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#the vow part 4
imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
The Vow: Part 4
Hours turned to days, days turned to weeks. Four weeks had passed, come and went in a blink of an eye and in those four weeks, the house has been peacefully quiet.
For four weeks, Bucky had helped you move about, he cooked for you, he did all the cleaning and the laundry while you rest or stretched your legs by walking around the house on crutches.
He took care of the house and he took care of you. At the end of the four weeks, it was time to go back to town and get your cast looked at to see if you could get it removed. The trip to town would be a general checkup as well, to measure how you were doing and adjusting. The doctor would take a few questions and receive a few answers as to how you were making out with Bucky, and then the final point of the trip would be to set you up with a physical therapist.
Four weeks had passed, come and gone and you were none the wiser to the darkness lurking behind his blue eyes. You were none the wiser to the strings he had both pulled and played to get you to where you are now and he had intended on keeping it that way.
Your entire life had been wrapped up in the mystery of your disappearance, while Bucky had starkly cut contact with everyone at the Avengers Compound for the sole purpose of needing to heal from the aftermath of Steve giving up the shield and retiring and Bucky suffering another ‘mental attack’. No one was going to come looking for him, and Sam was far too busy being the new Captain America to worry about the ‘asshole hidden away in the mountains’.
It was your own private escape, and Bucky’s carefully crafted creation that gave him everything he was missing; a beautiful and devoted wife and mother to his future children.
He finally felt like he had gotten what he deserved, what was owed to him. After everything he had went through, after all the sacrifice and the torture, the mind controlling Hydra had cast upon him while hiding in SHIELD, Bucky finally had something for himself.
“Morning sweetheart,” Bucky greet you without having to look to see if you were behind him, he could hear the sound of your crutches as you moved and the clinking of your ring against the pole as you tried to adjust.
“You didn’t wake me?” You questioned, slowly yet surely coming to the very pen that Bucky was leaning against.
“I wanted you to sleep,” Bucky threw some food into the pen, stirring the goats from their lazy slumber, “you looked so peaceful.”
“In the four weeks since I’ve been home,” you winced when your ankle touched the ground, “I’ve never seen any of the animals you said we had.”
Bucky leaned into your side, wrapping his arm around your waist as he steadied you. His blue eyes studied your cast before his gaze fell to your eyes. “Are you okay? Is your ankle hurting?”
“It’s itchy.” You furrowed your brows and shivered lightly, speaking of the blue cast around your ankle with distaste and aggravation. “I can’t wait to get it off.”
Bucky’s attention fell below your eyes, his gaze raking down your body to your breasts that were hidden beneath one of his flannel jackets. Even with his jacket obscuring your breasts from his view, he knew that you wouldn’t have worn a bra beneath the layers. You had forgone the items while at home, as Bucky had told you that when it was just you and him, he wanted easy access to your breasts, pussy and ass as often as possible. You hadn’t argued, not after Bucky convinced you by eating you out on almost every flat surface possible.
“Baby,” Bucky’s voice deepened and his eyes flashed, “are you sure you should be out here?”
The topic of conversation was standard and innocent, but the look in his eyes and the desire to taste you on his tongue was making Bucky truly debate whether he wanted to reschedule all your appointments and just take you on every surface in the cabin.
However, if he hadn’t brought you to the doctor and got your cast off when it was supposed to be taken off, that would raise questions and concerns. None of which Bucky needed right now.
“I saw on the calendar that I have a follow up with the doctor,” you licked your bottom lip, hobbling toward the fence which kept the small goats inside their designated area, “that’s today?”
Bucky followed your gaze as it fell on the goats, the small coloured stubborn animals who will provide so much for you out here. The small animals that Bucky had sincerely felt pride in taking care of, and after this year, he’d planned on adding some cows in the back field should the situation allow.
“We’re almost entirely self sufficient out here.” He came to stand beside you, wrapping a possessive arm around your waist, “we wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else.”
“Goats,” you pondered the word as if it was entirely new to you, “I think…did I used to like goats?”
Bucky flexed his fingers on your waist, his possessive hold on you clearly making shivers rush up and down your spine as you pressed into him. Seeing you in his clothes, knowing that his cum dripped out of your pussy and down your thighs after he stained you with his semen, was addictive. Just seeing all the ways that he had marked you, and your skin, to solidify you as his, was addictive.
It was like a drug that he didn’t know he needed, and now it was like second air to him.
“You loved all kinds of animals.” Bucky removed his hand from your waist to check the time on his wrist. “Shit. We have to leave in the next 10 minutes if we want to make your appointment on time.”
Bucky had taken you by surprise again by lifting you in his arms to carry you into the cabin. He held you as if you weighed nothing, as if he could have balanced you in one arm and still lift another full sized man.
As Bucky crossed the threshold, he was careful enough not to jostle you in anyway. He moved from the front entrance to the wooden staircase that led to the upper floor, each step taken with grace that you could never have mustered on your own.
“I’ll help you get dressed.” Bucky set you down on the bed and depart your side for the his-and-hers walk in closets. He opened your closet and reach in without looking, grabbing a plain white shirt and a pair of sweats.
“Take off your clothes.” Bucky called to you from the closet, giving you the order while grabbing the last few items that you needed.
When he came around and saw that you hadn’t moved, he clicked his tongue against his teeth and crouched in front of you. He placed his hand on your knee and gripped your kneecap tightly before he jerked your legs open to his eyesight.
“You’ve been such a good girl lately, darling.” His hand slithered up your thigh, the heat from his palm burning through your pyjama pants to your flesh. “Don’t make daddy have to spank you.”
He knew he caught you off guard when you inhaled sharply and your eyes widened considerably. Your lips had part just enough for Bucky to see your tongue brushing against the back of your bottom teeth, bobbing up and down as you swallowed.
“D-daddy?” You stuttered.
“You have a daddy kink, baby.” He squeezed your leg, his blue eyes darkening as he glanced you up and down. “You’re my baby girl and you call me daddy in bed. Sometimes.” Bucky reached up his left hand and brushed your hair behind your ear, trailing his cool fingers down your jaw to your lips. He used his metal thumb to pull down on your bottom lip until the flesh of your lip touched the flesh between your lips and chin.
“Do I have to ask again?” His eyes flashed with the promise of punishment should you have denied him.
“No-“ you squeaked when his hand shot up your thigh and squeezed your flesh through your pyjama pants.
“Correctly, doll.” His voice vibrated and rumbled.
“No daddy,” You swallowed thickly again, “you don’t have to ask again.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hpdabbles · 2 months ago
Moar Naruto Harry AU please.
I wanna know what he has planned to keep his favorite wizards with him.
Also will he ever learn Remus's name is Remus and not Emus?
“Excuse me?” The man sitting on the high chair surrounded by men and women wearing long-dapped clothing looked utterly unsure about Naruto’s request.
He had been in the middle of some boring speech when the young boy had burst through the two large doors, dodging the attempt to be stopped by the workers in the hallway. 
It was easy enough for a ninja of his level to jump over the desk of the receptionist and zig-zag away from the color lights the wizards shoot at him.
He wasn’t entirely sure what the light did but any kind of justu that was strong enough for the chakra to be seen meant bad news, so Naruto made haste to find the one important person while sprinting down the hall and kicking open any door he came across. 
It took a full hallway of screaming chaos but he finally found them. The important-looking people. 
Naruto had skipped his way to the front of what looked like a council, and repeated his demand  “I challenge whoever is in charge to an Honor Clash or whatever you people have.”
The man wearing the tall pointy hat with small glasses blinked slowly. “No, I heard you the first time, my boy,  but I am not entirely sure what you mean by Honor Clash ?”
Naruto squinted at him trying to see if the man was joking or not. There were times where he still tripped over the difference between this world and the one he knew, where something so common knowledge to him was strange or unheard of to others. 
“Honor Clash. A battle between two people betting something of equal value and should the two parties agree unbreakable once a winner is decided.”
“...Do you mean dueling and an Unbreakable Vow?” A woman in a purple robe hesitantly asks from Naruto’s left. 
“Yes, the highest of challenges and the one way anything can be lost. Including one’s freedom or life.”  Naruto nodded staring into the aged man’s eyes who was blinking down at him. They held a strange twinkle, but the ninja did not focus on it, guiding his eyes to the center of the other’s nose.
Even he could spot a genjustu so obvious  “I wish to bet my life. If I am to lose, I will be the winner’s property, to do with as they may please, but in exchange, I like the life of Sirius Black if I win. This means no house arrest, no limitations, no restrictions as he will my property. Would you accept my challenge, old man?”
The room held their breath as the words leave Naruto’s mouth, shifting around him in a way his chakra has never done before. However he knows in a deep part of his soul, it is bounding. Final.
An Unbreakable Vow, the woman had said. What a fitting name for this feeling. 
“Very well, if you think this is the only way, I do accept.” The aged wizard said after a long pause. Naruto twitches as the muffled feeling of negative emotions hidden behind the downturn of the old man's lips.
He may have lost Kurama, but his Uzumaki chakra could keep him an empath though not nearly as strong as before.
He felt greed and gluttony. The wizard wants to own him. Naruto barely held back a sneer fitting of a real fox. 
“Dumbledore! You can’t be serious-he’s only a child! He doesn’t even have a wand!” The woman from before shouts outrage, springing to her feet. A few members on the side of the curved table she sat at are quick to agree.
They shout over each other, following the line of the disapproval and horror of a child dueling someone much more experience.
“This is barbaric, and traitorous at most!” Another man with long blond hair on the other side of the room barks. “If this duel happens it will go against all of our traditions and legal process. What will the public do when they learn they can fight their way out of the law?! You are asking for a silver war!”
“You would  know a lot about a silver war wouldn’t you Malfoy?” A red-headed man sneers. “After all, it would be your power that would threaten the most by this duel.”
“How dare you-!”
“I do ask, my boy. That should the duel become a draw, neither life is own.” Dumbledore speaks over the crowd of people with a type of command that comes from a man who is used to being heard and be listen to. At once the room quiets, some of the left side looking relieved. 
Naruto tilts his head. “That sounds fair, but adding that rule now after you agree makes me challenged instead of the challenger. I would get to pick the winning condition. Do you still want to?”
Dumbledore's eyes crinkled with a grandfatherly smile. Naruto felt the greed rise, muffled and distant but ever-present. “Of course my boy. What would the winning condition be?”
“The first one knocked unconscious by any means is the loser.” The words felt as natural as any other words in his mouth would but for some reason, it made every adult look suddenly very nervous. All but the wizard he has challenged. 
“We have an accord. Let the Vow be forever bonding, witnessed by the Wizengamont.”  Dumbledore’s voice rang through the room like a bell, echoing in the stillness of the room.
He wobbled down the spiraling stairway on the side of the podium he was standing behind, coming to a stop before Naruto, his strangely shaped stick raised to split his face in half. “We may duel here and now.”
Naruto bowed at him, in terms of the proper way of Leaf village spars, shifting his weight to get a solid form. He ignores the shouts of the spectators. many claiming the older male has gone mad while a few shout that Dumbledore obviously was going to force the ninja into a draw.  
“Start the match” Naruto demanded of the purple lady who looked unpleased but he directed his gaze back to his opponent before he could watch her expression for too long. 
Naruto leaped away from his position missing the red light by mere seconds as the old man whipped out his stick in his direction.
The ninja quickly flashed through seals raising the marble tiles beneath him into a shield as more color lights slammed into it, barely any paused between them. The crowd screamed at the debris which went flying due to one of the lights exploding upon contact but Naruto didn’t turn to look at them. 
He instead used the smoke to cover his next attack, summoning clones to rush at the old man each bearing a Kuni shaped from the marble tiles of his last justu.
They hit an invisible shield that reminded him of the main Pain puppet, which meant Naruto had to use different means of attack. He rushed underground, leaving behind a clone to act as a decoy, who engaged the old man with shooting wind Justus against the strange light.
He tunneled his way to where he could feel the chakra of the old man blaze as powerful as any jonin or even an Anbu Captain.
In terms of power, he was outmatched but Naruto would not let that deter him. After all, based on the way Dumbledore fought, he had not seen that many ninja battles and this meant Naruto was not outclassed. 
Naruto waited until his clone fell, faking being unconscious as he had done in the battle against Neji, and it wasn’t until another clone pop, letting him know the old man had lowered his wand that he shoots up a Rasengan in one had to tear away the shield and a bag of powder in another. 
Naruto had not been able to find a weapons store in this world but he had been able to make some weapons with the little knowledge of various tools he had. One of them was a special blend of herbs and flowers which forced victims to fall for genjustus faster by lowering their control over their senses when inhaled.
 This allows the reincarnated boy to overpower Dumbledore’s mind, as he grips onto his face, his chakra running down his arm, through his fingertips, and into the shocked wizard's mind. Soon he falls into a slumber and Naruto lets go only to catch him, as Dumbledore crumbles his stick slipping from his hand to roll on the ground.
The doors slam open as ‘Emus and Dog-man rush in with a horrified “Harry!” 
Naruto gives them a toothy grin, twisting his small body to them and shaking Dumbledore's unconscious form. “Great timing! I just won the  Honor Clash and now, we can go home together!”
Everyone starts shouting then which really delays Naruto taking his family home and he is very upset it takes so long before the magic people realize he is willing to challenge them to an Honor Clash just to keep ‘Emus too. 
Dog-man couldn’t look any happier so it was all worth it in the end. 
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victorluvsalice · a year ago
Forgotten Vows Friday: An Introductory Guide To Magic -- Chapter One Rough Draft Done!
Yup, FINALLY wrestled that into submission. Mostly by just redoing a bunch of lists I’d already done before for my website, just with slightly different language. :p The chapter as a whole covers:
What magic is, roughly
How it’s measured (the “thaum” stuff I was discussing before)
Magical potency between places and people
How much and how little magic people can have
Magical burnout
Magical auras
Terms for magic users
What magic CANNOT do
I'm still not completely happy with it, of course, but -- well, it's a rough draft. I can clean it up in the editing passes. *nods*
Now I get to move onto Chapter Two and some more of the fun stuff, like how spellcasting actually works and how one makes wands and potions! Hopefully trying to find the right wording for things will not be so much of a struggle in this chapter. . .
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bydayornight · 12 hours ago
I would like to prompt teen Malex. Preferably something fluffy but I’d love anything.
I put all my teen malex fluff energy into Fourteen, but here’s some non-AU, canon-compliant teen malex for you ❤️
Six drabbles. Five times teen Alex thought that he and Michael would end up together, and one time something else happened. Some of the Malex scenes you didn’t see in the 1x06 flashback.
Read on AO3
still counting stars like we were seventeen
You know, I used to really think that you and I were gonna end up together.
I used to, too.
1. September 3, 2002
Alex didn’t get it.
When Kyle talked about girls, about getting close to certain parts of their bodies, going out on dates, Alex found himself convinced that aliens were actually real and he was one. Or maybe what had happened was that he’d been abducted and the aliens had done something to his brain, reconfigured him to be different from everyone else.
But then, one day he saw him. The new kid. And in a wild, fevered moment, Alex understood.
Sometimes all it took was one look and you could imagine a lifetime with someone before even knowing their name.
2. May 14, 2008
A slip of paper fell out of Michael’s locker. An address.
“Hey, thanks, but I don’t need this,” he said, holding it in front of Alex in the hallway a few periods later.
“Um, okay,” Alex responded. Michael suddenly felt like he’d sabotaged himself.
“You going?” Michael asked, gesturing towards the prom poster behind them.
“Yeah. Are you?”
“With someone?” Alex asked, trying to sound like he was making small talk and not holding out an impossible hope.
“Nah. Keeping my options open,” Michael replied, grinning. “Guess I’ll see you there.”
Maybe prom wouldn’t be so bad after all.
3. May 23, 2008
“Figured this would be the place you’d go,” Michael said as he entered the dark music room.
“What are you doing here?” Alex asked in a flat tone, tears already spilt and dried over his silver suit.
“Isn’t this the meeting spot for the Valenti hate club?”
Alex huffed out a reluctant laugh despite himself. “He doesn’t deserve that much attention.”
“You’re right.” Michael sat next to Alex on the floor. “That’d feed right into his ego.”
“Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“Kyle can’t hit for shit.”
“That’s not what I meant.”
“I know.”
4. June 6, 2008
After the failed kiss, Alex thought that’d be the last of it. So he was pleasantly surprised when Michael called him up to jam. “I’ve always wanted to play out in the desert.”
Sitting there in the dirt, trading riffs and half-remembered lyrics of Third Eye Blind, Alex was suddenly struck by the feeling that he’d never had a partner in anything, until now.
The dust of an incoming car blazed towards them in a fury. Rosa. “What the hell are you doing in my spot?”
Before they could answer, she said, “Never mind, this is cute. Say cheese!”
5. June 8, 2008
“Are you okay? Did you go to the hospital?” Alex’ voice was small over the phone.
“I’m fine. Are you okay? Did your dad...”
“No. He got busy with some work thing.” A pause, and a hitched breath. “I’m sorry, Michael. This was all my fault, I shouldn’t have brought you there...”
“It wasn’t you, Alex. You didn’t do anything wrong.”
It was quiet on the other end, but when Alex spoke again it sounded like he’d been crying. “There’s something else.”
“Rosa is dead.”
What he really meant to say was—
Life is short, and I love you.
+1. Epilogue
“Two years ago, you told me you used to think that we were gonna end up together.”
Michael tucked the vows he’d scribbled down in pencil back into his breast pocket. He didn’t need them now, had never needed them. The words had always been there, waiting.
The familiar nothingness of the desert surrounded them like an embrace, its usual desolation now supplanted by the beaming, teary faces of everyone who’d ever loved them. Though nothing compared to the love between the two people staring at each other like they never thought this day would come.
“Well, you were right.”
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thedlcoursecom · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Carol Look - Success & Abundance with EFT & The Law of Attraction Gary Craig invited me to teach a one day workshop called Success and Abundance with EFT as part of his 3 day workshop in Connecticut. I am pleased to announce that the DVDs of this workshop are being released for the first time! I am thrilled with the extent of the material that was covered about the basics of EFT, variations on the process, the Law of Attraction, and how to release resistance to success. I was also deeply touched by what transpired for the participants. We addressed, tapped for and released dozens of issues that block success and abundance. You will enjoy over 5 hours of EFT tapping and Law of Attraction coaching on these dynamic DVDs. DVD#1 Introduction by Gary Craig Topics:
Rate Your Desires and Beliefs
Your Definition of Success
The Energy of Abundance
The Power of Your Vibrations
Comfort Zones
Choice and Focus
Law of Attraction
Using EFT and Law of Attraction
What’s Right For You
Subconscious Mind is Compulsive
Downside of Getting Better
Overview of the 4 Steps to Attracting Abundance
Clearing Limiting Blocks to Success
Views of Wealthy People
Sabotage Issues
The “Thank You Game”
Why Haven’t You Reached Your Goal Yet?
Tapping Issues:
Can’t Hold Onto Money
They Don’t Have What I Want
I Don’t Have Time to Be Successful
There’s Not Enough to Go Around
I’m a Starving Artist
Money Isn’t Supposed to Come Easily
People Will Leave Me
DVD #2 Topics:
Using Affirmations and EFT
Choosing the Right Words
Conflict About Abundance
Build Your Prosperity Consciousness
The Real Feelings Underneath the Symptoms
Tapping Issues:
Women Shouldn’t Be Successful
Hiding My Success
I Was Never a “Future Planner”
Being Vulnerable and Exposed
I’m Afraid to Claim Abundance
My Mother Said I Wouldn’t Amount to Anything
I Don’t Feel Worhty
Maybe “SHE” Wasn’t Right
I Need Needy People…
I’m Not Supposed to Have More
I Believe in Prosperity
I’m Not Acceptable
I Resent Their Expectations
Remaining Conflicts About Being Successful
Giving and Receiving
Not Enough For Me
DVD #3 Fear of Public Speaking session w/ Gary Craig and Sandra Topics:
Scarcity Issues
Fear of Letting Go of the Fear
Taking Care of Others as Sabotage
People Will Try and Rip Me Off
Fear of Standing Out
Envy of Siblings
Not OK to Stand Out
Tapping with Businessmen
Getting Congruent with EFT
Tapping Issues:
Feeling Underappreciated
My Issues with Men
They Always Said No To Me
Somatization as Distraction
Won’t Admit I Can’t Afford It
Fear of Being Exposed
I’d Rather Wallow in My Fear
Afraid of Being Abandoned
I Feel Less Than Rich People
I Don’t Want To Take Responsibility
They’ll Hurt Me If I Stand Out
I Need to Resist
It’s Dangerous to Want or Need
I Won’t Fit in if I’m Successful
I Can’t Be Happy Until I Have More Money
I Feel Drained By My Work
Afraid I’ll Be Trapped By Success
DVD #4 Topics:
What Feels Right to You?
The Importance of Self-Care
Checking in With Yourself…
Being Responsible For You is My Excuse…
Alternating Negative/Positive Phrasing
Breaking Patterns
Conflicts About Success
Claiming Abundance
Tapping Issues:
Conflicts About How I Earn My Money
I’m Running Out of Time
I Want Someone to Take Care of Me
Expansion/Contraction of Business
I Don’t Know the Core Issues
I Can’t Maintain My High Energy
Addicted to Being Stuck
I’m a Touch Case
I’m Too Screwed Up For This to Work
I’m Afraid to Get My Hopes Up
I Made a Vow Not To Work Hard
It’s Threatening to Succeed
I’m Invested in the Conflict
I Refuse to Change
I Feel Like a Fraud
I’m Angry at Doctors
I Have To Be Perfect
I Don’t Expect It To Work Out
The Business of Money
I Don’t Want to Give Up My Misery
Trusting My Guidance
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ao3feed-dadzawa · a day ago
Come Marching Home
Come Marching Home by NightOwl1600
Shouta Aizawa is a waterbending master out for blood when a Fire Nation division captures all the waterbenders in the Southern Watertribe (including himself) and kills his adopted son Hitoshi Shinsou for being a natural born blood bender. Aizawa doesn't even get to bury him, only watch as a blonde man with an uglyass mustache walks out of his home, a bloodied sword in hand which Aizawa can only assume was used to kill his child. As another group of firebenders burn down the village with Hitoshi's body still inside, Aizawa vows to escape imprisonment and avenge his son. Hitoshi was his entire world. If he's not here, there's really no point in anything except revenge. After being rescued by a band of Kyoshi warriors, Aizawa is on a one man mission to hunt down and kill the Fire Nation soldier known as Hizashi Yamada.
For my Bad Things Happen Bingo: Fake Kill Scare
Words: 2194, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Series: Part 4 of BNHA Bad Things Happen Bingo
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: Gen
Characters: Shinsou Hitoshi, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic
Relationships: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Shinsou Hitoshi, Shinsou Hitoshi & Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic
Additional Tags: Dadzawa, Dadmic, Shinson, Alternate Universe - Avatar & Benders Setting, AtLA AU, Parental Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead Adopts Shinsou Hitoshi, Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic Adopts Shinsou Hitoshi, Parental Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Waterbender Aizawa Shouta, Protective Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Hurt/Comfort, Protective Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Fake Character Death, Bloodbender Shinsou Hitoshi, Angst, Kidnapped Shinsou Hitoshi, Depending on whether I finish this it might be hurt no comfort, but rest assured if I do finish this its definitely hurt/comfort, no editing we die like nana shimura
Read Here:
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ao3feed-taejin · a day ago
Let Us Shine
read it on the AO3 at
by uri_v
“So tell me again, what are we observing?”
Truth be told, Seokjin remembered. It wasn’t rocket science. But he knew Taehyung enjoyed explaining things, sometimes so much that his tongue tripped on all the words he wanted to say at the same time. Seokjin still understood him.
“A comet that only visits the Earth every 95 years.” Taehyung searched his backpack to pick up a notebook and check his notes. “Optimal time for observation is 4:12 a.m., according to the weather forecast.”
“We’ll be there,” Seokjin vowed, both hands on the wheel.
Words: 1992, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Series: Part 7 of V's BTS Drabble Bingo
Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: M/M
Characters: Kim Seokjin | Jin, Kim Taehyung | V
Relationships: Kim Seokjin | Jin/Kim Taehyung | V
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Friends to Lovers, Stargazing, Nerd Kim Taehyung | V, University Student Kim Seokjin | Jin, First Kiss, Fluff without Plot
read it on the AO3 at
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merinelsa · a day ago
A  simple tag game for all readers out there
So , on booktube there’s a tag game called mid year book freakout tag . if you want to know more about it this is the links to the og creator :
It’s supposed to be a mid year kind of check in but if you feel like you haven’t read enough this year to do it , then you can do it for the past how many ever years you want to consider. 
1. Best book you’ve read so far this year.  :
 Birthday by Meredith Russo
2. Best sequel you've read so far this year. :
  Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle, #3) by Maggie Stiefvater
3. New release you haven't read yet, but want to. : 
Mister Impossible (Dreamer Trilogy, #2) by  Maggie Stiefvater
4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year. : 
Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell  
5. Biggest disappointment. :  
  A Vow So Bold and Deadly (Cursebreakers, #3) by Brigid Kemmerer
6. Biggest surprise.  :   
Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
7. Favourite new author. (Debut or new to you) : 
Adiba Jaigirdar
8. Newest fictional crush. : 
Blue Sargent from raven cycle quartet  and Jem Carstairs from infernal devices trilogy ( part of the shadowhunter chronicles )
9. Newest favourite character.  : 
Adam from raven cycle quartet
10. Book that made you cry. : 
The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta
11. Book that made you happy. :  
 I'll Be the One by Lyla Lee
12. Most beautiful book you've bought so far this year (or received)  :
   A Tale of Witchcraft... (A Tale of Magic, #2) by Chris Colfer
13. What books do you need to read by the end of the year? : 
Honey Girl by  Morgan Rogers
Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender
The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri
Heartstopper, Volume Four (Heartstopper, #4) by Alice Oceman
Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy, #1) by Robin Hobb
Chain of Gold (The Last Hours, #1) by Cassandra Clare
The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
The Silent Patient by  Alex Michaelides
Tag how many ever people you want to 
I tag : @forthehopeofitalll @1908jmd @spaceorphan18 
Anyone i haven’t tagged who wants to do it can join in too. 
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survivorkina · a day ago
“Purple Rock” (Day 13) - Survivor Season 4: Blood vs. Water
Tumblr media
“Purple Rock” (Day 13) - Survivor Season 4: Blood vs. Water
Click here to go back to Day 12
Click here to skip to Day 14
Day 13 on the island has concluded, and one castaway has been voted off. Remember, this Season, each castaway is playing against their own family member - things will surely get interesting! Keep reading to see the cast and the events on Day 13.
Tumblr media
The castaways still in the game are shown above.
Stars Tribe Events
Spheal has a Hidden Immunity Idol.
Final Three Pact Alliance: Swoobat and Leafeon
Stars Alliance #2: Swoobat, Leafeon, and Scraggy
All Pairs are naturally allied as well.
Glaceon is done with Leafeon. She doesn’t care if Leafeon actually has an idol. She just wants her gone. She doesn’t even talk to her sister in the morning. Leafeon is hurt, but acts as if nothing is wrong.
Scraggy feels like part of the tribe. He thinks he can actually win, something he was unsure of before. Little does he know, but Swoobat and Leafeon are acting like he is the new Mudbray and hoping he joins them in a permanent pact.
Glaceon notices Spheal and Walrein considering going back to Swoobat to save themselves, which she does not want. She decides to drop a bombshell: she tells Spheal and Walrein that Swoobat made a pact promising to bring Leafeon and Mudbray to finals instead of them, who stood by them at the beginning.
Spheal is extremely angry. She is done with Leafeon and Swoobat, and vows to take them down. Walrein is angry too, but doesn’t express it due to his personality.
No other significant events occurred.
Reward Challenge
The castaways all compete in the following Reward Challenge:
Name: Elemental Obstacle Course Description: The tribe will be divided into two teams. The players from each team will be attached to each other with ropes attached to belts around their waists. They will begin by racing through a tunnel of hay. They will then make their way over and under a series of hitching posts. The next step is to grab a bucket, fill it with water and make their way over a giant teeter-totter. They will then pour the water from their bucket into a larger bucket. When the larger bucket is full, it will lower a gate. The team will then race through the gate to solve a plank puzzle. The first team to get it right will win reward.
The tribe is divided into two teams:
Team 1: Swoobat, Spheal, and Walrein
Team 2: Glaceon, Scraggy, and Leafeon
The castaways prepare and the challenge begins. Team 2 got off to a big lead, with Spheal and Walrein dragging Swoobat down due to their anger. Team 2 got to the bucket section first, but even with a big lead, once Team 1 got to the bucket section, the two Water types took over, which gave them a small lead. Then, it was about a tie as both teams arrived at the puzzle. Swoobat was easily able to analyze and figure out what the puzzle entailed, but struggled flying with Walrein and Spheal attached to him. However, this small struggle in teamwork was nothing compared to Team 1, with the warring eeveelutions and confused Scraggy, they couldn’t even begin the puzzle before Swoobat and Team 1 were able to complete the puzzle and end the challenge. 
Swoobat, Spheal, and Walrein win the Reward Challenge. They win a trip to a spa with lunch.
Exile Island
The winner of the Reward Challenge will choose one castaway to be sent to Exile Island. Exile Island will return to its Season 1 version, having a Hidden Immunity Idol hidden somewhere on it.
Swoobat, Spheal, and Walrein won the Reward Challenge, so they will choose someone to go to Exile Island. Swoobat begins to speak, but the Sea Lions quickly choose Scraggy to be sent away.
Spheal already has the idol, so Scraggy is looking for nothing. He doesn’t know this, of course, so he looks for hours and gets mad when he doesn’t find anything, blaming it on his bad luck.
Immunity Challenge
The castaways all compete in the following Immunity Challenge:
Name: Guess My Number Description: The castaways must run to a pile of three rocks. They must count them, which will give them three numbers used for a combination lock. First player to unlock their box wins immunity.
The challenge begins. Swoobat, being the fastest, was the first to make it to the rocks, and then immediately went straight back to the box to try and unlock it. Leafeon, Glaceon, Walrein, followed close behind with Spheal and Scraggy bringing up the rear. None of the castaways were able to get the correct combination and as they all hurried back, fights started out once again. Swoobat arrives first and decides to wait for a little. Leafeon and Glaceon arrived back at the same time, and then Leafeon kicked Glaceon down, and while Swoobat and Leafeon were racing back to the combination lock, Leafeon grabbed Swoobat tail and threw him down, breaking his wing. Swoobat persisted however, and waddled his way to the combination lock. Angry, Glaceon yelled, distracting Leafeon for just a moment before firing off a powerful Ice Beam that hit Leafeon directly in the head, knocking her down. Swoobat’s waddling was slow, but he still was able to make it to the combination lock, and this time, his combination was right and he opened his box, ending the challenge.
Swoobat wins the Immunity Challenge.
Everyone else is vulnerable to being eliminated at tonight’s Tribal Council.
Scraggy returned to the island before the Immunity Challenge, but he has not gotten a chance to talk with his tribe yet.
Stars Tribe Events
Swoobat’s wing hurts immensely. Spheal and Scraggy both offer to help ease the pain, both also trying to make sure Swoobat is on their side. Swoobat declines help and says he is ok.
Swoobat is angry at Leafeon for her sabotaging playstyle, but he made a promise to her. He wants to keep his promise, even if she won’t.
Spheal and Glaceon are certain that Swoobat will go against Leafeon after the incident during the Immunity Challenge. Spheal is so confident that she plans to not bring her idol tonight.
Glaceon demands Leafeon apologizes and stop her villainous nature. Leafeon refuses, claiming that this is how she is playing the game and Glaceon chose to play it her way. They get into a big fight.
No other significant events occurred.
Tribal Council
Tumblr media
One person must leave the island. Swoobat is immune from any votes.
The votes are cast. No one plays any Immunity Idols.
The Votes Are Read:
3 Votes Leafeon (Glaceon, Walrein, Spheal)
3 Votes Glaceon (Leafeon, Scraggy, Swoobat)
The vote is tied, which means all the castaways not involved in the tie will participate in a revote. 
The revotes are cast and read:
3 Votes Glaceon (Spheal, Swoobat, Scraggy)
1 Vote Leafeon (Walrein)
Tumblr media
Spheal’s nervousness with the purple rock returns as she flips on Glaceon to prevent a tiebreaker. Glaceon is eliminated, and Leafeon does not seem to care a bit … this twin sister bond has certainly broken.
That’s the end of Day 13 of Season 4, Blood vs. Water. Check in soon to find out what happened on Day 14 and the rest of the Days! Your favorite castaway might just win a million dollars!
Episode Title: “I’m sorry. I didn’t want the purple rock.” - Spheal
Thank you to @shinyspheal12746​ and @PokeChampAT for helping with writing summaries for Season 4.
NOTE: If there is any error with this post, please contact us. Thanks!
Do you want to play a Survivor: ORG? Apply now for Survivor: Kanto:
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Come Marching Home
Come Marching Home by NightOwl1600
Shouta Aizawa is a waterbending master out for blood when a Fire Nation division captures all the waterbenders in the Southern Watertribe (including himself) and kills his adopted son Hitoshi Shinsou for being a natural born blood bender. Aizawa doesn't even get to bury him, only watch as a blonde man with an uglyass mustache walks out of his home, a bloodied sword in hand which Aizawa can only assume was used to kill his child. As another group of firebenders burn down the village with Hitoshi's body still inside, Aizawa vows to escape imprisonment and avenge his son. Hitoshi was his entire world. If he's not here, there's really no point in anything except revenge. After being rescued by a band of Kyoshi warriors, Aizawa is on a one man mission to hunt down and kill the Fire Nation soldier known as Hizashi Yamada.
For my Bad Things Happen Bingo: Fake Kill Scare
Words: 2194, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Series: Part 4 of BNHA Bad Things Happen Bingo
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: Gen
Characters: Shinsou Hitoshi, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic
Relationships: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Shinsou Hitoshi, Shinsou Hitoshi & Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic
Additional Tags: Dadzawa, Dadmic, Shinson, Alternate Universe - Avatar & Benders Setting, AtLA AU, Parental Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead Adopts Shinsou Hitoshi, Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic Adopts Shinsou Hitoshi, Parental Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Waterbender Aizawa Shouta, Protective Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Hurt/Comfort, Protective Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Fake Character Death, Bloodbender Shinsou Hitoshi, Angst, Kidnapped Shinsou Hitoshi, Depending on whether I finish this it might be hurt no comfort, but rest assured if I do finish this its definitely hurt/comfort, no editing we die like nana shimura
Read Here:
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climate-bison · 2 days ago
On Weasley Bashing, why does no one bash the Weasley twins?
So I read a good amount of Harry Potter fanfiction. And like many I’ve noticed certain tropes that are very popular in the fandom, one such being Ron Bashing. This is the trope where writers will completely change Ron Weasley’s characterization from a kind loyal friend to a money and fame hungry, violent bigot who is essentially a poor Draco Malfoy. This is done to remove him from being a possible romantic partner for Hermione Granger, who is usually then paired with Draco or Harry.
It is often paired with Weasley Bashing, which is the bashing of members of the Weasley family. But generally it isn’t all of the family. Molly and Ron are for certain going to be bashed in “Weasley Bashing” fics. Ginny is either in on the whatever evil scheme that Molly (and possibly Dumbledore) has conducted or is a helpless little girl who cries nonstop and acts like a toddler. Percy is also generally bashed, but is less likely to be actually included in evil plans. Arthur isn’t usually bashed, and will sometimes use his patriarchal magical powers to control his wife (which is framed as a positive thing). Bill and Charlie aren’t usually in the story (which isn’t surprising, they aren’t in much of the original books either). 
But here is where I find the trope to get most interesting - the Weasley twins, Fred and George. When you read the original series, Harry finds them to be likeable pranksters with an edge to them. Most of their pranks are harmless and honestly kind of stupid (oh wow you ate a candy and turned into a bird). But they can also be incredibly cruel. Some examples:
1. Ron mentions in the 6th book that they almost forced him to make an unbreakable vow when he “was about 5″. 
2. They transformed his teddy bear into a spider, giving him a lifelong fear of spiders. 
3. They forced Montague into a vanishing cupboard which he became trapped in until he was able to disapparate out. This occurred in April, and by June he hadn’t fully recovered, needing to be spoon fed a blue potion by Madam Pomfrey. This was all over him attempting to take points from them.
4. In Harry’s first year, they booed incoming first year Slytherin students.
5. They tested relatively untested (having only tried the products themselves) on impressionable first year students. This is during their 7th year. This is incredibly dangerous, for example sweets that make you throw up uncontrollable or have a nonstop nosebleed could be potentially deadly if they are not stopped in time.
6. Notably in their shop, they sell Love potions, which are the wizarding equivalent of date r*pe drugs.
I am not trying to say they are evil. But you shouldn’t brush aside these incidents, especially if you are writing Weasley Bashing stories. 
But that’s the thing. The Weasley twins are never bashed in any Weasley Bashing fanfiction. Never. They often help Harry/Hermione or Draco/Hermione take down the evil Ron/rest of the Weasley family. 
Why is it that they receive a pass and Ron doesn’t?
I would say they are arguably far more money hungry than Ron, their desire to own a business and sell products are a huge part of their characterization. As well as the desire for fame, everything related to their business is loud and placing them at the front and center. They want to do the tri-wizard cup for the money and the fame. Ron is shown to want to participate in the cup as well, but his anger to Harry was not mostly from that but rather he felt that Harry had been lying to him.
I am uncertain why they don’t get bashed the same as Ron (as well as Molly and Ginny). Is it because people find the actors who played them attractive? I feel as though it is likely due to them not threatening the Draco/Hermione or Harry/Hermione ship. 
So to me to seems that the lack of twin bashing cements that the trope is used primarily to attack those (Ron, Ginny, Molly) who get in the way of your ship rather than an honest criticism of the characters. It’s also pretty sad that the only way you see Draco or Harry being able to be paired with Hermione is when she has no other options, because Ron’s turned into a demon. 
To conclude, I’m all for fanon ships, changing canon is an important part of a lot of fanfictions. But if you have to drastically change the characterization of the characters involved then you probably should rename them because they are not the same characters anymore, they are OCs. 
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otomes-world · 2 days ago
Chapter 7 "World of thorns"
Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
Tumblr media
•Barely cool down from a heart attack that would have knocked you down so early age, you looked around with incomprehension. One thing was clear for sure. Something happened that you have been waiting for. The last dorm and the end of the exchange program. Even though Grimm often played on your nerves, now you were ready to forgive him anything.
•The weather turned out to be, to put it mildly, unexpected. You can say that for the first time, you encountered a bad meteorological the state of heaven. Octavinelle and Ignyhide are literally under the ground or water, so thoughts about forgotten an umbrella didn`t rush to visit your head. The rest is the bright sun.
•Noticing the enthusiasm on your face, Vanrouge immediately rushed to assure that this is not the worst picture yet. At least now for the time being the lightning died down. It seems that dorm leader is in a good mood. After these words, the vice looked at you slyly, but you were in no hurry to share his joy. Especially after Sebek's loud scream pierced the space. You've heard of his "emotional" nature before, but when faced with it, your ear membranes begged for mercy. If you do not go deaf at the end of these three days, it can only be called a miracle.
•You've also heard of the mysterious second year falling asleep in unsuitable places for this and capable of challenging Leona in this. However, seeing him peacefully snoring during Ziegvolt's loud lecture, you involuntarily overwhelmed with respect for him.
•No matter how you look around for the head of the Diasomnia you never succeeded. As if reading your thoughts, Lilia intervened again, who, shaking his head, said a simple "He`s shy". Well, maybe it's for the best. You wouldn't grieve too much if you didn't met him.
•Because of the incomprehensible weather and time of day outside the window, morning or evening you check by "SILVER, IT'S TIME TO GET UP!" and "SILVER, GO IN BED!". This served in place of the cuckoo clock. Probably, not only you thought so, but the whole dorm, which, by the way, turned out to be not very noisy and very responsible. You were willing to bet that Riddle would gladly trade a couple of his students for those of Diasomnia.
•At the end of the third day, you trudged to the mirrors, barely raising your legs. One smell of Vanrouge's cooking, which he carefully brought to you all this time, made you feel dizzy. You mentally vowed to get rid of biological weapons as soon as possible. With every step you took, you got closer to the familiar abandoned building. Crossing the gate and smiling to the first-year friends who came to congratulate you on the end of the trip. You slowly slid down, losing consciousness. The last desire was to strangle one crow, but first a long-awaited and deserved rest.
Diasomnia is the best choice for those who have clearly set themselves the goal is to become a great wizard. The only parting word for those who are going to enter next year: you shiould have a strong stomach.
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iamyourangle · 3 days ago
The Girl With A Broken Smile Part 4
Tumblr media
Part 1, 2 , 3
“And, took his fiancée's hand, begging his vows with this hand, I lift your sorrow. Your cup will never empty for I shall be your wine.” She turned towards L this was her third day being here she had made it into her daily routine to visiting him, and turned back to her book.
“With this candle, I will light your way in darkne-” Grunting was heard she turned back her eyes widen seeing him waking up (name) placed her book down, while Watari helped him sit up.
“Your here.” He said.
“Ms. (name) have been visiting you.” Watari told him L furrowed his brows if his right about her being with child, then it wouldn’t be good for herself, and the baby to be this stressed.
“You would not be worried about me, you need a good amount of rest for yourself, and the child.” He told her (name) opened her mouth, but all of a sudden crash is heard they turned to Watari the teacup had fallen the contents had spilled to the floor.
“Watari, is everything okay?” L asked he walked towards the female, then pulled her outside of the room.
“Ms. (name) is the father of the child...”
“It’s Haru...” She said Watari looked at the sadly she was almost raped, and add the cherry on the top she was pregnant with the rapist child after she told him of how the child came to be he started to admire how strong willed she is, and determined she is to rise the child in the best way she could.
“Ms. (name), you ever find yourself in trouble you may call this number, I will make sure they help you in anyway they could.” Watari told her handling the female a card.
“Thank you for your help.” She said.
“Now Ms. (name) I agree with, Ryuzaki with your condition you should be resting.” He told her.
“I’ll be fine, I slept for four hours.” She said.
“A woman with your condition require at the very least eight hours of sleep.” He in formed her Watari took out his phone, and dialed a number after that they went back to L’s room about an hour later Chief Yagami, and Aizawa came in.
“Watari, you could us.” The Chief said.
“Yes, I did Ms. (name) would need someone to company her back to the hotel, and with Ryuzaki’s condition I cannot just leave him.” He told them surprising Chief Yagami, and Aizawa looked at the female surprised.
“Why? Is Kira targeting her?” Chief Yagami asked, but L shooked his head.
“Ms. (name)’s case is a different matter, but even so, she should still need someone to protect her.” L told them Aizawa then nodded in understanding then stood in front of the female she sighed, then got up from her sit then began to walk out of the rom the two police offers trailing behind her along with Watari carrying her bag, after a few twist, and turns they got to the exit Chief Yagami sat at the driver’s sit Aizawa beside him, then (name) behind them.
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Hachishakusama Headcanons Absolutely No One Asked For~
(Also I Will Be Posting Headcanons For Right Now, Until I can Get All Of The Asks I’ve Gotten So Far Done, So I Can Post Them All At Once)
Hachishakusama Is A Twin Who Was Born Out Of Wedlock, Her Parents Later On Got Married When She And Her Brother Were Like 4-5 Going By Human Years And 20-25 Going By Demon Years.
Before Her Mother Got Beheaded Her Mother Gave Her A Necklace That Had Two Yins And One Yang On It, It’s A Necklace That Has Passed Through Generation And Generation From Mother To Daughter. And One Day She Vows To Give The Necklace To Her Eldest Daughter, If She Ever Has Kids.
I Do Headcanon Her And Her Family Being In Some Sort Of Like Royalty Ranking, But Not Royalty. Does That Make Sense? Like They Lived In Some Like Castle Like Building But They Are Not Royalty.
She Hates Her Dad Her Dads Wife And Anything To Do With Them, Mostly Because They Forbid Her To Go In The Attic, In The Basement, In Any Realm Expect Their Realm, The Human Realm, The Underworld, Hell, Heaven, And The Only Other Realms She Could Go To Were Realms That Were Made By Higher Up Entities And That Were Friends Or Acquaintances With Her Dad And His Wife. Mostly So 1. She Couldn’t Do Anything That Was Deemed As What “Incompetent Mortals Would Do” Or “That Is What Someone Of The Lower Ranking Entities Would Do”. And 2. She Couldn’t Look At Anything Her Mom Did Or Could Somehow Reach Out To Her Mom.
Her And Her Mom Had A Wonderful Relationship, But When Yuki Was Born Her Mom Didn’t Have As Much Time To Hang Out With Her(Because The Maid That Was Supposed To Be Watching Yuki Didn’t And Became Their Fathers Mistress, And Their Mother Couldn’t Be Bothered To Ask The Other Maid’s And Servants To Watch Her Because She Didn’t Want To Add More Work Onto Them, And Because She Wanted To Spend Time With Her Daughter) But Hachi Understood, And She Never Hated Yuki For It.
She Refuses To Call Her Dad’s Wife “Mom”, “Mother”, Or “Step-Mom”. She Has Even Corrected Her Siblings Sometimes When They Call Her “Mom”, “Mother”, Or “Step-Mom”.
She Doesn’t Hate Kids, That’s Not Her Reason For Why She Kills Them. Her Reason As Why She Kills Kids Is Because Her Mom Killed Kids Before She And Her Dad Got Married, And She Kills Kids Because She Wants To Royally Piss Her Dad And Her Dad’s Wife Off.
She Was Originally A Worker For The Last Boss Of The Japanese Urban Legends. But That Boss Was A Bitch To All Of The Urban Legends, So The Urban Legends And The “Council” Of The Community Got Rid Of The Ass And Replaced Them With Hachi.
Hanako San Is Pretty Much A Daughter Too Hachi, When Hachi Saw Hanako’s Reikon(It’s A Japanese Word That Means Spirit Or Soul) She Didn’t Know What To Think Because She Kills Kids, But When She Saw Hanako There Curled Up On One Of The School Parts Crying, She Almost Even Started Crying But, She Didn’t So She Could Help Hanako Get Too Where The Japanese Urban Legends Reside So She Could Introduce Her To Them.
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pk25news · 4 days ago
Budget and budget session illegal; indicators of economic process false
Bilawal says if nothing else, the PTI govt in any event improved the number of inhabitants in jackasses in the country, for which PM Imran Khan ought to be complimented.
Says comparing the country, which is being controlled by an "ill-conceived government," to the territory of Madina isn't proper.
Says the majority know about the way that "cases of 4% development depend on lies."
Executive PPP Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said Friday that both the spending plan and the spending meeting of the PTI-drove government are "illicit."
Talking during a meeting of the National Assembly, which was being directed under the chairmanship of National Assembly's Speaker Asad Qaiser, Bilawal said that it appears to be the public authority is assuming the part of the Opposition as opposed to running the country.
Scrutinizing Prime Minister Imran Khan celebrated way of talking, Bilawal said that comparing the nation — which is being controlled by an "ill-conceived government" — to the territory of Madina isn't proper.
Talking about the spending plan as of late introduced by the PTI-drove government, Bilawal said the majority know about the way that "cases of 4% development depend on lies."
"I think both this plan and the spending meeting are illicit," he said, adding that since the time the public authority has assumed control over, no new National Finance Commission (NFC) grant has been given to areas.
It ought to be noticed that the NFC grant is intended to circulate monetary assets between the government and the territories.
"Each spending will be unlawful until the NFC grant is given," said Bilawal.
Revealing insight into the developing expansion in the country, Bilawal said that the PTI government has "deserted individuals and left them in a dejected condition."
He said that individuals won't ever pardon the public authority for additional pushing them underneath the neediness line.
"Assuming the spending raises petroleum, gas, and power costs, each Pakistani needs to bear the weight of the public authority's ineptitude," said Bilawal, adding that had there been financial development, so numerous individuals would not be jobless.
"The leader had vowed to give 10 million tasks to individuals, however despite what is generally expected, even the individuals who were recently utilized have now been delivered jobless," the PPP executive said.
Bilawal said that if the nation has seen financial development, as asserted by the PTI-drove government, why does it need to "ask before the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?"
"If the economy has fundamentally improved, the public authority ought to promptly quit the IMF's arrangement," he said.
Taking a correspond at the public authority by and by, Bilawal said that according to the monetary review if nothing else, the number of inhabitants in jackasses has expanded in the country, for which Prime Minister Imran Khan's approaches should be praised.
Bilawal further said that the PTI government didn't extra Azad Jammu and Kashmir and troubled individuals there with the inconvenience of charges.
He said that solitary Rs12 billion had been reserved for the rural area, which is the foundation of the economy.
"The public authority has deserted the rancher local area. They have not been given compost sponsorship," said Bil... Read more
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