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#the shire is so beautiful
live-like-a-hobbit · 3 days ago
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It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.
The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) dir. Peter Jackson
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wanderingbandurria · 21 days ago
Hi Nonnie! you got it! I wish I could have some more cultural appropriate HC about Mexico and Wolfstar, but this is what I managed after thinking for a looong long time. It’s more fic-y this time, so I hope you like it!!
Mexico: Sirius stands by Remus' bedroom door a few days after arriving at his cottage. He's awkward and silent and barely talks of anything but Harry, immediate plans, or, again, what they can do to keep Harry safe.
As he stands by the door, he looks out the window, and Remus quietly lowers his book, waiting for him. For whatever Sirius needs.
"When this is over," Sirius says firmly, still looking out of the window. "Really over I mean - Voldemort-gone-over, bastards-like-Malfoy-and-Snape-paying-for-their-crimes-over," he says with hate seeping into his words. "When this is over, Moony, old chap,"' and then he looks at Remus, and it's like the skies open and life starts to flow back into Sirius' sunken cheeks. “When this is over - would you take that holiday that we'd been postponing for a bit with me?"
Remus can't stop the smile that crinkles his eyes. 
"Mexico?" He asks, his voice coming out thin and shaky.
"Mexico," Sirius confirms, his watery, sad smile something Remus has missed terribly.
send me a random word and I'll tell you a headcanon I associate with it!  
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shiredded · 2 months ago
I don’t want to stop aging.
I don’t want to be held in stasis forever.
But I don’t want to die.
I want to grow and change and slow down and learn and watch my knuckles roll under my thin skin and then I want to go beyond.
I want to kiss the faces of my great grandchildren and tell them what I learned 100 years ago and then tell them again what I learned today. Life is an endless experience, one I wish I never had to stop having.
I want to see what’s beyond great grandness. I want to last more than a century. I want to see the invention of things I drew when I was seven and had not yet learned the word “impossible”
The fact that there is an end to this journey and one day I will stop learning, stop changing... scares me. I don’t want to arrive anywhere and rest there.
I never want to stop becoming.
Cells live and die and every seven years we’re something new but it never happens all at once. And I wish it would never stop.
The thought that one day I will be made of cells no longer being born makes me feel like a dying star. I will release into the universe the parts I no longer need and the oxygen atoms in my lungs will one day be someone’s first breath.
Someone else’s first breath.
The birth of a new star.
It’s beautiful to know that the ripple of my life will linger in the world beyond the memory of my name.
But I wish I could be there to see it.
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elfstone · 6 months ago
why does aragorn like apples still much where does he keep all of them everytime i see something you write he's always pulling an apple out of somewhere
Tumblr media
adgkljjj this is my first callout and it’s so accurate. but really it’s strider / longshanks that loves apples and i always write him eating them when he’s being that man because tolkien, too, loved apples, and bilbo and frodo and sam, the hobbits in particular, are always eating apples and singing about apples, sam quotes that line ‘an apple for walking and a pipe for sitting’ and they leave the shire laden down with apples that were gifts from their neighbors, literally carrying home with them that way, and aragorn as strider is in this state of always walking, always travelling, always moving, a man in isolation utterly alone, belonging nowhere, and for the hobbits the apples always seem to refer back to home, to that nostalgia for the shire and the autumn and the sense of belonging, the sweetness of the natural world, and strider is the aragorn that is protecting the shire and looking in on that, and the intense attachment he develops for the shire i always imagine comes from the fact that he has never felt that sense of home, that sense of peace and belonging and balance, and i think he looks at the shire and feels that bitter longing for what he doesn’t have, an enduring life, and i think he longs for that, and wants to preserve it, and part of his order when he becomes king that no one trespass on the shire or disrespect its boundaries comes from the respect that he has for them and the recognition of their value and stewardship and the way that they live, apples are connected to the shire and to aragorn’s aloneness as strider, his separateness, the way that he is always looking in and never being a part of something, and the way that he wants a piece of something simple and sweet and beautiful that he cannot have because of who he is forced to be due to his birth, i mean it’s symbolism but also apples are a common fruit that travel well so there’s that as well
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elvish-sky · 2 days ago
What is your favourite track from the LOTR soundtrack? I think mine is 'Minas Tirith' from the ROTK disc. When the big heavy brass kicks in at 1:38, I honestly get shivers. And then the chah-chah-chacha motif from 2:30 until the end that plays over Gandalf's ride to the top of the city - just superb...
YESSSS ANON 'Minas Tirith' IS SUCH A GODSEND!!!!!!! i totally get chills at the brass too!
I have about fifty thousand different favorite tracks, but one of the top ones is 'The Lighting of the Beacons' off Return of the King (which I'll be analyzing super in-depth at a later point). It has so many different themes and motifs, and has one of the clearest statements of the Gondor theme we ever hear. You also get the Rohan theme, Battlefield heroism (yes, that's a motif in Lord of the Rings!) and the Shire theme (I forget which setting). It's just a beautiful, epic, and tragic piece all at the same time which is why I love it so much. Be warned, though, it is around 9 minutes long!! But SOOOO WORTH IT!!
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imoldgreggory · 4 days ago
4, 8, 11, 12?
4. Who would I have lunch with?
I'm gonna say Gandalf. I don't think we ever see him at a dining table without something extraordinary happening soon after.
8. Favourite scene
I read the books too long ago to remember, so from the movies:
Tumblr media
The Hobbit:
Tumblr media
11. The Shire or Rivendell
The Shire!
12. My OTP
In canon? Idk, I think Arwen and Aragorn are a beautiful couple. In fandom? None in LOTR, as for TH, I used to ship Thorinduil.
Thanks for sending these, @tophats-n-lespauls!
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sup--ernova · 4 days ago
1, 8, 11, 14, 16!
1. The Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings?
Lord Of The Rings. I always used to prefer The Hobbit but I think after over-watching lort I changed my mind haha. 
8. Favorite scene?
Oh no just one no. In The Hobbit, my favorite scene is when Bard recites the poem referred to as the prophecy about the return of the King Under the Moutnain. Originally the scene was Thranduil and Legolas saying it, too bad it didn’t made it to the final cut. 🤧
In Lord Of The Rings, is when Treebeard is carrying Merry and Pippin and recites them The Ent and the Entwife song.   It’s so beautiful, tbh everything Tolkien wrote makes me love life lots 😭😭
And ofc my favorite scene haha The Houses Of Healing!!!!! Oh God I will never shut up about how beautiful it is, catch me crying (again) the whole meaning of the heal of the hands of a king “(The hands of the king are the hands of a healer, and so shall the rightful king be known)" touches my heart and amazingly sung by Liv Tyler. 
11. The Shire or Rivendell?
The Shire def, because I see it as the definition of a home, you know, love, warm food, family, friendship... lovely people.
14. Who would you join, The Fellowship or The Company?
I would join the fellowship bc I think they are funnier to hang out with haha.
16. If you could be any race in Middle-Earth, which would you be?
I would be an Elf, a wise and magestic Elf.  
Thank you very much Nicole!!! It was fun to answer these! 💕💕
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incorrect-lotr-trash · 4 days ago
6 and 11 for the tolkien asks! :)
BAEOWYN. *SLAMS FIST ON TABLE* HELLO STRANGER PLS MARRY ME RIGHT AWAY. gfrdsrtfgserhg Your name is genius and really made me smile, bless you you wonderful soul!!!!!
6. Favorite LOTR or TH quote? I have several as I’m sure most people do! One is never better than the others - they all hold such wonderful beautiful meanings on their own!  One of the more underrated ones that I seriously ADORE is;
“I do not believe this darkness will endure” - Faramir
Its such a small simple statement, and yet it is something that remains so potent and strong in our lives. Especially with current events!! No matter what ‘darkness’ invades your days/thoughts it simply cannot endure forever. 
11. The Shire or Rivendell? The Shire. Rivendell is beautiful, but The Shire just sounds so much like home to me. Its where my heart would be the happiest and most contented, if I had the opportunity to give up everything right now and become a hobbit in The Shire I’d do it in a heartbeat!
Thank you once again, o’ fair Baeowyn, for gracing me with your presence.  I hope our paths will one day cross again. ❤️
Tumblr media
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stupidbeecandle · 6 days ago
do you have more lighthouse stories?
So there was one lighthouse with a traditional foghorn where I spent most of my time and another lighthouse which was a quiet, inactive one on a far more lush island, it looked kind of like those new Zealand pictures of the shire only in Maine.
The lighthouse I mostly spent time in was on what could barely be defined as an island in a series of other outcroppings barely defined as islands that somehow mustered themselves to qualify as a tiny almost-archipelago. The island was about the size of a football field and made entirely of rocks, gravel, and boulders with the only plants being seaweed that washed ashore and the canned vegetables we kept in the pantry.
There was no electricity or running water but everything was really eco friendly and efficient with how the bathrooms, and kitchen and the like were set up, and there was a huge fireplace in the downstairs living room (later including the moose) that folks slept in front of during the winter months because it was A: warm and B: the room you'd be most likely to survive a storm in because it was rock solid compared to the other rooms which were made of wood and had glass windows.
You had to be familiar with how to survive somewhat to get assigned to this particular location, there were other jaunts you'd had to prove your muster on first like an assignment in a miserably cold bog (with another dead moose, this one incredibly old but perfectly preserved in the bog) or on the lush island I briefly described above which barely qualified as survival training and was more of a nice vacation than anything.  Before you could go on any of the assignments you were warned a lot about the local backwoods folk who didn't take kindly to young science nerds island hopping and tagging various birds and critters for our studies. The basic rules were "don't fuck with the locals, and don't fuck the locals". Story went that a few years ago one of the researchers who had been fuckin one of the local girls had been found hanging from a barn rafter a few islands over, about two stories in the air in what the local law enforcement deemed a "suicide".
The island was covered in sea birds which is why my crew was there as a set of researchers. They were incredibly territorial and attacked you if you got near their nests which were pretty much everywhere except the lighthouse and the dock that led up to the lighthouse. They were also stupid as hell because they instinctually attacked the highest point on your body thinking it must be your head so the lot of us would wear one leather glove and raise our hands as we walked anywhere on the island. The birds would peck the fuck out of your hand for a bit then get tired and leave you alone after a while. For a long time after I came back to the mainland, I walked around with one hand raised above my head.
It was windy as fuck there all the time, and even on the days that it was beautiful and sunny in the summer, getting up in the seventies and the like the wind would feel frigid. I lost my baseball cap that I was new enough not to know better than to wear when I first got assigned and after chasing it across the jagged rocks for a few minutes it landed across the thick white "cross at the guarantee of permanent harm to your flesh and bones" foghorn line.  My hat was within sight but sadly lost to the ages.
or it would have been if I hadn't spent all my points on intelligence instead of wisdom. My team and I waited until the horn went off and then they shouted a countdown behind me as I sprinted in a mad dash across the rocks that were especially slippery because we never traversed them for research. I grabbed the hat and sprinted back across the white line to cheers of my equally stupid but supportive friends. We went inside to celebrate my accomplishment and my hat, and were met with the appalled looks from the two dudes from the radio crew who explained that they could have just turned the damn thing off and that I was a stupid mother fucker who almost had her brains blown out by the horn. They later insinuated that I might not have actually been in any real danger since I clearly had no brains to lose.
Food sucked but also tasted divine. When you're miserably cold and you get your hands on some hot rehydrated eggs filled with all the amazing protein and nutrients your body needs you want to cry at the flavor and comfort powdered eggs can bring.  We kept the beach moose and named him "moose" because we were very creative, but expired critters washed up on the shore fairly regularly. It was a big part of why we were there to study the sea birds who scavaged them. Depending on the critter, the bones would sell for a fortune so it was our job to suspend various sea lions, birds, leatherback sea turtles and the like so the birds would get to them easier and we could collect the bones, treat them, and take them back to the mainland to get passed off to various museums and private collectors depending on the endangered status of the animal.
Once we did a whale.  If the foghorn was the loudest noise I have ever heard then, then the whale was the worst thing I've ever smelled. Nobody wanted to clean the dead whale, but it was part of our jobs. We called in backup from the other islands who were also under contract to help. Straws were drawn, friendships were lost, and people wanted to quit but were under contractual obligations to stay.
So it took ages but we cleaned the fucking enormous whale (which was actually a very small whale but still a fucking whale)  with the help of some experts who bossed us around. The bones were collected and since this whale wasn't of any endangered status I think it was one of the lots that was sold rather than donated but I never handled the business side of things. There was no running water on the island and so we all smelled like dead whale for ages until we got used to it, cleaned ourselves as best as we could and thought we smelled pretty okay after changing into some clean clothes after scrubbing ourselves with some powder soap, shaving off all of our hair, and changing into some clean clothes.
When crew rotation happened the new seasonal shift arrived (you had to rotate every few months, it was a manditory mental health thing) they threw up when we got on the boat. It was horrible and triggered a chain of almost everyone but our senior field researcher puking. We apparently did not smell as clean as we had hoped and were made to ride in the back of a truck on the mainland because no one would let us in their cars. The lush island was considerably nicer but I don't think quite as interesting
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yn-incorrect · 15 days ago
Matchup for marvel, the hobbit, and lord of the rings.5’3,I’m a black girl,I have a big ass Afro,I paint/draw a lot,I’m shy till we get close then I’m pretty loud,ADHD,short attention span,I love making people smile and laugh cause it just makes my day,identical twin sister who loves Elrond,I hate bugs, I’m pan,not a morning person,plays a lot of instruments
Thank you for your request! Sorry this took so long❤️
For the MCU, I ship you with Wanda!
Tumblr media
• Just like you, she might be a bit shy at first sight, but when you get to know her, she’s an amazing person to be around! She’s very active and engaged in a lot of different hobbies. Never a dull moment with this sweetheart.
• She does know how to focus on something for a long time, unlike you. When she noticed your attention fading, she’ll quickly grab something else to do together. She’s wonderful at distracting you, or allowing you to engage in other activities!
• She loves to sleep in! I think she won’t be a morning person either. She just wants to stay in bed and hide under the blankets, perhaps reading a book of snuggling up to you.
• She loves your paintings! She loves the way here colors just coordinate and form such a beautiful view. She also loves to see your proces. Whenever your painting, you are intensely focused, which is something she can’t get enough of, really.
For the Hobbit, I ship you with Kili!
Tumblr media
• Hair. This puppy LOVES your hair. He thinks it’s so unique and looks so good on you, that he always feels the need to compliment you on it. He has probably memorized your hair routine just in case. Won’t admit it, though.
• It’s pretty obvious he has a short attention spawn too. Although he can be very focused when he needs to be, he prefers busting himself with a thousand things at the same time. It’s one of the things you two understand each other on!
• Personally, I believe he’s bi. I mean, look at that scene in’ll probably share a lot of conversations about fictional crushes or attractive people in general. It always results in tons of laughter.
• Your music! He can’t get enough of it. He’ll listen to it for hours. He refuses to learn to play himself as he admires those who can do things he himself cannot. You insisted on teaching many times, as he always seemed so fascinated, but he always turns down that offer.
For Lord of the Rings, I ship you with Pippin!
Tumblr media
• You two share amazing laughs! Whether it’s inside jokes, funny conversations or sarcastic remarks, you love laughing together! It’s something everyone signifies the two of you as: The couple that’s always happy.
• He is a morning person, but he’s very kind. He wakes up quietly and let you sleep until you wake up on your own. Will make you breakfast and tea and leave you be until you engage in conversation with him. He knows you can have a bit of a morning temper and need some time to fully wake up.
• He is amazed by your drawings! He never really had a talent of his own, but he’s okay with that! He sees himself as a great joker. He will steal your sketchbooks at times, though. He loves to just look through them in his own pace, very gently, as if he could break the papers.
• He will 100% get rid of bugs for you. In the Shire, there are lots of bugs (obviously), but he’ll make sure none of them are too close to you. He’s not fond of killing them, so he’ll probably take his time removing them.
There you go! I hope you liked it. Please stay safe during these times❤️
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xkatchy · 20 days ago
31, 32, 37 😊
31. Do you like paper books or ebooks better?
So I actually had a Nook for a while. And I did enjoy it. But I think I used it more for sudoku than I did for reading lol. I do like ebooks. Easier to hold and often to see especially at night. But there's just something about holding a book and reading it in the size and format the author intended it to be in.
32. If you could live in a fictional world what world would you pick?
Oh this is hard. Asgard is gorgeous. And so advanced. And everyone there is just happy. Well was. It's kinda gone now and they're all displaced lol. I'd also make a damn good hobbit. And The Shire is beautiful. And Narnia during the rule of the Penvensies was a good place to be. I feel really nerdy right now 😓
37. Do you have any tattoos?
Oh! I love to talk about my tattoos! At this point I'll put in a cut lol because I'm going to include pics.
My very first tattoo was I don't even remember how long ago but well into my 20s and is this little star and moon on my left foot. I picked a design from the artist's book and he edited it to include the moon. I would often color it in with Crayola markers for some pizzazz lol.
Tumblr media
My next tattoo was same shop different artist and me, my mom, and my sister's all got the same design in different places - mine is on my right wrist. I designed it. The big bird in the middle in my youngest sister, the short fat bird on the right is me, and the bird looking the wrong way is my middle sister bc she's the odd one lol. The branch represents my mom.
Tumblr media
Tattoo #3 is my favorite - again same shop, another different artist. I got the stars oh the constellation Taurus on my left forearm.
Tumblr media
#4 (and all tattoos after) I followed my second tattoo artist to the new shop he opened and had him design a tattoo based on the adorable merman outfit accessories our newborn photographer made for our first son's photoshoot. This is on my right ankle.
Tumblr media
#5 you don't get a picture of lol. It's a stylized letter "K" that I got matching with my wife on my sternum (between my boobies). Our wifey tattoos bc we're gross and sappy like that ❤ @kueble
#6 is the tattoo I got for my second son based on HIS newborn photoshoot, a combination of him in a digital photo dressed as a moose (because we call him Moose) and my favorite picture of him being one where he was in a bucket surrounded by succulents. Again, our artist did an amazing job of drawing up a fantastic design. This is on my right ankle.
Tumblr media
As you can see, I am obsessed with my tattoos and I love each and every one of them. I've toyed with the idea of an Ursula tattoo for a few years now, something nouveau maybe. And I've wanted a watercolor jellyfish as well. I'm sure there will be more in the future. Even though every time I'm in the chair I'm like yeah no this is the last one 😂
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kmomof4 · 20 days ago
CS AU- Coming to Storybrooke (3/5)
Tumblr media
Summary: Prince Killian of the Enchanted Forest refuses to marry the woman his brother, King Liam, has chosen for him. So he travels to Storybrooke in the Land Without Magic to find his own bride.
A/N: In this chapter, Killian has the opportunity to present to Emma a clear contrast between himself and her current beau, Neal. Thank you again to @hollyethecurious​ and @profdanglaisstuff​ for all their help in bringing this fic to fruition. It absolutely WOULD NOT BE HERE without either of these lovey ladies! Thank y’all so much!!! 😘 Also all the love and thanks to the ladies of the CSMM discord for their encouragement and sprinting dates!
Chapter link on ao3 
From beginning
On Tumblr: ch1 ch2
Read my other works
Rating: T for some strong language
Words: 4461 of 18K total
Tag List: Please let me know if you’d like to be added or removed.
@hollyethecurious​ @winterbaby89​ @snowbellewells​ @stahlop​ @resident-of-storybrooke​ @jennjenn615​ @kingofmyheart14​ @profdanglaisstuff​ @branlovestowrite​ @thisonesatellite​ @ultraluckycatnd​ @flslp87​ @whimsicallyenchantedrose​ @let-it-raines​ @shireness-says​ @kymbersmith-90​ @darkcolinodonorgasm​ @bethacaciakay​ @searchingwardrobes​ @ilovemesomekillianjones​ @teamhook​ @aprilqueen84​ @qualitycoffeethings​ @superchocovian​ @artistic-writer​ @donteattheappleshook​ @doodlelolly0910​ @seriouslyhooked​ @tiganasummertree​ @lfh1226-linda​ @xsajx​ @klynn-stormz​ @jrob64​ @wefoundloveunderthelight​ @zaharadessert​ @elizabeethan​ @xhookswenchx​ @gingerpolyglot​ @allons-y-to-hogwarts-713​ @sailtoafarawayland​ @justanother-unluckysoul​ @veryverynotgoodwrites​ @jonesfandomfanatic​ @deckerstarblanche​ @the-darkdragonfly​ @batana54​
Under the cut, unless Tumblr ate it...
Killian had been in Storybrooke for nearly a week when he woke to a lot of activity down on Main Street. Hammers, saws, and drills, along with shouts of greeting among the townspeople scurrying around created a cacophony that no one who wasn’t deaf could possibly sleep through.
He spotted a familiar blonde coming down the sidewalk behind some of the stalls that were being constructed. She was dressed much differently than she had been in previous days. Normally she wore some type of dress, much shorter than what he was used to seeing back home. Today, she had on short pants and a top that left nothing to the imagination. Hugging her curves enticingly, her bottoms came to the middle of her thighs while the very short sleeves on the bodice barely covered her shoulders. She stopped to speak briefly to one of the townspeople that waved her over, and Killian couldn’t help but smile as he realized she was heading to Granny’s diner for her morning libation. He knew he’d have to hurry if he was going to meet her downstairs before she left for her office.
Throwing on something more suitable to meet the woman that he couldn’t deny he’d lost his head over, he left his room and headed down the stairs to the diner below.
He entered just as the bell over the door dinged, signalling Emma’s entrance. She spotted him immediately. Her smile was like the sun coming out from behind the clouds and Killian had to catch his breath. There was no woman more beautiful in all the realms. He was absolutely sure. His own smile took over his face as they both approached the counter.
“Good morning, Emma. Killian,” Granny greeted them both.
Killian held out his hand to Granny, who blushed furiously before placing her own in his. He raised it to his lips as he had every morning since his arrival before speaking. “Good morning, Lady Lucas. It is a most beautiful day even with all the ruckus.” He turned to Emma who, he was gratified to see, was still smiling brightly at him. “Hello, Emma. Here for your coffee, I presume?”
“You presume correctly, kind sir,” she replied. Killian’s chest puffed with pride at her compliment. “I’m gonna need it today, with all the preparations for the Miner’s Day festival tomorrow.”
“Is that what is going on outside? Is it some kind of holiday?” he asked.
“Not a holiday, per se, but more of a celebration of our heritage in the Enchanted Forest.” She shrugged a little sheepishly. “Well, our collective heritage,” she said, waving her hand around the diner, “even though I never lived there.”
Killian tilted his head inquisitively.
“The dwarves were the miners in the Enchanted Forest, as they are here too. They kept the fairies supplied with Pixie Dust, which of course was the source of magic in the Enchanted Forest. Mom thought we should celebrate that heritage.” Emma rolled her eyes with fond exasperation. “If it’s one thing Mom loves, it’s a party. Anyway, townspeople are setting up booths for games, food, crafts, that kind of thing.” She turned her sparkling green eyes upon him. “I hope you’ll come.”
Killian grinned even wider. “I’d be delighted to come, milady. May I escort you? Or will you have duties to attend to?”
“Actually, I won’t, officially,” she said. “Unofficially, Mom wants me there. Supportive, you know?”
“I most certainly do,” he agreed. “My brother is the same way. It’s a good feeling to know one’s family is behind you when duty dictates something for the betterment of the kingdom.”
Killian had been utterly transfixed with Emma since they began talking. So much so that he hadn’t even noticed Granny leaving and then arriving back with Emma’s coffee in a to go cup and a menu for him. She cleared her throat while failing to hide her smirk.
“Apologies, Lady Lucas,” he said, chagrined. “I did not mean to ignore your presence.”
“Pfft,” she scoffed, “No apologies necessary, kind sir.” Her emphasis on the word “kind” made him scratch behind his ear in embarrassment as the heat rose on his cheeks. He realized that she must have noticed his preening earlier when Emma called him the same thing. “Believe it or not, I’m no stranger to matters of the heart in young people.”
She sent a knowing glance at Emma who blushed furiously. “Thanks for the coffee, Granny,” she blurted out, before grabbing it and making her way to the door. Killian followed, nearly at a run, so he could open the door for her.
“So, I’ll see you tomorrow, then,” he asked, standing aside so she could exit. The blush still colored her cheeks, but her eyes sparkled as they met his again.
“Yeah,” she agreed, biting her lip as she smiled. “Neal will be with me, but we’d be glad to have you join us. We can introduce you to more of the town.”
The mention of her current relationship put a slight damper on Killian’s mood, but he was also thankful for the reminder. It brought to the front of his mind that there was nothing he wanted more than to call her his own. But he was going to have to tread carefully in wooing her. Besides being the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on, she was strong, intelligent, and thoroughly competent in everything she put her hand to. She’d have to be in order to do the job she had in this town. He couldn’t believe that she didn’t have a dozen suitors all vying for her attention. His own heart was unequivocally hers since they met and he desperately desired the opportunity to win hers as well. In order to do that he was going to have to make sure she knew she had a choice. He still had over a month in order to win her heart before he was expected home. A man unwilling to fight for what he wants, deserves what he gets after all.
Killian summoned a small smile as she descended the stairs. She turned back toward him when she got to the bottom. “Meet you here at 9?”
He nodded. “See you then.” Her smile made him catch his breath again. “Have a good day, Swan.”
She turned away and made her way out of the courtyard. After exiting, she turned back toward him and with a shy smile and wave, started walking toward City Hall.
Fight it was then. He would fight for her until he claimed her heart.
The day of the Miner’s Day Festival dawned cool and clear. It was a welcome reprieve from the oppressive humidity that had been in place all week. Killian made his way down to the diner to procure coffee for himself and Emma. He didn’t know what kind of morning beverage Neal favored or he would have gotten some for him as well. Never let it be said that he wasn’t a gentleman.
He turned to the door as the bell rang announcing someone’s entrance. His smile overtook his face as Emma came through the door. It disappeared just as quickly when he noticed her furrowed brow and agitated mannerisms.
“You seem vexed, Swan,” he observed as she approached.
“What? Oh, yeah,” she replied, shaking her head. “Neal went out with the guys last night and is very hungover this morning. He decided he didn’t want to come to the festival.”
Killian frowned. “I’m sorry, Swan,” he said, sincerely. “I know that you were looking forward to spending the day with him. I hope my presence will suffice.”
Emma smiled, her furrowed brow smoothing and eyes sparkling and his heart soared. He handed her the coffee held in his hand as he smiled back. A light blush spread over her cheeks and his smile widened further. “It will. Thank you, Killian.”
“My pleasure, milady.” He offered his arm and waited patiently for her to accept by threading hers into the crook of his elbow. When she did, he led them toward the door.
The first hour or so passed pleasantly enough as they strolled through the booths, obtaining some breakfast pastries to accompany their coffee and watching the children of the town play the games set up in the middle of the street. The conversation flowed naturally and Killian couldn’t be happier. It was the longest stretch of time that he’d had with the woman who had captured his heart and he hoped that she’d be amenable to allowing him to remain at her side the rest of the day. He couldn’t help but hope that by doing so, Emma might begin to look on him with favor and that he might be able to embark on the journey of winning her heart.
She led them to a bench when her legs wanted to give out. She’d been having trouble sleeping lately as Killian had been occupying more of her thoughts, and those thoughts were either keeping her awake at night or working their way into her dreams. Last night had been the worst yet, leaving her tossing and turning until the wee hours of the morning as she thought about Killian and compared him to Neal. She’d heard the clock chime three before she was finally able to sleep, only to dream about the raven haired, blue eyed prince. She hoped that the circles under her eyes weren’t as obvious to him as they were to her this morning. She frowned as she looked along the street at the couples and families.
“I can tell that your heart is uneasy, love,” Killian said.
She turned to him, startled. “How can you possibly know that?”
“If you don’t mind my saying so,” he began, scratching behind his ear, “you are a bit of an open book. And if there’s anything that I can do to help, I’d very much like to do so.”
Emma turned back toward the street. “It’s just…”
“Just what?” he asked when she didn’t continue.
“It’s Neal,” she sighed. “We’ve been together for eight months. Ever since the curse broke.” She was still uncomfortable talking about her role in its breaking, but she wanted him to have the whole story. “At first, he was really sweet and romantic and all that kind of stuff.” She shrugged her shoulders, a bit uncomfortable going into this kind of detail about her relationship. She took a deep breath and continued. “But lately… I don’t know, he’s just… He acts like a teenager most of the time! He reminds me so much of Leo a while back. With the mood swings and frequently wounded pride. I’m just tired of dealing with it. And it seems like he just doesn’t care as much anymore. For example,” she could feel the heat rising to her face with her ire, “he knew what today was and that I was expecting him to be here, and yet he chose to go out drinking last night, ensuring that he wouldn’t be when I very much wanted him to. He expects me to be at his beck and call whenever he needs me, and he can’t even be bothered when I need or want something from him.” An angry tear slipped out of the corner of her eye and trailed down her face.
Killian reached out and caught it on the pad of his thumb. “If you will forgive me saying so,” he began gently, “he is a fool. Any time spent in your presence is a treasure that is not to be taken for granted.”
Emma inhaled deeply and looked into his eyes. They were filled with sincerity, devotion, longing. Something deep in her heart stirred as she got lost in their cerulean depths. The moment stretched between them until she moved toward him, her eyes fluttering shut in anticipation. The lightest touch of his lips brushed her own when a loud voice pierced their bubble.
“Good morning, Savior,” said Grumpy. Emma and Killian startled apart as the man approached them. She glared at the interruption, communicating her displeasure at his presence as well as his moniker for her. She’d told him over and over and over again not to call her that, but the odious man was either an idiot or purposefully ignoring her wishes.
Her eyes cut to her companion whose cheeks and the tip of his ears were aflame. Was he sorry for the almost kiss? Or at being hindered at the very moment of completion? She looked back at Grumpy as he continued along the street, her lips pressed into a thin line of irritation. Killian looked back at her and smiled sheepishly.
“Are you sufficiently rested, love?” he asked. “Would you like to visit some more booths?”
“Ems! Hey, Ems!”
They turned toward the newcomer and Emma was stunned to see Neal making his way toward them. He looked none the worse for wear from his shenanigans the night before. He must have taken the aspirin she left on his bedside table before she left him to his misery this morning.
She couldn’t keep the surprise out of her voice when she asked him, “Are you feeling better?”
“Yeah,” he replied, reaching them and kissing Emma on the cheek. “Thanks for the aspirin. Once I got up, Belle made me some toast and kept the water coming until the aspirin kicked in.”
Killian’s brows nearly hit his hairline. “You live with Belle? The librarian?”
“Yeah,” he affirmed as they started walking. “I guess you could say she’s my step-mother? Which is weird because we’re the same age. She and my papa are True Love and I’ve been living with them since the curse broke.” He draped his arm over Emma’s shoulders. “But I’m thinking it might be about time to find my own place. What do you think, babe?”
Emma swallowed hard and she could see the muscle in Killian’s jaw ticking. “Oh, uh, yeah,” she stammered. “Might be a good idea.”
Killian struggled to rein in his consternation. Emma was obviously uncomfortable as Neal just prattled on and on about his plans for after he moved out of his father’s house. Never once consulting Emma beyond her initial opinion.
As they moved among the booths, Killian kept his attention on Emma. He didn’t miss the way Neal turned up his nose at the handmade items on display, even if he did encourage Emma to go look while he visited with royals from around town. Killian heard her sigh over the softness of Granny’s knitted items as she ran her hand over a beautiful blanket. Every booth they visited, showcasing everything from homemade jams and jellies to toys and jewelry, Emma found something that she loved in every one. Every time she showed Neal an item, the man would only give it a cursory glance, causing her to return it to the shelf with a resigned shake of the head. Finally Emma’s longing, Neal’s indifference, and Killian’s ire came to a head.
They were approaching a booth filled with carved candles he had never seen the like of with a tall skinny man behind the counter.
“Hi, Lumiere,” Emma called. The man smiled when he saw them approaching.
“Hello, Emma! I have something for you.” He turned away from them and Killian smiled to see the happy anticipation on Emma’s face. Her smile took his breath away. Killian looked at all the candles arrayed before them. They were similar in appearance to the candles he was familiar with back home, but their sides were carved revealing whorls of color that were then curled into the most fantastical shapes- there were flowers, animals, cascades that reminded him of waterfalls. They were all breathtaking.
Lumiere turned back to them with a pair of exquisite candles in his hands. The sides were carved to showcase swirls of yellow and blue twisted and shaped to look like swans. Emma gasped. Killian turned and saw Neal talking with one of the many princes this town boasted.
“Neal, come look at these,” Emma called, turning toward him.
“Huh?” He turned slightly toward them, but promptly returned to his conversation, barely acknowledging Emma’s request.
Killian’s jaw ticked and he pulled his wallet out of his pant pocket. “How much, my good man?”
Emma gaped at him. “No, Killian,” she exclaimed. “You can’t buy these for me!”
“And why not?” he asked, nodding at the man before them. “Master Lumiere has given of his time and talent to make these candles that are clearly perfect for you. And if I have any say in the matter, you shall have them.”
Emma turned back to Lumiere, her jaw hanging open.
“For you, and for our Savior, Emma, $35,” he replied with a smile.
“Done.” Emma placed her hand on his arm as the proprietor turned away to wrap and bag up the beautiful gift.
“You really didn’t have to do that, Killian.” She gulped before continuing, nearly in a whisper. “But, I’m glad you did.” Her mouth lifted in a small smile that melted his heart. “Thank you.”
“You are more than welcome, Swan.”
The clocktower just above them chimed the noon hour.
“It sounds like it might be time to procure for ourselves some sustenance before perusing the other wares available this day.” He held his arm out for her again as Lumiere approached and handed Emma a beautiful gift bag. She took the bag, thanked him, and then turned her brilliant smile upon Killian as she looped her arm through his just as she had that morning. Stepping out of the booth into the sunshine of the mid-June day, Emma informed Neal that they were heading to Granny’s for some lunch if he wanted to join them. He waved them off with nary a glance in their direction.
Leo climbed the steps to Granny’s diner and saw Emma through the window sitting with the new prince in town. Neal was nowhere to be seen and it made Leo smile. He didn’t like his sister’s boyfriend very much, probably because his sister’s boyfriend didn’t like him very much. Anytime Neal was around, at best he would simply ignore him. At worst, he was a condescending ass, treating Leo like a child instead of the adult he was. If Emma had any interest in this new prince, Leo wanted to do everything in his power to encourage that relationship and get rid of Neal for good.
He made his way to the table and plopped down next to Emma.
“Hey, sis,” he exclaimed. “What are we eating?” He reached across her to grab a menu.
“Lunch,” she deadpanned. Her dry comment made Leo look up first at her, then her companion. He saw wry amusement and a smirk on his face that made him smile in return. “Won’t you join us?”
“Don’t mind if I do. Thanks, sis.” He looked over the menu, before giving his order to Ruby. He looked around the booth and folded his hands on the table in front of him. “So what are we talking about? I don’t think we’ve been introduced,” he said reaching his hand toward the man across from him.
“This is Prince Killian from Jewelhaven, Leo,” Emma introduced them as they clasped hands. “One of the kingdoms within Misthaven in the Enchanted Forest.”
“It’s nice to finally meet you, Prince Killian,” he said.
“Oh, just Killian, please.” He waved off his statement. “If I never had to hear someone refer to me as Prince Killian again, as long as I lived, I’d die happy. And it’s a pleasure to meet you, as well.”
“So what were we talking about?” He couldn’t curb his curiosity about what his sister and this possible suitor might discuss.
“We were talking about the 4th of July BarBQ coming up.” Emma rolled her eyes in exasperation. “We both know Mom loves to throw a party, and this one is gonna be a doozy.”
“Well, as I was saying, before Leo arrived,” Killian began, “I’d be glad to help you in any way I can. All the committees that you’re supposed to be overseeing are too much for any one person. Maybe we can split them up. I take two and you take two. And I can report back to you over lunch, perhaps?”
Leo looked at his sister. The smile and light blush on her face told him all he needed to know. He grinned widely as he looked back at Killian. “That sounds like a great idea,” he exclaimed. “You can come and join us on the Sports Committee, Killian.”
“Sports Committee? What’s that?” he asked, bewildered.
“Me and Dad are in charge of arranging games and stuff. There’ll be an archery tournament, sword fighting, jousting, that sort of thing.”
“Oh really?” The delight on his face made Leo grin even harder. “That sounds like a lot of fun.” He shrugged and continued. “I have some skill with a blade, but I have to admit to never having picked up the bow and arrow.”
“Mom and Dad trained us both in their use,” Emma explained. “They were always honest about our past and heritage and made sure that we were fully prepared for whatever lay ahead after the curse broke. Leo was always better with the bow and arrow than I was. I was better at swordplay.”
Killian waggled his eyebrows at her. “Then we must cross blades soon, Swan.” His sister inhaled sharply and looked everywhere but at Killian as a crimson blush flooded her cheeks. Leo looked confusedly at their companion who looked just as befuddled as he felt. He shrugged and tried to steer the conversation back to more comfortable territory.
“I can teach you, if you like,” he offered haltingly, looking back at Killian. “I’m pretty good.” He suddenly felt quite bashful making an offer like that to a prince. Even if he’d never used the weapon before. “With the bow and arrow, I mean. If you’d like to learn before the BarBQ.”
Killian beamed and Leo couldn’t help the smile that broke his face or the pride that filled him. “I’d love to, Leo!” he exclaimed. “Thank you! Could we, perhaps, have a lesson tomorrow?”
“After church? Sure!” he agreed. “Why don’t you join us here for lunch, then you and I and maybe Dad can go over to the high school gym to practice?”
The bell rang above the door and Leo’s best friend walked in. “Oh, there’s Mark. I’ll go eat with him and leave you two alone.” He grinned as they both blushed. “See you tomorrow, Killian.”
“See you then.”
Emma smiled at him once her brother was out of ear-shot. “Thank you. I mean… that’s very sweet to ask Leo to teach you archery, but you don’t have to. He’s still quite young.” She thought back to the way Neal generally treated Leo, and most of the townspeople as well. Like they were nothing but a nuisance and not worth his time or attention. The exact opposite of Killian’s actions.
Granny approached the table with their meals then. “Neal would never seek Leo’s help. For anything,” she huffed. “So good on you for giving him the time of day, Killian.” She cast a significant look at Emma as she lay their plates before them.
“Are you kidding, Swan?” he asked. “I need all the help I can get! I’d be proud to receive instruction from someone well versed in their use, no matter their age.” He shrugged and looked at Granny. “I’m also a younger brother and I’m no stranger to being underestimated or ignored.”
“Well, he is very good at archery, that’s for sure.” Her expression turned contemplative. “I imagine he’s a little intimidated by you. That’s why he was so modest. Unfortunately, Granny is right. Neal hardly ever speaks to him, much less spends any time with him.” She gently placed her hand on his forearm as her eyes bore into his. “Thank you. I mean that.”
Killian didn’t know what to say. Which was a rarity for him. He scratched behind his ear as he felt a flush heat his cheeks. “You’re quite welcome, Swan.”
As they ate, the topics of conversation ebbed and flowed between everything and nothing. Killian was giddy at being able to spend so much time with her and get to know her better. As they left Granny’s, Neal finally showed up only to inform them that he and his buddies were gonna go play some Modern Warfare and he’d see her later. Killian’s jaw ticked as Emma’s lips drew into a thin line. As Neal walked away, he determined that he would do everything he could to put a smile back on her face.
The rest of the afternoon passed swiftly. Killian was gratified that Emma’s brilliant smile was on display more often than not. She introduced him to other Storybrooke citizens that he hadn’t met as yet and shared some of their stories with him as well. They approached the front door of the mayor’s mansion as the sun was setting. “Would you like to come in? Join us for dinner? Mom was making her homemade spaghetti.”
“I’ve intruded on your day long enough, milady. It was truly my honor to spend the day with you.” Emma blushed and couldn’t meet his eyes.
“Thank you again,” she murmured, “for the candles. They are beautiful. I can’t wait to show Mom. I’ll think of you whenever I light them.”
Killian’s heart soared and he reached for her hand and raised it to his lips. “I would despair if you didn’t. I’ll see you and your family for lunch tomorrow after worship services.”
Emma turned toward the door with a small smile on her lips. “Until then, Killian.”
“Good night.”
Killian stood on the front stoop for some moments before he turned away and headed back to Granny’s. The day had been everything that he had hoped. He had gotten to spend the entire day with the woman he was now even more certain he loved. Talking all day and just being with her only raised her further in his estimation and solidified his desire to win her heart. And after her confession this morning and their interactions with Neal at the festival, Killian was confident that he would soon be able to do so. He had to continue to show Emma that she had a choice. He would do everything he could to help her with the upcoming BarBQ and spend every moment he could with her. In the end, he could only hope that she would choose him and that she’d do it before he was to return home.
Thanks for reading and sharing! I’d love to know what you thought!
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yn-incorrect · 21 days ago
hello! if the hobbit match ups are still open; I'm female/straight, 5'9, and a ravenclaw. I'm thin and I have thick, long wavy brown hair with green eyes. I love (witchy) fashion, history (especially medieval), folklore/folkloric customs, and any foreign language - I know 3 languages but I am trying to learn more. I love visiting museums and tea houses. I'm an introvert, but I can be very sarcastic and I love dry, dark humour. I'm pretty laid-back but can be very stubborn/anxious. I’m usually the mom friend. I love dancing ballet even though I’m horrible at it, and I read a lot. I’m also trying to learn archery. I love animals, especially owls, cats, and deer, and I’d 100% work in wildlife conservation if I could. tysm!
Sorry this took so long! My ask box is flooding at them moment!
I ship you with Bilbo!
Tumblr media
• Besides his adventurous spirit, this hobbit loves animals! He prefers the smaller ones though, such as foxes, badgers, cats etc. He doesn’t trust the taller ones because of his height, but he will absolutely interact with them if you do too.
• The two of you share the same humor, which leads to amazing conversations at times. Bilbo himself prefers solitude, but he could sit with you for hours, talking about all kinds of things.
• As he usually stays home, he doesn’t know that many languages. He always wanted to learn something, but unfortunately books do not provide him with enough information. He’ll ask you the basics of the language he likes the most and he’s a really quick learner.
• I feel like Bilbo would really like these slow, folkore songs, you know what I’m talking about? He’ll listen to it while reading a book or cooking. You’ll introduce him to your own kind of music, which he quickly takes a liking in!
• He is taken away by your ballet. Even though you claim you’re bad, he has zero experience, so in his eyes, it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. It makes him fall in love with you so much more!
• He truly is an art fan and will 100% take you out on dates to a museum where you spend the entire day walking and admiring works, which is always finished off with visiting a cozy tea house. You quickly found your favorite in the Shire. You come there so often, these people know exactly what you want and how you want, so kudos to you for that!
This one was closely tied with Kili though, so I’ll give a few headcanons for him too!
Tumblr media
• Will teach you archery. He isn’t a great teacher, because he gets way too excited, but you know how to adjust to his methods, so it’s okay eventually.
• He’s really great at history too! He doesn’t know the human history, but he’s willing to learn for you. He knows how exciting it is to you and he wants to surprise you with it.
• There are a lot of inside jokes with this dwarf! Absolutely. Sometimes you’ll just burst out laughing when he does a completely normal thing, but when others ask you why it’s so funny, you can’t explain it, which makes Kili laugh.
• Listen, he has no off-button, so you’ll have to tell him to stop doing stupid things sometimes. You should be grateful he actually listens to you. Thorin had had these issues for years, which explains why he isn’t even bothered by Kili’s behavior anymore.
I hope you liked it! Stay safe during these times❤️
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our-rohny-blog · 21 days ago
Everything you need to know about land clearing Mornington peninsula
Melbourne & the Mornington Peninsula are the most gorgeous territories in the world. These are the places where you can easily reside. However, when it comes to the area you require for your home, you need the help of experts so that you get safe and clean land. You can enjoy the experience as well as the equipment of Stump Boy Melbourne that can make the whole process of block clearing quick and secure. Then the question arises, why do you need to clear land or a block? There are many reasons to justify the block clearing process such as protection of the structure of the plot, removal of dead trees, reshape garden land, avoidance of many threats, and much more.
What is land clearing?
Land clearing is defined as a way to remove trees, stones, brush. It proves to be the best process for the growth of the area for the new operation of the farm.
Cost of the clearing process
If you are about to clear an area that is largely forested, then it will cost about $2,900 and $5,500 per acre. On the other hand, if you consider a clearing process for a land that is lightly forested, then you will be charged about $400 to $2100 per acre. However, in any case, the cost is based upon the topography of the land. Moreover, the cost mainly depends on how easy is it to access the area and the litter that should be removed.
Importance of clearing process
If you think about land clearing Mornington peninsula or wish to make a new property or enhance it, it is essential that you should be ready to start a land clearing process as it is the first step that you need to take. However, removal of large rocks, stones, stumps, and a lot of litter can seem a tiring task, but it is an important process if you an addition to the existing property. It is easy to manage the whole land clearing Melbourne process by doing each and every step on time.  
How to start the clearing process
The process of clearing land areas consists of lengthy steps. However, if you divide the whole process into chunks, then it is not a difficult job to do. You just need to size up the whole condition and think about the work that you need to do and which side of your land requires the assistance of experts. Once you have recognized it, you can easily start the clearing process. It doesn’t matter whether you want to clear land to develop the residential area, enhance the beauty of the land, it is crucial to take care of several things if you want to properly implement the clearing process. There may be some secured vegetation, soil corrosion issues, and many other things that can make the process a bit complicated and you may need a permit. Like before you go towards vegetation removal Mornington Peninsula, it is better to contact Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.  For this purpose, your hired contractor can be able to help you. After this, an appropriate budget is also one of the most important factors that you need to consider before starting a clearing process.
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Tumblr media
For women who are 'difficult' to love.
Warsan Shire
First published on Shire’s blog, “for women who are ‘difficult’ to love” is a meditation on the… read more »
you are a horse running alone
and he tries to tame you
compares you to an impossible highway
to a burning house
says you are blinding him
that he could never leave you
forget you
want anything but you
you dizzy him, you are unbearable
every woman before or after you
is doused in your name
you fill his mouth
his teeth ache with memory of taste
his body just a long shadow seeking yours
but you are always too intense
frightening in the way you want him
unashamed and sacrificial
he tells you that no man can live up to the one who
lives in your head
and you tried to change didn't you?
closed your mouth more
tried to be softer
less volatile, less awake
but even when sleeping you could feel
him travelling away from you in his dreams
so what did you want to do, love
split his head open?
you can't make homes out of human beings
someone should have already told you that
and if he wants to leave
then let him leave
you are terrifying
and strange and beautiful
something not everyone knows how to love.
Written By
Warsan Shire
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curiouslycreative · 22 days ago
top five film scores!!
Omg I was discussing film scores earlier today on my music discord because I’ve been compiling a masterlist on Letterboxd of scores I rec so same brain XD 
Going to list by year:
1. Modern Times (Chaplin, 1940)
2. Carnival of Souls (Harvey, 1962)
3. The Producers (Brooks, 1967)
4. A Clockwork Orange (Kubrick, 1971)
5. Return to Oz (Murch, 1985)
I had to limit including an Italian film score cause just wanted to stick with American (or American involved) productions. Of those five, however, I’d place Return to Oz higher. David Shire didn’t need to go as hard as he did, but it really shows how much thought he put into the arrangements and it’s an absolutely beautiful score. Truly essential listening for anyone who likes big orchestral soundtracks.  
Thank you for asking!
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castle-dimitrescu · 24 days ago
Aight I know we all love to imagine heis and Alcina hating each other's guts like typical siblings and beating each other up constantly but just imagine this for a sec...
Alcina being raised from a time where horses were the primary mode of transport, she still has a few of her own. One in particular she has a very strong bond with, a beautiful silver and white shire mare named Brighid. She spent so many years with this horse, having raised her from being a newborn foal. She had grown big and strong and went for rides with Alcina almost every day for many years. Alcina loved her like one of her own daughters and it showed. But sadly, horses don't live very long.
It started when Brighid seemed to become suddenly lethargic and unwilling to go for rides. She was bizarrely reserved and seemed to be tired all the time. This was incredibly odd as Alcina knew Brighid as a bright, happy, energetic mare who was always excited to see her. She tried to find out what was wrong but Brighid seemed almost afraid to let her examine her. She couldn't figure out what was wrong so she tried investigating further. Eventually after a good few weeks, she figured out Brighid was starting to develop arthritis. "No big deal" she thought, "she's getting old and that's pretty normal."
Part of her didn't seem to understand how serious this was until a few weeks passed and Brighid seemed to be rapidly deteriorating. One day, Brighid suddenly collapsed in her stall. Thankfully she wasn't severely hurt but she was still in obvious pain from something else. It seemed like her whole body was in pain. Slowly it finally dawned on Alcina how serious this was.
Heisenberg didn't really care much about his sister's horses but he'd help pet sit if it was ever necessary. He could tell something was very wrong long before Alcina did. He tried to tell her but her denial seemed to persist.
A few more weeks after Brighid collapsed, Heisenberg came into Alcina's study with a somber tone to his voice.
"Alcina, I'm pretty sure it's almost time for her. I'd suggest you go down to say goodbye." Heisenberg rarely showed any negative emotion, always putting on a tough, carefree face, especially in front of his family.
Alcina made her way down to the stable, her eyes fixed on the ground and her steps slow. She entered Brighid's stable and saw her laying on the ground with Alcina's daughters by her side. Someone had placed a pillow under Brighid's head and Bela was gently stroking it before she saw her mother enter. She moved to the side to let Alcina have some time with her beloved mare.
Slowly she sat down next to the dying creature whose breaths were slow and shallow. Alcina moved the pillow and placed the horse's head on her lap, gently stroking it and staring into her tired eyes.
"I'm here sweetie, I'm right here. You're not alone right now, your whole family is here, okay?" She spoke very softly and with immense care.
"I know you're probably scared because you know what's happening to you right now, you can sense it. And yes, your senses are correct," her voice began to tremble, "but that's okay. Death is not something to be feared, especially by someone in your position. Soon, you won't be in pain anymore. Soon you won't feel tired all the time..." She began to choke up and feel tears form in her eyes.
"Soon you'll feel just like your younger self again. No aches, no pains, no sickness, no depression... only joy..." she stopped for a moment and squeezed her eyes shut as tears began to trickle down her cheeks. "Now I won't see you anymore after this, but I'll always always remember you. You've been my best friend for 26 years now and I will never ever forget you..." she had started openly crying by now, she just couldn't hold back anymore.
"You've given me so much happiness and love and beautiful memories, you deserve all the love and kindness I could possibly offer. Remember I will always love you with every fiber of my being. I love you. I-...I love you..."
Alcina placed a kiss on Brighid's cheek and stroked her face gently, her whole body shaking from stifled sobs. In response, Brighid let out a weak nicker as if reciprocating her owner's love. She seemed to press her nose against Alcina in an attempt to comfort her back before slowly closing her eyes as she let out her final breath.
Heisenberg quietly caught the daughters' attention and motioned for them to go back to the castle, to which they obliged. He didn't want Alcina to feel pressured to hide her pain in front of her daughters. He stayed however, standing by the stable entrance and watching over Alcina while she crooned and sobbed over her beloved horse.
Later that day after Alcina finally managed to separate herself from Brighid's body, Heisenberg took it upon himself to bury the enormous beast so Alcina wouldn't have to. He dug for hours through the night and into the wee hours of the morning before tiredly carrying out the body and laying it in the grave. He then spent another many exhausting hours burying the mare, all with no breaks.
It was around 10 AM by the time he finished and went back into the castle to finally rest, not before telling the daughters to leave Alcina alone for a few days so she can grieve in peace.
Alcina and Heisenberg never mentioned his gestures, not even years after it happened. He didnt care about getting a thank you, his sister was in unbearable pain and he didn't expect her to feel the need to waste scarce emotional energy on him. He knew it was his duty to help his sister out when she couldn't help herself, and to him a duty is not inherently deserving of thanks.
As much as they hate each other and fight and bicker over the smallest things, they are still brother and sister. And despite what they will swear up and down is the truth, deep down in their hearts is an everlasting compassion for each other.
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sun of the seventh hour
Somewhere on a empty trail A winding crevice to a Shire still green A monument to civilization that has Naught but a carcass, yet All but an embryo. The setting sun on fields of Elysium Of yesteryear’s summer romance, In aural youth,grass- Catching fire in the furnace of the Seventh hour sun - A empty sea Infinite and kissing horizons. Divine Goya, In His paintbrush of desolate beauty, extinguished humanity, As the necessity of a canvas Remaining blank, and in its place A threefold infinity of berries, blood, and citrus; A silent sky - Thief of all voices save cicadas. Here alone behind the fences was Apocrypha, Only betrayed by the scent Of July barbecue, with Its winding shadow beckoning to A someplace further That didn’t exist; for This was the child of twilight alone. In the winter the realm of Cattle, In the spring for the races of the Hares, In the autumn the banquet of Ravens With solitude’s tritone An ambient welcome. The path into the hills With cloaks of auburn grass, Spectres of the seventh hour sun Became a door that could be Unlocked With a soul most singular in the summer’s tirade.
my girlfriend is so talented i will cry
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CS AU- Coming to Storybrooke (1/5)
It’s FINALLY here!!!!!! I’ve only been talking about this fic for over a YEAR!!! I’m so excited to finally share it with all of you!!!
I have to acknowledge and send all the love and internet hugs to all those who helped me with this fic. I can truly say that I would have given up on it LONG AGO without them.
First to @hollyethecurious​. She was my brainstorming partner and never-ending fount of encouragement. She pulled me back from the brink of deleting this fic entirely so many times. So when I say that this fic wouldn’t be here without her, I’m not exaggerating. 
Second to @profdanglaisstuff​. The best beta in the world!!!! Her suggestions and insights make this writing business so much better! Thank you, babe!
And finally to all the ladies on the @captainswanmoviemarathon​ discord. Y’all’s encouragement and sprinting dates helped keep me motivated and got me over the finish line. 
This fic is a S1 Canon Divergence, sort of, inspired by the 1988 Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America. It is complete with five chapters and I’ll be updating every Saturday.
Fic Summary: Prince Killian of the Enchanted Forest refuses to marry the woman that his brother has chosen for him, so he travels to Storybrooke in the Land Without Magic to find his own bride.
Rating: T for some strong language
Words: Ch1 2224 of 18K Total
Tags: S1 Canon Divergence, Inspired by Coming to America, Neal is an idiot, romantic fluff
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“Oh, she’s beautiful,” David whispered, awestruck.
Tears filled his eyes as he looked through the door at his other True Love. The little girl sat cross legged on the bed and slowly turned a page of the book in front of her.
David stared, dumbfounded, as a firm resolve filled him.
“We can’t waste another second,” he stated, vehemently. “We can’t wait another second.” He took a step toward the door when Snow’s softly spoken wait stopped him. “What? What’s wrong?” he asked, looking at his wife.
Her eyes were glued to their daughter until they skittered away to their surroundings and the door in front of them. Anywhere but at him.
“We can’t go through there.”
David was stunned, incredulity coloring his features. “Snow, we have to.”
She continued as if she hadn’t heard him. “If we go through that door, Emma will never become the savior.”
He turned back to the open door. To his daughter. He was heartbroken. He knew exactly what Snow was thinking. If they went through that door, they condemned their subjects, their friends, their family, to live under Regina’s curse, separated from their own loved ones, forever. But that couldn’t be true. Rumplestiltskin said to keep the child safe and she would return on her 28th birthday. No mention was made about the circumstances of her return, only that she would.
“She’ll have a new destiny.” He looked at Snow again. “With us. We will teach her. We will tell her everything. And when her 28th birthday arrives, we’ll all come back and she will break the curse.”
Snow’s tear filled eyes finally turned to him. “How do you know?”
“This family finds each other. We’ve found each other,” he said, taking her hands. He tilted his head slightly toward the open door, “We’ve found Emma. We will find the rest of our family when it’s time for her to break the curse.”
He saw the moment doubt was swallowed up by hope in her eyes. With a small nod and a smile, they turned and walked through the door.
18 years later
Emma Swan sat in the back seat of the family SUV with her brother Leo as they sped through the backwoods of rural Maine toward an uncertain and possibly perilous future. It was her 28th birthday and it was the day that her parents had been preparing her for ever since they came through the closet door to claim her so long ago.
The scenery outside her window went hazy around the edges as she got lost in the memory of the first time she met her parents. She hadn’t been frightened when these two strangers entered her bedroom through her closet door. Something about them seemed familiar. She knew in her marrow that she could trust them and when the woman fell to her knees with tears in her eyes, her arms open wide, and calling her name, Emma hadn’t hesitated to run into them. She rose to her feet with Emma held tightly in her arms, sobbing into her hair and placing kisses all over her face. Emma only caught snippets of what the woman was saying, but the words I’m your mom, I love you, we’ll never leave you, we’ll always be together sent Emma’s heart soaring. It was exactly what this little lost girl had always longed to hear. The man wrapped one arm around them both and cupped the back of her head with the other. She had never felt so safe and loved in all her life.
Now all these years later, it was time to fulfill her destiny. It wasn’t long after their reunion that they settled in Portland, Maine and her parents told her a story. A story through the pages of the book that her mother had brought through the door with her. A story that was more than just a fantasy. It was true. All of it. It was their story. It was her story. The story of where she came from… and what she was meant to do. Beginning with the day she was born, her parents told her why they had to get her to safety. How Doc of the Seven Dwarves delivered her only minutes before her father placed her in the magical wardrobe and the queen’s curse swept over the land. From there, they told her the true story of how Snow White and Prince Charming met and fell in love - very different from the Disney version - her mother’s history with the Evil Queen and how her father came to be in the position to even meet his True Love. She’d become intimately familiar with all the true stories in the book as she grew up, first her, then her brother Leo, and now it was time for her to save them all. She had to admit to being rather nervous about it. It was one thing to hear the story from her parents and believe it because of how young she was and because she trusted them. But it was entirely different to be a grown woman and solely responsible for bringing back all the happy endings for real people that her parents knew and loved. She was about to see everything from the storybook come to life.
Suddenly, her mother’s excited voice from the front seat roused her from her musings.
“There it is, David!” she exclaimed. “The town line!”
“I see it, I see it,” he replied.
Moments later, they crossed the town line and a chill passed over Emma’s entire body before something exploded out of her that nearly made her dad lose control of the car.
“What the hell was that?” Emma cried as her mom and brother shouted in alarm. She reached toward Leo’s shoulder while her other hand tried to find purchase on the door handle as her dad brought the car back under control. She looked out the window and saw a white shimmering something traveling across the sky toward the town. She saw her mom, dad, and brother craning their necks to see it too.
“I think…” her mom began, “that you just broke the curse, honey.”
“That’s it?” she asked, incredulous. “Just crossing the town line? That was all it took?”
“Apparently so,” her dad answered. “But that doesn’t mean we don’t still have to be on our guard.” His grip on the steering wheel tightened and his brow furrowed. “We don’t know what we’re going to find when we get to town. Regina and the Dark One are presumably still here somewhere.”
Silence reigned as they continued to drive toward the center of town in the direction of the white blast. A few minutes later, they turned onto the main street of the small town. Filling the street in front of them, people were laughing and hugging each other in reunions that were 28 years overdue. Her dad slammed on the brakes as her mom cried out, her hands flying to her mouth.
“Ruby! Granny!” She bolted from the car and ran toward a leggy brunette and older matronly woman. Emma could see the surprised joy on their faces as they turned and ran toward her mother. Emma and Leo got out slowly as their dad ran toward his wife as she embraced the two women. They approached the reunited and happy foursome just as seven men got their mom’s attention. Wide grins broke out on Emma and Leo’s faces as realization came over them. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Emma could hear her mom’s sobs as she tried to embrace them all at once. Once she’d finished greeting her dearest and oldest friends, her mom turned toward them.
“Everyone,” she began, “these are our children.” Her mom motioned them closer. “Emma and Leo.” Her brother suddenly looked quite different from the brash and bold teenager she knew. He looked equal parts dumbfounded and like he’d like to melt into the ground. Her father didn’t miss a beat. He grabbed his son’s shoulder and started introducing him individually to the dwarves, placing his arm around him.
“Emma?” asked Granny, drawing her attention again. “The Savior?” The old woman took steps toward Emma and tenderly cupped her face with her hands before kissing her on the cheek and drawing her into a hug. Emma knew the elderly woman from the storybook, but to be held in her arms in love and acceptance was nearly as good as the hug she received from her parents when they came for her.
“Papa,” another man further up the street shouted. He ran toward an older man that was walking toward the group with the aid of a cane.
The man turned, his face infused with disbelieving joy as the cane dropped and he took a hesitant step toward the other man. “Bae?”
Emma could feel the tears forming in her eyes as the men embraced each other. She had done this. She was the savior and she had given all these people the happy endings that the Evil Queen had taken away all because she refused to place the blame for the death of her love where it truly belonged. She turned back toward the crowd again as more reunions were taking place. She saw her parents embracing a red haired man with a dalmatian. Jiminy Cricket, she remembered.
Just at that moment, a joyous cry reached their ears and they all turned toward the sound. A young woman with wild brown hair and wearing nothing more than a dirty white shift ran toward the still embracing men as she launched herself into the older man’s arms and kissed him. A rainbow blast burst from them startling everyone gathered. They separated as the blast flew through the air and yet also concentrated around the man. The young woman’s eyes grew wide as the rainbow light grew brighter and brighter around him before finally fading away to nothing. The man had tears running down his cheeks as he reached for the young woman again. Emma watched her melt into his arms and could just hear him murmur, “Belle. It’s gone. You saved me.” The kiss they shared made Emma’s cheeks flame as she turned toward her dad.
“Huh,” he said. “Rumplestiltskin has a True Love. Who would have thought that?”
The couple separated again and the man she now knew was Rumplestiltskin, the practitioner of the darkest magic in the realm, the man that she had always thought of as the puppet master, since he seemed to have a part in every single story in the book, gathered both the young woman and the younger man to him as the three made their way toward their own group.
“Dark One,” her dad greeted the man with a curt nod.
“No more,” he answered, raising his chin just a bit. “Belle’s True Love’s Kiss just destroyed the Darkness. With my son here, I was ready to let go of the Darkness and find my happiness with my family beside me.”
Then a stately woman in a nun’s habit approached them.
“Your highnesses,” she began with a bow, “the curse is indeed broken. As is the Darkness that made the Dark One.”
Her dad reached out and placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder. “Blue,” he said. “Thank you.” He turned back toward the crowd and raised his voice in an exuberant shout. “The curse is broken and the Darkness is no more!” The gathered crowd cheered along with him. Emma wiped away her tears and met the eyes of the man that had embraced the former Dark One. His eyes twinkled as he grinned broadly at her. She felt her heart rate increase and cheeks flush again as she turned her eyes back toward her parents.
It was moments later when she felt a presence at her back. She turned around and found herself captured by a pair of laughing brown eyes.
“Neal,” he said, holding his hand out for her to shake. He squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head as if a sudden headache had come over him. “Baelfire. Neal Cassidy was my cursed name. But you can call me whatever you want.” He smiled again.
She took his hand and smiled back. “Emma,” she replied. “It’s nice to meet you, Neal.”
She could see her mom and brother over Neal’s shoulder exchange a stern and sheepish look. She knew that Leo, at 17, would love nothing more than to tease her about the man in front of her, but thankfully, their mother caught his eye before he could. She rolled her eyes at them before directing her attention back to him.
“Uh, thanks,” he said, “for uh, breaking the curse.” She couldn’t help but smile wider at his clumsy attempts to make small talk.
“You’re welcome?” she answered, with a shrug. “I mean, I didn’t really do anything, just crossed the town line…” she trailed away.
“But, I m-mean,” he stammered, “it was more than that. You…” he shrugged helplessly, apparently at a loss for what to say next. “Listen,” he said, brightening, “Could I show you around town? Maybe buy you a cup of coffee?”
Emma grinned widely. “I’d like that.” She looped her arm through his and he led her away from the rest of the crowd.
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