ask the question, knowing I would be
completely broken if they didn’t say my name. If it would not be me who belonged to these two angels. But at the same time my mind tried to be rational with me. Why and how could I be the one to complete these age old creatures. Me, a mere human being. Their cool lips on either side of my neck brought me back to my senses and a voice spoke that I barely could place as my own. “Who is it?” I asked, closing my eyes fearing the answer. “You.”
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thestrawberrysimp · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Ft: Oikawa Tōru + Miya Atsumu
STARRING: gn! reader
WARNING(S): Light proof read, swearing (only in Atsumu's part really), waiter touches Tsumu's no no square >:(
A/N: i lowkey wanted to make this angst where you think they cheated but im in a good mood. I wanted to make 'tsumu super duper snarky and bitchy which is very appropriate for what happens so that's exactly what I did <( ̄︶ ̄)>
Tumblr media
- OIKAWA wanted to take care of you today and what better way to treat his s/o than the movies! You two got your tickets and seated yourselves right as the previews ended. Yet mid movie Tooru had gotten up and left with a simple "I'll be back y/n chan". You thought he might have gone to use the bathroom real quick but no, he was still out. With concern and confusion you decided to check, you quickly walked down the aisle, shoved the giant door only to find your boyfriend, snacks in hand and some random girl talking to him. You were very used to Oikawa's fans but you wanted but storm over there and say something but only to stop half way: by the look on Tooru's face you could tell he was a bit uncomfortable, annoyed even. "So Oikawa-san, wouldn't it be nice if we watched that new romance movie together?" the cheery fangirl asked "Haha, I'll have to decline that offer." Tooru chuckled rubbing the back of his head, he was so close to just walking away from the girl, "Why is that?" she pouted. "Well you see I have someone waiting for me— Y/N CHAN!" He shouted and walked toward you to give you a little peck on the cheek, "Hey Tooru who's this?" you asked. "Oh no one important, wanna finish the movie? I can got you some more popcorn!" he chimed, wrapping his arm around your waist, leaving the girl in awe.
- ATSUMU was an attention whore and everyone knew it, but when he started dating you he learned to humble himself and just didn't really pay any mind to his fangirl/fanboys as much as before, he wasnt easily flattered by peoples comments or actions anymore because he had you who could do all those things ten fold. He invited you to dinner with the rest of the Inarizaki team to celebrate the big win of last nights game... but something was off, of course everything was perfect but you just weren't comfortable with the waiter, they were constantly starting with small talk "So you're the star setter Atsumu Miya, aren't you?" while "mistakenly" brushing against his body. Although the rest of the team oblivious to their actions Atsumu began to catch on and was most certainly disgusted. By the end of your meals, Akagi, Kosaku, Riseki, Ginjima and Omimi had left early and as the rest of you sat until the same server came around with the bill. Atsumu was at his final straw once he felt the waiter brushed their hand over his lower region, oh he was fucking done: "Do you really think I would even consider being near someone like you?" he asked with a scoff, everyone at the table was taken aback by how Atsumu confronted them, even Kita's eyes widened. "First you disrespect my s/o by havin the audacity to make a shitty comment about them, and then ya decide to violate mah body? Why don't ya do yer fuckin job instead of brushin up on people's crotches, huh?". The waiters face was in shock to his words, breaking their spirit or at least any thought of a chance with him. Out of pure embarrassment they simply bowed down, said "Sorry to bother you" and was off to serve another table. "Thank ya for treatin the team Kita-san and Aran-kun" Atsumu gave a small smile, "Y/n, Samu... let's go".
Tumblr media
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sooibian · 8 days ago
My Lovable Curse - Part One
Tumblr media
Pairing: NIS Operative Baekhyun x Assassin Reader (undercover as Shaye) ft. Kyungsoo, Minseok, Chen, Sehun, OC Aeri (Baekhyun’s estranged wife)
Genre/Themes: Spy AU, Assassin AU, angst, dark humour, thriller, inspired by Killing Eve.
Description: Not even in his wildest dreams had Baekhyun thought he’d have to team up with you to take down one of the most notorious criminal masterminds, CEO of tech company Stratio, Doh Kyungsoo.
Warnings: Sexual themes, indicative of depression and anxiety, blood, weapons, violence, language.
A/N: A Very Happy Birthday my dearest, Baekhyunnie! This fic is continuation to The Spy Who Loved Me but it can be read as a standalone two-shot. 
Word Count: 5.7k
Tagging: @vampwrrr @changshapatrol @leewalberg @rosetvler ​ @his-mochi-cheeks @is-that-baekhyuns-shirt​ @marimsun @revalya ​ @bbyunz @littleflowercrown13 @onefoureightfive @cam-peggio @royal-aeris @exoxobsession let me know if you'd like to be tagged/untagged on part 2.
When life takes a turn from bad to worse,
You’re always there, my lovable curse...
As you sauntered in and sat across the table from Baekhyun, his hand unconsciously balled into a fist and twisted against the leg of the wooden furniture in recollection of the agonizing memory by way of a simulation. The memory (that had now started to feel more like a bad dream) of sticking a knife into you with the constructive intent of killing.
The high and mighty assassin who once worked for a shadowy yet the most dangerous organization in the world, ‘The Twelve’, that deployed assassins for their own means. Somewhere along the riveting chase, Baekhyun realized that he had long crossed the line of tenability and reason when it came to you. ‘The only thing that makes you interesting is me,’ he remembers you saying and the words had been playing like a broken record in his head ever since. Until one day, nearly a year ago, he had you exactly where he wanted - alone and unarmed, in the comfort of your own home. 
Baekhyun had felt his body take over all sense of rationale. As if his hand had a mind of its own, he had plunged a knife into your side. It had taken him a few minutes to realize the gravity of the situation as your white sheets soaked up a deep, bloody, garish red and you struggled like a fish out of water to get help. But Baekhyun had not helped you. In the moment, he thought that he wanted to and he just couldn’t. ‘I froze,’ he’d said to Minseok, unable to meet the man’s distrustful gaze. Looking back to the day, memory grossly muddled, he wouldn’t place a bet on his own intentions.
Hair slicked back into a neat high ponytail, the latest make-up trend gave your face higher cheekbones, sharper eyes, fuller lips - but it was all wasted on Baekhyun. Twirling the silken locks of your hair around your fingers, you gazed at him wistfully, hoping that he’d snap out of whatever futility had diverted his attention away from you. ‘What could be more important than this little reunion?’ you wondered.
“Ah!” Baekhyun exclaimed sharply and began sucking on the side of his index finger. It took a pointed piece of chipped wood to jolt him out of his reverie.
You chortled, “Never thought the NIS would come begging for my help.”
If only you knew the effect you had on Baekhyun. 
How overwhelming it was for him to be in the presence of someone who derived pleasure from the ultimate ruin. His eyes closely followed your slender fingers wrap around the sweating glass of ice water and he felt his breath hitch in his throat. The way your husky voice sent tingles down his spine… he couldn’t tell if he wanted to pin you against the wall and tear your chic, well-tailored, salmon pink suit apart or snap your sweet little neck and revel in the joy of watching the light drain out of your boldly lined eyes.
‘Cockroaches will survive the nuclear apocalypse,’ Aeri’s sweet voice rang in Baekhyun’s ears and he felt his stomach knot in the pit. He cleared his throat and threw his shoulders back to regain composure.
Wearing a stoic...almost bored expression, he declared, “It is unfortunate.”
“Hey! I’m a big deal in this industry -” You retorted but he cut you off.
“You know I’ve never heard of an assassin that’s been fired? Retired, yes….dead, quite to my ears, by the way..but fired? It’s definitely a first.”
Despite himself, his lips mirrored your childlike ‘guilty as charged’ smile. After a series of events involving you not following protocol, The Twelve had let you go. They would rather have had you killed but your handler Chen came to your rescue, or so you thought. As per the information with the NIS, Chen said to one of his bosses - she’s on the NIS’ target anyway. Her blood...their hands.
Without wasting any more time in irrelevant conversations, Baekhyun pulled out a file from his shabby laptop bag and slapped it on the table.
“Doh Kyungsoo,” started Baekhyun.
“Ooooh handsome,” you remarked while studying the photograph of a man in his early thirties - crew cut hair, prominent jaw and brows, Armani glasses, big eyes, plush lips.
Baekhyun’s face flared at a compliment that was not directed at him. “Focus,” he commanded through gritted teeth.
You rolled your eyes and sighed, “Fine! Go on.”
“CEO of Stratio, a tech company, which he inherited upon the sudden death of his father. From what we understand, Kyungsoo is now trying to secretly sell a part of the company. So we did a little digging and found that his father was actually murdered as were several of his employees by another assassin called Gwishin who made all the murders look like accidents. So my partner -”
Tilting your head to the side you interrupted him with an innocent, “Who?”
Baekhyun clenched his fist so tight that his knuckles paled. His former partner Park Chanyeol had been murdered by the very same woman who sat in front of him nonchalantly asking the name of his new one.
“Oh Sehun.” Baekhyun replied almost defiantly.
“New guy?”
Baekhyun knew that you were taunting him and he chose against indulging you.
“My partner Oh Sehun and I met with Doh Kyungsoo in his office, inquiring after the segments of the business that are up for sale but instead of answering our questions, he berated us for failing to find out who the killer of his father is.”
“It’s obviously him. Doh Kyungsoo hired Gwishin to do his bidding,” you stated casually, sipping on water.
“We can’t be sure of that yet. Anyway that’s not what we’re interested in.”
Baekhyun’s by-the-book methods exasperated you endlessly, they single-handedly dragged down your energy levels making you feel like some boring corporate slave instead of the sophisticated story-teller that you were.
Throwing your hands up, you exclaimed, “Oh, come on! Doh Kyungsoo is the only one who benefits from the death of his father. The domino effect - I mean...the other colleagues must have been loyal to the old man?”
Baekhyun nodded, “The body of a journalist investigating Stratio and all these sudden deaths was found in a sewer underneath Gyeongju. The official story was ‘Urban explorer overreached himself’. Another important victim is senior Doh’s private secretary. Her death was listed as a heart attack.”
You jutted out your lower lip in mock sorrow and sang, “Aww.. poor thing. So what do you want from me? Kill Gwishin? Kill Doh Kyungsoo?”
“You don’t -,” Baekhyun let out an exasperated sigh, “- we don’t need you to kill anybody.”
An expression of genuine disappointment coloured your face this time. Putting the file back into his bag, Baekhyun continued, “We need you to find out what Doh Kyungsoo’s selling...and who’s buying it.”
“Anything for you, darling,” you teasingly patted the back of Baekhyun’s hand causing him to immediately withdraw it from the table. He knew it was not going to be this easy. You were nothing if not uncooperative. But he’d come well prepared.
You hardly cared for monetary benefits the way you thrived on thrills from a mission. You were the kind to get high on adventure, buzzed and blitzed when you’re a second away from death because nobody better than you maneuvered their way back to living and you loved to make a big show of it. Every single time.
Everybody has a weakness that could be their potential downfall and Baekhyun was determined to find yours.
“Chen is on board so unless you want to go back to being a boring contract killer, you’re welcome to go undercover for the NIS.”
“Wait - did you say Chen is on board? That bastard -”
“I’ll see you in the office at nine.”
Casually chucking some bills on the table, Baekhyun stood up to leave but you immediately grabbed his wrist and held him to the spot. Taking his hand in both of yours, you asked tenderly, “Didn’t she leave you? Why do you still have this dull ring on?”
Baekhyun glared at you in response but utterly unfettered, you continued, “She’s too nice and normal for you -”
He yanked his hand out of your grasp and stormed out of the cafe.
Doh Kyungsoo was mean, snobby, a control-freak, and a bully.
Baekhyun honestly couldn’t think of a situation more volatile than putting a psychopath and a megalomaniac together in one room. Therefore, every step of the operation was deliberated upon in great detail by the NIS. The only thing expected out of you was to stick to the plan, exactly, efficiently, cut-and-dried - no diversions.
The plan was foolproof by virtue of its simplicity.
Oh Sehun had conjured up a seemingly watertight online persona for you by the name Shaye with as many philosophy degrees as she had DUIs. You were to coincidentally cross paths with the only person Doh Kyungsoo cared about - his younger sister Miso - in an AA meeting. You were not permitted to “freestyle” with your AA story of relapse either.
“No bullshitting,” said Baekhyun solemnly, “stick to the script. I don’t want you caught in a lie.”
“But Shaye is a lie!”
He tirelessly reminded you to ‘be professional and say the right things’ to gain the trust and friendship of a wide-eyed and slightly frivolous Miso. It took the girl less than a week to invite you to dinner at their family home in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu.
The four men - Baekhyun, Minseok, Chen, and Sehun - looked at you as if they’d discovered a new species of a talking, colourful bird but you could hardly blame them. Dressed in hippie clothing and beaded accessories, your hair was dyed in all conceivable colours, and you spoke with a gyopo twang. Baekhyun winced at the way you stretched out certain syllables and pronounced the others a little too sharply and you enjoyed pushing his buttons in all the ways that you could.
Turning to you, Baekhyun’s boss, NIS operative Kim  Minseok started, “The plan is fairly simple, you’ll be wired and the transmitter will permit Baekhyun and Chen to hear everything you say...down to a whisper. Whatever you do, do not cut contact with them. Find out what parts of the company are up for sale but don’t get caught snooping, ease into the conversation only if Doh Kyungsoo is willing. The key is to get you close to him and the only way you can do that is by first and foremost getting him to trust you. If things go south, the safeword is ‘gentleman’. We’ll dispatch a unit to get you out of there which means - ”
“This would’ve all been for nothing,” you completed Minseok’s sentence.
“Exactly,” continued Baekhyun. He threw a file on the table with a deliberate aggression and explained, “Winning Kyungsoo’s trust is about as easy as getting the North and South to reunite. He’s had no lovers, no friends. The man is sceptical, distrustful...even paranoid when it comes to being exposed to strangers so he’s going to do everything in his power to provoke you...test get on your nerves. So keep your cool,” he pointed to the file before crossing his arms over his chest, “and read up a little on philosophy.”
You rolled your eyes and shoved the file into your hot pink Chanel handbag before turning on your heel to exit the dimly lit and dreary “meeting room” of the NIS with an intended swing in your hips.
“And leave Shaye at the door next time!” Baekhyun begrudgingly called after you.
You gave him a casual two-finger salute in response before slamming the door shut behind you.
Being in a stuffy, white minivan with Baekhyun and Chen, just two miles away from Kyungsoo’s house, made you wonder who the actual delinquents were. Baekhyun, dressed in all black baggy sweats, fussed over a fairly standard headphone that was plugged into the socket of a gramophone sized black box and Chen’s shifty eyes made him look like a criminal overlord no matter what the situation.
“Alright, I’m off. Any advice?” You ridiculed the two men with a damsel-in-distress sigh, patting your ironed hair over your ears to conceal the tiny earpiece and smoothing out the creases in your linen jacket to hide the imperceptible mic fused into the pocket of your ripped jeans.
“Don’t die,” Chen grunted. Eyes shut, he leaned comfortably into the tattered leather seat, preparing himself for an undeserved nap.
The wild pounding of his heart and the incessant buzzing of his mind, got the better of Baekhyun again. He hated himself...loathed himself for giving a hoot about whether or not you survive this dinner. He didn’t care half as much for the operation itself. He wanted you to survive.
The cruel assassin because of whom his wife left him, he lost his partner and best friend, and nearly his job in the process. The violent assassin who causes him to jolt awake at the most unthreatening of sounds in the middle of the night and sleep with a pistol underneath his pillow (if he slept at all).
You deserved worse than a dog’s death. Yet, in the face of danger, he felt it in his bones that he’d do anything, absolutely anything to protect you.
Baekhyun swiftly followed you out of the minivan, grabbed your arm and pinned you against the vehicle as his warm breath fanned your cheek. An inexplicable feeling of ecstasy rippled and fluttered through your bloodstream at this sudden proximity with the man. The strong scent of his cologne pervaded your senses and you instinctively ran a finger along his smooth jaw only for him to rudely slap your hand away.
“Phone,” he commanded, extending his hand to you. Your fists clenched in a blinding fury but you didn’t allow that emotion to colour your facial expression. Smiling sweetly, you handed him your phone and dramatically curtsied. The device lit up with a call notification which he answered before boorishly instructing, “Don’t you dare turn it off."
Baekhyun was unabashedly, blatantly vexing you and he dared to go on simply because you allowed it. The fine line between bravery and stupidity had long blurred for the leather jacket donning, weapon wielding agent.
Setting the phone inside a secret compartment of your handbag, you looked up at Baekhyun. Intently studying the worry lines on his forehead, you said with an unshakable decisiveness in your voice, “Watch your tone, Byun Baekhyun. I like you but I don’t like you that much.”
Conversation with the siblings had petered out soon after the obligatory exchange of pleasantries with the most unpleasant man you’d ever met. And that is saying something after having worked with Chen for most of your life.
Throughout dinner Doh Kyungsoo didn’t say a word to you. He simply looked at you as if you were a piece of broken glass in his bowl of soup. On the other hand, Byun Baekhyun wouldn’t shut up.
“It’s awfully quiet,” Baekhyun hissed into your ear making it terribly difficult for you to stay in character, “cough if everything’s alright...comment on the meal if it's going to be your last.”
“Would you stop distracting her?” Groaned Chen, causing you to bite on your lower lip to stifle a grin. While cutting through steak, the knife slipped out of your hand and clattered loudly against the marble flooring.
“Oops,” you quipped, feigning embarrassment.
“Looks like you’ve found yourself another trainwreck,” said Kyungsoo to his sister, peering over his glasses and fixing you with a gaze that was supposed to be spine-chilling. You wondered if he’d practised it in front of a mirror before seeing you today. Thick Armani glasses on, hair slicked back, dressed in a black turtleneck and dress pants, to you, at best, Doh Kyungsoo looked like a counterfeit Steve Jobs. Spine-chilling, lips quirked in an amused grin, you wondered, maybe to others.
To you, the game has just begun.
After dinner, you were ushered into the living room where Kyungsoo and Miso decided to play Dixit. With Baekhyun practically breathing down your neck, you failed to follow the rules of the game causing Kyungsoo to take a dig at your attention span.
“Take a breather,” said Baekhyun but Kyungsoo’s comment frustrated you enough to turn off your phone.
Plastering on a smile, you asked Miso, “Which way’s the bathroom?”
Kyungsoo’s house, in its purest form, reflected a fuss-free approach to life. The interior design was a sleek and uncluttered style, emphasizing on minimal decor. But it somehow felt like the kind of place to have unexplained video tapes, creepy bedroom peepholes, and hidden cellars. The place screamed Kyungsoo. Every piece of furniture, every work of art had his name written all over it, way of design, style, colour, or feel. There was hardly a trace of Miso. She was expendable.
True to your scatterbrained act, you turned left instead of right where the bathroom was supposed to be and found yourself in a library, fervently hoping to obtain something of use to the NIS. But before you could even begin looking, Kyungsoo's terrifying sneer fell upon your ears, “What are you doing here?”
Within a second you regained composure and turned around, giggling, “I got lost, I guess. You can’t blame me, it’s a big place you’ve got here.”
Kyungsoo leaned against the doorframe, crossing his arms over his chest and his legs at the ankles. He peered over his glasses and inquired impassively, “Lost? You seem to have found exactly what you were looking for.”
“I was just being nosy,” you quipped, tilting your head to the side and smiling your warmest smile.
“Being nosy is impolite. The bathroom’s that way,” he stuck his thumb out in the opposite direction and stood rooted to the spot, steadily watching as you walked past him.
Slumping into the couch, you asked the brother sister duo, “So! Shall we continue the game?”
Miso looked baffled as if you’d just asked for her kidney and Kyungsoo casually remarked, “There’s no point, Shaye. You have the mind of an infant.”
“Stop being a dick, Kyungsoo!” Exclaimed Miso rather unconvincingly, and lightly punched her brother in the arm.
If you had it your way, you’d club him to death.
The conceited prick then shook his head and wondered to himself, “I just find it strange that someone with two degrees in philosophy struggles with a children’s game.”
“God, you’re rude!” You laughed, while consciously reminding yourself that you were not Shaye. Shaye was just an act.
But, the game!
Shaye and you, both, didn’t seem to get it. While the murderous man, with no human qualities to his credit, took several potshots at your mental faculties. Wringing your hands, you shot an awkward glance in Miso’s direction whose lips were stretched into a weak, apologetic smile.
Your eyes fell upon a glass vase in the corner - geometric in design with enough sharp edges to do what you really wanted to in that moment. You gaze trailed along Kyungsoo’s sharp jawline, down to the sweet spot on his neck pulsating delicately, making you nearly salivate. In the moment you felt as though you’d found an oasis in the middle of an eternal desert only to realize that it was just a mirage. Even though people have killed for a lot’ve killed for a lot less..the NIS wanted him alive.
Baekhyun wanted him alive.
These two hours with Kyungsoo had left you with no semblance of dignity and you hadn’t managed to acquire a shred of information on the fortress of a man. But if you couldn’t get through to him, nobody else could.
You came to realize that this was a do or die. So you went in blind and released the arrow, “You’re very rude Kyungsoo but, you know what, it’s alright... I get it. You probably can’t handle the stress of running such a big company. God knows I wouldn’t have been able to,” you chuckled to yourself before continuing while Kyungsoo fixed you with an attentive gaze, “Maybe that’s why you’re selling parts of it, right?”
The man’s brows quirked at the question. “Excuse me?”
With a feeble smile on your face, you asked in a small voice, “Yeah...aren’t you?”
“How do you know about it?”
“Well, it was in an article I read...” his solemn expression pressured you into answering.
“I doubt you’d have found information like that in magazine piles at waxing salons,” jeered Kyungsoo, “and you hardly seem the kind to be interested in business. So, tell me Shaye, who are you, really? Let’s drop the faux ditz act.”
Instead of answering, you blinked at him under the pretense of confusion.
Eyes glistening, Kyungsoo gently stroked his sister’s perfectly round head as if in admiration of its shape and size. He leaned in close and whispered softly into her ear, “Like I said, dear sister, a trainwreck. Much like yourself.” 
Miso was moved to tears by his comment. He then turned to you and asked, “Two degrees in philosophy, yes?”
You nodded and he lazily leaned forward to pick up a book from the coffee table.
“What do you think about Anselm’s ontological argument?”
Sorely regretting shutting Baekhyun out, you waved your hand dismissively and answered, “It’s boring.”
Kyungsoo let out a sinister chuckle, “Boring? I see...favourite refutation?”
Nothing. You could give him nothing.
“Can you even spell ontological?” He raised an eyebrow at you in question, the corner his mouth up in a smirk. He threw the weighty, hardbound book at you, clearly aiming for your face but acting upon reflex, you caught it.
“You know what, Miso,” you started softly, well aware that there was no point in continuing the conversation with a man this hateful and narcissistic, “my dad used to say there’s only one way to deal with a bully -”
“Aww,” leaning in, a very maniacal Kyungsoo teased you, “what advice did daddy give to his little princess?”
The sudden, overwhelming rush of blood to your head brought black flashes before your eyes. You cracked a sly smile and smacked Kyungsoo right across the face with the very same book with all the strength you could muster and stormed out of his house, leaving his startled face bloodied and bruised.
Baekhyun had been awfully quiet since the moment you stepped into the minivan.
In hindsight, you realized that you shouldn’t have turned your phone off but you couldn’t bring yourself to explain your actions or even apologize. Seated next to him, you could barely hear him breathing as he drove you to the NIS building. If Kyungsoo hadn’t killed you, you were sure that Baekhyun’s driving would. Chen was fast asleep in the backseat as if he couldn’t care less.
Upon seeing you alive and unscathed, Baekhyun had been washed over with a wave of relief even though he’d figured that Kyungsoo wouldn’t have laid a finger on you. He was not the kind to get his hands dirty. But some part of Baekhyun wished that he had. Contrary to his sentiments earlier, he wished, if only a little bit, that you hadn’t walked out of there alive. If you ceased to exist, he wouldn’t have, time and again, been swept up in a vicious whirlpool of this conflicting, inexplicable desire of wanting you dead but needing you alive.
Despite the much predictable mansplaining that followed, you decided to narrate the events of your meeting with Doh Kyungsoo exactly as they’d occurred. You believed you owed this unlikely team of a seasoned operative, a rookie, bad guy turned worse, and the love of your life a lot more than just the truth but they’d have to make do with just that for the moment.
“I don’t believe a word of this,” remarked the rookie, narrowing his eyes at you.
“What is it that you don’t believe?” You asked Sehun lazily while moving a little closer to the love of your life, causing him to instinctively step away. Baekhyun often treated you like a disease and your heart chipped away piece by piece everytime he did that.
“That Doh Kyungsoo let you go...just like that,” an exasperated Sehun snapped his fingers before continuing, “after you struck him in the face with a goddamn book!”
“I’m tired,” you concluded and Minseok and Chen shot you an indignant look.
With the handle of your handbag resting on your forearm, you walked out the door with a sword hanging over your head.
After being dismissed from ‘The Twelve’, Doh Kyungsoo was your first high profile target. Until now you'd been scraping the bottom of the barrel and living on Chen's mercy - taking out an unfaithful husband for a scorned wife, an abusive step-father for a distressed teenager, drug peddlers, self-righteous cops - mind numbing contract killings for a couple of hundred bucks. No more diplomats, politicians, billionaires, celebrities. Only insignificant people with meaningless lives. It felt like killing the dead.
This was your chance - Doh Kyungsoo was your chance to feel like yourself again and so far, you’d been able to accomplish nothing significant.
And if you proved to be of no use to the NIS...
The streetlight penetrating through the sheer curtains bounced off of Baekhyun’s wedding band, strangely enough to reflect the shape of a misshapen heart on the ceiling. The bland stretch of concrete that had been his constant companion in a house he couldn’t call home ever since Aeri left.
Baekhyun didn’t trust people who “believed in signs” because what does any of that even mean? Everything’s unfathomable. Nothing’s exactly as it seems. We believe in things to centre have some semblance of a constructed reality...sanity in a world where everything is an illusion. No two perspectives are exactly alike. People look at things the way they want to see them. And what they see is how their experiences have wired them to understand things. We’re all products of our experiences, after all, Baekhyun thought to himself, So, we lie and lie and lie to ourselves until it becomes the truth...until it becomes our truth. The misshapen heart could be (mis)construed as anything else.
But Baekhyun saw a heart. Bent out of shape...much like his own.
He dialled Aeri’s number again. His heart thumping violently in his ears in anticipation of her dulcet ‘hello’.
A jarring beep.
Yet again that night, Baekhyun cried himself to sleep.
Astonished, the four men pored over the note and the flight ticket as you stood towering over them, gloating brazenly - courtesy of the eight inch high heels worn out of a victorious exuberance. You’d noticed how Baekhyun could sometimes get insecure about his height and this time you only wanted to give him a reason good enough to physically distance himself from you.
While Chen looked at you with a faint hint of pride glinting in his eyes, the other three were predictably suspicious. You didn't mind that at all. In fact, you enjoyed the push and pull...this little powerplay. It kept things interesting.
“So he wants you to -”
“You know you have this innate urge of saying everything out loud in order to understand it better?” Amused, you interrupted Sehun.
“The fuck?!”
“Sehun,” Minseok shot him a glance that shut the rookie up for the entirety of the meeting.
“What does the note say?” Asked Baekhyun quietly.
“Didn’t you read it?” Minseok countered him.
“I just -” mortified, Baekhyun ran a hand through his hair and answered, “no, I - zoned out for a bit, actually.”
You scoffed, “You zoned out -”
“Would you please shut up just for a second?" Baekhyun grimaced.
“That’s enough,” commanded Minseok and simultaneously Chen remarked, wagging a finger at Baekhyun, “The boy looks like he’s been drinking more than he can handle.”
The room fell silent before Minseok spoke again, clarifying the sudden, unexpected turn of events to everyone present, evidently careful not to single out Baekhyun.
This morning you’d found a newly purchased copy of ‘Ontological Relatively & Other Essays’ at your doorstep with an apology note and a round-trip ticket to Jeju safely tucked away between its pages.
The note read: ‘I’m sorry about last night. Come with me to have all your questions answered. We leave in two days. - K’
This was a huge development. Up until yesterday, everyone believed that nabbing Doh Kyungsoo was a lost cause. 
Faces lit up. Everyone had been geared into action.
Everyone except Baekhyun.
Unsurprisingly, soon after the meeting, Baekhyun found himself seated across from Minseok in his 15’ x 20’ mahogany office that nauseatingly smelled like stale bourbon.
The feline eyed man shrugged and said in a voice heavily laced with sympathy, “If you’re not up to this -”
“Minseok, please,” Baekhyun groaned, burying his face in his hands.
“Have you been drinking?”
“Not the way you do.”
“Have you been eating?”
Baekhyun mumbled unconvincingly, “Now and then.”
“You know this attitude is bound to affect your cognitive abilities, right?”
“Can you blame me?” Baekhyun glared at his superior.
Minseok retorted indignantly, “Talk to me before I’m forced to sign you off for another psych evaluation.”
Chewing on his lower lip, Baekhyun swallowed the lump in his throat and explained, “I thought I was past all of this. Past her. Don’t you see what just happened? She managed to work her charms on a fucking megalomaniac! Can you believe the kind of power she holds?”
An irate Minseok interrupted Baekhyun, “Isn’t this exactly why we sought her out in the first place?”
Baekhyun scoffed in disdain, “We?”
Looking straight into the younger man’s bloodshot eyes, Minseok asked, “Is there a problem, Agent Byun Baekhyun?”
Failing to mask the accusation in his tone, Baekhyun scorned, “What’s the deal with Chen, huh? Does he have something on you?”
Minseok simply stated, “We’re old friends.”
“Old friends?” Baekhyun laughed, “Are you involved with them?”
“What are you trying to insinuate, Agent?”
Baekhyun asked, deliberately stressing upon every single word, “Are you involved with The Twelve?”
Minseok contemplated on his deputy’s accusation - carefully studying the lines on his forehead, the bags under his eyes, his disheveled hair, his sunken cheeks, the frown on his face. He was nothing like the bright-eyed, cheerful Baekhyun from before. That Baekhyun was a memory so distant, it was as if he never existed.
“How is Aeri doing?” Minseok flipped the switch on Baekhyun. 
The mahogany office faded out of Baekhyun’s sight and all of a sudden, everything went black.
Baekhyun clearly remembered that night.
For the eighth time that month, Aeri shook Baekhyun awake, sobbing hysterically.
“She was here! She was right here!” She wailed, pointing at the bedroom door.
When it had happened for the first time, Baekhyun made sure to check the footage of all security cameras leading up to his apartment and change the locks on the house. After the second time, he’d religiously bolt all the windows shut, even though the bedroom would get too stuffy for him to get a good night’s sleep. The third time and he cleared out the coat hanger which stood next to the bedroom door (one that eerily looked like a human being in the dark). The following night onwards, he’d go to bed only after ensuring that Aeri was fast asleep.
But nothing changed.
She’d still jolt awake. Dazed and hysteric and he’d cradle her back to sleep.
“I swear she was here, Baek,” Aeri repeated, her voice small and unsure.
In an attempt to bring his wife back to her senses, Baekhyun violently shook her by the shoulders and roared like a wild beast, “SHE’S DEAD! SHE’S FUCKING DEAD, AERI! I KILLED HER!”
Blinking her tears away, Aeri frantically freed herself from her husband’s grasp and moved slightly to the side. She made herself smaller by cradling her knees in her arms, her terrified big, brown eyes fixed at Baekhyun as if he were a madman.
His heart broke into a million pieces to see his wife resembling a feeble and wounded roe deer fawn.
Puffing his cheeks, Baekhyun whispered, “Aegiya,” and extended his arm to gently stroke his wife’s head while the agony clawing at his throat nearly choked him, “come here, please. I’m sorry...I’m so, so sorry...”
Struggling to fight the tears lining her eyes, Aeri shook her head and moved further away from Baekhyun.
“I don’t recognize you anymore,” she whispered against her arm.
“Don’t deflect my question with yours,” Baekhyun brazenly commanded his superior.
Unperturbed, Minseok declared, “Chen is on the NIS’ side now. That’s all you ought to know, understand, and believe.”
Unconvinced, Baekhyun met Minseok’s eyes with nothing but contempt in his own.
“Now, tell me,” said Minseok calmly, “how is Aeri doing?”
Baekhyun spat with a viciousness that disturbed Minseok, “It messes with me to think that I’m working alongside this woman...this woman who had my wife committed to an institution! I tried to kill her once,” Baekhyun winced and stood up from his chair and walked to the window in the office, “I can’t even bear to hear myself say it! I actually tried to kill a living, breathing thing! Murder was never an was never an instinct ..but now, because of her, it is! It is something that I am completely capable of, if provoked! She has changed the fucking constitution of my soul!”
Baekhyun sank to the floor as though he were hammered in the gut, and continued feebly, “I can’t...I don’t...I don’t feel like myself anymore...”
“And you never will. This is you now. Make your peace with it.“
Minseok came and stood before Baekhyun, his compelling gaze forcing the man back up on his feet. Time was of the essence and he needed his deputy on his side now more than ever. With a placating hand on Baekhyun's shoulder, Minseok continued firmly, “Agent Byun Baekhyun, you leave for Jeju on Wednesday. I’m counting on you to keep her calm. This is your operation. It’s your responsibility.”
Despite the hurricane of emotions in his chest, Baekhyun threw his shoulders back and straightened his spine. Meeting his superior's dark eyes, he thundered an unwavering, “Yes, sir!”
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asknagito-official · 10 days ago
Miyuki sat with her feet in the water, the pool was cool but not cold which felt good. She liked the way it felt as she moved her feet against the water, it was refreshing.
She looked back over at Nagito and he too looked gorgeous in this light, his skin was so pale but his cheeks dusted red in this light made him look so handsome. She felt that she was the lucky one when it came to looking at him, she scooted closer to him as he spoke.
"I don't want you to be sorry at all, I want to spend time with you. You're very interesting and I like getting to know you, I still don't think I understand you but... If I'm honest, I don't know if I need to." She hummed, the sound of the water against the pool sides filled the air for a moment as she sighed.
"You're amazing, Nagito. I want you to feel amazing, I want you to feel good. But this isn't about what I want all the time." She laughed a little, realising she'd been rambling. She looked back at him with a smile. "I'm glad I met you, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better." She whispered to him, he looked so pretty she could hardly stand it.
"So... What made you want to share a room again? Not that I mind one little bit." She teased.
Tumblr media
"I... Well, I really enjoyed it last time even if I left in the middle of the night..." He blushed, looking off to the side. Vulnerability was strange.
Tumblr media
"Which I'll try not to do this time, I just don't want to bother you if I wake up with a nightmare again." He quickly added, a bit embarrassed as he remembered that and how he'd kept himself up all night because of it.
Tumblr media
"Anyways, after yet another set of murders and executions, I guess you could say I'm just feeling a bit more clingy than usual... The deaths, they don't bother me too much but if I'm honest, it still is a little scary to watch people die so easily and I think I just need someone to be close to after all that."
Tumblr media
"Plus it's been a while since we did that, so it'd be nice to do it again."
He was still too nervous to admit how much he hoped she kissed him, but if he was correct about the stage of their relationship, which he honestly wasn't sure if he was since he wasn't the greatest with social norms, but if he was, then it was probably the right time to start doing things like that. Miyuki had said she wanted to kiss when he stopped being sick, so it was probably okay to hope for that, right?
Maybe he felt like this because he always felt like the next murder would end up being him and he just needed to be close with someone who he could trust and feel safe with for once. He didn't exactly mind dying to be a stepping stone for hope, but it made him a bit more hesitant to die now that he had someone important in his life.
Tumblr media
He'd never had anything like that to live for, so he never minded dying. Sometimes he even wanted to. But now that there was a person to live for... It was more scary.
He'd still do it, he'd still sacrifice his life at any time, but he knew if he did his last thought would definitely be on the person he cared about most.
Wait. Nagito thought, feeling a slight panic in his chest. This... Is this what people say love is? That was... Dangerous. If he cared this much about someone, he felt like bad things would happen to his life. They always did.
He was suddenly aware that he'd been silent for way too long. Miyuki was looking at him, a little concerned. Had she been talking to him?
Tumblr media
"Oh... Sorry, just thinking." He felt a rush of embarrassment, smiling apologetically. "I guess seeing so many people die really gets me in my head."
Tumblr media
"Hey, let's go back to the cabin now, okay? It's getting cold." He changed the subject quickly. He tried to be honest as much as he could with her, but to say all those thoughts out loud would be too much for him.
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