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#the penderwicks in spring
madamescarlette · 3 days ago
the first three books are perfect and glorious in each of their own ways, but The Penderwicks in Spring is on a whole other LEVEL. 
#the penderwicks#reading tag#though i miss my MOOPS :(#point mouette was so GOOD though!!! skye being the oldest sister and taking it so seriously!!!#the note in her voice that cares when batty's hiding! her relief when she hears hound barking trouble and batty's fine!!#and the HAIRCUTS#i love them your honor#but penderwicks in spring.....oh my....#i've been realizing as i go through that mayhaps the earlier books hit me less strongly than they should#even though i love them! it's from more of an outsider's perspective#because i'm a youngest child and growing up felt like i was always surrounded by adults#so batty being so well cheered up by the praise from her older siblings / all the other grown ups around her was hmmmm......relatable#for me at least you would sometimes just be desperate to be seen as a person#but made me supremely :( :( :( in the last third of the book#but oh man the outpouring of LOVE for batty!!!!!! I CRIED ACTUAL TEARS OUT OF MY EYES#sometimes that's how it be when you're little and you don't know how to tell someone what's wrong#everyone KNOWS something's off and wants to help but batty couldn't find a way to tell them!!!!#so you know i was doing parks and rec I'M DISTRESSED SOMEONE FOLLOW ME for the entire thing#gestures wildly WHY ISN'T SOMEONE HUGGING HER RIGHT NOW????#but jeffrey sending her hound's picture!! jeffrey hearing her voice and IMMEDIATELY plonking her in front of the family!!!!#CHEF'S KISS#and ben and lydia hijinks were wonderful and cute#i loved the eyebrow raising at oliver but the lack of hounding rosy about it till the very last minute#because you love someone so much that even when their choices are bad you love them so you want to like them anyway#also batty and ben being disgusted at the sheer number of teens at their house at any moment#askjhfdaskhjjkh i love them#it was a whole lot and i LOVED it
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catefrankie · 7 days ago
I am still haunted by the knowledge that Jane Penderwick, sometime between the ages of ten and seventeen, read Jean Paul Sartre. Obviously she was disillusioned enough with him to later use him as an example of a writer with a small heart, but how long did she take to arrive at that conclusion?? Was she walking around the winter of her sixteenth year in black turtlenecks and berets? Was she pestering her sisters about creating their own meaning? Did she repeat dramatically such Sartreisms as “I am condemned to be free” and “Hell is other people”? Did she justify every quirk by saying that she was being authentic?
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catefrankie · 9 days ago
...there was a knock at the front door. Mr. Penderwick left to answer it, and came back grumbling.
”Boys for Jane. I asked them their names and they both said Donovan, thinking they could fool me. So I didn’t offer them any pretzels.“
”There are two Donovans,” said Batty.
“Really? Well, I still won’t offer them any pretzels. Locustae, swarming the house and devouring all the snacks.“
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catefrankie · 9 days ago
Instead of going away, the boys were multiplying. Batty couldn’t help thinking they didn’t spread themselves around very well. Surely there were teenage girls right this minute without any boys at all in their houses.
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catefrankie · 9 days ago
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel,” she said.
”No Rapunzels,” Batty replied sternly. They’d had this conversation dozens of times.
Lydia threw herself down in the crib and closed her eyes. “Snow White is dead. Kiss Snow White, Prince.“
”No royalty at all. If you want to get out of that crib, stand up and be an American.”
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the-gardam-street-blog · 3 months ago
Spring is here, time to re-read The Penderwicks
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indigo-indigo · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“Someone must have told them that Skye had arrived. Ben was outpacing them all, closing in on his favorite sister, armed with his camera.”
First of all: what about BATTY?
Second of all: WHEN???
Third of all: I would like to see it.
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the-arundel-renegades · 9 months ago
Spring and Gardam Street-themed playlists
Thank you for your submission Anon! The Spring playlist is especially helpful for me seeing as so many musical references went over my head, haha. And Gardam Street is my absolute favorite of the series, so I’m glad that you put this together! 
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