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#the seed family
guccimedusa11 hours ago
everything i鈥檝e accomplished in this game has been out of pure accident or luck
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brother-genitivi2 days ago
tell me in the tags about some of the items your detective has in their apartment 馃憖
whether it's particular decorations, (ie. photo frames, paintings, collections, blankets, cute wicker basket containers etc) or things around the place that just make sense! i'm curious
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mrspaigeomega3 days ago
Deputy: John later on tonight you're gonna be laying in your bed, there's gonna be something squishy in your pillowcase, and you're gonna be like "Whats this?" and it's gonna be because I PUT A TURD IN THERE!
John: You put your turd in my bed, I skin you
Deputy: Oh it won't be my turd. It'll be Jacob's!
Jacob (laughs loudly): I have famously huge turds
Joseph: We're about to die, and this is what we're discussing?!?
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mrspaigeomega11 days ago
Far Cry 5 but with horses and you can ride them while using weapons!!
Other people: *Rides them casually through the fields away from danger*
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mrspaigeomega15 days ago
I felt like I was going insane because I couldn't find the exit with all the damn peggies trying to kill me!!!!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Buzzfeed Unsolved episode: Old City Jail
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sxlvxtion-lost17 days ago
I know in the past I have talked about John and Faith鈥檚 relationship as siblings and I always thought that John cared about Faith and tried to protect her but...After I replayed far cry 5 I noticed something big.
Tumblr media
During the mission; Wrath, there is an angel in Johns bunker. One of Johns men are drowning the angel who is mumbling the words聽鈥淗elp me faith, sheild me from sorrow鈥 and聽鈥 Let the water wash away our sins鈥.聽
The only time the peggy stops trying to drown the Angel is when you either stealth kill the peggy or you alert all peggies in the area.
Shortly after this encounter and as you progress John starts making remarks about Faith and how she treats her angels聽鈥榖adly鈥. He seems to be scolding her but I also hear a hint of jealousy in his words. Like as if John hates the fact Faith isn鈥檛 a Seed by blood or maybe because he feels like hes competing with her for Josephs attention.
Yet its very hypocritical of John but certainly shows that on the outside he seems to pretend to care about Faith probably because he has to, because hes put up in the spotlight and has to pretend to be the kind caring brother Joseph wants him to be. But deep down John absolutely loathes Faith to her very core. For whatever reason it is. I could come up with thousands od theories, but after replaying and seeing this I had to question Faiths and Johns relationship.
Obviously they must be close enough for John to have Angels outside his bunker, but even before and after the mission you encounter angels constantly in Holland Valley.
I鈥檇 like to assume that its because the Angels are so doped up they just roam around where ever but if that was the case why don鈥檛 we ever see any in Whitetail Mountain in Jacobs region? I mean I doubt Jacob would kill Angels on the spot and face Joseph and Faiths wrath, but its just a thought.
Anyway thats enough of me rambling.聽
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catgirl-himiko17 days ago
my canon is quite simple tbf;;; its closer to the source than others ive seen, at least - the main thing i remember is being trapped in the black room, though, so that鈥檚 quite stressful,, whats yours like? -reko-id anon
awww i鈥檓 really sorry that sounds stressful tbh ajfjfjj
i don鈥檛 remember much from the black room tbh? i remember it feeling sucky but nothing too in depth
it鈥檚 kinda weird tho cus while most of my canons are pretty canon compliant save for a couple things (like i rarely ever have non canon relationships or anything like that) i do remember dating nao, and im also pretty sure sara came out to me as aro or aroace but that鈥檚 still kinda iffy i鈥檓 not rly sure
also we unofficially had like a found family thing it was so great ajdjdhsh me nd nao were together, sara was like a sister to me and we sorta adopted kanna<3
ooooh it鈥檚 actually coming 2 me now ok my most prominent memory (in-game) is when nao died actually, and when i played the game i voted 4 kanna but i remember sara voting for shin with like barely any hesitation sjdjdjsjw man i loved her so much /p aside from in game tho i do remember when alice got convicted for murder and breaking up the band n stuffs, man it was so stressful like holy shit,,,,,,,, it was so shocking too i never expected him to do something like that :(
yo i am. so sorry for that absjfjfjdjj man that was way too much ok. i really loved my reko tho even tho she鈥檚 an absolute emotional mess i still love her
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 really happy with how this one turned out 馃槃馃槃 (I didn鈥檛 even even try with the flowers tho sorry 馃槄馃槀) Only Joseph left now!
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chloelovesgames22 days ago
One of my favourite things from Far Cry 5 was the tidbits you get off the random radios about the outside world. If you're lucky enough to find them you can hear how the world is literally falling apart and the lead up to the bombs being dropped. You can hear them from the outposts before they've been liberated and if you're lucky from the trucks from the cult after you've killed them and fort Drubman.
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nellblazer25 days ago
So while I'm having a little hyperfixation with Far Cry 5 as I'm playing it, I made edits of the characters and meshed their voice actor's faces with theirs to try and make them a little more realistic. I think Jacob and John came out best of all.
Tumblr media
Jacob Seed - The Father (VA: Greg Bryk)
Tumblr media
Faith Seed - The Siren (VA: Jenessa Grant)
Tumblr media
Jacob Seed - The Soldier (VA: Mark Pellegrino)
Tumblr media
John Seed - The Baptist (VA: Seamus Dever)
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mrspaigeomega26 days ago
*Deputy kills his siblings*
Joseph: Will I get over it? Hmm. No, but life goes on
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mrspaigeomega27 days ago
Me (drunk, singing; imitating Santeria): Tell Johnny that if he knows what is good for him, he best go run and hide.
Deputy's got a new .45, and I won't think twice to stick that barrel straight down Johnny's throat.
Believe me when I say that I got something for his punk ass
My mom (in the next room): 馃槓馃槕馃槓
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mrspaigeomega27 days ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Not a single soul:
*Faith appearing out of nowhere*
Me: Y'know Faith you're lucky I don't have a shovel otherwise I yeet it at you!
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mrspaigeomegaa month ago
(Sad) drabble idea:
Where the Deputy accidentally kills Eli, and Kate comforts Wheaty through his sudden death.
Basically everything that happens after you kill Jacob (aka my husband)
Lone Wolf's Den
Requested by @mrsladydiana I hope you like!!! 馃槉馃槉
Wheaty x Kate Winchester (OC) featuring Deputy Y/n (Gender neutral)
Warnings: Language and slight angst
Tumblr media
Jacob Seed got you once again, you were going for a walk through the Whitetails, minding your own business, and the next thing you hear is that fucking song 鈥淥nly You鈥 play.聽
You blackout, and wake up in a cage yet again. You head spinning and in pain. You see the music box on the ground in front of your cage.聽
Eager, you reach for it, hoping to grab it and destroy the little bastard box. Next thing you see is Jacob鈥檚 foot crushing your hand.
You groan in pain, looking up and seeing that smug smirk on his face.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry you鈥檒l be out of here soon enough鈥 he tells you, he kneels down and grabs the box, 鈥淒id you think you were free?. Your little buddy鈥.聽
You knew he was talking about Pratt, he got you out of there the last Jacob got you.聽
鈥淲ent through a whole lot of trouble for nothing. That鈥檚 okay, he knows better now鈥.聽
He turns the little handle on the side of the box, about to make you kill more innocent people, or how he puts it 鈥渟oldiers鈥.聽
You glare up at him, wanting to end this man once and for all.聽
鈥淚 told you, you鈥檙e not a hero鈥 he continues, 鈥淵ou are a tool. Now you know your purpose. You鈥檝e known it from the beginning鈥.聽
He opens the box and that fucking song plays again, sending you to do his bidding. Cull the Herd.聽
You go through another one of his trials, and you didn鈥檛 know it was your final trial where you make your sacrifice.聽
You noticed a slight difference once you went down that tunnel that sent you downwards. You didn鈥檛 think much of it, you continued with Jacob鈥檚 little game.聽
You knew you were gonna kill him eventually. You go down several hallways, killing every soldier you saw.聽
You turn a corner and you immediately start shooting at the person, not realizing it was Eli Palmer, then time froze. You feel yourself freeze, not being able to scream or move.聽
The only thing you can hear is your own heartbeat, beating rapidly fast.
You see Jacob, singing Only You while circling Eli. Everything felt like a matrix, it didn鈥檛 even dawn on you that you killed Eli, because Jacob made you kill him.聽
鈥淗ey, only you could have gotten this close鈥 he tells you, circling Eli, 鈥淥nly you could have earned hsi trust. It was always only ever you. Good work. You did it. You passed your test. You made your sacrifice鈥.聽
My sacrifice? My sacrifice was Eli Palmer? Because Jacob couldn鈥檛 kill the man himself, so he had to psychological torture on me to do that?. That motherfucker!.
鈥淏ut now, you鈥檙e alone, and you鈥檙e weak. And we know what happens to the weak. I cull the herd. It鈥檚 what I do. I鈥檒l be outside waiting for you鈥.
He leaves the bunker, going outside. Once he leaves, you鈥檙e snapped back into reality, and Eli flies back getting hit by your bullets.聽
Too late to take your finger off the trigger, you kill Eli but it was an accident!. You didn鈥檛 mean to kill him! It was all Jacob!.聽
鈥淓li!鈥 Tammy exclaims, running to his side on the floor, 鈥淣o! no!鈥.聽聽
鈥淥h shit!鈥 you mutter, voice weak. Realizing what you had done.聽
In shock, feeling paralyze you stand there frozen, 鈥淲hat the fuck did you do!鈥 Wheaty yells. Turning you around to face him, pointing his pistol at you, 鈥淵ou fucking killed him!. You fucking piece of shit!鈥.聽
Tammy stops him from killing you, trying to calm him down.聽
*Wheaty鈥檚 POV*
She stops him from killing Deputy Y/n, she knows it was all Jacob. He鈥檚 done this before and he needs to be stopped. He made the Deputy kill Eli.聽
鈥淚t was Jacob鈥 she tells him, 鈥淚t was Jacob! He鈥檚 done this, we鈥檝e seen this before鈥.
His girlfriend Kate hears the commotion, and rushes to the scene. Seeing Wheaty aim his gun at the Deputy, like Tammy, she stops him and sees Eli laying dead on the floor.聽
Tammy turns to Dep telling them that they better kill Jacob, or she鈥檒l kill 鈥榚m herself.聽
Wheaty along with Kate kneel next to him, Deputy Y/n goes outside to confront Jacob, determined to kill that motherfucker.聽
The others stay inside the bunker, kneeling next to Eli鈥檚 dead body. Kate holds Wheaty, comforting him through it all, letting him cry it out.
Jacob has done this to Kate鈥檚 older sister, the only mistake he made was letting her live. Tammy knows what he does, she knows Deputy Y/n didn鈥檛 mean to kill Eli, it was all Jacob鈥檚 work.聽
Kate comforts Wheaty through Eli鈥檚 untimely death, being his emotional support.聽
鈥淐an鈥檛 believe he鈥檚 gone鈥 he mutters, tears streaming down his cheeks. She rests her head on his shoulder, 鈥淗e would鈥檝e known Dep didn鈥檛 mean to do it鈥 she tells him, holding his hand. Nodding his head, 鈥淚 know鈥 he mumbles, taking a deep breath, placing his hand over hers 鈥淚 know鈥.聽Giving him the emotional support he needs, holding him in her arms.
Not long after Deputy Y/n kills the eldest Seed brother, freeing the Whitetail Mountains from him and his soldiers. Killing his men, and Judges he had thrown in front of them, feeling like a huge weight had been taken off their shoulders.聽聽
That evening the Whitetail Militia held a funeral ceremony for Eli. You went because you just had to, if it weren鈥檛 for Eli and the Militia you would鈥檝e been one of Jacob鈥檚 permanent experiments, and been a member of the Cult.
Tammy stands before them, a torch in hand giving a speech about Eli, and how much honor he brought to the Militia.聽
His body laying on a pile of wood, Tammy standing in front of it.聽
鈥淓ach of us found the Whitetail in our own ways, but what brought us here was loss. Families. Friends鈥.聽
Deputy Pratt, Deputy Y/n, Wheaty, Kate and several other members of the Militia stand in front of her.聽
Kate holds Wheaty by the arm, she knows how much Eli meant to him, he took him in when his parents were killed. He practically raised him, he was like family to him, he looked up to him.聽
鈥淓li gave us back a little piece of that. He showed us the only thing we can rely on is each other鈥 she continues, 鈥淗e was my friend鈥.聽
She drops the torch underneath the pile of wood where Eli laid, 鈥淎nd I鈥檓 gonna miss him鈥. She approaches you, 鈥淚t wasn鈥檛 you. Eli knows that鈥.聽
Wheaty approaches the pile of burning wood, 鈥淓li thought if we could just hang on, Wait it out Eden鈥檚 Gate would just go away, but they won鈥檛鈥.
The small crowd murmurs in agreement. 鈥淐ancer doesn鈥檛 fade. It grows, it spreads you have to cut it out. These fucking Peggies believe the end of the world coming? It is coming for them! For Eden鈥檚 Gate ends today!鈥.聽
The crowd starts to get louder with his speech, they all start chanting, Kate can see the pain in his eyes, in his voice. Both of them are determined to bring down Eden鈥檚 Gate. 鈥淲e won鈥檛 stop until every last one of those motherfuckers is hanging from these trees!鈥.聽
Everyone starts chanting, getting rowdy and crying out to put an end to the Cult, to the Seeds and save Hope County.聽
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mrspaigeomegaa month ago
Deputy X Jess, during whatever holiday you wish
Winter in Hope County
Requested by @the-chaos-siblings I hope you like it!!! 馃榿馃榿馃榿
(Gender Neutral) Deputy (Y/n) x Jess Black
Warnings: Fluff
Winter in Hope County is unbelievably beautiful, the Cult is starting to calm their shit down and take time off from killing people and forcing them off their land.聽
But that didn鈥檛 mean they weren鈥檛 there, it鈥檚 the holiday season. Season of mercy and forgiveness. Maybe the Seeds are showing everyone mercy for once. That鈥檚 suspicious.聽
Deputy Y/n is working at the Hope County jail, it鈥檚 been a very slow and quiet shift that Sheriff Whitehorse let you get off early, which is very rare, but you didn鈥檛 want to miss out on the opportunity to get off work early.聽
You get into your car, and leave the jail property, going to visit your close friend Jess. You two were becoming close, maybe a little too close, and you swear you thought she was gonna kiss you one time.聽
Not gonna lie, you like her too but you know deep down you like her more than just a friend. She鈥檚 usually the 8-Bit Pizza with all the others or at the Lumber Yard, or the Wolf Den in the Whitetails.聽
You drive to the pizza place, when you pull up, you see all your friends there.聽
The snow made it somewhat difficult to drive in, slowing you down when you drive up a hill or mountain.聽
You enter the bar, and greet everyone. 鈥淗ey Nick, Grace, Addie鈥 the 3 Guns For Hire鈥檚 you greet upon walking in.聽
You see Jess in the back along with Sharky and Hurk Jr. The huntress wasn鈥檛 really a people person, she kept a lot to herself but when you two started hanging out she opened up to you and talked about her past. How she was a troublemaker, how she used to deal drugs, get into fights and basically how her life growing up wasn鈥檛 proper because of her parents working and moving around a lot. The Cook abducting her parents and killing them in front of her.聽
You go to the back to see your friends. 鈥淗ey Jess, Sharky, Hurk鈥 you greet them.聽
鈥淗ey Dep!鈥 Hurk says, before continuing with whatever he was talking about to the two, 鈥淚 dunno about no 鈥渞esurrection鈥 but me and the Monkey God. we鈥檙e pretty tight, and I also pray to all of the Baby Jesuses: White baby Jesus, black baby Jesus, and bow and arrow baby Jesus鈥.聽
You look at the other two in confusion, 鈥淚 have no idea what the fuck we are talking about anymore鈥 Jess says pinching the bridge of her nose.聽
After a few minutes of talking you and Jess head out, driving out of the Henbane towards the Whitetails. You drive towards the Lumber yard where you first met her when you liberated the joint, but you also discover a cabin not far from there.聽
You have taken her there before, mainly just hanging out. Usually not going any further than cuddling on the couch.
You brought out the softer side of her, she鈥檚 usually not mean or anything, to you at least.聽
鈥淒amn this snow is getting thicker by the second鈥 she says. Winter in Hope County meant 3-5 feet of snow.聽
A blizzard starts to pick, and you try your best to get the truck to the cabin, going into the warmth of the burning lumbar.聽
The blizzard made it difficult to see out the windshield but you knew your way around this town. Finally after what felt like 30 minutes you make it to the cabin.
鈥淔uckin finally鈥 you mutter, relieved. You both step out of the car into the cold Montana blizzard. Nearly blowing your beanie off. You both rush into the cabin, and quickly shut the door behind you.聽
鈥淲ell that was fun鈥 you chuckle, turning on the light switch only for it not to work. Probably because of the blizzard.聽
鈥淚 got it鈥 she says, starting up the fireplace. The whole house heats up immediately, warming you both up.聽
You take off your jacket, boots and your gun holster. Sit in front of the fire, she does the same and joins you.聽
You two always had a great time together, you certainly brought out another side of her. Drinking some hot chocolate (or coffee, or tea) by the fire.聽
Music playing softly over the radio, you can thank Wheaty for that, hacking into the radio towers and playing some good music.聽
Jess finished her drink before you do, the snow hitting the windows, making it sound like someone is aggressively tapping on the glass.聽
Talking, laughing, enjoying each other鈥檚 company. A part of you felt like Jess might have feelings for you, but then she could just like you as a best friend that's how it usually is.聽
You feel yourself getting sleepy, damn hot chocolate (coffee/tea) is getting to you. You feel yourself starting to drift off, you set your cup on the table next to you.聽
To your surprise, Jess cuddles up to you. Your eyes widen in surprise, her rested against your chest. You wrap your arms around her, you know if you tell the others they might not believe you, or Jess might deny it.聽
Either way, you enjoy spending time with her, usually around Christmas time you love spending time with her.聽
You both drift off to sleep, and like 20 minutes later you shift in your sleep a bit, so you鈥檙e laying on your back instead of sitting against the arm of the couch. Thinking she would move the other end of the couch, Jess stays where she is, laying on top of you. Still attached to you, her arms hugging your body.聽
You鈥檒l take this anytime with her, and you wrap your arms around her holding her close to you, and you fall asleep on the couch, the fire still lit and warm.聽
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assassins-wastelanda month ago
Get fucked Joesph I just wanted to return to Dutch鈥檚 bunker to mourn and now I gotta listen to your ass ramble. Little do you know the second I get the chance I鈥檓 killing you. Every time one of your projections pops up I use it as target practice. I鈥檓 gonna use your veins as jump ropes
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gxmergurla month ago
No thoughts, head empty. Only Faith and John being best buddies and doing sibling shit.
Tumblr media
These two would get along fine. I refuse everything else. Also spa day because John does this daily (simply a fact) and he invited Faith because she deserves a break.
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cutiedi3a month ago
* loves talking about planes
* He loves when you sit and listen to him gush about planes
* Likes to have dates in the sky
* Wishes he could live in the clouds
* As a child he used to dream he was a pilot
* Takes Faith on plane rides
* Treats Faith like his little sister and is very protective over her
* Sometimes he and Faith have sleepovers and they stay up all night talking about anything and everything
* He secretly loves to bake
* Makes amazing cakes
* Has a pet siamese cat
* His name is Jet ( of course)
* He loves him with his full heart and would never blame him for anything and so help you god if you hurt his cat
* Has a huge bed and shares it with Jet plus a lot of stuffed animals
* Faith got him all his stuffed animals
* Likes cats more then dogs
* Plays piano
* He has a great singing voice but is too anxious to use it
* Sometimes he takes Jet flying with him
* He and Jet have matching P.J.鈥榮
* Cares about his cat like it鈥檚 his son
* Faith loves music
* She鈥檚 always writing songs and singing
* She wrote most of the cults music
* Loves to swim
* Has swam in the river so many times to even count
* Like to catch frogs
* In love with reptiles and insects
* Has a pet wolf spider named Lilly
* And a pet milk snake named Fred
* Both of her pets love her to death and would never harm her
* She cares for every animal (but bees or wasps)
* 100% vegan
* Gets very angry if she sees someone harming a animal
* Loves to garden
* Has a huge garden of vegetables
* She planted it all by herself
* Paints Jacobs nails but no one knows but them
* She makes flower crowns and hands them out to project members
* Loves cuddles and hugs
* Lays in trees and reads the word of Joseph
* He really spoils the judges
* He has reading glasses and gets embarrassed when anyone sees him using them
* Like to go hiking them have a picnic after
* He makes his family hike with him
* He hums Set Those Sinners Free all the time
* Can play guitar very well
* Pretty good dancer
* Let鈥檚 a few of the Judges sleep with him a night
* Likes to spend time with John
* They can do literally anything and Jacob will be happy to spend time with him
* Loves to see Joseph preaching
* He and Joseph play chess
* Jacob watches Faith swim in the river and sometimes he will swim with her
* Loves to have his nails painted but only red and black
* Reads romance novels all the time
* He loves to go fishing
* If you took him fishing you鈥檇 make his day
* He reads the word of Joseph to his family sometimes
* It鈥檚 usually A very special family moment with Faiths head in Joseph鈥檚 lap as he plays with her hair and John sitting beside Jacob with his head on his shoulder
* Loves to have his scars kissed
* He loves his project members and family very much
* He treats Faith like his daughter and will do anything for her
* He enjoys walks as he reads
* He has a tree with his wife鈥檚 name carved in it and he goes there and tells her about his day and what鈥檚 going on in his head
* Always singing project songs
* Likes to spend time with the children of the project
* He will make them flowers crowns
* Will help anyone project member or not if you need help you will receive it
* Likes to spend time with John
* They eat dinner together or just read together
* He and Jacob do a lot together
* They play board games and hike
* Is hard on John because he wants him to reach the garden
* Treats John like his son
* Likes to spend time with dogs
* He vents to the dogs and sometimes cries
* At his wife鈥檚 tree his family will decorate it with flowers without him knowing and when he sees it he breaks down and cries feelings so lucky to have them
* Wants what鈥檚 best for everyone
* Some days he sits in the middle of the compound and his project members sit about him as he read books
* They aren鈥檛 always the word of Joseph they can be any book
* He makes dinner for all his members and they have a huge family dinner every Saturday nights
* Treats Jacobs scars even though they are healed
* Learned to braid hair
* He will style Faith and any members hair
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