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#the voice
ohdamnadam · 29 minutes ago
big fan of the concept of kylo ren, whose soul is split between good and evil, with a partner with even more radical/fixated ideals than he has. he starts to see how power is changing them, how despite their ‘good’ intentions, the darkside is quickly devouring them beyond recognition. so he silently faces this internal conflict of- do I stay with my lover through hell and high water? or do I try to save us both from drowning? and if they’re in too deep, do i even have the strength to fight them if i had to?
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vaporwavelich · 33 minutes ago
any time I start to pick my mood and energy back up something happens to knock it back out of me
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spookaneenjoyer · 35 minutes ago
an extremely cursed side effect of getting back into mysims at this point in my life is now every time dr. f speaks my brain automatically gives him the same voice as dr. coomer from hlvrai (video has a lot of blood and swearing, some gross/unsanitary moments, and a few unreality scenes, jsyk!)
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lamphous · 44 minutes ago
once again I am forced to tap the sign which is only for myself that reads "if dean tries to quote 'take me or leave me' in reference to himself, you legally cannot stop him"
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goddessgardener · 49 minutes ago
Garden Party, Laughter Vaccine, Laminate or Not, Waste Not
Garden Party, Laughter Vaccine, Laminate or Not, Waste Not
With the stay-at-home orders this past year and the isolation, most people are looking forward to getting together with their friends and families. If you’ve been vaccinated, the CDC indicates that small outdoor gatherings are relatively safe. Is your garden ready for a small party? Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian, offers a few flower fun hacks that will spruce up your space for very little…
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ksketchington · 57 minutes ago
Wrote a song! :> It’s not the best but I wrote it as a student who was going through the pandemic in 2020. Went through a couple of things so I decided to write about it :> don’t judge me too harshly, honestly this is a new music program so I tried my best to make it happen ^^ anyway thanks! 
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akajustmerry · an hour ago
i’m still deeply shaken that tfatws somehow tapped into the very specific fantasy i have of drinking, playing boardgames and hanging out with james buchanan barnes in an empty bar like i hope u guys understand that i paused that sequence twice to think hard about whether i’d taken my meds because i felt so unduely Seen that i couldn’t get a grip
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theavatarprojects · an hour ago
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Avatar The Last Airbender- The Promise (Part 1) Comic Dub! Now casting voice actors, animators, directors (now closed), sound engineers, and video editors! You can get more information by browsing the blog, asking a question, or Contacting one of the directors on discord! ThatFlowerChild (VanillaVallarta#6896) or my co-director Bucket Barn ( Bucket Barn#5527) or HoneyBee (HoneyBee#5129) for the fastest response. Casting Call Club is also has more information as well as audition lines!
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swallowtailed · an hour ago
playing through phandelver, as a player this time rather than a dm, and i’m even more certain that the nothic in tresendar manor is my favorite npc in the entire module. it’s friendly, it just wants a little flesh! 
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ssa-m-187 · an hour ago
i have an assignment due at midnight (hour and a half from rn) that i have not started but what am i currently doing? singing karaoke to olivia rodrigo's 2 songs lmfao
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yourlocalghostiee · an hour ago
Synopsis: As Goshiki’s best friend, you must tell him the truth; he’s not brave by any means, but one day, he could be.
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tag list: @frogtanii @sincerelykore @x-ia-n @daicrie @http-worm @datecho @simpfortetsu please click this to join the tag list! (and please fully read the form.)
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AUTHOR’S NOTE: figuring out your place is the world is hard. you must do it anyway. (also this rooted from @/frogtanii’s brilliantly planned goshiki’s appearance in poker face >:)
WARNINGS: self doubt, the colored liquid is iced tea but i don’t get into that beyond the description
PAIRINGS: best friend!Goshiki Tsutomu x gn!reader
Tumblr media
“You are worth it, you know,” you let the liquid in your bottle slosh around as you tilt it back and forth, watching it swirl endlessly, “Despite what the world thinks.”
“You think so?”
Goshiki sits beside you on the curb, both of your bodies illuminated by the setting sun, and when he leans back onto his palms, your own hand places down the sugary drink and comes up to smack his arm.
“I’m serious,” you narrow your eyes, tilting your head, “When the world tells you that you don’t matter, take it as a test of courage.”
He hums, letting the words sink into him while the warm breeze swirls by.
It’s nice today, you realize, it’s a good enough day to fight the world.
“How did you handle the test of courage?” He asks quietly.
His hand moves to fiddle with his hair, twisting and twirling a few of the locks, and when he looks at you, you see it. That familiar gleam in his eyes of What if I don’t make it? What if I don’t do it right?
You had that feeling, once.
He’s gonna have to face it someday. But when you look at it, you remember the lessons you did not teach yourself, and so you tell him the truth.
“I kept movin’ on, Tomu.”
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated!!
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casukaga · an hour ago
anyone else been relistening to the uk’otoa sea shanty on repeat but mostly just focusing on ashley’s harmonies or are you all normal
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thewhizzyhead · an hour ago
if someone asks me "Who would you like to play in Hadestown?" I legit wouldn't be able to give them one specific answer cause honestly I kinda wanna play all of them loOK I JUST REALLY WOULD LIKE TO BE INVOLVED IN A HADESTOWN PRODUCTION OKAY-
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