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#the things i'd do for this man
rubberbandballqueen · 2 days ago
so much of philosophy in the english speaking world is derived from like white european men and like they have interesting takes and stuff but they tend to all get tangled in the same questions over and over again simply because being able to communicate so freely like that over a very long period of time, building on each other’s ideas, will kind of just make an inbred school of thinking, if you get what i’m saying, but all the books in our house on chinese philosophy are like, in chinese, and i am an illiterate buffoon
#would love to translate them but then i'd also practically need to get a master's in chinese history as well#we have an english translation of confucious tho so that's nice but ahh i'm a little curious abt smth more modern#not that many of our chinese philosophy books are modern unless they relate to the gospel or anything#as i said a few days ago Why Do We Have Five Copies Of The I Ching (exception made for the plaintext ver)#i'm sure there's someone out there who's done a non-racist analysis on the similarities and differences in eastern n western philosophy#i've personally put too many skill points into stem at this point in my life so i don't have the foundation to do it myself hahaha#i think as i go through life i'll pick up more skills and get to it eventually but it'll be slower due to other stuff i do w/my life#the worm speaks#and also to understand a lot of chinese philosophy you must study confucious that's like the man himself bro#idk maybe i'm so curious bc in reading and t/l sanzijing i found myself agreeing with a lot of the ideals presented in it abt good character#and how you need to be strict in order to enforce these things#'when humanity first was new all were innately good; however tho they start from the same place teaching leads them down#far and distantly diverging paths'#idk maybe it's bc i find that philosophy aligns well with how i've become 'a good person' or bc it was always in the bg of the local culture#but i don't think i've ever found chinese philosophers who define good and evil. might be lack of trying
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ssuckitlosers · 15 days ago
God every time I see a post on the whole situation from a few days ago it just irritates me again. Like genuinely what was the point in that?
There’s obviously going to be ships that you don’t like or would prefer to interpret a certain way but that doesn’t make it canon and I don’t think any fictional ship should warrant death threats (there’s a block button for a reason)
And the fact that it’s hetalia really does need to be stressed right? They’re personified countries, maybe if it was a slice of life anime I could understand the rationale a bit more but it’s not. They’re immortal beings that have lived hundreds, if not thousands of years and honestly if you try hard enough, you could argue that they’re all related.
People are shipping two adult nations, who they don’t see as siblings and others are forcing their own interpretations into them like come on.
It takes just a sliver of logic to see that none of the countries are actually related (the only way you could probably see that is if you group them by continent or something)
For example, even with the UK brothers dynamic. The union only came about it the 1700s and the nations will have existed well before then. Plus I doubt Ireland would take too kindly to being told they’ll always be related to England right?
I like the brotherly dynamic of the UK countries but I don’t think they’re genuinely related (unless it’s in a human au where they’re actually written as such).
It’s all up to interpretation and I think it’s so dumb how people want to act like their opinion is canon.
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365text · 18 days ago
real talk who else cried to the “chicken soup for the ... soul” series when u were younger
#annie.txt#i was thinking about this bc i was internal monologuing in the prev post's tags about buying a digital keyboard for myself#and remembered how my dad wanted to buy one for me a few years back but i said it was fine bc 1) i wouldn't have time or space rly to use it#while in college u feel#and also 2) i didn't realize the tech (esp in recent years) has gotten so much better ?? for weighted keyboards !! it's like a real piano ??#but then i was thinking about how if i wanted to buy it now i'd probs buy it for myself since i'm working full time#and i thought about how it'd be nice if i could have my parents still buy it for me still bc it is kinda $$$#but then i thought about how that really wasn't necessary bc again i work full time now (albeit i just started but still i make enough that#i can do it for myself and not have to ask my parents to shell out that money for me u feel)#but then i thought about how my parents always want to buy me gifts / birthday presents bc that's how my hashtag asian parents show me love#through food and attempts at purchasing me useful things#like jackets#or a 'better mattress'#even if i don't need or necessarily want them LOL#and then i got sad bc i realized they don't have many opportunities in the future to really buy me stuff or show me love in that way#and now im all teary eyed bc the idea of aging parents and#them passing away just gets me every time....#familial themes makes me cry the most consistently in media too lol#but anyways all that's to say is that it reminded me of chicken soup for the soul books bc i used to sob to those#bc man those stories are sO SAD#also unrelated to how i got here but interestingly tangential: i read those books at my piano teacher's house HAHA
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olliepurples · 22 days ago
and ralph wept for the loss of innocence, the darkness of man's heart and the loss of the dear friend called noriaki kakyoin's character development
#idk dude#i'm an anime only so tell me if this is different in the manga#but istg man#he has the most op ability (read: literal mind control) and literally never uses it past his first appearance#i may be legit just misremembering but was there an explanation for that???#bc i'd get it if he was like so messed up by losing his own autonomy that he couldn't even think of doing it to anyone else#but it'd be nice if there was a line...y'know...explaining that#even something cryptic like after the steely dan fight jotaro asks him why he couldn't just mind control it out instead of the tv thing#and he says smth like 'i can't do that anymore' or 'i couldn't think of it'#or maybe using it a bit at the start and then fading it out#also i thought the whole 'don't trust kakyoin' traitor arc thing would go somewhere but i guess not#like he could do things which seem to hurt himself or the group and the rest could wonder if jotaro really got all the cells out#as it's established that stands can shrink and go inside heads they could go to check only to find nothing out of place#after that there's some kind of confrontation where after standard 'no feelings' talk#he admits he still finds himself slipping back into his old ways of thinking#'i'm better than all of them' or 'i don't belong with these people'#it would be a great thing about how even after the physical marks and scars of abuse are gone the mind is still affected#i think the final sacrifice would have meant more to me if it was clear he'd really chosen the team#rather than simply following along the people who helped him#idk anyway i think he's cool but could have been cooler
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wayhavn · 27 days ago
god im really in it w nate/rosanna
#im not having a good day so i am thinking about my beloved-s. sue me.#i keep thinking of like. after heavy flirting shes just like nate youre adorable but you dont have to try this hard to get me into bed#this like. at the door to her townhouse. she is unsubtly inviting him in. if we're gonna do this let's do it.#and hes like. well. yes i do want to sleep with you but i'd like to get to know you first because i like you as a person#and i do not want this to be casual :)#and her to emotions are: ?????????????? and no nononono nonono no no non ono nope#if this were a text convo she would ghost him immediately#unfortunately hes an old man and also they work together. she considers packing her bags and moving away.#as it is she just. avoids him as much as she can. for maybe a few weeks. and hes kind of hurt and confused the whole time#because things were going very well. they got along wonderfully when things were ambiguous  -- when it was just flirting.#but he doesn't press her on it because well he has more than a modicum of emotional intelligence lel#i don't think she's forthcoming about what happened to her at all. but nate knows it's something.#he knows pain and fear well enough to recognize it when he sees it.#anyway i was trying to fit this into the books and i think that would be book 2-ish. and THEN i thought.#'house of mirrors role reversal where falk CAN read the detective' because rosanna's would definitely be killing her husband#and she would definitely get a guilty verdict xoxo. and then i was thinking about how N tends to panic in stressful situations.#and well. baby we got us a tasty stew simmering over here.#carly.txt#carly's oc#oc: rosanna
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firepowder · 29 days ago
accidentally drank a monster at 8 pm. subscribe to technoblade
Tumblr media
#techno#technoblade fanart#technoblade art#technoblade dsmp#still trying to fucking. practice colors and stuff. spent like 2 hours manually drawing a color wheel with shade variations#drank that monster like 5 hours ago now <3 I have school in the morning. jesus#art#I make things#i speak#technosmall#hybrids#he's fuckignng Small.#please enjoy this I need to go to sleep but please please enjoy this please it has caused me much pain and will cause me more when I wake up#and realize I spent 5 hours drawing technoblade when I could have been sleeping and will be absolutely fucked up in class exhausted#so um. reblog please :hands:#you will never ever see me draw twink techno. never ever. I'd rather do various horrible things than draw twink techno.#by rights he is a boar but bear is the closest existing term for his body type. like a lumberjack like a boxer like a shipyard worker.#built like a BARREL. huge man. beefy. absolutely fucking incredible.#anyway anyway anyway I'm still running on monster so I'm just stream-of-consciousnessing these tags sorry#please reblog this bro please I fucking. pain. so much time. I love him so much. look at him and his earrings and nose piercing and#friendship emerald and exposed elbows between his lacy shirtsleeves' hems and his arm guards. and his lil ears are all that's keeping the#crown over his eyes. were it not for the ears he would be pulling an mcc <3#gonna go watch el muchacho de los ojos tristes featuring technoblade on repeat until the monster exits my body and I can rest <3 night#as x
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eeepgrove · a month ago
Tvd/TO fandom seem to suffer from a close mind view which is a fault of the show(s) which only play the storylines and characters as just black and white focus but literally it’s jarring how this fandom is so finite in its views of characters and their actions when in retrospect there’s a spectrum to which these characters can be viewed
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crimenight · a month ago
i will be making a ‘need-to-know’ type of post when i finish my timeline.  i think i’ve had enough of the popular batman media that’s being churned out these days.
#just because we're having a lot come out in a short period of time i'd like to reiterate: have absolutely no pre-conceived notions abt#bruce when interacting with my blog. allow me to construct his image in your mind authentically because wtf is snyder talking abt#just read what he says about batman killing in his movie like forget about his reasoning.. the way he words it#it's a little creepy & the very least.. extremely weird. is that how he normally talks?#either way.. please. when we plot/interact/write/etc do NOT assume anything. im technically canon divergent now but it's much more#nuanced than that. some comic writers give bruce the same grace he had in the 80s.. some don't. the events of rebirth/n52/etc are also#hazy to me.. i just cannot fathom how no one thinks that having a batman that continues to believe in the sanctity of human life#despite going through so many horrible things isn't interesting enough to be seen in a live action film#i think making bruce be overly cynical (he IS cynical though) & despise his fellow humans because he's 'war worn' is cheap#how do i send that sentence into zack snyder's mind#him & frank miller man.. i can't STAND it.#i feel like this is the only thing i've been talking about for the past month so IM SORRY#the dceu has no place on this blog but sometimes i'm forced to see another article abt snyder#& then i click on it despite knowing it'll be bs#if y'all are looking for a 'the world made me cruel' type of character.. BATMAN ISN'T IT#look elsewhere! please! batman is not that type of person. he's the opposite DESPITE all that he went through.#would like to project those thoughts into snyder's mind too#TBD.#(i promised myself i'd be quiet until i finished the majority of my reread & finished my timeline but i think this is important enough)
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hisboofromlondon · a month ago
#god the shit that goes down in here i swearrrrr#some people need to just#like i dont know man who needs a reminder of this but like god#THIS IS A BOYBAND A FREAKING BOYBAND WE'RE ALL HERE BLOGGING ABOUT#it doesnt matter bro it seriously doesn't#i think in the midst of all this angst fest we create for ourselves we forget there are actual real world problems too if only some of the#people who care about this so deeply would care about them the world would be a better place ngl#i come here as a break from the absolute hell that goes down at my house and thank god my dash is just not all filled with angst#but like i agree w a lot of people and a lot of things but is forming you own opinions without bringing down others' cancelled now or what#since when did this a become a cult and not famdom#i only ever cared about hl in the end we're here to support them but no for some reason people have to make us feel guilty about that too#its a fandom bro its not that deep really if my one opinion (that isn't inherently hateful) can coexist w your different one too#idk why im typing this im tired bro#i come here as break from studing and yall seriously do make me wanna go back to it bskdhskskskdkdk#its a few posts but like WHAT is the point of fighting over this#idk why im writing this tbh i just had to rant#stop making others guilty about not having same opinions as u and i say this as someone who agrees a lot with their opinions#no wonder my blog is more about tu now I'd rather do that till hl do something new tbh#into the void#this got really long rip i dont know if im making sense either but yeah
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