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#the things I'd let him do to ME
harryforvogue · 3 days ago
Jamie Fraser
Yikes, I Don’t See The Appeal || Not My Type || He’s Alright || I See The Appeal But I’m Different™ || Cute But On Alternating Wednesdays || He Has A Kind Face And That’s Good Enough || Pretty || Gorgeous || I— I Love? We Don’t Deserve Him. || i have to plug in my laptop for this one.
i’d like the beat up book jamie and then throw dishes at him and then marry him every single day, but tv show jamie.... i’d sit him down and i’d be a therapist for him and i’d watch him cry and then i’d let him fold me in half and make ME cry (in an erotic way duh). when i tell you this man.... is so flawed but so hurt. like everyone just uses jamie however they’d like. they don’t even ask him. i’d sure as hell ask him. i’d ask him to step on my fucking head-
send me your favorite average, white man and i’ll rate him
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datasupremacy · 7 days ago
Honestly I would love it if I could run 54 roleplay accounts instead of having to write 4 essays in a week
Bold of you to assume I'm running them. No one has heard a word from me over there in over a month.
*** Edit: I wrote a novel in the tags and I'm sorry. I didn't realize how mad I still was.
#I used to REALLY love it and I'd be writing 24/7 but things in my main fandoms slowly dipped in terms of community.#Especially when fancy fonts became useable. All the pinned posts and solos are fecking unreadable.#To people with older devices#To people who can't decipher blocky cursive#And to people who use assistive devices#I have a friend who is legally blind and uses a device to roleplay and those fonts MESS with her device.#It just spams her with the numeric code for each letter in each word.#And when I started trying to spread that info to people a LOT of them would tell us that it's not their problem she can't see#Or that they can do whatever they want with their account.#The amount of people who would claim they couldn't be ableist because they have ADHD was unbelievable.#They just had zero empathy for anyone. Literally couldn't think of anyone other than themselves. It made me so sad for my friend.#Roleplay SHOULD be inclusive you know????#My girlfriend started responding to people by telling them that they were using fonts to hide their shitty writing#Which started fights. And stressed me out because I don't like being mean to people. But I also felt like she had a point?#You shouldn't NEED frills to dress up your writing if your work can speak for itself#But I thought making that the point was detrimental to the cause we were supposed to be fighting for.#Not that the cause spoke much for itself? I even @'d a Youtuber I liked to tell him that the fonts he used in a tweet were illegible#And then got MONTHS of death threats and hate mail on my personal account#Like people were calling me every homophobic and transphobic slur they could think of and tagging him in it#And I kind of felt like there was no way he didn't see that. But he replied to none of it and just let it happem#Which wasn't RP related but I lost a ton of respect for him. I mean I'm a grown up and I could handle myself#But if you saw people allegedly defending you from criticism but doing it like that shouldn't you say something?#Anyway I realized I was fighting a losing battle and I just started refusing to write with or follow people who used fonts#But then I got iced out of the fandoms I had been writing in since 2015#And it's like... how do you get back into something you love when the people there with you are so callous?#Why can't people care about someone other than themselves?#My friend lost accessibility to her fandom when they started using fonts and talking shit about people who couldn't see them#What would they have lost if they just used the standard font? Nothing at all.#The worst was that people would take a screenshot of their pinned so people could see the text#BUT THEN THEY WOULDN'T ADD AN IMAGE DESCRIPTION. I'M STILL SCREAMING ABOUT IT.
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doyouknowhoyouare · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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localkage · a month ago
Thank you so much for your kind words I am sobbing I shall cherish that frog forever and with all my heart🥺💕
Have some cute hc I think about to cheer me up!
The floof on Tobirama's armor exists because his SO complained about the armour not being nice to hug. He will never admit to it but thats the sole reason for the floofs existence. He has drop kicked Hashirama who thought it would be a good idea to mention before.
Madara has immense hair envy of Hashirama because his hair looks so silky smooth while Madara's looks like a birds nesting ground. He has snuck into Hashirama's bathroom before to find out what he uses to get them this way (they're gay your honor 😔)
Soft kisses against Itachi's eyelids. His eyes are constantly strained and he barely gets to rest them because he always (ab)uses them. On a more lighthearted note, Itachi has run into glass before due to his poor sight, like a bird.
Kisame would absolutely engulf his SO in his giant cloak when they're cold or the weather conditions are bad. He rather take the winds head on than letting his SO suffer through it.
Soft mornings with Hinata. No matter how far she and her SO sleep away from each other, no matter how hard they fought, the next morning they always end up entangled to each other, holdings hands softly while talking through their issues.
Minato would collect aprons if he could. All got a silly pun on it and he loves them very much.
Kakuzu secretly fixes his SO clothes if they got holes. Also, if his SO sees some clothing they like, he won't buy it for them but rather recreate it himself.
Guy and Lee love doing facemasks with their SO. That skin gotta stay hydrated!
Shikamaru gets really embarassed about having an SO but also can't stop himself from telling Asuma- until of course Asuma tells his parents and then they're all being a drag (he secretly loves that they all love them so much as well).
Naruto, whenever his SO feels down makes a long list of things they have done- more often than not things they didn't even notice.
Ino knows a lot of details about plants but she rarely shares it because she is embarrassed by her rather nerdy interest. If she shares it with someone she truly trusts them.
Kakashi has eaten dog food before. He was too lazy to buy food for himself and ate dog food instead and was like "Wow this ain't actually half bad" (*cue a very disturbed Pakkun*).
Sakura always leaves sticky notes all over the place. She is quite a busy person running the hospital and all so to not forget anything, she writes everything down. Even stuff like "Telling SO that I love them".
Yamato personally creates wood that can be used for books because he doesn't want people chopping down trees and disturb the ecosystem (and then gets mad when he sees Kakashi reading Icha Icha Paradise because a tree had to die for that).
I am curious though- what are some of your ships? Besides HashiMada ofc which is just so valid I can't.
I hope you're doing well hon!
Also have this crappy Uchiha/Hyuuga concept drawing I made, I am not the best artist-
Tumblr media
come get yalls serotonin 😔🥺❤️
#I'm on the floor this is SO good like. I'm going crazy this is the exact amount of serotonin I needed today I owe you my life 😭❤️#I LOVE tobirama doing specific things for his s/o but being embarrassed if ANYONE mentions it aksjsksj 😔❤️#and madara omggg his hair is beautiful he doesn't need the 4 different organic shampoos and conditioners hashirama uses I promise 😔❤️❤️#why would you hurt me like that with itachi... I love him. in my head he's alive with his chicken 😔😔😔😔❤️#I LOVE KISAME SO MUCH ON GODDDD. I want a gentle giant sharkman boyfriend like kisame pls 😔😔😔😔😭❤️#hinata is so fucking sweet like. I can't even imagine fighting with her like. she'd say smth or call me stupid and I'd just 100% agree like#yes wife you're right I love you forgive my stupidity 😔❤️ but you're right fights with her wouldn't last long and even then you'd both#still seek for each other's embrace 😔❤️❤️❤️❤️#I'm SO here for minato and his hideous aprons. imagine him having a corgi one maybe with tofu and mochi pics on it 😔😔❤️#KAKUZU PLS RECREATE THIS GUCCI FOR ME PL-#I wanna do a group face mask session with guy and lee. it sounds so soft and like. you'll be caring for your physical AND emotional health#because no way spending time with these two doesn't give you an instant serotonin boost like 😔❤️❤️❤️#shikamaru is just. he's clueless you know. he likes you and doesn't want anyone teasing him for it but he also doesn't know A LOT of things#about dating so he'd ask asuma but then it would just become a mess aksjsksjs#I love naruto so fucking MUCH and ino could spend HOURS talking about flowers and I'd just fall harder for her 😔❤️#kakashi wanted to know how it tasted like... let him live 😔😔💔 and sakura being SO organized just imagine finding that note 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️#YAMATO PLS BECOME OUR PRESIDENT PLS I'M BEGGING YOU PLS SAVE AMAZONIA PLEASEEEEEE#I don't really have any hard ships but I see a lot on my dash and I think many are very nice and cute likr kakagai kakayama inosaku and OFC#SAKUHINA bc that one scene of sakura holding hinatas hand lives in my head rent free#and babe your drawing is SO beautiful oh myy goddd I had never thought about uchiha/hyuga but thay child would look SO FUCKING INSANE#like. imagine how beautiful and powerful they'd be I'm losing my mind 😔❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#.ask#.hcs#naruto#thank you SO much for this I love you so much and appreciate this so much like. you literally made my day I love you babe 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️#long post
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dmonchld · a month ago
Tumblr media
imagine thinking this man is anything less than sexy
might rewatch season one jsut for the suit scenes
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worstloki · a month ago
maybe it cause loki is a villain with a smugness is why? lol some villains are liked for some reasons who are we to judge like for example loki, joker and draco malfoy seem be like villains
There’s nothing wrong with liking villains, it’s just that in both the films and comics Loki has been recently proven himself on many occasions to fall more under anti-hero (or hero!) and displays effort to be/is morally better than his relative designated hero (Thor). Decent comparisons here would be in regards to characters who were raised bad, looked down on by their own, and then wound up on the good side anyway, so Zuko and a mix of Sirius/Regulus would be better comparisons to be made here. 
While characters like Azula and Draco have the possibility for it they weren’t given redemption because of where the texts ended. Their contributions to villainy can be read as resulting from the abusive environments they were raised in and without that need to prove themselves a part of their family/organization there is much room to develop, especially since the plot cuts off after their reasons to remain bad have been eliminated. While some people like the villainous aspects (which, totally fine and understandable) some people find the idea of never being too far gone to be redeemed inspiring. The difference here is that whether either character decides to be better or doesn’t is left to interpretation (don’t @ me about the a:tla comics or the cursed child, i’m not talking about them rn). For this category I would only put Loki if it referred solely to Thor 1 or the comics before Kid Loki. I think a better comparison here could be to Ava or Killmonger (if he had lived) because of where their narratives cut off.
The Joker is... the Joker... and I’m pretty sure he’s not even trying for anything like a redemption? Of what I’ve read he doesn’t show remorse or guilt over his actions nor does he try to undo his work or have a purpose other than homicide? Not sure who to compare to but lets go with Sozin/Azulon/Ozai trifecta and Moldymort. 
There’s plenty of factors that could be involved, and “smug villain” can 100% be a reason on it’s own too. I just. Don’t like to simplify it that much. And the Thing about this though is that regardless of where the hero or villain status might lie people tend to decide which characters they like based off what they find entertaining or worth personally investing in, which is why patterns between favourites are always fun to take a look at, and why one person might define villain as synonymous with morally bad/evil while another will equate it to being an antagonist. 
#I myself tend to throw villain in with meaning either of those last options by the way#if I say ''Loki is a villain'' I'll be following it up with ''in Thor 1/Avengers 1/X comic'' basically#when judging morally I know I go more off intention because I'm subjective#if I see Wanda trying to stop a bomb and blowing up the floor of a building I'd blame her lack of practice in magic not call her evil for it#if Wanda intends to leave Agatha suffering within her own body as torture and then does so? Now THAT goes into villain territory#it's why Wanda accidentally taking over Westview would've been fine by me but she DOES know what's going on so I go hmmmm wait....#it's why I keep the genocide of jotunheim in mind but don't blame loki for thinking it was the only thing he could do#even if he had planned to kill the entire race... his context is against Thor and Odin and Bor who all attempted genocide themselves ???#we already know Loki isn't exactly into bloodlust or enjoying the fight like the warriors 5 so he isn't there to kill the race tho he tries#since the entire race is framed to be bad by the narrative I honestly read the destroying as more symbolic for loki#in the sense that he could destroy everything he is and everything he's tried to be and it still wouldn't make a difference to odin#since it's followed up by Loki then also letting go#and Odin in this instance of course represents the entire Asgardian society as the literal king#so Loki essentially lets go of what is expected of him which is also why Thor yelling for him doesn't make a difference now#he's just done trying and being rejected and criticized so he doesnt let go to solely to end his life but rather stop doing what others want#if you go for the literal thing he's done though he totally just tried to kill an entire race so odin will see him as a worthy son#BUT that race itself was presented as already dying and 'bad' and Thor himself only opposed Loki bc it was Loki doing that#even though Loki is the main antagonist here he's given motive and morals while the Jotuns are only implied to have to the same#they need the casket for their planet but Laufey also prioritizes killing Odin and 'revenge' is 'bad' in the eyes of many unfortunately#killmonger too lets not forget that his intention was to make things better for people like him suffering everywhere#the only 'evil' things I'd say he did was kill the people he was working with (the lady?) and then try for his goal trying to kill others#if he'd been a bit more successful he'd be in the same boat as loki except killmonger's context (assuming it's earth) definitely stands out#it's why I categorize him as a villain#even though i'm crazy tempted to throw him into anti-hero often#fighting t'challa in the ring as he did was :// but he's got a goal to achieve you know#it's sympathetic but T'Challa and everyone opposing/with him knows the weight of what will be done#Thor/Loki were raised on xenophobia/racism and war stories so the lives of Jotuns don't have the worth of lives if it's in a war#literally the only thing saving Loki is that he was going off Asgardian morals instead of his own at the time#i rant but tldr it's not wrong to group characters together but if you ask me to compare draco/joker/loki i'd say they have more differences#and just to clarify bc I know how reading comprehension here is I'm not saying genocide is good but consider I'm speaking on fictional
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helion-ism · a month ago
But if you let go of the dagger, there‘s a whole lot of me I‘ll let your hands get close to.
You‘re so incredibly violent. It still turns me on.
Honeydew. Just like I said.
I get why you‘re upset. Why you want to fight me with on everything, every step of the way. I want you to, Princess. I enjoy it.
Tumblr media
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iliveinprocrasti-nationn · 2 months ago
anyone who told you about any “grieving process” and gave any descriptors or explanation of how it goes was lying to you. what the fuck is this
#the later it gets the more im reminded and it’s horrible#people please stop asking me how im doing asmr#currently it’s that this feels real at night only#and that when im talking to most people i hate when it’s acknowledged but also it’s worse when it’s not#and jokes are easiest for me and don’t freak me out most of the time#but they also make people concerned and i don’t want them to be worried about me#is it denial or bargaining when you’re crying that maybe if you just keep your dad’s clothes in his closet and dont open the closet doors#and dont take the clothes out or wash them then they’ll still smell like him#everyone smells different and my dad’s was different than mine or my sibling or my mums#yeah um. im Kinda holding on by a thread here#i just want a hug i think#i want to cuddle with my mum but she’s always doing stuff and now it’s paperwork and legal things#i also want people to just stop coming over. my friends are doing this better than grown fucking adults#my teachers are being great but also fuck there’s so much work and im behind enough but i haven’t even gotten enough time to process this#other than quick bursts. half the time i’m trying to take stress off of my mum as well#i keep stopping myself from crying too because i hate crying but i know that’s just gonna make things worse#usually when i feel like this I’d go to my dad but I can’t really do that now can i#my sibling also gets to have a special schedule and gets to go into school an hour later and im just doing everything as i was before which#im a little frustrated about. people keep telling me i can do certain things and then don’t let me and make me do the normal thing#thank goodness im a good actor /j#i just hate this#vent tw#rant tw#death tw#grieving tw#mourning tw#cursing tw
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lalunangel · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I got really shit faced with the guys and they girls were being all types of responsible and I was jealous Bc I was too busy trying to vibe with the guys but we took cute pictures and I look so happy.
I can remember all that happened but my main thing with drinking with this group is that I can’t be touched.. I’ll freak out.. and it’s nothing to do with them and everything to do with an experience in highschool when we were all together. I was so safe. I knew I was safe and when I started feeling scared of one of the boys all my friends were like “when she says to stop touching he you need to stop” and now I’m realizing that everything that happened that night couldn’t have been avoided.. he was going to find his way regardless. I have a massive bruise from when someone grabbed me but it wasn’t out of aggression it was because they’ve all learned that if I go outside I’m gonna want to run around and play like a child so he grabbed me rough on accident to keep me from bolting down the stairs. Yesterday felt so good.. so great.. I want to scream that’s how happy I am today about everything.
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minchanslut · 2 months ago
The chan pic you posted with the cock sucking noises,
ITS A MOOD he’s so hot, stan big tiddied king Christopher Bang 😔
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cynicalsoftie3 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I don’t know what to focus on. The happy eyes. The curls. The soft jumper. The ring. The papaya mask.
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tiffanyblew · 4 months ago
Well friends I’m back on my Pedro bullshit let’s goooooooooo
Tumblr media
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punsandfuturekingsmen · 4 months ago
SEND ME A URL splatterlewis
/Splatterlewis!! one of my top favorite Lewis muses. I don’t really do like-- rankings because each interpretation of a character is different and interesting in its own right, but he’s definitely at the top of the list of enjoyable muses i’ve interacted with. I love how he’s written so so much. He’s so conflicted and he struggles with a darkness and hating himself for it and I just adore his struggles and how he’s changed over the years and grown and the person he’d developed into. He feels real and interesting and well-rounded and every time i get to rp or interact with him, like bluescarf I just-- vibrate (internal Arthur also does the brain machine brr noise whenever I see  him on my dash lol)
The mun is also incredibly kind. They are smart, clever, passionate, and have interesting stories and have such detailed worldbuilding it leaves me in awe. I really love listening to them talk about their different muses and talking or rping out thoughts or ideas and I love when we get to do something bigger, especially with others like bluescarf and stuff. it’s clear how much they love and enjoy the muses they make and I love the chance to even for a minute interact with the worlds and characters they build and create. 
The mun is also funny and sweet and cares about their friends. I’m lucky to know them and be able to talk to or even just listen to them and I adore them and am fortunate to call them a friend. it’s also endearing how they get when I do something nice for them, which only incentivizes me lol because there’s nothing like hearing how much someone loves something you did or how much it means and they do an excellent job at that
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