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#the shambles
enha-woodzies · an hour ago
i'm back from what seemed like two weeks of inactivity lol. i was going through smth and was also finishing A LOT of schoolworks though it's already our summer break. still taking a breather after finishing 16 outputs in two days and thesis is still biting me but nevertheless, i'm back! idk if y'all missed me or smth but whatever 🙃 will get to the dms, asks, and tagged posts in a while 🥰
*missed this hellhole
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ikkaku-of-heart · 6 hours ago
@medicus-mortem​ replied to this post:
Law gives Ikkaku a hug. It involves a ruffling of hair.
Tumblr media
Ikkaku latches her arms around him tightly and refuses to let go, enjoying the hug and the feeling of her hair getting played with. He’s stuck there for a good long while. Sorry Law (she’s not really sorry).
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territorii · 8 hours ago
Years, years of training with yourself, vocalizing until the dawn falls upon you, years of staying quiet for this very moment, years of not being heard because you were too quiet... But you have trained yourself, this time you can do it, this time you'll be heard.
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bunnvoid · 10 hours ago
I absolutely love yor art especially tour Jason and kon!!!! 💕💖💕💖
Thank you so much! <3<3
here here I gib u these
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justanothershittyfanblog · 10 hours ago
Thinking about how the first thing Ren ever gave to Skizz was a golden apple and the last thing Skizz ever did was give an extra golden apple to Ren
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sevyntwentyfour · 10 hours ago
I wish I was joking
This is truly a shame
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territorii · 12 hours ago
if "ranboo my beloved" on billboard doesn't actually happen i'm going to be so upset
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territorii · 15 hours ago
i may be short but i literally bent a spoon ok fear me
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chuckmgill · 17 hours ago
i think my favorite weird fandom headcanon that doesnt Make sense in context is that cave johnson has pica
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humbug83 · 21 hours ago
I thought my fantasy football team was good but so far it's been a...
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neechees · a day ago
Who's argumate? I see them around a lot
(or are the tags alI need to know)
Just some racist loser who's been consistently shitty & has multiple popular posts floating around. They're also an antith/eist (meaning they're atheists against any and all religion & spirituality, usually these people come from previously Christian backgrounds & base their entire shallow understanding of religion based on bad shit Christians have done) who called Natives reconnecting with our spiritualities bc of decolonizing "unintelligent" & "stupid" for not choosing to be atheists
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territorii · a day ago
going to bbh's stream after a nice ranboo mining stream: DON'T WORRY GEORGE I WILL GET YOU OUT OF PIG MODE
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how is it 1am already last i checked it was like 11pm
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thatirishswiftie · a day ago
It's currently 5 minutes past midnight and I'm contemplating giving myself yet another impromptu haircut
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